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honeymooneyy · 3 minutes ago
book club
Person A is the type of person who finishes a book in one sitting and Person B is used to being woken up at 4 am to hear about it when they’re done @notamagicianbutawizard 
Sirius never really cared for reading. 
Growing up, his parents forced him to read numerous books, both in English and French, and while he didn’t hate it, he never really fell in love with it like Remus did. He honestly didn’t even think people actually liked reading until he met Remus. 
But, somehow, that boy seemed to be completely entranced by books in a split second. He could spend hours curled up with a book, completely tuning out the world and with it, Sirius. 
He didn’t fully mind, because if Remus wouldn’t pay him any attention while reading, he wouldn’t be able to notice Sirius staring at him. He didn’t do it in a creepy way, well he didn’t think so, but more endearingly. Remus looked perfectly adorable with how focused he was on his book, eyebrows furrowed, eyes glued to the pages, and a lip pulled between his teeth. 
Once, Remus had even handed Sirius a book, mistakenly thinking his interest was for the book. But Sirius didn’t argue, accepting the book and settling on the other side of the couch in the common room, back to the armrest. Remus offered him a warm smile before dropping his gaze to the book. Sirius attempted to read his book, but the boy in front of him was so much more interesting, so he merely held it in his hands for show. 
Sirius knew it was late seeing as they had come down to the common room at midnight, but it didn’t really hit him until he got comfortable and his eyes began to fall shut. His head had lolled against the couch and he decided now would be a good time to read his book if he was going to attempt to stay awake as long as Remus. But even as he blinked sleepily at his book, the sleep wouldn’t relax it’s hold on him and he had to stifle a yawn. 
Sirius had almost drifted away when Remus snapped his book shut, eyes furrowed in a scowl now. He didn’t say anything at first before glancing at Sirius and immediately cringing. 
“Shit, were you asleep?” 
Sirius shook his head, though he left his head leaning against the couch, “Nah, just drifting in an out. Bad ending?” 
Remus huffed, sitting up and pulling his legs in so he was crisscross applesauce. “It was horrible and I didn’t even bring the sequel!” 
“What happened in it?” Sirius asked, curious as to what could’ve been so bad Remus was actually upset by it. 
“You haven’t read it, you wouldn’t really know what I’m talking about.” 
“That’s okay, I don’t mind.” As long as it’s you who’s talking, I’ll listen to anything and everything you’re saying. 
“Okay, okay. It was awful! It was a typical misunderstanding where no one communicates and it could just be fixed if they stopped to have one conversation! But no, instead we go off and start wars without checking....” 
Remus went off in some rant and Sirius could barely keep up but he hardly cared. He was entranced by Remus and his gaze was locked on him the entire time. He had a big habit of using his hands to talk and it was only spurred on when he was upset, and right now he was quite passionately waving his arms about before reaching up to rake a hand through his hair. Sirius followed the gesture and smiled fondly at how his golden hair was standing up in tufts. 
“So, how’d you like your book?” Remus turned his attention to Sirius and he was yanked out of his thoughts. 
Sirius glanced down at the book that was flipped open to page five, and smiled sheepishly. “Didn’t get very far, I dunno.” 
Remus returned the smile, “It’s okay, Pads, thanks for trying the book.” 
Sirius nodded enthusiastically. “It wasn’t bad, I’m just tired. I’ll try it some more tomorrow.” 
“Okay.” Remus stood, stretching out before holding a hand out to pull Sirius up. 
And somehow, this turned into a small routine of theirs. Remus reading a book and ranting to a very eager Sirius. It worked out for both of them, Remus could talk about his books without feeling annoying and Sirius got to enjoy Remus’ presence. 
Remus was always grateful for Sirius’ interest in his thoughts on what he was reading. Sometimes he felt as if he would burst if he didn’t get to tell someone about his book, but that would require someone else also reading said book and understanding what he was ranting about. But Sirius, funnily enough, didn’t seem to care about his minimal understanding of the characters and plot. He usually caught on, and if not, he just continued to listen with that silly smile of his. 
And it was small things like this that made Sirius’ betrayal so much more painful. 
Because no matter how much Remus told himself that he was supposed to hate Sirius, it was so hard. There were still days when Remus would finish his book, snapping it shut, and looking up for Sirius almost as muscle memory. But there would be no one next to him and reality would crash down on Remus once again. 
He never was able to reread those books he told Sirius about. 
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amaliaisabel · 19 minutes ago
For someone who had remained a virgin until his twenties, it sure took no time at all for James to be thoroughly fucked. Or, how these idiots-to-lovers finally see the light.
