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#clone wars
friendshipsandothersorts · 17 minutes ago
I cant explain in words how powerful the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is to me
Here's some amazing music to go with the mood:
Alright I'm terrible at writing but here goes
To start off: for me, Star Wars is about the story of young Anakin who goes through fear, anger, hate, and suffering - the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker. And as you can see, my preferred viewing is in chronological order, not release order (which I don't intend to devaule)
I get such a rush of emotion no matter how many times I watch [RotS]. It gets even more heightened after watching The Clone Wars where they dove even deeper into Anakin & Obi-Wan's relationship, and also the character ark of the lovely Ahsoka Tano. Anakin's relationship with Ahsoka is especially powerful because of how he needed her in his life and how that affected him when he crumbled. We never saw that side of him in RotS. (Ahsoka was able to escape Order 66, and she also left the Jedi Council towards the end of TCW). Then in Rebels, which takes place after RotS and before ANH, we see Anakin Darth Vader and Ahsoka meet again in a face off, and exchange dialogue, but the one line that hit me was when Ahsoka says "I won't leave you, not this time". And in that moment, you could see a glimpse into his eyes (because part of his mask was broken) UGHAKLSJDFLAJK
Order 66. It was most powerful for me in RotS due to the soundtrack, and especially seeing Anakin, Obi-Wan, and the entire Jedi Order in pain
Also, give me a character who is stronger, and who also went through more pain than Obi-Wan. Without turning to the dark side or even being tempted, he lost the love of his life, his brother, his master who died in front of him, forced to face off against him but not being able to finish the job, witness his apprentice and beloved brother be seduced to the dark side and becoming a tyrant to the galaxy, experienced the destruction of the Jedi Order which he couldn't do anything to save, and spent the remainder of his life in exile to watch over Anakin's son to make sure he won't become like his father.
Don't get me wrong, Anakin's reactions are completely understandable given a lot of things. He was too old to be trained. He shouldn't have been trained by Obi-Wan (brother figure), but rather Qui-Gon Jinn (father figure, who he needed). It was obvious that he was unstable and needed careful guidance, but even after immediately showing fear about his mother, and then slaughtering tusken raiders, even Yoda felt that he was in pain and then that was the end of that. No counseling at all. He even approached Yoda later for the same type of fear with Padme, and the best advice he got was "let it go". It's the Jedi Council's ways that ultimately led him down this path, he didn't get the help and support that he needed
Also just to put it out there, I do believe he was still the chosen one and did successfully bring balance to the force. I also think he knew he had to die (ref RotJ), because if he was alive, he would be too powerful, and still had too much conflict in him. But he was able to die in peace knowing he was redeemed, had his son's love, and brought balance to the force
Then we have Return of the Jedi. I swear there are ninjas cutting onions at the end of the movie when they celebrate. The music is perfect (specifically - 2nd music link at the top @ 3:00), seeing GHOST ANAKIN (oh my god my fuckign HEART), the Rebel Alliance finally winning and then 30 years of peace. It's just so heartwarming, especially seeing Anakin happy and at peace
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baroness-zemo · 18 minutes ago
hi i thought your bucky sick fic was so cute ! could you do a hunter x reader or bucky x reader period fic ? i understand if you aren't comfortable !
That Time of the Month (Hunter x Reader)
Summary: You’re on your period and Hunter comforts you.
Word Count: 410
Tumblr media
“What’s wrong with her?” Crosshair asked what everyone else was thinking. In all honesty, it was a reasonable question, considering you were sat with the rest of The Bad Batch, your head resting on the table in front of you, not moving.
Hunter’s hand was rubbing your back comfortingly as he looked over to his brother and mouthed, “Period.”
Crosshair rolled his eyes, “Come on, it can’t be that bad, especially if you deal with it every month.”
“Say that again and I’ll stab you with Hunter’s knife.” Your muffled voice spoke up, sounding deadly serious. Finally, you sat up and leaned your head against Hunter’s shoulder.
“Actually, it’s been proven that period cramps can be just as painful as a heart attack.” Tech backed you up, and smiled at you sympathetically.
Hunter wrapped his arm around you, pressing a kiss to your temple. “Want me to get the heating pad?” He lowered his voice, you had told him earlier that you had a headache and he didn’t wanna make it worse.
You hummed, “Yes please.”
Hunter nodded and stood, “Come on, cyar'ika,” and he picked you up with ease. Sometimes you forget how strong he really is, until he does stuff like this.
