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support · 7 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from in any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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radiofactsmedia · 11 years ago
Alan Burns' Recent Study on Radio's Disconnect with Listeners Applies to Urban Radio as well!
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Alan Burns' Recent Study on Radio's Disconnect with Listeners Applies to Urban Radio as well!
Radio Facts: Alan Burns recent study would CERTAINLY apply to urban radio as well. Syndication, Voice tracking and homogenized urban radio have all alienated the listener in the one format that so greatly depends on the connection to the listener. When urban radio stops communicating with the local community.. it dies a slow and painful death. — ——————————– What Does Music Radio Communicate When It’s Not Playing Music? Is it talking to its audience? by Alan Burns When a music radio station talks, does it talk about things the audience wants to hear, or about things the station wants the audience to hear? How much of music radio’s verbal content is driven by the station’s needs, and how much by the audience’s needs and desires? We have felt for some time that music radio has come to be dominated by talk about the station, rather than talk that is driven by a focus on the audience. So we set out to discover whether our opinion was accurate. Alan Burns and Associates conducted a content analysis of AC and CHR stations across the U.S. designed to answer these three questions: * How often do these stations address the listener with a comment or message about the listener? * How often do music radio stations talk about music? * What does music radio talk about when it’s not playing music? To address those questions, we monitored twenty AC and CHR stations in markets between 10 and 100, and coded the content of each break. A summary table of results is included at the end of this report, as is a discussion of the methodology of the study. (read the whole story here)
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radiofactsmedia · 12 years ago
Singer's Husband Died of Accidental Overdose
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Singer's Husband Died of Accidental Overdose
Radio Facts: A coroner has ruled that an accidental overdose of methadone and alcohol killed the husband of singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, reports say. Police found the body of Scottish-born Jason Rae, 31, at a flat in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, on March 22. Leeds Coroner’s Court said the saxophonist had alcohol and methadone, a heroin substitute, in his blood. He also found traces of cocaine and ecstasy during the post-mortem examination, but said those would not have contributed to Mr. Rae’s death. Coroner David Hinchliff gave a verdict of “death by misadventure,” according to Bailey Rae, 29, met her husband at a Leeds jazz club where she was working as a cloakroom attendant. They married in 2001. In a statement read by the coroner in court, the singer, who was not present, said her husband had struggled with alcohol for “a few years.” “My husband is my first and only true love,” she said. “He is the most beautiful and complex person I have ever known. He is utterly irreplaceable.” Rae’s band played as a backing band for Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson and Bailey Rae herself, and had recently released a debut album, “Hot Damn!,” at the time of his death.
Corinne Bailey Rae
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celtic-fr0sting · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Grim Reaper ✔️
Mid Evil Weapon ✔️
Big Butt Cheeks ✔️
Follow me on AVN for more:
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oneman-wolfpackk · an hour ago
Was gonna go pick up and bury the squirrel someone ran over and just left in the road but one of my neighbors got it before I could. I was going to give it a proper funeral and they probably just put it in a plastic bag and threw it in the trash
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scheffelella · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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yerjigsawpuzzleblues · an hour ago
Tumblr media
This is Salai Dawt Cung Lian, a lawyer who had been offering legal advice for detained protesters in Burma. He led the legal network In Mandalay and assisted in the release of hundred of people. Yesterday, he was found dead due to a ‘gas cylinder blast’, but most suspect foul play because he helped the protesters.
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ziedhmamida · an hour ago
Attaching oneself to worldly things, is the basis of one's suffering.
Since birth, we r indoctrinated the love of this world.
We r intimidated into conformity.
Fear incentivizes one to escape the feared thing.
Slowly, one gets used on this world, until they adapt on it, until they become dependent on it.
We play the game, we get immersed, and thus, we start to believe it.
I think, the greatest test in our lives is a question; are you willing to detach and disconnect from this world completely?
Abandoning your progress in the matrix, is the key to progress in the real world.
The more you cling to worldly things, the less likely u'll escape the matrix, which is why, only those who embrace suffering, will transcend.
You cannot simply understand the value of suffering. You won't wake up if you are living the dream, but you will, if you r living a nightmare.
Embrace the nightmare, let it guide u to the exit, leave the world behind you, because if u don't, u'll always suffer, u'll always be dependent on worldly things for your contentment.
When one attaches oneself to a worldly thing, they have a reason to cling to life. And if they find them-self incapable of doing, achieving, or acquiring that worldly thing, they suffer.
There r things we do not need in our lives, we don't have to possess an expensive car, but many find that a must, until they start suffering for their high expectations.
The more they suffer, the more likely they'll let go and lower their expectations. To transcend, is to learn that we do not need worldly things to be content, it is to have no expectations at all.
