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itswheremydemonshide10 · 3 minutes ago
Re: TK - all l will say is this:
Mental illness is rarely the 🥺 uwu teary, pretty, sad boi/girl 🥺 bullshit that social media makes it out to be.
Mental illness is a monster - it’s messy and irrational and confusing and sometimes really ugly.
Does it make the upsetting things we do and say to the people we love during our suffering ok? Absolutely not.
Should we apologise and make a continual effort to do better? Always.
Does it make you an evil abuser who is not entitled to care and support and understanding too? Fuck no.
Human beings are not that black and white and making progress when recovering from things like this is rarely a straight line.
I just wonder if we didn’t separate mental health symptoms into ‘socially acceptable’ forms vs ‘embarrassing ugly’ forms, people would feel more comfortable expressing their emotions rather than bottling it up to the point that they explode because they don’t know how else to cope?
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zukkaclawthorne · 5 minutes ago
angsty headcanon
suki got kicked out after she came out as bi. she was ~14 at the time, and she'd already started training with the Kyoshi Warriors at that point, so she had somewhere to go, but that didn't really make it any easier having to pack up all her things and being told by her parents they didn't care where she went or what happened to her as long as she didn't come back
she contemplates trying to reconnect with them after the war, and even takes ty lee to the house she used to live in and finds her parents still living there, but she ultimately decides against saying anything and opts to just turn around and leave instead. she knows it's better this way.
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vs-redemption · 7 minutes ago
Armin angst is finished and longer than planned (1.7K)
wondering what I should try to tackle next. I want to work on requests, but I also know that if I wait until the last minute to start the collab pieces with a deadline I'm going to be very stressed.
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space-city-traffic · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
after my brief stint into “what if tsv was goth”, i realized i actually wanted to figure out my real designs for these characters. so! another back-of-a-worksheet drawing i did in class today! (listen i have to be there for 3 hours straight and if i don’t do something ill die okay)
[Image ID: a smudgy pencil drawing depicting Faulkner and Carpenter standing in front of the Silt Verses logo. Faulkner is depicted as a smiling, short, slight man with a medium skin tone and short bleached blond hair. He is holding a suitcase and wearing an oversized striped short sleeve button down, black nail polish, a watch, cuffed mom jeans, and sneakers. Carpenter is depicted as a scowling, tall, stocky woman with pale skin and long curly black hair. She is holding a lit flare and wearing a heavy coat, a cardigan, a beanie hat, a turtleneck, dark jeans, and galoshes. End ID.]
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parkerz-thoughtz · 10 minutes ago
i woke up in a cold sweat this morning. you were in my dreams again
you didn't leave -- we kissed in the rain
you didn't leave -- we slow danced in the kitchen
you didn't leave -- you loved me
but then i woke up and you weren't there
you left -- the rain is cold and lonely
you left -- the kitchen is quiet and empty
you left -- loving me was a chore
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pvnkie · 12 minutes ago
sorry for going off the hinges in the last post i'll probably do it again have a picture of a heart shaped pond/lake/I dunno water
Tumblr media
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paraseek · 12 minutes ago
continued from here with @personsuited​ !
          It’s the first time he’s ever asked someone about Hell and has gotten a response other than comparing it to a pit of fire and ramification. It’s kind of nice, to hear a different answer.     “ I suppose it would be complete loneliness for me. A vast expanse of solitary darkness. “    Ash muses, fingers twiddling with a stray string from his sleeve,    &   it takes him a moment to look up and offer a tired smile. 
Tumblr media
          “ I don’t mean to be so dreary, I’m sure you were asking for a broader statement rather than something so particular, I apologize. “    Here he is, apologizing to his own therapist. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the whole therapy thing, but he’s trying his best to adapt. Hannibal Lector makes it easier for him, sometimes it feels like he’s chatting with a longtime friend. However, he respects their boundaries as doctor and patient to the best of his ability. 
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fugeoni666 · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Men that are trapped by the chains of "Maybe" ...can never reach their dreams..." 
Yes, he's my favorite in the AA series, I follow the game for a long while now my lil sis just drags me back in.
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toomuchdickfort · 13 minutes ago
[Aegis feels himself relax as he’s hit with the smell of home. He hears Corvid follow, but he doesn’t look up until he feels the cushion dip at his side. They’re so close, and they put a hand on the back of his neck, and he tilts forward to knock his forehead against theirs. But... it doesn’t really end up as the playful headbutt he’d intended. He lingers. And when their hand finds his cheek, he closes his eyes.
They just sit there, for a while. Listening to the both of them breathe while Corvid runs their fingertips back and forth along the side of his jaw.
It feels a little like unraveling, he thinks.
It’s nice at first, but it very quickly feels like he’s going to drown in... whatever it is.
He’s not entirely sure why he kisses them, then, but when he does, he can feel them smile against his lips, and it feels like he made the right decision.
He can feel it when they fall back into their own face, and when they pull back, he sees them smiling down at him with those purple-blue eyes of theirs. He’s missed the little crinkles at the corners of their eyes, and the scar along their cheekbone, and the patch of deep brown at the bottom of their left eye that he can only see well from up close. Cliff is plenty pretty, sure, and Corvid looks good in his face, but... he can’t help but miss seeing them at home, sometimes.
They smile the same no matter what face they’re in, though, and they scrunch their nose a little before they move to kiss him again.]
@highladysith @becnw @french-fry-0 @bittersweet-and-verygay @mauchi--mochi @king-bubble @softichill @p4p3r-f10w3rs
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asktheheirofslytherin · 16 minutes ago
The worst poet ever is Philip Larkin. Fuck that nihilist.
I believe perhaps you and I have vastly differing opinions in poetry. 
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brucecampbell · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
all i’m saying is lawrusso works off the basic knowledge that daniel instantly forgives johnny of all wrongdoings the second he takes off his shirt.
pic posted for attention
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mithranqueer · 17 minutes ago
im gonna stop tagging every post i reblog..... im unhinged
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parkerz-thoughtz · 19 minutes ago
i have spent my whole life trying to be anyone or anything but myself
constantly running away from who i am -- running from my mind
i don't know how to change that
i wish i were different
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wildernessuntothemselves · 20 minutes ago
PART 5 WAS SO GOOD OMG THIS FIC IT'S A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING i love the dynamic between her and lixie and how we can see his psycho side even more each chapter... the eating her our under the table and the knife thing just killed me. also subby jisung 😔👌🏻
thank you so much for your work, hope we can read more soon ♡♡
Thank you babe ❤ I'm hoping I can release chapter 6 soon since I only have the smut left to write but I gotta think of something juicy
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maeslittlebookofshadows · 21 minutes ago
It’s “holding villains accountable for the actions and still having sympathy for them” hours in the discord server I’m in and I love it.
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fakeblondeabigailhobbs · 22 minutes ago
demetri is annoying but "I have a thing about personal space" *5 seconds later* "hey let me touch your tattoo to tell you why the snake fucking sucks" to kreese was actually hilarious behavior
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