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#scarlet witch x reader
spicysashimi · 4 hours ago
happy mother's day wanda maximoff! thank you for rearranging my guts everyday 🥰😍❤️💞💓💕
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abimess · 5 hours ago
Not allowed to touch
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Your stubbornness sometimes makes you say things without thinking, but your girlfriend is willing to make you follow suit with your own words.
Word count: 1.202
Warnings: smut (+18 only!) 
A/N: This is short and probably not good, but I just had the idea and kind of wanted to write it down. And in case you are wondering, yes I have issues. Good reading!
Your friends have a strange habit of oversharing. 
Not that you minded, really. But sometimes it led to moments like this, and you don’t know whether you're laughing because it’s funny or because it’s absurd.
Training has just ended and you, Wanda, Nat and Carol are in a small circle talking about the Captain's sexual woes. 
Apparently on her last date with Maria, Carol made a comment about one of the waitresses that didn't please Maria the slightest bit and now she was getting the ‘no sex’ treatment.
"It sucks to be you, my friend." Nat says with a pitying grimace, but she laughs amused at the situation. You snort and shake your head slightly, attracting the attention of the other women around you. 
"I don't know, guys, I don't understand why this is such a big deal." You say shrugging and Nat and Carol exchange glances disagreeing with your statement. You don't notice, but Wanda raises her eyebrows slightly. 
"What do you mean it's not a big deal?" Carol asks as if you have said the most absurd thing in the world and you giggle. "Come on, Carol, can't you go a day without touching your wife?" 
You tease and Carol crosses her arms, an incredulous smile on her face. "Oh and can you?" She retorts and you shrug. "Of course."
"Oh really?" Wanda speaks from your side and as soon as you look at her your mouth goes dry. She watches you with raised eyebrows and a slight tilt of her head. You swallow hard, but you can't give up now or Carol will tease you forever and you can't lose this argument. 
"Of course I can." You answer, but you don't sound as convincing as you wanted to. Wanda nods slowly with a thoughtful expression and Nat and Carol watch the whole interaction with amused smiles on their faces.
"All right then." Wanda finally speaks again. She says goodbye to the other two and before she leaves she gives you a light kiss on the cheek, which only makes you even more worried. 
You watch the redhead leave, swallowing hard, and only turn your attention to the two around you again when you hear Carol's amused giggle next to you. 
"You, my friend, are fucked." She taunts and you take a deep breath, knowing she is right.
You’ve been walking on eggshells for the whole day.
Whenever Wanda entered the same room you were in, you kept completely silent and avoided speaking anything that might worsen your situation with the witch. 
You offered to help her with the simplest things possible, like opening doors, carrying things, or opening pots for her. 
But she seemed fine, grateful, and even more affectionate than usual. Then you relaxed, and mentally cursed Carol for making you worry for nothing. 
But little did you know what was coming for you.
You’re lying in bed already in your pyjamas and rereading the past mission reports as you wait for Wanda to come out of the bathroom and come lie down with you.
When Wanda enters the room you rest your reports on the nightstand and smile as you see the redhead wearing only an extra-large t-shirt. 
You're about to say she looks lovely but she walks over to you and sits on your lap, holding your face firmly and connecting your lips in an intense, passionate kiss. 
Your brain short circuits for a moment, but you match the kiss just as intensely and sigh deeply when you feel her wet intimacy against your thigh and realize she's wearing just the t-shirt.
You move your hands to her ass, but Wanda makes a disapproving noise, taking your hands away from her. You look at her, frowning confused, but she looks at you firmly. "You're not touching me tonight."
You laugh softly, moving your hands back to where they were before and kiss Wanda again. "I said no." She says, her voice firm and serious, and you feel your hands being thrown over your head. You look up and you see a red energy binding your hands to the headboard like handcuffs. 
"What the hell, Wanda!" You complain slightly irritated and confused. Wanda holds your chin and makes you look at her. Her expression is impassive with that slight tilt of her head that is so characteristic of her. "What's the matter, my love?" she asks with a not at all amused smile on her face and the tone of her voice makes you swallow dryly. 
"You're the one who said you could go without touching me." She says, bringing her face closer to yours and you can feel her breath against your mouth, which only makes your situation worse. Wanda knows very well the effect she has on you and the sick smile on her face widens. "You’re only watching tonight."
And without further explanation, she starts rubbing herself against your thigh with low moans and your whole body tenses up. You try to free your hands from Wanda's energy but the grip only seems to increase. Meanwhile, the redhead holds your shoulders tightly, her moans getting louder and only further increasing your irritation.
Having Wanda riding your thigh like this is inebriating and makes your whole body warm. But she moans and her face contorts with pleasure, making your blood boil more and more with anger. 
As if the torture wasn't enough, the redhead removes her shirt, being completely naked over you. You sigh in irritation, your intimacy throbbing and your head spinning with indignation. Wanda brings her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them. The redhead moans even more, and you clench your jaw. That's enough.
You move your torso forward to kiss her, but Wanda is faster than you. With a single motion of her hands, the redhead pushes you back with a wave of red energy that crashes into your chest and sends you slamming your back against the headboard with a grunt. 
The more Wanda rubs against your thigh and the louder she moans, the faster your breathing gets and the greater your anger becomes. She opens her eyes to stare at you, basking in your despair, and you see her eyes glowing red. She is close. She is close, and it’s not because of you. 
With your blood boiling with rage, you lean forward once more. "Don't." Wanda says firmly between moans and you’re pushed back once more, this time the energy wrapping itself around your neck like a collar, pinning you to the headboard. 
Another grunt of frustration escapes your mouth, but it’s muffled by Wanda's increasingly loud moans. With one last loud, open-mouthed moan, the redhead comes undone over you. The red energy around your wrists and neck tighten for a brief moment before shattering. 
Once you’re free of Wanda's magic, you wrap your arms around her in one swift motion and throw her against the mattress, putting yourself over her. With the sudden movement, a low moan of surprise escapes Wanda's lips. 
"That was not nice." You say and she flashes you a victorious smile that only makes your anger boil over even more. But soon her expression changes, her eyebrows raised in defiance. 
"Punish me then."
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abimess · a day ago
The high price of love // Part 2
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Loving and desiring someone are the best things a human can possibly do. But what happens when you feel these things for a woman much older than you?
Word count:  2.558 || 6.167
Warnings: fluff; angst; milf; smut (+18 only!)
Good reading!
All parts || Part 1
“No fucking way!” Ned speaks much louder than he should and draws the attention of some of the students and monitors around you.
"Dude, shut up!" You complain in a low voice and he just laughs softly, putting his hand over his mouth.
Ned is a physics monitor and is one of your closest friends, so you saw no problem in sharing with him what happened between you and Wanda. But maybe doing it while you’re both working wasn't such a good idea.
"What's going on, losers?" You hear a female voice approaching you and you squeeze your eyes shut, knowing you were fucked. Robin was your other close friend, but you intended to take as long as you could to tell her, because the blonde wasted no time in teasing you about absolutely anything.
"(Y/n) is dating a milf!" Ned tells her, and you widen your eyes. "Dude!" you say, slapping him on the shoulder. "I'm not dating her," you explain, taking a sip of your water in an attempt to wash away the bitter taste that has formed in your mouth. "So she is a milf?" Robin asks with raised eyebrows and an amused smirk on her face.
The conversation is irritating you and the heat in your cheeks irritates you even more. "I'm not having this conversation." You declare but the other two smile amused. "She's friends with her aunt." Ned explains and Robin agrees with a mocking expression and you groan in irritation. "You know what? Gossip all you want, I have work to do."
You grab some notes and turn to a student who is approaching your desk. You try to calm down, but it’s impossible with the two idiots giggling behind you.
"You’re home!" You say excitedly as you enter the house and see Nat lying on the couch, reading some documents. She looks up at you with a wide smile and stands up, walking over to you and giving you a tight hug.
"Did you miss me?" she asks with raised eyebrows and you make a dismissive noise with your mouth. "Of course not, I can't stand your face anymore." You scoff and she chuckles.
"Well, it's my house, you can move out whenever you want." She retorts and you put your hands on your chest with a grimace and she laughs.
"How was your weekend?" She asks casually, walking to the kitchen and pouring you both some juice. The question is simple but makes you break into a cold sweat with the memories of Saturday night flashing fast in your brain. "Normal, no big deal." You say, trying to sound as chill as possible and sigh in relief when Nat hums in agreement.
"I was thinking about how we don't have any emergency contact." She comments, handing you one of the glasses and you frown. "We have the neighbors." You say and she rolls her eyes, "The neighbors hate us.
"Maybe they wouldn't if you didn't complain about every single noise they make." You retort with a mocking smirk and she smiles too, rolling her eyes and giving your shoulder a small nudge.
"I'll give you Wanda's phone number later." She says naturally and you get even more nervous. "Why would I need Wanda's number?"
"You know how emergencies work, (Y/n)?" She asks with a mixed expression of mockery and confusion. "Just in case you need an adult when I'm not here."
"I’m an adult." You retort feeling slightly annoyed. You’re about to turn 23 and Nat would still treat you like a teenager. Normally you would find her behavior amusing, but this time a strange irritation takes hold of you and it surprises you. But you quickly try to push it away.
"I know you are." She says with a gentle chuckle. "But there are things we can't do alone." She explains and you swallow dryly, those words having a completely different meaning than she imagines.
"It's just a precaution." She concludes, waking you from your thoughts and you nod in agreement, trying to disguise your anxiety, and Nat smiles one last time before returning to the couch and going back to reading her papers.
Hey, Nat gave me your number in case of an emergency.
 You press send and immediately hate yourself for the stupid message. But your martyrdom is short-lived, because your cellphone vibrates a few minutes later.
 And is this an emergency now?
 You stare at the message, not knowing what to make of her words and nervously wiggle your fingers before typing your reply.
 Not really, it was just to let you know.
  What a shame, I thought it was an emergency.
You laugh, biting your lip before typing your answer. You type a few things but nothing seems good enough, so you just send a wide-eyed emoji and then she replies with a blinking emoji.
You smile at the phone for a while, but your bedroom door opens and you startle, blocking the device and putting it away in your pocket.
"Jesus, Robin!" You say when you see the girl walking into your room. You take a deep breath, trying to get your heart beating normally again, and the blonde laughs.
"Sorry, were you sexting your milf?" She scoffs and you shush her, widening your eyes. "Keep it down, dammit!"
"Relax, your aunt is watching a movie downstairs." She reassures you, throwing herself on your bed. "What are you doing here anyway?" You ask and the girl rolls her eyes. "You invited me a few days ago so we could work out the questions for the mock exam, did you forget?"
She says amused and you assume a thoughtful expression for a while as you revisit your memories and then remember that you did invite her. "Well, you could have at least knocked on the door." You say finally and she agrees with a mocking expression. "You're right, what if you were sending a nude to yo-”
You pick up a used sock that was lying next to your chair and throw it at Robin's face, who stops talking immediately and lets out a groan of disgust and frustration.
You laugh, and turn on your notebook, while opening some of your books to start working. Robin opens her backpack and also starts opening some of her books.
The two of you discuss for a while the content and question models you want to use. You type one of the questions that Robin dictates to you but when she abruptly stops talking you look at her.
The blonde is looking at you with a mischievous smirk and you swallow dryly, knowing that nothing good is coming of it. "What?" you ask impatiently and she raises one of her eyebrows, the smile never leaving her face. "Do you call her mommy?"
It’s Saturday and you have to do your best not to show all the nervousness that is consuming you.
Wanda has invited you and Nat for lunch and now you’re standing in front of the redhead's front door. You haven't seen Wanda since that night. The idea of seeing her again along with the uncertainty of what it’ll be like only increase the chance of you having a heart attack at any moment.
Soon you hear the doorknob open and reveal Wanda right away. She’s even more beautiful than you remember, which you thought was impossible. She smiles at Nat and then at you, her green eyes sparkling as they meet yours.
You greet each other and Wanda hugs Nat and then you soon after. The smell of her perfume makes your whole body shiver. Her body against yours brings back the memories of last Saturday and as you pull away, you notice that Wanda's pupils are slightly dilated, indicating that she’s had the same thoughts as you.
Wanda guides you inside the house to the living room and you smile at the cozy decor of her home. Quick footsteps catch your attention and you turn around, seeing two little boys running up to you. They both smile at you and you smile too, thinking they’re the cutest little kids you’ve ever seen.
The redhead instructs the boys to greet you, and they do, and you almost melt from the cuteness. "Do you like Star Wars?" Billy asks excitedly pointing to your t-shirt and you laugh softly. "Yes, I do!" You reply in the same tone and both boys smile happily. "We have a bunch of Star Wars action figures, do you want to see?" Tommy asks and you have to hold back the urge to squeeze their cheeks.
"I'd love to!" You reply with a genuine smile on your face and Wanda looks up at you. "You don't have to." She says smiling tenderly and you return the smile. "It's no problem at all." She keeps her eyes locked on yours for a few more seconds before looking away.
Wanda guides you and Nat to the couch in the living room while the boys run to their bedroom to get their toys. Wanda sits in the armchair and Nat sits on the end of the couch right next to her. You sit in the middle of the couch and soon the boys arrive carrying a bunch of toys and join you.
Wanda and Nat chat while you interact with the kids. The boys show you each of their toys and excitedly tell you which ones are their favorites and which scenes from the movies they like best. You give them your full attention, with a smile on your face. They ask you which toys you liked best, what your favorite scenes and characters are, if you also have action figures, and you laugh amusedly at their enthusiasm, answering all their questions.
Wanda watches the interaction carefully, her heart warming at seeing you getting along so well with her children. The fact that Billy and Tommy seem to like you so much stirs her in a way that Wanda can't understand, so she shakes her head, trying to push those new feelings away, and stands up.
She invites you to the table so that she can serve lunch and you offer to help her bring the things over. She says that it’s not necessary, but you insist so she accepts. She tells Tommy and Billy to go wash their hands and Nat offers to help them.
Wanda leads you into the kitchen and you try to ignore the discomfort that begins to form in the pit of your stomach at the fact that you and Wanda are alone.
She looks at you with loving eyes as she hands you one of the platters. You hold the item firmly and open your mouth to say something, but Wanda holds your face firmly and connects your lips in a gentle kiss. You sigh, surprised and delighted by the redhead's action.
With no time to waste, you gently bite Wanda's lower lip, and when she moans softly in surprise, you take advantage of the space between her lips to slide your tongue inside her mouth. Your tongues touch, and you both shudder at the sensation.  
Everything about Wanda is so addictive and intoxicating, you would kiss her forever if you could. But you can't, and as soon as you hear footsteps getting louder, Wanda pulls away from you immediately and you two carry the food to the living room table, pretending that nothing happened.