The more we suffer, the less frightening death becomes.
It doesn't mean we give no value to our lives, it isn't us without a value, it is the matrix. The box, not the content.
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enby-axels · an hour ago
ok so apparently it's at least partly avi arad's fault that spider-man homecoming and ffh were so...tony stark-focused? the source says that a) homecoming was supposed to have peter save the people on the ferry after some of the avengers, including tony, messed up b) ffh was supposed to imply that peter was subconciously trying to replace his deceased parents and uncle ben with tony
if this is real, i guess i owe jon watts and marvel studios an apology 💀
(just this once though)
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alphacomicsvol2 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Death of the Endless by David Mack
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scaredlittlekitten · an hour ago
It was your funeral, you're dead and we were there to grieve.
The audacity of the pastor to tell us God wanted you to die that die, the audacity of him to have a big smile on his face the whole fucking time.
Your abuser, telling us it was time for him to take accountability for his sins. I thought that was it, he was going to admit it. But no, he told us Jesus died for his sins. No he didn't, my friend died for your sins.
I respect religion, this is not me bashing Christianity. Hell, I was a Christian for many years. But this type of "Christianity" makes me fucking sick to my stomach. How dare you tell me this was God's plan, how dare you try to comfort me with a bible verse that has no relevance to my friend, how dare you smile on a day like this, how dare you imply we should shave our heads and take off our clothes and beg God to help us. Why would I want the same thing that took my friend, to help me?
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dddribbble · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Kawaii or die die death helloween pink sweet gothic scary horror girl korea japan skull logo asian design kawaii cute cartoon character illustration
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scaredlittlekitten · an hour ago
A 'poem' I wrote in memory of my friend
"A ray of light in a dark, cold world. That's what you were.
We take the light for granted, we start to get used to it. Even though we know it's there, we kind of forget about it. We forget to appreciate it, we forget to love it.
You were warm, loving, nurturing, kind, talented, pure. You were a breath of fresh air. Talking to you was like coming home. A person we could be honest with, a person we could laugh with, a person we could cry with.
No matter what you were going through, you were there. You tried your fucking hardest to make everyone you loved feel cared for. And you succeeded, you always succeeded.
But now you're gone, and the world is a little bit darker, a little bit colder. And now I know how much I took your presence for granted.
And the realisation still hasn't fully hit me yet. I still expect messages from you, I still expect to see your face again, I still expect to be able to hold you again. And whenever I come close to realising, I cannot handle the amount of emotion coming over me. I can't believe it, a week has gone by and I'm still in denial. But I will have to face the truth some day.
I'm sorry for everything you went through. I'm sorry it had to come to this. I'm sorry we didn't talk more. I never stopped loving you, I never will. Even though you're gone, I will never stop loving you.
My dear friend, I hope you're somewhere peaceful now, somewhere with no pain. I hope you can rest now. It's over, you're no longer in pain.
I will never forget you."
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i-am-darth-feanor · 2 hours ago
Summary: Elves never die... unless they choose mortality.
Trigger warnings: d//th (e,a), bl//d (o,o; mentioned)
She held the red hair ribbon close to her heart with increasingly weak hands. She was dying, she knew it, and she would rather do it with her husband’s first gift to her. Frail fingers stroked the smooth satin. She would welcome death, if only to be reunited with her dear husband again.
She was old now, older than any mortal on Middle-earth. Once-raven hair had turned pure white, once-unblemished skin was wrinkled, and once-steady hands were frail and shaking. But her eyes, stormy grey eyes, still shone brightly.
She took a rattling breath. This is how she’d die- alone in a cottage that she built in the Golden Wood. A cottage built from grief and despair. A cottage built from loss and heartbreak.
Two centuries ago, she’d never thought of what it would be like to die. Never contemplated the idea. Why should she? She was an elf, immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings. An elf that would see civilizations rise and fall, one that would live to see the world razed.
But she’d given all that up, given it up for her husband. Her lips twitched into a smile. She still remembered him the way he was when he was young- when they first met. A man of twenty summers, bubbling with excitement about his heritage. He had changed so much, her Estel, and given so much. 
And now she would join him on the other side of the Sundering Seas, reunited forever. 
Her breathing slowed. “I go to the halls of my fathers,” she rasped. “I go to the halls of my mothers.”
The ribbon fell from her hands and fluttered to the ground, a streak of red in the dull interior of the hut. A splash of colour in the darkness. It reminded her of blood.
A cloaked figure stretched out his hand to her. “Undomiel,” he said in a lilting voice. “Undomiel. Your time has come.” His voice was the richest she’d heard, smooth as a glassy river. Slowly, she turned her head to him. 
