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fewwordsmanyriddles · an hour ago
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Your definition of success could lead you down the wrong path.
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beautifulsurvivant · 2 hours ago
{ ♔ } Being seen as a child progidy was the fate that Near had to live up to, especially as his destiny was to become the next L if anything ever happened to the said man. But nothing had ocurred at all, and he was soon getting used to a life without that purpose, enjoying his hobbies as any normal child would do instead, such as solving puzzles, rolling his colorful cars over the floor of his bedroom or wandering the rooms with his gigantic teddybear WATARI. Today, he was doing the latest mentioned thing, as in going around in every room, with the bear in his hand, to try to find his older brother and best friend, Matt. Near usually spent time with him and his partner Mello, if he was not staying with L and Light, but in fairness Matt was his best friend that he always wanted to hang out with. He finally found him in the living room on the couch, seemingly busy with a video game. But it did not the stop the little boy from climbing up to sit next to Matt, almost looking like a little cloud in his white garments and fluffy hair of the same color. He placed the giant bear next to himself and then turned his head a bit questionly to the side - almost as an owl would do. “What are you playing? Watari and I couldn’t find you, so we went to search. And now we did find you”. His innocent face had a big smile, which it only had in this way in the presence of Matt because he was the one brother who could always make him happy. [ An adorable Watari-influenced starter for @sweetsurvivant ]
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worklifeincorporated · 2 hours ago
Good Times and Bad Times Bring About Great Resignations
Good Times and Bad Times Bring About Great Resignations
Three Lessons Learnt From Times Of Change and Uncertainty Gone By Photo by Ben Mack from Pexels I left Investment Banking in 2003. Was it a Great Resignation? I can’t say it was, but I can say it was greatly significant. During my 12+ years with J. P. Morgan, I had always worked on a freelance basis, on three-month rolling contracts that could be ended with a two week notice period by either…
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devotionaldesktop · 9 hours ago
when you choose to worship a diety, you choose what aspect of life you want to dedicate yourself to. i just happened to choose debauchery
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kerra-and-company · 10 hours ago
80, 86 and 93 for anyone you wanna talk about ✨
All righty, sounds like a plan @i-mybrunettelady! :D You're getting Minei today because I keep having Thoughts on her!
80. Do the people of this world have a religion or belief in a higher being? Does your OC personally believe in any?
Minei is human, so the prevailing belief of her people is in the Six. However, Minei personally is kinda "ehh" on the gods, which is a bit funny when you realize that she's technically blessed by Grenth (a thing I plan on exploring further at some point) and that she knows that. If you've seen/read Fullmetal Alchemist, she has similar vibes as Edward Elric (who met the basically-god of his world and afterwards was still like "I'm agnostic").
86. Can they speak more than one language?
I feel like there's got to be more language variance in Tyria than we're shown in canon (and I think you personally have talked about Ascalonian as a language at some point, which I am very down for). If that's the case, I'd say the answer is that Minei can read in at least a few languages (probably New Krytan, Ascalonian, and at least one other) and more-or-less understand them when they're spoken/if they're spoken from the time she's 13-14, but she can't actually speak them fluently until she's around 18-19 and has actually had more verbal practice with them.
This is making me slightly sad now because Minei really loves to learn. She's a history and language nerd and wasn't afforded a childhood where she could explore that as much as she wanted; if she hadn't been thrown into the chaotic mess that was the lead-up to Zhaitan's defeat (and if Tyria was more chill in general), she would have joined the Priory when she was older rather than the Vigil at 15.
93. What do they fear the most?
Losing her sister. Minei has had an absolutely unfair amount of important people in her life die, and Petra is the most important person in the world to her. Losing her is her worst nightmare, and is in fact an actual nightmare that she has pretty often. Luckily, Petra's about as safe as she can be in Divinity's Reach, but that doesn't stop Minei from being afraid.
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panharmonium · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
three things:
1) these are grown men talking about a literal child
2) the hidden leaf’s brand of hypocrisy is next level.  “no one wants to go on a mission with a guy who acts like that” - are you sure???  because a very short while ago you all seemed very committed to the idea that everybody should act exactly like that, all the time, and if anybody ever put a toe out of line they deserved to be harassed and hounded to their death.’s really something seeing leaf shinobi tear into a child for following the very rules that the leaf’s ninja were previously so committed to enforcing that they drove a man to suicide.  absolutely love the way this community works.  “it’s Bad and Wrong and Against The Law to prioritize human lives over a mission, unless the lives not being prioritized are our own, in which case the opposite is true!  but if you do abandon a mission to save us, we will attack you mercilessly for making that decision!”  like, what the hell are you supposed to do?  you can’t win here.  people come for your throat no matter which choice you make.
