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beescomic · 2 minutes ago
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Page 7 WIP
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rindomness · 3 minutes ago
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The Rin Phoenix reference no one but me asked for
(Updated design, official design until and unless I change shit again)
(Yes, I am aware there is a grand total of, like, three people who care about this buT)
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gxmergurl · 4 minutes ago
First time showing off my boy, Lucas Taylor. My Deputy with whom I played through Far Cry in infamous mode and who grew very close to my heart. From now on my asks are open for questions regarding him, nothings too tabu so let's hear it :)
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He's gonna show up here way more now that I've finally drawn him once.
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fco-sg · 6 minutes ago
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I remember as a child I thought that the brown cow would give chocolate milk, but not :,(
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bluebirdsart · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Some art of my SHSL Reality TV Star, Yang Liu. She's the type to say "I'm not here to make friends" and mean it unironically. 
 Pose reference by adorkastock
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ninjaguyden · 14 minutes ago
Adamen couldn’t understand how people endured the bus rides. It wasn’t smelly, that was a bonus at least. The air was sterile, the people silent as they waited for the bus to arrive at their stop. 
He looked on the floor, it had papers and small pieces of garbage part of the floor itself. The seats looked flat and overused and the entire vehicle was packed. 
There were white collar workers, blue collar workers, children, people his age, and people way older than him. It wasn’t exactly news that public transport was used by a diverse cast, but this was stunning.
He felt both isolated and crowded. He couldn’t move more than two inches or else he would bump into someone. Every single person looked like they had a story to tell but had a million locks chained on them.
It felt cold, literally and figuratively. The AC was blasting full power while the atmosphere of the room was quiet. Everyone was either blanky staring into space, their phone, out the window, or a book. 
 ‘A blind crowd going with the flow,’ analogized Gilgamesh. 
‘Yes, but they’ve been here so many times that they no longer need their eyes to see,’ thought Adamen.
‘True, I can hardly blame someone from choosing to do something else instead of watching a repetitive scene.’ 
Then they arrived. 
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kirbyofthestars · 21 minutes ago
Impmon: you know what, slugs ARE sluts, after all how can they be such icons?/q-lk(impmon aspires to have the decadence that slugs have/hj)
ARE slugs sluts?
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impossible-rat-babies · 22 minutes ago
when i see your url i think of. a very very sweet and kind and talented friend with some rlly rlly beautiful art !!! and also such a supportive and creative person. who is VERY CUTE !!! and makes INCREDIBLY good ocs and edits !!!!!!!
;--; maia!! you’re so sweet sfsakdf tysm <3 <3
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hotfrost · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
earthclan designs 15/? (click for quality)
petalpaw is a pre-first generation earthclan apprentice with red-and-cream tabby fur and green eyes. she was born to palefur and raggedclaw and had four younger sisters, mooneyes, redflower, silverfeather, and honeyshade. she was apprenticed to hazelbreeze, but died at nine moons old. she ascended to starclan with the warrior name petalcloud.
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detective-with-one-arm · 24 minutes ago
Mating Frenzy - Closed Group Starter w/ @the-mind-of-xelyn, @the-wonder-wall, & @shotdownbutstillalive​
It was a minor volunteer job. Nothing major. She wasn’t entirely sure why she took it, but Howard was a mutual friend of her sister’s, so Rachel didn’t mind. After all, the two got along fairly decently, even though the divide between them was as large as the wealth gap.
Literally. Howard was a multi-millionaire while Rachel was lucky to be considered middle class.
But the job description was decent and she admittedly was curious about the creatures he’d kept. He sounded incredibly passionate about the mythical creatures and he did express that if he hadn’t known that Rachel also had a passion for nature and wildlife that he would’ve asked someone else.
There was admittedly a nice appreciation about the whole thing.
But once she was actually doing said job, she began to notice a lot of things that
First off, Howard wouldn’t let her into the bottom floor. Which, ordinarily, she wouldn’t have questioned. After all, privacy was privacy and she wasn’t one to cross those kinds of boundaries. But if she wanted a better idea of how to take care of the creatures, she should at least see them from below.
But he wouldn’t let her. That was concerning.
However, when she was above the tank, she was never close enough for them to touch. She could barely even get a good look at them. He kept them all well out of her reach. But whenever she did have the courage to peer in, she noticed that the walls of the tank were...nonexistent. They seemed to go on forever, like the sea would. But that would have to be impossible.
She had an idea of why...but why would Howard build the tank that way?
