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#captain america x reader
deexchanel · 6 minutes ago
Double Agent
Word Count: 2.K
Pairing: Avengers x OC, Bucky x OC, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Tony x OC.
Warning: Swearing, Angst.
Summary: The team find out Empriss is a double agent.
A/N: this is a sort of sad one. Empriss (Em-Priss) , Aurelia (A- U- Rell- e- ah) , Lori and Alexis is characters I have made up myself.
Tumblr media
“This is my family! I can’t go through with this mission anymore, just kill me instead.” Empriss whispered harshly into the phone. She stood in the bathroom she shared with Bucky.
"YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME! I will go through this mission and kill them myself! I need their power!"
Empriss couldn't get a response out and the phone hung up. "H-Hello? Hello?" Panic set in, not knowing what else to do. Bucky knocked at the door.
"Empriss? Doll is everything okay?"
"E-Everything is fine!"
"Bucky just hold on to the leash. You keep letting Subi pull on you!" I laughed placing my hand on top of his.
"I'm trying! I never had a dog before." Bucky laughed as our hands both held on the leash.
" I see!" I giggled and we continue to walk on the sidewalk. My phone ring in my pocket so I pulled it out. Tony's picture was showing on the screen.
"Can you guys come back please, Lori is freaking out cause her hair won't do right for tonight."
"Yea, we'll come back right now."
Tony hung up and Bucky looked at me concerned.
"Everything okay?"
"Yes, Lori need help with her hair that's all. You're walking Subi back so you can get use to it." I smiled and his concern washed away.
"Okay. Are you ready for tonight?" Bucky asked smiling at me. I stood on my tippy toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm exciteddd!"
"You guys finished? Thor is hungry and won't stop complaining about it." Alexis whine poking her head in the room. I was sitting by Lori finishing my makeup. She was putting her lashes on while Aurelia was painting her nails. Natasha was flat ironing her hair.
"We're coming. Tell him to hold his horses." Aurelia scolded trying to stay focused on her nails. Tonight they were having just one normal night without anything interrupting. I pushed down my fear of something happening to the team since I didn't go through with the mission.
"Natasha you look amazing!" I exclaimed looking at her outfit. She gave me a twirl with a big smile.
"Thank you!"
"Oh yeah Bruce is going to love that!" Lori winked at her . Natasha blushed rolling her eyes.
"Don't you guys start! That was one time." Natasha said making all of us laugh. She was talking about the time Lori took a picture of them sleeping in the same bed.
Five minutes later, we were walking in the living where everyone waited. The guys sat on the couch talking about god knows what. Wanda was in the kitchen drinking some water.
"We're readyyyy! Let's go!" I announced loudly as us girls walked in the room. Bucky looked up at me then his eyes traveled down my body. The guys cheer as us girls strike a pose.
"Finally, you guys took that long, just for y'all to look the damn same." Sam joked taking a sip of his drink. Aurelia flips him off laughing.
"Oh hush Sam."
"Well I made reservations for 7:30 which is..." Tony trailed off looking at his watch. "Now."
"I'm grabbing my henessey!" Alexis interjected rushing to the refrigerator.
"Alexis you're not getting drunk tonight!" Steve stated following behind her. Wanda stood in front of Vision fixing his tie.
"Vis why you didn't let me do your tie?"
"Because you were busy getting dressed. I didn't want to bother you Wanda."
"You look so handsome babe." I complimented sitting down beside Bucky. He pulled me into his lap.
"You look beautiful doll. What flavor lip gloss that is?"
"Mango. I wanted to try something new other than strawberry-" I rambled but was cut off by Bucky placing his soft lips on mine. I smiled in the kiss, placing my hand in his long hair.
He pulled back smirking, "Hmm, that tasted good. I like mango way better then strawberry."
I was too star-struck to say anything. I bit my lip thinking about the things I would do to him. He winked at me so I grabbed his shirt pulling him into another kiss. He hands guided over to my ass gripping it.
"If you guys are done sucking each other faces off. We're leaving now." Natasha told us hitting the back of Bucky's head. We pulled apart blushing madly.
Thor and Aurelia walked out the bathroom fixing themselves up. I raised a eyebrow pointing at them.
"Not the in the bathroom!"
"Not on the couch!" Aurelia mocked back pointing at us. Bucky shook his head laughing.
"We were making out."
"We were having a serious conversation." Thor said confidently then realized how it didn't make sense. "In the bathroom?"
It turned into a laughing fit then us 4 walked out to the garage. Everyone was in a huge circle arguing.
"We should ride together!" Steve said.
"No each couple should drive their own car." Bruce argued.
"That's too many cars. How about ladies ride in one car. Men in the other car.It save space and time." Lori reasons but Tony slumped his shoulders in a pout.
"I wanted to ride with you."
"Next time babe." Lori assured kissing his cheek. "We need to go because we're already late."
I placed a quick kiss on Bucky's lips, "See you when we get there." He places a kiss on my nose.
"Vice Versa."
I was irritated at this point because we were lost. They gave Tony the wrong address. At this point, we could order a pizza and have a movie night at the tower.
" Ugh we should gone head and order pizza. It's taking too long for us to even find the place." Lori complained from the driver seat. Aurelia sat in passenger, Wanda beside me, Alexis and Natasha on the back row.
"I literally thought of the same thing. I should call the guy and tell them." I suggested pulling out my phone.
" I could do for a meat lovers pizza." Aurelia agreed.
"I just want to eat in general." Wanda groaned.
"Can we cook tacos too?" I have a taste for some." Natasha said making all of us hum in agreement.
"I'm calling Tony so we can turn around." I told them while clicking the phone icon. A big crash makes me look up from my phone. It was like everything was in slow motion.
-Third Person-
The suv the guys rode in flips high in the sky. The truck lands on the ground, tumbling a couple of feet. Lori smashes on her breaks out of instinct. Aurelia lets out a blood curdling scream seeing the entire crash.
It happened so fast for the girls as they watched with wide eyes. Empriss was the first one to open her door getting out. She kicks off her shoes quickly then ran over to the flipped truck.
"BUCKY?! BUCKY! TONY?! STEVE? SAM!? " She screamed hoping someone responded. She hoped that this wasn't her boss doing, deep down she knew it was. Not to far behind her was Natasha.
"EMPRISS?!" She heard a hoarse voice call for her. Empriss pry the door open to the truck to see Bucky laying on the roof of truck. His shoulder was bleeding, face filled scratches, a huge gash on his forehead. Empriss touched his leg since it was closer.
"I'm here baby!"
Alexis runs over to the passenger side to see Steve had kicked the dented door off the truck. He was on the ground holding his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing that he was alive.
"Baby! T-Tell me what hurts!" Alexis stuttered as she hovers over him. A gash was on his cheek, dirt was all over his face, his lip was cut.
"My shoulder! Ah!" Steve cried out in pain. Alexis eyes looked to see that his shoulder was badly dislocated. She smelled gas and realization kicked in.
"Babe I need to move you to the side!" Alexis cried and Steve shook his head no. He knew it was going to hurt, trying to move. "I have to or the truck is going to blow up with us beside it."
Steve eyes had tears in it from the pain which hurt Alexis more. She took off her sweater, balling one side up. Steve stared in her eyes scared.
"Babe, bite this! I need to move you." Alexis said placing the balled sweater part in his mouth. It wasn't no debate, she needed to do it. She placed a hand under his shoulder then one softly under his display shoulder. Alexis count down from 3 mentally then proceeded to pull Steve away from the truck.
His muffled screams were heart wrenching.
Aurelia kissed Thor forehead as he lay on the ground. She tried to hold her composure seeing him in this hurt state but it wasn't working. The truck was on top of his leg. His face was filled with scratches and his lip was cut. She was on her knees hovering over him.
"Thor, baby I'm going to touch your leg so I can know if you can feel it okay?" She cried holding his hand to her chest. Thor closed his eyes in pain, his breathing quickens.
Aurelia kissed his hand before moving her hands to his hurt leg. She pressed it softly.
"Can you feel that?"
Aurelia pressed harder and he screams in agony.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel that!"
"Thor I have to lift this truck off your leg! You're going to have to move it. You ready?" Aurelia said and he nodded his head. She squat placing her hand under the truck. Lifting the truck, Thor rolls over but cry out in pain from his leg.
Aurelia grabbed his hand, pulling his body away from the truck. Thank god for super strength.
Lori had found Tony body away from the truck. He was unconscious from him flying out the windshield. She pulled his body into her lap sobbing.
"Oh god, honey , wake up. Please! I need you."
Empriss had finally gotten Bucky's body out of the wreckage. She was on her knees hovering over his body placing pressure on his wound. His eyes were opening and closing from the amount of blood he lost. Empriss gently hit his face to wake him up.
"Baby, keep your eyes open for me. Hey! I need you so don't die on me." She wept more tears falling down her face. She grabbed his metal hand placing it against her face.
"Please baby. I need you."
"BRUCE!" Natasha cried looking everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Sam was sat against the bridge wall. She noticed him, running over to help. Wanda ran over as well noticing him too.
"Sam are you okay?"
"Other then my back I'm fine Wanda."
"What happened in that truck Sam? Where is Bruce and Vision?" Natasha asked squatting in front of him.
"I don't know where they are. We were driving and talking about the fact that we couldn't find the place. Someone shot through the windshield which made Tony swerve. You know the rest of what happened. I just came back conscious," Sam explained wincing when he tried to move.
"I tried to call someone for help but there's no service. Nobody have their suits,armor or any sort of communication with the other Avengers. This was a setup guys." Wanda said looking at the rest of the team.
"Weird thing is, we're the only one on this bridge." Natasha lowered her voice as if someone was listening. Numerous of armored truck drove on the bridge, on either side of it. Everyone looked around frantically in the bright lights.
"No!No!"Empriss gut feeling was right. Tears sprouted from her eyes as she placed her hand against Bucky's cheek. "This is all my fault.." She whispered to herself knowing she betrayed everyone's trust.
"Ah sorry it took so long for us to come back. We had to catch Bruce and Vision here." Thaddeus Ross said standing in front of the lights of the vehicles. Both girls gasp to see their significant others in containment.
Bruce laid unconscious on his side. Vision had some kind of advanced spear lodged in his side.His body was disconfigurating. "Wanda!" He called out for his wife. Wanda eyes turned red as her power flare.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you Wanda. Barnes, and Banner would electrocute." Ross grin and the girls shared a look as Wanda powers died down.
"What the hell do you want with us?" Lori sneered as she held on to Tony's body tightly. She wasn't going down without fight.
"This was the easiest way to get my earth mightiest heroes. The night they were going out with their lovers. No protection, no armor, no problem. That bullet lodged in Barnes shoulder, neutralize everyone that was in the truck powers. So bye bye powers. Empriss didn't go along with the order I gave her so I took things into my own hands." Ross retorted then snapped his fingers at his guards. "Get them! I need mind wiping started in the next hour."
One guard grabbed Lori from behind to pry her off of Tony. The other two grabbed his body, placing him in the back of a truck. Lori thrashed around sobbing in the mans arms.
The guard yanked Steve up with his dislocated arm. One yanks Alexis by the hair harshly so he couldn't help him. He cries out in pain.
They ignored her throwing him in the back of a truck. The guard wraps his arm around Aurelia neck and the other two grabbed Thor by the arms dragging him so they could put him in a truck.
Aurelia hits the man arm, not being able to breathe.
Empriss knew the gaurds were coming for Bucky. "Ms Empriss." One of them greeted her. She let the guards push her off of Bucky. They yanked him up by grabbing his shirt on the hurt shoulder. His eyes opened and he cries out in pain.
Empriss sobbed knowing she couldn't do nothing, this was all her fault and she knew that. Wanda and Natasha stood in front of Sam protectively.
"You're not going to touch him. What do you mean Empriss didn't go through your plan? She doesn't work for you." Natasha seethe getting in defense mode.
"Crazy for you think that. Empriss has been a double agent this whole time. The one you love and trust the most works for me. Can you believe it? I can!" Ross lets out a hearty laugh. Each one of the women stared at Empriss in disbelief. She placed her hands over her face not wanting to face everyone.
"Empriss what the hell is he talking about?"Lori sniffed looking at her in a glare. "Tell us he is lying!"
Empriss cried harder giving everyone their answer.
Ross shook his head. "You know what. I'll let you keep him and weak Empriss. I don't need her anymore, I have my treasure. Shock em."
Two guards came from the side of Wanda and Natasha placing a disk on their necks. Unbeknownst to everyone, when the guards took away their men it was disks placed on them. All the women fell to the ground unconscious from the electrocution.
A guard picked up Empriss bringing her to the trucks.
"You will not get away with this!" Sam yelled trying to get to his feet.
"Oh I already have!" Ross laughed going back to his truck. Soon the bridge was cleared again. To many thoughts ran through Sam mind as he to the ground in pain.
So much for a normal night.
wow uh this is a filler.
i kinda don't like it😂. if you guys like it, let me know in the comments!
stay slutty my friends!
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deexchanel · 2 hours ago
When he tries
(part 2 to when he cheats)
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, Allergic reaction, Angst, fluff.
Summary: little Melanie has a allergic reaction when she is at school. Instead of the teacher calling y/n, she calls bucky.
A/N: I wouldn’t have thought of this if @bx725 didn’t comment so thank youu 🥺 all the credit goes to you!
Tumblr media
Bucky sat at meeting table very stressed. Him, Steve and Tony were coming up with ideas on how to take down the next hydra base.
“So we can’t come in on the left?” Steve placed his hand on his chin. Bucky sigh leaning back in the chair. Tony removed his glasses from his face.
“That side is overcrowded with soldiers so no unless we send in hulk.”
Bucky’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He held a finger up, using his other hand to take his phone out. Seeing that it was his daughter’s school calling confused him. “Hello?”
“Is this Mr.Barnes?”
“Yes it’s me.”
“M-Mr. Barnes I need you to come to the emergency room. Melanie had an allergic reaction and it was b-bad.”
In a panic, Bucky gets up from the table, hanging up the phone and ignoring everyone. His mind wondered about his baby girl and prayed that she was okay. He drove over the speed limit trying to reach her in time.
“Melanie Barnes? I’m her father!” Bucky frantically placed his hands on the receptionist desk.
“187, Down the hall on the left!”
