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#wrecker tbb
murdertoothpick · 4 hours ago
dave filoni how much money would it take for you to rewrite the rest of tbb episodes so that crosshair gets his chip removed and is reunited with tbb and they move to a planet on the outer rim and live on a farm and it becomes a slice of life sitcom, i have $3 in my bank account ready to be transferred
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kratosfan6632466 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
For my followers and mutuals
Aaaaand @eyecandyeoz @aves6116 @itsjml @radbatch
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superhusbands4ever · 9 hours ago
The nuance of Wrecker’s chip not fully activating until Hunter told Rex “we couldn’t save the Jedi but we helped the padawan escape” and then the music cutting out and his pupils dilating in direct parallel to Rex’s chip activating in Shattered is just,,,, *chefs kiss*
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the-apple-tree · 10 hours ago
so hunter has heightened senses, we all know that
if the smell is so bad in their barracks that echo announces it whenever he enters, i wonder how terrible it must be for hunter
“you’ll get used to it,” hunter, mi amor, how long did it take you to get used to it?
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incorrectclonequotes · 13 hours ago
Hunter: Could you guys at least try to see this from my perspective?
Tech: *crouches down*
Crosshair: *kneels down*
Wrecker: *sits on the floor*
Hunter: I hate all of you.
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moonstrider9904 · 15 hours ago
The Bad Batch Smut series by Moonstrider9904
Hey all!~ As you know, I've recently finished writing a Wrecker smut one shot, which means I now have one smut for each batcher. I'm leaving here the links to each of them:
Each one has their own respective tags, but all of these are NSFW 18+ and minors do not interact.
If you like them, please do consider reblogging as that really helps content creators here on tumblr. I'll be writing more smuts, don't you worry!
And if you have any requests, feel free to ask me!
--Moonstrider 9904 (Crosshair's and Hunter's Favorite Fangirl)
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moonstrider9904 · 16 hours ago
Hiccups (Wrecker x Fem!Reader) ~ SMUT
Who doesn't love Wrecker? He's strong, charismatic, and he'll care more for you than he does for Lula!! And still, our big teddy bear must have a kinky side!
So go ahead, enjoy this Wrecker x You smut~
Others in the series:
Crosshair (of course he's listed first because I still simp the most for him)
WARNINGS AND TAGS: 18+. NSFW (Minors do not interact), fluff, no angst, piv unprotected sex, creampie, size kink (obviously ;)), fem oral recieving, fingering, 69, blowjob, handjob, light hunter/prey dynamic
Word count: 3.2k
Tumblr media
His mission had gone well and he’d already done his celebrating with all his brothers, and now, it was time for you to celebrate with him. You knew how hard that mission had been particularly on him. Bespin was probably one of the worst places for Wrecker to be, given his fear of heights. And yet, his brothers had told you how brave he was, and how he’d come through for them despite his fear. Of course, you’d never expected any less from your Wrecker. You always knew his heart was as big as he was, and more. You were planning on rewarding him.
Of course, it had also been a while since you and him… you know… had gotten in the mood. You wanted to surprise him. At that moment, Wrecker was still in the refresher of the hotel room of that tall Coruscant skyscraper, so you had time to plan your moves. You wanted to be as romantic and inviting as possible, you wanted to appear cute to him, yet not too cute that he wouldn’t want to touch you for fear of breaking you. The hotel room had a small balcony that was lit by dim light bulbs and had several flower pots in it, which seemed like a nice spot to begin your night of passion with a smooth makeout. When you heard the water stop in the refresher, you knew it was go time. You changed into your tank top and shorts and exited to the balcony, where you’d wait for Wrecker.
You were at the balcony, hearing the sounds of the city, and figured it wouldn’t be long. In your head, you played out different opening lines, trying to settle for which one would be best.
Your whole body bounced with it. And then, another one came, then another, and another. You tensed up; hiccups were never your friend. If they ever caught you, you’d have to deal with them for a good ten to fifteen minutes before they left you alone, even if you tried holding your breath to get rid of them. No, that was definitely not what you needed now.
“Baby?” You heard Wrecker’s voice from inside the refresher. “You still out there, right?”