Third, anytime she peered over the edge, Howard warned her not to get too close. He warned them that they were a bit aggressive and would attack if she got too close. She wasn’t actually sure that she believed him. While they never spoke, at least as far as she knew, she was certain they understood her. At least...they seemed to.
Outside of her job looking after them and taking care of them, Howard was really touchy when it came to the subject of them. It was off-putting and Rachel was wondering if this job was worth it. Howard paid her decently well, so she really couldn’t complain that much.
Until that one fateful day. When Rachel was standing near the edge, going about her business as usual. The night prior when she was working longer than usual, Howard was out of his manor. She had never thought to before while he was there, so she decided to sneak downstairs.
What she discovered was that the tank was one-way. Inside it was a projection of a continuation of the ocean. The sea creatures’ natural habitat. But inside, it was like ordinary glass.
Venturing further downstairs was a secret bedroom. Inside it was a singular tank separated from the others. It stood in front of the bed and inside it was a mer. An android mer. Her green scaly tail and curly red hair and wine red lips made her look like she was plucked right out of a storybook. Her green eyes pierced into Rachel’s soul and all at once, she understood everything she needed to understand. This wasn’t just an appreciation. This was an obsession. An unhealthy and all encompassing obsession.
She thought she snuck out unnoticed. She thought she was careful. She thought she went unseen.
She must have been wrong.
Because all of a sudden, she was flung over the rail and into the tank with several mers he’d warned her were dangerous. Breaching the water, she looked up, expecting to see Howard looking down at her, but he wasn’t. There was no one there.
She was treading water in the tank with dangerous sea creatures who were likely going to eat her like she was nothing more than chum.
She was all alone.
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thankyoumik · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
it feels weird participating in maysia (an all-month art thing for asian/pacific heritage month that’s on twitter rn) even if it’s my own culture im representing
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alchemist-knight · 28 minutes ago
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FMA + Brotherhood Original Character ICE Alchemist.. 
Mun and OC  25+ ( verse depending )
Works in the military 
Zain is a laid back and kind hearted Alchemist. His job is simple one protect anyone in the military. Though he follows his own heart and choices most of the time wanting to help others.
Please can you give this boost for a  new under work FMA OC? Rules are being editing and verses / about being worked on.. ♥ 
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ppyro · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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judicent · 28 minutes ago
Dick: hey Vinny you bitch, go to therapy
Vinny: mmm but I haven't even tried yoga yet
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crabbcakke · 30 minutes ago
Its so funny that you can tell when i realized nonbinary was a thing and was ok to be in my sketchbook
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clumsytaurus · 31 minutes ago
37-40, any oc 👁👁
Tumblr media
(Using these ones for my apocalypse ocs)
For Alannah, her biggest dream, before the apocolypse, was to have finished her dream recital and get sponsored for a job in the music industry. But that day was ruined as the apocolypse had started moments before her performance.
For Finn, it was to achieve his dream job in acting and earning a big role to support a life with Tabitha and avoid the life that his parents gave to him and Alannah, his younger sister. All in the name of getting out of that small town that seemed like no one could escape from. But now? Get out of town with Tabitha and Alannah alive.
For Judith, it was to travel the world with Alannah but after their break-up months before the out-break, she made that dream change for just finding herself and a place that felt like she belonged. She is able to achieve half that dream now by traveling but theres no time to find yourself if you have to fight for others and your own life.
For Tabitha, it was to finally gain a family she could rely on and love with all her heart. And that was gonna be with Finn, which is still possible as they are still together but now settling down is no longer an option and she must leave that dream behind and focus on keeping Finn alive and by her side.
For Chase, it was to be like his dad, a detective. He got there and was a rookie. Did all of his training and lots of cases to lead to that very moment. After his promotion, he was going to complete the biggest case yet- only to be attacked by the decaying corpse at the crime scene.
For Alannah, she doesn't handle stress so well. And how she handled the stress became different once her world crumbled to the hands of the zombies. At first, she gets frustrated like any other person but her own goals make her push yourself harder into the stress. She's determined to fight that stress and push foward but if one little thing adds onto the stress..well she does indeed fight that stress..with her bat..smashing everything around her.. but after she does destroy everything, she's met with clarity and can find a new ways around that stress. She's very independent so she doesn't seek out help.
For Finn, he's opposite to Alannah, in a way. Sure, destroying things is great but instead of finding clarity and working through that stress, he laughs at it, looking like a psycho he kinda is, and gives up on whatever was stressing him to do something else.
For Judith, she over thinks when she gets stressed, causing her to break down and cry for a while. She's an emotional person so negative emotions get to her easily. In the end, she ends up having Chase help her and ease her back into the subject.
