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gryffindor-jedi · 11 minutes ago
Reblog with the top 5 characters you want to see in the Bad Batch.
Here are mine (in order of importance):
Commander Cody
Boba Fett/Cad Bane
Barriss Offee
Commander Wolffe
Captain Gregor/Dogma
I didn't put Rex because he was in the trailer, so he'll show up.
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incorrectdisasterlineage · 36 minutes ago
obi-wan: i want to hear those three words.
anakin: i love you.
obi-wan: try again.
anakin: i will behave.
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tauremornalome · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ah yes. star wars character with the most meta awareness, judging by the name choice
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generic-geek-girl · an hour ago
I have a completed Commander Cody smut ficlet now too! Reply for tags, if you want it, but please have your age in your bio. I will not tag you otherwise, as it is an explicit fic.
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anakin: somebody in this room has been possessed by an owl.
obi-wan: who?
anakin: that’s the thing, we don’t—
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glubtheflyingfish · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ralph Peterson belongs to @lychgate
also yes that is a phone number I dare you to call it.
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happy-beeeps · an hour ago
Currently writing a Rex x Heiress!reader with the song “Buzzcut Season” because you can NOT tell me that song doesn’t have Rex written all over it
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obi-wan: sometimes you make me so tired, it’s remarkable.
anakin: i haven’t said anything yet!
obi-wan: and yet here i am, already exhausted.
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baroness-zemo · 2 hours ago
Hi! I love your fics! I have a request if you want to write it. It’s a bad batch request. So I have this what if idea where it’s what if the bad batch had a Jedi general of their own. The Jedi (prefer she/her pronouns but you could write gender neutral too if you want) is a lot more than just their general. The Jedi is their friend and is part of the batch, one of them. Maybe the Jedi is also in a secret relationship with one of them (you can choose whether this could be an overall platonic piece or have a specific love interest. I honestly can’t choose one because I love all of them lol) anyway I’m thinking of this fic taking place during order 66 for that 1st episode. I would just love to see the angst of the reader getting attack by the regular clones and watching Depa fall and suddenly being confused and afraid that the bad batch would also attack, especially with how crosshair was he would probably try to attack. You can decide details of how this all goes down. I just think this would be a cool idea to explore! You don’t have to if you don’t want to though :)
Order 66 (Crosshair x Reader)
Summary: Order 66 was executed, and you, The Bad Batch’s Jedi General, are attacked by the very one you love.
Word Count: 878
Tumblr media
“Alright boys, we’re not too far off from Kaller. Everyone know the plan?” You spoke as you walked around, making sure everyone had their gear together.
A chorus of agreements came from the clones. “Sarge!” Hunter looked over at you.
“Ready to mess up some clankers?”
He smiled and nodded, “Always, general.”
Wrecker piped in, “Me too! Oh, I’ve been itching to destroy some stuff!”
You patted his arm, “Well today’s your lucky day then Wrecker.”
You checked in with Tech and Echo, making sure they were ready, before making your way over to the sniper in the corner.
He smirked, “Saving the best for last, eh?”
You rolled your eyes as he set his rifle down, opting to pull you in close instead. “Please, saving the most annoying for last, maybe.”
He pinched your side in retaliation for that remark, making you jump and lightly smack his shoulder.
“We’re landing!” Tech exclaimed, he and the rest of the boys standing up and gathering around the door.
You looked at Cross and smiled, placing a kiss to his cheek. “For good luck.”
“I think you missed,” he leaned in to kiss your lips but you brought your hand up so he kissed your hand instead. You laughed, “Let’s save that for afterwards, when we win.”
He grabbed his rifle, “Fine, you’re lucky I love you.”
“I love you too, Cross.”
The ship landed on the snowy ground below with a thud, the door opening. You all piled out, racing towards your next fight.
As you got closer, a kid who you knew as Depa Billaba’s padawan came running up to you.
“Caleb! Where’s Depa?” You placed a hand on his shoulder, looking at him.
He pointed behind him, “Back there, she sent me to come get reinforcements!” He looked back at the five clones behind you then back to you, “Uh- Where’s the reinforcements?”
“We’re all the reinforcements you need, kid!” Wrecker laughed and you nodded, “We’re your back up- lead the way.”
He seemed hesitant, but ran off, your rag tag little group following close behind. While Caleb went back to his master, you all started your plan. Crosshair went to his position at a high point, and you lifted a nearby boulder using the force, pushing it down the hill.
You, Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, and Tech slid down behind it, wasting no time in taking out as many droids as possible. Once Crosshair linked all the tanks together, Wrecker pushed one of them off the cliff, the others following suit.
Quickly after, you took down the rest of the droids, no problem.
Your group made their way over to Billaba, Crosshair sliding down the mountain and coming to walk next to you.
you smiled at your friend. She stood, “Good to see you, Y/N.”
“Good to see you too, Depa.”
