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darkacademicfrom2021 · 27 minutes ago
The Dark Team (part 6)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What did you fuck up?”, you heard Loki’s sharp whisper through the earbud, while you frantically searched through papers and papers and some more papers.
“I didn’t fuck up. I have the guy. I have information”, cleared Bucky. “Hey, DON’T MOVE”, he shouted at the kidnapped, cocking his gun. He cleared his throat before talking again. “Good and bad news”.
“Must be Christmas”, you said.
“No, Christmas is when you only have good news”, said Bucky.
“Not in my family. Generally, there was only bad news and food. Food was the good news”.
“I love how professional and focused on the mission you two are. Stark would be so proud”.
“Wait, I’m invested now. Tell me more about your family, y/n”.
“For the Norns, I don’t have much time. The information, Barnes”. You could hear Loki's footsteps resonate. According to plan, he should've been walking through a hall full of burocrats, so he was right; he did not have much time.
“Okay, so, I know who has the stick”.
“He’s dead”.
“Not so good”.
“Not really, no”.
“What do we do now?”.
An alarm on the building had set off and every door locked down, with a man on a speaker announcing the disappearance of an important object followed by an awfully accurate description of the three of you.
“We run, that’s what we do now”.
You didn’t have to say more. Bucky threw himself off the window before it finished closing. You looked around desperately, trying to find a way to free yourself from that office. Two security guards entered the room screaming for you to get on the floor, and instead you made an unstable wall with the desk and chairs, avoiding getting shot and giving you enough time to figure out some sort of weapon to take them down.
The watch was already used, the knives were useless if they had guns, you didn’t have a gun yourself (silly you), and the parachute was apparently not working anymore, so you couldn’t jump off the window like your teammates. Damn.
“By any chance”, you whispered through your microphone “could you tele…”, but Loki gave you no time to finish the sentence and teleported himself to the office, still in the shape of a security guard.
“My dearest friend”, he said to one of the shooters, opening his arms welcomingly, “how’s the family?”.
“What the fuck, Robert?” asked angrily one of the real guards. “How did you…”.
Loki kicked off his gun and touched his head with a halo of green lights, making him fall unconscious to the floor. He looked up and down at the second security guard and formed half a smile.
“And what about your wife? Is she well?”.
“You ain’t Robert, ain’t ya?”.
“Mmh, nah”.
You grabbed the second security guard from behind and made him trip, immobilizing his arms and legs, and held his own gun to his head. Loki watched you amused, and then transformed back into himself.
“Oh, there you are”, you greeted him. “Did Buck say anything about the walking dead?”.
“The… what?”.
“The man with the stick. If he’s dead, who activated the alarm? Someone has to have it”.
“He didn’t say anything else. Can’t you track it down?”.
“If I could, why would we have done all of this for?”.
“Point made”.
“I need to get back to our room, take some things off the checklist before going all in for a new plan”.
“Alri…”, he started saying, but his gaze fell back on the immobilized guard you were holding down. “What are you planning on doing with him? He saw our faces”.
“If you let me live I won’t talk about this at all”, he pleaded, face squished against the floor. “I have kids, please”.
“He’s lying, he has no kids”, he said with a neutral face, and you looked at him trying to tell him to communicate telepathically. Surprisingly, he understood. “What?”.
“I’m not killing him, what do we do?”.
“Just kill him, what’s all the fuss about?”. You looked at him horrorized and he rolled his eyes “alright, just threaten him enough”.
You let him go, still pointing the gun at him, and gestured to the door so he could leave. When he reached for the door knob, you shot twice at the wall, mere inches from his head, and he froze in place.
“Talk and I’ll find you”, you threatened.
“I won't say a word, I promise”.
You looked at Loki and he nodded, letting you know the man was telling the truth. You kept your eyes fixed on him while he ran away, terrified. Must be new, you thought. Loki grabbed your waist.
“What the Hell are you doing?”, you pushed him away.
“Teleporting us, as you asked”.
“You have to grab me to do that?”.
“I don’t have to. It’s so you get stability”.
“Oh. Give me a big bear hug, then. No, better, let’s cuddle” you spat with sarcasm. He sighed annoyed, massaging his temples.
“Fine. I’m not even touching you”.
As he teleported both of you, you felt your whole body tear its own cells apart and dissolve, and then regenerate them. Your head spinned like it never has, and something hit your head; but you weren’t sure if it was the floor, a wall or the roof, for your sense directions were nowhere to be found. You took a few seconds to compose yourself before opening your eyes once everything stopped moving. When you finally managed to realize where your head even was, your eyes met with Loki’s, who was holding back a smirk with his arms crossed.
“Reconsidering that cuddle next time, are you?”.
“That was… hilarious. Such a shame I missed the previous part to give me context, though”, said Bucky from the counter of the hotel room, munching on some chips. “Look, the tiny fridge had these. You were right, they’re actually great”.
“Yeah. Grab whatever, they’re on Stark’s”, you said, still with your head a bit fuzzed. Loki offered his hand to help you get up but you did it yourself. He sighed.
“How do you fit your clothes with that huge ego of yours?”.
“I don’t, I walk around naked”, you answered, opening the nearest laptop and starting to work on the checklist.
That night was like the last one. Dark, silent and with your head full on the work. Bucky was barely snoring, and Loki was sitting on his bed reading a book. Every once in a while you glanced up your work to look at how painfully beautiful he was. You hated every thought about it, of course, but you couldn’t deny his sight grew on you a bit. He was an asshole, of course. A parasite on your head. An inconvenience. A distraction, sometimes. But the warm light of the bed lamp and the shadows it formed on half of his face enhanced his features, almost like a sculpture, a piece of art.
While you thought of that you checked on his expressions, making sure he wasn’t listening to your highly embarrassing thoughts.
After a few hours, Bucky had already woken up and you were still spread on the floor, surrounded by the files and laptops from before. The light conversation had caught half the attention of the God, who was still reading peacefully. He seemed so calm you wondered what kept him up anyways.
“You think he still has it on him?”, asked Bucky, changing his shirt.
“I think it’s a possibility. I’m tracking his body down. Should be in the morgue by now, maybe they haven’t taken off his clothes yet. But if not, the security cameras would have recorded who took it from the body”.
"Oh my God, James".
"What does groovy even mean?".
"You know... it's like saying cool beans".
"Coo... alright".
After a while, you collected all the data you needed for tomorrow. You were so exhausted your eyes were getting dry and blurry. Loki was still reading in that same place, not even fazed by the amount of hours that had happened. You got up to clean the dishes from the last meal, and he lifted his gaze up from the book.
“Wait”, he stopped you. With a wrist movement, the dishes got as clean as they could get and arranged on the shelf. You chuckled.
“I wish I had that ability”.
“Are you going to sleep now?”.
“A few hours”.
“Sleep here”, he said from his bed. You looked at Bucky’s; he fell asleep back again.
“You haven’t slept yet. I don’t want to occupy your bed”.
“I won’t, don’t worry”, you nodded, kind of worried he might pass out of tiredness in the middle of the mission. Why the hell was he not sleeping? “If it doesn’t bother you, I’d rather finish this book on here too”.
“I think there’s enough space”.
He moved and gave you space for half of the tiny bed, and you laid by his side with your arms crossed and a leg on top of the other. He went back to his book, and even though he was sitting and your sight couldn’t reach the pages, you were sure it was in Old Norse.