Bucky ran past her following the directions that was given. When he opened the door, his heart broke seeing his daughter state. Melanie eyes were swollen with a red rash going up her neck. Her teacher sat in the chair trying to calm herself down.
“What happened?? How did this happen?” Bucky rubbed his baby hand as he stood beside the bed. He moved the hair from her forehead.
“I-It was snack time, I specifically put on her plate what you guys me to put. Melanie asked to go to the bathroom so I let her. The student beside her switched her chocolate chip muffin to a banana one without me knowing. Mel ate it not knowing and 2 minutes later, her eyes were swollen shut.” The teacher tried to keep her composure. On the inside she knew her job was good and gone.
Before Bucky could reply his phone rang. Not taking his eyes off his sleeping daughter, he answered. “Hello?”
Steve replied in a heartbeat.“Buck what happened?? Everything alright? You left in a panic.”
“I’m alright, Melanie is in the e.r. she had an a-allergic reaction.”
“I’m on the way. Have you called Y/N?”
“Shit! Let me call her right now.”
He hung up not even waiting on a response. Bucky hit Y/N’s emergency contact.
“What do you want Bucky?”
“It’s not like that right now. Y/N you need to get to the emergency room. Melanie had a bad allergic reaction. I’m here now with her teacher.”
Y/N hung up not wasting no time leaving work. Melanie eyes opened seeing her dad’s tall frame standing beside the bed. “D-daddy?”
Her little voice grabbed the Winter Solider’s attention. He leaned over the bed frame grabbing her hand. “Yes princess, I’m here.”
Melanie eyes filled with tears, her throat began to feel itchy. “Daddy my face hurt and throat is itchy.” Bucky eyes wandered around, then caught a glimpse of the itching cream on the stand beside the bed.
“I know honey, let me put some cream on it.” He grabbed the container, putting some cream on his fingers then smeared it on her irritated skin.Relief flood through Melanie as she didn’t have the urge to scratch her skin. Steve peaked his head in the door.
“Is she woke?”
“Yeah man.”
“Uncle Steveeee!!” She beamed excitedly then let out a cough. Bucky rubbed her back for comfort. “Princess don’t overwork yourself , we want you to feel better soon.”
Steve came into view holding a white teddy bear. “Daddy’s right, don’t over do it.” He slid into bed right beside Melanie. She cuddled up to her uncle and they engaged into a weird conversation.
Bucky took this time to stand out the door to collect his thoughts and physically calm down. It was also to wait on Y/N’s arrival. He could take a deep breath and accept that his daughter would be okay.
James watched his wife rush into the hospital with tears in her eyes. Even though they were separated, they still haven’t filed for a divorce. “Where is she?!”
“In the room Y/N with Steve and her teacher. She’s fine.” He tries to grab her hands but she snatched away. Bucky could see how stressed and tired she was from the bags under her eyes.
“Why didn’t you call me first??” Y/N hit his chest.
“W-Why you didn’t call?”He took the hits from her.
“W-Why??” Bucky blocked the hits pulling Y/N into his chest. She cuddled her face into his chest, breaking down. Being away from each other was hard on the both of them. Bucky kissed her forehead.
“Doll I’m sorry I didn’t call as soon as I got the news. I rushed here to make sure our daughter is safe. I’m so sorry.”
“Bucky I can’t do this without you. I’m so stressed, these 3 weeks without you has been hard.” Y/N sniffled pulling back from his chest. She wipes her eyes trying to control the tears. “I need help and I need you but you cheated on me. I think about it every night because you showed me that I wasn’t good enough. Why am I not enough? Is it my weight? The way I look? Do you not want Melanie??”
“Enough with the nonsense Y/N. There isn’t no excuse on why I cheated. I don’t want to come up with a bullshit ass excuse. I’m sorry that I cheated Y/N . I’ll do everything in my willpower to make it up to you. I know forgiving me will take time and I don’t care how long it does. I will wait for you. You are perfect for me, the way you look, your hair, your body, your eyes. Everything is perfect for me. I want you and our daughter over anyone else. I love you Y/N, I’ll forever love you until my heart stops beating.” Bucky placed his forehead against hers. Y/N grabs his face, pulling him into a passionate a kiss.
“I love you too Bucky Barnes but this will take time for me.”
“I will be here when you’re ready.”
Y/N gave him another peck on the lips then gave a small smile. “Let’s go check on our daughter.” Bucky gave her one more hug then let Y/N open the door.
I hope you guysss like thissss 😁😁😁
This is just a fanfic. We do not condone cheating in real life!!! Beat his ass if he do☝🏾
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twoghostsfromeden · 2 hours ago
if anyone has any ideas they’d like me to write, don’t be afraid to request them ! :)
Tumblr media
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slutforcap · 3 hours ago
Steve: *playing video games*
You: you're a bad, bad boy
Steve: *not even looking away from the TV* yet you're always the one getting spanked.
Tony: *spits out his drink*
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sazc94 · 3 hours ago
If These Sheets Were States
Warnings Smut 18+ sickly sweet fluff
(this was my first time writing smut so if you've read my Bucky one this is a bite more tame)
A/N Final part but I have ideas for a follow up. Also I highly recommend listening to All Time Lows If these sheets were states.
Chapter 4, Master List
Chapter 5
Words 2k
Because I don't sleep at all without you pressed up against me. I settle for long distance calls, I'm lost in empty pillow talk again.
It was 3am by the time Steve had arrived at the apartment you shared. By the time the team had debriefed the mission Steve was in two minds to just crash at the tower in his old room but Seeing Bucky and Nat practically eye fuck each other during the debrief had made Steve’s mind up for him. Steve unlocked the door and kicked his shoes off. He pressed his thumb to the scanner to ensure the intruder alarm would not activate, hung up his jacket and padded along to the bedroom.
You were curled up on one side of the bed one leg under the cover, one over the top. Steve could tell you had fallen asleep cuddled up the Stitch he brought you as it was on the floor. He smiled to himself, he noticed you were wearing his T-shirt one of his faded blue ones, you seemed to wear that one a lot when he wasn’t around. He took of his shirt and pants folding them and carefully placing them on the back of the chair you kept in the corner of your room. He could tell you’d gone to bed with your hair still slightly damp as it splayed about on the pillow full of little kinks and creases. He crawled into bed next to you, gently pulling you into him. You stirred awake. If this hadn’t happened at least 10 times in the past year and a half you would have woken up in a panic that someone was in your bed, like you did the first time Steve curled into bed with you in the middle of the night. The Avengers still joked about your right hook with you.
You felt a smile tug at your lips. “Hey Stevie” you mumbled, Steve’s heart did a flip. “how early is it?” you asked. “Hey baby, early its just gone 3am” replied Steve nuzzling his face into your neck. You squirmed, he had grown a beard during the mission, and you were incredibly ticklish. Steve let out a groan as you squirmed against him. He felt himself harden. You shifted round to face him “Hey Stevie” you said again smiling up at him. He lowered his face down to yours and kissed you firm and hungry for you. You bit his lip slightly only making Steve moan. You smiled breaking the kiss. “I see you grew a beard during this mission” You said swinging your leg over Steve the momentum bringing him with you, so now you were straddling him. “And I see you are wearing one of my T-Shirts” said Steve running his calloused fingers over your body. “As sexy as you make my shirt look” Steve paused “and my boxers for that matter, its been 8 long weeks and I’ve really missed you, and your body” Steve started kissing your neck “So I think we should remove them” Steve said. You had to admit the feel of Steve pressed against you and kissing your neck felt unbelievably good especially after almost 8 weeks. “Is that so Mr Rogers” you replied with a wicked little grin on your face. You could feel yourself getting turned on as Steve started pushing up against you slightly.
You had to be back in the office at 10 am, you presumed Steve had ridden over on his Motor Bike so you could potentially batt your eyes at him and convince him to give you ride in the morning. You sighed a little as Steve started running his fingers along the waistband of the boxers you were wearing. You looked at the clock on your nightstand. The time read 3:20 am. Steve’s kisses were becoming hungrier and firmer as he kept kissing down your neck. You knew Steve was waiting for you to make a move, ever the gentleman, even after 8 weeks of missing the feel of himself pressed against you he wouldn’t make the next move until you gave him a signal to say you wanted this. You let out a small moan, well that was the decision made up for you. I mean who were you kidding it had been 8 weeks and your smoking hot, golden haired, incredibly ripped, super soldier boyfriend wanted his way with you. With one swift movement you pulled of his T-Shirt. Leaving you wearing nothing but a pair of Steve’s boxers
Steve tugged at the waistband of the boxers you were wearing, a signal he wanted you to take them off. You stood on the bed legs shaking with anticipation you quickly shimmied the boxers off before lowering yourself back down so you were straddling him again. Steve kissed your neck, slowly with purpose, watching with a smirk as you still shivered at his touch even after a year of being intimate. He loved the way when he was alone with you like this you truly allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Steve slipped his fingers between your folds. Thumb on your clitoris slowly pushed two fingers inside you. You gasped as Steve’s fingers curled up inside of you. Your eyes going wide as Steve started rubbing circles on your clitoris. Steve slowly started pumping the two fingers inside of you, nibbling your neck as his kisses slowly made their way to your breasts.
Steve wanted nothing more to flip you over on to your back at that very moment and just have his way with you, but he knew he couldn’t be selfish in this instant and that you had missed him just as much as he you. He could tell by the way your nails dug into his back. Steve looked up at you as he slowly started to suck your breast, Steve wasn’t usually possessive, but he did like to leave his marks on you. Usually on your breasts because they were usually hidden by your work attire, however sometimes he would leave hickey a little too high in the summer and someone would catch a glimpse of it, you let out a moan as Steve bit down on your breast whilst his fingers sped up, catching your G-spot. Your hands wandered down Steve’s chest, dipping beneath the waistband of his boxers, you have his dick a tug. Steve let out a hiss, “Fuck” he muttered. You started to move your hand up and down slowly teasingly, rubbing your thumb on his tip. Steve's other hand grabbed you pulling you tighter to him “If you carry on like that I’m going to skip the rest of what I had planned and go straight to fucking you” Steve warned, a look of hunger, almost like he would starve if he didn’t have you now in his blue eyes. Steve's thumb sped up that bit more, his strokes with his fingers becoming hard and fast. You felt yourself tighten knowing you were close, and Steve had only just begun.
Steve could tell too because he chuckled, and then kicked it up a notch further. Your moans caught in your throat and you could feel the orgasm building, your grip tightened on Steve's dick. Steve's fingers ran along your breasts, the rough skin leaving your skin feeling like It was on fire from pleasure. Steve’s pace with his fingers inside you never slowing. Without missing a beat Steve pulled your neck down to him kissing you with burning desire. You let out another moan as his hand moved back down to your breasts, stroking your nipple lightly. The pleasure was so, intense you were about to cum, then Steve whispered in your ear “let go” and like that the coil snapped. You didn’t hold back with the screaming of Steve's name whilst his fingers coxed you through your orgasm, Your grip on his dick tightening.
Once Steve was satisfied you had ridden out the wave of the first of what he planned to be many orgasms tonight he withdrew his fingers from inside you. Kissed you deep and hard and flipped you over so you were on your back and he was on top of you. Without missing a beat Steve grabbed your wrists pinning them above your head with his left hand. His right hand trailing along your body leaving that delicious feeling of burning desire along your body. He kissed you once more before slowly leaving a trail of kisses down your body. Steve started kissing your thigh. “Oh Y/N” I really have missed you, your body and hearing you scream my name with pleasure” Steve said between peppered kisses. Before you could even respond you felt Steve's tongue on your clitoris, he started of with slow teasing strokes, making you squirm, your body already alight with desire. Steve used his right hand to pin your hips is place, with such strength that you were sure he would leave faint bruises as he moved from your clitoris to where he was now entering his tongue into you. Still on a high from your first orgasm it didn’t take long before you were crashing over the edge again, Steve's eyes burning into you has you moaned his name. God you had missed the way he managed to make you feel both drowsy with pleasure but wide awake as he built the pleasure up at the same time.
Steve didn’t wait for you to finish your orgasm before he entered his rock-hard dick into you. You gasped as it took you by surprise. Steve waited a moment allowing you to adjust to him, well aware that he was above average size as you constantly liked to remind him. Steve released the grip on your wrists as you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist. Steve moved his hand onto the headboard of your bed. Steve took a breath in kissed you and then slowly started to thrust in and out slowly. He looked down at you as he entered you again, a look of pure bliss on your face, he could see your eyes were once again starting to roll into the back of your head, your body still on a high from your previous two orgasms. “I love you Y/N” Steve Said looking deep into your eyes “I love you two Steve “you said a small grin on your face, you really couldn’t quite believe how lucky you were to have boyfriend who was kind and caring, but could also rock your world multiple times in one evening. Because with the way Steve was looking at you whilst he continued to thrust in out, his pace speeding just slightly, you had the feeling you were going to be screaming his name in pleasure for a while yet…
You woke with sun streaming in through the crack in your curtains. You looked at your clock, 7am it said. You smiled to yourself knowing that with it being as early as it was that left you plenty of time to spend in bed cuddled up with your super soldier boyfriend. You had fallen back asleep sometime around 4:30, you and Steve were a tangle of limbs. No clear starting point for where one ended and the other began. You looked down at your hips and yep, just as you had suspected, there were faint bruises from the night before. You carefully extracted your limbs from around Steve and kissed him gently on the lips. “Morning Stevie” you whispered as his eyes fluttered open. Steve's smile growing wide he leant his head down to kiss you that little bit firmer. “Morning baby” he replied dopily. “what time do you have to be in the office” he asked nuzzling your neck, he loved the way you smelt a mixture of your favourite body spray, his aftershave and faint sent of sex. “Not until 10am, so that leaves us plenty of time to snuggle” you replied snuggling yourself close to his chest wrapping your arms around him. “Perfect” he said. This was your favourite part of Steve's missions when he returned you would spend hours just snuggled up together, kissing gently with no need to take it further than just that and both happy to just be back in each other’s arms after time apart.
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marvelouslycaptivating · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is a list of my works so far!! I will update this list whenever a new story or part is posted!! Thanks so much for reading. Xx
Steve Rogers
A Swarm of Butterflies: Part one, Part Two
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barnesdogtags · 5 hours ago
Through the Dark
Request from @deanhisbaby: Reader struggles with mood swings, you can choose which character helps them through them with lots of fluff. 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Tags: established relationship, fluff, comfort, steve being a sweetheart
Warnings: mentions of mood swings
Word count: 1,305
Note: thank you for the request! if anyone wants to, you can send me a request here. i write for: steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, sambucky and stevebucky. [masterlist]
It had started as a good day. You and Steve were spending the weekend at his apartment, just enjoying each other’s company and being lazy together. He had started cooking dinner while you napped on the couch, but the sudden sound of the fire alarm woke you up.
