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Fun Fact
The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
ramyeonupdates · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I write about strong women #IsabelAllende
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fanfictionlive · 36 minutes ago
Fic reached 1000 kudos
My most popular fic just reached 1000 kudos on ao3!!! I'm not the type of person to obsess over numbers but it's just crazy to me to know that 1000 people, literally the size of the high school I went to, have taken the time to read and leave kudos on my fic. Like those are real people who enjoy my writing!!! It's kind of mindboggling. I've been writing for fun for years now and ever since I started doing fanfic I've finally gotten to see how it feels to have people read and love something you've created. Even on my other fics, some of which barely get 100 reads, I still get so excited just knowing people have liked that. There's just something so lovely about making something that evokes a feeling in a complete stranger, even if that feeling is fleeting.
Anyway, I'll spare you all the dramatics of my inner musings and end this here. Just wanted to share my excitement with this amazing community!
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fanfictionlive · 36 minutes ago
Found someone repost a fic of mine on Wattpad...
...and I'm not angry.
I had heard about people plagiarizing stories before. Happened to do a Google search for my username out of curiosity. Ended up seeing that someone had posted a fairly popular fic of mine on Wattpad. My reaction ended up surprising me, because instead of feeling angry about it as what many might expect, I felt happy. After giving it some thought, I figured out why.
First of all, this might be a bit prejudiced, but I always considered Wattpad to have a younger user base. So, when I saw my story posted, I assumed the person who posted was likely very young and therefore might not have realized what they were doing. A closer look reinforced this impression I had. In the description, the user made it clear that they were not posting as the original author. They credited me and said they posted on Wattpad because they liked the story and wanted to share it there. This gave me an impression that this was not someone hijacking my work for their own benefit, but an eager fan who found a story they liked and was excited to share it. After realizing that, I was happy that they had cared about my work enough to do that.
Another thing I realized was that I had not written the story for any personal or financial gain. I had written the story mainly for fun. Therefore, I didn't see any issue with the work being reposted. If this person had posted original writing that I had intended to sell, I would have reacted quite differently. But since this was fanfiction, I didn't feel like they were plagiarizing anything of monetary worth.
I never reached out to this user, but I just wanted to share this story to offer a different take on seeing a story I worked on posted by someone else.
Edit: spelling
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thehaikuturtle · an hour ago
The cage, it’s opened
Free, for all my fantasies
To frolic in these fresh fields
Free, for all these feelings
To figure themselves out
Yet, crouched in the corner
They stand, still
I’m left: beckoning
Begging their self-chosen freedom
For without their consent,
I’m left hollowed out
Hoping to gain some control
-empty turtle 🐢
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ohsonett · an hour ago
grey morning
and the thought of you
appears on my mind
like the blood
that runs through my veins
was i ever
what you
i know that today
you loved someone
but someone
that was not me
you never did
i will heal
and i know
that you won't be
the one for whom
i ever
let myself
my open wounds
to the unscrupulous touch
of another lost soul
that from pain comes
and till darkness
will haunt me down
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writing-ideas-inc · an hour ago
A had lived in the bunker for four years, completely alone. They had imagined what it would be like if someone knocked on their door or if they could travel back to their home, but they knew neither would happen. The storms had made it nearly impossible to walk around on the surface without the proper gear, and it was too expensive for anyone outside of the Hub to buy.
So when A savored the last of their crackers and water, they jolted in shock as the door to the bunker in front of them jerked with force before popping open, and B’s head popped into view, completely unprotected.
“Yo. You good in here?”
- submission by sir_entity on Instagram
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casualwriter · an hour ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Your choice...”
1. “Which one do you think?”
“Your choice.”
“You won’t like my choice, so we’ll go with the other one then.”
2. “Whose terrible idea was this?”
“Oh. In that case, maybe it’s not that terrible.”
3. “You need to choose our future.”
“Not really, no. I can just procrastinate until time chooses for me.”
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k-tony · an hour ago
Made it Through
When you’ve made it through what feels like a heavy week. A heavy time period. And you find that you’ve accomplished things in the week that you didn’t expect to, is a good feeling.
I have new self-defense clients.
I’ve done some research & found out about projects happening locally in science I may want to get involved in.
I have some customers for some plants.
And, someone I missed reached out, at a very necessary time.
I’m still not back in the great state but I’m holding onto the presence of mind, to even do this. Write something, even if just a few lines. Because it all makes a differences and compounds.
Guilt & regret compound, but so does practise. Which is why despite my doubts, I remain a very good martial arts& self-defense instructor. Years and years of blood sweat tears study & training.
I made it through everything thing, and got here. 
