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cuddlemen0w · 10 minutes ago
kiss me | Tom Holland x reader
request: I saw your prompt list and I was wondering if I could please request one with numbers 8 and 13 for Tom Holland. Thanks in advance.
8. “sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
13. “for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
warnings: none
a/n: your wish is my command :)
Tumblr media
Tom was exhausted. He spent most of his day in his office, doing interview after interview and to add to it he was learning a new script.
He already drank about four green teas, because he just refused to even touch coffee. But now his pride was slowly fading. His eyes were glossy and sleepy from the blue light of the screen and all his moves were slow, exhausted.
He wanted only two things. Either coffee or a energy drink and a kiss.
“Lovie?” Tom called out into the house. His voice soft but still bouncing from the walls. “Do we have any energy drinks?” He still refused to drink the brown, hot liquid.
No response. Weird, he thought. His feet carried him downstairs, where the kitchen and living room was. He found one of the remaining red bulls, quickly opened the can and gulped half of it in one go.
“Where are you at darling?”
“Here!” you called out from the living room. He set the half empty can down and followed your voice.
You were on the couch, wrapped in a big fluffy blanket and hunched over your laptop. Tom found the sight adorable. He moved quickly towards you. His hands found their way around your waist, his face inching closer to yours, only to receive a small nudge to his ribs.
“You don’t want to kiss me?” he pouted, the hold on your waist disappearing. You huffed at his antics.
“You don’t want to give me a kiss?” he felt hurt now.
“Sorry, I’m busy.”
“Doing what?”
You only nudged him more to let you work on your laptop.
“Doing what?” he asked again, crossing his arms and looking over your shoulder.
“Making my pinterest board.”
The pictures on your laptop made sense now. All the ‘aesthetic’ photographs and graphics matched and on the top of the screen Tom could see a title saying, Dating Spider-man.
Few of the pictures were of him, a few of unrecognisable people, either turned around or just their shadows. Some were of various things, like a jacket or what seemed like a room full of posters. He let out a chuckle. “Why would you make this when you have the real deal right here?”
“Come on, love. Give me some attention.” His voice picked volume, not yelling, only whining in frustration.
“I said I’m busy.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake please kiss me!”
You shut the laptop in your lap, facing your boyfriend. “That’s the word I was waiting for.”
“What?” he said as you set the device and blanket away. “I could’ve just say please?” You nodded in reply.
“Please,” he pouted once more. “Kiss me.”
And you did. It lasted for a few minutes, only when you were short on oxygen, you broke out of it. Noses still touching, hands tangling in each other’s hair and goofy grins on both your faces.
“I love you, dork.” A few small pecks followed his sentence.
“I love you more, whiny face.”
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ptersmj · 29 minutes ago
you know that one scene in ffh when people keep knocking on the door while fury is trying to speak to peter? could you maybe do something like that but instead it’s peter and stark reader wanting some alone time (you can make it smut or fluff idm!) also, i am so in love with your work it’s amazing :)❣️
knock before you enter
Tumblr media
w/c: 1.3k
warnings: implied smut, dirty jokes, swearing
a/n: i went a lil overboard because i was having too much fun :,) and i kinda combined the two i hope that’s okay!
you let out a breath of relief as peter finally presses his lips to yours. he grins at that, his hands continuing to roam your body while you kiss. it’s a needy kiss, one you’ve both been waiting the whole day to share.
you’d thought europe of all places would give you the opportunity to explore each other more. you’re away from your overbearing father, you don’t have team responsibilities. there was one mishap with a water monster nearly destroying the city. you both managed to fight it off together. tony was right to make you bring your suit, and may encouraged her nephew to do the same. the stark’s and parker’s think alike.
most of the pestering you’ve faced this trip has come from your teachers and fellow classmates. whether it’s mr. dell assigning work or flash trying to film you two for a livestream, you and peter can’t get a moment alone. that’s about to change. you’re in peter’s hotel room after a fun yet highly supervised day in venice.
most kids are getting ready for bed, at mr. harrington’s request. he’s adamant on everyone having a good night sleep before the walking tour you’re taking tomorrow. you and peter plan to do everything but sleep, however.
“you taste like toothpaste,” peter mumbles against your mouth, arms winding around your back. “is that a good or bad thing?” you giggle and tug at his undone curls. that elicits a high pitched whine from him. “depends on who you ask. me personally, i think it’s sexy.” he’s laying over you on his bed, your fingers tangling in his locks. “open up, then,” you practically purr. peter happily obliges and resumes his kissing.
right when his tongue glides over your lower lip, there’s a knock on the wall.
“i thought you said ned wouldn’t be back…” your words trail off when peter starts to kiss down your neck. “for a while,” you add, softer. “he won’t. last time i checked, he was with betty,” peter replies and effortlessly finds your sweet spot. he nudges it with his nose, making a smile spread across your face. “ok, keep going,” you pull on the roots of his hair gently. peter pecks at your lips. “gotcha, baby.”
he’s kissing his way back to your sweet spot when there’s more knocking, this time much louder. with quirked eyebrows, peter detaches his lips from your skin. “um… hello?” he hesitantly answers. “finally. i was ready to come kick down your door, you idiot,” mj speaks through the thin wall. you squeeze your eyes shut in annoyance, not saying anything. “what do you want, mj? it’s late,” peter sighs back.
“so what? i know you’re not sleeping,” mj insists, leaning against the wall. “i can hear everything. hey, y/n.” peter’s face tints a light shade of pink. you make wide eyes up at him. “hi, i guess. you good over there?” her lips form a line. “i was until the horrendous sounds of parker clapping your cheeks disturbed my reading.” peter grips at your waist with a pout.
“what? we weren’t- i- i didn’t-“ “spare me the details,” mj sharply cuts in, opening whatever mystery novel she recently bought. “i don’t care what you do, as long as you do it quietly. deal?” seeing as peter is too flustered to speak, you take over again. “yeah, sorry. we’ll tone it down. goodnight, em.” “ciao,” she says before returning to her book.
peter shakes his head, fully burying his face in your neck. “that was embarrassing. she’s so…” “nosy,” you finish for him. your fingers brush back some hair that flopped over his forehead. “at least she’s not telling on us or whatever.” he puffs air out of his cheeks, placing a kiss under your chin. “true. you wanna pick up where we left off?” “ugh, yes,” you instantly groan.
your lips are colliding with peter’s again, just like that. it isn’t for too long. his hands settle on your stomach and under your shorts, then you hear someone banging on the door. they talk before either you or peter can tell them to fuck off.