Final chapter of Through It All Relationship: James x Sirius x Remus Rating: Explicit
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Hey legally speaking when the Potters took in Sirius, could he have taken their last name and then when Remus married in could he have taken it and then we don't have to decide between keeping the trauma behind the name Lupin or Black, their family is just people who loved them for who they were?
Because that's my head canon today.
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wolfstar-by-quilliam · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Sirius: Yes, it's quite a heroic pose. You look just like an old knight. Sirius: ... Sirius: Mate, I dunno if you're a boy or girl. Sirius: I'm still trying to figure out if you're even human. Fugue: CROAK! Sirius: Yes, Fugue. You're also a handsome toad.
Another little Trans!Remus snippet. They'd be about 14 here. I always thought of them as super imaginative, playing a lot of pretend and going on adventures and fantasizing about other lives. Remus is often insisting that he could totally be a boy, that his body doesn't even look like a girl's anyway, and he'll try to prove it by imitating manly portraits & illustrations like in the classics. Don't let Sirius's dismissive tone fool you; he's invested.
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c-murphy · 49 minutes ago
Well I spent the day hanging up an admittedly insane amount of pride merch in my window and curating a new playlist of gay acoustic music which may or may not heavily rely on several music videos based entirely in my mind starring my comfort characters. But enough about me, how’s your Saturday going?
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mrsseverussnape · 49 minutes ago
Love Is You - chapter 5
a/n: The chapter moodboards don’t end up how i want them to be… i can find better pics but i don’t wanna change my face claims for the characters + since they are in their 50s in the story, it is even harder. Also i wanna tell the face claims i use for the characters. Scarlett: Isabelle Huppert, Sirius: mostly Gary Oldman but sometimes Johnny Depp, Severus: Alan Rickman.
Tumblr media
    It was Friday and Carina hasn't heard anything from her dad whole week. She was worried about him because he was staying all alone. Carina decided to go to Remus's room to ask him if he got any letters from her dad. She knocked on his door and second later heard. "Come in".
"Carina hi! How are you doing?" He smiled softly at his goddaughter.
"Hey uncle Rem. I had better days to be honest." She sighed and sat down.
"Do you want to talk?"
She nodded. "It has been so hard for me since the divorce. I am trying to keep it together for mum but... it is just too much..." her eyes were full of unshed tears.
Remus poured some tea for her and handed her some chocolate while sitting next to his goddaughter.
"If crying will relieve you, you can cry. I understand that it is not easy for you and also you have to take care of your mum." He rubbed her back.
"Seeing mum like this hurting me so much. I am scared that she will do something to herself..."
"Shhhh Carina, she won't do that. If i know Scar, she doesn't hurt herself for someone's stupid act."
"I would say that too in the past but she doesn't act like herself lately."
"She will feel better soon, everything is just so new right now. She wasn't ready for any of these stuffs."
"Me neither." Carina sighed. "Thank you for being there for us."
Remus hugged her and kissed her head "You don't need to thank me, i will always be there for you all."
"Actually, i came here to ask you about dad, have you ever heard from him? He didn't reply my letters and i started to worry."
Remus shook his head "No i haven't, actually i was thinking to go and check on him after my last period."
"I'd like to come with you and spend the weekend with him. I am still angry with him, but he needs someone too..."
"That would be nice but what about your mum? Can she stay alone?"
"She doesn't get out of the room if i don't force her to do so, i guess she will be fine and i can ask professor Snape to check on her about the pills."
"To Snape?"
"Yeah, it turned out they were classmates and mum talks to him, not much but still."
"Yeah, they were... I need to go to my class Carina, meet me here after it okay? Then we can go."
"Yeah sure, see you later."
They both left the room; Remus went to his classroom and Carina headed to the potions class. Snape was marking some quiz papers.
"Hello professor."
"Hello." He kept marking.
"Can i ask a favour from you, sir?"
He nodded while still marking a paper.
"I need to see my dad today and i am planning to spend the weekend with him and professor Lupin. Mum will stay here, could you please check on her occasionally?" She sighed "I know i am boring you with all my requests lately but some serious family issues are going on... i am sorry."
He put his quill down and looked at her.
"You don't need apologize Carina. I will check on her, do i need to know anything that she supposed to do or else?"
"Thank you so much professor, that means a lot to me. Umm she has to take her pills after the breakfast and the dinner, and she shouldn't have any alcohol. But she is not willing to do any of these..."
"Okay, i will make sure she eats and takes her pills."
"Thank you very much, i will return the favour." Then Carina left to pack her stuff for the weekend and let her mum know.
    Carina and Remus arrived at Carina's family house. She opened the door and walked in, strong alcohol and cigarette scents welcomed them.
She called while Remus was picking up some empty beer bottles. They found him on the floor lying with photo albums.
"Dad!? Dad can you hear me?" Carina shook him worriedly.
