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reyturnofbensolo · an hour ago
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Happy Father’s Day(6-20-21)!
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snapiphany · 3 hours ago
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Father’s Day | Darth Vader
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rptv-starwars · 5 hours ago
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Darth Vader and Imperial Officer cosplayers
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nakuneri · 6 hours ago
I’m in a certain mood, does anyone know any fics where Han and Anakin/Vader interact a lot? It doesn’t have to be friendly, but I would love it if they come to certain conclusions about each other.
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ohgodmyeyes · 6 hours ago
tiny chubby vader is full of weed 💕🌱
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anakinisvaderisanakin · 8 hours ago
Evil Unmasked Chapter 2 - Revelations (aka Rex is shook)
Read before continuing:
So, I have decided to make an AU sister series to The Mask of Death. The Mask of Death focuses on the horror of Vader as he is portrayed in canon, with an effort to remain as true to canon as is possible. Its sister series, now aptly titled Evil Unmasked will follow a similar concept - but with a suitless Vader being just as terrifying as the canon cyborg we all know and love. There are several interesting concepts I believe can be expanded upon that simply don’t work within the canon confines, and it will bring in both characters I’ve used for MoD, as well as characters I have not. Just wanted to use this as the preface! 
Ao3 link at the end of the post.
It couldn’t be.
Rex found himself frozen in place, his feet unwilling to uproot themselves and flee. Every fibre of his being was screaming at him to run, but all he could muster was keeping his right hand on the blaster in its holster, as he pulled the hood tighter over his head. The sinking feeling that had been lingering in his stomach ever since he and Ahsoka parted ways post Order 66 began to blossom again, building into an unnerved anxiousness. He tasted bile at the back of his throat as his head remained low, but his eyes were focused as ever. Being declared dead in the wake of the rise of the new Empire had its perks, such as the surprisingly uncomplicated ability to sneak into the official inauguration of Emperor Palpatine's government.
The Emperor was a no show, he had already spoken to his unwitting subjects the night the Order was executed, and the Jedi subsequently dealt with. Rex still struggled with the guilt of being forced to kill his own brothers, of being made to bury them. He had their blood on his hands, knew they had been trapped within their own minds, unable to refuse or deny the inhibitor chip and its pre-programmed response. He had nearly terminated Ahsoka himself.
Atop the podium, flanked on each side by a pair of imposing royal guards clad in scarlet, stood Governor Tarkin. Rex had met him before, but never liked the man much. He was a soldier through and through, of military upbringing in a wealthy household with all the benefits that provided. It was clear that he was becoming something of an Imperial spokesperson in the absence of the Emperor. This was his third public speech, this time initiating one of the senate meetings that had been widely debated. The senate had feared the new Empire would be a system within which their services would be rendered obsolete, but it seemed they had argued to maintain at least some influence - however superficial that may be.
But it wasn’t Tarkin that caught Rex’s eye; neither was it the red guards, nor the dozens of troopers - his brothers - lined up behind them in a perpetual salute. No, behind the raised podium hung a large decorative banner. It was beet red, the freshly minted Imperial symbol printed in black aiming to deliver one single message. Yet, in the shadow of the ceremonious event; both figuratively and literally, loomed a man with unmistakably familiar features. The banner was tall enough to block out the bright sun rays spilling from the clear blue skies overhead, obscuring the man.
Rex couldn’t help but focus entirely on that man, even from a distance there was something uncanny yet recognizable about him. At the same time, he seemed a total stranger - enough so, that Rex almost willed himself into believing he had been mistaken.
Until Tarkin called the man forward, that was.
“As a final announcement, the Emperor wishes to introduce to you the very exception to the rule. Amidst the Jedi riot and their attempted treason, one man would not be swayed. One man would prevail, and remain loyal to the Emperor above all. Jedi Master Mace Windu’s attempt on the Emperor’s life was foiled by this very man, and it is the Emperor’s wishes that we accept him wholeheartedly as a sovereign and a paragon of the Imperial government. I shall allow the man to speak for himself, however. I introduce to you; Lord Vader.”
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Byronic Characters #4: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Tumblr media
Byronic Characteristics: [Underneath the cut]
• Above the rules of society (if his loved ones are in danger, or they've been hurt, then totally)
• Arrogant
• Brooding
• Cunning and able to adapt
• Cynical
• Decidedly prone to substance abuse (the dark side is like a drug)
• Disrespectful of rank (depends) and privilege
• Emotionally conflicted, bipolar, or moody
• Having a troubled past or suffering from an unnamed crime (thought he killed Padme: her death never stopped weighing on him).
• Individualistic
• Intelligent and perceptive
• Isolated
• Jaded, world-weary
• Loner
• Mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
• Often reckless or suicidal
• Passionate about a particular issue/passionate; has deep emotions.
• Presents obsessive tendencies; focused and constant
• Prone to bursts of anger
• Psychologically damaged
• Seductive and sexually attractive
• Rebellious
• Self-destructive
• Self-centered (yet not entirely selfish)
• Self-critical (in a self-loathing manner) and introspective (but bad at self-awareness)
• Self-serving
• Sophisticated and educated 
• Socially and sexually dominant
• Struggling with integrity
• Sympathetic despite rejection of virtue
• Treated as an exile, outcast, or outlaw
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honestly-shite · 8 hours ago
I've posted no drawings for almost the whole week because I've dedicated my time to recreating Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen stand up into comic form.
