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#arc trooper echo
incorrectclonequotes · 5 hours ago
Fives: *is visibly upset*
Echo: Fives, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual planet.
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daydreamingwhileasleep · 7 hours ago
I cannot believe i’m logging back onto this god forsaken hell hole of a website just to scream about hoW SPICEY THE LATEST BAD BATCH EPISODE WAS. OH MY GOD. I SCREAMED WHEN CAD BANE SHOWED UP I WAS SCREEEEAMING. AND CROSSHAIR THEN HUNTER OH MY GOD PLEASE. anyway good to be back missed y’all 💜💜
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clonethirstybitch · 8 hours ago
Top Guns' iconic volleyball scene.
It's the boys of the 501st VRS the boys of the 212th.
I have no money and no friends but artists I beg u.
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gospelofme · 9 hours ago
They have a fucking Plan 7. I really want to know what the hell that one is. Like, is it even remotely battle related? Because judging by Echo’s reaction, Plan 7 is likely a method of sneaking a donut off of a dessert cart in the middle of a crowded diner from the air ducts.
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jenstar1992-2 · 10 hours ago
Your love is the only cure he wants, or needs.
Hunter - Tech - Crosshair - Wrecker
Original post
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lexlovescoffee · 12 hours ago
What would TBB order from Starbucks?
Caffé misto
Tumblr media
Chocolate cookie crumble creme frappuccino
Tumblr media
Iced passion tango tea lemonade
Tumblr media
Vanilla sweet cream cold brew
Tumblr media
White hot chocolate
Tumblr media
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cosmic-rainstorm · 14 hours ago
As we get closer to the last few episodes of the season, I have a few theories of how this all plays out.
I feel like the last remaining episodes will be the Bad Batch figuring out/trying to infultrait Kamino. And with that said, having Omega back on Kamino will probably uncover more of what her true purpose is.
But I have a feeling that it's going to be up to Omega getting Crosshairs chip removed. ( it may even be similar to how Fives got his chip removed with AZI-3) And if successful, the two try making a calculated escape.
I dunno it's just some ideas I had swirling in my head! Feel free to add to this theory with your own!
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mk-otro · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another eventful morning! My blog disappeared for a number of hours but it's okay now, everything's fixed. I'm sure of it. Honest.
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marvel-starwarsfangirl · 17 hours ago
The Bad Batch ep. 8 “Reunion” review (no spoilers):
Best episode ever!!!!!!
Like, the ending!!!!!
The music, the scenery, the tension!!!! *chef’s kiss*
I was literally shaking at the end!!!
And I can’t wait for next Friday bc it’s gonna be EPIC!!!!!
Ok, I’m calm now. This was a fantastic episode!! Love more Wrecker and Omega scenes and they delivered.
Crosshair is back and he didn’t disappoint. Although, he did break my heart at one point. Regarding the ending, I have a theory about what might happen. I hope he is saved. I really do. I’m a bit worried that they’re not gonna do it but the ending of the episode gave me some hope.
The Kaminoans are up to something and I think I have an idea of what they did.
But let’s get to the juicy bits. For those of you who have seen the episode, y’all know what I’m talking about. I was beyond excited! I think that’s gotta be my favorite moment in the entire show bc of how glorious it was.
The music was perfection. There is no other way to describe it.
The buildup and tension had me on the edge of my seat. Ngl, I was NOT expecting the outcome. I was like “they’re gonna go with the original ending” but then Filoni was like “nope!”
I just can’t believe he’s back. And I hope we’ll see him again. Maybe another showdown later in the series? I’d love that.
Anyways, this is was a 10/10 episode and I’m so excited for next week. See y’all next Friday! 😊
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misscorp · 17 hours ago
By and large I enjoyed the latest episode of the Omega Sue show (because that’s absolutely what it is). There was some fun interplay between the BB and even between Crosshair and the BB before the blaster bolts started firing.
I’m going to start with the good because there’s elements I did like:
Wrecker is really just a lovable guy. His glee over finding the proton torpedoes made me chuckle and think of his happiest day:
The fact he chucked it without missing a beat at the troopers was also classic wrecker. Only thing we missed out on was him doing a little dance:
Crosshair predicting the BBs moves showed his knowledge of his team and what they’d be most likely to do while trying to escape the cruiser. His cunning and intellect were on display here and allowed him a moment to shine.
His using the ion engines was also a smart plan. I mean, if you want to flush out a team with the success rate of his former teammates, turning on the ion engines is a good way to go about it. Might have worked, too, if the BB didn’t have those thermal grenades.
I actually predicted Cad Bane would be the next bounty hunter to be hired (and was anyone surprised to learn it was Lama Su and Nala Se?) to bring Omega back. At this point in the series, he’s the best bounty hunter in the business. I mean, his track record pretty much speaks for itself. I am still waiting for a Boba appearance, though. He’s the only other bounty hunter that makes sense for them to hire (despite his being young here still).
The conversation between Hunter and Echo was also a good way of bridging the past and the present. Echo says they’re still soldiers, what more basically is there for them beyond soldiering and Hunter points out the obvious: there is no more Republic. The days of them being “soldiers” is over. They’re traitors according to the Empire. This sets up either Echo joining Rex in fighting the Empire or the BB becoming part of the rising Rebellion on their own. Course, we want to see it so that means they’re all gonna end up dead by season end with the exception of Hunter. He has to survive to rescue Omega from the Kaminoans and take her to Ashoka in season 2 (cause they’re still repeating the Mandalorian here and Omega is the less adorable Grogu).
