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#daily poem
littlethingsinlifeart · 19 minutes ago
I detach myself
I am a satellite
I float far out in space
I've never seen a meteorite
I am an island
I float out far from shore
My signal is faint to weak
You have never seen me before
Sometimes I'll try to build you in
I'll try, but you don't fit in.
So then I'm just an orbit
Out in space
I'm a metamorphosis
Without a face.
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thatartisticpiece · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hence, It was a delighted night,
But was as short as nights are.
Night rides, opening the windows
Nd that's me staring at the moonlight,
Realising just how fast the night changes.
And every night hits different.
The stretching of body, smeeling the flower around,
Nothing is so dainty sweet as lovely melancholy.
The black sky with different moon size everyday,
Have uncountable stars, that I always claim to count most of the days.
Why every morning is bright and shiny?
Nd every night is dark and haunting?
Right in front of my house there is a wide yard, In winters there are jackals and at midnight hearing there voices is like adding sound effect to my night movie.
It's just a mood, likewise will go.
But, why it is hard to except it will be back again can't go forever and then will be back with other question,
How fast the night changes? Like the flow of water, how night becomes the waves of our day?!
~ Juvenilewriting
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spitting-flowers-since · 10 hours ago
My heart was broken long before I met and lost you.
It is for yours that I feel desperate.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
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tortiespaw · 11 hours ago
stepping stone
let the stars align,
let it be a simple path,
let your heart scream for joy,
and let it cry,
for we only have a short life,
let us make it worthwhile,
a simple joy,
can be what you crave the most,
a complex idea too,
for we need the adventure,
the creativity,
the excitement,
the longing,
‘don’t let your dreams be ordinary’
a wise man once said,
as ordinary isn’t what we seek,
to be ordinary is to be simple,
and simple is too cliché,
be bold,
be true,
be a product of what you want to be,
not what your peers say,
if what you crave is to be ordinary,
then that’s ok too,
because who's to say you can’t?
if that’s what you seek,
use what you have as a stepping stone,
strive for things beyond your belief,
because we are human,
we need the encouragement,
be who you want to be
and the rest that is meant to be,
will be.
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blackbeanspoetry · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Want the full poem? Check out more of my work here
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janeladrua · 14 hours ago
“I wished we were seventeen
So I could give you all the innocence
That you give to me
No, I wouldn't have done
All the things that I've done
If I knew one day you would come”
-Bruno Mars
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saigelynngreen · 18 hours ago
"Eyes open wide, that same blue hue, glistening with tears because I'm thinking of you."
-Saige Lynn Green
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blackbeanspoetry · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Want the full poem? Check out more of my work here
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yuniblob · a day ago
The Season of Success
Why is it you still strive hard,
Into doing exhausting things,
That you’ll eventually discard,
When you’ve finally reached spring?
Ah, the reoccurring spring,
Where flowers are prettily blooming,
And birds that are gleefully chirping,
The season of success.
The season you longingly yearn for,
That you sadly can’t obtain,
Like a bottle of liquor,
Tis’ why you’re alive, feeling in vain.
Success cannot come so easily,
Since spring, summer, fall, and winter—
Follow one another regularly,
Thus patience is the trigger, so do let it linger.
It may be your winter right now,
So it’s alright to quiver and shout,
Your worries may make you say ciao,
But you’ll find a solution for it,
Without further of a doubt.
We don’t know what tomorrow may bring,
But I ensure you, everything has a reason.
So, patiently going through the seasons,
Will take you, to your long-awaited spring.
— a poem made by me
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Old Crush
I don't hold feelings for you
Not anymore
But when your eyes met mine
I knew that it was okay
And that you didn't hate me
I didn't feel love when you talked to me
I felt relief, relief that I hadn't disgusted you
I'm glad for this resolution
That you have given me
Now I can move on
Without you in the back of my mind
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jamie-lynneee · a day ago
I pray for you everyday
I pray for you everyway
I pray you learn
You grow
I pray all is well with your soul
I pray for your journey
I pray for your past
I pray that God put you in my path
I'm thankful for you
Thankful for your momma for making you
Shaping you , making you , you
I'm thankful our paths crossed
I'm thankful for that first talk
The road was unsteady
But I'm thankful for patience
Or stubbornness
Either way I'm thankful for this
I'm thankful for the light in your eyes
Thankful it's starting to match mine
I'm thankful for you
Thank you sir
And everything you do
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Though I don’t think you ever truly saw me,
I still dreamt that you were my fate.
All of those year you stayed in my heart,
The only place of me I never learned to hate.
- Ama.
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im-sorry-im-tryying · a day ago
Everything I’ve ever wanted, I always seem to rip away from myself. - like my subconscious knows I’m undeserving so she pulls all the good things away at my fingertips. I try my hardest to blame her, to puff my chest outward and tell her she’s not welcome inside anymore; that she's ruining my chances at happiness and if she knows anything about anything then she’d better leave my body and find another host to call home. I try my hardest to blame her but somehow I don't. I don’t puff my chest outward, and I don’t remove that welcome mat. I don’t speak up thunderstorms and my shell of a body stays calloused. It stays cracked. I don't harness this courage because deep down I know that we are kindred spirits; two of a kind. But I am her Jeckyl and she, my Mr. Hyde. We’d be constantly battling if I could just muster up a voice. But when I open my mouth to speak, she clasps her grimy hands over my lips and remind me that I don't deserve that right..
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jojadhavpoetry · a day ago
Tumblr media
“if you weren’t a girl,
i would hit you.”
“i would hit you,
but you’re a girl
so i won’t.”
i’m sorry i was born
with identical chromosomes,
two ovaries,
and a uterus;
that you weren’t able to use your beloved, “male”, instinctive weapon:
your fist.
// follow me @jojadhav.poetry on instagram for much more! ✨
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lightinthedeep · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is scary but this is what’s in my poetry book so far I don’t force myself to write I just do be kind please 🥺 { @blindedbythelightt }
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ga-mari · a day ago
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