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#wanda maximoff x reader
wellsayhelloaagin · 18 minutes ago
So I should be working right now, but my brain would not let me concentrate at all, so I’m currently writing an angsty wanda x reader one shot because I literally can’t focus on anything else. It’s like half done currently so I’m thinking of posting it later on if anyone is interested in reading it? 
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thenatashamaximoff · 44 minutes ago
Broken Love (Dangerous Love Reimagined)
Summary: You and Natasha breakup after finding out about her secret affair. Wanda’s there to comfort you.
Pairing: Natasha x Reader; Wanda x Reader
Warnings: cheating, death
Words: 21,611
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Please keep in mind that this is a reimagined version of Dangerous Love and it goes a completely different route. Please do not expect anything to be the same aside from the love triangle aspect. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The duffel bag that's been attached to your shoulder for the past three hours was finally sliding down your arm, landing with a soft thud on the floor below you. The only thing you felt in this moment was relief, breathing out a long breath as the door shut silently behind you. Although you wanted to get to bed immediately, knowing she was still sleeping since it's almost two in the morning, you made a beeline for the kitchen instead. 
You enjoyed a cold drink in the dark as your mind started wandering back to the latest mission. It was supposed to be a long one, one that went so wrong at the very end. Like the universe was teasing you, dangling hope right in front of you only to get it snatched out of your reach when you were just about to grab it. You breathed out softly, your eyes fluttering close as you replayed that ending in your head, trying to think of what you did wrong, of what you could've done differently to save them.
You wiped at the few tears that silently made their way down your face, sucking in a deep breath as you placed your cup beside the sink, planning on washing it later, and trudged your way to the bedroom. You were tired, your muscles were stiff, and you just wanted to hold her in your arms and fall asleep. Possibly forever, if that wasn't too much to ask. After that two-hour plane ride and one-hour car ride, it's what you needed.
Your hand had just grazed the doorknob when you heard a sound from the other side of the door. Your eyebrows furrowed as you placed your ear against the wood, holding your breath to get a better reading on whatever was happening in the room. It was nothing but silence. You were exhausted, more than a day's worth without sleep can make you think you were hearing things. You barely had your head pulled away from the door when you heard the noise once more, and it was beyond doubt a moan.
Not one that you're familiar with. It was a deeper, more masculine sound and, now that you had an idea of what exactly was happening behind the closed door, you felt like you could hear them more clearly, or it could have been your imagination. The panting, the gasping, the groaning. It was all so loud in your head that it gave you a headache, your stomach twisting with disbelief. Because you didn't want to believe that this was happening right now. You just had to see for yourself.
You opened the door loudly, announcing your presence and the scene unfolded into chaos in front of you. Bruce threw himself off of Natasha the second he heard the door open, using part of the blanket to keep his lower region covered as he stood on the opposite side of the bed, both of them staring at you with wide eyes.
Natasha's face was filled with guilt as she sat up, her eyes already glossing over with unshed tears even though nobody said anything yet. You're pretty sure they were waiting on you to break the silence, but you were too busy trying to process what you just saw, what you just heard, you had no words to share at the moment.
Your face ratted you out, showing just how hurt and betrayed you truly were by her actions. She threw her legs off the bed, holding the other half of the blanket to cover herself, though it's not like anybody in this room hasn't already seen it.
"Y/N-" Her words died in her throat, not being able to explain herself. At least not now. She needed some time to come up with a lie to tell you, to ease the pain you were feeling. 
Your eyes flickered to Bruce and he fidgeted under your stare, his face almost as regretful as Natasha's. You wonder if they were really feeling that guilt, considering they both knew what they were doing. Your mind raced, picturing the two of them in bed together, him touching her in places only you're allowed to roam. It made you sick to your stomach, anger coursing through you and obliterating the sadness you felt. How could she do this to you? Were you not good enough for her? You tried to come up with a logical reason that made all of this make even a little bit of sense, but you just couldn't.
"Let me expla-" You held your hand up, cutting her off immediately. You didn't want to hear the lies she came up with within the last few seconds. Instead, you closed the door as you left, your mouth glued shut as you made your way to the exit.
But she didn't hesitate to chase after you, hearing the bedroom door open before you reached the front door, her footsteps hard and fast to catch up to you. She caught your wrist and pulled you around to face her, knowing her words weren't going to do anything to make you stop. The blanket was wrapped loosely around her body, her face mirrored the pain on yours, and she was desperate.
"Please, Y/N," she pleaded, releasing your wrist. "Just let me explain." On any other day, you would've lost yourself in those emerald gemstones she uses as eyes, giving her what she wanted without a second thought. You should leave like you had planned, letting her pull you around like this was already a sign of weakness. Standing here, staring at her and waiting for her to continue was a sign of weakness. She took your silence as a gesture for her to begin, "I love you, baby-"
Nope. You couldn't do this. If her explanation for cheating started with an "I love you", there was no doubt in your mind that she was going to say something to put the blame on you. "I love you… but…" 
You turned away from her, ignoring her calls and grabbing your bag, closing the door shut behind you with a soft click that seemed to echo in your skull.
You marched down the hall of the apartment complex, completely unfocused on your walking, eyes blankly staring ahead. You knew the path to the parking lot like the back of your hand, having made it to your car without any troubles.
You stared at her car parked next to yours, your reserved parking spots far from the entrance to the complex. For a small moment, you had considered damaging her car in some way - slashing her tires, keying the surface, smashing the windows - to let out the frustrations building inside your chest. But you were loading into your car before you could convince yourself to do that, knowing that destroying her property was going to do nothing but cause more issues.
You knew you shouldn't be driving. You couldn't fully concentrate on anything, your eyes stuck on the picture of their bodies intertwined. You wanted to understand why, but you needed time. You didn't have the energy to look at her right now, especially after not having decent sleep since yesterday morning. Never mind the stress of the last failed mission weighing on your shoulders.
You snapped out of your daze when you realized you weren't driving anymore, having been parked in the driveway of the small, well-known house next to her car. You killed the engine and released a heavy breath, hoping that Wanda hadn't fallen asleep yet. 
Wanda was your closest friend, always there for you within a singular phone call, always dropping anything and everything if need be. She was very supportive of your relationship with Natasha, even pushing you towards her. If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't have had the courage to ask Natasha on a date. And now here you were, lingering outside her house after finding out that your girlfriend of almost three years has been cheating on you.
You stumbled out of the car, using the door to prevent yourself from falling on your face, and made your way to the front of the house. You had a key, but considering it was way past two in the morning, you figured it would be better to just knock instead. You didn't want her to think there's an intruder and get thrown across the room by her powers. You really weren't in the mood for that.
You banged your fist against the wood a couple of times. If she was still awake, she would hear it. Waiting for her to open the door gave you a moment more to think. But you didn't want to think, you wanted to… do something productive. Anything to keep your mind off of her while you waited for Wanda to open the door.
You drummed your hands against your legs, whistled a tune, you even occupied your mind with the mission you had just done. And you almost brought out the spare key and opened the door yourself when you heard the lock click, Wanda pulling it open with confusion, even after she saw you. She hadn’t even changed out of the clothes she wore on the mission yet, her eyes dark with exhaustion.
"Y/N?" She tilted her head to the side, eyebrows furrowed as her eyes searched yours. And that's when you lost yourself, sobs racked your chest as tears streamed out of your eyes. Protective mode took over her confusion when you stepped towards her, your bag dropping to the side of the door and feeling her arms wrap around you. She held you against her tightly, stepping back with you enough to close the door.
She shushed you soothingly, rubbing your back as you cried into her shoulder. You had done so damn good since catching them only to break into pieces when seeing Wanda. The instant comfort she provided, no questions asked, would always be one of the many things you loved about her. And she was perfectly fine, having absolutely no problem just standing there in front of the door, holding you as your cries gradually slowed underneath her. 
You stepped away from her, a small step, her hands holding your elbows gently as yours remained on her shoulders. You sucked in a shaky breath, avoiding eye contact with her for a moment. You knew she wanted to question this - and you were so grateful for the agreement she had made about the mind-reading - but you just didn’t feel like talking about it right now. It was late, you both were exhausted after that mission, and your whole world was just falling apart underneath your fingertips and there was nothing you could do to stop it.
Your hands slid off her shoulders, falling back to your sides as she moved to cross her arms over her chest. “What happened?” Her voice was gentle, patient, and it just only made you want to cry again. You looked at her with glossy eyes and scratched the back of your head embarrassingly. You can’t believe you had just broken down like that.
“It’s been a long day,” you said, “and I’m really tired.”
“The mission was terrible,” she agreed, but she knew something else was bothering you. You wouldn’t be here if it was just the mission you were upset about. No, you’d be in Natasha’s arms right now, letting her be the one to comfort you in your time of need. But you were in her arms instead, not that she was complaining.
"Yeah." You nodded, stepping to the side. "Do… you mind if I spend the night? I don't think I'll make it back to the apartment in one piece." You pretended to yawn to add dramatic effect, covering your mouth as Wanda analyzed you. You knew she knew you were avoiding something and she knew it had to have something to do with Natasha, she can put two and two together, but she wasn’t going to push it.
“Y/N, you know you’re always welcomed to stay here, so why do you even ask?”
You rolled your eyes as she walked away, your posture slouching the second she had her back turned to you. You looked over at the couch, imagining the back pains you were going to get when you wake up. You always loved Wanda's little house, so cozy and homey. You constantly imagined finding a place like this with Natasha, but now you can't even picture her without seeing Bruce. It was a vicious cycle and you wanted to be out of it desperately.
Wanda returned with a blanket and a pillow, placing them onto the couch with a sigh. She was tired, too, that much was obvious, but she trudged through it to make sure you're all set up and comfortable. When she turned to look at you, her eyes were still filled with worry. You haven't moved from your spot by the door.
"Thanks, Wanda," you sighed, finally walking to the couch. You smiled at her and she saw the pain you're trying to hide behind your eyes. "You should get some sleep."
She laughed softly, the sound easing the stress in between your shoulders, even by a little bit, helped you breathe better. "I was about to say that to you." She rested a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it lightly, before wishing you goodnight and walking off to her bedroom.
You placed the pillow against the arm of the couch and laid down, covering yourself with the blanket. You wondered how you were going to fall asleep, not being able to close your eyes without seeing Natasha and Bruce. Or even have your dreams haunted by that miserable mission. You were stuck in a corner by two situations, both completely different yet both have the same results: mentally draining you.
You found yourself slightly regretting not staying to let her tell you her reason for cheating. It would've given you peace of mind, at least for a moment, long enough for you to get some sleep. But her I love you just really made you emotionally snap. If you had let her keep talking, you would've broken down in front of her instead of in front of Wanda. And that would've been so much worse.
There was nowhere else to go and your subconscious knew that, having driven itself here when you didn't even realize you had even started your car. Wanda was the person you could rely on before you had Natasha, and now that she's gone…
You didn't realize you had fallen asleep until the smell of insanely delicious food stirred you awake. It took you a moment to get a bearing on your surroundings, but after realizing that what you had witnessed was not a dream, you ran your hands down your face. You sat up on the couch, reaching into your pocket to pull out your phone to check the time, getting distracted by the amount of missed calls and unread texts from Natasha.
Considering your phone's about to die anyway, you figured it would be a good thing to shut it off.
"Good morning." Wanda greeted you with a wide smile when you shuffled into the kitchen. You don't know how she's so happy so early, you barely felt like you got any sleep. You glanced at the clock and sighed. Turns out, you managed to get at least five hours of sleep, though you'd beg to differ. "Want some breakfast?"
"Of course," you answered. "Are you always this joyful in the mornings?"
She only gave you a soft chuckle, though it didn't answer your question. You shook your head as you slid into a seat at the small table, placing your elbows on the surface as you looked out the window. A comfortable silence wrapped around you, save for the sizzling of whatever breakfast food Wanda was making that smelled amazingly enticing. You were going to have to get used to this, not waking up next to Natasha. Not to mention that you're going to have to find a place of your own because, despite how close you and Wanda are, you can't sleep on her couch for the rest of your life. On top of that, you're going to have to go back to the apartment to collect your things. Hopefully, she's still on the same schedule as she's been on the past couple of months. That way you can go to the place while she's at work and empty it before she gets back.
You breathed in sharply at the sudden hand on your shoulder, snapping out of your thoughts in time to watch Wanda place a plate in front of you. You breathed out as you said, "Thanks, mom."
She laughed as she went to retrieve her own plate, settling down across from you after giving you both a drink. "Anything for you, my child." She smiled at you as you rolled your eyes, scooping some food into your mouth. "So, are you going to tell me why you ruined my favorite shirt last night, or are we just going to dance around that?"
"I'd prefer to dance," you answered, your eyes landing on her to see the look she was giving you. The question was rhetorical, she wasn't giving you the option to avoid it. You sighed as you picked up your glass, delaying the conversation as you took large sips. She ate some of her food, patiently waiting for you to stop being childish. "There is nothing to talk about."
She rolled her eyes. "You've always been a terrible liar, Y/N," she stated.
"That's not true at all." You scoffed, shaking your head. "I'm an excellent liar."
She grinned. "Fine. You're a terrible liar when it comes to me," she corrected. She shrugged casually as she added, "I know your tell."
"My tell?"
"Yep." She ate some more food as you stared at her with confusion.
"I don't have a tell." You can't have a tell. Sometimes your job requires you to lie, which means you have to be no less than perfect at being deceitful. That's how Natasha was able to lie to you so perfectly.
Wanda chuckled. "It's not an obvious tell," she assured you, picking up her glass. "I'm the only one who knows about it if it makes you feel better." She smiled at you, a cocky grin, before she took a drink.
"What is it?"
She shook her head, returning the cup to the table. "I'm not telling you," she stated, “but you can tell me what the hell's going on with you. Is it Nat?"
You casually looked down at your food at the mention of her name, shoveling more of it into your mouth. Wanda sighed, placing her utensils down. You huffed as you slowly looked back up at her, quickly trying to figure out exactly what your tell is before you spoke, but you couldn't think of what it could possibly be. "It does not involve Nat."
"Y/N." She shook her head in mock disappointment and you lightly smacked your palm against the table. "First of all, I didn't even need your tell for that because she's been messaging me about you for hours."
You leaned forward. "What did you tell her?"
"I haven't responded." You sighed, relieved. "But that can always change."
"Is that a threat?" you questioned.
She sent you a smile as she stood up when there was a light knock on the door. "It's a promise," she assured before walking away.
You went back to eating as she answered the door in the other room, but your muscles completely locked when you heard Natasha's voice.
"You're not answering my messages. Let me talk to Y/N."
"She's not here, Nat," Wanda said casually.
Natasha scoffed. "Her car is in the driveway!"
"Did you forget that she came over her prior to the mission so we can carpool?" Wanda laughed gently. "I dropped her off at your apartment last night. She was very tired, I didn't trust her driving."
Natasha huffed angrily, but she couldn't tell if Wanda was telling the truth or not because you did carpool with Wanda, but she doesn't know if you drove back yourself afterward. "Fine. If you get a hold of her, will you please tell her to call me?"
"What happened?" Wanda questioned.
You felt your heart hammer against your chest as Natasha let out a heavy breath. If she doesn't tell Wanda, you're definitely going to have to fill her in after this. "I really messed up, Wanda," was the only thing Natasha said before walking away.
Wanda closed the door and appeared back in the kitchen a moment later, silently sitting down at the table once more and going back to eating. You watched her warily, eyebrows furrowed with confusion as to why she wasn't demanding answers. You sat in silence as you slowly went back to eating as well, eyeing Wanda every now and again, expecting her to break the quietness any moment now.
But she never did. She finished her meal and started cleaning up her dishes, leaving you alone at the table. She was about to leave the room, but stopped when you said, "Aren't you going to ask?"
She turned to look at you, stepping back into the kitchen with an eyebrow raised and a smile threatening her composure. "Ask what?"
"What she did."
Wanda pursed her lips together, her eyes wandering away from you as she pretended to think for a moment. And then she shrugged and said, "No." She moved to leave once more and you found yourself not wanting to be alone right now.
"She's been cheating on me." She froze at your words and you could've sworn you heard her jaw crack at how hard she clenched it from all the way over here. When she turned to look back at you, you've never seen that much fire in anybody's eyes before, let alone hers. She stepped back into the kitchen once more, her hands balled into tight fists at her sides. You've seen Wanda angry on multiple occasions, but this was a completely different level.
She tilted her head at a dangerous angle. "What?" Her voice was more threatening than her expression - and her face was extremely threatening. You don't ever want to be on the receiving end of this type of anger.
You released a sigh as you looked away from her. "I caught her last night." The mission did end earlier than expected having failed it, and normally you would've called her in advance to let her know you're on the way, but you decided to surprise her. Turns out, you both were surprised. "I don't know if it was a one-time thing or if it's been going on, I don't know. I didn't stay for long to find out. I just… I couldn't."
She saw the way your shoulders slouched at the memory, the way your voice wanted to crack but you didn't want to sound as weak as you looked. She felt the anger she was radiating slowly evaporate when she saw the single tear slide its way down your cheek. And she wanted to feel angry but how could she if you were about to break down right in front of her?
She crossed the room, scooting a chair closer to you so she could sit down. She brought you into her arms and you softly cried into her shoulder once more. The comfort she brought you was relaxing, and your crying was almost immediately halted, but you stayed in her arms.
"So, slowly or painfully?"
You pulled away from her at the question, eyebrows furrowed with confusion. "For what?"
"Nat's death," she clarified. "Would you like me to kill her slowly or painfully?"
You laughed, wiping the drying tears off your face with the sides of your hands. You sighed heavily. "You're not killing Nat, Wanda," you stated, shaking your head, your smile wide. And then you looked back at her, eyebrow raised, "Maybe…" You shook your head again. "No, nobody's dying today."
"Damn." There was a moment of silence between you, comfortable in her presence, until she spoke again, "What about tomorrow?"
"Wanda," you laughed.
She raised her hands in surrender, pursing her lips together. "The offer will always be on the table, Y/N."
You know it would be, that's the good thing about her. She wouldn't cheat on you, Wanda was too compassionate. She would never hurt you like that. And, for that, she would always hold a special place in your heart. But as you're looking at her, barely listening to her speak as the morning sun shines through the window to land on her like an angel, there was a brief moment that you thought about just… kissing her. 
You immediately shook that thought away. It was the heartbreak that was making you think like that. The need to get revenge on Natasha for breaking your heart, the need to show her that she didn't destroy you despite being destroyed. You didn't want to ruin what you had with Wanda because you were being desperate and vengeful.
"I have to get ready for work." Wanda's final sentence snapped you out of your thoughts as she stood up. "You're more than welcome to stay here while I'm gone."
"You're going to work after that mission?"
"Someone has to pay the bills around here, Y/N," she said lightly, smiling brightly. "I'm sure you already know this place like the back of your hand, but if you do end up needing something, you know my number."
"Well, I'm going to work, too," you expressed, standing up and taking your dishes to the sink. Wanda huffed disapprovingly, placing her hands on her hips as she walked along with you through the kitchen.
"I really think you should stay here," she argued. "Nat is going to be there looking for you and you're clearly not ready for any kind of confrontation."
You scoffed, looking at her. "I am ready for confrontation."
She turned to walk away from you, but you weren't giving up that easily. You chased after her. "What is my tell? Do I blink? Does my pinky twitch? Do I… fidget? What is it?"
She shook her head. "My lips are sealed."
"It doesn't matter anyway because you can't stop me from going to work." You knew she definitely could if she really wanted to, but you also know she won’t.
She sighed as she walked into her bedroom, leaving you to linger in the doorway. She turned her body to face you, clasping her hands together as she said, "Okay, I tell you what. If you call Nat right now and say… I don't know, say hi, then I'll even let you drive."
You stared at her. "My phone's dead."
"Use mine." She walked over to her nightstand and tore her phone off the charger, handing it out to you. You snatched it out of her hand and unlocked it, raising your eyebrows confidently at her before bringing up Natasha's contact.
You stared at the number you had memorized over the past three years, biting the inside of your cheek as your thumb hovered over the call button. All you had to do was say a simple, two-letter, one-syllable word and Wanda will let you go to work without any grief. Just call her and say "Hi". That's it.
But… just the thought of hearing her voice again, you couldn't do it.
You locked the phone and handed it back to Wanda. "Fine. You win." You stepped backward, out of the doorway. "I won't go to work." 
She smiled victoriously at you as she closed the door. You sighed as you stared at the wood for a moment before turning to go into the living room, digging through your bag to pull out your charger.
You were left alone in the house less than an hour later, sitting on the couch and scrolling through your phone. You ignored the constant messages from Natasha until they finally stopped, at least for now. But it wasn't very long until you got bored, setting your phone down and getting to your feet.
You've put so much time and energy into work that you didn't have the chance to form any hobbies. And any hobbies you had before you got a job at SHIELD were completely forgotten. You couldn't sit still. You had absolutely no intentions of going to work, but considering she had done nothing to prevent you from going is like her silently telling you to go to work. Your keys are just sitting on the counter, taunting you.
No, you couldn't go back on your word to Wanda. It wouldn't be right.
Wanda had just entered the compound before she was bombarded by Natasha, staring the redhead in the face with only one thought on her mind: Would she get fired if she punched her?
"Where's Y/N?"
The witch sighed, walking around the assassin and managing to get a few more steps in before she was cut off again. Wanda crossed her arms over her chest, knowing that if she didn't restrain her arms, she would be throwing punches. "Y/N is fine."
Natasha huffed. "I need to talk to her."
"You don't need to do anything except leave her alone," she countered. 
They stared at each other for a moment before Natasha nodded. "She told you."
"She mentioned it."
Natasha looked down to the floor, rubbing the back of her neck. She knew Wanda wasn't going to let her see you, she's always been protective of you. But that wasn't going to get her to stop trying, even if she has to go around the obstacle that is Wanda Maximoff.
She looked back up to Wanda, but her eyes went past her when the doors of the compound opened. Wanda turned around, doing a double-take when she saw you casually strolling towards the two women. She moved to stand to the side as you joined them, sending them both a wide smile.
"Good morning, ladies!" you greeted happily, turning to look at Natasha. Your eagerness caught a couple of people's attention. "Nat! I've been meaning to talk to you."
"You have?" They said it at the same time, both of them shocked you even showed up. 
Natasha cleared her throat. "Okay, we can go somewhere-"
"Ah, that won't be necessary," you assured quickly. "It'll be quick. I-"
You waved your hand, cutting off whatever Wanda was about to say. "I think it'd be best if we see other people." Not that Natasha would have trouble with that. She started it before it was discussed.
She huffed, "Wait, Y/N-"
"Glad we agree!" You nodded at her before sauntering off, both of them watching you leave for a moment before Wanda quickly joined your side, matching your stride easily.
"I'm impressed, Y/N," Wanda complimented. "I didn't think you had it in you."
"Is she still looking?"
"You want me to look back to see if she's still looking?" You nodded. "Wouldn't that be obvious?"
