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momentsthatwestole · 21 minutes ago
Reasonable People: Fives obviously isn’t alive and making an appearance in The Bad Batch, that doesn’t even make any sense, there’s no evidence or-
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a-lil-perspective · 28 minutes ago
The post where you said that Hunter is always Omega’s shield and he failed this one time really hits hard, because he was protecting her so much in this episode. And then at the end he got injured and now she’s gone and I can’t 😭💔
Crosshair’s gone too but he doesn’t seem to matter as much—
It’s all a mess and I must right these wrongs so u know what. Copious amounts of Dad Batch tomorrow. It’s Father’s Day on top of that and Hunter’buir is a real one™ so lots of fluff incoming. Cross’buir and Dad!Tech and Bavodu’e Wrecker and Echo too because these dada’s utterly fill my soul.
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nahoney22 · 33 minutes ago
Next Ep predictions?
So what do you guys think is gonna happen next episode in the Bad Batch?
Do you think it will be based solely around Omega back on Kamino or do you think it will be the Batch maybe trying to recruit some help to save Omega (could be possible, they could speak to Rex again).
Also, if they go to Cid what do you think her reaction would be to them saying they lost Omega because I can just imagine her rolling her eyes and calling them a bunch of idiots lmao
Anyway, lmk 😌
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*bonus gif just for love*
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cklikestodraw · 37 minutes ago
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Rapid ‘bout to bust some rapid nuts  😌 💅
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blondeweasel · 38 minutes ago
Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday
Is that a thing? Well, I’m making it a thing I guess. 
Yes, this is a shameless (well maybe a little shame) self-promotion for my fic. Like, I feel kinda weird promoting it but...I’m just super proud of it ok? So I’m throwing it out there for everyone to see because I think it’s good and other people do too so why not share it with more people?
Also, in honor of Fathers Day I thought it fitting to post about it, since it’s well, basically a story about Obi-Wan being a father. 
 ‘Breaking the Code’ summary:  Obi-Wan technically didn’t have permission from the Council to go on this particular mission. He told them he’d be tying up some loose ends from the war on an Outer-Rim planet but failed to give the full details. Of course, it wasn’t really a lie. Not exactly. But he knew they wouldn’t see it as such and wouldn’t be pleased. After all, he would be coming back from a so-called ‘final peace negotiation’ with a Force-sensitive 3-year-old who resembled him quite a bit. Surely that would raise suspicions and questions.
There’s also a follow up story of one-shots in this same AU that I’m pretty proud of too. 
Anyways, feel free to check it out if you’re interested or even if you feel bad for me being pathetic and self-promoting and be sure let me know if you like it. Thanks!
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thesadbatch · an hour ago
Hello folks!👋🏻
My name’s Vee and I am an aspiring author, only right now I have absolutely no ideas for what I should write. I am part of a group project to rewrite the Bad Batch, but until that gets into movement I need something to keep my brain working.
If you have any requests for fics surrounding the Bad Batch, whether that’s during the Clone Wars or during the runtime of the show, maybe even during their time as cadets, hit me up!! Below I will state some boundaries and “rules” for how this is going to go down, as well as some disclaimers:
What I will/won’t write:
No clonecest or cloneshipping.
No character x reader.
No NSFW, of any kind.
Anything including one or more members of the Bad Batch, as well as some things about them: eg. other clones talking about/reacting to them, Kaminoans discussing them etc.
The Batch being physically close platonically, as well as being vulnerable, emotional, and open with their brothers.
How this is going to happen:
If you have a request or an idea, write it in my asks, not in my messages.
Your request can be as specific or unspecific as you want, you can even leave certain lines of dialogue you want me to try and include.
When the fic is finished, I will either post a link to Ao3 or the entire fic here on Tumblr.
If you are wondering whether I have started to write your fic yet, leave a message. Although, keep in mind that I have a life and I can’t be writing every second of the day!! :) You might have to wait at least a few days.
In order for the fics to actually come out good I will have to spend some time on them, and I will have to pick and choose between requests. If I don’t have an idea for how I’m going to make a fic work, it will just come out a mess.
