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#avengers masterlist
dreaming-woman2021 · 15 hours ago
Looks Deceive Masterlist
Tumblr media
Disclaimer - I don’t own any of the Avengers. There will definitely be some triggers so please read with caution MINORS DNI. This will be more dark than I anticipated but the longer I thought about the plot, the more the ideas came. It will be angst, fluffy, eventually smutty (like smutty smutty). This will be post-end game but where the Avengers had got to Thanos before the snap and Bucky is part of the Avengers and pretty much everything was good.
Pairing - Eventual Sam x Reader
Summary - Y/N will kill anyone that gets in her way, or just pisses her off. She’s proven it over and over again. But what if it’s just what her bosses want everyone to think? Even her.
Warnings - Eventual Smut (18+), depression, torture, rape, the Avengers being dicks for a bit understandably so
Part 1; The Meeting (6.20) - The Avengers have their first run in with Y/N as a team.
Part 2; The Aftermath for Y/N (6.27) - There are consequences for not getting the job done.
Part 3; The Aftermath for the Avengers (7.4) - Stories are shared about the run-ins with Y/N from each Avenger. Minus one.
Part 4; Not Alone (7.11) - Y/N surprised the Avengers, but one.
Part 5; Before (7.18) - Part of Y/N’s past is revealed.
Main Masterlist
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sebbystanlover · a day ago
Updated Marvel Master List
Whodunnit- When thirteen Strangers are invited to a mansion, they must solve who among them is a mysterious murder before its too late
Maximum Voltage
When Ice bleeds ( peter x Oc)+ avengers
Summary- peter helps his friend confront her past after their friend dies. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
First Kiss ( bucky x reader if you squint) + avengers
Faint ( steve x reader)
Bullies ( peter x stark!reader/ steve x stark!reader)
Queen/King of mean duet ( Hela and Loki)
Empathizing- bucky Barnes
Wisdom Teeth ( Ex! bucky x reader)
Drabbles/ Head-canons:
Marvel birds
Ranking Steve Rogers
Ranking Bucky Barnes
Incorrect Quotes:
1 11 21 31  41
2 12 22 32  42
3 13 23  33 43
4 14 24 34  44
5 15 25 35  45
6 16 26  36 46
7 17 27  37 47
8 18 28 38 48
9 19 29 39 49
10 20 30 40 50
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imsebastiansta-n · 2 days ago
Falling - Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings; very badly written smut; 18+ please!! 1 swear, and a mildly sad bucky bc of his shoulder scars; also 1 pic of said scars ☹️✨
Word count; 1320 ⭐️
Tip Jar 🌸
Requests are open 🌟
A/N thank you for 480 followers!! 🍄
The kiss was full of tongue, and teeth smashing. Bucky pulled away, both of you trying to catch your breath but neither one of you wanting to stop.
He leant in again, peppering soft kisses down your jawline towards your neck. He stops briefly as if he is contemplating on what to do next, when you feel him smirk as he sucks and nips softly, leaving behind a bruise.
“Bucky!” you tried to scold him, but it came out as a soft moan instead which went right to his pants.
“Sorry, babydoll. I had to mark what is mine.” He said breathlessly.
He laid you down gently and straddled you. Peppering soft kiss down your chest, going slow to make sure you wanted this and that you knew you can change your mind at any time.
He gripped the bottom of your dress and looked at you for permission, as you nodded. “Words, baby. Use your words.” He urged, as you complied. “Take it off, Bucky.”
Grinning, he lifted your dress over your head and looked at you in awe as he chucked it to the other side of your room. “Babydoll you are perfect.”
His words made you blush, “thank you.” You breathed as you ran your fingers through his hair, pulling softly earning a growl that went straight to your core.
Feeling his lips delicately placing kisses all over your chest made you crazy. The butterflies flapping like crazy in your stomach, the feeling almost making you dizzy. He looped his in your bra straps, looking at you again for your permission as you nodded.
He reached around your back and unclipped it, pulling your arms out and chucking it where your dress was. He wasted no time in wrapping his lips around your pebbling nipple, swirling his tongue, and using his other hand to caress and gently squeeze the other one.
“Bucky, please.” You begged, as he looked at you and smirked. Changing to give your other nipple some much needed attention, your hips involuntary buck, meeting his and causing him to hiss at the friction.
He placed gentle kisses down your stomach, stopping when he got to the waistband of your panties. He looked you again, as you got up to lean on your elbows to watch him, you nodded. Lifting your hips to help him remove them. He spread your legs, so you were exposed to him. Licking his lips, he went to go down when you stopped him. “W-wait. Bucky, wait.” You grabbed his hair gently to pull him up, his eyebrows turning into a frown.
“Are you okay? Do you want to stop?” he asked, worried he did something you weren’t comfortable with. You shook your head, “no, no. its not that, it’s just...” you sighed, embarrassed. “No one has ever gone down on me before.” You hide your face in your hands as he chuckled slightly, coming back up to remove them.
“Hey it’s okay, doll. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We don’t have to do that right now if you don’t want to, we can leave it for another time.” He comforted you, making you feel better as you nodded and laid him down, straddling him.
