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#modern au
decembercamiecherries · 28 minutes ago
killugon + crushes
Here you go!
“It’s your turn, now. You get to ask me truth or dare.”
“Oh! Okay, um...truth or dare, Killua?”
“Truth.” Killua pauses, then adds when Gon just looks at him. “And now you get to ask me a question.”
Gon frowns. “But what if you don’t want to answer my question?”
“Well, that’s kind of the point. This game is supposed to put you on the spot. So--go ahead. Ask me something”
“Hmm…” Gon rocks back and forth, one hand on each of his crossed knees as he and Killua sit on the carpet of his bedroom floor. He doesn’t really get the point of these games but Killua says they’re a right of passage for kids at sleepovers. And since this is his first sleepover ever after moving off of Whale Island and to the busy city of York New, he wants to do it right.
But it’s hard. Gon feels like he already knows everything about Killua, the fair-skinned and blue-eyed teen he’s become best friends with in the past few weeks. Every time they’re together feels like the best day of Gon’s life. They’re closer than close, more friendly than friends, share a connection deeper than brothers. What could he possibly want to know about Killua that he doesn’t already know?
Well. There is one thing.
“Do you like someone?” Gon asks and watches the smile fall right off Killua’s face.
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jace-the-writer-guy · 38 minutes ago
(Streamer AU) for all of them.
So have you guys seen those vtubers? Any inspirations for your streams there?
"I think they're awesome!" Aerial replied and gave a smile, "Like it's really cool how these people can use virtual avatars like they do and actually play the character. I think it's perfect for everyone that might not be too confident in themselves like with how they look or how they sound. I really look up to a lot of them because of that, especially Ebony."
"And a lot of them have really cool designs too," Carlisha added, "They can be so over the top how they want that they can't really do with their actual selves."
"Yeah, I agree. They're cool," Wave said for himself, "Plus, people like Ebony can take what they look like now and just expand on it and give themselves so much lore and stuff. It's really interesting."
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jace-the-writer-guy · 38 minutes ago
A note about the Streamer AU
I thought about this for a little bit last night, but I decided to change some things for this AU regarding the faunus. Basically, there will be no faunus. People like Ebony, Carlisha, Blake, or Neon would instead be human. For Ebony, this is especially different because instead of being 8 feet tall, she's just a head taller than Sakura (but still has around the same body type).
So yeah, there's that.
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limawhiskey · 54 minutes ago
A run for your money
Chapter 2: The chase is on
They where making their way out of the nightclub, when they where stoped by a woman, red hair, tall and intimidating, she had her arms crossed "going somewhere" she said " yeah...out.." Lilli replied Hancock appeared from behind her "Fahrenheit listen, me and this uh...esteemed lady here have some business to tend to, while im gone your in charge ok?" Hancock said.
Fahrenheit moved aside and nodded
"Alright get in" Lilli said
"This is your car?" Hancock said, surprised at it. It was a deep red 1968 chevy impala.
"Its nice right? Why do you look so surprised?" Lilli said
"These cars cost like—"
Lilli interrupted him "eleven thousand dollars"
"How much do you make?!"
"That Information is strictly confidential" Lilli smirked and got in the drivers seat. Hancock got into the passengers side, and silently admired the interior. Lilli glanced at him and smirked as she stepped on the gas.
"So this sinjin guy whats the beef between you two?" Lilli asked
"God i cant even remember, guys a scumbag, used to hang around the nightclub till I chased him off"
Hancock told
"Hmm..whats his play? He had two handymen following him around when he was at my place"
"He likes having hostages as leverage, takes people close to you, family, friends, makes you meet him somewhere, either kills you or the hostage"
"So a coward then" Lilli said
They where silent for a moment
"So is your name really John Hancock or is that some kinda stage name?" Lilli asked him
"Is your name really Lilli?" He said in return. Lilli looked at him and smiled slyly before turning her gaze back to the road and speeding up.
They made it to her apartment which wasn't very far, maybe a ten minute drive, twenty tops if the traffic was bad.