“What are you reading?”.
He didn’t answer right away. Doubtfully as in to share it with you or not, he then proceeded.
“Hamlet. It’s a translation in Old Norse from an author I adore. I’d say it’s an even better version than Shakespeare’s”.
You felt yourself about to smile. You tried not to, but you probably did. That was your favourite piece of literature of all times. You wondered how could that have gotten to Asgardian hands, and why would he (certainly a Midgardian hater) want to read Earth’s literature. You were so curious in that version. Was it really that good, that would be better than Shakespeare himself? Sadly, you didn’t even know how to say hello in that language.
“Do you like it so far?”.
“I’m re-reading it. Brings good memories”, he said with a subtle smile he had hoped you wouldn’t notice. But you did. Something in your chest warmed up a bit and you shook it off. No, no. Not feelings. Don’t confuse your physical attraction, don’t feed your touch starved soul. No. You had to repeat to yourself a couple of times. You were just very, very tired.
“Brings good memories to me too. I love this book”. You figured it was alright to open up a little. The situation was relaxed enough. He wasn’t snarky or avoidant. He looked… melancholic. Sad, even. Like a facet of himself he didn’t allow everyone to see.
You connected with that. Maybe you could even relate to him in some way. For years, you had a feeling of something not adding up quite right. A longing for something you couldn’t exactly pin up. Melancholy for a blank space.
But there you were, barely knew him for three days yet felt close enough. Not too much. Just a feeling. Just the traces of something that maybe happened in another life. But in this one, you would get the mission done and leave. So don’t get attached, you ordered yourself.
“It’s a really good version”.
“Wish I could read it but I don’t know Old Norse”, you said slower than you intended. Loki chuckled at your tiredness. Maybe you could push your curiosity a little further. What was the damage? That he could just say ‘piss off’ or something like that? “What good memories does it bring to you?”.
He sighed and muttered almost to himself “I used to read it to my beloved”.
You almost gasped, surprised he actually answered you. You didn’t ask for more. It was already a lot he had just trusted you with. He told you he had a beloved. You didn’t even know he had a lover, but of course he had. He was nearly a thousand years old; why wouldn’t he? Did he lose that lover, in past tense?
Curiosity grew bigger on you, but fear pushed you aback. But the questions floated around in your head as a lullaby. Your head started to weigh a little more on the pillow and everything happened slightly slower. Loki closed the book and left it resting on his lap. He whispered “I feel you have questions”, and you denied it with your head. Your eyelids fell heavier than before.
“I’m mmnmnnhnm”, you managed to sort of say before getting knocked down by sleep. You heard his laughter, but nothing more after that.
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stanknotstark · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The first time Loki does it is after 3 months of being teammates. Loki pulls you aside and his eyebrows are knitted.
“Have you taken your medicine today? Did you drink enough water to counter balance the dehydration it causes?”
Ok first of all how did Loki know your meds cause dehydration, even you didn’t know that. Second, did he see you as a baby that couldn’t handle itself, what the fuck. You’re about to tell the God off for being so inconsiderate when you truly see the look on his face. It’s full of genuine concern but otherwise there isn’t a sneer or contempt, just worry and inquisitiveness. 
“Yes, I took my morning pills and I’ll get a bottle of water soon.” You smoothly say to placate the God. He nods and the frown of concern drops to a neutral look. 
“How did you know I take meds by the way?” You ask.
“Stark told me that you take anti depressants daily, what could happen if you missed them.” Loki says flippantly. 
You hum thoughtfully but leave that conversation in the dust. 
The next time Loki asks you it’s in the heat of battle. You’re both fighting off some new bots that Dr. Doom had managed to build. The amount of bots surrounding the area makes you wonder how much free time the man has or if the bots are made in a factory setting, either way both are concerning. 
You had been feeling a little off all day and there was something on the edge of you mind that you knew you had forgot but you couldn’t for the life of you figure out what it was you had forgotten. Feeling off you had made a few remarks depreciating your body and even some vague remarks to the robots about ending your life. You hadn’t noticed Loki’s concerned looks but you had heard Stark’s concern when he asked if the both of you were ok. He was clearly asking about you but included Loki so he wouldn’t single you out. Loki answered positive then when you had taken out the robots in your section pulled you into an alcove and asked, “Did you take your pills today?” 
Bingo! You had forgotten to take your medicine! 
Groaning and face palming you told Loki, “No, I completely forgot, that’s why I feel so weird today.”
Loki hummed then his hands worked his magic and he had two familiar pills in his hand which he offered to you. You looked at him suspiciously but thanked him and took the pills. 
Later on when you were working your way through more robots you grunted from impact of your fist into the robot then asked Loki, “You just carry everybody’s medications on you or something?”
Months later you find yourself in a precarious situation. You’re an Avenger so it comes with the title and all but you were kidnapped. Some group that went by The Ten Rings, someone which Tony had dealt with in the past if you remembered his reports correctly. 
You were strong you could handle torture, Shield had prepared you for it, intensively. What thy couldn’t prepare you for was the deep depression that would hit you when you hadn’t taken your pills in a week. 
You’re on day 7 of not having your pills and while you try to stay optimistic you can’t help the small voice in the back of your head telling you the Avengers weren’t going to come for you, that you were alone, that no one liked you enough to save you. You would simply shake your head and think of all your fond memories of the Avengers, of a newfound family that was yours. 
Depression isn’t a reasonable argument though. Trying to argue with clinical depression is like arguing with a brick wall. So your thoughts became dark. The Ten Rings set you up in a room, you alone in a chair, crying, and a video camera in front of you. Most likely the Avengers were going to see this but your hope was dwindling too fast. 
“Please let me die, let me rest, they don’t care, they’re not going to come for me, so just kill me already!” You started softly pleading then it turned to a sobbing yell. Struggling against your bonds but giving up too fast. 
“I can’t-I can’t do this anymore, kill me, please.” You breathed out, closing your eyes tight and letting yourself fall forwards as much as your bonds let you. 
The Ten Rings stopped the recording and took you back to your room where you cried intermittently. You weren’t sure if it was hours or days that passed considering they had left you in a dark room but there was an unmistaken rumble from the ground. Then the walls started shaking and you could hear yelling outside your room. 
“Where is she?” A fevered voiced yelled above everyone screaming. It was only a few minutes longer then the door to your room opened and you squinted at the figure blocking some of the light through the doorway. The figure quickly made their way to you and kneeled next to you, their hand cupping your jaw and bringing your eyes to their green ones. 
You let a sob tear out of you and laid your head on his shoulder as he cut your restraints, your hands automatically curling around him as he picked you up and carried you away. 
Once you were back in the tower, showered, and laying in bed, Loki came and sat at the edge of the bed with a glass of water. Handing you two of your pills and the glass of water, he watched you take your medicine and smiled softly when you nodded to him in thanks, handing him back the water. 
Closing your eyes you sighed and fought the lump in your throat to say, “I didn’t know if-” 
“We never stopped looking for you, the minute we knew you were gone we were all on a hunt.” 
You swallowed and looked up at Loki.
“Did you see...”
You flinched but Loki laid a comforting hand on your head then began stroking his thumb over your temple. 
“You couldn’t help the thoughts, you had been without your medicine for a week, don’t feel guilty for something you can’t control.” Loki said, his eyes looking over you as if checking to make sure you really were ok. When they came to rest on your eyes you gave a small smile.
