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mallr4ts · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we were robbed of Tech resting his goggles on his forehead
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suddenly-clones · 21 minutes ago
No thoughts,, Just Wrecker.
Tumblr media
For real though, when are they gonna dress like, not in their armor?? It's a moment I long for.
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for-the-love-of-clones · 23 minutes ago
Mfw I preordered my Tech and Wrecker black series figs and they’re supposed to release in 2 days but now they’ve been moved to the 15th of next month
I’m a lil worries cus I saw someone on here mention they were discontinuing Wrecker all together before his release I better be able to get one or I’ll cry
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punkzcakes · 26 minutes ago
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Fully realized bad batcher/older Omega my beloved
While commenting the last episode with a friend the concept of how an older Omega would look came up and my brain took a full 0,2 seconds to provide me with this concept. I think I will modify her armour/helmet later on but I NEEDED to draw her. I will add more details about how I came up with this concept on the next RB.
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top-gonky-fan · 55 minutes ago
1: Aftermath (the cinematic pacing, KANAN AND DEPA BILLABA which, for the record, I [J] called MONTHS before the episode premiered, OMEGA, best hunter content, kaller is pretty, and tech is wonderful)
2: Reunion (okay not to be that guy but CAD BANE, the western music, crosshair getting melted, Bracca, TODO 360, but c’mon lets see tech talk about the war that would be fun, right?) 
3: Replacements (I see a crosshair trend here, OMEGA GETTING HER OWN ROOM, Project War Mantle, I wanna learn more about Rampart?? Somehow?) 
4: Battle Scars (BRACCCCCCCA, Rex, poor Wrecker, I now cry when I heard the words Mantell Mix, Omega’s theme while her and Wrecker talk at the end, amazing) 
5: Decommissioned (somehow I was HYPED to see the Martez sisters and the person in the cloak at the end was fun. It felt like a Clone Wars episode in the best way possible. Also Omega’s theme that plays as she fires her bow, amazing.) 
6: Cut and Run (CUT, man Saleucami is pretty, Omega seeing dirt, Hunter being a dad, love the chain code connection, love that Omega chooses for herself to go back and be a part of the Bad Batch) 
7: Cornered (Pantora is so, so pretty, FENNEC, and WOAH fennec’s music is so great, I would have loved to see more with Echo and the droids, feels like a missed opportunity for some character development)
8: Rampage (seeing the rancor was fun, Cid is an interesting character, Ord Mantell is cool, Omega gets her bow, but I wanna see more Hunter stuff with him coming to terms with being a mercenary etc.) 
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mallr4ts · an hour ago
Happy Tech Tuesdays!!! shoutout to everyone else who has Tech as their comfort character<3
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kyberllcore · an hour ago
Going through my boy’s tag and tapping “recent” instead of “top” really let’s you know the exact moment when last week’s TBB episode dropped XD salty who’s salty I AM NOT SALTY WHERE IS MY BOY FILONI I CANT GET AHOLD OF YOUR HAT BUT I WILL DESTROY EVERY SINGLE COWBOY HAT I FIND UNTIL I DO I JUST-
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eyayah-oya · 2 hours ago
My Brothers
66 FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you to everyone who has followed me and stuck around as I mess around with Star Wars and the Clone Wars.  This fic is for you all!
Also, I’ve had this story idea rattling around in my brain since last Saturday.  I hope you all enjoy and I’m sorry in advance.
Rating: T
Pairing: none (maybe Rex/Echo if you squint)
Warnings: canon typical violence and death (I’m sorry a named clone gets killed off screen ToT)
Ao3 link
           Echo let his blaster fall to the ground from his numb fingers.  The Empire had sent Crosshair after them again, with five full squads of troopers, trying to terminate the traitors.  They’d finally managed to subdue them all, including Crosshair, and had removed his chip.  All that was left was waiting for him to wake up and help him deal with being under the control of an evil regime.
           Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Omega gathered around Crosshair, just like they had done for Wrecker when his chip had activated, and waited.  And suddenly, Echo found he couldn’t stay there a second longer.  He had other duties to attend to.
