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#tech bad batch
mallr4ts · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we were robbed of Tech resting his goggles on his forehead
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for-the-love-of-clones · an hour ago
Mfw I preordered my Tech and Wrecker black series figs and they’re supposed to release in 2 days but now they’ve been moved to the 15th of next month
I’m a lil worries cus I saw someone on here mention they were discontinuing Wrecker all together before his release I better be able to get one or I’ll cry
Tumblr media
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punkzcakes · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Fully realized bad batcher/older Omega my beloved
While commenting the last episode with a friend the concept of how an older Omega would look came up and my brain took a full 0,2 seconds to provide me with this concept. I think I will modify her armour/helmet later on but I NEEDED to draw her. I will add more details about how I came up with this concept on the next RB.
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top-gonky-fan · an hour ago
1: Aftermath (the cinematic pacing, KANAN AND DEPA BILLABA which, for the record, I [J] called MONTHS before the episode premiered, OMEGA, best hunter content, kaller is pretty, and tech is wonderful)
2: Reunion (okay not to be that guy but CAD BANE, the western music, crosshair getting melted, Bracca, TODO 360, but c’mon lets see tech talk about the war that would be fun, right?) 
3: Replacements (I see a crosshair trend here, OMEGA GETTING HER OWN ROOM, Project War Mantle, I wanna learn more about Rampart?? Somehow?) 
4: Battle Scars (BRACCCCCCCA, Rex, poor Wrecker, I now cry when I heard the words Mantell Mix, Omega’s theme while her and Wrecker talk at the end, amazing) 
5: Decommissioned (somehow I was HYPED to see the Martez sisters and the person in the cloak at the end was fun. It felt like a Clone Wars episode in the best way possible. Also Omega’s theme that plays as she fires her bow, amazing.) 
6: Cut and Run (CUT, man Saleucami is pretty, Omega seeing dirt, Hunter being a dad, love the chain code connection, love that Omega chooses for herself to go back and be a part of the Bad Batch) 
7: Cornered (Pantora is so, so pretty, FENNEC, and WOAH fennec’s music is so great, I would have loved to see more with Echo and the droids, feels like a missed opportunity for some character development)
8: Rampage (seeing the rancor was fun, Cid is an interesting character, Ord Mantell is cool, Omega gets her bow, but I wanna see more Hunter stuff with him coming to terms with being a mercenary etc.) 
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mallr4ts · 2 hours ago
Happy Tech Tuesdays!!! shoutout to everyone else who has Tech as their comfort character<3
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flowery-moods · 4 hours ago
So...this week seems to be the time I smack together my loves of the Bad Batch and musical theater together in one package. I've got one piece with the title of a song from "Hamilton" about to be submitted to AO3, and another with the title of a song from "Six" in the works...after that, I just hope I have enough muse left to start in on the Hadestown AU.
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darthzero22 · 4 hours ago
Disobeying orders
Hunter x Neutral Reader 
On the last mission, you disobeyed a direct order from Hunter to maintain your position. You did it because your hunch was that if you didn’t react and you didn’t intervene, the mission would fail, and luckily you were right. The bad news is that Hunter got very angry and refused to talk to you when the mission was over.
Tumblr media
“I did what I thought was right, and the mission was a success!” you said to Tech.
“Technically it was a success by sheer luck. The chances that your actions had a positive impact on the mission were very low. I know because when you said what you were going to do, I made my calculations. The good news is that the mission was a success, the bad news is that Hunter seems dissatisfied, and very angry I must add”
“But our squad disobeys orders all the time, and we get in trouble many times”
“In this particular case it was not necessary to disobey orders. My calculations showed high chances of success in the same way, I would even say it was more than obvious that we were going to succeed”
“Your calculations aren’t always the reason we acted, Tech. And now Hunter hates me for what I did...”