If you have a very specific request or if you include dialogue you want in the fic, pay in mind that I might not be able to deliver it exactly as you requested. I might have to change a few words or a few incidents for the story to work well. This also applies if you ask for something I am not comfortable with writing.
If there are any questions about this, leave that in my asks as well. And don’t worry, if you’re not sure whether I would write a request just leave it in the asks and we’ll see!
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bitterfishies · an hour ago
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For @a-jazzy-razzy-draws Coruscant pride challenge!
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anakinisvaderisanakin · an hour ago
Evil Unmasked Chapter 2 - Revelations (aka Rex is shook)
Read before continuing:
So, I have decided to make an AU sister series to The Mask of Death. The Mask of Death focuses on the horror of Vader as he is portrayed in canon, with an effort to remain as true to canon as is possible. Its sister series, now aptly titled Evil Unmasked will follow a similar concept - but with a suitless Vader being just as terrifying as the canon cyborg we all know and love. There are several interesting concepts I believe can be expanded upon that simply don’t work within the canon confines, and it will bring in both characters I’ve used for MoD, as well as characters I have not. Just wanted to use this as the preface! 
Ao3 link at the end of the post.
It couldn’t be.
Rex found himself frozen in place, his feet unwilling to uproot themselves and flee. Every fibre of his being was screaming at him to run, but all he could muster was keeping his right hand on the blaster in its holster, as he pulled the hood tighter over his head. The sinking feeling that had been lingering in his stomach ever since he and Ahsoka parted ways post Order 66 began to blossom again, building into an unnerved anxiousness. He tasted bile at the back of his throat as his head remained low, but his eyes were focused as ever. Being declared dead in the wake of the rise of the new Empire had its perks, such as the surprisingly uncomplicated ability to sneak into the official inauguration of Emperor Palpatine's government.
The Emperor was a no show, he had already spoken to his unwitting subjects the night the Order was executed, and the Jedi subsequently dealt with. Rex still struggled with the guilt of being forced to kill his own brothers, of being made to bury them. He had their blood on his hands, knew they had been trapped within their own minds, unable to refuse or deny the inhibitor chip and its pre-programmed response. He had nearly terminated Ahsoka himself.
Atop the podium, flanked on each side by a pair of imposing royal guards clad in scarlet, stood Governor Tarkin. Rex had met him before, but never liked the man much. He was a soldier through and through, of military upbringing in a wealthy household with all the benefits that provided. It was clear that he was becoming something of an Imperial spokesperson in the absence of the Emperor. This was his third public speech, this time initiating one of the senate meetings that had been widely debated. The senate had feared the new Empire would be a system within which their services would be rendered obsolete, but it seemed they had argued to maintain at least some influence - however superficial that may be.
But it wasn’t Tarkin that caught Rex’s eye; neither was it the red guards, nor the dozens of troopers - his brothers - lined up behind them in a perpetual salute. No, behind the raised podium hung a large decorative banner. It was beet red, the freshly minted Imperial symbol printed in black aiming to deliver one single message. Yet, in the shadow of the ceremonious event; both figuratively and literally, loomed a man with unmistakably familiar features. The banner was tall enough to block out the bright sun rays spilling from the clear blue skies overhead, obscuring the man.
Rex couldn’t help but focus entirely on that man, even from a distance there was something uncanny yet recognizable about him. At the same time, he seemed a total stranger - enough so, that Rex almost willed himself into believing he had been mistaken.
Until Tarkin called the man forward, that was.
“As a final announcement, the Emperor wishes to introduce to you the very exception to the rule. Amidst the Jedi riot and their attempted treason, one man would not be swayed. One man would prevail, and remain loyal to the Emperor above all. Jedi Master Mace Windu’s attempt on the Emperor’s life was foiled by this very man, and it is the Emperor’s wishes that we accept him wholeheartedly as a sovereign and a paragon of the Imperial government. I shall allow the man to speak for himself, however. I introduce to you; Lord Vader.”
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I have something to say about Boba Fett's character.
♡mild spoilers for the Dark Disciple Novel ♡
Young Boba Fett grabbing Ventress and saving her instead of leaving her behind even thought she had previously left him inside a box and ditched him during the clone wars was a surprise. and it says a lot about his character. She had already paid him so it's not like he was gaining anything by saving her. I don't know how to phrase it in english, but that like made me like Boba's character even more.