           The small clearing the Empire had cornered them in was covered in the bodies of fallen stormtroopers.  If Echo blocked out the past year, he could even believe that these were squads of shinies and that the rest of his brothers would be at a camp nearby, mourning the loss of the ones killed in action.  But the Empire destroyed everything good left in the galaxy and left behind flimsy illusions of a perfect society.
           Rather than pay any kind of attention to his team—because they weren’t quite family, not really—Echo moved to the closest stormtrooper, clad in the new, weaker armor the Empire supplied its army with.  He knelt down in the blood-soaked dirt and pulled off the trooper’s helmet, needing to see their face.
           The clone that looked up at the starless sky with blank eyes couldn’t have been older than eight.  They had probably only just been deployed before the Order went out and the galaxy fell.  Echo brushed his fingers over their eyelids and closed them.  “Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la, vod’ika,” he whispered.  Echo wished he knew their name.  Instead, he slipped the tags from around their neck, emblazoned with their CT number, and placed them in his hip pouch.  There wasn’t anything he needed in there at the moment, and it was more important that these brothers be remembered.
           Echo moved to the next one and repeated the process. Again.  And again.  Some clones were older, like Rex or even Echo himself.  Others were obviously shinies, sent to die for the new Empire.  Most fell somewhere in between.  All of them carried the face that Echo had spent his whole life looking at, a comforting familiar that he no longer could indulge in. None of the clones he had teamed up with shared a clone’s face.  The only one that Echo had seen since they’d left Kamino was Rex.
           Force, Echo missed Rex.  He wished Hunter had taken Rex up on his offer and they could have gone off and actually made a difference in this awful galaxy.  Maybe Echo could have helped save his brothers instead of slaughtering them.
           Standing among the bodies of his dead brothers, Echo felt like wailing.  Like crying. Like giving up for once in his short, pathetic life.  He hadn’t felt this way since Rex had told him exactly what had happened to Fives. And Hardcase.  And Kix.  And Jesse. And the rest of the brothers that Echo loved and fought beside.  They were all gone.
           When he’d been rescued from the Techno Union and realized the full extent of what they’d done to him, Echo had sworn he would never hurt another brother again as long as he lived.  He’d already been the weapon used to kill countless numbers of clone troopers (and Echo really didn’t know how many brothers had died because of the information the Techno Union had dug out of his brain), he refused to be used like that again.
           Echo stood in the middle of a clearing, surrounded on all sides by the bodies of the brothers he had helped kill to save one.  How many could he have saved if he’d just spoken up to the rest of the Bad Batch?  How many would still be alive if he’d had the courage to present his own tactics instead of relying on Hunter’s?
           The next bucket he pulled off revealed a face that was more familiar to him than all the others.  This was a vod he knew personally.  His hair had been shaved down, but from the tan lines on his head, it was obvious he had had a mohawk for years.  There was the cute scar on his lip from when he’d sparred Commander Cody and bitten through his lip.  Echo had laughed with Fives and congratulated the shiny on lasting longer than usual against Commander Cody.
           There wasn’t a speck of 212th gold on Wooley’s armor.
           They’d stolen his mind, his free-will, his identity, and Echo had stolen his life.  He’d killed the adorable floofy-haired kid with the most lethal tooka eyes in the entire GAR and a wicked right hook.  The one who loved stories and songs from far off planets and could weave the most incredible tales around the fires after a battle.  His sightless eyes gazed up at the stars he’d loved so much.
           With a silent sob, Echo fell to his knees and pressed his forehead against Wooley’s, cradling his body as best as he could without a hand. “Ni ceta, vod’ika,” he rasped as tears streaked down his cheeks.  “Ni ceta. I’m so sorry, Wooley.  I should have saved you.  I could have saved you.”
           There was nothing but the still-warm skin of Wooley’s forehead pressed against his own.  No shaky breaths or snarky comebacks or easy forgiveness.  Nothing but the soft murmur of Hunter’s voice as he assured the others that Crosshair would be alright.  Nothing but Echo’s own gasping sobs as he mourned the lives he had taken with his own hands.
