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#avengers fanfiction
steverogersandpeggycarter · 40 minutes ago
A 1940s Englishwoman in Modern NYC: Chapter 24
The next chapter is up!  In this chapter Natasha’s suspicions are confirmed, Steve breaks a punching bag, and Peggy meets Sam.
Here’s the link to the new chapter on AO3.  If you want to read from the beginning, here’s the link to the full story.
Story summary: A time machine gone wrong sends Peggy from the 1940s to 2014 New York City, where all the Avengers are living prior to Age of Ultron. 
Rated G.
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hitmebucky · 2 hours ago
The Servant P.2
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson (Tom Hiddleston)
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Smut, some fluff, slight Praise!kink, cussing, horrible rushed writing cus yall wanted a p2 really bad 😭😭😭
Summary: it’s literally just sex it’s all sex
A/N: OKAY YALL WANTED IT SO BAD DONT LET THIS FLOP. Requests are open also i didn’t proof read so i’m sorry for typos i’ll fix later i just needed to feed y’all this before i get another request for a part two 😭😂
Masterlist Part 1
He shuts the door behind him and you giggle as he kisses you. “See even now, I speak of ravishing you and you let out the sweetest of sounds.” He speaks and strokes your cheek. “I can’t help it, I haven’t had a man speak to me like this before” You admit embarrassed. You look down and he takes this opportunity to kiss your forehead. “Lady Y/N?” He asks. You look up. “You’re inexperienced, is what you mean?” He inquires and you nod. His pants feel entirely too tight with excitement. He leans in and rests his head in your hair and inhales deeply before letting it out with a groan. “Fuck” He speaks lowly. He steps back and makes his way towards the bed.
“The things you do to me little girl...” He says as he removes his shirt and dims the light. He holds out his hand and you approach him and take it hesitantly. “My Dear,” He says and kisses your hand, “I will not force this upon you, you’re free to leave if you wish.” Your eyes widen slightly and he smiles genuinely. “N-no I want to- I do, I just-“ You stutter and he runs his hands in your hair distracting you. “I’ve got you.” He says and sits on the bed pulling you on top of him. Your hands brace yourself on his shoulders.
“That’s a good girl, see you’re already doing good.” He whispers and slides your nightgowns sleeve down your arm to pepper kisses on your shoulder and collar bone. You blush at his praise. You sigh gently and let your head fall back to let him kiss up your neck. His hands snake around your back to grip your waist, he squeezes gently eliciting a squeal out of you. He laughs into your neck and palms your ass.
“I-I love the way this feels” You whimper out and he moans. Even your innocent nervousness turns him on. He pulls away admiring your flushed cheeks and disheveled sleep attire. “Lay down for me, Love.” He says and unmakes the bed for you to get in it. You try to make yourself more graceful looking even though your heart is racing. you have this dampness in your panties that is beginning to become uncomfortable. He hovers above you and kisses your neck and down towards your chest. “May I?” He asks for permission and you hum in affirmation. He removes your gown and takes in your bare chest. He twitches in his pants and sucks one while caressing the other. You moan desperately and your legs twitch in response to the newfound stimulation. He groans at how responsive you are. This is what he’s always imagined.
Once he’s finishing with his assault on your chest he kisses down the valley of your breast’s down your stomach and sucking on your hip bones sweet spot. Your back arches slightly and he smirks into you. “You’re leaking, My Angel” He mocks as your cheeks flush.
“I’m sorry my prince, I-I can’t help it, I-I-I’m not sure what’s happening” You stutter and He bites his lip to refrain from laughing. He slips your panties off and inhales deeply. “Gods you smell heavenly” You squeal embarrassed and close your legs. He catches them and pries them open. He gently swipes his two fingers over your slick and you twitch. Loki can hardly contain himself. He leans down kissing her clit and she sighs. He licks up her soaking heat and his eyes roll back at the taste. You sob out and he moans into your cunt. This starts turning him on so much he begins to grin his clothed member against the bed as he devours you. He slips one finger in and you gasp for air.
“I’m gonna do my best to prepare you, Darling” He promises and kisses your inner thighs. You moan in response. “Th-This is so good” You squeak. “I think i’m ready” You declare. He’s surprised you’re saying it yourself. “My brave girl” He praises and removes his finger licking it and moaning. You shift nervously as he sheds himself of his pants and underwear. He slithers up your body and rests his forehead on yours. “Are you ready?” He asks one last time and you nod. “Yes, Please” He laughs at the desperation in your innocent voice. He grabs himself and nudges against your leaking hole and you gasp. He slowly pushes in and you hold your breath as he bottoms out. He sits for a minute stroking your cheek while you adjust. “Do to me what you always wanted to..” You muster up and something switches with Loki. He grips both your wrists and holds them over your head as he pulls almost entirely out and slams back inside of you causing you to let out a high pitched moan.
“Fuck, you’re so tight. Gods, you’re such a good girl for me.” He says and you moan helplessly in your own world of bliss. He laughs and goes harder as your legs involuntarily try to close because of the intense pleasure. “You don’t even know how to take it do you? You’re so clueless, you’re too sweet for this, luckily i’m here to defile you in every way and make you mine.” He swears and holds your chin to force you to look at him. You look up at him with your big innocent eyes watering because you’re so close, you can’t even spit any words out other than, “Yes Sir” He groans hearing those words and reaches down
“You’re gonna love this” He warns before he massages your clit with his thumb. Your walls clamp around him and he grunts. “Be my good girl and cum around me. You can do it.” He encourages and you whine as he gently pulls on your clit forcing an orgasm out of you, triggering his. You call out his name and his head is thrown back in ecstasy. He thrusts hard and slow for his last shots of cum and he pulls out leaving you full of it.
As you come down, you see him approach you with a wet rag. He smiles and cleans you up before tucking you in and pulling you in close to sleep.
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darke-15 · 2 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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hitmebucky · 3 hours ago
Best Friends
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Pairing: Tom x Reader
Warnings: fluff, angst, oral (f receiving), cussing, bffs to lovers
Summary: Y/N is tired of never finding the chemistry in a partner that she finds in her best friend Tom so she does an experiment
Request: hello! can you write a best friend turned to lovers (but they both have feelings for each other already) fic of tom hiddleston x reader with this prompt: “I need you to make out with me. Don’t worry though, it’s for science.” then after, things get really steamy so you may add smut on this hehe btw, i loved reading your works and i hope you write more!
Requested by: @aestheticallyholland
A/N: When i saw the prompt i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it so i hope y’all like it as much as i hope.! Requests are open! I will happily continue this story since i didn’t do full smut but i felt like since this was more emotional and exciting he wouldn’t wanna over indulge rather than make sure you’re okay if that makes sense.
ALSO i PROMISE The Servant P2 will be up next, this request was just super interesting and i couldn’t help myself. I promise i’m working on it as you read this!!
You trudge up the stairs to your apartment, let out a sigh and open the door. “Y/N? I thought you had a date tonight?” Your best friend Tom speaks from the couch. You frown slam the door and shed yourself of your purse coat and shoes. You slide onto the couch and lay your head on his lap. He instinctively strokes your hair and kisses your temple, your body feels flushed as a result and you hide your blush. “What’s wrong, Dear?” He asks and hearing that makes it worse. You groan and force yourself to your room with no explanation. He frowns, blaming himself.
Why why why why why why why. WHY tommy. You think to yourself. Why is he the only man you feel any connection to?! He’s been your best friend for years. No one compares. Tonight was a perfect example, date with a PERFECT man. He has a stable income, home owner, doesn’t talk about himself too much and is genuinely interested in you and still all you could think was how his eyes reminded you of your best friend Tom. He kissed you goodnight and you felt absolutely nothing. And this isn’t the first time.
The next day after you return from work you go out with some girl friends, they all convinced you that you just pick the wrong guy and so you’re gonna kiss every guy you talk to tonight to prove that you can feel something for anyone else. You exit your room to see him standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. “Oh- you’re leaving?” He asks with a frown. You answer as you fix your earring and slip on your heels, “Yeah don’t wait up” You quickly leave before his puppy dog eyes can get the best of you.