“I doubt Hunter would hate you for disobeying him when he ordered you to hold your position. He’s just very angry, and I must congratulate you on being the first to make him angry like that.  My personal recommendation is that you stop insisting on talking to him, at least for a while”
You decided not to listen to Tech, even though he was the smartest and his recommendations were very useful. Luckily in the Marauder there was only Hunter, and he seemed to be very focused on the screen in front of him.
“You should be with Tech analyzing the information we get. Or will you disobey that order, too?” he wasn’t looking at you at all.
Yeah, Hunter was definitely mad at you, not just for the tone of his voice, but the way he talked to you.
“Hunter, I told you what I did was the right thing to do. Why are you getting mad anyway? Our squad has a reputation for breaking the rules and disobeying orders on many missions!”
“In this mission it was not necessary, do you hear me? It was very dangerous! I ordered you to keep the position and you disobeyed me"
“Hunter, I’m not going to apologize for what I did. While Tech’s calculations were correct, why would we risk? They were about to shoot Wrecker!”
“Crosshair was watching”
“Yeah, but I…”
“Just go with Tech, will you?”
You nod your head and get out of there. Hunter sighs and runs his hand across the right side of his face.
“I told you not to talk to him”, Tech said to you.
“Tech, I’m not in the mood...”
“Look, our hero is here. Did Hunter scold you for your stupidity?” Crosshair got into the conversation.
“Ah, Crosshair. You like making me feel like an idiot”
“Only when it’s necessary, and today you outdid yourself”
“Crosshair, shut up, please”
“Whatever the hero says” Crosshair laughs mockingly and leaves.
“Well, the only one who seems to agree with your actions is Wrecker. But it’s more than obvious, he likes unnecessary danger”, Tach said.
“Thank you, Tech. And I’m being sarcastic”
To your great surprise Hunter called you from the Marauder and you’re obviously going with him. You could see that he wasn’t as angry as before, you’d even say he was sorry for something.
“Hunter, I know I said before that I wasn’t going to apologize, but... You were right. I shouldn’t have risked. I just... almost ruined everything. I hope I didn’t disappoint you and…”
Hunter hugged you and you hugged him too. For a few moments you didn’t talk, you just felt the warmth of each other and surely he could feel your heart beating a lot. You could actually feel his heart was beating, too.
“I almost lost you today” he told you gently near your ear.
“I’m so sorry, Hunter…”
You separate a little from the hug for the two of you to put your foreheads together, and that feeling felt closer than a kiss.
“I know. And I’m sorry, too, for yelling at you. But the next time...”
You shut him up by kissing him on the mouth, and he’s obviously kissing you back. You were separated only by lack of air and joined your lips again in another kiss. There was no need for words.
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wdtwydyqgmzm · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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silentwind04 · 6 hours ago
I dont know why but Crosshair gives off strong gay vibes
And I love it
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djarins-b1tch · 7 hours ago
I don‘t know if you take requests, but I see that you do some pretty amazing clonesest art and I was wondering if you would be willing to do one of Echo and Tech.
Awww, tysm for your kind words!! I do infact take requests, idk why i havent put that anywhere yet💀 So heres some Echo/Tech i made for you since you requested it😁
Tumblr media
I hope you like it😊 (click for better quality🥲)
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hrtiu · 8 hours ago
@flybynite19 There are literally only three tech x OC fics on ao3. This will not stand 😡
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degreeinsimping · 8 hours ago
Tech and 29, congratulations btw!!
Cloud 9 (Tech x Reader)
A/N: This was requested by my very dear friend @microdeers !!! I hope you all enjoy!! <3
Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Summary: Tech finally decides to tell you how he feels, but he’s more than a bit nervous.
Word Count: 742
Tumblr media
Tech was absolutely enraptured by everything about you from the very moment you joined the team, and everyone knew. Well, except for you, and Tech was beyond thankful for your obliviousness. He didn’t know if he’d be able to handle being rejected. Sure, he’d been rejected before by women at 79’s, but he never took it personal.