           “Echo?”  Omega’s voice startled him, and he nearly reached for the blaster he’d dropped before he registered that she wasn’t a threat.  “What are you doing out here?”
           “It’s nothing, Omega,” Echo said, his voice rougher than usual.  “Just gathering intel.  You should go check on the others, make sure they’re holding up alright now that they have Crosshair back.”
           “I’m sure they’d all feel a lot better if you came and joined us,” Omega suggested.  She sounded worried.  Echo didn’t have the heart to turn around and comfort her, knowing she would see the tears on his face.
           “I’ll come back when I’m done.  He’ll probably be waking up soon anyway.”
           For a moment, there wasn’t any sound behind Echo, but he refused to turn and look.  Someone had to be the voice of reason for the Bad Batch, even if they didn’t listen very often, and he couldn’t do that if they saw how broken he really was.  Not even sweet Omega.
           A gentle, small hand settled briefly on his shoulder, and then Omega walked away, picking her way carefully through the dead bodies. Echo let out a shaky sigh and set Wooley down on the ground again.  As gently as he could, he closed Wooley’s eyes and ran a finger down his cheek.
           “Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la, ner vod’ika.  I’m so sorry, Wooley.  I will do everything I can to free the rest of our brothers.  Haat, ijaa, haa’it,” Echo vowed softly.  He wore Wooley’s tags around his neck, rather than putting them in the pouch with the others.  Echo wanted—needed—the weight to keep him grounded even as he continued to mourn and honor the brothers he’d killed.  Dread and grief weighing down his every step, Echo moved through the remaining bodies, removing their helmets and collecting their ID tags so he could remember every one of them.  There were a few more brothers he recognized from the 212th and the 327th, though he hadn’t ever been as close to them as he had to Wooley.  It still hurt, looking at these men whom he’d loved and cherished, knowing that he was the one that had killed them. Knowing that he was responsible for them dying as slaves of the Empire.
           At some point, Echo heard Wrecker’s joyful yell, Tech’s babbling lectures, and Hunter’s quiet reassurances.  Even Omega chattered excitedly.  Crosshair must have woken up, then.  Echo didn’t move to greet him or welcome him back to the world of free-will. Instead, he focused on his task. There were only a few left, and then . . .
           And then what?  What would Echo do?  He had the commlink Rex had slipped him before he’d left them on Bracca, but could he really abandon the Bad Batch now that they were all reunited?
           Yes, Echo realized.  Omega was the only one that he would miss extensively.  He just didn’t belong with these off-color clones. He might not really belong anywhere, but he had a duty to his brothers and to Rex.  His last true brother.  Echo would try to contact him.
           But first, Echo couldn’t leave his brothers like this. Left rotting in some forgotten clearing on some forgotten forest moon in a forgotten sector of the galaxy.  It felt . . . wrong to leave them like this.  Echo knew there was a shovel among their gear on board the Havoc Marauder.  It would be difficult, but he could bury them.  Give them each a proper send-off.
           It was a good plan.  Echo knew that the others wouldn’t understand.  They’d be angry with him, probably try to make him change his mind.  Maybe even tell him that these “regs” weren’t worth the effort it would take Echo to bury each of them.  Especially since he only had one hand.  Handling a shovel would be difficult, but he would do it. For his brothers.  Regardless of what the squad said or complained about.
           With a final, murmured Remembrance, Echo stood and made his way back to the ship.  Tech probably kept the shovel in the cargo hold with the rest of the gear they didn’t use as frequently.  Most likely with the other survival gear he’d dubbed “unnecessary until necessary”. Echo knew that feeling very well.
           As cluttered as the cargo hold was, it actually didn’t take Echo very long to find the shovel, and soon, he walked back down the ramp to go find the best place for a mass burial site.
           “What are you doing?” Tech asked, and Echo stopped in his tracks.  “Why do you have our shovel?  Is there some kind of specimen that would be beneficial to take with us?”
           Echo’s grip on the shovel constricted and he very carefully didn’t look at the others.  “Just a little bit of maintenance and storage,” he answered, voice tight with anger. “Don’t worry about it.”