"It'd be more obvious if I did it," you stated, but when she turned to look over her shoulder, you quickly grasped her arm with both hands to stop her. "Okay, you're right. It'll be obvious. There's a corner up ahead, we can wait."
Just a few more steps until you're out of Natasha's line of sight and you could finally breathe. You think you still feel her eyes on the back of your head.
"No, just look," you declared. "Quickly, though."
"I'm not looking."
You released her arm. "Wanda-"
"Look, here's the corner." You both ducked around the corner, Wanda sending a quick glance towards Natasha before she rounded it. "She was still looking."
"Oh, I think I'm going to be sick."
Wanda patted you on the shoulder. "I'm so proud of you, Y/N," she expressed, smiling widely when you looked at her. You rolled your eyes and leaned against the wall, bending over to place your hands on your knees. She placed a hand on your back and rubbed you soothingly. 
You tried to calm the uncomfortable curling of your stomach, twisting and turning and making you just want to upchuck your breakfast. You sucked in a deep breath. You had no idea how you managed to keep your cool during that confrontation, but now that she wasn't near you, you could feel yourself falling apart.
"Why did I do that? Am I dumb? I should go back-"
"No," Wanda quickly interrupted, placing her hands on both of your shoulders as you stood up, making you look her in the eye. "You did the smart thing, Y/N. She cheated on you."
"I know, but-"
"No. You're not starting with the buts."
You pouted. "But-"
"Fine." She removed her hands from your shoulders as you crossed your arms over your chest. You slouched, your eyes casting down to the floor between your shoes. "My heart hurts, Wanda," you whispered softly and she could hear the moment your cracked heart completely shattered.
You pushed yourself away from the wall, forcing her to take a step back. "Look, she's on the mission board today therefore, in an hour or so, you won't even have to see her." She walked alongside you as you ventured down the hall.
"Yeah, I won't have to worry about her, but what about-"
"Y/N!" You froze at your name being called from somewhere behind you, your muscles tensing and your heart pattering. His voice was a hammer to your skull and you didn't want to face him. But you couldn't move, hearing his heavy footsteps as he quickly moved to reach you. You blinked as he rounded you to stand in front, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Bruce," your voice was strained as you greeted him. You glanced at Wanda to see her confused expression, hoping she'd put two and two together and come up with a reason to walk away. You hadn't told her who Natasha slept with, just that she cheated. "It feels like it has been so long since we have seen each other."
He furrowed his eyebrows, laughing awkwardly at your poor attempt to lighten the heavy tenseness in the air. "I, uh… I just wanted to say-"
"There is nothing to say, Brucie," you stated, slapping him on the shoulder once you felt your muscles unlock. You sent him a forced smile. "You're the reason why my three-year relationship ended very abruptly, so what? Water under the bridge."
Wanda looked at you. "Y/N-"
"Hey, I gotta get going, but it was nice seeing you again." You patted his shoulder once more as you brushed past him, Wanda quickly joining you. "Please, Wanda, don't-"
"Bruce?!" she whispered/yelled and you sighed. "Now that's a pairing I didn't see coming. And why are you so forgiving?"
"I'm trying to be the bigger person," you declared, matching her whisper. "Isn't that what they do? They forgive but don't forget or whatever, right?"
"No." Wanda laughed lightly. "You're nuts, Y/N. Don't forgive. Don't! Not when it comes to cheating!"
"Well, my self-pep talk on the way here was for nothing, wasn't it?" You sighed as you stopped walking, turning to look at her. "I thought I could do this, but I can't, Wanda. I-"
"Oh, you're doing this," she declared. "You're already here, you've already faced both problems. And, look, I'm here!"
You stared at her for a moment, blinking a couple of times before saying, "So?"
"You're an ass." You laughed as she lightly punched your shoulder, marching away from you.
You trailed after her. "Look, I just don't want to talk about that whole situation anymore, okay? I need a breather from her and him and… it."
You both turned the corner, seeing a small group of agents huddled against the wall. As you and Wanda neared closer, at the mention of your name coming from one of their lips, you stopped walking.
"Did you guys hear that Y/N and Romanoff broke up?"
"Yeah! It's all everybody's talking about."
"They've been together for years! Why did they break up?"
"I don't know, but what hope do I have if my favorite couple broke up?"
"I heard it was because Romanoff forgot her birthday."
"Nah, it was because Romanoff wanted Y/N to stop being friends with Wanda, but there's no way she agreed to that. Y/N doesn't take anybody's orders."
"Really? Because I heard that Y/N had a dream telling her to break up with Nat and, you know what they say, follow your dreams!" You furrowed your eyebrows when you heard Wanda's voice, turning your head to see that she was no longer by your side, but had placed herself amongst the huddle of agents. "What is this? High school?" she demanded angrily.
The agents immediately parted ways, embarrassed, as Wanda moved back to join you. You laughed and shook your head. "I can't believe you."
"They shouldn't be gossiping," Wanda said, continuing your walk. "They should be working."
"Alright, Steve Jr., settle down."
She held a hand to her heart, gasping dramatically. "That hurts, Y/N."
You laughed. "What would I do without you, Wanda?"
"Honestly, I don't even know how you've survived before you met me," she confessed. "You were such a mess and it took me so long to fix you up."
"I hate you."
You couldn't help but laugh with her, enjoying the moment of not thinking about Natasha or Bruce or, hell, even the mission last night. It was just you and Wanda, enjoying her company as you made your way to the conference room together, preparing to receive a lecture from Steve about the mission. But you really couldn't care less, having some fun with your best friend despite your entire world crashing down within a span of two minutes.
"Wow, look, Y/N," Wanda stated as your laughter gradually died, entering the room to see it completely empty. "We beat Steve here."
"Guess there really is a first for everything," you said, grinning as you rounded the table to sit facing the door. Wanda sat next to you, scooting her chair over a little to get closer to you. "Hey, thanks."
She glanced at you, tilting her head slightly, perplexed. "For what?"
"Being here for me," you said, "and letting me crash on your couch. Which, by the way, I'll start looking for my own place as soon as possible." You wonder if you could use one of the compound's bedrooms while you search. That way, you could get out of Wanda's hair before she gets sick of you.
She waved you off. "Don't be getting all sentimental on me now, Y/N," she expressed and you jabbed her with your elbow as you rolled your eyes. She laughed softly for a moment before she said, "You know I'm always here for you. And my couch is always open for strays."
"Now who's being sentimental." You chuckled, leaning against the table as you waited for Steve to show up. And then it dawned on you, furrowing your eyebrows, "Did you just call me a stray?"
She laughed when you looked at her, pouting when she patted you on the head teasingly. She moved her hand away before you could swat her, smacking the air instead, and so you pushed her, watching her roll away from you.
"I was thinking-"
"Oh, God, Y/N," she expressed as she rolled back over to you. She sat closer to you than last time, elbows practically bumping against each other every time you moved, but you didn't notice. "The last time you thought of something, I ended up having to take a bath in tomato juice."
"In my defense, I didn't know a skunk would be there!" you retorted. "And we both had to bathe in tomato juice, you're not special."
She chuckled as she propped her head upon the table with her elbow. "How did you not expect a skunk to be living in the woods?"
"Did you have fun on the hike?"
"Yeah, but-"
"Did you have fun?"
She sighed, smiling widely as she said, "Yes, Y/N, I enjoyed the hike. It was a lesson learned."
"That you'll never be able to find someone like me?"
"To never go hiking with you again."
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest as she snickered. "Fine, I just won't tell you."
"Oh, come on, Y/N," she expressed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you against her. "I'll get sprayed by a skunk with you any day of the week." You instinctively rested your head against her shoulder, feeling less stressed about the past twenty-four hours.
"Save the cheese for the wine, Wanda, you're full of shit," you countered and she flashed you a smug grin when you picked your head up to look at her. "Anyway, I was thinking that we can do a movie night when we get home." You placed your head back onto her shoulder absentmindedly. "We can have ice cream and alcohol and watch all the sappy, breakup movies Netflix has to offer."
"That sounds… fun, actually," she expressed and you pulled away from her to send her a smile. She laid both of her hands on the table as she said, "I get to pick the ice cream."
You stared at her, thinking for a moment, before saying, "Alright, fine. Get your stupid Rocky Road ice cream."
"It's not stupid," she defended. "Your little… flavor is stupid."
"I'm sorry, what was that?" You cupped your ear with your hand, leaning towards her mockingly. "What's my favorite ice cream?" 
You laughed when she swatted your hand away from your head, looking at her to see her roll her eyes. This was what you needed, just a moment of forgetting the pain you've felt. But you couldn't stop the feeling from creeping up on you, your smile slowly fading and your shoulders slouching as the door opened. You forced it back to keep up with the mood in the room.
You looked up to see Vision walking in, placing a few folders at the head of the table and sending a light smile toward Wanda. "Hello, Miss Maximoff," he said softly, his eyes bright and eager. He barely glanced at you as he sent you a measly little "Hi," nothing compared to Wanda's greeting. It was like he was required to acknowledge you when all he wanted to do was talk to Wanda.
"Hey, Vis," Wanda returned, mimicking the softness in her voice that he held in his. "What're you up to?"
"The Captain asked me to run these files in here and to tell you that he's running a bit behind," he explained.
"We could see this," you stated, earning a subtle kick from Wanda under the table, making you glare at her.
Vision ignored you anyway. "I was hoping to see you soon," he said, "as I have acquired two tickets to the new movie that's coming out and I have nobody to go with. Would you like to accompany me?"
You scooted away a little bit so you can face Wanda, a smirk crawling on your lips as you anticipated her answer. You knew Vision always had a crush on Wanda, though she never talked about reciprocating the crush. You had no idea how Wanda felt about the android, but you suspected there was a small amount of fondness towards him as she always seemed to brighten up just a tad bit whenever he entered the room. You were good at reading the situation in the room, knowing exactly what she's thinking.
"Uh, sorry, Vis, but Y/N and I-"
"Oh, would you look at that," you stated quickly. "I just remembered that I will not be able to make it tonight, Wands. You should go with Mr. Roboto here."
Wanda looked at you, eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed, skeptical, as Vision's smile seemed to grow. "I don't think you-"
"If you don't want to go, Miss Maximoff, then I could give the tickets to someone else," Vision offered. "I heard that you've been anticipating this movie ever since the trailer release and-"
"Oh, my- Just go on a date with the dude, Wanda," you encouraged, laughing.
She sighed, sending one last look your way before turning to Vision and accepting his proposal. Yet, somehow, his smile managed to grow even bigger.
"I will pick you up around seven," Vision said, placing a gentle hand on the table before leaving the room.
You lightly pushed Wanda, rolling your eyes. "I told you he had a crush on you!" you declared as she sighed. "Oh. You know that what? Screw being a SHIELD agent, I should be a matchmaker."
She looked at you. "What?"
"Well," you said, smiling sheepishly, "I may have hinted him towards the movie."
She smacked your shoulder with the back of your hand, but she was already speaking at a loud volume before you could express your pain, "Why?"
"Because you like him and he likes you!"
"Y/N, I don't-" She huffed, shaking her head and lowering her voice. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second, pinching the bridge of her nose as the smile on your face slowly faded away once more. "I only see him as a friend."
"A friend?" Maybe you're not as good at reading the situation as you thought you were. Well, at least when it came to personal stuff like feelings. You could point out a killer just by the way they hold a knife, yet you can't tell if your best friend has feelings for someone. "Well, you gotta have a crush on someone, Wanda. You can't tell me you don't."
"I never said I didn't," she clarified as you gasped, but she quickly added before you could get a word in, "but let's drop this."
"Drop it?! Like I would ever! Who is it?" You leaned towards her, grinning. "Is it someone here? Like… someone we work with closely? Oh, please don't tell me it's Steve."
"It's not Steve."
You huffed. "You're mad."
"I'm not mad," she stated, sighing exasperatedly. "Though I really should be. You got me stuck going on a date with someone I don't think of that way."
"Okay, I may have read the situation wrong, but-"
She rolled her eyes. "Y/N, you always read the situation wrong."
"In my defense, you haven't talked about your dating life since I've known you," you declared, and then you sighed when she avoided eye contact with you. You rolled closer to her, grabbing onto her arm with both of your hands. "I apologize, Wands. Look, all you have to do is go on one date with the guy, and then you can decide if you want a second one or not."
"I won't want a second one."
"He's been looking forward to this day. Besides, what's the issue? You're going to see that stupid, cheesy, romantic movie you wanted to see," you stated, releasing her arm. "If it was me, I would've taken you to, like, the goriest movie they have out."
"Don't butter me up, Y/N." You laughed as she smiled, finally looking at you. "I'm still mad at you."
"You can pretend, but we both know you can't stay mad at me for long," you stated, batting your eyelashes at her. "Hey, you should bring me home some of that fancy cooked kernel."
"Y/N, why can't you just say popcorn like a normal person?"
"Because who likes being normal?" you countered, completely oblivious to the door opening. "Except for you, weirdo."
"Oh, I'm the weirdo?" She laughed. "Says the one who puts the milk in the bowl before the cereal."
"It's crunchier," you expressed. "Go be bitter with your soggy cereal somewhere else."
Your laughter mixed with Wanda's as it filled the room, almost missing someone clearing their throat to announce their presence. You looked over, feeling the happiness leave your body when you made eye contact with Bruce. You leaned against the table, breathing in deeply. You were almost capable of forgetting about him fully. He had been lingering on the back of your mind, just replaying the moment with him jumping off of Natasha and using your blanket to keep himself covered, but Wanda has been managing to keep you out of reality for a moment. You knew it wasn't going to last long, that it was going to come at you like a car any second, you just wished you were given a few more moments without worrying about the pain of your broken heart.
Bruce sensed the aura change immediately, keeping his head down as he moved to sit across from you. You couldn't take your eyes off of him, not knowing if you wanted to scream or punch his stupid face. You wondered what Natasha saw in him, how he managed to get her into bed and ruin what (to you, at least) was the most perfect thing ever. Apparently, she didn't think it was that perfect otherwise she wouldn't have cheated, right?
You wanted to ask him why. He would give you an unbiased answer that wasn't meant to spare your feelings. He wouldn't start the explanation with an I love you. It would give you something to think about. If it truly was your fault, maybe it was something you could work on so the next relationship you find yourself in, they wouldn't feel the need to cheat.
Did Natasha get bored? You have been taking up a lot more missions lately. She might've gotten bored and lonely. Yet - and you've only ever told one person this and will never tell anybody now that it's not going to happen - the only reason you've been taking on heavy loads of missions was to make enough money to buy her an engagement ring. All the money you've been making was spent on the apartment and bills, so you'd take the time to do some extra missions, rake in that extra money, enough to get a ring that fit Natasha's personality to a T. Well, now you don't have to worry about it and… you have some extra cash now.
Bruce shifted uncomfortably under your stare and you hadn't even realized you were still staring at him until Wanda placed a gentle hand on your arm. You blinked, snapping out of your daze and slowly turning your head to look at her. Turns out, she was talking to you that entire time and you haven't heard a word she was saying.
She rolled her eyes as Steve finally walked into the room. "We'll talk later," she assured. "Principal's here."
"Be careful, you're going to get detention." The two of you giggled underneath your breath, but Steve heard it and sent you a glare. "Uh, oh. Busted."
"Have you two filled out your mission reports for last night?" he questioned and you shared a look with Wanda.
"I left it in my other pants," you stated, then stood up as you added, "but I can run and grab them real quick."
"Sit down," Steve ordered as Wanda grabbed your wrist, tugging you back into your seat as she laughed, but your smile washed away when you caught Bruce watching you with a small smile of his own.
You wish you had half of Wanda's powers so you could know what he's thinking.
"You three are going on a new mission," Steve explained, reaching for the file on the table. You glanced at Wanda as he passed them out to each of you.
"Yeah, uh, Steve," you stated as you raised your hand, "I can't go on this field trip. My mom won't sign the release form."
"It means I don't want to go," you clarified, sliding the file across the table towards him. "It's as simple as that."
He crossed his arms over his chest, his eyebrows pinched together, puzzled. You knew what he was thinking. The rumors about you and Natasha breaking up were true, but the reasons were apparently all over the place. And they got farther from the truth each time. He sighed heavily as he looked at you, his jaw set. You knew he wasn't going to let you out of this. "You asked for extra missions," he pointed out.
"Yes, I did do that," you agreed, "but that was before." Before your entire life got flipped upside down. Before you lost the only good things. Before you lost one of the reasons to get out of bed every morning. "The only reason I came here is that I thought you were going to lecture us about the last mission."
"What happened in the last mission?" Your head has never snapped onto something so fast before now, your eyes narrowing when they landed on Bruce.
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
"Okay," Wanda stated, resting a hand on your shoulder. She pulled you away from the table, preparing to stand up. "We're going to take a step away from this mission."
"I'm sorry, but you two are needed on this mission," Steve countered, Wanda falling back into her seat. "With everyone else preoccupied, you three are the only ones left. Y/N, I get that you're going through some difficult times right now-"
"You don't know the half of it," you muttered.
"-but this will get your mind off of it."
You looked at Steve. He doesn't know what happened, only has an idea of it. Nobody knows Bruce was involved and you're not sure if you want to tell him, to bring Bruce's reputation down a peg. The perfect, shy, awkward scientist is really just a selfish, ignorant cheater who won't hesitate to ruin someone's life. There was a part of your brain that wanted to bring him under with you, to want him to know exactly what feelings you're hiding underneath the smiles and laughter. You truly don't know how you're not falling apart.
"I highly doubt that, Rogers," you commented. 
He sighed. "The mission is really simple," he continued as he slid the folder back to you. "You each have your roles. Study up because it starts tomorrow night."
"Why can't it be tonight?" Wanda asked as she flipped her file open. "Damn."
You laughed, though to you, it felt forced. "You really don't want to go on that date, huh?"
She kicked you underneath the table again, but this time you kicked back before quickly pushing away from her, narrowly dodging her attempt to kick you once more. She looked at you and you stuck your tongue out at her, causing her to roll her eyes and try to hide a smile forming on her face.
You opened the file and took one peek into it, immediately sighing. "You want us to attend a secret HYDRA masquerade ball?" You looked at Steve. "Are we in a love/hate relationship with this organization?"
"More like a hate/hate," Wanda stated, her eyes glued to the papers in her hands.
"Oh, really?" you challenged. "We hate them enough to thwart their plans, yet love them enough to keep them alive."
Wanda looked at you, eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed in thought, then looked at Steve. "She has a point."
 "No, she doesn't," Steve declared. "Just do the assignment and stop acting like children." You watched as he walked away, your eyes landing on Bruce when he passed him.
"It's kinda like us now, isn't it, Banner?" you asked him. "You're the SHIELD to my HYDRA."
He sighed, looking up from his file. "Y/N-"
"You just indicated that he's the good guy," Wanda pointed out.
"You're the HYDRA to my SHIELD," you corrected and Wanda patted your shoulder.
He scratched the bridge of his nose with his index finger, clearly annoyed. You couldn't find it within yourself to really care. You had always admired Bruce, his ability to stay calm all the time so he didn't Hulk out was the patience you always felt you needed, but now you just want to smash his face in. You knew you wouldn't get far before Hulk made an appearance - someone threatening his precious meat suit would surely piss him off - but that's where Wanda came in.
"It was an accident," Bruce stated and you laughed unnecessarily loud, humorless. He sighed at your reaction, gently closing the folder in front of him to give him something to do as you processed his words through laughter.
"An accident, he says!" You stood up, Wanda following your movement immediately as you leaned over the table, your hands pressed against the surface. "Cheating isn't an accident, Bruce. Falling off a bike is an accident. You don't trip and fall into my girlfriend."
"All right." Wanda quickly scooped up both of your files with one hand and guided you out of the room with the other. She released her hold on you when you were far enough away from the conference room and you stopped walking, leaning against the wall and pressing your palms into your eyes.
"I guess I'm not really ready for this whole forgiving and forgetting thing, Wanda."
She grinned, shrugging slightly despite not being able to see her. "You had a pretty good point back there, though, Y/N," she said. "Cheating isn't an accident."
You removed your hands from your eyes, your vision temporarily dark until you blinked the patches of black away. "An accident." You scoffed, shaking your head. "How was that an accident?" There were no signs of alcohol anywhere in the apartment, no smell of it on her when she faced you. "I can't do this mission."
"Yes, you can," she argued, pushing a file into your chest to make you take it. "You don't really get the choice. But I will be there every step of the way, Y/N."
You sighed and nodded, relaxing underneath her touch when she placed a hand on your shoulder. The two of you continued walking and you found yourself glancing at Wanda every now and again as you conversed. You don't know if it was the fact that there was still a small part of you that wanted Natasha to feel the same way you feel or if it's genuine, but you couldn't stop yourself from noticing just how beautiful Wanda seemed today. You were starting to regret setting her up with Vision.
It could also be the fact that she's just there for you every time you felt yourself needing someone. That she's the only constant in your life when everything else seems to be constantly changing. The friendship you hold with her, the love, was rare and you didn't want anything to happen to that if she didn't feel the same way.
She most likely didn't feel the same way.
"He's here!" It was seven o'clock on the dot when Vision pulled up with one of the SHIELD-issued Jeeps, tearing yourself away from the window to turn to Wanda as she made her way into the living room. You furrowed your eyebrows at her casual outfit. "That's what you're wearing?"
She sent you a look before saying, "He and I discussed it and agreed to be casual."
"You're going to have fun," you stated. "You'll be fine."
She crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes not once wavering away from you in that judgmental, annoyed stare. You found yourself getting defensive.
"You know, if you actually talked to me about who the hell you're crushing on, I could've pulled out my matchmaking cards and hooked you up!" you declared. You lowered your voice to a casual tone as you said, "Is it Tony? Because I can't help you there if it is. He's engaged."
She rolled her eyes as she turned away from you, a soft knock coming from the door. "You're ridiculous," she expressed, and then she released a sigh, her facial features softening as you stepped closer to her. "Are you sure you're going to be okay?"
"Yes, Wanda," you told her. 
"If you need anything-"
"You'll be the first person I'll call," you assured quickly. "Now, go. Enjoy your date."
She stared at you for a moment longer before shaking her head and opening the door. Vision greeted her happily, handing her a bouquet as she plastered a smile on her face. "Hold on, let me go put these in some water," she said, walking away from the door.
Vision stepped in, his eyes immediately landing on you. He smiled softly at you, sending you a nod. "Thank you, Y/N," he said.
You crossed your arms and puffed out your chest, furrowing your eyebrows slightly to portray the tough best friend look. "You better not fuck this up, Vision," you declared. You wanted Wanda to be happy with someone. You wanted Wanda to have someone like you do. Did. And hope they treat her right. "I will dismantle you."
He furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't think it's possible to-"
"I'll find a way," you promised, sending him a smile as Wanda made her way back. "You two kids have fun."
