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angrythingstarlight · 5 minutes ago
No thots. Just Beefy!Bucky 😵‍💫😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You gave me thots too
Unedited alpha Bucky drabble below the cut. As always no permission to use, copy, rewrite or translate my drabbles.
First gif: Alpha Bucky and you are on the run after he escapes Hydra. He went out to get food while you were resting. You're eating more than usual because you're mid heat. It's the only reason he left you alone otherwise you always stay together. He came back to find the building swarmed by agents and officers. His only thought was to get to you. He's successfully fighting them off when he spots you being pulled from the apartment by your legs. He gets hit on the head and the world goes dark.
Second gif: a flashback scene to you running across the street to help an elderly woman who dropped her groceries. "Little one you cant-" he cuts off with a huff, his harsh tone softening when you both look up at him.
He helps you and you wave goodbye to the sweet old omega. You can feel his stress and fear gnawing at your bond, it's souring his scent. Bucky takes your chin in his hand and you lower your eyes. "Look at me," he softly commands.
Gif 3: Bucky awakens in a dark room. He can feel you through the bond, crying for him. He goes feral, the solid metal door bending under the force of his punches. He cuts through the guards, getting closer and closer to you. He can smell you in the air, he's coming for you. He swears he's going to find and protect you.
"I can live without a lot but I can't live without you. We have to be careful, little one."
Gif 4: Bucky hears the screech of tires and your faint voice screaming his name. He quickly makes his way outside and chases down the van. He shoots out a tire and watches the van skid to a stop
Gif 5: Bucky opens the door to see an Alpha holding a gun to your head. You make eye contact and blink three times. Bucky grins. You go limp and he leaps across the space, incapacitating your captors. You fling your arms around his neck, weeping as you pepper kisses along his face.
"We have to go." Bucky says, placing a kiss on the top of your head. "I will never let this happen again. I swear little one."
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mossybank · 27 minutes ago
Favourite Trinket — R. R.
The story of Ravonna and Y/N's engagement
Ravonna Reyslayer x GN!Reader
Warnings: no spoilers but I'd still watch episode two before reading, also if you read this after the series has aired and Ravonna is nothing like this then uh... Whoops?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With an office full of trinkets from missions of her own and of subordinates, Ravonna claimed to never pick favourites and without fail she would always gave the same answer everytime upon being asked which object she liked best within her office. She would look down at her hands, fiddling with a ring on her finger before clearing her throat and looking back up,
"I've never been one for favouritism." She'd claim, but it wasn't hard to tell her most valuable trinket was in fact on her person at all times as opposed to being locked up in her office.
And the story behind said trinket, to say the least, was nothing but sweet...
Y/N's leg bounced nervously as they took a seat in Ravonna's office, a box burning what felt like a bottomless pit in their pocket, as their eyes stalked her around the room.
"You look like you need this." Ravonna commented, her usual welcoming smile she showed Y/N on her face, as she passed them a drink—whisky, neat— and put hers down on the table between the two, though not without grabbing a coaster first.
Y/N let out a quiet thanks, drinking the liquid before cringing at the burn in their throat, something that always slipped their mind with whisky,
"I see your collection has grown," They made a hand gesture towards Ravonna's display, a cabinet of oddities if you will, keepsakes for each mission, "When did you get those go-go boots?"
Turning around to look at the boots,a classic white and knee high heeled staple shoe of the sixties, Ravonna answered, "An analyst had a case in the mid sixties a few days back, brought these for me.. They're my size too, actually, but definitely not my style." She chuckled, "Though I'm yet to have you bring anything back." She points out and Y/N feels the tips of their ears heat up with the spotlight on them, awkwardly scratching their neck.
"Ah, I didn't know it was a requirement." They joked, causing the two to share a light laugh before silence could hang in the air.
Silence with Ravonna was never uncomfortable, in fact the two spent many afternoons just sat in silence in her office doing paper work and this time wasn't much different. Well, it wasn't much different so far.
Y/N and Ravonna had been together for a while, with how differently time passed in the TVA it was hard to give an exact estimate but to Y/N it felt like a happy eternity... Maybe more.
"You know," Y/N started, standing up to pace, either to emphasise their words or to quell their anxieties, "I've been to many planets doing this job and they're all so different, but a lot of them share at least a few very similar traditions."
Stopping her paper work to look up at Y/N, she coaxed them to go on.
"Uh, marriage," They found their hand resting in their pocket, a tight grip on the small box that took home inside, "On all planets, whether it be romantic or platonic, they all have some kind of union of love.."
".. Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?" Her brows raised, Ravonna leant forward and turned her body to face Y/N's, her accusitory look burning into their mind.
Gulping, Y/N continued, holding back a nod, "I was just thinking... Well, we've been together for so long and maybe it was about time the TVA was introduced to a new tradition?"
The woman's expression softed as Y/N pulled a small red box from their pocket, struggling to open it.
"Ravonna would you.. Marry me..?"
They opened the box to reveal the ring, a deep red and square cut gem stone with a simple golden band. After a second of no answer, Y/N felt nerves kick back in.
"Sorry, bad ide—"
"No, no, Y/N, of course! I just.. I didn't expect it!" A smile took over Ravonna's face and she stood up to meet with Y/N, taking their hands gently in her own to admire the ring.
"You like it?" They ask, slipping it into her finger, "Guess I finally brought something back from a mission."
"I love it." Ravonna whispered, titling her head up to peck Y/N on the lips.
In the end, it shouldn't have been the proposal Y/N was scared of but rather funding someone in the TVA who could actually marry them... But that's another story.
Tumblr media
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ayoitspatricia · 30 minutes ago
Star Wars Preference : Things the Star Wars Original Trilogy cast members say about you in their interviews…
(Y/n) = Your name
Tumblr media
Harrison :
“(Y/n)… She is interesting to say the least!”
“She can get a bit over dramatic at times.”
“She is weirdly obsessed with Aria Solo.”
“She tends to slap me if she thinks I’m doing something stupid.”
“I get slapped a lot..”
“She is always criticising my clothing choices.”
“I like to watch her run around the set when she is too energetic, which is all the time.”
“I also get pranked A LOT.”
Carrie :
“(Y/n) is the best!”
“We are like long lost sisters.”
“She is the most amusing person on set.”
“We like to annoy Mark and Harrison together.
“She chases the boys around set which is usually the best part of my day.”
“If there is one thing i do know about her, its that if you give her something that she does not like or want, she will throw it back at you.”
“Her acting is *chefs kiss*.”
“One day she can be sunshine and rainbows and the next day she can be out for blood.”
Mark :
“(Y/n) is my most favourite person on set, no doubt about it!”
“We both prank Harrison together on a daily basis.”
“I used to have the BIGGEST crush on her.”
“*whispers* Its not like i still have a crush on her now though…”
“It’s hilarious to watch Harrison and Carrie act like they are (Y/n)’s protective older siblings.”
“(Y/n) enjoys criticising the outfits she has to wear when we are filming.”
“We are like best friends, aka the duo that no one can stand.”
“Lets not forget that one time she tripped at the premiere for A New Hope. Oh god, she’ll kill me if she finds out i just said that.”
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fangirlovestuff · 35 minutes ago
I don't know what the weather is like around u live, but it's winter can be uncomfortable. Can a bi brazilian participate of wlw weekend? Ur so gentle to create that event, thanks 💕
Agatha Harkness x fem! reader, something about cold, please?
a/n - hey there nonnie!! great to hear from another fello bi hehe:) where i live it's actually getting quite warm already, but I definitely share the apprehension to cold weather, and I wish I had an Agatha to help me with that. enjoy<3
Sweater Weather - Agatha Harkness x reader
Tumblr media
The cold season was always hard on you. The long, dark nights, the chill that infiltrates your bones, the rain that comes in all the wrong times. Agatha knew that.
"You know we can go away, right? Return when it's summer?" she'd always ask.
"This is my home," you'd always answer, a small smile on your tired face, "I live here."
She'd sigh and leave it alone, until the next time she saw the cold weather affect you, and then you'd have the same conversation again.
Instead of taking you away, she compromised, always trying to keep you warm and bringing summer to you. She'd create a bubble of warmth around you, shining purple, or magically make one of the doors in your house lead to a warm beach.
"Thank you," you'd laugh softly at the gestures, "but I don't want you to tire yourself out. Save your magic for more important things."
"Nothing is more important than you," she'd reply. You'd smile, take her hand and bring it up to your mouth to press a kiss to the back of her hand.
But you were right, to Agatha's dismay. She couldn't keep her spells up for that long, since it took a toll on her.
So, she tried to bring warmth to you, even without the magic.
She'd put blankets around you constantly. When you left the house, she'd make sure you'd take an extra layer, and that you didn't forget your umbrella. She made you hot cocoa and soup, even when you didn't ask her to do any of these things.
You'd noticed it, obviously. "You're not as sensitive to the cold as I am, are you?"
She shook her head, smiling, as she continued magicking the knitting needle to make you a sweater.
"Then why are you doing all of this? Not that I'm complaining, of course, it's very nice," you smiled softly, "but you don't have to make me soup or get me another blanket out of the blue. And make me a sweater now, I'm assuming, since you didn't mention wanting another one for yourself," you chuckled.
Usually, Agatha wasn't one to go out of her way to help others, but with you, she'd do anything to make you smile, to make you comfortable and happy.
"Well, I know I don't have to. But I want to," she shrugged. "I don't like seeing you grumpy because of the cold."
You opened your mouth to answer, but stopped. Because now that you're thinking about it, if Agatha didn't like seeing you grumpy, and you were grumpy a lot in winter, she could've just dumped you. But she didn't. She stayed, and she did everything in her power to make it better.
The thought made you grin, and your heart filled with adoration and love. Instead of saying anything, you simply walked over to where she was sitting and kissed her gently.
"What was that for?" she smiled.
"Staying. And making it better."
"Well, it's not as if you've left me another choice, you won't let me take you anywhere on vacation," she huffed. Leaving you never even crossed her mind.
You just smiled affectionately and planted another soft kiss on her cheek.
please tell me what you thought!! this is gonna be it for me today, I planned on writing more but I'm way more tired than I anticipated lol, so you'll get the rest of the wlw weekend requests tomorrow (also, you can still ask for stuff tomorrow!!) stay hydrated and I'll see you soon<3
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if you wanna join / be removed from a taglist, comment/message me! much love <3
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vivid4am · 47 minutes ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 9)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Y/N is left in a hotel room and is not happy about it
Warnings: Language, Y/N yells at Bucky (yes this needs a warning cuz she's scary as fuck when she's mad), TFATWS spoilers
A/N: i just wrote this today and i think this is my favorite chapter
Chapter 8
Y/N discovered very quickly that when rescuing your ex-vigilante friend from jail, you needed to pack a bag of clothes. Thank god she had forgotten her passport in her car after her trip to Mexico with friends.
Sam and Bucky were not happy that Raynor insisted on Y/N going with them. When Raynor told her to keep an eye on Bucky, she thought she was just teasing, not actually being serious. After Raynor threatened to report suspicious activity to those in charge of handling Bucky’s case, Sam felt no other choice but to drag Y/N along.
Even after Bucky said to just let the government come after him again. He knew Raynor had given him an empty threat, but Sam wasn’t taking any chances.
So here Y/N was, wrapped in the white, soft sheets of a bed in a hotel room in Germany. Sam and Bucky had snuck out earlier, leaving Y/N alone in the hotel room. How did she know? Sam kindly left a note for her, basically telling her that they’d be back later and to just stay in the hotel room. Sam had also mentioned that Bucky surveyed all entrances and exits to ensure no one was getting in and out. With the note was a plate of breakfast (that was still warm, so she had just missed them) and a bottle of water. With breakfast being the only meal they left for her, she assumed that they would be back around noon. The time as of a few minutes ago was 10:57 A.M., so she didn’t think they would be much longer.
Y/n huffed out a breath as she stared up at the popcorn ceiling of the hotel room. She had absolutely no clue where Bucky and Sam could be and that made her anxious. She also couldn’t believe that they left her alone in a hotel in Berlin, Germany. Not to mention, locked, as well. She found herself counting the white kernels of the popcorn ceiling. She recalled reading an article that these ceilings contain asbestos, which was odd considering how nice this hotel was.
She also found it odd that on a secret mission, Sam chose to stay in a nice hotel. She wasn’t really complaining about that though. The shower had plenty of hot water and the bed she slept on felt like heaven.
Y/N felt her eyelids give out. Counting these kernels was exhausting. Her back was well supported by the mattress, which made her lull even more into a sleepy trance. She was tired and bored. She had tried to walk around the hotel room earlier, even put on her favorite Beatles song to dance to. But she just wasn’t feeling it. Which was weird for her, because that song always made her dance. She even tried some 80s songs, but even those groovy beats couldn’t make her tap her foot on the carpet, even if she was held at gunpoint.
Y/N slipped deeper into her slumber. Her body relaxed, the wrinkles between her brows unfurrowed. Sleep, she told herself.
However, her relaxation was cut short. The sound of someone banging their fist against the door caused Y/N to jump right up from the bed. With eyes widened and her heart hammering out of her chest, her mind came to one thing only.
An intruder.
Sam and Bucky were found out and someone was now coming to get her.
She turned her head over the porcelain door, pounding still coming from the outside. Voices were behind the door, but she couldn’t make it out what they were saying, let alone who it was. Anxiety filled her chest, constricting her lungs and squeezing her heart with a fist. She searched around the room for a weapon. There was nothing portable enough to use. The T.V. was too big, the dressers wouldn’t do any good. She had no clue where the remote was. She searched around the room desperately, trying to find something, anything. Her eyes landed on her dirty breakfast plate.
Would a plate really protect you in an intruder situation? Y/N really didn’t know, but she was about to find out.
