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#obi wan kenobi
luuukkeee · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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Seriously guys, what stops you from watching Halston?
It literally is a “Ewan McGregor having gay sex every episode” kind of show.
I know Anakin would watch it......secretly.
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kenfetti-week · 4 hours ago
I'm planning on writing for kenfetti week, but I was wondering if we had to do all the days?? there's some that I'm pretty stuck on, so I just wanted to check :0
- Mod A -
Oh, not at all! You can do as many or as few fills as you like, all we want is to make content for Kenfetti and have fun doing it. If you write 20k for each prompt or just a single ficlet for one, we’ll be delighted by your participation!
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padawansuggest · 5 hours ago
R2D2: Luke Skywalker, you are the second dumbest man I have ever met in my life. I’ll follow you to hell and back, just like I did the first one.
Luke: Who was the first one???
R2D2: Your father.
Luke: *sniffling* Plz tell me the dumb stories?
R2D2: Okay but I’mma need a jumper cable. I need a jolt to get through any story involving Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Force ghosts Obi and Ani: :/
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ripdeckard · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anakin dies due to not being funny (canon)
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butchcassidys · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I received 3 separate packages in the mail today and idk maybe I have an issue????
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reginasansrex · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
"You're a world away
Somewhere in the crowd
In a foreign place
Are you happy now?"
— Happy Now by Zedd, Elley Duhé
Tumblr media
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lifbitch · 7 hours ago
Whumpay 2021: Day 15 - Near-Death
Peace and Attachment
read on ao3 906 words graphic depictions of violence, near-death, star wars, the clone wars, obi-wan kenobi, cc-2224 | commander cody, anakin skywalker, ahsoka tano, hurt!obi-wan kenobi, graphic injuries, gore
Obi-Wan wasn’t sure what had happened. One minute he was doing the Sword and Shield maneuver with Commander Cody deep in the pits of the warehouses of Brentaal IV, and then, a gunship careered out of the sky, heading straight towards them.
Commander Cody immediately lunged for Obi-Wan—who was already running—to push him aside and shield him. But at the last moment, Obi-Wan used the Force to push all of his men back. He couldn’t let them get hurt!
The ship was torn apart as it made contact with the buildings and then the ground. All firing and battle in the area temporarily stopped, though the battle in the sky was still being laid down with heavy cannon fire.
The next few seconds were nothing but impossibly loud noise that seemed to stab straight into his brain, getting thrown apart, and hit by various things, and then some strange pressure.
He coughed away the dust, blinking open his eyes. The pain kicked in, and Obi-Wan screamed. His legs were in agony, the very bones seeming to screech with the pain. And then he noticed the pain in his stomach that went all the way through to his back. Blood gurgled up into his mouth, and he coughed, and struggled for breath.
Cody had yelled, calling men over as he raced towards him, and they were trying to move Obi-Wan. He’d gotten trapped under one of the torn-off wings of the gunship, and some of the debris had punctured him.
“Commander, what if the pressure of the debris is all that’s keeping him from not bleeding out?” one of the clones asked (was it Waxer?) when pulling Obi-Wan out began to prove unsuccessful and he was bleeding more heavily.
“Cody…” Obi-Wan breathed. “Just do it.”
“Alright. Men, have a field cauterizer ready.”
One of his men—he could no longer tell who with his vision blurring and going black and red—took off his pack and started searching for the tool.
This was going to hurt.
After some deliberating and planning, they began to push and lift. Boil was calling for backup, and droids began to fire again. A protective perimeter was laid out, his men protecting him with a fierce loyalty.
They managed to get Obi-Wan out from under the wing, and that’s when blood nearly began to gush from him. He was losing touch on reality. He tried reaching for the Force, but it seemed to almost slip out of his grasp.
They set to work on him, and he barely felt it.
Obi-Wan was conscious for the rest of the battle and for when they managed to take him back to the Negotiator, but for the life of him, he had no idea what had happened. Nothing had made sense, and he hadn’t been able to respond to anything. He’d just been like a useless doll. Completely helpless, at anyone’s mercy.
Something was injected into him, and he was losing consciousness as he was carried towards a bacta tank.
“Hey, I think he’s waking up.”
“Don’t be too loud, Snips. He’s been through a lot.”