A big hiccup made you jump. You held your breath, forcing the next one in so that your voice would sound normal. As you opened your mouth to speak, you desperately hoped no hiccups would possess you while talking. You knew by experience that would result in a loud, unattractive noise.
“Yes, honey!” You managed better than you’d imagined, and sighed in relief.
You suspected the cool night air had been the cause for your hiccups. Maybe it was not such a good idea to be there after all, no matter how perfect the setting was. Maybe, if you went inside, lay on the bed in a sexy pose, the position of your body would do something to contract your diaphragm (look at me, narrating as if I knew anything on anatomy more than what’s relevant for smuts) and your hiccups might go away. If that didn’t do it, maybe the warm temperature would help you. You didn’t have much time though, you had to move now. You quickly went back inside, closed the door to the balcony, and leaped onto the bed, lying sideways, making sure to emphasize your hips.
Before you could begin feeling hopeful, you hiccuped again. You hadn’t contemplated that getting agitated wouldn’t help you at all. At that point, you just hoped for the best, but even doing that, a big hiccup took over your body and it came out louder than you would have wished. You slapped a hand over your mouth and looked wide-eyed at the closed refresher door.
You heard Wrecker chuckle softly. “Heh, you okay, babe?”
Dammit, he’d heard. You pulled yourself together. “Yes, honey!” You cooed, but were cut off by a smaller, high-pitched hiccup.
As Wrecker finally opened the refresher and exited, he was chuckling. “Aw, it sounds like somebody’s got hiccups-” He stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide and jaw dropped at the sight of you lying on the bed. He grinned, beaming, so deeply in love with you, and he always loved letting you know. He was so smitten he even fell to his knees, still smiling widely. “Oh, honey, you look amazing!”
You giggled. You absolutely loved whenever Wrecker praised you, something he made sure to do often. It was his love language to you, after all; the most sincere gesture he could make.
“Thanks, baby!” You said, but felt another hiccup coming. You tensed everything.
At that moment, Wrecker got on the bed with you. He wrapped his big arms around you and pulled you so that he was sitting on the bed, carrying you, as though you were weightless.
“Come here, girl, give me a kiss!”
As Wrecker smooched you, you kept your core engaged, you focused all your energy on kissing him back, and you hoped desperately not to hiccup again. And of course, you failed. Despite all your efforts, you hiccuped loudly into the kiss.
Wrecker laughed, not his crazy laugh for when he’s blowing stuff up, but rather a sweet laugh, one full of love for you. “Aw, honey, those hiccups won’t leave you alone?”
“No,” you said, faking sadness. You may as well appear cute to him now that he knew.
“Well,” he said. “What could we do about that?”
“I don’t know,” you pouted.
He chuckled, a smirk suddenly curving his lips. “Well… you know what gets rid of hiccups?”
“A good scare,” he smirked further.
You giggled and bit your lip, knowing where he was getting at.
“I’ll give you three seconds to run, sweetheart,” he chuckled.
You jumped up and jogged over to the opposite wall of the suite, behind the small dining table the hotel room offered. Wrecker got up from the bed, eyeing you with a smirk. In response, you bit your lip while smiling at him, which made him suck in air through his teeth.
“I’m coming to get you, little girl,” he said, and then he ran to you (not at full force, you knew very well what full force looked like for him).
When you saw him coming, you let out a playful yelp and leaped, almost like a gazelle, off to the side of the room. Wrecker fake-caught you a couple of times, in which you’d always giggle and pretend to break loose, and he’d let you run a little bit more, your laughter sounding like a symphony to him. Your little act was turning you on, oh, but if you knew the effect it was having on Wrecker. Strength was his center, and for him to feel big and strong with you meant him feeling accomplished. His bulge was growing more by the second in his pants.
After a bit of running around, Wrecker firmly caught you by the waist, causing you to laugh and let out some whimpers. He laughed in satisfaction and lifted you off the ground, effortlessly, and tossed you on the bed facing up. That sole action was already making you feel wet in your panties. Wrecker then climbed on and pinned you to the bed, his figure easily shadowing yours, and he bent down to kiss your lips, quickly going from them to your neck and jawline, and all the while you giggled and praised him for his strength.