Lilli lived at the top of her apartment complex, her place was fairly roomy for one person, but she has a weapons room a place to keep all her files and secrets and somewhere she has a secret escape route for emergencies. "Right this is my place, make yourself at home, im going to make myself something to eat" she said and walked straight to her kitchen, Hancock wasn't sure where he should make himself at home so he followed her and sat at the kitchen table. "Pretty big place you got here" he said, looking around "i make more money than you think" Lilli smiled
"No you have a lot of..clients ?" He asked "more than you might expect, but im not just some floozy you find out on the street to do your bidding, i wont just go and end someone's life if they haven't deserved it, and no kids. If you hire me, the job gets done and there aren't witnesses and no evidence, im good at what i do" Lilli explained "hmm, so i take it you charge quite a bit then?" Hancock asked
"That all depends on who im after and who hired me, sometimes ill even do it for free if the person hiring me can't afford it. You ask a lot of questions"
"Sorry, just making conversation"
Hancock replied
"I have something we can talk about" she said, walking over to the table with a sandwich and two beers. She sat down across from Hancock and places one of the beers in front of him, he thanked her and opened it.
"Sinjin, where would he go, what do we have to work with?" She asked him. Hancock took a swig of his beer. "Not much, unless you have something on the guy"
"I have a file granted its not much guys not bad at keeping himself off the radar, i keep a record of all my clients, and targets" Lilli shot him a look "you have a file on me?" Hancock asked "a small one, there wasn't much to compile other than nightclub owner and drug dealer" Lilli took a bite of her sandwich
"And you came to kill me anyway?" Hancock raised his eyebrows at her "well my plan was to check you out myself and see if i could get any more information maybe have a little fun before mercilessly assassinating you but you got to me first" Lilli gave him a sarcastic smile "gosh how thoughtful of you" Hancock replied, equally sarcastic.
Lilli finished her sandwich as they discussed sinjin and the plan to find and possibly erase him from existence. "To be honest there isn't much i know about him, but...i do know of some people who might, and i bet if we can get to them then we can get to him wont be easy though" Hancock explained and finished off his beer. "Just the way i like it, difficult to the bitter end, who are these people then?" Lilli asked
"They go by the names smiling Kate and Northy. Real nasty people. Smiling Kate shes...absolutely batshit insane"
"What like..painting the walls with blood insane?" Lilli asked
"shes like, the kind of person to watch you be eaten by rats like its the latest episode of her favorite sitcom"
"Ahh so shes one of those people, ok, what about the other one?"
"Northy's more careful doesn't jump the gun like Kate he might be more difficult to catch than Kate, might be easier to get Kate before Northy, at the same time though Northy is more likely to go into hiding and board himself up somewhere if we go for Kate first " Hancock explained
"That is a good assessment mayor Hancock, perhaps i should add professional assassin to your file" Lilli joked. She stood up to put away the dishes.
"Mayor?" Hancock raised an eyebrow at Lilli "yeah, you know your the mayor of Goodneighbor its got a ring to it sounds catchy" Lilli explained
"Yeah if you say so" Hancock laughed halfheartedly
"I do, listen id drive you home but im really not in the mood to drive again its late and traffic and, i cant think of another excuse, id give you a guest bedroom but they dont have beds so...the couch is yours just, mind the windows" she told him and disappeared to her bedroom, she brought him a blanket. "Feel free to shower as well or whatever"
"You know your being awfully trusting you often let strangers sleep on your couch" Hancock remarked
"No, you are the first stranger im allowing on my couch actually, and i could say the same to you, considering i was going to kill you three hours ago" she smirked
"Touché" Hancock chuckled
"Besides, don't mistake my hospitality for trust, if you and me are gonna be partners on this ill treat you as such, so,, don't go about messing that up" Lilli said and walked back to her bedroom.
Hancock awkwardly made himself comfortable on the couch, reminded of her warning to be mindful of the windows...he dared not think about why.
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isabellajack · an hour ago
Tumblr media
(Complete - 3708 words - T)
Hilarity ensues when two savvy yet ridiculous detectives cross paths with the one and only -retired- Captain America.
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aceass1n · 2 hours ago
Modern au Achilles teaches music on the side and a few of his students have definitely practiced coming out to their parents with him and Pat
If they stumble a bit, that’s ok. Pat has cookies.
And if they cry, that’s ok, too. Cheery’s there for them to cuddle, and Achilles usually has an odd song or two to cheer them up after.
It doesn’t always go well. The actual coming out. But Pat and Achilles are always clear that their house is a safe space if anyone needs it, and it helps a lot of the kids.