Vision took a few steps out of the house, but Wanda lingered behind, looking at you with soft eyes and a small frown. "Y/N-"
"Wanda, I will be fine," you said. You can see her contemplating whether she should go with Vision or stay here, her pursed lips and thoughtful eyes. And though you really want her to stay, you want to go through with your plans for a breakup movie night, you also want her to enjoy her life. To not be stuck babysitting you.
You stopped her from convincing herself to stay by impatiently ushering her out of the door, cutting her off from saying anything by making noises along with her. She huffed and watched you with longing eyes as you closed the door on her.
You turned around to face the empty house, sighing as you moved to look out the window in time to watch the Jeep pull away. There was a part of you that hoped she would be more determined to stay. That she would've put her foot down to be with you instead of listening to you for once and go out with Vision. But she was gone for now and you were left alone.
You sat down on the couch, soaking in the suffocating silence. You brought your knees to your chest and cried into your knees. There was nobody to comfort you this time, letting your sobs cut through the empty house. You couldn't deny it, you missed her to the point where it hurt almost as much as it did when you found out she cheated on you. 
Once you managed to pull yourself together, you tried to busy yourself. And, to be fair, you attempted to stay in the house, but it wasn't much longer until you got bored. You knew Natasha was currently on a mission, leaving the apartment empty, so you figured now would be a good time as any to go get some of your things. You definitely needed some of your clothes.
You didn't bother parking in your reserved spot, choosing an empty zone closer to the building because you weren't going to be long. You were just grabbing enough stuff to fill a cardboard box you snagged from Wanda's house, carrying the empty box up the stairs until you were facing your apartment door. 
You knew it was empty, yet you still hesitated to open the door. You couldn't stop the memory from cutting through your thoughts, thinking about the last time you were in this building. Your chest felt heavy, your eyes burning with unshed tears as you sucked in a shaky breath, but you shook it off and stuck your key into the keyhole.
The door opened with a soft creak and closed with a gentle click. You almost made a beeline for the bedroom until you passed the kitchen, sighing when you saw your cup still resting by the sink. You placed the box onto the table when you walked by it, going to the sink to wash your cup, setting it on the drying mat, and reaching for something to dry your hands with, but you froze when you heard footsteps behind you.
Of course, he would be here. Like he doesn't have his own place. You wondered if they made it official now that you weren't a problem for her anymore, finishing drying your hands and turning around to face him. Your voice got caught in your throat when you made eye contact with Natasha instead of Bruce, you who thought it was. Her face was still wet, her eyes red and cheeks pale. She had been crying, just like you.
You've always hated seeing her so upset. There wasn't anything you wouldn't do to make her feel better, the first instinct would be to bring her into your arms, but you couldn't this time. You couldn't let her know that you were regretting ending it though you knew you shouldn't feel that way. What you had done was the smart thing, the healthy thing, and the right thing.
She noticed the box on the table and figured why you were truly here. She had a hopeful look in her eye that vanished when she put the pieces of the puzzle together. You tossed the rag onto the counter as you sighed, stepping forward.
"I didn't expect you to be here."
"I… took myself off of the mission. I wasn’t in the right headspace." Your eyes fluttered close at her voice, weak and broken. She was truly a mess and the love you felt for her told you to help her, to hold her and comfort her, but you ignored it. "Can we please talk?"
You opened your eyes, your hand resting on the top of the box. "There's nothing to talk about." She sighed, relieved at your voice as you swiped the box off the table and squeezed past her, making your way to the bedroom, but stopping when you reached the doorway.
You watched the scene unfold in front of you once more, picturing Bruce's panic as he hopped off the bed, tugging the blanket to cover himself, and the look in Natasha's eye as she realized that that was the moment everything fell apart.
You felt her presence behind you and you forced yourself to walk further into the room, reaching the dresser to retrieve some of your clothes, dropping them into the box by your feet.
"Y/N, please, stop," she pleaded from a couple of feet behind you. "Can we just talk this out?"
You slammed the dresser drawer shut and she flinched at the sudden noise, turning to look at her. "You cheated on me," you declared, "there's nothing left to talk about."
"I was angry," she said, ignoring your comment. "You weren't around lately and I was angry at you for that."
"I was on missions," you stated. "I was doing my job, losing people, watching people I'm supposed to keep alive die right in front of me, all while you were screwing someone else!"
She furrowed her eyebrows. "What-"
"Don't act so interested now," you said, turning your back on her to continue digging for your clothes. "You clearly weren't last night."
She breathed out, crossing her arms over her chest. "What do you want me to say, Y/N?"
You leaned against the opened drawer, sighing as you closed your eyes. There was nothing she could say that'll ever make this situation better, but there was one thing you were curious about. "How long?"
She was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time, causing you to open your eyes and turn to look at her. She stared at you, clearly hesitant to answer, which only made your stomach twist into knots. "We only did it three times."
She seemed to step toward you on instinct when she saw your face fall at her words. They only did it three times. That's plenty of times in your book. You wondered how many more times they would've done it if you hadn't caught them.
"So…" You cleared your throat when you lost control of your voice, cracking at that tiny word. You attempted once more, "You were mad that I was taking on extra missions, so you decided to just say fuck it?" Literally.
"Have you ever thought to talk to me about it? Have you ever thought to just sit down like adults and ask me why?"
She looked away from you.
"Because, you know, I have a good reason as to why I wasn't around all the time."
Her head lifted, her eyes melting into yours. "Why?"
You didn't want to tell her, that would just make everything feel so much worse. She was fine with not knowing and you were fine with her not knowing. But… at the same time, you wanted her to know. You wanted her to know what you were sacrificing for her. That everything was going to come full circle if she had just given you time.
"I needed the money," you answered. "The more missions I did, the more money I got."
She furrowed her eyebrows, confused. "Money? You left me alone for money?"
"No, you do not get to blame me for your actions," you declared. 
"Why did you need money, Y/N? You already had everything here-"
"I didn't," you interrupted. You had to tell her, the anger you were feeling was going to make you blurt it out eventually, might as well be now. "I didn't have a ring." 
This time, her face fell and you had to turn away from her, continuing cleaning out your side of the dresser. You tensed when you felt her hands rest on your shoulders, her body close against yours. Your eyes closed at the heat rising in your cheeks, her hands running down your arms and resting on your waist, but you quickly grabbed her wrists before she could go any further. You stepped to the side, away from her, as you released her.
"Don't," you whispered, facing her. You wouldn't be able to stop yourself if you had let her continue. You would've given in to temptation, the familiar comfort she brought when she touched you.
But she didn't listen to you. She stepped forward and placed her fingers along your jaw gently, her dazzling green eyes melting into you as you lost yourself in them. You had to tear yourself out of their trance if you wanted any kind of chance to walk away, but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't look away.
Her fingers ghosted along your skin and you didn't realize that she was leaning towards you until her lips were touching yours, your eyes instinctively closing against the kiss as warmth filled your bloodstream. Her hands intertwined with each other behind your neck, pulling your body flush into her. It's been less than a day and you were already starving for her touch.
"She cheated on you." It was Wanda's voice, tugging against the logic side of your brain. Desperate to try and reach you before you went too far, knowing that's where you're headed. The bed wasn't too far from you, just a few steps and you'd fall onto it with her still pressed against you. "Y/N!"
You pulled away from her suddenly, both of your eyes flying open. It was like Wanda was directly next to you, screaming. She would call you an idiot for being weak like this, and that's putting it lightly. You were sure she'd insult you even worse in her native tongue.
You licked your lips, letting yourself enjoy the feeling of her for one more second before you moved past her, reaching over to pick up the box. You didn't get all your clothes, but this was enough to get you through a few more days. "I… can't. I can't kiss you, I can't even look at you without seeing…" him. You made your way to the door.
Natasha looked like she wanted to argue, her mouth open as she turned to watch you. Her eyes grew red once more, tears threatening to moisturize her face again. But she closed her mouth, nodding her head in understanding. "I made a mistake," she said instead, "and I'm sorry, Y/N. I will do whatever it takes to get you to trust me again."
You stopped walking when her words reached you, frozen in the middle of what used to be the room where you felt the safest. Now you can't stand to be in here. She watched as you continued walking, and broke down when she heard the front door close.
You've driven through all the emotions on your way back to your car, having settled on confusion by the time you're in the driver's seat. You started the car and sat in absolute silence after placing the box onto the seat next to you, staring at the building in front of you. Your lips were still warm with her touch, the feeling of her body against yours still lingered. And you wondered if Bruce had gone through the same thing, the sensation of her touch lasting hours afterward.
Your confusion turned into anger real fast, a scream tearing your vocal cords as you smacked the steering wheel with your palms as hard as you could. Silent tears streamed down your face as you rested your forehead against the wheel, the cool leather. You sucked in a shaky breath, sniffling through your nose. 
You picked your head up when somebody honked behind you, signaling that you were parked in their spot and that you need to move. You sent them an apology wave and quickly pulled out of the lot.
A few more hours went by before Wanda walked through the door, sighing softly with relief when she spotted you on the couch amid a pile of blankets, the TV playing a cheesy movie and your face covered in dried tears. You were partially aware that most of those tears weren't because of the movie.
You turned your head to send Wanda a wide smile as she closed the door behind her, noticing the bag in her hand. "What are you doing, Y/N?" She laughed gently.
"I may have gathered every single blanket you have in the house to make my little fort." You grinned cheekily. 
"I didn't even know I had that many blankets."
"And how was your date, ma'am?" you questioned.
She sighed as she walked into the kitchen. "It was fine," she called to you, returning with two spoons. It brought confusion onto you, but she was already talking before you could question it, "He was very shy at first."
"Hey, you like shy people," you commented as she stood slightly in front of you. "Is there a second date?"
"Surprisingly, he asked and I said yes." You couldn't stop the feeling of sadness creeping up on you at her words. You should be feeling ecstatic for her, happy that she's finally getting herself into the dating game, but the feeling of joy was overpowered by another feeling, a different one, one that you couldn't put your name to. "How was your night?"
"Very… eventful," you said, smiling at her softly.
She reached into the bag and pulled out a pint of your favorite ice cream, your eyes widening as you broke through your blanket bubble to grab the pint away from her, accepting a spoon when handed to you. She laughed as she reached into the bag to pull out her own pint, destroying your shield to sit next to you, both of you getting settled underneath the multiple blankets. 
"You did remember my favorite flavor," you stated.
"Of course," she said in a matter-of-fact tone, shaking her head. As if you should ever doubt her. "And I knew you really needed that movie night."
She sent you a smirk as she opened her ice cream. "You were lying earlier when you said that you'll be fine."
You sighed. It wasn't any use to ask her what your tell was, but that wasn't going to stop you from trying to figure it out. "Tell me, what'd you do on this date? Besides going to a movie, of course." You dug your spoon into your ice cream and shoveled some into your mouth. "I want all the details."
She sighed, looking over at you, but you were too busy watching your spoon scoop the ice cream to notice her gentle eyes and slightly pursed lips. "You don't want to watch the movie?" 
You glanced at the TV in front of you, the movie you had been watching prior to Wanda walking through the door still playing softly in the background. You had been vaguely watching it since it started, it wasn't good and easily predictable. "It's almost over anyway," you told her, turning your head to watch her dig a hole into her ice cream. "Besides, I'm sure your date with the android is better than the movie."
"Well, we went to the movie as planned and it was gorgeous," she said, bringing the ice cream-covered spoon to her lips. "After that, I just wanted to come straight home, but he was very persistent in taking a long way." She popped the spoon into her mouth and took a moment to swallow the ice cream. You had completely forgotten about your frozen dessert, hypnotized by her. You hate yourself for not noticing just how beautiful she truly is until now, when you're in a weak, emotional state and when she's finally dating. "We just… talked. On the way home. And I guess I have never really gotten the chance to talk to him before, so I saw a side of him I didn't get to see."
"Did he walk you to the door and give you a kiss?" You waggled your eyebrows when she looked at you, making her shake her head and laugh.
"He did, actually," she confessed as she returned to her ice cream to hide the blush forming on her cheeks.
The smile faded away from your face, hiding it by scooping ice cream into your mouth when she looked back at you. You figured out what that mysterious feeling was and, now that you know that you're jealous, you regret ever planting the idea in Vision's head.
No, this was a good thing. Wanda was better than being a rebound, you didn’t want to do that to her. She deserves to be the first, not the afterthought. You’re still reeling from the recent breakup, not to mention that these sudden feelings for your best friend came out of nowhere.
You looked towards the TV just in time to catch the ending of the movie, how the couple who went through hard times and heartbreak ended up together once again. You could try that with Natasha, go back to slowly rebuilding that trust. Hell, if they can do it in this 2-star movie, you could do it in real life, right? She said that she's willing to do whatever it takes to be someone you trusted again, maybe give her a chance.
And risk a second, more painful heartbreak?
"Did you just do this the entire time I was gone?" You looked at her as she gestured to the TV and the burrito of blankets you had buried yourself under. You didn't trust yourself to answer her verbally, still having no idea what your tell was, so you just nodded your head with a sheepish smile and resumed your ice cream.
She didn't believe you, either way, seeing the box of your clothes resting beside the couch. But she didn't question it. Instead, she chose the next movie as you enjoyed the company… and ice cream.
"So, explain to me again Bruce's role." You didn't even glance at Bruce, arms crossed over your chest. There are not many opportunities in your line of work to wear a dress, and definitely not a single one where it's out of Tony's pocket, so never mind a dress that is literally one of a kind, freshly designed by a huge, famous designer that you can't remember the name of. It's been so long since you've worn a proper dress that you're finding yourself a tad bit uncomfortable, having to constantly adjust to the tightness of the fabric and the cold breeze crossing your legs. And never mind the heels. You're praying you don't have to run.
"Did you not read the assignment?" Steve countered, his eyes glued to the screen in front of him.
Bruce wasn't wearing a tux, just his normal T-shirt and sweats, so it seemed to you that he wasn't going into the ball. You should've read the file earlier, but you had planned on doing that on the way to the venue. 
"I did read the file," you stated defensively, crossing your arms over your chest. "but I skipped the boring parts."
For some reason, Bruce didn't seem to believe you. "HYDRA got their hands on a biological agent and you need to steal it back before they use it."
"The masquerade ball is a guise for a lot of high profile targets with a lot of money, such as celebrities and even some rival business heads," Steve continued. "HYDRA is planning on taking them out with the biological weapon, but you and Wanda are going to stop them."
"I'm going to be your eyes and ears in the van," Bruce added. "There are cameras hidden in your masks that'll let me see if you have the right agent."
"Isn't this a job for the whole team?" you questioned. "Instead of an amazingly talented agent, a homewrecking hot head, and a witch?"
Steve finally looked away from the screen, turning to face you. He placed his hands on his hips as he said, "This came up at the last minute and everybody else was already assigned to missions almost as important. Bruce wasn't doing anything and you two just finished an assignment."
You were going to mention Natasha, but you decided to bite your tongue when you heard the clacking of heels approach you from behind. You turned, feeling your jaw drop to the floor when you took in Wanda's appearance.
The knee-high dress showed off her legs, the purple of the outfit blending in well with her complexion, and her hair was more bouncy than it usually is, holding more volume. Your stomach was doing flips and you couldn't find your voice to form a single syllable. She held a clutch bag across her front with both hands and you found yourself devouring her with your eyes.
What is happening to your body? Why are you suddenly so… attracted to your best friend?
"What?" Her voice snapped you out of your daze and your mouth closed with its own mind. You hadn't realized you were staring at her body until your eyes flickered up to her face, red coloring your cheeks with embarrassment for being caught staring as Wanda seemed to suddenly grow shy.
"You look" - there was truly no word in the universe good enough that could describe what she looks like; angelic, heavenly, beautiful, gorgeous, irresistible. Yet even all those words combined wasn't enough - "great." 
So, you decided to settle on the word that was the least worthy in describing her? You mentally sighed, knowing that it was the safest route to take. At least until you get over these sudden, abrupt feelings you were forming for your best friend.
"Thank you," she said, smiling a smile that had your heart skipping beats. "You look pretty good yourself."
You blinked, briefly confused. You were so engrossed in her beauty that you had completely forgotten why she was dressed like that and that you were dressed similarly. 
The three of you loaded up into the van a couple of minutes later, with Bruce driving, Wanda in the passenger seat, and you settled amongst the computers in the back. How you managed to get the best spot in the house was absolutely beyond you.
You were busying yourself with reading the file you didn't get a chance to read, the car ride in absolute silence as you learned the identity of one of the partygoers who had rejected the invitation. Nobody big enough to run a country, but big enough to get an invite to this thing. Wanda, on the other hand, managed to get the role of a very popular actress in Russia, and, thanks to the masks, nobody could tell that Wanda’s not her. You're definitely not jealous.
"So, I heard you went on a date with Vision last night." You didn't look up, but you were no longer interested in the words you were reading. Why was Bruce trying to make small talk?
"How did you know?"
You could hear the grin on his face when he said, "It's the talk of the town at the moment."
When you and Natasha first started going out, you remember how the two of you were "the talk of the town" for the next month, even later for some people. You hated your personal life being the center of attention, but she assured you it was nothing to be worried about. And she was right, you were worried for nothing. But now it's Wanda's turn. Since you and Natasha are no longer a couple, the bottom feeders need something to feed on.
"How was it?"
There was a moment of silence and you could feel Wanda turning her head to look at you, so you flipped over the page to continue reading, acting as if you weren't eavesdropping. "It went well," she answered as she faced forward. "We're planning a second date."
Your jaw clenched. Why were you so mad about her going on another date with Vision? This is what you wanted, was it not? You planted the idea in Vision's head weeks ago when the movie was first announced, and you were perfectly fine with the thought of Wanda dating Vision. But that was weeks ago, long before you had caught Bruce and Natasha, long before you became newly single, long before you found out you had hidden feelings for Wanda.
You didn't think it was possible, but your world was falling apart even more and you have no clue as to what to do about it.
"That's good," Bruce stated, but that was it. The conversation ended there with silence filling the car once more, though a bit more awkward than it was before. You thought about asking him to drive faster but decided against it. You didn't feel like talking to him.
What felt like hours later - when, in reality, it was roughly five minutes - the van finally pulled up to the towering mansion, brightly lit up to indicate a party being held here. There seemed to be hundreds of people surrounding the staircase leading to the front, flashes from paparazzi cameras every now and again as if they know who they're taking pictures of with everybody wearing masks. Speaking of…
You slipped on your mask after putting the file away. It was a simple mask that just covered your eyes, attached to your head by a thin, elastic band, though it did match well with the aesthetic you're rocking with this dress. However, Wanda only managed to look more incredible with her black and purple swan mask, seeking out your help to tie the satin string around her head.
It made sense for Wanda to look more fabulous than you as she was playing a more important, bigger role. You weren't complaining about the complexity of her outfit. You were thanking the designer for making her look absolutely stunning.
You reached over to grab a couple of earpieces off of a table, handing one to Wanda as you shoved your own into your ear. You checked to make sure it was working by talking into it, Wanda shaking her head to confirm.
Bruce parked a decent distance away from the mansion so as to not draw any attention as you both loaded out of a van disguised as a bouquet business. "I'll park on the side to not seem suspicious," he told you before you closed the door. You tossed him a thumbs-up through the window as he drove away.
You and Wanda walked together down the sidewalk towards the ball, your heartbeat seeming to echo in your ears with every step you took. Were you nervous about the mission? It would be fair, the previous mission's failure was still fresh on your mind. Or were you nervous about the feelings for Wanda you're trying so hard to keep shoved down into the deepest depths of your mind? It was hard to tell, both were very good reasons to be nervous.
"You've been awfully quiet," Wanda pointed out softly, glancing at you with a small, concerned smile, though you kept your head straight, eyes forward. "Are you okay?"
You breathed out. You couldn't answer her question, so you had to resort to changing the subject. "I really hope we don't have to run in these heels."
She laughed half-heartedly, knowing you were avoiding her question because you weren't okay. And then she stopped walking, lightly tugging your elbow to get you to pause as well, causing all the people overly dressed in masquerade outfits behind you to go around. You huffed as you looked at her, seeing her eyes behind her mask.
"You know you can tell me anything," she assured you, "and I know you have a lot on your chest with everything that's happened, so let me take some of the burdens. What's on your mind, Y/N?"
"I went to my old apartment last night and got some of my clothes," you blurted out. This story was better than the other thing you could possibly tell her, which would be how you were surprisingly jealous about how she's dating Vision. This wouldn't have been a thought if you were still with Natasha.
"I saw the box," Wanda admitted, nodding. She knew Natasha was on a mission, so it wasn't a big deal that you went back to your apartment to grab some clothes.
"Natasha was there."
Okay, it's a big deal. "I thought she was on a mission."
"Me, too," you agreed. "That's why I went, figured I'd get some of it done, but turns out she took herself off the mission."
She stared at you, eyes soft yet hard at the same time and you didn't understand how that was possible. "Did she say anything?"
Your lips formed a thin line as you pinched them together, suddenly avoiding eye contact with her. She did say something, and she did a lot more than just saying something. If it wasn't for Wanda, you definitely would've taken it further. "She kissed me."
"And you pushed her away."
"And... I kissed her back."
You weren't looking at her to see her face fall at your confession, the sadness behind her mask would've been hard to see anyway if you didn't know what to look for, but you did knot what to look for. When your eyes met hers once again, the sadness was replaced with anger as she smacked your shoulder disapprovingly. "Are you dumb?" She started lecturing you in Sokovian and, you were right, it just sounds worse than just being called "dumb".
"But that's it," you stated, quickly interrupting her before she got into the few curse words you definitely knew in her language. "It's not like we slept together."
She smacked your shoulder again, not appreciating you trying to put a light spin on this situation. "Y/N."
You huffed. "It'll be the only time I fall for it, alright? I won't let her get to me."
She glared at you for a few more seconds before turning to continue the walk to the ball. You sighed, scratching the back of your head as you followed her.
"I'm in position," Bruce said through your earpiece, his voice making you grind your teeth. You'll never be able to look at him the same again.
"I made it inside," Wanda's voice was next. You and she got separated on the stairs entering the large home, but it was fine. The two of you would've been forced to separate eventually. And now you're able to breathe properly without her goddess-like presence around you. "Y/N?"
You sent a wide smile to the bodyguard eyeing you, not being able to respond to Wanda without making him even more suspicious. He looked down at the tablet with the guest list displayed once more, seemingly having trouble finding your name. You're pretty sure you gave him the correct name. If you didn't, then you’re definitely shit out of luck.
You cleared your throat. "Are you having troubles, sir?"
"You seem to not be on the list, ma'am," the man stated. "I can't let you in."
"I'm sure it's there," you countered. "Try looking again."
He sighed as he looked back down at the list, scrolling. It wouldn't be the worst thing if you were denied entry. However, you weren't going to just leave Wanda to do this on her own. You were going to have to think of something and quickly.