A few hours later you find yourself trudging back to your apartment just as you did the night before only when you open the door, the apartment is quiet and dark. You were the slightest bit drunk trying to feel something for those men, which was a horrible failure, which is the only reason why you did what you did next. You dropped all your belongings leaving a trail to his door. You’re left in your t shirt and undies before opening the door softly and biting your lip. You were gonna get your answer once and for all, was it just the tension, were you soulmates, do you just have great sexual chemistry?
You slip into his bed and nudge him awake. He groans lightly and peeks his eyes open. “Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks and sits up slowly. You pull him back down to his pillow. “I need you to make out with me,” You spill and his eyes widen, “Don’t worry though, it’s for science!” You defend and he laughs lightly. “Y/N what are you-“ His words are cut off by your lips and he moans into it. You pull back and stare at him. This was it. This is exactly what you’ve been missing... Him. Both of your eyes light up and he flips you so you’re underneath him. He kissed you deeper and both of you smile into the kiss. “I love you Tommy..” You whisper as he kisses your neck. “You love me?” He stills and you nod. “Y/N, I love you!” He says and holds your face as he brings you in for another kiss. He pulls away suddenly and clears his throat, “Is this okay? I mean we don’t have to obviously like-“ He rambles and you pull him down into another kiss. You flip him over and pull off his shirt. He’s surprised to find you half naked already but he doesn’t question it. “Say it again..” He moans as you kiss down his chest. “I...” *kiss* “Love..” *kiss* “You...” you moan as you suck just below his navel. You pull his bottoms off and he yanks you back up on him. “Let me please you like i’ve always longed to” He breathes out and kisses your collar bone up your neck and nibbles your ear.
He slides down and pulls you up so you’re now hovering over his face. You look down at him surprised and he smirks before tearing your panties in half and diving his face into your warm center. You could’ve came just from the sight. You choke out a moan and your hands immediately lace in his hair. “Holy shit Tom..” He moans hearing his name on your lips in such a sinful tone. He slides two long fingers inside of your dripping heat and you whimper and clench around them. As he works his fingers in his other hand is laced with yours locked safe and tight. He curls his fingers and hits your spot making your legs quiver around his head and he hums into you pridefully. Hearing the noises, feeling what he feels, he has never been so happy. He never thought this day would come that he could show you exactly how he would treat you if he had the chance. His thumb strokes your linked hand as he works an orgasm out of you. You’ve never felt so safe, so erotic so sensual and so beautiful before. He worships your body like you crave men to and you worship his just as much. The way he loves you brings you so much pleasure you can feel it in everything he does. He sucks your clit gently and your eyes roll back.
“Tommy i’m gonna cum” You squeeze his hand and he goes faster working his fingers in and out and a rush flows over you and you sob out as you orgasm on his fingers. Your legs can barely keep you up so he sets you down to sit on his chest while you recover. He catches his breath and licks his fingers.
He caresses your thighs with both ands and steadies your shaky legs while humming. “You’re okay, Dear” He coos and you come back down. Everything about that orgasm was so intense. You’ve never felt so consumed by passion before. And boy does he know it too because his boxers are as wet as you were. “Lay down, Love.” He eases you off him and brings you to his chest. Your shaky voice speaks up worried, “Wait no, I- wait what about you? I cant just-“ He shushes you. He kisses your forehead, “Another time love, i’m as satisfied as could be with you in my arms.” You hum dozing off in complete bliss and he can’t shake the smile plastered on his face.
“Sleep well, my Dove.”
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honeyybunnies · 4 hours ago
Chapters: 6/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies), Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Steve Rogers, Peter Parker & Steve Rogers & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Avengers Team Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Additional Tags: Peter Parker Needs a Hug, Precious Peter Parker, De-Aged Peter Parker, Peter Parker Has a Family, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Domestic Avengers, Domestic Fluff, Avengers Family, Protective Tony Stark, Protective Steve Rogers, Fluff, Tony Stark Needs a Hug, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Cuddling & Snuggling, Light Angst, Peter is a Little Shit, Hurt/Comfort, Howard Stark's Bad Parenting, Crying, Nightmares, Kid Peter Parker Summary:
Peter really needs to stop being so clumsy. It doesn't always end up being cute.
Well, this was an exception.
Peter Parker finds himself at seven years old after he accidentally spills a potion all over himself and now the Avengers have to take care of a child.
At least he's kind of adorable.
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itsallyscorner · 4 hours ago
Play Me A Song
Paring: Tom Holland x fem!reader
Summary: This is based off the video of Tom playing guitar that he posted on Instagram:) Tom facetimes you to help brighten up your day.
Warnings: none
A/n: Not me using fan fiction as a coping mechanism for my stress, yet ONCE AGAIN.
Tumblr media
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
“Hellooo, gorgeous girl!” Tom cooed as his face popped up onto your phone screen.
You let out a nasally giggle, the side of your face snuggling deeper into the pillow Tom would use when he was over at your house.
Tom tilts his head at the phone, a hint of a smile on his blush colored lips. The action caused his mop of chocolate brown curls to slightly bounce, catching your attention. You longed for the feeling of running your hands through his soft hair. You missed the way it felt between your fingers and how it would make Tom nuzzle closer to you.
“How was your day? You sounded a bit upset on the phone.” He checked in, voice soft and sweet, yet full of concern. His brows furrowed, causing a wrinkle to form between his brows.
You breath in, smelling the hints of him on your pillow. He was miles away, FaceTime allowed you to see and talk to him, though it wasn’t the same as him being beside you. If you were together right now, he would probably envelop you with his protective arms, pull you into his warm chest, and press kisses all over any bit of your exposed skin. His curls would tickle against your neck while he buried his head into the small space between your neck and shoulders—though you wouldn’t mind the tickle because it would remind you that he was there with you.
You sighed, “Today was a rough day. My professors have been piling work on us and I got called into work on my day off. I haven’t even gotten to start that research paper for class—I’m just so burnt out. I’m tired of trying, Tommy.”
Tom pouted, bringing the camera near his face to feel closer to you. He only felt the heat of his phone screen against his face, but he could still feel the light vibrations of your voice through the phone’s speakers. He placed the speaker of his phone slightly atop his chest, so he could feel the rhythm of your words against him. It reminded him of the days you two would cuddle after the both of you had long days at work. You would tell each other about your days and bask in the feeling of being in each other’s arms. He missed the feeling of being close to you.
“I know you have a lot of work to do, but you need to give yourself breaks, darling. And don’t tell me that you don’t need a break, you’re human (y/n), there’s only so much you can do in a day.” He began. Tom knew how you could get when college got overwhelming. Sometimes there were weeks where you would throw yourself into work, with no sleep, minimal food, and too many cups of coffee. He adored the diligence you had for your education, he wished he could’ve had that when he was still in school, but he wanted to make sure that you were taking care of yourself.
“Listen, you got this, I know you do. You’re the most intelligent and hard working woman I have ever met in my life. There’s nothing you can’t do, because I know, one way or another, you’re gonna find a way to do it. You always do. I just don’t want you to forget to take care of yourself. I know your education is important, but so are you.” He finished, a small smile forming on his lips. You hum in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself Tommy.”
What you say seems to reassure him, his shoulders visibly loosened up and the smile on his face grows a bit wider. Your own lips turn up on their own, reciprocating his smile.
“How about you, how was your day?” You ask him. Tom sits up and leans against his headboard.
“Well they’re still renovating the house, so Harry and I decided to rent out a place not too far from mum and dad’s. We actually had lunch with them, I got to see Tessa—gosh, I wish you were here right now. Tess was bouncing all over the place and giving everyone kisses, you would’ve loved it. And Paddy! He’s gotten so much taller since I’ve last seen him, and his voice keeps getting deeper, it’s actually embarrassing for me to be beside him because I’m older and I sound like I’m the one going through puberty.” He rambled, one of his hands making gestures and his face making expressions as he spoke. You loved the way he could just go on about a certain topic, especially when it came to his family. As sad as it was to see him leave for the UK, you were also happy because you knew he’d get to see his family.
