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#arc trooper fives
incorrectclonequotes · an hour ago
Fives: I sort of did something and I need some advice, but I don't want a lot of judgment and criticism.
Kix: And you came to me?
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incorrectclonequotes · 3 hours ago
Fives: *is visibly upset*
Echo: Fives, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual planet.
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daydreamingwhileasleep · 5 hours ago
I cannot believe i’m logging back onto this god forsaken hell hole of a website just to scream about hoW SPICEY THE LATEST BAD BATCH EPISODE WAS. OH MY GOD. I SCREAMED WHEN CAD BANE SHOWED UP I WAS SCREEEEAMING. AND CROSSHAIR THEN HUNTER OH MY GOD PLEASE. anyway good to be back missed y’all 💜💜
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clonethirstybitch · 7 hours ago
Top Guns' iconic volleyball scene.
It's the boys of the 501st VRS the boys of the 212th.
I have no money and no friends but artists I beg u.
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jgvfhl · 7 hours ago
hello I'm back on my bs again 😌 can I request "princess" from the pet names with Fives pls ??
Your bs is my bs, friend 😌💙 This one got away from me a bit. I had some idea about something and then this came in and shoved the first idea off a cliff I think. BUT IT'S STILL CUTE!!!! 💙
The Pet Names Prompts are still open! I'm basically just gonna keep em open until they're gone lol. I will say that sweetheart and cyare are in the works, so pick somethin else 🌸
Tumblr media
The layers of clothing on you were finally drying out now you were under the shelter. You, and about three dozen of your neighbors. It was getting harder and harder not to resent the existence of other people around you as your discomfort grew, but you knew it was pointless to get upset. The war wouldn’t listen to your tears of frustration, just like it hadn’t heard anyone’s grumblings as the town was evacuated for an impending Separatist attack. That’s what the Jedi had told the mayor, anyway. You didn’t want to move. Your home was dry and warm--well maybe not so warm after you’d been gone for… how long was it again?
“Why are we stuck here?” An elderly woman behind you shifted. “We have been here for hours!”
Someone else reminded her, “The rain made the roads muddy, the general said the transports are delayed.”
The woman scoffed bitterly. “Well I am hungry. I have missed my supper.”
You sighed. Twisting around as much as you could from where you sat, you offered, “I could see if they have some food? It won’t be your home cooking, but it’ll be food.”
“Fine, fine,” the old woman said, waving her hand. The someone else--a man you knew lived down your street--gave a grateful, small smile.
Really, it was just an excuse to get out from this crowd of people and stretch your chilled legs a bit. And, if it made the woman a bit quieter, that was a bonus. You got to your feet and carefully extracted yourself from the temporary shelter, then stopped to find… someone in charge, you supposed. All the troopers in white and blue looked the same, though: there were all helmeted and busy, despite the mud splattering their boots and the rain making a sheen on their armor. But finally, your eyes caught someone different, so you pulled your coat closer around your body, and set off through the soaking rain.
However, the universe wasn’t done ruining your day yet. You were about three or four feet away from the trooper whose armor had caught your attention--specifically the wide shoulder things and the fabric hung from his belt. Your foot went down for your next step, and then… kept going. You pitched forward, instinctively throwing your arms out to catch yourself as you toppled towards the muddy ground in front of you. Stupid kriffing universe.
Your hands never made contact. Someone else’s hands, however, grabbed your upper arms right below your shoulders, saving you from a soaking in mud as well as water.
“Whoa, hey,” the trooper said, pulling you upright. At least he was the guy you were aiming for. You had been hoping for a slightly more competent first impression. Oh well. “You alright, princess?”
Blinking up at his black visor, you processed his words, as well as the snake-like creature painted above his black visor. You collected yourself, standing up and wresting your arms back from him. “No. I am not, I am having a horrible day, actually.”
The trooper held up pacifying hands. “Okay, sorry. I know, no one’s in a good mood. Anything I can do to help?”
Wiping rain out of your eyes with a damp sleeve, you felt bad for snapping at him. He sounded nice, anyway. You shifted your feet, feeling one of them squelch from water. Ugh. “Just… it’s been a while, and a lot of us are getting hungry. Anything you can do about that?”
He nodded. “Right, right. Yeah, maybe we’re too used to carrying rations on our person. I’ll let the captain know, he can find some men to hand out some rations.”
A quiet breath of relief left your lips. “Thank you.” You looked behind you to gauge where the puddle was to avoid a repeat incident on your way back.
“Hey.” You looked back at the trooper. “Do you want dry socks, or something? Wet socks--worst feeling in the galaxy, right next to--well.” He made a vague gesture. “Polite company.”
You raised a brow at him. “Just because you called me princess doesn’t mean you need to treat me like one.”
