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#gentle reminder
alicanta77 · an hour ago
to anyone who sees this i hope you have an amazing day today
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noblesvacation · a day ago
Somebody is translating the Gentle Noble novels!!  AdCaelum Translations has up to chapter 9, gogogo read!!  I’ve also added this to the Where to Read page.
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shewhotellsstories · a day ago
I love your opinion on Zutara and the input you give with it. You slso like Lin Beifong, have you ever read a Kyalin fic? Because I'm telling you right now, it's the exact same problem. Kya is often the one, who takes care of Lin and gives her physical or emotional support. It's so frustrating. Yeah I love it, when Lin gets the love and appreciation she deserves, but I would love to see Kya getting support too.
You're very sweet anon. I haven't read a lot of kyalin fics but that tracks. It's definitely not a problem unique to the zutara fandom. Yes, Lin was treated terribly on TLOK and I get the desire to see her validated. But it's important to show what Kya would get out of that relationship.
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being-jay · a day ago
Move in silence.
If everybody knows where you stand in life currently, - in terms of finance, relationships. - then you are being too open. ~wmsd
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