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mic-writes · an hour ago
Day 7: Free Space @spnprideweek (AO3 Link)
In The Closet
“Dean!” Cas hissed. Before Dean even got the chance to react, a hand gripped tight into his sleeve and he got pulled over to the side of the room.
Now pressed against the wall of this suburban family home filled with disgustingly tasteless décor, Dean glanced over to his friend whose hand was still grabbing his sleeve.
“What?” he asked with a confused expression.
“You didn’t hear that?”
“Hear what?”
And as he asked that question, mimicking Cas’s whispery voice, even though he didn’t understand why, he did hear it. Footsteps. Not anything supernatural, and definitely not the ghosts they were here for. Just normal, human footsteps coming up the stairs.
“That,” Cas hissed.
“Shit,” Dean hissed back, more to himself than to Cas. This wasn’t going according to plan. The house had been supposed to be empty. The family that lived here had been supposed to be out of town for the weekend. They weren’t supposed to come home, and they definitely weren’t supposed to find two strangers roaming around the parent’s bedroom.
The footsteps kept coming closer, and by now it seemed painfully clear that they were heading towards this bedroom, not the bathroom on the opposite side of the hall.
While Dean was still contemplating why on earth anyone besides them was in this house right now, Cas took immediate action. He pulled Dean – still gripping his arm tight – with him, and before Dean even realized what was going on, he found himself shoved inside a dark closet, Cas right next to him.
The timing seemed to be more than perfect, because only a second after Cas had shut the closet door on them, the footsteps got closer, stopped for a second, and they heard the bedroom door open.
Dean stopped his breath as the steps were audibly coming right by the closet, and he could hear Cas right next to him doing the same. There were steps going by right outside the closet door, from left to right, roaming around on the right side of the room, then going back from the right to the left, back again, and the other side. Dean could feel his breath getting short, and out of a reflex he didn’t quite know how to explain, his hand grabbed into Cas’s shoulder, tightly, holding onto him as he was shoved into the closet partly behind, partly next to him, various jackets and dresses, suits, and other clothes dangling around them, one single empty coat hanger dangling against the side of Cas’s face.
After what felt like an eternity, the steps moved away from the closet, out of the room. They heard the bedroom door close, and in a quiet but incredibly relieved sigh, Dean let his breath go again.
“Shit,” he breathed, earning an agreeing hum from Cas. “That was close”
“Yeah,” Cas whispered.
“What are they doing here?” Dean now asked, “They’re not supposed to be here”
“Why would I know?” Cas shrugged, accidentally setting a coat hanger into motion that went right over to clonk against Dean’s ear.
“What are we gonna do?”
“I think waiting is probably our only option at the moment,” Cas whispered, “Considering that whoever that was still hasn’t gone back downstairs”
“’Kay,” Dean sighed quietly and struggled to move his hand into his pocket without tearing down a row of hangers with his arm. “I’m gonna text Sam to get us out of here”
“Yeah,” Cas agreed quietly, observing as good as he could how Dean was typing away on his phone.
“Not sent,” he noted after just a second. “Why is it not sent? How can’t I get any signal in here? We’re in the middle of a fucking suburb?”
Cas’s answer was a sigh so deep Dean was sure for a moment that whoever was out there in the hallway must have heard it. But nothing happened, no one came in, and no one caught them hiding there in that dark closet.
“It’s gonna be a long night then, I suppose,” the Angel concluded, and Dean agreed with a carefully quiet sigh.
“Yeah,” he breathed. “Gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting this hunt to end with me hiding in a closet”
“Oh as if you’re not used to that,” Cas made a quiet comment, and for a second, Dean froze.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he managed to ask after the first shock freeze.
“You know that,” his friend said quietly. It was dark, and he could only see silhouettes, but he still could tell that Cas wasn’t turned to the side far enough to look at him, and he was so glad he wasn’t. “You know that very well”
“Uhm …” Dean made perplexed. He didn’t even know what to say to that, but he didn’t get to make a comment anyway, because that exact second, they heard the bedroom door open again, and the heavy footsteps were right back in the room they were in.
Cas’s hand got shoved over Dean’s mouth right away, silencing him even though there hadn’t been an intent to continue speaking anyway. They both stopped their breath again.
Thankfully, the steps moved away from them only a second later, closing the bedroom door behind them. This time, they went right over to loudly stomping down the stairs.
Cas took his hand off of Dean’s mouth, leaving both of them with relieved sighs.
“Now that was close,” Dean breathed.