Yes he is a violent bounty hunter who eventually will work for the empire, but we also know that he is not entirely a bad person.
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adreamfromnevermore · an hour ago
Obi-wan: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress
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cc-2020 · an hour ago
cody, before a mission, discussing their battlefield strategies: okay so are there any weak spots left in our plan
obi-wan, slowly raising his hand:
cody: put your limp wrist down obi-wan
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accidental-spice · an hour ago
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“Mrs. Lynde says there’s some people you can’t kill with a meat-axe.”
-Davy Keith, Anne of the Island, chapter 1, page 07.
(Formerly) Darth (now just) Maul.
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Dark Disciple- Book Review
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(Nobody asked for this review, but here it is. This is spoiler free but it does contain spoilers for Episode III and some key events from the clone wars. I’m not a book expert and I don’t even know how to speak in English to begin with, so excuse my poor grammar.)
“Dark Disciple” is a canon novel written by Christie Golden based on unproduced episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that focused on Jedi Master Quinlan Vos having to team up with former sith apprentice Asajj Ventress to take down Count Dooku. I think someone who has not seen the Clone Wars could enjoy this book, but if you have watched the series this book will definitely impact you more.
I was not ready to read this book. I thought I was, but I was wrong. It’s a good read, but it will break your soul into tiny pieces from beginning to end. It’s beautifully written and it did make me laugh and cry multiple times. Before I started it, I already knew what was going to happen because I spoiled myself on accident, and even with that I still got hurt from reading it.
I will not make spoilers of the book whatsoever here, but I will mention spoilers for the Episode III. We know from the start that they are going to fail the mission because we already know that Dooku is killed by Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith. We know that something is going to happen, we just don’t know how. And it’s the “how” the thing that keeps you glued to the pages and interested in what’s happening.
If you are a Clone Wars fan, you are going to love this book and it’s a must read for you. It’s a really important story to understand how the Jedi Council was doomed to fail, the culture of the night sisters, how the dark side works, and the mistakes everyone made in this war. It’s also a love story as well in more than one way.
This novel does wonders showing how Asajj Ventress has evolved during the series. It’s a completely different person from what we first saw in Jedi Lost or in the movie of the clone wars. She has evolved past his masters and I truly believe she is the best force user character out there. Not because she is perfect, because she is definitely not, but because of her growth. I love her deeply.
Same for Vos. We don’t get to see much about him in current canon, being his only canonical appearance in one episode of the clone wars and as a background character in Phantom Menace, so this book does all of his development and characterization. And it’s good.
They both felt really real, so real they were really complicated beings the whole time. You can see how they both had issues and how those issues affected the way they reacted or interacted to the things happening around them. Their story parallels Anakin and Padmé at times, and the book acknowledges it, but with more depth and complications. It’s beautiful.
I also loved the relationship they both had with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who also appears in this book quite a lot. You can tell they appreciate each other as friends and that he cares about both of them as well.
Even when I knew what was going to happen, the plot continued to surprise me and got me hooked from start to finish. I never really knew what was going to happen next until I finished it. It never felt slow, or out of place. The pace was also really good.
My favourite part of the book is the inner conflict of what it means to be a jedi in a galaxy where not everything is black and white. The struggle of wondering how far you’ll go to do that, or where do you draw the line of what’s right and what’s wrong.
As I said earlier, this book made me laugh and cry (the laughing part mostly because of Anakin, he has such disaster energy I love him) and it was a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. The whole book has this bittersweet feeling because you already know they are going to fail, but it makes you appreciate the little details even more.
I didn’t like the ending. From a writer’s point of view, I did like it, and it goes perfect with the story being the most accurate ending. But, as a fan of the shows, I felt something broke inside of me when I finished reading it. It’s a good ending for the story.
I know we will probably never see this arc animated, because the clone wars ended and there’s no way you could fit this arc into something like the Bad Batch, but I would’ve loved to see this in the series. I still like this story in book format because you get to see exactly what goes inside the characters mind and it gives another layer of depth and information.
