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chocmarss · 11 minutes ago
i was supposed to do my assignment but then for some reason i ended up in fives’ tag
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baroness-zemo · 15 minutes ago
Could I request a fluffy piece where the reader has feelings for Tech but thinks he isn’t interested but is just oblivious?
Tech! My boy!! I love him so much, so thank you for requesting for him!!
Oblivious (Tech x Reader)
Summary: You’ve fallen hard for Tech, but you think he doesn’t feel the same. Turns out, he’s actually just oblivious.
Word Count: 1,412 (I enjoyed writing this one a lot)
Tumblr media
For once, today The Bad Batch actually didn’t have a mission. It was a rare occurrence, but always a very welcome one. Days like these, you and the boys usually found some close by planet to relax on. You forgot the name of the planet you’re on currently, but it was sunny, warm, and beautiful. You loved it.
The boys were all doing their own thing; Wrecker was taking a swim in the nearby lake, laughing happily. Crosshair was sitting in the grass, back against the ship, fast asleep. Hunter was inside the ship, preferring the peacefulness in there over the loud bugs and animals outside.
And Tech? Well he was sat in the grass, legs crossed, armor and goggles sat next to him, tinkering away on a gadget.
You were sat on the steps of the ship, admiring the nerdy clone from afar. Truthfully, you ended up liking Tech a lot more than you ever expected to. What started off as a small crush, soon developed into genuine feelings, and now? You were head over heels in love with him. But how could you not be? He was perfect, everything you could ever want and more.
The others all knew of your feelings for Tech. They had found out over time, catching on to how you always wanted to be around their little brother, and the lovesick glances you’d give him when he wasn’t looking. You made them all swear to never mention it to Tech- he didn’t feel the same towards you, and you didn’t wanna make him feel awkward.
You sighed and moved to rest your chin in the palm of your hand. You wished he felt the same, it hurt to know he didn’t. But if the most you could get was a friendship, you’d take it, as long as you got to be with him.
“Maybe,” Hunter’s voice from behind you made you jump, placing your hand over your heart. Turning to look at him, he chuckled at your reaction before continuing, “Maybe instead of staring at him, you should tell him how you feel.”
You scoffed, “Yea right. Not happening, Hunter.”
“Why’s that?” He sat on the step beside you, giving you his full attention.
“Because I’d just make a fool out of myself. He doesn’t like me the same way, I know it. I’ve tried to drop hints for months, even flirted with him, but he always ignores it.”
Hunter laughed, “Yea, because he’s kriffing oblivious. Tech’s a genius when it comes to technical stuff, he can type away on a computer for half a second and tell you 30 things wrong with it, but he’s helpless when it comes to feelings.”
You frowned and looked out to Tech. He couldn’t be that oblivious, could he?
Hunter reached over and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly, “Trust me, kid, I wouldn’t lie to you. Tell him how you feel.”
“What if he actually doesn’t feel the same?”
“He does.”
“How do you know?”
Hunter smirked and stood up, dusting off his pants. “Because he talks to me. Now you, go talk to him. And that’s an order.”
You rolled your eyes and did a mock salute, “Sir, yes, sir, Sarge.” Hunter walked back inside and you sat there contemplating.
Hunter wouldn’t lie to you. He never had before, why would he now? And what did he mean when he said Tech “talks to him”? Does that mean Tech told him that he feels the same for you?
Knowing you couldn’t sit there and think on it forever, you stood and made your way over to Tech. Your brain was screaming at you to stop and turn around, but you ignored it.
Tech didn’t hear you walking over, too focused on his gadget, but when you sat next to him, he looked over at you. “Oh, uh, hi. I didn’t hear you come over.”
“Yea, I just thought you could use some company over here. That okay?”
“Yes! I-I mean, yes, that’s fine.”
“You sure I won’t distract you?” The last thing you wanted was to bother him.
He shook his head, “No, no, it’s very hard to distract me. Besides, I’m simply working out the bugs on this.”
You nodded, curiosity getting the best of you, “What is it?”
