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#Star Wars
danielkreative · a minute ago
I think it's important to remember that creating things just to create them is super important! Us creators need to make money, sure, but right now I'm outlining a Star Wars fan fiction series which I can guarantee will never make me a dime!
Sometimes I think it's a waste of time time but I'm just so happy working on it! Not because of money or fame but just for the sake of making it!
If it makes you happy, be happy to make it!
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Tumblr media
Scout Trooper 'Pathfinder' by Pablo Olivera
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frick-yes-dragons · 2 minutes ago
oh my god why am i only JUST realising that Ben Solo was named after Obi Wan Kenobi who changed his name to Ben
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agentholland · 3 minutes ago
okay! I unfollowed over 100 inactive blogs and am need of a fresh start! I'm currently "renovating" my blog's appearance, but anyways if mutuals all could be so kind and please reblog this post to spread the word, I would really appreciate that! I will take a look at all the blogs. Please reblog this if you post any of the following (i made it quite vague on purpose):
all star wars
films/tv shows
being a gifmaker is a plus!
basically anything multifandom consistent tagging system, would be nice
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imagineyourworld · 3 minutes ago
NSFW Alphabet with Wolffe
Wolffe x Fem!Reader 
Warnings: Smut (obviously), mentions of injuries
A = Aftercare (What are they like after sex) After sex Wolffe is a puppy (sorry for the pun). He makes sure that you’re alright, gets you a glass of water and urges you to pee afterwards (he knows it is important for your health down there). If the two of you are not too tired he just loves taking a bath with you, just holding you close, shampooing your hair and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. 
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Wolffe loves your lips! How soft they are against his, how pink and plush they look after kissing or when he bites them (he also adores when you bite them when you’re nervous or thinking), the marks they leave on him and how good they feel on every single part of his body.  As for himself, I feel like Wolffe would be proud of his arms/shoulders, especially whenever he gets to hold you close he loves knowing that he is strong enough to protect you (even if you don’t need him to) or carry you to the bedroom when you’re in the mood. 
C = Cum  (Anything to do with cum, basically) Whether he has pulled out and spread his seed on them or some of it tickled out of you, Wolffe loves seeing your thighs covered in his cum. And he loves licking it off of them.  And as mentioned before he loves your lips, so seeing even just a single drop of his cum on them is a close second favourite. 
D = Dirty secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Wolffe would love to watch you touch yourself to the thought of him. You’ve told him that you’ve done it before, but at that moment he was too surprised to go further into the topic. One day though, he promises himself, he will ask you if he can watch. 
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Not crazy experienced, but he knows what he’s doing. Wolffe is a very closed off and private person, so he doesn’t just jump into bed with anyone, but there have been times (before you were together of course) where he went home with someone after a night 
F = Favourite position (This goes without saying) Wolffe’s not picky, he’s fine with whatever feels best for you. But oh boy does he get off on seeing the expressions on your face when he’s deep inside you, so basically any position in which he can see your face (and kiss your lips) is his favourite. 
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc) He is a pretty serious person in general, so he’s not exactly goofy in bed, but that doesn’t mean he is opposed to laughing every now and then. The first time you laughed, however, had him feeling incredibly insecure until you explained that you weren’t laughing at him. 
H = Hair (How well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc) Wolffe is a pretty tidy guy, so he keeps his hair groomed, but not entirely shaved off. 
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment? The romantic aspect) It may be surprising, but during sex Wolffe can be a real romantic. He wants to make sure that you’re feeling fine, that you’re taking care of and your pleasure always comes first. But even though it’s rare, sometimes he can be rough and have his way with you (as long as you agree of course), but as soon as he’s finished he’ll take care of your needs. 
J = Jack off (Mastrubation headcanon) Before he met you Wolffe just didn’t understand the appeal of mastrubating. But now, when he thinks of you, he sometimes can’t help but sneak off to his private quarters or the shower and get off to the thought of you.  There was this one time you sent him a spicy holo and let’s just say he spent some time alone after that. 
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) One word: Cockwarming. Some days he enjoys having you so close, being one with you and knowing that you only do this for him and no one else. Some days he likes to tease you, make you all hot and bothered by giving you the are minimum, but keeping you stuffed full of him all the same.  