“Shit,” Steve mumbled as he opened the window, airing out the smoke. 
The smell of smoke filled the small apartment quickly. After a few minutes, the alarm went off and most of the smoke was gone. You joined Steve in the kitchen and stared at the burnt food. 
“Sorry babe, I got distracted,” he apologized. 
“I was trying to sleep. What are we supposed to eat now?”
“I can run out and grab something, what about that place down the street you love?” 
You could tell he genuinely felt bad and was trying to make up for it. But you couldn’t help but feel angry at him and the whole situation.
“We were supposed to spend the weekend in together. That place is always busy on Saturdays, it’ll take forever for you to go get something. I guess I’ll just find something to make,” you huffed.
He stepped out of the way as you opened the fridge and cabinets. They were mostly empty, Steve always waited too long to get groceries, which didn’t help the current problem. You threw away the burnt food and grabbed some random ingredients in hopes to make something edible.
“Why do you always wait until the last minute to go grocery shopping? There’s hardly anything here, so don’t expect dinner to be good.” You suddenly became aware of how small the kitchen was with you both in there. “Can you go somewhere else? I don’t have any room.”
Steve watched as you angrily slammed the cabinets shut and muttered to yourself while you started prepping the food.
“Hey, let me help. After this, you can pick a movie to watch and we can relax. I just washed my blankets so they’re nice and fresh too, I know how you like when they’re fresh out of the dryer.”
“I don’t need help, especially from someone who can’t cook,” you tried opening a jar, but the lid was too tight. “Why won’t this stupid jar open?” 
He opened the jar and you scowled at him. Steve then wrapped his arms around you, letting his chin rest on the top of your head. You tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but it was pointless, he was too strong. 
“Talk to me, what’s going on?”
“I’m fine, leave me alone or we’ll never eat.” 
Steve turned you around so you were facing him. He pulled you into a tight hug, his hands rubbing your back. You felt embarrassed while you cried into his chest, feeling too many emotions at once. It was overwhelming.
“Hey, it’s alright. I’m here, okay? You can talk to me about anything.”
“We were having such a good day and I just....” you sighed, “Are you mad at me?”
“Mad? Why would I be mad at you?” He was surprised at your question. 
“You didn’t even do anything and I snapped at you,” you sniffled, “I’ve just been struggling with my mood swings recently and it’s hard. I’m sorry.”
Steve kissed your forehead. “I’m not mad at you, I would never get mad at you for that. You don’t need to apologize either, you didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone should apologize, it’s me for being an idiot and setting the alarm off and ruining dinner,” he laughed. “I love you no matter what, I want you to understand that.”
“I love you too,” you smiled as he wiped the rest of your tears away. “Does your offer still stand for snuggling on the couch while we watch movies?” 
“If that’s what you want. Anything you want to do is fine with me, I want to make sure you’re happy and comfortable.”
“Can we also do face masks?”
“Of course.”
Steve was the best boyfriend, he was always so patient with you and never got angry or upset. When you first started dating, you explained everything to him, expecting him to break up with you. He couldn’t believe that when you told him, and he assured you he would never break up with you over something like that. One day when you came over, you saw that he was reading up on them online. It meant a lot to know that he cared so much.
“Why don’t I help you finish making dinner first?” He offered.
While he mixed some things together, he got an idea. He took a handful of flour and covered your nose and cheeks with it. You squealed and he laughed.
“Oh, it’s on.”
You quickly grabbed a handful and threw it at him. Before you could run for cover, he poured a handful right on top of your head. Before you knew it, you and Steve were covered in flour, making a mess of yourselves and the kitchen. 
“I think we should just have popcorn for dinner,” he said while looking at the mess.
“I think you’re right.”
He helped you clean up and gave you one of his shirts to wear. It was pretty much a dress on you, but you loved borrowing (a.k.a stealing) his clothes. Steve didn’t mind, he always thought you looked better in them anyways. You went into the bathroom and grabbed one of his face masks. He didn’t understand the point of them, but he knew you loved them, so he bought a few for when you came over.
You sat across from him and scooped some of the mask out. He waited patiently while you covered his face, then he did the same to you. When he saw what you both looked like with the bright blue masks, he laughed.
“Steve, you can’t laugh! It’ll crack.” You were about to start laughing with him, it was contagious.
“Sorry, I can’t help it. We look like Smurfs.”
“You can laugh all you want in ten minutes after we wash them off.”
“Can I take a picture?”
You agreed and he took a few. When he showed them to you, you started laughing.
“It’ll crack!” He mocked you which only made you laugh more.
“We look ridiculous.”
The two of you could barely keep yourselves together. You caught him smiling at you a few times and gave him the same warning. After they were washed off, Steve went to grab two blankets while you made the popcorn. 
When he came back, you snuggled up with him on the couch. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped both of his arms around you. Being covered in a soft, warm blanket and wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms made you instantly relax.
You ended up choosing your favorite Disney movie to watch. It became your goal to show him all of them when you first started dating, and he became obsessed. You’d occasionally find him singing some of the songs to himself and he wouldn’t even notice he was doing it. When the first song started playing in the movie, you could hear him singing it quietly to himself. 
“You’re doing it again.”
“I can stop if it’s distracting.”
“Don’t, I love it. It’s cute,” you smiled. 
He started singing slightly louder while his fingers absentmindedly played with your hair. You sighed of relief. 
“Y’know, you’re like a real life Disney princess.”
“I am definitely not.”
“Well, you are to me.”
He turned your head and lifted your chin before kissing you softly. 
“How did I get so lucky?” You asked him. 
“I ask myself that every day.”
You kissed him again, not even paying attention to the movie.
“I love you Steve.”
“I love you more Y/N.”
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marvelouslycaptivating · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
A Swarm of Butterflies
Part One
Part Two: Awaiting His Call
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Summary: It’s been a few weeks since you’re first initial meeting, and you’re still waiting for a certain blonde super soldier to call.
Authors Notes: I’m so excited to be sharing Part Two of my first Steve Rogers series with you!!! Please tell me what you think. Feel free to message me with requests!! Thanks for reading. Until next time. Xx
Tumblr media
Two weeks had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Fourteen days and Steve still hadn’t called. To say you were disappointed was the understatement of the century. You hadn’t been on a date in well over a year. Your last relationship, which ended abruptly three years prior, had made you cautious. None of the dull men you had accompanied on dates since your breakup had intrigued you enough to give them a second chance. So you spent most of your time in your own company.
You had finally felt a spark with Steve that you had never found anywhere else. You had been excited to explore that, and so your heart was somber when the days had passed and you hadn’t heard from him. You had assumed he had changed his mind about the dinner. While it was disheartening, you understood. He was, after all, one of the Earth’s mightiest hero’s and you were just an average woman. There was nothing memorable about you, and you most certainly couldn’t compare to any of his female colleagues. You were positive that you were not weaving your way into his thoughts the way he was into yours. He’d probably forgotten about you as soon as he’d gotten back to the compound and was thrust into whatever work awaited him there.
You sat at your desk, your fingers lazily tracing the patterns in the cherry stained wood. Your thoughts drifting to a set of piercing, soft blue eyes, a chiseled jaw line, and a breathtaking smile. You could almost still feel the warmth of his hand in yours, and feel the nervousness that had crept up your spine. You hadn’t even realized that you were daydreaming until your boss snapped his fingers in front of your face.
“Y/N! Hello, Y/N?” He tried desperately to capture your attention. You blinked a few times, looking up at the elderly man through your dark lashes. Mr. Klein stood before you dressed in a dark grey suit. In one hand he held his briefcase and in the other a file filled with paperwork. 
“Are you alright?” He asked. His face was riddled with concern. His white eyebrows furrowed and his forehead littered with wrinkles. You realized you still hadn’t responded as you gazed at him. You sat up a little straighter and smoothed your hands over the skirt of your navy dress attempting to collect yourself.
“Yes, I’m fine!! Sorry Mr. Klein. What can I do for you?” You asked, shuffling awkwardly in your seat under the gaze of his deep, brown eyes. 
“I need you to fax this paperwork for me immediately. It’s for my upcoming trial.” He spoke, his voice dripping with urgency. You smiled and took the paperwork from his hands. 
“Of course Mr. Klein. Anything else?” You asked as you stood and made your way over to the fax machine, your heels clicking softly on the white, tile floor.
“No, my dear that will be all.” he replied as he shuffled across the room toward his office.
“Once you’ve completed that you may go home for the day and sort out those thoughts that have you so distracted. I’ll see you next week.” The old man flashed a devious smile over his shoulder. 
“Have a good weekend, sir.” You blushed as he shut the large wooden door. You let out a soft sigh and chuckled to yourself at the old mans bluntness.
You had worked as Mr. Klein’s assistant for the last two years. You had interviewed with him on your third day in Brooklyn, and he hired you on the spot. He was a kind man, always looking out for you. He was wickedly smart and very calculated. He was one of the best attorney’s in the state so you were always busy. There was always a steady stream of work to do and you often came in on weekends during large trials to ensure everything was running properly. This weekend was a rare work free one, and you intended to use it wisely.
You quickly pulled the documents from the file and faxed them over to the office of another attorney in Manhattan. Mr. Klein often partnered with Mr. Davis on large, challenging cases. You had never met Mr. Davis, but Mr. Klein had tried to set you up with him on more than one occasion.
Once you were sure every page was received you powered off the device and began to collect your belongings. You slid your bag over your shoulder and headed toward the door. Pulling it open you stepped out of the office entrance onto the sidewalk. 
It was Friday evening and the street was surprisingly calm. You took a moment and looked around. Across the street the woman who owned the bakery, Gina, was locking up. You sent her a small wave which she returned with a smile. A few buildings down an elderly couple was walking a small Chihuahua, their hands intertwined and smiles adorning their faces. Children were sitting on the steps of an apartment building laughing at a joke one of them had told. You took in the sight and basked in the joy that seemed to radiate from all around you. You began your walk home, humming softly to yourself. You were thrilled for your free weekend and you had planned to go home, order Chinese, and spend the weekend binge watching all of your favorite shows.
Fifteen minutes later you arrived in front of your apartment building. It was older and a little run down, but you loved its charm and character. It was an original brown-stone building. Flower boxes hung from each window and the door to the front entrance was bright red. It stood three stories tall and consisted of fifty small apartments. Yours was on the third floor. 
You skipped up the steps to the entrance and opened the heavy, red door. You stepped inside the first floor hallway and made your way over to the staircase in the corner. The metal stairs clanked under your shoes as you trudged up two flights of stairs before arriving on your floor. You walked down the carpeted hall to your apartment. You stopped in front of your dented, black door and searched for your keys in your bag. Once you’d retrieved the set of keys dangling from a Lady Liberty keychain you began to work on unlocking the door. You had just shoved the key into the lock when your phone began to ring. 
“Oh, damn it.” you huffed, abandoning the keys in the lock to search through your bag for your phone. You pulled it out and flipped it over in your palm. The screen was illuminated with an unknown number. Furrowing your brows you hit the accept call button and brought the phone to your ear.
“Hello?” you questioned, resting the phone between your ear and shoulder. Your hands reached up to the key and jiggled a few times to get the old lock to turn.
“Hi, is this Y/N?” the caller asked. You froze, the swarm of butterflies returning. It was Steve. 
“Yeah,’s me.” you replied, voice suddenly shaky. You pushed open the door and stepped into your apartment. You placed your keys on the small, white table in the front hall and walked into the small living room. 
“It’s Steve. I’m sorry it took so long for me to call. I got sent out on a mission as soon as I got to the compound. I just got back home yesterday.” he apologized, his free hand running through his blonde locks. He was pacing back and forth in front his sofa in his room at the compound. He had just woken up, having slept since he arrived back after the mission. 
“Oh, its fine. I completely understand.” you smiled to yourself, over the moon that he hadn’t forgotten you. You sat on your beige sofa, crossing your legs beneath you anticipating his next words.
“Well, I’d still love to have dinner with you. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since that morning at the park.” He said, suddenly shy as he picked at the waistband of his grey sweats. Your heart started to pound. You could hear the blood rushing in your ears.
“I would like that very much.” you gasped out, realizing you’d been holding your breath. Your entire face was on fire, and you couldn’t keep your smile at bay. 
“Are you free now?” he asked, gaining a bit of confidence. You glanced at the clock it was 5:45. You had planned a quiet evening at home, but you’d much rather be in the company of the super soldier.
“Umm, yeah I’m free.” You replied, trying to sound nonchalant as you rose from the couch and strolled into your room. You sauntered over to the closet and yanked the door open, searching for something to wear.
“Great. How about you send me your address and I’ll pick you up at 7?” he asked, excitement laced in his voice.
“That sounds perfect. I’ll see you soon, Steve.”
“I’ll see you soon, Y/N.” He chucked. He hung up the phone and tossed it onto his bed. His smile was so wide his cheeks ached.
Steve had thought of the girl he’d shared a sunrise with constantly over the last two weeks. Although the two of you had exchanged few words he had felt incredibly comfortable sitting with you on that bench. He had come to the park because he couldn’t sleep. The team has just returned from a difficult mission, and he had been feeling anxious. Your presence has washed over him like a wave, completely calming his racing thoughts.
He stood there running his hands through his hair craving that calmness once more. He wondered how it would feel to hold you in his arms and kiss your soft, baby pink lips. Then he felt it, something he hadn’t felt since Peggy. The undeniable feeling of butterflies dancing in his stomach.
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thefieryphoenix · 7 hours ago
What would happen if yan steve time traveler s/o never told him about the time traveling? And they just disapeared on him until he mets them by chance in the 20 centery after he is pulled from the ice
There’ll be a wave and storm of emotions going on in his mind and heart. Why have you just vanished and disappeared without a trace in the wind? He tried researching more about you but you didn’t exist yet since you were from the future. Now as he bumped into you, you might not remember him but he remembers you as clear as day. The way you smiled, laughed and your kind eyes told him he could do it, who encouraged him to give it his best shot, he wasn’t about to let you out of his grasp again anytime soon
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twoghostsfromeden · 9 hours ago
Don’t blame me for falling
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: You never had problems with your eyesight, until your best friend started working for Dr. Evans. After that, your best friend spent her time convincing you that you needed to have an eye exam. When you finally give in, you find that Dr. Evans gives his first-time patients a special treat.