"Милый!" You looked up at Wanda as she made her way to you, her hands up wide as if she were seeing an old friend for the first time in forever. The bodyguard spotted her and immediately straightened his form. "How long has it been?" Her Russian accent was perfect. It was like she had spoken it for her entire life, having been raised in Russia. It would fool anybody who didn't know the real her.
You glanced at the bodyguard. "This would be a much more pleasant conversation inside, but they seem to be having trouble finding my name."
"Oh, I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding, right?" She rested a gentle hand on the bodyguard's elbow and he seemed to be internally panicking at the contact. You really don't blame him. "Кукла, my old friend here hasn't seen me in years. We'd love to catch up over some drinks!"
The man looked back down at the guest list, scrolled once, then nodded. "Ah, there you are. My mistake. Please." He gestured for you to enter the building (you could've sworn you saw a familiar flash of red smoke swirl around his head, but you shook it off) and Wanda sent him a heartwarming smile before she moved to walk with you.
"Always saving your ass, Y/N," Wanda expressed, though it wasn't in her usual playful tone, as she guided you through the crowd.
"You wouldn't have needed to if someone put the name on the list," you retorted just as quietly, taking a not-so-subtle jab at Bruce.
You released a soft sigh as you stepped up to the bar, Wanda remaining right next to you. You had to fight the sudden urge to lean closer to her when her elbow rubbed against yours. Instead, you subtly moved an inch away from her as the masked bartender placed a couple of drinks in front of you.
You quickly caught the bartender's wrist before she could leave, making eye contact with her behind her mask. "Uh, we didn't order these."
"No," she agreed as you released her hand, picking it up to point to a couple of gentlemen further down the bar, "they did."
As she walked away, you and Wanda looked towards the men to see them send a wave your way. You sighed, turning your back to them. You opened your mouth to say something smart, but she beat you to it by saying, "I'm going to walk around, see if I can spot anything out of place." She pushed her drink towards you before walking away, but that didn't discourage the two men.
You turned to leave but froze when the men were directly behind you, getting stuck between them and the bar. It was easier for them to gang up on one person than be evenly matched. "My friend here is interested in what you got going on," one of them said, sending you a sly smile from underneath his mask. You wonder if he had this much confidence without the mask, but it didn't matter. Something about him made you want to punch him in the face, and it didn't help that he was cornering you.
"Sorry, boys, but I'm not interested in selling," you assured them gently. You stepped forward, attempting to squeeze through the small gap they left open, but they immediately pushed against each other to close the only opening you had to leave this situation. You stepped away from them, as far as the bar behind you would let you go, as you crossed your arms over your chest.
Your eyes searched the crowd behind them, trying to see if you could find Wanda within the sea of masks, but she didn't stick out as much as you thought she would with her purple and black. You didn't want to start a fight so early into the mission, but considering they kept inching closer to you with every syllable that poured out of their mouth, you figured you weren't going to have a choice very soon.
"There you are, darling!" The men turned at the new voice, your eyes snapping to the woman squeezing herself in between the men to get to you. You wanted to be confused, but the stranger was giving you a peaceful out of this situation and you were going to take it. "I couldn't find you with these God awful masks everybody's wearing! You could've been much more descriptive, sweetheart." She placed a gentle hand on your shoulder as she leaned over, her lips brushing against your ear as she lowered her voice for only you to hear, "Seems like you could use some help."
She greeted the two men in front of you with a wide smile, though there was something about that smile that made the men lose their confidence instantly. They stammered over each other, apologizing briskly, and pushed each other as they escaped the woman's stare. Boys disguised as gentlemen. You'd think the people here would be a bit more respectful.
"Thanks," you expressed. You appreciated the help. If she hadn't butted in, you definitely would've resolved to violence, which would then result in you getting kicked out and Wanda being stranded on her own. So, in a way, you would say, "I definitely owe you one."
She sent you a dazzling smile as people in the middle of the ballroom floor started pairing up to dance. You knew which way this was going to go the second you saw her look out at the dancing couples. "I'd like to cash in that favor for a dance," she offered.
You looked out to the floor. It did give you a good vantage point to look around the room, though you really should focus on the mission at hand. You didn't know where Wanda had disappeared to, and your earpiece was eerily quiet. 
The woman could see the hesitation in your eyes when you looked back at her. "Just one dance," she promised. You huffed. There was no harm in dancing with the lady one time in return for her getting you out of a pickle.
"Okay, just one," you clarified and she sent you a smirk as she guided you to the floor.
You held onto her hand as she rested her free one around the back of your neck, leaving you no choice but to put yours on the small of her back. The two of you swayed to the music in (to you) tense silence, your eyes searching the crowd for Wanda and anything that seems odd.
"You seem like you're looking for someone." Your eyes found the woman's once more, a small smile peeking out from underneath her mask. 
"Not at all," you assured, returning her grin. "I just never really been to a masquerade ball before."
"Glad I get to be your first dance at one, then," she said. "Though you could've fooled me. You clearly know how to dress for one."
"Ah, this old thing?" You rolled your eyes playfully. "It was just collecting dust in the back of my closet. Figured I'd put it to use."
"You just so happen to have a mask perfectly matching your outfit in the back of your closet?" She chuckled lightly when you nodded your head.
"You'd be surprised by the things in my closet."
You were willing to bet that this woman was drop-dead gorgeous underneath the mask she was proudly wearing - not to mention holding enough authority to scare off two adult men with just a look - but you couldn't find it within yourself to be attracted to her. Normally, you'd be too flustered to hold a conversation with a woman like this, but you couldn't be bothered. She wasn't the woman on your mind at the moment. It was-
"Mind if I step in?" Wanda. Her Russian accent was heavy in the small sentence. It caught you off guard for a moment, you would’ve thought she was a totally different person if you hadn’t looked at her. She was definitely good at this accent thing.
You and the woman slightly separated when Wanda stepped up to you, a pursed smile plastered on her face at the woman. You nodded and the woman took a small step back, her hands going to her sides.
"For now," the woman said, sending you a wink before leaving the floor.
Wanda cleared her throat as she wrapped both of her hands behind your neck, leaving you to place your hands on her hips. Your stomach twisted as it suddenly got hot in the large room, having never really touched her so intimately like this before now. You couldn't grasp a coherent thought as she pulled you closer to her, your bodies mere centimeters away from being flush together. This was the kind of effect that woman would've had on you if you weren't busy getting lost in your thoughts.
"While you were dancing with desperate bimbos, I was actually doing what we are supposed to be doing," she said under her breath, her normal Sokovian accent returned once the woman was out of earshot. And her eyes locked onto something over your shoulder, seemingly refusing to not look at you.
"It was owed," you explained. You looked at her for a moment, noticing she's been avoiding eye contact since she interrupted the dance. "You're still mad about the Nat thing."
"I'm not mad," she stated, finally looking at you. "How can you even trust her?"
"I can't," you said, nodding. You knew Bruce was listening in on the conversation, but you really couldn't care less. "Which is why I need my best friend to not give me the cold shoulder and keep me in check." You sent her a smirk as you added, "She's the reason why I managed to find strength during the kiss. I just kept hearing her nagging me in the back of my mind with her little Sokovian accent and such."
She rolled her eyes, returning to looking at something behind you. "There's a door behind you that's constantly guarded," she continued, figuring it'd be a better idea to return focus on the mission. You wondered if she was still mad at you. "That's gotta be something, right? Why guard a door that doesn't lead to anywhere important?"
You casually spun her around with you so you were facing the door, looking over her shoulder to see, at the far end of the room, almost hidden out of view from where you stood, was a lonely door with one guard posted in front of it, a good distance away from the multiple buffet tables, a chocolate fountain resting in the middle of the assortment of tables.
Multiple scenarios could happen to get you through that door, but it had to be discreet. If anybody sees one of you snooping around, then your cover is blown, mission failed. And you will not fail another mission.
"The chocolate fountain," you whispered under your breath and she tilted her head with confusion. How has she not seen the huge fountain spewing chocolate sauce? You sighed, sliding one of your hands along to wrap around her waist and the other one running along her back, so distracted by the plan forming in your head that you didn't even bother just picking up your hand instead.
You weren't aware of the chills following your hand as you traced it up her body, not processing the gasp that almost came from her throat. It wasn't until your hand had rested on the base of her neck that she found herself able to breathe, biting back the shivers threatening to rat her out.
Stepping to the side, you gently lowered her, her hands instinctively grasping your shoulders as she dipped down. Automatically, she shifted her weight to the foot closest to you as the opposite leg went up, foot pointed in the air as her head went backward. Her hair flowed down as she looked towards the door, catching what you had mentioned.
You helped her back up, using all your strength in fear that you were going to accidentally drop her. Her body was soon completely flushed against yours, your masked nose brushing gently across hers as her breath fanned across her face. Lost in each other's eyes, you felt yourself leaning closer to her and, maybe you're just seeing things, but you were willing to bet your life that she was leaning towards you, too.
"Time's up." You and Wanda separated immediately at the voice, eyes wide as you looked to the side to see the woman from earlier. Your face flushed with red as you looked back at Wanda, watching her wipe her hands on her thighs nervously. The woman smiled at you gently, though you were no longer focused on her.
Wanda seemed hesitant to walk away, but she eventually did when the woman rested her hands on your shoulders. You had no choice but to put your hands on her waist. She seemingly wanted to mirror what you had going on with Wanda.
The next few minutes seemed to drag on, the woman trying to keep up a conversation with you only for you to answer with something that had no room for the discussion to continue. Yet, she kept trying, persistent. You thought you were being obvious, how could she not see that you were no longer into it?
The song was coming to an end, having promised her a new song since Wanda had interrupted the first dance, and you couldn't wait to get off the dance floor.
"Are you done dancing around yet?" Wanda questioned in your ear. Her voice was quiet but playful, telling you that she was no longer giving you the cold shoulder. You were relieved, not knowing what you would've done if she had stayed mad. 
"Time's ticking." Bruce. Honestly, you had completely forgotten that he was present. And that he had a view of everything you see thanks to the camera in the masks. You wondered if he saw the moment between you and Wanda until you remembered you don't care. "Now may be your only opportunity."
You stepped away from the woman and a frown pulled her lips down. "One more?"
"I am sorry, but there are some people that I have to converse with," you expressed. "Trust me, I would love to dance the night away with you, but these boring conversations will not start themselves." You placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly before marching past her.
"I'll distract him," Wanda said and you looked up to see her at one of the buffet tables, her eyes glued to the chocolate fountain.
When you neared the targeted door, you sent her a nod and, with a wave of her hand, the chocolate started to spray everywhere, soaking the people trying to cover anything they could get their hands on in the sauce. All the screams at the sudden chocolate attack caught the guard's attention. He stepped away from the door, running over to a power outlet to unplug the fountain, and you took that time to quickly squeeze yourself through the door, Wanda close on your heels.
You and Wanda shared a look before you burst out laughing, covering your mouths to keep quiet. "I wish I could've seen the entire look on their faces," you stated.
"I'm pretty sure one of them was enjoying it," Wanda added, chuckling. 
"You're running out of time," Bruce said calmly.
As your laughter subsided, you looked around to see a red-carpeted hallway, walking down it with creepy Victorian era vibes.
And as you passed the multiple closed doors, you wouldn't be surprised if you found some kind of experiment on the other side. HYDRA is well known for their constant need to make new things, soldiers that'll do their bidding as they aim for world domination. According to Bruce, you didn't have time to look through every door, to save every person you could find from being the next thing on HYDRA's list. You would've if you could, but wasting most of the night dancing with a woman you didn't know took away that small window of opportunity.
You subtly glanced at Wanda as you walked alongside her, heat rising to your cheeks at the thought of kissing her. You have to deny your feelings, that you were just in the heat of the moment earlier, that she was not leaning forward, too. It felt like everything was happening too fast for you and you needed to take a step back, just breathe. 
Ironically, the air was taken from your lungs when you were suddenly pushed against the corner of a doorway, Wanda's body pressed against yours and her hand clamped over your mouth. She held the index finger of her free hand against her lips, her eyes staring into yours from underneath the masks and you were… calm.
You've never been good at expressing how you felt, your face always showed the truth behind your emotions. So when you're left in a small space with her body tight against yours, your face showed her everything she needed to know if she knew what to look for. And you were grateful she wasn't looking for it.
A couple of HYDRA agents marched by, completely oblivious to you and Wanda as they passed, talking amongst themselves. Even though they were long gone, you both still stood there, squished between her and the wall. You found yourself wanting to stay in this position, lost in her eyes just as much as she seemed to be lost in yours, but there was an incoherent mumbling in your eardrum that caused her to pull away.
Another moment ruined.
You were so lost in your thoughts that you hadn't noticed the oncoming HYDRA personnel, so you were thankful she was paying attention at least. You need to focus on the present and stop worrying about everything else. It may be the reason why you get killed. 
"You seemed really distracted there," Wanda pointed out, continuing your walk down the corridor. You kept your head forward when you felt her eyes on you, her lips pursed together as she thought about what to say next. "Always saving your ass, Y/N." She had a playful tone this time, a smile lifting her features and you couldn't prevent the small smirk tug against the corner of your lips.
"This door doesn't seem to be like the others." You gestured to one of the doors you were approaching when you turned a corner. Unlike the other doors, this one has a fingerprint scanner nestled into the wall beside it. "Could be nothing." You shrugged casually as Wanda lightly smacked your shoulder with the back of her hand.
"We're going to need a fingerprint," Wanda stated.
You looked up and down the hallway, pursing your lips together when the area was clear. Not a living soul in sight. "Bruce, think you can get into the security cams? See if there's anybody nearby we could use."
"I'm a science major, Y/N." You slightly flinched, his muffled moan behind a closed-door echoing in your head at the sound of his voice. Wanda noticed the flinch, sighing softly under her breath. "I only know what three of these buttons do."
"Well, thanks, doctor," you muttered. Guess the only thing he knows how to do outside of the science field is to fuck someone else's girlfriend. 
You didn't realize you said it out loud until Wanda covered her incoming laughter by coughing, your eyes slightly widening in surprise. You didn't want to bring it up anymore, especially in front of Bruce, but it came out of your mouth before you even processed it as a thought.
Bruce sighed heavily into your earpiece. "You said it was water under the bridge."
"Yeah, well, people say you're a good guy. Turns out, everybody lies." You looked at Wanda to see the small, humorous smirk resting on her lips. She quickly turned away to hide the fact that she was enjoying this. You rolled your eyes at her, clenching your jaw. Why were you saying these things now? It wasn't going to solve anything. And it certainly wasn't going to help your fingerprint situation.
"Y/N, we should all sit down and-"
"Oh, God, please just strike me down," you declared, looking up at the ceiling. Sure, he felt guilty now that he got caught, but what about before then? Were your feelings ever thought of as they rolled around under the blankets while you were working your ass off on missions for her? Definitely not.
"You should hear her out."
You scoffed, shaking your head. "I don't want to talk about this anymore," you stated, crossing your arms over your chest as you looked down. You were going to say something you'll really regret and, though deep down you knew he deserved it, you didn't want to say anything else about the situation.
"We need someone's fingerprint," Wanda announced, interrupting whatever he was about to say. You sent her a grateful look for the subject change. You were seconds away from taking the earpiece out of your ear and squashing it under your shoe like a lit cigarette. 
You went to thank her, but when her eyes caught something behind you, curiosity took over mannerism and you turned around. One of the HYDRA agents that passed you earlier was sprawled out on the floor a few feet in front of you, unconscious, and you didn't have a chance to question anything before a second figure walked around the corner.
"Well, fancy meeting you here." The woman sent you a pleasant grin from underneath her mask, the same woman who requested a dance for saving your ass from those men.
You watched, awestruck, as she grabbed the agent's leg to drag him towards you, but Wanda didn't hesitate to block her path.
"Who are you?" She didn't even bother with a Russian accent at this point, her cover is most definitely blown. Being in a guarded part of the mansion would most likely raise suspicion. Which is why you didn't step in between Wanda and the woman despite the tension between the two for whatever reason; you wanted to know who the lady was, too. 
The woman grinned, dropping the leg to the floor. She swiftly removed her mask from her face and, you were right, the woman was drop-dead gorgeous, but you still couldn't be attracted to her. "Candace. And I'm sure you and I have the same goal."
"And what goal is that?" Wanda questioned.
Candace rolled her eyes, her mask falling to the floor without a care for it anymore. She crossed her arms over her chest as she said, "To stop HYDRA from deploying the biological agent on the highly important party guests."
Wanda leaned towards you and your breath caught in your throat when her arm rubbed against yours, skin on skin, as she whispered into your ear, "Should we trust her?"
"I mean, she brought us a fingerprint," you returned just as quietly. "It'd be kind of rude to turn her away."
"It's two on one anyway," Bruce said.
You rolled your eyes. "Stick to your science, Banner."
"You do realize that we're just wasting time right now," Candace stated. "I'll let you two talk it out, but if you could move over so I can open the door, it'd be greatly appreciated." She picked up the unconscious agent's leg once more, dragging him to the door directly behind you.
There was something about this woman that didn't sit well with you, but there was nothing you could do about it. You hate to admit it, but Bruce has a good point. If Candace decides to be against you, it'd be two against one. There was no way she'd be able to get away, especially since one of you has a superpower. 
You motioned for Wanda to move, sending her a look when she was about to argue with you. With a sigh, she stepped out of the way and let Candace use the agent's fingerprint to open the door, dropping him to the ground when the keypad beeps approvingly.
You followed Candace through the door once she opened it, Wanda close on your heels. You entered a decked-out science lab, equipment laid throughout the room, but you weren't interested in anything but the line of medicine cabinets located along the back wall. The three of you immediately started searching through them, flashing the labels of the vials to your mask cam only to receive a quick "no" from Bruce.
Wanda was a few cabinets down on one of your sides while Candace was located at the cabinet directly next to you on the other side. You were soon beginning to feel the pressure against you, time feeling as if it were running out. You moved quicker, flicking through vial after vial, sample after sample, trying to find the right one until Bruce finally gave you a solid "yes" on a practically empty vial.
"Let's get out of here," you expressed, relieved, as you closed the cabinet door with a magnetic click. 
"Great job, Y/N," Candace stated, smiling widely. "I'll take it off your hands." When she reached for it, you quickly jerked it away from her. You could feel Wanda directly behind you, moving to stand slightly in front of you protectively.
"I didn't tell you my name," you declared, removing your mask from your face. At this point, maintaining your cover was no longer important, she knew your name so she knew your face. But how did she know who you were? You didn't take the mask off all evening, you didn't even have much of a conversation with the woman. 
Wanda took her mask off as well, both of you ignoring Bruce's objection as he was now blind to the situation. You held the vial carefully yet tightly in your hand, holding it behind your back and away from her. Not that it mattered, she has to go through Wanda to get to you anyway.
"Oh, so it's Wanda that you brought with you," she stated, crossing her arms over her chest, a condescending smirk resting on her face. "I just couldn't figure it out." She sighed thoughtfully, proud of herself as she said, "I figured SHIELD would send a couple of agents our way." She turned to look at you. "I made you the second you tried to get past the front doors." 
"You're making a very big mistake," Wanda declared, her arm extending outward to block you. "Let us leave."
Candace hummed as if she was genuinely thinking about it, but the grin on her face has yet to waver. She was mocking you, putting you in a situation she knew she would get out of. She had the upper hand here otherwise she wouldn't have started this. "Counteroffer, give me the vial."
Wanda clenched her fists by her sides as you took a small step back. You couldn't risk the bacterial agent getting into her hands. You knew there was nothing to worry about, it being two on one and everything, but you just couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong.
And your feeling was proven right within seconds of thinking it when HYDRA agents flooded the room. Now it was two on eight, though you had Wanda on your team, making the odds more favorable to you. You had guns raised on you with nowhere to go, so you had to rely on Wanda to get you out of this sticky situation like always.
"Now, let's renegotiate," Candace offered, shrugging casually. "Give me the vial and you'll both die painlessly."
You felt yourself breathe when you saw the familiar red smoke radiating from Wanda's hands, her fingers fluttering as she prepared to strike, but froze when Candace tutted, holding up a cell phone facing you.
"I wouldn't try to be a hero here, ladies," Candace warned. On the phone seemed to be live bodycam footage of the ball happening in the other part of the mansion, indicating that they wouldn't hesitate to get bloody if they couldn't get their way with the biological weapon. Fear pressed against your chest when you watched the red smoke become non-existent, knowing that there was nothing left to do until every HYDRA personnel was eliminated. "There are some men set up to shoot if you don’t give me what I want. Now… vial." Candace held her hand out, gesturing to come forward by curling her fingers. 
You glanced towards the other agents, their guns unwavering as they remained pointed at you. You had to think and it had to be quick. You could either hand over the vial and let all those people die, or you could deny her request and let all those people die. Either way, you were going to fail this mission. You looked at Wanda, making eye contact with her and the two of you seemed to have a silent agreement.
Neither of you was going down without a fight. And HYDRA was not getting this vial.
You stepped forward, preparing to drop the vial into Candace’s open palm, but the second you drove your fist into her jaw, Wanda unleashed her powers on the remaining agents. And while she was dealing with the firing squad, you put all your focus on fighting Candace without compromising the vial in your hand, blocking her punches and kicks to the best of your ability. But she had managed to get a good kick into your jaw, caught off guard by her agility as you spun to the ground. The vial rolled out of your hand harmlessly across the floor, Candace scrambling to scoop it up, but the second you heard the crunching of glass underneath her palm was the moment you felt your heart stop beating.
You were suddenly surrounded by red smoke, being sent flying out of the room with Wanda not too far behind you. She placed you gently onto the carpeted floor in the hallway as she quickly closed the lab door behind her, blasting the keypad with her powers to keep the door locked.
“Are you okay?” She helped you to your feet gently, her hands going to your face as your heart seemed to remember how to beat, your cheeks heating up underneath her touch as she searched your eyes for any sign of pain.
“I’m fine,” you assured her, instinctively swatting her away so you could maintain some confidence. “Are you?”
She nodded as an answer before the two of you started running down the hall, retracing the path to the ballroom and you had to stop for a brief moment to kick your heels off your feet, mumbling about how you just knew you were going to end up running in these torture devices.
By the time you reached the ballroom, you and Wanda froze behind the chocolate fountain, looking out at the scene before you. You felt sick to your stomach, the dead bodies of some innocent people laying out on the floor, though not nearly as much as you thought there’d be. Not to mention it looks like a wrecking ball played a huge part against the building.
Police scoured the grounds, marking bodies and objects as evidence, while Bruce appeared next to you. “I called in the cops as soon as you two took off your masks,” he explained. “I… tried to stop as much as I could, but he wasn’t fast enough.” He as in the Hulk he. You knew Bruce didn’t like using the Hulk unless he absolutely needed to for fear of hurting innocents, but he knew he didn’t have much of a choice. He heard the conversation with Candace, knowing the choices you had. And as much as you wanted to hate him for personal reasons, you had to appreciate him stepping up. There would’ve been a lot more deaths if he wasn’t here.