“y/n, is that you?” brad questions, your face twisting in confusion. “uh, yeah. how’d you know?” peter bites the inside of his cheek while brad converses. “i stopped by your room. betty said you might be here… with him.” the him in question is peter, who chuckles bitterly. “what’s up, buddy? we’re kind of in the middle of something. i’m sure you knew that, too.”
“i didn’t, but thanks for sharing,” brad sarcastically responds. “y/n said she’d give me her notes on one of the da vinci exhibits.” peter cocks his head to the side. “she did?” he wonders, looking over at you. “you did?” “it was either that or help him myself,” you explain and drag your fingers along the back of his neck soothingly. “the kid doesn’t leave me alone.”
peter nods, wrapping a protective arm around your middle. “she’ll give you them tomorrow, brad. isn’t it past your bedtime?” “point taken,” brad scoffs and heads back to his room. you draw peter in closer to you. “thanks, pete. hopefully, that’ll be our last guest for the night.” he kisses both your cheeks with a grin. “where were we, mio amore?”
“ooh, i love it when you speak italian,” you giggle, peter cupping your face in his hands.“grazie, bellissima.” he winks and earns a puzzled face from you. “bellissima?” “that means beautiful.” instead of responding with words, you use your mouth to move on his. peter happily kisses back and lets your tongues intertwine. things quickly heat up, peter slipping your shorts down your legs and you lifting his pajama shirt.
you’re both only half undressed and running off broken up kisses, but so desperate. you part your legs for peter, his fingers hooking in the waistband of your panties. “think you can keep your oath of silence?” he teases and nips at your covered collarbone. “the real question is, can you?” you challenge. peter doesn’t get the chance to answer because the door suddenly flies open.
there stands ned, his mouth agape at the sight of a shirtless peter undressing you. you’re the first to notice. you see over peter’s shoulder and gasp. concern washes over his features. “what is it, baby? do you want-“ “ned!” you whisper yell. his concern becomes shock. “you want ned?” “no, peter! he’s right there!” teeth sinking into your lip, you point behind him. peter looks and surely enough, there’s his best friend rendered speechless in the doorway.
“dude, what the hell are you doing here?” peter squeaks, you grabbing your shorts from next to you. he turns around to shield you while you put them back on. “aren’t you supposed to be with betty?” “we, um, finished,” ned gulps in response. “finished what- oh.” peter scratches the back of his neck as it hits him. “yuck, ned. a gentleman never tells.” “says you! this is my room too, you know,” he defends himself, you moving out from behind peter.
“and betty’s room is also mine. consider us even,” you hand peter his t-shirt with a satisfied smirk. he murmurs a thank you and throws it back on. ned uncomfortably shifts from foot to foot in the doorway. “that’s fair… are you leaving now?” “i should before mr. harrington makes his rounds,” you reluctantly decide. “i liked it better when people actually knocked,” peter says under his breath, standing to give you a goodnight hug.
“it’s not even this bad at home. i’ll take my dad and friday spying on us over a walk of shame any day,” you exhale as peter pulls you into his chest. hugging back by his torso, you give him an innocent kiss on the cheek. his lips brush your forehead. “maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow. should we try again, same time?” a familiar and irritated voice yells through the wall. mj.
“please god, no!”
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spideychelleweek · 34 minutes ago
It is exactly 40 days until Spideychelle Week 2021 begins! If you haven't started creating, and you wish to make something for this week, then this is a casual reminder to get started! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's creations and as we enter June and get closer to the week I'll create the AO3 collection and be more active on here.
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itsntaliaa · an hour ago
someone write a miraculous ladybug type fic with peter parker PLEASE IM BEGGING
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · an hour ago
i absolutely LOVE hooked on your feelings omg!!! do you have an idea of how many chapters are left? tyy baby
Ahhh thank you bb!!
There’s going to be 8 chapters and an epilogue. So last week will be the final full chapter and I’m big sad about it lol
Hooked On Your Feelings - Chapter Seven (FWB! Tom Holland x Reader)
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underoooos · an hour ago
MJ : Hey Peter, how you doing, dork?
Peter: *freaks out*
Peter: *doesn't know if to say good or okay*
Peter: *mixes both* I'm gay
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starknik22 · an hour ago
Ok so I’ve seen a few fanfics like this but I don’t remember for Peter Parker
So peter and reader are bestfriends and one day peter accidentally drinks some potion in the lab and turns into a puppy and tony tells reader to take care of the puppy but dosent tell her it’s peter. So for the next 3 weeks reader spends time with the puppy, feeding it and giving it bath n stuff. (Reader changed in front of him but peter is a gentleman so he turned around.....after a peek) and reader also told the puppy how she’s in love with her bestfriend. And so later tony finds the solution and gives it to Peter and since reader n Peter cuddle in the night when he was a puppy he wakes up on top of the reader naked and both of them are just blushing like mad and rambling nonsense and it’s just super cute fluffy bestfriends to lovers.
Thank you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
awww this was such a cute prompt! i did change a few things since someone else also requested this (so i combined the requests).
COMING May 15th @ 8pm EST (New York Time)
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wizkiddx · an hour ago
first time the reader falls asleep on harry and he’s all scared and nervous and tom is like ugh
im sorry this has been in my inbox for lit weeks and weeks, but I just failed my exam and needed to write something fluffy!!
(not proofread or any sort of good) 
It had been a long day, well more like night and day, for Y/n. Coming off the back of a night shift, to go straight to her new boyfriend's event was just plain long. Of course, she absolutely had leapt at the chance when Harry had offered for her to come to the brother's trust screening - that sort of experience isn’t one anybody would just pass up. The whole afternoon had simply been so heartwarming- but particularly just chatting with all the guests, especially seeing the way the girls had been pining and fawning over Harry (and his other brothers too). It was also just a nice opportunity to spend time with Harry's family, having only been together two months they were still in the getting-to-know phase. Given his closeness to his eldest brother, Y/n was very familiar to Tom and the shining Hollywood persona had worn off to what simply was a golf-obsessed 20 something-year-old. 