           “Is there something wrong with the ship?” Hunter asked.
           “No, there’s nothing wrong with the ship,” Echo answered, a bit shorter than he’d intended.  “Relax. I have everything under control.”
           “Oh, great,” Crosshair drawled, and Echo had to fight to keep his shoulders from climbing to his ears.  He’d forgotten how caustic the sniper could be.  “We’re taking orders from the reg now.”
           “What’re you talkin’ about?” Wrecker boomed.  “Hunter’s still our Sarge!”
           Echo decided it would be better just to walk away. Until a soft, sweet voice halted him in his tracks.
           “Echo, are you going to be digging holes for the stormtroopers?”
           “Don’t be ridiculous, Omega.  That would be illogical.  Echo wouldn’t spend time burying a bunch of stormtroopers, especially as he doesn’t have two hands and can’t hold the shovel properly,” Tech scoffed.
           More machine than man, Echo sighed heavily. He turned around and faced the Bad Batch for the first time since they’d managed to take down Crosshair without killing him.  They would see the red, sore eyes and the tear tracks down his grimy cheeks.  They’d see Wooley’s tags, standing out against the dark paint of his armor.  As much as he should be worrying about showing them that vulnerability, Echo had reached his breaking point.
           “Yes, Tech, I am going to bury them.  It’s the right thing to do,” he said slowly and evenly, desperately trying not to lose his temper.
           Tech heaved an annoyed sigh, like Echo had been placed on this team specifically to bother him.  “Again, that is illogical, Echo.  The Empire will send someone out to dispose of the corpses, or the wildlife will eat them before anyone else arrives.  We will need to move shortly to avoid detection, especially since they’ll know we have Crosshair once they see this failure.”
           Failure?  Echo swung the shovel off of his shoulder and dropped it to the ground.  “Is that what you see?  A bunch of failures that we merely disposed of?” he growled softly.
           Wrecker gulped and muttered a not-so-quiet “uh-oh” while Hunter’s eyebrows raised in surprise.  Omega looked like she wanted to hug someone, maybe somehow prevent this fight, and for a moment, Echo regretted starting anything.  She was the bright star left in his life, but he was fighting for all the other bright stars that he’d murdered.  He needed to say this.
           Crosshair didn’t actually say anything, and Echo couldn’t help but be relieved at that.  He only had to deal with Tech.
           “Well—yes,” Tech fumbled, clearly confused as to why Echo was clarifying anything.
           “You know what I see?” Echo asked.  He didn’t wait for an answer.  “I see my brothers that we killed to save yours.  I see my brothers that I swore to never harm again, murdered by my hand.  I see men who had as much choice in their actions as Wrecker or Crosshair, killed simply because they were in our way while we saved Crosshair.”
           “We didn’t have a way to save them all,” Tech argued back. “Besides, they’re just regs. Crosshair is a modified clone who would be more dangerous in the hands of the Empire than any other average clone. It was logical to rescue him above the others.”
           “Tech—” Hunter tried.
           But Echo snapped.
           He pulled Wooley’s tags from around his neck and held them out, a vicious snarl on his face.  “Do you know who these tags belong to?  Of course, you don’t.  These tags belonged to my little brother.  Wooley from the 212th.  I watched him grow up from when he was a just a little shiny, rescued from the Separatists who had been planning on selling him to the Trandoshans to be hunted down for sport.  I watched him learn how to fight from Commander Cody himself until he could hold his own for several minutes.  Wooley had a stupidly adorable, fluffy mohawk and the best tooka eyes in the GAR that he used liberally on General Kenobi to get him to go to medical.  He loves music and stories and the stars.  And I killed him.  I shot my little brother, my vod’ika, so you could save yours.
           “I’ve killed hundreds of my brothers, men that I served proudly beside for two years, to save your brother.  I swore to never harm another brother, and I broke that promise for you, just so you could save Crosshair.  And now, you want me to just leave them here to rot?  For the Empire to find?”  Echo shook his head with a sharp, bitter laugh.  “No, I’m done.  I refuse to turn my back on my brothers and if you can save yours, then I can save mine. Get Crosshair and Omega out of here and lie low so the Empire doesn’t find you, but leave me here.  I’m saving my brothers, this time.”