The world turned hazy to her eyes as she slowly raised her hand. The moment it touched the cloaked man’s finger, she was gone.
No body was left in the cottage. The last that remained of Arwen Undomiel was a red ribbon, lost to the shadows of the night and the sands of time.
Author’s Note: I wrote this quite a bit ago but now I want to post it here... first one-shot fanfic!
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i-am-darth-feanor · 2 hours ago
Trigger warnings: d//th (e, a), c/nc/r (a,e; not explicitly mentioned), t/m/r (u,o) ch/ldr/n (i, e), f/m/ly (a,i)
You left an empty half on the bed.
An empty chair at the table.
A void in my heart.
Whenever our youngest runs up to me and asks where Mama is, I cannot look him in the eye.
Whenever I sleep at night, I miss your warmth beside me.
Whenever I make dinner, I forget to make it for four, not five.
With every waking moment, my heart aches for you.
Our house used to be alive with the sound of your laughter, your singing as your braided our daughters' hair. But now all is silent, and none of us can laugh anymore. Our daughters go to school disheveled and crying and our son wonders why none of them will tell him where Mama is.
Our garden used to thrive with life- fragrant in the spring, green in the summer, bountiful in the fall. Now nothing grows there but weeds, choking the life out of the tender green shoots that you planted before they found your tumor.
I know that you must be in a better place now, my love, but I cannot help but wish that you were back with me.
Your ghost haunts me, but I cannot feel your touch, cannot hear your laughter. Oh, how I long to hold you in my arms again...
It has been fifteen years since I lost you, my dearest, and I cannot stop thinking of you.
Yesterday would've been your birthday. Do you remember the time when I surprised you with a party, all those days ago?
Fifteen years have passed, fifteen long years. Liam, our youngest, is eighteen now. I wish you could see him as an adult, my love. He is quiet now, so quiet...
Angelina, our oldest, is twenty-nine now. Twenty-nine! Oh, my love, you're a grandmother. Didn't you always want grandchildren?
Last week, her little daughter asked why she had two grandfathers but only one grandmother. How my heart hurt to think of you...
Sometimes, I feel like your ghost is following me, guiding me. That you're my guardian angel. Do you remember when we first met, and I used the classic pick-up line and told you that you'd fallen from heaven? Oh, what I'd give to be living back then, young and carefree, with our whole lives ahead of us...
My hair is threaded with grey now, and I cannot help but remember when we pledged to stay with each other until our heads were white and our skin wrinkled. Do you remember? We were only seventeen.
Yesterday, I was cleaning out the old attic and I found your wedding dress. You looked so radiant on that day, like an angel come down to heaven. You made me the happiest man on earth, my love, and now you have made me the most sorrowful.
I want to ask you to come back. I want to ask you to return to me, to let me hold you one last time, feel your lips against mine, but I cannot, for you are beyond the reach of all mortals.
Everything I go, everywhere I go, everyone that I meet reminds me of you.
Of my loss.
I can only pray to join you soon.
Author’s Note: Don’t ask why I wrote this... I felt sad last night, okay? And yes, I’m crying.
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spokanefavs · 2 hours ago
On social media it's easy to celebrate the death of celebrities we politically disagree with. But Katie Blair reminds us, "No matter who dies, there is someone mourning."
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eosdesign · 2 hours ago
はい #昨日の運動 🛹💦 #相変わらず #crazy に #BS360 #death ☠️💦 . やれどもやれども...キタねぇし...😂 . そこそこ、出来ている様に見える?かも知れませんが コレ、3万回くらいやって(ウソです😝) . まぁ、出来たかな~?ってやつ...なのよね😂💧 . . #SK8 🛹 はさ... . 「出来た」じゃ...ダメよね . 「出来る」じゃ...ないとネ...🤔💭 . . あ、あれ?なんか...イイ事言った風に?なってる? #てへぺろ (古いっ!🖕😝🖕) . . まぁでも... . 一回だけ、スタンス汚いとは言えども 4輪着地 🛹して、着地後チクタクが入らず走るのが出来たので(これが理想形ね~🛹✨👍) . ちょっとニヤニヤ...😁👍 . ヨシヨシ 引き続き頑張ります . (しつこ過ぎる!😝💦💦) . . . #skateboard #skateboards #skater #skateboarder #skategram #skateboarding #skateboardingisfun #iloveskateboarding #skatelife #NoSkateNoLife #diet #ダイエット #oldskater #oldmanskater #sunset #oldmanskateboarding #backside360 #popshoveit #backside360ollie #360ollie #オヤジスケーター #言い訳 #笑って頂ければ幸い (Nago)
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