But Y/n took great joy in spending time with Sam that day. He always seemed to be working, whether in Scotland or in the pub kitchen more locally, so chucking the bags of popcorn at each other to set up the cinema, was particularly enjoyable. Moreso as he told embarrassing stories of Harry throughout. 
Still, after having watched Tom’s new movie, during which Harry couldn’t help himself but fill in little anecdotes from filming; and after the meet-and-greet with countless photos; Y/n was glad when Nikki shooed everyone out. Since Tom and Harry lived together, all three of them got the same ‘Uber Exec’- Tom’s paying ofc.  Battersea cinema to Kingston at rush hour wasn’t exactly a ‘nip home’ situation, in fact, it was more like an hour and a half of standstill London traffic. 
As soon as the driver had arrived, Tom had got an urgent call from his manager, forcing Y/n and Harry to be silent - watching never-ending glass-fronted office blocks go past. Harry was sat on the left window seat, his arm wrapped around Y/n who leant slightly into his side, while Tom was on her other side - phone pressed to his ear as he furrowed his brow, trying to get his head around all of Andrews instructions. 
It must’ve been around half an hour that Tom was on the phone, which once he hung up sighed heavily, making Harry look over at him and chuckle. 
“Andrew’s saying that-“ Tom quickly muted himself, then much more quietly whispering a little apology. Confused, Harry furrowed his eyebrows, watching Tom look at the girl in the middle as if he were scared of her. Noticing Harry’s obliviousness, Tom’s expression morphed into a little smirk. “You’re so whipped bro.” Tom whispered. 
“What I’m n-“ Before he got any further, Harry looked down at Y/n and what he saw made his eyes practically bug out his head. Her head was tucked firmly into his side, hair falling over her face as her whole upper body bobbed along to the motion of the taxi. 
“What do I do!?” Tom scoffed in response, laughing at how clueless his brother was. This was Harry’s first ‘serious’ relationship, Tom had never seen him so infatuated and golden-retriever-esque with anyone else. 
“You do nothing bro. She’s obviously comfortable.” 
With a quiet exhale, Harry nodded, a little grin slowly growing on his face as he squeezed her into his side just that little bit more. Ignoring his elder brothers smugness, Harry turned all his attention on to Y/n as she almost purred, nestling her head deeper into his shoulder. With careful intent, Harry reached up with his free arm to ever-so-gently tucked the rogue bits of hair behind her ear. The lovesick smile, making Tom roll his eyes, shaking his head and looking the other way - for fear anymore cringe would make him actually throw up. 
This wasn’t the first time he’d seen her asleep, there had been a couple of occasions where she’d stayed over after ‘activities’. But she would always be gone by the time Harry woke because of work and it had never been so innocent. He hadn’t been oblivious to how exhausted she was either, having been working all night and not getting any downtime before the event. Actually, Harry had felt a bit awful for making her come to this thing and sacrifice her sleep, even if she had been keen to come too. Now though, he would be lying if he said he’d regretted bringing her along… if it meant that they wouldn’t have had this moment in the car. 
If being ‘whipped’ for his girl, also meant she felt comfortable and safe enough with him to sleep on his shoulder, Harry would embrace it every single day. 
taglist: @crossyourpeter @hallecarey1
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spideyspeaches · an hour ago
HOLAAAAAAAA, can you pls write a seggc librarian!tom fic😫😵🤤😩😳😍🤩😖🤪😻
Booked date ↬ t.h
Tumblr media
A/N: WHOOO hope this doesn't suck (spoiler: it does <3)
Warnings: none :)
WC: 0.7k
Summary: you meet him in your english class, he meets you in the library.
Masterlist || Taglist
Tumblr media
Your life has never once before felt like a shitty romcom as you stood on the laminate flooring of the library of your college, books in hand as you navigate your way through the huge library.
You weren’t keen on studying in the library, you felt the purpose of it was destroyed the moment you put your headphones in, blaring music through the silent room as you ran your hands through the not so neatly written notes of your classes, the smell of book hitting your nose as you try to stay still, coercing your brain into concentrating on the words in front of you.
Yeah, the library wasn’t your first choice to study. It may be silent, but the echoes of music and scent of thousands of unused books was very distracting. Turns out though, the books weren’t as distracting as the sight of the brown haired man sitting on the reception was, his black turtleneck high up to his chin as his fingers akin to a pianist’s fingers typing away on the library server, serving looks to the finest.
In the two years of studying in your university, you could count on your fingers the number of librarians that were fired and hired, all mostly middle aged, all except this one. You knew him from your class in english 102, he was no older than you, one of the silent ones that diligently took notes while sitting in the last bench, and apparently working as the librarian of the, well, school library. You hadn’t talked to him much, but nobody managed to stay in the shadows long before someone or the other babbled their names.
Thomas Stanley Holland, that’s what you had heard his name was, had decent grades despite being dyslexic, not many friends other than his best mate Harrison. You had seen him maybe once or twice roaming aloof in the campus, but nothing more than campus.
Yet he had managed to captivate you, with his glinting brown eyes and a thousand watt smile, his khaki pants and infamous turtleneck that he sometimes graced his presence with. Your heart would stutter a beat everytime you accidently meet eyes, and you swore it was a coincidence that you would sometimes see him smiling just at you. Why would he smile at you? Someone who he’s never held a conversation with?
Snapping from your thoughts, you looked up from the book to see the lights around you dimming, the night sky now a dark navy blue colour instead of the ombre colour it was when you had come in.
You realised then what had snapped you from your work, removing one of the earphones as the cacophonous noise of electronic music reduced from your ear as you saw the vague outline of the said librarian.
"Um, not to intrude but it's getting kind of late." He said awkwardly, shuffling on his foot as he pursed his thin lips. You felt your heart beat faster at the first real conversation you were having with him, twirling the pen in your hand.
"Yeah it is, isn't It?" You chuckled, looking around, "So um, weird question but when do you study?"
"When I'm free." He shrugged, picking up the books around you.