           He leaned down and picked up his shovel.  Really, he had no idea how he was going to dig fifty graves with only one hand, but he had to do it.  He had to try.
           “Echo,” Omega whimpered and he couldn’t help but drop to his knee and hold his arm out towards her.  She immediately rushed into his hug and Echo held her close for a moment, dropping his shovel back to the ground.  “Don’t go, please?”
           “Omega, I don’t want to leave you,” he said softly.  “But my purpose is elsewhere in the galaxy. Hunter and the others will keep you safe, but right now, I have a duty to save my brothers and I intend to do it. I can’t do my duty if I stay with the Bad Batch.”
           “What if we came with you?” Omega sniffled.
           Echo locked eyes with Hunter, and then Tech and Wrecker. Crosshair didn’t even bother looking up. “These guys are your family, Omega, and they need to do what’s best for you.  You shouldn’t have to experience war, and that’s exactly where I’m going. I’m a soldier and a weapon that any rebellion against the Empire could desperately use.  That’s what I was made for.”
           “You’re not—” Hunter started, and Echo could see the desperation and uncertainty in the Sergeant’s eyes.  “You’re not just a soldier or a weapon anymore, Echo.  You have a place with us.”
           “I’m a droid,” Echo said.  He gently nudged Omega back and pressed his forehead against hers for a second before giving her a little push towards the rest of the Bad Batch. He stood up and looked at the other clones, so unsure of what to do in this kind of situation.  “I was turned into the ultimate weapon against my brothers, and Tech said it himself.  I’m more machine than man now.  All I’m good for is doing menial repairs on the ship and being sold for credits.  I was “just a reg” before I became a prisoner of war, and you wouldn’t have even given me a second look if I wasn’t torn apart and put back together again.  I’m just a replacement that can be used when one of you isn’t able to fulfill your duties. A stand-in.
           Echo took a deep breath.  “I need to fight against this Empire the best way I can, and I need to save my brothers. That is my mission now.  I will fulfill my duty.”
           “But you can’t go,” Omega said, and there were tears glistening in her eyes.  “Echo, you’re a part of my family and I just got you.”
           “Omega, you’re a part of my family, too.  But you know that we’d do anything to save our family and I have a whole galaxy filled with my brothers who all need to be saved.”  Echo reached into one of the pockets on his belt and pulled out the secondary secure communicator he had built just in case.  “I’ll always be there for you, Omega.  I’m only one call away, and if you or the rest of the Batch get into trouble, I’ll come and help.  But I need to do this.”
           She took the comm in trembling hands, then with a sob, threw her arms around Echo’s legs and shook.  “I’ll miss you so much, Echo.”
           “I’ll miss you, too, Omega.  But don’t worry, I’ll keep in touch as much as I’m able to.  And we’ll see each other again.  I know it.”
           Echo let Omega hug him for as long as she needed as he ran his fingers through her hair soothingly.  He would miss her a lot.  In fact, she reminded him a lot of Ahsoka when she was a youngling at the beginning of the war.  Naïve and just wanting to prove her own worthiness.  Eventually she stepped back, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand.
           “I understand why you need to go,” Omega said with a watery voice.  “I’ll call you every day, okay?”
           He chuckled.  “Maybe not every day, but as often as we can both manage.  I promise.”
           Hunter stepped forward and put his hand on Omega’s shoulder. “Echo—“ he began, but Echo held up his hand.
           “It’s alright, Sarge.  Just—take care of her and each other.  And if you’re ever stuck in a situation, give me a call and I’ll come help.”
           “Are you sure we can’t convince you to come with us? There’s plenty of room for you.”
           Echo shook his head.  “You saved your brother.  It’s time I saved mine.  And you need to do what’s best for Omega.  Taking her into war zones would be a terrible idea.”
