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pheonice · 3 hours ago
Give me back to the star I was born of
Let me feel the dust on my fingertips
Add me to the constellation I was torn from
I’ve been feeling homesick
No more lies, fuck these trying times
I need my spaceship to fly me back home
Tried the phone, tried a radio
So close I could taste it, I’ll twinkle for you when I’m gone
I’m missing my native tongue
Touring, and I’m out of fun
Give me wings, the tools to jump
Send me back to the universe
I’m missing the way it feels
None of my life here seems real
Maybe when I’m home I’ll heal
Send me back to the universe
I’m at the stop before heaven
Take me;
I’m at the stop before heaven
Take me
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pheonice · 3 hours ago
Fluent in my language
It sounds perfect on your tongue
Showered with affection & the golden rays of love
I would walk with you for miles, burning in the sun
I would sit in rain with you for days and weeks and months
Grabbed a stick, extended just to lift you out the mud
Time will fly, but your memory cannot be undone
Never had a home but I have found a space in you
You’re my safety net, my comfort zone, my sacred youth
Joshing or a request, you know this is nothing new
But I learned the weight of chosen family when I met you
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lolnospace · 7 hours ago
Forever Together
I was so nervous to tell you how I felt
Was excited to tell how exactly you made my mind melt
How I imagined our future home
Poems on old crumpled notes
Detailing why I kept you close
Why I cared for you deeply more than Anything Ive ever known
I used to pour my heart into a pen
Never left out a clue, I was so openly
Declaring my love for you
We're staying forever together won't we?
Won't we?
Won't we?!
We're just meant to be!
That's what you said to me!
I'll admit I believed so badly!
I'd succumb in our sleep!
Let you have me!
Staying forever together won't we?
Won't we?
Won't we?!
We're just meant to be!
That's what you said to me!
I'll admit I believed so badly!
I'd succumb in our sleep!
Let you have me!
We're staying forever together won't we?
Won't we?
Won't we?!
We're just meant to be!
That's what you said to me!
Am I a fool?!
If I still believe!
Even if I saw you leave!
I saw you leave!
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lolnospace · 7 hours ago
Rain Drop Eyes
I'm sorry I could never get out of my own way
Tripping over both my feet there was so much I wanted to say
Guess I'll never get to know days of sunshine with you
Frozen in time within your fragile mind
No ill never get to
When we laid together why was
I chilled to the bone?
I just didn't want to feel so alone
This tired spirit felt so alone 
The last time you really missed me
We were both dumb and 16
I know you loved summer nights with me
Around the last time love kissed me
Last few times I felt alive I let my wrist bleed
I could never touch myself when you where by my side
I'm was in need
I haven't figured out what's wrong
Why I can't control the impulse
Of really wanting to be soon gone
Traveling far away
Then I promise I'll make no more mistakes
You won't have to worry
I have what it takes I have what it wants
It knows where I stay which haunts me
Causes me to shake uncontrollably
It upsets me how much I love you still
I can only hope I can battle back these Demons
Maybe I can finally face the facts every Place I loved you at through
The seasons was still there even though Now it's your love I lack
Without it without
Out that!
I could never hope to keep you close.
I could never hope to get you back!
I could never hope to get you back!
I really fucked it up, im sorry about that
I could never hope to get you back!
I really fucked it up, im sorry about that
I could never hope to get you back!
I could never hope to get you back!
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susurruspoetry · 15 hours ago
I keep wanting to write of unshakeable hope
But there is none
Only the everyday, battered hope
that ebbs and flows like the sea
I feel inadequate with this kind of hope in my heart
But it's the bruised and timid
The common and real and brave
And it's enough
Grace Stevenson
Poetry Snippets Series
@susurruspoetry // 2021
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flammaelunae · 17 hours ago
Welcome to Rememberance For a Broken Dream;
I'll catch you up if you need a shortcut.
Funeral hosts make deals with each other
in another cabinet in my head:
who will bring up the past,
who will tell the next story?
Hate me for the way I'll starve you on expected sales,
love to obsess for days and days (and days and days)
; repeat the process, shoot the antidote
into my blood stream and wonder
how nobody's dead yet.
