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polkadottedrobots-blog · 5 minutes ago
It happens fast and all at once
You don’t see it at first
It appears normal
Like every ordinary object in a house
Or a random people on the street
Or even someone in your home
It starts gradually, crawling it’s way through
Seeping through the cracks
Filling in the vents in your home with gas
You think you can smell it
You also think you can see it
But he tells you otherwise
That’s it’s okay
That you won’t die from this
And he’s right , you won’t die at first
It’s a slow death
The first layer of your skin peels off like a rose petal begging not to be plucked
The second layer looks the first but you don’t notice the difference
The third layer finally catches your eye
But the funny thing is your skin has been on fire the entire time
And there’s 4 more he’s hoping for.
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scribblingsofstu · 6 minutes ago
2021 April PAD Challenge Day 22 - 'Natural Healing'
2021 April PAD Challenge Day 22 – ‘Natural Healing’
Day 21’s prompt:  Write a nature poem ‘Natural Healing’ I feel the wind Healing me gradually My soul at peace In field of green All of my anxiety Slowly dwindling As I can finally see The joy in everything If I just stop and breathe In these verdant surroundings… Like this poem? Read more in my first poetry collection, ‘The Awakening’, available NOW!Paperback…
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spigot4 · 34 minutes ago
Bless The Meek
She was the progeny of the meaningless
The desperate and the trash
A smoker of cigarettes
A taker of the lash
A woman never forgiven
By politicians of the state
Even though she was not at fault
She needed to accept her fate
Politicians in their tuxedos
Top hats and cummerbunds
Have plenty to buy those rich estates
But not enough for meaningless funds
She never went to Europe
Never attended a Presidential ball
Never had enough to feed her children with
When those demons had it all
Seeking out the true path of angels
Sometimes others respectfully nod
Listed in pauper cemeteries
Unknown but to God
Blessed are the gentle for they shall inherit the earth Matthew 5:5
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anoukritiwritesss · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
nīpan (v.)  to grow dark, darken. to become darker as the light fades away
“I wanted to write down   exactly what I felt  but somehow  the paper stayed empty
 and I could not have  described it any better”  - Unknown
“No one will ever understand. We are all alone. Surrounded by millions of souls, we will forever be lonely.” - Anoukriti Bhasin
@anoukriti__writesss on Instagram 
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in-somnus-veritas · 40 minutes ago
Sólo les auguro la entereza de que mis días han sido vividos a su lado, atrás de ustedes y por encima de toda creencia. Un constante asombro nos envuelve, una tibia sonrisa abotonada hasta el primer asomo de los dientes cierra, como cualquier buenas noches, la dicha de ser amado y amar.
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tokensofdaydreams · 44 minutes ago
There Are Gods Here.
There are gods in every small town.
A pantheon of diamond studded darklings who accept offerings of bad habits. You can hear them in the whispering wind chimes calling us when the street lights flare up.
You can see them in the soft sunshine filters overlaying the peach Kool-Aide dye of girls’ hair while they scribble hexes in rainbow chalk lettering. You can taste them in glossy lips that often spend time wrapped around an American brand charcoal whiskey bottle. You can feel them in the hand that beckons for a second date though you know the Rottweiler tattoo on his left shoulder can only spell trouble. Through the haze of routine and rebellion, they lead you to haunts you will never find again. Like ocean roads and rock clubs and the iHop off Clementine that you swear wasn’t there before that night. They lurk in magic light leaks and your boyfriend’s honey lime moonshine. They steal small things that people won’t miss like memories and pennies and sleep and time.