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ct-hardcase · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
ID: A digital artwork of an unnamed female inquisitor of indeterminate species and red skin kneeling in front of Darth Vader in the Coruscant Inquisitor headquarters. The inquisitor is wearing a dark outfit with black boots and gauntlets. She's looking at the ground. Vader stands with his hands in fists. Only his lower half is visible. The walls and floor are a desaturated olive green.
Don't worry, Inquisitor, Lord Vader won't kill you. This time.
This reference image from adorkastock used!!
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cc-2020 · 10 hours ago
TurnKote AU
Does Cody save his other brothers? Imagine how funny it'll be drinking with other clones (especially the CCs) and just insulting Vader then spreading his embarassing stories while others are horrified
Bonus Rex having a mini heart attack hearing that
cody dechips himself by accident and decides to remain within the empire to sabotage as much as possible while also fully believing that rex died years ago. one day he's on a mission to find some rebels and his competent ass does (ofc the stormtroopers don't and cody doesn't tell them lol) and these rebels accidentally tell him that rex is, in fact, very much alive, so cody tells them a story that only he and rex know about and the rebels return to their base to go full haha rex we just heard some hilarious news and rex is like ??? how the FUCK do you know about this just to realize that cody must also be very much alive
cody then starts to hide in random corners of the empire to hit his brainwashed brothers with a frying pan real hard and to also kidnap and dechip them one by one. cody starts saving bly, boil, wooley, thire, jet and many many others and whenever another brother is saved, another story is told to the right people to let rex know
on another mission, cody and some of his brothers stumble into some rebels who tell them a story about the bad batch and gregor and wolffe
oh and yes since cody absolutely knows that vader is anakin he tells EVERY goddamn clone about it and of course he then proceeds telling them stories about anakin running face first into walls or some shit and the clones spread these stories real fast so vader very much hears them but he can't do shit because that would confirm that he is, in fact, anakin skywalker (though every clone already knows about this, vader just doesn't know that they know lol) so he just sits quietly next to some gossiping clones with his body ready for murder
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pretzel-log1c · 11 hours ago
WIP tag game
Tagged by @blackkatmagic
"Boba Fett," Vader said in a tone that put ice chips in his veins. A tone that said he knew. He knew Boba Fett's father and knew what Boba was. Knew and found Boba lesser for it. Knew and thought of Boba as a tool that rightfully belonged to the Empire. A tool that had somehow managed to slip from their grasp but no longer.
The Empire had him now.
Don't know what the tag rules for this game are. So uh... tagging @cherfleur @robininthelabyrinth @daughterofscotland @crispyjenkins @babzilla
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bolshoiromanova · 11 hours ago
This Life of Ours: Chapter 17
Summary: Based on fanart from @polarspaz on tumblr. Luke and Vader AU where Vader rescues Luke as a child, and Luke's force energy heals Vader enough so he can live without the suit. On the run from the empire and the remaining Jedi alike, Vader must come to terms with his past and his future, all the while learning to care for the boy that is his only connection to his life as Anakin Skywalker.
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hotbunking-vacheads · 11 hours ago
"I'll tell you one thing, I'd hate to be anywhere near Lord Vader when he finds out they abandoned ship. How much you think it costs to replace a Destroyer?" Austin snorted. "More credits than you and I'll ever see." "I ever tell you I saw him in person once?" "Who, Vader?" Vesek nodded. "My transport was due for a routine inspection. All of a sudden my CO's having a major sphincter moment, scrambling us up to the flight deck, all spit and polish, making sure everything's extra shiny. Next thing I know, we're lined up in the hangar and his transport's landing and there he is." "What's he like in person?" Vesek considered. "Tall." "Yeah?" "And you feel something when you look at him. Like, I don't know . . . Cold inside." Vesek shuddered. "Kind of the way it feels in here, actually."
Joe Schreiber, Death Troopers (2009), chapter 7
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philtstone · 12 hours ago
Episode No. 4, “The Jedi Episode”, is HERE!!!
Join us as we ponder the difference between the light and dark sides of the Force, recite some Lebanese poetry, explore the difference between true detachment and emotionless apathy, discuss some of our favourite character journeys, and -- most importantly -- engage in the evergreen sport of calling Anakin Skywalker the galaxy’s biggest clown. All of that and more in this -- a very special Jedi Episode!
A few logistical notes: 
We will be taking a week long break after this     episode to prepare for our next 2 installments (a short and sweet episode     all about our favourite Web-Slinging New Yorker; and an attempt to distill     everything we loved about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier into     one 1.5 hours long special). Hopefully those will be worth the break in     routine. 
Until then, we hope you continue to share any     ideas, questions, concerns or suggestions with us in the comments, and     also hope that you forgive Phil for being so enthusiastic about this Star     Wars episode that she can not stop saying “mmmhmmm” like a fool every five     seconds on the dot. We tried everything; we could not cut those fervent     expressions of agreement. Hopefully it’s not too annoying. That said, all     constructive feedback is welcome!
Love you guys, and see you in two weeks!
We are also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!
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firstofficerwiggles · 15 hours ago
Does anyone recognize this Star Wars fanart? I follow an account on Instagram called thestarwarsstories and I'm getting suspicious that so much of the art that they post is by 'Unknown'. It's beautiful work but I don't want to support an account that could be reposting other people's work. So if any of this looks familiar to you, please let me know.
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