3) this is the teacher in me, but it really upsets me to see how early kakashi starts to hear the kind of things about himself that follow him all the way through anbu; eg, the precursors to cold-blooded kakashi.  that is just not right.  you cannot talk about children that way.  you cannot talk about children like there’s something fundamentally wrong with them, ever, and you especially can’t talk shit about violently orphaned children because they’re simply reacting to the circumstances that led to them being violently orphaned.  of COURSE kakashi falls in line and does exactly what everyone said will protect him from the kind of punishment his father faced.  what part of this sequence of events could possibly be surprising?  the lack of self-awareness on display can’t contribute to a situation like that and then be pissed when the child reacts exactly the way you told him to.
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boyancient · 11 hours ago
five kills r.eginald in my second verse thats all u need to know abt his vibes
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moon-forest-princess · 14 hours ago
So im thinking, my next subliminal videos are going to be relating to:
Elven wisdom, knowledge, and memories.
Starchild awakening to your purpose.
Nihal/Lepus Starseed awakening.
Elven awakening.
Elven fashion, wardrobe and physical aesthetics.
Elven lifestyle and homelife.
Elven beauty and physical body traits.
And some belief and confidence boosters.
I also want to do some variations of these (mostly unisex and femineine-specific and Lunar elf-specific for some)
Are there any other Elven or Faekin related subjects you would like a subliminal for? I am taking suggestions! No promises I can do everything, but any ideas help!
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carpethedamndiem · 14 hours ago
"I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."
- Joseph Campbell
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moonsugar-and-spice · 17 hours ago
For the Prompt Ask:
Lu Da, recollection of childhood
“C'mooon, Soraya, just one little peck—" Lu Da taunted, wiggling the fat bullfrog in her face, “—maybe he’ll turn into a prince and finally take you away to live in his palace,” and despite her squeal and the wrinkling of her nose, he expected her to laugh or retaliate with a fistful of mud, but his sister had seemed different lately, distant, her smiles never quite reaching her warm brown eyes anymore, and instead she lashed out and kicked his kneecap; the blow jarred the frog from his hand and it hopped away, wriggling itself back down into the mud.
The pirate felt his steps slow, his gaze lingering on the dry, cracked basin, now overgrown with weeds, that rested at the foot of a small valley separating his childhood village from the next; they had skipped rocks in that pond, the two of them, caught the frogs that droned and peered out from their muddy burrows – it had been their escape from the world, during those times when their father would resurface in their lives, their comforting solitude like a balm until the sun went down and there was nowhere else to go but home again; he brought income, their mother would defend wearily, his visits ensuring that for a time they would not have to go hungry or pinch every copper… but he took so much more.
They’d always set off running to their pond, but that day, Lu Da had turned to see Soraya trailing behind with a gingerly gait, a strange look to her flushed face, as if it hurt to walk, and in the months and years that followed he would come to understand why, would watch his sister slowly fade one piece at a time, the sunshine that spilled out of her cloud over.
The first time she’d disappeared was his first taste of what it meant to feel truly alone, the gangrenous gnaw of fear eating him away and wishing the ground would swallow him whole before his father’s next visit, when she had finally stumbled home again, disheveled; alive at least, in the sense that she’d still had a pulse, but her eyes were empty and expression hollow, like a well that had run dry, and she’d met his relieved concern with a terse word and a slammed door… it would happen without warning after that, her unpredictable vanishing acts, each time longer before she returned again, until finally one day, she didn’t – an eleven-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old girl, forever suspended in his memory.
Nearly twenty years it had been, and Lu Da had always told himself that one day he would try to find her, if she was still alive, but he had never imagined it would lead him back here, after all this time, and his eyes slid away now from the corpse of what had once been their pond to the border of the next village… a breeze was kicking along a scrap of debris as he finally came to stop before a house, sagging and blistered with neglect, ignoring the steel-honed gazes that followed him from the streetsides as he checked the scrawled scrap of paper in his pocket to the number nailed to a post; taking a breath to silence the voice of hesitation, he thudded up the bowed steps, the porch creaking under his weight, raised a tattooed knuckle to the door, and knocked.
Send me a prompt and I'll write you a "five-sentence" fic
#thank you!#prompt ask#lu da#atla oc#cw: abuse#apologies 😅 this one really got away from me and not one of them can called a sentence#i hope you'll be forgiving of my egregious bending of the 'rules'#this was the story that bubbled up in response and it was a challenge to do it justice within these limits#but i wanted to try given that it's pretty pivotal to certain aspects of his character#maybe i'll write more to it in the context of an actual drabble later#yes he named he crossbow after his sister#with the intention that if he ever sees his father again he will put a bolt in his head#this likely takes place in the short limbo between when he splits off with Bao#and when he's in the Fire Nation collecting a bounty and his path crosses with Prince Ozai#though the memory itself ends 1 year before he too runs away and ends up starving and homeless and picks the pocket of a man#who would later become a sort of father figure in Lu Da's life#Po Jiang - leader of a prolific thieves guild known as the Shepherds who front as altruists that help the less fortunate#and unknowingly thrusts himself onto the path that would land him a notorious reputation#and much later ultimately lead him to a place of atonement#(which blows hard when he learns the man who was like a father to him has just struck a merger deal with Bao who he's trying to take down)#ahh i'm sorry i'll stop rambling now!#i'm like the overly proud parent who whips out pictures of their kid and never shuts up about them when someone asks#thank you anon#anonymous#moonsugar writes
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sephet · 22 hours ago
Fun fan challenge: redesign Asra keeping base concepts in mind like character archetype and general backstory, but like with consideration and understanding of how the depiction will make Muslim fans feel. No you can't please everyone that's why I suppose hopefully said Muslim fans would be able to contribute multiple designs or viewpoints or like collaborations for non artists teaming up to create a design maybe since there are only so many fan artist and even fewer who will have any interest in the design aspect of a character.