But if you looked him in the eyes and said you didn’t feel the same? Oh, it would shatter him in every sense of the word. That’s why he kept his feelings under lock and key, admiring your beauty from afar.
When you’d wake up and walk around the ship, sleep still clouding your vision, clothes wrinkled and hair a mess, Tech would have to hide his smile and loving gaze.
Or when you’d suit up for a mission, latching your armor pieces together and looking gorgeous as ever, if he didn’t know any better he’d say his heart would skip a few beats.
And oh, when he’d get a few cuts or scrapes, maybe a bruise or two, on a mission and you’d insist he sit down and let you take care of him? Maker, he was putty in your hands and you didn’t even know it.
His brothers teased him relentlessly for his ‘crush’ as Crosshair had once so childishly referred to it. He could never escape Hunter subtly nudging him in your direction, or Echo’s smirks. Wrecker almost sent poor Tech into cardiac arrest once when he acted as if he was going to tell you of his feelings. Funnily enough, in that moment Tech’s blaster that he had been cleaning ‘accidentally’ went off - right next to Wreckers foot. Very odd malfunction indeed.
It was exhausting, trying to hide his feelings when all he wanted to do was tell you. Eventually, Tech got fed up and decided to throw caution to the wind.
He set it up with the others so on the next supply run, he and you would stay back on the Marauder. Hunter made up an excuse as to why they could handle it, and they wished Tech luck before leaving.
The second you two were alone in the cockpit, seated only a few inches from each other, what little confidence he had began fading away. You were talking about something, but for once he wasn’t listening. He was too focused on how the light reflected off your skin, how much he adored your smile, and then—
“I have something to tell you.” Tech barely recognized his own voice. Normally he spoke practically perfectly, enunciating words clearly and keeping an even, clam tone. But when he spoke this time, he sounded breathy and even stuttered a bit, and his words ran together.
And you noticed, so you turned your full attention to him, wanting to know what could have him so worked up. “Alright, what’s up?”
Upon seeing how his mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, and how his eyes darted everywhere except for your face, you leaned forward and placed what was meant to be a comforting hand on his knee.
But that one little touch sent a spark through his veins, kickstarting his brain into overdrive and Tech was speaking without even thinking, “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
He paused, you leaned back.
He furrowed his brows together upon realizing what he said, “No. No, wait, I-I know I’m in love with you.”
Your silence was deafening, and Tech took it as a rejection. He didn’t want to see the look on your face, so he stared at the dirty floor of the ship. It was dusty, there was so much dirt, even a few pieces of grass, and just as his eyes intently focused on a lone pebble in an attempt to hold back tears, he seen your feet move. You stood up and just as he looked up to see why, your hands were on his jaw and your lips were against his.
You took his breath away, quite literally. If cloud 9 was the happiest someone could be, well, he was on cloud 90.
As you slowly separated and looked in his eyes with nothing but adoration and leaned in again to ghost your lips over his, whispering that there was no need to be terrified because you loved him too, Tech was sure this was the best moment of his life so far.
Tag List (If your name is marked out it means Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you): @questforgalas @greenysnarl @imabeautifulbutterfly @bleghbreakdown @foodandbooksplease @shytastemakerthing @erinoirsprize @wille-zarr @sirkekselord @sweetsunflowerkisses @perpetual-fangirl900 @echos-newlegs @m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s @captain-rexs-girlfriend @sitherin-mxschief @anotherdudeinthisworld
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pikaglove · 8 hours ago
One time, I told my bf that the bad batch tag is just filled with fanfics about Crosshair and I expressed shock because I would have suspected Hunter to be the main one to simp over and he just goes: "of course they're writing about him, he's a top!"
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lavenderstars37 · 9 hours ago
Extremely random tbb shit that @maddpotatoxd and I talk about but it becomes increasingly more depressing
Hunter most definitely intentionally moved his hand on purpose back in the cell on Kamino (Ep.1) just to see if Omega would keep copying him. 
