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friday-poetry · 42 minutes ago
.40 - Why I Write
In the darkest night, with the moon absent,
A lamp is turned on and light fills the room.
In the coldest night, with the sun absent,
Fire is lit for tea to be consumed.
In the darkness of no knowledge, light shines.
Bright! Bright!
Telling of the better paths and designs.
Bright! Bright!
Fire is being kindled in thy own heart.
Crackle! Crackle!
A want to know passion with thy own part.
Crackle! Crackle!
Read on and know passion,
The blaze that brings two close,
That will transcend fashion
And live in thy heartmost.
My dear reader, reason for my living,
Knowledge mix with passion am I giving.
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mypoeticsoul-ny · 3 hours ago
A Fortress
I miss your touch between my hips The taste of your inviting lips I miss the way my body wakes Oh how for you right now it aches With just one kiss I’m on my knees A fortress opened with your keys The day could not come soon enough When I let go of being tough And lay unshielded in your arms Forever lost within your charms ©2021 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)
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dancing-on-the-waves · 4 hours ago
The Load
The Load
Over the many years I have hid the bitter tears I’ve walked many a country and city mile Carrying a dim ravaged smile Always asking forlorn whys Always ending in morose sighs I’ve said too many goodbyes But in the end we all die
With each lost one the weight grows The burden to keep them alive in me shows One by one they’ve fallen, passed on Leaving me to carry the load a little further on If you could only see behind my eyes  My family, my friends, my loves, my ties My ties, my roots, my foundation, my truth You would see there the graveyard of my youth
K. C. Barry
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mega2wheellife · 5 hours ago
I never knew what brought her around
my life was shifting then
place to place in low rent shared houses
& every now & then
she would turn up stay the night & go
I’d move on
& lord knows how she found me
she’d be there
& this wasn’t love as far as I knew
just something
had caught her about me
& then
she no longer knocked on strange doors
never got in touch again
leaving me to wonder if she had returned
to her welcoming sea
to abandon her wandering man
forgive him
for being wild feckless unseeing
not being who she needed
wanted him knew him
to be
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · 5 hours ago
but what do I know
if I could tell him
everything goes away
he’s just a guy
growing up
thinking cool is what matters
when what matters most
is what you have inside
& if I could tell him
he is just one of many
with a wounded mind
everybody has something
they are hurt with
can’t let pass by
& if I could tell him
these self-destructive thoughts
are just that
passing ideas that go
ease by & by
good times will come
as will other sad times
the wise one just watches
treats them all the same
picks out the ones
he wants to fly
& if I could tell him
but what do I know
I’m just another old man
who doesn’t understand
neil benbow
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scatteredthoughts2 · 6 hours ago
Praying for Fairer Weather.
Can life get any crazier,
Can life return to normal,
I know my life's got lazier,
And so much more informal.
I'm getting used to being alone,
And I know that that's not good,
We should not be on my own,
Because sharing's in our blood.
This is not the way we're made,
We're a social friendly bunch,
We're so used to breaking bread,
And for meeting up for lunch.
We like to sing and dance,
And to share a tale or two,
We are dreamers of romance,
And we make our dreams come true.
We like to be alone,
But only for a while,
Because when we come back home,
We'll be greeted with a smile.
I hope that soon we can all meet up;
Our families all together,
But until that time we must close up shop,
And pray for fairer weather.
Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts
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env0writes · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
NaPoWriMo 13. Beta Tape Storage
Dip n’ dot memories       Embedded into bookshelves Dust sleeves and doilies Sealed on tape are the echoes of selves
In a box, In a box, On a shelf: Snapshots of self.
