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lexlovescoffee · 17 minutes ago
Me *absolutely fucking vibing*: head empty.
Tumblr media
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kirinpl · an hour ago
Hardcase x Fem!Reader
Warnings: established relationship, pranks, sleeping together, kissing.
You and Hardcase have a tradition of watching horror movies together. You're scared, so you sleep together in the barracks, but something wakes you up in the middle of the night.
Tumblr media
You and Hardcase were together for a year now. You went to the cinema for your first date, and to make it more interesting, you chose a random movie. You've come across some lame horror where you laughed more than scared, but at least had the opportunity to talk. The date was successful anyway, and watching bad horror movies became a tradition.
But sometimes there were times when the movie turned out to be better than you thought and, well, you were scared. Hardcase couldn't stay with you, even though they were stationed on Courscant and were theoretically free, general told them not to relax too much, because they could be called to the front at any moment. Your boyfriend didn't want to leave you, cause he saw that you were afraid. Besides he missed you on a daily basis and wanted to spend some time with you, so he enlisted the help of his brothers. The 501st clones had procedures in case any of them wanted to bring a partner to the barracks. The 501st clones had procedures in case any of them wanted to bring a partner to the barracks. It mainly consisted in not reporting, and in the case of control, they assisted in the evacuation. These were rare, and usually you could just leave in the morning without stress.
Your boyfriend leaned you against the wall and clung to your mouth. You put your arms around his neck, pulling him closer, and he chuckled into your mouth.
"You can't help yourself, can you?" You purred, scratching the back of his neck. He pulled back a little and pressed his forehead to yours.
"No." He stated firmly and closed his eyes. "Not when I know I won't be able to get enough of you, when my brothers will be around."
"Hardcase, don't be like that!" You heard the playful voice you recognized as Fives. You have stepped back from each other. Echo nodded to you shyly, to which you replied with polite smile. Hardcase introduced you to twins first, and you quickly found a common ground. "Are you ashamed of us?"
"Sometimes." He admitted, then put his arm around your waist. "Like when you tell stupid stories about me in front of her."
"It was only once! After drinking!"
"Yeah, I probably don't know about most of them!" He stated, and you put your hand to his cheek. Hardcase immediately mellowed at your loving gaze.
"I like to hear stories about you. Especially the epic ones." You winked at him, the man placed a short kiss on your lips.
"If you act like this all night, I'll get diabetes." Echo added, but you paid no attention to him, busy staring at each other.
"Hey, lovebirds! Is there any reason why your lady will be sleeping here tonight?" Fives spoke up, and you finally turned your attention away from Hardcase.
"As long as you don't laugh." You looked at the guys and Echo nodded, signaling you to go on. "We watched a horror about a woman alone at home and my intuition tells me not to be alone."
"And you won't, Im not leaving you till morning." He dipped his face in your hair and you leaned your head against his chest. He was in exceptionally cuddling mood. "Now come on! Before they'll steal my blanket."
He grabbed your hand and you entered their room.
While you lay down on the bed talking to the rest of his brothers, Fives gave Echo a knowing look. The calmer one knew immediately what was on the other mind and began to deny him, but Fives knew that he would be able to persuade him anyway.
After a long session of cuddling, you both fell asleep at last. You were lying with your head on his chest, and he was embracing you around the waist. Whenever you slept with him, you felt safe and that was the best type of dream you've ever had in your entire life.
You never had problems with sleeping while being with him, so now, when you woke up in the middle of the night, you got a little worried. You turned your head around, but in the dark you didn't notice anything suspicious, so you decided to close your eyes and went back to sleep. A long moment passed, you were on the verge of dreaming, but you felt something touch your toe. You shaked it, thinking it was some kind of bug, but then something grabbed your leg and pulled you. You squeaked, which wake your boyfriend, who immediately sat up.
"Cyare?!" He asked, when you clung to him scared.
"Something grabbed my leg!"
"Oh, harking hell." He quickly reached under his bunk and pulled out a flashlight from under it. He shone around the bed and sighed. "No one. You sure it wasn't a dream?"
"I'm sure! I felt it."
"If any of you are making stupid jokes, you better stop!" He shouted to his brothers, but silence answered him, so he shone on his brothers bunks, and you both noticed that... They were all sitting with blankets on their heads. It would be funny if they didn't all turn to face you at the same moment. Hardcase stepped back toward you, and you pressed against his shoulder. You felt your heart leap out of your chest.