Turning in your chair, you saw him take short strides to reshelve books, shaking your hair from your eyes as you got a good look at his plump ass.
"No offence but I see you here a lot." You said absentmindedly, getting up from your chair to arrange your books on your table, holding them vertically to set them straight.
"It's kind of my work, but I do get time off." He smiles, taking the books from your hand.
"I could help with that." You said, pointing at the pile of unevenly kept books sitting on the table.
"You don't have to-"
"- but I want to." You cut him off, smiling at the way he ducked down to hide his chuckle, "You could think of it as our first date, if you want to of course! No pressure-"
"First date in the library." He chuckled, "sounds like a plan."
Yeah, maybe you were essentially strangers, but you could get to know each other in a dark library with books to keep you company.
Tumblr media
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hollandsrecs · an hour ago
fluff masterlist (1)
links last checked 12/05/21 | more masterlists
beach day by marvelbws
british people be like by kelieah
summary: you make tom duet the “british people be like” tiktok.
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dance to this by sunshinehollandd
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how to care for an overwhelmed boyfriend by words-for-holland
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hubby by cali-holland
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loving tom by peterplanet
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morning sun by rosyparkers
summary: you love soft sunday mornings with tom almost as much as you love his hands.
mornings with you by mcumendes
my shot by saysomethingspiderman (ao3)
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one in the morning by rosyparkers
summary: domesticity in the middle of the night with one (1) goofy husband.
pet names by softspideys
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petals & thorns by wazzupmrstark
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plank all over me by waitimcomingtoo
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press week by parkersbliss
summary: just three times you and tom were too adorable during press week.
proud by asonofpeter
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puppy love by peter-is-the-best-avenger
summary: tessa getting all jealous when she sees you and tom kissing.
quit staring by sanjariti (ao3)
summary: tom just can't quit staring at you.
quiet nights by duskholland
summary: tom’s had a day. from working a night shoot to being followed by loud paparazzi to just generally feeling down in the dumps, he’s exhausted. luckily, there’s always somewhere he can go for refuge.
rest by hilllsnholland
summary: tom needs to wake up early for his live stream so you cuddle with him and help him get some well-deserved rest afterward.
sacred new beginnings by cali-holland
summary: you fall in love with tom on cornelia street.
simple acts of intimacy by parkers-gal
soft moments in bed by 5-seconds-of-mendes
stay by softspideys
summary: four times tom proves to you he’s not going anywhere, and one time you prove it to him.
stuck with me by devotion
the stray by allegra-writes
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sasukesplug · 2 hours ago
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spideyanakin · 3 hours ago
Alrighty Aphrodite
Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis; Peter can’t stop staring at you
Sry this took so long to write haha - I took a break and I also waited to watch the film to write this haha :))
Requested by; @thekamiiiworld // hope i’m not overwhelming you! maybe a peter parker x reader where she’s an intellectual bad girl, like timothee chalamet’s character in lady bird, and kinda acts like a bad influence on peter? like she’s cool and mysterious and not into people? do whatever with the plot but please don’t end in angst. thanks!
Tumblr media
You sat in the popular group.
At least that’s what Ned and Peter use to say.
“Look at them they’re so perfect.” Ned pointed to your group, not seeing you in the background.
“Look at his hair-” Peter pointed to Jack; a guy in your group who was passing a hand through his golden locks. “It shines. How is this allowed?” He questioned Ned who shook his head in disbelief.
“Look at Liz. She’s so perfect she could be confused as one of these ancient Greece statues.” Ned gushed with a sigh as Liz smiled at her friends.
“They all look like perfect statues.” Peter sighed and finally lifted his stare from the group and looked at his food.
The next day Peter found himself staring at the group again. He was leaning over Ned’s car and looked around noticing you. Weirdly he had never seen you before.
You were sitting on top of Flash’s car, a book in your hand. You seem to be focused on the pages and didn’t engage in any conversation.
He thought you looked beautiful. So beautiful he wondered how he never noticed you. Your hair was down and you were wearing a short sundress. Your legs were crossed and you were wearing sandals that looked pretty with your skin tone. You had an ankle bracelet and he thought it looked pretty cool.
Suddenly you looked up from your book and climbed off the car. The rest of the group didn’t seem to notice as you shouldered your bag and started walking.
It took a second for Peter to realize that you were walking his way. You stared right at Peter. Smiling when you met his eyes and leaned on Ned’s car next to him.
Peter stayed frozen for a second as he looked at you with a questioning glance.
“You need something?” You wondered opening your book again.
“uh...” He didn’t know what to reply.
“I felt you staring at me.” You replied and Peter’s cheeks went scarlet. “I see you staring often actually.”
“No need to say a word.” You smiled as you flipped to the next page. “you’ve never noticed me before have you?” You turned your head to look at him and he didn’t speak but his eyes said everything. “People don’t seem to notice me.” you smiled.
“I-” He managed.
“If your question is how long have I been at this school? The answer is; a while” you chuckled. “I’ve been here as long as you have Peter Parker.” You smirked when his face fell. “I just have the power to disappear.” You made a move with your hand like you were playing with your invisible superpower. “Kidding” you giggled when you saw the look on his face. “But I don’t tend to show myself off. I also don’t like people staring.” you pointed out.
“S- sorry.” His cheeks flushed.
“Don’t worry. Just don’t do it again!” You pointed it out as you started closing your book and walking off. “I’ll be making sure you don’t Parker.” You pointed two fingers to your eyes and back to his, which made him crack a smile
A few days later and your head was stuck in your book again. You started walking towards the cafeteria, still walking behind the same group. You noticed to pair of eyes looking at you. You smirked a little when you looked up and saw Peter look away.
"I thought I told you to stop." You bumped into him as you were grabbing your lunch, sliding your tray next to his.
"I- I wasn't-" He started going bright red and you giggled placing an orange that was on your tray on his.
"Don't worry." You giggled. "I noticed that this time you were staring at me instead of Liz or Jack." You smirked. "You have better taste than I thought Parker." That comment made him a blushing mess.
"I'll see you at Liz's party."  You leaned in to whisper something in his ear. "Spider-man." You giggled when you saw how tense he became.
"Call me if you want to pick me up" You pointed to the orange and handed him a flirty wave before walking off.