He continued to talk about his day until his leg bumped into something, causing a hollow thump to emit from the object.
“What was that?” He leaned forward, the sound of his sheets rustling as he moved to grab the object filling your speakers.
“My guitar.” He grunted, holding the instrument up. “Remember, you got this for me for my birthday!” He proudly reminded you. You had gotten him the Ed Sheeran edition Martin Guitar after he had been going on and on about wanting to learn how to properly play the instrument. At the same time, he had a little obsession with Ed Sheeran and his music, so when you saw the guitar in the shop, you thought why not? You knew he would love it.
You fondly chuckled at him, “Yeah I do! You even promised to write me a song one day after you opened it.”
The last part of your sentence caught his attention, “I will write you a song one day, I’m very serious about that promise, love.” He pointed at you.
“Oh, are you?” You tease him.
“Yes, I am. In fact, ever since I’ve gotten back home, I’ve been practicing again and I’m doing much better.” He confidently told you.
“Can you play me a song?” You softly ask him.
“I can play you ‘Grow as we Go’ by Ben Platt. It’s the song I’ve been practicing.” He placed his phone against a pillow, using it as a stand. He placed the guitar in his lap, positioning his fingers on the frets and strings of the guitar.
“Yeah, play anything. I just wanna hear you play.” You mumble, your voice coming out in a muffle against Tom’s pillow.
“Just a warning, it’s probably not that good.” He mentions, shooting you a playful look.
“I don’t care.” You smile. He starts to softly strum the opening of the Ben Platt song and you couldn’t help but smile. He looked away from the camera, trying to focus on the notes and giving you a good look at the side of his face. The light shines part of his face, leaving the features you can see dark in the shadow, though it didn’t stop you from making out his gorgeous brown eyes. His long fingers move fluidly along the strings, creating a sweet melody on the guitar.
He stumbles a bit, making him whisper “Bollocks.” The little hiccup didn’t stop him from playing and so he continued to strum the guitar. You decided to stay quiet, letting him be in the zone. He messes up again, this time saying “bollocks” louder than the first time. You see him slightly shake his head as he regains his focus and places his fingers on the proper strings again.
You fondly watch him as he play, admiring the man you call your boyfriend. His fingers twitch on the string causing him to pause. He sucks his teeth, a bit of a frustrated grin on his face.
“Mmm.” He looks at you before turning away, “Okay.” He plays again, brows furrowed together in concentration as he tries to play the part of the song his keeps messing up on. You couldn’t contain the giggle that came out of you when he cringed at the sound the guitar made when he tried to play past the note. He pauses looking at the ceiling and tries to figure out the next notes.
“Alright, last time.”
“You’ve got it.” You encourage him. Your words give him some confidence and he shoots you a sweet smile. He readjusts the guitar in his lap, this time keeping his eyes on the strings as he plays. He strums the song again, starting off slow then slowly getting faster. Though his pacing was off by a bit, the song still sounded great nonetheless. You were thoroughly impressed.
He stops playing sitting back against the headboard, “I don’t know why I speed up though. I don’t know why I decide to do it so quickly.” He says into the camera.
You laugh, “It still sounds great though, I really enjoyed it.”
Tom tilts his head at you, teasingly squinting at the camera, “Even with the amount of times I kept stopping?”
“Yes, even with the amount of times you kept stopping.” You laugh, adjusting your phone. Tom puts the guitar aside and grabs his phone. He lays back on his bed, his head resting on his pillow and his curls sprawling out on the cushiony white surface. One of his hands rest behind his head as he stares at you.
“I’m gonna keep practicing. So the next time I see your beautiful face I can serenade you with a song and my guitar.” He muses, a lazy grin on his features.
“That sounds like something out of a chick flick.” You snort. He shoots you a playful glare, “Shut up, you love it.”
Tom knew you were a sucker for chick flick gestures. Kissing in the rain, watching the sunset, you name it.
You sigh, scrunching up your nose, “Yeah, I do.”
“But only from you.”
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darke-15 · 5 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Live in six hours (Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT)
Tumblr media
That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as he returned himself to the fray.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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hitmebucky · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: fluff fluff and more fluff, horrible writing idk how i feel ab this 😭
Summary: Bucky has a crush on Tony’s secretary.
Request: Give me fluff or give me death! Just kidding, may I request a fluffy Bucky Barnes fic? It can literally be about anything.
A/N: this was such a broad request i hope i did your request justice 🥺 i didn’t proof read cus i’m super tired but i’m reading through all your requests and i will get to them all asap i promise thank you so much for all the inspiration request away!
“Alright Ladies and Gents.... and mantis...” Tony says as you hand out spreadsheets to each individual at the table. Mantis let’s out an excited giggle even though she has no idea what he meant. “It’s about that time for another team meeting..” Tony goes on and you lean over to hand out the last one to none other than mister Bucky Barnes. He glances up at you and smiles with a nod. You blush slightly and step back. The whole meeting you felt him eyeing you. Tony babbles on about various topics and Steve pipes up with a sarcastic comment here and there with Scott laughing and high fiving everytime.
“So basically, just please show up to my parties guys I let you live here rent free.” Tony finishes and they all groan. He could never end anything on a serious note. As everyone gets up to leave Tony speaks up once more, “Oh yeah guys speaking of, there’s a party tonight and I swear if anyone ditches again you’re homeless.” He says and stares at Bucky, Loki, Wanda and Steve. Later in the day you run into Bucky in the main hallway. He smiles innocently and you pass each other. Before he could get far you turn around, “Mr. Barnes!” You call and wave him back toward you. He looks around and approaches you. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the party tonight, like with me..” You ask and nibble on your bottom lip as his eyebrows shoot up. “Like-like a date?” He sputters. “If you want, yeah” You say and before he could finish a thought you kiss his cheek and continue, “meet me by my room around 9:30 if the answer is yes” You smile and walk away leaving him there shocked with a burning blush on his cheeks.
9:30 came around and not a minute after you heard a knock on the door. You open the door in a burgundy dress. His breath hitches in his throat and he clears his throat quickly. “U-um.. these are for you” He says weakly and hands you a bouquet of lillies. You smile brightly and take them before smelling them. “They’re beautiful, thank you so much James.” You say sincerely and he stiffens at his name on your lips. “I’m gonna go put these in a vase, come in.” You invite and turn around showing your exposed back of the dress. He’s surprised you invited him in, he’s surprised he’s here with you at all. “You look amazing tonight” You yell out from the bathroom as you fill the vase with water. He rocks on his heels nervously. “Look who’s talking” He answers as he dries his sweaty palms on his pants. You return with the flowers in a vase and set them next to your bed. “Perfect.” You say and look to him. “You ready?” You ask and he nods.
You take his hand in yours and his heart flutters at the sensation. As you make your way downstairs the music grows louder and louder and, to Bucky, so is his heart. He never realized how nervous he’d be with you. He knew he needed to pull himself together. Stepping off the elevator to the party, He tugs you to the dance floor and immediately starts twirling you around. You squeal in excitement and he smiles. He pulls you back close to him and stalls for a moment. “That was amazing” You say out of breath. The song changed to a slow one and you danced lightly. “Yeah that’s how it was done in my day.” He chuckles. “At least, when you were trying to impress a pretty girl.” He finishes. You smile at him and blush. “You want to impress me? But why?” You inquire. He takes in a deep breath.
“I’ve liked you for some time now Y/N and i’m hoping you’ll be my girl.” He says with a shaky voice. You look up at him with bright eyes, “Really?” You spoke and giggled. “Of course, of course, of course!” You repeat and jump into his arms. Suddenly you hear applause and displaced “whoops” from the bar just to see Tony, Nat, Steve, Sam, Thor and Scott cheering him on and giving him a thumbs up.