He nodded towards it and the screwdriver laying on the ground, “Well, If I can get this right we should be able to have music playing all throughout the Marauder whenever we want.”
“Music?” Last you remembered, Tech had never shown any interest in wanting music on the ship.
His eyes met yours and his cheeks began to flush red, the tips of his ears too, “Uh, y-yes, I remembered you saying not too long ago that you enjoy music. So I thought maybe you’d enjoy being able to listen to it whenever you want on the ship.”
You didn’t know what to say. He was so sweet, it blew your mind. You hadn’t even meant for it to be something he remembered, you had mentioned it so offhandedly, you barely even remembered saying it.
“Is- is that all right?” Tech was having a meltdown in his brain, afraid you’d find it weird that he had remembered such a small detail. He was afraid you’d find him weird.
You racked your mind, trying to figure out what to say to such a kind gesture. But Hunter’s words from earlier and your original intention of coming over here mixed with trying to find a reply, and you were speaking without even realizing it.
“I love you.”
You gasped, realizing what you had said, and Techs jaw dropped, his eyes wide.
“I-,” you tried to speak, wanting to take back what you said, but you couldn’t.
You felt like you were going to be sick, and suddenly you absolutely needed to get away from him.
Not even giving him time to reply, to reject you, you stood and ran behind the ship. You leaned your head against it, the cool metal doing little to keep you calm, and praying he wouldn’t come look for you. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
“Y/N?” Tech’s voice called for you, sounding almost hesitant. When he came around the corner and saw you, your eyes darted to the ground, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.
As he came closer, you began to ramble, “Tech, I-I am so sorry. I never meant for you to know, it just slipped out-“
“So you meant it?”
You slowly lifted your head to look at him, still refusing to meet his gaze. “What?”
“When you said you love me. Did you mean it?” His voice was soft, maybe even a little hopeful?
You hesitated, trying to decide whether to tell the truth or to lie. “Yes.”
Slowly, Tech smiled wider than you had ever seen him smile before, “Why- Why did you never tell me?”
“Well I wasn’t just gonna outright say it! I was terrified!” You took a deep breath, “You mean you really didn’t know?”
“No, of course not.”
“But- but I flirted with you all the time, Tech.”
“You did?” He seemed genuinely baffled.
You slowly mimicked his wide smile now, facepalming and shaking your head. “Hunter was right, you are oblivious,” you whispered it more to yourself, but Tech heard.
He was going to say something else, but you cut him off, “Wait. So does this feel the same?”
Tech walked closed to you, nodding. “I’ve had feelings for you for a very long time. I just never expected you to feel the same, so I never told you.”
You felt like you were on cloud 9. All this time, you could’ve been with him, if you had just been a little braver. You couldn’t help but to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” He raised an eyebrow, still smiling, and once again without thinking, you grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him in, kissing him.
His eyes widened and he froze, and just when you were going to pull away to ask what was wrong, he relaxed and slowly started moving his lips against yours.
He pulled away, face red and slightly out of breath, “I love you.”
“I love you too.” You whispered before reaching up, wrapping your arms around his neck, and pulling his lips back to yours. He placed his hands on your hips, pulling you as close as possible.
You’d seriously have to thank Hunter later.