Word count: ~ 4k (oops)
Warnings: Smut. Fingering. Oral sex. Degradation. Dumbification? Medical kink? 
Note: This is my first Chris Evans fic and it is slightly based off of my own experience with a very hot eye doctor
“For the millionth time— I do NOT need an eye exam,” You insist, rolling your eyes. You lean back against the couch, propping your socked feet up on the table in front of you. Your best friend, Millie, has been trying to get you to come to her new job.
She recently started working for an eye doctor, which means she’s also working for the hottest doctor around town.
Or so she says.
“Y/N, I will pay you to get an exam done. I just need you to see how beautiful this man is,” She urges. You pout your lips, crossing your arms over your chest. It’s not that you don’t want to see this beautiful man, it’s just that, well... You’re awkward around guys.
You’ve gone on your fair share of dates and even had a couple of one-night stands, but you’d never felt comfortable talking to men. Especially when they’re older than you.
But if you’re being honest, you are curious about the mysterious doctor. Millie knows nothing about him, except that he’s obsessed with his dog. You twist the necklace hanging from your neck, gnawing on your lip.
What’s the worst that could happen?
You sigh, closing your eyes. “Fine, make me an appointment,”
You take one last anxious look in your rear-view mirror, reassuring yourself that you look somewhat presentable. You settled for a simple dress, not wanting to overheat in your typical tight jeans.
“Here goes nothing,” You mutter, gathering your keys. You walk to the glass doors, scowling at your reflection. Why did you even come? You deserve a hook-up, it’s been way too long since you’ve had one.
But do you seriously think a rich, young doctor is going to look your way?
You shake your head, attempting to ignore your own thoughts. You’re here already, there’s no point in turning around now. Once you push past the doors, you’re greeted by your best friend. She’s sitting behind the counter, typing away at her computer.
Millie looks up from the screen, handing you a stack of papers. She rolls a pen across the counter-top, giving you an excited smile. “Fill this out for me and then I’ll tell Dr. Evans that you’re ready,” She explains.
You take the papers, tucking them against your chest. “Millie, I don’t know about this anymore,” You whisper, your eyes darting around the room. You see several young women up front, but no one that you suspect is Dr. Evans.
“Don’t be such a wuss! He’s harmless. He’s only going to look at your eyes, it’s not like he’s your gynecologist.”
Your face turns bright red, memories of your last gynecologist appointment. The doctor was horribly rude and invasive, leaving you scrambling out before they could even finish the exam.
Maybe the eye appointment won’t go as bad.
“If this goes horrible, I’m never going to let you be my wingman again,” You threaten, watching as Millie playfully rolls her eyes. You take the papers to your seat, propping them up on your knee. You breeze through the general health questions, checking boxes and crossing x’s through most.
You sign what seems like hundreds of papers before handing them back over to Millie. She glances over the paperwork, smiling back up at you. “He’ll be out shortly,”
You trudge back to your seat in the corner, your fingers mindlessly scrolling through social media, doing anything to keep your mind from running rampant with worst-case scenarios. By the time you hear a strange voice calling your name, you’ve almost forgotten what you were even here for.
“Miss Y/L/N?” The doctor calls out, his fingers curling around the clipboard. Your eyes pop up from your screen, meeting the dress shoes on the floor. From there, your eyes take in the tight black pants, the fitted white dress shirt, and the patterned tie. Once your eyes land on the face of the doctor, you can feel your stomach flipping.
You gulp, eagerly nodding your head. “Y-Yes, that’s me,” You breathe out, struggling to convince your feet to start moving. You’ve suddenly forgotten how to act in public, your brain focused on the hot doctor in front of you.
Dr. Evans smiles, flashing his white teeth at you. He nods toward the back, turning to walk away. “You can follow me,”
You quickly gather your things, following his thundering footsteps down to the first exam room. You can’t help but notice his amazing ass, framed by his pants. The belt around his waist pulls everything together, your mouth practically dripping.
“I saw on your file that this is your first time?” Dr. Evans says, glancing over his shoulder. He stops in front of the door, his hand resting on the knob. Your cheeks turn bright red, your feet stopping just short of Dr. Evans’.
You can’t help but notice his broad shoulders, seemingly trapped in his tight shirt. You’d give anything to see him without a shirt. He must be heaven-sent.
“Getting an eye exam, I mean,” Dr. Evans says, his pink lips curling up into a smirk. He knows what he’s doing. You’re such a sweet girl, such a good girl. He could tell by the way your eyes fluttered up to him when he called your name. He could tell by the way you followed his footsteps, stopping as soon as he stopped, like he was in control of your movements.
“Yes,” You answer, your mouth suddenly drier than any desert you learned about in school. You don’t know what it is about this man that’s making you go crazy, but you’ve never been this bad around a man.
Sure, you’ve never been confident or been able to to talk to a man without stuttering, but you’ve never been so... Enamored.
Dr. Evans opens the door, motioning you to sit in the chair. He makes his way around the desk, sitting in his chair. “Why start now?” He asks, adjusting the knobs on the slit lamp.
“I’ve been having more headaches, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to my eyesight,” You lie, placing your chin in the equipment. Dr. Evans hums, leaning down until he can get a good look at your eye through the lens. “Can you see the dot?”
You squint your eyes until you can see the orange dot, nodding your head. He flips through several other modes until the dot becomes non-existent. When you lean back from the equipment, you watch as his hands move to write down notes. His hands are huge, his knuckles big and veiny.
“Now, I’m going to test your eye pressure,” He explains, standing up. He’s holding something that looks like a no contact thermometer. He moves toward you, pointing at the black dot on the wall. “Keep your eyes on the dot. This won’t hurt, but it might be uncomfortable,”
You nod, resting your hands on your lap. Dr. Evans squats down in front of you, eye-level with you now. He rests his free hand on your knee, sending a hot flash straight to your core. The way Dr. Evans looks up at you with a smirk convinces you that he can feel the warmth.
You lock your eyes onto the dot on the wall, your cheeks red. Dr. Evans positions the equipment in front of your eye, pressing the button. The device blows a puff of air into your eye, causing you to blink.
“We’ll try again,” Dr. Evans says, keeping his eyes on you. The skin underneath is hand is radiating warmth, making him wish he could read your mind. Down here, he can practically smell your arousal, making his mouth water.
He presses the button again, watching as your jerk your head back and blink. “I’m sorry,” You say, chewing on the inside of your cheek. It’s a horrible habit you picked up from your mother, leaving scars lined up on your cheeks.
You feel silly for apologizing, but you can see the disappointment on his face. It’s almost enough to cause tears, but you blink away any possibility of that.
He gives you a soft smile, reaching back and cupping the back of your neck. “I’m going to hold your head so you can’t pull away, alright?” He explains, watching as you nod.
Your eagerness to please causes his mouth to water, wondering if you’re always this submissive, or if it’s only for him.
You take a deep breath, your heart fluttering at the contact. His hand is strong against your neck, the rings on his fingers sending shivers down your spine. There’s something about his touch that’s so… Domineering.
Dr. Evans presses the button again, watching as your work to keep your eye open. You fight back a blink, not wanting to disappoint him again. He smiles, moving the object to your other eye. “There you go. Just needed someone to keep you in place, yeah?” He asks.
You’re thankful he moved his hand from your knee to the back of your neck, because you’re sure if he hadn’t, he’d be able to feel the slickness between your thighs trickling down your legs. You’re not sure what it is, but something about your doctor is driving you crazy.
“I guess,” You answer, chuckling lightly. He keeps his hand on the back of your neck, squeezing lightly. He presses the button on the device, sending another puff of air into your eye. You don’t pull away this time, his hand keeping you in your place.
“Dr. Evans? There’s a patient up front, she says there’s something wrong with her bill,” A female voice calls out, causing Dr. Evans to turn his head. He sighs, turning back to you.
“I’m busy. Can’t you handle it?”
The woman leans against the doorframe, crossing her arms over her chest. “I tried. She wants you,” She says.
Your doctor sighs, patting his hand on your knee. “Dr. Lee will finish up your exam.” He informs you, standing up. You can’t ignore the way you feel when Dr. Evans walks out of the room, leaving you with the new doctor.
You also can’t ignore the way Dr. Evans wanted to stay with you, he wanted to be the one to give you your eye exam.
Your attention is brought back to the new doctor, leaving you to push away your thoughts.
After the eye exam, you learned that you needed glasses. You’re now scanning the shelves to find any glasses you like, trying to ignore Millie blowing your phone up. You know she’s just being nosey about Dr. Evans, but there’s really nothing to tell her.
“Having trouble finding ones you like?” A deep voice asks, causing you to look over your shoulder. You see Dr. Evans towering over you, smiling down at you.
“Yeah, actually.” You answer, watching as he nods back down the hall.
“Follow me, I might have some in my office you like,” He says. He turns and walks down the hall, chuckling to himself when he hears you following him like an obedient puppy. After Dr. Lee took over your exam, he was left alone in his office, imagining a million different ways he wanted to fuck you.
You’re dripping with obedience, you’re practically begging for someone to tell you what to do.
It’s amazing.
Once he reaches his office, he motions for you to sit in front of his desk. You do, crossing your legs. You watch as he rum ages through one of his cabinets, pulling out a tray of new glasses. He sits across from you, pushing the tray your way.
“What do you think about these?” He asks, watching as you pick up a pair. You try them on, scrunching your nose. You’ve never worn glasses, so it’s going to take you a while to get used to it.
You look in the mirror on his desk, frowning. “I don’t think I’m the kind of person that looks good in glasses,” You say, watching as he furrows his eyebrows.
How can you not see how absolutely delicious you look?
“For the record, I think you look great,” He says, earning a blush from you. “But if you don’t want to wear glasses, we can always try contacts,”
“Oh, I don’t think I’d be able to wear contacts,” You answer, shaking your head. You hate things getting close to your eyes. You’ll just have to settle for glasses.
“Come on, I’ll even put some in myself so you can watch me first,” Dr. Evans says, standing up. He not only grabs a box of contacts, but he shuts his office door, forcing your imagination to run wild.
“Okay…” You mutter, watching him sit back down in front of you. He opens a box, pulling out two contacts. You watch him as he scoops the contact onto his finger, bringing it up to his eye.
The whole time, he’s talking you through it, his voice soothing you. He has a voice that commands attention, making him the only thing you can think about.
“Your turn,” He says, pushing the contacts over to your side of the desk. You scoop up the contact, bringing it up to your eye. You do just as he did, holding your eyelid open. As soon as you go to touch your eye, you drop the contact.
Dr. Evans sighs, handing you another contact. You swallow the lump in your throat, trying again. You’re not sure if it’s the way he’s staring at you or your fear of disappointing him again, but you get it on the second try.
Dr. Evans smiles, shooting you another grin. “Alright, try the other eye!” He encourages you, watching you carefully. You repeat the motion again, getting it on the first try.
“Good girl,” Dr. Evans mutters, his eyes focused on you. He can feel his cock twitching in his pants, desperate to get a taste of you.
You can’t help it this time. You’ve held in all of your whimpers and moans, you can’t stop it this time. As soon as the words pass his lips, you let out a quiet moan. Dr. Evans catches it, licking his lips as he watches your cheeks heat up.
“You like being called a good girl, huh?” He asks, leaning forward. His elbows are resting on the desk, his fingers clasped in front of him.
You can’t believe this is happening, but you don’t have time to question it before another moan slips out of your mouth. You nod eagerly, your lip pouting. “Yes, Dr. Evans,” You answer, watching as he chuckles, shaking his head.
“As much as I love the sound of that, I want to hear you whimpering my name,” He says, leaning back in his chair. He spreads his legs, resting his hand on his knee. He uses his free hand to point at the floor, motioning you to crawl to him.
Your knees are on the ground before you can think twice about it, desperate to feel him inside of you. You place your hands on the ground, the humiliation only fueling your arousal. You slowly crawl to him, your eyes on him the whole time.
You catch a glimpse of his white coat, finally learning his first name.
Chris Evans.
As soon as you’re between his legs, his hand is on your jaw, tilting your head up. “Wanna feel that pretty mouth,” He grumbles, his thumb tracing the outline of your lower lip. You stick your tongue out, your eyelids fluttering closed. Chris slips his thumb in your mouth, the weight of it heavy on your tongue.
You use your tongue to swirl around the tip, taking it further in your mouth. You can hear Chris’s breathing pick up, signaling that you’re doing something right.
Chris watches you work your tongue over his thumb, using his other hand to unbutton and unzip his pants. His cock is throbbing, the tip angry and red. When you hear the zipper, you open your eyes, your mouth watering at the sight of his cock.
You take him in your hand, his hips bucking up at the feeling of you wrapped around him. Chris watches you stick your tongue out, slowly running its way around his tip, causing his jaw to go slack. He’s had his dick sucked plenty of times, but he’s never felt a mouth as good as yours.
You hum against his cock, taking him further into your mouth. As much as you want to take all of him down your throat, it’s impossible. So you use your hand to pump his cock as you swallow around his cock, listening to his breathy moans above you.
He tangles your hair in his hands, using your hair to move your head, almost fucking your mouth. He’s holding himself back, knowing you aren’t ready for him to let go completely.
That’ll have to come later.
“Such a filthy little girl… Sucking your doctor off in his office, anyone could walk in,” Chris moans, throwing his head back when he feels you swallow around him.
His words send you into overdrive, your thighs clenching together to relieve some of the pressure. When he notices this, he pulls you off of him, spit stringing from his cock to your swollen lips. “Need to see that pretty pussy,” He mutters, standing up.
Chris walks toward you, his eyes trained on you. You stand, paralyzed, in your spot, until he reaches a hand out, gently pushing you so your lower back is against his desk. Your pussy is throbbing, clenching around air.
“N-need you so bad, Chris,” You breathe out, your voice weak and needy. You’ve never heard yourself like this, so desperate.
Chris smirks, leaning forward and attaching his lips to yours. He grabs your jaw in his hand, gently squeezing as he prods his way into your mouth with his tongue. You feel his strong tongue massage yours, listening as he moans in your mouth.