“Thanks.” You said with a big yawn.
“Sleep, I’ll come check on you in a few hours.” 
You tried to reply with at least an ‘ok’ but you felt yourself pulled into sleep before you could say anything else. 
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lokistoriesblog · 52 minutes ago
Sin City
A/N: This is my first ever fic, losing my fic virginity lol! The stress from being an essential worker during COVID has been unreal so getting lost in Loki has been a much needed dose of serotonin. Enjoy, happy to hear any feedback :)
Summary: Thor, Loki, Natasha, Clint and Y/N spend a night out in Las Vegas following a successful mission. After many rounds of drinks the lure of a bet and a Chapel leave Y/N waking up to a man in their bed and a wedding ring on their finger.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Length: 2500 words
Warnings: Alcohol & fluff
The sun peaking through the hotel curtains woke you from your deep sleep. As your eyes flutter open to welcome the morning you notice a cool hand wrapped around your waist. Your heart skips a beat for a moment and a sinking feeling sets in.  Who were sharing a bed with? Your mind runs blank not able to even remember getting back to the hotel last night.
Could you slip out of bed without them noticing? You begin to plan your exit strategy but the frim hand twitches sending shock waves down your spine. Oh no, are they awake? Was this some random guy you picked up at the casino last night? What would the others think? You couldn't bring yourself to look back at the owner of the firm hand, but as you gained the courage to get up and put your exit strategy into action you heard a muffled sign from behind you.
“Good morning love”, said the smooth voice. All of the oxygen expelled from your body like you had been hit by a truck because in that moment you knew exactly who you were wrapped up in bed with, without even looking. Loki.
You gasp to catch your breath but surely you had to be dreaming, or you misheard, it could not be Loki. You take a deep breath to regain control of your spinning world and turn your head over to look at the God of Mischief right in his blue eyes. One piercing look was all it took for the entire series of events leading to this moment to come flooding back to you.
Tony had sent you, Thor, Natasha, Clint and Loki to collect classified documents and artifacts from an ex Hydra facility in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. Being one of the newest and youngest agents, you were brought on the mission to help mitigate any potential fallout from the raid because Stark was keen to not have a repeat of Sokovia. Thankfully the mission had been a success, you had even managed to stop a knife from hitting Loki in the thigh which he thanked you with only a half smile while he and Thor fought off the others so Nat and Clint could grab the items for Tony.
Since the mission ended early the team had 24 hours to kill before they were due back in New York for the debrief meeting. It was then that Nat and Thor hatched a plan to check out the nearby Las Vegas strip.
Thor was eager to experience the infamous 'Sin City' having only heard about it from Tony. Nat, of course, egged him on and before you knew it you were walking down the strip.
There were people everywhere and almost everyone thought you were just actors in costumes and left you be. The Las Vegas strip was home to all kinds of unique characters and you hardly stood out, even Thor and Loki in their Asgardian garbe blended in for the most part. Except Thor, of course, was stopped by a Bachelorette party and a round of flirtatious selfies followed. Clint groaned and Loki rolled his eyes in clear annoyance of his brother's popularity.
The group walked into a casino and first checked out the roulette tables. Loki seemed intrigued, and with a flash of green magic he fabricated chips out of thin air to place a bet on black. Of course he won and doubled his money, Thor was exuberant and you slow clapped mocking his success. Loki cashed out his winnings with the teller and Thor declared “the first round is on Loki!”.
Everyone was so thrilled with how seamless the mission was, we were all riding a natural high into the Elixir lounge. The drinks kept flowing and the jovial times continued.
Thor kept ordering countless pitchers of ale to the table while Loki and Clint took shots of Whiskey. Being the newest member of the group, you were keen to drink away any nerves while brushing shoulders with deadly assassins and literal Gods. You were pounding back shots of tequila at a pace you had never met before, letting a little hiccup escape your lips. “Be careful little one” Loki mused with a smirk. “Please, as if you could keep up with me” you bit back looking him right in the eye as you downed another round. Nat laughed clearly enjoying that someone was finally giving the trickster a run for his money.
You had spent time with Thor before, but never Loki. There was something about him that made you nervous and you felt like knots were moving around in your stomach whenever he looked in your direction. You shook your head as if to wash the feeling away.
As the night went on and the drinks began to multiply, Nat and Clint were providing an impromptu education to the Asgardian Princes on the saying ‘What Happens in Vegas’.
“What an interesting concept, and here I thought Midgardians did not have a capacity for such mischief.” Loki muttered while sipping on his drink.
You heard his mutterings and thought for a moment to let it go but you were feeling bold with the alcohol running through your veins, “There are a lot of things you do not give us *Midgardians* credit for” you said rolling your eyes as you placed a hand on Loki’s forearm, teasing him.
“Careful, Y/N, do not forget you are speaking to the God of Mischief himself” Thor teased as if sensing the growing tension between you and Loki.
The group grew restless at the bar as they felt the call of the lights from the strip and decided to walk back to the hotel. Nat and Clint were still teasing Thor on some Earthly traditions, while you and Loki walked in the back of the pack taking in the night sky. Every once and a while the liquor would catch up with you and you would stumble a little causing Loki to smirk.
“Watch yourself darling.” Loki said with an eyeroll. He had been so pleasant this evening, nothing like how the others made him out to be. You were not sure if it was the successful mission or something else, but he seemed to be enjoying himself and was even getting along well with Thor, having brotherly banter back and forth. They both were fascinated by this place which seemed to test their understanding of us meager earth dwellers.
Thor turned around to face you and Loki with his eyes almost bulging out of his head, the biggest grin on his face. “Brother! You will not believe this” Unsure if Loki was keen to indulge his brother, or if he was generally interested he lept forward with a hint of mischief in his eye.
“You see that chapel there, Lady Widow explains that apparently in some bizarre Midgardian tradition you can marry here in less than 10 minutes” Thor exclaimed, grabbing his brother on the shoulder in a playful manner.
“Are you serious?” Loki asked Nat, clearly baffled by this development. “Yah, Vegas is famous for their shot-gun weddings. Is there not something similar on Asgard?”
Loki genuinely laughed in disbelief “Absolutely not, Asgardians are sticklers when it comes to traditions.”
“Weddings are week long celebrations with endless events and complex rituals. If I knew it was this easy, maybe I would ask any fair maiden on the street here to marry me by night's end.” Loki smirked as he opened his arms as if to welcome a hoard of willing participants.
Everyone laughed, the alcohol had clearly taken its affect on you all, giggling like rebellious teenagers. “Looks like they are really lining up” You chimed in.
“Y/N, you wound me” Loki puts his hand on his heart as if to pretend you stabbed him, a smile creeping up on him. Was Loki drunk? He wasn’t this friendly around Stark tower, or was it that he enjoyed his current company you wondered.
“Ah well, I am sure your future wife could be at any of these other casinos, I mean they can’t all be secret agents who save you from the occasional rouge dagger!” you joke back rubbing in your save from earlier that day. But you notice now your face is completely flush, had the banter with Loki made you blush? You were not the only one to notice this slight development either.
“Any women on the street eh Loki? Seems Y/N is keen” Thor jested back.
You laugh thinking you are all joking around, “Clint you might have to procure some wedding bands soon if these two keep this up”. What you forgot to remember was that this was the God of Mischief you were talking to, and this was a challenge he would likely not back away from.