“About damn time, Barnes!” Nat yells and you giggle and bury your face in his chest.
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quotablefanfiction · 6 hours ago
Heimdall bowed his head slightly, his golden horned helmet gleaming. Clint wondered what it was about Asgardians and entirely impractical headgear. He had a suspicion that Thor had an equally stupid helmet around here somewhere.
Clint is judgey about Asgard headgear fashion (chp. 12)
By Any Other Name by Liannabob (AO3) Avengers (Marvel Movies)/Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters – Mature – Natasha Romanov/Hansel, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov #Crossover #Alternate Universe #Mindswap #Humor #Angst #Fluff #Domestic #Masturbation #Kinda disturbing sex scene #Not non-con but kinda unhealthy #Bad coffee pot etiquette #BAMFery
A Clint/Hansel mindswap fic with a whole lot more plot than that statement might imply. I mean, lots of crossover shenanigans, of course. But also a plot.
Please enjoy.
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dameronology · 7 hours ago
knowing me, knowing you {steve rogers}
summary: breaking up is never easy - but it's the best thing you can do (yes, it's based on the song by abba and no, i have no regrets)
warnings: mentions of drinking, swearing
i don't even know what possessed me to write this but? i've been neck deep in angst rn and sometimes, it's nice to explore a healthy break up bc shit happens. enjoy!!
- jazz xx
Tumblr media
In the middle of Brooklyn, about twenty minutes away from the Bridge, there was an unassuming townhouse. It stood between several other identical brownstones, with a messy garden and unkempt tangles of bushes - you nor Steve never had the time to tend to do it, with your jobs and your lives pulling you in a thousand different directions. The inside, though? That was what had mattered. It was filled with years of memories - photos of you on the fridge, ticket stubs from your trips to the movies, clutter from so many Christmases and birthdays - that were all contained between the four walls. Home had been important to Steve, given how often he'd moved around. And it couldn't have been that home without you.
Now you were stood at the foot of the front garden, a pile of collapsed boxes resting in your arms. The last time you'd been here was when you and Steve had tried to talk it out -- it had ended with the door slamming behind you. The conversation had ended badly, but your relationship had ended even worse. And even though you had both tried to hard to blame one another, finding fault had been hard. You'd just...fallen out of love. It wasn't something either of you could help, nor was it something you could force. Your frustration and anger, and the shouting and fights, had never been at Steve, but rather the situation. He had always said that finding you, and simultaneously loving you, had come out of nowhere; it was something he had never sought out. You were just there one day, and it changed everything.
Sighing to yourself, you headed up the path and towards the front door. You'd been dreading this day for months -- moving out years worth of stuff, and trying through bleary eyes not to look at the photos on the wall or the millions of little reminders that your relationship had left behind in its wake. There was a dent in the hallway, from your first Thanksgiving in the house when Steve had gotten a little too drunk, and the massive crack in the kitchen floor from where you'd managed to drop the kettle. It was littered with memories and callbacks and evocations. The house was haunted with the ghosts of what was, and what could have been.
You could at least take comfort in the fact that you'd tried - several times, actually. There had been couples counselling and forced, romantic getaways in a last-ditch attempt to trigger something, anything, to get back your dying spark. It made it better and worst - better, because you knew that you'd done everything in your power to salvage things, but worst, because it had all been a waste. A sign that your relationship had gotten so bad that it had crossed the point of no return.
Sometimes, breaking up was the best thing to do. It hurt now, but it hurt much less in the long term compared to what could have been if you'd stayed together.
Placing the boxes by the door, you shut it behind you and quietly crept inside. There had been no communication with Steve other than a few horribly formal emails - after all, you did still work together - detailing your plans to sort the house out. It had been sitting derelict for months, your former home collecting dust. He'd sought refuge at Bucky's loft across the River, whilst you'd been hiding out in Natasha's spare room.
It felt odd being back; nostalgic and painful all at once. So much had happened in these four walls - good and bad, memorable and mundane - and you were feeling it all at once. It was seeping in through the cracks of your mind, the same way the tension had slipped through the cracks in the old walls and questionable foundations. It didn't matter that the place had been falling apart, because it had been so loved.
"I...I didn't realise you were coming today."
You froze at the sound of Steve's voice. He was stood in the kitchen, navy bomber jacket slung over one shoulder and a box of his belongings in his free hand. Hadn't you said that you coming today? Tomorrow was meant to be his moving day.
"Yeah," you swallowed. "I said in the email."
"Sorry, I must have misread it." He sheepishly admitted. "I was just gonna get my stuff and go."
"Me too," you nodded. "Figured it might take a while though."
"You do own a lot of crap," Steve gently smiled. "I just put the kettle on. Do you want a coffee?"
"Uh," your eyes fell to the floor, "I should probably just-"
"- it's just a coffee." Steve cut you off.
"Yeah, okay then."
You awkwardly took a seat at the breakfast bar beside him. God, was this really what it had come to? This time last year, you would have just been waking up and strolling into the kitchen, greeting your super soldier with a kiss as he prepared breakfast. You had a routine - you had a life. But that was exactly it, wasn't it? Life. You and Steve of all people knew how fucking unexpected things could be; how many curveballs and challenges could be thrown your way. In an odd way, your break-up had been even less expected than Ultron and Loki and HYDRA.
"It'll have to be black coffee," Steve said. "We only have coffee out the jar. No-one's been here for months."
"I know," you nodded. "I did used to live here, remember?"
"I think I'm having a hard time not remembering, to be honest," He said. "Being here is harder than I thought it would be."
"Yeah, I get that." You took the mug out his hands, giving him a small nod. "All this feels a lot scarier than aliens and robots."
"Ah, well," Steve tried to brush it off. "I never noticed how badly we beat up the place."
"Do you mean the dent in the hallway, or the crack in the floor?" You found yourself smiling.
"I meant the hair dye stains in the bathroom and the smashed window in the basement," he shot back.
"That was both of us. You wanted to play football inside, remember?"
"Only because you had got me drunk," he countered. "I don't think we'll get our deposit back."
"Y'think?" You quirked an eyebrow.
An odd silence fell over you. It was the first time in months that you were talking - and now that the pressure of being in a relationship was suddenly off your shoulders, some of the tension had faded away. When you took a step back and brushed aside the ashes of what had once been, there was still...something. Not love, and not a relationship, but the same common ground and interests that had brought you together in the first place. It was worth holding onto.
"Do you remember that time that your parents came to visit and you forgot to tell me?" Steve recalled with a soft smile, "and your dad just strolled in on me in the shower."
"It's not any worst than the time you gave Bucky a spare key and he broke in in the middle of the night to get milk for his fucking coffee," you chuckled.
"It was a good few years."
"It was," your eyes fell down to the dark bubbles of the coffee in front of you. "Pride and all that aside, I'm sorry it ended how it did."
"Hey, it's okay," Steve gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze, "it's no-one's fault. These things happen."
"I know," you said, "I just...we had a good thing going, didn't we?"
"We did, but we also did everything we could to try and fix things." He replied.
"And we couldn't," you recalled. "I know that breaking up was the easy thing-"
"- it wasn't," Steve cut you off. "But it was the right thing, wasn't it? Because we made each other miserable."
"As partners, yeah," you nodded, "but what about friends?"
Your eyes met again, and he smiled. "Yeah. I think we can manage that."
Admitting defeat was hard, but if it was what you needed to do in order to stay in each other's lives? It was the best you could do.
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Us Against the World - Chapter Thirteen.
Tumblr media
Taglist - @katie007123 @clarinette07 @lilacmeadows @mostly-marvel-musings @skyfullofsong123 @captain-asguard @innerpaperexpertcloud @chickensarentcheap  @longlostinanotherworld​ (To be added, please feel free to message)
Previous chapters - Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten  Chapter Eleven  Chapter Twelve
True to his word and just ten minutes later as promised, she had him stood with his back pressed against the glass door that led out to the balcony, his rock-hard erection in her mouth as he held her hair away from her face and watched himself on the receiving end of the best blowjob in the world. No other woman he’d been sexual with was quite as talented as her.  