Sirius grunted and mumbled obscure things. Remus helped him to sit.
"Sirius? Are you alright buddy?"
He shook his head and tried to reach the wine bottle.
"No more alcohol Sirius, you need to pick yourself up. Drinking won't change anything. Carina can you make a strong coffee for him?"
Carina just nodded and went to the kitchen. She wasn't expecting her dad to be that much bad, she was shaken by it.
"At least do it for your kids, Carina is miserable between you and Scarlett. You don't think yourself but think about your daughter." Remus whispered angrily.
He just nodded lightly when Carina was back with the coffee.
"Here, dad."
"Thanks, my little star." He smiled to her.
"We will spend the weekend with you. We can do whatever you want."
"I don't know what you want Padfoot but after the coffee you have to take a shower. You stink." Remus made a funny face.
Carina giggled. "Uncle Rem is right daddy."
"Fine, i will." Sirius drank his coffee slowly. He wanted to ask about Scarlett but then he remembered the things Remus just said and decided not to make his daughter more stressed and sadder about the situation, wanted to let her to breathe a little bit.
    Scarlett was curling up on the bed and crying. She was trying to hold her tears back when Carina was around but actually all she wanted to do was cry her heart out. The scene she saw in their bedroom, the things Arabelle said and Sirius were on her mind on replay. She couldn't stop thinking about these and they were killing her softly. Then she heard a knock on the door but she ignored it. But the person behind the door was persistent and kept knocking until she answered it. Professor Snape was standing there. He immediately understood that she was crying, her cheeks were still wet from the tears and her eyes were red.
"Are you okay?" He asked but he knew it was such a stupid question and the answer was clear.
Scarlett ignored the question.
"Carina is not here and won't be till the Sunday night." She was about to close the door but he held it. She was surprised by that.
"I know. Did you have dinner?"
"Do you want to join me tonight?"
"Why are you doing that? Carina wanted that didn't she? You don't need to babysit me."
"I am not doing that because she told me to. I don't know what you are going through but i want to help. So will you join me for dinner? No is not an option."
She sighed and gave in. "Fine. But i am not eating with the crowd."
"Okay, just you and me. I can bring some food here, is it okay?"
She nodded.
"Any food requests?"
"No but can you bring some wine?"
"No i can't, sorry."
He went to the kitchens and got some food for them. Meanwhile Scarlett washed her face and cleaned the table a bit. Snape walked in with the foods since she left the door ajar.
"Cheese tortellini and raspberry cheesecake, good?" Severus knew she loves these two so he hoped she would eat them.
"Good, thank you." She sat down. "Sorry about my nightgown, since i don't go anywhere i don't change it."
"It is fine by me, don't worry."
They ate in silence, but it was not an awkward silence though. Then Scarlett took her pills before he said anything.
"What are those pills for?" He asked in concern.
"They are supposed to make me less depressed and less anxious but apparently not working." She let out a nervous laugh.
"If you want to talk, i am here."
She needed to talk to someone desperately since she couldn't talk to Carina because she was already dealing with her shit for days and Scarlett didn't want to make her even more sad. But she wasn't sure if Snape was the right person to talk about this situation. He was seeing that she was struggling and tearing up.
"I need to stay alone, please..."
"It is okay, i will see you in the morning okay?" He stood up and picked up the dishes.
"Okay. Thank you."
"Good night."
Severus smiled softly and left. But all he wanted to do was stay and comfort her. He could tell that she was in so much pain but refusing to share, classic Scarlett.
@snapefiction @lizlil @elizabeth-baelish @misselsbells06 @mais-e @lunnybunny12 @anfre109 @entirelymesmerising @wolvesofwinter13 @mrssnivellussnape
If you wanna be on my taglist, let me know!
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el-imaskingforyourlefthand · 54 minutes ago
Summary: cuddles- lots of cuddles?
Word Count: 446 words
Warnings: Fluff- the actually struggles of cuddling lmk if there are any
“c’me love,” sirius whined from his bed.
you slowly walk out the bathroom and argue, “what if they come back!”
“remus has rounds, james is on a run and peter has to serve detention!”
“bu- but they could still come in at anytime,”
he laughs at you and makes puppy eyes
you trudge over to the bed and lay on top of his chest
“fine but if they come in- it’s on you this time” they whisper getting comfy against the boy’s body.
siruis blew air at their face, “get your hair out of my face!”