The door handle jiggled. “Fuck,” Y/N mumbled to herself, looking for yet another thing. This time, a place to hide and attack her intruder. Of course, it was near the door, her impending doom, but Y/N quietly tiptoed to the bathroom, closing the door behind her, not fully, of course, but just enough to let a sliver of light into the bathroom.
She heard the click of the door unlocking, making her breath hitch in her throat. She heard the door creak open. A soft footfall entered the room, the carpet softening the intruder’s boots. She still listened closely. She had counted a total of three pairs of footsteps, all small, quiet and succinct.
A girl with a fucking breakfast plate versus three intruders. This was going to be great on her tombstone.
As soon as she saw the outline of a person, she attacked, a small war cry escaping her throat. She lunged out of the bathroom, porcelain plate raised high above her head, ready to smash it into the intruder’s head. Unfortunately for her, her intruder was fast. Very fast. Before she knew it, her intruder spun around and immediately grabbed her raised arm, keeping it at bay from smashing the plate into their head.
“Y/N, hey, hey, it’s me!” The voice exclaimed, causing Y/N to open her eyes. She didn’t even know that she closed them. Her eyes met Bucky’s terrified expression, causing her panic-stricken face to relax. Her chest was heaving, adrenaline pumping through her veins. Bucky still had her plate-hand above her head.
She gritted her teeth and knocked him square in the chest with her spare arm. “You dick!” She yelled, the furrow back between her brows. Her anger must’ve really driven her punch because Bucky stumbled back a bit, dropping her arm from his grasp. “You take me to fucking Germany and leave me by myself in a hotel room, without telling me?” Y/N was just angry now and she had every right to be.
Bucky’s eyes softened. “But Sam left you a note.” Bucky replied, trying his best to defend himself. “That doesn’t make anything better!” She yelled back. “Where the fuck could you guys have gone anyway?” She huffed out, crossing her arms and looking over to Sam for an answer.
Sam moved himself out of the way to a man in a long fluffy coat. Y/N felt her eyes widen. In anger or shock? She couldn’t tell you.
She looked back over to Bucky, mouth agape, brows furrowed in confusion. “The guy who framed you for killing T’Chaka? Are you fucking serious?” Y/N felt herself getting even more angry with Bucky by the second. She turned over to Sam, who looked very nervous. “And you,” she pinched the bridge of her nose. “You just went along with it? You guys helped break a criminal mastermind out of a high-security German prison?” She motioned over to Zemo, who just looked awkwardly between Bucky and Sam.
“Technically we didn’t break him out, he broke out himself-”
“It doesn’t matter! We’re now harboring a fugitive!”
“If I may?” Zemo said, lifting his hand up, asking permission from Y/N to speak.
“No!” She yelled, her teeth almost bared at him.
She was now livid. She couldn’t believe it. It was one thing to accompany Bucky on this mission, but it was another that he was helping a well-known criminal, which she definitely knew was against his terms and conditions with the United States.
Bucky sighed. “We need his help, Y/N.” She met Bucky’s pleading eyes. “With what?” She asked, stepping towards him, challenging him almost. “You never even explained to me why we’re here in the first place.”
“Those Flag Smashers you’ve heard about on the news,” Sam spoke up, saving Bucky from explaining it to her. “We fought them a few days ago, and they were super strong. Bucky-strong.” Y/N gulped.
“Super soldiers?” She asked, receiving nods from both Bucky and Sam. She sighed, “And I’m guessing he’s the expert on super-soldiers? Some special intell?” She asked. Bucky nodded again. Y/N pinched the bridge of her nose. She was in too deep now. She finally understood why Bucky didn’t want her to accompany them on the mission in the first place. It was too dangerous. Too messy. Too much. Too much for someone like her to process.
“Give me five minutes and we’ll be on our way then.”
Life Goes On Tag List:
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vickylamore · 51 minutes ago
Shipwrecked Into My Heat | Lee Taeyong | 1
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/n) Kim was from a perfect life; perfect car, perfect house and reputation perfect family was all she had. The delinquent, the princess who ran away from her father’s. She’d scoff and stare, but then proceed to do her job— to help her patients get better. However, (Y/n) soon realized that maybe, just maybe if she listened to her father, she wouldn’t be in the quite dangerous situation she’s now faced with.
Pairing: Lee Taeyong x Female! Reader
Genre: Doctor!AU, Navy Soldier!AU, Fluff, Angst
WC: 10.5k
Warnings: Explosions, faint description of injuries, brief talks and mentions of a toxic relationship between father and daughter, secrets, very brief and minor misogyny (if you squint).
Inspired by/Loosely based on: Crash Landing On You
Event/Collab: Lights, Cameras, Fanfiction! by @supermwritersnet
Taglist: @stayarmytinyzenmoa-l @wownajaemin
Notes: Getting major flashbacks to my theatre days and the song Under Pressure played cause my god- this will be split into two parts, by far the longest fic I've posted. The second part will be posted at an unidentified time (it's almost summer break omg), so if you want to be added to the tag list, please leave a comment or send an ask!
Tumblr media
This morning, the hospital was particularly busy. People were in and out, whether from the waiting room or ambulance bay. The 1st year residences of the ED were occupied with seeing patients with your help of course. À part of you loved being à second year, but it only came with much more responsibility.
“The tensions at the border have been increasing drastically in the last few weeks. The government has station multiple units near the borders and the docs to prevent any sudden attack from the other side.” The woman spoke briefly, “the president has assured that their military will not be scared of, quote: the empty threats from the other side, and ensures the safety of all civilians.”
Furiously typing on the keyboard, your eyes fell to the screen like glue, the words of the journalist entered one ear and left the other just as fast. Tensions, possible war, empty threats. The government sure did know how to scare people, especially those who were already stressed with their personal lives. The government doesn’t care about the people, you knew as much. High tensions mean a possible war, and a possible war means more jobs and boosts the already disintegrating economy. People will die one way or another, as long as the government got their money, they’d most likely sacrifice anyone and everyone in their way.
You finished the last of your notes before saving the pages of charting for your latest youth patient who had a rare case of multiple pulmonary embolisms, the clots were larger than you had seen before and you sent her up to surgery right away. You’ve been busy, from seeing patients to patients to charting. And although you loved your job, some people made it a lot more difficult than it should. You seemed to block out all the noises from your environment, from the soft beeping of multiple monitors to the nurses talking in their bay, all except the damn broadcast that was coming from a patient’s phone. It wasn’t even loud, it was the only thing your ears picked up on while charting.
However, you were distracted. Your eyes kept drifting off to the side, a white letter with your name written in a fine, black marker laid right next to the keyboard. This morning, it was given to you at the beginning of your shift by a nurse who had seen the letter in the medication bin, but you hadn’t had time to open it, hell, you didn’t want to. There was no return address or stamp, it was just your name in sharpie.
A hand lightly grazed your arm, for which you jumped out of surprise. The nurse apologized, “sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“No worries,” you brushed her off while suppressing a yawn and closed the application. “What’s up?”
The nurse spotted the letter before you took it and placed in it your back pocket in a hurry. “What’s in the letter?”
“I don’t know,” you whispered while scratching your left eyebrow as a way to relieve the anxiousness that built up in your chest. “Kat gave it to me beginning shift.”
“Huh,” the blonde-haired woman stifled, leaning against the table, eyebrows scrunched in confusion. “Do you know who it’s from?” You shook your head. “Do you think it’s from—”
“Alright.” Somi gave the doctor a small frown and looked around before whispering under her breath, “but when was the last time you went home?”
You suppressed an eye roll and with an exasperated breath, you replied, “I’ve been home.” You did go home, multiple times; took a shower, slept in your own bed and woke up to the bright sun from the east coast. But with Somi’s frown deepening, you knew she wasn’t referencing your own home.
“When was the last time you talked to your father?”
Your scrunched your nose in disgust. Your father, the name in itself made you want to hurl. As much as you disliked the man, Somi did have a point. Your nurse always had a point anyway, also giving the best advice but this was one of the many moments where you’d ignore your best friend. Your father did not deserve a visit, nor a phone call or even a text message. He had multiple business associates that kept him on his toes, why would he need a phone call from his daughter?
Glancing at the Emergency Room entrance, you noticed the faint but very noticeable camera flash that happened every three seconds. You turned your back and clenched your jaw. They followed you everywhere; at your workplace, to your car, hell, they’d follow you to your favourite cafe. It was getting annoying, destructive actually. These people had better things to do than to stalk you for the last three years.
But they wouldn’t go away, not until you talk to your father.
“I’m not talking to him,” you said with closed eyes, fingers rubbing against your temples, “I have better things to do.” The sound of a camera shutter made you tense, it was so much closer than the ones outside. Somi peered over the doctor’s shoulder, expression going from annoyed to sympathetic in a matter of seconds. You followed her gaze to see a small child in one of the rooms, phone in hand, taking pictures of around her.
“You’re getting paranoid.”
“I’m not.”
“You are, and that letter proves it,” Somi insisted. “Talking to your father could make all of this go away.”
Again, Somi did have a point. Ever since news broke out that the only daughter and former heiress to the Kim Empire was not only stepping down from her duties but cutting all ties with her family, including her brothers, all hell broke loose. Magazine after magazine, news articles, media broadcasts covered the entire ordeal with wide eyes and open ears for three fucking years.
Three years of stalking, three years of endless emails from radio and news stations asking you to speak on the situation, the insights, what exactly happened. Even your coworkers would ask what happened, a few truly knew about everything. But no matter how bad you wanted to let the entire world know what your father did to push you away, how petty you felt and how you still feel, you couldn’t.
It wasn’t blackmailed that stopped you from ruining your reputation. No. If you told someone, be it a news station or a journalist, your entire family would lose absolutely everything.
“The only reason I’m bringing this up is because the paparazzi have been more agitated than usual,” Somi said with an annoyed tone, “if I was the only one thinking it I would’ve shut up but—”
“Everyone noticed?”
Somi nodded. “Listen, it wouldn’t be a huge problem but they’ve been hogging the ambulance bay and the entrance— these are our patients (Y/n).”
“I know.”
“It’s not just your life anymore. Sure, it started with you but it now involves other people.” Somi watched as her best friend’s expression goes from tense to slight realization. "I’ll always be next to you, you know that. So whatever you need, call me and I'll be there." Somi could’ve sworn she saw the slightest hint of guilt behind your eyes, but she couldn’t point it out as she was called by one of the doctors to help her. The nurse gave you a small squeeze of your hand before running off.
You waited until your best friend was gone to let your head fall on the table, a small yet irritating groan ripping through your throat.
It was never easy trying to juggle two lives at once. You were probably the best at trying to do so but failed when it came to maintaining a stable relationship with the business part of your family and the medical aspect of your own life. It wasn’t that bad at first but then, your father became controlling, aggressive and arrogant, trying to take over your life as if you were the puppet and your father was the stringers attached.
You broke things off as soon as it got increasingly worse and haven’t spoken to anyone in your family ever since. Even your own mother wouldn’t try sending you a message or leaving you a phone call. Now, as a doctor, you could care less.
You had charting to complete, patients to take care of and a family of healthcare workers you surrounded yourself in.
You turned off the computer and went to the break room with heavy steps, back still turned to the entrance where the media still waited to capture their perfect picture. You thanked your lucky stars that no one was inside. You closed the door and sat in the chair furthest away from any windows.
Your thoughts swam around your brain like it was an open sea without any borders to stop them from free-flowing. You suddenly felt anxious, fingers slightly trembling as you reached for your back pocket, letter flopping from side to side.
No return address, no stamp, not even a name except for yours. A letter from a patient perhaps? Or maybe they mistook you for someone else. The media would probably pull a trick like this to get your attention.
Anxiously, you tore the seal and reached inside to grab the light fold piece of paper, nicely kept with no stains or unnecessary folds. You suddenly felt dizzy and you wondered if today’s breakfast was going to climb up your throat. Your chest felt heavy and the sombre, dark and quiet room wasn’t helping your nerves either. Slowly, you unfolded the paper, at which you read over and over, pit dropping to the bottom of your stomach.
Dear sister,
Kind of odd that it’s been three years since we have last spoken. I do wish you would talk to me, or at least Jungwoo if you’re that stubborn. Although we haven’t spoken, we have seen each other from time to time on the media. I’m sure it must be tiring seeing the paparazzi all the time especially now that they’re getting a tad more aggressive. You wouldn’t want to lose your job or get a patient hurt and potentially cause a lawsuit against the hospital, now would you? You’ll have to thank me for that, I did up their salaries.
A very easy way to make this all go away is to at least talk with father, the old man is getting quite old and instead of developing his wisdom, his stubbornness might as well take over his damn mind. You both as so alike, maybe that’s why you ran away. Not wanted to end up like a cruel, despicable and manipulative man? Looks like you already got the media and the hospital fooled, you’ve taken a step in the wrong direction sister.
All of that said, contact father and everything will go away.
Your best intentions,
Your brother, Doyoung.
If you weren’t fully awake right now, you’d be laughing and calling Somi to ask if she wrote it. If you weren’t fully awake right now, you’d tear the letter into tiny little pieces and throw them in the recycling bin. But you were awake, and your eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets.
You feel back into the chair, eyes painfully shutting as a pounding headache drummed against the walls of your skull. Best intentions… was he mocking you? Was he trying to guilt-trip you into calling your father? God, if it weren’t for the eerie feeling climbing up your spine, you would’ve thought that Somi was the one who wrote it, coincidence with the conversation or not.
But Somi didn’t talk, let alone write like that. Your brother had a way of speaking to others whenever he wanted something— actually, he spoke the way he did in general, no matter the situation. Whether he was going for the eloquent, confident and charismatic business appeal or because he was just a fucking prick, you didn’t know. But you didn’t want to be on the opposing side, not with Doyoung being your competitor.
You pulled out your phone and dialled a number you weren’t expecting to call so soon, even if three years is a lot of time for some people. With every ring, your inner voice was screaming at you to let it go, to end the call before it could even start. With every ring, you knew that deep down you were falling into his plan.