After suffering through quarantine to make sure you absolutely did not get in contact with the biological agent, you walked through the front door of Wanda’s home the next night, releasing a heavy sigh of exhaustion. She had beat you home, but since she was nowhere to be seen, you had figured she had already gone to bed.
The mission wasn’t a complete failure, but it wasn’t a complete success either. Out of the 194 people that attended, twenty people were killed. Twenty people were lost at the hands of HYDRA and you couldn’t point blame at anybody else but you, having ignored the bad feelings you got when faced with Candace. And here you were again, replaying the moments in your head that you could do differently, to get different results. How life loves to come full circle.
You had tried to get some sleep, but laying on the couch in the middle of the dark, the only thing you could see when you closed your eyes was all those lifeless people on the ground. And the worst part about it was that you couldn’t crawl into Natasha’s arms in your bed. You couldn’t stop the tears falling down your cheeks, your eyes squeezing closed in an attempt to fall asleep once more.
You got off the couch when you knew it was no use, making your way to the bathroom but halting outside of Wanda’s bedroom door when you heard a noise from the other side. Your eyebrows furrowed as you placed your ear against the wood, holding your breath to get a better reading on whatever was happening in the room. It was nothing but silence. You were exhausted, not using that time in quarantine to sleep for fear of the nightmares, and the lack of sleep could make you think you were hearing things. You barely had your head pulled away from the door when you heard the noise once more, and it was beyond doubt a soft sob.
You opened the door quietly, the sobs coming to a halt, though she did sniffle a few times. She said nothing as you entered her bedroom, the door closing softly behind you as you made your way to the bed. You knew why she was crying, it was the same reason why you were silently crying on the couch, and you also knew just the thing the both of you needed. Comfort from another human being.
She didn’t object to you crawling underneath the blankets behind her, pinning your body close to hers as wrapping your arms around her. Your heart drummed in your chest as you pulled her into you, letting her cry harder now that you were comforting her. Your chin rested on the top of her head gently as she tugged you closer against her, if that were even possible. Feeling so close to her, having your arms wrapped around her securely, there wasn’t anywhere else you’d rather be than right here. A new safe spot, somewhere you’d go to get away from it all. And it wasn’t until now that you realized that it wasn’t the room that made you feel safe, but the person. Because Natasha has broken your trust, you couldn’t feel safe around her, but Wanda… she always makes you feel safe.
If you had any doubt before, you don’t anymore. Your feelings for Wanda were valid, but there was nothing you could do about it now that she was seeing Vision.
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adorkwithaplan · 2 hours ago
You Need to Rest, Darling
Tumblr media
Pairing: Agatha Harkness x fem! reader
Summary: When you need to sleep and stop overworking yourself, Agatha is there to coax you to bed but what happens when she isn’t.
This fic includes: fluff in the beginning, we move on to angst, and then bittersweet ending cuz i didn’t know how to end it on a super sad note but also it’s kinda sad cuz eventually y/n is gonna realize there’s nothing she can do until Wanda comes back, speaking of Wanda there’s a bit of Wanda negativity.
a/n: I really really like this! it’s probably out of all the works you’ve seen my absolute favorite! i feel like there’s a few thing i could have writen better but i’m tired so enjoyyy!! ps. i headcanon that literally only people Scratchy want to hear him can hear him so uh interpret what u think he’s saying as you’d like!
it was late that night around four, the moon was full and you and Agatha had been studying since morning and you were honestly kinda tired so you decided you’d go downstairs and see what Agatha was up to.
Marking the pages of the books you were studying you had them all fly back to their spots in your library and just tidied your space up like you always did...most of the time...ok whenever you felt like it but you couldn't blame yourself, you’d usually fall asleep before you could even think about cleaning.
You’d made the space look as good as you could with your current state and with the flick of your hand the lights were out and you were down the stairs.
the house part of your home was dimly lit and it felt calm something you hadn’t felt in a while
“Someone’s up late,” you heard from the kitchen.
rolling your eyes you made your way to the to the source of the mesmerizing voice to see Agatha leaning against the countertop, a cup of tea floating beside her, whatever book she was reading had been placed aside and she was now staring at you, with the dim light it was harder to see the bags under her eyes but they were there…they’ve been there for a long time.
“you really should go to bed, hun, rest is important.” the witch said, pulling away to look at you, caressing your cheek with her slender and beautiful hands. (you didn’t mention how that was a bit hypocritical coming from her but it was not to ruin the moment.)
“I know, I just- i’ve got a lot of work to do and-“ before you could finish, Agatha had pressed her lips against yours. You’ve always thought her kisses were more powerful than any magic you’ve ever known or will now.
Once the two of you parted,“just shut up and go to sleep.” she said smacking your butt and pushing you off towards your shared bedroom.
“fine but you have to come to bed with me,”
looking at you with nothing but love in her eyes “of course, darling.”
and to bed you went, a feeling nothing but peace and love while your wife lay in your arms
Of course that was months ago.
You’re sitting in the library, you’re hair a mess. It’s been…2 weeks since it happened, since you ‘she’ came,
…since you lost her.
Of course physically Agatha it felt like was with you but you might as well have lost her now it’s just, Agnes.
You were there, you saw her loose, beat by her own witty lesson. It pained you to see it happen, you saw how Wanda smiled looking at what she’d done…as if it was good for everyone.
You were lucky you were still wives in whatever plot she’d placed Agatha in but it wasn’t the same. It lacked the passion, the butterflies, the magic.
Over this time you’d tried as many spells as you could find in the books Wanda had taken the darkhold so you couldn’t go to that.
You’ve been staring off into space for who knows how long, only breaking from trance when you felt a wet nose on your ankle.
He’s been with you through it all, he’s also taking this whole thing pretty rough, sure he’s in his rabbit form but he has feelings and has only left Agatha…or Agnes’ side to check on you.
“Hi there.” you greeted, god your voice was hoarse.
“How ya doin’ you little bastard?”
“yeah…me too,” giving him a kiss between the ears and placing him on the table, “ok well i’m gonna get back to reading, if you want to you can…you can go back to her.” You suggested, forcing a smile.
Scratchy said nothing this time, just resting against your arm.
you started dozing off, you checked the time on your watch and realized that it was around four am, you’ve been up for 30 hours but at this point you could have cared less. Time hasn't meant much to you these days. Hell you were 349! Time hasn’t meant anything to you since you stopped aging! All you knew was what time Aga- Agnes woke up and went to bed and when you could go down and put all of yourself into finding a way to get her back.
You just needed to find a way to bring her back. That’s all that mattered.
“I don’t need sleep, Señor.” you said bluntly, trying to focus back on the book you’re reading.
“NO I DON’T!” You snapped, slamming your fist on the table and standing up.
“THE ONLY THING I NEED TO DO IS FIND A WAY TO BRING HER BACK!” Your sobbed, your hands were shaking and all these feelings you had been holding back had come bubbling back up.
Instantly you were filled with regret, you didn’t mean to yell at him, he’s like- no he ‘is’ your son and you didn’t want to make him even more upset than he already was because if you know one thing for sure it’s to never get into an argument with a demon.
sitting back down you closed your books and had them fly back on the shelves they belonged to.
“I’m sorry.” You said not moving from your seat.
Scratchy, said nothing just faced away from you.
“i’m really really sorry, Bud, I know you hate being yelled at when you’re like this, I just- i’ve been holding everything in and I…I let some of it slip out and on to you.” Remote and exhaustion could clearly be heard in your voice
His ears started to perk but nothing more.
“She kept me sane and I did the same for her, I guess without her here i’m just losing it.” You placed your head in your hands rubbing your eyes to try and clear some of the sleepiness away, when you opened them you didn’t see Scratchy in the corner and instead felt his little wet nose against your elbow.
“Fine i’ll go to bed mister Itchy” you said, picking him up and placing another kiss in between his ears.
You used your magic to make the candles go out and make your way downstairs to go to bed.
You’d placed, Señor Scratchy, down to roam as he pleases. He deserves a night to just roam around the house and let his legs move.
You were on your way to the stairs and as you passed the kitchen you heard her.
This felt like deja vu.
“Hi.” you responded, making your way to see her.
The moon was full and it illuminated her beautiful blue eyes.
Her eyes.
If you had to describe them without using color you’d say that they told a story and were like the sky during the day, not a cloud in sight almost as if you could drown in them like a pool. The bags under them seemed worse but also better in a way as if being Agnes had finally fixed the woman’s sleep schedule. Every time you’d look at her you’d seen how hurt she looked; the forced smile, the way they glistened showing the pain Wanda was putting her through, you wanted nothing more than to take that pain away. She’s been through so much already…she didn’t deserve to go through more.
But it’s as if when she looked at you, it all seemed to fade for just a moment, as if Agatha was there with you for even just a moment.
“You know some say it’s rude to stare, Dear.” Agnes said, bringing you out of your own head. You hadn’t even realized you were staring until she said something
“Well with a sight like you it’s hard not to.” You giggled pulling her in for a kiss. But this one…this one had it’s magic. You could feel Agatha coming through but you could also feel her being stopped as if a field had been put between the two of you.
But in that quick moment.
You felt as though, just for a second everything was right in the world.
You pulled away and looked into those telling eyes, and what they told you was to take time to rest, she’d be here when you woke up.
That’s all you really needed to do.
And so you will.
“Let’s go to bed, love” you said pulling her close as if to get just one last feeling of Agatha.
“Of course Darling.”
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spicysashimi · 4 hours ago
happy mother's day wanda maximoff! thank you for rearranging my guts everyday 🥰😍❤️💞💓💕
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darke-15 · 5 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Live in six hours (Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT)
Tumblr media
That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as he returned himself to the fray.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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abimess · 6 hours ago
Not allowed to touch
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Your stubbornness sometimes makes you say things without thinking, but your girlfriend is willing to make you follow suit with your own words.
Word count: 1.202
Warnings: smut (+18 only!) 
A/N: This is short and probably not good, but I just had the idea and kind of wanted to write it down. And in case you are wondering, yes I have issues. Good reading!
Your friends have a strange habit of oversharing. 
Not that you minded, really. But sometimes it led to moments like this, and you don’t know whether you're laughing because it’s funny or because it’s absurd.
Training has just ended and you, Wanda, Nat and Carol are in a small circle talking about the Captain's sexual woes. 
Apparently on her last date with Maria, Carol made a comment about one of the waitresses that didn't please Maria the slightest bit and now she was getting the ‘no sex’ treatment.
"It sucks to be you, my friend." Nat says with a pitying grimace, but she laughs amused at the situation. You snort and shake your head slightly, attracting the attention of the other women around you. 
"I don't know, guys, I don't understand why this is such a big deal." You say shrugging and Nat and Carol exchange glances disagreeing with your statement. You don't notice, but Wanda raises her eyebrows slightly. 
"What do you mean it's not a big deal?" Carol asks as if you have said the most absurd thing in the world and you giggle. "Come on, Carol, can't you go a day without touching your wife?" 
You tease and Carol crosses her arms, an incredulous smile on her face. "Oh and can you?" She retorts and you shrug. "Of course."
"Oh really?" Wanda speaks from your side and as soon as you look at her your mouth goes dry. She watches you with raised eyebrows and a slight tilt of her head. You swallow hard, but you can't give up now or Carol will tease you forever and you can't lose this argument. 
"Of course I can." You answer, but you don't sound as convincing as you wanted to. Wanda nods slowly with a thoughtful expression and Nat and Carol watch the whole interaction with amused smiles on their faces.
"All right then." Wanda finally speaks again. She says goodbye to the other two and before she leaves she gives you a light kiss on the cheek, which only makes you even more worried. 
You watch the redhead leave, swallowing hard, and only turn your attention to the two around you again when you hear Carol's amused giggle next to you. 
"You, my friend, are fucked." She taunts and you take a deep breath, knowing she is right.
You’ve been walking on eggshells for the whole day.
Whenever Wanda entered the same room you were in, you kept completely silent and avoided speaking anything that might worsen your situation with the witch. 
You offered to help her with the simplest things possible, like opening doors, carrying things, or opening pots for her. 
But she seemed fine, grateful, and even more affectionate than usual. Then you relaxed, and mentally cursed Carol for making you worry for nothing. 
But little did you know what was coming for you.
You’re lying in bed already in your pyjamas and rereading the past mission reports as you wait for Wanda to come out of the bathroom and come lie down with you.
When Wanda enters the room you rest your reports on the nightstand and smile as you see the redhead wearing only an extra-large t-shirt. 
You're about to say she looks lovely but she walks over to you and sits on your lap, holding your face firmly and connecting your lips in an intense, passionate kiss. 
Your brain short circuits for a moment, but you match the kiss just as intensely and sigh deeply when you feel her wet intimacy against your thigh and realize she's wearing just the t-shirt.
You move your hands to her ass, but Wanda makes a disapproving noise, taking your hands away from her. You look at her, frowning confused, but she looks at you firmly. "You're not touching me tonight."
You laugh softly, moving your hands back to where they were before and kiss Wanda again. "I said no." She says, her voice firm and serious, and you feel your hands being thrown over your head. You look up and you see a red energy binding your hands to the headboard like handcuffs. 
"What the hell, Wanda!" You complain slightly irritated and confused. Wanda holds your chin and makes you look at her. Her expression is impassive with that slight tilt of her head that is so characteristic of her. "What's the matter, my love?" she asks with a not at all amused smile on her face and the tone of her voice makes you swallow dryly. 
"You're the one who said you could go without touching me." She says, bringing her face closer to yours and you can feel her breath against your mouth, which only makes your situation worse. Wanda knows very well the effect she has on you and the sick smile on her face widens. "You’re only watching tonight."
And without further explanation, she starts rubbing herself against your thigh with low moans and your whole body tenses up. You try to free your hands from Wanda's energy but the grip only seems to increase. Meanwhile, the redhead holds your shoulders tightly, her moans getting louder and only further increasing your irritation.
Having Wanda riding your thigh like this is inebriating and makes your whole body warm. But she moans and her face contorts with pleasure, making your blood boil more and more with anger. 
As if the torture wasn't enough, the redhead removes her shirt, being completely naked over you. You sigh in irritation, your intimacy throbbing and your head spinning with indignation. Wanda brings her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them. The redhead moans even more, and you clench your jaw. That's enough.
You move your torso forward to kiss her, but Wanda is faster than you. With a single motion of her hands, the redhead pushes you back with a wave of red energy that crashes into your chest and sends you slamming your back against the headboard with a grunt. 
The more Wanda rubs against your thigh and the louder she moans, the faster your breathing gets and the greater your anger becomes. She opens her eyes to stare at you, basking in your despair, and you see her eyes glowing red. She is close. She is close, and it’s not because of you. 
With your blood boiling with rage, you lean forward once more. "Don't." Wanda says firmly between moans and you’re pushed back once more, this time the energy wrapping itself around your neck like a collar, pinning you to the headboard. 
Another grunt of frustration escapes your mouth, but it’s muffled by Wanda's increasingly loud moans. With one last loud, open-mouthed moan, the redhead comes undone over you. The red energy around your wrists and neck tighten for a brief moment before shattering. 
Once you’re free of Wanda's magic, you wrap your arms around her in one swift motion and throw her against the mattress, putting yourself over her. With the sudden movement, a low moan of surprise escapes Wanda's lips. 
"That was not nice." You say and she flashes you a victorious smile that only makes your anger boil over even more. But soon her expression changes, her eyebrows raised in defiance. 
"Punish me then."
Taglist: @yuhloversxx @madamevirgo @an-evergreen-rose @helloalycia @wandas1mp @cantcontroltheirfear @diaryoflife @ironscarletwidowsoilder @cristin-rjd @ensorcellme @aimezvousbrahms @natasha-danvers @purplemeetsblue @randomshyperson @thegayw1tch @peggycarter-steverogers @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo @b0mbdotc0m @yourtaletotell  @ethereal-pxradise @stephanieromanoff @tomy5girls @justagaypanicking @gingerbreadcookieforlife @imapotatao  @musicinourlips @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @tsmukanii @likefirenrain @allfiguredout @olsensnpm @magicallymaximoff @am-just-a-cosmic-joke-to-me @imapotatao @ledollarbean-em @speedycookieeggsnerd @obsessed-with-wandamaximoff @themultiimagines @fayhar @upsidedowndanvers (let me know if you wanna be tagged)
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empyreanwritings · 6 hours ago
mob bosses wandabucky and reader !!!!!! UGH THE POWER ✋😩 like imagine r is just a shy college kid and this sleek lambo pulls up and these two walk out and fuss over her
“Hey, sweetheart! What would it take to get you to go home with me?” 
You whipped around, fully ready to curse out some middle-aged man for thinking this was an appropriate way of flirting. But you stopped in your tracks when you realize it’s Bucky leaning out the passenger window of Wanda’s lambo. You sucked in your cheeks. Of course it was him. 
“You really think that’s the way to get my attention, Barnes?” You asked as you crossed your arms over your chest. 
Wanda leaned against the steering wheel so you could see her better. “I told him not to do it. He just got excited to actually see you so early in the morning, you know it makes his day.” 
Bucky nodded, and you couldn’t help but let the smile spread across your face. They were both saps, but Bucky was worse at hiding it then Wanda was. She wasn’t as vocal about her affection; she usually opted to shower you with luxury gifts that you insisted you did not need to prove her love. 
“Can we drive you to school? Please?” Bucky stuck his lower lip out in a pout. “Pretty please?”
You ignored his pleas and looked past him to Wanda. “How many pretty pleases do you think I could get out of him before I agree?” 
“At least fifty,” she teased. “But we don’t want to hold up traffic. So, you want a ride?” 
“Is there even room?” 
“You can ride on Bucky’s lap.” She smirked. She knew exactly what she was doing.
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mrs-salvawhore · 10 hours ago
𝐌𝐲 𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭
So I'm in this groupchat with wonderfull people and I also wanted to make my own cuz idk so if you like oh and please be at least over 15 thank you!
𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐥 | 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐏𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 | 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐕𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐬 you are welcome to join! Of course if you like other things you can join!
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the-anxious-stargazer · 14 hours ago
My Chill Pill || Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wanda x Fem!Reader
Summary: Reader is a werewolf and an avenger in training. She gets hurt in the middle of a mission and is losing her focus on controlling her wolf spirit which she tries her best to contain it, yet fails to. Wanda then tries to calm her down and succeeds.
Words: 3200
Warnings: sad and anxious bby wanda but mostly fluff :D
・ ‥…━━━━━━━━━━ ☆☆☆ ━━━━━━━━━━…‥ ・
"Y/N, Wanda, both of you will be joining us during this mission. You'll be under supervision but we know you two can handle this together with us." Steve informs them during the briefing and hers eyes lit up from this news.
After months of being under physical training with Steve and Natasha while her anger management with Wanda who was willing to offer some help, she felt ecstatic from being assigned to her first mission. Yes, she was still under supervision, but it excited her. Wanda has already done her first assignment Sam few months ago and Y/N took longer to be deemed right because of her supernatural abilities.
Y/N had the spirit of the wolves with her. To simplify, she can turn into a hundred-fifty pound beast that can reek bloodshed to any living being on sight. It was from her father's ancestral genes and for generations they were taught how to handle and teach the next generation the history and practice of their abilities. Though growing up she never awakened them until she had witnessed the gruesome death of her brother and father from a group of hired men. She had never felt such anger and bloodthirst throughout her life and when Y/N transformed for the first time, she was basically unconscious of what she has done a week after. Transforming meant the wolves get to take over her form and use her anger as their fuel to cause destruction. The last thing she felt before she lost herself was a tremendous amount of pain and the story of her mother telling her that she watched it all happen and her own daughter slaughtering a group of eight brute men still scared her. When guilt and anger conquered her blood, she decided to ran away and went nomad in order to prevent anyone else getting hurt from her newly found abilities until SHIELD had a tag on her.
Barely did she ever leave her quarters when she first came in. Usually out on her own when it was night because she always assumed everyone in the compound was away from the common areas, but usually she'd catch Natasha or even Tony when he's visiting with Pepper. But nonetheless, Y/N always thought that letting herself being close with someone meant she was endangering them. Living with Earth's mightiest heroes' is a bit of a stretch, but then again they were the only ones capable of handling her if she ever turns. That's until Wanda grew fond of her. She would listen her thoughts from a distance of their rooms (because their rooms were beside each other and Y/N's thoughts were loud enough to block everyone else's) and even watch her dreams when she decides to, but usually they scared her. Majority of these dreams were fragments of the massacre she had caused while she was in her wolf form and in most cases it frightened her. It wasn't long for them to bump into each other in the middle of the night and Wanda offered to watch one of her sitcoms with her. With those small gestures and moments shared, both of them started to warm up to each other.
"You're all dismissed." Steve finished and with that, everyone took their exit and Sam decided to offer a pat on her back.
"Congrats on the first assignment, kid. Good luck tonight." He commented before leaving the room. Wanda watched them and practically had a big smile on her face when Y/N turned to look at her.
She had never thought that what her father said about mates in their culture were true. To her mind it was just some made up bullshit about finding someone, protecting them at all cost and feel captivated when you meet them at first. If your mate dies you could never find another to replace them unless you get to be one of the lucky ones to do so. It was rare to find another werewolf in this time of age and marking a human was common after her father's generation. Needless to say, when Y/N met Wanda for the first time she was... in awe. It usually felt different for someone when they finally get to mark someone. But to her it was like the air surrounding her felt warm like the soft spring sunrise, her skin tingling from just the mere sight of the Sokovian girl and her soul lighten from every corner. It was the very night they bumped into each other.
"I'm proud of you, baby." Wanda expressed as she went to hug her.
"I can't wait! I know I shouldn't be too happy about infiltrating an organization's base, but I'm finally fit to take on missions." Y/N enthusiasm basically rubbed off to Wanda and she couldn't help but feel proud of her. The redhead then went to link her left arm to her right as they pull away from each other and both made their way to their shared room, "I know, I'm just glad I'm there to accompany you." Wanda proclaimed.
"I'm glad too, Wan."
She really was. Knowing that her girlfriend was there for her on her big debut to being a proper Avenger, it made her feel unstoppable. But her worst fear suddenly made a small appearance in her head and immediately she was worried about causing harm to the team and the mission. Just the thought of even laying a scratch on her significant other caused her heart to fall off and she couldn't help but worry about Wanda's safety around her. Long before they even got deep for each other Y/N already promised to keep her safe from any harm, including her wolf. Even if she could basically control anything around her and make her see the best to the worst scenarios she could possibly think off she grinded herself physically to be sure on keeping that promise. When Wanda felt the sudden change of Y/N's mood she then stopped to check on her and ask,
"Y/N?" She called out her name. The hesitation from the wolf girl's look seem to be noticeable.
"Wanda, promise me something," Y/N looked down and felt her hands start to build up sweat before continuing, "if I ever lose my focus and would be at the brink of transforming, you have to stop it from doing so." She finished as she looked up to face the green eyes that have been staring at her.
"I promise, baby."