As if programmed, they got out of bed and started walking slowly towards you. You backed up to the wall, nervously shining the flashlight on them.
When they started running, you both started screaming. They surrounded you and your only escape route through the door was blocked, so Hardcase did the only logic thing he could at that moment.
He threw himself under the bed and pulled a gun out from under it, set it on the stun and started shooting at the ghosts which, seeing what he was holding in his hand, gave up their spirituality and began to run away or hide.
Before you realized they weren't ghosts, but his brothers, twelve were lying unconscious on the floor.
Let's say Kix had trouble understanding your and Hardcase's explanation, and Rex gave Fives a week's cleaning shift in the bathroom, for woking up with screaming half of the 501st legion. They knew in the future, so as not to scare Hardcase, because he didn't care about the prohibition on keeping guns in the barracks.
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griffinkid · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Outtake from a previous set 🐼
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designatedbreadbox · 2 hours ago
My Echo, My Shadow, and Me II | I
Belphegor's been acting strange lately, and you're determined to get to the bottom of it! What could the lazy 7th born possibly be up to?
A/N: gentle reminder; Shadow talks in purple, Echo talks in italics, and you talk in "quotation marks"
The brothers were argueing and complaining loudly at the dining room table, as usual. Belphegor was near the end of the table, while you were at the front. Levi was argueing with Satan that quickly escalated into Satan bodyslamming Levi into the floor.
Asmo was doing his makeup, Beel was eating, and Mammon sat right next to you, trying and failing to de-escalate the 3rd and 4th- born's senseless debate. Lucifer hadn't walked in yet, so you sat there, minding your business as you ate your breakfast.
Echo was more chatty than usual, as they hardly talk at all; Shadow was the one to do that. Kind of like Mammon, but they know when to shut up. You tuned out the noise easily; it was a skill you picked up naturally ovee the course of time and tried to focus in Echo and Shadow's conversation.
'A thought I had after what could've happened after the 'Belphegor Incident'; a "what-if scenario. An insight, perhaps? Or something more? Is something sinister beneath his sleepy surface?' Echo said in a scary tone.
...Echo, what in the fuck was that? It sounds like a soap opera that as 50/50 chance of being a complete failure. Maybe writing isn't your strong suit.
First off, rude, secondly, it's a coping mechanism. People use humor all the time to deal with trauma. What's wrong with this?
Everything, for one. A deranged moose can do better than that, Echo. Try making it funnier, or add a plot twist where someone dies.
Someone does die, idiot, and that someone is us. What else am I basing this off of, your imaginary autobiography?
Well, an autobiography does sound nice, but-
Their conversation was cut off as a loud, startling boom was heard, followed by Levi and Satan making a noise between hurt, anger and surprise. It was Lucifer, holding a plain white mug with a very serious and deadly expression; even from the side, looking at it gave you goosebumps. If looks could kill, Levi and Satan would be 12 ft. under already. Echo and Shadow stopped talking abruptly, meaning they're straining to hear if they missed anything important.
Belphegor woke up too fast and too sudden, hitting his head against the back of the chair, making Asmo laugh. The room was already dead silent, so Lucifer felt like he didn't need to say anything. He strolled over to his seat, giving Mammon a rude glare for no reason as the 2nd born made a face of confusion and annoyance. He was about to sit down when...
The chair was magically pulled out from under him, making his ass hit the floor and his coffee as well; fortunately for Lucifer, almost all of it avoided his legs. Unfortunately for the culprit, Lucifer figured out who it was right away. The small, quiet laughing noises were coming from the cat- loving fanatic, Satan, who took a video of the moment.
"Satan. Get over here." Lucifer stated, coldly.
Satan stopped laughing to look at him, face looking like a deer in headlights. They looked at each other, and neither moved until Satan booked it to the door, clutching his phone for dear life. Lucifer bolted after him, lifting himself over table. Levi had to lean sideways to avoid his feet, but laughed nonetheless as the surprisingly funny spectacle.
Because Mammon practically scared you awake, you were very tired today. Luckily, it was the weekend with no homework due soon, so as long as you stayed out of Lucifer's way, how you chose to spend it was completely up to you. Whatever you didn't finish was given to Beel, who happily ate the leftovers with a smile. You got up and began heading back to your room, hoping that none of the brothers wanted to spend time with you.