You serve yourselves and as soon as you start eating you and Nat compliment her lunch and Wanda smiles gratefully. You eat in silence for a while until Billy breaks it.
"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asks looking at you and you almost choke on your food. "Billy." Wanda scolds him in a firm voice and you laugh, waving your hands dismissively. "It's okay." You say looking at Wanda and then turn your attention back to Billy, who is watching you with innocent curiosity. "No, Billy, I don't have a boyfriend. In fact, I don't like boys."
You explain and the two boys exchange sad looks. "You don't like us?" Tommy asks, his voice disappointed, and the two older women try to contain their giggles at the innocence of the children.
"Of course I like you! In fact, you are my favorite boys in the whole world." You reassure them and they smile, but Billy's face lights up for a moment when an idea seems to cross his mind. "You have a girlfriend then?" He asks and you laugh at the boy's cleverness. "Enough gossip, you two." Wanda scolds the boys once again, but she smiles amused at the conversation.
"No, Billy, I don't have a girlfriend either." You reply and have to try very hard not to look at Wanda immediately afterwards. But you can still feel her eyes on you.
"Um what about that girl who came over the other night?" Nat asks with a teasing tone and you almost choke for the second time that lunch. Wanda tighten the grip on her glass, not liking the direction of this conversation.
"Robin?" you ask surprised and annoyed, laughing embarrassed before answering. "No way, she's just my friend."
"Do you like her?" Wanda asks curiously, trying to match Natasha's tone but you could see something else in her eyes. A mixture of irritation and insecurity. Jealousy, maybe? Probably not, a woman like Wanda has no need to feel jealous.
You clear your throat, realizing you took a little too long to answer, and shake your head dismissively. "No, Robin is just my friend. Nothing more." With your reply, Wanda looks away, but you can see the shadow of a smile on her face and you smile as well.
For the sake of your sanity, soon the subject changes, and you begin to talk about other things. After lunch, Wanda starts to clear the table. You get up and start helping her, and Wanda doesn't object. Billy and Tommy have cornered Nat and are now talking about something very excitedly, but Nat seems quite interested in the conversation so you just giggle.
You and Wanda take the things into the kitchen and this time the silence between you is awkward. Tense and heavy, maybe. You think about what might have caused this distance between you and the only thing that comes to mind is the conversation about Robin and you smile, incredulous. "Are you jealous of Robin?" you ask, unable to hide your smile and Wanda looks at you, surprised.
She tilts her head slightly, a smile appearing on her own lips. But it’s a different smile, an intimidating one. And the closer she gets to you, the more intimidated you feel. "No dear." She whispers and you can feel her breath against your lips. You swallow dryly and her smile grows. "I know that at the end of the day it's between my legs you want to put your head on."
Your breath hitches with her words and she bites her lip, looking down to your mouth. Without a second thought, you move toward her but before your lips can meet hers she turns and walks away.
You sigh, your head spinning rapidly at everything that has just happened. You watch Wanda walk away, a mischievous smile on your face. That woman would be the death of you.
Part 3
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mossybank · a day ago
Dating Wanda Maximoff Headcanons
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Romance with Wanda would be a slow burn, her being too nervous to express her feelings and you the same
You'd start off as friends but Wanda would mostly watch you from afar, a distant but warm smile on her face, learning about you before making too many moves
The two of you would already be isseprable before dating, always teaming up together on missions and spending all of your time in the compound in eachothers company
If you want to know how the two of you got together, blame Scott (or, rather, thank him) because he was definitely the last straw to get you two to confess
He assumed you and Wanda were already a couple, you practically acted like one, and made a comment on how cute the two of you were and how he loved having another superhero couple around admist gushing about Hope
Once you start dating, you're 1000x more affectionate
Already attached at the hip, everyone kind of expected it
The two of you are constantly holding hands, Wanda loves to lean her head on your shoulder
As for dates, I feel like you and Wanda try a bit of everything but your favourites are movies and rollerskating
There's a local rink that has an 80s night every Saturday and you and Wanda always go, the staff know you by name, and put together some of the best outfits for it
You also got custom matching rollerskates <3
And for movie dates, they're pretty evenly spread between dates in movie theatres and dates watching movies in your rooms
I usually like to go with petnames like 'honey' and 'sweetie' for Wanda, but she'd definitely give you some Sokovian petnames too, I specifically really like 'Draga' which from my research seems to translate into honey/sweetheart
Wanda favours watching movies at home, snuggled up in bed together with her head resting on you and you playing with her hair (and vice versa)
9 times out of 10, the two of you fall asleep midway through the movie entangled in eachothers limbs
Speaking of Sokovian, you start asking her to teach it to you and it makes her heart absolutely melt, living in the US and Pietro no longer being around means she isn't able to speak her native language often (if at all) so you learning it just for her is so intensely intimate
She'd sing to you in Sokovian a lot, especially if you have trouble sleeping, stroking your hair as she lullabies you to sleep
I absolutely love domestic activities with Wanda, I want to do nothing more than cook and bake with her (which I've actually wrote a fic on here)
Constant 'I love you's and words of affirmation
Tumblr media
You definitely have a somewhat secret language where you can communicate with each other purely through looks
The avengers are super supportive of you guys but they also love to tease you a lot, Wanda getting all blushy and smiling coyly— she always looks to the floor with a smile and if you're already holding hands she gives it a soft squeeze
For the most part it's very pure relationship (but if yall wanna know about the unpure, i can do that 😈😈) and the two of you bounce off of each other wonderfully <3
To be added to a taglist, please send an ask or dm specifying the fandoms/characters you'd like to be tagged in the fics for!
Tags — @tatesimper @amourtentiaa
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awkwardgaymess · a day ago
Avengers Anatomy- 3- Rumors
Tumblr media
This was going to be…fun, at least that's what you had to tell yourself not to choke the absolute shit out of someone.
If you really had to look at the bright side of the start of this hell of a day.
Dealing with idiot inters that break everything like fucking desrtucto, that's just great, thanks Alex.
Meredith was right though, the lab was stunning. New, but stunning with shiny machines, and science equipment.
Meredith stifled a giggle, but not a smile, as she stepped forward, clearing her throat. “Let’s try not to break anything else, we have two patients that have a unique contestation, and we’re going to do the ver best we can to eliminate said constitution.”
An intern raised their hand, and you nod to their direction.
“Is the constitution hereditary?” They ask. “Maybe we could try to get a relative
“No, it was an accident that caused this, an explosion occurred, and both received near fatal injuries, we need to get their CT scans, and MRI’s before we consider any course of treatment. “ You describe briefly.
”Your job is to study the file’s I copied for each of you,” Meredith continues. “Come to either me, or Dr. L/n with ideas, I don’t care how crazy.”
“Please make them make sense.” You add on, a small smirk playing on your lips. “You meet back here in twenty minutes once you think of some ideas and try to get those scans from Radiology, for now, one of you get me those vials you brought in.”
You go to the nearby sink and wash your hands for a few moments, grabbing a pair of sterile gloves, and take a seat on a lab chair, seeing an intern closest to the experimentation table bring over the tray of vials filled with different types of chemicals. Judging by the color, it seemed like variants of anesthetics, but diluted on one side, and another holds multiple vials of rich red blood.
‘Thank god Alex has a fucking brain.’ You smile to yourself, you grab a nearby Petri dish, and open the top carefully.
“Dr. L/n?” Meredith asks.
You hum in response “What’s up?”
“Should I play some music, and assist?”
You smile, and nod. “Differently please.”
You can’t see Meredith, but you hear the slight tapping on the phone, and the multiple footsteps departing and the door closing. The music flows throughout the empty lab, you close your eyes, and let out a happy sigh, before grabbing the vial labeled B.W and a pipette, taking a small amount and positioning it to the middle of the plastic dish. From your perphrial vision, you see blue navy scrubs next yo you.
“Alright then…let’s do this.” You mumble quietly.
Alex can’t believe he got the short end of the stick. Of all times that he had to watch over a patient, he has to wait for two avengers scans to be finished.
“Oh shit,” Alex sighed softly. “I thought you were down in the pit.”
Jo chuckled softly, pressing a soft kiss to her husbands cheek. “Mer said you needed some help?”
“Yeah…I got two avengers who have a very pissed girlfriend.” He mumbles, gripping the clipboard.
“Wait…”Jo paused, placing a hand on her hip. “Avengers, here?”
“You never heard of the avengers?”
“No stupid, I just thought the avengers had their own hospital.” Jo laughed. “Isn’t where all our taxes go towards.”
“That’d be the case, but the explosion caused those…idiots to be transferred here.” He sighed. “I got a doctor from the hospital, but she’s…pissed.”
Jo raised an eyebrow, then gasped, laughing. “Wait, the damn doctor is one of the avengers girlfriend?”
“Two of them,” he laughs. “And it’s y/n.”
“Are you serious?” Jo smiled.”You can’t be serious.”
“As a damn heart attack.”
Jo snorted loudly, slapping her husband lightly on the shoulder. “I knew that girl got game.”
“Oh come on,” Alex sighed, leaning into the chair he sat on. “You can’t be serious.”
“You have to admit, she’s hot, rich, and smart. A damn near perfect partner.”
“I know.” Natasha smiled.
The female attending yelped loudly, stepping back from the desk. “Jesus Christ.”
Natasha chuckled softly. “Sorry, I guess you forgot to mute yourselves, or whatever you people do.”
“Sorry Ms. Romanoff, “ Alex apologized from he other side of the room. “We’re almost done, I just need a few more pictures, and I’ll send them up to radiology. “
“No worries, it’s only slowing down my impending doom.” Natahsa replied.
“You’re not going to die-“
“I’m talking about y/n. If you two don’t kill me…she definitely will.” She interrupts. “And it seems it might be real damn close.”
Alex snorted, chuckling before a swat on the back makes him jump in pain. “Hey, it’s true. Y/n has a temper, you know she’s going to want an apology.”
“I don’t think I did anything wrong.” Nat confessed. “I think I did the right thing.”
“You think getting Blast Belly is the aftermath of the right thing?” Jo asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Okay, maybe not that, but it’s my job, it’s Wanda’s job, its-“
“It could’ve been a better way, don’t you think?” Jo asked, glancing towards Alex.
“It was the heat of the moment.”
“She’s right jo, you can’t really think of those things when you’re trying to save the world.” Alex responded, leaning over to the computer, and typing a few words. “It’s not like she has an office job.”
“Boy,” Jo sighed. “Ignore him, you do know you have an abdominal rupture, right?”
“I don’t know enough doctor words for that,” Natasha chuckled.
“Let’s say your girlfriend is trying to save your life, if she doesn’t kill you first.”
“TODAY JOHN!!!!” Your voice booms out through the hospital.
Alex and Jo both turned to each other, a look of fear on their faces.
“Or someone else.” Alex mumbles to himself.
Natasha shook her head, giving the ghost of a smile.
“That’s why she’s my favorite.”
"Bet you fifty she's yelling at an intern," Alex mumbled to his wife.
"Hundred if it's to an attending." Jo retorted.
"Thousand if it's to one of the radio people that's supposed to be getting her something." Natasha joined in
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sarahlonchar · a day ago
okay idk if its just me but i can definitely see wanda seeing her s/o’s mind as a safe place where she can go and listen to their thoughts (ofc she would only do so if it was okay with the s/o though) and if she was having a particularly rough day that she would talk to her s/o through their mind especially if they’re around people because she wouldn’t want anyone else seeing her having a hard time and would only be comfortable showing that side to her s/o.
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abimess · 2 days ago
okay because i'm still floored by your first enemies to lovers, how about AU where reader and wanda were friends growing up but drifted apart when they got to high school, like one of them got really popular and sort of left the other behind? then they get paired for a class or something and they have to come back together which they aren't happy about (at first).... or something like that i love your writing so please take any liberties!!!
Okay hear me out, I LOVED writing this!!! I’ll definitely be writing more high school AUs for Wanda. I had so much fun so thank you so much for the request. Hope you like it as well. Good reading!
The chemistry of us
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You and Wanda have cultivated an enmity for a long time. But an exchange of partners in chemistry class changes this relationship completely.
Word count: 4.981
Warnings: enemies to lovers
Of all the school subjects, chemistry, your favorite of all, was the last one you would expect to fail you. 
Classes have just started again and everyone is looking forward to meeting the new chemistry teacher. You’re sitting with your lab bench mate and also your best friend, Natasha, when the classroom door opened and the whole room fell silent. 
A woman with black hair and a stern expression enters the room and, as she places her things on the table, she smiles at the students. The teacher, who you soon discovered is called Mrs. Harkness, introduces herself as the new chemistry teacher and what is worse (and what caused a commotion in the whole classroom) says that she’s going to change the bench partners.
Everyone grunted in displeasure, but Mrs. Harkness gave a whole speech about change being necessary since she’s a new teacher and her methods would also be new. No one seemed very convinced, but when the woman started to announce the new pairs, the students started to stand up. 
When she announces that Nat will sit with Bruce, the redhead smiles briefly and you frown. "You could at least pretend you wanted to continue with me." You complain, but show that you’re not actually bothered so Nat chuckles, gathering her things from the countertop. "Well, he is my boyfriend." 
"Oh yeah, and what happens to bros before hoes?" You joke and she laughs. "Well, you're not my bro and Bruce is not a hoe so..." She says getting up and you giggle. "Relax, you won’t be with someone that bad." She tries to comfort you and you give a half smile, nodding. 
As you watch Nat sit with Bruce, you hear Mrs. Harkness saying your name. "(Y/n) (Y/l/n) and Wanda Maximoff." She announces and you squeeze your eyes shut. "Shit." You grumble, burying your face in your hands and don't see the pitying looks Nat and Bruce cast at you.
"For your information, I didn't like that exchange at all either." You hear Wanda's irritated voice next to you as the brunette throws herself on the stool next to you. "Yeah, well I don't give a damn." You retort without looking at her and Wanda huffs, crossing her arms and saying nothing more.
The teacher talks about all the plans for the semester and how the assignments and tests will be, but all you can pay attention to is the anger emanating from Wanda that meets the anger emanating from you and forms a big tangle of anger that almost makes the air around you suffocating. 
As soon as the bell rings, Wanda immediately gets up and rushes out of the room and you roll your eyes. This is going to be one hell of a semester. 
At break time, you find Nat and Bruce at one of the tables outside and neither of them seems to hold back a pitying expression. You don't blame them, if you could you would be looking at yourself with a pitying expression too.
"Not such a bad partner, huh?" you comment as you sit, making reference to what Nat told you earlier and the redhead flashes you an amused, pitying smile. "It's not my fault if the universe hates you." She jokes and you sigh in displeasure and nod without much enthusiasm.
It really seemed like the universe hates you by putting the person you hate the most (and also the person who hates you the most) to be your bench partner. But it wasn’t always like that. 