He uses his grip on your jaw to push you onto the desk, your back on seemingly unimportant papers and documents. He bends down in front of you, eye-level with your soaked panties.
Thank god you wore your pretty panties.
Chris hooks his thumbs in the waistband of your panties, slowly pulling them down your long legs. Your arousal leaves a string from your panties to your throbbing center, distracting Chris from his actions. He leaves your panties around your ankles, his index finger swiping through your folds, collecting your sweet arousal.
“Oh, my sweet girl. You feel so fucking good,” He mutters, spreading you open with his thumb and index finger. Your legs are wide open, leaving you open and exposed.
You whimper on the desk, squirming and wiggling, doing anything to tell him that you need him. “Please,” You whine, watching as he smirks up at you.
“You need me to eat your sweet little cunt? Want me to play with your button, baby?” He asks, his voice deeper than it was when you first joined him in his office. You eagerly nod, throwing your head back against the desk when you feel his wet tongue running over your folds.
Your slick mixed with his spit has you shaking, loving the feeling of your arousal dripping down to your ass. Chris kisses your folds, attaching his lips to your swollen bud. Your eyes widen as you feel him suck on it, tugging gently.
You reach down, grabbing his brown hair in your hands, locking your legs onto his shoulders. You grind into his face, your back arched on the cold, wooden desk. Chris uses his free hand to reach up, grabbing a handful of your boob, his finger circling your nipple over the fabric of your dress.
You moan above him, feeling two of his long fingers into your center, immediately curling them. That, mixed with the sounds of him slurping your arousal, is enough to launch you into your orgasm.
“C-Chris! I’m… I’m com—“
Before you can finish the sentence, you hear Chris moan into your center, the vibrations too much for you to handle. You feel the pressure in your lower stomach subside, the feeling of pure euphoria washing over you. Your hands are still tangled in Chris’s hair, pulling and tugging as you ride out your orgasm.
Once Chris has cleaned you, he stands up, smirking. “Can’t wait to feel your cunt wrapped around me,” He mumbles, pushing his pants down just enough to give him room. His cock is still wet with your spit, so he gives himself a few pumps, before leaning over you.
He presses a quick kiss to your lips, allowing you to taste yourself. Chris pushes forward until you feel the head of his heaven sent cock prying its way through your folds, finally nudging into your slick hole.
Chris quietly moans, dropping his head to your neck, sucking on the skin there as he pushes his way in deeper. You feel yourself stretching around him, the burning sensation almost too much for you.
When he bottoms out, you both let out a throaty moan, relieved to feel each other. Chris props himself up with his arm, pulling almost all the way back out, before slamming back in. Your tits bounce in your dress, causing Chris to pull down the fabric.
He latches his mouth onto the swollen nipple, licking and sucking as he thrusts into you. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
“Such a good fucking girl,” Chris says, pulling away from your chest. He pushes your leg up to your chest, moaning at the new angle. You can almost see the bulge in your belly, making your eyes roll back into your head.
“Tell me how it feels,” Chris demands, his eyes locked onto you as he pulls out again.
“So good, it feels so good. Your cock is so big, baby,” You moan, wrapping your legs around his waist, digging your heels into his waist, trying to get him buried deeper inside of you.
Chris smirks, hovering over you and thrusting into you again. “You like getting fucked like a whore, huh?” He asks, wrapping his big hand around your throat. He adds pressure, watching you as you nod.
Chris quickly pulls out, using your throat to pull your back off of the desk. He turns you around, bending you over the desk. He keeps his hand on the back of your neck, using his other one to land a hard smack on your ass, moaning as he watches it jiggle.
He enters you again, earning a loud moan from you in this new position. You arch your back as he holds your neck, fucking into you relentlessly. “I think you like knowing anyone could walk in and see you getting fucked by a stranger. Is that right?” He asks, moaning as you clench around him.
You never thought you’d like being watched by someone else, but you can’t deny the way your head skinned when he mentioned it.
He tightens his grip on your neck, turning it so you’re looking at the door. “Want you to watch that door. Want you creaming all over my cock thinking about somebody watching me fuck you,” Chris says, fighting back another moan.
The thought of someone watching you be so obedient for him, so desperate for him, sends him into overdrive. He lets go of your neck, reaching around your body and pressing his thumb against your clit.
You moan out, your body trembling and shaking as your sent into your second orgasm. You keep your eyes on the door, not wanting to disappoint Chris. When he feels your pussy clenching around him, he throws his head back, giving you one last thrust.
Just as you feel the first spurt of cum painting your walls, you watch as the doorknob turns, sending panic through your body. “Dr. Evans, is everything al—“
You let out a breath of relief as you see Millie standing in the doorway, her lips parted and her eyes wide.
It could’ve been worse.
Chris keeps his eyes on you, only pulling out when he’s sure he’s finished. Millie turns to go back down the hall, shutting the door behind her. You stand up, pulling your dress down as you feel his cum dripping down your thighs.
Chris sits back in his chair, his legs spread, a cocky smile on his face. “Can’t wait for your next exam,”
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anagentinwriting · 9 hours ago
Lifeline - Part 16
Summary: (First Responders!AU) Moving to Los Angeles and living with your brother, Thor, was never part of your plan nor was being a 9-1-1 dispatcher, but plans change when you are faced with your own emergencies. In your case, it was leaving behind a relationship that wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Will this be the fresh start you were hoping for or will your past find a way to catch up with you?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Odinson!Sister Reader
Word Count: 3600+
Warnings: Blood, angst, kidnapping, hospitals
Lifeline Masterlist / Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Thor whistled, clutching onto your Tupperware as he punched in the gate code to your condo, hearing a dog barking in the distance. “Dogs, such noisy creatures. This is why Darryl and I agreed to no dogs, but I will admit they can be adorable at times,” he mumbled to himself, pausing on the last digit, noticing the gate partially opened. “Huh? That can’t be right.” 
He pushed open the gate and stepped in, turning to close it until he heard it lock in place. He reassured himself with a nod and continued up the path to your house, hearing the barking get louder. Thor rubbed his lips together as his eyes traveled to the small porch, spotting a dark figure lying on the ground.
“What in the name is…” Thor's eyes widened, getting closer and recognizing the figure to be Steve. Thor dropped your Tupperware to the ground, sprinting to him, and kneeled down next to him. “STEVE, STEVE. HEY, HEY, WAKE UP?” 
The motion sensor lights flickered on, and Thor’s mouth dropped open, taking in Steve’s appearance. Steve was lying on his side in a small pool of blood. A gash on the side of his head glistened in the light with blood coating one side of his neck. Thor gulped, zipping off his sweatshirt, and pulling his phone from his pants pocket, dialing 911. 
“STEVE, STEVE...YOU THERE BUDDY? STAY WITH ME…” Thor shouted, placing his phone on speaker and setting it on the ground. He rotated Steve onto his back, placing two fingers on his neck to check for a pulse while applying slight pressure to his head wound using his sweatshirt.  
“911, what’s your emergency?” A male voice asked on the other side of the line.
“I need medical and police response to 761 High Ridge Drive Unit 1. We have an unconscious adult male suffering from some sort of head trauma.” Thor’s eyes traveled down Steve’s form, seeing a knife sticking out of his torso. “Scratch that, a head trauma and a stab wound to his torso.”
“May I ask who I am speaking with?”
“Thor Odinson. I’m a firefighter with the 107.”
“Wait, Thor…this is Bruce; is everything alright?”
“The victim is Steve Rogers. He is bleeding from both his head and his abdomen.”
“Units are on their way. Do you know what happened or how long he has been down?”
“I don’t know. I just came to drop my sister’s Tupperware off, and from the amount of blood, I would assume it hasn’t been long.”
“How’s his pulse?”
“It’s weak, and his breathing is shallow. Come on, Steve, wake up. Help is on the way.” Thor tapped him on the cheek, hearing a small groan leave his lips. “There you are. Good, good.” Thor let out a sharp, relieved breath, taking in his surroundings. His mouth went dry as he glanced over his shoulder at your front door, hearing a dog whining inside. “Steve, Steve, Where is YN? Is she still here?”
“YN,” he wheezed with his eyes closed. “Jig.”
Thor narrowed his eyes at him, not understanding what he was saying. “Jig? Steve, what are you saying? STEVE.” Thor tapped in on the cheek again but got nothing in response. He sighed, rechecking his pulse and nodding to himself when it was still there. “Hang on, Steve.”
“Responders are nearby,” Bruce stated through the phone. “Keep doing what you’re doing, Thor.”
Thor’s head snapped to the street upon hearing sirens, and the gate clicked open, having given Bruce the code earlier. Paramedics came rushing in, taking over his current position and examining him even farther. Thor stood off to the side, hearing nothing, but the sound of his own breathing, watching the medics work quickly. His mind was in a haze, and before he returned to his senses, Steve was on the stretcher going down the walkway. One of the paramedics was standing in front of him, staring at him with wide eyes. Her mouth was moving, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying.
“Are you going to be okay?” She asked again, placing her hand on his shoulder.
“Ahhh...yeah,” he nodded at her question. “Of course.”
“The police will be here shortly.” The paramedic patted him on the shoulder, handing him his phone before following her team.
“You still there, Thor?” Bruce asked as Thor watched the flashing lights disappear in the distance. 
“Yeahhhh,” he dragged out, bringing the phone to his ear. “YN.” 
He opened the door to your condo, and his stomach dropped at the carnage before him. The pillows and blankets that laid on the couch were scattered all around the living room. The small glass entry table Nat gave you was shattered to pieces along with what looked like a broken wine bottle. Photos hanging on the walls were no longer straight, and a few laid broken on the floor. 
He gulped, staring at what stood before him. “No, no, no,” he chanted to himself, racing up the stairs. “YN, YN, where are you?” He shouted, looking around your room and bathroom upstairs. He ran back down the stairs, stopping at the bottom. “YN,” he bleated, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Thor, did you find anything?” Bruce questioned from the phone in Thor’s hand.
“She’s uh….she’s not here. She’s gone,” he sniffled, squeezing his eyes shut. “All her stuff is here, but she’s gone.”
“All units responding to 761 High Ridge Drive, please be advised we also have a critical missing adult female: YN Odinson Russo.”
“He found her.” Thor’s voice dropped, making his body tensed up. Every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire, causing the hair on his arm to stand up straight. He let out a deep calming breath, but it did nothing to calm him down. 
“Hey, man. We’ll find her.”
“Bye, Bruce,” Thor grunted, hanging up the phone. He let out a frustrated sigh, running his hand through his hair. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How did he let this happen? He was supposed to protect you, but he failed you again. He promised you, and now, he broke that promise. He gave you to Billy without even giving you a chance, and Steve almost died in the process.
A noise behind him made his body jerk around in one swift motion with his hands raised, ready to throw a punch but dropped them once he heard it coming from the closet. He took a cautious step towards it and pulled it open, jumping back with his fists raised. He dropped them, seeing Cosmo whining and staring up at him. “What happened here boy?” 
Cosmo stepped out of the closet, and that’s when Thor’s eye caught the red marks around his mouth. “Did you bite him?” Cosmo whined, forcing a slight smile to Thor’s lips. “Did I call your kind noisy earlier; well, I meant amazing.” Thor leaned down, scratching him on the head, staring at the stained fur around his mouth. Thor’s mouth spread into a closed-mouth smile with a single tear escaping down his cheek. 
Thor watched the crime scene unit take pictures, seeing the flashes repeat themselves over and over again. He bit his lip, picturing Steve lying motionless on the ground as he tried to imagine a better outcome for you. Were you okay? Were you hurt? 
“Hey, big guy. How are you holding up?” Nat asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged in response, not breaking eye contact with the front door. “Do you know what happened?”
He shook his head, catching her eye. “He did it, Nat. I know it was him; It was Billy.”
“Hey, we can’t assume it's him. For all, we know he is still in New York. We will figure this out as long as you let us do our jobs.”
“Are you kidding me?” He stood up straighter, pushing Nat’s hand away from him. “My sister, one of your best friends, goes missing, and you think some random asshole off the street came in, hit Steve over the head, and stabbed him, and then, what...for shits and giggles was like BLEUGH, let’s kidnap her. I mean, come on, who else would want to hurt her, Nat? Who?”
“You don’t think I know that. You don’t think I know what that asshole put her through. You don’t think I suspected it was him when the call came through because I did...and if you think you’re the only one hurting right now, you’re wrong,” She countered, poking him on the chest. Thor clenched his jaw, staring down at her to see tears threatening to fall in her eyes. “You need to trust us and let us do our job. The same way people put their trust in you to save their lives.” She pursed her lips, stepping away from him to go inside to look at the crime scene.”
“She’s right, man,” Clint added, standing off to the side. “Let us do our thing, and we’ll catch him.”
Thor looked down at his watch, still standing in the same spot on the grass. He was supposed to be getting questioned but like everything else. They were taking their sweet time when they should be focusing on finding you.
“Hi, I’m Detective Nick Fury, and from what I understand, you're YN’s brother.” Thor tilted his head, sizing up the man with an eye patch, noticing Nat and Clint behind him. 
“Yes, how can I help?”
“From what my associates have filled me in on, they say you believe it was her ex-husband--” he flipped through his note pad “--Billy Russo. Yet, he lives some 3,000 miles away in New York City, so at this point, he isn’t guilty of anything.” He arched an eyebrow at Thor. “Did he know she was here?”
“Well… no, I don’t think so…but he did tell her if she ever left him, he would kill her.”
“Did YN tell you this?”
“Did Russo threaten and/or hurt YN before this?”
“She did file for divorce a day or so ago. It could have put her back on his radar.” Nat spoke up from behind him, and Fury nodded his head, writing a few notes in his notepad.
“We will look into him. Now, you mentioned to dispatch that before Rogers passed out, he mentioned someone by the name of Jig. Does that name sound familiar to you or you two behind me?” Nat and Clint both arched a bow, looking at each other, and mumbled no. 
“No, I don’t know him,” Thor answered, furrowing his brows together before his eyes shot open wide. “WAIT, Fury. I remember Steve mentioning this new friend he was playing pool with; I never met him, but now, I know why because it was Billy. He got close to Steve so he could get close to YN.” Fury stared at him, trying to wrap his head around it. “What, you don’t believe me? I mean...look at Steve’s phone. It’s right by the door; check for yourself.”
Fury sighed, looking at him. “It’s a good theory, but unfortunately, the phone is locked. We can’t open it without the victim's consent.”