“I said to stop staring at me.” You whispered in Peter’s ear as you crept behind him.
Peter turned to you with bright red cheeks - happy you couldn’t see them with the dim light of the party.
Peter took a second to look at you. You looked natural compared to all the other girls at the party; barely any makeup on, a pretty dress, and loose hair.
“So where’s your friend?” You chuckled and Peter’s cheeks became redder than your party cup.
“I- About that- I'm not Spide-”
“Don’t worry.” You nudged him with your elbow. “Your secrets safe with me.” Peter’s jaw dropped.
“I- I told you I- I'm not-”
“I saw you.” You giggled. “no one else did. No one else but MJ suspects it.” You nodded.
“MJ- What?” he squeaked.
“Don’t worry you’re good at hiding it.” You pointed out. “We're just better at figuring things out.”
“How in the world do you know MJ?” He wondered.
“Were almost the same person” You shrugged. “We just hang out in different friend groups. We share this secret language you guys will never be able to decode.” You raised your eyebrows to give a sense of mystery.
“Well, you’re full of surprises.” He noticed.
“Let’s go outside, Spider-man” You took his arm and dragged him out. “This party is getting boring.”
You walked through the garden full of people partying, walking around the pool you shoved away a couple who were making out next to your favorite tree and sat down on the grass. Opening the same book you carried everywhere.
"What are you reading?" He wondered as he sat next to you. You showed him the cover of your book.
"Troy?” He said out loud. "Is this some kind of High School Musical fan fiction?" He chuckled as he settled next to you.
You raised an eyebrow "Troy as in the Trojan war"
"Oh. With the Trojan horse and all?" You nodded with a light smile going back to reading. You and Peter fell in a comfortable silence as he plucked some grass.
"Would you choose me?" You put your book down and looked Peter in the eyes.
"If you were Paris."
"I would choose you to come to Paris with me, yes"
"No" you chuckle - one that made Peter’s heart melt. "Paris as in Prince of Troy Paris, Paris of Troy. The one who people blame the Trojan war on." You explained and Peter still looked confused.
"I can’t believe you don’t know your classics. Tell me you’ve read the Iliad?" Peter shook his head no. “The Odyssey?"
"Oh Yeah, I think I read a little of that! With the cyclops right?" You nodded.
"Yes, the icon Polyphemus.” You tucked a hair behind your ear. “Well - before the Trojan war, Paris was asked to choose between three goddesses; Aphrodite - obviously the one I relate to the most. Hera and Athena.” You explained. "He couldn’t decide between them and each of them ended up promising him something, Aphrodite offered the most beautiful women in all Greece and he chose that. So back to what I was asking - would you choose me if you were Paris."
"Well, who would you be in this situation? The women Aphrodite promised him or a goddess?"
"I’d be Aphrodite. But I wouldn’t promise you another woman - I’d promise you me." You grinned and a short smile went on Peter’s lips.
"Well, Alrighty Aphrodite. Yea I’d choose you. I mean the goddess of love right?"
"Yeah." You grinned, slowly leaning towards Peter. "I like that reply." You smiled right before crashing your lips to his. You both melted into the kiss, your hand coming up to his hair. Peter smiled into the kiss and you pulled away with a grin. "But that wasn't the answer I wanted." His face fell and a giggle escaped your lips.
"If I was Aphrodite you'd accept me because I was a goddess and I'd offer to be with you." Peter stayed frozen and you couldn't help but smile. "You'd be with me because of my power not for me."
"I-" He looked at you like a deer in headlights.
"I'm messing with you." You gave him a look and confusion stayed in his pretty brown eyes. Before holding him by the shirt and bringing him into a new kiss.
He gave you a sheepish smile and you pressed your lips against his again.
“You’re funny.”
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ptersmj · 3 hours ago
I heard some concept of waking up to Tom kissing your inner thighs I-
nooooowjdfjfsgs he would do it trying to be all soft and sweet and give you a good start to your day, just like lightly pecking your bare skin with his arms hooked around your legs to keep you in place. you’d start to squirm and eventually peek your eyes open, grinning so wide down at him. he’d chuckle against one of your thighs and keep his lips attached to it and his breath hitting you would rile you up so much..
tom figures he’s already teased you enough and now that you’re awake he can give you what you want. he’d say some cocky shit like “well, since i’m already down here…”
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chloecatina421 · 3 hours ago
Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Pete Davidson
Timothee Chalamet
Karl Urban
Leonardo Dicaprio
Daniel Sharman
Bradley James
Harry Holland
Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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multiholland · 3 hours ago
Hi! Could I request prince!tom where him and reader are newlyweds and love causing trouble around the castle, pranks and stuff.
You can change it a bit of you want.
summary: tom is a big fan of pulling pranks on his brothers, and he just so happens to drag you into it
prince!tom x reader
w/c 555
“Come on, it’ll be fine,” he whispered, trying to coax you into following him into his younger brother’s room.
Ever since you’d gotten married the royals had been much more lenient on you, knowing they could no longer hold anything about marrying Tom to a princess, rather than a randomer, against you. To Tom that seemed to mean that you now had to push their limits, pulling countless pranks with him around the castle that usually left the staff and his own family with steam coming out of their ears.
“What if he gets mad?” You were always hesitant, assuming the queen could just execute you if you really did go too far, but Tom reassured you that you were being way too over dramatic.
Now you and Harry had a good relationship, he hadn’t even hesitated to welcome you into his family even despite your money and social status. But you also knew from that that the man valued his sleep, and you and Tom heading into his room and disrupting that probably wasn’t a good idea. 
“He won’t, it’s just Harry, love.” You rolled your eyes, finding that your worry clearly wasn’t getting across to the man in front of you. You went to protest again when Tom caught you, slotting his hand over your mouth so you couldn’t make some strange comment about being executed again. “They aren’t going to behead you,” he chuckled. “We may be royalty, but we aren’t Henry VIII.”
Before you knew it, and still with a few more attempts at a protest with your husband, you and the young Prince were sneaking into the room, jug of cold water and bag of flour in hand.
As soon as one of you was situated on either side of Harry’s bed, Tom raised his hand, ready to give you a countdown so nothing happened too early or when one of you wasn’t ready.