For Tabitha, she tries not to get stressed much by being organized because her family raised her with high expectations. But when she does get stressed, she takes a step back to assess the situation and seek Finn out to help unstress the problem stressing her if she couldn't do it alone. If she doesn't seek help, she'll end up back in the habit of hiding away. And if she couldnt seek Finn out, she'd go to Alannah, who's "help" was to smash things. But that's Alannah's way of telling her to let loose and have some fun.
For Chase, he hands stress with ease. He has had many coworkers to seek help as the only thing thay seemed to stress him was the cases or examines back with his old classmates back at college. So he was never caught struggling or doing it alone as it was easy to accept help. But if it does get that bad, he's seen very tense, on edge and unable to sit still, constantly running his hands through his hair and sighing every now and then till the solution hits him.
For Alannah, how she handles anger is similar to how she would with stress. Though she doesnt find clarity after. Not one bit. After destroying objects, she would be bitter and still upset for the next few hours. But thats because she doesnt speak her emotions. She waits till she explodes and just let it take over everything till something else gets in the way and stops that anger. It never used to be that way. She used to speak about it and never let it get that bad but after the apocolypse started, she said screw everything and her personality hit the switch to become an aggressive person. Handling things was out of the question. Her anger causes her to be reckless and do things without thinking. For example, need to smash something? Go off on your own and bash some zombies in the head.
For Finn, he doesn't get angry much and if he does, he certainly doesnt show it. He just brushes it off with a playful comment or a sarcastic comback with a smirk and move on. If Alannah is gonna be the hot-headed sibling, he'll be the one to control the atmosphere of any situation. He doesn't dwell on negative emotions much because it doesn't do him and everyone else any good. He's seen the way Alannah handles it and how it effects Tabitha and told himself he was fine without those emotions. Keeping the situation light and perhaps firing up someone in annoyance amuses him and thats enough.
For Judith, she doesn't get angry much as she doesn't like conflict. Having people argue with her makes her tear up and quiet but on the rare occasion she does actually lash out, it's a mix of sobbing and shouting to get her point across. But how she handles it after shows that there wasnt much anger to begin with. If it towards a person, she'd apologize and work it out through calmer words but if an object, she'd handle with care, feeling bad.
For Tabitha, with anger, she's calm and collected on the outside but screaming on the inside. She learned to control and conceal such emotions, only allowing certain people to see. She's often quiet and learned to work around it with her hobbies or calmly acknowledges the anger and decides its pointless to focus on it. There was only one time she could not conceal it and it didn't end so well.
For Chase, anger stalls the cases and if he lets it get to him, he'd have trouble focusing. Work comes first and while working, it takes some of the steam of that anger and turns it into determination. With this method, he's able to move foward and fight that anger head on in a way. But the anger has may or may not caused him to punch someone in the line of work. But hey, that person probably deserved it.
For Alannah, grief breaks her down hard. The aggressive state? It simmers down unless someone makes a comment or not give her the space she requested. She doesn't take it easy. She ends up blaming herself and it just makes her shut the world away. Like her brother, she finds comfort in being alone. Though, her brother has Tabitha so he's not all that alone but it's still quiet. The quiet reminds her of the happy days but since she doesn't talk much about what's bothering her, it resurfaces old. memories.
For Finn, he finds himself in solitude, with the company of Tabitha half of the time. It brings him peace and a moment to access everything as he goes through the five stages. With the support and comfort of Tabitha, he knows things will be okay. He might even make a joke here or there to help through the pain as focusing on it drags him to the past.
For Judith, her way of handling grief is to focus on the happier moments with the deceased. Her comfort is knowing that they are in a better place without the hurt. She then seeks out to take a moment and appreciate everyone she loves by simply talking to them and help them through their grief too, even if she's sobbing herself.
For Tabitha, she doesn't mention or show how she's feeling till she's very much alone. She's seen as an empty shell, going through her day with little to no effort. In this state, she looses herself and forgets her needs and health. But before it gets too bad, Finn is there is pick her back up. She doesn't talk for a while and Finn never forces her. Its not till she cries weeks later that she opens up about how bad the grief affected her.
For Chase, he handles grief in a none so good way. Sure, he's a hard working kind hearted man but with grief? He goes out for a drink or two...make even five. And then proceeds to forget what he's suppose to do and either walk around town or drive for hours in order to clear his head. Later, he'd stop at the grave and take a moment to talk to the deceased as a way to get whatever was on his mind, out into the air.
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sentimentaleidolon · 31 minutes ago
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