“He’s in the hospital right now after almost dying. I think that gives you consent to look at any of his things as long as it pertains to finding my sister,” Thor shouted, standing up taller and pointing at the front door. 
“They will subpoena his phone records, but it’ll take time,” Nat added, crossing her arms. Thor shot her a hard glare, shaking his head with a vengeful smile.
“This is ridiculous. What if YN doesn’t have time? For all, we know she could be dead already because all of you are wasting time here instead of going out and looking for her. Come on, Billy did this.” Thor said, slapping his hand into his palm.  “It’s like every crime documentary I've watched; it’s always the husband, boyfriend, lover, or ex...” Thor rolled his eyes and started pacing back and forth. “He almost killed Steve, and he could--he could kill her next.” His voice drifted off, rubbing his forehead.
“But he didn’t…” Clint stated, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Maybe you’re right; Billy did this. He found out where she was and hurt Steve, but YN’s not here...and if all he wanted to do was kill her…”
“...then I would have found her, too,” he sniffled, clenching and unclenching his jaw. 
“And you didn’t.” Clint squeezed his shoulder. “She was alive when he took her, and we have to hold onto that right now.” Thor gulped, staring blankly at the front porch. 
“You’re right,” he breathed, staring down at Clint, nodding to Fury and Nat. “I should let you work. I’m gonna head to the hospital to see Steve...that is if we are done here?”
“We’re done for now,” Fury nodded, watching Thor go to his truck.
“You don’t think you’re gonna find her alive, do you?” Nat asked Fury, crossing her arms across her chest.
“In these situations, the most dangerous time for a woman is when she leaves her abuser. YN knew this, that’s why she was hiding, but if it is him…well, these scenarios usually don’t come with a happy ending.”
“Do we have any witnesses?” 
“None.” He shook his head. “At this time, we are still trying to access her security footage, but we did manage to get access to a street camera across the street. The image is a little grainy, but it did catch what looked to be a man forcing her into his car. All we got is a dark-colored sedan, which doesn’t exactly narrow down our search.”
“Nope, it just sounds like a bad guy's car,” Clint added, nodding his head. 
Thor sat on one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs, leaning his head against the wall. Steve was still in surgery, and by the looks of it, no one found you yet. Bucky and Val showed up a little while ago and were both in the corner talking with Carol, who got there first. Thor sat there quietly, staring at nothing with his blood ragging and fighting the urge to punch something. He leaned forward, hunching himself over rubbing his face with his hands. He sighed, removing his hands, spotting a pair of workbooks in front of him. His eyes traveled up to see Val standing in front of him. 
“Mind if I sit?” Thor pointed to the spot next to him and nodded with pursed lips. “I drew the short straw,” Val confessed, forcing him to scoff. “How are you doing?”
“I’m good, great even. The rage, vengeance, and anger coursing through my veins is nothing compared to what Billy is going to be feeling when I find that bastard.” He forced a smile, letting out a soft determined chuckle. Val placed a hand around his wrist, and he stared at her hand, feeling his invisible vail start to slip from his face. 
“Everyone is feeling that way right now, but how are you really?” 
He cleared his throat, glancing between Val and the floor, letting out a shaky breath. “I uh...I told YN that she didn’t need to keep running, that she should stay here and start over where she would be safe. I would keep her safe,” he sniffled, rubbing at his nose. “She had this dramatic plan all laid out, I was only her first stop, but then I convinced her to stay.  I promised her I would protect her and keep her out of harm's way.” He stared off into the distance. “But, he still found her, and I broke our promise. If she left like she planned to and she kept running, he never would’ve found her.”
Val sighed beside him, squeezing his wrist before letting go. “It’s not your fault. Yeah, sure, you might have promised her things, but I know YN wouldn’t want you blaming yourself. Hell, she would smack you upside the head if she knew what you were thinking.” She knocked her shoulder with his, and he smirked, nodding his head. “There is no telling what would've happened if she kept running. He might have caught up with her, he might not have, but if he did, she would’ve been alone and scared.”
“She’s alone with him…now” 
“But, I don’t think she is as scared as she would’ve been if it wasn’t for you being there and helping her through this.” Thor caught her eye as a stray tear fell down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it away, hoping it would go unnoticed.. “Dude, she was happy here, and I bet it was the happiest she's been in a long time.”
Thor was about to say something when his phone started ringing. He pulled it from his pocket, seeing Loki's name flashing on the screen. “It’s my brother; I better take this.” Thor stood up, answering it while he walked to a quiet hallway.
“What happened, brother?”
“Why would you assume something happened? I could’ve just called to see how you’ve been or asked about the movie you’re working on.”
“It’s a theatre production, not a film, but seriously brother, what’s the problem?” 
Thor walked back and forth in the hallway, not knowing what to say or how to say it. He breathed into the phone, leaning against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. He pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut. 
 “Say something?”
“What do you want me to say? That I messed up again. And our little sister is yet again in danger because of me. Or how one of my good friends is in the hospital, fighting for his life.”
“What? She’s gone? How did this happen?” Loki shouted into the phone, forcing Thor to remove it from his ear. “Thor. You had one job, just the one; keep our little sister safe. And you couldn’t even do it,” he snapped with an exasperated tone. 
“I did keep her safe. Sorry, I wasn’t coddling her like you did in New York. I, at least let her have a life, make friends, and have fun without me being…”
“I beg your pardon, we had fun here, and she has tons of friends here,” Loki interrupted.
“Well, at least I encouraged her to stay and start over instead of galavanting around like a chicken.”
“Why a chicken?”
“It’s a saying, I don’t remember the other half of it, but it’s not important. YN managed to find a new life, and she’s happy here.”
“I never said she wasn’t happy, and she wasn’t unhappy in New York either. It all comes back to the sleazebag she married.” 
“We finally agree on something,” Thor added with a knowing smile. “If only sister could see us now?”
"She isn’t to know about this.”
“She wouldn’t believe us anyway.”
“You have a point there.” Thor could picture Loki’s wicked smirk on his face. 
“When can you get here?”
“I’m leaving for the airport now. I’ll see you soon, brother.” Loki hung up, and Thor closed his eyes, letting out a deep breath.
Thor came back to the waiting room to find Nat and Clint there with their notepads out, probably asking them questions about Steve. He returned to the chair he was sitting in before, hunching himself over and twirling his phone around in his hand with his leg bouncing. He caught Nat’s eye, and he shot her a hard glare, shaking his head. She didn’t even care that one of her best friends was abducted; instead, she was more worried about her job and following orders; when did she decide to finally become a rule follower. Thor heard footsteps approach him, and he looked beside him to see Sam. 
“Hey man, I heard what happened. Sorry, I’m so late. I took an extra shift. Everything alright? Do you need anything?” Sam asked, taking the seat next to him.
“No news and I’m doing fine,” Thor gulped, leaning back and resting his hands together on his stomach.
“Any news on Steve?” Thor shook his head, staring straight ahead. “Do the police have any leads on YN?”
“None. As far as I am aware.” He shrugged, pointing to Nat and Clint. “They haven’t told me anything yet.”
Sam nodded, glancing between Thor and Nat, sensing something happened earlier. “How were Steve’s injuries? Was he still conscious?
“They seemed severe, but we’ve both seen worse. He had a gash on the side of his head, a knife sticking out of his torso. There was quite a bit of blood. He was unconscious, but he did manage to say YN and Jig before he passed out again. Never met him, so I don’t know if he has something to do with this. I have my theories, but the police aren’t looking into it. I told them to check his phone to see if Jig’s number matches her ex-husbands and that maybe he was lying about his name, but it’s breaking the chain of custody or some nonsense.” Thor crossed his arms, shaking his head.
“Wait, Steve said Jig,” Sam questioned, and Thor nodded, having explained this multiple times so far.  “You know I suspected him to be a little off when I met him at Happy’s. He seemed a little too full of himself with his hair gelled back, and his... “ 
“You’ve met him,” Thor asked, sitting up straight with wide eyes. “If I bring up a picture of him. Do you think you could recognize him?” Sam nodded, and Thor scrolled through his phone until he found a picture of you and Billy. “Is this him?”
“Yeah, that’s the guy. How did…” Sam’s eyes grew wide. “Oh, shit.”
“I knew it.” Thor shot out of his chair heading straight for Nat. 
AN: Thanks for reading Part 16. Oh snap! How did this happen? Things were going so well, her and Steve were going to go on a date, but now she got kidnapped, Steve is in the hospital, and Cosmo got shoved into a closet. And just when Thor was starting to forgive himself for past events, this shit happens! And what is going on with Nat being a rule follower all the sudden? Interesting...And now, Loki is on his way to LA. (I never wrote him before, so I hope I did him justice!!) And for those of you that are 9-1-1 fans, it is similar to the kidnapping episode, you know the one. I like how they concocted it, so I worked off of that, but I did tweak it to my liking. As many suspected, Jig turned out to be Billy. It's a good thing Sam met him that night otherwise who knows how long it would've taken for them to realize. Also, I am curious if any of you Googled the name Jig with Marvel because I did, and he popped right up! Haha! Or did my subtle hints help you figure it out? Anyways, any theories as to what's to come? Will Thor ever be able to forgive himself? Is Steve gonna pull through? Are they going to find her in time? So many questions...I hope you all enjoyed Thor's POV in this part, I thought it would be a good change of pace. Anywho, my ramble is done, comments always welcome! Thanks again for reading! 
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twoghostsfromeden · 10 hours ago
good morning lovessss :) i’m working on my first fic (?) and it will be posted soon!
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captainapple · 10 hours ago
Dating Steve Rogers (HC)
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Fem!Reader
Word count: 700+
Warning: slight fluff, slight angst
Tumblr media
You work with Captain America, but the relationship remained as co-worker. You are a SHIELD agent, specialized in strategy management of the team.
Being a woman, surrounded by men, it is important for you to prove your ability. Even you have to be involved in heated argument with Captain himself during planning a mission for the Avengers. Not that you dislike him, you just have different strategy, the better one - you thought.
One day, you visited Peggy's grave. It was her one year commemoration. She was your idol growing up.
Captain also went to the grave on the same day. His mind wondering why he would meet you there. "Are you her relative?", he asked.
You told him how you adore her, even you were lucky to be able to meet her before she passed away.
Steve got excited to share Peggy's story with you. Sometimes, he read your expression, maybe you hinted a boredom in his long story. He was glad that you were still interested listening to him.
In the middle of your conversation, your stomach growled. He chuckled at the sound. "Wanna continue over breakfast? I know a diner nearby", he offered.
You gladly accepted the offer. When you and Steve were walking out from cemetery complex, he realized that you rode an antique motorcycle. He finally found someone who shared the same interest as him.
Both of you ended up talking about each other's personal life during breakfast. He is quite an interesting gentlemen - you thought.
"Friendly" date became a routine for both of you. Steve realized he might be falling for you, but he was scared that you might feel different. You also felt the same. But he is still into Peggy, get a hold of yourself - you took mental note.
You tried to bottle up your feeling, until it finally broke.
"It is a suicide mission, Cap! You could get killed", you shouted as disagreeing with his plan.
The argument went quite long. Fury and the other Avengers excused themselves out from meeting room, fully aware that the argument would last very long. Both of you are known to be the most stubborn person.
"So what? At least the world is safe!", he shouted back.
"Then what about me? How could I lose someone I care about. No, someone I like". You blurted out all of your feelings. You could feel tears pooling your eyes. Damn, you never imagine it would turn out like this.
"You what?". Steve furrowed his eyebrows. "Nevermind", you hurriedly leave the meeting room.
Steve could not believe what he just heard. You like him. He could not understand the feeling, he got excited but worried about you at the same time. He decided to go to your apartment.
"What do you want, Cap?". You opened the door and tried to avoid Steve gaze. His blue eyes were your weaknesses.
He called your name, but you only hummed back in respond. He finally lifted your chin to meet your eyes.
"I like you too". He smiled at you. "I thought you don't feel the same, because I don't want-"
You hugged him before he finished. He stood still for seconds before hugging you back.
"Can I kiss you?", he whispered.
You giggled at his question. Such a gentleman. You nodded.
He kissed you slowly and passionately. You kissed him back in the same manner. It was a long kiss until two of you need to breathe.
It was official after the kiss. Both of you agreed to keep the relationship as secret. Steve does not comfortable with PDA, and you want to keep things professional in work. Beside, you do not want to live under his shadow. He respects your decision.
The Avengers did not know about your relationship, yet.
"Do you want to come? It's just a dinner, doll". Steve asked you to be his plus one in Christmas Eve dinner with Avengers. You seemed conflicted.
"I mean it's fine if you don't want to. It's just Nat won't stop giving me list of girls to date and Tony thought I was having an imaginary girlfriend". He showed his puppy eyes. You could not say no to him, especially after he told you what he was going through. You finally agreed to come with him
"Another mission from Fury?", Tony asked as soon as you arrived at the compound.
Steve came and wrapped his arm around your hips. "Everyone, meet my girlfriend".
Everyone dropped their jaw. It became silent for a moment until Nat came to you. "C'mon, tell us more and Steve, nice choice", she winked at you.
"But how- since when?", Tony stuttered.
"A year ago", you and Steve answered in unison.
"Well, Tony you owed each of us twenty dollar", Bruce grinned.
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 10 hours ago
Candy Coated 4
Warnings: non-consent sex and rape (series), oral, fingering, coercion, control, power play.
This is dark!Zemo x reader and explicit. 18+ only.  Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Series Synopsis: You’ve always felt like you’re running from behind to catch up, but after a chance encounter with an enigmatic man, your life gets ahead of you.
Note: Tomorrow is the finale for Birch!Loki and then if you guys are into it, I can post the first part of Birch!Sam? Or I don’t know. I have to finish some things that I have half done as well, including a Jensen one shot, the next chapter of this, and hopefully some long-awaited Secrets?
Thanks to everyone for their patience and feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 Let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!
Tumblr media
You watched yourself in the floor length mirror. Your hands fumbled to tuck the top of the towel firmly under. You could feel the humidity seeping in from just a few feet behind the door. The large change room was vacant and lent to your sense of desolation.
Everything around you was so lush. You’d never been to a spa before and you couldn’t even guess at the price tag paid for your visit. You could hardly bask in it, not only because of the circumstance of the man who brought you there, but because you couldn’t help but languish in the mire of your roommates’ chagrin. 