With a sigh, the call went still. And with open eyes, your voice was firm, almost authoritative.
“We need to talk.”
Tumblr media
The facility was absolutely packed this morning, units were being deployed to different stationed and others were debriefing. However, Taeyong was here for an entirely different rising. A meeting, a classified one that only he was invited to.
“Captain,” the young man sitting behind the desk called to his left and watched as the black-haired captain perked his eyes his way. “They’re ready for you.”
The captain sighed and nodded his head, taken off his hat and ruffling his pitch-black hair. He stood and walked into the now open room, dusting off the potential dust that stayed on his pants from the chair he was sitting on. The navy blue uniform hugged his form like a pillowcase and his stainless white boots clicked from one end of the room to another.
Taeyong kept his face strong and empty, exempt from any emotions that might give the table of commanders and generals a bad impression. Even with the number of times he’s been in the same room as them, even if technically speaking, he’s the most known and prominent leader of his section, he couldn’t help his stomach from twisting and japing his sides with butterflies. No matter how many times he had to speak to the media, to the generals or his own men, Taeyong would never not feel that anxiety and nervousness shooting through his veins.
The men eyed him tensely as he walked into the room, his own gaze skimming every badge and every medallion that hanged either on the walls or on the vests. These were people, important people, people who have fought for their country and came back to tell the stories. A person with a history different from the other and Taeyong could only hope that he could be on that table one day, that he could be the one staring down the lesser ranked officers. He was a sheep in a wolf’s den, but for some reason, he wasn’t scared or frightened.
He had no reason to be unless he was in trouble.
“Please, take a seat.”
Taeyong took a seat in front of the seven men, no one sitting near him. Although he wasn’t afraid, he was nervous and discreetly wiped his hands on his pants before sitting straight, putting the white navy hat on the table.
The room fell into silence before one of the oldest men, General Jihoon Song, cleared his throat and placed his intertwined hands on the table. His dark and gloomy eyes pierced Taeyong like a dagger cutting through the air. “Before we start, do you know why you’re here?”
Taeyong shook his head, “no sir.”
General Jihoon let out a small laugh before glancing at the man to his left. Taeyong’s throat suddenly went dry, and it was as if the walls were closing in on each other. For a second, although brief, Taeyong wanted to crawl into a little hole. General Jihoon looked at Admiral Hangjoon of sector nine, the sector he was a part of and was serving directly under the admiral.
For a second, Taeyong’s mind went blank and he blinked a couple of times in order to regain focus. Did he do something wrong? Why else would he be here? Unless he genuinely did something wrong, then Taeyong started recalling all the mistakes he did up to this morning, even his spilt coffee on the counter. Was it really that big of an issue? God, his thoughts were running wild again. Taeyong closed his eyes and let out a brief breath, his heart rate slowing down and his fingers no longer tapping on his thigh.
“—and, we believe that you’ll lead the men in your unit to where we want you to go.”
Taeyong scrunched his face lightly but dropped his arched eyebrow as soon as one of the captains from General Jihoon’s unit handed him a document with the imprints of badges of his country’s military. His eyes skimmed once, twice before going absolutely still, eyes trailed on a particular word.
Infiltrate what exactly?
Taeyong continued reading the page until the very end while his admiral’s voice rang through his ears. “You are the most capable captain for the task, Taeyong. I recommended you myself." The black-haired man glanced from his paper to Admiral Hangjoon with less than wide eyes, although if he stopped tensing his face, his eyes would be as wide as the seal on the wall. “No need to be reserved and controlled, Taeyong. This is a classified mission after all, whatever is said in this room stays in this room.”
He nodded and lightly placed the document on the table. He took a small breath before speaking, “Admiral, you want me to lead a team of men where exactly?”
“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking.” Taeyong tore his gaze from the admiral to the general, jaw clenched at the older man’s response, even if he didn’t answer his question. Admiral Hangjoon only shook his head and looked at Taeyong, silent messages transmitting between the two. “Of course, if you aren’t up for the task, I have my own officers and captains I can send.”
“I am up for it,” said Taeyong confidently while glancing at Admiral, the older man nodding slightly. “For the task I mean,” he reiterated.
“I hope that confidence translates into a good plan.”
General Jihoon was always one to gloat about the successes of his team, of his soldiers and captains and even of his own achievement. It wasn’t a bad thing, generals were known for trying to one-up each other. But General Jihoon had a certain way of speaking to those lesser ranked than him, even the admiral was getting quite annoyed. Taeyong noticed the way he let out a small breath and shut his eyes for a few seconds, his nose scrunching every time the general spoke.
He was annoyed, and Taeyong didn’t blame him.
“You’ll be receiving a USB as well as on-paper documents you’ll need to sign,” the admiral said as soon as the other finished talking. “I’ll need you to sign a couple of documents later in my office and further explain a few more details.”
Taeyong nodded but in his head, so many questions ran wild. Who was going with him? And where? Was it overseas or in one of the neighbouring countries?
“Just so we’re clear,” General Jihoon leaned into the table, his face deprived of any emotions or really, anything. It was blank, cold and unreadable. For a second, the young captain felt like he was being interrogated with the way he was being glared at. “In no way will you disappoint me. This is a crucial task that could very well bring peace to our country, where children can run around free without their parents worrying about what could happen at any moment. Do I make myself clear?”
Where children could run free without their parents worrying. Taeyong internally smiled sadly; it’s been so long since he’s seen any children enjoy their lives as children. Where those his age and older could live peacefully without listening to the news in case of some other situation that’ll raise tensions. It’s been so long since he’s felt human in his own country.
It’s been years, years since the first threat of war. And although it was never fully declared, he could feel the tensions growing more and more every time a political figure would make a comment about the neighboring country, which was a lot more frequent than anyone would want. How schools even had drills in case something happened— it was ridiculous.
It suddenly clicked in his head— the realization dawned on Taeyong on where exactly he was going. Without thinking, he said, “you want me to go there.”
“Do I make myself clear, Captain Lee?”
He couldn’t refuse now— he worked so hard to finally be where he was today and it came with endless hardships and sacrifices. And finally, he was offered this opportunity to make his family and country proud. Not only would he make them proud but also a better place where the children can finally be children, where parents can finally be at peace and have something less to worry about. The thought of his family suddenly crossed his mind and a painful ache scarred his heart.
If it wasn’t for his country then he’d do it for her.
“Yes, sir,” Taeyong said instantly, confidence dripping down his words. “I’ll lead the unit to the other side.”
Tumblr media
“Hey Angel,” you called one of your nurses, who was peering over the computer. “Did you order those scans I asked?”
The brunette nodded her head, “finishing up right now, they should call him up in a few minutes.” You thanked the nurse before finishing the rest of your chart. It was the following week and the ED was fairly quiet during this time of the afternoon, but you wouldn't dare say it aloud especially since your attending was across the hallway. You sighed and rubbed your eyes tiredly, finishing your last sentence before being able to take a break in the break room.
You heard footsteps to your left, and although you knew who it was, you still looked up to greet her. But Somi passed by completely ignoring you and stormed her way outside, her ears quickly growing red.
You frowned and dropped your clipboard, asking the other nurses and doctors if anything had happened. But Somi didn't get ticked off easier, especially since she dealt with you five days straight. When the rest of your team shook their heads, you excused yourself and followed after her, your hands stuffed into your lab coat pockets.
It wasn't cold outside, but it was raining— it felt like the weather expressed your exact mood. She couldn't have gone far. You stepped out of the department and looked around, the traffic a lot louder and the honks and yells from the sidewalk nearly triggered your flight or fight response.
You jumped when the noises only got closer as you were searching for Somi, the heart in your chest-beating rapidly out of the sudden fear that overwhelmed your body. You shivered against the light drizzle kissing your skin and called out for your best friend.
"Somi!" You squinted at the sight of bright blonde hair and followed as it went around a corner. What was she doing? And where is she even going in this weather? The light drizzle quickly turned into the pouring rain, and you groaned at yourself for not getting an umbrella. "My god, Somi—!"
"I can get you removed from hospital grounds, you know that?"
Somi was standing a few feet away from you, right under the roof of a nearby convenience store, and for their convenience, kept them from getting wet. Her hand was on her hip while the other was jabbing a menacing finger square in the man's chest. Beside them was a car; the windows were blacked out so no one could see inside.
"I thought she made it clear that she didn't want to see you, much less see you unannounced and uninvited."
"Relax sweetheart, she agreed to meet me. I wouldn't come here at my own will either way." The man on the other side of the corner scrunched his nose, stuffing his own hands in his pockets, "that place reeks of blood."
"It’s a fucking hospital," you interrupted and quickly got under the roof and settle next to Somi. With squinted eyes, you reprimanded, "blood is literally what—"
"I really don't care." You clenched your jaw and closed your eyes. Your head pounded against the walls of your skull, you couldn’t tell if it was because of the loud noises from a couple of minutes ago or if your brother, who you didn't agree to meet, was the cause of all your fucking problems.
You sighed, "what are you doing here, Jungwoo?"
Your younger brother shrugged his shoulders before leaning against the brick wall, his amber brown hair lightly skimmed the scar above his eyebrow. He was taller, leaner too and did put on some muscles, you could tell by the faint outline of his arm sleeves. He wasn't wearing the baggy clothes or ripped jeans that he usually wore, even in this weather you'd find him wearing sunglasses. He was wearing a suit, a dark blue suit to be precise and his figure was well kept and polished.
"The car was circling the hospital before parking over here," Somi brought your attention back to her. "He was about to come inside the ED before I caught eyes with him from the break room." She turned towards you. "You agreed to meet him?"
"I didn't," you glared at your brother. Jungwoo only smirked back and ushered you to continue your conversation. Looking back at Somi, the nurse looked and had nearly every right to be pissed. She warned you about the media getting aggressive and here you are, meeting your brother out in the open. The buzz was going to be ridiculous. "That letter last week? It was Doyoung. All I did was call him and tell him I was going to meet him this weekend."
"You both talked so loud on the phone." Both of you caught eyes with the younger, his smug smirk only widening as he spoke. "Even if I wasn't able to hear everything, putting two and two together was really easier. Make it more of a challenge next time."
"My life isn't a game."
"It is to dad."
God, if one more person mentioned your father again, you might actually lose it. Father this, dad that, you don't care. There was a reason you cut ties with your family, including your brothers. There was a reason why you fell out of the family business and are doing much better on your own.
And even if you didn't start from zero, you built a path with only your best friend supporting you. No one else.
So to see Jungwoo here, especially unannounced, is completely uncalled for. He might as well enter the car and act like nothing ever happened.
"What do you want?" You asked, your nose scrunching. "Why are you here?"
"I'm just the messenger no one hired." as conceited and mysterious as always, your brother hadn't changed a bit. "Doyoung and I have a meeting with dad this afternoon and on Saturday, he'll be announcing who's taking over the family business."
So that's why he's dressed up— honestly, this is the most formal you've ever seen him apart from his own graduation. Jungwoo had to dress up and change his entire fashion he usually wears just for today and Saturday.
You laughed bitterly, arms automatically crossing over your chest, "and… what does that have to do with me?"
"She left the business years ago," added Somi, now behind you and avoided locking eyes with Jungwoo. A pebble was kicked by the front of her foot. "It doesn't explain why you're here."
"It has everything to do with our family, sweetheart." If you had the opportunity to hear emotions and thoughts, Somi’s anger was seconds from bursting and creating à scene no one was gathered for— yet. As soon as screaming happens, the media in front of the ED will come crawling like rats to see what's going on.
Jungwoo ran a hand through his hair, "father is requesting everyone to be there.”
"Everyone." Jungwoo nodded. "Just à little heads-up before Doyoung tells you whenever you're going to meet up with him."
Why would your father, whom you haven't spoken to in years, suddenly want you to be at the meeting that supposedly concerns the entire family? Sure, it's a huge deal; your father is finally having an official heir after you stepped down and he practically disowned you three years ago. There's no reason why he'd want you there anyway.
"Why are you telling me this?"
"Because drama is fun," replied Jungwoo. He got off from the wall and made his way towards the car, facing you and Somi. "Can you imagine the look on Doyoung's face when he learns that his plan to get you to dad's cellar was revealed because of me? Hilariously."
"Good grief," whispered Somi, eyes rolling.
You watched as Jungwoo got in the passenger side of the car, his driver nodding slightly at you as a form of respect. You did the same yet glared at your little brother. "This little feud with Doyoung hasn't ended yet?"
Jungwoo laughed, although it ended with a mocking tone. You saw betrayal and conflict swimming in his eyes, and suddenly, all the souvenirs from when you were close with them hit you like a truck.
"It only got worse," he whispered, closing the car door and rolling down the window. He leaned against it and his once tired, nostalgic smirk turned smugful in a blink of an eye. "That's kinda your fault."
"Yeah, okay." Forget missing your brothers, you just remember how life was so much more complicated when two men were breathing down your fucking neck. "Because I'm still the source of all your problems."
"Anyways," he ignored you. Typical. "Don't tell Doyoung I was here, I wanna tell him myself."
"Bye Jungwoo." As his window rolled back up, your brother glanced at Somi and waved.
"Bye Somi."
"Fuck off Jungwoo."
Somi usually didn't swear, very rarely have you heard her say a cuss word voluntarily. But everyone had their limits and nearly everyone had a person they absolutely could not stand. For Somi, that person was Jungwoo. And although you highly doubt Jungwoo feels the same, your best friend would rather be stuck in a clobbered room feeling claustrophobic than stay any longer than five minutes next to Jungwoo.
A little dramatic, definitely an instigator, Jungwoo had his own way of running things— in more discrete and mysterious ways. This is why the media doesn't really know anything about him. He's never in the spotlight, either because he's the youngest out of you three or because his way of presenting himself is to always hide in the shadows. And God, he knows absolutely everything about everyone. Whatever goes on in that kid's sick head, you did not want to be apart or merely associated with it.