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fanfictionlive · 2 hours ago
For people who DO like crossovers and fandom fusions which one is better?
I'm just curious. I definitely like both. But I think I prefer straight crossovers more.
What about you guys? Maybe they are both equally good in different ways, but you tend to read a particular one more? Do you actually love one and hate the other one? Why do you think this is the case?
Not trying to start arguments. Just thought it was an interesting discussion.
And yes, I know most people seem to hate them. I'm not asking you guys...
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idevie · a day ago
How to Write a Research Paper on Web Design
As a college student, you have to learn how to write research papers as this is one type of coursework that instructors assign often. If you’re studying web design, writing this paper won’t be any different. You still have to follow the right structure and come up with relevant...
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4damien · 3 hours ago
As a starting artist...
When I started writing, I wrote ALL the clichés.
-Unpopular, bullied kid falls in love with the most popular and beautiful girl in school
-A war between heaven and hell
-Lines like 'you are sorely mistaken'
The first book I wrote was over 300 pages and it was absolute TRASH. Half way through the story, I couldn't even read the beginning anymore because it was too cringey.
In the beginning, your lines will be sloppy, your writing will be armature, you will sing and play off key. It's FINE. You are still learning! You will use those clichés and mistakes to learn how to write, how to draw, how to sing.
Don't let ANYONE get you down when they say 'that's so cliché' or 'that sounds boring', you need time to build. Continue to build and nothing you make will be cliché after enough time.
There is nothing wrong with starting easy.
Everyone does.
Just keep going.
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fanfictionlive · 3 hours ago
Tip: Don't use lapslock in your summaries, especially if you're quoting part of your fic
...because then I might assume the entire fic is in lapslock, and even if I like the summary and the premise is appealing, I may not click open the fic at all. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of people (including myself) won't read something that's in lapslock.
I noticed while trawling through the hellscape of "new" for a giant fandom that many authors will lapslock their excerpts in the summaries, even though the work itself is capitalized conventionally. At some point, I started just skipping every fic with an all-lowercase summary. Your summary is the place to set expectations and excitement for your readers, so put your best foot forward! :)
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fanfictionlive · 3 hours ago
Struggling to write smut while ace. Advice?
Throwaway for this one because I'm embarrassed :(
Really want to write a smut scene or two in some WIPs I've got. It fits with the story, it's what I want to write and I really enjoy art and headcanons of this ship. I want to contribute to it myself! The thing is, I am probably(?) ace and have no experience of my own to pull from. Not even favorite smutfics to be inspired by, because I almost never seek out smut to read. I just occasionally heart/like good smutty fanart if I happen by it. I have almost no "examples" to guide me on how this is done. Don't watch porn so I don't even have bad-acting-kinky videos to pull from.
In trying to write this particular smut scene for the last couple days and making middling or no progress, I just found myself becoming more insecure and embarrassed than I usually am about my own ace-ness and/or lack of experience. Sometimes I don't know if I'm ace or just a big loser who couldn't get any if she tried.
I was hanging out on a Discord chat for fans of my ship and people randomly started talking about their own sexual experiences and I felt suddenly so, embarrassed? Humiliated? Because I had nothing to contribute and couldn't relate to these people's stories and feelings? (and frankly didn't expect them to have that MUCH to talk about tbqh....) Now when I look at my WIP I feel that same rotten feeling. And I just recoil from the idea of writing it. And I don't know how to get over it.
I can't embarrassed and insecure about smut for my whole damn life! But also don't know what to do about it.
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fanfictionlive · 3 hours ago
So um, I was influenced to do something today...
I am pretty new to this sub, but caught on that the use of orbs as a synonym for eyes sucks rocks, & the one & only time I ever used it was in my smutty magnum opus since I pushed through writer's block. I changed that ish to eyes today. Thanks for the good ups. I can't mar that sheer awesome with offensiveness. Wrong righted. My bad. I didn't know.
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fanfictionlive · 4 hours ago
Someone recommended my fic on Tumblr!
They included it in a list of their favorite stories for the ship. Literally the first time this has ever happened! This story is my first on my new AO3 account, so I didn’t have my hopes up, but it’s now the second-most popular story I’ve ever written and I could not be happier!
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fanfictionlive · 4 hours ago
Blocking Things On A03
I'm not trying to stir up drama, this is a legitimate question.
Is there a way to block specific things on A03?
For example:
I don't like Wincest or Weasleycest. I also don't like RPF as in the fandom. Can I block specific things (the incest fics) and fandoms (RPF?)
Again, not trying to bring trouble. I just want a way to get rid of these things so I never have to see them again on A03 no matter what. Thanks for any info.