It wasn’t about the rent, Mal insisted, it was that you were leaving so suddenly and without explanation. You did your best to convince her that it was for your internship, to get closer to the ministry, but the arrival of the movers hardly helped her believe you. Oliver said little as was his habit but his demeanour was less than passive. You promised you’d still see them but even that could not assuage them.
You carried it with you. The car ride, that day just you and the Baron in a glossy black sports car, was mostly silent as you kept from chewing your nails under the weight of the not so happy departure. Your overnight bag was in the backseat and the white lingerie was just beneath the zipper. Your escort hardly comforted you with his few careless and mostly lurid words.
You snapped back to the present, almost dizzy from how quickly that man turned your life upside down. You were here in the lap of luxury, in the shadow of his wife. You pressed your hands to the front of the towel, fingers spread wide, and exhaled. You cleared your throat and nodded at yourself in the mirror. You really did look pathetic, no wonder he scouted you out among the pack.
You took the robe from the hook and pulled it around you. You went to the door and peeked out into the hall. He was there, waiting, robe open without a care as only a short towel wrapped around his lower half. The rug of dark hair along his chest thinned out down his stomach and disappeared beneath the fluffy linen. He raised a brow and titled his head at you as you forced yourself out from behind the door.
“No need to be modest,” he intoned, “I’ve bought out the entire sauna. We will have our privacy.”
He held you his hand and you stared at it for just a second. You took it and let him guide you further down the mosaic tile to the large arched doors. Two attendants stood without and pulled them open as you neared. You stepped through into the steamy room and they quickly closed you in.
You mimicked him as he let you go and removed his robe to hang by the door. You did the same, squirming at the bareness of your shoulders and legs, quickly fixing your towel before it could slip away.
“I hope you are not so forgetful as me but I did not ask,” he purred as he led you along to a long curved bench, “did you bring it?”
It. You knew what he meant. You sat beside him as he leaned back on his hands and basked in the wet warmth. You couldn’t relax, you crossed your legs and arms and hunched forward as once more you sank into despairing thoughts. 
You shouldn’t be here as movers were in your apartment, disturbing your roommates. You shouldn’t be moving into a married man’s penthouse, you shouldn’t be working a position you hadn’t earned. 
You wiped your forehead shakily and winced as his hand stretched over the back of your towel.
“You’re so tense, you must let the steam do its work,” he rubbed you through the fabric, “you earned the break.”
“I earned none of it,” you murmured, “I don’t think--” you tried to stand and he caught your arm. You looked at him and tried not shy away from his dark eyes. His forehead wrinkled haughtily, “I will leave the ministry, you can take back all you’ve given me, and I will pay you back once I--”
“You’ve quit your job, as I told you to, you’ve left your meagre hospice, and you’ve come this far,” he said, “you are being so good, do you really want to ruin all that?”
You gulped and your face fell. You turned your chin down. He won so easily and even as you said those words, thought aloud desperately, you knew it was all a bunch of pretense. Why were you still holding out? 
He was right, you knew when you accepted his first gift that it was more than just a kind gesture. Your insecurity may have told you otherwise but you were an adult and you couldn’t hide behind naivete any longer.
“Sit back,” he nudged you until your back met the low stone edge and you held yourself up with stiff arms as you tried to relax, “just… breathe… close your eyes.”
You bit your tongue and slowly lowered your lashes. You quivered as he ran his knuckles along your bare arm and traced a line over your collar bone. His hot breath mingled with the steam and his lips followed his fingertips.
You gripped the bench and every muscle in your body was strung like a bow. His touch added to the flurry in your stomach and chest. He kissed and nipped your neck and you did nothing to stop him. You couldn’t tell if you were paralysed by fear or futility.
He tickled your thigh and you pushed your legs together. He tutted and poked his fingers into the tender flesh until you let your knees fall apart. He trailed up the inside of your leg and purred. He raised his head and grabbed your chin with his other hand. He held your chin and kissed you as he teased the little patch of hair beneath your towel.
“I can help you relax, dear,” he rasped and kissed you again.
He delved between your folds and sent a shiver through you as he grazed your clit. He swirled his fingers around your sensitive bud and you gasped into his mouth as his tongue poked past your lips. You grabbed his arm but didn’t push him away. 
Amidst the confusion of your body and mind, you wondered if maybe he would tire of you once it was over. Maybe if you let him get what he wanted, he would leave you alone. There was little logic in the hope but it made his trespass easier.
He slid his fingers along your cunt, lingering along your clit until you slickened against him. He hooked his leg over yours and forced your knees wider. His other arm wrapped around you and held your head as he kissed you deeper and prodded along your entrance. You tried to pull back but he kept you against him and pushed inside with two fingers.
You squeezed his arm tighter and groaned into his mouth. He pressed his thumb to your clit as he curled his fingers inside of you. You trembled as your flesh both crawled and sang at his touch.
He released your head, his arm still snaked around you and buried his face in your shoulder as his hot breath brushed along your skin. Your towel came undone and bared you entirely. He hummed and dipped his head lower as he forced you to lean back until you were parallel with the bench. You reached up to hold yourself up against the next stone seat.
You laid in a painful limbo over the bench, legs arched against the stone as he bent to take your nipple in his mouth, his hand moving faster with each ragged pant from your chest. Your thighs squeezed his hand and the blood rushed to your head and pulsed as you sensed your climax closing in.
You cried out, muffling it with your palm as you contorted on the stone and he nuzzled between your tits as he urged you through your orgasm. You bit down on the heel of your hand as the ripples faded out and left you breathless and buzzing.
He sat up and pulled you against him, his arm at your waist, and he shifted on the bench. He grinned at you with smoky eyes and dropped his arm. He pushed your numb legs together and brought your towel back up over your chest and knotted it firmly in the middle. He sighed and his damp fingers danced along your neck.
“Now I think I might have some trouble relaxing,” he remarked and sat straight, leaning back once more with his legs out casually, his towel tented indecently, “but I will try.”
You were in a daze when you returned to the room. The immense suite was on ground level and opened up to a private pool and serene landscape beyond. Everything was pristine white and polished marble. It was finer than any place you’d ever been and reminded you again of your debt to this man. Still your mind was too fuzzy to feel terribly.
You laid face down as the hired masseuse kneaded at your muscles, Zemo on the table next to you. As nice as it felt, not all kinks could be smoothed out. When at last your series of masks, massages, and wraps were finished, you felt entirely unlike yourself. You felt as if this man was molding you to fit his needs. You knew he was.
You sat in your robe after the last of the staff left, a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. The bubbles made you hiccup and you quickly gave up on trying to finish it as Zemo nursed a glass of dark liquor and peered out through the open sliding doors. The sky dimmed slowly beyond and cast an azure tint over the pool.
“Well, dear,” he turned and sat in one of the armchairs, “I think I have waited long enough.”
You twined your fingers through each other and sat up. The corners of his lips curved and his lashes flicked as he looked you up and down.
“I want to see it,” he said, “it did look so nice in the picture.”
You smiled sheepishly, or maybe it was grimace, and stood. You went to the dresser where the staff had unpacked your bag. That was embarrassing but you figure there was little disillusion left between you and the baron.
You took the baby doll and without looking back, you scurried into the bathroom and locked yourself in. That was it. Once you put this thing on and walked through the door, it was done. You were going to fuck a married man for an internship and money. Your whole future would be owed to him.
You avoided your reflection as you took off the robe and pulled on the skimpy panties and lacy baby doll. You knew you looked ridiculous. You deleted the picture off your side of the chat right after sending because of that. You turned to the door and staggered back.
You sat on the lid of the toilet and gripped the edge of the sink. You couldn’t help but let the fit overwhelm you as your breathing picked up. You bent over and rocked as you tried to focus. You looked around, name five blue things. Well, everything was fucking white!
You counted the tiles instead and eventually calmed enough to stand up again. You shook out the nerves as best you could and crossed to the door. You pulled it open and found the baron exactly as you left him. He drained the last of his drink and looked over at you with delight.
“Ah, even better in person,” he stood and you stopped just outside the bathroom as he neared, “come on, let me see all of it.”
He twirled his finger in the air and you turned. He dragged his hand over your ass and you squeaked in surprise. He quickly pushed his arms around you and pulled you back against him. You felt his arousal as he cupped your tits through the fabric and squeezed.
“You’re so sexy, baby girl,” he swayed you against him, “you like it when I call you baby girl?”
You wanted to rip his hands away and run but you didn’t. You closed your eyes and wetted your dry lips. “Yes,” you lied.
“Mmm,” he rocked his hips, “I could fuck you just like this.”
You went rigid as he pulled down the cups of the lingerie and teased your nipples with his thumbs. He nuzzled the back of your head as he rocked you with him. He slid the fabric back up over your chest and his hands glided down your stomach and to your hips.
“Tell me you want me, baby girl,” he purred, “tell me you want my dick.”
Your eyes opened suddenly and you nearly choked as he gripped your hips. He prodded you impatiently with his erection and you shuddered.
“I want…” you croaked and caught your breath, “I want your dick…”
“My lord,” he added, “you may call me ‘my lord’ when I fuck you.”
“I want you dick, my lord,” you repeated the antiquated title, the words demeaning in themselves, reminding you of how low you truly were.
“Go,” he turned you with him and nudge you towards the bed, “up on there.”
He pointed you ahead of him and you went to the bed. You climbed up on the mattress as he followed. You heard the swish of fabric and looked back to find him entirely naked, his robe disposed on the floor. You quickly averted your eyes as his cock bobbed before him as he came closer.
“Turn, all the way,” he said, “stay on your knees.”
You did as he said and when he was at the foot of the bed, he took your hands and placed them flat on the mattress. He drew away and stroked his length as he angled it at your face. He stepped up and ran his tip along your lips.
You gulped and forced your mouth open. He slid past your lips and across your tongue. He poked at the back of your throat and moaned as you struggled to take him deeper. He eased back and tried again, tilting his hips until he could glide in further.
You gagged and he pushed until your lips met his skin. He bent over you and felt along your back, groping your ass as he thrust his hips carefully. Your through tightened around him as you tried not to choke and his hands rested on your waist as he moved your body against him. 
The sloppy noises filled the room and stoked the flame of both humiliation and delight. He stood back and reached under your arms to once more play with your tits, as his other hand stretched over your throat and he felt himself moving beneath.
“Oh, baby girl, I knew you could be good for me,” he snarled, “just like that.”
Your jaw ached as he used your mouth. You grasped at his thigh and slapped as he sped up. You weren’t sure you could handle much more. You were out of breath, your head spinning, and you felt another fit rising.
Suddenly, he pulled out and hissed as he wrapped his fingers around his cock. He gritted his teeth as you spit hung off his tip and he chuckled. 
“That was close,” he said, “too good, baby girl.”
You looked up at him and wiped your mouth. He inhaled deeply as his eyes roved over you.
“Lay back,” he said, “it’s your turn… you know I can be generous, baby girl.”
You pushed yourself back on your heels and pulled your legs out from beneath you and laid back. He climbed onto the mattress and grabbed your ankles as he parted your legs and settled between them. He planted his hands beside your thighs and bent over you. He pressed his nose to the thin crotch of your panties.
He moved so that you felt his hot breath through the fabric and moved his mouth against it. He didn’t bother moving them aside as he kept on. Soon enough, you felt your peak nearing and pushed your pelvis into him as you came through your panties.
“So delicate,” he sat up and rubbed your wet panties with his hand, “so responsive.”
You shakily touched your cheeks as you peered up at him. He snapped his fingers and curled his index as he directed you wordlessly.
You sat up with a weak “my lord” on your swollen lips and he sat back as he drew you over his lap. He directed you down until you felt his tip against your panties and he reached between you to tug aside the fabric. He angled his cock past your entrance and you moaned through your teeth. He sank into you as you gripped his shoulders tightly.
Your walls were snug around his cock as he pushed his face between your tits. He kept a hand on your hip, the other hooked over your shoulder as he moved you against him. He rocked his pelvis in time with your body and your hands slipped over his shoulders. You hugged his head as he nipped and sucked at your nipples.
You closed your eyes as the last of your doubt slaked away and you descended into the sheer pleasure of the moment. He filled you so completely that every move sent a ripple through you. Your clit brushed against his pelvis firmly and added to the pressure in your core.
You clung to him tighter as suddenly you were jolted and he flipped you easily onto the mattress. He stayed inside of you as he pinned you beneath him and gripped the side of your head as he pressed his cheek to yours. He panted down your neck as he fucked you into the mattress and you felt as if you would implode.
“Do you want to cum, baby girl?” he asked.
“Ask nicely and you can cum,” he growled.
“Can I cum… my lord?” you breathed.
“Manners,” he warned.
“Please, can I cum, my lord?” you asked again and groaned.
He thrust harder and faster and whispered against your temple, “cum”. You cried out and writhed against him, clawing at his back as you came. He grunted and lifted his head as he spread his hand over your chest and jerked roughly. Each dip moved you higher up the mattress until your crown hit the headboard.
He bared his teeth as he pulled out of you quickly and pushed open the front of the baby doll top. He stroked himself onto your stomach as his voice fizzled into the air and his hot cum spurted over your skin. He quaked as he finished and dropped his hand from his dick. He huffed and bit his lip as he admired the mess he’d made.
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thefieryphoenix · 11 hours ago
Ok so what would happen if yandere steve rogers fell for a time traveler darling like she went to the 40s to get inforamation for a paper she was writing for collage & in the process acidently met and seduced steve and then they met again in the modern day but sh cause she is with sheild or friends with natasha but she does not know that she met steve or changed his history
That’s actually an interesting scenario. However since writer’s block is literally banging my face with a shovel, I’ll try my best here
Now, I imagine that the reader has some history paper to do about wars in the 90′s and that sort of thing and the reader has one of those Time Turners from Harry Potter (Sorry for ruining 2 fandoms lol) and you’ve gone to the era where you’ve met Steve Rogers in the past. You were absolutely confused and yet... stunned since he looked so... different
You became friends with his past self and then you told him about your essay which you needed to do and he said he’d help you. He explained everything about wars and the type of machinery they used and he even got special permission from Peggy to show you what all the used to do in training camps. He looked at you while you were quickly jotting down the information and scribbling it in your writing pad and wondered how someone so beautiful as you decide to talk to him in the first place. He didn’t really understand why he got a burning sensation when you talked to other people other than him
 When he found out you were a time traveler he was amazed and yet sad that he won’t be able to see you again, but when you mentioned that you know him in the future and you 2 often work together, he was thrilled! His heart stopped twisting in agony and reformed to something much sharper and stronger as he promised himself that he’d work diligently and hard for you so you can love him in the future and that’s where his endeavor starts. He was really sad when it was time for you to go and he almost thought of knocking you out and hiding your little time traveling device thingy and claim that you fainted and it got lost but then he decided against it since it was wrong. He almost ended up fainting after you kissed him on the cheek and wished him all the best 
The intense burning flame and passion and love or obsession that Steve had for you was what made him strong and train harder. Needless to say, you influenced him to become stronger and let’s just say Future Steve might pay a little ‘visit’ to you after he hears that you’ve visited his past self
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colossalcriminal · 14 hours ago
Love and War
Pairing: InfinityWar!Steve Rogers x Avenger!Fem!Reader
Summary: Steve decides it's the perfect opportunity to propose- while they're fighting Thanos' army.