"I need a nice, long nap." Somi broke the silence and watched impatiently as Jungwoo's car left the premises. Her finger rubbed against her temples. "I have a growing headache and I can't tell if it's because of Jungwoo or that kid I've been taking care of in room three."
You laughed quietly but didn't reply, your smile quickly fell into a thin line. Your gaze settled on where your brother used to be, and you couldn't help but sigh.
"You're not planning on actually going, are you?" You didn't reply. "(Y/n)?"
"I don't know yet," you answered honestly, shoulders falling in defeat. "Yeah sure, they're pains in the ass and my father will fucking lose it if I'm not there—"
"What is he going to do? Sue you? That already happened." You glared at her. You both hastily started walking back to the hospital, the rain still coming down. "Nothing good ever comes from that family, I'm sorry but it's true."
"I know." You nodded, nose scrunching again. "But if it means the hospital can finally get rid of the media… then maybe."
Somi didn't say anything. When you looked at her, Somi’s face was void of any emotion, like a mask without colours. The only thing you were able to pick up on was the raised left eyebrow that fell into the arch as if questioning your state of mind right now.
"Oh, come on," you laughed awkwardly, lightly hitting your elbow on her side, "what happened to that entire speech about me needing to talk to my father?"
Somi scoffed, "yeah well, I didn't think it would happen so soon. Saturday is two days away."
"It's fine."
"No, it's not," Somi stopped walking, her face now overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of things that could literally go wrong. "Isn't this à bit sudden, à little too fast? Yeah, your father is announcing his heir but he can do it without you there."
"Listen, it's not like I'm going to stay there and completely abandon my job," you argued back. "Plus, I said I'll think about it, so let's go back to do our jobs before someone notices we're gone."
Somi wanted to say something but closed her mouth as soon as it open and walked away, leaving you behind. You sighed when she was far enough. First Jungwoo seeing you for the first time in three years and now your best friend was upset? Good grief.
Tumblr media
Turns out Somi didn't talk to you for the rest of the day, and although you gave her her space, you couldn't help but be a bit upset over her behaviour. What happened to always being there for you? Either way, you were tired and watched as your shift ended.
You left the hospital, bidding your goodbyes to the staff and some of your patients. As much as you loved your job, you did not want to stay there any longer than you needed to. You were tired, and you could already feel the comfort of your bed at your fingertips. You entered the parking lot, your car and hit the road just as fast, the faint sound of your favourite tunes landed a smile on your face.
The sky was dark with a few stars showing their faces. They twinkled against the lakes and small ponds near parks and nearby bridges. The moon was just as bright— full face was casting a beautiful light gray hue over the tall skyscrapers that you passed on the way home.
You lived near the water, near the east shore of Little Bridge Beach; named after the small bridge that was in the west and the huge ocean in the east. Your home was a beach house, not too far from the road but close enough to hear the waves crash against each other and close enough to hear the distant cars and trucks drive by.
Funny how everything was practically funded by your father. He bought it as a graduation gift, you don’t think it was smart to give you your own house at the age of sixteen, freshly out of high school, but your father simply said that he had all the money in the world to make you happy.
And all the money in the world to make your life an absolute living hell.
Your phone rang, and you immediately rolled your eyes upon hearing the ring tone. As you slowly stopped at the red light, you contemplated picking up the phone. Did he deserve an earful? Especially since one of them had already ruined your entire day and created tension with your best friend?
You dug into your front pocket and sighed heavily. "I really don't have time to talk to you. You wanted to talk to me on Saturday, we'll talk on Saturday."
"You're not in a good mood." You heard faint music on the other end of his call, followed by small chatter and plates clinking against utensils. "Jungwoo paid you a visit?"
You scoffed, "you guys make me sick." The light turned green once more and you drove down the road, no cars nearby and no one walking on the sidewalk. "It's your fault he knows I was considering meeting with you. If you had tried talking a little quieter, I wouldn't be in this damn situation."
"If I had known you were going to put all the blame on me, I wouldn't have called, sister." You rolled your eyes again when Doyoung chuckled lightly. The clinging plates suddenly ceased, and hushed voices were suddenly extremely quiet on the other side of the call.
"Are you talking to your sister, Doyoung?"
God, if you weren't on the road right now, you would have stopped everything upon hearing that voice. It wasn't even rough or aggressive, it was soft and slightly monotone— it ached upon hearing the word sister.
"Bro, really?" Another voice was heard. "Now?"
"I was calling to make sure you'll be here on Saturday, I'm sure Jungwoo filled you in on all the details."
That manipulative little—
"Of course, you know that if you do attend, all your problems will go away." You could hear the self-satisfaction in his voice. The way he's able to control the situation is unimaginable and practically disgusting. "Reread the letter if you need to."
"Letter?" Your heart ached ever-so-slightly at the sound of your mother's voice. It was confusing and questioning. "What letter are you talking about?"
They don't know. Of course he wouldn't tell them, it was a miracle in itself that Jungwoo knew. Your brothers were literal opposites, one knows a little too much on everyone and the other uses it to their own sick and twisted advantage. Why does he want you there so badly? Going as far as blackmailing you to be there? It didn't make any sense.
"You better hope and pray that you aren't on speaker," you spoke bitterly in a hushed tone, "putting me on the spot is really fucking low. Even for you."
Doyoung laughed, although it was bitter and cold and quiet. "Tough pill to swallow, isn't it?"
The line went silent and suddenly, all the hate and resentment for your brother came back and blurred your eyes. That damn reference made you see red and if you weren't on the road, you'd let out all your rage into the phone call. Staying vigilant and cautious was your main priority right now.
However, being vigilant and cautious would've never prepared you for the sudden shock wave to pass through your body and automatically slam the breaks of your car. The car stopped in a jolt, and the seat belt dug into your skin. Everything was hazy, from your brother's voice mocking your silence to the red light flashing at the end of the road.
A boom, a loud and vicious catastrophic sound was what brought you back to your senses.
In the distance, a huge cloud of red and orange smoke travelled across the sky. You looked up, horrified. Although the sky was pitch black, the red and orange cloud was followed by faint grey smoke that was thick and dark, barely even noticeable in the night.
"Hey Doyoung," your voice quivered as you spoke into your phone, unbuckling the seatbelt that bored into your skin. "I’ll call you back later."
He paused for a second, and you can literally see his eyebrows furrowing. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” He tried to protest, but you cut the line just as fast as you hit the gas and drove towards the explosion.
It was stupid, driving towards a literally hazardous zone. There's no way people survived, and even if one did, it would be a miracle if they walked away with 3rd or 2nd-degree burns. The closer you got, the hotter it was. Sweat tracked down your back and stuck to you like glue.
What even caused the explosion? It wasn't near any houses, let alone yours but so so close to the ocean. Was it an oil spill or a shipwreck? There's no harbour at this side of the beach or even the coast guard.
Adrenaline hit you like a truck as soon as you parked and got out of your car. Phone on hand, you used it as a flashlight to guide you through the thick vines and trees between the road and the beach. The closer you got, the stronger the smell of burnt flesh and oil was. The combined scents made you disoriented, and nearly lost your balance. The trees suddenly looked larger and the vines seemed to be moving.
If it weren't for the sturdy grip of your shoes on the sand, your body would be laying down, confused and potentially suffering from heat exhaustion. You continued walking on the beach, shoes sinking in the sand, slipping nearly every step of the way. The sky, which once was grey and dark only moments ago, was completely engulfed in red and orange hues, the fire reflecting into your eyes.
Slowly, you picked up the pace, rapid breaths escaping your chest. You had never felt such a sudden drop of your heart as right now. The wind was scorching hot, the smell of burnt flesh and burnt wood was almost as pungent as the oil.
Finally, passing through the last trees, your mouth went dry, your legs stopped moving as fast as your heart pounding against your own skull. The coast was overflowing with red, the water from the shore wasn't even denting the fire or slowing it down, burning into the sky and melting with the stars. A ship, no, a submarine was caught on fire. The green melted into black, the window and headlights absolutely shattered, huge shards scattered everywhere.
The scene was straight out of a war film.
The submarine was rather small, probably holding a little less than five people. You called out, eyes bouncing from one end of the beach to another, “is someone there?” you yelled, putting your phone away. “Call out!”
Bodies lingered on the shore, skin charred and body parts twisting or missing. You didn't dare advance, you knew when someone was too far gone to be saved.
The sound of multiple groans caught your attention. You whipped your head to the side, heart skipping a few beats. There was a man, clawing at the sand, climbing his way up from the water, clothes soaked and skin brimming against the glare from the fire. You rushed towards him, careful to avoid the oil spill and the blaze. Falling on your knees, you carefully placed your hands on the man's shoulders.
“Hey, hey can you hear me?” The man could only groan, eyes opening and closing second seconds apart from each other. You looked from the man and back to the shipwreck; what caused it? Was it a manufacturing error, a human one or was it deliberately set? You shook away the thoughts and looked back at the man.
Reaching for your phone, you calmly yet quickly comforted the man, “you’ll be okay,” you whispered, dialling the emergency services number, “the ambulance is going to be here soon and—”
His hand caught your wrist, stopping you from pressing the dial button. You paused, whether because you weren't expecting it or because you didn’t know what to do. But the look in the man’s eyes, one of absolute desperation, held you back. Although weak, his grip was iron-strong, his gaze, even more intimidating yet held so much behind them; anxiousness, pain, sufferance— fear.
“It’s okay, I’m a doctor,” you reassured, “listen, I don’t know how bad your wounds are, but it’s best if we got you to a hospital.” The man lightly shook his head and groaned weakly again, his face contorting in pain.
He wasn't in the right state of mind to be making his own decisions. The exposure to the explosion was most likely messing with the way he was thinking, why wouldn't he want to go to the hospital? So many questions ran through your head, and you only started, lips pierced in à thin line.
"Okay," you nodded, "okay, I won't take you to the hospital." It was stupid, where were you supposed to take him? Your home? But he was stubborn, just by the way he grabbed your wrist silently told you that he would not move and would rather die here. "But I need you to bear with me, moving you is going to hurt."
It was a struggle. Your heart ached every time he groaned because of sudden movement. You don't even know the extent of his injuries, let alone if he was internally bleeding. But you had to move and as fast as possible.
"Come on, you'll be okay, I got you."
You reached your car and opened the back door, where the man slipped inside and immediately fell across the seats in a thud. Alerted, you checked for his pulse, which was faint but strong enough to soothe your pounding heart. You only hoped he was going to be okay.
You ran to the driver's seat and got off the shore of the beach. Driving away just in time for another explosion to erupt. You glanced at your visor, another cloud of red overtook the sky once more; you didn't even want to think about what would've happened if you waited just seconds more.
Your eyes trailed on the man nearly lying dead in the back of your car, if it wasn't for the constant and rapid rise and fall of his chest, you'd think he's dead. He didn't look as injured as you presumed, a couple of burns across his back and chest, maybe even a few on his arms and legs. No sight of lacerations or objects bored in his skin, which was a good thing, a really good thing actually.
But the longer you looked, the longer your eyes settled on his shirt— his uniform. The green uniform that was decorated in black dust and ashes, the green uniform that had the name Captain Lee written on the top left. The green uniform had a pinned flag of the country that had tensions with your own.
The steering wheel shook, and you tried so hard not to freak out right then in there. Your throat grew dry and the adrenaline was kicking in once again.
No wonder he didn't want to go to the hospital, he'd be a dead man in à matter of hours. You might as well be a dead woman as well. Taking a military personnel from the enemy country to your house?
You were going to be sick.
Tumblr media
You haven't slept that entire night, or in the last two days actually. You haven't even changed out of your hospital clothes, which was disgustingly unhygienic. The only reason you weren't worrying too much was that you had called in sick for the week and you didn't have a shift today. Your patient was in a coma, and you were running out of supplies.
You couldn't help but still worry about him going into shock and potentially dying right under your nose. Getting up every five minutes or glancing to see if he was breathing was driving you absolutely insane. What might actually send you overboard is the fact that he’s not even from here, not even from this country.
For the last two days, your logic has been fighting your heart like fire and ice. Do you wait until he wakes up before alerting the authorities? Do you do it now? Harbouring a fugitive was a huge felony and a crime, you did not want to be the first story on the news.
God, even the news was out to get you. Word of the explosion travelled like wildfire, everyone from children to the elderly knew about it. But officials haven't said the cause, nor who was involved. Forbid they do. The diplomatic situation will tense yet again— whatever reason that submarine was on the shore didn't matter anymore. It exploded on enemy grounds not even an hour after arrival. That's what's going to spark a war.
They didn't even talk about the victims. Four to five people were killed, that's all the media said. Four to five enemy soldiers, again, they couldn’t say shit without causing panic. All you hoped was that Captain Lee woke up and got as far away from you as possible.
You sighed and brewed yourself a new cup of coffee. A brisk yet nice wind entered your home and gently blew through your hair; the windows were open and the smallest rays of the sun bled into your living room, even if the sun was covered by the clouds. You groaned at the way your body ached, especially your chest. It was covered in bruises and was pulsing every few minutes. You're sure it’s nothing serious, just some major bruising. It didn't matter, you didn't have the proper scans to confirm your theory either way. And forbid you went to work with the bruise climbing up your neck. This entire situation was a mess.
Ten in the morning, a little too early to wake up on the weekend. You tiredly rubbed your eyes and put the pot on the stove, and waited.
It seems like all you've been doing was wait the last few days of the week. A part of you was honestly glad that you and Somi got into that argument, you didn't know how you'd explain the life predicament you put yourself in, let alone the bruises across your chest.
And even going to your family’s house would have been difficult. You don't own any overly expensive dresses or even those that cover your entire chest, neck and arms. At least you told Doyoung you weren't going, excusing yourself that you had work today. You were supposed to be there and after that earful he gave you, you’re glad you didn’t.