He paused his kissing to look you in the eyes with a wide, loving grin.
“Gotcha,” he said.
The two of you laughed and then settled down into the bed with a deep breath, until Wrecker broke the silence with a chuckle.
“Guess it worked, huh?” He said.
You realized it had, which made you nod happily at him.
“Well, bravo,” you complimented him. “Looks like you know your way around my body.”
Wrecker laughed, appearing seductive, but the pink shade that appeared on his cheeks let his inner softie shine through. Even so, you continued to look at him with a smirk, and eventually, Wrecker was able to set the softie aside.
“You know I do,” he said, raising his brow.
“That’s more like it,” you cooed.
Wrecker bent down to kiss your lips passionately. You wrapped your arms around him and spread your legs so that he could accommodate his figure better onto you, still firmly holding your waist. You loved how petite you’d always feel with him. The kiss kept growing hotter, so much that Wrecker’s hips were already grinding up against you, allowing you to feel how big he already was. The friction was already making your folds tingle and you feared you’d even start dripping. He was so strong that his grinding was already making you move up and down against the mattress as you kept kissing and breathing heavily, and you couldn’t help but moan.
“You like that, baby?” He purred, planting butterfly kisses over your body.
“Yeah…” you giggled. “Please keep going.”
Wrecker let out a low chuckle. His demeanor was unlike anything his brothers or hardly anyone outside the room had seen, but you’d had your share of episodes like this with him. It had taken you a while to get him to fully express himself sexually, and even then he’d still be very careful with you, which is why you made sure to always encourage him and let him know you were fine.
He went up to kiss your lips again, this time your tongues wrestling for dominance. He quickly won the battle, though, as the sweet friction between your tongues had you at his mercy. You wanted- no, you needed to feel that same sensation between your legs.
“Wrecker,” you moaned.
“Yeah, babe?” He parted the kiss.
You looked up at him seductively and then, with your eyes, you gestured down at your panties, earning a nervous laugh from him.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
You nodded impatiently. “I need you, Wrecker… I need all of you…”
Wrecker moaned at your request.
“Now…” you purred. “Please?”
Wrecker chuckled nervously again, his signature sweetness returning to his face. “Em… how far do you wanna go?”
“All the way,” you smiled at him.
“Heh… well… there is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while,” he blushed.
“Listening,” you cooed.
Wrecker chuckled. “Alright, baby. Just remember our safeword, ‘kay?”
“Yeah,” you breathed heavily in anticipation.
Wrecker got on his knees on the mattress and removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, making you bite your lip. He bent down to passionately kiss your lips once more. From his recent shower and his natural scent, Wrecker smelled amazing. You were already going nuts for him, but he barely gave you time to think since he was already removing your tank top. He kept trailing kisses down your torso until his big, strong fingers took off both your shorts and panties at the same time, leaving you naked underneath his strong body.
You could now feel his warm breath fanning your wet folds, sending shivers all over your body so much you were anxious for your climax, so much you were about to rub yourself in front of him. Then, Wrecker revealed what that new thing he wanted to try out was: he firmly grabbed your hips and lifted them up, leaving only your upper back and head to rest on the mattress while he lifted your legs over his shoulders. The surprise of the position made you yelp, but you also found yourself giggling hungrily. Wrecker then finally licked your already damp pussy, giving your clit some love, and even taking moments for his tongue to slip down your entrance. Oh, it was so good you wrapped your legs around his neck, causing him to gently groan, and played with your nipples for extra sensation. Each one of your moans and whimpers raised Wrecker’s ego, making him feel more confident about using his full potential on you.
“Wrecker…!” You moaned. You were reaching your climax abnormally fast; any time you touched yourself, it would take you longer to so much as break a sweat. But of course, now you had Wrecker’s tongue to account for. As you felt you were getting closer, your legs squeezed around Wrecker, which only made him suck harder.
“You’re so sweet, babe,” he groaned, and you could only moan in response. “Wanna cum for me?”
“Yes…!” You moaned out.
“Do it, sweetie.”