When you and Wanda were children you were best friends. In fact, it’s more consistent to say that you were inseparable. Neither could do anything without the other. 
But then your friendships started to change. Wanda started hanging out with the popular kids, which was no surprise considering that she was a cheerleader and her brother, Pietro, played on the school football team. And you started hanging out with, well, other people.
You didn't really have a name for your group, although you’re sure that the other students had several names on the tip of their tongues for you. But you think you could say that you were the loners. Nobody got involved with you, and you didn't make a big deal about it either. 
But instead of just not talking to each other anymore, your friendship with Wanda turned into a hostile relationship, and now you could safely say that you two cultivated an enmity. 
You don't really know how it started, but one day Wanda started being rude to you and you started being rude back. Or maybe you started it. You don't remember. But the last option seemed rather unlikely. You would never be rude to Wanda without having a reason.
You feel a finger being placed between your eyebrows and you blink repeatedly, waking up from your thoughts. You look to your side and see Nat smiling at you. "You were grumpy." She says, imitating the face you were making and you laugh.
When the bell rings, you say goodbye to your friends and walk to the classroom, but Wanda occupies your thoughts again.
The following chemistry classes are not good, but they are acceptable since you and Wanda don't have to interact. It's basically: you arrive, spend the entire class listening to Ms. Harkness' explanations with a huge frown on your faces, and then leave. 
But today was different. Today you would make the flame test experiment and consequently, you would have to interact. 
While you prepare the Bunsen burner, Wanda organizes the salt samples that the teacher’s given you to catalog. 
You and Wanda take turns picking up the stick, dipping it into the acid, dipping it into the salt container, and bringing the stick up to the flame. Next, the two of you check the color chart that Mrs. Harkness gave you and catalog the salts. 
"Barium." You mutter after looking at the chart and jotting it down in your notebook. "Barium." Wanda says a few seconds later, making the same motion as you and you roll your eyes. "I know, that's what I said." You hear her snort in irritation, but she says nothing. 
You repeat the experiment with another salt and watch the flame turn violet. "Potassium." Wanda says and you check on the chart. "Potassium." You say next and Wanda grumbles. "I know, that's what I said." You take a deep breath, feeling the irritation rise. "You know what, Wanda, why don't you do it yourself then?"
She looks at you with a mixture of anger and annoyance. "Yeah, well, I'd certainly do much better on my own." You give a dry laugh, but before you can retort the bell rings and Wanda suddenly gets up, gathering her things and walking away. 
"Relax, I'll clean everything up myself." You grumble after she leaves and begins to organize the items on the countertop. "How was class?" Bruce asks in a hesitant voice as he and Nat approach you.
"I wanted to shove that stick up her ass." You mumble angrily and Nat giggles. "I'm sure there is a name for that fetish." She sneers, but you just glare at her briefly, your body boiling with anger. 
"But at least it's mutual.” Nat says as you walk out of the room and you frown. "She seemed to really want to make you swallow the bunsen burner." She says and Bruce completes. "With it lit." 
You laugh lightly, massaging the back of your neck and trying to eliminate from your mind any remnants of thoughts about Wanda.
Wanda came to school wearing a low-cut blouse today. The brunette sits down on the stool next to you and it’s very difficult to look at her without your eyes looking down. Not that this is too much of a problem, because you already look at her the bare minimum normally.
Also, your irritation with her today seems much greater than on other days. You prefer to think that the two things are not correlated. 
To make matters worse for you, Mrs. Harkness has decided to give the students a pop quiz about the topics you have seen so far. The test, obviously, is to be solved in pairs and when the teacher hands you the document, Wanda takes it and puts it between the two of you. 
You read the questions, answering the ones you know and skipping the ones you don't know. But Wanda rests her elbows on the table, further accentuating her cleavage, and your mouth goes dry. You feel your body warming up as you try with all your might to pay attention to the test in front of you, but it's impossible to read a single sentence without having your vision diverted to Wanda.
"If I'm going to do it alone just let me know." She grumbles impatiently when she notices that you’re not contributing and you huff in irritation. "It's not my fault if you're distracting me.” The words come out without you thinking about them and you swallow dryly.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Wanda asks looking at you, a mixture of annoyed and offended. But when you look at her your eyes betray you and go straight to the neckline of her blouse. 
It's quick and your eyes soon meet hers again, but Wanda notices and raises her eyebrows at you in disbelief. "That you annoy me, that's what it means." You grumble and turn your attention back to the exam, trying harder to focus than you did last time. 
Wanda blinks several times, trying to understand what has just happened. She feels her cheeks warming up and a smile wanting to form on her face, which only makes her want to strangle you even more. 
You’ll be working with acids and bases today. 
Which, in your opinion, is not a very safe decision considering the way Wanda glares at you. She seemed even more annoyed with you today. You have no idea why and, honestly, don't even want to know. 
All you know is that since earlier today in the hallways, when you were talking to your friend Jessica, Wanda was already looking at you like she wanted to kill you as she was walking past you.
The idea of the experiment is to identify whether the salts are acidic, basic and neutral. The experiment is a little complicated but, even if you don't like to admit it, you and Wanda work very well together and seem to be the most advanced pair in the class. 
"Acidic." She says and you nod. "Acidic." you repeat and she doesn't react at all, which surprises you. "Acidic too." You say after you repeat the experiment with the next sample and Wanda raises an eyebrow. "That one is basic." She says and you snort.
"Of course not, it’s... basic." You say after checking, your shoulders slumping as you realize you’re wrong and you hear Wanda giggling. "I told you." she says in a victorious, irritating tone and you roll your eyes.
"Congratulations, Maximoff, do you want a medal?" You scoff and her victorious pose only gets bigger. "No, just your defeated face alone is enough." She sneers back and you snort in irritation.
"Seriously, Wanda, what did I do to make you such a pain in the ass?" You ask and she looks at you as if you have just asked the most absurd question in the world. "Oh, do you want it alphabetically or chronologically?" She asks in an irritated sarcasm and you laugh dryly. "I'll be surprised if you can even count."
She turns to you with furious eyes that soon turn to terror. With the sudden movement, Wanda ends up spilling some of the acid on your hand that was resting on the countertop and the burning on your hand is instantaneous. 
"(Y/n)!" She exclaims, worried, and immediately pulls you by the arm to the lab sink and turns on the faucet. With the cold water running against your skin, you would probably feel relief. But the truth is that your whole body was numb and all you could focus on were Wanda's worried eyes and the care she was taking for you. A behavior that you hadn't seen in so long and that you had no idea would still exist with you.
"Fast attitude, Miss Maximoff, well done." Mrs. Harkness says contentedly, looking at Wanda. The teacher also says she'll raise Wanda’s grade, but the brunette barely pays attention, her eyes returning to you immediately. 
"Are you okay, (Y/n)?" The question is so sincere and seems to make your whole body weigh a ton. You nod lightly, mesmerized by her gaze. But when you take your hand out from under the water, you see the redness on your hand and the skin immediately starts to burn. "You'd better go treat that in the infirmary, miss (Y/l/n)." The teacher's voice is serious, but concerned. 
You nod and risk one last glance at Wanda before you leave. 
The nurse is sweet and takes care of your hand very quickly. You needed to bandage it, but it’s only to prevent the area from being rubbed directly and making the skin irritation worse. 
When the nurse finishes putting on the bandages you still have fifteen minutes of the chemistry period left, but you ask the nurse to stay there until the bell rings because you weren't feeling very well. Which was not a lie.
The interaction with Wanda was so short-lived but it managed to make your organs seem all out of place and you feel a huge mix of emotions. But in the end you just remain static.
Wanda's worried eyes and her gentle touch against your skin dig into your mind and you sigh in confusion. You’re willing to avoid Wanda until the next class, taking the time to think, but that would not be an option as the brunette appeared soon after.
"What are you doing here?" You ask with a confused frown and Wanda shifts her weight on her feet nervously. "I finished the experiments earlier and Mrs. Harkness let me come here to check on you." She explains, twirling the rings on her fingers and avoiding your gaze, and you feel your cheeks flush. 
An awkward silence forms around you, and before you can break it, Wanda does. "We got an A." She informs you, and you raise your hand. "After this, an A was the least I expected." You joke and she laughs, but soon a guilty frown forms on her face.
"How are you?" she asks softly, as if the question is completely foreign. Which in fact it was. You move your hand with the bandage and the burning hardly bothers you anymore. "I'm fine." You say simply, and are surprised at how gentle your voice sounds. 
She nods slowly and you notice her eyes shining a little brighter with a few tears forming in them. "I'm so sorry, I-" She starts but you stand up, widening your eyes in disbelief. "Wanda what are you saying? I should be thanking you. If it wasn't for you my hand would be much worse right now." You say, sincerely, and she looks at you. 
"Your hand wouldn't be like this if I hadn't dropped acid on it in the first place." She replies with watery eyes and you dismissively shake your head. "You wouldn't have dropped the acid on me if I hadn't been an asshole." You say and she laughs softly, making your heart warm in your chest. 
"Yeah, you were a real asshole." She retorts, and you make a hurt face. "Okay, that’s enough.” She laughs again, looking at you this time and you feel your heart skip a beat. 
You stare at each other for a few moments, neither of you really understanding this new dynamic but neither of you bothered by it. But soon the bell rings and Wanda looks away. "I'd better get going." She says pointing to the doorway and walking backwards. "See you around, (Y/n)." She says goodbye with a shy smile and you reciprocate. 
"See you around, Wanda." You say softly after she has left.  
In the classes that follow, the dynamic between you and Wanda becomes considerably more enjoyable. You continue with the teasing and sarcastic remarks, but it’s all in a much friendlier and less aggressive way. 
Your friends tease you constantly and you don't say anything about it, because you know very well the tremor you feel in your legs when Wanda looks at you and the way your heart beats faster when she smiles. But you keep all those things to yourself, because even if you don't hate each other anymore, there’s not the slightest possibility that Wanda would like you the same way. 
You’re in chemistry class and as usual you and Wanda have finished the experiment earlier than everyone else. You use the extra time to go over some notes and then talk about random things. 
It’s the first time Wanda talks about something unrelated to the subject since you were friends back then and you listen attentively to all the information she gives you, even if it’s just about the series she’s watching at the moment or what her favorite things are. She doesn't show it, but she appreciates it very much. 
"There's a really good ice cream parlor near here." You say after Wanda tells you that ice cream is her favorite dessert and she looks at you curiously. When you tell her the name of the ice cream parlor, she says she has heard of it. "Yeah, me and some friends go there every Friday afternoon. You should come by sometime."
The invitation takes you both by surprise. You swallow dryly, scolding yourself for crossing all boundaries, but Wanda smiles and nods, and you feel your nervousness increase even more. 
"Yeah, that would be cool." She comments, her cheeks slightly flushed, and you feel your own cheeks heating up. "Yeah, that would be."
The bell rings and you say your goodbyes, each going your own way, and you just can't wait for Friday.
It’s Friday and your eyes search the door every five seconds. You notice Nat and Bruce looking at you with amused smiles, but you try to ignore them. 
After a while, you sigh and turn your attention back to your friends. At the table next to you are your other friends who study at other schools and are therefore oblivious to your 'Wanda situation'. 
You take a sip of your soda, but the taste is bitter because of the thought that Wanda won't show up. It was obvious that she would not show up, she only accepted your invitation because she felt like she had to. You were just too stupid and believed her. 
You get up, saying that you're going to go buy some ice cream, and Darcy gets up shortly after, saying that she would go with you. You get a little apprehensive, but you don't object.
Darcy has been hitting on you for weeks, but you have always managed to avoid it. You didn't understand why, but after you realized that you’re in love with Wanda everything made sense. Anyway, you were determined to deny your feelings for the brunette to the death, so the only thing left was to play dumb with Darcy's flirtations.
The girl was talking about something you weren't paying much attention to when you saw the door to the ice cream parlor open. It all happened very quickly. You saw Wanda walk in and your heart stopped, but the very second her eyes met yours, Darcy decided to run her hand down your arm suggestively. You watched almost in slow motion as the soft expression on Wanda's face turned to anger and hurt. 
She immediately turned around and opened the door of the ice cream parlor again. "Wanda!" You shout and without hesitation run after her. When you get outside, Wanda is already getting into her car. "Wanda, wait!" You plead, but she shows no intention of listening to you so you stand in front of her car, your hands on the hood. 
"Get out of the way, (Y/n)." She warns, her voice laden with anger and you have to hold back a smile. Wanda Maximoff was jealous of you? So she liked you too? You couldn't believe it. 
"I just want to talk." You say gently but her expression doesn't soften one bit. "But I don't want to talk to you. Get out of the way or I'll run you over." She threatens but you don't move. "I'm not letting you go." You say, determined and Wanda tilts her head slightly, narrowing her eyes. 
She accelerates the car and it moves forward, hitting you and you have to take a few steps backwards to avoid being knocked over. "What the fuck, Wanda!" You yell in disbelief, but still don't get out of the way and Wanda groans loudly in anger, getting out of the car. 
"What do you want, (Y/n)?" She asks, crossing her arms. You approach her but keep a safe distance, being sure that there’s a huge possibility that she will punch you. "I just want to talk."
"I told you I don't want to talk to you." She speaks, an angry look on her face, but you raise your eyebrows. "Oh yeah, then why did you come here?"
"This is an ice cream parlor, (Y/n), it's a public place, you know?" She answers, her voice laden with sarcasm, and you smile. "Of course I know, I'm the one who invited you, remember?" You retort, but Wanda just clenches her jaw. "I can't believe you're jealous of-”
"Jealous?!" She interrupts you, her voice high with irritation, and she laughs dryly. "Oh, (Y/n), you’re so full of yourself." She says and you swallow dryly, not wanting to acknowledge how those words had hit you. But you had a point to make.
"Oh yeah so why did you leave as soon as you saw me?" you ask defiantly and she rolls her eyes impatiently. "Because I changed my mind! Do I owe you an explanation?" She retorts and you laugh, running your hands through your hair.
"Come on, Wanda." You say, already fed up with this conversation. You cup your hands around your waist and look at her steadily. "Look into my eyes and tell me you don't feel anything for me and I'll leave you alone."
She takes a few steps forward, her eyes never leaving yours. "I don't feel anything for you, (Y/l/n)."
The sentence came out with such conviction that Wanda almost believed herself. Almost. But you did. Your face falling immediately at her words. Wanda couldn't stay there another second, because if she stayed she would give in and she wouldn't do that. She wasn't going to tell you how she feels when you clearly don't feel the same way about her. When you invite her over, filling her with hope, and then she sees you flirting with someone else. No, she couldn't do that. 