The water quickly boiled and it’s not long until you poured it into your mug. What were you even going to be doing today? Spending your time checking if your patient is alive isn’t that fun; it adds so much stress and probably reduces years off of your life.
You turned around, your muscles aching and your body screaming at you to go to bed or at least take à nap. You sighed in defeat, maybe if he wakes up you'll—
A loud and throat wrenching gasp escaped your mouth and nearly got you to spill your coffee across the floor. There was standing the man, half awake and grimacing every few seconds. You stood in silence, heart still leaping out of your chest.
"Y-you're awake."
"I smelt coffee."
Your gaze fell on your coffee mug, and with a shy smile, you motioned at the pot, "I can make you a cup but you really shouldn't be—"
"Where am I?" Asked the man, eyes furrowed while he looked around but kept a hostile glare on you. "And who are you?"
How much did he remember about that night? He's been in a coma for almost two days, you don't expect everything to hit him at once. But there it was again, the same line he had you on the shore; it was intimidating yet fearful.
However, just as quickly as you saw it, the man deprived his face of any emotions. With a growl, an inhuman and treating growl, he ushered, "where am I?"
The man was a lot taller than you thought, but barely a couple of inches above your own height. If it weren't for how dark his hair was, you'd think the ashes and smoke turned it pitch black. He looked tired, and rightfully so. His wounds, although some were nicely healing, still caused you some level of concern. You needed those supplies, you simply didn't have enough here.
The man glared when you didn't answer his question. Frankly, you didn't want to. How the hell are you supposed to tell him that half his crew was dead and he's on enemy territory?
But it seems that the woman on the television screen did work for you, as the newest broadcast about the explosion was the headline for the entire day. His eyes trailed behind you, and you watched as his eyes widened and hands balled into fists.
"The explosion was linked to a submarine but officials have yet to confirm if it's of their own military operations. The casualty number has risen to five, the latest victim died in hospital only hours ago. Officials have yet to announce what caused the explosion. Although—"
"Turn it off."
The sudden sound of his voice startled you, the tone piercing your skin like ice-cold blades. His face was void of any emotions; he wasn't grimacing anymore, his eyes weren't wide and his eyebrows had stayed neutral, you couldn't even tell if he truly understood what the broadcaster said.
"I said, turn it off."
And you were going to turn it off, especially since you didn't want to anger him even more than he might be. But as if the broadcast had ever-so-perfect timing, the screen switched from the explosion to à high estate building, where the media was everywhere before the camera finally focused on your father.
Your eyes widened, "what time is it?"
"How am I supposed to know?" He replied with à low scoff, "I don't even know where I am—"
"Thank you for being patient with me, as I know you all have long awaited the news." The intense camera flashing was making you blind, and you weren't even there. Your mother was behind your father, the most expensive jewelry hanging from her ears to laying on her neck. Your brothers were to her right and left, Jungwoo being behind your father with those damn sunglasses even if it was rather gloomy outside. And Doyoung was left to your mother, eyes uninterested.
"I will not be wasting any more time, as I will now announce the heir the KIM Industry." He had à light smirk on his face, and his eyes were bouncing with excitement. "Although she might not be here with me, I announce my daughter, Dr. (Y/n) Kim, as the heir to the business. And I understand that although she was the former heiress—"
"It's off!" You laughed, your heart pounding against your chest. You threw the remote back on the couch before turning back to the captain. "It's off, happy? Great!"
He announced you as what? As the heiress to which company? This is a joke, a sick twisted joke that your father apparently agreed on doing. You laughed again in disbelief, there's no way, absolutely no fucking way he'd—
"What?" Asked the Captain, eyes bouncing from the TV to your clearly panicked state. "Are you—"
"No!" He must think you're actually delusional, especially with the sudden change of personality. Did this not look good for you at all, harbouring the enemy and being the heir to your father's business? "Its not what you think."
"Alright Dr. (Y/n) Kim," the Captain said skeptically with the same cold expression that had not left his face since he learned about the explosion. "You wanna tell me what's going on?"
"How did you—"
"Your reaction and the lab coat." He pointed to your clothes. "I thought doctors were supposed to be smart."
"Yeah well, this doctor is the one who nursed you back to life and didn't turn you in to the authorities."
The room fell into thick and dense silence, both of you were staring at each other, emotions nearly getting the best of you. Being under his gaze was overwhelming and you felt rather uncomfortable. Whoever this Captain Lee was, you did not want to more anymore than you already do. Forbid they figure out that there was another person on that submarine that was unaccounted for. What the hell were you going to do?
“How much do you know about me?” he asked.
“That you’re not from here and your name is Captain Lee,” you told him, “although I highly doubt your name is Captain but I know you’re from the other side.”
He hummed and clicked his tongue, his eyes closed for a split second as if he was contemplating what to say. “This isn’t some sort of nightmare?” You shook your head. “So the explosion, the submarine, my crew. That all happened?”
You almost felt bad for him, he had just learned that his entire rew were killed in the explosion, that he’s the only one who survived. You wouldn’t felt horrible if his eyes weren’t so empty, weren’t so cold and exempt of emotion. It was like it was an everyday occurrence to him— like death was a part of his everyday curriculum. But his title was Captain, and death wasn’t uncommon in the military.
“You know enough to turn me in,” he stalked towards the living room and sat on the conch. He was rather comfortable, and you couldn’t tell if it was because he understood the predicament you were in or because he could easily overpower you if he wanted. “Why didn’t you?”
Why didn’t you turn him in? You should have, hell, you should’ve just called the proper authorities and not bring him to your house. He was unconscious in your car for god’s sake, he wouldn’t have known if you lied and brought him to the hospital. Everything was confusing and frankly, you didn’t understand anything.
“I don’t know,” you huffed under your breath, the coffee waring off and exhaustion finally settling in. “You grabbed my wrist you know— you knew where you were at the time and what would’ve happened if I brought you to the hospital.”
“I don’t remember what happened on the shore when the explosion happened.” The Captain turned away from you, voice a lot quieter than before. “You could be lying to me right now.”
“I could,” you responded honestly, “but I’m not in the right state of mind to be lying to a stranger.”
“Taeyong,” he turned around, his eyes à lot calmer, “my name’s Taeyong.”
“Why’d tell me your name?”
Taeyong shrugged, all smirk quipping his lips, “I hope you’re good with names doctor because I highly doubt I’m going anywhere anytime soon.” H fully turned to face you on the couch, head leaning on his plan. “With the sudden announcement of you been the heir to the company I presume is your father’s, you can’t take a chance to report me to the authorities without the media knowing about it.”
You only started with pursed lips and an eyebrow raised. God, he reminds you so much of your brother because of the way he’s able to control à situation and act all calm about it despite being in the enemy country, It’s true, you can’t report him since now the media will be following you all over the place like a toddler that wants food.
“They follow me everywhere my god,” you closed your eyes, major headache pounding at your head. “Listen, I got work and I got a family that will be pounding at my door if they don’t see me in the next few days. So please, please tell me you have a way to get back.”
“The submarine was my only escape.”
“Any connections?
Taeyong scoffed, “my crew’s dead and I have no radio.”
There was something about Taeyong that made you uneasy, he didn't react when he learned about his crew and looks completely unbothered despite being a literal fugitive. Maybe it’s because the police don’t know there’s one more person who was on the submarine, maybe you got it all wrong and he’s making his emotions really well.
His head perked to the side and almost immediately, he got up. You stare at him with raised eyebrows, “again, you really shouldn’t be up because of how injured you are.” He didn’t reply and only staggered his way towards you. Of course, he tripped over his own feet, presumably because he hasn’t walked in a while. You launched forward, grabbing his arms to hold him steady. A quick painful gaze fell into his eyes.
“Are you okay?” You asked almost immediately, eyes roaming his figure to see if any of his wounds reopened. “I told you you shouldn’t be standing—”
“You should’ve really closed those damn windows.”
You furrowed your eyebrows before the sound of rapid cars breaking to a stop reached your ears. It took you à moment to really register what the actual hell was going on.
“Oh, you've got to be kidding me.'”
The camera flashes you heard outside were absolutely ridiculous, and it just got louder and louder. Your eyes were blown out of their skull as soon as the camera flashes came from the media who literally rushed to your house upon hearing the news. Dread seeped into your veins just as fast as the cars drove into your driveway.
“The media is quick,” Taeyong quipped, smug smirk on his lips, “how bad will it be if they got a picture of us, alone, together in your house?”
“Really bad,” you whispered back, crouching further down when figures started approaching the front door, “like scandal bad… I’m not even supposed to be home.”
“God.” Taeyong looked around; there was literally nowhere you both could go. All the windows were open, you couldn’t even run to your room if you wanted to. An idea burned before his eyes, “are they allowed to take pictures inside of your house?”
“It’s the media,” you scoffed. “They can do whatever they want.”
“Thank god they can’t do that in my country.”
“Am I supposed to be jealous?”
“Very.” the sudden camera flashes made you both duck below the couch. Taeyong sighed and clenched his jaw, “do you trust me?”
“No,” you answered, “I just met you and you’re literally a soldier from the enemy country.”
“Captain,” he corrected, making you roll your eyes. “Make sure you change that story when you talk to the media.”
If you had known what he was talking about, you would have immediately protested. But you didn’t. You only really realize what he meant after his lips connected to yours and his hand found the side of your face. You only really realized what had happened after the camera shutters and flashes went absolutely ballistic and came from every single corner of your house.
This was a fever dream, and you didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse. A blessing, at least the media didn’t think a creep broke into your house but an absolutely curse because the pictures were going to be everywhere.
Including the hands of your father.
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bambiswriting · an hour ago
Request guidelines!
What characters and fandoms do you write for?
Fandoms: The Clone Wars, Rebels and The Bad Batch. 
Characters: I’m very happy writing Rex. I also want to try out the rest of the 501st! Feel free to send requests for them! Also the batchers! Mainly Hunter and Wrecker, but I’ll see if I can tackle the others!
This section may be outdated if I forget to update so check my blog description in case!
Do you write NSFW?
No, sorry! Just not comfortable with that. Gimme some fluff, comfort, hurt, humour and angst and I’m all over it. Most you’ll get is smoochies and morning after.
Is there anything you won’t write?
Listed above - NSFW. 
I won’t write for pronouns other than she/her. I’m cis female so I’m most comfortable writing from my own perspective and experiences. As a result I will tend to keep reader in trousers but may sometimes put her in dresses. Also likely long hair? 
// TW mental health
I am willing to write for the following illnesses and conditions: Depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, panic attacks, sensory overload, suicidal thoughts and self harm, as those are things I have experience with. Anything other than those, no.
HOWEVER, please start your request with a warning, so as not to trigger me when my mental health is in a dip. 
How do I know if your requests are open?
It will be written in my blog description! (Though I’m not expecting any requests so it’ll likely just be left open lol)
Please don’t send requests to my messages, only ask box! So I can maintain them all in the same place. 
Thanks, all!
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greentealeavesss · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Mikey x F! Reader
Summary: Sano “Mikey” Manjiro swears that you’re going to be the death of him
Warnings: Grammatical errors, some suggestiveness towards the end
A/N: This little drabble is purely self-indulgent lmao. I just got my tongue web pierced and it makes me feel like a bad bitch (Image by chuualacreme on picsart)
Tumblr media
He’s talking to you when he sees it — a tiny, glint of silver in your mouth. It’s subtle, but just visible enough to catch someone’s eye if they’re paying close attention and oh, do you have his attention.
“Mikey, are you even paying attention to what I’m saying?” You huff out, voice laced with annoyance.
“Of course I am baby. I just saw something that interested me.” He says in a tone that could only be described as amused.
Your eyebrows raise at his statement. “Oh, and what was that?” You finish, leaning in closer to him.
He’s on you in less than five seconds. His hand finds its way to the back of your neck and he pulls you forward, slanting his mouth over yours. You eagerly return the kiss, moaning slightly as his tongue begins to explore you mouth. It doesn’t take long for him to find what he’s looking for and when feels the cold metal in your mouth against his tongue he pulls away leaving you to whine in response.
He looks at you eyes glazed over “When we’re you going to tell me that you got your tongue pierced?” He questions. He swears that you’re going to be the death of him.
“First of all, it’s my tongue web. Second, I thought you already knew considering the fact that I told you I wanted to get it done. Also, you literally went with me because you got a tattoo at the same time” You respond still a bit breathless from the kiss you just shared
“Hmm, maybe I just didn’t hear you” he shrugs “Are there any other piercings I should know about?”
“Why don’t you take me home and find out?” You say giving him a coy smile
Needless to say, you’ve never seen Mikey move so fast.
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Wardlow x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Warnings: Some swearing. Mentions of assault, but nothing graphic.
Also the photos is just to show the outfit, not what I am picturing the reader to look like. Please imagine your gorgeous self in these outfits or even in an outfit you may want to wear for this.
Wardlow's POV:
I was talking to Daniel while we waited for the meeting to start. Daniel who the wrestling world knows as Cash Wheeler was sitting on my right while John Silver is sitting to the left of me.
Brandi and Nick like to do these meetings to introduce the new people that have been signed.
"I would like introduce Y/N L/N. She is joining us and will be teamed up with The Pinnacle." Brandi said and a beautiful woman stood up from the side and stood next to Brandi.
We were told a female would be joining us and at first Max was not happy but he realised that more women may buy our merch more if a woman was included.
Jim Ross, Vickie Guerrero, Brian Pillman Jr and a few others stood up to clap for the new girl.
Julian, who is known as Ethan Page stood up to ask a question once they stopped clapping for Y/N.
"You have a question Julian?" Nick asked.
"I do. I have never heard of her before. How good is she?" I mean good question but could of been worded slightly different I guess.