Hours had passed and they were on their way to the location. Steve had briefed all of the, especially the two who needed more notes to take on. Y/N was fine with their assignment. She understood that things didn't have to be too heavy for her. It wasn't hard for Wanda to see that she was nervous for this and all it took was for her to hold her hand to ease her. The wolf girl was grateful for her gesture and would offer a gentle squeeze. When the Quinjet landed, they broke by pair and as they approach different building as stealth as they could, Y/N used her enhanced abilities to double check if the coast was clear for them. She listened to the guards' radios to hear if they saw something. To her luck, none of the guards that were on duty noticed any movement from their direction as they arrived to their destination.
Both Wanda and her were paired together while Natasha went to steal intel and Steve to break in and check for prisoners. Both of them were assigned for lookout in case any guards or incoming company was approaching the main building. Steve thought it was best for the two of them to be by each other's because of Y/N's abilities. Wanda was the only one who could possibly stop her from turning into a form God knows they didn't want to happen in their situation.
"Both of you make sure to keep that building clear. Radio anything suspicious." The Captain radioed quietly from his end.
"Copy." Y/N answered for both of them.
She went to smell the nearby agents by the door they stopped to and noticed at least two of them, one by the corner of the room and the other sitting on a chair and checking surveillance. As they prepare themselves to enter the building, Y/N offered a soft smile at the Sokovian as she picked out her baton. Wanda returned the gesture to her and when they signaled each other to start the breach she immediately knocked out the nearest guard by throwing her baton to his head while her partner put the other to sleep. Wanda was able to make sure their body didn't hit the ground and placed them gently by the corner to prevent from drawing attention. Y/N smiled at her when her baton was also handed back to her by her girlfriend. She mouthed a "thank you" before they continued to clear the building. When both of them succeeded to basically kick the consciousness out of every guard or agent, they went to the roof to do their prime assigned task after putting the lights out of the last guy by the area.
"Second building clear, nothing to see here." Wanda announced through the comms.
"Good. Both of you stay sharp out there and keep each other safe."
Y/N then kissed Wanda right when Steve's voice disappeared from their comms. She then subtly giggled from this and went to held her hand, intertwining their fingers.
"So far so good?" She stated as they went to double check the grounds on any sign of problem.
"Hopefully because I want to shower and watch a movie with you in bed once this is all over." Y/N teased after she confirmed that they were safe from detection for now. She watch as Wanda's expression changed from this.
"Oh I would love to do so, baby!" Wanda grinned.
Right when Y/N was about to add in to their conversation, she heard the guard that they have knocked out by the roof door reach onto his consciousness and went to grab his gun, aiming right onto Wanda who didn't even realize what was about to happen. She felt the adrenaline flush through her veins as she witness him about pull the trigger. Just when the redhead felt this, Y/N was already halfway on knocking the weapon off from his hold and kicked the back of his knee to lose his balance. Wanda was pushed on the side by her while both of them ended up throwing fists towards each other and the girl quickly caught on to the guard pulling out a knife from his belt, though the only self-defense she could perform was using her forearms. This happen to cause her into shove him back and slowly Y/N grew angrier with the pain started to grab her attention, but chose to ignore then for now. As she looked back to the guard, he was able to pick up his gun that had be lying conveniently near to where he landed and pointed it at Wanda's direction who was just about to pick herself up. The bullet made contact with her left shoulder after she used herself as a body block and felt the spirit of her wolf agitate from this and immediately she threw a hard jab towards the guard's jaw, unknowingly stronger that she thought, completely putting him back to sleep.
Y/N then felt her wolf growing hungry for control inside of her, causing her to collapse and was greeted by a new set of pain which only made it harder for her to control the beast. Sure the scars did hurt her a bit, but the transitioning phase had always been accompanied by an excruciating pain that she could never describe for anyone to understand how grueling the process is for her. Adding the thought of her being unconscious of her surroundings and Wanda getting shot instead only made the spirit's desire to cause havoc. The wolf wanted to rip the guard's head off his shoulders.
"Please, not now." Y/N begged for her wolf spirit who just responded with an angry growl.
"Y/N!" She heard someone call for her name before she raised her gaze to the person's direction and saw Wanda rushing to her.
"Baby, hey I'm here. You can fight it." Wanda softly reassured as she knelt down next to her girlfriend's curled body and rested her left hand on Y/N's side.
"I-I can't s-sto-" Y/N was stopped when she suddenly let out a howl.
Wanda then saw her girlfriend's eyes glowing a familiar shade of gold which caused hers to radiate with fear. This was the first time she's handled her like this and the only time she ever encountered her when her eyes flashed gold was that one time Tony joked about her abilities being accompanied with "wet dog" smell. It was a bit of a sensitive topic for her and her mood wasn't the best at that time. She noticed Y/N's top vest was starting to tear up a bit and it gave her a sign that it was time for her to take over. Wanda sat down and carefully turn the girl's body around, resting her head on her lap. She placed her palms against Y/N's temples and focused on containing the scary beast inside. Red mist slowly appeared around her hands as she uses her powers in order to stop Y/N from turning into her werewolf form and quickly she thought of any scenario that could possibly stop it from getting angrier.
"Y/N, it's going to be okay. This is going to hurt a bit but I promise you everything will be alright." Wanda warned her before she changed Y/N's reality into a calming view of a beautiful sunset and some peaceful surroundings.
She felt pain spread through her head as Wanda attempted to calm her wolf down. Y/N could tell that this was part of her girlfriend's illusion, but she felt her body slow down a little as she watched the sun with beams of orange, pink and red mix together, forming a beautiful combination of colors. Both of her and the beast ease down as she continue to watch the scenery until the familiar pain she felt drained off from her system after the sun finally hid itself behind the mountains. When she blinked again, she was back in the roof top and saw Wanda's captivating green eyes filled with concern as she continued to stare at her girlfriend's face, searching for any sign if she successfully did it her work. Y/N barely realized that she had teared up from the illusion and fit the puzzle to why the redhead grew more worried.
"Are you okay?" Wanda questioned carefully and saw the young Avenger respond with a slow nod. She then started applying pressure on the gunshot as Y/N stared into space.
"No sign of prisoners in this camp. I'm coming to you girls. Wanda, Y/N, status?" Both of them heard Steve radio.
"Y/N's been shot on the shoulder." Wanda responded.
"I'm done grabbing what we need, on my way out as fast as I could." "Wanda I want you two to start making your way to the Quinjet and start it."
"Okay." The Maximoff girl looked back at her partner who seem to get the grasp of her reality again.
They were quiet both on their way back. The Captain listened to Wanda's explanation to what had happened to them while on patrol as Natasha controlled the jet. Y/N was still comprehending what she had felt earlier. She understood this because it was explained to her before that it usually gets her dazed after a transformation or even an attempt to stop herself from turning. Y/N was then rushed to medical wing as soon as they arrived to the compound. Wanda followed them on the way and was sure it didn't do much damage to her lover. The bullet was removed from her body and the small pain from it was slowly disappearing after a nurse gave her some pain reliever to ease it. To her enhanced abilities, she barely felt the side affects that come along from the drug so she was still conscious to where she was. Wanda sat next to Y/N's bed and she wouldn't be out until further notice. Even if she was no telepath like Wanda she already knew what she was thinking at the moment just from the look from her face.
"Hey it's okay, I'm fine." Y/N reassures.
"Things would've gone better if I wasn't distracted."
"No don't do that, Wan. It was no one's fault okay? I chose to block the bullet and I should be the one saying sorry because I practically scared you there." Y/N apologized before she heard Wanda let out a sigh.
"Seeing you in pain just hurts." She admitted as she hug herself.
"Just listening to your thoughts, picturing your worst nightmare, it hurts that you have to bare with that fear of not knowing how to contain yourself and it feels like I'm adding up to that-" Wanda didn't have the chance to continue herself when Y/N moved herself closer to her and placed her lips against hers. Even when there was pain for her as she moved close, her girlfriend's concerns mattered more. A hand made its way to the Sokovian's face and tenderly her lover pulled away but kept their foreheads close.
"I choose to protect you no matter how things will go between us."
"I know getting the grip of my other self will... take more time and dedication for me to do so, but I know by heart that you being there with me will help me through it." Y/N continued as she pulled away from her face completely and maintain eye contact with her.
"You're not adding up to my struggles. I've been afraid of hurting anyone dear to me in my whole life and you've been a part of those people who are dearest in my heart." She then offered a sincere smile, "I promise to work as hard as I can to handle myself better and be able to take control when I transform." Wanda felt a tear fall off from her eye as she listened to every word her girlfriend has said. She couldn't help but look down to her lap and avoid her gaze, but Y/N just silently giggled from her action and planted a peck on her hand.
"I'm sorry-" "Apologize one more time and I'll kiss you again." Wanda couldn't help but shake her head and laugh a little from her threat.
"I don't have to say it again so that you can have an excuse to do it.." The Sokovian challenged as she scrunched her nose adorably and with that Y/N already went to do so.
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abimess · 14 hours ago
The high price of love will no longer be a story in 5 parts. It will now have 6 parts (maybe 7 👀) because I just can't stop writing it and milf Wanda has me completely.
So good luck to you dealing with this 👀🤷‍♀️
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academiagaymess · 15 hours ago
So ... Agatha x French ! Reader soon 👉👈
and also a coffe shop AU were Agatha and Wanda work at concurrent franchise and have a coffe war while reader is just gay for witches ...
Please stop me, I need help 😭
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scarlettwlw · 15 hours ago
“Been good for you, promise.” You whine, falling to your knees at her feet, pushing your temple insistently against her hand.
You can’t see it, but you know the wisps of her magic are dancing around her fingers as you nuzzle against her thigh, mumbling and pleading.
“Good girl, keeping your toy inside you all day.” She purrs, combing a hand through your hair and you keen at the praise.
“Now tell mommy what you want.”
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lesbian-deadpool · 22 hours ago
Stephen: Okay, we need to light five black candles at midnight in a salt circle with black crystals and say this incantation and maybe the spirit will leave. 
Wanda, banging pots and pans: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU UNDEAD MOTHERFUCKER!
Y/N: Two types of sorcerer's.
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mcu-fan-fics-blog · 23 hours ago
Summary: Y/N Krast Illegitimate Daughter of Tony Stark. Product of an unwanted teen pregnancy. What would Howard Stark be capable of doing to assure his sons future? What will happen when Tony meets our Beautiful, young, genius, rich philanthropist.
Word Count: 2000 approx
A/n: I will try to finish part 2 during the week maybe Wednesday or Thursday. I did change what happens in the movie but it will call make sense I promise. See you soon!
Tw: Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Drug use, Drug addiction, Teen Pregnancy. (If there are any I missed please tell me.)
The Helping Hand
Chapter 9: Civil War Pt.1
Secretary Ross what a bitch. I mean you save the world you'd expect a thanks maybe a parade or something, but no. Instead they ask you to legally give up your rights, your anonymity basically all you value. "We can't seriously consider signing this." Steve spat out. "You're being Hyper nonverbal." Nat points tony out. "That's because he's already decided." Steve points out calmly. "I can't sign… I won't sign the accords." You mutter out quietly. "I'm not even an official part of the 'team'. I don't even have a hero name." Pietro chuckles giving you an approving nod. 
Nat brings you and Pietro back to reality. "You were still there." She points out matter of factly. "Either way that does not change that we have made some very public mistakes." She continues. "We need to be put in check." Tony states. "If we don't do it now they will do it to us later and they won't be asking nicely." He says. "I agree it's better to keep one hand on the wheel, than letting go completely." You're honestly not listening at this point anymore. You jump back in after Visions statistics. "My friends are dead because of you." You point out. 
"You blame Wanda for an accident. When I saw your effect on Sokovia way before you blew it up." You mention spitefully. "If you want to sign because you feel guilty go ahead. I'm not being forced into this..." Tony sighs hurt by your comments' brutal honesty. "I'm just trying to protect Wanda." He says looking at you. "Too little too late… where were you when she was in Lagos." This is when Wanda steps in. "Just calm down okay… Just- lets just hear him out." She says looking at you. "Either we have her here with her brother or they become government property." He continues. "You can't just not sign… think about everything you'll lose." Steve jumps in again. "If we sign, we lose our chance to choose. We work under our own authority now, but people have agendas and you know that better than anyone." Steve points out.
Tony and Steve go at it for a minute when he abruptly leaves. Soon you find out why… Peggy passed. You and Nat flew out to be with him for a moment. After which he told you he was not signing the accords. "Wish you the best Captain Rogers." Is what you said. You hesitated but pulled him into a hug. "If you ever need anything talk to me… I'll do my best to help you out." You tell him and he hugs you back. Nat convinced you to fly to Vienna with her and sign the accords there. So you did and regretted it not long after you arrived. It was a complete bore fest. You let Nat do her own thing and you just walked around like a lost puppy until something called your attention. You rush back to her immediately. "Nat, something's wrong, something is very wrong." You repeat then you look out the window confirming your theory. "EVERYBODY GET DOWN" you yell as you leap on Natasha. She's about to reprimand you for causing a scene when the whole building shakes.
It was a blur and everything hurts. You stand up and all you can hear is ringing and a faint voice. As you stand you hear your name faintly Natasha is calling you but there's something else. Your head begins to throb. The voice it's clear now. It's repeating words. "Zhelanie, rzhavyy, Semndtsat', Rassvet, Pech', Devgat', Dobroserdechnyy, Vozvrashcheniye na rodinu, Odin', Gruzovoy Vagon." You grab your head to try and steady yourself. But the voice gets louder and then you recognize it. "Don't believe what you see… dig deeper Y/n. It wasn't him." Then you're pulled out of your daze by Nat standing before you. "Y/n are you okay?" She asks worried. You only nod turning your head and noticing that somehow you made your way outside. "I umm- I need you to call tony and tell him it happened again." You say calmly she nods and takes off to make the call. As she did that you called Steve. "Yes, Steve I'm fine we're fine… but you need to listen to me."
He was scared and the news spread like wildfire. "It wasn't him… Steve it wasn't him." He's quiet. "How do you know?" You sigh. "I just do Steve okay. I believe in you alright. But you can't look for him. If you find him the rest will find him. Keep your distance a week two tops just listen to me please." You plead with him he eventually sighs. "I'm trusting you Y/n" you sigh in relief. You hang up when Nat begins to walk back to you. "Tony is sending a Plane." She mentions looking around them fixing her sight on you. "How did you know something was going to happen?" Her voice nearly a whisper. You shake your head. "Y/n you told me something was wrong very wrong at least 30 seconds before the bombs went off."
"I-i don't know Nat something felt wrong… off then I looked out the window." You say trying to piece together your thoughts. "Lets go… let me drop you off at the airport." She says helping you up. The drive was quiet and uncomfortable. She wasn't sure she believed you, she saw that you called someone. Her walls were up and your answers were not helping that. She helped you board the plane and said her goodbyes and walked out. The ride was quiet what you wanted. But those words kept circling your mind. You couldn't have heard them more than three times but they were burnt into your mind. Vision and then twins were waiting for you when you landed. "Mr.Stark and Dr.Banner will not get here in a couple of days." You nod taking your time getting off.
"Are you okay?" Pietro asks when you trip down the last step. You shake your head. "I'm just tired, plus it's not everyday that you live through an explosion." You chuckle. "I just need some rest." You finish. Your sleep was not as peaceful as you'd like. Your head kept going back to that state of limbo the same words repeating over and over again. In the morning you're feeling well enough and make your way down to the kitchen. You weren't surprised when you found the maximoff twins already up and going. "Good morning" you say as you walk up to them noticing Vision floating in a corner. "Good morning do you feel better?" Wanda asks as she flips a pancake. You nod watching Pietro chop vegetables extremely fast. Wanda clears her throat catching your attention. "Your thoughts were very loud last night…" 
"Oh my Wanda I am so sorry if I kept you up." You begin apologizing but she cuts you short. "It's fine I only brought it up because I can hear them… they are there, but I can read them?" She says questioning whether or not you understood. You nod. "Did it happen again?" She asks, worry filling her eyes. "I-i don't know how to explain it. Yesterday I felt something was off. I heard a voice after the explosion." You mention trying to wrap your head around the situation. "It was repeating these words. I can't stop thinking about them." You finish off. She gives you a confused look. "Bruce said it's kinda like the green guy… It keeps me alive." 
"Is that why I can't read you anymore?" She blurts out. "I don't know probably." You shrug. "Nat, she doesn't believe me… I saw it in her eyes." You mention quietly. Pietro rushes over to you and puts his arm around you, messing with your hair. "Well we believe you, isn't that right?" He looks at Wanda and she nods. He has to throw a piece of fruit at Vision. "Yes, I think there is something to your condition." He mentions a smile growing on his face… Or what you think he thinks is a smile. It causes everyone to break out into laughter. After that you and the twins have a nice couple of days hanging out and living in some type of normalcy. You would watch the Dik Van Dyke show and Bewitched per Wanda's request and then one night something was off again. "Wanda… something's off. It's different." Is the last thing you manage to say before Vision rushes over to your side. This time the threat was internal… your heart. 
"Y/n to my understanding your heart is going into cardiac arrest. Stop fighting your mind, it will protect you." He mentions. You clutch your chest and let your mind loose. "Mr. Stark and Dr.Banner have been informed and will be here soo…'' is all your hear before you black out. You're in and put at one point you think you see Bruce but you're not sure. Then you're back in that white tundra and she's there waiting for you with a warm smile on her face. "Why do we keep meeting like this?" You ask as you run towards her. "It's you…" Is all she says hugging you. "Yes, who else would it be." You say playfully. She chuckles but she shakes her head. "It's you we meet on your terms. You only let me in when your guard is down." She steps back. "Are your okay?" She asks cautiously. "I really hope so." You say honestly taking a seat on the floor. "That's not what I meant… I-i um I had to give you a push in Vienna." She sits next to you. "That was you! Of course that makes sense. What do they mean." She smiles. "You'll figure it out… I know you will." She says again and you lay your head on her lap. She runs her fingers through your hair humming. "How long can I stay here with you like this?" You ask with your eyes closed. "As long as your want monkey."
"Where is she, is she okay? What the hell happened?" Tony burst into the compound the anger masking how scared he was. "Dr.Cho is in there right now and she's stable. She's almost done. Dr.Banner is assisting" Vision answers Tony calms down slightly turning to the twins. "What the hell happened?" They both shrug and Pietro speaks up. "You should ask her." He says his head nodding towards Nat. Tony makes a double take when Steve and Sam walk out behind her. Natasha walks up to them "What happened?" Tony only signs "That seems to be the Billion Dollar question." Wanda jumps back in. "She said something was off… something happened in Vienna." Now Pietro get defensive and jumps in to back his sister. "She said you didn't believe her." Tony turns to Nat. "Did she tell you this?"
"What was I supposed to believe Tony… she knew a building was going to explode before it did." Tony is now pacing. "She told you something was wrong… MY DAUGHTER told you something was wrong, that something was wrong with her. And you didn't think to tell me!" Natasha is left speechless and so is everyone else. That's when Dr. Cho walks back into the waiting room. "The surgery was a success and we replaced the damaged heart. She should wake up in a couple of hours depending as their medications wear off." She says not noticing the tension. Tony sighs in relief and Dr. Cho walks off. Tony points at Natasha. "You will stay away from her agent Romanoff." With that he walks off. 
It had been more than a few hours. It had been days and you hadn't woken up. "What is happening to her?" Tony hadn't left your side. Everyone had stopped by everyday their hopes diminished. Bruce calls him over and makes him take a seat. "Tony we have to wake her up soon!" He nods. "Of course we do!" He says looking at Bruce shake his head. "Her medical directives legally bind us to remove all life sustaining measures after two weeks."
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The Scarlet Hassassin - V
Tumblr media
Warnings: mention of death; Villain!Wanda; Villain!Pietro; Considerable sensitive subjects; agnst.
A/N: This chapter is a bit big, to open an arc. Everything from this chapter on will make more sense to you. I hope you enjoy it.
It all happened so fast, you followed Connor's signals, but something went wrong and you were found by Hydra. You remember feeling something fast moving past you, it looked like a man, and then a shock went through your body making you pass out.
'Why did you kill me?'
You opened your eyes suddenly when you heard Connor's voice. Your whole body was sore; they had removed your weapons. They chained you to the ground, making it impossible for you to stand up. You don't remember how many days you had been in there, but you knew that you hadn't had anything to eat in days, and you couldn't remember the last time you had a drink of water.
'Why did you kill me?'
It wasn't the first time you had been kidnapped, but it was the first time Hydra had kidnapped you.
You tried to move, but your body was too weak and any movement hurt. You weren't in a cell, you were in a shed. There was a monster from Loki's army standing over you. You could have sworn that this was some kind of experiment place. You took a deep breath, trying to find the strength, but your lung was hurting.
'Why did you kill me?'
The hydra knew they couldn't get information out of you, so leaving you weak was the best alternative.
You turned around slowly as you heard the sound of a metal door opening. You grunted as you felt your body alert you that you were not well. You noticed someone approaching, a young, white haired man.
"I thought you were already dead, but you seem to be inconvenient just like your father." The accent in his voice was strong, he had a smirk on his lips. "I hope you don't mind, but I'll get a snack here." He pulled into your field of vision a package of what looked like a sandwich. Your stomach grunted, loud enough to make the young man smile wider. You closed your eyes, trying to ignore your pleading body. "If you tell them what they need I can get one of those for you."
'You have to withstand hell to see glory.' It was Connor's voice, in an old memory echoing in your head.
You heard the door again and opened your eyes to look for movement, until you saw a woman. The woman. The one you saw when you closed your eyes, the one in your dreams. She was exactly as you dreamed, but she seemed to have a heavy, sad aura.
"Brother, you can't stay here," when she looked at you she stopped talking.
The young man noticed that you were staring at each other and then appeared in your sight. The woman seemed to whisper something to him in their native tongue, the man seemed to shoot back, by his body language he was nervous, it lasted a while before he dropped the sandwich on the table and walked away at a speed that was hard for the eyes to follow. She approached you, looking to you, but then raised her hand and let out a red light at you, and everything changed.
You were at your old school, with your childish stature. You were alone, as you were every time your mother came to get you. Your eyes roamed the school parking lot, searching. You saw a car approaching, a single car in the whole parking lot, it looked like hers. You ran with your awkward legs, jumping to reach the car.
The door opened, there were Connor and your mother.
Your mother was shot in the forehead while Connor had blood running down his neck.
They leaned toward you, white eyes lifeless.
‘Why did you kill us? You could have saved us.'
You screamed the last strength out of your lungs, bringing yourself out of the trance the woman had put you in. She looked at you with a few visible tears in her eyes, but she had a smirk. She turned away as she noticed your look of pain. She manipulated your mind by bringing out your worst fears.
“Report to your stations immediately. This is not a drill. We are under attack. We are under attack.” A voice announced, causing the woman to run away.