Episode 12 is titled “Rescue on Ryloth” so we are probably going to be waiting a whole MONTH to a reunion. How dare they. 
Omega trusted Hunter so much to protect her she may have completely forgot she had her own weapon and didn’t think to shoot Cad Bane or the droid 
The fact that Echo told Omega she needs to tune out distractions to make her a better shooter and then Hunter losing a standoff because he was distracted trying desperately to keep Omega safe...yeah
Hunter probably regrets using a knife all the time, because if he had trained more with the blaster maybe he could have saved Omega against Bane
Imagine Tech is fixing something and holds out his hand, waiting for Omega to swap tools with him, but she’s not there
Echo talking to his dead brother’s in his head, praying that they keep Omega safe until they can rescue her
What if they show us a little scene where Omega thinks Hunter is dead, she has no idea what happened to the rest of them, and she just breaks because she doesn’t know exactly what she's fighting for anymore
A scene that switches straight from Hunter looking sadly at Omega’s trooper doll and then Omega looking at something one of the boys gave her
A parallel scene similar to when Omega accidentally found Crosshairs weapon kit, but this time it’s Omega’s bow, and somebody asks who the bow belongs to...
Omega running into Hunter’s arms and he just doesn’t let go for so long
Imagine Tech hugging Omega when she is rescued. The very practical Tech showing very obvious affection 
What if they have Hunter die the same episode as Hunter and Omega’s reunion or something equally as painful
Maybe Echo will die in some sort of sacrifice but he will be at peace with it because he can go be with his old squad, and he’s content with his last moment being to save whoever is alive.
OR Echo is the only survivor just like how his entire old squad is dead
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aboardthehavocmarauder · 10 hours ago
Problematic [Pt. 3]
The Bad Batch x Reader • Enemies to Lovers • She/Her pronouns • ANGST/SFW • Bounty Hunter!Reader
Requested by: Anon
Part(s): 1 2 •
“Where’s the device?” Obi Wan questions before growing even more confused as he witnessed Wrecker pull his brother’s armor off of his back taking the device out. “Ah, clever. Usually one would do that to draw its detection away”
“Wait. What do you mean?”
“I disconnected the device from its main firewall” Tech informs Obi-Wan as he took the device into his hand before carefully taking the mainframe off showing the circuit board.
“Y/N is one of the few bounty hunters we work with that knows a lot about the technology that keeps advancing. She knows that a certain detection device is built into the circuit board and can’t always be removed. So. Putting it in between Crosshair and his chest plate, she knew the extra noise of the rest of his gear attached to him, will block out its detection.” Obi-Wan knew more than Tech had thought of the general. But that didn’t ease any of their anxiety.
“So you’re telling me we are still being detected?”
“No, I believe the firewall you broke through got rid of the connection to the main security. As for this small trigger, it only triggered the security on the planet. Which I believe you took care of before reporting back…” Obi-Wan felt their anxieties as he was about to say something when they went into full panic mode. “Oh dear”
Echo and Wrecker continue to yell at each other as Crosshair quickly puts his gear back on.
“If we get back there in time we’ll most likely—“
“They would’ve left the planet by now. It also takes days to get back to Hoth—-“
“I KNOW! But we have to be logi—-“
Hunter watches as the four continue to argue with one another, trying to calm his nerves with the overload in his head. He couldn’t help it. He had to.
He really fucking had to let it out
Obi-Wan listens to Hunter’s confession for them all as one of his troops approached him with information.
“Well. Wasn’t that…explosive” Obi-Wan interrupts watching all of their heated expressions grow.
Hunter’s tension relaxes when silence filled the small area in the hanger. He felt his cheeks burn, the tip of Tech’s ears flush as did Echo’s after that confession, Crosshair’s whole face turning red, and Wrecker’s cheeks burning.