He also hasn't been paying that much attention to Real Canadian Wrestling as that is where Y/N is coming from. Funny enough that he is Canadian.
Brandi was going to answer but Y/N leaned in to whisper to her. We watched as Brandi nodded her head in agreement and Y/N stepped forward.
"I understand you may have not heard of me, but I grew up in one of the most famous wrestling families of all time. I know more about wrestling than you will ever know Julian. My record coming from the RCW in Singles is 9-2. Tag-team 4-1, but I wrestled under a different name then."
"My grandfather is the one and only Stu Hart. Does that answer your question on who I am, or would you like me to take you in the ring and show you what I have learned from my grandfather, Aunts and Uncles as well as my cousins?"
Julian sat down when she asked him that.
"I did not think so. If I was not qualified for this job I would of never applied."
Well this meeting just got alot more interesting. The meeting continued once Y/N sat down next to Vickie.
My eyes kept drifting over to Y/N and she was listening to what our bosses were saying.
Once the meeting was over I decided to hit the gym and get a work out in before dinner.
I knew I looked good so I took a photo of myself and uploaded it to my Instagram.
Tumblr media
On the other side of the gym I could see Brian, Julia and Y/N doing different workouts and my eyes were locked on Y/N.
Usually it takes more than just a look for me to be interested in a woman, but there is something about her.
Y/N walked away from the other two and I figured this was my shot to go and introduce myself.
I walked towards Y/N and yelled out 'hey" as I noticed she was just about to head into the women's change room.
"You're Y/N correct?"
"Yes and you are?" My eyes almost bulged out of my head. She doesn't know who I am?
"Michael Wardlow, friends call me Mike." I said with a smile that all the ladies love.
"Oh yes, Mr. Mayhem. Now what can I do for you Michael?"
I all of a sudden got tongue tied when she said my name and I started to stutter.
"I, huh, just wanted to say, um welcome to AEW." Not what I wanted to say to her at all.
"Thank you Michael. Everyone has been so welcoming, but I must be going. I am meeting Vickie and Shaul for dinner."
I watched Y/N turn and walk into the change room.
What the hell just happened? I thought to myself as I turned to go and do some cardio.
But I wasn't alone. Standing not too far off, looking at me was Ronnie aka Shawn Spears and Max, both looking at me with perplexed looks on their faces.
I just shrugged my shoulders at them and went to finish my workout. I figured I would just skip cardio and just finish lifting more weights.
Tumblr media
I almost died a little in side when Wardlow came and talked to me. My God, he was good looking man, but I knew I had to remain unaffected by his presence.
The next couple of weeks flew by as I was getting ready for my AEW debut. I had to get my outfits all ready. The oddest thing for me getting to know the rest of the guys and their families.
Michael and I also started to talk more and more, but for some reason he just can't find the words to talk some times.
I usually keep my family quiet but that Julian guy really pushed my buttons that day.
Today was the day where I was about to introduced as the first and only female member of The Pinnacle.
Brandi and the other bosses have this wonderful idea that I will come on as Miss. Chaos which seems to fit the theme of The Pinnacle.
I was getting my hair and makeup done for some promotional photos when Michael came and stood just to the side of me.
"You almost done Y/N? We are ready to start."
"She is ready." The makeup artist said.
I stood up and I looked at myself once in the mirror, but while I was doing that I noticed how Michael's eyes were roaming all over my body.
Tumblr media
I caught his eye in the mirror and his face went beat red.
"Like what you see Michael?" I asked him as I turned to face him.
All the poor soul could do was nod his head. I gave him a once over and he looks good as well, but he always does.
Tumblr media
"Lead the way Michael. I have no idea where we are supposed to go."
But he did something first that made me shocked and also pleased.
Wardlow's POV:
Y/N looks fucking gorgeous. Over the last couple of weeks, Y/N and I have gotten to know each other.
Well no alot, I can hardly form a proper sentence around except for a few times, but I am getting there.
"Lead the way Michael. I have no idea where we are supposed to go." Y/N as she stood next to me.
I offered her my arm like the gentleman I can be and she had a surprised look go over her face but she took it none the less.
We had some small talk until we got to our destination and the photoshoot began.
We spent hours doing this but I knew this would all be worth it in the end.
"Hey Y/N, got any plans for tonight? A few of us are going to be heading to a club. Want to join us?" Max asked her. I knew his girlfriend would be joining us and her and Y/N get a long well.
"I wish I could, but I am going out tonight."
"With who?" The question flew out of my mouth before I even realised it.
"Anthony Jacobson"
"That guy?" Max asked her.
"Yes, that guy. He has kind of become a friend. He seems nice enough." Was all she said.
Anthony was new to AEW. He was signed a few months ago. There is just something off about him and I thought that before as well. Him and I have a match against each other tomorrow.
"Bring him to the club. We really don't know him all that well yet." Ronnie suggested.
"I can suggest it to him, but I might just end the friendship."
"Why is that?" Max asked her.
"He is very clingy and doesn't like it when I talk to other people and I have met someone else. Hopefully our friendship will turn into something more." Y/N said as she stared right at me.
"And we really didn't click you know." She mentioned.
All the guys mumbled in agreement, and slowly started to leave and go and grab their stuff.
It was just Y/N and I. I know the answer, I just have to hear her say it.
"Who is this new person?"
"Pardon?" She asked as she looked up from her phone.
"Who is this new person?" I repeated as I walked towards her.
"You." Was all she said as she stood taller once I was infront of her.
I put my left hand on her waist and pulled her flush against my body. "Good." Was all I said as I crashed my lips into hers.
We broke apart after a few moments and I leaned my forehead against hers.
"Call him, text him for all I care. You and me are going out tonight Angel."
"I will meet up with him, but I will give you a call afterwards. I never go back on my word Michael. I told him I would meet up with him."
I almost let out a growl at that but she leaned in for another kiss and I just melted into her.
Sadly the two of us had to go our own separate ways. She went on one final date with Anthony and I headed to the Club with the guys.
Some of the guys from the Dark Order were there and I was sipping in my beer waiting to hear from Y/N.
The night went on and on and I heard nothing from her. I tried to call her and text her, but nothing.
Even when I got home at almost 2 in the morning, I still haven't heard from her.
Maybe her phone died? Maybe she lost it? I know I am grasping at straws here, but she says she always keeps her word.
I got to Daily's Place and headed to our change room. I asked the guys if they have heard from Y/N, but none of them have.
Max asked me what the hell was going on because I guess my face showed my emotions, so I told him as I got changed into my wrestling gear.
As I was telling him, there was a knock on the door.
Daniel answered the door and Vickie Guerrero walked in. Her eyes scanned the room until they landed on me.
She beckoned me over and walked over to her. She pulled me to the side.
"I don't want you to panic, but Y/N was assaulted last night and she has asked for you."
My body went numb. "Where is she?"
"Getting her makeup done to cover the bruises."
I was out of the room and heading towards the room Y/N will be in. Vickie was almost jogging trying to keep up with me.
I flung the door open and saw Y/N sitting in the chair. The makeup artist doing an excellent at hiding the bruises.
"Y/N." Was all I said as I quickly walked towards her.
"Michael." She said as I pulled her into my arms. I could feel the tears streaming down her face.
I picked her up and walked backwards until my legs hit a chair. I sat down with her in my lap.
"Who did this to you Angel?"
Before she could answer, one of the stage hands came running into the room informing me that it was time for my match.
"I have to go. Stay here and I will be right back to discuss this with you. Then you and I are going to go to the police. Who ever did this, will never touch you again."
I stood up and put her gently in the seat. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and started to walk towards the door.
"Anthony." The name made me stop in my tracks. I turned back to face her.
"Anthony?" She gave a small nod.
All I could see was red. I am going to kill that fucker. He did his entrance before me.
Just as I was about to walk, I noticed Brian. I quickly told him what happened to Y/N. They are good friends.
He said he will tell Cody and knowing Cody, he will call the cops. Now just to keep this fucker occupied until that time comes.
I did my entrance and I wanted to so badly hit Anthony in the face, but I waited until the bell rang. Once I heard the bell, I attacked.
Tumblr media
I didn't care that I was getting his blood all over me. I knocked him the fuck out and Aubrey declared me the winner.
Cody came down to the ring with paramedics, security and a few police officers.
"Michael, I spoke to Y/N once Brian told me what happened. Anthony's contract has been terminated until further notice."
"Okay, good. Now if you excuse me, I have to see Y/N." I said as I left Cody behind.
I saw Y/N walking towards me and I ran to her and picked her and held her against my chest.
She was kissing me all over my face saying thank. I held her tightly against me as I promised to myself that I will never let her be in pain like this again.
But that all changed a year later as the two of us are in the hospital and Y/N just gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Ivy Wardlow.
The labour was long and hard for Y/N but I was here for it all. I am pretty sure she almost broke my hand with how hard she was squeezing it but I didn't say a word.
Once our baby girl was out and being checked over, I leaned down and gave my Angel a kiss on the lips. "I love you Y/N."
"I love you too Michael."
I watched as Ivy was laid on her mother's chest and after a bit, Y/N asked me if I wanted to hold our daughter.
I was sitting in the chair next to the bed and I was about to get up but a nurse just handed me our baby girl.
I was amazed that we made her and I was going to say it out loud but I noticed Y/N was sleeping.
So I softly whispered to our sweet baby girl, with tears in my eyes, "I love you my little Ivy." And gently kissed her on the head.
Tumblr media
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @wardlow
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Keys to the Magic Door (XI)
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Female Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 2.0K
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / X / More Chapters...
Tumblr media
Yesterday was a day full of chaos, but you and the guys manage. Though today was the day that you were supposed to be introduced to Army and the rest of the world. The very notion made you nervous to your core… and the guys knew it.
“Come on, Y/N! You need to get up and get ready!” Namjoon shouted out, pulling on your ankle while Jungkook pulled on the other side.
You were under the covers, holding on to the bed frame for dear life, “Noooo!!” You whined.
“How is she so strong?! She literally just got into an accident yesterday,” Jungkook grunted out as the rest of the guys started to help on pulling you out from your hiding place of blankets.
“I don’t want to!! What if I mess up?! Screw the rest of the people in the world, but Army?! They are important to you guys, and I don’t want them to hate me!!” You cried out, feeling the rest of the guys soften on your hold before you felt hands patting you on the back.
“Y/N… there not going to hate you,” Seokjin said comfortingly.
“Yeah, just be yourself and I’m sure they’ll love you,” Hoseok whispered softly, and you didn’t even have to get out from under the blankets to see a smile on his face.
“You guys are just saying that to make me come out,” You spoke with your voice being muffed by a pillow as you curled into a little ball.
Yoongi sighed out loud catching the rest of the guys attention, “She doesn’t want comfort… she just wants the truth,” He explained in a whisper while gently pushing the rest of the guys out of the way.
“Look… Y/N, I’m not going to lie to you. Yes, Army is important to us and there is a possible chance that some of them won’t like you because you hang around us. Though you can’t forget that almost all of them will love you as well. Just… give it a chance to meet them. I mean, you already showed them part of your personality by rescuing that little boy,” Yoongi said truthfully as you laid under the covers in deep thought.
After a long silence, the guys sighed about to leave the room until they heard shuffling as you threw the covers off with a new determination.
“You’re right! If I don’t even try, how will I know? Plus, after all you’ve guys done for me, the least I can do is be brave enough to meet Army!” You cheered out, rushing to grab your things before heading into the bathroom as the guys smiled brightly.
“Yoongi-hyung… rapper all day, but motivational speaker in the mornings,” Jungkook teased with a laugh only to get shoved by that same rapper making all the guys laugh.
It wasn’t long before you came out of the bathroom in ripped skinny jeans, a mustard sweater, and white low-top sneakers. Your hair was down, and you didn’t wear any makeup.
“Wow… beautiful,” Jimin awed with a wide smile, twirling you around before dipping you. “Yeah… you know who else is beautiful?” You said with a flirty look, leaning towards a shocked Jimin’s face as he suddenly grew shy and blushed.
“Seokjin…” You said with a dramatic dreamy sigh, falling further into the dip as everyone laughed. Jimin just rolled his eyes playfully with a cheeky smile before lifting you up to stand, “Ah, you got jokes? I’ll remember you said that strawberry,” He said while booping your nose.
“Yah, leave my beautiful rose alone!” Seokjin said with a laugh, pulling you out of Jimin’s arms as he pouted.
“Do you all just have nicknames for me already?” You asked with a raised eyebrow as all the guys suddenly looked embarrassed, refusing to make eye contact.
“Uh… No?” Jungkook said with a shy bunny smile, though his answer came out more like an unsure question.
“Oh! Will you look at the time? It’s getting late and the car is downstairs to pick us up already!” Namjoon laughed out loud nervously while pointing to his wrist that didn’t have a watch. Though before you could say anything, you already were forced to wear a black hat, sunglasses, and a black mask.
“Wait… I can’t see!!” You screeched out in panic as the guys put the accessories on you messily while leading you out the door.
“Don’t worry! We’ll be your eyes!” Jungkook said, holding your hand as Jimin grabbed the other side with Taehyung leading from behind with his hands on your shoulders.
You were walking around blindly with help, until you got inside the car that you were able to remove the hat and fix the mask you were forced to wear. Though you had to put the hat back on once you arrived at the BigHit building.
“Stay close until we’re inside the building…” Namjoon whispered as you nodded in understanding.
Jungkook and Seokjin got out of the car first before you, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jimin did next, and soon it was Hoseok with Taehyung that got out of the car lastly. All of them forming a circle around you as camera flashes and screaming could be heard in your ears loudly.
You blinked as someone removed your sunglasses and hat, your vision trying to adjust to the light in the room. When they focused, you noticed that is was Yoongi who had helped you remove the accessories, “Good job. See it wasn’t that bad, kitten,” He said quietly only to get embarrassed at the slip of the nickname. Thankfully, no one but you and him heard or else the rest of the guys wouldn’t ever let him live that down.