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do) Since Wolffe is a pretty private person it should come as no surprise that he prefers the privacy of your bedroom, he he’s fine with your living room as well, but the bedroom simply gives the two of you more space and a comfier setting.  He’d never say no to taking you back to his room (let’s just say he has a private room, ok?) but prefers your place, because there he feels completely off duty and there his brothers or general won’t interrupt whatever you get up to. 
M = Motivation (What turns them on? What gets them going?) Quite a few things, actually. Let’s just make a list, shall we?  Since he loves your lips seeing you wearing a new or bright shade of lipstick, using a straw, licking or biting your lips or anything else that draws attention to your lips has him hooked.  Catching a glimpse at hickies he left on you just make him want to do it (and you) all over again. Soft kisses to his collarbone or the place where his neck meets his shoulder always leave him wanting more.  Seeing you in either lingerie or his blacks usually has him half hard from the sight alone.   
N = No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) While he loves leaving hickies everywhere, Wolffe would never leave any other kind of mark on you. He might be projecting a bit, but he remembers the pain when he lost his eye and got his scar and is sometimes still self conscious about it, so he would hate even the slightest scratch or bite mark. 
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skills, etc) Wolffe enjoys both giving and receiving, but gun to his head he would have to say he prefers receiving. Not only because he gets to see your lips, swollen from kissing and him biting them, wrapped around his cock, but also because he gets to lick the last drops of his cum off your lips and taste himself on your tongue.  But when it comes to giving he is so skilled, it’s ridiculous. If asked you’d say he is even better with his tongue and fingers than he is with his dick. 
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc) His life is hectic, so when the two of you have time he tries his best to make use of that time with soft and slow love making. Wolffe enjoys touching and kissing every part of your body, teasing you and committing every part of you to memory for when you have to part ways again.  Some days, though, when he is especially stressed or needy or you have been teasing him a bit too much Wolffe wastes no time getting both himself and you off. 
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc) He’s not a big fan, but sometimes there is just no other way. Maybe you have been teasing him too much, maybe you haven’t gotten alone time for a while, maybe he just needs to know that you’re there and you’re his for a moment.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc) Here we need to differentiate: While Wolffe is down to experimenting and finding new ways to pleasure you (and for you to find new ways to pleasure him) he’s not a risk taker. Anything that might get you hurt or end up in the two of you getting caught in the act is off the table. 
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last) Not exceptional, but not disappointing either. He can usually go for two, maybe three rounds in a row, and know how to make them last. If you’re planning on a long night however, he’ll have to take some breaks, during which he’ll put his hands and tongue to good use, so you’re not complaining. 
T = Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner of themselves?) He’s not a fan, but not opposed either.  So far you haven’t used any toys in your love making, but he knows you use them when he’s not around, which makes him kinda curious. He won’t bring the topic up unless you do though, and that has nothing to do with the fact that he might be a slight bit scared, nothing at all. 
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease) Wolffe never teases you in public, but once the two of you are behind closed doors he constantly has his hands on you, sometimes he just wants to cuddle, but sometimes he wants to get you riled up. Maybe he whispers something in your ear, his husky voice making even the most innocent words sound dirty, maybe he lets his hands roam your body and squeeze your boobs or thighs, maybe he even slips his hand inside your trousers, whatever he chooses to do that day, you know you’ll end up in the bedroom. 
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc) While he’s usually pretty quiet he lets out soft whimpers whenever you hit a sweet spot. And on the rare occasion that he is frustrated, either because you won’t do as he says or you won’t let him do what he wants, he actually growls, much like the animal he named himself after. 
W = Wild card (Random headcanon for the character) Wolffe is usually a dom, but on the rare occasion the two of you decide to switch it up he’s the whiniest, most impatient sub there is. Since he usually cannot refuse any orders in his day to day life he loves disobeying you to the point where it can be frustrating and you’re close to giving up and letting him take over. He won’t let it go that far, however, because even though he’d never admit it (at least not while sober) he loves it when you take control and do as you please. 
X = X-ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) He’s a soldier, so he’s strong and muscular.  Down there Wolffe is long, but not exactly longer than average. He is quite thick though, so when he’s inside you he really stretches you out. 
