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#personal growth
karihighman · 41 minutes ago
“I don’t care if he’s your boyfriend—”
“He’s not.”
“...never once have I heard you call him your boyfriend.”
“Look, maybe Emmett treated the relationship like it didn’t matter because you treated it like it didn’t matter.”
😬 just saying. the progression...or should I say lack thereof in Lucy’s relationship (& Tim’s opinion of it) makes me realize why things w/Emmett ended & why Rachel hasn’t been brought up again. I mean, Lucy knew it’d be “a cold day in Hell” before Tim drove anyone to LAX, (in 2x20) & even though he ended up saying to her he wanted to make it work — he even admitted he’d planned all day to say goodbye. & now? Lucy’s what he’s saying hello too. 😊
PS: Tim knows he (Emmett) “wasn’t the right guy for her” & so guess who IS? The man who’s gonna be dancing w/her at the Wopez wedding tomorrow night!! S3 finale here we come! 😄🙌🎉💪❤️
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planetaerium · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Taken from @thepattern on instagram
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softcore-borderline · 6 hours ago
💕💜Ariana Grande - Into You💜💕
It’s not perfect but I think I did okay 😊 I’m trying to quit being a perfectionist and learn humility and sharing my progress is one way 🤷🏼‍♀️ We don’t have to be perfect to do well, and more importantly, we don’t have to be perfect to ENJOY whatever we’re doing 😌
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I was going through my blog the other day and I was just thinking that I went from posting about suicidal thoughts and depression to posting about self love and art and to be honest if that's not character development, then I don't know what it is.
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thomasheimbrand · 10 hours ago
The greatness in Management
When comparing Management and Leadership, you have probably heard the question: Is he/she a leader or a manager? Sometimes Management has got a rather low reputation in the cooperate world.
I believe that the best organizations need to have both leaders and managers.
One definition that I often use is that managers are like thermometers; they measure the temperature in the organization. Leaders, on the other hand, are like thermostats. They turn up the heat, meaning that they improve productivity and increases profitability in the company.
As an example, studies have shown that a 1% increase in engagement increases profitability by 20%. Leaders have more skills when it comes to increasing engagement than managers do.
Usually, there is a lack of leaders in an organization. However, managers can develop themselves to become leaders if they are willing to train their leadership muscles.
If you are a leader surrounded by managers, it is easy to take the leadership role in all situations. You want to share your knowledge with the managers because you know that leadership skills create better results, following the thermostat principle.
I have stepped into that box as a leader. However, you must sometimes show that you can speak and act like a manager. Almost every leader knows how to do this because they have all started their leadership journey as managers.
When you show others that you possess management skills, your leadership skills will become even stronger. I learned this from a professor in psychology, and it is called the “Expanding oneself”-effect.
You create rapport with the managers, and they are going to listen to you when you are sharing your leadership skills.
Once you have the managers with you, the combination of your leadership skills and their managing skills will be highly useful for the company when it comes to creating results.
How to be a good manager
A good manager knows how to delegate effectively. He makes sure that the person performing the task has got the right skills and knowledge.
The excellent manager communicates clearly what to do and why. There is always enough time for questions.
The How is up to the person performing the task to figure out. There are always different ways to do a job, and you might lose accountability if you both say what to do and how to do it.
Telling someone what to do and how to do it is called micromanaging. It can be hard for some managers to avoid.
Delegating by E-mail hardly never works. There have been numerous times where I needed to clarify what I meant through my e-mail. Instead, the excellent manager takes a short meeting with the person when delegating.
After the delegation, you must follow up. This shows that you care and that you haven´t forgotten about the task. It also sets an expectation that the job is essential.
The frequency for the follow-up can vary as long as you do it until the end of the task.
If several persons are working from different departments together with a delegated task, it can be beneficial to write a delegating document to be extra clear about the purpose, expectations, time to delivery, etc.
The downside of having too many managers in an organization is that soon every task is going to be followed up. The consequence is that productivity goes down. The reason is that people stop taking personal responsibility because the employees perceive the follow-up as a lack of trust.
The overall objective can be lost, and silos-based thinking start occurring more frequently.
There has to be a balance between trust and follow-up. Based on my experience, you need more follow-up when you have an immature group of people.
A good manager also knows how to be a great planner. He makes sure that the job gets done on time and plans proactively. It can be precious for the company because reliability builds trust. Read more about the Trust equation here.
Managers and leaders excel together.
A good manager can be the leader’s best asset. Planning, organizing, following up, and making sure that the company delivers according to plan is essential. The leader can then concentrate on the things he/she does best by influencing, inspiring, building people and new leaders, etc.
The best companies have both the best leaders and the best managers because, in a relatively large organization, you have a variety of people with different needs.
The trick is to place the right leader/manager in the right groups according to their needs. When managers grow themselves with new leadership skills, they will develop the people, and the people will improve the organization.
If you want to learn more about how to develop leadership skills you can visit my site or subscribe to my courses.