Thor, clearly the most intoxicated of the group, had one hand on your shoulder and the other on Loki “YEESSS! What a fantastic idea, Y/N you can always get an annulment if my brother does not live up to his reputation" he said with a wink. You feel your heart pounding harder and faster, they had to be joking, as if you a simple agent would marry an Asgardian Prince, even if it was just for a laugh.
Nat chimes in as the voice of reason, “It's all fun and games boys but I dont think Y/N is really looking to get hitched to an intergalactic prince, of that I can be certain.” The fun died down for a moment as they thought their little scheme had fizzled. But you looked up at Loki who still had the look of Mischief in his eye and a smirk on his face. “You're right Nat," his silky voice called out. "I don't think Y/N is up to the challenge anyways, a little too daring for an innocent thing like her.”
You weren't sure if it was the alcohol in your veins or the magnetic pull you began to feel towards Loki but you were not going to let him have the last laugh. “You want to bet, Reindeer Games?” You knew this nickname of Starks would be sure to gas him up.
“You are in for it now, Brother” bellowed Thor. “What do you say, Loki?”
“Here we go” Clint mumbled under his breath.
A grin spread across Loki’s face and the next thing you knew he was down on one knee, clearly making a big spectacle to amplify his joke, and asked you “Lady Y/N of Midgard, would you do me the great honour and privilege of being my wife?” Loki held his hand out, placing your hand on his. A shiver ran over your body feeling his cold touch.
Loki was calling your bluff, he expected you to chicken out of this challenge. Another spark of green flashed before your eyes and a deep green velvet box appeared in his hand, opening to reveal a 4 carat emerald and gold ring. Your heart was racing, you knew he was pulling a stunt but again you felt pulled toward him.
“Who could say no to a proposal like that” you said with a wink. What were you doing? Your body was telling you to back away but your mouth kept going along with this ridiculous scheme. Loki rose and placed the ring on your finger.
“We’re going to the Chapel, and you’re gonna get marrrried” sung Clint as he sipped back an unknown substance from a flask he carried on our short walk to the cheesy Las Vegas chapel.
Thor and Loki marvel at the tiny chapel while they fixed bow ties to their regular Asgardian attire. Nat was attaching a tacky headband veil to your head, you all couldn't help chuckling at this outlandishness of this evening. Even with his clip on bow tie, Loki still looked like a chiseled God, his leather outfit clinging to his lean but muscular frame.
The elvis officiant was ready to begin when you shouted out to Thor “Come on Thor, you don't get to get out of this that easy - you are walking me down the aisle”
“Okay, Y/N, now's your last chance to back out of this” he offered.
“Oh, there is no way I would give him the satisfaction and the upper hand, I am so doing this.” you said with determination.
“Brave girl” Thor laughed and linked arms with you before you began your short trip down the blue velvet aisle.
You and Loki kept giggling while a poor excuse for an Elvis presided over your ceremony. Clint and Nat were sitting in the front two seats taking sips out of a flask. All jokes stood still while it was time for the vows, for a moment you and Loki locked eyes and there was a peculiar look on his face, one of almost awe as you said ‘I Do”.
“You may kiss your bride, thank you, thank you very much” You could hear Clint sighing at the scheer ridiculousness of what was transpiring before him.
Loki locked eyes with you and before you knew it he had cupped your face in his firm hands and brought your lips to greet his. You almost forgot about your dare and lost yourself in Loki’s embrace.
He let you come up for air for a moment before pushing you in this time, his tongue exploring you. Your heart was beating out of our chest and you kissed Loki back for what felt like an eternity.
Nat coughed as to suggest that we were putting on quite the show, you let go of one another for a moment before the music began playing. Thor was shouting obscenities and congratulations to you both, Loki grabbed your hand and you ran out of the chapel like two giddy kids having pulled off one of the greatest jokes.
You came crashing back to reality, a grin on your face as you relived each moment from the night prior. Loki used the hand on your waist to turn you over bringing your body to face him in bed. Your legs still wrapped in his. Your chest pressed against his.
“Loki, tell me we didn’t!” You played as you placed your hand on his collarbone.
Loki let out a chuckle and smirked, “Now that, I cannot do.”
You looked at him in disbelief. Could this really be happening? You MARRIED the God of Mischief himself? You put your hand to cover your mouth in shock but in doing so you noticed the ring on your ring finger. Loki smirked again, he was clearly enjoying your reaction. Your face was beet red as you took in your surroundings.
Your clothes from the night before were thrown all over the room, making you look down under the duvet to reveal you are completely naked as was Loki. Fragments of bliss flashed in your memory of your return to the hotel room last night, you could tell your face was flush.
Loki pulled you closer to him and buried himself in your neck, leaving a trail of kisses leading to your ear purring, “No need to blush I have already devoured every inch of you, Mrs. Laufesyon."
Thanks for reading! I may or may not be writing a NSFW follow-up to this fic, let me know if you would want to read that.
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stanknotstark · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Tony brings up a question of your loyalty when he claims you care about Loki more than the team. He’s not wrong. 
“It’s almost as if you care about Loki more than us!”
You scoffed, looking at all the Avengers in the eyes, lastly falling on Loki who had an unreadable face on. You assumed he thought you were going to side with the Avengers on this one which honestly kind of hurt but you’d excuse him because he isn’t used to being picked or being someone’s first priority.
“I do.”
Tony opened his mouth, closed it, raised his brows and reared his head back. “Your priority should be the whole team, not a single man.”
You chuckled darkly and gave Tony a look that said ‘Really, you really wanna argue about this?’
“So you’re telling me if Pepper was out there risking her well being you wouldn’t think about her the entire time, you wouldn’t go crazy over the fact that any second her life could be taken, you wouldn’t panic and do everything you can just to keep her safe?”
Tony sputtered trying to find something to argue his point was right, “But I love her.”
“Are you trying to say I don’t love Loki? Because I can assure you, I do,” You looked at Loki and smiled sadly, unfortunate that you had to say the magic words in this moment, “I care deeply for this man, I’m not afraid to get rejected by him or if me saying this changes everything because at least I know I tried...”
“Love? You’ve only been dating for 3 months!”
“And I knew by the end of the first month, there isn’t a time limit to falling in love, Tony.” You rolled your eyes. You smirked as Tony ground his teeth, his eyes enraged but understanding. 
“Not to mention because I have been lacking in watching over all of you, you have all failed to realize Loki has taken it upon himself to ensure ALL of your safety.” You knocked your knuckles on the table trying to sooth your frazzled nerves with fidgeting.
“He probably has an ulterior-”
“Shut up.” You whispered between clenched teeth, “He does it for me. For once can you forget that he’s the God of Mischief and Lies? For once look at him like a person. Not everything he does has an ulterior motive. It’s no wonder he doesn’t like midguardians with the way you all act around him. After a day of this shit and I’d wanna wipe out Earth or subjugate them too.”
Looking at Loki his face was still blank, staring at you, but you looked in his eyes and saw the mirth in them. Whether that was because he was loving you telling the Avengers off or because you had taken his side, you didn’t know. Looking back at Tony you raised your brow. Tony looked at you, searching for something in your eyes too which he must have found because his shoulders relaxed and he sighed.
“I’m sorry for questioning your loyalty.”
“Whoa, did you just...did you just apologize to me?”
Tony laughed lightly if not a little tensely, “I’m not saying it again.”