He carried you to the barracks, placing you in the small bed you two shared.
Bending down, he grabbed the heating pad from under the bed and hooked it up, placing it on your stomach. “Oh, I almost forgot.” He disappeared back into the main area of the ship and came back, a small medicine bottle in one hand and a glass of water in the other.
“I uh, don’t know if it’s true, or if I even got the right thing, but I read somewhere that ‘Midol’ helps the pain, so last time we were planet side I bought some.”
Hunter handed you the medicine and the water and you could’ve cried.
“You’re the sweetest, I swear.” You took the medicine, washing it down with the water, and reached up towards your boyfriend.
“Come here and love me.”
Hunter laughed but climbed into bed next to you, “I always love you mesh’la.” He placed his head on your chest, letting you run your fingers through his hair. Not only was it relaxing for him, but he knew you loved playing with his hair.
Now, there was no way to be completely sure- but you were pretty certain you had the best boyfriend in the galaxy.
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textsfromstarkiller · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
(626): april was a good month for me, sexually...doubled my number, had a threesome, fucked a girl for the first time and two different boys in one night. there should be a medal
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gryffindor-jedi · 28 minutes ago
Reblog with the top 5 characters you want to see in the Bad Batch.
Here are mine (in order of importance):
Commander Cody
Boba Fett/Cad Bane
Barriss Offee
Commander Wolffe
Captain Gregor/Dogma
I didn't put Rex because he was in the trailer, so he'll show up.
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firewins-the-fangxrl · 32 minutes ago
No matter what his brothers said Glitch was certain he was force sensitive.
Here’s a fic I wrote for @aces-to-apples for May The 4th Be With You Exchange! 
Glitch deserves all of the content!
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cc2224-cody · 36 minutes ago
Maul has one mode: Absolute Bastard
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cc2224-cody · 42 minutes ago
Maul heard “be a diversion” and decided to be the BIGGEST problem he could.
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hot damn i just got around to watching the first couple episodes of bad batch and may i just say holy shit.
okay first of all i'm glad that while the movies were busy fucking up the continuity, the shows are just leaning right in to the found family vibe. there's not the least bit of hesitation when cut tells hunter he's got a kid now. amazing.
second, and much more important, we see caleb dume in the first episode, he's like fourteen, tiny little baby padawan style, all that... except he's voiced by the same dude as kanan, so this tiny teenager runs up and opens his mouth and suddenly there's a thirty year old man speaking. it's killing me.
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ducaticorse · an hour ago
favourite tv shows?
i do not have the ability to sit through tv shows without fast forwarding or just giving up so all the shows I do watch take me like 2 years to finish but my faves have been
x files
the clone wars
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jyvorakal · an hour ago
I’d love to see Cody and Wolffe as cadets if possible! Or maybe a clone cadet with Shaak Ti trying to train him? Thank you either way! I love your art! -&
Tumblr media
(Click for higher quality)
I didn’t forget about you Anon! I love the idea of Shaak Ti teaching clones to meditate.
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saricess · an hour ago
For fanfic writer's ask meme: L U C K? :) (pick your fave for C - I just wanted to spell something haha)
L:  Which of your fanfics was the most emotionally challenging to write?
Spinning away from the Star Wars fandom here, “why her and not me?” was kinda challenging for me to write because I was writing it from Erina’s POV, a character I don’t like very much and write her having her heart broken. Normally I would be mean and like “In your face bitch!” but I didn’t really wanrt to do that with this fanfic and try to make it like I had no biased.
(The fanfic is in the Shokugeki no Souma fandom and is Souma x Megumi ;) )
U: Is there a pairing you would like to write, but haven’t tried yet.
I LOVE Kanej but with how they’re relationship is and how their characters are, I find it difficult to write them. 
C:  How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?
LOL ;)  Actually, one of my fav’s it “a misgiving” which I REALLY need to update and write more. I had seen someone do a fanfic where Ahsoka mysteriously gets pregnant and wanted to do write one as well, the title was fairly easy for me as I just look up some synonym’s to a word I can’t remember XD.
K:  Do you have a guilty pleasures in fic (reading or writing)?
It’s no secret that I’m a lover for smut, dirty talks and kinks - BUT a ship has become a guilty pleasure of mine, which is Obi-Wan x Maul x Ahsoka. (I will now go and hide from more anti’s and haters.)
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tauremornalome · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ah yes. star wars character with the most meta awareness, judging by the name choice
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