The five try to cover it up even if they all are still experiencing the hidden truths in that confession.
“Before I leave to give our analysts this device, my colleague just informed me of a evac shuttle reporting in the atmosphere. Coming from Hoth” He states on his leave making them all scramble. “So uncivilized” he laughs to himself.
When the shuttle finally landed, the troopers taking care of their bounty hunter were about to carefully follow protocol. But of course Y/N wasn’t going to do such.
“Guys, gals, non-binary pals…I have arrived” Y/N states the second the ramp hit the floor but suddenly getting up wasn’t the smartest decision of hers. “Woah. Is the earth spinning or am I on a lazy susan”
“Ma’am we still haven’t taken note of all you’re injuries. It could be the blood loss you have succumbed.” One of them interrupts her thoughts as she walks down the ramp about to interject the check up when she fell forward unintentionally in Crosshair’s arms.
“Haha…Crossy, since when did you get back?”
“Go find the annoying one from the 501st. I’m not having any other reg check you out” Crosshair yells at the troopers that came to her rescue as one went to take care of such while the other two help the marksman get the bounty hunter back on the gurney.
“What injuries has she sustained?” Tech came in quickly noticing her armor still on her. “You two have no training in evacuations do you? When checking someone for injures you need to remove their armor pieces and most likely the blacks underneath”
“Hey Techie no body gets to see me naked” Y/N pushes his hands off of her but he wasn’t listening as he took care of the armor leaving her blacks on of course.
“Is she going to be alright?” Wrecker’s worry filled voice immediately run through Y/N’s ears as she grabs Tech’s wrist making him stop.
“Let the one with medical training handle this Tech…”
“For once. I agree with her” Hunter interrupts helping them pull the gurney into the hanger completely then to the hall heading toward the medbay.
“Always a pleasure working with the Bad Ba—-Oh. It’s Y/N. Alright. Give some space. You’ll stay out here” Kix pushes the bad batch members holding the gurney off as he pulls her inside. “Get a surgery tray prepped and the on-call surgeon just in case” he barks his orders as the door close.
“If this…was how she came out of there. What kind of injuries would we have succumbed to if we stayed?” Echo questions immediately only for them to realize that she told them to go on purpose. She knew she’d get ambushed.
But she always lands back on her feet.
“You took on a small fleet of controlled droids, including the ship they came onto the planet in. Just so they would make it back without issue”
“The ship was to send out my beacon. Couldn’t really destroy it and I was in no condition it pilot. I didn’t think I’d get back in the same day the batch did, but hey. I got lucky I guess? But I swear Crosshair seems to always want to push your buttons Kix”
“He cares about you. They all do. You’ve been out cold for a week and they haven’t left yet.”
“You just want them to leave you alone”
“I’d like them to stop asking me when you’ll wake up. But now I can proudly say that you have” Kix got up from his seat beside her bed as Y/N felt uneasy and he knew that. “They can wait a minute if you’d like”
“Nah, let them in. I’ll just continue to annoy you if we sit here for another moment”
“Alright. Don’t walk on the leg. You’ll be out of commotion for a while”
“Hear you loud and clear doc” Y/N smiles watching Kix leave the medbay before watching the bad batch enter. They weren’t in all of their armor, but they always look menacing regardless. “Howdy boys. What brings you to these parts of the galaxy? Shouldn’t you be back on Kamino living it up in that small quarters the five of you share”
“Oh shut up” Wrecker snaps making Y/N tense a bit. “You scared us!”
“I what…?”
“You should’ve told us about the tracking mechanism in the device. The one you couldn’t remove. Then we would’ve helped you with the ambush” Hunter states sitting beside Y/N’s bed as the words didn’t seem to want to come out of her. Nor were any of them done.
“They could’ve kidnapped you. Harmed you worse than what we see now. Fuck. You could’ve died!” Echo snaps bringing himself to the other side of the bed. “HOW DOES THAT MAKE US FEEL?”