“That’s too bad...F.R.I.D.A.Y please send the audio from the last 3 minutes to my phone, please and thanks.”
The other Avengers stayed quiet, Tony had argued for them. Steve still had a disapproving look on his face but he never spoke up. The only one who seemed ok with how things turned out was Bruce but you figured that was because the two of you had become well acquainted recently.  
Loki grabbed you by the arm and lead you to his room. As soon as the door shut he pushed you against the wall and his mouth hovered next to your ear.
“I love you too, darling.” 
You smiled.
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thepilotanon · an hour ago
Loki interacting with baby animals?! 😍❤🐶🐱🐰🐷🐯🐥🐼🐴😂
I’ve talked about Loki with pets/animals before, if you’re interested to take a peek there. But, this is different and exciting!!
If Loki were given the choice of being defeated by a herd of puppies or a herd of baby ducks, he will literally lay down on the ground and demand that they release BOTH OF THEM and he will go down with glory and joy of being overpowered by such cuteness. After, he would probably tell individual pup and duckling they did a marvelous job taking him down.
Whether it’s a domesticated baby animal or a wild baby animal, Loki is going to want to coo and want to give it affection. He sees a group of baby ducks in the pond, he will want to go into the icky water and hold them; he spots a baby deer tucking themselves in their hiding spot, he will whisper how they’re doing a great job hiding and probably leave a flower by them; he noticed a den with the noises of wolf pups...he will risk dangling pieces of jerky before momma tackles him (don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s been tackled by bigger momma animals before when he was a toddler).
This might sound weird, but hear me out...Loki discovers baby crocodiles or gators. THE SOUNDS THEY MAKE WHILE TRYING TO LOOK SO TOUGH?? Loki just bursts into tears and begs to be allowed to hold one. You tell him no, pointing to the mother who is just giving Loki the death stare in the distance. Loki will whine, but then call to the mom all “You did a wonderful job with your babies. They’re absolutely precious, and I can’t wait for them to dominate over the swamps in your honor!”
He has fun at petting zoos or farms. He doesn’t mind the smells or dirtiness that comes with it (Asgard had plenty of farms and stables, and he and Thor would hang around those parts), and actually allows the baby creatures eat and leave spit on his palms. I think baby goats, horses and sheep like his attention or be held by him, and he loves scratching that one spot that they can’t reach. Loki is definitely a favorite and a regular, and the baby animals know it’s him when he approaches with you. “Darling, I want you to meet my little friends! I’ve asked the helpers what they’re names are, but some I have given them names. Oh, look! They’re so happy to see us!”
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stanknotstark · an hour ago
I’m So Alone
So i decided to write a little angst because who doesn’t love a little hurt? It’s angst with a happy ending tho i can’t for the life of me write angst with an unhappy breaks my heart too much :p
Tumblr media
Summary: Major character death but not really? I mean it’s Loki when has death ever stuck to him? You, after losing Loki, also lose the Avengers and Shield and became a dangerous operative on the field because you have nothing left to lose. Loki comes back just in time. 
You had lost him. Loki. He was dead. It had happened so fast you couldn’t even react just watch as his body fell to the ground, lifeless. In the heat of the battle you couldn’t take his body somewhere safe though so you kept fighting and hoped to whatever God there was that Loki would forgive you for not being able to give him a proper burial.
The Avengers weren’t your team anymore. When Osborne came in he separated you from the team without you realizing and then made it look like you were compromised. The Avengers didn’t trust you anymore no matter how many times you told them nothing happened between you and Osborne. Shield deserted you as well and even sent a team to ‘tie a loose knot’. 
You had nothing and no one. You were truly alone and had nothing to lose. So when a new enemy came up on your radar and started threatening you you scoffed. 
You could see the cameras around the room all pointing at you, no doubt the Avengers were watching the footage as they traveled here. Good, let them know how much they had hurt you. When you needed them most after Loki’s death, they had left you.
You closed your eyes and chuckled darkly. Opening them again with a new ferocity in them.
“You see I’ve done this whole threatening thing and it’s tiring, quite honestly,” You said looking at Kang in his glowing, purple eyes, “I just don’t care anymore. When I want something good for me, it’s taken away brutally, ripped from my hands and replaced with bitter disappointment.” 
You took a few steps up to Kang who frowned at you, starting to realize the gravity of the situation as your magic started to swirl around you in ferocious whips of energy. 
“I’ve lost everything, I don’t have anything left to lose, that’s what makes me dangerous, Kang.” 
The wicked smile that split on your lips when Kang took a few steps backwards out of fear, of you, made you feel unhinged. 
You swiped a hand up and the magic that followed was berserk and unbalanced. Kang dodged but the hole that was left in the wall was like a small nuclear crater. You didn’t miss the next time. Kang flew backwards and hit the wall. 
Grinding your teeth you walked up to the man then began punching him repeatedly across the face. Each punch you felt a pull on your heart. When Kang is nearly dead from trauma to his head you feel a light hand touch yours. You stop punching immediately and realize whose hand that it. 
Swallowing the bile that raises in your throat you look to your right and see Loki. Loki who has a furrowed look on his face but it’s concern not fear, not anger. 
“It’s ok, I’m ok, you’re ok.” Loki says in a soothing tone. 
You fight every ounce of pull in your body that says to throw yourself into his arms. Instead you spit through your teeth, “You’re dead!” And close your eyes, pulling your hand away from Loki’s like he had burned you. 
“You’re dead and I’m finally losing my fucking mind.” You laugh cynically, shaking your head.
“I’m here and I’m not leaving again.” Loki says. 
Your eyes snap open and you glare at Loki. “Why would you leave in the first place, why would you make me believe you dead!”
“I thought it the best choice-”
“For who, you? Did you not stop to think about how I would feel?” You yell so loud it hurts your throat, then a sob rips from your mouth and you can’t stop the sobs following the first. Fat tears roll down your face and you bring your bloodied hands up to cover your face. At this point Loki grabs you and hugs you so tight you think you might be losing breath but you don’t resist or complain. You’re too tired to fight anymore. 
“It was the only way I could keep you safe. If I was thought dead Modok would leave you alone long enough for me to come up with a plan to eliminate his threat. I’m sorry, darling, I’m so sorry I didn’t account the Avengers leaving you.” Loki said into your hair, his eyes tearing up but he refused to let them fall because you needed him to be strong right now. 
Gasping you pulled from Loki a bit and with a glare said, “If you ever do this again...” Your voice cracking. 
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captnswilson · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ TOP 10 MARVEL CHARACTERS  → 1. Loki Laufeyson
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stanknotstark · 2 hours ago
Cuddle Bug
SO yesterday while i was playing on my phone my cat came over and cuddled with me, she left and i noticed this but then a few minutes later she came back and cuddled with me again without me even realizing i just kinda wrapped my arm around her and cuddled her. It took me a few minutes but i jumped and looked at her and was like ‘when did you even come back?!’ and she looked at me like ‘uh wut’ so i thought what would happen if you did this to Loki XD
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki and you are cuddling when he gets up to do something. You don’t notice him come back but cuddle with him subconsciously. You’re shocked when you realize he’s back. Just some lighthearted fluff! 
You and Loki had both eaten dinner and moved to the couch in the living room of the tower with the rest of the Avengers finding their own places in the room.