- Yeti Youngblood // MaDD Pêche
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kiwieuropasblog · 45 minutes ago
Journal Entry #5 and 6
Journal Entry #5 and 6
No. 5 as I sit here and think, “why have these scenarios happened to me?” Though, those questions seem to go unanswered, I still handle it with a positive manner. confused in how handling this moment is right; should I keep entertaining or cut it down with a knife? I’m so confident in most situations; then, for some reason I begin to run wild with my imagination… No. 6 Appearing to belong,…
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academyoftheheartandmind · 51 minutes ago
By Farumbo Time's with me today May not be with me tomorrow It's come to dawn on me lately Time's hard to borrow My evenings come to a pause I have chance to stall Demanding's gone to a stop I don't no longer need to crawl I see movement hustling Through my nocturnal eyes A branch snaps Taking me by surprise One thing I will say One thing that cannot lie My stomach was rumbling I now don't care…
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Drag for Everyone
We’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul lately, can you tell? . This year’s drag competition Takes place in a church – Several floors of small, Dusty rooms filled with Old tables and chairs, Tarps over dull stained glass. We set up camp in an attic, Ready ourselves to stay For the full week’s events. It’s only when I sit, Breathless with excitement, In the circle of competitors That I…
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Small Things
I collect miniatures in real life. Sometimes I collect them in my dreams, too. . The hydrangea is Tiny, Each small, perfect petal Nudging dozens of other small, Perfect petals, in two lush Balloons of pale blue and pink. I hand it to my friend, Who plucks it bare – Safer to travel with, She says.
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an-unlikely-poet · an hour ago
Tumblr media
He carried within, a lifetime of reflections
Some older than the generations he walks among
Some not born as middle life pushes for more and more
It was the reason he came to this place, so long ago, though the line was not straight, he walked it anyway
He took pictures, smelled flowers, danced naked in fields he thought to be alone
Plunged his feet through creek crossings, while the young ones removed their boots. Expensive, and they didn’t know what boots were for
He sang songs, the words all wrong, the birds didn’t seem to care
He contemplates John and Walt, even Jack climbing that old Matterhorn
The wilderness mostly gone now, reduced to ash, became a prairie dog town
This earth day, this memoriam, these last rights
Progress meant for the better, to the land I love
An earth day love letter
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richglinnen · an hour ago
At a Light, Behind an SUV
The longer I waited, The more the SUV’s brake lights Resembled a side view of two toucans, Blushing after running into each other On the back of a car, of all places. The bloodshot traffic light blinked once more, Flashed its green eye shadow, Stared robotically as my brain rotted, And the license plate between the lovebirds Became a word bubble that they shared, Encasing the same exact nervous nonsense, Down to the “Z”.
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jenkins-poetry · an hour ago
Your hands are bigger than mine
Your shoulders are broader
I know I am meant to be in love with the Fairer frame and softer voice.
And believe me I fully appreciate the beauty of warmer curves and delicate features.
But still I am enamoured by you Apollo even though we are supposedly the same in form and frame but you posses things I do not,
Your command of light and dance so strong
Your way with words a melody, fulled by virility
Yet their is something about you Apollo that feels forbidden when I look at you, the way I look at you
But why must it be that way?
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mynameiscrosswinds · an hour ago
>:) two of my followers wanted to hear my poems so I am now legally obligated to force everyone to read them(/lh):
There’s a lot of them so I’ll put them under the cut
Poem 1: 
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I should stop bothering you
I should stop staring at messages
I should stop rereading my words
But your every letter comforts me
I can’t help but feel so needy
Ignore me, please, I want to say
But this comfort is the only reason I stay
Don’t go
Don’t stare
I want you to care
I want you for me and
Me, alone.
But I’m so selfish
But I’m so scared
Stay a while,
Poem 2:
If I could, I would write so much more
Essays and novels about my stupid love
I would paint the whole sky and draw out my vents
But I can’t since
You’ve tied my hands again.
I still can’t type, can’t breath.
I’ll pick up a pen and drop it again
Not again, not again, not again.
You’re holding my breath
Choking back words
You’ve told me a story
But I’m not sure I heard
Through this rain of tears
These thundering cries
I swear that I love you
But my swears are a lie
Please come back to me
I know you never walked away
But I can’t help but feel
It’s only me. Lonely.
Poem 3: 
My vision is blurred
Heart racing
Blood rushing
I think I might throw up
Soft focus
Bright lights
I can’t see clearly
Rose-tinted glasses
Shattered hearts
I don’t feel like loving again
Poem 4: 
Patience is not my virtue
I hope you understand
I wish that you won’t hate me
After all the lines I drew in the sand
Please understand, I’m scared
Thought that isn’t an excuse
I just want you to respond
I keep hitting refresh
But I can’t bear to read
What you write back to me.
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composingmywords · an hour ago
Bound in loveless rope spinning,            spinning. I'm sick in love with you giving up the content of my stomach.
The words, a noise you cradle and let go to the wind.
You let the janitor know about the mess.
I quietly apologize.
Clean up
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