Your body began to give out, you felt the tingling and the lack of strength. You just let out a sigh and closed your eyes.
‘Hey, petite souris, it's okay I'm with you.’
You felt something disturb your face, a light. You were on alert now, your ear listening to the machines around you, your hand feeling the softness of what felt like sheets. You strained and opened your eyes, trying to adjust to the light.
"Jarvis, the curtains please," a husky voice caught your attention.
“Of course Miss Romanoff”
You opened your mouth, but it was too dry for any sound. You sat up awkwardly, trying to reach for a glass of water. Natasha noticed your effort and got up to help you. She was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She looked tired.
You got even closer to Natasha, when you found out that Shield was going to fall, the assassins' council had informed you about the hydra agents that were undercover. You warned Nick Fury, but it was too late for him, the attack he suffered was quick. But it was you who helped him stay hidden until Shield went down with Hydra. Besides Natasha, Steve and Sam became your friends too.
"I know you have questions, you are in the Avengers tower, you blacked out for 4 days. Your body was dehydrated, but Banner and Dr. Cho were able to help you recover quickly." Natasha handed you another glass, but you signaled that you needed more. "Hydra doesn't know what you are, only that you are Stark's daughter." You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and threw your head back. Natasha sat on the corner of your bed, "You scared me, I thought I was going to lose you." You opened your eyes to look at her, raised your eyebrow and she laughed. "I owed you, for saving Nick, Steve and me."
"You have saved me more times than I can count." You said with difficulty.
"Who knew, right?" she held up her hand, stroking it with her thumb. "I told Stark that I knew you from a museum, I made the perfect story." She looked you in the eye. "I couldn't get your weapons back."
"That's okay, the council always has at least one that we can pick up."
"Thor is going back to Asgard, we will have a party, I wanted you along with us." Natasha said smiling and you pretended to think but just nodded in agreement. "Perfect, I'll leave some clothes that I think will fit you."
The party was not what you expected, it was more a gathering of people trying to boost their own ego. Occasionally Natasha stayed by your side, but always someone pulled her into a conversation. The one who kept you company the most was Maria, who played flirtatious games with you to get away from someone. Tony was the only one to avoid any interaction with you, everyone noticed. The avengers thought that Tony's withdrawal was a lack of trust.
The party was about to end, when Natasha pulled into a corner, hiding something behind her back.
"Nat, we tried that before and it didn't work." You said smiling playfully with an arched eyebrow.
"Ew, no." She laughed and showed a box to you. "For all the help you've done over the past few years."
You were about to object, but she just took your hand and put the box down for you to hold. When you opened it, it was a hidden blade, it looked like yours, but more modern. She took it and put it over your arm, helping you to put it on. You activated the blade and noticed an electric current in it.
"Nat..." You lost your voice as you noticed your mother's name studded on the blade. You felt your eyes burn, threatening to tear, so you put the blade away and pulled Natasha into a hug.
"She is proud of you." She said stroking your back.
A huff caught your attention, causing you to turn away.
"Everyone's gone." Clint said pointing to the hall. "Thor is calling."
Natasha held your arm and pulled you to the sofas where the team was sitting. You sat between Natasha and Maria. You laughed at Rhodey's jokes while Tony picked on Steve. You watched as one by one the men tried to lift Thor's hammer.
"You know you lift it right?" you whispered leaning towards Natasha who just laughed at your comment.
A loud noise coming from the speakers made everyone cover their ears, but soon it stopped and everyone looked at each other in confusion. One of Tony's robots appeared, it was from the Iron Legion, it walked awkwardly to the center of the Hall. Everyone stood up, startled by the apparition.
“ Worthy... No, how could you all be worthy? You're all killers.” The robot spoke. “I'm sorry, I was asleep. Or... I was a-dream?”You felt a chill spread through your body. “There was a terrible noise... and I was tangled in... in... strings. I had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy.”
Tony seemed to be trying to reprogram the robot but it wasn't working. Your body put your senses on alert, your heart was racing.
“You killed someone?” Steve asked in a rigid posture.
“Wouldn't have been my first call. But, down in the real world we're faced with ugly choices.”
“Who sent you?” Thor asked, clenching his wrists.
‘I see a suit of armor around the world.’ It was Tony's voice being reproduced, you looked at him who was ignoring everyone.
“Ultron.” Bruce let out in surprise.
“In the flesh. Or, no, not yet. Not this... chrysalis. But I'm ready. I'm on a mission.”
"What mission?" Natasha asked.
You have moved out of the robot's field of vision into an attack position.
“Peace in our time.”
You heard explosions, and then the wall broke open to several Iron Legion robots. You pushed off the rest of the wall and jumped over a robot. The robot turned around trying to knock you down, but you held on, your sense gave you a direction, and you directed it to a wall. You jumped to the ground when you saw the pillar and the robot crashed into itself and exploded into pieces. Another robot came at you and you avoided its blasters, sliding past it on the floor. You jumped onto a couch and jumped over the robot that was destabilized, you took the opportunity and with your hidden blade, decapitated it. You looked around and saw that the rest of the robots were destroyed, only Ultron was still standing.
“That was dramatic! I'm sorry, I know you mean well. You just didn't think it through. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to...evolve?” He picks up one of the dismembered Iron Legion bots. “With these? These puppets?” He crushes the Iron Legion bot's head. “There's only one path to peace: The Avengers' extinction.”
Before everyone could assimilate, you appeared behind the robot and decapitated it with your hidden blade.
The discussion was heated, everyone was confronting Tony. Your head seemed to formulate the best ideas for a solution. You couldn't come up with one that didn't involve joining them.
“Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We're standing three hundred feet below it. We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day, but, that's up there? That's... that's the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?” Tony seemed to be losing patience.
"Together." Steve replied.
"We're going to lose." Tony said.
" You will only lose if you turn yourselves in." You said drawing everyone's attention. "You need to go through hell to know glory."
"I'm sorry, but why do you even have a word here?" Tony said looking at you for the first time in the night. "Ever since you showed up everything started to go wrong."
"I saved your life...," You tried to speak but he cut you off.
"You saved my life? Telling me to stay away from abstergo? Is that saving my life?" He shouted sarcastically, Rhodey held him back as he realized he was about to approach. "I don't even know what the hell you're still doing here!" Rhodey pushed him back, while Steve stood beside you. "You don't want to call me Dad and yet you bring me trouble. Hooking up with your mother was the biggest mistake of my life."
You took a step back, denying with your head, you let out a humorless laugh and felt a tap on your shoulder. You took a deep breath, trying to clear your head. "Don't worry Stark, if I could I'd get your DNA out of my body so I wouldn't have to live with the weight of a name that financed wars."
Before anyone could say anything, you left.
"The Council voted not to interfere with these activities, Scarlet." One of the members replied.
The council kept you waiting for three hours so they could come to a consensus about what happened with Ultron.
"Are you guys kidding?" You shouted, Maya stood next to you, whispered a no so that only you could hear. "We are talking about a robot that can expand on the networks, he can compromise the brotherhood if it is his will."
"Scarlet, we understand, but we have an open mission that needs to be completed." Another Council member replied.
"Destroying the abstergo is more important?" You let out in a sarcastic tone.
"You want them not to destroy humanity, but you refuse to help when another enemy shows up." You ripped off your costume and threw your sash on the floor. "I refuse to follow this hypocrisy."
Before you heard any response from the council members, you simply left and headed for your facility that you shared with Connor. You felt your chest heavy as you saw the untouched things of the past years. His side was as if he was still there. You turned to your side, packing your things. Studies, photos, books, clothes.
You opened the shared safe and noticed, that besides money and documents, there was a diary. You took the diary in your hands, it had a leather cover and there was something jammed in it. 'Thoughts of Connor Alexander Kenway'. Your mind told you not to open it, but your heart told you otherwise. You opened it, and the first page was a picture of you, with Amanda and him, both making funny faces. You felt tears forming in your eyes. You turned another page and your heart squeezed.
'In case you are reading this, something happened to me, so here are some things I have discovered over the years.'
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My Requests Are Open!
Just wanted to let you guys know that my requests are open!
I’ll write for Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Bobbi Morse, Skye / Daisy Johnson, Steve Rogers, Hermione Granger; Annabeth Chase. 
Feel free to send in requests, and I’m looking at you @procrastinatingsapphictrash! 🤣😂 know you feel bad for requesting fics from me, but I love writing them so much. 
I’m going to tag some people I’d love to write some requests for. 
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scarletxwinter · a day ago
Strange and Sam, now have to lead the problematic society where they have to take care of things that Tony and Steve had taken care of before with stress, trauma, anxiety, and hope: 🤝
Wanda, Peter, Bucky, Alternative Loki being the ones to cause stress, anxiety, more trauma, yet with no hope to them: 🤝🤝
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Choices (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
(A/N: This chapter took so long to write...It is very angsty, and basically endgame with a few twists so sorry for that one folks. As always I apologize for any spelling and grammatical errors in advance.)
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: We Only Go Backwards
Warning: Violence, language, angst
*Five year after the snap*
I dodged his fist, shifting my weight to the left. He retaliated by landing a cross jab, connecting to my jaw. I doubled back a little, I could feel the blood drip a little down my face. He probably broke my nose. 
I brought my guard up and did a low uppercut and cross jab combination. Him swiftly dodging my uppercut only to be met with my cross jab. He smiled as if the punch tickled him. I frowned a little. They weren’t kidding about this guy being indestructible in the ring. 
I shuffled away from him sizing him up. It was round 5 and I wasn’t making a single dent in his morale. While he had landed several punches, and was wearing me out. I wiped my nose a little looking at the blood painted on my hand now.  
He shuffled forward and went to throw a hook followed by a jab, I slipped left and threw a hook, jab, hook combination. He held his face in surprise, revealing a cut on his lip. He went to throw a punch but was stopped by the bell. We went to our respective corners. 
“Doing good y/l/n, you’re in his head now. You gotta keep driving him up the wall.” Danny encouraged. 
I looked over to my opponent Carl Lucus aka the Luke Cage. He looked pissed, but also slightly impressed, the cut on his lip already healed. I looked back at Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, the guy who tricked me into this fight. 
“How the fuck am I going to drive him up a wall?? He’s got me on the ropes. One more body shot and I’m out.” I hissed. 
Danny poured water on my face and shoved my mouth guard into my mouth, and shrugged at me. “Improvise. You’re always good at that. Remember I got money on the line.” 
Before I could say anything he pushed me into the ring and the bell rang, the 6th round starting. I groaned and put my guard up. I had been living between Chicago and Brooklyn off and on for the last 4 years. I was in Brooklyn catching up with my buddy Danny when he wrapped me into this fight. Betting 1k I’d last longer than 10 rounds with Luke fucking Cage. 
You shuffled back every time Luke shuffled forward. Finally He landed a low jab, grabbing your body to his a side hook. You pushed him off and threw an uppercut. Luke grunted at the contact and he rolled his left arm throwing a massive jab, followed by a right uppercut, and left hook. You fell to the ground. The chain on your neck hanging off a little. Wanda’s ring started to swing from the chain. 
You were holding your side, panting for air. The countdown starting. I slowly got up, and resumed fighting. You shuffled forward again, throwing a quick combination. Luke dodged the combo and threw another cross jab followed by a hook. Connecting with my jaw. I fell down and passed out. 
Luke helped me up, slapping my back. “You did good kid. Lasted longer than this fool. And his hands glow.” He said trying to make me feel better. 
I groaned a little and chuckled. “Thanks, they weren’t kidding about you being the power man. Those punches were next level.” You hyped up. 
Luke grinned in response. “Hey, Danny is paying for drink? You comming” 
I shook my head “I’m gonna finish up here, you guys go ahead.” I told them. 
Danny and Luke headed out for drinks. I stayed behind to catch my breath. You started to unwrap your hand wrap, when you sensed a presence behind you. 
“You got your ass handed to you.” A familiar voice teased. 
I sighed knowing that voice anywhere. When Pepper called about Nat, Steve, and Scott, trying to convince Tony to save the universe. She warned they’d try me next. I was mentally preparing for this. I wasn’t expecting so soon. 
“Do you know who that was?” I asked turning to Nat. 
Natasha grinned, her hair in a long braid her red roots overpowering the blonde. 
“Should I?” She asked. 
“That is Luke Cage, he has superhuman strength and stamina,  extremely dense skin and muscle tissue, which means every punch I throw is like a tickle. I lasted longer than anyone in the ring with him, considering you know he doesn’t fucking get hurt.” You explained slightly annoyed. 
She smirked her lips forming an O, she crossed her arms. 
“What are you doing in Brooklyn?” I asked wiping my neck with a towel. 
“You still have the ring?” She motioned to the ring around my neck.
I frowned and tucked the ring inside my tank top, and threw the towel down.
“I see you still avoid my questions.” I scoffed. 
“Force of habit, you started rubbing off on me.” She retorted. 
I shook my head and grinned. I could always count on Nat to trigger bickering.
“Why are you here?” I asked again my tone low. 
Nat paused and gave me a look, before taking a deep breath. “We can bring her back. All of them.” She started. 
I laughed a humorless laugh. “What? The time heist? When Pepper called, about that I was hoping it was a joke. Tony said it was impossible.” 
She gave me a hurt look. “You are still in contact with them?” 
I avoided her eyes, ever since France I left the team and completely went off grid. The only person I confided to was Carol and after dating off and on for a couple months, we finally broke up last year. Me not being able to handle her long ass trips to space. The person I avoided the most though was Nat, she was the only person who could read me better than anyone. 
But that didn’t mean I was completely isolated. When I heard about Tony and Pepper getting married it was months after they’d tied the knot, I spent the week with them. We reconciled and ever since they adopted me as their own. I was Auntie y/n when Morgan was born. I bought a dog, who I hadn’t named, simply because I had no idea what to name him.
 I visited Thor every once and awhile, always bringing him a new thing to play with. Last time I brought him guitar hero. Of course there was also Clint...I hadn’t seen him in months. When we last chatted he bought me drinks, asking me for intel on the drug cartel I was affiliated with back before I was with shield. Every once and awhile he’ll swing by for a drink and more intel. 
I looked back at her and sighed. “Yeah, spend the weekend at their farmhouse every other month.”
An awkward silence hung in the air. 
“That doesn’t change the fact, we can do it.” She insisted.
“Nat stop-” I pleaded. 
“You have to try-”
“Nat-” I warned.
“How can you stop trying? You know she’d try anything if it was reversed. How can you say you love her-”
“NATALIA” I yelled tears threatening to fall down my face. 
Nat’s eyes widened, and she stopped dead in her tracks. 
“Don’t.” I croaked. “Don’t make empty promises.” 
She walked over to me and wiped my the tears falling down my face. And gently cupped my face to look at her
“This isn’t an empty promise. This is going to work. me.” She pleaded in a soft voice. “семья доверяет друг другу“ She added in a low voice.  
Family always trusts each other.
I looked away from her, we felt anything but a family. We were so broken and detached from the unit we once were. is still family even if it was dysfunctional. I looked at her, and sighed...If there was even a chance, a small percentage to see Wanda again, I had to take it. I nodded and held her hands. 
That’s how i found myself back in the avengers compound hangar, watching Scott Lang standing in front of a van quantum machine portal waiting to be pushed through time. 
“You’re sure these modifications are safe?” He looks over to...Banner who is hulk. 
I tried really hard not to let it freak me out, Smart hulk wearing reading glasses, making adjustments to a new control panel.
“I reran my calculations three times- “
“Because the guy who invented this thing is pretty much a genius-” Scott casually dropped.
“I have seven PhD’s, an MD, the Hans Bethe Award for Physics, and I’m personal friends with Bill Nye the Science Guy. We’re good.” Smart hulk assures. 
“Yeah. And you look like that on purpose.” Scott says nonchalantly, looking at me slightly. 
Steve and Nat walk up from behind me. 
“Breakers are set, emergency generator’s on stand-by.” Steve announces.
“Good. If we blow the grid, I don’t want to lose Tiny back in the ‘50’s.” Smart Hulks sighed in relief. 
I widen my eyes and look at Nat giving her a What the fuck did this man just say? look. 
“Excuse me?” Scott croaked.
“He was kidding.” Nat chuckled out unconvincingly.
 “I was kidding.” Smart hulk assured loudly with a big smile. 
“You were kidding, right?” Nat whispered to smart Hulk
“Honestly, I have no idea. We’re attempting time travel. Either it’s all a joke, or none of it is.” He mumbled to us. 
“I’m sorry what?” I say my eyes filled with concern looking between Hulk and Nat.
“We’re good! Helmet on.” Smart Hulk yelled out to Scott. 
Scott puts on his helmet, slightly dubious. 
“Okay. I’m going to send you back one week, give you an hour to look around, then bring you back in ten seconds. Make sense?” Hulk continued. 
“Perfectly not confusing.” Scott murmured. 
“Good luck, Scott. You’ve got this.” Steve affirmed with a head nod. 
“Yes, I do, Captain America. Yes, I-” Scott started with more confidence. Smart Hulk pulls the lever before Scott could finish his sentence. Scott shrinks to nothing. Causing me to jump a little. 
“Counting down from three, two, one...” Right on cue Scott reappears but he was 12-FUCKING YEARS OLD. 
“What the fuck...” I whispered pointing to Scott.  
“Uh, guys? This doesn’t feel right.” Scott groaned. 
“Is that Scott?” Nat asked looking at Hulk. 
“Probably...? “ He said scrambling, hitting buttons. 
Scott shrinks back into nothing. 
“Get him back!” Steve urged slightly panicking.
Smart Hulk flips a switch. Scott reappears again...BUT now he was 93. 
“Oh, my back!” Scott whimpered holding his back hunching over slightly.
No words could describe the levels of fear I was feeling. My mouth agape, arms crossed.
“Bruce! Get it under control. What the hell is going on?” Nat said clearly panicked. 
“I got it, I know exactly what’s going on. Pretty much.” Hulk insisted.
Scott shrinks to nothing once again. Hulk types frantically with a pencil, fingers too big for the keys. 2-year old Scott popped out. 
“Oh, my God.” Nat let out in shock. 
“It’s a baby.” Steve mumbled out.
“It’s Scott.” Hulk said with a shrug. 
“As a baby!” I retaliated pointing at the baby in the oversized suit. 
“He’ll grow.” He offered. 
“Banner!” Steve firmly stopped.
Smart Hulk hits a button. Baby Scott disappears. “When I tell you, kill the power!” He throws a switch. “Now!” 
Nat killed the power. Normal Scott stumbles off the pad. 
“Somebody peed my pants. I don’t know if it was baby-me or old-me. Or just me-me.” Scott whimpered hands out in fear. 
You decided two things in that moment. 1.You weren’t going into that machine. 2. You needed an excuse to leave the Hangar. You mumbled an excuse of having to walk your dog. You grabbed him from your room and jogged around the compound. Trying to clear the image of Scott turning into a baby from your brain. You made it back to the front of the compound seeing Steve talking to Tony in his Audi. 
Your dog wagged his tail in excitement of new humans. I walked up smiling and thanking God for the gift of Tony. You were close to asking for a ride home. 
“It’s called the EPR Paradox. Instead of pushing Lang through time, you were pushing time through Lang. It’s dangerous. I probably should’ve cautioned you against it.” Tony elaborated with a pointed look.
“You did.” Steve admitted.
“Thank god, I’m here. Regardless, I fixed it.” Tony said with a smug grin. He holds up...a watch. “That is a fully-functioning, time- space GPS. I just want peace. Resentment is corrosive. I hate it.” Tony says throwing up a peace sign.  
“Me, too.” Steve agreed with a nod. 
I could see something ease between them, for the first time in years. Tony looked over to you in surprise. 
“Oh so how did they wrap you into this train wreck?” Tony asked. Before I could answer, he continued on “Well regardless I’m here now.”
“Which I’m thankful for. I was about to call you to pick me up.” I said truthfully.
“Oh, also on behalf of both me and Pepper, please stop teaching our daughter boxing combinations. All she wants to is beat up the furniture.” Tony begged.
I laughed “No chance, she’s the one who begged me to show her. I can’t say no to her- besides every young girl should learn to throw a good punch.” I defended. 
Tony smiled and then turned to Steve. “Now that I got a witness. We’ve got a shot at the Stones. I just need you to know my priorities. Bring back everyone we lost, hopefully. Keep what I found, definitely. And, let’s not die trying.”
Steve looks at Tony. He offers his hand. 
“Sounds like a deal.” They shake. This is a long time coming. 
“You heard that kid? You as my witness.” Tony says hand still in Steve’s.
“-But wait, there’s more. Act now, and it comes with a bonus offer.” Tony pops the trunk. Steve stares, moved, at...his shield. 
“Tony, I don’t know-” 
“What’s to know? He made it for you. Plus, I gotta get it out of the garage before Morgan takes it sledding.” He said casually. “Which is another thing stop giving her obscure knives.” Tony says sternly pointing at me.
I chuckle a little knowing that I wasn’t going to stop giving his daughter pink knives. Steve finally picks up the shield, sliding it onto his arm. “Thank you, Tony.” Steve thanks earnestly. 
I see Tony chokes up, trying to cover it up by slamming the trunk. I smile at the sight. “Just don’t flaunt it. I didn’t bring enough for the whole team. We are getting the whole team, right?” Tony asks looking at the both of us.
Steve looks at me and I offer an uncertain smile.
“We’re trying.” I say. 
I waited outside with Scott, watching the Bentar land down. I waited in nervous anticipation waiting to see if Carol would come out. I bit back my slight disappointment but also my relief when it was Nebula and Rocket.   
“Hey Y/l/n where’s Big green?” Rocket asked. 
I motioned behind to the building. “He’s inside.” 
“Um, kitchen, I think.” Scott said more specifically.
I nod at Nebula, who give me a nod in greeting. Scott tries a smile at Nebula. She just hits her com “Rhodey, careful on re-entry. There’s an idiot in the landing zone.”
She goes inside and Rhodey lands in dramatic fully giving Scott an heart attack. 
“Oh, my God!” Scott gasped out. 
“What’s up, Regular-Sized Man?” Rhodey snickered.
“Drama queen.” I greeted teasingly.
“Philly cheese steak.” He greeted back with an eye roll.
Which was referencing when I dropped my philly cheese steak sandwich on the ground, a year ago at this point. I knew I was never living that one down.
Rhodey goes inside as smart Hulk walks out, carrying an overnight bag. He hands Scott some tacos with a smile. 
“Finally. I ain’t got all day.” Rocket exclaimed dramatically. 
“I call shotgun!” smart Hulk called walking up to the Benatar’s gangway, 
After a day I watched Thor stand with a beer in a cozy, staring at a new quantum tunnel affixed with Tony’s capacitor. 
Clint offered himself to test the machine out first. After our first attempt with Scott, I told the team I was skipping out. Agreeing to be the one to watch the machine if anything were to go wary. 
Clint waits alone on the platform wearing the time suit. Smart Hulk readies the quantum console as we all watch. 
