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#random thoughts
reaux07 · 29 minutes ago
these past few days bruh... i need a break. it’s not even that anything entirely horrible has happened, but my own mind is making this unbearable and i just can’t take it anymore.
and then the constant black death piled up on my already bad mental health? like no...
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shiro-8 · 31 minutes ago
We may all be bound by nature, science and the earth. Doesn't change the fact we need a dollar to park with our cars on this beautiful piece of nature. I dont have a car but the point is made, I'm walking.
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misdiagnosed-ego · 31 minutes ago
I want to be rich to the point where I can just get on my private plane and go to another country just to eat lunch.
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heavenlyseoul · 57 minutes ago
Do you ever think “omg, did I just say too much?!” Or “did I just really say that to my best friend? What if he thinks I’m a complete fool now?” Then you spend the entire night and half the day worrying about it and he finally wakes up and calls you and was like “yeah, I get that. You’re so right. I know I can always count on you and I’m so lucky to have you.” Then the anxiety just goes away. Random girl thoughts....
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chickawah23 · an hour ago
Random things
I have a favorite butterfly from the opening scene of the Me! Music video
Its wings look like two faces kissing with their eyes closed. And I just think it’s cute.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ourtenderlies · an hour ago
So, I know I have childhood trauma. I have a very spotty memory of my childhood and growing up. I am not positive nor do I suspect it, but sometimes I wonder if something traumatic happened and I blocked it out, which is why my memory is so spotty and I have some questionable behavior at times growing up. I don't know what it could be honestly. Sometimes I try to think if anything thing could have happened or what could have happened. My parents got divorced but I don't think thats it. I feel like this is before the divorce.
Its weird but sometimes I try to think about what it could be. Tonight I was thinking and my older stepbrother and I had a close relationship since I was young and before my parents divorced (my future stepmother went to our church). I don't have any specific memories of anything inappropriate happening at all, nor do I suspect that, honestly. I just realized how our close relationship was a little strange but I doubt that is it honestly. Just random thoughts.
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nxxstybrat · 2 hours ago
So.... a lot of shit shifted and changed in today (a single day) and that makes me anxious
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unspoiledthoughts · 2 hours ago
I've learned something about my friend's experience.
Love is not all about having a relationship with someone whom you're infatuated with for a short period of time. And do the same thing over and over again after breakup.
Love is all about looking at yourself in the mirror and falling in love with the person you see there.
We're not perfect, we have physical and emotional flaws but when you figure out how to love yourself, you will not go around and still looking for love because love will find its way to you.
Love yourself the way you love those people who have hurt you in the past. Love yourself the way you want to be love.
For those will be the reason, where you will notice changes in your life. The way you live life.
- @unspoiledthoughts
I'm not here to judge, I'm here to share my thoughts. We have different ways of finding love and I respect it.
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mika-the-shinigami · 3 hours ago
Sometimes existing is strange
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seniorfresh · 3 hours ago
I swear I’m trying my best out here and these shoulders of mine are so fucking heavy so fucking heavy...
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dragoniangirl · 4 hours ago
So since moving, my cat Truffles has been slowly adapting to her new environment. And it’s been good so far.
She’s learned the layout of the room and where all the big pieces of furniture are. (A reminder she is blind or at least partially so) She knows what she can jump up on and it’s a lot more than in my old room so she’s got tons of new places to nap and perch. She’s gotten used to my roommates and the kids that also here. She’s even let them pet her and is actively approaching them, sometime she never did at my parents’ place. But there’s one thing she hasn’t gotten quite used to yet:
Me sitting at a desk to work on the computer.
See in my old room, while I did have a desk, I never really used it. I’d sit on my bed with my laptop on my lap. In fact, I was always sitting on my bed. My computer chair tended to just have stuff piled on it and my room was so small I didn’t have a lot of storage spots for my stuff. So Truffles got used to me always being on the bed and while she didn’t curl up next to me there, she would sit on the bed with me. Or she’d come over, stand on my leg and then eventually climb up to lie over my shoulder.