You released all tension and allowed his motions to send you over the edge. You’d become a helpless, whimpering mess any time you had an orgasm, and that always turned Wrecker on way more than he already was. While you came, he licked and sucked even faster, amplifying your bliss. He stopped before he overstimulated you and carefully set you down on the bed, but you were still hungry. You got on your knees and pressed your body onto his, making him lie down, and you proceeded to remove his trousers. Without any words, you freed his large erection. You stared at it and gulped; you could have sworn you didn’t remember it being that big.
“What’s up, baby?” He purred. “What do you wanna do now?”
You softly leaned in and traced kisses along his length, giving extra love to the tip, which made him shudder. While doing that, you analyzed the situation: there was no way humanly possible in which you could fit all of that in your mouth, but you’d get in the most you could. Still, you wanted to please him as much as possible, and as you kept tracing kisses on his cock, you found that vein that would make him squirm if treated right. You traced the vein ever so gently with the tip of your finger, stopping at the bottom of his cock, and then you used your tongue to make your way back up. He let out a low growl and balled your hair up in his fist, and you were pleased it was driving him wild.
You kept that up until you finally decided to be brave and try to take his dick in your mouth. Though you couldn’t take in his full length, you were deepthroating him, having barely over half of his cock inside your mouth. You could hear Wrecker whispering “It’s okay, babe, it’s okay” as you pulled his cock out to catch your breath. Afterwards, you settled with just giving him the blowjob you could manage, and luckily that was making Wrecker feel incredible.
“Turn around babe,” he suddenly said.
It caught you off guard, but you obeyed happily nonetheless. Wrecker helped you shift your position and you were bent over him, your pussy right over his mouth. You resumed working your tongue over his cock, and Wrecker ran his big fingers over your pussy, still swollen from your previous orgasm. He slid two fingers inside your entrance and easily reached your sensitive spot, which sent dull waves of pleasure over your pelvis and motivated you to work his cock down even more. He slid his fingers out and ran his hands all over your body while he resumed sucking your pussy, and any moans you may have let out were muffled by his huge cock in your mouth.
But it wasn’t long before Wrecker requested you change positions again and soon you were back in good old missionary. You were already spreading your legs wide since you knew what was coming. While Wrecker was still a bit self-conscious about hurting you with his size, you couldn’t hold in your excitement.
“Do it,” you reassured him with a soft whisper. “It’ll be fine.”
“Let me know if it hurts, ‘kay?” He kissed your cheek.
You nodded at him, loving him even more if that was still possible.
You tingled with excitement when the tip brushed past your entrance, stretching out your tight walls. Wrecker moved in slowly allowing you to lead the way. You made a promise to yourself to only let him move further when it had truly stopped hurting, even if that took longer. It had already been a while and Wrecker had only slipped in half of his length into you. He bent down to kiss your lips passionately to entertain you in the meantime. As you kissed him back, you could feel how he gradually slipped in his dick longer, but you allowed yourself to sink into the kiss.
Eventually, he was already, fully, inside you. You looked down at the sight and moaned at the fullness, feeling proud of yourself for taking in his entire cock. Wrecker chuckled and his hand gently brushed your cheek.
“Good girl,” he purred.
You held his hand against your cheek and looked up at him, nodding as you bit your lip. As Wrecker pulled out, you moaned loudly, anxious for him to go back in. When he finally did, he thrusted at a slow, steady pace, which was already pretty intense for obvious reasons. Again, he bent down to kiss you as he fucked you, allowing himself to thrust into you faster, earning louder moans from you. You were driving him completely insane, and it was getting harder for Wrecker to hold back. When he gazed into your eyes, you already knew what he meant, and you nodded at him. He then began fucking with more speed and force.
Your face was a mixture of shock and ecstasy, and what a sight that was for Wrecker. Your moans became louder and you were even screaming out his name, begging him not to stop, wrapping your arms around him and clinging to his large figure. His big hands were enough to keep you firm and steady and soon you felt your pussy tighten around his cock. You even felt yourself squirting, the sweet juices running down all over his length. Your whole mind was blown. You never thought it could be that good.