You watch Wanda turn around and walk back to the car. She ignores you the whole time, it's like you're not even there. And when you see Wanda's car disappearing into the distance, you wish she had run you over for real.  
"You look miserable." You hear Nat's voice beside you but you don't have the strength to lift your head and look at her. "Oh yeah? Well, I am miserable." You retort without much enthusiasm, your voice muffled by your arms crossed under your face. 
It's Tuesday and you take advantage of your free time to suffer. Not that you haven't suffered enough already in the past days. After Wanda took your heart and broke it into a million pieces and set them on fire (no exaggeration here) you spent the whole weekend lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, reliving the moment she said she felt nothing for you. 
After the pain, came the anger. How can the universe allow someone to feel so much for someone who feels nothing back? It’s unfair, to say the least. 
"I need your help." Nat says, placing her hand gently on your shoulder and you mumble for her to continue, without much interest. "Bruce and I are studying for our chemistry exam and we would like your help." She says and you sigh. 
You’re always good at chemistry and would always help your friends. A broken heart couldn't be in the way of that. "Okay." you grumble and stand up with a disgruntled groan and Nat grimaces. 
"My god, it sounds like you're trying so hard to be miserable." She scoffs and you give a half smile. "That's me trying to look less miserable as possible." You joke back and Nat laughs, shaking her head.
She leads you to one of the empty rooms on the second floor and when she opens the door, she signals for you to enter first. When you enter, you see no sign of Bruce. Instead, you see a girl standing there, spinning the rings on her fingers nervously. The last person you wanted to see. 
You turn to leave, but Nat closes the door, leaving you locked in there with Wanda. You laugh dryly, rubbing your eyes with your fingers in irritation. "I should have known."
"I need to talk to you." Wanda says, her voice uncertain as she approaches you with hesitant steps and you clench your jaw. "Weren't you the one who said you didn't want to talk to me?" You retort and Wanda sighs. 
You want to ignore the hurt expression she makes, but your chest aches and the urge to comfort her burns inside you. "Nat came to talk to me." She speaks and all your irritation seems to be transferred to your friend. How could she?
"I wanted to apologize." She starts but you wave your hands in front of her, indicating for her to stop. "You don't need to apologize for anything, Wanda. It's not your fault you don't like me that way." You say, the words hurting even more in your chest when said aloud. But Wanda looks at you with her eyebrows frowned in distress and shaking her head energetically. 
"But that's the point, I do." She says and you feel your body tense up in a different way. You widen your eyes, examining the girl in front of you, and you try really hard to ignore your heart pounding in your ears to be able to hear her words properly. 
"I saw you with that girl and I was so furious, so… hurt.” She confesses, her eyes filling with tears and you want to go to her and comfort her but you are completely paralyzed. "I said I didn't feel anything for you, because to admit the truth knowing that you don't like me like that-"
“I do like you.” Your voice comes out in a whisper but that's all you can manage to do. Wanda looks at you intently and you swallow dryly. "I'm in love with you, actually." At your confession, Wanda's eyes widen and her breath hitches in surprise. 
When she is silent for a few more seconds it’s you who widen your eyes, bringing your hands to your face. "Oh my god, isn't that what was happening right now? I-" You start completely desperate and flustered but Wanda interrupts you. "No!" Her voice sounds as desperate as yours and you shut up. She shakes her head quickly, trying to organize her thoughts. 
"I mean, it is. It’s exactly what's happening right now. I'm in love with you too." She confesses with a shy smile on her face and suddenly it's as if all the weight of the world has left your back and you can't help the silly giggle that escapes your lips. "Well, in that case, I'd really like to kiss you right now." You say and Wanda chuckles softly. "Yeah, I'd really like that too."
You walk over to her, your body trembling with anticipation, and you wrap your arms around her waist. Wanda holds your face gently with her hands and you feel completely mesmerized by the big emerald eyes so close to yours. With a smile, you lean in and Wanda meets you halfway, connecting her lips to yours. 
You both sigh at the touch and involuntarily pull each other closer, as if that was possible. When you need to breathe, you pull your faces apart just enough to rest your foreheads together. 
"I can't believe Nat went to talk to you." You say laughing, your eyes still closed. Wanda pulls her face away from yours, stroking your cheeks with her thumbs and you finally open your eyes. It’s inevitable to smile at the beauty of the girl in front of you, with her dilated pupils and slightly swollen lips. "Yeah, she also asked me to tell you not to be mad at her.” Wanda says and you groan displeased. 
"That's not fair! She knows I'll do anything you ask me to." You say and Wanda raises her eyebrows with an amused smirk as she wraps her arms around your neck.
"Oh, really?" She asks in a tone that matches her expression and you grimace. "Oh, man, I'm screwed." Wanda laughs and bites her lower lip. "Only if you want to be." She retorts and you smile, the answer already on the tip of your tongue. "Yeah, I guess I do."
Wanda's smile widens as she moves forward and kisses you again. You sigh, feeling your head spin. You hug her tighter, never wanting to let go, and you smile against her lips. 
Yeah, chemistry has never failed you.
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How they would help you relax
Requested by anon
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Agatha would plop you on the couch, wrap you in your favourite blanket and make you a cup of tea. She loves to sit by your side and cuddle with you, playing with her magic to help you calm down.
Wanda always knows if you're exhausted and will do everything she can to help you relax. She found out her voice soothes you and since then has developed the habit to sing to you if your stressed, usually old Sokovian songs she remembers from her childhood.
Loki knows how exhausting work can be so he will drag you into the palace garden and will cuddle with you on a blanket, surrounded by flowers and trees. If you ask him he will glady read one of his books to you or even transform into a cat so you can cuddle more.
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phillipasoopcup · 2 days ago
sweet dreams
wanda maximoff x reader
Tumblr media
You can't tell if someone else is in the room or not, but you can feel a cold and eerie presence. In which direction you can't tell, as different pressure radiate everywhere -under the floorboards, by the one window, even behind you. You try to call out, but it's as if you're underwater. Your voice sounds warbled, fuzzed, distorted.
You feel something grip the back of your shoulder, and you're paralyzed with fear when a shadowy outline slowly circles around, revealing it to be-
You jolt awake, sitting upright, the room darker than ever. It takes a while for your eyes to adjust to your new environment, and even when they're starting to make out the outlines of the things in the room, you still feel a sense of panic. You take shaky breaths, attempting to calm yourself sown. When you realize that the grip on your shoulder is still there, you look to the side, greeted by a more-than-worried Wanda.
You sigh, rubbing your temples. "I'm so sorry. I..I don't even know-"
"Oh honey, you have nothing to be sorry for. Had a bad dream?" Wanda guesses softly, her eyes brimming with sympathy and you nod.
"Oh Y/N, I'm so sorry. I hate them so much."
Wanda can see that you're apprehensive about going back to sleep, at the risk of having another nightmare. "Come here, I'll help you."
The sweet redhead goes quiet for a moment as she ponders and, after a moment of silence, she gently lays you back down and begins massaging your scalp.
"I'll sing for you," she whispers against your forehead, pressing a soft kiss to it before murmuring out a nostalgic Sokovian lullaby.
Wanda isn't one to show off, so not many people know that she can sing, but one of the many privileges of having her as your girlfriend is that you get to hear it anytime.
Her singing means so much to you. It puts you at ease and erases your mind of all the bad, whenever your'e feeling tired, sad or stressed. It's comforting, beautiful like no other, and in no time, your nightmare is forgotten.
You smile, relief washing over you as you close your eyes and clasp Wanda's hand in yours. "I love you, Wan," you mutter sleepily.
You can half feel her press a tender kiss to your collarbone, curling up in the frame of your larger body. As you're drifting to sleep, you hear, "I love you more, Y/N. Sweet dreams."
And sweet dreams you have.
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chronical-ly · 3 days ago
Hey there, so I just read you OS about Mark Grayson x Reader and I totally love it! So, can I request Mark Grayson x Reader but Reader has Scarlet Witch's powers. It's a secret she's been hiding but there's a moment where it can't be a secret anymore when he tells her about his feelings for her (and his powers)
I like that idea! sure thing💛
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It only takes the holidays // Chapter 7
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Summary: Life happens and things change, but it seems like some feelings stay the same. After ten years, Wanda finally comes back to her hometown to spend the holidays with her family, what also means seeing you again. What will come out of this encounter?
Word count: 2.197 || 12.651
Warnings: angst, death, grief, alcohol, swearing, mention of sex (not smut), fluff
Note: Texts in italics are memories.
Good reading!
All chapters || Chapter 6
Chapter 7 – It only takes a weird noise
Today was the worst day of your life and you feel like there will never be a worse one. If you could, you would spend the entire day in bed. But you couldn’t. Because your mother needs you, your sister needs you, and you have a whole funeral to go through.
So you get up and put your suit on, not even bothering to disguise your puffy eyes because no amount of makeup would cover them.  
The entire day is hard and it gets harder and harder as the minutes passes. You are the one that takes care of everything, because your sister is too young and your mother is crying too much to be able to do anything else.
You remember the words of your father one night when he told you that when his day came, it would be your duty to take care of everything. Take care of your mother, take care of your sister, take care of the farm and of the family business. You hated that conversation because the idea of him passing away was too heartbreaking. But he did, and here you are. As you watch the casket being buried on the ground you close your eyes and mentally promise your father that you will do everything you can to take good care of everything. Just like he did.
Your father was a good man, so it’s no surprise that almost the entire town came to pay their condolences. Your friends hugged you tightly and shared their favorite memories with your dad, and you cried hearing all of them and you couldn’t feel more grateful for all your friends being here. Well, not all of them.
Wanda didn’t come and her absence physically hurts, because she would be the only one that would ever be able to ease your pain. When Pietro told you she couldn’t make it, all you felt was rage.
Yes, you and Wanda were not on the best of terms right now. After all these years you barely talked. But that was no excuse for her not showing up. It’s your father’s funeral. And he loved Wanda as if she was also his daughter. And she knew that, and she always said that she loved your father as well so why was she not here?
You know you shouldn’t, but you were sad, and desperate and vulnerable. And so you call her. You tap your foot repeatedly against the floor with the anticipation. But your heart just breaks a little more when it goes for her voicemail. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, putting your cellphone back on your pocket.    
As you walk back to your family you can’t help the painful memory that floats on your brain of Wanda promising you she would never, ever, forget you.
 When your mother finally sleeps you decide to go to your room. You walk as silently as you can so you don’t wake up both your mother and your sister. As you get to your room, you already know you won’t be able to sleep, but you throw yourself on the bed feeling both physically and mentally exhausted.
You don’t know how much time has passed when you hear your phone ringing on your nightstand. You sit and clench your jaw when you see Wanda’s name on the screen.  
- Hello.
- (Y/n/n), I’m so, so sorry. I wanted to be there for you, but I was busy at work I couldn’t…
- Pietro told me. – You interrupt her, not wanting to hear any of her excuses. The line goes silent for a while and you’re about to check if she didn’t hang up when Wanda speaks again.
- How are you?
- Oh, I’m great. – You retorts, your voice full of sarcasm and Wanda sighs.
- Come on, (Y/n), don’t do this. I just wanted to check on you.
- You had almost six years to do that, where were you then?
- So suddenly it’s all my fault? Did you forget you were the one who ignored all my calls the last time I tried to reach you?!
And like this the two of you start screaming and accusing. And when Wanda hang up on you, you throw your phone at the wall, watching as it fell broken on the floor.  
You lay back on the bed with the vision blurred by the tears and feeling worse then you did when you woke up.
- I don’t see nothing wrong here, Pietro. – You say after a few minutes checking everything on his car for the second time.
It had been a quiet day at work. What you hated, since there was nothing to keep your mind busy and avoid thinking about the conversation with Wanda from the night before.
That until Pietro arrived, claiming his car was making a weird noise whenever he turned the steering wheel to the right.
- Oh well. Too bad then. – He says, but he doesn’t look concerned at all. In fact, a playful smirk threatened to show up on his face making you wonder if there was any weird noise in the first place. His next words confirm your suspicions. – Since I’m here, there’s something I want to talk to you about. – He makes a small pause as he looks at you. -  It’s about Wanda.
You swallow dryly at his words, already not liking the conversation. You close the hood and lean in on the car. Crossing your arms, you nod for him to go on.  
- Do you know the first thing she did when she got here? – He asks and you frown your brows. – She visited your dad’s grave.
- I didn’t know that. – You say uncrossing your arms. An uncomfortable feeling of guilt sinking in at your stomach. Pietro only nods. He looks stern, but also tender.
- I know you’re mad, and I’m not saying you don’t have the right to be. But Wanda had her reasons to do what she did. She’s hurt as well.
You nod, not really knowing what to say. You never thought about how much your father’s death had hit her. In fact, you never thought about how anything else hit her. You never allowed yourself to do so because that meant you would have to admit that you hurt her too and you didn’t want to do that.
You close your eyes letting out a deep sigh and cursing yourself for being such a coward.
You thank him and then he hugs you, saying goodbye. When he says he hopes to see you later, you say he will.
You take a deep breath before knocking on the door. You try to stop your legs from shaking, feeling nervous.
- I’m sure I’m not the twin you wanted to see. – Pietro mocks when he opens the door and you smile.
- Well I did see you today already, so. – You retorts on the same tone and he chuckles, hugging you and inviting you to come in.
As you walk towards the living room, you notice that Nat, Steve and Bucky are already there. You greet everyone individually and the way Wanda gives you an awkward, almost hurt greeting makes you feel even more nervous.
You eat and drink, and the conversation goes on for a while. The rest of the group arrives and you’re surprised that Tony showed up not drunk. When the group jokes about it, he says it’s for a good cause, pointing to Wanda and Bruce.
You can’t help the way your eyes constantly search for Wanda. But she is clearly determined to avoid looking at you. You take a deep breath trying to gain courage and walk towards her.
- Can I talk to you? – You ask, placing your hand softly on her shoulder. She looks up at you surprised and you swallow dryly.
- Sure. – She says shyly and leads you towards the kitchen.
You follow her and curse yourself for the trembling legs again. When you were far enough from the group, Wanda turns to face you, her eyes full of curiosity and expectation. You take a deep breath as you try not to get lost on her beautiful green eyes.
- I wanted to apologize for last night. – She opens her mouth ready to interrupt you but you raise your hands, asking her to let you finish. – I was a jerk. I shouldn’t have treated you the way I did. I guess I was just so mad at you because it was easier to blame you than to blame myself. As you said, you hurt me. But I hurt you too. I was a coward. And I am truly sorry. For everything.  
Wanda just stares at you, not really knowing what to say, her mouth slightly open and tears starting to form on her eyes.  
- (Y/n), I… Thank you. Really. And I’m also truly sorry about everything. I was a coward as well. There’s so much I wanted to change if I could… - Her voice starts to fail as tears threaten to fall from her eyes. You hold her hands and whisper that it’s okay. She smiles tenderly to you and you do the same.