“I think you’re wearing too many clothes, Professor.” You smirked as you went for his belt buckle, looking at him to ask for his permission, he grinned nodding his head. He lifted his hips to help you get rid of his jeans as you saw the tent in his boxers, causing your mouth to water.
Grinding against his hard length with your wet core, Bucky could feel your wetness seep through his boxers, which made him throb more. You giggled as you felt his hard length twitch under you, which made you stop as you watched him to finish inside you.
You leant forward, gripping the bottom of his shirt about to lift it when panic rose in Buckys stomach. “W-wait. No, please. I-its not a pretty site. Trust me.” He gently pulled your hands from his shirt as tears pricked his eyes, causing you to frown.
“Baby, it’s not going to scare me off. I promise. I’m not her. I’m not gonna run, I’m staying until you tell me to go.” You soothed him, as he took a couple of deep breaths and nodded slowly. “Are you sure? I want you to be one hundred percent sure, not until you’re ready.” You said stern, but soft. He nodded, “I’m ready.”
You gripped his shirt again, this time taking it slow, going at Bucky’s pace. He heart felt like it was pounding through his rib cage as his shirt went higher, and higher. Until it was completely off, he closed his eyes. Terrified of your reaction, a few tears silently fell from his eyes.
Tumblr media
He felt you lean forward, what he didn’t expect to feel was your soft lips placing delicate kisses to the scars were the metal met his flesh.
You gently placed your hand on Bucky’s cheek, using your thumb to wipe away his tears as he opened his eyes. “You’re beautiful, Bucky.” You soothed, smiling softly at him. “Absolutely perfect.”
You leant forward, catching his lips with yours as you grinded against him. “Let me make love to you, baby.” You whispered, as you looked into his eyes and saw as the blue in them had almost been taken over with black.
He nodded and helped you to remove his boxers, chucking them somewhere in your room. Straddling him again, you grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times, causing Bucky to moan slightly.
“You ready?” you asked him as you used his cock to tease your clit slightly. “I’m ready, doll.” He answered, choking slightly as you sunk down on his length slowly. He was a lot bigger than you’ve had before, thickness wise anyway.  
You stayed still for a few seconds, letting yourself adjust to his size. You gently ran your nails up his abs, and over his chest, making Bucky go crazy over your touch. “C-can you move? You’re so fucking tight.” He choked again as you accidently squeezed him.
You lifted your hips and began to gently ride him. Soft moans and groans echoed throughout your whole bedroom; pants of air were being breathed. Bucky couldn’t help but look up at you, watching as you fell apart on top of him.
He felt himself getting close, and he could tell you were too, as you kept involuntarily squeezing him.
“Doll, I’m so close.” He moaned against your neck, as he peppered kisses over it. “Me too. Let go, I’ve got you.” You whispered into his ear, which triggered him his orgasm, and in turn triggered yours.
You rode out both your highs when Bucky gently placed his hands on your bum, letting you know to stop. You fell forward onto his chest, both of you panting and gasping for air. Bucky slowly pulled himself out of you, both of you hissing at the sensitivity, and the feeling of both your juices sliding down both your thighs. You laid back down on his chest and cuddled into him.
“Thank you.” He whispered into your hair as he placed a kiss to the top of your head. You looked up at him, confused, “for what?”
“For being you, for not running away when you saw how much of a mess I am.” He chuckled, sadly. “Bucky, nothing will make me run away. And you’re not a mess, you’re so beautiful.” You leant down and pecked his nose, giggling at how he blushed.
You rolled off him and laid down as he got up. He walked into your bathroom and grabbed a wet cloth to clean you both up.
Once you both were clean, he climbed back into bed with you, and you curled up in his arms, and soon you were both lulled into a peaceful sleep.
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@songbird713 🌙
@shafverani​ 🌙
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the-problem-child · 4 days ago
marvel masterlist
main masterlist 
Tumblr media
cuddles with loki (hc)
Tumblr media
a lost pair (p)
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captainwans · 4 days ago
credit to the owner of this gif!
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x teen! fem! reader
y/n got a role on marvel and she’s about to shoot her first scene, but her nerves are kicking in. luckily, chris evans is there to ease her anxiety.
word count: 401
warning: not really angsty, just lots of fluff
Tumblr media
Y/N sat on her chair as she read her script, her eyes gazing down her lines and muttering to herself. She was currently on set memorizing a few of her lines before she was sent to shooting with others, and she was nervous because she didn’t want to mess up in front of Robert Downey, whom she will shoot a scene with. She was too caught up in her head that she didn’t notice Chris Evans taking a seat next to her waving up his hand in front of her, looking at her with a grin. 
“Earth to Y/N!”
Snapping out of her thoughts she looked at him, a crimson painting her cheeks. She shyly smiled at him, “Oh, h-hey, Chris.” she greeted with a soft smile, her heart fluttering at the sight of him. He returned the smile and gazed down to her hand holding her script. “You ready to shoot your scene for the first time?” he asked her, his smile reaching his eyes.
She nodded her head, “I think so.” she answered, shoving a few hair strands away from her face and gave him a shy smile, “Just nervous since I’ll be shooting a scene with Downey, who’s amazing by the way, and I hope I won’t mess up my lines because I-'' she brought her hand to her mouth, mentally cursing for ranting. 