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optimarcus · 33 minutes ago
[TV Show Review] Star Wars: The Bad Batch — premiere episode tells a new tale with great cinematography and exciting action
[TV Show Review] Star Wars: The Bad Batch — premiere episode tells a new tale with great cinematography and exciting action
Platform: Disney+ Premieres: 4 May Cast: Dee Bradley Baker (Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, Echo, Captain Rex), Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand), Stephen Stanton (Grand Moff Tarkin), and Andrew Kishino (Saw Gerrera). Score: 4.1/5 It’s difficult to tell an interesting tale in the Star Wars universe, especially if it’s set between the movies (which are established canon). So it’s rather amazing that…
Tumblr media
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crystalessenceswrites · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Mando’s S/O’s with severe stomach pains Din, Paz and Boba
Tumblr media
Burden of the Survivors [AO3] Din x bounty hunter!reader Mando works alone- except for when he absolutely can’t. There are few people Din trusts – trusts as in he doesn’t expect a viroblade in the back the second he’s turned around. She’s one of them. Just as cautious and nearly as tight lipped about her past as he is, Din doesn’t mind her around too much. Chapters: [One] [Two] [Excerpt]
Shadows [AO3] Din x fem!reader Modern monster AU - enemies to lovers Crypto- concealed; secret. You have always lived your life in the shadows; after all, you’re one of the creatures who go bump in the night. He has sworn his life to a creed that aims to protect the world from monsters like you. Chapters: [One] [Two] [Three] [Four] [Five]
Tumblr media
Sharing a bed with Boba
Washing each others hair with Boba
Standing Up for Boba Boba x fem!reader
We Never Stopped Boba x fem!reader You're forced to confront how you really feel about you former partner. Warnings: Implied sexual reference, discussion of death, angst
With You Boba x fem!reader Literally just Boba being a softie. 
Missing You Boba x fem!reader Boba wants to show you how much he missed you. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Something New Boba x fem!reader Boba wants to bring one of your fantasies to life. Warnings: explicit sexual material, CNC
Rules Boba x fem!reader You break one of Boba's rules while he's away. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Push Back Boba x fem!reader Boba brings out the brat in you. Warnings: explicit sexual material
When We First [AO3] Boba x fem!reader How were you to know the role Boba Fett would play in your life when you first crossed paths? [Oneshot] Chapters: [One]
Tumblr media
Borrowed Wolffe x fem!reader You borrow one of Wolffe's shirts while waiting for him to return. Warnings: explicit sexual material
Together - With You [AO3] Wolffe x fem!reader You're not quite sure how you're going to break your unexpected news to Wolffe. [Part One] [Part Two] Warnings: explicit sexual material, pregnancy
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trashy28 · an hour ago
Giving You My Heart (The Bad Batch x Jedi!Reader)
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Warnings: None
Pairing: The Bad Batch x GN!reader
Word Count: 1.3k
Summary: You are convinced by Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi Council to go on a mission but apparently no one decides to tell you who the hell you are going on the mission with.
"Why didn't you tell me what I had to do that before I agreed to this!"
Obi-Wan continued ignoring you as you both walked through the halls of the Jedi Temple, not even turning around once as the various complaints and expletives continued to leave your mouth. You two had just left the council briefing about an upcoming mission that Obi-Wan recruited you for based on new information gathered from a Separatist transmission.
You thought that the briefing would've just been on the transmission and its contents, but it wasn't only that. The council stated with urgency that the transmission included details about a Separatist base located in an abandoned village on Tatooine and had declared that immediate action must be taken to prevent them from getting involved with the Hutts again. There was no doubt that the Hutts probably already knew about the base, and if the Republic knows one thing, it's that the Hutts would play either side of the war to their advantage just to remain in control of Tatooine.
The thing you didn't realize about the briefing until it was too late, was that Obi-Wan already knew what the transmission had said, as well as the rest of the council. He was there to get you involved in a mission he had no time to get involved himself.
"Obi-Wan," you say as you yank his wrist from his side to get him to stop walking, "Could you at least tell me who I'll be with on the mission?"
All Obi-Wan did was smile at you before saying, "That's for Commander Cody to say."
The transport ride to Obi-Wan's flagship was shorter than you anticipated and walking out of the smaller ship you were amazed to see the bustling atmosphere of the ship hangar. It had been a long time since you had been on one of the larger ships, the last time being that your ship was targeted in a Separatist attack. You had lost almost all the men in your battalion that day and as a result, the Jedi Council had kept you grounded at the Jedi Temple they said otherwise.
Commander Cody's voice pulls you out of your reverie and draws your distracted gaze towards his yellow accented plastoid armor, his helmet tucked under his arm neatly. "It's good to have you back Commander," were the first things you heard out of his mouth. His whole attention was on you, and some of the surrounding clones walking past you three glanced your way. He continues talking when you make direct eye contact with him saying, "It was a shame that you were kept back on Coruscant for so long. Your healing would've helped a lot on the missions the men have had to go on."