Though you heavily doubted that idea.
Your hand was on the handle when Belphegor walked fast past you, not even bothering to give an apology. You couldn't see his face well, but the way he walked away from you gave the impression that he was motivated to do something, for once. You gave a puzzled look to yourself before locking the door behind you as you entered the room. You flopped onto your bed, praying Mammon doesn't attempt to bother you or burst down your door.
Using the same method as before, you visioned the designated meetting place with Echo and Shadow. Soon enough, every sense you had began to chip away; it took a couple of minutes to feel the plush, soft material of a bean bag. You opened your eyes, sat up, and looked around to see Shadow stacking cards on a table while Echo had red, slightly puffy eyes.
"Hey guys. Uh, why is Echo crying?" You concerningly looked at both of them.
Shadow didn't look up as they slowly and gingerly set another card down to act as a new foundation for another layer. Echo finished a romantic sob story that could put the Titanic to shame. Funny part is, the ending was good too. Want a summary?
"Maybe later, though I do want to hear it. I wanna talk about what happened a few minutes ago, with Belphie?"
Shadow made a gagging sound before being sarcastic. What happened with the fucker now? Did he ask you on a date? Wanted to cuddle? Maybe match sweaters with you?
"Jokes on you, we actually did all 3."
Wait, what? When? Echo piped in, their voice slightly raspy.
Excuse me?!?!?
"That's not the point! Point is, he walked past us hurriedly, down the corridor. It looked like he was going to do something."
Maybe he's planning to do something to Lucifer with Satan. That's how he spends his weekends.
That's how he spends everyday, Echo. In the times he's awake, anyway. Besides, it better be an extravagent apology; the first one sucked ass, if you wanna call it an apology.
"Well, we'll never know if I just stay here, right? Should we go after him?"
Abso- fucking - lutely not. Do not go after him. Got it?
"I'm going after him!" You determinedly slammed your hand against the table, knocking down Shadow's house of cards.
"Don't worry guys, I'll figure out what's going on in a jiffy! It shouldn't take me more than a few hours!"
You sat up and hurriedly made your way to the attic's entrance. Shadow kept calling out after you while Echo just watched you leave, sighing heavily. As they both watched as you dissappear into the real world, Shadow began to gather up the cards before starting over again.
I swear, that idiot. Some people don't learn, do they? Not my fault if anything else happens to them.
You groggily woke up with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Noticing the position you woke up in, you realized your entire arm had fallen asleep since you were laying on it. You slowly sat up, cringing at the static feeling in your arm and tried rubbing it with your other hand. Had Mammon been here, he would gone ballistic in moving your arm; it's a big reason why you try not to let him know a limb had fallen asleep in his presence.
You got off from your bed, put on your shoes and left the room with the goal of finding Belphegor. There's a few places where be could be; the attic, the planetarium, the common room, his room, or under his bed in his room. This is all assuming he's taking a nap in one of those places rather than being out on an outing. Then again, unless Beel asked him to go somewhere with him, it's usually a hard pass for Belphegor. Asking Mammom to help you find him would only have him question why you want Belphegor and not The Great Mammon. Sighing, you began to head towards his room since it was the closest to you besides the planetarium.
Not bothering to knock, you opened the door to find it empty; both beds were unmade and there were a few wrappers of some kind near Beel's bed. Other than that, he was obviously not in his room. The planetarium was your next option, yet yielded the same results. It waa difficult, however, not because of the lighting in the room or the size, but because there were 2 stories in the planetarium. The ground floor with the huge telescope, and the 2nd floor being a metal ramp that ran around the whole room; not to mention possible hiding spots where Belphegor could be. The metal clang against your feet as you jogged around, looking in corners and behind a few dusty, discarded boxes.
From where you were, the common room was far, but the attic was even farther; it can be your last place to look. You climbed down the ladder to the ground floor and exited the planetarium, looking back one last time for a final sweep.
Hey, doofus, why are you walking around so much for? Tryin' to get your miles in?
"No need to be snarky, Shad. You know I'm looking for Belphegor."
Yea, but why do that when you can talk to us instead? We're more fun that he'll ever be. I mean, all he does is sleep, for fuck's sake!
"You're not going to deter me, Shadow. Now quit it."