She giggled, “I’m sorry, I rant when I’m nervous.” Chris chuckled and laid a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “There’s nothing to be stressed about, Downey is a huge softie. You’ll be fine, Y/N,” he reassured, making her cheeks burn as she nodded with a flustered smile. 
Y/N hummed, fiddling with her hands while trying to distract herself from her beating heart and a flushed face. She was about to open her mouth to say something but was cut off when one of the crew members told her to show up at the set. 
“Time’s up, Y/L/N.” 
She gave them thumbs up and stood up from her chair, leaving her script on the chair, and went to a vanity mirror to check herself. She turned to Chris and pointed at her outfit, “How do I look? Will this capture heart eyes?” she asked him with a cheeky smile, making him laugh, his hand resting on his chest. 
“You look great, sweetheart. You’ll do amazing.” 
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chaoticgaysstuff · 4 days ago
Avengers Masterlist
ミTony Stark
The New Beginning
Am I Not Good Enough Part 2 Part 3
English Partners
Jealousy Runs So Deep
The Monster and The Prey
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures x Steve
ミSteve Rogers
End Of The Line
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures x Tony
ミPeter Parker
Obsession and Turnouts
Ghost In Your Heart Part 2 Part 3
Dark Days
The Spider and His Villain
Maybe It's Time
Painful Splattered Teardrops
ミThor Odinson
His One and Only
ミBucky Barnes
Assassin's In A Bar
ミBruce Banner
The Storm Within
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lovelybarnes · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
main masterlist . avengers masterlist . requests
angst- * fluff- + humor- # sad- ^ requested- ·
god part two · request where healer!reader watches over captured loki (slow burn with kind of fluff)
saudade ^+· requested, DF26 with TVA Loki running into the variant of his dead spouse
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themculibrary · 5 days ago
The Avengers Team Masterlist
5 Times an Avenger (or two) Looked Out For Peter (ao3) - Fangirl_Disaster Rating: General
Summary: +1 time they all did.
Just as the title says. The Avengers looking after Peter Parker because he is their spider-baby.
Accommodations (ao3) - Resonant Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Five reasons the Avengers don't want to live together, and five reasons maybe they do after all.
and you needed someone to show you the way (ao3) - SailorChibi Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Bucky/Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil/Natasha
Summary: Tony knows what the team really thinks of him. It's a delicate balance: they tolerate him because of his money and his toys, and he gets to stay on the team and fight with them. He's okay with that. So long as he hides the fact that Steve's and Bucky's names are written on his skin in the most embarrassing act of one-sided love affection ever, everything will be fine.
It just figures that a fantastically stupid villain, a kidnapping plot and a video camera will bring Tony's well-kept secret out into the open.
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club (ao3) - sara_holmes Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Bucky/Clint, Steve/Tony
Summary: Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.)
"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."
Boyfriends, compromises and learning to like oneself.
Division of the Heart (ao3) - TylerM Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony Stark is sick.
Surely that's not going to be a problem? When he doesn't tell the team a normal cold is a little more complicated with the Arc Reactor, things get a little out of hand.
- A simple excuse for some sick!Tony and Protective/Family Avengers. What more can you want? (Hopefully not actual substance.)
Faces (ao3) - Unbreakable92 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary:  Steve has created his own family on the streets with Clint, Natasha and Thor. He thought his family was complete until two little kids by the name of Tony and Bruce come along and they adopt the children into their group, deciding to be the best family the two little ones could ever hope for despite their dire situation.
Five Times Natasha Throws Up On One Of Her Teammates (ao3) - Frances Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Clint/Natasha, Pepper/Tony
Summary: And one time she doesn't. 5 + 1. Now complete.
Jammin' Down the Pedal Like He's Never Coming Back (ao3) - windscryer Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Steve doesn’t need a driver’s license while living in New York and going most places by Quinjet or chauffeur, but it would occasionally be useful. And it’s better to have it than not, right? The rest of the Avengers aren’t so sure of that.
AKA five times Steve followed the rules of the road and one time he broke every last one of them. With extreme prejudice.
Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (ao3) - DarkestSight (Daylight) Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Five times Jarvis took control of the Iron Man armour without the other Avengers finding out and one time they did.
Like Today Never Happened (ao3) - Nefhiriel Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: No one should be able to just steal Captain America's health. The Avengers are all agreed on that. And yet there Steve is: stuck in a hospital bed with a whole slew of medical issues - and nothing about this is remotely okay.
They've got to make this right. They've got to fix this. It's just going to take a while.
Steve is reverted to his pre-serum state, and the Avengers deal with the fallout.
Mind the Cap (ao3) - Nefhiriel Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: The story of how the Avengers alternately interrogate, pester, and adopt Sam Wilson.
Nonage (ao3) - Del_Rion Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Loki’s idea of an – unintentional yet effectively hilarious – practical joke is to turn Tony into a 5-year-old. The remaining Avengers soon realize they may not be able to handle the boy-genius. While Thor hunts his brother down in order to turn Tony back to his older self, the rest of the team seeks help from a man who, in the past, was more of a father figure to Tony than Howard Stark himself: Edwin Jarvis.