“What?” His smile was audible. “Of course it does. I am a soldier of the Republic, and I would be shirking my duties if I let a princess walk around with wet socks.”
Dry socks did sound really nice, even if your shoes were already soaked. You looked down at your overall soggy person, sort of smiling to yourself that anyone would look at this mess and think royalty. Oh, what could it hurt… “Yeah, okay,” you agreed. “Thanks.”
“Sure thing, princess.”
@nl13 @darth-void @blsmjoon
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lpmurphyslaw · 10 hours ago
Anyone got some good Fives icon photos? Like funny ones and stuff?
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incorrectclonequotes · 14 hours ago
Fives: I will send my army to attack!
Fives: *releases a dumpster of raccoons*
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cpt-rexy · 15 hours ago
i love how all fives stans came together after my other post and we just… collectively dived under a giant clown wig. we love to see it happen <3
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mk-otro · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another eventful morning! My blog disappeared for a number of hours but it's okay now, everything's fixed. I'm sure of it. Honest.
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naberiie · 16 hours ago
📔 📔📔 tell me everythinggg
i know i've talked about it before but: amaranth being escorted by a squad of purge troopers to distant orbital jedi temples after order 66, because as a non-jedi archivist who worked at the coruscant temple, she's the only one left in the galaxy with expertise required for those collections, and palpatine wants the best loot. there's lots of force bullshit that goes on, including but not limited to the temple physically shutting out the purge troopers from its archives because "it knows you're not safe."
another one that has even less work was one that i was intending to write for a friend eons ago but never got around to: rogue one where they survive and take the death star plans themselves instead of beaming it up to leia's ship. that means that alderaan, in that universe, would never have been destroyed. i've lost most of the notes for this one but it was a cassian x jyn slow burn, in addition to the always fun post-heist running away from the empire and trying to help the rebellion
last is a sequel to from which stars - fives and rabe go on the run to figure out the implications of the chips and also get involved in an underground fighting ring at one point to get money. if this one comes to life it will be about ten times shorter than fws has ended up being!
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imrowanartist · 17 hours ago
For the sketch thing: A2 for Fives? Or A6 for Fox please?
Tumblr media
I meannnn, how could I resist drawing Fives in this pose?
Thanks for requesting this one, I loved it!
I've gotten a looot of double requests, so to make it easier, here are the ones I've already done:
2B - Wrecker, 6A - Kix, 3D - Tech and 3A - Hunter.
And here’s the original post with the expression sheet!
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lifeofclonewars · 18 hours ago
Fives Screenshots Part One
Aaaaand they’re finally here! The last of the squad since he’s got by far the most screen time (For those of you who are first seeing this: check out screenshots for the rest of Domino on my blog under “screenshots” or “clone wars screenshots” if you’d like)
As always, downloads are fine with rbs!
Tumblr media
As always, we start with the first chronological shot of him (and Hevy lol)
Tumblr media
First chronological close up
Tumblr media
This one’s pretty cool: if you track that blaster bolt in real time, it comes from Fives, even with Hevy’s sweep cover fire happening
Tumblr media
At least he could save one of his brothers (DB) from an explosion of sorts :’)
Tumblr media
Surprise surprise, Fives is number five in the cadet armor
Tumblr media
Droidbait going all out and saying Fives’ entire CT number for some reason
Tumblr media
“It’s Fives...
Tumblr media
...The name is Fives”
Tumblr media
DB why aren’t you helping him
Tumblr media
“Five pieces” yes yes Cutup we get it. This is probably why Fives shoots down your story later lol
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fluffycatofdooom · 20 hours ago
Echo: Never thought I'd see battle droids helping us
... Echo, did you forget the citadel mission, you know where those B1 battle droids helped you guys. You were standing right next to Fives while he complained about it. Also there was that time where Tech hacked into the training droids and rode on top of one and used it against the other droids.
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incorrectclonequotes · 21 hours ago
Fives: Real life should have a fucking search function, or something.
Fives: I need my socks.
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miss-alice-evelynn · 23 hours ago
Fives: please, bitchard was my father, just call me dick
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miss-alice-evelynn · 23 hours ago
Episode 8 if Fives was there
Hunter: this wasn't the scrappers, someone else did this...
Cad Bane: damn right
Fives: smells like bitch in here
Omega: *gasps*
Hunter: language!
Fives: sorry!
Fives: thou smell liketh bitch in here
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cpt-rexy · a day ago
hunter: *gets shot in the chest but survives*
me: so here’s how fives can still win-
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Kix: Do you ever want to talk about your emotions, Dogma?
Dogma: No.
Fives: I do!
Kix: I know, Fives.
Fives: I’m sad.
Kix: I know, Fives.
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