           Hunter stared at Echo for a long time, likely trying to figure out if there was any way he could convince him to stay, but Echo held firm. He didn’t belong with the Batch. Never really had.  They were good for a temporary posting, just to help readjust since Rex was busy with the war and dealing with the loss of so many brothers before everything went to hell.  Echo was ready to get back into the thick of the fighting.
           “Wrecker, go grab Echo’s gear and whatever rations and medical supplies we can spare,” Hunter ordered.  He turned back towards the rest of the Batch.  “Tech, get Crosshair on board and start up the engines. We need to get going as soon as possible in case the Empire returns.  Omega?  You should probably go get strapped in for takeoff.”
           The Batch scrambled to obey, though Echo noticed both Wrecker and Tech giving him uncertain looks.  Little brothers were always the same.  They always wanted to make sure they were doing the right thing and looked to their ori’vode for advice and help.  Hunter had filled that role for so long, but Echo had carved out a tiny space for himself, too.  As much as Echo wanted to help them, he had his duty.  And he could only really help them if they actually listened to his advice. But it didn’t hurt to leave them with a few last suggestions.
           “Hunter, don’t trust Cid.  They’re only looking out for themself and will likely betray you if it’s profitable enough.  Find someone you can really trust and have them teach you how the galaxy works so no one else can take advantage of you.  And take care of yourself and the others.  Especially Omega.”
           Hunter nodded and saluted Echo.  Echo gave a weak grin and returned the gesture before he picked up his shovel once again.  He had work to do.
           It didn’t take long for the Havoc Marauder to take off, and he watched the ship silently until he could no longer see them before turning back to the field of white, broken bodies.  His hand slipped into his belt pouch and removed the secure transmitter Rex had given him before they’d parted ways.  Without hesitation, Echo flicked it on and called the only saved frequency.
           “Rex?  Yeah, I’m gonna need a pickup.  Got room for one more in your little rebellion?”
             (Hours later, and after Echo had finally finished burying the last body, Rex’s ship touched down in the clearing.  The door slid open and five notes were whistled out of the opening.  It was a call Domino squad had come up with while on Rishi and one that he and Fives had continued to use in the 501st.  The only person left that would know that tune was Rex.  Echo grinned and returned the whistle.  Seconds later, a shape that was definitely not Rex barreled out of the ship and into Echo’s arms.  Ahsoka was taller than he remembered, and a lot more weary and sad.  But she was alive, and that’s what mattered most.
           Echo looked over her montrals and grinned at Rex, who leaned against the ship and just watched him reunite with his long-missed jetii’ka vod’ika.  The Empire may have taken everything good out of the galaxy, but a few small pockets persisted.  They had hope and they were willing to fight for it.
           “Let’s go save our brothers,” he said, arm wrapped around Ahsoka’s shoulders as they walked back to Rex.  Echo only paused once to look back at Wooley’s grave.  He would not be forgotten, and Echo would make sure that for every life he took, he’d save two more.  It’s what he owed them.  It’s what his brothers deserved.
           Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la.  Not gone, merely marching far away.)
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flowery-moods · 3 hours ago
So...this week seems to be the time I smack together my loves of the Bad Batch and musical theater together in one package. I've got one piece with the title of a song from "Hamilton" about to be submitted to AO3, and another with the title of a song from "Six" in the works...after that, I just hope I have enough muse left to start in on the Hadestown AU.
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darthzero22 · 3 hours ago
Disobeying orders
Hunter x Neutral Reader 
On the last mission, you disobeyed a direct order from Hunter to maintain your position. You did it because your hunch was that if you didn’t react and you didn’t intervene, the mission would fail, and luckily you were right. The bad news is that Hunter got very angry and refused to talk to you when the mission was over.
Tumblr media
“I did what I thought was right, and the mission was a success!” you said to Tech.
“Technically it was a success by sheer luck. The chances that your actions had a positive impact on the mission were very low. I know because when you said what you were going to do, I made my calculations. The good news is that the mission was a success, the bad news is that Hunter seems dissatisfied, and very angry I must add”
“But our squad disobeys orders all the time, and we get in trouble many times”
“In this particular case it was not necessary to disobey orders. My calculations showed high chances of success in the same way, I would even say it was more than obvious that we were going to succeed”
“Your calculations aren’t always the reason we acted, Tech. And now Hunter hates me for what I did...”