- Oh! I almost forgot! – You say widening your eyes and letting go of her hand to pick up the small object from your pockets. Wanda watches you with curious eyes and lets out a surprised sigh when she sees what it is. – It’s an apology gift.  
You say, handing her the grass ring you carefully made this afternoon. She takes it, admiring it as if it was the most precious thing in the universe, which to Wanda, it was.
She throws herself at you, wrapping her arms around your neck on a tight hug and you have to take some steps back to keep your balance, but you wrap your arms around her waist tightly as well. She buries her face on the crock of your neck and mumbles a muffled thank you. And you smile at the goosebumps her touch makes you feel.
When you step away from each other, you notice that Wanda is crying, but you think that’s okay because she is smiling now and when she puts the handmade ring on her finger you giggle.
The two of you head back side by side to the group, who is poorly pretending they didn’t watch closely the conversation you and Wanda were having.
The rest of the night goes way lighter than before and you don’t mind when Wanda leans in to rest her head on your shoulder.
Eventually the group decides to play some board games and you can’t help but to feel nostalgic remembering all the weekends you had spent doing exactly that all those years ago.  
You decide to play Jenga first, but give up when Pietro wins all the rounds claiming in a superior, mocking tone that he can’t help if he has fast fingers. Then you decide to play Pictionary, dividing the group in pairs, and no one seems surprised when you and Wanda win because, according to Tony, the two of have always had connected brains.
You play another bunch of games, but it’s getting late and some of your friends are already going home, but you decide to stay to help the twins clean up the mess. They tell you it’s not necessary, but you insist. And so, the three of you are cleaning everything up in a comfortable silence, with one of you eventually mentioning a funny moment of the evening.  
When you’re done, you say your goodnights to the twins and Wanda offers to walk you to the front door.
- Aren’t you going to walk me to the door? – You decide to mock Pietro when you see his smirk. But the man just shakes his head in denial.
- No. You’re not that dumb, you can do it with only one person leading you. – He replies on the same tone and you throw the dishrag on his face.
Wanda giggles, watching the whole interaction in amusement. The redhead loved the fact that you and Pietro, two of the most important people on her life, were so close and her heart felt warm every time she heard any of you laughing.
She then holds your hand and gives it a little pull signaling for you to follow her, and when she doesn’t let go when you do so, you can’t avoid the silly smile that pops on your face.
- Thanks again. – She says when you’re already out, showing her hand where the ring is.
- Anytime. – You say shyly and Wanda smiles at you. You admire her, loving absolutely every detail of her, and have to control yourself not to kiss her. Things are already complicated enough. – Goodnight, Wanda.
Wanda smile at you before approaching you and you tense up just a little. She places her hand softly on your shoulder and give you a gentle kiss on your cheek. Your face burning as she moves away from you.
- Goodnight, (Y/n/n). – She says softly before you walk away.  
Chapter 8
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How they would help you get ready
Requested by anon
Tag list: @escapetodreamworld @midnight-lestrange @king-starkrogers @ynscrazylife @ycfwmalise14 @procrastinatingsapphictrash @ineffablebean @mochamoff @wlwlovesreading @booklovinbi @mysticfalls01 @adorkwithaplan @nathaslosttheirshit @agathaharkness-simp @paulawand @sarahp-stan @amethyst-bitch @satxnsupreme @emril-osvigne @celasteria
Agatha would love to dress you up, especially in purple. She will make you try out all the clothes you considered wearing and would gush over how pretty you look. She loves to dress you in her colours because it makes you even prettier. Maybe if the night would go well, you would have another accessory at the end of it.
Wanda would absolutely dress you two in matching outfits, preferably red but she's very fond of gold too. She'll sing Sokovian songs while she does your hair and will compliment you every second. Wanda would even lend you a couple of her old rings if you asked nicely. She did not mind it at all, you wearing her rings.
Loki would make dressing up a whole event. He'll get the best fabrics in the nine realms and would make your outfit himself because only the best for you. Accessories were very important and he will even get you a tiara from Asgards vault. Loki will make sure you were the star of the event and were as comfortable as possible in your clothes.
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f x f wanda and reader!? mommy wanda who likes when reader sucks and drinks her milk. smut force milk drinking?
a/n: not gonna lie, it’s been a few years since I’ve wrote smut so go easy on me also this is my first request so i’m pretty excited!
pairings: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader
(18+only!)warnings: smut, mommy!wanda, light degradation, praise kink, forced lactation, mommy kink, fingering, dirty talking, mdlg..?? fluff at the end! after care
summary: Fem!reader seems to always get caught staring at Wanda’s boobs. Even after months of dating, Reader still gets embarrassed from being caught
word count: 1345
Tumblr media
‘god i just want them in my mouth’
“y/n hellooooow” Natasha waved her hand in front of your face. You snapped out of your thoughts looking away from the view of Wanda’s breast that were begging for the attention. Wanda decided to wear the favorite bra you loved on her, it hugged her boobs giving them a perfect push up and a tight tank top with leggings. You practically drooled at the sight of her.
“I’m sorry” You flushed and gave Natasha a sheepish smile. She rolls her eyes and smirks “If you weren’t too busy staring at your girlfriends boobs, you would know that I asked if you wanted some eggs” she pushes the plate of eggs and toast towards you.
You glanced at Wanda who smirked and sent you a wink. Turning your attention back to the ex assassin, you cleared you throat grabbing the plate “um thank you, i uh got paperwork to do” you turned and walked away glancing back in time to see Wanda smacking Natasha on the arm for embarrassing you.
Shaking your head with a smile on your face, you make your way to the elevator to head to your office.
You walk into yours and Wanda’s shared room. You had just finished your stacks of paperwork that needed to be done. You were exhausted and the only break you took was your lunch break which only happened because Wanda forced you to eat. When you walked in you saw Wanda in bed curled up under the blankets watching tv.
“Hi printsessa” Wanda looked away from the tv to you sitting up and leaning back on the headboard. She noticed how tired and worn out you were. “Hi wans” You give her a tired smile and start taking your clothes off. Now only in underwear, you throw your clothes in the basket and slip on a big t-shirt that just barely covered your ass. 
You slip into bed and crawl into her lap laying your head on her chest. You noticed she was wearing something similar to you. The witch wraps her arms around you kissing your head as you snuggled close. You loved burying your face in her chest, her boobs were pillows to you.
Wanda smiles laying her hand on your inner thigh softly rubbing it. You look up at her sidling your hand on the back of her neck pulling her into a kiss. Wanda kissing you back in a heartbeat. The passionate kiss soon becomes sloppy as hands began to wonder. Wanda slides her hand back on your thigh going up to your panties practically moaning when she feels your wetness seep through. You broke the kiss and hide your face back in her chest.
“my sweet girl, so wet for me already huh?” She smirks pushing your panties aside and dipping her finger in your wet hole making you gasp. You flushed at her words still new to her dirty talking.
“please what detka?” Wanda uses her powers to rub your clit. You moan bucking your hips to feel her more, whining when she takes her finger out. Licking your juice from her finger, she moans at the taste of you.
You look up at Wanda, eyes dark and full of lust, lips swollen from the kiss “please mommy, please fuck me” you grind you hips against Wanda’s magic. your clit practically buzzing at the feeling.
Wanda grins pecking your lips before moving you off her chest so she can take her shirt off. Throwing it on the floor, she grabs your jaw and guides you to her boobs “Suck” she says sternly. You listened, wrapping your pretty lips around her nipple sucking greedily. Warm liquid began to fill your mouth, taken back by it you tried to pull away.
“Oh no baby, keep that pretty mouth there” Wanda coos putting her hand on the back of your head keeping you latched on her nipple. “Don’t act like you don’t love it” she moves her hand back on your pussy, slipping two fingers on you making you moan around her. “I read your mind dorogoy, you’ve been secretly wanting this. That’s why you can’t seem to take your eyes off mommy’s boobs”
Flushed, you started drinking the milk that dropped from her. She was right, you had been thinking about her beautiful boobs being filled with milk that was just for you to drink. Ever since you came across a video of a girl drinking milk from her mommy, you craved to do that with Wanda but you didn’t know how to bring it up.
Wanda read your mind one night when she caught you staring at her boobs, in her defense your thoughts were really loud as if your were hoping she would listen. She waited a week before she sneakily ordered lactation pills and started taking them. She was planning to surprise you and tonight seemed to be perfect after seeing your tired face, she knew you might need some of mommy’s milk to help you relax.
“so pretty” Wanda whispered as she thrust her fingers roughly in you “such a pretty little thing, taking mommy’s milk as she fucks your tight pretty pussy”
You moan around her, spreading your legs to give her more access. Sucking eagerly, you swallowed her milk humming at the taste. Your brain was fuzzy and your body was practically vibrating from everything that was happening. The sounds of your juice filled the room.
“Cum whenever you’re ready baby” Wanda pressed a kiss on your forehead head pumping her fingers as deep as she can on you. Your juice dripping all over her hand and sheets. You whimpered and moved your hips at her pace.
The pressure on your clit and Wanda’s fingers drove you into a bliss. Looking up into Wanda’s red eyes, you tighten around her and tried your best to keep drinking her milk. You stopped sucking as your eyes rolled back, waves flowing through your body as you came crashing down. Wanda whispering sweet nothings to you as she brings you down from your high, slowly stopping her magic.
Unlatching from her nipple, you twitch lightly as she slowly pulls her fingers out of you. Bringing them to her mouth, she wraps her lips around them licking up your cum. You pant watching her, you wanted nothing more to go for another round but you were exhausted.
Wanda takes her fingers out and using the same hand as she uses her powers to bring a small damp towel. “Can you sit up for me, moya lyubov’” she grabs the towel setting it down on the bed. You tiredly do as she says and yawn, lifting up your arms as she pulls your shirt off. She moves you to lay down and takes off your panties throwing them on the floor along with your shirt.
Spreading your legs, she cleans up your mess pressing kisses on your inner thighs. You close your eyes and hum. Wanda always knew how to take care of you.
The redhead throw the towel aside and lays down next to you pulling the covers over your bodies. You rolled on your slide to face her as she pulls you close to her. Facing her boobs, you look up at her silently asking for permission.
Wanda strokes your hair and nods, gasping as you latched on her nipple. She presses a kiss on your head “You did so good babylove, mommy’s proud of you” she cooed as she watched as you fall into slumber. Using her powers, she turns off the tv and lights carfully unlatching you. She chuckles noticing a trail of milk on the side of your mouth.
She wipes it before pulling you to her, kissing your head before closing her eyes. She knows that tomorrow you both would have to talk about tonight’s events not that it would be a bad conversation but for now you both shall sleep peacefully. She couldn’t wait for you to drink from her again.
Tumblr media
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thank you // wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
For anon
Prompt; “ I don’t think I can do this without you ”
Warnings; panic attack, mention of Pietro’s death, light swearing. This one got really personal rip.
This is the last prompt I had, now I’ll be writing the other requests I received since that writing prompts list and will also write older requests, feel free to send new ones in! <3
Hiding your feelings were something you were used to, you had been taught to do so from your young age as your parents were both Shield agents, they wanted to protect you and prepare you for how hard and cruel the world was.
Following in your parents steps, when you were ready, you joined the Shield and over the years became one of their best and most skilled agent. When the Avengers Initiative was created, you were asked to join them not long after Natasha and Clint had joined the team.
You had seen a lot and faced huge threats like an army of aliens, monsters- you had seen it all and together, you won against everything and everyone. But that, that was something else. Something even more twisted, a new kind of evil you never met before. Ultron.
When it happened, when you saw Sokovia being detached from earth, you helped the people getting on the Shield Helicarrier, you fought against Ultron and his army of robots, you gave everything you had to fight back.
But this time, the cost of winning was bigger than everything else before, there were so many lives you couldn’t save, so many wasted lives. And it had been haunting you ever since that day.
Whenever it was when you heard a loud noise such as someone knocking a plate on the ground or a door being slammed- it was enough for you to get flashes from the fight or in the worst cases, you’d see yourself on the helicarrier when Sokovia dropped back to the ground.
Yet, it was nothing compared to the nightmares you’d get almost every nights- that’s why you’d sleep as less as you could, you’d rather just take naps a few times than have a true night of sleep where everything would come back to the surface and make you feel even worse.
You never talked about it ever since it happened, or if in the very rare cases where the Sokovia Incident would be mentioned you’d stay silent and listen to the others speaking. You were pretty sure that no one knew about your trauma from that day and how it was still haunting you to this day.
The only one who seemed to understand you was Wanda, and while you never talked about how you felt- there was some kind of connections between the two of you- you understood each other.
Just like any other night, you were brutally pulled away from sleep by the same nightmare again and it was just as real as every night. It was incredibly frustrating, especially the state you were when you woke up- it was always the same, your body was tense and shaky, your heart was beating fast and your breathing was laborated.
Knowing you weren’t going to go back to sleep now, you pulled the blanket away and sat at the edge of the bed, looking at the hour you sighed- you barely got two hours of sleep.
Quietly, you went out of your bedroom and made your way to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of cold water- it helped to get your body out of the trance of the nightmare. You hated how weak your body was feeling when you’d wake up from a nightmare.
With your glass of water in hands, you leaned against the kitchen’s counter to sip your water. Your eyes lost in the darkness of the night, you tried your best to empty your mind, to not think at all, it rarely worked as you’d always go back to thinking about too many things- how you could have saved more lives that day, hell if you had been more attentive you would have noticed that little boy sooner and it maybe would have prevented Pietro’s death.
You tightly closed your eyes as a tear escaped your eyes- the flashes of that scene were coming back to haunt you. For a second or so you lost focus of everything and it was enough for you to loosen the grip you had on the glass of water that fell on the floor shattering into millions of pieces. Now you had made a mess and might even woke your friends up.
The sound of the glass shattering was enough to trigger you into another panic attack- you realized that when you started to feel your heart thumping and you could hear your blood passing through your ears.
Covering your ears in an unsuccessful attempt to stop earring that sound, you let yourself slip against the kitchen’s counter. You hated how hot it suddenly seemed to be in the room, it felt so warm that your trembling hands were already sweaty.
You were aware of the fact you were right in the middle of a panic attack, but you also knew you couldn’t do anything to make it stops. You were all alone against this. But when did you not feel alone?
“ y/n? ” asked Wanda who had been awaken by the sound of the glass of water falling. She knew it was you as she noticed the door of your bedroom was open- you never left it open when you were asleep.
“ I saw your bedroom’s door open, I know- ” Wanda stopped halfway through her sentence when she saw you shakily hugging your knees as you were sitting on the floor- your mind seemed to be elsewhere just as if while physically being there, your mind was far away.