“Yeah, but—”
“Lovely,” Obi-Wan managed to groan, even as he struggled to open his eyes. “Could you two…”—a yawn cracked his jaws—”please shut up?”
A relieved giggle met him.
Obi-Wan managed to open his eyes and he saw Anakin and Ahsoka, one on either side of him. Anakin grasped his forearm.
“Glad to have you back.”
“What happened?” Obi-Wan asked.
“Gunship fell from the sky.”
“Oh, no, I do vividly remember that part.”
“Well, Cody got you back to the ship,” Ahsoka filled in, “and, well…”
“Look, all that matters is that you’re alright,” Anakin said.
Obi-Wan tried to sit up, but pain flared in his abdomen and twinged in his legs. He laid back down.
Then he noticed the teary gazes on him.
“I…” A darkness surrounded him, and he actually thought he might start crying. How wonderful. “I almost died, didn’t I?” he asked, voice much quieter and more lost than he’d ever intended it to come out as.
Anakin swallowed roughly. “Yeah.”
Ahsoka, clearly having a hard time with the moment, playfully punched him in the shoulder, making him wince, and said, “But you didn’t!”
“No, indeed I didn’t.”
Suddenly, Anakin flung himself into Obi-Wan, and their arms wrapped around each other almost immediately. Hugging his former Padawan hurt, but he wouldn’t have it any other way, and he… he had felt himself slipping. And he hadn’t even truly known what it had meant while it was happening, but now… after the fact.
Oh Force.
Anakin buried his face in Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “I’m glad you’re okay, Obi-Wan.”
Obi-Wan couldn’t say anything, just tried to breathe and hold back the shaking that wanted to take over. A tear trailed down his face, fear for his own death that had almost happened, but immense sadness at what it would have been like for Anakin and Ahsoka. He held on tight until weakness took him, and he had to lie back down. Ahsoka rested her head on his shoulder, and he pat the crown of her montrals.
Not long after a medical droid came to check on him and administer some medicine, he fell asleep, and, his former Padawan and his lineage was with him, he felt at peace. Attachment wasn’t their way, but during a brutal war, sometimes it was all they had.
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tvpeongsstuff · 7 hours ago
Supreme Emperor Obi-Wan Kenobi (part 6)
The stormtroopers flanking Master Unduli drew their blasters and pointed them at her where she was kneeling on the floor. She knocked them back with the force while simultaneously pulling their blasters away from them and jumping up into a defensive stance. Her back was to the wall. The blasters all landed close to her.
"Obi-Wan?" She queried. She sounded calm but Obi-Wan could see the agitation she was venting. "You really need to explain."
Master Unduli looked around warily. Obi-Wan had no doubt that she was looking for an exit and was assessing who the biggest threats were. In no time at all, she turned her full attention to him.
Behind her were the troopers she had knocked down. They were standing back up and dropping into fighting positions, blocking her way out of the main entrance. In front of her were the unconscious guards, Palpatine, and Vader. They had been moved to the bottom of the steps leading up to Palpatine's desk after they had been put in binders. The troopers who had been in the room before she came in had all been milling about finalizing their reports. So, when they turned and raised their blasters at her, they were positioned all over the room. Cody was hugging a crying Appo, in front of the desk, near the chairs where they had done their surgery. The medidroids were hovering above them.
Directly in front of her, Bail was grimacing, clutching his right leg. His foot was bent in a weird way. The ankle looked broken. Obi-Wan absentmindedly reached out with the force and healed it. Bail scrambled out of the way.
Obi-Wan himself was in front of the holoprojector. He was dirty and sweaty. He was sure he smelled. He was missing his outer robes and his over tunic and under tunic were cut and singed in several places that made it obvious he had been in a fight. He had blood stains and grime all over him. Some of the blood had not come from him but most of it had and had not dried yet. The majority of his wounds had only just healed. The force acting without his input to speed up his recovery. He could barely feel them now.
His hair was unkempt, lanky, and flat. He was one adrenaline crash away from collapsing and looked it - strung out and high. His lightsaber was in its usual position in its holster. He had not drawn it nor would he. But, to someone who had been held captive for years, clearly he was the most dangerous adversary in the room.
"All troopers lower your guns and stand down." Immediate obedience. It felt sick and wrong, twisted. Obi-Wan could see how Master Unduli reacted to his control over the clones. She crouched lower to make herself less of a target; her blaster was trained right at him.