While you were squirting, Wrecker was sent over the edge too. Having you in that position, screaming out his name, made him the proudest man in the galaxy. He truly felt you were each other’s, and he couldn’t hold in his own ecstasy anymore. His grunts became groans, and you felt his hot sperm filling you up inside, something you didn’t know was possible. You expected the jizz to come leaking out, but you only saw it until Wrecker removed his dick from inside you. The sight of your pussy leaking his cum made you fluster, and you even giggled nervously.
“You okay, sweetie?” He softly kissed your lips.
Still in a daze, you let out a moan and a laugh, and you even clapped. “Bravo!”
Wrecker allowed himself to feel the pride for a moment, but then his loving side took over yet again. He was still Wrecker, after all. He wrapped his arms around you and picked you up, taking you to the refresher to get you cleaned up, all the while making sure to leave room for soft forehead kisses, which you always loved.
“Let me know the next time you have hiccups, baby girl.”
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kamino-coruscant · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oh, Wrecker
Sorry. These floors don’t hold me so well, on account of them not being designed for “abnormal individuals” such as myself.
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brekkers-girl · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dark Omega
𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐫𝐢𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐞.
𝐁𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐢𝐬𝐧'𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝?
𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧'𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞.
Here's the angsty Omega aesthetic @icedcoffee101
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lunarian-writings · 18 hours ago
Not any request, but I had this thought and I wanted to get it out of my head: imagine the Bad Batch (Star Wars, pre-Order 66) meeting Noble Team (Halo)
I fully imagine Jun and Crosshair would get into a scuffle over who's the better shot, lots of banter and biting remarks but have underlying respect for the other despite it. Who knows, maybe Crosshair will stop being an ass to Noble Team. (Emile almost got himself kicked off again because him and Crosshair got into a nasty fight when he called them 'regs')
Cat is impressed with Tech's knowledge of practically everything, though she might be a annoyed at how he can ramble sometimes and gets a little snappy if he goes on for too long. Other than that though shes content with him.
Jorge and Emile with Wrecker though? Jorge notices Wrecker's strength immediately and commends him for it; if it weren't for his personality, Jorge might even say he's on Level with Spartan-IIs. Can't tell me they don't get along by training in fist fights, arm wrestling and joyous conversations about the Covenant and Seppies though. Emile is just glad that he has someone who appreciates his explosive tendencies, I totally imagine him and Wrecker sneak out sometimes to go cause some chaos against the baddies by blowing their shit up; totally craft their own explosives too and have fun about it
Carter and Hunter get along smoothly as commanders and brothers in arms (not literally, but they both went through similar events such as being molded for war and such). Carter appreciates the work and leadership Hunter has for his squad, and Hunter's breathing sighs of relief that he has someone to talk to that isn't about to start fights, blow shit up or go on random sayings. 10/10 they are terrifying when their paired up together, no questions. (Also if you really want to think about it.... Carter kinda looks like a 'reg' clone too)
Noble-6 (going off of the personality shown in game and not the custom character) would get along with Echo the most, but it isn't immediate, like its almost as slow as a slug. I headcannon that because he's such a lone wolf (even with Noble Team, he has a habit and preference of going solo), he struggles to open up to anyone, but then over the course of getting to know Echo, he just... let's out a lot of things. Six goes over the amount of chaos and death he's seen that he forcibly bottles up to where nightmares happen so frequently that he's left with barely several hours of sleep. Echo completely understands as with what happened at the Citadel, him being a POW, Fives, and so much more, he relates to Six on a personal level. They become buddies quickly and Six never lets anyone rudely comment on Echo's cybernetic body, or else they get a fist to the face.
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ilovecatsandbaking · 18 hours ago
How bad batch takes their popcorn.