Wanda kneeled right next to you, not caring about the shattered glass scattered on the floor. She wanted to help you, and while she had read about panic attacks, she never experienced someone having one next to her.
She wanted to tell you that it was going to be alright but she knew that it was useless, even stupid to say that as you clearly weren’t alright. That’s not what you needed to hear.
Instead, she gently put her hand on your forearm to make sure you were aware of her presence, that you knew you weren’t alone- that she was there for you.
“ I’m here with you y/n. You’re not alone. ” she gently said, hoping that her presence wouldn’t make it worse to you.
Your mind was racing, having so many thoughts at the same time, mixing and messing everything together to the point that it was making your head aches, but hearing Wanda’s voice was unexplainably comforting.
“ I don’t know if this is going to help you but try to focus on my breathing, alright sweetheart? ”
Sweetheart. You loved it when she used to call you by this nickname. It was a classic one but still lovely.
“ Breathe in,” said Wanda as she slowing inhaled air- you tried your best to copy her but not without struggling first.
“ and breathe out.” she continued, this time exhaling just as slowly as before.
This went on for minutes that seemed to be hours for you, but thankfully, with Wanda’s help you managed to calm yourself down, especially when you managed to copy Wanda’s breathing pattern.
“ Thanks. ” you weakly said, your eyes fixing your hands resting on your knees- you didn’t, couldn’t look at Wanda. No one knew about this side of you and you felt ashamed.
“ No need to thanks me. You did it all by yourself sweetheart. You did great. ” you couldn’t help but scoff, you were the one triggering yourself and you did great?
“ If only I didn’t trigger myself. God I’m so pathetic.” you sighed, rubbing your hands on your face.
“ Why would you say that, y/n? ” asked Wanda, not understand why would you think that.
“ Look at me Wan’. I’m a fucking mess. ” you deeply sighed, you were so tired- not only because your panic attack drained all strength from you but you were also tired of this way of living.
“ You’re not a mess, y/n/n. You’re dealing with a lot and it’s hurting you but you’re not a mess. And I want you to know that you’re not alone. ” gently said Wanda, as she wrapped her arm around your shoulders.
At first, you stiffened a bit, you didn’t except any physical contact even if you had been getting used to it with Wanda. After a few seconds, you relaxed and leaned against her, resting your head on her shoulder.
“ I don’t want to be a burden to you- or to anyone as a matter of fact. ” you whispered so lowly that you weren’t sure that Wanda heard you.
“ You’re not a burden to me and never will be. I think I can speak for the others on this and say that you’ll never be a burden for them neither. We’re here for you, and I for sure always will be there for you. ” you closed your eyes to listen to Wanda’s words- she definitely knew how to talk to you.
“ Why are you doing this? ”
“ Ever since that day when I lost Pietro, you’ve always been there for me without asking anything in return- you were the first one to give me a chance to prove myself and I think I’ve started to fall for you. ” acknowledged Wanda, she didn’t except to tell you about her feelings for you but it slipped so naturally.
“ I like you, too. And I never intended to get anything in return every time I was here for you. ” you smiled, which was something that became incredibly rare since the Sokovia incident.
“ I know. But I want to be there for you. ”
“ Thank you. ” you knew that you couldn’t keep Wanda from trying to help you, and after all maybe it would get better with her help.
A comfortable silence fell on the two of you as neither of you wanted to move, but the exhaustion was starting to get the best of you. You didn’t want to sleep and get another nightmare- you had to fight back the exhaustion and sleepiness.
“ You’re exhausted, zolotse,” noticed Wanda, there was no point on trying to hide your tiredness as it was probably easy to tell it, you nodded as an answer, “ give me two minutes to clean the broken glass and I’ll accompany you back to your room.” gently said Wanda as she got up to clean the kitchen’s floor.
“ I can’t go to sleep.” you sighed, you never excepted to reveal so much of you in one night, yet here you were.
“ Why? ” frowned Wanda.
“ I get nightmares,” you revealed before pausing for a few seconds, “ I get a lot of them. ”
“ Is that the reason why you were awake? ”
“ Yeah. That’s kind of the reason I had a panic attack. And I don’t want that to happen again. ” you sadly explained, Wanda seemed to feel bad for you-at least that’s what you could see in her eyes.
“ I understand, I get nightmares too sometimes. It’s hard to go back to sleep after. I won’t force you to rest but would it help if I stay with you until you wake up again? ” suggested Wanda, and while the idea sounded great, to have someone with you in case you had another nightmare, you didn’t want to bother Wanda.
“ You would do that? I don’t want to bother you. ”
“ If I suggest it, then it doesn’t bother me. I’d be happy if it can help you even just a little.” smiled Wanda. You were too exhausted to think about it that much, so you ended up agreeing.
“ I guess it’s worth a shot. ”
Wanda seemed to be pleased with your answer and proceeded to the cleaning on the shattered pieces of the glass of water. You couldn’t help but feel bad for letting her clean when you were the one who created this mess in the first place.
“ Alright, everything’s clean. Let’s go to bed. ” said Wanda as she accompanied you to your bedroom.
“ I don’t think I can do this without you. ” you lowly said as you basically let yourself fall on your bed.
“ What do you mean? ”
“ Like going back to sleep, dealing with panic attacks and all that stuff. I kept it for myself for all this time but I think it helped to talk about it. ” you confessed- it felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders now that someone knew about it.
“ As I said earlier, I’ll always be there for you- that means I’m here to listen to you too. When you feel ready, you can tell me about your nightmares, or about anything else you feel the need to talk about. You’re not alone, zolotse. ”
You couldn’t explain why but Wanda’s words put you at ease- enough for you to relax and close your eyes to try and sleep.
“ Thank you. ”
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awkwardgaymess · 5 days ago
A Look In the Compound- Chronicle Seventeen- Wake Up
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of near death, Medical Coma,
Taglist: @satxnsupreme @madamevirgo
It was her fault. At least that’s what Wanda thinks.
“We just…have to wait.” Tony says softly.. “We tried everything, but she…she has to want to wake up.”
The words ring in her head, as she sees your unconscious body in a private hospital room. The face she’d normally kiss every morning and night non stop ridden with cuts and bruises. The soft lips she’d melt in kissing now says nothing.
Had she been paying attention. Had she tried to come to you sooner. Had you both asked for backup for the mission, and let Nat and Steve help.
“Dekta…It’s me again.” She whispers in your ear. “But you knew that.”
“Wanda!” You squeal happily at the sound of her footsteps, running to give her a hug.
She laughed, hugging you back gently. “I didn’t even get in the room good.”
You smile. “I always know if it’s you silly,”
There was a chance you could hear, and god knows she’d take anything given your situation, any hope that you were alive.
Wanda saw your confidence, your hope.
“I think we got this Ton, “ You giggle. “Me and Wanda are pretty much unstoppable.”
She saw your encouraging smile, and couldn’t help but agree.
“Yeah, I think we’ll be okay.”
Wanda was always nervous the night before a mission, you saw it as soon as you put your pajamas on and got in bed.
“We’ll be fine,” You whisper softly in the darkness of your shared room.”We can do this.”
“How do you know?” Wanda asks. “How can you be so sure?”
You smile, and it isn’t cocky, its soft, warm, and inviting.
“Because we’re together, and we’ve been through god knows how many wars.” You laugh. “I think a mission will be nothing, plus, there’s a beach nearby our target area. Beaches are good luck, maybe we can go after our mission.”
You’ve never been to the beach, you didn’t know shit about them. Being a ex-experiment at HYDRA did have it’s downfalls. But the beach made you smile, it made you want to go one day with Wanda, it's something you always talked about with her.
She smiled, and couldn’t help but laugh with you.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
The beach was going to be your next stop, Wanda was going to make sure of that, come hell or high water.
You always did see her so well.
There always has to be something going wrong with those stupid missions. The comms just had to disconnect, the alarms just had to go off.
“You gotta go,” You say quickly, handing Wanda the flash drive. “They’ll be here any minute.”
“I’m not leaving without you,” Wanda snaps. “You said together, and I’ll be damned if you leave me behind for this stupid flash drive.”
The accent slipping was all you needed to confirm she was going to be pissed for what you were going to do. It was the only way to make sure that they were okay.
‘I’m sorry,’ Is what you want to say, but instead, you kiss her, with passion, with fear, with…melancholy.
“I’ll see you before dinner,” You whisper, pushing Wanda out the room, and locking the door behind you. "And we can go to the beach.
“God…you should’ve seen Sam today, he fell down a fight of stairs, and during breakfast, he tried so hard at getting Nat to use her corvette. “ She chuckles, tucking a small strand of hair behind your ear. “Nat said no, and almost had to beat him down…everyone started laughing after that..”
She paused, feeling the tears. She promised not to cry.
She promised to keep you safe.
She promised to take you to the beach.
“I’m sorry,” She chokes out, covering her mouth softly before a sob escapes. “I’m so sorry.”
It takes a few moments, and when Wanda composes herself, she places her free hand on top of yours.
“I…I know it’s been two months, dekta,” She starts. “I know…this must hurt you…so much.”
“She has multiple stab wounds, fractures, and internal bleeding. If she even lasts the night, I’ll be shocked.” The doctor says. “Does she have family?”
Natasha wiped a stray tear. “We’re her family,” She speaks.
“Then…I’m so sorry, please prepare yourselves.”
She was going to make your favorite for dinner, the meal she makes without fail after a mission, because it makes you smile. Instead she waited in the waiting room, waiting with tears in her eyes, waiting after screaming that it should’ve been her. Waiting after hearing those words from the doctor.
She waiting for twelve hours before she heard that you made it, barely.
“The stress of her injuries, were just more than we thought. We put her on ventilation, until she wakes up.”
She waited for two days when Tony moved you to the compounds private hospital , she waited another hour before she was cleared to talk to you. It took an minute for her to get used to…a white hospital room, then the comfort of your shared bedroom.
The bedroom you told each other sweet nothings at late nights, and talked till almost noon in early mornings.
Had to be replaced with a hospital room.
Damn it.
“I…I still feel you.” She whispers. “Even when I’m sleeping, I feel you and…it gives me this hope, this selfish hope that you could be alive. ”
“She has to want to wake up,” Bruce answers. “She has to willingly wake up, and we don’t know how long could that be.”
She yelled at you for two hours, telling your body how stupid you could be to risk your life to the point until Natasha had to drag a kicking and screaming sokovian out the hospital room.
“She didn’t mean it,” Natasha tells you softly, tucking you under the sheets. “She’s just…sad. We all are…so please…wake up.”
Two months, and she still hears those words.
“I’ll see you before dinner,”
“I know…there’s still some part of you that probably wanted to stay asleep just to spite me.” She laughs softly. “You always did that whenever I got mad at you."
She waits for something, a tingle, a movement, a twitch, something to tell her you’re here. You’re alive, you’re just…sleeping.
“I…I know you, y/n. I know you come back from crap like this, because we need you…I need you..I need to tell you how much I love you, how much I want to marry you. How much I want to spend the rest of my life with you. “
“I…” She pauses, tears falling down her cheeks. “But I know that’s selfish. You always hated that.”
Being selfish…is that what it is though?
Wanting so badly for you to wake up, to do something. Anything.
Was that selfish?
Was it selfish for her…to want you next to her again?
"I'm so sorry," She whispers.
You felt like you were underwater. You’ve never actually been under water before, but you heard what it felt like.
“It feels like floating, with water all around you. “Natasha tells you, after a lot of questions. “It feels like freedom”
God…it really does feel like freedom.
You feel pain…physical pain, mostly in your back.
“Guess that’s how getting thrown across the room feels like.” You chuckle to yourself.
You look down…and you don’t see the ground, you see dark blue, and seaweed?
“Did I drown?” You whisper to yourself. “Am I magic?”
“No stupid,” A voice chuckles softly. “Still have a pretty creative imagination, glad that didn’t go away.”
You snap up, looking around what you think might be the ocean. “Who’s that?”
You don’t see a damn thing, other than…fish, and when you turn around, you see a sea creature in front of you.
“Look wanda!” You call out, holding out a book. “Isn’t this fish cute?”
Wanda leaned in, and smiled warmly.
“That’s a Deep Sea Jellyfish,” She answers. “It is a little weird looking.”
You mock gasp, covering the sides of the picture. “You’ll hurt it’s feelings.” You whisper, turning the book to you. “She didn’t mean that, she just doesn’t like when I call anyone other than wanda cute.”
Wanda giggles, kissing your cheek, as you trace your finger over the small tentacles.
“I’ll call you-“
“Flashlight,” You speak incredulously. “How- How are you even here? Weren’t you in a book?”
The jellyfish glows brightly in the depths in the ocean, emitting a bright blue light into the dark space.
“Perhaps your imagination is more than what the surface shows.” They respond.
You smile, and let out a small laugh. “You look good, as usual.”
“You’re going to give me a big head.” They laugh with you. “How do you feel?”
You pause for a moment to think, and you feel a twinge of pain rush through your spine. “I guess a little painful, but Wanda’s blasts hurt a lot worse.”
“FOR ACTING LIKE A DAMN FOOL, YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN KILLED.” Wanda snaps back, throwing another blast of magic at you.
You laugh at the memory, and smile at Flashlight.
“How do you feel?” They ask, laced with concern and…a hint of worry?
You look down to the depths of the ocean, your feet hanging loosely.
“Alone.” You mumble.
“That seems to be a normal feeling for people in your position?”
You look up again, eyeing the creature.
“What position?”
“Hey doll,” Steve smiles, taking a seat next to your hospital bed. “You should’ve seen sam fall on his ass,”
“Language!” You laugh loudly. “Finally a swear word from America’s ass.”
Steve blushed deeply, pushing you lightly as the two of you walk into the training room, separating to each side of the room, pulling out the practice mats for the rest of the team.
“I can’t help it when you bring up stark.” He chuckles softly.
“He’s not that bad you know,” You smile, grabbing a pretty large mat. “Not as bad as a son of a bitch.”
He smiled at you, and walked over to your side of the room, pulling out the mat and tossing it to the ground.
“You really are something doll,”He says to himself.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You ask, looking up at the superhuman.
He chuckled, shaking his head, and flicking your forehead softly.
“Maybe another time.”
In some way…he saw you as a doll. Lifeless, unresponsive. He tried so hard not to, he wanted to see you as his little sibling again.
Not this.
“You missed your favorite meal today,” He chuckles softly. “You never miss that, even when you were sick.”
“Come on Stevie…one bite.” You groan, immediately turning over your side and coughing.
“Yeah, not when you’re hacking up a lung,” Steve whispers, tucking you under the blankets. “You need rest.”
“I’ll rest better with food.” You grumble, your lips turning into a pout.”Please?”
