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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
localbaeks · a minute ago
I am afraid to say that,
I’m lost once again.
someone pick me up thanks🤪
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morgana-ren · 2 minutes ago
lol. Talking shit about bakugo and the other heroes and it turns out you write non con with that gross incel shigaraki, stan strade from boyfriend killer stalker, and watch rob zombies nasty movies. stfu. does your friends know ur problematic as hell???
Lmaooo for a sec I forgot you told me you were gunna send me some hate to make me giggle and I was cacklin’ like a witch thinkin’ this was real and then I remembered and it made me sad cause it’s actually really good 💞
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tealduck · 2 minutes ago
Utterly meaningless thing currently bothering me:
In ABO there is either A. No queer people, or B. Terribly handled queer people
Like yes, the pair is usually male/male or female/female, but very rarely alpha/alpha or omega/omega, or even alpha/beta. Which is fine, that's whatever, that is literally what the trope is about.
But when there ARE queer people (a/a or o/o) in ABO there's always some line about how the alphas hate each others' scents or the omega's heat was triggered by an alpha or something.
I realise! That what I am ranting about is Not a big deal! All of this! Is literally a non issue! This does not matter! Except to me....
All I can think is that the author assumes that gay men walk around their partner like 'gross smells like aftershave' or whatever. Gay people? Like the same sex? That's what makes them gay? All sorts of romance novels where the heroine waxes poetic about how great the guy smells, and you don't think it's the same for queer people?
Like, in real life, not even in heightened scent/smell of ABO, IRL, gay people can fucking SMELL each other. There was that sweat study, and lesbians rated other lesbians, sight unseen, as more attractive based as smell alone. We're not constantly forcing ourselves or making a conscious decision to be attracted to the same sex. We're not like, 'overcoming biology' to be gay.
All I'm saying is that if gay people exist in ABO your omegas would be having synchronised heats and having the time of their lives...
Anyway, this is the meaningless thing currently bothering me /rant
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neomuniverse · 2 minutes ago
I have the unconscious habit of copying other people's laughs and taeyong has done a real number on me 😄 so reply or reblog with your favorite laughs in kpop pls
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timotey · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Newwiee on the set of Wan Wassana
(Cr. benzemakeup)
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effthisnothingworks · 2 minutes ago
It’s hilarious how whenever I tell adults I think they were mean to me and I’m upset they go “no I wasn’t!!!” as though they’re fucking kindergartners
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eldaryasharbinger · 2 minutes ago
Just finished episode 15 of the origins!! which means I'm halfway there!! this speedrun is going amazing 😎✋🏻
I've also had the chance to be a simp for Ashkore (Lance)... god I just thought I made up my mind to continue new era with my dear Leiftan but Lance is very very tempting and I know that I won't be able to keep up with two different accounts (╥﹏╥)
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greghircsh · 3 minutes ago
how have i never seen the larry david snl sketch w the bernie sanders curb your enthusiasm parody
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waking-up-for-what · 3 minutes ago
‘What do you think is your greatest personality flaw?’
when you accept yourself, you don’t have any flaws
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ajarofpickledtears · 4 minutes ago
imagine you're an author and write your antagonist who's super evil and a mass murderer but then some horny dumbass somewhere is like "yes 12/10 would *censored*"
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reigenhusband · 4 minutes ago
im doing slightly better mentally. Letting myself ship with a dude that's genuinely a nice guy is...??? Nice???
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dcfygraviity · 4 minutes ago
@manynarrators​ asked:
Ango arrives home late from work one day, and passes off the question of why until dinner— caught up on the way out with a few extra pieces of filing, nothing important— when, slipped into Chuuya’s hand with the plate is just a note that says “Hello A5158 C0429.”
Tumblr media
Ango was home late. It's not a rare occurrence, quite the contrary, but usually Chuuya gets at least a text informing him of said delay, if it's a good day. Ango's vague reply to his questioning doesn't do much to quell his worry that something bad might have happened (as good as Ango is at masking his emotions, Chuuya is even better at figuring it out when something's wrong), but he doesn't press further for answers (not yet at least), content to sneak a hand under the table to rest on Ango's thigh as they eat dinner, smirking at the small start it gets out of the other.
He raises an eyebrow in surprise when, alongside his empty plate, Ango presses a small piece of folded paper in his hand (and Chuuya can't help a small chuckle at that because really, notes passed in secret? Where are they, in high school?), blue eyes widening when the first thing that greets him when he unfolds it is...
He takes a deep breath to calm down before he can rip the paper to pieces, willing himself to calm down and finish reading the note. He frowns when he realizes, quite belatedly, that his former 'name' is crossed out and followed by a series of numbers he has never seen in his life. It takes a long, long moment before everything clicks into place in Chuuya's brain, and he looks up to stare at Ango with wide, wide eyes.
Tumblr media
" stayed late at the office to erase that..." he says slowly, still wrapping his head around the concept. Not just erase those blasted letters and numbers, swap them with something else, something that did not remind Chuuya of things he would rather not remember...
Paper still clutched in his hand, Chuuya reaches out to grasp Ango's collar, a gesture he'd done many months ago with far more aggressive intentions, only this time is to guide the other down so he can press their lips together. 'Thank you', says the kiss, the way Chuuya lets go of Ango's collar to hug him around the neck instead, 'thank you'.
He'll probably never quite get rid of the phantom of those numbers etched on the back of his head, but it's a start to know that's the only place where they are left.
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cryptid-coalition · 4 minutes ago
good morning to people who have to do math every time someone asks how old they are only
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harunayuuka2060 · 5 minutes ago
Can we......get more of eundae?
Eundae: *visiting the human world at night* 
Eundae: Ahh... I really like this silence. Unlike in Devildom, demons are most noisy at night.
Eundae: And I can’t relax well.
MC: Who are you talking to?
Eundae: !!! *looks behind him and sees MC* Why is there a hum- *stops himself*
MC: *tilts their head* Oh. I’m sorry. I usually go out for a walk at night. *walks towards him and sits behind him* How about you?
Eundae: *clears throat* I also like going out for a walk. 
MC: *nods* *smiles* 
Eundae: *averted his gaze* 
MC: *takes out a sketch pad* *starts drawing* 
Eundae: *takes to look at what they’re doing* How can you draw when it’s dark?
MC: *still focused on drawing* What do you mean? I have the moon as my light.
Eundae: Oh...
MC: You know, the moon is quite mysterious. 
Eundae: It’s just a moon. There’s nothing special to it.
MC: *looks at him* You think so?
Eundae: Yes.
MC: The moon only shines at night. 
Eundae: ...
MC: When the darkness is all over, the moon is there to keep everyone calm.
MC: *looks at the moon* *smiles* That’s why I’m not scared of darkness.
Eundae: Even if you say that, people are still scared of darkness, that’s why they prefer the light.
MC: Hmm... You are right. But we don’t need to make everyone agree on us. 
Eundae: ...
Eundae: You act like we are on this together. 
MC: *laughs* I’m sorry. I’m MC. What’s your name?
Eundae: My name’s Eundae. But you can call me “Your Highness”.
MC: Eundae it is.
Eundae: *clicks his tongue* *stands up* Well, I have to go now.
MC: Eundae...
Eundae: What?
MC: Are you still going here tomorrow night?
Eundae: ...
Eundae: I don’t promise.
MC: I will save a spot for you. *smiles*
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