“I doubt Hunter would hate you for disobeying him when he ordered you to hold your position. He’s just very angry, and I must congratulate you on being the first to make him angry like that.  My personal recommendation is that you stop insisting on talking to him, at least for a while”
You decided not to listen to Tech, even though he was the smartest and his recommendations were very useful. Luckily in the Marauder there was only Hunter, and he seemed to be very focused on the screen in front of him.
“You should be with Tech analyzing the information we get. Or will you disobey that order, too?” he wasn’t looking at you at all.
Yeah, Hunter was definitely mad at you, not just for the tone of his voice, but the way he talked to you.
“Hunter, I told you what I did was the right thing to do. Why are you getting mad anyway? Our squad has a reputation for breaking the rules and disobeying orders on many missions!”
“In this mission it was not necessary, do you hear me? It was very dangerous! I ordered you to keep the position and you disobeyed me"
“Hunter, I’m not going to apologize for what I did. While Tech’s calculations were correct, why would we risk? They were about to shoot Wrecker!”
“Crosshair was watching”
“Yeah, but I…”
“Just go with Tech, will you?”
You nod your head and get out of there. Hunter sighs and runs his hand across the right side of his face.
“I told you not to talk to him”, Tech said to you.
“Tech, I’m not in the mood...”
“Look, our hero is here. Did Hunter scold you for your stupidity?” Crosshair got into the conversation.
“Ah, Crosshair. You like making me feel like an idiot”
“Only when it’s necessary, and today you outdid yourself”
“Crosshair, shut up, please”
“Whatever the hero says” Crosshair laughs mockingly and leaves.
“Well, the only one who seems to agree with your actions is Wrecker. But it’s more than obvious, he likes unnecessary danger”, Tach said.
“Thank you, Tech. And I’m being sarcastic”
To your great surprise Hunter called you from the Marauder and you’re obviously going with him. You could see that he wasn’t as angry as before, you’d even say he was sorry for something.
“Hunter, I know I said before that I wasn’t going to apologize, but... You were right. I shouldn’t have risked. I just... almost ruined everything. I hope I didn’t disappoint you and…”
Hunter hugged you and you hugged him too. For a few moments you didn’t talk, you just felt the warmth of each other and surely he could feel your heart beating a lot. You could actually feel his heart was beating, too.
“I almost lost you today” he told you gently near your ear.
“I’m so sorry, Hunter…”
You separate a little from the hug for the two of you to put your foreheads together, and that feeling felt closer than a kiss.
“I know. And I’m sorry, too, for yelling at you. But the next time...”
You shut him up by kissing him on the mouth, and he’s obviously kissing you back. You were separated only by lack of air and joined your lips again in another kiss. There was no need for words.
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myspacerebels · 3 hours ago
You have something I want. You might think you have some idea what you're in possession of, but you don't. Soon, she will be back with me. She means more to me than you'll ever know.
Hunter to Cad Bane, soon.
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gothambunny · 5 hours ago
I've seen a couple of people complain about how the clones have tiny lips and i know they tend to be whitewashed but their lack of lips isn't part of it.
temuera morrison just..... has a straight line for a mouth...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the tiny mouths are one of the few accurate parts of the cartoon depictions of him tbqh
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barissoffee · 6 hours ago
Wanna feel sad? Echo probably thinks Rex killed Anakin. Rex said he couldn't resist the chip and never mention that he was with Ahsoka meaning Echo will think he was with Anakin and executed the Order (also Echo probably doesn't know she left as well and might think she got killed too). And we all assumed someone told him about Fives offscreen, but maybe he just thinks that because he found out about the chips, he must have removed his as well and is alive right now and just hiding. Anyway I started crying 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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hrtiu · 7 hours ago
@flybynite19 There are literally only three tech x OC fics on ao3. This will not stand 😡
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degreeinsimping · 7 hours ago
Tech and 29, congratulations btw!!