Shad.'s silence was noted as you made your way up the attic stairs, feeling the smooth stone underneath your feet. When you turned the light on, you saw a lump in the middle of the room, and assumed it was Belphegor. You already got the impression that Echo was anxious, itching to leave while Shadow remained silent. Slowly creeping up to the lump, you gently poked it, thinking it was his cheek. Nothing happened, so you tried again, greeted with the same results. Annoyed, you pulled the covers off to see lazily stacked pillows; he must've been here earlier to take a nap.
You sighed, dropped the blanket, and then mused as to where he could be. You walked back down the stairs and out into the hall, sensing Echo + Shad. relaxing. By pure chance, you looked out a window towards the gazebo to see Belphegor, frantically setting things up. It was hard to see from your spot, but you definitely made out his signature cow pillow. You went down the numerous steps as fast as you could, trying not to trip over your own feet.
Everyone was busy doing their own things; or so you thought. The heavy entrance doors opened with a loud creak, followed with a firm thud as it closed behind you. You made your way to the gazebo, seeing the 7th and everything he had come into view. You didn't say anything, just watching him move things around before talking.
"So, Belphie. Whatcha doin'? I was looking everywhere for you, ya know."
He turned around in shock. "You were looking for me? Why?"
"Because you promised to do a movie night with me today, remember? We made plans two days ago. Now tell, what are you doing?"
"I wanted to stargaze with you today, rather than watching a simple movie. There's a special surprise I have for the end."
500 grimm says he throws you into the lake.
What? I'm being realistic, given with this guy's history!
"That sounds great! And I guess all this stuff here is for us?"
That does NOT sound great and we should push him into the lake! He deserves it!
He nodded happily. "Let's start, shall we?"
You both sat down on stone bench, eating the stuff Belphie brought and using telescopes to look closer at the stars. He described constellations to you, the history behind them. You tried to follow along as best as you could, never hearing any of these before. Unknown to you both, Mammon saw what was happening from a window, angrily chewing on his nails. It was a fun, happy moment for you two; excluding Shadow and Mammon, of course.
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echo-voidheart · 3 hours ago
thinkin about like. a situation where during the cookie outpost vs las nevadas dispute. c!quackity somehow becomes the cause of one of c!ranboo's canon deaths. and in response, c!tubbo just goes fucking ballistic. becomes hellbent on taking quackity down, on revenge. and without ranboo there to calm him down, there's no force on earth that can stop him
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naboo-senator · 3 hours ago
the new bad batch episode broke me. omega thinks that hunter is dead. 😭
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echo-bleu · 3 hours ago
I find myself in the bizarre situation where I’ve skipped the super angsty part of my fic to write the lighter one. What’s wrong with me?
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thejollyfuckingroger · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fandom: Marvel Name: Echo Jones Affiliations: Ex-HYDRA, SHIELD, Inhumans Team: Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Janie Carter Powers: Can drive people to insanity through repeating their words in their head Partner: Janie Carter
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echoduskfallen · 5 hours ago
Ok am tired going to throw my phone across the room so maybe then brain will let me sleep
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echoduskfallen · 5 hours ago
Im coming for Savathûn's knees
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penguinsledder · 5 hours ago
Sooooo I have an Echo now
So far, I've asked it to play Despacito, and set its "I'm home!" Routine to play pokemon lo-fi for good vibes after all the work stress 😌
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echoduskfallen · 5 hours ago
It's the time of night where I don't have thoughts so I'm just throwing words out on anyways new override dialogue from Osiris is EXTREMELY sus
And I have to catch up on season quests after gos tomorrow AAAAAA
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echoduskfallen · 5 hours ago
Aha it's 12:50am and I cant sleep because it's too hot, how y'all doin
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penguinsledder · 5 hours ago
Sooooo I have an Echo now
So far, I've asked it to play Despacito, and set its "I'm home!" Routine to play pokemon lo-fi for good vibes after all the work stress 😌
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image-thot · 5 hours ago
Ok so I may be having to much fun with the memes but here's another one.
Tumblr media
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incorrectclonequotes · 5 hours ago
Fives: *is visibly upset*
Echo: Fives, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual planet.
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stcrsloved · 5 hours ago
Lili made a joke about black face.
Yeah, I found an article about that incident after asking and while it looks like she didn’t actually intend on that?? Imma just. Not touch her with a ten foot pole since I can’t speak on it
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