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#fictional characters
bauliya8 minutes ago
Zutara fandom seems to be an acid pool lol. I've liked the ship from afar (multishipping fam), reblogging some cool fanarts from time to time but like, the way they write about zuko has always made me side eye. Honestly, I'm surprised it took them this long to identify the racism in how they were treating katara. I would say aang too but atleast he is not the part of the ship lol. It's sad though, so many wocs are actually leaving the fandom :/
I honestly don't think zutara fandom is bad, I think zutara shippers are unceremoniously attacked because people really do see a white-adjacent pretty boy fictional character as more human than living, breathing women of colour, esp if they're loud about loving a dark skinned female character.
and I kinda include you because what's so "sideeye" about the way zutara shippers talk about zuko? is it the "oh he's so hot and sexy!" because literally the entire fandom does it, has been doing it since atla first aired, he's one of those iconic first crushes girls, and there are so so so many memes and posts and metas about how attractive he is, even by the adults working on the series themselves. but it's only an "issue" and "side eye worthy' when zutara shippers do it. right.
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meluxy48 minutes ago
Yes yes Shirabu supremacy here 馃洂馃槚馃挄
Tumblr media
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spacelizards22 hours ago
Ok do you know that uncomfortable somewhere in between "i like you because i see you as the potential parental figure" and "i may be a little attracted to you because im often attracted to pilfs and youre hot" (the p stands for parent because i like being inclusive, but its mostly milfs)?
Doesnt feel very healthy.
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starkiller-story2 hours ago
June 16th, 2521. 0700 hours. Bocca Farm, Alcala province, Mamore.
Starkiller: *walking with her team through the sunny field of the rebel training camp, heading for the barn, her team with her*
*they all have sidearms, holstered, but no long weapons, and they are all dressed casually*
Lieutenant Junior-Grade Wes Chandra: 鈥淪o he asked for us?鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淵eah.鈥
Wes: 鈥淗e never asks for us.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淪o, it should be really interesting.鈥
Lieutenant Junior-Grade John Dunn: 鈥淢aybe he wants to give us cake.鈥
Starkiller: *confused* 鈥淐ake?鈥
John: 鈥淵eah.鈥
Lieutenant Julia Wei: 鈥淲hy would there be cake?鈥
John: 鈥淭o thank us for a job well done.鈥
Starkiller: *laughs*
Julia: 鈥淥h my god.鈥 *rolls her eyes*
Wes: 鈥淒amn John鈥hat sounds like something I鈥檇 say.鈥
Starkiller: *looks at Wes* 鈥淟ieutenant Chandra, was that self-awareness?鈥
Wes: 鈥淭hat is an affirmative.鈥
John: 鈥淒idn鈥檛 know that you were capable of that, Wes.鈥
Starkiller: *smiling* 鈥淵ou surprise me more and more every day.鈥
Julia: *jokingly* 鈥淗e has a tendency to surprise. Always a little less stupid than you鈥檇 think.鈥
Wes: 鈥淯nderestimateable!鈥
*they stop talking as they approach the barn* *the doors are shut and guarded by two rebel riflemen armed with SVA-48 rifles, stationed on either side*
Starkiller: *to the guards* 鈥淗e called for us.鈥
*without speaking the rebels move aside and open the large wooden doors, allowing the commandoes to enter*
Starkiller: *she leads her team inside, through the rebel armory and other stations, which are devoid of people, then climb the old, creaky wooden stairs up to the second floor and into the makeshift tactical center*
Pac Osric: *the rebel leader is standing amongst white boards and maps and computer screens, a mix of the dated and the modern, Osric is wearing olive drab and a red military beret, with an IMC-made Burkov pistol holstered on his side, alone* 鈥淟ieutenant Starkiller, it is good to see you again.鈥
Starkiller: *talking to the back of his head* 鈥淚t鈥檚 been a minute.鈥 *she crosses her arms*
Osric: 鈥淪o it has been.鈥 *he turns around to face them* 鈥淚 have been to the north, in the Tabacal province, organizing our resistance networks.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淪ounds fruitful. What brings you back?鈥
Osric: 鈥淚 need your team for a special mission.鈥
Julia: 鈥淚n Tabacal?鈥