You watched him lower his ring finger, middle and then his index finger. 
When he put down his pointer finger, signalling now was the time, you quickly and nervously poured the water over your brother in law, hearing him barely let out a gasp at the sudden cold, wet sensation pulling him from his sleep before the flour was pushed onto him. 
He coughed a few times, the sounds of your giggles and Tom’s boyish laughter echoing around the room. The pair of you left before Harry was able to get to his feet, not wanting to deal with the wrath of the young man if he were to catch you. 
“Do you think he knows it was us?” you whispered, trying to stifle a few giggles at the memories of a few seconds ago. You could practically hear the steam coming from Harry and the anger put into each one of his steps as he stomped his way to yours and Tom’s hiding place around the corner. 
“Probably no-” “Tom!” 
He looked at you with wide open eyes, taking your hand in his quickly. The two of you laughed loudly as Tom led you down the long hallways of the castle, weaving in and out of the way of the staff and even some more than confused guards. 
“I’m going to kill you both!” Harry’s threat made you hit Tom’s arm playfully. “I told you!”
tom holland taglist → @seutarose @lmaotshollandd @photoshopart15 @hopelessly-harry @call-me-baby-gir1 @icyhollands @sinisterspidey @siriuslyslyslytherin @musicalkeys-blog @itstaskeen @tpwk-grande @zspideyy @spideyssunshine @givebuckyhisplumsnow @lowkey-holland @hollandcrush @wizkiddx @sannie-san-shine @sonnydoesrandomshit @hopeless-romantic-baby @thehumanistsdiary @dummiesshort @itsbieberxholland @lillucyandthejets @piscesparker @bvttercupbby @mymilliefrommarketing @spideyspeaches @kujokura @l0velyevans @jess-holland23 @felicityparkers @quxxnxfhxll @captainamirica @tomsirishgirlx @lou-la-lou @slutforsr @tayyx @bora-world @annathesillyfriend @lovableparker @whoeveniskendall @hollandswife @sunwardsss @dhtomholland @messedupmyfuckinglife @bi-lmg @londonspidey @multixfandomwriter @mrsholland96 @tomhollandismyhusband1996 @just-lost-inbetween-worlds @magicalxdaydream @hallecarey1 @aayaissaa @jacksnoodles
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Spidey Part5 - Sebastian Stan X Holland!Reader
Summary: Sebastian is finally back from filming Endgame, but on his way back home your brother decides to tag along. Spending a weekend with your boyfriend and your brother wont be as bad as you think.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | 
Word Count:3,352
Tumblr media
Soon the production of Endgame was over. With the end of filming brought your amazing boyfriend back home. Not so amazing was your annoying brother who decided to join Sebastian on his fight back home to visit you.
"There's my favorite sister!" Tom shouted the moment he saws you. He opened his arms wide waiting for a hug. You rolled your eyes but hugged him anyway, "I'm your only sister, Tom." He laughed, "Oh right." He pushed past you and walked into your apartment making himself at home.
Sebastian then popped out from the side of your door holding a bouquet of flowers, "For you my sweet." You smiled widely ignoring the flowers and pulling him in for a hug. It's not that you didn't like the flowers because you loved them but you loved your boyfriend more and had been missing his touch. He wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his head on top of yours, taking in the scent of your hair, "God I missed you." He whispered. A few seconds later he pulled away but kept his hands on your shoulders, "I would love to stay and catch up but I still have all my stuff in the so I need to go home and put all that stuff away."
You pouted at him, "Don't go you just got here." He kissed the top of your forehead and when he pulled away he had a sad smile on his face, "I know but I have to go. Plus I lost in rock, paper, scissors against Tom." You furrowed your eyebrows confused, "What does that have to do with anything?" He sighed a bit embarrassed, "Well we were fighting over who got to hang out with you today," he trailed off and you nodded understanding where this was going. You laughed, "So the both of you played rock, paper, scissors over me?" His head hung like a puppy dog, "How lame are we?" "Very." You both laughed then he pulled away taking a step back, "But, if you're ok with it, Tom suggested the three of us hang out tonight," he smiled excitedly, "I can bring some beers, Tom said he'd buy pizza, and you have tons of movies and games so it would be perfect."
You looked up adoringly at your boyfriend, "I think it's a great idea. I'm a little shocked my brother came up with that." You rolled your eyes playfully.
Sebastian gave you a quick kiss on the lips, "Great I will see you tonight. Until then my good lady." You'd almost forgotten about the flowers he brought you until he bowed down, very dramatically, and handed them over to you.
You laughed as you took the flowers from him, "I'll see you tonight."
"See you tonight," He smiled as he walked down the hall toward the elevators.
Your day with Tom wasn't very eventful. He had the bright idea to go roller skating, he knows you don't know how to skate. "Why tom? Of all the things we can do you want to go roller skating?"
"Cause it'll be funny." He smiled and indeed it was. At least for him. For you on the other hand it was hell. Every time you thought you got the hang of it you fell on your ass. Tom had the best time watching and laughing. He wasn't the best skater but at least he could go five minutes without falling. "I hate you," you said after you fell for the fifteenth time. Yes, you were both keeping count. Tom keep in his laughter no matter how hard he tried. He reached his hand out for you, "Come on let's go back to the car." He let you hold onto his arm the whole way there. The second you got to your car you threw the roller skates off and switched to your shoes.
"We are never doing that again." Tom laughed in response, "Well you have to learn someday."
"I don't have to do anything." You pushed. "Stubborn as always,"  he shook his head with a smile, "I bet if Sebastian wanted to show you, you'd go for it."
You felt your neck heat up as you blushed, "Well at least he would be nice and help instead of laughing at me!"
"I was nice!" He gasped in fake offense.
"Let's just go back home." You rolled your eyes as you started the car.
Later that day you heard a knock at your door. Excited you ran over to the door while Tom was on the sofa watching tv. When you opened the door you were met with your lovely boyfriend standing there with bottles of beer, a grocery bag full of chips, and a big smile on his face. "I brought gifts" He raised the bottles and bag as they were an offering. You smiled as you pulled him into your apartment.
You lead him to the kitchen table to help him put everything down, "How was your flight back? We didn't get much time to talk earlier."