With that, you let out a breathy laugh, and look at the ground beneath your feet before meekly letting out, "If only the council thought that. They were extremely reluctant about even allowing me to come on this mission."
"I'm shocked it didn't take me any longer to convince them," Obi-Wan's voice cuts into the short conversation before turning towards you and continuing, "We should probably get to the bridge to continue briefing you on the mission, and I'm sure Cody will set up a transmission with who you are going into this mission with."
Turning your attention to Cody again you give him a nod and begin to make your way to the bridge.
The walk to the bridge was quick and filled with you almost walking into clone troopers when turning around every corner, along with Obi-Wan and Cody talking about what they had done over the past few days. Once centered around the holotable in the center of the bridge, Cody finally tore his attention away from Obi-Wan, causing you to smile in his direction while also throwing him a knowing look. I mean who can blame him, you thought as your vision scanned the surrounding area. You had missed being on the bridge, but as you looked around at the clones manning their stations you couldn't help but feel a bit somber as you were once again reminded that you had lost the men who had trusted you enough to lead them into battle.
Looking back at Cody he had taken his helmet off again and you couldn't help but notice the lingering pink that tinted his cheeks as Obi-Wan passed another compliment his way. Deciding to break apart the moment, and halting anything else that ould come out of it you ask, "So, am I finally going to know who I'm going on this mission with?"
Obi-Wan let out a noise of acknowledgment from his spot next to you before saying, "Patience my friend, patience."
Cody chuckles from his spot across the holotable from you two and says, "No, they're right. It's finally time to tell them who they will be going with," Cody pauses and turns on the holotable before continuing, "You will be working with Clone Force 99. I've worked with them before, and I can see why the council chose you for this mission."
Tilting your head to the side and sending Cody a playful yet confused glance you ask, "Oh, and why is that?"
Before Cody even has a chance to recover from thinking he just offended you, Obi-Wan answers you. "Just like you, their methods can be a little... unconventional, but also like you they get their job done right every time."
You fully shifted your body towards Obi-Wan and with an extra playful tone to your voice you say, "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or be offended by it."
All three of you laugh at that statement and before anyone can say anything else, the conversation was cut off by a beeping from the holotable. All three of you laugh at that statement and before anyone can say anything else, the conversation was cut off by a beeping from the holotable. Cody hits a button on his side of the table accepting the transmission as the image of a man with shoulder-length hair materialized in front of you. Sergeant Hunter, it's good to see you again," Cody addresses the man on the holotable display.
"It's good to see you too Cody, I heard the Jedi is on the cruiser with you now. The only problem: when do we get to know who it is?" The man, now known as Hunter, gets straight to the point of the transmission. Cody motions for you to walk into Hunter's field of view.
"This is Jedi Master y/n," he says before adding, "This is their first time on a mission after coming off probation."
Rolling your eyes and shaking your head you turn your attention back to Hunter, who is looking at the interaction with a slight smirk on his face, and ask "How long will it be until you guys get here? I don't know how much longer I can deal with being in the same room with Cody and Kenobi."
Hunter lets out what seems to be a strained short laugh before answering, "We'll be there sooner than you expect. You three should be in the hangar when we arrive, we don't necessarily plan on sticking around for longer than we have to." With a nod, Hunter ends the transmission leaving the three of you standing around the once again empty holotable. Breaking into a smile and tossing a look at both Obi-Wan and Cody you say,
"So, who wants to make the trip back to the hangar and see if I can actually avoid the incoming troopers when rounding the corners this time?"
A/N: hfdjsf im so tired rn but i hope you guys enjoy this! idk when i'll have chapter 2 out but it will probably be out later in the week because i have a paper due on wed that i ofc saved for last min
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chiafett · 2 hours ago
Wrecker is a golden retriever Hunter is a retired police dog Tech Crosshair and Echo are cats I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that
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sticher30 · 2 hours ago
So like I’ve been thinking bout Fox a lot lately. And honestly, he’s a very hard character to like or dislike. Because his moral views and story telling are slightly flawed by the actual storyline that has been preset.