“Yeah,” Cas agreed. “Yeah, that was close”
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fellshish · an hour ago
Tumblr media
@you-cant-spell-subtext-without uh oh they’re onto us 🤣🤣
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Ok but like imagine them giving a straight happy ending to Dean where he meets a girl and they're going out and when they move in together Dean is like this is Castiel my platonic life long partner who's gonna be living with us
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emzwolf · 2 hours ago
I think that Cas didn't mean to leave the handprint but he held on to Dean too tightly. It's not a burn mark from hellfire, but a burn mark from brutal force...A burn mark just like a leather belt leaves behind but amplified to 1000. Cas grabbed and held him in his arms with all his might because once he got hold of Dean Winchester, he wouldn't let him go until he was safe. It's the only mark or scar on Dean's body that is a result of too much love.
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ao3feed-destiel · 3 hours ago
Dean Winchester and His Truths
Read it on AO3 here!
by marsnack
After a long hunt, Dean and Sam head to a local bar to celebrate.
Except, Dean wakes up cursed with a truth spell, a headache from hell, and all sorts of confusing feelings.
Words: 9000, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Supernatural
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Castiel (Supernatural), Rowena MacLeod
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Kissing, Love Confessions, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Fluff, Sam Winchester Knows, Witch Curses, Emotionally Repressed Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester Uses Actual Words, Pining, Mutual Pining, Dean Winchester is Bad at Feelings, Humor, Fluff and Humor, Internalized Homophobia
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ao3feed-destiel · 3 hours ago
Sunflowers In Purgatory
Read it on AO3 here!
by Sunkenfox
Purgatory was pure, clean, a place where Dean was free. He didn’t have to hold back his anger, the skills he gained in Hell unleashed on the monsters and beasts of the grey world. Sometimes he even scared himself, a nightmare of a man drenched in blood. Sometimes Dean missed who he was in Purgatory. But Dean comes back a different man, he’s destructive and angry, upset at himself for not being an able save Castiel.
Words: 4041, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Categories: M/M
Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Jody Mills
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Additional Tags: Destiel - Freeform, Purgatory, Post-Purgatory Dean Winchester, Alcoholic Dean Winchester, Canon-Typical Violence, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Slow Burn, Hurt Dean Winchester, Eventual Smut, Hell, Dean Winchester Needs to Use Actual Words, Dean Winchester Needs Therapy, Top Castiel/Bottom Dean Winchester, Post-Purgatory Castiel (Supernatural), Purgatory Flashbacks, Flashbacks, Closeted Dean Winchester, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Dean and Cas search for Sam, cas saves dean, Castiel Saves Dean Winchester From Hell, Hell Trauma, Purgatory ptsd, Self-Harm, Angst, Other Additional Tags to Be Added
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fellshish · 3 hours ago
I bet dean couldn’t even listen to led zeppelin anymore after 15x18
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I can’t get over this. In Heaven Can’t Wait, Dean asks Cas where he wants to go. And then it cuts to them pulling up to the gas station in the morning with his arm bandaged. But up until then Cas slept at the gas station at night.... so where did they go. WHERE DID THEY GO THAT NIGHT I AM NO LONGER ASKING
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That scene in S11 when Cas is recovering from Rowena’s spell and Dean wraps a blanket around him. Dean did it so... nonchalantly, like he was trying not to make it a big deal but it totally was. Hes putting a blanket around a celestial being. Cas doesn’t need that blanket, its all psychological, he just needs to know that Dean cares and he does, he wraps a useless piece of cloth around him and smiles because he cares so much and he can’t stand being so helpless.
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itseatyourdamnapples · 4 hours ago
mr. putin your silence over the russian destiel confession is deafening
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huggybearsbeehive · 4 hours ago
*anxiously waits for the supernatural fandom to wake up again*
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that-one-possiblyhuman · 4 hours ago
I’m reblogging Dan and Phil and Destiel at work. What has my life amounted to?
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spnsmile · 4 hours ago
Cas: im on top of the worldddd
Dean: yea ur on top of me
Cas: i know. You are my world (´ε` )♡
this post
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eyelinerdean · 4 hours ago
i’m going to bed but dean deserves to sit in cas’s lap and bury his face in cas’s neck and just be held 🥺
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silvia-victim-tk · 5 hours ago
Thinking about Mobius leaving the TVA and fighting for free will alongside Loki and having Destiel war flashbacks
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introspectivememories · 5 hours ago
it’s “destiel” for talking to the general public but it’s “deancas” for personal use
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