Part of the Team (ao3) - lisa912 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Peter/Gwen, Pepper/Tony, Bruce/Natasha
Summary: After the attack of the Lizard, Peter, the Spider Man, is offered to join the Avengers, which he accepts on condition that his identity is not revealed. Now, his new life, which is full of a whole new fun, lots and lots of danger, and a very deep friendship, as an Avenger begins with some very cool, and at the same time very weird, colleagues!
Purple Converse (ao3) - cat_77 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: If asked, none of them could have claimed to have had exceptionally stellar childhoods. With the help of an overprotective handler, an extraterrestrial au pair, and a billionaire sugar daddy, maybe things would be different this time around.
Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore (ao3) - scifigrl47 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil
Summary: Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.
And some things shouldn't be a chore.
To Be Modified As Necessary (ao3) - ignipes Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: They only need ten rules to ensure (relatively) peaceful cohabitation.
to find a secret (behind the ruins) (ao3) - dapperyklutz Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky, Jane/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Bucky/Natasha
Summary: As is the case in Tony’s life, it starts with an accident.
“This... is not the coffee pot,” he says dumbly.
“Astute observation as always, sir,” JARVIS replies dryly, though there’s no mistaking the hint of astonishment in his voice.
Tony blinks once more before he gapes at the hammer in his hand. Specifically, he’s holding Thor’s hammer. He has Mjölnir in his hand.
Like, what even.
Or, 5 occasions Tony wields Mjölnir in front of his teammates (and he shies away from it every time), and 1 time he wields it for the whole world to see.
Your Light Will Guide Me Home (ao3) - windscryer Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony has a broken wrist, a drugged supersoldier, and a kidnapper with delusions of supervillainy who is just competent enough to be annoying. Thank god he's also got some experience with these kinds of things and a team of superheroes waiting for some kind of signal to tell them where to go.
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tomsparkyr · 5 days ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐲’𝐬 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞
summary: peter and y/n just want some time alone, but with avengers left and right, this seems to be a struggle for the teens.
Tumblr media
based off the friends episode, The One With Ross’ Wedding: Part 2.
peter parker x fem!stark!reader
warnings: basically they are trying to find a place to have sex? embarrassment (but when is there not), and fluff!
part one, part two.
word count: 1.5K +
please don’t steal any of my work, thanks!
the wedding was truly beautiful.
seeing your father marry the woman he would brag about to you the second he got home from their date, brought a few tears to your eyes.
but now it was your favourite part of the day, the food.
the after party was in swing, guests dancing with one and other and the usual bucky and sam arguing in the background.
you felt a hand tug you away from your meal. unimpressed, you turned around to be faced with your favourite brunette.
he was scratching the back of his head while walking closer to you, “hey..” he started off.
you repeated his words, looking around you to see if anyone was watching this encounter happening. because if they were, they could easily read your faces and instantly know what happened last night.
“oh, wow, i hope you don’t take this the wrong way but.” your heart dropped at his words, already knowing what he was about to say.
“i know we had plans to meet up tonight, and..” he scoffed at himself, but he knew this what he had to do for everything to go back to normal.
“ah, i’m just, i’m kind of worried about what it might do to our friendship.”
nodding your head slowly, you agreed to the boy in front of you. both of you had clearly shown you were ashamed of what you had previously done over this day. “i know” you said quietly.
“how could we have let this happen?” you looked up to him.
“seven times!” he growled, you doing the same.
with your stark brain, you came up with an excuse that you benefit both of you. “well, you know, look. we were away.”
peter smirked at you and your ways, “in a foreign, romantic country.” he winked.
giving him the utensils you were just using to scoop up your food onto the plate, you said “i blame london” while shrugging your shoulders.
peter whacked the food with the utensil you just gave him, yelling “bad london!”
most guests looked over at the two of you, wondering why in hell peter had just hit the mashed potatoes.
“so, look, um while we’re still in london,” you mentioned. “i mean, we can keep doing it right?”
peter was ecstatic with your thought, “well, i don’t see that we have a choice!” he nodded over enthusiastically.
walking around you, he leaned towards the other row of food stacked on the table. still holding his conversation with you, “but when we are back, we don’t do it.” you raised your eyebrows, nodding in his direction, “only here.”
neither of you spoke for a moment, both processing your words. wondering, did you really want to stop this when you got back?
“you know, i saw a wine cellar downstairs…” he whispered in your ear, trying to ignore the odd looks from natasha who was staring down the young avengers.
“meet you there in two minutes.”
“kay!” peter threw his plate into the food, skipping joyfully out of the room.
the black widow made her way over to you, as you frantically checked your appearance for the boy waiting downstairs for you.
you felt nat tap you on the back, turning around quickly, you were met with the classic smirk plastered on her face.
“i gotta ask you a question.” she inquired.
“now?” you spoke quickly, wishing to waste no time without being wrapped up in peters arms.
“you know, there are a lot of handsome guys here, don’t you think?” she winked, wanting to investigate this sudden change in dynamic with the spider boy.
you gulped, “really? wow i, i didn’t notice!” you coughed. of course you didn’t look at the other people here, you had the one you wanted waiting for you right now.
you didn’t listen to natasha’s words after yours, you were too busy trying to fix the dress you had on, trying to show off your best features.
noticing nat was still talking, you gripped her shoulders “nat, i cant listen right now i’m sorry! i need to go to the toilet, bye!” you rushed off, leaving the romanoff to only look further into the investigation with you and peter.
after waiting in the wine cellar for a total 30 minutes, you got frustrated and returned to where you previously were.
you were surprised to see peter back at the table off food considering he was the one that suggested to go down there in the first place.