He walked over to you wrapping his arms around your body pulling you in for a hug, "My flight wasn't too bad. I had Tom there to keep me company and you know him he can go on and on and on about everything and nothing." You giggled into his chest, "You're not wrong about that."
"So when does the party start?" You heard Tom's voice from behind you.
As the night went on the party between you three got better and better. By 11:30 you three were surrounded by boxes of pizza, half-eaten bags of chips, and empty beer bottles. You three tried to play monopoly but the game was going on so long everyone was too drunk to finish. Instead, you pulled out your speaker and played Abba all night.
"Tonight the super trouper lights are gonna find me shining like the sun," you belted out using your bottle as a microphone.
"Sup-p-per Troup-p-per." The boys chimed in.
"Smiling having fun."
"Sup-p-per Troup-p-per."
"Feeling like a number one."
By midnight Tom was passed out on the couch. You shoved him awake so he could move to his bed. He made it halfway there before he slumped over to the floor. You laughed as Sebastian helped him up and walked him to his room.
When he got back you had a beer bottle in one hand as you swayed to the music and lightly sang to yourself, "I can't conceal it, don't you see, can't you feel it? Don't you too?" 
"I do, I do, I do, I do, I do," you heard Sebastian sing along. He wrapped his arms around your waist and swayed along behind you as the music played. He rested his head in the crook of your neck singing along, "Oh, I've been dreaming through my lonely past now I just made it, I found you at last." You set the bottle down on the table then turned your body to Sebastian. You wrapped your arms around him and he hugged your body close as you two danced together. After a few more songs played he brushed your hair back and lifted your head to look at him, "It's getting late my love, let's go to bed." You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch as you nodded your head. 
You and Sebastian lazily walked to your room. You immediately threw yourself into bed not even bothering to get under the blankets. Sebastian laughed as he took a seat at the foot of the bed. Tugging at your pants he spoke, "Come on don't you want to change into comfortable clothes?" 
With your face buried in the pillow you groaned, "Yes but no." 
He shook his head with a chuckle, "Get up." He walked to the side of the bed to help you sit up. Once you were propped up against the headboard he kissed the top of your head, "I'm going to brush my teeth and use the bathroom while you get dressed ok? Take your time love." As soon as he shut the bathroom door you rolled yourself off the bed and lay on the floor for a few seconds not wanting to get up. You then crawled over to your dresser, thankful all of your pajamas were in the bottom drawer close to the floor. You blindly pulled out a pair of shorts and struggled to take your pants off without having to get up. You managed to pull them down to your knees but anything beyond that seemed difficult without having to at least sit up. 
The bathroom door opened up and out came Sebastian. He looked at you curiously, he couldn't help but laugh at the sight of you, "What are you doing down there?" 
"I don't want to stand," you whined. 
He playfully rolled his eyes as he made his way over to you, "Need help?" With a pout, you answered, "Yes." 
Easily he pulled your pants off and tossed them into the hamper. To the right of you, he saw the shorts you pulled out to change into. He grabbed them and just as easily slipped them right on. "Thank you, now help me up." He laughed but complied, lifting you up he carried you over to the bed making sure to place you under the blanket this time. Through half-closed eyes, you could see he was in his boxers and shirt. You watched him walk over to the door and switch the lights off, then back to the bed. He pulled the blanket to the side but before laying down he pulled his shirt off. Just as he was about to throw it into the hamper you said, "Wait!" A bit louder than you meant. He looked at you both confused and scared because he was expecting you to be asleep by now, "I want your shirt," you said meekly. He smiled as he handed the shirt over to you. "Thank you," you sat up and gave him a kiss as he slipped into bed. 
With your back turned to him you pulled your shirt off, threw your bra to the floor, and slipped his shirt on. You then cuddled into Sebastian before you both drifted off to sleep.
The next morning everyone stood in bed until almost noon. Sebastian was the first one to wake up. He laid in bed pulling you in close to him. He stroked your hair as he took in your scent. Finally, he got up to get started on the day making sure not to wake you up just yet. Ten minutes later you woke up to see that Sebastian was already up. You gave yourself a few more minutes before pushing yourself off the bed and into the bathroom to brush your teeth and do your business. 
When you made your way into the kitchen Sebastian was sitting at the table now wearing a pair of sweatpants but still no shirt. He was eating a bowl of cereal and when he saw you he pulled the chair out next to him, "Morning.  You have no other breakfast food to make so I left a bowl and milk out for you," he said with a mouth full of food. You walked over to him taking a seat to see your favorite cereal waiting for you, "Thank you, Seb." You gave him a quick kiss before pouring the cereal into your bowl.
For the next thirty minutes, you and Sebastian cleaned up the mess from the night before as you waited for Tom to wake up. Finally, when he came out of his room he walked over to the kitchen looking tired and rubbing his eyes, "One minute till noon. You barely made it." 
"I know you poisoned my drinks last night," he pointed an accusing finger at you.
"It's not my fault your such a lightweight," you defended. Tom opened his mouth to fight back but after a few seconds of thinking he shut his mouth and walked away, "Yeah keep walking!" You shouted in victory. Sebastian watched shaking his head in laughter, "So what do you want to do tonight? We can go to my place and watch a movie or we can go out and do something." He said taking your hands into his. You tilted your head and smiled, "You're so sweet but I can't go out tonight I have that thing with Jimmy Fallon remember?" He tossed his head back, "You're right, I totally forgot. I was just so excited to see you." He leaned in to give you a kiss but the sound of Tom's voice ruined the moment, "What thing with Jimmy Fallon?" 
You turned to Tom who was standing there eating a piece of toast, "Right I didn't know you were coming so I never told you but Jimmy invited me on his show to play a new game he made." 
"Password?" He leaned in anticipating your answer.
You furrowed your eyebrows, "Yes... how did you know?" 
"I'm going on Jimmy Fallon tonight to play that game! That's why I came to New York." Tom said excitedly. 
"Oh God no, are we gonna be on the same team?!" 
"I hope not, I was looking forward to kicking your ass." He laughed as he walked away.