 You had taken a whole couch by stretching out across it, laying on your side, propped up on your elbow. Then you gave Loki a look and patted the couch. Loki rolled his eyes but agreed to be the little spoon today. Something about him doing this in front of the team made the butterflies in your stomach flounder about. As everyone got into little cliques and started talking, you had Tony talking to you about him and Pepper, about his new arc reactor about to go live at the Avengers mansion, about the last mission. 
You were both deep in the conversation and you felt Loki move and get up and disappear into the kitchen. What you didn’t feel was Loki come back and cuddle up to you again. Your body welcomed him naturally, your arms coming to rest across him, but this was all subconsciously. It’s only when Tony asks Loki, directly, a question that you jump and look at Loki incredulously and yelp. 
“When did you come back?” 
Loki frowns at you but it turns into an amused look.
“I’m not sure whether I should be offended or not...”
“Did you not realize he came back? I mean you cuddled up to him and everything.” Tony asked with a laugh.
“I just...I don’t know, I was so focused on what you were saying I didn’t realize he came back.” 
“It pleases me, immensely, that your body just accepts me without a second thought.” Loki says next to you, grabbing your hand and intertwining your fingers with his then kissing your hand. 
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vemazing · 3 hours ago
who’s in for a weird Thor x Reader x Loki smut story set on Sakaar during Thor: Ragnarök ? not me hahahaha... unless...? 👀
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kaainaat · 3 hours ago
Loki, aggressively: Would you all stop accusing me of having a favourite Avenger? I like Peter and all you non-Peters equally.
Peter, sheepishly: wow thanks Mr. Loki.
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lisathesimp · 3 hours ago
I made a Loki edit (wholesome ☺️)
I made this audio, feel free to use it if you want to make an edit with it ❤️
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marvel-sluts · 3 hours ago
Hey bestie! I was wondering if you could write a fem!reader x mob boss!loki where she lives in a shitty part of town so she makes fake id/marriage license that shes the bosses wife to keep creepy guys away, and it doesn't even matter because loki'll never find out...right?
So then shes at the bar trying to get these guys to leave her alone but then loki shows up and plays along? Thanks!😘
fake ID's and creepy men
Tumblr media
pairing: mob boss!loki x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, creepy guys.
summary: you and your friend comes up with the idea to get fake ID's to be the mob bosses wife to get guys to leave you alone, somehow this ends up getting you a date with the mob boss himself.
a/n: I feel like I always say this but I'm sorry for being so late! I'm honestly behind on life at the minute. thanks for requesting though, I always appreciate it. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"I'm so fucking fed up of men." your friend, Grace said as she entered your apartment.
"I can't believe you said that I was married to the mob boss." you laughed, pulling off your shoes.
"it worked didn't it? he fucked right off." she said, plopping herself down on your sofa. "you know, we should get fake ID's."
"why? we are already legal." you said, sitting down next to her.
"I know that, I mean fake ID's saying that you actually are Loki's wife. that way the men will leave both of us alone." Grace said, swinging her legs over yours
"why me though? why can't you get one?" you asked.
"because you look more the part, also I have a tenancy to get very drunk and leave with some guy. that wouldn't be very believable." she said, shrugging.
"true, okay. let's do it." you said, turning on the TV and choosing a movie.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
"hey baby, let me buy you a drink." some creepy guy said, sliding into the seat next to you.
you groaned internally, making a mental note to give Grace hell for being late.
"no thank you." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"come on beautiful, just one drink." one of his mates said from the other side of you. you hadn't even realised he was there.
"sorry, I have a husband." you said, beginning to freak out as three more guys from the same group came up to your table.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." the first guy said, placing his hand on your lower back, making you tense up.
"really? do you know who my husband is?" you snapped, hoping that you had remembered your fake ID.
"whoever he is, I doubt he will mind us having a little fun." one of the other guys said.
"he would definitely mind, my husband is Loki Laufeyson." you said, feigning confidence.
you watched as the colour drained from their faces, there isn't a person in this town who doesn't know that name.
"I doubt it, prove it baby. if you can't prove it then we get to buy you a drink." one of the braver men said.
you pulled out your fake ID and marriage certificate and handed it to one of the closets guys.
"there, now will you please leave me alone." you said, reaching for the documents back.
"I doubt that's real baby, come on let me buy you a drink." one of them said, getting far too close for comfort.
"excuse me? why are you bothering my wife?" a voice came from behind the group. the men scattered quickly, all of them murmering apologies. you turned in your seat to see the mob boss, Loki.
"hello darling, we're those men giving you trouble?" Loki asked, taking the seat next to you and swinging an arm around your shoulder casually. "have they gone?" he whispered.
you looked behind you before answering. "yeah." you stuttered. "sorry for lying about who I was, I just thought that you'd never find out a-and me and my friends thought that it was a good idea to get creepy men to leave us alone." you said quickly, voice shaking.
"it's fine, honestly. I understand why you did it and I'm sure your not the only one with a fake ID to be my wife." he responded with a chuckle.
"oh o-okay." you stuttered, very aware of his arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders.
"are you by yourself or meeting with someone?" he asked, looking down at you with a smile.
"my friend is supposed to be meeting me here, but she's running late. she said she's about ten minutes away." you murmured, raising your glass to your lips.
"well I can't have my wonderful wife sitting by herself. how about I keep you company until your friend comes." he offered.
"only if you want to." you said, shocked that the feared mafia boss was offering to do something so sweet.
"don't look so shocked darling, I may be one of the most feared men in this city but it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart." he chuckled, gazing at you with his piercing blue eyes.
"it's not that, I just thought that you would be busy or something." you said feebly.
"don't worry about it darling, although I do have one question. do guys bother you like that often?" he asked curiously.
"yeah, a fair amount. that's why I decided to get a fake ID, it was my friends idea actually." you said. "now it's my turn to ask a question, why did you save me from those men? there must be hundreds of women in this bar that need someone to do that for them. do you do it for everyone?"
"I don't do it for everyone, I just thought that a pretty woman like yourself is far too good for scum like that. to be perfectly honest I had been working up the courage to talk to you for a while, when I saw those men bothering you I thought it would be a good excuse to talk to you. that and I didn't want their filthy hands all over you." he said, looking down slightly.
"I'm assuming you overheard me saying I was your wife then." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"yeah, I thought-"
"y/n! sorry I'm late, my boss kept me late. he's such a dick." Grace said, sliding into the seat on the other side of you. "who's this- oh"
"Grace this is Loki, Loki this is Grace." you said, giggling slightly at her shocked face.
"Loki? as in the loki?" Grace asked, grabbing your drink and taking a sip out of it.
"hey! get your own drink and yes, the Loki." you said, grabbing the glass from her and finishing it.
"I should probably be going, it was nice meeting you darling." he said, standing up and slipping a piece of paper into the pocket of your jacket. he winked at you before turning away and heading towards a table of men in suits, obviously waiting for him.
"how the hell did you get talking to him?" Grace asked, leaning forwards and placing her elbows on the table.
"I dunno, it just sort of happened." you said, smiling down at the card you had fished out of your pocket. here's my phone number darling, maybe we can get coffee some time? it read. you tucked the card safely back into your pocket before turning back to Grace, smiling at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at your lovesick face.
"oh shut up you." you said, hitting her arm lightly.
"I didn't say anything!" she protested.
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the-emo-asgardian · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Alright so I made some more fanart 🙈
Big thank you to @lokistan and @lucywrites02 for giving me feedback.