PS: I'm not calling for anything to be removed/banned, whatever. I just don't wish to see these things.
A little background info: I was subscribed to a writer on A03 who writes Wincest fics. I don't like Wincest, but I do like some of the other fandoms they write for and would like to read these other fics. The problem is, the like, 5 or 10 most recent updates/fics they've posted all contain Wincest and I just don't want to see anything about it.
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xseildnasterces · 4 hours ago
give me one reason.
I’m feeling good. I’m not sure why, I just feel happy today. I’ve spent most of the day listening to music, relaxing, and just crossing things off my ‘to do’ list. I was off work today which was wonderful and needed. I spent most of the day just sitting on my bed rather than sitting in the lounge. I’ve just enjoyed not having a need to do anything or a need to be busy and be somewhere. I had planned to go on a walk this morning but got told by my boss everyone had to attend a webinar today regardless of whether they were off or not – which was incredibly frustrating. It was right in the middle of the day as well, so I didn’t want to risk going on a walk and then having to rush back, so I just did a few loads of laundry and chilled out. Even now, I’m sitting on my bed with my legs crossed and singing along to music. Once I’ve finished writing this, or when I’m at least half-way through I’m planning to go and watch a film. I haven’t watched a film for ages, and I think it would end my day quite wonderfully. Candles burning and wrapped up on the sofa in a blanket.
Dentist – I had my first US dentist appointment this week and it was wonderful. I was really anxious about it. Back home, my dentist is so incredibly rough. I leave every single time with a tissue as my gum or lip bleeds because she’s caught it whilst checking my teeth. I have been seeing the same dentist since I was a tiny child, so I assumed this was just how dentist were. I thought this was normal. I have now found out that that is not the case. I took some time deciding which dentist to go to and found a woman who has a practice a five-minute walk from where I live. I avoid men in all aspects of my life as much as possible, but especially in medical settings. I am not comfortable with most men. I find women so much easier to talk to and so I love the ability to select all your physicians here in the US. The dentist had always been awarded a Dentist of the Year award for 2020 so I felt as though I would be in good hands. I was. I told her that I was slightly anxious, and we talked through my past experiences. She was so gentle, took her time and was so much more thorough than my dentist back home. She even flossed my teeth! I also had full mouth X-rays, something else I have never had before. In the UK I have only ever had side mouth X-rays, but this was extensive! It was also the most painful part of my appointment. She told me this was because I had quite a small mouth, and the x-rays had to fit in with your mouth closed so I could feel the edges hitting the roof and bottom of my mouth, but it was only a couple of minutes of discomfort. We got to look at the x-rays together which I found fascinating. I have never known whether I had any wisdom teeth or not, but she showed me on the x-ray that I did but they were still deep in my gums and partly under my other teeth. She said given my age it was unlikely that they will ever come through – so that is good news. On the visual examination of my mouth she said everything was perfect, but on viewing the x-ray she said I had a cavity deep in between two teeth which is probably why it’s never been noticed before. So… I need my first filling, and I am scared. I booked my appointment today. At 29 I will have my first ever tooth filling. My mum says I can’t complain as I have done incredibly well considering most people have them so much earlier, so yes, I have clearly done an alright job of looking after my teeth! Due to my anxiety my dentist advised that I have laughing gas during the procedure. This is not something I have ever had before so I am very nervous and unsure, but I guess we shall see how it goes. It needs to be done and if it isn’t it will only get worse. We also discussed Invisalign which I am also nervous but excited about! My dentist say I am a good candidate for it due to my twisted tooth at the front which bothers me, but also because I have some overcrowding and it would really help to space and straighten them. I will book a full consultation when I am at my filling appointment and then I can begin treatment! I’m going to try and make myself look better in my 29th year. I have so many things I dislike about myself. I would never have plastic surgery, but I do want to improve some things about myself and I think starting with my teeth isn’t a bad place to begin. I intend to document the process on here (although not with photos… I will be documenting with photos, but they will certainly be kept private).