“God fucking damn,” he groaned, watching her lips tighten around the base of his cock before dragging slowly back up again. It always entranced him, when she literally swallowed him whole.  
“Mmmm, such a beautiful, big cock. All hot, veiny and hard. I’ve missed it, nothing else comes close.” She purred, looking up at him as she ran her hand up and down his shaft, licking the underside before circling the head a few times and sinking her mouth right down to the base again. Chris felt his eyes virtually roll back in their sockets as his head thudded back against the glass he was leaning against, groaning almost incoherently with lust. God, she was too good.
Using her hand and mouth together she slid them up and down his cock, stopping every so often to suck and lick on the head before plunging her lips back down again. She had him so turned on his legs and abs were shaking as he moaned, chest rising and falling faster as shuddered breaths left his heaving lungs, utterly consumed by her.
“Fuck!” he growled through gritted teeth as his dick twitched and he spilled jet after jet of cum down her throat, his hand yanking her hair as she pulled him from her mouth and finished him with her hand, his semen trickling down her neck. She caught the trail with her finger and licked it off as she looked up at him, kissing the head of his hardness and feeling it twitch violently against her lips.
Pulling her up he grabbed her waist and hauled her off the ground, Mia wrapping her legs around him before he charged her against the nearest wall, her back hitting it hard, releasing his grip on her just enough to drop her down onto his throbbing cock.  
Sometimes he could successfully maintain an erection if he continued in the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, although it hurt a little and did feel ridiculously oversensitive, such a trade was worth it to be back inside her again.
His hands held her tightly under her thighs as his chest pressed against hers, her nipples rubbing against it and feeling just as amazing as the had before as he began to pump her cunt with slow, deep, hard strokes.  
Every thrust was delivered so deeply and precisely it made her cry out with each exhale, feeling his lips at her neck kissing her throat from one side to the other as she ran her hands over his shoulders.
Needing to be even deeper inside her than he already was, he carefully slid his arms under her knees, pushing her up the wall a little further and grasping her ass so she was held there by his forearms, spread wide for him to slam himself up into her pussy deeper and harder.
She screamed shrilly as his hips began to pound against her like a jackhammer again, her wetness dripping out onto his balls, she was so massively turned on. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got someone as ridiculously wet as she was, scared he was going to slip out of her, she was so sodden.
“I love the noises you make when I’m really fucking you hard. God damnit, you’re sex personified.” He told her, his voice sounding more like a primal growl than anything else, deepened with lust as he stared into her magnetic green eyes and kissed her again. Her moans of pleasure really were the sexiest he’d ever heard, doing nothing but fuelling his desire for her.
They continued to devour each other in carnivorous abandon against the wall for a further while, until Mia demanded he carry her back to the bed. “On your back for me, I need to ride you right now, really grind down on this big dick for a while.” She told him, leaning forward to kiss him as he lay back on her bed.
“Yeah, I’m really not going to stop you from doing that.” He told her, raising an eyebrow at her as he grinned, Mia sliding down on his hot, wet cock again until he filled her completely. She rode him as expertly as always, rolling her hips against him in a figure of eight motion, staring down at him and telling him how sexy he was as he stroked her tits and pinched her nipples, drowning in the most sublime pleasure.
Her walls squeezed the orgasm from his twitching cock, Chris knowing she hadn’t cum again so disappearing between her legs to bury his mouth at her apex until she did, twice more, rendering her but a shuddering, breathless, exhausted shadow of herself.  
As far as apologies went, his was faultless.  
They fell back to sleep at around seven in the morning, only sleeping until nine before going out for breakfast, spending the day together. As they both expected, they were photographed plenty of times, the online blogsphere an absolute buzz over their relationship still. It annoyed Chris no end that she continued to be a figure of hate out there, though, purely for what she did for a living.  
He knew it got to her much more than she ever let on, too. In all his dating years, he’d never been with anyone as fiercely protective of him as she was. She never crumbled in front of him, never let it show how upsetting it was to be trashed in such a derogatory way by fans and online media alike, but he’d heard her crying over things that’d been said about her a few times, usually when she was secluded in the bathroom.  
She always brushed it off when he’d approached her about it as well, never wanting him to worry or be burdened by it. She just wanted him to be happy.  
“Here, for when I’m not around,” she spoke after they’d passed one of those gaudy street stands, hawking their wares to tourists.  
“Security monkey!” he exclaimed through his laughter as he took the small plush toy from her, a monkey dressed in an NYPD uniform and a small, felt banana sewn to his paw. “You’re silly, I love it. You too.” He added, seating the monkey in the top pocket of his short-sleeved shirt as he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close.  
That moment was captured in photographic form, but not by either of them, appearing on a blog the next morning with a headline that questioned Chris’s judgement while also cutting Mia down, the bloggers tone the same as the most prevailing of critics; she was trashy and he could do better.  
What killed her though, was that outside of work, she was a demure, stylish dresser. She’d understand if she constantly attired herself to look like walking sex, but on that particular day she’d worn a pair of cream cargo pants, an old, faded grey SoulCycle t shirt and her Converse, teamed with some nice jewellery. It felt like she’d be hated no matter what.  
Had she really tarnished herself with her career choice so heavily that no one would ever see her as anything else now? Was she destined to remain within the porn industry until she was too old to work any longer? It was another moment where she shed tears over it all, but on this occasion, she couldn’t hide them, Chris moving silently behind her, enveloping her in his embrace.  
“Stop this, stop reading what people who don’t even know us have to say. It isn’t healthy, hence why I don’t Google myself. It’s toxic and it’ll get worse the more you feed into it,” he told her, taking her phone from her grasp and placing it down on the table.
“It wouldn’t matter if you did, Google yourself, that is. Everybody loves you; you’re universally liked for being a good, down to earth guy and great actor. That’s why they hate me, because you should be with a nice girl and not some trashy slut who does hardcore porn, as they called me this morning,” she sobbed, turning to cry against his chest.  
It was making her so weary that for the moment, she couldn’t hide it from him, couldn’t put him first and make like she wasn’t as devastated as she was over the public opinion of her.  
“I am with a nice girl. If they can’t see that then they don’t matter. They’ll get over it and find someone else to pick on eventually. It’s only because we’ve so recently gone public that we’re being targeted. It’ll calm down, I promise. Until then, though, promise me you’ll stop looking at it all. Just pretend it doesn’t exist, alright?” he told her, Mia nodding.
“I’ll try. It’s hard though, like an itch I want to keep scratching,” she lamented, Chris understanding.  
“It’ll never go away if you do keep scratching, though. It’ll just get worse. The only opinion that matters about you is mine. It happens to be very high, by the way,” he replied, making her smile sadly.
“I don’t fucking know why it is. I’m bringing all this shit into our relationship and we’ve only been together a few months!” she exclaimed, sniffing hard.  
“For me, it doesn’t matter that we’ve only been together a short time. I feel like I’ve known you forever. Perhaps I have. Maybe we’ve been together in previous lives and we keep on finding one another all over again, like we’re meant to be no matter the time or place. I love you endlessly, baby.” Kissing her head, he stroked her hair while Mia tried to hide the further tears pooling in her eyes.  
No one had ever said anything so beautiful to her before. It made her really see just how truly invested in her he was. She knew it already, but sometimes did question her worth, if she was good enough for him. The words of her doubters, they did creep in at times, sometimes when she really didn’t need them to, like when she returned to LA the following week for work.
“Mia, softer face, give me happy Mia. I need aroused Mia here!” Yes, it had begun to seep into her working life, especially since she was without her love, Chris then down in New Mexico where he was filming. She knew it was definitely something she had to get a hold of, since even here, in the familiar surroundings of a Jim Caney set, the man who made work nothing but a good time, she was sad.  
