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#self awareness
iseefeelings · 51 minutes ago
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I had never thought of myself as an enthusiast of patterns until I realised that the act of making repetitive elements is surprisingly soothing for my turbulent mind.
Lately, I’ve been questioning myself more without comprehending anything to take myself one step forward. I have a dilemma when opening up about my mental health issues. At one point, I wish more people would understand it and at another time, I hate to express myself and feel like an attention seeker. It's hard for me to believe that other people can heal your inner wounds if you don't learn how to stand up for yourself first. But I do believe in art. When life is rough, art is my favourite practice of self-love. I will either pour my heavy heart into it or put the hints of positive notes and details into my work. Life is beautiful but burdensome — some hearts are too delicate to take it. So art exists.
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maxturci · an hour ago
Watch "Breakfast with Max - Crystal bowls" on YouTube
Watch “Breakfast with Max – Crystal bowls” on YouTube
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humbug83 · an hour ago
Six things to do more of this year
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hope-strength-courage · 2 hours ago
Gratitude - 12/05/2021
Feelings This Evening:
Today I am grateful for:
A nice morning at home with my Daughter and getting some jobs done.
A lovely FaceTime call with a close friend.
A nice walk and chat with a family friend this afternoon.
A quick but nice tea with my daughter.
Finding ways to accept how I feel about things in life.
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freelance-philosopher · 3 hours ago
We are all of us the slaves of external circumstance: even at a table in some backstreet café, a sunny day can open up before us visions of wide fields; a shadow over the countryside can cause us to shrink inside ourselves, seeking uneasy shelter in the doorless house that is our self; and, even in the midst of daytime things, the arrival of darkness can open out, like a slowly spreading fan, a deep awareness of our need for rest.
Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
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ssneakyfoxx · 4 hours ago
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This ^
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putadelilith · 4 hours ago
y’all are truly smoking dick if you think people calling you out are doing it for no reason
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renardtrickster · 4 hours ago
Get fucked, you pathetic loser. Just admit that people disagreeing with you offends you and drop dead.
I’m sorry, did I say something you disagree with that offended you? Is that why you’re sending anon hate?
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reds-self-ships · 4 hours ago
By the way, with this week being mental health awareness week, your F/Os wanna make sure you’re keeping yours in check. And they wanted me to remind you that you can talk to them or someone else you trust if you’re struggling, especially with what we’ve all had to go through in 2020-2021.
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byond-insanity · 5 hours ago
This is a dangerous thing to say to anyone suffering with any condition. Not only does it minimize the suffering that person is going through but it could also stop them from getting the help they need.
"It could be worse" or "It can't be that bad" were the phrases I heard while fighting to get my diagnosis. So many times I wanted to give up as they made me feel crazy for thinking the pain I was suffering with was bad.
Just because someone else is suffering "worse" than you are does not mean you are not suffering. It does not mean you don't deserve the same care and compassion others receive.
We are all fighting our battles and we should be kind to every one of the warriors.
#invisibleillness #chronicillness #fibromyalgiaawareness #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #adhd #chronicfatigue #cptsd #disabilityawareness #depressionawareness #eyeopener #keepgoing #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #notallthesame #symptoms #spoonielife #spoonie #therapy #treatments #understanding
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sleepyprompts · 7 hours ago
Prompt #241
“Why are you so weird? And I say that while being hyper-aware of my own weirdness, so calm down.”
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deathdrips · 7 hours ago
yall be like “u bitches are terminally online” and then be the bitches that’s terminally online
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rynyassi · 9 hours ago
As we get older we also change not just physically but also mentally. We are the decisions we make, the experiences we gain and what we put in to our mind. Do you think your 10 year old self would be proud of you if he/she see you now?
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jewinme · 9 hours ago
American Gumption: Spirituality Gone Wild
Looking forward to Thursday's interview with @Steve Weber from American Gumption to discuss my book "We Are One." Hope you can tune in! #mentalhealthawareness #loveyourself #interview #author #mentalhealth #mindfulness #love #unity
Looking forward to Thursday’s interview with Steve Weber from American Gumption to discuss my book “We Are One.” I will be talking about my personal journey from darkness to light. I hope I will encourage and enlighten you with my inspirational story of how I see us as being ONE. Tune in tomorrow, Thursday Morning from 10-11am EDT. Listen LIVE 10-11am EDT here  Steve Weber  American Gumption…
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anxietycurved · 10 hours ago
Day 132 of Positivity
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This is a cute Pixar image. They have really great ideas. Plenty of self care. Mental health awareness also tells us that we need to look after our well-being. I personally like to meditate from time to time. I write to express myself. I talk to friends whenever I can. Whatever I need for the day to make sure I get as much self care as I need.
If you read this. You should let me know how you practice self care. I’d be really curious to know.
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cutpriceguignol · 11 hours ago
For Mental Health Awareness Week , I want to share this: a beginner's guide to (understanding) self-harm.
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