Therapy - Solo therapy this week focused on my fear of medical appointments. We discussed where this fear may have come from and I discussed my sheer fear of pain. I told about my painful pap smears, my time in a German hospital (including waking up being injected with something – and having no idea what it was), my painful dentist appointments, fear of needles and having blood taken. The list went on, but I was comfortable discussing these issues with her. We also talked in quite a lot of detail regarding my ‘muscle spasms’. We decided to go with this phrasing because the real name for my ‘muscle spasms’ just makes me uncomfortable. It’s just a horrible word, and as my therapist said, it sounds like the name of a yeast infection! We actually laughed about it and I feel really glad to have a therapist who I am fully comfortable with. We talked about how I have never really had the ‘muscle spasms’ with a girl, well not when having sex with a girl that I loved and actually wanted to have sex with. Anyway, that was solo therapy. Group therapy had little to do with my until right at the end when we ended up talking about wanted to leave the small town we grew up in and turning to the topic of childhood bullying. I found myself talking about the bullying I experienced during my time at primary school, and everyone seemed so shocked to hear what I had been through. Everyone was saying how they don’t understand how anyone would have wanted to bully little me because I was such a nice person and really sweet. That made me happy. It made me so happy that these people that I see every week and fully pour out my thoughts and innermost feelings too like me. They think I’m nice and sweet. These people like me! Me!! It made me appreciate group even more than I already did. I love these people so much. I love how we all show up for each other and support each other through whatever it is each of us needs to talk about or whatever it is each of us is going through. I’m not sure if I ever believed I would find myself loving therapy as much as I do, but the amount of progress I have made within myself over the last year of attending both group and solo therapy has been astronomical. I feel proud. I feel happy of my progress, and yes, I have far to go, but it’s going well and I feel comfortable and happy that I have this support.
New Professionals – Knowing people in high places in my profession certainly has it’s uses. J messaged me on Monday morning to tell me the congress in Abu Dhabi has been postponed to 2023. Next year the conference will take place in Rome. So what does that mean for me as a New Professional? I currently don’t know. J told me because he knows someone on the Executive Board of the ICA and had heard the decision from him. I was glad he told me because I had the opportunity to process it and have my cry and feel upset, angry and frustrated about it before we were officially told in my NP meeting. I felt very depressed on Monday. J and I talked for quite a while over message and he cheered me up a little, but in all honesty, I was devastated. I still am, but I guess I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that it is what it is and covid-19 has ruined things for everyone over the last two years, I am thankful I didn’t write here straight away as this would have been much more negative. On Friday during our NP meeting with the president of the ICA (which was awesome!), they told us the situation. They also said they don’t yet know what this means for us. No decision has been made, but we should receive an email within the next two weeks informing us of what it means for our group. Will we go to Rome next year? Will be miss out on a conference altogether. Will we just have a virtual event online? Whatever the outcome I will be disappointed, really disappointed and I do feel like the rug has been pulled out from beneath me. I feel as though I was given something and then someone pulled it away again. It just really sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it at all. It just is what it is, yet I believe I will find myself ranting about it on here on more than one more occasion but let’s see what happens.
I have more to write but I’m going to watch a film and write more tonight or tomorrow. I’ve started writing myself notes of what topics I want to write about, and it’s helping me to get all my thoughts out in a consistent and sort of concise (lol not at all), way.
[Blog title: Give Me One Reason - Tracy Chapman].
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fanfictionlive · 5 hours ago
scared of disappointing the loyal readers
I have several readers who tell me they love everything i write and that they always get excited when they get an email for my new fics. it's incredibly sweet, the way they'd always leave a lovely comment afterwards and saying "you did it again"... I've always had a constant fear of disappointing people. But this fear is a different one. It's me wanting to write something wildly different from all of my content, for a controversial, niche theme that's very polarising. I am a big lover of that kind of fic though and I can't stop thinking about writing it. I'm also embarrassed because of how horribly self-indulgent it'd be and written entirely for myself. This kind of fic has a small audience so I guess I shouldn't be surprised if this does not do as well as my other fics....I really don't know what to expect, to be honest.
I think I will go ahead and write it because it won't leave my mind. Just wanted to get things off my chest. I will most likely say in the A/N that I know this fic isn't for everyone but thank them if they give it a chance.
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fanfictionlive · 5 hours ago
Is there a name for this character archetype?
So there's this character. He's a young teen boy. Cheerful, idealistic, and sweet, without a mean bone in his body; innocent and naive; physically small/short. Despite the general likeable cuteness, he doesn't have many friends and gets bullied. Clumsy, very insecure, and socially awkward. Fluffy hair. He's either the protagonist or otherwise meant to be very relatable to a teen audience.
He's also often contrasted with some buff jock dudebro-type character.
Everywhere I go, I see this dude, just with slight variations.
Deku (My Hero Academia) (jock-for-emphasis = Bakugo)
Callum (The Dragon Prince) (jock-for-emphasis = Soren)
Kyle (SPOP) (jock-for-emphasis = Rogelio and Lonnie)
Hiccup (HTTYD) (jock-for-emphasis = Snotlout)
The list goes on.
But for the life of me, I can't put a name on this specific combination of tropes.
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