“Good morning, to all of you! We got everything set up for the VLive interview, and the makeup artists are waiting. Y/N, just be your natural self with the boys as if the camera isn’t there at all. So let’s get this show on the roll,” Manager Sejin stated, meeting you all in the lobby and gesturing to follow.
You bit your lip nervously, all of this seemed like to much, but one look at the boys and it lessened your anxiety. Soon, all of you were out into chairs as many make-up artists got to work.
“You don’t need that much make-up, sweetie. You’re already gorgeous!” A female make-up artist gushed with a gentle smile, touching up your face with light makeup as a male hairstylist fixed your hair up a bit by brushing and straightening since it messed up from wearing a hat.
A blush made it’s way on your face at the compliment and it wasn’t long before you were met with the boys again
“Why are you wearing that?” You chuckled seeing Jimin wearing a nice tux like a talk-show host. While the rest of the boys were still in their normal clothes.
“We were serious on treating you like a special guest!” Jimin said while they all were led into a room that was setup like a fake talk-show stage with a background screen, desk, and couch. There was only a standing camera in the room that showed a great amount of the stage room.
You shook your head with a smile, they were so extra. Your eyes watched as they setup while standing behind the camera.
“Good morning, my lovely Armies! Welcome to The Jimin Show! We have a very special guest… but it’s not these people. Just ignore these un-special guests,” Jimin said with a bright smile while getting up to try and cover Hoseok, Taehyung, Seokjin, Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jungkook’s faces.
“Now then… let’s welcome Y/N!” He continued as you walked towards the couch with a shy smile, sitting in between Namjoon and Jungkook.
Jimin looked through a tablet with a bright smile, “Okay… Army’s first question is… if your feeling okay from that heroic accident?” He asked as you felt all your nervousness wash away from that one question.
“Ah, thank you all for asking! The only thing I feel is major soreness and some wounds still hurt a tiny bit, but it was honestly all worth it to save that little boy,” You explained as the guys cooed.
“You’re so kind! Though why didn’t you tell us about how you were feeling? I thought we were friends!” Hoseok whined, trying to reach you only to be shoved back down by Yoongi.
“Yah, behave!” Yoongi shouted as you chuckled.
“I didn’t tell you because you all shoved a hat, sunglasses, and a mask on my face, practically dragging me out the door before I could say anything!” You shouted out, playfully sticking your tongue out at all of them.
However, suddenly Jimin squeaked when reading one of the comments making all of you look at him with raised eyebrows, “I just got scolded by some Armies for doing that! —It was all of them!!” Jimin gapped at the camera, pointing accusing fingers at the rest of the guys making you laugh.
“Wow… we got scolded by Armies? I think they love you more than us!” Jungkook said with a teasing smile as you shook your head. “Don’t be ridiculous, Kookie. They love you way more,” You said with a laugh.
After a few more questions from Armies, and some that Manager Sejin prepared. Armies were practically in love with your friendship with the guys, some even going as far as making new ship names. No Army could hate you if they tried, they all had such a strong urge to protect you and the next question that you answered sealed the deal for them permanently.
“Okay, last question… one Army asks—Are you going to be the eighth member in the group?” Jimin questioned as the guys all started to talk over you.
“Well I mean… we always hangout, so Y/N is kind of like the eighth member at this point,” Taehyung said as you shook your head no.
“Uh, no. I’m not apart of BTS, the seven titles belong only to you guys. Plus, I’d more be like the ninth member, Armies are before me so they would be the lucky number eighth!” You said without hesitation making all the guys awe and clap.
“Well that’s all for The Jimin Show! Y/N, play us out!” Jimin said making you choke in shock when a plushy microphone was thrown in your lap. Looking up to see him with a smirk, you knew this was his way of getting you back from the joke you made earlier.
“Ahh, fine! Uh, this is for Army then. Guys… little help with giving me a beat?” You asked the ones sitting on the couch as Jungkook got up with a bunny smile, grabbing some pencils on the desk to use as drumsticks while tapping against the wood. It wasn’t long before a nice beat was going as the rest of the guys joined in.
“Okay, let’s go! A splash of Namjoon in my life~” You sang while pointing at a smiling Namjoon.
“A dash of Seokjin by my side~” You sat down on the couch, nudging a laughing Seokjin’s arms playfully.
“A pinch bit of Yoongi is all I need~” You teased while pinching Yoongi’s cheeks, who tried to hide his gummy smile.
“A drop of Hobi is what I see~” You made a heart with your hands at a giddy Hoseok.
“A ray of Jimin in the sun~” You sent a flying kiss towards Jimin who playfully caught it and pretended to faint.
“A tinge of Taehyung all night long~” You winked at a bright smiling Taehyung that was clapping along to the beat.
“A tad of Jungkook, here I am~” You playfully smirked while draping yourself on Jungkook’s back, using the desk as leverage to put your head on his shoulder, who giggled slightly not minding that he lost the beat for a little bit.
“A whole lot of BTS makes me an Army fan~!” You sang the last part out loud before dropping the pushy mic as if it were a real one, laughing as everyone cheered and hearts from Armies became very high.
“Woohoo! Oncor!” All the guys shouted at the same time making you roll your eyes before all of you sang it together this time with bright smiles.
Hope you enjoyed the eleventh chapter of Keys to the Magic Door!
See you all soon, Stay Gold! <3
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Luz X Fem!Reader X Amity Poly Fluff
Tumblr media
requested by anon !! to explain; this is an example of “depends”  i typically wont do female readers unless theyre for another female character since i love to the time x readers are straight; or some other circumstances and in this case, amity is a canonical lesbian so she’s only ever getting female reader please do enjoy!
You get two ends up the stick with these two. For one, Amity is the easily flustered one, even though she does her best to mask it. Luz on the other hand is the fluster-er. She’s naturally a huge nerd, and an even bigger sweetheart so you’re gonna get your fair share of playful teasing from her. Things like kiss attack, surprise back jumps where she’ll basically throw herself on your back and hug your neck, and nerdy nicknames; as well as baby talk. With Amity, those kinds of things set her ablaze but it’s not how she rides. She’s much more secluded and low energy than Luz is. She’ll promptly pay you more low bar forms of affection such as forehead smooches, hand holding, and crafting gifts; perhaps even baking something like her delicious fairy pie. The ingredients are fairy fresh!
Your whole relationship is practically a wholesomeness overload. Just two girls who like each other, enjoy each others company, and take turns peppering each other in care, comfort, and affection. Around you and Luz, Amity becomes even more of a mess than she was before you came into the relationship. Burning up at your very presence; usually going completely pink for the entire time she’s with you. Luz on the other hand has more control. She does get flushed up at times, but the entire time she’s basically just goofing off and doing whatever she can to make you laugh; no matter how stupid it is.
Since Luz is a which-in-progress, if you want to learn more about magic it’s once again a group effort. You can all learn together especially since you and Luz would still be new to it. Amity grew up in the boiling isles and was basically born a witch; so while Eda is Luz’s main help she provides for the both of you. She’ll start you off slow, and Luz will encourage you to go further in if you really like it! Each time you learn, or try a new spell; you’re going to get encouragement kisses. 
Luz and Amity are in no way stereotypes and would never force you to act a certain way. It doesn’t matter how you act or what kind of style you have. May you like traditionally feminine things, masculine things; interests, clothes, style; they have no gender to these two. You’re still there gorgeous girlfriend and they want nothing more than for you to be you, and be happy being you!
Oh you all could fuck shit up if you wanted to! Luz is passionate and kind, but will get tough when needed. Same with Amity, she’s strong, she’s intelligent. She knows when more drastic measures are needed. With that being said, they find you so incredibly strong as well and will always remind you of that. Everyone has their own things going on, and they will provide their girl with all the emotional support she needs. Just say the word and your girlfriends will be right by your side! May a physical battle, or an emotional one.
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1uckygold · an hour ago
Keys to the Magic Door (X)
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Female Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 1.9K
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / IX / XI / More Chapters...
Tumblr media
“Yes, but—No, just let me explain… No I’m not giving attitude—Okay, I understand eomma. I need to go now, bye. Love you too,” Namjoon let out a sigh while hanging up the phone with his mother.
You laid on the floor, the cold feeling cooling down your stress as all the guys finished up with phone calls from their parents.
“Ah, her name is Y/N—Huh? No! No, no, no! Eomma, please stop!!” Jimin practically shouted into the phone, face suddenly red in embarrassment as he ran down the hallway. You couldn’t help but scrunch your nose up in curiosity on what his mom said to make him that embarrassed.
Jungkook walked in the room next, a bright bunny smile on his face, “Really?! Oh I can’t wait—Hmm? No, I’ve been a real gentleman! I even let her use my room to sleep in, while I’ve been sharing a room with Jin-hyung!” He trailed off with a proud puff of his chest, heading into the kitchen.
“Yes, appa. No, it’s fine—Eomma already what? Ah! No you don’t need… Yes, I understand. I’ll see you then,” Seokjin said, hanging up the phone call with his father and plopping down on the couch with a groan. It wasn’t long before Yoongi came into the room, throwing his phone on the couch before slumping down on the floor as well.
Taehyung came out of his room with Yeontan following closely behind, “Okay. No, I’m sure that’s fine appa. You don’t need to convince eomma otherwise—No, of course! Ah, okay. Bye,” He finished the call.
“Eomma, I can’t wait for you too meet Y/N! I taught her a few dance moves—Oh, the doctor said she’ll be fine! Yeah, it was brave!” Hoseok gushed with excitement, the conversation catching your attention immediately making you slightly sit up to see him jumping up and down.
It wasn’t long before the rest of the guys gathered into the living, “Why are you both on the floor?” Namjoon asked with a raised eyebrow.
“The cold floor is cooling my stress down,” You explained before closing your eyes, as Yoongi hummed an agreement. Though the sound of shuffling made you peak one eye open to see all the guys now on the cold floor, sighing in content.
“Manager Sejin said he was coming over later, but for all of us to stay away from any social interactions and not to leave the house,” Namjoon suddenly said quietly after a long moment of silence.
Everyone hummed a reply, not really minding having to stay away from gossip stories that are spreading like wildfire. “That’s fine… I’m sure Army will understand anyways,” Taehyung replied, feeling less stressed out about everything.
“We should use this time to figure out how Y/N can speak,” Seokjin suggests. “Hmm… well the doctors did say there was a little hope for her voice to come back,” Hoseok answered with a light shrug of his shoulders.
“Plus, it could just be her getting use to our world now. We don’t exactly know how alter-universes work, the travel might have affected her voice,” Yoongi mumbled out, his tone of voice sounding like he was getting ready to fall asleep.
Though, the idea made you actually hum in thought because that was a possibility. You didn’t really know how it worked either, so maybe the travel did effect you in some ways. I mean that first night you were here, your pretty sure that the purple magic wasn’t normal in this world.
“I’m more interested to know about Y/N’s home world,” Jungkook spoke, sitting up in a crisscross position. Soon everyone agreed, and you cracked your eyes open to see everyone but Yoongi sitting up with bright smiles as they stared at you curiously.
“Come on, please! We want to get to know more about our lovely strawberry,” Jimin said, pulling your limp body to sit up. Though, one glance at his pouty expression made you cave in.
“Fine! Though fair warning, some stuff… I still can’t remember. My memories are still kind of scrambled,” You said, now sitting up with them as they nodded in understanding. Yoongi got up too, after most of the members kept pulling him up to pay attention.
“Okay so you’re city kind of reminds me of my own, except in this world… uh, you guys don’t really have magic like in mine,” You said hesitantly watching all their eyes widen in surprise. “See in my world, it’s rare for someone to be born with a guardian or guardians,” You explained as everyone listened patiently.
“So… in your world—Us or TinyTAN are guardians…?” Namjoon asked unsure making you chuckle.
“Yes, actually. Though since it’s rare… it’s also an extremely tiny chance for someone to be born with guardians like TinyTAN. Common guardians are usually animals or mythical creatures. Except there are also many people that think those with guardians are… freaks of nature. They believe it’s not natural…” You said with a distant look in your eyes making the guys look at one another in worry.
“Guardians only show up when you really need them… after that they can come and go whenever they please after first meeting you. You need them as much as they need you. My parents were so enthusiastic when finding out I had not just one but seven guardians… maybe that’s why I feel such a connection to you guys, your basically them but much bigger,” You smiled softly.
Though suddenly, you were attacked in a hug, “We feel a connection to you too!” Jimin cried out, hugging you against his chest before everyone else joined in for a group hug. Yoongi being the only one who was forced, getting pulled into the hug by Hoseok but he didn’t make any movement to try and escape.
“Alright, alright… that’s enough about me,” You told them with a smirk, trying to get away from the hug but only for them to hold on tighter. Though you didn’t tell them the real reason why you didn’t want to talk more about your world. You knew that if you continued, you were going to cry from missing your family and friends so much, especially TinyTAN.
“No! We’re not letting you go,” Hoseok said with a laugh as you rolled your eyes playfully.
You tried to force your way out of the hug, however, your movement had caused them all to lose balance. All of you letting out yelps, falling back on the floor with a hard thug making everyone release each other.
“Ughhh… Jungkook-ah, get off,” Seokjin groaned out, pushing the youngest off him making everyone laugh.
“Ah! Y/N! I also forgot to tell you that… my parents saw the news and they want to meet you,” Namjoon said with a shy expression. The comment making the others perk up as well, all of them saying the exact same thing about their parents.
“We can schedule a family dinner this weekend! Yeah, we can plan it all out!” Seokjin said with excitement, already running a plan through his mind.
However, before any of you could go more into details about anything, you all heard footsteps coming into the living room. “Guys? Are you all here?” Manager Sejin called out near the front door.