(It’s not that Achilles particularly likes kids. It’s that these ones remind him a bit too much of Pat—of the haunted look in Pat’s eyes when he told Achilles about when his father found out about his sexuality, about all of it. And if he tries to be a little nicer to the kids, if he tries to be a bit kinder, well. That’s neither here nor there.)
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molupin60 · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James Potter/Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes Characters: Lily Evans Potter, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Marlene McKinnon, Mary Macdonald, Peter Pettigrew Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Muggle, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting Summary:
Remus Lupin is hopelessly in love with a certain diving dormate named Sirius Black.
Rated M for foul language 
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troublemoi · 2 hours ago
Summary: In his thirty-seven years of life, Erwin had never expected to be so entertained by make-up tutorial videos.
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renee-writer · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Diary of Life Chapter 26 Off to North Carolina
They spend five days in bed, just loving on each other. The fifth morning, she lays across his chest, as he strokes her back.
“How would you feel about going to North Carolina?”
“Hmm, when?” She lifts sleepy, loved up eyes to him.
“Soon. I want to go see Ian Sr. distillery. We talked some at our wedding reception. The idea is to combine the two, here and there to expand both our businesses. If that is alright with you?”
“Of course, my love.” She drops a kiss on his chest. “I just can’t leave my hospital for long.” She had the permission and blessing from NHI to build and run a fifty bed hospital near Lallybroch. It was an underserved area and the hospital was much needed. She would be hiring all the staff.
“Your hospital,” he says it with pride, “should be built by the time you get back.”
“Then let’s do it.”
They have hired Mr. And Mrs. Bug to oversee Lallybroch.  Mr. Bug is a farmer and much more knowledgeable then Jamie. Mrs. Bug is excellent at running the house. But she does check in with Claire, as the Lady of Lallybroch.  They know the estate will be in good hands.
Jamie has a discussion with his caretaker before he leaves. “I want to make a special whisky here and will need juniper berries. I would like to grow them here instead of Paris. Can it be done?”
“Aye sir. The land already has some bushes on it. Not enough to do what you require but I will see more planted, if that suits?”
“Perfectly. Thank you.”
They head off early the next morning. Jamie has hired a private plane. They are still on their honeymoon and he wishes to make love to her over the ocean.  This is a plan he explains to her as they approach the airport.
“Well, I am not a member of the mile high club so that sounds perfect.”
The bed is quite nice and they make love as they fly over the Atlantic. The pilot announces they are preparing to land after the last time.
“Ready to see America, or at least a part of her?” he asks as they get dressed.
He has another reason for heading to North Carolina. He wishes to find Jenny Murray’s bones and bring them back home. He believes she will rest easier there, at Lallybroch.
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xamaxenta · 2 hours ago
Universeshipping part 999999999999
Them... all three playing Monster Hunter Rise
Judai just wants to wirebug everywhere, he instantly climbs to the top of the map and spends the entire mission taking pics, he prefers the palico partner because its cute when his palico ofc looks mean and has mismatched eyes, main weapon is long sword or dual blades, always always jumps off high places intending to do a draw mount but misses and gets yote by his intended riding target
Johan loves the new endemic life and spends most of his time looking for each one to admire, he occasionally races Judai’s character to the top of the map, he also prefers the palico partner but equally adores the palamute, main weapon is heavy bow gun or bow, often forgets to bring suitable ammunition though and has to return to camp to grab some, likes sniping and supporting his boyfriends with buffs and healing
Yusei is the only one who actually does anything and usually solos the monster, he likes the palamute partner and its of course white and grey with yellow eyes bc its stardust dragon, he doesn’t really know how to get around the map, it confused him a little hence the palamute partner to buddy ride but he’s really good at fighting, main weapon is gunlance but really enjoys great sword too he likes to control the fight at a slower pace
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aralas-shipper · 2 hours ago
Bilbo: Frodo, we’re crossing the street, take my hand.
Frodo: *does as he’s told*
Thorin: Bilbo, he’s old enough to cross without your help.
Also Thorin: *grabs Fíli and Kíli so they don’t run into traffic*
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shealwaystakesitblack · 2 hours ago
alright here it is. it's super cute. very sappy. baby-based. new chapter of 'write me down easy'! :)
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glowingmarauders · 2 hours ago
(just trying this wip rq :P)
“i think i’ve given up on love.” lily said matter-of-factly, swinging her legs up to rest on the dashboard of the parked car.
