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solesamor · an hour ago
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Bailar el agua
Canto de golondrina
Amar la vida
¡ Feliz día con mucha alegría! ☀️❤️
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consciousprose · 6 hours ago
there is something
incredibly sweet
in the ways
your tongue cuts 
my body
lethal sermons
encased in
crystalline honey
caustic rejection 
sheathed in 
saccharine intoxication
- aleta jay
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naviarlab · 9 hours ago
naviarhaiku384 – The beginning of all art
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The beginning of all art: a song when planting a rice field in the country’s inmost part.
Ichihara Tayo-Jo (1776 – 1865) lost her husband at 31, and for many years she had to take care of her family and business on her own. Tayo discovered haiku thanks to Ishii Ukoo, a local, accomplished haiku poet and friend of hers; she moved to Edo in 1823, where she lived as a haiku master until very old age.
Seven days to make music in response to the assigned haiku: to participate visit
Deadline: 19th May 2021
haiku by Ichihara Tayo-Jo
picture by raihan n. aziz
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schwarzesojamilch · 23 hours ago
daily dose in gym
blood, sweat, tears and one mantra:
you can´t outwork me
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januarymonteser · 23 hours ago
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I remember those drives at night when the road stretched into forever....🚙 Do you enjoy road trips? The right music and company make a world of difference! Tag and share if you like my words. Follow me for more updates and content 😊 I appreciate the love and support! #poetsofinstagram #poems #poetry #poetsandwriters #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #quotes #mypoetry #love #lovequotes #lovepoems #spilledinkpoetry #thegoodwriters #poetryforthesoul #poetryaddict #cosmosofwriters #bleedingheartpoetry #micropoetry #poetrylovers #poeticreveries_ #poetstribe #poetscity #road #drive #roadtrip
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