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Wolffe’s sex drive is not crazy high, which he is glad of since there’s a war going on and you can’t just jump at each other whenever one of you feels like it. But there are a few rare days when he feels like he’d go crazy if he can’t have you right that moment. 
Z = Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards) No matter how tired Wolffe is, he always makes sure you’re alright before he even thinks about sleeping. Once you are taken care of, and preferably laying in his arms, however, he falls right asleep. Wolffe doesn’t get much sleep and he never sleeps better than with you in his arms. 
I’ve wanted to write an NSFW alphabet for quite a while now, because I feel like it’s a good entry point to writing smut, but most of the characters I wanted to write for already have hundreds of these, so when I couldn’t find one for Wolffe I knew my time had come. 
As I said, this is my first time writing smut and also my first time writing for Wolffe, so please excuse any mistakes. 
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scifiseries · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A place where everyone knows your name lol
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writing-is-thorapy · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I took the beautiful portraits made by Gregory Titus and edited in some backgrounds I found! Feel free to enjoy (though please give credit if you use them anywhere that is not for personal use 😊❤️)!
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Eeth: So, what’s next for you, now that the War's done, Agen?
Agen: I’m turning over a new leaf. Maybe explore the land, settle down, find some peace of mind at last.
Eeth: You’re going to go right back to fighting people, aren’t you?
Agen: That’s very much on the table.
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takemepedropascal · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
*Whatta Man playing in the background*
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a-lil-perspective · 9 minutes ago
Can’t believe The Bad Batch premiered a week ago today. That’s wild. How we doing folks.
Also, all you artists and GIF makers and meta writers are the unsung heroes of this fandom, and I appreciate you. Thanks for giving me lots of amazing content to devour this past week.
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stannissucks · 11 minutes ago
concept: Maul's little shorts in clone wars except he's on the beach and they're floral swimming trunks
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agentsnickers · 15 minutes ago
Prompt: something that doesn’t put me through pain or make me cry. That’s it; that’s the prompt.
“Honey, I’m home!”
“You’re late,” Davey says, dropping down from an access panel in the cargo hold’s ceiling. “Oh, who’s this?”
Jack glances behind him, as if he might have forgotten about his fifteen-year-old shadow. “Kid beat me to my mission today. Caused more chaos with one piece’a fruit than I’ve ever seen, but he needed a spot to lay low for a bit. Figured he’d fit right in with your house’a strays.”
“My house of strays?” Davey says lightly, crossing his arms. “You keep bringing me children!”
“Racer is almost as old as I am,” Jack protests. This is, in fairness, only somewhat true. Race is just scraping thirty if he counts by the local year length on his home planet of Batuu or even their current base of Lothal, but in standard years he’s only twenty-eight, which gives Jack almost six years on him.
“Children,” Davey repeats. L35 chirps children, too, in a remarkably similar tone for being all beeps whistles. Jack kicks him, and he beeps some profanities he must’ve picked up from Race. Davey rolls his eyes. “What’s your name, kid?”
“The fellas call me Crutchie,” says the kid, leaning a little more heavily on his crutch for emphasis.
“Well, I ain’t one of the fellas,” Davey says. “What’s your mama call you?”
“Nothing,” the kid says flatly. “She’s dead.”
Jack can see Davey melting, even though he’s doing a pretty good job of maintaining the facade of being sternly annoyed at another potential mouth to feed. For all Davey protests, he’s got a soft spot for lost souls. 
Otherwise none of them would be here.
“I’m sorry,” Davey says softly.
Crutchie shrugs. “It ain’t your fault. It was ages ago. But she - she called me Charlie, I guess.”
“Nice to meet you, Charlie,” Davey says firmly. He glares briefly at Jack, which is undermined somewhat by the bright blue smudge across his cheekbone and the fact that he never seems to be able to fully cover the fondness in his gaze when he looks at Jack. “It seems like you might be staying with us a while.”
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goodfemalecharacters · 15 minutes ago
glad to see Star Wars is continuing its excellent “weird little girl” representation
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quinnfebrey · 16 minutes ago
Anon about wlw books vs. fflf here. No, I mean it completely. Anyone can see you write the characters carefully, even while you claim you don’t plan your works, and they have their own personalities and flaws and it makes people relate to them. It’s honestly a honor and joy to read your work miss Dobby from Star Wars.
🥺 thank u sm omg
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