I'll make the plan before it colors me
in whatever exact shade would be anxiety
(my brain states: neon yellow,
the kind that hurts your eyes;
neon yellow with a hint of
bilious green).
Calls ringing in my ears;
the cable cord cut
from another memory
of an unsafe past.
Hand puppets live in front of my window,
I can rarely believe that it's me
with my hand stuck in the fabric,
seems like it's glued to my skin -
I scream,
scream again
but the puppet won't move,
it only stares,
empty eyes ask
to read the memoir.
Welcome to Face Your Fears Tonight;
to animated bodies moving in twilight.
I believe it's the poison that carries on their dance,
stuck in a gruesome and twisted ballet;
here I am trying not to look too close
or claw out my eyes so I don't even need
to avert my gaze in the future anymore.
I think there's something behind it,
another scream for help, or maybe
just rememberance for a despaired fear
hoping it at least gets to chance to be buried.
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irfanullashariff · 23 hours ago
The power of positive thinking is the ability to generate a feeling of certainty in yourself when nothing in the environment supports you.
Tony Robbins
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Tumblr media
Have you ever dreamed that you were actually from another world or life than this one? 🌟✨
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bristokeswrites · a day ago
Time is a trickster; the ticking clock: its vicious heart. It impregnates. It destroys. It heals. It unravels. It dons the skin of an imposter in the coldest stretch of night: a magician weaving fantasies that sear. Neutralize. Inspire. Though I wonder-- I worry-- are the days too long? Are the nights too dim and fleeting? Do I dance through each crescendo in a lurid, patchwork nightmare? Or are my dreams so full of pain, that soon, I'll shatter beneath them and finally wake up?
- Bri Stokes, 2021.
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“I find I exist most authentically
somewhere between
cursive and chicken scratch—
that is to say
in written word,
not lens,
for photography fails and deceives
in so far as it tries
to contain me
in an immortalized image
whereby the eye defines me
a perceived singularity.” - d.c.
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journalpost · a day ago
why does everything seem better in retrospect?
we have so much trauma in the past and yet it still seems better than living in the present.
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Mountain Movers
People expect our generation to move mountains
Truth is with all this technology
We’re still LOST..
Searching for what is, what isn’t and what will be
Thinking 'bout who we really are beneath all
The facade and smiles..
All this questions be making it harder
To move on from all we’ve ever known
Wanting change but not wanting to change
Numbing all our pains and dumbing our brain cells
Maybe that’s the reason we can’t figure our shit out
Mountain movers
Ground shakers
Wave riders
The world be forcing upon us shoes ten times our sizes
I hear them
I hear them
All saying the same thing
Of how we waste our youth and resources
Waste all that we’ve be given
On useless things that don’t matter
When we could be changing the world
So I ask
Tell me what you did when you were a youth
Speak to me about all the mountains you’ve moved
The grounds you’ve broken and
All the waves you’ve ridden..
Maybe then I shall tell you of all
The billions of tiny mountains I’ve moved
While you were busy
Screaming about how useless I am
Maybe I shall tell you of all
The thousands of ground that I’ve shaken
And the waves I’ve ridden..
We’re trying to live up to your expectations
But it is hard
You should know that
Because if it was easy your generation
Would’ve changed the world
I don’t mean to be disrespectful
Just stating facts..
Life is already hard as it is
Your expectations just making it harder to breath
Let us be
Let us see
Let us find ourselves
Let us heal ourselves..
Then we’ll move the mountains you place at our feet…
At a bad place right now, but I thought I'll dump this here 🙃
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missdanielleholian · a day ago
i poured my heart and soul out when i wrote my book titled Beautifully Chaotic that deals with trauma of sexual assault, heartbreak, feminism, and learning how to survive through thriving times, split into four chapters in poetry form.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ishxni · a day ago
Walls can talk? - ishani 
I wonder if these  walls can hear, ears everywhere, I wonder if they can talk too, and spell out  every moment  when I wrapped my hair around my finger  and thought about  you thinking of me,  and then maybe they would laugh  because they knew you  weren’t thinking  about me. 
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lolnospace · 2 days ago
I still said
Knowing it's such
A way to say
It's nearly so cliché
Through crying eyes
Inside that heart gleamed ice
I believed it still cared for me
That you lied
Where still scared for me
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