“Sorry, Jim.” She called, adding a whisper of apology to the girl she was working with too, who just rolled her eyes and continued to go down on her. Mia knew she deserved her not to be accepting to her apology, she’d been off her game all morning while her co-star, Gabrielle Greyson, worked her ass off to compensate for the star’s lacklustre approach.  
“What’s up, buttercup? You’re my star and you know this, but today, you’re not yourself. Come on, come drink this and tell me about it,” Jim said after approaching her in the dressing room after calling a break, passing her the Starbucks order he’d sent out for (Caney Productions staff and freelancers alike were treated very well by the boss) before ushering her out of her seat, Mia pulling on her silk robe and heading outside with him. The fresh air felt good.  
She knew she had a friend in Jim too, knowing him right from the start of her career, so could talk to him about anything. He always lent a very good ear.
They stood in the shade of the building and Mia unloaded everything that was happening, Jim of course knowing already since he’d been keeping an eye on the press. Afterwards, she felt better, less troubled by it all, but what she did not expect for one second, was the reply he gave her.  
“You know, you should really stick it to them, give them something to truly hate you for. If that’s how they’re going to view you then balls to them, cram it down their necks. It actually ties in with a little idea I had, you know. We could make a lot of money, you and I. How much would it cost me, to get both you and Chris on camera together? If not in a shoot set up, maybe a leaked tape I could then go on to officially release? Mia, this could launch your career into the stratosphere and be worth millions!”  
Had she heard him correctly? Had she honestly just heard Jim Caney, the man she thought was her friend, ask how much exposing the most intimate part of her relationship was worth? She needed a friend to unload to about the negativity she was facing from her relationship, and all he wanted to do was exploit it for profit. She was heartbroken.  
“I thought you were my friend,” she blurted out in shock, tears filling her eyes.
“It’s because I’m your friend that I’ve offered this! This is such a golden opportunity!” he enthused, Mia shaking her head as she walked backwards towards the door, throwing her drink into the trash.
“No friend would ever, ever ask that. You’re an awful person, and I thought you cared.” She ran back inside as fast as her seven-inch platform shoes would take her, racing into the dressing room, feeling like a naïve, idiotic fool.  
He didn’t give a damn about her, the hurtful realisation hit her square in the chest as she threw herself back into her clothes, stuffing her belongings into her hold all and running from the set to her car, driving herself away from Caney Productions in an absolute flood of tears as quickly as she could.  
All the way back to Malibu, she cried until her eyes were red and her makeup smudged, wanting nothing more than to throw herself into Chris’s arms. She couldn’t, though, obviously. Cedric was at work as well, Amber was back in Los Angeles, but there was one person who she knew she could count on to be there for her. By luck, she was actually home after she’d called ahead to check and told her what had happened.  
“Oh darling, come here.” Taylor said, opening her door to her best friend’s girlfriend, pulling the poor waif into the hug she needed and letting her cry on her shoulder. She knew she wasn’t going to be as much of a good comfort to her as Chris would have been, but damnit, she’d give it her best shot.
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-ˋˏ 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Summary: You've gotten so used to Steve's closeness, when you should be fighting him with tooth and nail. Not anymore.
Warnings: Dark/yandere fic, angst; guilt, mentions of kidnapping, implication of death, hypothermia.
Despair [sequel to Blizzard]
Summary: After your little stunt Steve is nursing you back to health. What will happen now?
Warnings: Mention of death, Dark/yandere fic, angst, hurt/comfort(?), cursing, discussion of stockholm syndrome.
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Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Dropping Sunday, May 9 @ 12:00am MDT
Tumblr media
Are y'all caught up?
» Chapter 43 // LONDON EYES «
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With The Dinner
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    “Who does that woman think she is?” Lily exclaimed as she burst into the Barnes residence, “Telling me I need to calm down. She called my fiance a terrorist.” The blonde fumed, storming into the kitchen to start making dinner.
“Doll what’re you doing?” Bucky sighed as he set Stella down, following the woman into the kitchen, “We have the conference tonight. Remember?”
Lily dropped her hand from the cupboard, placing her face into her hands. She had forgotten that Bucky and she had an Avengers conference dinner that they had to attend. The dress she wore was sitting in their room, calling for her to go put it on. She could feel the pressure laying on her shoulders from the level above her. The blonde turned her head, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He looked sorrowful and sympathetic, knowing that Lily wanted to stay home more than ever.
“Is that tonight?” Hunter asked as he joined the others in the kitchen, “Did we agree that Stella and I were coming?”
“Yeah, why don’t you start getting ready,” Bucky began, “Take Stella with you to her room. I’m just gonna talk to mom quickly.”
Hunter nodded and took his little sister from Bucky’s arms, glancing back at his mother as he walked up the stairs to the second floor of the house. Lily leaned back against the counters of the kitchen, her face still resting carefully in her hands as she attempted to calm herself down. The entire day had been something out of a nightmare for Lily, especially when she learned about what happened at Hunter’s school. The anxiety in her skyrocketed, and she wondered what everyone around them thought of the two’s relationship. About Bucky raising two children. Marrying an “all-American girl”, or so the tabloids had been saying over the last few years when the public got a hold of their relationship and Lily’s story.
“I know you hate these, baby,” Bucky whispered, walking towards the blonde and placing his hands on her shoulders, “I know. I’m sorry.”
“It’s been a very, very long day,” Lily whispered, removing her hands from her face and staring up at the man, “Don’t apologize. Let’s just...let’s just go get ready.”
“Wait wait,” Bucky sighed, taking Lily’s hands and pulling her closer to his chest, hand moving to the side of her face.
“What’re you doing?” She sighed, tilting her head into his hand.
“Jus’ lookin’ at ya,” he purred, Brooklyn accent pushing through, “My beautiful, beautiful, fiance.” The brunette cooed, bending down and pressing a gentle and barely-there kiss to Lily’s lips.
Laughing softly at his words, Lily squirmed from Bucky’s grip, “Sam’s right. You have a staring problem.” She teased, poking her fingers into the brunette’s stomach before turning towards the stairs.
Lily sighed as she readjusted her black peacoat. Her hands dusted off the satin material of her dark green dress that had a black lace pattern along the entirety of it. After readjusting herself, Lily bent down to Stella’s height, smiling softly at her beaming daughter. The four-year-old wore a white dress with a baby blue floral pattern along the entirety of it, white tights on her legs, with bright white ballet flats as well. Her dark brown locks pulled into a bun, a baby blue flower pinned onto it.
“You do love dressing up, don’t you?” Lily cooed, pressing a kiss to her daughter’s cheek before standing up, running her hand through her curled blonde hair, “Shall we?”
“That makes one of us,” Hunter muttered as he readjusted the white dress shirt he wore, glaring over at the crowd gathered in front of the building, “I feel like a clown right now.”
Lily chuckled softly at her son and ruffled his tousled blonde hair, before picking up the four-year-old girl. The dinner was being held in Gotham Hall, a beautiful place where the Avengers were gathering to recognize a few that were retiring, and welcoming more who were joining in on the initiative. It was a televised event, and each Avenger was individually introduced to the hall, including the families. Meaning Lily, Hunter, and Stella were being introduced alongside the White Wolf, aka Bucky Barnes.
“Did we remember to tell Tony to have the chef make Stella chicken fingers? She won’t eat what’s on the menu.” Lily sighed, following Bucky as they walked towards the entrance, smiling at a few of the paparazzi and fans.
“I told him, as did Steve. Mostly because we had to ensure that Leo also got chicken fingers.” Bucky chuckled, hand resting on the small of Lily’s back, other arm slung around Hunter’s shoulder.
The family waved and smiled as they walked down the sidewalk, shielding Stella’s eyes from the bright lights. Friday night in New York was already an insane time, and with an Avengers event, it only grew more hectic. Which is not always the best for a four-year-old who was not the biggest fan of large crowds. Hence why she thrived in the countryside in Long Island, enjoying her time alone or with a few of her close friends. It sometimes freaked Lily out just how much the girl was like her father. But warmed her heart at the same time.