“where were you? we were supposed to meet in the wine cellar?” you ran up to the boy, hovering by his side.
“forget it. that’s off.” he responded in a monotone voice, frustrated too.
“why?” you asked almost desperately, you wanted him and now her doesn’t want you?
“the next tour of the wine cellar will commence in two mi- i- inutes..” you heard a extremely drinker thor yell right in your ear from behind you.
all your worries of peter not wanting you were washed out after the drunken asgardain’s laughter filled the hall, peter smiling at you in the process.
walking down the hall to your room, you and peter were holding hands while discussing all the things you could do.
“look in the middle of everything, if i scream the word ‘yippee’ just ignore me.” he spoke like is was dead serious, you laughing at his antics.
you unlocked your door to your room you were staying in for the mean time, peters handing hot on your back, begging for you already.
the last person you expected to see sat on your bed was sam wilson.
you and peter let out the most comical gasps someone possibly could, “oh my god, sam. hi!”
“oh hello, sam” peter coughed awkwardly.
“y/n.” he said sternly, no joke, your heart stopped.
“nat told me your were sleeping with someone.” he said crossing his arms while staring you down.
your eyes widened as peter choked on his own spit.
“w-what?” you whispered, wondering how in the hell she figured this out, and told sam!
“she noticed you sneaking out, at first i thought you were sleeping with bucky-“
peters jaw clenched, “not bucky.” her swallowed.
“i know it wasn’t bucky, spider boy. that old man hasn’t left my side and there’s no way he would be able to score you!” he pointed at you, while squinting his eyes at peter.
you didn’t exactly know what to say. as normal, an awkward silence flooded the room.
“so, y/n, who is this lucky man?” he jumped up and down, clapping his hands together ready for the answer.
you instantly shook your head, “no, no! i’m not sleeping with anyone right now!”
sam hit his hands on the bedside table, “damn it! should have never trusted that red head!” he scoffed.
suddenly the phone rang, it was bucky asking where sam was ironically. while sam was preoccupied with the former winter soldier, you and peter snuck out the room.
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comingtothetree23 · 6 days ago
Having Fire Powers and being an Avenger
Paring: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: Swearing, burning, injury, mean comments, kidnapping. 
A/N: This is kinda a mess. I saw that there was a couple of Peter Parker stories with ice powered reader’s while there wasn’t a lot with a reader with fire powers so I thought I’d try it. 
Tumblr media
You honestly didn't remember how you got your powers.
All you remember was hanging out on the beach with your family then suddenly nothing.
Nothing except for everything being too hot. So hot it felt like your blood was boiling, skin felt like it was on fire. It wasn't fun. 
You also remember how all the heat slowly goes to your chest, like it's going into your soul.
What you weren't aware of and found out later was you were missing for 36 hours. 
You were found on the beach alone at night by the one and only Spider-Man. 
"Did I find a dead body!?" That was the first thought Spider-Man has when he found you laying on the beach unmoving. He quickly figured out you weren't dead by checking your pulse.
Oh boy, it was there! But you were also burning! Like you should be dead burning. 
Without thinking, Peter picked you up Pretty much burning himself and swinging to the tower. 
"H-Hey, Mr.Stark Uh, I have a problem." 
"What kind of a problem?" 
"I found a really hot girl." 
Tony thought Peter was kidding until he brought you to the tower. Tony was equally shocked because he was pretty sure that no one can  survive that temperature but he didn't know for sure
so he called Bruce
You can imagine how that phone call went.
"Hey, Brucie-Bear..."
"Tony, what do you want?" 
"Uhh, Peter found someone and their temperature is...110!?" 
"THAT'S WHAT IT SAID!" Peter screeched in the background of the call.
"Their temperature is 110?! Tony, that person is in danger you have to put them in cold water to hopefully cool them down. I'm on my way." 
Tony and Peter did what they were told and when Bruce came around he started taking over. Which good cause Tony and Peter had no idea what to do!
When your temperature did cool down Tony had it his mission to find where you lived and if you were okay. 
He quickly found where you lived which is creepy and who your family are. He quickly figured out you've been missing for hours. 
When everything and said and done Peter delivered you back home and explained to your parents that you have a fever. 
your parents thanked him repeatedly. 
the only Avengers who knew about this were Tony, Bruce, and Peter. No one else knows that you've been at the tower. 
You woke up the next day feeling hot even when it was just the beginning of summer. 
That's when things started getting weird...
Like said earlier, it was much hotter for you than anyone else which annoyed you greatly.
"Mom, please turn up the air! It's too hot!" You pleaded with your mom for the 4th time this week. 
"(Y/n), It's only 67 degrees outside It's fine." She turned away and left you in the kitchen, sweating your head off. 
You also started smelling burning a lot throughout the day.
 You noticed that when you were either in deep thought or really emotional the burning smell would appear the most.
That leads to you noticing that a lot of the ground was charred.