What tech will protect what I did as a child? Taped up on a shelf in my closet back home Recorded memories unwound, it is wild We thought in the future the whole world would be chrome
Plastic box, Plastic box, Filled with film: Fired memories kiln
Static cigarette burns Over ashen masking tape Will I watch this one day, wondering if I learned? Can my childhood still find ways to escape
From a box From a box That I can’t play no more From a time long before
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alaskaisnothere · 9 hours ago
i. I get bored easily. I'm never satisfied, always looking for the next best thing that's gonna make me feel something. I'm never enough and people are never enough for me.  ii. I feel too much. Even when I'm empty, I feel my bones trying to crawl out of my skin, looking for a body that's not so broken all the damn time. iii. I lie and get lied to often. I lie to be liked, I lie when I'm bored, I lie because it's natural and I lie because it's easy.  iv. I always think there's something wrong with me, that I'm special because I've got all these flaws and all this pain, when the truth is that everyone is flawed. Everyone suffers in its own way and that's what brings out together and that's why I always try to be fake deep so people can feel something, so that I can feel something. v. I'm a fraud but I think you already got that.
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poetrythreesixfive · 3 days ago
Daily Endeavor
What time should I start drinking?
It’s one in the afternoon,
which tells me that, with thoughts like these,
I should start drinking soon.
Perhaps by two is proper,
a two martini lunch,
but I don’t wait to wait that long
unless I’ve had some brunch.
Buts Bloody Mary mornings
means I’ll be buzzed by ten,
and honestly, the question is
not if I’ll drink but when.
By four, the answer’s easy,
it’s tea time, if you please,
a perfect hour for bourbon sips
outside beneath the trees.
By five, it’s almost dinner,
and happy hour is here,
so have a drink devoid of guilt,
embarrassment or fear.
By six, I’m pouring vino
for dinner with my friends,
and if the food and drink is good,
we hope it never ends.
By nine, we should be toasty
and telling tales of yore,
by ten, there is a call for shots,
and looking for one more.
By midnight, things are blurry,
and water is your fix,
just don’t forget that alcohol
and other drugs don’t mix.
And if you wake hung-over,
not knowing where or when,
just find that dog that bit you
and start drinking once again.
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pocketfullofpoesies · 11 hours ago
you can't die...
i'm not done with you yet
he said
~ @pocketfullofpoesies
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consciousprose · 11 hours ago
garden war
there is a war in my garden, between dandelion “weeds”  and mint leaves.
the neighbors insist  that the yellow flowers will only be a nuisance for summer’s herbal harvest.
i can’t help but feel empathy for the despised plant and its tenacity. blamed for suffocating the weird things we’ve planted.
i decided to let the “weeds” be. for once, they shall grow free.
- aleta jay
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pocketfullofpoesies · 12 hours ago
when i became desperate
for more information
for more contact
i became a gardener
~ @pocketfullofpoesies
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rearviewphilosophy · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
((Acrylic 18x24 canvas original by me 04/21)) “Dangerous Creature”
Oh there you are. I’ve been watching you for sometime. 26 earthquakes & 9 tsunamis later, eternally.
You’re no longer there and I’m staring into the dark lit only by the light of a full Moon. Attempting to recall the last time I remembered a full day is rather taxing. My mind can’t compute that information. It’s algorithms based solely on your presence in my life, have been deemed useless without you. I play along with their dogma But I don’t believe in the contingent truths they speak of, but they believe in me.
As time wraps itself around this ache in my heart, my bones are grinding together until they’re crushed into a fine powder. I cut me a line and indulge in this recreational cannibalism. I shouldn’t be ruminating on such things but a loud knock or phone call is all I need to gain my composure long enough to appear normal.
I’ve prayed many nights to Gods I don’t believe in for a sign. A green light. A smoke signal. A quick death. Yet hear, see, smell, and taste nothing. My senses are nonexistent...but my symptoms aren’t.
I can only feel this bitterness growing inside of me; an all encompassing void beckoning my mind to deeper waters. Convincing me to make it one more day. And although it means no harm; it’s intentions are not set on benevolence either. So I make the decision to do nothing. Consequently choosing a passive suicide.. This sand in my soul is only growing heavier & I feel myself sinking down into the deep...letting go of everything as I breathe in the salty sea water.....and still all I see is You. -s&s
//minds elation//
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pocketfullofpoesies · 15 hours ago
i'll be
the bits
if you'll be
the pieces
~ @pocketfullofpoesies
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