Your friend
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theunheardwords · 11 hours ago
Scenes from You
Your radiant smile
Your clear voice
Your big heart
Your intellectual mind
Your words that gently slip off your tongue
Your wild untouched authenticity
Your love
Your happiness
Your fears
Your hurts
Your strength
Your courage
Most importantly your healing
In other words, you're beautiful
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jt-justteri · 14 hours ago
Wanting and Wishing for a Mentor
Wanting and Wishing for a Mentor
Through history mentors have been a priceless resource offering apprenticeships in an array of areas like education, art, philosophy, religion, politics, and craftsman. The expert training the young and inexperienced person aspiring to become a master. Mentors take the camaraderie of like-minded people to the next level having lived the life we want to live and providing clarity from first-hand…
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53r91044 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I Have Created “Heart & Soul” To Inspire & Offer A Different Perspective.
Everyone Is Welcome To Share Their Opinion & Help Each Other Grow.
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not-far-off · a day ago
"I think it's bizarre and tragic how society pushes us to say we are what we are because of the job we do. The question "What do you do?" really means what do they pay you for, as if that's your defining characteristic. Everything else is a 'hobby.' But those are also things you are and do. Just because you don't make money at it doesn't mean you're not doing it. It's as valid as going to the office, maybe more so. By removing labels that people put on us, and that we put on ourselves, we can have a much richer life, so much more adventurous, so much more fun. How do we remove these labels? I started by writing down my beliefs about myself and traced back to whom I got them from. I started to think deeply and look at the beliefs holding me down, knowing if I got to the root cause, I could work to be free. Because guess what? By sticking to old belief systems, I was most definitely not benefiting my own spirit. By writing these old beliefs down, I was free to at least think differently about myself and carve out a different future. One based on my true strengths. One based on how I truly saw myself, not how I was seen."
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chipmunkfanatic · a day ago
I think I have realized that the reason I recently got Very Attached to this book character is due to his entire Thing being extremely Persona 5-esque in my brain...
Like he’s been punished and abused his whole life for circumstances out of his control and yet he still maintains his kind heart and fighting spirit. Then he meets this rag tag group who he learns to love and who support him and fight alongside him and there’s this moment where he’s brought to his lowest point and he’s breaking down but then his resolve just Hardens and he’s like “He took everything from me... but I’m going to steal it back.” And my feral brain started playing the Persona awakening music like YES BOY GO GO GO.
He gets SUCH a satisfying and cathartic conclusion too— heist shenanigans, takes down his abuser, learns to let people love him for who he is, holds to his ideals but like those ideals include making explosives for his mob boss leader friend and threatening the dude who tries to flirt with his boyfriend, and is so so soft but in a “I can mess you up if I so choose :)” sort of way.
So yeah I found a character who is a mix of Ryuji, Yusuke, and Haru named Wylan and I STAN.
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theunheardwords · a day ago
Safe Haven
"She took the time to understand him. She realized that he was made of many layers that had branded him as complexed by others. In fact, that was quite the contrary. Her attention to listening not only with her ears but with her eyes, her hands, her heart and her soul granted her all the pieces. She saw the full picture of the puzzle. Yes, she could tell he was tired. He was tired of running and he took refuge in her arms. She took the time to understand him."
#mencanbevulnerable #menspeakup #communication #itsokay #mentalhealth
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kashleycoon · a day ago
Day 7: Q
 Well, I did it. 
I’ve been taking Quetiapine for a full week now. 
The first 5 days I definitely spent in a manic episode. I cleaned so much and baked so many cookies. Yesterday I seemed to come down a bit from my euphoria and was able to shampoo the carpet, tidy up the chicken space in prep for my new babies and get 3 loads of laundry done and folded. Additionally, I was actually able to sit down and relax while binge watching episodes of Naked and Afraid. 
While the excess energy in a manic episode is nice, it’s definitely not sustainable and is incredibly exhausting. My brain felt like bits of electricity were jolting through it and I needed to be moving. I couldn’t sit in one place for more than 20 minutes. 
I lost 3 pounds over the course of the week because I physically couldn’t stay still, not even for meals. 
I’m relieved to be feeling more level, though still energetic enough that if there was something I needed to be doing, I could just as easily get up and get it done. I’m hoping that the first 7 days were an adjustment period and that I won’t spike back into a manic episode tomorrow. 
Because tomorrow, I start my full 25mg dose of Quetiapine. 
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mommyonnet · a day ago
Thought of the day
Thought of the day
May 14, 2021 Speaking of the thought of the day, reflect on life, show gratitude, and enjoy the little things in life. Here are 3 inspirational phrases to help you do just that. This week I couldn’t help but talk about how we should reflect and show gratitude every time we get the opportunity to face a new day. The decision to write this down was made in advance and motivated by the book Good…
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blackbirdsings · a day ago
Professional Development Goals (Personal Growth Goals)
At the beginning of this semester I had certain goals to reach at the end of the semester:
- I want to try out different ways of planning ahead to see which ones work.
It is done when: I tried out a minimum of two different ways of planning ahead.
- I want to be able to communicate the ideas in my head about my projects more clearly
It is done when: I have documented my ideas and verified them with research, so my ideas aren't a feeling in the pit of stomach anymore.
I need to upload proof of this in this portfolio to see which steps I took to develop those two skills.
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leighlim · 2 days ago
Our deepest gifts can grow and mature, but they can never be domesticated. They will never fit into the small, safe, well-mannered boxes we create for them. They will continue to draw outside the lines, to get us in trouble, cajole us to the edge of authenticity, cause tears we don't understand, surprise us with their emotion-filled truths.
Ken Page (Deeper Dating - P. 57)
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