“Echo I—-“
“No. You don’t get to say anything. Don’t get to steer this in a direction that “I did this for a reason” bullshit. We work as a team. You may be a bounty hunter and roam the galaxy working alone, but we have worked with you before. You know you are apart of a team. You don’t get to just think of yourself. We never do! We always think about you and your safety” Tech states pinching his arm out of anxious habit.
“You mean more to us than you think, Y/N. You’re an annoying fucking bounty hunter. But you are our annoying fucking bounty hunter. I’m not letting you die. None of us are” Crosshair crosses his arms leaning against the wall.
Y/N sat there after hearing all of them express their concerns. She didn’t even realize she was crying that entire time and it triggered all of them to start apologizing. But she shook her head laughing as she wipes away the tears.
“Maker…how did I get so lucky to have you five in my life” Y/N continues to laugh struggling to stop the tears. “Fuck it better be the drugs making me cry this much…”
“Most likely it’s not” Tech informs sitting on the end of the bed keeping mind of her elevated leg. “Could be you are still in pain”
“Oh I’m kicking that medic’s ass” Wrecker yells. “I’m joining you on that bullshit” Crosshair adds about to leave when Hunter held the gesture up to stop them.
“No need to track down the 501st medic for an illegitimate reason.”
“And I’m not in pain…it’s just. Weird” She laughs again wiping away the ongoing tears. “I didn’t want to get attached. But I always keep coming back to you five. Not wanting to be torn away at the end of the day. I took that risk because you took plenty for me, I’m not losing any of you”
“We aren’t losing you either, cyar’ika” Hunter took her hand carefully into his.
Y/N finally relaxed after that, tense from her injuries and the sudden confession along with the additional yelling. She couldn’t help it. She felt safe with them even if she pushes their buttons. They are her home.
“So…” Y/N pulls her hand away giving them all a smirk as she leans back into the bed. “When did you five realize you have the hots for me?” She teases getting annoyed playful groans from Echo and Crosshair while Tech face palmed as Hunter shook his head. Wrecker just glared at her for a brief moment before roaring out a laugh.
“There’s our girl”
“May I remind you captain, how much I hate working with The Bad Batch”
“Wow. Even Echo?”
“Echo is the only exception. Well. Except for the attitude he developed the longer he stayed with those four”
“What? It’s a team of six now?” Kix questions Rex as he nods waiting for the batch to join them for the report.
“Yeah. I believe you have worked on the sixth member before she had made her position permanent”
“Oh god you don’t mean—-“
Y/F/N Y/L/N, Bad Batch’s Bounty Hunter and Weapon Specialist
Y/N pushed open the doors alerting the group’s arrival as she gave the medic a wink and a smile causing Crosshair to loom over her making Kix immediately turn away.
“Awww come on Cross. Don’t scare them”
“What’s mine is mine”
“Yeah yeah” Y/N smiles pushing him to the back where he usually broods. “Miss me captain?”
“It’s always nice having you around Y/N, but when your partners glare at me like that. I wish you weren’t here” Rex smiles handing the datapad to Hunter as he and Echo look it over for a plan of attack.
“At least you’re honest”
Y/N’s armor now had the bad batch colors, but more specifically, the designed the boys carried on their armor or as tattoos were painted on her left arm plate. Starting top to bottom; the other half of hunter’s skull tattoo, tech’s caricature seen on the side of his helmet, crosshair’s obvious crosshair, echo’s handprint with half painted robotic, and at the end wrecker’s lula’s face print but with one eye missing to indicate his cybernetic.
She is truly one of theirs.
Taglist: @xxeiraxx @Spp2011 @perpetual-fangirl900 @captain-rexs-girlfriend @fennign @proadhog
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soclonely · 10 hours ago
Technically Engaged: Chapter 4- The Speedo
Summary: David Filoni is a coward and won’t give us a crack plot of Tech being forced into an engagement he doesn’t want to be in so I gotta do it for him.