"Master Unduli," Obi-Wan started, "You have nothing to fear. You can leave whenever you want. I just ask that you hear me out." He sensed her disbelief. "Here," He took out his lightsaber and placed it on the ground. "Take this."
She did not hesitate. She called the lightsaber to her and used the force to check if it could turn it on. Master Unduli dropped the blaster and took hold of the lightsaber. Obi-Wan could feel a marginal lessening of her fear in the force.
She sighed. Then all at once her fear vanished. She was shielding herself. She put her hand on her stomach but did not come out of her pose. She could move into Shii Cho or Soresu at a moment's notice. He decided to break the news to her in one swift go.
"I'm the emperor now."
"You're the emperor!?" her shock was palpable. It broke through her shields.
"Yes," Obi-Wan replied.
"How!" Master Unduli practically shouted.
"I would also like to know exactly what happened." Bail said.
Obi-Wan felt like he was in a dream. What type of dream? He was unsure. In the back Cody was holding Appo who had collapsed to the ground in a mirror of how he had held Cody minutes? yes, minutes ago. The other troopers were unarmed but definitely ready for a fight. The author of his pain was unconscious at his feet. His beloved monster brother was getting some much needed rest. And, his friends Bail and Luminara were scared of him.
"I will answer all questions but first all troopers except Cody and Appo must leave the room. And, ZT units must power down." He couldn't risk triggering something in the programming of either group that he could not predict. He waited until the troopers were in the outer room and then he closed the door. He had to choose his words carefully.
"I.....Vader was trying to...draw on the power of the darkside in a fight...which knocked out all the darksiders near him. I was able to use a sleep suggestion on him. He was wide open in the force and I was able to direct his powers a little. He's still draining the darksiders. The good news is, it weakened Palpatine enough that I gained access to his mind and saw snippets of what he has done to the Jedi, the clones, and the republic. I also saw a way to fix my most immediate concern at the time. Now I am going to use it to fix everything."
"How were you able to overpower Vader's defenses and get him to go to sleep?" Master Unduli sounded suspicious.
"Is it that difficult?" asked Bail.
"Yes. Unless the person is weak willed, compromised in some way, or trusts you, it is hard to get them to submit their will to yours. The middle of a battle is not a time when anyone would let their guard drop enough for some one else to impose their will on them. How were you able to get Vader to listen to you?" Master Unduli had not moved out of defense at yet. She was holding the saber with both hands. Obi-Wan did not really want to answer that question.
"Easy. Vader is Skywalker" The reply came from an unexpected source. Appo was sitting up. He had stopped crying and was staring at the bodies on the ground. No, he was staring at Vader. Cody looked surprised. He was not the only one.
"No," Master Unduli breathed out. "Skywalker fell? He's Vader? What did he do?" She put her hand back on her belly. Obi-Wan tracked the motion.
"Master Unduli...." he trailed off. She saw where his eyes were focused. She took her hand off her belly and brought it back up to the saber. She squared her shoulders but said nothing else. He did not know how to finish his question. He glanced away shamefacedly.
Before the silence could get too awkward, Bail responded to her questions. "Skywalker fell and led his troops against the temple. He also strangled Senator Amidala. Obi-Wan.."
Commander Appo interrupted him. "He killed Senator Amidala? I thought he loved her!"
Obi-Wan wanted to protest that Anakin did..does love the Padme. He was just lost in the dark. He wouldn't have done any of the things he did if he had been in his right mind. Vader had made a shrine of her tomb. His latest rampage was because Obi-Wan had visited her. But he was afraid that it was a case of someone protesting too much. He wanted to believe that Vader could love but he had no proof.
Appo came into his line of sight followed by Cody. He was still talking. "Why am I so surprised when he knew we were chipped and he left us like that!"
Obi-Wan took a half step back. That hurt to hear.
"Lord Vader," Appo practically growled,"cares for no one and nothing. We trusted him. He made us think that we were people when he knew we were no better than meat droids! He ordered us to kill children for him! To kill friends! To kill other vod! The Senator trusted him! He was probably controlling her too! She broke free of his mind control and he killed her! He killed her!"