Realistically, we all knew that the Jedi never really found out about the chips before the order (this is canon verse idk if legends has something where they do). So knowing that, Fives was most likely going to die because he knew about the chips. So thus putting Fox in a position where he HAS to kill Fives. And it ain’t just a character choice, it’s a storyline choice.
So really it’s hard to judge his character since one of his major choices is preset. Of course this would apply for any character if they were in Fox’s position, but we as viewers don’t know if Fox was chosen for a specific reason or not.
Anyways I just wanted to share some brain ideas of mine. Personally I like Fox as a character. He sticks to his morals and everything as we have slightly seen from before.
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mandofury · 2 hours ago
Obi-Wan: Violence is never the answer.
Ahsoka: Violence is the question, master.
Anakin: And the answer is YES.
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c-sky-walker · 2 hours ago
Be Calm
Hunter x Reader
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the bad batch, cute mom & dad moments, female reader, just cuteness honestly, NOT PROOF-READ.
Summary: You and Hunter have somewhat taken over the parental role to Omega and when she gets herself into trouble, Hunter slips up.
Note: I LOVED the new episode of TBB and Omega in it. She makes my heart melt. That’s all.
Hunter hadn’t exactly forgotten when domestic life was like, but when he returned to Cut and Suu’s farm, it was like air had returned to his lungs. He loved watching the kids run and play, even loved to see Suu and Cut interact.
The last time he was here, was the first time you had gotten to meet some of the batch’s so called ‘friends’. It was the first time he told you he loved you and it accidentally slipped as you tucked Cut and Suu’s children into bed.
He couldn’t live it down after that accidental confession, especially with the kids. It was the topic of conversation in the morning and every day following that one. Luckily for Hunter, you thought it was sweet and you returned the sentiment after the teasing grew to be too much for the man.
Now that he was back, now that you both were back, he felt calm again. Even given the circumstances.
Hunter sat on the front steps of the house, watching with an amused grin as you helped Omega learn to catch the ball the other kids were tossing around.
“Almost, close your arms a little sooner honey.” You instructed the girl. Hunter caught the bright glow in her eyes from the endearment you created for her. She looked to you like you were something of another lifetime.
“Let’s do it again.” She spoke with confidence, getting slightly lower as if to prepare herself for the ball. You chuckled and nodded, waiting for her to nod back in ready. Once she gave the nod, you tossed her a light, underhanded toss that she just barley didn’t catch. She frowned in frustration and glanced down at her hands as if they were useless.
“I think I give up.” She spoke softly, walking over to you. You chuckled softly and accepted her hug as she buried her face into your stomach. You patted her back in encouragement.
“I think you’ll learn better from the kids, you should go ask them how they play.” You instructed. You could tell the other two were dying to play catch with Omega, never getting to interact with any other kids their own age. She glanced at them and then back at you. With a small nod of encouragement, she took off for the others.
“She likes you. A lot.” Hunter stated. You huffed and turned to your boyfriend, tilting your head as he patted the step beside him. With a small huff you collapsed beside him, scooting closer as he draped his arm around your shoulder.
“I like her a lot. She’s got something about her I just...I can’t name. She’s kinda like a mini you in a way, maybe that’s why I like her.” You smiled at Hunters reaction of disgust at your connection of the pair.
“No, we are nothing alike. She’s just a pure-hearted kid and I’m an ex-war veteran.” He spoke with a small smile. He was glancing off at the girl. You smiled at this and nudged his shoulder.
“You are alike, you’ve got a heart of gold too, love.” His own endearment made him blush, swiping down to steal a quick kiss.
“Woooohow! My bad! Didn’t think you’d be playing kissy face out here!” Wrecker suddenly appeared in the doorway behind you both, making you both leap to your feat in absolute fright. “We’re making departure plan...unless you two wanna stay and fill the house with younglings of your own—“
“Get inside Wrecker.”