Cloud 9 (Tech x Reader)
A/N: This was requested by my very dear friend @microdeers !!! I hope you all enjoy!! <3
Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Summary: Tech finally decides to tell you how he feels, but he’s more than a bit nervous.
Word Count: 742
Tumblr media
Tech was absolutely enraptured by everything about you from the very moment you joined the team, and everyone knew. Well, except for you, and Tech was beyond thankful for your obliviousness. He didn’t know if he’d be able to handle being rejected. Sure, he’d been rejected before by women at 79’s, but he never took it personal.
But if you looked him in the eyes and said you didn’t feel the same? Oh, it would shatter him in every sense of the word. That’s why he kept his feelings under lock and key, admiring your beauty from afar.
When you’d wake up and walk around the ship, sleep still clouding your vision, clothes wrinkled and hair a mess, Tech would have to hide his smile and loving gaze.
Or when you’d suit up for a mission, latching your armor pieces together and looking gorgeous as ever, if he didn’t know any better he’d say his heart would skip a few beats.
And oh, when he’d get a few cuts or scrapes, maybe a bruise or two, on a mission and you’d insist he sit down and let you take care of him? Maker, he was putty in your hands and you didn’t even know it.
His brothers teased him relentlessly for his ‘crush’ as Crosshair had once so childishly referred to it. He could never escape Hunter subtly nudging him in your direction, or Echo’s smirks. Wrecker almost sent poor Tech into cardiac arrest once when he acted as if he was going to tell you of his feelings. Funnily enough, in that moment Tech’s blaster that he had been cleaning ‘accidentally’ went off - right next to Wreckers foot. Very odd malfunction indeed.
It was exhausting, trying to hide his feelings when all he wanted to do was tell you. Eventually, Tech got fed up and decided to throw caution to the wind.
He set it up with the others so on the next supply run, he and you would stay back on the Marauder. Hunter made up an excuse as to why they could handle it, and they wished Tech luck before leaving.
The second you two were alone in the cockpit, seated only a few inches from each other, what little confidence he had began fading away. You were talking about something, but for once he wasn’t listening. He was too focused on how the light reflected off your skin, how much he adored your smile, and then—
“I have something to tell you.” Tech barely recognized his own voice. Normally he spoke practically perfectly, enunciating words clearly and keeping an even, clam tone. But when he spoke this time, he sounded breathy and even stuttered a bit, and his words ran together.
And you noticed, so you turned your full attention to him, wanting to know what could have him so worked up. “Alright, what’s up?”
Upon seeing how his mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, and how his eyes darted everywhere except for your face, you leaned forward and placed what was meant to be a comforting hand on his knee.
But that one little touch sent a spark through his veins, kickstarting his brain into overdrive and Tech was speaking without even thinking, “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
He paused, you leaned back.
He furrowed his brows together upon realizing what he said, “No. No, wait, I-I know I’m in love with you.”
Your silence was deafening, and Tech took it as a rejection. He didn’t want to see the look on your face, so he stared at the dirty floor of the ship. It was dusty, there was so much dirt, even a few pieces of grass, and just as his eyes intently focused on a lone pebble in an attempt to hold back tears, he seen your feet move. You stood up and just as he looked up to see why, your hands were on his jaw and your lips were against his.
You took his breath away, quite literally. If cloud 9 was the happiest someone could be, well, he was on cloud 90.
As you slowly separated and looked in his eyes with nothing but adoration and leaned in again to ghost your lips over his, whispering that there was no need to be terrified because you loved him too, Tech was sure this was the best moment of his life so far.
Tag List (If your name is marked out it means Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you): @questforgalas @greenysnarl @imabeautifulbutterfly @bleghbreakdown @foodandbooksplease @shytastemakerthing @erinoirsprize @wille-zarr @sirkekselord @sweetsunflowerkisses @perpetual-fangirl900 @echos-newlegs @m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s @captain-rexs-girlfriend @sitherin-mxschief @anotherdudeinthisworld
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lazarus-the-hazardous · 7 hours ago
It’s almost my birthday but this has been one of the worst weeks ever:(. I feel useless and alone but at least I have an oc who was pretty much adopted by crosshair
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