“Let’s go find our seats,” Bucky whispered in the blonde’s ear as the four walked into the hall, making their way through the halls towards the dining area, finding their seats with Sam and Steve.
“Well look who decided to show up,” Sam chuckled as he embraced Bucky, kissing Lily on the cheek, “You lot clean up well, hm?”
“Your girlfriend cleans up better than you,” Bucky teased as he embraced Rose, kissing his fiances sister on the cheek as well before taking a seat next to Lily, “Even Leo looks better than you.” He teased, winking at the five-year-old boy across the table.
“He was being nice Buck, c’mon,” Steve chuckled, clapping the man on the shoulder before smiling as Natasha joined the table, “Now the whole families together again.”
“Oh don’t go pestering cyborg, I looked at the playlist Tony made,” Sam chuckled, sitting at his seat, “He’s got Marvin Gaye on there. Might be the thing that sends robocop over the edge.”
Lily chuckled and shook her head, pouring a glass of water for Stella and placing a straw that was on the table in it. She loved hearing the banter between the three and laughing at Rose and Nat’s interjections. Lily herself was not the best at bantering back and forth with them all, but apparently, a few of her quips were some of the funniest things said. Hunter as well. Neither of them were big talkers, which is why the two never really enjoyed the events that they had to attend.
“When are they doing introductions? Just to prepare Stella for the camera that comes zooming around,” Lily hummed, catching Bucky’s attention, “You know she freezes when they come by.”
“We’re up first,” Steve commented, sipping his whiskey, “So it’ll be done and over with quickly.” The blonde chuckled, pinching his goddaughter’s cheeks gently, “But they may be doing interviews. Tony sent an email.”
Lily glanced to her side, watching Bucky turn his head away from her gaze and focus on the whiskey he himself had. The blonde shook her head, focusing her mind on the water in her own glass. Hunter seemed to go a bit pale as well, most likely worrying he’d have to speak. Lily nudged Bucky’s arm, nodding towards Hunter. The brunette nodded, turning to the boy and whispering to him. Lily sighed softly, watching Hunter relax at his words.
Time went on and Lily felt herself relax a bit. But when the camera crew entered, her anxiety skyrocketed once again. Bucky’s hand rested on her thigh, the coolness of the metal seeping through her satin dress, causing goosebumps to pop up along her skin. Stella was busy on Lily’s phone, too distracted to really see the cameras entering and everyone setting themselves up. Lily pursed her lips and turned to Bucky, looking up at him through her lashes. The older man bent down and pressed a kiss to the woman’s forehead, soothing her nerves. Or at least trying to, as the cameras made their way over.
“Welcome everyone to the annual Avengers Dinner!” The announcer chuckled, her voice radiating through the speakers around the room, “Let’s start this legendary night with the star of the show, Captain America!” She grinned, “Or, should I say. Captain Americas.”
Lily sighed softly as she watched Stella lift her head, dropping Lily’s phone into her lap. The blonde rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, squeezing gently as the cameras made their way towards the table. The announcer plastered on an obviously fake smile that made Lily want to leave the room, but she stayed silent as she came closer.
“Look at this lovely group,” she chuckled, “Steve Rogers, always an honour to see you here. Alongside the ever ravishing Black Widow, aka, Natasha Romanoff. And who do we have here? Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, and fashion designer Rose Osborne! With her little one.” The redhead grinned, gesturing to the group before turning her attention to the family of four, “And last, but not least, the Barnes. James Barnes, the now-retired White Wolf, with his stunning fiance, Lily Barnes. Have you two tied the knot officially yet?” She asked, lowering the mic to Lily.
The blonde flushed a deep red, chuckling softly, if not awkwardly, “Not yet.” She stated simply, readjusting in her seat.
“What’s the holdup? We’re all dying to know!”
“Just been busy.” Lily hummed, glancing over at Stella, who was staring down at her lap.
“How could I forget! You two have your own kid,” she hummed, glancing over at Hunter, “Kids, sorry. Stella and Hunter correct? How do you two feel about the announcement tonight?”
Bucky jumped in, taking over as he saw Lily’s confused face, “Walker has had a past. But I’m sure he’ll do great. Especially with some reinforced supervision.”
“Walker!?” Lily whisper yelled, pushing open the front door, “What the hell is Tony thinking?” She muttered, dropping her purse as she cradled Stella’s head on her shoulder.
“We tried to talk him out of it.” Bucky sighed, nodding up the stairs for Hunter to head up to bed.
“It’s ridiculous,” Lily sighed, following her son up the stairs, Bucky following close behind, “Was what happened nothing to him? He decapitated a man in a town square.” The blonde continued, walking into Stella’s room, slowly stirring her, “Darling wake up, gotta get you into PJ’s.”
“He redeemed himself near the end of it all,” Bucky sighed, pulling pyjamas out of his daughter’s dresser, “Maybe that counts for something in Tony’s books.”
Lily had her own personal reasons to resent the man. Whenever there was a function where he attended, he was always a bit friendly with the blonde. Bucky mostly stepped in before it got too far, but still, it made Lily uncomfortable regardless. But above all of that, the events that happened with the Flagsmashers was something that Lily couldn’t get past. Bucky had gone to help with the entirety of the ordeal but ensured to keep in constant contact with Lily, who was sitting at home, pregnant as can be.
She remembered the day he came home like it was yesterday.
Lily watched the TV with relief in her eyes. She watched Sam’s speech with pride, her heart swelling at his words. She had always admired Sam, and watching him officially take up the mantle was something Lily would remember for decades to come. Her hands rested on her swollen stomach, counting down the minutes before she could see her boyfriend walk through the door of the Manhattan home they still lived in.
Lily made her way to bed, laying uncomfortably in it. She didn’t remember how she was able to sleep when pregnant with Hunter, but the baby currently growing inside of her was making her want to turn back the time and keep Bucky at bay that night she was positive was the day the fetus was conceived. Though she knew deep down, she would want to relive that night time and time, and time again. As she tossed and turned, the blonde wondered if Bucky was still directly in the middle of the city.
When the door opened, she felt herself almost float up from the bed. Turning her head, the blonde jumped from the bed and walked towards the man, not hesitating to kiss him deeply as his hands found her cheeks. When they broke apart, he dropped to his knees and pressed his lips to Lily’s seven-month pregnant belly.
“Please tell me the arrested walker,” she whispered, running her hands through Bucky’s brown hair, “Please.”
“They didn’t...I’m sorry my love.” He whispered, standing to his feet, “We don’t know what’s going to happen with him.”
Three years later, they figured out just what would happen to Walker. He’d be given the same privileges as people who had saved the world countless times, including that of Lily’s fiance. It sat heavily on Lily’s shoulders as she undid Stella’s hair, placing the elastic to the side and running her nimble fingers through the dark tresses as Bucky helped the young girl get changed into her pyjamas.
After the two tucked their daughter into bed and undressed into pyjamas themselves, and climbed into bed, Lily let out a heavy sigh. Not only was the Walker situation heavy on Lily’s mind, but the announcer’s comments on the state of their engagement did also as well. She never really thought about it. The two had been busy, there was no time for them to really sit down and properly plan a wedding. But then again...Steve and Nat had been able to. Their own rehearsal dinner was in a week. They had gotten engaged about six months ago. Lily and Bucky...they had been engaged for two years.
Yet legally, they weren’t married. And it worried her.
“Why haven’t we gotten married yet?”
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fanficlibraryposts · 12 hours ago
Superhero (Marvel/DC) Fic Rec
Ten times outta nine, I’m a hand grenade by twobettafish
Though neither remembered that night, it turns out that Tony Stark and Stephen Strange had first encountered each other years earlier. Unfortunately, that might end up destroying the universe.
Tony Stark: PR God by PinkEasterEggs
Tony just wants some good press for a change. 
