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#note to self
sarahfeezy · 46 minutes ago
In Christ ... you can struggle with any manner of sin this side of heaven, but you do it with the Lord's kind company. You do it as a son or daughter who stands in robes of righteousness, not someone who [is hopelessly enslaved to] a category of the flesh that will have absolutely no place in the New Jerusalem.
Rosaria Butterfield, (via source)
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atinycupofpositivitea · an hour ago
Day 6/100 of positive affirmations and appreciations to strengthen the mind.
🌈 Things that positively affected my day:
- Spent lots of time with my favourite person on Earth, celebrating their birthday
- Had a cool, pretty random double birthday party online and I drank some rum, played games and stuff
- Watched some episodes of the Good Place to distract myself from the pain
- It rained a lot and the sounds are just so calming and make me think about my so
- Had a pretty okay lesson that helped me motivate myself to hang out and do more things
- Changed bed sheets and did simple tasks, which helped with my low mood and period cramps
- Took painkillers and stayed in bed to ease the pain, distracting myself with YouTube and allowing me a ‘rest’ day
- Put on a nice shirt to meet my partner on Discord
- Read more pages of the Mindfulness book on my kindle
💪🏼 Things that I am proud of:
- My body that stays strong even through very painful periods
- The little things I can accomplish even when I am at my worst
- Having decided not to cancel my lesson and do it instead
- The efforts I put into gifts and taking care of close ones
🙏🏼 Things that I feel grateful for:
- My partner and their unconditional love towards me and what I do
- Being able to pursue my dreams, even if it is in small steps
- My passions and hobbies 
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ctrldestroy · an hour ago
This gratitude jar makes me really happy outta nowhere.
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sarahfeezy · 2 hours ago
When we sin, guilt in the conscience is a gift from God, intended to drive us back to His best for us. But God doesn’t want us to be paralyzed by shame. Guilt and shame are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.
Guilt says, “You did somethings bad.” This message is meant to bring you to the cross, to a place of repentance, restoration, and right living. It is a healthy part of the sanctification process, which calls you to press into the belief that your relationship with Christ—not your sin—defines you. It is free of undue condemnation (1 John 2:1; Rom. 8:1).
But shame sends a different message. It says, “You are something bad.” This message causes you to feel victimized, hide, and go further into your pain. It is Satan’s tool to drive you away from God. It fuels hopelessness and makes you even more vulnerable to sinful addictions and strongholds. You begin to believe that your [sinful] past and current temptations define you.
If you have asked God’s forgiveness and begun to live as a redeemed woman in obedience to His Word, your [sinful] past and current temptations do not define you.
—Dannah Gresh, Lies Women Believe
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jayfayecay · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harmless photo dump.
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findingmyhappyself · 8 hours ago
Wow it’s so fucking awful & hard to break someone’s heart, but I feel so happy for my self & so much more in line with how I want to live already. I’m at peace with my decision internally. 😌
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first-class-wife · 8 hours ago
It’s important to understand when it’s your season to sit back with your head down and do the work. There is no glory here. I love to post glamorous vacations and outfits, but there really is no point of taking that vacation when the money spent is your very last. The point is to be able to do it consistently. It’s my sit back season.
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sandaliangpagalpas · 9 hours ago
Be patient. Someday, everything will fall into place, and time will be on your side. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it don't happen in the future; You just have to believe it now to face a tomorrow with another possibilities of failure.
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theonlyherr · 9 hours ago
Daily reminder
It always gets worse before it gets better.
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angelicsaggie · 9 hours ago
Self Care: Femininity
The first step to embracing your femininity is to acknowledge your strength. You must always remember that you possess the ability to achieve whatever you desire. You may have already mastered your masculine side and crave the ability to do the same for your feminine side so this self care: femininity series will provide self care tips that you can do that will help you balance your feminine energy.
Tumblr media
Your life should consist of you enjoying the beauty of life and that starts with you. You have many secret admirers who love how you do things, speak, and look so why not do the same? You can view yourself as a beautiful person inside and out without being egotistical or conceited. It is important to be able to love your characteristics because you are a garden and a garden needs to be taken care of and nurtured. Look in the mirror, embrace sensual movements, model feminine poses, touch your face, play with your hair, and/or write down the things that you love about yourself.
Check out these posts!
Femininity introduction
Embracing your femininity
Voice changes
Self care: femininity /self-reflection (this post)
Stay tuned!
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thekindnessblog · 9 hours ago
You don’t have to have everything figured out for the future. That means in five years or in five minutes. Take things at your own pace. Live in the moment.
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ducaticorse · 14 hours ago
looking back at some of the stuff i make and i want to be like: please stop <33
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stopcryinguranadult · 15 hours ago
The idea of having to go back to work on Monday....not effervescent at all mate
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greatquava · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the longest I’ve had an uncomfortable relationship with my skin in texture, tone, hue.
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