It’s not amazing, but I’m improving, so I’m proud of it! And this is the reference I was working from: 
Tumblr media
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 5 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 5)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>   
Join the taglist in here (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You gotta be kidding”, scoffed Bucky, entering the tiny hotel room. Loki, hiding his face between his hands, muttered something among the lines of “so hideous my own mother would throw up”.
“Sorry Bucks, that’s all I could get if you’re staying that far away from the last Hydra base you had contact with. Take turns to sleep or something and don’t fuck up too much”.
“It’s fine”, you said, throwing your bags on the side of one of the two individual beds. “I won’t sleep tonight, I have to figure this out. You guys try to get some rest and I’ll sleep after”.
“After what?”.
“I don’t know, after Christmas, Odinson. What are we talking about?”.
“Wow, mean”.
“I’ll take the one near the window, it’d be easier to throw myself off it in case you two want to keep doing that”, said Bucky.
Loki laid down on the other bed without taking his coat off, adopting a mummy-like position. He kept his eyes open. Incredibly creepy, you thought. Bucky took off his jacket and shoes and jumped on the bed, getting absorbed by it. You know, like a normal person would.
“Ahh, this mattress is gonna do wonders to my back ache”.
“Old man”, you laughed from the floor. You distributed different laptops with information, a pile of papers and files you knew you needed to have on paper, a huge map full of points marked, and a cup of coffee none of them realized you had made in the first place. Bucky muttered to himself "how the fuck..." but you paid no mind.
The sky darkened faster than you imagined, and the only lights in the room were the bright screens in front of you. Your phone started ringing and you glanced at the sleepy boys. Both looked completely passed out. You made your way to the balcony, closed the door behind you, and finally answered.
“Hey Pete”.
“Dude, you won’t believe this”.
“Probably not”.
“I had a dream that I think it wasn’t a dream. I think it was a memory”.
“It’s about Mr. Loki”.
“Can you at least pretend you care?”.
“I care, bro. Don’t stress it. It’s just… Sorry, I’m really tired. Been fighting all day with that asshole. And the only time he didn’t get all snarky on me was when I was on the verge of sweet and peaceful death”.
“You… you were what”.
“Anyways, what was that dream about?”.
“I’m telling you, it was a memory. And it was from Mr. Loki, and I think it has to do with…”.
“Hold it. I can’t take you seriously if you call him Mr. Loki. It’s like I called you Mr. Peter. It’s absurd”.
“He has no last name”.
“That’s not a last name, that’s who he’s son of”.
“I don’t know how Mythology works, alright? Wait, so you think we collectively forgot something about him? As in the Mandela Effect?”.
“Didn’t he have mind powers? I’m telling you, I think he is actually up to something. Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that us from all…”, he kept conspiring, but an all-too-familiar voice interrupted his ramblings.
“Hello, midgardian. It’s about time. Do you have the plan already?”.
“Good. Rest and we’ll do it after”.
“Do you mind?”, you pointed at his bed.
“Not at all”.
You cut the call with Peter after saying goodbye and went to Loki’s bed. As you laid your head on the pillow, you felt the warmth still in there. It was sort of comforting, in an unusual way. It even smelled a bit like him, though you weren’t sure how you already knew the scent. Your eyelids fell heavy as soon as you allowed them to, and you passed out for at least four hours. When you woke up, the morning was barely starting to lighten up the city, and Loki and Bucky were having a staring contest. Or something like that.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were about to make out”.
“Eugh, gross”, said Loki, rolling his eyes.
“Hah, you pulled your eyes away first. I win”.
“Oh, was that the purpose of this? I was just gazing at your dreamy and soft blue eyes, Barnes”.
“I can cut the air with your sexual tension", you said, chuckling.
“The only thing that will be getting cut is your neck. With my knives”.
“Oh, come on, sweetheart”, mocked Bucky, totally getting into the rol. Loki got up with a tiny smile. Deep down, he was enjoying the friendly chattery.
You began explaining the development of the mission. It was quite easy actually. You needed a stick; that pendrive was always on a Hydra worker, and there were three possible individuals. You were three. It was almost as if it was made for the Dark Team.
The first part of the plan was directed by Bucky. He had to kidnap the first suspect and make him think he was the terrifying Winter Soldier. In that fear, he’d take some information out without having to actually harm him physically (or maybe just a little, you know, the whole abduction part).
The second part should be done at the same time than the first one, and this one belonged to the God of Lies. Loki had to pretend to be the man Bucky had kidnapped, and make small talk, little conversations with his coworkers to get a general idea of where the stick could be. Take out information in the most unnoticed way he could.
The third part had to be synchronized in half of the second one. Loki had to pull the third suspect away from his office, whatever the reason. You’d infiltrate in the office and go through his stuff. You studied and analyzed his personality briefly through his social media; he wasn’t the kind of guy to keep something important like that on himself. He had to have it locked away somewhere safe. Preferably on a Hydra base, because what’s safer than that? Who could possibly break in?
“Whichever finds the stick first, lets the other teammates know and we all leave as fast as we can. It’s a matter of minutes until the alarm goes off after that pendrive is out of the building; it has a sensor”, you finished.
“Sounds good”.
“And if something goes wrong?”.
“I have a plan B, C and D for the possible outcomes. Don’t worry”. You handed them earbuds and clipped barely visible microphones to their clothes. “Don’t lose this, otherwise we have no means to communicate. And remember we’re a team, and we behave like such. Every modification to the original plan goes through the other two, understood?”.
“Clear as water”.
“Let’s get working, then”.
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rkiveinmarvel · 5 hours ago
Bucky: I'm sad...
Sam: Listen here you bit--you're the most beautiful art I--
Thor: I'm sad..
*Loki looks at Thor*
Loki: Good..
*Loki already writing 3000 speeches for Thor*
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darkacademicfrom2021 · 6 hours ago
The Dark Team (part 4)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>    Join the taglist in here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cold chains immobilizing your whole body were the thing you first noticed once you woke up. When your eyes finally opened, you observed your surroundings carefully, silently. Barely opening your eyes, just in case. Your teammates were equally tied up by your sides, and Bucky was unconscious. Loki, on the other hand, was looking around less confused than he should have.
“Oh, you did this”, you spat suddenly, realizing what was going on. Of course he would betray the team; it was all you knew about him, and history did not disappoint.
“What?” he asked, now confused. “I certainly did not. I’m trying to figure out where we are”.
“Yeah, and you want me to blindly trust you on this one? What did you do to Tony? A dumb potion or…”.
“He doesn’t need me and my magic to act idiotic, he manages that himself”, he said. Once he actually got to talk, he wouldn't stop, would he? “But if you need me to, I can try to make him even dumber, then he would have some idea to form a Dark Team. Oh, wait”, said sarcastically.
“Be free to give us your input on the crew, come on, don’t be shy”.
While you two argued, Bucky was gaining consciousness again.
“Look who decided to get up from his nappy”.
“Shut up”, he managed to say, looking around. He quickly realized where you were. “Fuck. I know this place”.
“Do enlighten us”.
“Loki, I swear to God, shut up or I’m gonna shove my metal arm through your…”.
“Where are we, Buck?”, you interrupted impatiently.
“This is a Hydra base”.
“Oh fuck”.
You started making escape plans in your head in record time, but then you realized; maybe you shouldn’t escape. Maybe you should arrange some plan to make the mission done from the inside. The chances of the stick being there were bigger than somewhere else.