Chapter 4: Guys I really don’t know what I am doing
Warnings:This is all around a crack fic that I honestly would expect to happen as a filler episode in star wars. Just many chapters of Tech being weird trying to put off a princess he is engaged to.
Word Count: 691
"Tech trust me. If you wear these out to the beach for your engagement party, they will surely have to call off the wedding!" Echo calls from the outside of the changing room door, tossing over a leopard print speedo. "Trust me! Its a foolproof plan." He insists, covering his mouth as he tries to hide his laughter.
"A-are you sure about this?" Tech's nervous voice called from the dressing room. "This is so revealing!Provocative!" The sound of shuffling can be heard as he puts the small piece of cloth on. "Are you sure this is legal?" He asks, looking at himself in the mirror.
"Not sure if its legal but its funny." Echo says under his breath, looking over just in time to see Hunter give him a dirty look. "What?" He asks, shrugging. "No one else has any other ideas." He knocks on the door of the changing room. "Hey Tech you done in there yet? We need you to come out so we can work on today's plan!"
Tech takes a deep breath and adjusts his goggles. "Aright! I'm coming out." He unlatches the door, stepping out of the room slowly. "Well," He looks at the other two. "How do I look?" He asks nervously, adjusting the short swimsuit."This thing is highly impractical. Where am I supposed to keep my datapad?"
"Uh, don't worry about it Tech. I'll holding it for you, here!" Hunter averts his eyes as he reaches for the pad in Tech's hands, exchanging it with a towel."Just cover yourself up until we get out to the beach." He adds, looking away.
"It can't be that bad!" Tech huffs, ignoring Hunter's request. He turns around to glare at Echo. "If this doesn't work I am going to hack into that brain of yours and fix whatever screws you still have loose in that head of yours!" He exclaims, putting his hands on his hips. "I am going to have awkward tan lines, a wedgie for the next 6 hours, and leopard print?" He looks down, shaking his head. "Even I know this is out of style!"
Echo's face flushes red as he avoids looking at the angry trooper. "If this doesn't work, I don't know what will-"
"HEY GUYS!" Wrecker's voice booms as he walks into the locker room. "Guess who is on the planet right now and on their way to the party- HOLY FORCE TECH! WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!" He stops, covering his eyes. "I'm sorry i thought you guys would be ready!"
Tech rolls his eyes."We are ready Wrecker. This speedo is Echo's brilliant idea." He shoots another dirty look before tossing the towel over his shoulder, folding his arms self consciously across his chest.
"Who is on the planet Wrecker?" Hunter asks, desperately trying to change the subject. "You said someone was coming to the party?"
Wrecker removes the hand covering his eyes, looking at the ground. "Oh uh right! Its Crosshair! And thats not all." Wrecker growls, cracking his knuckles. "Tarkin is with him."
"Why the hell are they here?" Echo begins to panic. "I thought King Hubert said he wouldn't call the Empire if Tech agreed to marry Tech! All of this, for nothing!"
"Because I told him to invite him, clearly." Tech responds, walking toward the door. "He is our brother after all and doing this will have the Empire thinking they have us trapped. If we are stuck here on this planet, we aren't a threat. And besides if  have to suffer at a beach like this, so does Crosshair," He takes a final look at himself in the mirror, turning around to check the backside."Wait why does it say "Juicy" on the butt?"
Hunter rubs his temples as Echo and Wrecker laugh. "Come on you three idiots." He sighs, trying to hold back a smile. "Lets go get this over with." He picks up his own towel, walking toward the door. "Lets go see that wayward brother of ours and your beloved princess." He teases.
"Please maker, let this work." Tech mumbles one last time, adjusting the speedo one last time before following the others.
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darthskys · 11 hours ago
Okay I’ve finally forgiven Cad Bane for separating my favorite clone family but ONLY because he, like Thrawn, is a sexy blueberry man
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