Also for some reason, cold water hurt you?? 
Like you would just be taking a shower and the warm water would be gone thanks family so you had to take a cold shower. What you didn't expect was for the water to PHYSICALLY HURT YOU!
You quickly figured out the only way for you to be in the water and be fine is when the water is very hot. nearly boiling is the very best for you. 
Your siblings would complain that it's too hot when you're close to them, which you've been saying that for a while now.
It was until now night you and your sibling got into a big argument. That's when your eyes turned red and fire lit from your hand as you accidentally burned your sibling.
You stared at them in fear, horrified at your own actions. They looked at you in fear and that what lead you to run out of the house.  
That's when Peter found you once again, You were hugging yourself tightly while quickly walking down the streets alone at night.
What you didn't mean to notice was your eyes were glowing red while every step you took burned the floor. Peter tilted his head in confusion as he watched you.
"Hey miss, Are you okay?" He appeared in front of you making you jump back. That's when he noticed you were crying, "Hey, hey it's okay..." He raised a hand to your cheek to gently wipe away the tear, Peter noted that it was warm. 
"No, it's not okay...I don't know what's going on with me," You took a step back from Peter, "I've been feeling weird lately, I hurt my family! Nothing is okay!" You cried as you hugged yourself tighter. 
"You hurt your family?" Peter questioned with a tilt of his head. He didn't want to assume but you didn't seem like the type to hurt someone at least on purpose.
"Yes, I-I burned them somehow." 
"You burned them??" Peter couldn't help but question.
"Yes! I don't even know how I did," You choked out a sob as you shook your head, confused, "I didn't even have a lighter on me...." You mumbled before looking at the floor.
Peter watched you for a moment before an idea hit him.
"I know it's not my place but I can take you somehow we're we can figure this out." Peter held out a hand for you to take, "It might help." 
You looked up at him in shock before looking down at his hand, your eyes slowly turned back to normal as you thought about his offer. You give him a small smile as you took his hand.
The place he took you to was Avengers Tower. 
Peter was able to explain to everyone your situation before introducing you to everyone. 
Tony and Bruce quickly figured out that you weren't sick that night, you were developing your new fire powers. 
When you were told it honestly made sense. 
The first couple weeks of you staying at the tower you were scared of yourself, letting yourself relax. You decided not to stay by them so you couldn't hurt them. 
Peter quickly noticed this and started hanging out with you, making you more comfortable with yourself. 
Peter quickly became your best friend. 
Black Widow took one look at you and said, 'Let's get to work'
And oh boy did you get to work!
She trained you hard, just enough to help you out with your newfound anger.
Oh yea, You quickly found out that your powers made you have a temper. 
Which honestly led to problems once you became an Avenger. 
which, after a lot of training the team decided to let you on the team. Which you were excited about. 
Which with your temper missions can be quite difficult for them. 
"(Y/n), remember the plan go over to the ri-" 
"You brought a little girl on the team?" One of the hydra agents cackled, "A bet she doesn't even have any special ability-" 
"...Tony, it happened again." 
When it happens they have you physically drag you away, the agents having burned all over their body. 
It was a lot but they found out that Peter was able to calm you down fast. He was the only one who knew how to calm down you. 
So that's what they did for a while when anything made you mad, call Peter.
"Guys, I told you I don't need this!" You yelled as you slammed the door in their faces. The Avengers frowned as they look at the door.
"I'll get Peter...again." 
You didn't like how fast you lost yourself to your temper but you didn't want to ask them for help.
It was until one day where you got into a fight where you walked past the group and heard their whispers.
"Why does she have to be so difficult!?" That hurt you more than it shouldn't
You didn't see Natasha hitting them upside the head with Peter glaring at them. 
It led you to swear to yourself you wouldn't let your emotions out of control, so you wouldn't annoy your new team. But that meant that you didn't let yourself show any emotions.
Which was noticed almost right away, mostly by Peter.
You continued with life but with a blank face at all times, which wasn't like you at all.
it confused the team with how you were acting because before you weren't afraid to show your emotions anymore. Or at least they thought so. 
No one could argue that the days got quiet, days got duller as you hid yourself from the team. 
You were starting to regret it before you heard something.
"It's been so peaceful lately huh?" Your heart broke when you heard this. It was clear they didn't mean to hurt your feelings but it did. 
"No," Peter quickly sad, looking angry, "It's been boring and lonely." You couldn't help but give a small smile but you quickly wiped it off as you walked out of the room.
Peter watched you leave with a deep frown.
One mission since you weren't using your anger your flames weren't as powerful. The team was quickly captured chained with metal made out of vibranium. 
Good for you guys is that they somehow forgot that there was another member on the team, You.
You had normal handcuffs on which you could easily burn through didn't have it in you. This is when Peter had enough.
"(Y/n) What's wrong?" Peter looked at you, "What has gotten into you? You haven't been yourself in weeks!" he tugged on the cuffs as you stared at you, "...Did we do something?"
You look at Peter in shock before looking down with a frown. You didn't want the team to think you were mad at them, you just wanted to make their lives easier. 
"...I didn't want to be difficult." You mumbled causing all the Avengers to glare at the one who said that. 