“That’s a better idea”, resonates Loki’s voice in your head. You screamed, not expecting his magic. So he has telepathy, you thought. You looked at him amazed, and he smiled smugly. You realized, if he can access your head, then he could’ve heard…
“Oh yes, I’ve heard it all, dear. But don’t worry, I’m used to it. Many people find me... how did you say? Extremely attractive?”.
You blushed and looked uncomfortably to the roof, trying to get the plan straight, ignoring his mockery. But he kept going.
“Comparing me to a british mortal man, though… I don’t appreciate it. A Nordic God is way better in every sense”.
Your blush turned to bright red paint all over your face, and he chuckled. Bucky was observing the interaction fascinated. For him, you were two idiots who looked at each other weirdly and reacted to that. But as much as you tried to avoid him, he kept talking in your head.
“It’s alright, darling. I like to be praised, even at the strangest moments. Can’t believe you went for a plain ‘hot’, though. I think I’d be worth at least a ‘so hot my brain is melting at his only sight…”.
“Oh my God, shut up!” you shouted, interrupting his egocentric rant.
“What the… he didn’t say anything” said Bucky, even more confused than before. You were quite a pair.
“Yes, y/n, I didn’t say anything. Are you hallucinating? Did they poison you?”.
“I’m gonna choke you with those chains as soon as I get my hands free”.
“I would love to see you trying”, he challenged.
“Guys, can you pleeeeaaassseee focus?”, said Bucky, losing his patience.
“I’m trying to focus on making a plan,” you whispered. “It would be much easier if you two shut up for the love of God”.
“How could you not predict our ship would get hijacked? Aren’t you the brainy of the team?”.
“James, don’t make me spit on your face”.
“I’d suggest whatever ‘plan’ you’re thinking that would get us out of here, do it faster, because I don’t think they’d leave us here alone much more time”, said Loki.
“What? You afraid of some little mortal kidnappers? I thought, for a God, it wouldn’t be so hard to take them down. Unless you’re full of crap. You know, once in my life I finally think I’d be alright being on charge of the mission, you two had to be here, ready to ruin...”.
“Are you still planning on choking me? Because that would do wonders to my ears, to finally stop listening to you”.
“Can you two stop flirting?”, interrupted Bucky. “I didn’t think the worst thing about getting kidnapped by Hydra would be not being alone".
"But here we are”.
Bucky ripped the chains off him and freed you too, leaving Loki tied. The God didn't complain, and instead made the chains dissolve with a spell. You looked around again. A plan started to form in your head and you followed your instinct through it, knowing it’d lead somewhere good at some point. After a few minutes of complete silence, you finally have it all figured out.
“Tiny genius has an idea”, announced Loki, who apparently was reading your mind the whole time. You looked at Bucky and he nodded, as he made his way through the room, destroying every camera and microphone he was able to find.
“We’re listening now”.
“Alright. Look”. You took out of your pocket a whiteboard marker and started scribbling nonsense on the tiles of the wall. Loki and Bucky shared a concerned look. You explained the whole plan, head to toes. It included explosions, illusions of dead bodies and infiltrations of high risk throughout the building. But they didn’t seem fazed at the difficulty of the idea. “Any questions?”.
“Yeah. Do you always carry a whiteboard marker or just on very dangerous missions?”, asked Bucky.
“Oh. No, always. Anyways, what do you think of the plan?”.
“I think you’re nuts”, said Bucky. Loki was paying very little attention and you doubted he even heard your plan. You sighed.
“Look, Barnes. My poor self preservation instincts are what got me in this Stark internship in the first place, so if you’re gonna insult my nuttery consider how far it got me”, you answered, pointing at him with the marker. “And you, did you even hear it? What do you think?”.
“Oh, yes. I think you’re out of your mind”.
“Are you kidding me, Loki? You did worse things”.
“But I support your idea. It 's madness. It’ll work”, he added, and you smirked.
“Well, it’s better than the alternative, at least”, accepted Bucky. “So, we have an escape plan, but we don’t have an actual plan to get the mission done, you realize that?”.
“We can figure it out once we’re out of sight from the Hydra toys”.
“You know, I don’t know what is it with you, Steve and Sam, but you guys never have plans, and it gets on my nerves”.
“I have a plan, I always have a plan, Buck. That’s my part of the job. Just… trust me, okay?”, you asked.
“You’re getting kinda hard to trust”, he said crossing his arms.
“I trust you”, added Loki after long seconds of painful silence. You felt the need to ask him why on Earth would he trust you, when not even your best friend trusted you on this one. But he looked at you with a glimmer of certainty in his eyes, and you didn’t want to push it, or make it vanish.
When everything was already set, Loki made the highly realistic illusions of your dead bodies (it even gave you chills, but you wouldn’t admit that, of course not). Bucky ran his hand through the pavement floor at the same time that you threw your watch against it, causing an explosion. You three flew away from the impact. You realized you haven’t thought this part very thoroughly, since they could obviously take the impact (a God and a supersoldier, why wouldn’t they?), but you were a mere human mortal with no superpowers or super suits.
You couldn’t look around as you fell from the building, since the remains of the room were falling apart, and the smoke and fire from the explosion were overwhelmingly close to your eyes, but you could sense you still had enough time to find the button on your suit to get the parachute on. You just had to find the damn button, that it was…
Loki grabbed you instantly, covering you with his whole body before the impact, making sure you didn’t even get a scratch. Then you realized you maybe didn’t have the parachute back-up plan under control, after all.
“Well, that was bigger than I had anticipated”, you said, getting up from Loki’s tired body and brushing off some ashes. He stayed there and sighed. “Now we know where we were. 5th floor, apparently”.
“And now we’re not even inside the building, as we needed. Great. Smart”.
“You know, I’d say this is a win. We’re not being held hostage now, and we have enough time to recalculate the plan from the outside. Less risk of getting…”. But you were interrupted by the cocking guns of the seven guards surrounding you.
“No, please, let them finish their sentence”, said Loki sarcastically, still laying on the smashed floor. “getting caught, were you gonna say?”.
“Well, yes. But I think, given the current circumstances, that you’d differ”.
“What could possibly make you think that?”.
“Not the time, guys”, cut Bucky, getting up and knocking down two guards. You fought with one of them. Loki didn’t even bother in body-to-body combat, and casted them away, fading their bodies into thin air.
“Where did you take them?”, asked Bucky.
“The explosion”.
“Are you stupid? They’ll notice the bodies are fake!”.
“No, not the past explosion. The current explosion”, he explained, and behind him you heard a building collapsing in the distance. You didn’t even ask. What for. Honestly.
After a while of walking around and not really getting anything from it, Bucky finally asked:
“So, the watch. Is it normal for you to keep explosive reactive components in there, or was that just part of a very premeditated plan we weren’t aware of?”.
“Oh, it was just a precaution I have. In case of emergencies”, you explained. They decided it would be better to not ask you why and how could you possibly keep pulling weirdly necessary things in the strangest moments. Why would they bother. Honestly.
You touched your earbud, trying to communicate with Stark. He was supposed to be in the line at some time around that, but, well, you didn’t have your watch with you anymore. Gladly, he answered. He said he was getting the coordinates to a hotel room, and he’d take you three to a different place than the anticipated, far away from that Hydra base. You needed time to establish, refill energy and make a better plan. Better than blowing things up. You had some time to spare now that you were temporarily presumed death.
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