He smiles softly, pecking your burning forehead.
“When you’re better. I promise.”
“Come on doll,” He whispers brokenly, grasping onto your hand gently. “Just open up your eyes.”
So he can see your smile, so he can hear you laugh, so he can hear you almost beat everyone down so you can eat in piece.
“You gotta get better doll,” He sniffles, clinging to your hand. “ I need someone to call me out on my language.”
“Do you remember what happened?” Flashlight asks you.
“I got Wanda out, and I fought off those guards,” You say apprehensively. “I…I got hurt.”
“Badly.” Flashlight finishes. “Bad enough where you…have a choice.”
You raise an eyebrow. “Choice?”
“You can move on, you can…not feel the pain anymore.” They respond. “You can leave the avengers, and be happy.”
Your face falls, and the pain comes back just a little stronger.
“Are you saying, I’m dead?”
“Not yet.” They say quickly. “You’re…barely alive, but alive nonetheless. Being in that position, gives you the choice to be dead.”
“Why would I want that?” You ask. “Who would want to be dead?”
The light emitting from flashlight dims, and you frown.
“Who would want to be dead?” They repeat. “That’s…a good question.”
You lean in closer to the fish, and knit your eyebrows in confusion. “Why are you asking that? Come on flash, you know me.”
“God…” You sniffle, wiping your tears.
Another nightmare, another sleepless night. You quietly get out of bed, and walk to your bookshelf, taking out your sea creatures book, and walking out the bedroom. You wonder the compounds halls and when you find the couch in the living room, you take a seat, hugging your knees softly.
“Damnit,” You mumble. “It never goes away.”
You lean over to the book next to you, and you sigh softly, opening to your bookmarked page, smiling at the picture.
“Hey flash.” You whisper softly. “I’m sorry for waking you up. I guess…old habits die hard.”
You get no response, and in some way, it’s comforting.
“It was the same one, like last time.” You continue, tracing the outline of the jellyfish. “I still felt the pain…everything. I know the team saved me…but, I can’t help but keep thinking if I actually do belong…”
You sigh softly.
“Nat tries to get me comfortable, but…I can see everyones stares, I know they don’t want me there…” You feel tears leak out your eyes, and you use your free hand and wipe them away. “I was HYDRA, I hurt them…I…I did so many bad things, and I know they got me, and I know they’ve done so much, but I just…”
You sob quietly, masking your sobs with your hand. The sounds of distant from Tony whenever you enter the same room, the apprehension for anyone to even look your way when you eat in silence, the look of fear in everyones eyes, waiting for you to revert back.
“Who’d want to be alive, when all you feel is alone?”
“I do know you…” They respond after a moment of silence, “I know…everything you felt was pain.”
Your frown deepens.
“Everything you felt…when you were in HYDRA, when you were recruited in the team, when you went on missions, when you woke up in the morning and went to sleep. It was pain.”
You nod softly.
“Do you…really want to go back to feeling pain, everyday?”
Natahsa seriously wanted to kick your ass when she saw you. She heard of your incident after Steve, and god was she pissed when she heard it, but seeing you like this hurt more than her anger.
“You know…you’re scaring everyone.” She starts. "Silence was always scary with you."
“You know nat, I wouldn’t have to scare anyone if they didn’t eat my snacks!”
“I’ll buy you more,” Natasha chuckled, wrapping her arms around your waist. “I”ll even steal Tony’s card and get you some extra stuff.”
You pout, leaning into the embrace.
“They were limited edition snacks….” You mumble against her clothes, sighing softly.
She chuckles, stroking your hair gently.
“I’ll get you a safe too, just to make sure they won’t get it.” She bargins. “As long as you don’t stay quiet like that again.”
You giggle softly. “Did I really scare them?”
“Trust me, the silent treatment does wonders on you chatty,” Natasha laughs. “But I’d like to see my little one smile now,”
She cups your cheeks, and a giggle escapes from your lips. You raise a hand, and stick your pinky finger out.
Natasha wipes a stray tear. “God, you promised,” She whispers.
No response.
No…smile. No laugh, no smart remark. No…nothing.
“You think this is funny?” She asks. “Sad, something?”
“I mean…I did try to be a little careful,” You justify, backing away from the angry russian.
“You promised you’d be safe, I made sure I almost took that little finger off until you promised.” Natasha says.
She wraps her arms around your injured body, and pulls you closer.
“You better be more careful. Promise me that. “
“You promised,” She sniffles. “Damnit y/n.”
She stands up, walking over to your unconscious body, and wrapping her arms around you, pulling you gently to the crook of her neck.
“You’re the only one that makes me worry like this, god I’m gonna kick your ass when you wake up. “
“You only felt pain…all your life,” They continue. “Why do you want to fo though that?”
You pause.
‘Why do I want to go through that?’
You sigh softly, rubbing your temples. The pain comes back, and the small stabs almost burns, before you hug your knees.
“Ouch,” You whimper.
The light dims more, and you frown.
“Not like you’re feeling the pits of hell on your back.” You laugh, whimper ing in pain right afterwords.
“You’re just proving my point.” They respond.
“Goddamnit, you’re reckless!” Tony snaps at you. “You jumped over a fucking bridge, for what?”
“People were getting hurt,” You reply, looking to the ground.
Everyone was watching you, looks of confusion, some anger, some…frustration.
“You’re not superhuman, you can’t just do things like that,” Steve joins in. “You’re not like us.”
You look up at that, and scowl.
“Like what? Superhuman, or good people?”
Steve’s eyes widened at that, and you feel the tears coming out your eyes as you desperately try to blink them away.
“I don’t think you really care what I do, I think you were more afraid that I hurt someone, that my recklessness actually killed someone, that way you could have a reason to kick me out!”
The looks around you soften, and all you can see is pity.
“Wow.” You whisper. “So that’s how you feel.”
You walk off, not even caring about your injuries anymore, no one comes for you, no one tries, or even tried to reach out.
“That was when we first met..” You murmur, “They had a right to be on guard,”
“Not if they hurt you.”
“Hey squirt..” Tony sighs. “Those asshats keep messing up their suits.”
He looks over to your hospital bed, and he sees nothing. He took a deep breath, looking down at his black dress pants.
“You never messed up your suits that bad, maybe because you were careful with all that energy you had.” Tony laughed. “I mean shit kid, you never stopped talking, or doing shit you weren’t supposed to do.”
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Tony roared, stepping into his lab room.
You tinkered quietly on the Iron Man suit, and roll your eyes when you heard his voice.
“Do you even know what you’re doing?” He presses. “HYDRA didn’t make you some supergenius, right?”
You whip your head around to his direction, and growl lowly.
“Fuck you,” You seethe.
He knits his eyebrows in confusion, before you stand up and press a screwdriver to his chest, before leaving the room.
“Let me do something nice for these idiots….shit on it....fuck billionares,” Is all he really heard, before walking over to his suit, and gasping softly.
The suit was sparkling clean, and all the older parts he was getting ready to repair were replaced with better, newer ones, the red paint shined boldly and proudly, complimenting the gold accents of the armor.
You did better than he ever could, and when he tested the suit out, it only confirmed that theory.
He smelled something good too. Wait, no one cooks. Do they?
Tony took the armor off, and when he found a group of avengers peering over a nearby figure at your angry figure, throwing peppers into a pot, he smiles a little bit.
“Guess we all smelled it, huh?”
“She’s been there for twenty minutes making heaven, “ Sam whispers.
Tony rolled his eyes, and kicked Sam behind the leg, sending him, and the other avengers tumbling down to the floor. You look up from the stove, and raise an eyebrow. “What the hell is going on?” You ask. “Trying to make sure I don’t poison you?”
“Maybe,” Tony snapped. “Gimme some,”
You look at him, and burst out laughing in a matter of seconds. The avengers looked your way, confusion ridden all over their faces. You continue to laugh none the less, and snort softly before holding onto the kitchen counter.
“You guys are hilarious!” You giggle out, catching your breath. “I never studied how to poison someone in HYDRA, who do you take me for? Dr. Doom or something?”
Tony lets a small laugh escape, and he smiles.
“No, not at all,” He mumbles to himself.
The man didn’t even know he was crying until he felt the tears fall on his clothes, he quickly wiped them away, and sighed.
“Damnit kid…You seriously know how to prove I have a heart, even when you’re in a coma.”
He looks over to you, expecting some sort of laughter, before he sniffles.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I misjudged you..” He mumbles. “You can wake up now, okay?”
He hears nothing still, and the tears keep flowing down his cheeks.
“Just….prove me wrong again, okay? Give me another reason to apologize to you, and wake up.”
“They’re idiots,” You giggle softly.
“What?” Flashlight asks.
You smile, uncurling yourself, and moving a little closer to the creature. They’re idiots,”
“But they hurt you, they-“ The creature pauses, before a bright light emits from their core. “They made your life miserable, they outcasted you, they-“
“They hurt me,”
“They HURT YOU!” Flashlight yells.
“Don’t listen to them,” Wanda sighs softly. “I for one think you were pretty heroic jumping over a bridge,”
You look up from your pillow, turning to the open door of your bedroom.”You don’t have to make me feel better, I know what I did was stupid.”
“Oh, it was, I just don’t think it was reckless.” Wanda giggles, walking closer to you. “I did much worse when I was HYDRA.”
You frown. “Do I know you?”
“You don’t, I just came back from a mission with Bruce. I’m Wanda.”
You raise an eyebrow, but when you see Wanda’s soft green eyes in the dim lighting of your room and her extended hand, you relax ever so slightly.
“Y/n,” You repsond, taking her hand and shaking it.
“I know this is a pretty….bad introduction.” The sokovian giggles. “But they did have no right to hurt you like that…although tony’s an asshole.”
You let out a soft laugh, and nod, patting the side of your bed. “At least not everyone’s an asshole,”
Wanda smiled, sitting down next to you. “I think tony’s the ringleader of assholes.”
You snort, laughing loudly. “Understatement of the decade.” You sigh softly, leaning back against your mattress. “God it feels good to laugh.”
“Gotta laugh at idiots,” Nat’s voices echos through your room, you and wanda giggle loudly, and smile.
“How about we get out for dinner, just us three.” Nat offers, you shoot up, smiling.
“Yeah, I don’t think I can eat with idiots today.” You turn to wanda.”You coming?”
“You sure as hell aren’t leaning me with idiots.”
“You’re right,” You respond, recalling the memory. “But they’re idiots,”
“You can go to paradise, where people actually love you! Where I love you, but you want to stay, with people who barely tolerate you?”
You frown, sighing softly.
“I have idiots, and….I can’t really change that.” You respond, feeling the pain return. “I…I have idiots, who are probably never going to change.” You laugh.
The creature stays silent, almost confused in your words.
“Steve uses a damn shield as a frisbee,” You giggle. “But he eats all of my pastries, and is my official taste tester for any meals, and he helps me with putting up groceries.”
You hear Steve’s muffled laugh in your head and you giggle along with the voice.
“Tony, don’t even get me started, he was just a plan asshole. But he always makes me laugh, and we always tease each other when we tinker in his lab room.”
You see him roll his eyes, and give you a small smile next, and when the pain creeps up on you, you stifle a yelp.
“Bruce, gets so stuck in that damn med room, that I have to nag him to go for walks with me, and I have the best conversations about life with him.” You smile. “Sam, god he gets on my nerves with him trying to get one good prank in, but he’s the most loyal friend I can ask for, and he always protects me. Clint thinks he’s Robin Hood, but he offers me lessons, and always gives me his dessert after dinner”
You hear his advice about life, training, and the hint of amusement in his voice when he mentions romance briefly.
You feel tears, and even though your underwater, you can still feel them trying to leak out.
“Nat, she was so quiet and always kicked my butt in training, but she made me a better fighter. She always calms me down when I get mad, and kicking everyones butt when I make her favorite dinner, she goes on drives with me, and spoils me to death,”
You feel a slap to your side, and you giggle loudly. “Wanda, god she can get so mad at me because I act before I think, but she gives the best cuddles, and always kisses me goodnight,”
You smell the hint of her perfume, and the tears leak out, flowing down your cheeks, and you smile.
“Lets talk about the HYDRA, the biggest one of all…thought that I was some….mistake, when I didn’t become a superhuman, and that I resistant, made me into a brainwashed solider, and made me hurt people.”
The pain comes full force, and you yelp in pain loudly.
“But…that’s what makes me…me,” You choke out. “Makes me…human.” “The pain-“
“Fuck pain,” You laugh bitterly. “That’s life.”
“But it isn’t love.”
“No…it isn’t, but it’s a part of it. Love isn’t constant pain, love isn’t the darkness closing in on you every second of every day, and wondering if you aren’t even worth existing.” You spit out, coughing harshly. “Love isn’t pain, love isn’t abandonment when you’re not useful to a cause, love isn’t mean.”
“Then what is it?” Flashlight asks. “What is the one thing that is keeping you here.”
“Love….is light.” You answer. “Love is light, it’s warm, it’s….inviting, and sometimes it can be a little too much,” You laugh. “ Love can be a pain in the ass sometimes, love can be…so much, even dealing with idiots. Love…is so much, love heals, love makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you scared, makes you angry. Those idiots did more than that, every day, they made me angry, they made me scared, they made me happy, and I love them…I love them with everything in me, I love them with anger, I love them with sadness, I love them sometimes with fear, but I love them most…with hope.”
You see the creature move closer to you, and you hold them gently with your hands.
“Love does hurt though, and I think…we both felt that hurt most, I gave that to you, and I’m so sorry for that, giving you the responsibility of holding my pain inside.” You whisper. “But that pain..makes us who we are. It made me who I am…It made me, me. That pain, the tears, the sleepless nights, everything I felt made me who I am…”
“But….it hurts.” Flashlight whimpers, the light dimming once more.You look at the creature, and you hold it close to you.
“I know.” You whimper, feeling the tears fall down. “I think it’s going to hurt sometimes, but..we have to look to the light, we can’t let the pain hurt us, not anymore.”
“Why, when it can just…go away?” They ask.
“Because that pain, gave me, gave us, good things too. Pain isn’t bad, not always, just like love isn’t always good. It can be too much, it can hurt you…life can hurt you, but you have to find for the good love, and sometimes the good pain. You have to find good idiots who love you…who hold you up, who make you your favorite meals, who make you smile, laugh and cry.”
You pull away to look at the creature. “I can’t go away, Flash.” You whisper, feeling the tears fall down. “Because that pain, gave me good things too. I-it gave me hope, it gave me peace, it gave me laughter.”
From behind them, you can see your family. Clint, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Steve, Sam, and you sniffle. You feel Wanda’s arms wrapped around you, and you don’t feel pain, not anymore. You can only feel warmth, you feel tony’s arms, Nat’s, Steve’s, Sam’s…everyones arms wrapped around you in a hug.