Commander Appo was shaking, he was so angry. He was laser-focused on Vader. Cody was also angry but it was tempered by concern for his brother. Turning to Bail he asked,
"Did you see him do it? Perhaps there is another reason she died. Would he really have hurt his pregnant wife?" Nobody looked surprised. That relationship and marriage really was the worst kept secret on Coruscant.
"I wasn't there Commander but Obi-Wan was. He tried to stop him and their fight put Vader in that suit."
Everyone turned to look at him. Obi-Wan knew what they could see in face, read in his posture. He knew he was venting grief, horror, and despair into the force. Poor Master Unduli, she should not have to feel this. Nobody should feel this. Obi-Wan needed to bury his emotions deep behind his shields until he fixed everything.
"The suit?" Luminara queried. Obi-Wan wanted to look at her. She was curious but she was projecting so much calmness into the force. He wanted to walk up to her and ask her to meditate with him but..his complicated feelings, her condition; it was probably not a good idea. She should not have to comfort him. Just this once he had to be the strong one.
"He needs it to breathe and move. I believe he's a cyborg now." Obi-Wan's voice was monotonous. He had to hold it together.
"Like Grievous? Is that why he felt the need to rely on such extreme measures to beat you this time?" Master Unduli asked.
"Yes...Maybe," Obi-Wan knew he had to explain but thinking of the lengths his padawan went to to kill him made him nauseous.
"Why didn't you kill him? Why don't you kill him now?" Commander Appo was so angry.
"I...couldn't" Obi-Wan wanted to say he thought he had. He couldn't land the killing blow but who survives dismemberment and falling into lava?
"Of course you couldn't! He's your vod. But I feel nothing but loathing for him. I'll do it. you don't know half stuff he's made us do. I'll be happy to do it." Commander Appo said.
To this, at least, Obi-Wan had a response. "I'm sorry Commander, we can't kill him. Without him all the darksiders will wake up. Sidious will wake up and raise his shields. We will lose access to his mind. We have an opportunity now to fix everything. But I can't do it alone. I will need all of your help."
Not the most impassioned of pleas but it was all that he had.
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jedimasterbailey · 7 hours ago
For the character ask, Luminara?
LUMINARA 💚😍 Thank you so much for this ask, I swear I could write a whole thesis on how much I love and adore this woman.
1.) How I feel about this character
Luminara is my favorite Jedi and she’s one of my favorite characters to write in my stories💚 I’ve been mesmerized by her since I first saw her “Cloak of Darkness”. It was just so refreshing to see a Jedi that was just so serene and humble and a good parental figure for Ahsoka to look up to not mention badass! Her duel with Ventress is hands down one of the best lightsaber duels in all of Star Wars. My love for her has increased tenfold as an adult since I’ve re watched the Clone Wars episodes (including the one with her and Barriss in the 2003 version) and read both the Medstar duology and “The Approaching Storm” legends books. Not to mention I am friendly with her voice actress. She is severely underrated and misunderstood in the fandom which makes me a little sad since I always thought everyone could see the beautiful character I see. To me Luminara represents the kind of person I think everyone needs in their life. She’s that motherly figure that is warm and kind and would do anything for you but would also be completely honest with you and guide you in the right direction if need be. Also I find her so pretty like the animators had no right making her so fine 👌🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2.) Who I romantically ship this character with
If you know me from my fanfic, Obi-wan. Now before y’all get the pitchforks and torches out, hear me out. I really loved their dynamic onscreen together in the Clone Wars. It was once again refreshing for Obi-wan to interact with someone who is just as calm and collected as he is and they seem to be close in age judging by appearances. I too share that same headcanon that she, Obi, and Quinlan grew up together and were the very best of friends (and still are). Also the way Luminara acts so playful around Obi-wan and how persistent and concerned Obi-wan was for her when she got captured by the zombie bugs is just so 🥺Is there something there? Their personalities just mesh well and they have a sweet relationship/rapport in “The Approaching Storm” novel. I also ship them for the selfish reason in that they’re two of my favorite characters and I think they would be such a beautiful, classy couple. Luminara deserves a true love too and I think she would have a penchant for a gentleman like Obi-wan. Since we don’t Luminara really interacting with anyone else (besides Anakin, Barriss, and Ahsoka), I don’t personally really see any other ships for her but I know there are others out there and each to their own 😊 I also love the image of the ever so cool Luminara blushing and fumbling over a crush, it’s an adorable sight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3.) A Non-Romantic OTP
