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rebeccaselfships · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Lemme grab his hand and he’ll pulls me into his arms
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mariashaneef · 7 minutes ago
Do you ever look at someone and you instantly know that this person is gonna break your heart and you are gonna let them because ahsgssnsnlamwnwjsisisjbsbshshs
Yeah that's all about it
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butterfliesnstomach · 12 minutes ago
Sooo I found this post a while ago, and it inspired me to do a thing!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My like’s last digit: 2
My age’s last digit: 8
My battery’s last digit: 0 (10%)
As you can see, I got Bakugo, Mina and Endaeavor.
So, I thought, Bakugou, Mina and Endeavor would make an interesting team for something creative! Stay tuned!
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medacrank · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@killjoyforlyfe22, @fuzzy-berries, and I are going to start group streaming called The Pond and we getting WAY ahead of ourselves so enjoy some pre-merch
Design credit: @killjoyforlyfe22
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fulokis · 18 minutes ago
I feel quite productive, got some knitting done, leveled up about 8 renown levels, and worked for 7 hours. Only downside is My brain is still not quite settled and it’s 2 am and I have to get up in the morning.
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selfshippery · 20 minutes ago
1 and 2
What type of kisser are they (soft, passionate, etc.)?
Uh at first she was a bit aggressive. Like, rough and desperate. But as time went on she learned to be more gentle with me. She's a very passionate kisser, like she can't possibly get enough of me 🙈🙈
Do they have any kinks (if so what are they)?
Tumblr media
Well let's see here.
Bdsm, knife play, voyeurism, being blindfolded, choking, begging, edge play, a bit of blood play but she knows that one makes me uncomfortable so that's not incorporated much, slapping and whipping....The list goes on and on
Tumblr media
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chasing-starlights · 21 minutes ago
Thought I should do smth like...g/t drabbles @ 1am(ended up being 2am fuc)? Mmmmm issa mood :) this is spur of the moment and on mobile, so sorry about mistakes!
The giant lifted a claw, eyes somewhat hooded with exhaustion. Really, when would they stop sending them? Damsels sacrificed to the apparent man–eating "beast" she was. All she did was live in a cave dammit, couldn't she just be left alone? Yet here she was, a shivering little human in her hands, squeaking in terror as the giant shifted the tiny between her fingers.
"Hm." The giant let out a sound of disapproval, eyeing the tiny being. She couldn't be much older than the giant herself, eyes full of fear as she shook. She was awfully peculiar, trembling violently yet...not struggling against the massive fingers that fiddled with her body.
For some reason, it annoyed the giant.
It was just...accepting it, letting the beast roll her between he fingers as if she were clay, refusing to let out anything but supressed sounds of surprise. It was almost as if someone had coached her before they left her here.
"...Who did this to you?" Without much warning the giant spoke, this time taking a closer look at the little human. She ignored how the woman sank deeper into her palm as she drew closer, eyes wide with shock. The giant felt her heart sank when her suspicions were confirmed–the tiny was riddled with scars and bruises.
Those pieces of shit–I was pissed with just them sacrificing women to me...but I'd just let them go. They never seemed trained to do this...but now they're abusing them too?
She supposed her face must have exposed her thoughts, because the little human seemed to pale, gulping nervously without answering her. The giant for a moment wondered if she had been taught not to speak at all, slightly relaxing when the tiny finally meekly spoke.
" not understand, am I not to your liking? I can go back and inform everyone–"
"No, by the gods, anything but that. I mean're hurt. Someone hurt you, and I'd like to know who." At this the human blinked, seemingly taken aback by her statement. Then again, who could blame her? She had believed she was going to be sacrificed to the giant, not cared for.
"I...I'm sorry. The elders had to fix my flaws before I was to be given up to you..." The giant took a steady breath at that, careful not to appear too enraged in front of the tiny. With an annoyed sigh she rose, holding the little woman against her chest. The tiny gasped in surprise as she moved, looking up at the giant's face in confusion.
"Wh-where are we going, oh benevolent–."
"Bene–? Ew, don't ever call me that again–I'm not angry at you–titles just really aren't my thing. We're going to visit the elders and give them...a stern talking to. Maybe trash their houses, maybe both."
The giant chuckled at the weak joke, striding towards the direction of the town, prepared to probably...probably do both, and most likely? Way, way more along with it.
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daddysdreamydollie · 22 minutes ago
Helpless babie 💩🥺✨🍼👼
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royalraceway-selfships · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
At first I was like “mm Netherlands” as a JOKE,, but bro,,,, I don’t think it’s a joke anymore,,,,
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angelwiththeblue-box · 29 minutes ago
annie and troy are a comedic duo and im shocked we didnt get more of them
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bayshireranchomirage · 32 minutes ago
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heat-l1ghtning · 34 minutes ago
fuck I really hoped it would be you
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beyiskindastupid · 34 minutes ago
seeing all these people talk about their own experiences with racism growing up asian rly had me thinking abt all the shit i had to go through. about how the disgusting and unwelcoming atmosphere here in america made me want nothing to do with my name and culture for a long time.
im indian and i have a name that’s pretty long and hard to pronounce. it also has the name poo in it (you can guess where this is going)
my name means “the one who is worshipped” but here in america, it meant something else. ive been associated with SHIT so many times by white people.
my parents are very traditional and strict so ive always had to look traditional (wear a bindi on my forehead everyday, hair in a braid) and wasn’t allowed to shave any facial hair.
but i guess all that made me look “stupid” or “weird” cause i remember getting bullied about looking so strange and traditional.
as i got a little older i really just didn’t want to associate w being a desi or a hindu. all I wanted to be was a white girl, so i tried everything I could to not be a part of it.
then i found groups of people like me online and they were talking about our culture and everything! it felt like i fit in, and that’s when I started accepting who i was.
today im really proud of who I am!
but i shouldn’t have had any doubts about that. i should have been happy with who i was in the first place. instead, all the racism and negativity around me caused me to be unhappy with who I was. and that’s NOT okay!
lemme tell you, this stuff HURTS! it doesn’t just go away! It’s not something you can forget! that’s why it’s so important to be respectful to people, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or mental illnesses. it doesn’t matter if “oh, we were young” the truth of the matter is that you hurt someone and you can’t go back on it!
to anyone who is not asian-
please don’t make fun of our food, calling it smelly and gross.
please stop making fun of some people’s appearances just because they have a different style.
please stop making fun of peoples names! if you think it sounds funny, keep it to yourself, but there’s no need to make us feel humiliated for our names.
(sorry if this doesn’t make any sense at all, ive actually never written this long of a post before)
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