“don’t say that.” sirius blinked, eyeing her. “everyone likes you.”
“i don’t like them.” she shrugged, chewing the side of her lip. “love’s messy.”
“yeah, i suppose.” he said, shifting in the driver’s seat. “it’s so, like, pungent, and it’s always there, eating at you. constantly.”
“seems like you know much more than me.” she sighed, looking at him apprehensively. “have you ever been in love?”
he paused.
it would be easy to say no, that he hadn’t, because he hadn’t had a girlfriend since freshman year when he dated mary macdonald for three weeks, but he had. it was incredibly stupid and even more incredibly messy, but he was in love with the weird ass kid who sent the weird ass emails, and even though he didn’t know what he looked, sounded, or smelled like, he was so irresistibly in love.
“yeah.” he decided. “yeah, i have.”
lily hummed quietly for a bit, and sirius turned off the car radio slowly. his palms were sweaty and damp, and left a small fingerprint on the button.
“lily?” he started slowly, staring forwards out of the car window.
“i’m gay, lils.”
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decembercamiecherries · 3 hours ago
Killugon + invisible
Sorry for the delay in this, I wasn’t able to write anything all week but I’m trying to write the rest of last weekend’s requests now!
Killua does not tense when the locker two down from his opens. He does not look over when he hears a familiar cheerful hum. He does not open his mouth to give a greeting, does not give any indication that Gon Freecss, the star football player of their school is close enough for Killua to reach out with a hand and grasp his shoulder.
And why should he? It’s not like he and Gon know each other. They’ve never spoken, as far as Killua is aware. And Killua would be very aware if he talked to someone as bright, as wonderful, as handsome as Gon because then his heart would be racing faster than it is now and his cheeks would warm with a blush as he tripped over his words--
Killua blinks, pulled out of his daze, and automatically turns his head. Gon is walking down the hallway. He’s quickly pulled off to the side by a short boy with thick eyebrows and eager brown eyes. Within a minute, Gon is swarmed by friends and his infectious laughter is lost in the hallway chatter.
An ache rises in Killua’s chest but he quickly shoves it down. He slams his locker shut with a little more force than necessary before shoving his hands into his pockets and heading off in the opposite direction than Gon and his friends. The pain in his chest is still there, but he ignores it just like he has every day since he first transferred to Hunter High.
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elliestormfound · 3 hours ago
Witcher Kirmes AU: die Kaer Morons betreiben einen Autoscooter
Lambert ist ein geleckter Angebertyp mit Lederjacke, der aber eigentlich ein Herz aus Gold hat
Er ist verknallt in Aiden, der an der Schießbude gegenüber arbeitet
Geralt ist verknallte in Jaskier, der der Sohn vom Riesenradbesitzer ist und Tickets verkauft (Geralt geht jeden Tag Riesenrad fahren, hat sich aber noch nicht getraut Jaskier nach einem Date zu fragen)
Eskel ist der Mechaniker der Kaer Morons, er ist mit Triss zusammen, der Mechanikerin der Wasserbahn
Vesemir ist verheiratet mit Guxart (ich weiß, das hat nichts mit Kirmes zu tun, ist mir aber wichtig 😂)
Yennefer, Geralt’s beste Freundin, arbeitet als Wahrsagerin
Lambert hat sich mal für 5 Stunden im Spiegelkabinett verlaufen, leugnet das aber
Tumblr media
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residentofthedisc · 3 hours ago
My favourite thing about my favourite OC, Sixsmith, is that in a Modern AU he would absolutely be the grandpa who picks up his grandchild from school in randomised costumes.
The only reason he doesn’t in the story is a) he’s too poor for lots of costumes and b) there isn’t a school in the land who would take Kizzy the crime child.
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azzzryel · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Parce que je ne me lasse jamais des modern!AU xD
Soyons d’accord, Licinia les rétamerait tous sans problèmes... d’où le fait qu’Arturus ne joue pas d’ailleurs x3
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coalmine301 · 3 hours ago
Ahsoka: Shouldn’t Obi-wan be helping with this project?
Anakin: Just because Obi-wan is a genius doesn’t mean we need him for every project! We’re all smart, capable individuals! We can do this on our own!
Cody: He’s in Scotland visiting family.
Anakin: He said he’d check in every few hours.
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