“siri why would you do that-,” you groan, “your breathe smells like cigarettes…”
you guys move around a bit more before you’re both comfortable. you laying down on your side and him nuzzling his head into your neck.
five minutes of cuddling and your neck starts to hurt so you star wiggling
you hear him groan
"stop moving bubs..."
you mumble a quick sorry turning on your side trying to fall back asleep. a few minutes late the door opens but neither of you notice still asleep with siruis now spooning you. then there it goes. a deep chuckle filled the room. along with a more squeaky laugh. causing you two to wake up.
slowly opening your eyes you spot two of the boys friends laughing and one holding in a laugh and mutter, "look you can join us or leave- we are trying to rest i haven't seen him for an entire two weeks!" then attempting to resume your shut eyes you turn and curl up into the dark shaggy haired boy.
"no let me lay by pads!" james whisper yelled argued with the taller boy.
the shortest of the three hit remus on the shoulder.
first james who layed behind their sleeping best friend, then peter who rested his head on the chest of james body and last remus who layed behind peter hugging everyone close.
"really prongs you stink!" siruis yelled jumping up causing you to fall of the bed and everyone else to laugh.
rolling your eyes you climbed back onto the bed, "why are we even cuddling in a twin sized bed-"
"i belive you said something along the lines of," remus stated propping up on his elbows, "join us or get out, and we choose to stay!"
"look i don't mind cuddling with you guys like we always do but prongs you low-key smell like trash so go shower." siruis said while attempting to push james out of the bed only causing them to both fall.
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drachoesimp · an hour ago
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drachoesimp · an hour ago
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sleepcreatecaffeinate · an hour ago
Prompt time!
Helllooooooo - I am back from my little hiatus. Or at least I’m trying to be. My life has been really tough lately and I need a place to hide out for a little bit. I’m hoping that hiding out with my favourite werewolf and dog couple will help me getting my writing mojo back and clear the clouds in my brain a little bit. 
SOOOOO if you wanna help out. Shoot me a number from the texting prompt list below or come up with your own prompt for our lovely wolfstar couple and I shall do my best to oblige. 
Credit for prompts 1-16 go to the lovely @starstruck4moony. Thanks for letting me use them!
My friend said you could watch my dog sometimes but i want to make sure you’re cool first.
I got your number off the wall in a bathroom gay bar and wanted to make sure you knew it was there.
My mom said you helped fix her car and could help me out too?
We work in different cities for the same company, but are the only ones that laugh at shit on the company general chat board.
Instagram mutuals.
Hey can you help me edit my video? I just watched yours on YouTube and love it.
Hi so, we’re gonna be groomsmen together, right? I have an idea o how to prank the groom if you’re down.
My brother got setup on a blind date with you and said it was terrible but I loved everything he complained about, so I stole your number from his phone.
I love your cooking show and have 5 million questions.
My friend said you’re their funny friend so now you’re my friend too.
Hey I found your wallet! Wanna meet up?
I love your art and would love to commission you to make something for this project I’m working on.
You’re the best Uber driver ever. Can I just text you so I can make sure to get you each time?
Addiction sponsors that mostly send memes and dog pics.
My friend gave me your number to set us up, but I just got out of a relationship. Mind if we just pretend we’re dating for a bit?
Wrong number text. But hey, I’m new to town so do you want to keep chatting?
I hope it’s cool I DMed you. I really love your fanfic and was wondering if you could give me some pointers?
We joined a virtual book club together but spend the whole meeting just private messaging each other on zoom about how annoying the other members are.
I’m your biggest fan on your video game streams.
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inferi-hq · an hour ago
pls bring us remus and peter!!!!
Yes! You heard our anon people! Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew are both very much wanted and would make wonderful additions to our app count!
Tumblr media
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rainbow-at-night · an hour ago
the floor is lava pt. 2
James: and IM PROUD!!
Marlene: *lunges at james*
Dorcas and Sirius: *grabs one of her arms*
Remus: what's going on?
Peter: Marlene is very serious about the rules
Dorcas: marlene, calm down, you need to calm down, it's not his fault!
Marlene: *walks back and Sirius and Dorcas let go of her* not his fault that what?
Dorcas: not his fault that he's an idiot.
James: hey!
James: I mean I guess it was pretty stupid to stand on a rug, but hey!
Remus: I was just trying to get to my dorm so i could get a book and read, you guys are too dramatic
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rainbow-at-night · an hour ago
the floor is lava pt. 1
Remus: what are you guys doing?
Marlene: we WERE playing the floor is lava, but someone had to ruin it
Sirius: yeah, and this someone hasn't even apologized!
Remus: what happened? and who is this 'someone'?
Dorcas: so we were playing the floor is lava and the couch was full, so instead of going somewhere else, this person laid a rug on the floor-
Peter: -and then they stood on it and expected it to work!
James: it's like this person has no common sense or knowledge of the rules! they show no respect for the game
Remus: what's going on, why do you all look like that? who's the person?
Dorcas, Peter, Sirius, and Marlene: *stares*
James: me.
James: im the person.
part two on my profile!
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loonylupinontoast · 2 hours ago
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