“Okay, Clint. Starting in three, two, one...” Hulk trails off
Clint nods over at them, determined. Suddenly he stretches, shrinks and vanishes. 
After a few minutes Clint appears on the pad, shaken. Tony and Nat approach him. 
“Are you all right? Hey, look at me. You okay?” Nat gently asks.
“Tell me something good...” Tony watched him carefully
Clint looks up, tearful. He holds out a baseball mitt. 
“It worked. It worked.” Clint mumbled in awe.
I could feel myself allow hope to sink into my soul. Holding onto Wanda’s ring hanging on a chain around my neck. 
“Holy crap. We’re freaking time travelers.” Rocket said astonished. 
So thats when we worked into the next phase of the plan trying to find out where all the stones were in the past. 
Tony, Natasha, Smart Hulk, and I hash it out.
“So this ‘Time Stone’ guy...what kind of doctor was he?” Nat asked
“Strange?” Hulk looked at Nat.
“Like he was a strange one?” I questioned.
“His name is Strange.” Hulk corrected. 
I gave him a side look nodding “Oh.” 
“He’s a cross between ear-nose-and-throat and rabbit-from-hat.” Tony started.
“Had a nice place in the Village.” Hulk offered
“Yeah. Sullivan Street.” Tony agreed.
“Wait, he lived in New York?” I questioned. I was starting to wonder why all these weirdos live in New York. 
“Guys, pick the right year and there were three stones in New York.” Nat exclaimed in revelation. 
“Shut the front door...” Hulk said sitting up to look back at us.
After three days of us planning and strategizing it was finally time for us to make the mission. I stood with my wearing a hoodie, jeans, and black converse high tops. My dog on his leash chewing on a bone. Everyone was in their suits. I had some lab googles on. The agreement being I stay to make sure everyone would get back safely. Steve stood near the control panel. 
“Okay, we have a plan. Six stones, three teams, one shot.” Steve begin his talk.
He steps away, revealing the board...
Everyone eyes the tangle of lines connecting six stones to four locations to 2 years to 10 heroes. It was insane. It was early dawn
“Five years ago, we lost. All of us.” I bit my lip my hand instinctively holding onto Wanda’s ring. 
“We lost friends. We lost family. We lost a part of ourselves. But today we have a chance to take it all back. “ Steve pauses to look at us all.
“You have your teams and you have assignments. Get your stone, and get back here. One round trip each. No mistakes. No do-overs.” He grips his shield. “Most of us are going back to places we know. That doesn’t mean we know what to expect. Be careful. Look out for each other. Improvise, if you have to.” Steve looks at us his gaze landing to Tony. “This is the fight of our lives. And we’re going to win. Whatever it takes.” Steve finished
The platform stays quiet. 
Rocket whispers to Scott “He’s pretty good at that...” Scott nods enthusiastically.
“All right, you heard the man. Stroke those keys, kid.” Tony said to me.
Smart Hulk smiles at me and helps me tap in the commands with his pencil. Lights illuminate each pad.
“Tracking beacons engaged.” I informed everyone.
Natasha looks at me a playful smile on her face. I give her a nervous look. Natasha was all I had left as true family went. I don’t know what I would do if I lost her. I can tell she knew what I was thinking. She pulled me into a hug. 
“I’m going to bring her back.” She promised in my ear quietly. “Build that dream house, and live in it with her.” She said pulling back. 
I bit my lip, I confessed the week after the snap to Natasha I had bought land in a small town in new jersey. I always knew I wanted settle down in a quiet small town. It wasn’t until London I knew I wanted that with Wanda. I wrote a will in the unfortunate event I die in field. I put Nat down as my sole inheritor of all my belongings. She handed me, my revised will with Wanda as my new sole inheritor. I could feel tears pool in my eyes. 
I cleared my throat. “Make sure to bring yourself back to me.” I sternly told her. 
She smiled and patted my shoulder. “I would be more worried for mohawk over there, than me.” she said motioning to Clint.
Clint flicked her off, I let go of Nat and she gave me a thumbs up as she stood in the line up. The last being Smart Hulk stepping onto the platform.
Natasha looks around a smile on her face. 
“See you in a minute.” She told everyone excitedly, giving me a wink.
I gave her a smile back.
“Actually, it’ll be closer to seven or eight microseconds, give or-” Hulk explanation was cut off. As they suddenly, stretched and vanished, shrinking away. 
The Quantum console stops vibrating. Hulk’s pencil slowly rolls toward the edge and drops. My dog stops to look at where once were people, suspiciously, then goes back to his bone. I smiled and petted him a little. 
It’s all up to them now. 
After 4 minutes, the machine starts beeping. I look to see Nebula missed her signal to leave. I furrow my eyebrow and start checking the stats. Suddenly after a seconds the machine starts to whirr, my dog shoots up and starts barking. I look expectantly at the group as they all pop back into this reality. 
Hulk holds the eye of agamotto, scott has the scepter. rhodey the orb, Rocket and Thor the extraction device, and Tony and Steve the tesseract. Nebual retracts her time suit. Everyone looks around, exhausted. Amazed.
“Are you telling me that actually worked?” Rhodey chuckled in disbelief.
“Did we get them all?” Hulk asked. 
I look at Clint, realizing the missing face. We lock eyes and in an instant I knew. Tears started to well up in my eyes, Clint drops to his knees. Steve turns, concerned.
“Clint? Are you okay?” Steve asked, eyebrows raised in concern.
Clint stares, haunted. 
“Where’s Nat?” Hulk asked. 
“WHERE’S NAT?!” Clint looks up at them, and then at me. 
Natasha didn’t make it.
“No.” I choke out, and cover my mouth and run out the room, not being able to face anyone.
My best friend, the person that I considered my family, my sister, she was gone. I grabbed Wanda’s ring, I looked at it, as if it was going to bring me comfort. God I’ve lost so many people. She knew that. They knew that. I felt more alone than ever. I sat staring at the lake. Tears freely falling down my face. 
I considered slipping the ring on my finger. There wasn’t much scarlet energy left. Yet today I wanted to feel the ghost of Wanda. Even if it was only a shadow. I could feel a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. I heard tiny treading behind me. I looked behind to see Steve hand on my shoulder with my dog by his side.
I gave a weak smile as my dog began licking my face. 
“Hey.” Steve greeted softly his own eyes glassy.
I looked into his eyes filled with grief, and completely broke down. He sat down beside me and held onto me quietly, letting me cry. 
After awhile what was left of the team all found themselves here, overlooking the lake.
“Do we know if she had family?” Tony asks.
“Yeah. Us.” Steve mumbles.
Clint wouldn’t look at me. I sat watching holding onto my dog. Thor turns, thrown by this conversation.
“Why are you doing that?” Thor demands. 
“I’m just asking a question-” Tony defends throwing his hands up in surrender. 
Thor shook his head annoyed. “Why are we talking as if she’s dead? We have the stones. Bring her back. C’mon, stop this shit.” He yelled at us, in complete denial.
Clint squeezes away tears.
“We can’t get her back.” Clint croaked. 
Thor looks around us confused. “What’s he talking about? Of course, we can.” Thor waved off Barton with a smile.
“It can’t be undone. That’s why.” Clint says more confidently. Looking Thor in his eyes. 
“No offense, but you’re...a very earthly being. We’re talking about space magic, here. “Can’t” seems a little definitive, don’t you think?” Thor retorts.
“Well, I know I’m a little outside my pay grade here, but, she still isn’t here, is she?” 
“That’s my point-”
“It can’t be undone. At least that’s what the red, floating guy said. But why don’t you go talk to him, okay? Why don’t you grab your hammer and fly to that place and talk to him. IT CAN’T BE UNDONE.” Clint cuts Thor off lashing out. He pauses looking at me teary eyed. 
“It was supposed to be me. She sacrificed her life for that goddamn stone. She bet her life on it.” He finishes. 
That lands heavily on us. I turn not being able to hold Clint’s gaze. She believed in this. A moment passes.
Then hulk hurls the bench into the water. It skips across the surface like a stone. 
“She’s not coming back.” Hulk says turning to look at us. 
“We have to make it worth it. We have to.” I finally say. Everyone looks at me for the first time. 
“We will.” Steve assures.
Hulk, Tony, and Rocket create a new gauntlet with the infinity stones embedded in the back. We all watch Tony and Rocket fine tune the glove. 
“All right. The glove’s ready.” Rocket announced.
“Who’s gonna snap their fucking fingers?” I asked looking around. 
Everyone stares at the gauntlet. Then, Thor reaches for the gauntlet.
“I’ll do it.” He says on cue.
“Whoa, whoa, what are you doing-” Tony stops
“Thor, we haven’t decided who’s putting that on.” Steve argues.
“Oh. Were all of you just waiting for the right opportunity?” Thor asks annoyed.
“We should at least discuss it-” Scott offers with a shrug.
“Staring at the thing isn’t going to bring everybody back, is it? Look, I’m the strongest Avenger. It’s my responsibility. Fate wills it so.” Thor shouts irritated. 
“Hold on, hold on-” I urge Thor stepping to help Tony.
“Stop it! Let me do this. Let me do something good. Something right-” Thor begs me tears in his eyes.
My heart breaks a little, I take a deep breathe.
“That thing is channeling enough energy to light up a continent. You’re in no condition-” Tony speaks before I could. 
“-What do you think is coursing through my veins right now?” Thor pushes me away facing Tony. 
“Cheez Whiz?” Rhodey guessed arms crossed. 
Hulk steps toward the Gauntlet.
“Lightning won’t help you, pal. It’s gotta be me.” He said approaching the gauntlet. “You saw what those stones did to Thanos. They almost killed him. None of you could survive.” Hulk reasoned. 
“And how do we know you can?” I asked tired of losing people. 
“We don’t. But the radiation’s mostly gamma. It’s like I was made for this...” Hulk offered with a shrug and smile. 
We watched Hulk approach the gauntlet. Hulk studies for a moment. I take a deep breathe. I took off Wanda’s ring, looking down at it. My heart racing in anticipation. I slip it on my finger. The faint scarlet energy bouncing within. I wore my old combat suit, Tony modified of course. 
“The moment of truth.” Hulk says looking at Tony. 
“Good to go?” Tony asks. 
“Let’s do it.” Hulk confirms with a nod. 
“Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago, you’re just bringing them today. Don’t change anything from the last five years. Got it?” Tony instructs.  
“Got it.” Hulk says. 
We all prepare ourselves. Steve steps forward, shield on his arm. Scott deploys his helmet. Rhodey readies his repulsors.
Rocket covers his raccoon junk and hides behind Thor. Tony armors up, then nanos a shield to protect me and Clint beside him. I hold Clint’s hand. My first time acknowledging him since Nat being gone. He looks at our hands and gives a nod. 
“Friday, why don’t you go ahead and activate Barn Door Protocol?”
Steel doors slide shut all around the workshop. Finally, Hulk holds up the gauntlet.
“Everybody’s coming home...” He says under his breath
He slowly slips his hand in the glove. Suddenly he spasms, taking in the power. 
“What’s happening? Take it off, take if off!” Thor yells in concern.
“Bruce, you okay?” Steve asks in a shout.
“Talk to me, Banner.” Tony aks.
“I’m...okay...” Hulk groans.
Hulk reaches out his hand and snaps his fingers. 
CRAAAACK! The stones flare. A bright surge of energy races up Hulk’s arm. He roars as his eyes blaze green. The ring started to burn on my finger. My eyes widened as i watched it start glowing scarlet. The energy racing around me slowly turning orange, then to yellow. Clint looked at me in confusion. 
The gauntlet falls off, rolling across the floor. We both whip our heads around. Hulk collapses, arm withered, side burnt black. We all rush to him. Steve checking his pulse. 
“Don’t move him!” Tony warned. 
Then the blast doors open, revealing the sound of...chirping. I walk outside toward the courtyard, Scott following. Smart Hulk’s eyes clear. He grasps Steve’s arm. 
“Did it work?” Hulk asked.
We pause, as if it only just now occurred to them. Just then a cell phone starts to ring. A stunned Clint turns and approaches his phone. On the home screen, we see a photo of his wife; “Laura Calling”. Eyes wide he answers the phone hesitantly. 
“Guys, I think it-” Scott never finished as the building around us explodes. Debris flying everywhere. I blacked out, on impact. 
I opened my eyes, to the faint ringing in my ears and yelling. 
“Mayday! Mayday! We are taking on water!” a static laced voice yelled in my ear. 
I groaned sitting up, my head was spinning. Once my line of vision began to clear I looked around and my heart dropped at the sight of destruction. I gasped my dog. I started to whistle calling him out. That little guy was everything to me when I lost Wanda. I started to look through the rubble panicking. 
I stopped and struggled to catch my breathe, I slowly pulled myself together. 
“Tell ‘em to...hurry...asses up-” Rocket panted into the coms.
“ time...” Rhodey gasped.
I rubbed my face, my friends are dying, I had to get my shit together “Shit...I’m on my way-”
“No! Wait, I’m here!” Scott yelled in the comms.
I shift my gaze to the edge of the crater, I looked down to see Thanos. Sitting on a rock. Waiting. Thor stumbles next to me we both say nothing, watching.
“What’s he been doing?” Tony asks, Steve at his side. 
“Absolutely nothing.” Thor tells them.
All four of us stare a long moment. Then, as if sensing us, Thanos turns his head...and looks our way.
“Son of a bitch.” I muttered.
“Yeah.” Tony agreed.
Steve turns to look at me and Tony “Where are the stones?”
Tony shrugged “Somewhere under all of this. All I know is...he doesn’t have ‘em.”
“So we keep it that way.” Steve says tightening his grip on the shield. 
That lands. This is our chance.
“You know it’s a trap.” I say my eyes never leaving Thanos. Tony deploys his armor. “ Don’t think I care.” Tony hissed. Tony looks at me and hands me a baton. It’s Nat’s dual batons. I frowned, and gave him a nod.
“Just so we’re all in agreement.” Thor says with a shrug and holds out his hand. Mjonlir flies into it, and he holds out his other, Stormbreaker slaps into his palm. Lightning strikes and he’s covered in cape and armor, his beard braided, and hair pulled back. “Let’s kill him properly this time.” He finishes. 
I sigh and shake my head. I expanded the Batons and tightened my grip. I look at Steve and he starts leading us into the crater. Thanos sits on his rock, contemplative.
“You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Right back to me.” Thanos Narrates. 
Tony approaches, stealthily. Me, Steve, and Thor fan out on either side. 
“I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But you’ve shown me that’s impossible.” He pauses, looking up at the sky. “Life clings to the past with bloody fingernails. As long as there are those who remember what was, there will be those unable to accept what can be. They will resist.” 
Tony steps out, “Yep. We’re all kinds of stubborn.”
Thanos turns to him with a grim nod “I’m thankful. Because now I know what I must do.” Thanos reaches for his helmet. “I will shred this universe down to ts last atom. And then, with the stones you’ve collected for me, create a new one, teeming with life that knows not what it has lost, but only what it has been given. A grateful universe.” 
“Born out of blood.” I spit out, feeling anger surge in me
Thanos studies me as if seeing me for the first time.
“They’ll never know it.” He retorts with a shrug.
Thanos draw a blade off his back, towering over us. “Because you won’t be alive to tell them.”
Tony glances over at Steve. “Ready?” Steve nods.
Just as Thor charges Thanos we all attack, using our skills in harmony. Thanos stumbles, on his heels. We attack him relentless, exerting every last ounce of fury. A last stand. 
Thor smashes his hammers together, hurling lightning into the back of the iron man suit. Tony sends the resulting overload at Thanos, but thanos propellers his blades holding back the blast.
“How the hell are we not making a dent.” I mumble. 
Thor uses Stormbreaker to bat Mjolnir at Thanos. Thanos snatches Tony by the Ankle and uses him as a shield against the hammer. Batting it at me instead. I brace the incoming hammer, with the Batons. Instead a scarlet energy surrounded me, I smile. The ring. Suddenly the scarlet turns into golden energy and creates a force around me, the ring explodes on my finger. I widen my eyes in shock, Thor gives me a look of confusion. The yellow energy still is surrounding me. I gasp and drop my hands, Mjolnir breaks through hitting me in my chest and I tumble and black out.
When I slowly regain consciousness I see portals people pouring out of them. My heart fluttered...oh my worked. I saw T’challa, Okoye, Shuri, Bucky, Groot, the entirety of the Wakandan army, and Wanda. Tears threatened to break out at the sight of her.
Steve takes us all in, helping me up. He turns his gaze to thanos, and calls Mjolnir to his hand. I gasp and watch him catch the hammer in awe. 
“Avengers...assemble.” He called out
Thor lets out a battle roar as he charges and we all follow everyone pouring out onto the battle field. Across the way, Thanos smiles and points his blade at us, His own army racing towards us. Ant man slugs a levianthan in the jaw. I launch myself onto an alien currently choking the life of Korg, stabbing my batons onto him and clicking the button electricity pulsing through and frying the alien. 
Tony blasts overhead. Pepper joins him, in her rescue suit. Together, they strafe the field. Suddenly an alien caught me off guard grabbing me from behind, I throw it over my shoulder and slam it down. We wrestle, kicking my batons from my reach, it suddenly is choking me. My eyes widened, as scarlet energy lifts the alien out of my reach, tossing it across the field. 
I choked out, gasping for air. I looked up to see Wanda who is at my side, my eyes tear up at the sight of her.  Her hair was messily over her face as she reached out to grab me. She had my face cupped in her hands scanning to see if I was okay. I didn’t even say anything I just pulled her into a hug, squeezing her as if she was going to slip away. She hugged me back, noticing my distress. 
She sighed into my neck. “Y/n? Are you okay?” 
I let the tears fall from my eyes and looked up to the sky silently thanking Natalia for her sacrifice. “I am now.” I said pulling away to meet her eyes. 
She looked so confused and worried. She was holding my Maccuahitl in her left hand. “You left this in the ground where I was. Back in Wakanda. Where you weren’t...” She said studying my face.
“Oh..I-uh... I left that there, in memory...” I trailed off. Her eyebrows furrowed and she frowned a little. It was as if she was beginning to realize time has passed. 
You’re look different. She echoed in my head.
I feel different. I answered back. 
She gave me a sad smiled as her eyes no longer scarlet and gave me a kiss. “Different is good.” 
I smiled and we parted, an alien came to rush at us. Wanda flicked her wrist and it was smacked away like a bug. I smiled and shook my head. “God I missed that.” 
I gave her one last kiss before she flew off with a smug smirk, and I ran the opposite direction starting to attack. Across the field- Clint runs with the gauntlet, being chased by an ape looking alien. Just before the ape tramples Clint...Sam swoops in cutting the creature down. Clint runs on. Sparking the conversation of what to do over coms.
“What do you want to do with this thing?” Clint pants.
“Get those stones as far away as possible!” Steve answers.
“No! We need to send them back where they came from.” Hulk interjects.
“There’s no way to send them back. Thanos destroyed our time machine.” Tony shut down. 
“Hold on!” Scott said “That wasn’t our only time machine.”
From a distance, we hear, “LA CUCARACHA.” I smile immediately get it.
“Does anyone see an ugly, brown van out there?” I ask in the coms.
“Yeah. But you’re not going to like where it’s parked.” Valkyrie answered above head on her pegasus. 
I looked up to where she was pointing and the van sat surrounded by thousands of alien, deep behind enemy lines. I laughed a deep laugh, this would happen. 
“Scott, how long do you need to get that thing working?” Tony asked into the coms.
“Uh, maybe ten minutes.” Scott guessed.
“Get it started. We’ll get the stones to you.” Steve assured. 
I scan to find Clint handing the gauntlet to T’challa. I saw Thanos make his way towards him. I rushed and blocked Thanos’s blades from digging into T’challa with my Maccuahitl. His strength causing beginning to push me down. I started to shout, as a wave of strength deep within me allowed me to over power him. Golden energy shooting around me. I was starting to realize something was different about me.
T’challa was able to slip passed him. Thanos eyes furrowed, pulling a blade back to stab my stomach. I grabbed my it with my left hand, the blade cutting the skin on my hand. The golden energy slowing his movement down. He used this distraction to use the other blade in his hand to knock me down. I felt the blade stab the familiar spot on my abdomen. A rush of yellow energy expanded from out of me, throwing Thanos and the surrounding enemies back. 
I realized I was bleeding out. I gasped for air. This felt familiar. I fell to my knees and tried to apply pressure to my wound. I was losing blood quick and I collapsed on my back. 
I felt someone lift my head up. It was Clint, his eyes teary, and he was mumbling something. I couldn’t make out his words. The world seemed to drown out, only a faint ringing. I saw Wanda’s face come into view. 
“Y/n! No no no no! Not you, please.” She begged her tears falling down my cheek. 
I gave her a weak smile. “W-wanda...” I started finding it hard to string words together.
“Save your energy. You are not dying here. You WILL NOT die here. Do you hear me! You aren’t allowed to die-” She started rambling her accent getting stronger.
“heh...noted..I was...just...gonna you.” I said slowly the words taking every last bit of my energy. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Tiredness getting the better of me. I could feel myself slip out of consciousness. I felt Wanda’s lips on my forehead begging me to keep my eyes open. I tried to keep my eyes open. I took a deep breath, the world going black as I exhaled. 
Few Days Later
We won. But at what cost. Vision, Tony, Natasha...Y/n...gone. Wanda watched silently at Tony’s funeral. She felt numb. So many people were here, at her side yet their comfort could never be the same as hers. The image of her lifeless body flashed in Wanda’s brain and she frowned. Clint pulled Wanda aside and handed her an envelope. 
“It’s her will. She left everything to you. She also added a note.” He said softly. 
She ripped the envelope open, there was a ring, and a letter. Wanda froze...y/n was going to propose. She looked at the ring and opened the folded paper. She didn’t even read the first sentence before folding back up again. Wanda told herself she wouldn’t cry. But she couldn’t help it. Tears were already rebelling as they raced down her cheek. 
Wanda couldn’t do this. Bear the burden of this loss. It was like her heart was being shattered and burned. It felt worse than the loss of her parents, her best friend, even her brother. 
“She deserves closure.” Wanda said quietly. “I deserve to see her body. Give her a burial.”
“She isn’t dead.” T’challa said. 
“But she also isn’t alive.” Shuri interjected.
Wanda and Clint spun around to see T’challa, Okoye, and Shuri. All wearing black in honor of the funeral. His eyes were on Wanda.
“They said she was dead. We watched her die.” Clint said in disbelief.
Wanda eyes narrowed, her lip quivering. “Where is she?” 
“In Wakanda, under cryosleep, when we found her body...well her body was dead but her mind was wide awake, as if it was mimicking death as a survival tactic. We put her in cryosleep so we can fully understand how she is in this state and how to reverse it.” Shuri elaborated. 
“Y/n is a friend, she deserved as much. With all she has done for Wakanda...the world.” Okoye added solemnly. 
“I want to see her.” Wanda heart began to race, there was hope. “I want to see her now.”
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