No salt
No butter
Extra salt
Extra butter
Has M&MS or other chocolate pices
White cheddar
Lightly salted
May also have m&m/chocolate pices
Kettle corn
Cinnimon sugar
Also kettle corn
Cinnimon sugar
Also chocolate
Claims to like:
Shrimp and garlic
But actually likes:
Lightly salted
(Doesn't like to share)
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suddenly-clones · 19 hours ago
Wear and Tear: Tech
Hey, TW for this one, since cowboy hat man is probably not gonna give us a scene where Wrecker talks to Tech and Hunter about what he did, like he did with omega, I wrote it instead. :)
─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───
Tech had gotten out of the shower, he always took hot showers, but today he had to take a cold one. He didn't know why, but he had to. Well, that was a lie. Tech refused to acknowledge the reason: The warmth of the shower, which usually brought him comfort, didn't. It felt as a warm hug, wrapping one's self in a blanket with hot chocolate in your hands, it was laying in someone's arms, drifting to sleep. So you see, Tech had to take that cold shower, for the feeling of touch had brought him a great deal of discomfort. 'My brother's hand around my neck, cutting off the blood flow and oxygen to my brain-'
Tech let out a small gasp, trying not to think about it. He had been trying so hard not to think about his brother, with his hand around my neck. But it never left his mind. Tech argued with his mind nonstop, logic against feeling. Logic: Wrecker had no control over himself, it wasn't him. Feeling: Wrecker, he hurt me. He's not supposed to do that! You don't hurt people you love.
He looked into the mirror, hands going to his neck, the bruises were apparent. Tech hadn't even realized he'd bruised, due to his blacks, but then he'd changed into pajamas and when he had joined his family again, Omega cried out. That had scared him, well startled him, really. He then had to explain to Omega how bruises would work, he wouldn't forget what she said after, 'Wrecker had that tight of a grip on you?' Yes, he was trying to hurt me. But Tech didn't actually say anything. He remembered looking to Hunter, his hand going to his own neck before disappearing to the refresher. He didn't remember Wrecker's face, he didn't even look at him.
Tech hadn't know why he'd been surprised, he knew how bruises work, he knew some part of him knew there'd be a reminder. But he figured it would just be Wrecker's face. At least the bruises were temporary, the memory and the feeling would last forever. Tech looked down, he'd been doing surprisingly well, he thought so at least. He didn't blame Wrecker, he wasn't scared of him in the slightest, he loved his brother, even if Wrecker had meant what he'd done, I could never be scared of him. I could never do anything except love him.
So Tech had been doing okay, he was okay..... 'No' He whimpered, voice cracking slightly as his eyes watered. 'No I'm not okay,' He hugged himself, looking into the mirror again. Tech couldn't remember half of it, but something in his mind screamed at him all day, everyday. So maybe, it was then that Tech let himself have this moment. He still had time before his brothers wondered why he was taking so long. 'Because I was crying, because I did not react in the moment, I froze in the moment, but now, now I'm able to move, able to think, and I can't stop feeling.'
For the next five minutes, whatever emotion Tech had kept inside, he let out. Then, in a precise manner, he wiped his eyes, splashed his face, then started to get dressed. He was about to put his shirt back on when he happened to look in the mirror again. Wrecker held me up with one hand and his grip on me-' Tech shook his head before jumping to a knock on the door. "Yes?" He called.
"Hey," Wrecker. "Uh, dinner is gonna be soon, half-pint, if you're gonna eat?" Tech had turned to face the door and almost smiled, 'half-pint' it was his nickname, one he hadn't been called in a long time, mind you. It made Tech smile now, even though he once loathed it. 'Wrecker's trying, trying to make up for something he didn't do.'
"Yes, thank you, I'll be out in a few minutes," He answered. Tech then turned back to the mirror, his smile falling as he was reminded of how hard life was now compared to the days when he was 'half-pint,' Now they're all grown up, and life is harder than they ever imagined. He bit his cheek, a sour look on his face, "Wrecker-" He called out, why he did so was for no logical reason. I need my brother.
Wrecker, who had been lingering by the door hoping Tech would say something more was almost relieved when he did. But the tone of Tech's voice sent all logic out the window, he burst in, "Tech, you okay?"
Wrecker froze as he found Tech sitting on the floor, "Tech!" He tried so hard not to scream, he didn't want to scare him. "What happened?"