Overall, this is one of the best Star Wars books so far. I would recommend this book to clone wars fans, Ventress stans, people interested in jedi culture, people who like battles, Anidala shippers, Kenobi simps, people that really enjoy the night sisters, people that really like bounty hunters, hopeless romantics, and everyone else. I just loved it so much. I’m probably going to re- read it.
I wouldn’t recommend reading this book before watching the clone wars. You can totally read it without watching it, yes, but I wouldn’t do that since these episodes line up with the series and are a part of that story.
This book does contain scenes where they describe violence and blood, so if you are triggered by that you should know that before reading it. Some pages may disturb you. If you want to read it anyways, you can send me a message and I will tell you which pages to avoid. If you don’t want to read it, it’s fine. I have reviewed other Star Wars books in my blog if you want to check another one out.
It’s a pretty important read to tie some stuff the series left unsolved.
I hope you find this review useful and give this book a chance if you are interested.
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masterjedilenawrites · an hour ago
Hey, I just wanted to say that your headcanons give me life??? And your writing is amazing??? Like, how is it so ✨good?✨ Anyways, when/if you have the time, I was wondering if you could do some headcanons with the ❤️ clone bois ❤️ and what they’re like dating a Senator S/O?
Tumblr media
Aww, thank you both so much! <3 <3 I like this idea of Clone x Senator, maybe I'll write out a fic some day to explore the dynamic more...
(Also side note, I'm in the middle of reading Queen's Shadow where Padme's off being a badass senator and it's sooo good! Highly recommend. Queen's Peril's a good one, too.)
Dogma, Tup, and Crosshair would want to keep the relationship a secret, even from their brothers. They care about their S/O too much to not want to date them, but they're also not going to jeopardize their duties to the Republic in the process. They may be a little ridiculous with their efforts to be secretive, like it's an undercover mission...covering their tracks, never going to the same place twice, even wearing disguises. But they're doing it to preserve the relationship as best they can.
Rex and Tech would've met their S/O's because they are actually interested in politics and various galactic issues themselves. They were drawn to their S/O's passionate involvement, and after getting together with them, continued to be devoted supporters of their career. They also enjoy hearing about how their S/O's day went, because it's usually filled with stories about idiot coworkers or votes that went unexpectedly sideways. There's never a dull moment of conversation at their dinner table.
Fives, Wolffe, and Wrecker would be less concerned about secrets and privacy. They won't exactly announce their relationship, but they're not going out of their way to hide it, either. Why shouldn't they be able to see who they want to see? They love their S/O and are proud of them. And maybe they get just a little thrill from the risk of it, too. In general, they wouldn't see their relationship any differently than if they were with anyone else. They feel like the luckiest men in the galaxy simply because their S/O is wonderful.
For Jesse and Hardcase, it would've started as a friends-with-benefits situation, since they were uncertain an actual relationship could work with someone as high-profile as a senator. So they take what they can get at first. But over time, they slip into this comfortable routine with their "friend" that helps them realize not only can a serious relationship work, but it already has. They have this safe and pleasant space where they can both break away from the pressures of their jobs and just enjoy life together.
Cody, Echo, and Hunter know that as clone soldiers, they cannot have a conventional relationship with anyone, senator or civvie or whomever in between. So rather than fight it or hide from it, they find a way to make it work. They establish parameters early on with where and how often they can see each other, and ensure communication continues through the relationship so they're both satisfied. They do have a plan to be closer when the war ends, but they're happy with their arrangement in meantime.
Fox and Kix have no idea how they managed to catch the eye of a senator, especially with so many clones around Coruscant and the Senate buildings. How did they stand out? But they certainly don't complain or run away. Oh no, they are enamored with their S/O and all the important work they do for the galaxy. They do whatever they can to make sure their S/O doesn't get in trouble for dating them, but they'll also contrive some excuses to travel on their S/O's protective detail whenever possible.
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hearth-goddess-99 · an hour ago
does anyone have any good Domino Squad fics they can recommend?
preferable ones where they stay alive?
(my favorite is "Dominoes" on Ao3 by meridianpony, because I'm a sucker for time-travel fix-its, and i also love seeing amazing character development for Hevy, Cutup, and Droidbait)
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