"I was being difficult and shouldn't have been." You shook your head, "You guys don't need that, you all did so much for me." You looked down in shame.
"Kid, is that how you feel?" Tony questioned looking at you with sadness. 
"Пламя, We are all difficult," Natasha said gently, making you slowly lookup. 
"I mean, Look at Tony-"
"Nothing could be any more difficult than that," 
"Get out of my house," 
"(Y/n)," Peter looks at you with a smile, "We all care about you, we don't care about your temper. Yes, it can be hard but so is life." 
You look up and smile at your team before your hands light on fire, melting the chains. You stood up with a smirk eyes glowing red once again.
"Let's get this party started," 
That was a fun mission, a lot of people left that place with burns on their skin. 
After that, you found out different ways to control your anger. It didn't go away but it definitely did help. 
You visit your family quite a bit, they are so proud of you for what you're doing. Your mom also feels so bad about not turning the air on. 
Something you do to annoy the team is before you summon fire in your hands you snap your fingers like it's a lighter. 
The team hates it greatly. 
“(Y/n), We’ve told you NO ARSON!” 
You and Peter got closer to each other, the team made a bet for how long until you two got together. 
Answer: Not long.
It was a day we're you were overheating, you were sweating, you were heating up your room without realizing it. You decided to get up and grab a quick snack.
Peter walked in sleepily to see you sweating like crazy. 
Without thinking, he walked over and hugged you from behind. Humming at the warmth you brought him. 
You froze and turned around to look at him, he smiled at you before cupping your cheeks and giving you a kiss on the lips.
The thing you both didn't think of
You were overheating!
Your lips burned Peter as his eyes widen in surprise. You opened your eyes once you heard a thud and looked to see Peter on the floor. 
Cue you cooling Peter down.
The team laughed at you when they found you two. 
You didn't like that
so you melted all their ice cream and popsicle.
When the laughter was done they all quickly discovered how you overheating can actually hurt you. 
Tony made a system where if you were overheating you press a button that’s in every room and the room will automatically cool down. 
Which made you really happy since overheating was awful for you.  
You and Peter cuddling a lot but you two switch depending on the weather.
When it's the summer Peter is the big spoon. 
You love being in Peter's arms, it made you feel so safe. 
When it's Winter since it's so cold you are the big spoon.
Peter loved being in your arms during winter. Ever since the Spider-bite, winter always slowed Peter down and made him tired but the moment he's in your arms he warms up and is comfy.
He loves when you rest your chin on his head while he nuzzles his face into your collarbone. 
Peter clings to you like a koala during the winter.
It once led to Peter going into hibernation because he was so very warm and he felt so safe.
It was a whole thing. 
It's not uncommon for the team to grab you and make a big pillow fort during the winter to warm up. 
Winder is confusing for you, It always depends on the day.
Some days you're able to walk outside in the snow only wearing shorts and a t-shirt and be completely fine for a while. The team is always shocked when you do because they know that you know that it's not good for you but it never stops you.
Other days one blast with the cold wind and you grab all the blankets in the tower and covered yourself from head to toe, with only your eyes peeking out. 
When it one of those days that when the team decided to have a movie night. You always enjoyed movie night, You only share your blanket with Peter.
Peter gives the team a shit-eating grin when you weren't looking.
You and Peter finally found ways to kiss each other without you burning him. 
you know what that means 
The team hates it greatly.
It got to the point where someone had to sit between you and Peter just so you two would stop. 
Tony always made sure to have extra warm water just for you. After they found you wheezing in pain after taking a cold shower. 
They were confused but that turned to fear as you told them the water hurt you. 
"Water hurts you??"
"Only cold water,"
After living with the Avengers for so long you learned how to fully control your powers. Meaning, you don't accidentally give people burn marks anymore. 
Well, except for Peter.
When you and Peter are in a steamy make-out session you tend to accidentally give him burn marks around his body. 
It doesn't bother him, it's never enough to actually hurt him it just gives him marks. His healing factor makes the marks go away quickly. 
It becomes your version of hickeys. 
If the teams notice this they don't mention it at all.
You love making hot Chocolate for the team.
It becomes a tower favorite
You become close with everyone on the team. You actually have little activities for everyone on the team.
You watch bad movies and make fun of them with Sam and Bucky 
You let Bruce and Tony do tests on you, mostly trying to figure how you got your fire. They never actually figure it out but they never give up. 
You, Wanda, and Vision try to cook together. It's always so much fun as you and Vision always have deep conversations. 
You, Natasha, and Clint train together. They surprisingly have really good tips for your powers. 
You and Thor tend to do eating contests with each other. You're pretty good with spices because of your powers, it gets to the point where the team begs you two not to. 
Steve someone convinces you to go on runs with him. You and Steve usually draw together which you never realize how good he was at drawing. 
You and Peter do pretty much everything together, no matter what he does you can never stop loving him. 
You love your new family so much. There's never a dull moment with them and you'll never trade them for anyone else. 
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*=smut warning
Series/Multi Stories:
Deja Vu Mini Series-COMING SOON
One-Shots: Promises
Here In Brooklyn
Best Sleep
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imsebastiansta-n · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Request for @maximeevansblog​. I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve had a lot of problems at home to deal with, I hope you like it 💜
Warning: just pure fluff ✨
Word count: 860 🌙
Tip Jar ⚡️
Requests are open 💫
Tumblr media
It was a Saturday morning in sunny New York. You and Bucky had a rare day off from your superhero duties, and what better way to make the most of your rare day off than to pamper yourself.