*cute and fluffy series ft. 73 Questions, Dad!Tony and Son!Peter*
for a hundred visions and revisions by aventria, iluxia    
Dr. Strange looks at the world after Thanos and, faced with its seemingly irreparable brokenness, breaks his own oath. Tony, Stephen, and Loki go back in time for one more chance - an intentional choice, because they are each other's insurance against repeating the same mistakes. Tony wakes up shortly before the Stark Expo with the reactor's palladium core still poisoning him. Stephen wakes up with undamaged hands and a flourishing medical career. Loki wakes up in Asgard one day before Thor's coronation. "Do I dare disturb the universe? / In a minute there is time / for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse."
*Loki time travel fic !*
In a Land of 24-hour News Cycle and a Time of Science by Morena Evensong
Sometimes, history repeats itself. Sometimes, it gets written anew. And sometimes, there comes an age when old heroes aren't needed. In a world where protecting the innocent isn't as simple as swinging a sword, a small antiques shop stands between Chinatown and Little Italy. Inside, history is never forgotten and legends are remembered as they truly were, and seen as they truly are.
*Merlin crossover, have to have least basic knowledge of the show*
Have I Changed by katling
 I liked you more before you met the Avengers.
It's an offhand comment that Tony wasn't sure he was actually meant to hear. But he did and he doesn't know what it means. Lucky for him, Rhodey's got an answer for him.
Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it by Savana_Marlark
A snap. A gauntlet. A dying man's regret. It is a dangerous thing to wish with infinity stones on your fist.
Sent back to the sands of Afghanistan, Tony Stark has a world to fix, and a Titan to stop, but he won't be doing it alone.
A Signal Of Hope by LananiA3O
None of the Robins had ever liked the galas held at the manor, but while their own experiences before during and after the event may have been as different the boys were from each other in general, one thing Bruce knew for sure: he would always, always be there to defend his sons from the vultures of this world.
A Diamond in the Rough by AllyMander
Richard John Grayson watches frozen as his parents fall, and in return everything changes.
Dick isn't adopted by the billionaire Bruce Wayne, no, instead he's taken in by his grandfather William Cobb. Or rather stolen away, to be broken down and twisted beyond repair. But Cobb miscalculates, and underestimating a child was never a good idea. For Dick has his own goals, striking his grandfather down, attaining his freedom, then dismantling the rest of the Court of Owls.
This is the story of how Dick builds a life for himself with bloody hands, refusing to follow any orders but his own. Even if that puts him on the radar of not only the Light but Batman and the Young Justice team. To him it doesn't matter, all that matters is he's a Grayson, and Grayson's are meant to fly.
Collected Bat-Family Stories by CloakedSparrow
A collection of interconnected ficlets, one shots, and stories, all focused on the Bat Family. All are based on the comics only, but blend assorted canons.
*An emotional roller coaster, from the fluffiest fluff to the most angsty angst*
a storge for you by glassofwater
They’ve never really believed in death. They know it exists, they see it all the time. It’s there, but it just doesn’t last for them. Death has never been permanent, only a mere pause in their lives. But here they stand, watching his coffin be lowered into the ground.
Infallible Dick Grayson was a fraud.
*soooo angsty, tears abound*
Disclaimer: The fanfiction above were not written by me for I am not nearly as creative. However, I am an avid reader and movie buff so these are some of my favorite fanfiction within the fandom. I politely ask that you read the tags attached the fanfiction beforehand so that you know what you are getting yourself into, there may be crossovers. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. In addition, I ask that there be no bashing, the fics are based on my preferences and what I like. Lastly, if there are any specific genre or fandom of fics you want me to get into let me know through my ask box.
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sgt-jamesbbarnes · 12 hours ago
Your doorbell rang. You got up and opened the door. It's someone from the military.
Y/N: [face drops] Hello.
MILITARY MAN: Mrs. Barnes.
Y/N: [eyes watering] Yes.
MILITARY MAN: [handing dogtag] I'm sorry, Mrs. Barnes.
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Welcome Home (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: May i request a Bucky x reader where Bucky having to go on a year long undercover mission. On his way home the reader, his wife, is super excited and terrified to introduce him 2 month old daughter to him when he gets home. Bonus points if he doesn’t know about the pregnancy
Warnings: Pregnancy? Babies? Angst, fluff? idkkkkkkk
Author’s Note: I’ve never had children, am not a huge fan of kids, so if I make the kid act like a pet/I don’t interact with kids much so... I apologize. I also wrote this on Tumblr and did it pretty quickly so #oops to any mistakes
B/N = baby name
Tumblr media
It had been over almost a year since Bucky left for an undercover mission in Albania. You hadn’t heard a peep from him or anything through the wires of SHIELD. You would have guessed he was dead. A part of you still lingered on a glimmer of hope.
Your daughter held the fingers of your left hand as you walked down the street of your quiet neighborhood. The carriage rolled over the uneven sidewalk, lulling her to sleep. It was such a sharp contrast from a few years ago when you and Bucky had just met. That was back when he was the Winter Soldier and attempted to murder you and Natasha in the SHIELD headquarters.
The circumstances shifted quickly. The blip happened. Bucky had turned to dust. The memory seared into your mind like nothing else in your life. You could never forget that day. It was not that Bucky had even been that close of a friend. The major problem was that neither of you had ever spoken to each other about how you felt. Of course, there was the occasional flirtatious smirk or suggestion of liking the other. It still never amounted to anything.
When Bucky got back, the world had changed. You were done with being an Avenger. It was too traumatic to continue fighting people. Bucky on the other hand was able to keep up with it. You had discussed that it was the only way to keep him in his right mind. He said that it enabled him to make good connections and erase old negative ones. You did not disagree with his conclusion.
The only issue was when Bucky asked you to marry him and he still had to go on missions. You spent too much time worrying about your husband. At this point, you weren’t sure he was ever coming back. Before you kissed him goodbye, you had a funny feeling in your stomach. It was soon revealed that you were pregnant after mornings of terrible nausea.
Natasha wanted to call him back from the year long mission, but you said no. You wouldn’t allow it to happen. The stakes were too high. Your daughter was born and Wanda helped you through the delivery. You remembered crying when you first met your child. The pain of giving birth was all worth it for this little ray of sunshine.
Your daughter was cooing and you laughed as you shook a toy for her to play with. You were laughing to yourself when you heard a familiar voice call your name. You looked up and saw Bucky walking toward you. He was a little beaten up, but the shock off seeing him overtook you.
“Y/N?” His voice came out gravely.
“Bucky?” Your voice choked up at the sight of him.
He ran over to you and his lips collided with your own. Longing and intensity filled the air. He held your face to his own and you melted into his arms. He had to hold you up from your legs going weak. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away to laugh.
Bucky’s eyes drifted form
“You were pregnant? You should have told me, Y/N.” His voice didn’t hold anger. Just sadness.
“Do you want to meet your daughter?” You asked softly.
“I would like nothing more.” He planted another kiss on your lips before you took his hand and led him over to the baby stroller. You picked up your baby girl and turned to Bucky.
“Bucky, this is B/N.” Your child’s blue eyes met your own gaze. She looked from you to Bucky. Bucky’s eyes began to collect water as he was overtaken with emotion. He couldn’t believe that he had a child. His perfect wife had given birth to a gorgeous baby girl without him.
It didn’t matter now. He was here and he could hold B/N. The baby girl looked from you to him with a dumbfound look on her little face.
“Do you want to hold her?” You asked.
Bucky just nodded and raised his flesh arm from his side. You stepped closer and handed him the baby. Your gazes met for a split second as you passed your child into his arms. The baby silently stared up at him and the tears fell over the edges of his eyelids. They slipped slowly down his face.
“Hey, it’s okay.” You wiped the tears away from his cheeks. “You were off saving the world. We were fine waiting.”
“I’m never making either of you wait for me again.” He smiled at you with wet eyes.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading. Please give a like, reply, follow or reblog for more content in the future. I also am taking one shot requests go ahead and send your idea in to see it brought to life!
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