Osric: 鈥淣o. Farther north, in the capital.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淵ou want us to go to Mamore City?鈥
John: 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think that Sinaya had a serious network in the capital. I thought their power was in this region.鈥
Osric: 鈥淭his is not about the cartel.鈥
Starkiller: *she uncrosses her arms, pulling her hands back, clasping them behind her* 鈥淥kay.鈥
Osric: 鈥淭he Qataris network is poor.鈥
Wes: 鈥淵eah, no shit.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淭he UEG is providing you with funding, arms, hell, even vaccines, what more could you need?鈥
John: 鈥淎nd in the capital no less? Are we supposed to rob a bank?鈥
Osric: *smiles in a smug, commanding way* 鈥淣o, it is not like that. Well鈥ou do need to steal something.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淲hat is it?鈥
Osric: 鈥淎 map. A map to a great fortune.鈥
Wes: *shaking his head* 鈥淛esus fucking Christ.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淧ac, what is this?鈥
Osric: 鈥淏elieve me or do not, but this mission is simple and your boss, Laswell, she has already approved it.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淕od damn it.鈥
Osric: 鈥淭he map is a device on the second floor of the National Museum of History. It is in a glass case-鈥
Julia: 鈥淭his is the dumbest shit I鈥檝e ever heard.鈥
Osric: 鈥淎 GLASS CASE THAT is a part of an exhibit on Commander Kitson Reeding.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淵ou mean the explorer?鈥
Osric: 鈥淵es, it is a traveling exhibit on the man and his exploits.鈥
John: 鈥淎nd it includes this map you want?鈥
Osric: 鈥淭he map is a brass mechanism, which is undescribed. It is old Earth technology. It appears the curators don鈥檛 even know what it is.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淏ut you do?鈥
Osric: 鈥淚 see your issues, but be honest, what could it hurt? This mission, you have all done so many that were so much more dangerous since arriving here.鈥
Starkiller: *shakes her head* 鈥淚 fucking hate this.鈥
Osric: 鈥淭he machine requires a key, which conveniently is in the case with it.鈥
Starkiller: *keeps shaking her head*
Osric: *growing impatient* 鈥淟ook, just get the objects for me and it鈥檒l be a win, even if they don鈥檛 work. If they do, I鈥檒l take a team to the Little Continent and find this fortune that Reeding located. Just don鈥檛 get caught in the museum.鈥
Julia: 鈥淔ine. Okay.鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淵ou waste time of such dumb things Pac.鈥
Osric: 鈥淚f you will quit with your insubordination, you have a train to catch!鈥
Starkiller: *begrudgingly* 鈥淭eam鈥ou heard the man.鈥
*together the four leave the old barn, which is then occupied by only Pac*
Wes: *stepping out into the morning sunlight with the others* 鈥淒idn鈥檛 Kitson Reeding die like three hundred years ago?鈥
John: 鈥淗e died in the twenty-one fifties.鈥
Wes: 鈥淓xactly! What could a galactic explorer from centuries ago have to do with this war?鈥
Starkiller: *notices Laswell leaning against a tree some meters away, obviously waiting on them* 鈥淢y best guess is that Pac is smart, but not as smart as he thinks. He figures speaking in metaphors and circles will have us enamored or something, obviously unaware that not only do we see straight through it, but it makes us angry that our time is being wasted. So, I think Pac wants us to go steal this thing, which yes, is likely a map, and due to its age, is worth a lot of money.鈥 *she pulls a pair of aviator sunglasses from her back pocket and puts them on before she starts walking towards Laswell* 鈥淧ac wants us to steal an artifact so that he can sell it for a boat load of cash.鈥
Julia: 鈥淲ell I mean, it would be cool if Reeding found something cool here hundreds of years ago. Like a treasure hunt or something.鈥
John: 鈥淒on鈥檛 get your hopes up.鈥
ESIS Officer Kim Laswell: *as the team gets close* 鈥淗ow鈥檇 it go?鈥
Starkiller: 鈥淎s bad as you鈥檇 expect.鈥
Laswell: 鈥淵ou should have heard he and I go at it last night, but eventually he brought me around. I think it is worth a shot at least.鈥
Wes: 鈥淚t鈥檚 a dumb idea Aunt Laswell.鈥
Laswell: *she focuses in on the reflective blue lenses covering Starkiller鈥檚 eyes* 鈥淵ou finally told them?鈥
Starkiller: *shrugs and looks away, off to her left where Qataris fighters are running drills through the fields* 鈥淚t came up.鈥
Wes: 鈥淪o what was Starkiller like as a kid?!鈥