But now I don’t do that. I sit at my desk to work on the computer or I’ll sit on my little couch to play my Switch. I only sit on the bed when it’s time to go to sleep. And Truffles doesn’t know what to do. She tried sitting near my chair but a few times I accidentally rolled into her so now she’s stopped. I put one of her smaller cat towers next to my chair so she can curl up besides me and sometimes that’s fine. But every now and then I’ll feel a little paw tap me on the shoulder or she’ll stretch out to try and climb into my lap. Once she even attempted to climb onto the back of my chair which was not a good idea considering it’s a cheap computer chair with a very thin back. She made it halfway before getting herself wedged between me and the chair and I had to very carefully scoot over to the bed to let her off.
She’ll get used to it eventually I’m sure. And I’m trying to make it a point to sit on my couch a little more often, especially if all I’m doing it just reading something or playing a game. At the end of the day though, I’m just glad that my cranky old lady cat is doing well in her new environment. Even if some new things are still taking some getting used to.
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irishrosescottishlass · 5 hours ago
I really need to watch both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier because I've seen a lot of discourse over these shows and I'm definitely not hip to it.
Apparently the last episode of TFatWS triggered a lot of people, especially in regards to Ayo removing Bucky Barnes arm and now there are all the arguments about ableism and racism and long Twitter posts and I feel as if the current situations in America aren't helping and adding to such strong reactions to this show. We need to have these discussions obviously and based on what I've seen so far, the show is trying to do that but I feel as if people want TFatWS to be this long study on racism and white privilege and will be disappointed to find that 6 episodes isn't long enough to address these issues as they need to be.
I think the show needed to focus more on Sam Wilson taking the mantle of Captain America rather the Bucky's recovery and John Walker and Zemo because boy are some people salty.
I need to watch it in more depth to get my thoughts together about the show and what it stands for. I'll be back.
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apathforaquest · 5 hours ago
I thought that I’d share something that has been on my mind as of late.
If a deity has been taking the form of Cenarius in my dreams about Cenarius and has been reaching out to me in these dreams, I’ve been thinking a bit about answering that deity’s call.
However, I have no idea which deity it is. Also, I don't want to assume that it’s Cernunnos (and I’m saying this because looking through Cenarius’s page on Wowpedia is how I found out about Cernunnos in the first place).
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thatrandom-bitch · 5 hours ago
Wait hold on I’m going to pull out all of what I learned in the 1st grade
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oddlysimplestars · 5 hours ago
I don’t understand why people argue and compare Wanda and Jean. Can’t we just agree they are both badass?
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tea-for-one-please · 6 hours ago
highlight of my life: realising as I started s4 that I had missed the last few episodes of s3 because I had streamed it illegally and getting to go back and discover extra episodes
like when you find extra fries at the bottom of the bag you know?
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a-crimson-lion · 6 hours ago
Reboots: A Perspective
[Warning // Nonsensical ramblings follow; might be hard to keep track of. Keep that in mind.]
Oh no, not me talking about something I'm barely familiar with oxhwodhwkn-
But in all seriousness...
I feel like a big reason that most modern day reboots are awful isn't just because most of them thinly veiled cash grabs.
It's also because most of them rely on pre-established (and usually complete) stories in order to somehow guarantee a bottom line.
Which, depending on the execution, has a chance of tarnishing the story's previous legacy, if it doesn't outright bastardize the original so bad that the fandom straight up cancels the reboot altogether.
The thing about reboots is you're not just taking something that probably made bank in its heyday. Companies recognize something about the sentimental value of a property, and think they can turn it into bank by virtue of that alone. And admittedly, reboots CAN be a good idea. They're already established thanks to the old story, and can guarantee some support so the idea isn't immediately gutted. It repackages the original story, and if it can stay true to its roots while also adding some new engaging elements, be they huge or small in scale, they can end up creating something enjoyable for both new and old audiences.
...the thing is, most studios don't do that.
Usually, it's about the paycheck. I'm not saying all reboots/continuations are like this. I mean, we live in a world where DuckTales (2017) and Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus exist. But then you got people like Disney with their flurry of "eh ok" to "WTF WHY" remakes. And apparently those only exist to extend their copyright, which... makes some sense, but still sucks.
And for this to make any sense, yes this is about the Powerpuff Girls reboot. I still don't know how to feel about it at the moment, but it's easy to see some of the stacking points against it.