Now for the bad parts:
Wrecker training Omega in the open after Rex’s warning was just all sorts of dumb. Really no point to it outside of having a scene with Omega in it.
Omega opening her mouth during the Hunter and Crosshair scene. This was a moment between Hunter and Crosshair. Her involvement was another “look at me” moment. It undermined Hunter and how he was trying to reach his brother. Crosshair also is the only character at this point not enamored with Omega. I’d have liked to see that played on more and to see Crosshair momentarily struggle with ordering his brothers taken down.
Crosshair being injured. I feel this was a way to “write” him out again. Either stuffed in a bacta tank or put in for additional “enhancements” so the story can focus on the BB trying to get Omega back from Cad Bane. Likely won’t see Crosshair again until the battle of Kamino where he either will magically change back or get killed. Either way, his being so badly injured is cheap and lazy and is a disservice to us and the character.
Why the hell did Tech need OMEGA to come up to the bridge and help him download the information instead of oh, I dunno, Echo? Again, so Omega could have another scene. So she could be in another scene, I know. Had to have her point out the blinky light and even comment to Hunter because Tech clearly couldn’t cover it on his own.
For the love of… who decided Hunter going stupid and entering a hanger where dead troopers are was a GOOD idea? Again, plot convenience so Cad Bane could kidnap Omega. I mean, cool as Cad Bane’s intro was, it’d have been cooler if he showed up to thwart Crosshair and add pressure to the BB at the same time (instead of another ripped Mandalorian storyline). Also, how convenient was it that he and Omega got separated from the others? I mean… I know this was the plot but could have been written a bit less dumb.
This was a better than usual episode but did not live up to the hype. If anything it was anticlimactic because the only real emotional scene was ruined by the unnecessary involvement of Omega Sue.
Do I expect next week’s episode to be any different? Not really. It’s the race to save Omega Sue. As I said above, it’s the Omega Sue show. The Bad Batch are only there to lure us “toxic” fans in (because Filoni knew damn well he couldn’t sell this show with nothing but a Sue character as the star).
And that’s the saddest part of all.
He could have had his Godling and given us quality content, too.
That’s what good writers do, after all.
Long as people keep worshipping this man and praising his glorified fan fiction, the less quality content the rest of us will get.
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marvel-starwarsfangirl · 18 hours ago
WARNING: Spoilers for The Bad Batch ep. 8 “Reunion”
Tumblr media
I screamed when I saw him!!!
The music!!!
The standoff!!!
I was beyond excited to see him!!!
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incorrectclonequotes · 20 hours ago
Hunter: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.
Omega: What if it bites me and it dies!?
Tech: Then you’re poisonous. Maker, Omega, learn to listen.
Wrecker: What if it bites itself and I die?
Echo: That’s voodoo.
Crosshair: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
Tech: That’s correlation, not causation.
Wrecker: What if we bite each other, and neither of us die?
Echo: That’s kinky.
Hunter: Oh my God.
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fluffycatofdooom · 21 hours ago
Echo: Never thought I'd see battle droids helping us
... Echo, did you forget the citadel mission, you know where those B1 battle droids helped you guys. You were standing right next to Fives while he complained about it. Also there was that time where Tech hacked into the training droids and rode on top of one and used it against the other droids.
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ffdemon · 21 hours ago
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: CT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo & CT-7567 | RexCT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo & CT-27-5555 | ARC-5555 | FivesCT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo & Hunter (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)
Characters: CT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | EchoHunter (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)Tech (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)Wrecker (Star Wars: The Bad Batch)CT-7567 | RexCT-27-5555 | ARC-5555 | Fives
Additional Tags: Angst and Hurt/ComfortIntrospectionGrief/MourningBrotherhoodCT-21-0408 | CT-1409 | Echo Needs a HugRex not physically in the ficbut importantPost-Order 66 (Star Wars)Fives was rightHunter is a tired dad and not because of OmegaBrain SurgeryMention - Freeformpast traumaPost Battle Scars (episode 7)
Summary: Echo shoulders slump in defeat. He feels he might never have the chance to truly mourn his fallen brother. He had known the moment he had been free of his stasis chamber and out of the Techno Union hands that Fives was gone.
There was nothing in the galaxy except death would have stopped his batchmate to come with Rex and the others to rescue him.
The question that has plagued his mind since was: What happened?
Rex leaves before Echo and him could have one important talk.
(spoiler of the episode "Battle scars")
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bimormondisaster · 21 hours ago
Hello there! Are you a Bad Batch nerd who is upset about how the first half of the season is going? Are you upset about (many) things the writers are ignoring about your favourite characters? Mad about how they are treating Crosshair? Well you’re in luck!
@cuddlymuffinofoptimism and I are taking on the project of rewriting this season of the Bad Batch. But we need help. If you enjoy writing and want to help us send one of us a message! If you have a point you want addressed in the rewrite send me an ask. Or if you just want to support the project, reblog this post and consider following.
We are looking for about 4 more people and will be until July 16th at 11:59pm est.
We have only one rule thus far for the writers. No cloneshipping.
Thank you!
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