Julia: 鈥淲as she always so bossy?鈥
Wes: 鈥淣o, I bet she was all princesses and puppy dogs and glitter.鈥
John: *chuckles*
Laswell: *waves her hand, brushing them off*
Starkiller: *she turns back to Laswell, her hands on her hips* 鈥淪o what is it Aunt Kim, you sure you don鈥檛 have something better for us?鈥
Laswell: 鈥淚鈥檓 running a play now to hopefully draw Ramon Feliz out. Hopefully we can get the guy running Sinaya鈥檚 influence network to defect, but for now you should take this op. I鈥檒l let you know what happens with Feliz, but it鈥檒l be a few days.鈥
*they all groan in unison*
Starkiller: 鈥淔ine. We鈥檒l go get outfitted.鈥
Laswell: 鈥淪idearms only, and keep them concealed. This is Mamore City, it鈥檚 more civilized than down here. You can鈥檛 just walk through the streets with rifles. And dress normal; no fatigues, no camo.鈥
Starkiller: *nods slowly*
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sexylazymess3 hours ago
Please, Can we have more Rich characters that are Not:
A royalty
Over dramatic
Or Just written there with no important role?
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starkiller-story3 hours ago
June 15th, 2521, the Empire and the planet Osea announce a new free trade agreement that was brokered by diplomats. In orbit around Al-Aled the planet鈥檚 shipyards are raided. A small brig slips in between security patrols and opens fire on several civilian ships undergoing refits. It is the off-hours, so there are few injuries and no deaths, however the attack draws the attention of guards and patrols away from a naval destroyer being constructed in the more heavily guarded sections, allowing a team to sneak aboard the still under construction Aswan and steal it. Without an FTL drive the Aswan can鈥檛 jump away, but it does flee into a nearby asteroid field. Al-Aled鈥檚 military government scrambles their only other destroyer to pursue but they lose the Aswan. A search begins, but it appears that this is yet another of the high-profile ship thefts that have plagued the galaxy this year. This is the first naval ship to be stolen.
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the-invisible-queer4 hours ago
Lady Loki, my beloved
This is why I hate watching shows live.
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ladykat125 hours ago
Lara: Go lay down and die
Aren: BET
*jumps onto island full of snakes*
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pinazee5 hours ago
Here鈥檚 the thing for me. I get extremely attached to fictional characters.
And Shane madej????
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nerdfem6 hours ago
Two in the morning and over analyzing my attraction because I鈥檝e lost my mind again. I just always wonder why I鈥檓 attracted to fictional men but not real ones. I know with characters I only start to like them after they鈥檝e shown sadness or a tragic backstory or something. Because it鈥檚 fictional I tend to dismiss a lot of their actions, tending to like villains (of both sexes really, villains are cool for some reason).
In real life I think more about actions, how they can hurt people and try to be nice. I can鈥檛 tell if it鈥檚 something like not being able to become attached emotionally so I just don鈥檛 feel that way
With women it鈥檚 different, it feels natural like there鈥檚 a normal flow of emotion that I can feel just by seeing a woman for the first time. Like I鈥檓 somehow connected without ever knowing them, which is weird because I鈥檝e a lot of women I had nothing in common with.
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7-weights6 hours ago
Tumblr media
funniest possible thing you could say about that pervert
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yahoo2010278 hours ago
Tumblr media
June 16: Happy Birthday to One of the Students attending U.A. High School in Class 1-A, Seat Number 16 out of the 20 Students in the classroom, training to become a pro hero, the My Hero Academia character of Toru Hagakure, hero name 鈥淪tealth Hero: Invisible Girl鈥.
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yahoo2010278 hours ago
Tumblr media
June 16: Happy Birthday to the Former Member of the 104th Cadet Corp, Ranked Seventh in the Top Ten in his graduating class, and a Deceased Soldier in the line of duty during the Titan Invasion of Trost, the Attack on Titan character of Marco Bodt.
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