Barriss 💙 If you’ve ever read the little canon comics or read the legends books, it’s pretty clear Barriss is like the center of Luminara’s universe 💙💚 They are the mother/daughter dynamic we deserve to see more of in Star Wars. They love each other 🥺 it’s so obvious in their facial expressions in the Clone Wars. Also their ability to fight in complete synchronization is just so lovely and badass. I’m a sucker for wholesome Master/Padawan content so please Lucasfilm give these Mirialans the attention they deserve and p.s Barriss deserves to be the one to set Luminara’s body free from that Imperial hell shes in 😭
4.) My unpopular opinion on the character
I’m not sure if this would be considered an “unpopular opinion” or not but Luminara does not deserve her horrific fate at all and her body needs to be set free. Like somehow Feloni gave a Jedi a fate worse than Order 66 and he chose Luminara to have said fate (like Christ dude what did Luminara do to you?!). I cannot and will not re watch that Rebels episode because I will cry 😢 Not only has she lost her Padawan and her entire Jedi family, but she was tortured and executed in the most I humane way only for her corpse to be used as bait to lure surviving’s heartbreaking 💔
5.) What I wish would happen in canon
I want Luminara to have a complete canon story where we get to see her as a woman rather than just a secondary Jedi character. I want to see her relationship with Barriss explored, maybe even her own past and I want to see her set free from the Empire. Just more Luminara content in general please and thank you 💚
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darlinglittlemeg · 8 hours ago
Rey: this is stupid
Ben: I know-
Ben: why are two chaperoning us??
Din: because you’re kids
*Luke hood on, drinking a blue boba tea with sunglasses*
Luke: We wanted a free meal
Ben: seriously?
Din: we’re broke...always have been
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phoenixyfriend · 8 hours ago
In Star Wars, who would get which miraculous, do you think?
I’d once again like to remind people that I don’t know what I’m talking about BUT let’s get into this. I’m going to ignore ages.
I want to say that the main Cat/Ladybug duo is Luke and Leia. Like when it comes to matched sets, the twins are a good option. Later on... hm. They pass on the set to Poe and Finn. (Not Rey, because I have something better for Rey.)
Obi-Wan gets the turtle because he’s the Master of Soresu, a primarily defensive form.
Palpatine gets the butterfly because his whole thing is getting inside people’s heads and making them do Bad Shit in reaction to bad emotions.
Ahsoka, but specifically Fulcrum, gets the Fox. I just feel like she’d do really well with it. She sneaky.
I want to give the peacock to Yoda because I think it would be Really Funny. On a less “for shits and giggles” front, I want to say that General Leia would use this.
Rey gets the monkey because she deserves to cause chaos and whack things with a stick. Her power is “confuse the shit out of you” and her other power is “hit you really really hard.”
Qui-Gon gets the bunny so he can be incredibly, annoyingly mysterious and vague about the future, past, and metaphysical nonsense. He’s very helpful but I want him to be annoying. Please let him be annoying and not particularly tied to time and space.
Anakin can get the dragon because he’s a force of nature.
Padme gets the mouse in honor of the handmaidens ploy.
Cody gets the bee because I say so. (Punching out Grievous isn’t as nice as kicking him, but you know what? Good enough.)
Han gets the pig because it would make him so mad. The superpower is based on jubilance. A superpower based on joy, and it lets him see people’s greatest desires. He didn’t even want superpowers, why did he get this?
Rex deserves something that makes his life easier so I’m giving him the horse.
We don’t know enough about the rest of the miraculous powers yet for me to do anything with that.
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huffleclawrox · 8 hours ago
cody: i’m stone cold. unbreakable. a true ice cold clone
obi-wan: *smiles and laughs*
cody: i’m a mess. someone help
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spacehimbos · 9 hours ago
If I were obi wan I too would pretend to not know artoo
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thechaoticfanartist · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Have a silly comic of Grim & Obi-Wan
Tumblr media
Original quote. Can be found on @grimthejedisith
Tag list (let me know if you want to be added or removed): @zeldaiscool19 @darth-bimbo @soclonely @fate-and-destiny @padme--amygdala @jgvfhl @togrutanduin @darlingkenobi
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