You got ready, grabbed your purse, and made your way to say goodbye to Bucky before you left, knowing it gets extremely worried if you don’t.
“Bye Buck. I’m off to get my haircut, I won’t be long my love.” You kissed him softly on the lips, as you turned around, he gently grabbed your wrist to get your attention.
“Can I come with you? I’ve been thinking for a while now, and I think it’s time.” He looks at you, a small smile growing on his face as one grows on yours.
You grab both of his hands and looked at him. “Are you sure, Buck? Like are you one hundred percent sure?”
He nodded, “I’m sure babe. I’ve thought long and hard and I’m ready. It’s time.”
You gasp, making him flinch ever so slightly as you wrap your arms around his neck, with his arms going around your waist. “I’m so proud of you.” You whispered in his ear, kissing just under it, feeling his arms wrap around you a little tighter.
You let go, looking at him again as he nodded. You give him a nod and grab his hand, guiding him out of the compound and to your car.
You both arrive at the hairdressers, and you look back at Bucky who seems nervous. You smile softly and gently grab his hand. “It’s okay if you don’t want to do this, baby. This is your decision and your decision alone.” You clarified, as he let out a deep breath and shook his head. “No, I need to do this. For myself.” He let out a shaky breath, hands starting to shake as you lead him to the seating area.
When it was your turn, you looked at Bucky and he nodded his head for you to go. You gave him your phone as you knew he liked to do crosswords on it, hoping it would keep him distracted long enough while you got your hair done.
Once you were finished, you paid the lady and thanked her. Walking over to the waiting area, Bucky had his nose stuck in your phone. Kneeling down in front of him, and gently placing your hand on his knee so you didn’t startle him, to get his attention. He looked up, doing a double take as his mouth hung open.
“Doll, you look beautiful.” He trailed his eyes, taking in every new detail from your new hair style/cut.
“Thank you, babe. Are you ready?” you asked softly, as he nodded. Standing up, he placed your phone into his pocket and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you made your way to the barbers.
When you arrived outside the barbers, Bucky stopped and took a few deep breaths. You waited patiently, waited until he was ready to go in.
He nodded and walked inside, thankful that he was the only person there.
You both took a seat and waited.
The barber called Bucky arm, he froze for a second, repeating in his head “I can do this.” as he sat in the barber’s chair.
He told the barber what he wanted, and the barber set to work.
You were looking down at your lap, flicking through a magazine that was on the table beside you when you heard a small voice.
You looked up, taking a double take, and standing up, not being able to take your eyes off Buckys new hair.
“Do you like it, doll?” he looked at you, waiting for an answer.
“Baby I love it. But you know I also loved your long hair. But as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters to me. It’ll grow again.” You grinned, as he blushed and giggled.
That’s right, the big bad winter soldier giggled.
You went back to your car and made your journey back to the compound.
When you parked up, you can sense Bucky was nervous.
“You ready to show everyone, babe?” you asked softly, him looking up at you.
“I’m ready, lets do this doll.”
You both got out of the car and walked towards the elevator to take you up to the common area.
The first one to spot you was Steve.
“Looking good, Bucky.” He grinned while he hugged him, as Bucky hugged back.
“Thanks, Stevie. I feel good.” Bucky smiled, as he walked into the common room with you not far behind him.
You watched from the door frame as Bucky got compliments from the team, sighing happy to yourself, as you can see this haircut was what he needed.
He will never be able to go back to James Barnes, but he doesn’t care.
He has you now, and that’s all he’ll ever need to help him through anything.
And of course, Steve and the team, but they don’t need to hear that out loud, they will never let him hear the end of it.
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Watch "Avengers Endgame 1080p Jump clip High technology #avengersendgame #avengers_endgame #endgameavengers" on YouTube
If you like a video Please Subscribe to my Channel Here
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My Masterlist
Tumblr media
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Mini Bucky Masterlist
Hi hi, I have a vvv limited bucky fic supply but I thought I’d put them here!
Also I’m going to open requests for Bucky if anyone wanted to request anything😂 I write almost anything but will let you know if I feel uncomfortable about it!
Angst 🗯
Fluff 🌸
Smut 🔥
Hold my girl 🌸 the leading up to bucky leaving for a mission
Baby let’s stay home tonight 🌸 a little drabble about not wanting to leave bed and lazy days
The usual (series) 🗯🗯
Part 1 🗯
Part 2 🗯
Part 3 tbc
More to come!
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blueathens · 8 days ago
The Stories I Tell
Master of the Masterlists 
Tumblr media
Marvel//X-Men//OC Series
Dusk Till Dawn 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Pietro Maximoff 
Tumblr media
Peaky Blinders
Thomas Shelby
To be continued...
All gifs/images do not belong to me, all credits go to the designers
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 8 days ago
So, IDK what happened but my tumblr deleted my mcu and main masterlist smh
so here’s the new ones:
Main Masterlist
The mcu masterlist is on the main masterlist, please check it out!
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