I) Theming
Serious gritty stories, campy fun stories, and everything in between all have their place in the world. Each one has a right to exist. On top of the previously mentioned "touching a sentimental property" bit I brought up earlier, the new PPG CW reboot takes a sometimes serious but overall fun and high energy series, and submerges it with the typical subset of adolescent/adult angst. I have a very flimsy connection with PPG myself, but as a majority of the fans have stated: "Who asked for it?"
Unfortunately you can't say "No one asked for it," because someone did apparently ask for it: the handful of executives who allowed the pilot to go into production.
II) Presentation
I'm not a big fan of the "cartoons are for kids" stigma, nor am I a big fan of the "making a cartoon live action" trend, usually because it's taking the cartoon and making it "more mature" or whatever. In regards to the former, the eventual stigma could probably be traced back to the introduction of the home tv, which is a whole 'nother topic. Now, I'm happy for the influx of adult animation, even if I myself rarely partake. And maybe this is just wishful thinking, but if the PPG reboot wasn't live action, I feel like that could have tempered the initial backlash just a smidge. Not by much, bit it could have made the response a bit softer.
III) Source Material
I feel like a broken record at this point. I say again, reboots rely on previously established material to guarantee support, and sometimes the stories they tell are wildly off center from the originals. I feel like with the PPG reboot, the story of 20-something disillusioned former child superheroes is not inherently a bad idea. The fact that it's to the PPG lore and that Blossom, Bubbles, amd Buttercup are those disillusioned former heroes is what sets people off. The thing is, even if you take inspiration or just straight up use an old property, if tou wanted to put in the elbow grease, you could make an entirely new property that's original enough to not be considered a reboot. Sure it's more work, but it's original, and in this day and age where we're practically neck deep in reboots, we could use more original.
I'll say it again: the basic premise of the PPG is not a bad one for an overall story.
Bojack Horseman is the story of a washed up child actor, and it's received plenty of praise. Steven Universe Future is essentially the same plot, and people enjoyed that as well.
Maybe "disillusioned child star/superhero" isn't the best approach for a story like PPG. But if you wanted to put in the effort, it could be a great original story. It might not spawn an entire fandom, but it could have its own moment in the spotlight and remain fondly remembered in the memories of others, instead of regarded with scorn as "that trash reboot."
And the thing about original ideas: they have to rely on themselves.
There's no shiny critically acclaimed property to fall back on, no blinding spotlight to hideaway the cracks and disfigurements. Maybe that's another contributor to the awful reboots: people are so focused on the star power that they don't stop to think, "Does this actually work?" With an original idea, it makes or breaks on its own merit.
And if a great original idea/pilot isn't picked up because the execs are getting too cushy with their money printers? Well maybe it's about time we roll up our sleeves and raise our expectations. Times are changing, and going back to the old without doing everything new or enjoyable can only last so long...
-Crimson Lion (12 April 2021)
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pinepuzzle · 6 hours ago
I think the weirdest thing to think about this episode is that if Shigure hadn’t been kicked out of the estate because of what he did, Fruits Basket just wouldn’t exist. Yuki would still be in that room at the main estate and probably never would have been allowed to attend Kaibara instead of Sohma school, Tohru would be living with her grandpa and relatives, and Kyo would be living with Kazuma and probably still going to that other school. Haru and Momiji wouldn’t have gone to Kaibara either... 
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free-the-shadows · 6 hours ago
If I had a peny everytime I talk about Bi-Han to my friends I would be a billionaire by now.
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thesiroccoofthesea · 7 hours ago
Space Battleship Yamato musings
Yamato must be a logistical nightmare for the EDF. Like, image being the guy whose job it is to replace the windows of the lounge evert time they get smashed. Also procuring enough antifouling paint to paint a supercarrier.
When Yamato was being rebuilt between 2199 and 2202, they would have had to tear out the observation lounges and then rebuilt them like, 4 feet out from where they were originally.
considering that the time fault only exists to built ships in vast quantities, but that that mining operations on earth can't possible produce enough raw materials to built these ships, there must have been some intense convoy action going offscreen. We were robbed of The Cruel Sea in space.
2022's late 1945-esqe refit for Yamato didn't really fix one of Yamato's few actual flaws, that the turret faces were poorly protected. Also the extra catapults make no sense and are completely useless. I should draw my own take on that design.
I think it would had been cool if the Neu Desura was designed to look like Dessler's own Yamato, considering his spiel about returning to power aboard Yamato back in 2199. I should also draw this.
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