"I'm fine," Tech rested his head against the cabinet, "The floor is cool." He explained as he closed his eyes. Wrecker frowned, coming in and sitting next to Tech, but still at a good distance. For a moment, they sat in silence. Wrecker wasn't going to speak while Tech's eyes were closed. He'd spent enough time comforting his brothers in a refresher, he knew the drill.
"Remember that day Hunter and you found me bleeding after those cadets beat me up? In our own home?" Tech looked at his brothers, eyes glazed over with no thought behind them. There was always so much to see in Tech's eyes. But right now, there was nothing. That would haunt Wrecker forever, the light drained from his brothers eyes. I remember when it happened with Crosshair, he never came back-
"I remember." Wrecker nodded solemnly, they came in and Hunter screamed, "Hunter wouldn't stop screaming." He recalled, "He cradled your unconscious body and screamed, he screamed until his physical pain hurt him more than seeing you beaten blue." Wrecker couldn't look Tech in the eyes, "Stars, he wouldn't let you go either, I had to hold him back as 99 took you in his arms. He kicked and screamed and cried a lot that day."
Tech nodded, he never knew, he only knew the after, waking up in the medbay in his brothers' arms and 99's. "He was hurting."
"Yes." He felt betrayed. "... Tech, what's that gotta do with anything?" Wrecker asked. Oh, how soft his voice sounded. How heartbroken he was.
"That's the only experience I can connect this to, brothers beating me up" But they had done it on purpose. Then Tech laughed, making Wrecker jump. "Oh! They bruised my ribs and sprained my wrist," He started to laugh more loudly, "My goggles! They stole my goggles too!!" Tech laughed but there was nothing but pain behind his grin.
"Tech, it wasn't hilarious, they hurt you." Wrecker shook his head, unable to comprehend why Tech was practically cackling. "Tech-"
"They HURT me!" He slapped his knee as he laughed, soon his laughter became a silent, he'd been laughing too long and he couldn't breath. But he kept laughing. Wrecker scrunched his face. That wasn't funny. That was the worst day of their lives and Tech was laughing.
"Tech! Stop laughing!" Wrecker yelled, if Tech didn't know better, he'd saying Wrecker was mad. "Tech!"
His brother turned, slapping Wrecker's chest weakly, he couldn't stop laughing, with tears in his eyes, he took huge gasps for air until his laugh did finally turn to a cry, then a cry to a sob, sob to a wail. He fell into Wrecker's arms, but Wrecker, who'd been so afraid of himself was too scared to hug his brother. Even though Tech's arms were already around him tightly.
"I know it wasn't you-" He gasped out between his sobs, "I know it wasn't you, I know, I know, I know." He hugged Wrecker tightly, burying his face, Wrecker was frozen, unable and unwilling to move. "I know it wasn't you." With a loud gasp for air, Tech pushed Wrecker back and retreated back to his own space, drawing his legs to his chest and staring forward, hugging himself.
"I'm sorry," Wrecker let out a sigh, "I'm sorry, Tech, I tried, I really tried-"
"I said I know it wasn't you." He almost snapped. But his face softened again, "I mean," He then looked to Wrecker, "You always said you'd never hurt us and I know you wouldn't, and who you were in that moment, was definitely not my big brother" Tech sighed, rubbing his eyes, "I couldn't even think, Wrecker." He whispered, "I didn't even try to fight back, all I remember is seeing your face and thinking how much you loved me. So I thought, perhaps, you were hurting me for a reason, that I'd done something."
"Tech..." Wrecker was horrified Tech would ever think such a thought, I'd never hurt you. I love you too much.
"I know" Tech knew what Wrecker was thinking, "I know in my mind it is the farthest from the truth," Tech wiped his eyes again, "But I thought it anyways, I'm sorry." Sorry I ever thought you'd get tired of me.
"You don't need to say sorry, you don't got anythin' to say sorry for." Wrecker shook his head.
"I do though," Tech smiled solemnly, "I thought you were hurting me, it never occurred to me it couldn't have ever been you," Tech paused, looking to his brother, "It never occurred to me to fight back because I thought it was you. So I really should have known better, you would never hurt me,"
"Because I would never hurt you."
─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───
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Ooooooh 2B for big boy Wrecker pls 🥺
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