Is there a way to make it work or is the concept flawed at the core due to magic? The character trait of eating weird things comes from a history of starvation and desperate, how can this be expressed without having him explicitly eating the wrong foods? A habit of very small portions? Food hoarding? Perhaps binging habits born out of a "eat it before they take it away mentality" have his favourite food be something appropriate to eat but like really cheap. Like the equivalent to happy toast or something equally heart destroying. Or the only dish he remembers clearly from when his parents were there. There are surely ways to express most of Asra's key features respectfully, taking liberties only in like... it's a fantasy alternate universe where the concept of magic is fundamentally different and with proper consideration for how said different magic and world history would effect or change cultural perspective. But that is some sensitive fine-tuning that I am not capable of understanding with the proper degree of nuance to make it compelling or accurate. Like what does the existence of the arcana mean in respect to other religions? Was Asra poached by the magician? Man that's fucked up. Idk, it's just like the fans are fans because there's something in the game they like. Can it be improved with the inclusion of Muslim coding at least and the core concept involving magic and the arcana and stuff. Cause I dont think the dev's are gonna invest enough money into fixing things so much. At this point fans are gonna have to make content to support each other. And I think it would be really great to hear opinions on how to adapt things not from a "what's easiest to fix" but from like "what is flawed in this concept, and then also the execution of this concept"
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your-heart-is-a-treasure · 23 hours ago
When you resolve to become pious, the devil in your nature cries out at you: "Tread not those paths, O confused one; distress and poverty will overcome you. You will be despised, let down by friends, you will regret it."
Dread of the devil has bound their souls; the cries of the devil are the drover of the damned; the call of the Lord is a guardian of the saints.
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allpathsleadom · a day ago
How Dreams Help Heal
How Dreams Help Heal
I suppose it’s taken for granted in our society now that dreams are the subconscious conveying messages in a language that we can understand. It may even be commonplace that we understand that in dreams we can transcend dimensions, but that it doesn’t make them any less real. However, when I was growing up, I was always told by adults that dreams were a bunch of nonsense put together randomly…
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havetobebetter · a day ago
How These 10 Tips Can Dramatically Improve Your Life Now!
With love and respect I’ll be better than yesterday, personally, professionally and financially
👀💥👍 I Totally Transformed My Health Using This Weird Japanese Breakfast Drink (It’s so easy and simple, you gonna love it.) 👓🕶🥽 16 Ways to Lose Weight Fast 🎈🎈🎈 #1. Learn something new every day. When you are intellectually curious, your brain is constantly looking for opportunities to absorb new information that goes beyond your school curriculum, job description, or any set of social…
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mavensophie2-blog · 8 years ago
The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair
Raise your vibration with Sophie
The Path to Enlightenment: Enlightenment is an internal affair
I love movies where human beings seem to be endowed with supernatural capabilities. They are fun, and they give hope to people. For me they show the possibility of being a human being, shows me what's possible, what kind of being is possible for human beings. Hope in those supernatural beings, like in all saviors, allows humanity to be wretched, to buy time, to live below its potential, to live in hate, to live in pretense, to live in unreality, to never have to take responsibility for who we are and how we are. Supernatural means: beyond what is natural. Mostly being able to control the physical reality... turning crap to gold, and such. To confuse humanity, the System, science, religion, education, has declared a lot of natural capabilities of humans supernatural. Being an empath is natural: no physical aspect to it: it is all inside. Being a clairvoyant, etc. is natural. Being an energy healer, having hunches, is natural. Raising the dead, being a fire-bender, a water-bender, etc. isn't. Not really, or not the way it is depicted in movies. Although I love these fantasy movies as much (or more) as the next person, I don't take them literally. I consider that the capacities these super-duper natural human beings (did you notice that I didn't write supernatural!) demonstrate innate in all humans, and these capacities can be activated above a certain level of consciousness. Your level of consciousness shows how close your life is to what is natural, the Original Design: being in the here and now, without ego. Your level of consciousness is a result, on one level, of you taking full responsibility for where you are, what you are, what you know, and how you know it. And on another level, your willingness to practice living in harmony and in sync with the Universe, with existence, with how it is. Most people that think they live in sync, are pretenders. Or totally unconscious. Or they don't know what they are talking about. Living in harmony is also an inside job, an inner affair.
Continue reading on on my blog
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wayti-blog · a day ago
Give time, give space to sprout your potential. Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. There are infinite possibilities.
Amit Ray
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