Hunter walked forward, “If you’re done hiding down there, I suggest you launch a counterattack. Another droid battalion’s approaching.”
“The general is the one who gives the orders around here!” The clone next to Depa spoke up, but she held up a hand, silencing him.
“He’s right, Captain, this is our chance. Launch the counterattack.”
As the clones did as ordered, she and Caleb came over to talk more. After Caleb introduced the Bad Batch members to her, you explained where her actual reinforcements were.
Eventually, you were ready to move on, and Caleb was coming with you. The Bad Batch went on ahead, while you stayed back to talk a little more with Depa.
But as you talked, you both sensed something was wrong. You turned, and seen a clone receiving a hologram from what looked like Palpatine.
“Execute Order 66.”
And just like that, any nearby clones raised their weapons and began firing at you both. You raised your lightsaber, her doing the same, and did your best to block the incoming fire.
From behind you, you heard Caleb’s voice. “Master!”
At hearing the young Jedi’s yells, the bad batch turned around and watched the scene before them.
Depa yelled for Caleb to run, and told you to do the same. You argued, but she shoved you away. As you ran, you heard her cries. Hot tears filled your eyes.
You made it over to your friends - your family - but you were terrified of them. Caleb had already run off, and you were going to do the same until Hunter raised his hands to you, “Wait! Y/N, we’re not gonna hurt you. See?”
He placed his weapon down on the ground, the others doing the same. Except for Crosshair, who raised his gun with no hesitation and fired at you, hitting your shoulder.
“Crosshair, what the hell are you doing?!” Hunter looked towards him, confused and angry
“Following orders.”
You couldn’t believe it. You knew, deep down, that this wasn’t him. That the real Cross, your Cross, was screaming, hating even the idea of hurting you. But it didn’t make you feel any less hurt, any less betrayed.
You pushed them all back with the force, before turning and running as far away as possible. You’d figure out what was going on, and how to fix it. You would get Cross back, and give him that kiss you didn’t give him earlier.
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rowena-in-red · 3 hours ago
ranking Obi-Wan ships based solely on their potential for banter
Obi-Wan/Quinlan Vos: I would like to personally thank whoever wrote the episode "Hunt for Ziro" because this episode has more sexual tension than every Anakin/Padmé episode combined. Their entire relationship is banter.
Obi-Wan/Asajj Ventress: I believe in the inherent eroticism of boob windows and attempted murder. The banter in this ship is off the charts. This is the bisexual agenda.
Obi-Wan/Satine Kryze: This ship is what happens when you put a theatre kid and a Model UN kid in the same room and sprinkle them with teenage hormones. The banter is fairly PG-13 rated but it is Shakespeare quality. Much Ado About Nothing is quaking. Love them together.
Obi-Wan/Commander Cody: Cody may not be one for pointless chatter, but something about Obi-Wan dismantling a tank really brings out the snark in him. All of their banter takes place in life-or-death situations. They cuddle afterwards. A quality ship.
Obi-Wan/Siri Tachi: The only reason Siri isn't ranked higher is because she's just too sensible for Obi-Wan. Yes, their entire friendship was based on banter, but she knew how to stop before the feelings took hold. High potential in theory, but it would cut off too soon for my tastes.
Obi-Wan/Bail Organa: I have no idea where this ship came from but it's very cozy. I feel like they would have a small dose of banter, just enough to keep things interesting. Refinery would be a given: imagine them quipping about international politics over a bottle of very expensive wine.
Obi-Wan/Padmé Amidala: I really understand why this ship gives people so many warm feelings. Their relationship would be healthy and stable, and despite the fact that both of them like debates, they would want to relax around each other.
Obi-Wan/Captain Rex: Rex is too stressed for banter most of the time, and he doesn't have the same penchant for wordplay that Obi-Wan does. I've never really been able to get into this ship, and I think the fact that their only connections are through the war and Anakin plays into that.
Obi-Wan/Maul: Maul would try to banter, and most of the time Obi-Wan would refuse to participate. Very little potential unless canon was significantly altered.
Obi-Wan/Jango Fett: I feel like their relationship would have very little talking involved. Jango would probably headbutt Obi-Wan when he tried to banter. (Not that any of that is a bad thing.)
Dishonorable mentions:
Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon Jinn: you can't banter with a father figure, what the fuck kind of a ship is this?
Obi-Wan/Anakin Skywalker: you absolutely can banter with your brother, but it's definitely not romantic in any way. Again, why the fuck is this even a ship?
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anadventureinfandoms · 3 hours ago
Quick note on this fine Tuesday morning—
Tumblr media
Cody and Obi-Wan would have the prettiest babies
There, now you may go about your day...
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maul: you wouldn’t like me when i’m angry.
ahsoka: i don’t like you ever.
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love4yeojin · 4 hours ago
fives and shaak-ti; a request from my boyfriend because we love fives in this house. also fuck lighting.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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