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#personal development
iamstrongallonmyown · 6 hours ago
I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.
Hermann Hesse
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linksss · 7 hours ago
I just love the way most of the Voltron fandom is like, people will say “this show sucks ass the characters, plot and setting is terrible no one should watch this sorry excuse of a cartoon... anyway here’s a ten page essay on why Allura is literally the best protagonist”
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genevannmilton · 9 hours ago
Six Sigma
Hey, guys. I don’t get to post a whole lot over here. Not as often as I’d like so please, forgive me. I just love staying busy! I guess I don’t have a choice anyway. Speaking of anyway, anyway I want to tell you guys about our Six Sigma partnership. This is not an easy partnership to manifest! So I’m really proud of it, and would like you all to go have a look. I’m a life coach. I don’t know if I’ve ever spent much time talking about it, but if you need help I’m here. Otherwise, please have a look at Six Sigma. Its important to know about it.
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jeffcrume · 12 hours ago
See it. Believe it. Be it.
See it. Believe it. Be it.
The great Vincent van Gogh, when asked how he painted such great paintings said, “I dream my painting then I paint my dream.” Want to know what you’re dreaming? Want to know what you really think of yourself and your life? Look at what you are painting. You and I are bringing to life exactly what we are focusing on the most. If we don’t like the painting we can’t blame anyone else but the…
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iamstrongallonmyown · 12 hours ago
You make mistakes. Mistakes don’t make you.
Maxwell Maltz
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tariesaus · 17 hours ago
Personal Development Plan
This is a great resource to identify and record your own personal development plan.
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iamstrongallonmyown · 17 hours ago
If you're still in a relationship, remember that just because you can get along with anyone doesn't mean you have to. If you're unhappy after having tried every way to make things work, chances are that you should move on. It's in your best interest to end a dysfunctional relationship rather than get stuck forever with the wrong person just because you're secure.
Amir Levine, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love
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viralvideo-love · 23 hours ago
What A Troubling Marriage is This? | Bibi & Yaya Ep. 1
Welcome to my "Bibi & Yaya - Life Advice" YouTube channel! In this video, I'm going to discuss What A Troubling Marriage is? | Bibi & Yaya Ep. 1.
In this episode of The Bibi and Yaya Show, we discuss a problem that a young woman is facing in her newly married life. She is in a messy situation and is seeking our advice.
Please leave your suggestions and solutions in the comment sections if you think those will help her.
Don't forget to Like the video, subscribe to the channel, and click the bell icon to get notified first when we drop a new video.
If you too want to share your story and get some life advice, please send the story through this e-mail address:
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musiccat1971 · a day ago
i have some excellent news!!!!
i'm officially registered for my fall semester classes !!!!!!
and, the college is offering in-state tuition prices for the first 9 credits, even for out-of-state incoming students (me), which basically just means that i'll have MUCH less in loans, and i haven't even seen what scholarships i qualify for (i do already know that one of the grants i qualify for is going to cover a significant portion of it)
so, this upcoming semester i'll be taking:
Content Management Systems: WordPress
Survey of Computer Information Systems
Internet/Web Development Level I (HTML & CSS)
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Renaissance Through Contemporary Art
which i'm all super excited for!!! i already have at least some degree of knowledge and/or practical experience in all of these areas, so it should be a good sort of easy transition into college life!!
there were so many other art & music classes i looked into for my humanities requirement, but sadly i can only actually enroll in one (yes, part of me is still feeling stubborn i have to go for web design rather than graphic design, industry growth be damned). But i might be able to audit some classes, if not this semester then definitely in the spring.
that's all!! just wanted to share <3
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littermature · a day ago
The Fork In The Road Will Take You There. Hervedosas, Asturias. Spain. IN CONTINUATION FROM: if you can push, you can pull– TALES FROM THE WALK BEHIND ME, NO.7 Stir Crazy. As conflicted of an individual as I am, I find that I am still headstrong. I attribute this to my innate stubbornness–It’s a Capricorn thing, At least that’s what my mom always used to say still says. I imagine that I am…
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gayassnatural · a day ago
the way that our universe is canonically part of the supernaturalverse who in the world is doing it like them
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thismightwork · a day ago
The feeling when you sit bolt-upright in bed at 4:30 in the morning because a solution to a work project pops into your head fully formed. Wow. The human brain is really something.
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firsthopemedia · a day ago
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Conquering Fear What really keeps you from living your dreams? What problem is most dominant in peoples lives? The answer is: FEAR! People live every day in fear. Fear of losing their wealth, fear of losing their loved ones, fear of making the wrong decisions, fear of being themselves, fear of growing up, fear of making a commitment. The list goes on and on. The leading cause of people not fulfilling their dreams is NOT the fear of failure - it’s the fear of success! The fear of actually accomplishing what they set out to do. The fear of living life to the fullest may have paralyzed you. This will cause you to never really try in your business, or if you do try, to sabotage your efforts so you never have to face your fear of success. Most people live their lives in the grip of this fear and they aren’t even aware that it has control over them! The fear is the one thing that can turn your dreams of financial freedom, loving relationships, and a fulfilling and significant life into a pattern of habits including procrastination, self-sabotage and other bad habits. Fear is the dominate problem in your life today. The two questions you need to answer to conquer your fear are: Which fear has the most control over your behavior? Is it the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of success, or is it all of them? How do I interrupt the bad habits that I have developed as a means of protection from this fear? How do I interrupt the programming I have within me? These are the two most significant questions when it comes to overcoming your fears. If you can answer these two questions, your life will forever change! The reality of fear is that it is human and is a part of life. It’s not going to go away. Some fear is even healthy! It is a gift given to you to keep you safe and bring you closer to your creator. Every person is born with three instinctive fears. These are: fear of falling, fear of loud noises, and fear of abandonment. These three fears were given to you to help you monitor what is going on around you. Think about it; it is fear that gives you the adrenaline rush that makes you escape from a situation that is really, truly unsafe. It also gives you the same rush that causes you to fight to win. Faith is born in fear. God knew in His infinite wisdom that fear is what would drive His people back to Him. Although sometimes it is only in times of extreme fear that we look to God and choose Him. Take a look at your own life and think about the times you looked to God for His power and wisdom. Those were probably times of extreme fear. True faith is born from fear! So what caused the gift of fear to be the number one problem in society today? Why do people let fear control their actions, beliefs and lives? The answer is the difference between reacting to fear and acting in fear. It has everything to do with your belief system. Children typically react instinctively to fear, which is appropriate behavior at this age. Most adults don't make the distinction between reacting to fear, as when they were a child, and acting with their intellect when dealing with fear. People react instinctively to fear by either denying it or running away from it. They miss the power that comes from acting with their intellect, never allowing the fear to become the gift it was intended to be. Learn to act with your intellect by exposing your true fears and the beliefs they represent and free yourself so you can move on with all you are meant to do, have and become! ,
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