You remember your first dinner with the avengers, your birthday, your first date with wanda, your first kiss, your firsts with team.
Those idiots.
“It gave me a family…It gave me the ability to love them and everything I fight for, beacause most of all, love heals…”
You feel Flash’s light dim, and you hold him closer.
“We…we have to let go.” You speak up. “You, I…we can’t let that hurt overcome all the good the world gave us.”
“How? How can we let go of all the people that hurt us? That…that made us feel pain.”
You smile sadly.
“Forgiveness, we have to forgive all the bad idiots, we have to forgive every bad thing they did to us, we have to let it go.” You assure the creature. “Not enough to forget it, because deep down, we’ll always know how it feels, but enough…to feel better for us to move on. “
You feel a warm light in your chest, and a wave of tiredness overcome you.
“We have to let go…so we can live, love, scream, cry, laugh, feel pain, feel everything life has to offer us.” You mumble quietly, yawning softly. “Because we….”
You feel your eyes droop close.
“We want to feel the light again…”
“I…I used all my words, yelling at you, crying at you, screaming sometimes. That wasn’t right.” She continues, squeezing your hand. “I’m so sorry, my dekta.”
She pushed down the lump in her throat.
“Maybe you should consider…letting her go.” Bruce says to Wanda gently. “I should be an option.”
Was it selfish to try to keep you alive?
When there was some hope?
Was it selfish to have the hope of you giving her that smile once more?
“I…I never gave you many choices, since you were so independent, and made choices everyday, but…I have to give you this, because it’s your choice.” She sniffles.
Wanda doesn’t want to say it, but she has to…she has to not be selfish, no matter how hard it is to want to be.
“You always wanted to feel t-the sand…” She sobs, tears freely flowing. “ You always wanted to play in the water and splash me.”
"I can't wait to splash the hell out of you!" You giggle loudly. "And make sandcastles, and kiss you in the sun...Oh! And throw you in the water."
"I will end you if you throw me in the water." Wanda smirks.
You smile, and wrap your arms around the sokovian before pulling her in a kiss.
"We'll be in the water together."
“If…you want to go to the beach without me…”
Wake up.
She brings your knuckles to her lips, peppering kisses and salty tears on the skin.
“I won’t get mad, I won’t be sad, I…I’ll be okay if you want to go without me.”
Wake up, so we can go to the beach together.
She takes a ring out her pocket, the promise ring she gave you three months ago. The ring that you wore proudly, knowing that she was yours, and that you were hers.
She puts it on your finger, and kisses the diamond softly.
Wake up, please. So I can do something, anything, kiss you, propose to you, kill you for putting me through being without you for two months, revive you and kill you again.
Let me take you to the beach, so I can see that smile
“I…I’ll be okay.”
She feels the hand she's holding….squeeze back, and seriously debates if she’s sleep deprived.
“You’re…crazy…”You croak out.
She feels the tears fall down her cheeks, before she hastily leans over to you, looking into your eyes, and kissing you. You whimper in pain, and she pulls way. Wanda knit her eyebrows in confusion, and when she sees the tears falling down, she worries if she hurt you in some way.
“What’s wrong dekta?” She asks you, holding your face in her hands softly. “Talk to me, please.”
"You…idiot." You sniffle. “Promised….we’d go…together.”
She laughs softly, peppering your face with sweet kisses before meeting your eyes once more and wiping your tears with her thumb
Two months, no sweet kisses, no breakfast in bed, no date nights, no laughter, no you, nothing but an unconscious body.
But you have the audacity to wake up and call her an idiot after two months.
“That’s my girl,” She whispers to you, stroking your hair. “Together.”
She pulls you into a kiss once more, one you happily melt in this time.
You were awake, right before dinner was going to be ready.
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frostedfaves · 5 days ago
Wandanat smut you say?
May I suggest mommy!wandanat training reader for their straps but reader starts to get too needy for their liking and they decide to show them who's boss?
A/N: well this was definitely...something lmao. hope you like!
warnings: 18+ ONLY!!!, mommy kink, smut: edging, penetration, sex toy use, oral, dirty talk (lemme know if I forgot something!)
“Look at you taking Mommy’s cock so well,” Natasha coos at you.
Currently you’re on your back and leaning against Wanda’s bare front, your head tilted back as she teases your nipples and occasionally drops comforting kisses just above your brows. Natasha has one hand holding your hip while the other carefully guides a strap inside you, and her gaze is locked in on you stretching to accommodate the size.
“Just a little more, baby,” Natasha encourages over your whimpers, the two of you sighing in unison when she finally fits the entire length. “I should stay just like this for a while, admiring your full pussy.”
“No, Mommy, fuck me!” you whine as you begin moving your hips against the toy, groaning loudly when Natasha completely pulls away and stands up.
“Wanda, I need a position change.”
Wanda scoots away to let you fall onto the mattress, and it feels like the air is knocked out of your lungs when you’re suddenly flipped onto your stomach. Natasha’s grip is deadly as she roughly grabs your hips to guide you onto your knees, and you cry out when her strap is abruptly slammed into you. Her pace is unforgiving, and you grip onto the sheets for stability until Wanda comes close and holds both of your wrists against the bed with one hand.
“I bet you want to cum for us already, don’t you?” Wanda mocks you in a hushed tone as you wail, tilting her head to watch her partner pound you. “But I don’t think you want it badly enough.”
A red mist travels from the fingers of her free hand, and you gasp as you begin to feel a buzzing sensation against your clit that has your legs shaking tremendously. Not even a minute passes before your moans become louder and more frequent, and you’re just about to cum when both women completely stop everything, the buzzing gone and the dildo pulled out of you again.
“Wanda, love, come look at this,” Natasha calls over your muffled whines as your face sinks into the sheets. “Look at our pussy clenching so desperately around nothing for us.”
“What a wonderful sight this is,” Wanda groans as she kneels behind you, diving in to catch the string of cum dripping toward the bed with her tongue and pushing it back inside you. Your legs shake harder and you fall over, yelping when a sharp slap is delivered to your ass. “Get up.”
You force yourself back onto your knees again, bracing yourself on your arms and releasing a long and shaky moan when you feel Wanda’s tongue enter you again. Shivers travel down your spine as she alternates between sucking on your clit and fucking you as deep as she can, and you whimper between moans each time she chuckles at how desperately you’re grinding against her face, and the vibrations only make you wetter. You’re sure she’s about to let you cum until she pulls away, and only seconds pass before Natasha is sliding her toy back into the mess Wanda made.
“Mommy, I’m so sorry! Please let me cum,” you beg as her legs bump the back of yours and she holds your hips still against her.
“I know you are, kitten, which is why I’ll make you a deal.” She waits until Wanda is positioned in front of you again with her legs wide open before pushing your face right into her glistening folds. “Make your other Mommy cum a few times, and I’ll think about fucking your needy little hole.”
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abimess · 5 days ago
Upcoming Stories - 05/08
My masterlist || Who I write for
So, many of you have been asking me about when I’ll post the next parts of the series and also about requests. I am very happy that you’re enjoying what I write so much that you want more.
However, as I said in another post I'm producing a lot of stuff and as I don't have that much time, it will take a while.
But I’ll leave here the stories that will come in the future and if you have sent me a request and it is not here, please let me know and I will write it down.
Remembering that this is just a prediction! Any information here may change, but I will update the post (the date of the last change will be in the title).
Move in and don’t ever move out (Leigh Shaw x Reader) – Part 3 (05/03) || Part 4 (05/09) || Part 5(05/15) – angst; fluff [request]
Summary: After Leigh asks to stay for a few days at your house, living together awakens unwanted feelings in both of you.
Losing you is not an option (Jane Banner x Reader) (05/04) – shooting; angst; fluff [request]
Summary: You and your best friend have secret feelings for each other. A life or death situation is all it takes for these feelings to be revealed.
It only takes the holidays (Wanda Maximoff x Reader – AU) – Chapter 7 (05/05) || Chapter 8 (05/11) || Chapter 9 (05/18) || Chapter 10 (05/22) || Chapter 11 (05/26) – angst; death; grief; alcohol; swearing; mention of sex (not smut); fluff
Summary: Life happens and things change, but it seems like some feelings stay the same. After ten years, Wanda finally comes back to her hometown to spend the holidays with her family, what also means seeing you again. What will come out of this encounter?
The chemistry of us (Wanda Maximoff x Reader – AU) (05/06) – enemies to lovers [request]
Summary: You and Wanda have cultivated an enmity for a long time. But an exchange of partners in chemistry class changes this relationship completely.
The high price of love (Wanda Maximoff x Reader – AU) – Part 2 (05/07) || Part 3 (05/13) || Part 4(05/20) || Part 5 (05/24) || Part 6 (05/28) || Part 7 (30/24) – fluff; angst; milf; smut (+18 only!) [request]
Summary: Loving and desiring someone are the best things a human can possibly do. But what happens when you feel these things for a woman much older than you?
Not allowed to touch (Wanda Maximoff x Reader) (05/08) – smut (+18 only!)
Summary: Your stubbornness sometimes makes you say things without thinking, but your girlfriend is willing to make you follow suit with your own words.
Marry me (Wanda Maximoff x Reader – AU) (05/10) - fluff; angst [request]
Summary: Today is the wedding day of the love of your life. But she is not marrying you.
Too familiar, too hurtful (Wanda Maximoff x Reader) (05/12) – angst; fluff [request]
Summary: Ever since you joined the Avengers, a certain witch has always had the most hostile behaviors toward you. Little did you know that the nature of her feelings were much more complex.
The weight of guilt (Wanda Maximoff x Reader) (05/14) – angst; fluff [request]
Summary: After a mission goes wrong, you and Wanda have a huge fight and you both say things you shouldn't. Future events may prevent you from telling each other how you really feel.
My best friends' mother (Wanda Maximoff x Reader – AU) (05/16) – smut (+18 only!) [request]
Summary: After a professor at the university gives you an assignment, you have to get together at your best friends' house to do it. But you had no idea what a mesmerizing woman their mother was.
Yet untitled (Leigh Shaw x Reader) (05/17) – angst; fluff [request]
Summary: After so many fake people and suffering, Leigh takes her fears and insecurities out on you. But the possibility of losing you makes her realize how she really feels.
Yet untitled (Leigh Shaw x Reader) (05/19) – angst; fluff [request]
Summary: During your favorite teacher's memorial service, you meet his wife, Leigh, but the encounter is not at all pleasant. But when the universe offers a new opportunity for you to meet, you both allow yourselves to get to know each other better.
Yet untitled (Taylor Sloane x Reader) (05/21) – smut (+18 only!) [request]
Summary: After an unknown (and quite attractive) neighbor moves into the house across the street from Taylor's, she is determined to do whatever it takes to win her over. And you definitely have no objection to that.
Electrical love [smut special] (Wanda Maximoff x Reader) (05/23) – smut (+18 only!) [request]
Summary: After you discover the source of the hostility between you, you and Wanda settle things in the best possible way.
Movie Night (Gerri Fields x Reader) (05/25) – fluff; soft smut (+18 only) [part 2 to Summer days are brighter with you]
Summary: After spending the best day of your life with the girl you love, you invite her to watch a movie at your place in the evening. Little did you know that the day would only get better.
Yet untitled (Elizabeth Olsen x Reader) (05/27) – fluff [request]
Summary: One day you get an amazing job opportunity. But the dream turns into a nightmare when you fall in love with your co-worker. When Lizzie overhears you talking about her, she confronts you, and you are forced to face your feelings once and for all.
My beautiful, hurtful secret (Therese Raquin x Reader) – Part 1 (05/29) – period story; angst; fluff; smut (18+ only!)
Summary: In the 1860s, love can be dangerous for people like you. And it gets even more dangerous when it involves a married woman. But Therese loves you just the same, so you're willing to do whatever it takes to have her.
One post is all it takes (Elizabeth Olsen x Reader) (05/31) – fluff [request]
Summary: You and Lizzie have always been very private, so the idea of hiding your relationship from the public came naturally. But an oversight by one of you brings everything to light.
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frostedfaves · 5 days ago
Hi!!! i’m not sure exactly if you’re requests are open, i’m assuming they are ? 🙃
lmao anyways 😂 i’d like to request a smut fic with either wanda or natasha. where R is a SHIELD agent and Tony wants to recruit them into the Avengers but Steve is skeptical so he gives R a test type of thing. and while R is studying, Wanda or Nat stops by to help R study but stripping everytime they get an answer right. then the rest of the night proceeds 🤭 just a thought, good night 😂
A/N: sorry this took so long, and it probably isn’t as spicy as you hoped, but it did inspire me to write more dirty things so thank you 😌if you’re seeing this before midnight CST, I’m currently asking for wandanat smut please :)
warnings: 18+ ONLY, stripping/teasing, light groping, implied fingering
“What’s up, buttercup?” Natasha asks softly from beside you as she positions herself on the edge of your desk.
“Nothing, I’m just nervous I won’t pass this stupid test. I’d feel so embarrassed.”
“Trust me, you’re going to pass!” Wanda assures you with a comforting smile as she sits on your bed nearby.
“How can you be so sure? I’m literally the first person to have to do this.”
“Because you’re one of the smartest and most capable people we know...and you have two study partners to help you.”
You raise your head as Natasha and Wanda make eye contact with knowing smiles, and before you can ask any questions, she grabs your flashcards with one hand and spins your chair around with the other. Both women stand in front of you an equal distance apart.
“For each one you get right, one of us will take something off for you. Deal?”
“Deal,” you agree without hesitation, sitting up a bit as Natasha slightly unzips her hoodie before holding up a flashcard.
“What’s the answer to this one?”
She reads off a question and smiles as you recite the correct answer immediately, and her hoodie is dropped at her feet seconds later.
“Over here, love,” Wanda gently interrupts your staring at Natasha’s chest as she chooses the next card and reads the question.
“Um, I’m not sure.”
“Come on, honey. You know this. Don’t let a wonderful pair of boobs empty that pretty head of yours,” she teases as she playfully gropes Natasha for a second, and you swallow harshly before answering. “See? I knew you could do it.”
Your eyes are glued to Wanda as she slowly raises her dress over her head, leaving her in just a bra and panties. Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, Natasha and Wanda take turns asking you questions and removing clothing until they’re standing before you as naked as the day they were born.
“You did so well, detka,” Natasha praises as you confidently answer the last question. “Now there’s just one more thing to do.”
“What’s that?”
She waltzes over to sit on your lap, using one hand to cradle your jaw as she trails kisses down to your shoulder while the other slips under your sweatpants and into your panties, causing you to gasp. She hums at the way you soak her finger as she circles your clit, slowly pushing the same digit inside you as she makes her way back to your ear.
“Let us strip you.”
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