Sebastian offered to drive you and Tom to the show, mostly because he wanted to stay and watch. When the three of you arrived backstage a producer walked up to the three of you excited, "Great you're both here!" He extended his hand out introducing himself, "We were so excited to be able to get both of you here everyone loves when you're together." He laughed, "And Sebastian Stan it is nice to see you again." 
"Nice to see you too, I hope you guys don't mind me being here I just came to watch these two bicker on live tv." Sebastian joked.
"You know what it's perfect that you're here Sebastian, our fourth player couldn't make it today would you mind partnering up with Y/N?" The producer asked.
A smile grew on Sebastian's face, "I'd love to."
You waited at the wings as Jimmy and Tom were sat on the stage being introduced. The plan was to have Steve Higgins introduce Jimmy, then Jimmy would introduce Tom, and Tom would introduce you and Sebastian, "Our first opponent is a Broadway star with the most awards of 'Annoying Sister' please welcome, Y/N Holland!"
You walked out onto the stage giving both Steve and Jimmy a hug then waving to the crowd before taking a seat across from Tom. "Our next guest is a close friend of mine and costar. You've seen him in Captain America and Civil War as the Winter Soldier, please welcome Sebastian Stan!" He walked in, shook hands with the hosts, and waved to the audience as he took his seat next to you. Steve explained the rules of the game while you all sat there listening, "The first word will go to Y/N and Tom." Steve handed each of you a card, "Tom you can go first." At the same time, you and Tom opened the envelopes reading the word inside, 'Bee'. You looked at each other competitively as you closed the envelope.
He snapped, "Ok we go this! Umm, Bug." 
Jimmy laughed confused, "Bug?" Tom nodded proudly. You laughed, "Come on Tommy you could've done better than that." Jimmy thought for a second, "Fly?" Tom shook his head. "Ok Y/N, your turn. Remember only use one word," Steve said.
You turned to Sebastian, "This one is easy. Honey." He looked at you with a flirtatious smile, "Are you calling me honey, or is that my clue?" As the audience whistled and laughed Sebastian winked at you, "Hey don't start flirting with my sister now!" Tom yelled from across the table. You shook your head giggling, "It's your clue but it could also be your name." He laughed along trying to stay focused, "Ok uhh honey, bug....bee?" "You got it!" you cheered raising your hand for a high-five, he met his hand with yours and held on until Steve passed him a new card. 
"Ok, Sebastian you may begin." Seb let go of your hand as he reached for the card. He waited for Jimmy to get his card before he took a peek. "Psh," he looked over to you with a smug look tossing the card to the middle of the table, "We got this in the bag. You ready?" He was leaning back in his chair looking unphased. You nodded your head feeling a bit nervous. He seemed so sure and confident and you didn't want to mess it up, "Ok. Circus."  
You sighed relieved, "That is so easy, clown." The audience clapped, "Right again!" Steve passed you another card, "Y/N you can go first."
Before you had time to stop your mouth you shouted, "Oh, Tom!" As soon as you said it you mentally slapped yourself. There were so many other words you could have said. The only thing that came to mind was Spider-Man and with Tom sitting across from you his name just slipped.
"What? Annoying?" Seb laughed. Steve made a buzzer noise with his mouth, "Wrong. Tom, you have the chance to win this one. Whenever you're ready." 
Tom smirked, "Thanks for that sis. Alright Jimmy this is an easy one, arachnid." Jimmy threw up his hands as if saying 'come on that's it?' "Spider?" 
"Correct! Now you guys finally have the chance to start off this round," Steve handed Jimmy and Seb the next card, "Jimmy you may go."
You watched him as he opened up the card. His face contorted into confusion as he set the card down on the table, "Ok umm," he thought for a few seconds, "uhh ceiling?" He said unsure.
Tom looked at him confused, "Are you asking me  cause I don't know man." He laughed nervously. "No," Jimmy laughed along, "That's your word."
"Oh ok, ceiling? Roof?" He dragged out the f. Jimmy looked in anticipation until Steve declared the word wrong.
"Sebastian you're up." 
Seb put his hands on the sides of your head and rested his forehead on yours, "We go this ok." You nodded as he pulled away, "We're getting this with just one word, you ready?" "I'm ready." "Ok, Cantina."
You thought about it for a moment tilting your head, "Cantina?" "Come on baby you got this," he urged taking one of your hands into his. You thought it over in your head for a few seconds as Sebastian traced circles around your hand. The only thing that came to your mind was the restaurant he took you to on your first date together. It made you happy thinking of the memory and how beautiful the scenery was. You'd never gone to a rooftop restaurant before. 
Hmm, rooftop restaurant. 
Then you gasped, "Rooftop?!" Seb jumped up into the air, "Yes!" 
You jumped up turning to your brother, "Suck it, Tom!" Then you turned back to Sebastian hugging him. He lifted you up as the audience cheered around you.
"Alright everybody that was Tom Holland, Y/N Holland, and Sebastian Stan!"
When the three of you entered your apartment you were all laughing, "That was so fun!" You shouted happily. 
"That last round was not fair! You two have your own secret  love code no one else would have understood that." Tom pouted.
"Aw looks like Tommy is ready for bedtime." You teased. Just as you said that Tom let out a big yawn causing you and Seb to laugh. "Whatever I'm going to my room," Tom said as he walked off.
Sebastian turned to you, "We should head to bed too it's getting late and I can tell you're getting tired." 
"What makes you say that?" You asked rubbing your eyes. "Well your under eyes are getting puffy and your slouching way more than usual." You instantly straightened up, "I don't know what you're talking about." He chuckled then kissed your forehead, "Come on let's go to sleep."
@sebstanfan123 @twpkhes
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · 3 hours ago
WAIT HOLY SHIT I just read ch 7 and I'm gonna scream!!!! I'm so stressed they gotta talk it out they just gotta also me being this stressed is just kudos to you for writing this so well mwah
Tumblr media
Thank you, bestie!! Yeah they stress me out too. They don’t have a whole lot of time to get their shit together, do they? Hmm
Hooked On Your Feelings - Chapter Seven (FWB! Tom Holland x Reader)
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harrisonxxxxholland · 4 hours ago
Smut: 🥵🔥
Bathroom surprise (Sam Holland x Reader)
Secrets at the movie night (Harrison Osterfield x Tom Holland x Reader)
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