Content Warnings: War, Thanos' ugly ass children. Also, I can't remember what happened during the Wakanda battle, sorry. ALSO I REALISE I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WRITE BATTLE SCENES? WHAT VOCAB GOES INTO THAT IDK
Thanks for the idea @meganemily231
Thor had already made his grand entrance, providing a sense of relief to the Avengers as they continued to fend off the atrocity of Thanos' army.
Y/N's searched the battlefield after successfully killing whatever alien Thanos had recruited, eyes landing on a sight she wasn't happy to see. Sprinting towards it, heartbeat loud in her ears, stomach pounding after receiving a hard blow. It wasn't long before she ripped the creature away from Steve, killing it with the little energy she had left. "Thanks, sweetheart." He panted.
She scoffed, helping him up. "Almost died and all I get is a thanks?" She joked, instantly getting back into a fighter's mindset as she stood back to back with him, Outriders hounding them, only to be thrown back or killed.
"Then how about you marry me?"
Stabbing another one, Y/N gasped, head snapping towards the blond. "Is now really the best time?"
Steve grunted, throwing his fist. "I think now might be the only time." He gripped her arm, spinning her into his chest, flinging off another Outrider in the process. "I love you. I've waited 6 years, and I don't want to wait another second. What do you say?"
Lips breaking out into a grin, she nodded, calling out. "Thor! You busy?"
"Just a little!" The god responded.
"You mind marrying us?"
"Hold on a minute!"
The pair split from their embrace, continuing the routine of war. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, can I skip this? I'm going to skip it." He rambled.
Steve sighed, finishing his own activity before placing Y/N's hand in his. "Y/N L/N, do you take me to be your husband?"
Their massive smiles were a stark contrast to the battlefield around them. "I do!"
"That's great!" The super soldier smiled proudly, watching his to-be-wife practically slaughter an Outrider before joining him again.
"Steve Rogers," Hands still interlocked, small groans left there lips as they repelled the danger around them with weapons. "do you take me to be your wife? In sickness and in health, oh shit."
The response was delayed as they were both too busy basically fighting for their lives, but Steve got their eventually. "I do."
"And I now pronounce you super soldier and wife. You may kiss," Thor announced, swinging storm breaker around, struggling to finish the sentence. "Just kiss, already."
The couple almost, key word almost, joined for their first kiss as husband and wife. The act of affection was interrupted by none other than the ugly creature that'd been hounding them since Steve's proposal.
The 'animal' was down within seconds, thanks to Bucky, and his gun, who offered the newly weds a small smile and a nod before running off.
Steve gripped Y/N's waste, pulling her in with such a force, chests bumping together and lips meeting in a soft, passionate kiss. "I love you." She panted.
"I love you more, Mrs. Rogers."
And just like that, they were pulled back into real life.
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thewritingdoll · 14 hours ago
[ ᴍɪɴɪ ᴍᴜsɪɴɢs ] promise not to stop when i say when ❛ bucky barnes
fandom: marvel featuring: soldat!bucky x hydra doctor!reader rating: nsfw ( minors DNI ) content warning: dub con (brief), smut, thighjob summary: our reader gets trapped with soldat. attention: do not repost my works EVER. feedback and reblogs are essential to me, so please consider letting me know what you think! this was written back before TFAWS was even announced i think, and it was also a piece i didn’t really like when i wrote it, but i decided to post it anyways. hopefully you guys like it :) like my work? tips are always loved and appreciated.
Tumblr media
you were surprised that the restraints held him when he lashed out like this, as much as they could, anyways. you could hear leather whining against the strain of his superhuman strength, the whirring of the fierce metal limb as he threatens to break free. neither of those sounds made you as uneasy as his screams, his grunts of pain as they shatter what’s left of his psyche. not that he really needed the treatment, but Hydra wanted to ‘stay in control’ as they’d put it. only right now, right now there was no such thing as control.
the soldat was absolutely wild.
instructed to stay as far back as you could, you pressed your back into the glass of the window and stared at the spectacle. the otherwise nameless soldier was a specimen indeed, large and powerful, with his bare chest glistening with a thick sheen of sweat and his growls that didn’t sound human. there was something beyond primal in his oceans of deep, clouded blue, like a ghost of his old self, but you didn’t know for sure, even as he stared you down. his line of sight always seemed zeroed in on you, even in a room full of people. even now as a handful of Hydra agents held him back.
his gaze felt almost as powerful as his physical form, and you could damn near feel his glare alone pressing you back against the window. you were frozen, watching his rebellion. you should’ve smashed the panic button on the other side of the room, and sprinted through the automatic doors when they opened, but you couldn’t move, you were much too nervous. Hydra never said this would be part of the job, and now you were beginning to regret taking their job offer. 
the sound of screaming leather brought back to reality. “The restrai-” you tried to call out, to brace the agents for the supersoldier to break free, but it was much too late for that. in an instance, the material snapped against the pressure of vibranium and his mechanical arm flew free, ruthless fingers wrapping around one poor soul’s neck and he hurled him across the room like he was nothing but a ragdoll. your clipboard clattered to the floor by your feet as the man collided with a power box, headfirst into a cluster of cords and lightbulbs, short circuiting the entire room. the power flickered, sizzling against the side of his face, before it cut completely. 
your heart jumped from your chest to your throat as you stumble through pitch black and the sounds of bodies hitting the floor. the only light left untouched was a backup, a swinging, lonely bulb that was dim and flickering. it illuminates corners of the room, flashes of the floor and you can see the trail of destruction: unconscious Hydra agents scattered about the room, some bloody, others knocked out cold. you stagger over them, reaching out for the panic button that should be right…about..
two, powerful arms crank around you, one icy as the soldat hauls you back to his body, your back crashing against his chest. it was almost incredible how easily he plucked you from the security of the floor, your legs flailing in the air as you blindly waved your arms, attempting to smack him away. you’d been monitoring for weeks now, and you knew that there was no way in hell that you could fight him off, but that didn’t stop you from trying.
“Soldat!” it was meant to sound harsh and authoritative, but instead you sounded shaky and unsure. you’d never addressed him directly.”Stop-”  
“Doctor,” a husky growl of his voice against the shell of your ear, the warmth of his breath prickling your skin with goosebumps stops you in your tracks. “Don’t fight me. You won’t win, we both know that.”  
he was right, and you knew it. you remained tense, but one of your hands had since made a connection with his face. keeping it over your head and a firm pressure against his jaw, your other drops to your side as you squirm. “They’ll be in here any minute,” you aren’t sure if you’re trying to convince him or you. “If you kill me, they’re going to-”
you’re cut off by the feeling of his taut, muscular form pressing you forward against the wall. he knocks the wind out of you, but doesn’t seem to care as you choke on it, free arm stretching out towards the panic button, glowing red and, unfortunately, just out of reach. one strapping hand reaches around to dip thick digits into the tiny gaps between the buttons of your blouse, and with one rough jerk, he’s popped them all. they hit in the ground in a faint rain of plastic as the fabric gives in to his power, and your body does the same. your body pressed between his and the wall, you are painfully aware of the hardness grinding against your thigh, and you can hardly breathe. his flesh hand, warm and hungry, claws at your breasts through the padding of your bra, while cold, metal fingers find the faint slit in your pencil skirt, tearing through it as if it were made of notebook paper. “I’m not going to kill you.” he’s firm in your ear, forcing you against the wall as he presses himself into the curve of your ass. “But I will have you.”
perhaps you’re only noticing now because you are clad in much less than before, but it’s absolutely freezing in the room you’re trapped in, and his glacial palm cupping your sex through your panties, consequently being responsible for the wet patch forming there as your core shudders in depraved delight. you whimper, having no choice but to do so. your hand shoots from his face down to grip his wrist. at first, you think it’s to pry his hand from your most intimate regions, but you realize that, instead, it’s to keep him there. “Have me?”
“Don’t play stupid,” he barks, planting a sloppy kiss on the side of your cheek. it’s heated, desperate, and mindless. the hand working on your breasts drop to his own crotch as boot-clad feet step in between yours, kicking them further apart. it seems as if, seconds later, he’s pulled his manhood free and has it nestled between your thighs that desperately want to clench closed. the size of him ceases your breathing and you grip his metal arm tighter, even as he uses it to shred your panties from your body, giving his cock free reign of your vulnerable slick. “They can’t keep dangling you in front of me like this and expect me not to. It’s been so long.”  
you can tell he’s starved. you can tell by the way he acts on instinct alone, rubbing his length between your thighs, grinding himself against your sex as you purr in response. it fuels the fire within him and he attacks your shoulder with teeth and tongue, metal digits curling around your neck as he pushes more fervently against you, squishing your pillowy swells against the wall, turning your face towards him so he can watch your reaction to him. gazing up at him, you’re forced to catch flashes, glimpses of him as the light casts a menacing glow on his burly features every few seconds, only to have him disappear into the shadows when the bulb swings in the opposite direction moments later. those azure oceans that intrigue you so seem black in the dim lighting, his pupils dilated with lust. lust for you.  you shiver and whine, no longer struggling against his touch but writhing in pleasure in his vice, squirming as you roll your hips, positioning yourself to give him more sensation. his thick tip spreads your labia as he slides against you, coating his length in your sticky essence, and he has you perched upon him, slotted as your lips hug him. 
twitching, his head is leaking precum already, but the soldat is ravenous, insatiable, and he pushes himself, slithering in between your dripping folds. you wished that he would just stretch you open and fuck you into utter oblivion, but he didn’t. a gurgle of a moan bubbles from your throat when the broad head massages your swollen clit. “Soldat… Fuck.”
your curse rips a growl of pleasure from his lips, latched on to your neck. the sound vibrates against your skin and he bites down, so hard you’re worried he might draw blood. “Again.” he instructs, sounding all but impetuous. “Moan for me again.” his demand is punctuated by his grip on your neck tightening, and he uses that to lift you off your feet once more, holding you steady in the air as if you weighed nothing at all, supporting you entirely by the grasp on your fragile esophagus and his shaft gliding between your legs. your thighs are soaked in your own desire, and each rock of his hips bring on a new sensation, paired with the pressure on your windpipe cutting off more and more of your air. you can feel each violent snap of his hips deep in your bones as he slams your body into his own with no remorse.
you have to obey, you have no other choice as another, weakened moan spills over from your lips. “M-more…”
and, like a good toy soldier, he also obliges. using his leverage on your body, the super soldier drags you, limp and helpless, up and down his shaft as if you were nothing but a toy to be used by him until you broke, but you couldn’t be happier in this position, because you can reach behind you. your fingers tangle in chocolate tendrils, soaked with sweat as your back presses against his chest, and your heartbeats begin to sync up, fast and hard, like both of your ragged breathing. “Keep going, you’ve been starved for so.. mm!.. So long, take it out on me!” your pleading has an effect on the snarling, huffing soldier, and he growls into your ear with pure, primal instinct to fuck and breed.
“Can you take it all if I do?” it doesn’t sound like a challenge, but a serious inquiry. was he concerned about you, even locked in this position as he forces the very breath that keeps you alive from your body, rubbing himself against your body with so much friction and need that you can feel your orgasm coming on fast.  
a croak, akin to a moan of pleasure as his weeping tip spears your clit merciless, abusing it with no sign of stopping, has your thighs tightening, toes curling. your incredibly unsexy black flats slip from your feet and you’re left, barefoot, suspended in the air, being pushed across this adonis’ cock. “Wouldn’t you like to find out?” you challenge, but it sounds weaker still as his metal thumb and forefinger clamp down on your neck,and you sputter, tilting your head back, your cheeks begin to heat up. “You’re close, aren’t you, Soldier? I can- feel it…”
not only was his grasp choking the life out of you, your vision blurring from the intensity, but his shaft twitches like mad as he grinds into you, your labia embracing every inch as the bucking of his hips become erratic, wild. the sounds he makes when his climax possesses him is almost poetic. his breathing twists into snorting as the beast takes over, his thrusts stuttering as he holds you tight, towing you down the length of him one more time, before back up to his chest for the last time before he erupts, splattering warmth over your thighs with a raspy cry.
it was enough to push you over your own edge and you come undone atop him, riding against his jumping, sensitive member. as you shiver and whimper, you grind into him once more, his shaft, still spilling seed, slipping between your folds to coat your core with his mark, two beings’ euphoria liquefied and mixing into one where your bodies joined.
his grip on your neck loosens, and you suck in too much air at once after being without it for so long, coughing on the taste as your vision comes back into focus, aftershocks subsiding.
panting, your toes are uncurling, painfully slow due to the cramps that have set in, but you have little time to recover before you hear the heavy footsteps of countless agents bound down the corridor. Soldat drops you, and you’re wobbly on your feet, your cum running down your thighs as you attempt to pull your shredded skirt to cover your swollen, abused center and clasp your hand over your blouse. “Shit,” you mumble under the breath you’re attempting to catch, glancing around the trainwreck of a room. you just knew he was in for the treatment of a lifetime.
“Am I going to forget you?” his teeth are grit, as if the thought of having this encounter erased from his memory physically pained him.  
“Yes,” you answer honestly, but cradle his tensed jaw in your hands and pull him down to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “But I’ll be sure to make it worth reliving again and again, don’t worry.”  
just as you spoke, the door opens and in they march, dragging him from you as you stumble back and slip outside before anyone can ask too many questions, watching for a moment through the window as they strap him into the machine that will destroy his mind once more.
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