“Now everyone is a number...” Cut spoke softly, glancing over at his wife sadly. Suu didn’t let him take pity on her, instead she shot him a wide smile and grabbed his hand tight.
Watching the two of them, Hunter leaned closer to you. “I don’t know why they wouldn’t just accept a ride from us.”
With a sigh, you turned to the long-haired man. “Everything they do is for those kids out there, and we aren’t exactly the most safe—“
“Mom!! Mom!!!” Loud screams were coming from outside the house. The kids were yelling desperately for Suu, making everyone stand and rush out the door to see what all the fuss was about.
“It’s Omega! She went outside the fence to get the ball!” Your heart began to beat widely in your chest, running faster than thought possible for normal humans. Making it to the fence line, you saw the little girl cornered by the large, wolf-like creature.
As you were about to climb through the gap in the fence, Hunter yanked you back, pushing you into Wreckers arms as he climbed out aside the fence.
“Omega!” You called desperately, thrashing slightly in Wreckers arms. Hunter ran forward, slicing at the wolf with his knife as Suu fired down on the beast from above. The fight didn’t last long, after a few shots fired, the creature scurried off, leaving the two safe and sound.
Hunter guided Omega back inside the fence before he squatted down before her.
“Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? How hurt you could have gotten out there??” His words were obviously hurting the small girl. Seeing her shy away in hurt from Hunter made your heart break a tiny bit.
Stepping out of Wreckers arms, you shoved Hunter away from her.
“She’s not a solider, Hunter.” Your tone was low and lethal and he knew then that he has messed up greatly. Turning your back to him, you kneeled before the cowering girl and gently took the ball from her, setting it to the side.
“I-I’m sorry I—“
“Let’s look, hmmm, nope. No injuries. Let’s look at your face.” You spoke softly to her, trying to calm her after the incident with Hunter. You jokingly squished her cheeks together with one hand making a sad smile spread on her face at your antics. “Come here.” You could see the tears rising in her eyes from the traumatic event that has just occurred and scooped her up into your arms as she fell into them.
She buried her face into your neck as you stood, holding her against you tightly as Hunter watched on with guilt.
“You alright, little one?” Wrecker asked as softly as he could. You felt her mover her head slightly in a nod.
“I bet you could have taken him!” Echo tried to cheer her up but go no response as she staid hidden. Her other arm came up around your neck and she began to twist your hair on her finger as if to soothe her.
“Now I highly doubt that-“
“Tech, I swear—“
Hunter had decided to give you both some space after dinner. The last thing he had wanted to do was to drive you and Omega away, but he feared he had accomplished that.
He walked into your shared room to find you sitting on the bed, a sleeping Omega curled up in your lap.
He smiled, despite himself.
Looking up, you smiled as well.
You weren’t mad at him, just worried that he would keep being cold with Omega without realizing that she was a little girl, not a clone in training.
“How is she?”
“Fine. She’s worried you are mad at her.” Your words made him huff as he took a seat beside you on the bed.
“Me mad at her? She should be mad at me.” He spoke with a soft shake of his head. You smiled and reached out a hand to run it through his hair.
“Nobody should be mad at anybody. You were worried about her and you just didn’t know how to convey that to her. Next time, all you have to do is just...not shout and be calm.”
Your instructions stuck with him and he knew he’d keep them with him for the rest of this adventure.
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
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hahaha1d0that · 2 hours ago
Am I supposed to believe that Jango didn’t know about The Bad Batch or Omega? As cadets? Babies? Successful mutations of his DNA that could result in better soldiers? The only female clone of him?
He definitely knew and that makes things sadder in my brain🥲
What if Boba knew them...
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gospelofme · 3 hours ago
Wrecker: I’ll say this for the Empire, they know firepower!! You should see the armory!!
Crosshair: he actually cried.
Wrecker: hey, we both did!!
Crosshair: -doesn’t deny that-
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