You all immediately got up from the floor to rush at him, “There you all are. Y/N, how are you feeling? That was really brave of you to rescue that kid. If it was me in that situation, I would’ve done the same thing,” Sejin said while checking your wounds over to make sure they weren’t that serious.
“I’m fine. Nothing that serious,” You said with a shy smile as the manager looked at you with wide eyes that you spoke but didn’t comment on it.
“How is everything going… gossip wise?” Yoongi asked with a frown.
“Yeah, about that… we’re going to need to do an interview tomorrow for Army and the world. So tomorrow, you all are going live. We will get you all setup, have questions prepared, and you could even answer some of Army’s questions. Oh, don’t worry Y/N! Just remember the niece story and you’ll do fine. The boys will help you through it,” Sejin said as you nodded in understanding.
“Yeah, there’s no need to worry! We’ll help you! In fact, we will even treat you as an important guest on a show!” Jungkook exclaimed as he draped his arm over your shoulder making you chuckle.
“Yoongi can even be your bodyguard,” Jimin snorted out in laughter as Yoongi rolled his eyes with a slight smile.
“Yes, and I’ll be your lovely handsome talk-show host! Only because the others are not as beautiful as me to be one,” Seokjin said while running a hand through his hair with a smirk as Namjoon threw a pillow at his head making him shout in surprise.
Hoseok pulled you out of Jungkook’s arms, hugging you close, “Guess I’ll just be the celebrity boyfriend,” He teased with a wink as Manager Sejin held in a laugh at the other boys gapping faces.
“Wait! Why do you get that role?!” They all yelled out at Hoseok before the guys ran around the living room, fighting one another by throwing pillows at each other.
“Uh, hot chocolate?” Sejin asked you with a raised eyebrow in question, ignoring the boys who didn’t notice you both go into the kitchen.
“Oh, yes please!” You said excitedly, jumping around like a little kid getting a present on Christmas. Sejin smiled in amusement, already taking a liking to you like he did with the boys. In fact, he wouldn’t even mind if you were his real niece.
“How is it living with these crazy seven?” He asked while you took your usual seat on the counter.
Looking over to where the guys were laughing as they chased each other, you smiled to yourself, “It’s been fun actually. I know that I’ve only know the guys for a little while, but they remind me so much of my mini boys that it actually feels like I always knew them,” You explained.
“Yeah, I could understand that. Speaking of which, next week your new ID, passport, and credit will be coming in,” Sejin said while handing you his famous hot chocolate.
“The credit card was unnecessary, but thank you,” You said with a small smile, both of you clinking your mugs together before you took a careful sip. The hot chocolaty liquid going down your throat making you hum in delight.
“Okay… this is really good. You need to teach me this,” You said with bright eyes, drinking some more as Sejin laughed.
“Did you guys make hot chocolate without us?!” Seven voices yelled from the living room, clearly offended.
“Uh… No… of course not…” Both you and Sejin mumbled out, turning your backs towards them while drinking your hot chocolate faster as the guys ran into the kitchen with a whine.
Hope you enjoyed the tenth chapter of Keys to the Magic Door! Meeting the parents soon and ARMY? Good-luck!
See you all soon, Stay Gold! <3
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maplecornia · an hour ago
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔱: 3.06K
𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢: romance | slice of life | fluff | angst | bts x female!reader | ot7
𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: You watched them from the sidelines ever since you were a young teenage girl. Now you’re grown up, they’ve returned after 2 long years and everything has changed. What happens when you pull back the mask and find the darkness within? What happens when you see that they’re broken?
𝔞/𝔫: everytime I upload a chapter my tags increase LMAO i hope you guys are enjoying the story so far ^^
𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: cliffhangers | angst | fluff | slight mentions of self hatred | depression | mental health illness | self harm | occurs in the year 2024 | set in a timeline where BTS went to the military together | slight language
tags: @kookaine | @fangirl125reader | @kookiebbyxx | @taradevonne
Tumblr media
What is he doing here?
And whose clothes do those belong to?
You mouth his name, and in his eyes, you can see the surprise turn to shame.
The sick feeling in your stomach grows bigger.
You pray that you're wrong. That for the first time in your life, your intuition isn't correct. That what you think happened was merely a misunderstanding. That he didn't do what you think he did.
You want to reassure yourself that you didn't give up your heart in vain.
That he still loves you.
But everything points to the signs.
The fact that he only wears boxers, his smooth muscled skin shining in the soft moonlight.
The pile of mixed clothes on the floor.
The look in his eyes and the ruffled mess of his hair.
Everything tells you what you already know.
"What's going on?" you ask, your voice shaking. He doesn't meet your eyes.
The sick feeling grows deeper in your chest.
"What's going on?" you repeat, your voice stronger and more severe.
Even if your heart can't stand strong, at least you can.
He opens his mouth to reply, but instead, you hear a woman's voice from the bedroom.
Your bedroom.
"Babe, who is that?" you can't seem to look away from the door that it materialized from, as he looks between it and you, unsure of what to do. As though he were the one trapped. As though he were the one who was in pain. As though he were the victim here.
Instead of the murderer.
As she comes into view in the doorway, rubbing her eyes and running her hands through her hair, you can't move. You're frozen, and the world completely disappears, a roar of static noise rising in your ears.
This can't be happening. Not to you. You were so careful. You were so sure. So sure that he felt the same. So sure that he was yours and yours alone. So sure that nothing would be able to break what you shared. That you had finally found the one.
However, as she looks at you, her green eyes spark with realization. Then as they quickly turn to shame, she avoids your gaze as well.
You know.
This is happening.
It's real.
And there's no turning back from it.
You can't feel yourself as you start to cry.
In the shower, the hot water clings to your skin, mixing with the tears. You lean against the tiled wall, squeezing your eyes shut, you cling to yourself. Nails digging into your flesh, you bite your lip, shaking violently.
Mixed images of his face flash through your mind unwillingly.
Hiding alone, the steam surrounding you in a thick veil of deception, you give in to the pain.
You allow the tears to come.
You allow his face to stare into yours once more. You paint the same hazelnut gaze of his eyes. You try to recall the safety you once felt when he held you in his arms. You pull pieces of the same warmth that rose in your cold body flushing your face when he smiled at you, out of the depths of your mind. You look for the tenderness reflecting in his eyes when he whispered that he loved you. You sigh as you remember the way his curly hair had felt on your skin as you ran your hands through it. You picture his perfectly sculpted face, high cheekbones, and long eyelashes. The strong jaw and full lips. The curve of his throat and the touch of his body.
The mirage holds you in its embrace, makes you forget everything, all the pain, all the hurt, the betrayal that tore your soul apart for his pleasure.
However, when it leans in to kiss you, your eyes fly open to reality, and you find yourself hugging your body, the shower still running.
Shaking your head, you proceed to clean yourself, hoping that perhaps the water could wash away the pain.
Some things weren't enough. Some things are not good to dwell over. Some things are better left locked away.
In the end, it wasn't real.
None of it was real.
Done with the shower, you turn the water off, strands of hair falling in your face, and droplets of water dripping off of your body.
Was any part you enough to keep him?
Was this body?
Was it enough to have him wait for you?
Looking down at yourself, you press your fingers against your stomach, pulling at the flesh and skin as though it would change anything.
Were you enough?
Shaking the thought out of your mind, you reach for your towel as you open the shower curtain and step out into the steamy bathroom. Flipping on the fan switch, you dry yourself off, avoiding the reflection in the mirror. You lotion your body down, before pulling on your bra and underwear. Ignoring the drips from your hair, you tug on a loose T-shirt and shorts, and shake out your head, water falling everywhere as though you were a wet dog.
Sighing, you turn to the mirror, where fog from the shower is fading, water droplets trailing down like rain and making pathways. You follow them with your eyes for a moment before, in a sudden urge, you swipe your hand across the screen, destroying their peaceful journey. What's left of your reflection.
Staring into your eyes, you can see just how tired you look. Just how worn down you are. Touching just below your eye, the dark circles under your eyes from restless nights of tears and loss of sleep stand out like a stain on your skin.
What has he done to you?
This isn't you, this isn't who you are.
What has he turned you into?
Sighing, you turn away from the mirror and pull on your robe.
Drying your hair off with your towel, you pull open the door and walk outside, your wet feet slapping on the crisp wood floor as you make your way into the living room.
You look around for any sign of Jae or Miji, but they are nowhere to be seen. Glancing over at the kitchen island, you spot a small piece of paper. Taking it into your fingers, you read the neat block letters of Jaejin's handwriting. His Korean alphabet is so structured, so neat and so straight as though it were the writing of a computer. It reads:
“Hey, I’m sorry we left, but Mijeong prepared a surprise birthday dinner for me tonight, we’ll be back later so help yourself to make dinner or whatever. Remember this is your home now too, I love you!!”
You smile at the thoughtful letter and pocket it in your robe.
You had prepared a gift for Jae today yourself, but you'd reckon you'd just give it to him later.
Turning to the room you take a deep breath before beginning to explore.
The living room is very spacious, which you prefer. The TV is elevated on the left wall from the kitchen, the couch positioned against the right wall across from the screen. In the middle of the room, there is a cute small glass coffee table with forgotten magazines and books laying on top of it. Underneath the TV there are many different bookshelves with movies, books, and magazines shelved on them. All around the apartment, there are potted plants, cute decorations, and some photographs.
Stepping onto the carpet, you dig your feet into it as though it were the warm sand on the beach.
"I would have been fine sleeping on this floor, you know. This is like heaven." You murmur to yourself, closing your eyes in content. You wait there for a moment before the soft plinks of rain begin outside, knocking you out of your stupor.
Opening your eyes, you turn to the balcony's clear screen door and press your hand against it. Gazing outside, you smile at the sight of rain against the lights of the city. Opening the door a crack, you close your eyes, taking a deep breath.
After a moment, you step back inside and shut the screen door, turning to the kitchen. You pull out a pot and fill it with water before setting it on the ceramic stove and heating it. As you wait for it to boil, you pull out your phone and turn the notifications off from vibration. As soon as you do, you click on your Instagram and into the group chat you share with your friends.
Looking through, you can't help but feel a bit conflicted.
Biting your lip, your finger hovers over the message box before you quickly pull away and place your phone on the counter. Letting out a shaky breath, you swallow the lump rising dangerously in your throat before looking away.
You're sensitive today.
You knew it was going to be like this.
When you moved in the middle of high school back home, it was the same. Their lives carried on without you. They still had fun, they still had other things to do, they still had a life outside of you. Outside of you being there.
Things were different.
They were still your friends, they'll always be your friends, but they weren't the same.
Will they ever be the same?
When you hear the crackling of the boiling water, your head snaps up and you pocket the phone once more. You pull the pot off the stove and grab a mug out of one of the many cabinets in Jae's kitchen. As you set it beside the cooling water on the counter, you search his pantry for a cocoa mix. Normally you would have tea, but right after the sight of the rain, you're in the mood for something to warm you from the inside out.
Something to remind you of home.
On cold, rainy days after you and your friends would practice at the dance studio, or finish having a meal together or anything simple like that; you would hurry home and with your group, you would make them cocoa. You would start a fire and would sit with each other spending the time together, happy and complete.
The nostalgia and sadness growing too much, you are relieved when you find the hot cocoa packets. You let out a little shout of happiness and accomplishment before walking out of the pantry and dumping the contents into the cup. Setting the packet aside, you take the pot of water and carefully pour it into the cup as well. While the powder and water slowly swirl together, you rummage for a spoon before mixing it. Once you're satisfied, you sip it carefully and...
...almost burn your tongue off.
Coughing violently, you set it down and focus on putting away everything you brought out, giving it time to cool off. Once everything is done and put away, you pick up your mug, holding it to your face as you softly blow on it. Even now the smell and the warmth of it is getting rid of the chill you feel whenever you're alone.
Settling yourself amongst the blankets and pillows on the couch, you take the TV remote off of the coffee table and turn on the TV. Netflix pops up and you search for a K- drama you were watching before you left. When you find it, you press play, leaving off captions so that you can practice your Korean a bit more.
As the intro starts, you hum along to it, setting up a sort of bed so you can watch comfortably. Once it's done, you lay down, your head sinking into a pillow comfortably, and a soft gray blanket pulled over your body. You're in a position so that you can still lounge but won't spill your cocoa.
As the show begins, you mouth the words along with them. When you can't catch what they say, you're quick to rewind it and try it again until you understand. You laugh with the show, cry with it, finding yourself on an emotional roller coaster.
You've always been like this, too emotional, too easily attached, too naive. Always careful to keep yourself at a reasonable distance from anyone who could hurt you. From anyone who you couldn't handle if they left you. It takes a while for you to open yourself up to someone, and when you do, you're wholly and completely theirs.
It's a lose-lose situation.
A lose-lose way of life.
Before you know it, the cocoa is gone and the episode is almost over. Setting the mug on the coffee table, you settle back into the pillow. As you watch, your eyes grow heavy, and you drift further and further away. The last thing you see before you close them is their touching kiss before they flutter shut and you fall into a restless sleep.
Hours pass as you lie there on the couch, sleeping. The show continues to play until the question "are you still watching?" shows up on the screen as it often does when you've been watching for a while without much activity.
Once the show is off, the apartment goes silent and it seems almost empty. In the far background, there are the sounds of cars honking, the screech of tires on the pavement, even the sound of music from the billboards and clubs.
This is like home, these sounds are familiar. These are the reasons why you sleep so soundly, hugging the pillow as though it were your lifeline.
You do not wake when Mijeong and Jaejin enter the apartment. They are laughing, but as soon as they see you on the couch, fast asleep, they fall quiet, each one of them smiling softly.
They hold unimaginable compassion for you and deep love.
Mijeong immediately sets down her stuff, sliding out of her shoes and walking towards you. Tenderly, she brushes back your hair as though she were your mother taking care of you.
“She’s sound asleep.” She whispers, just as Jaejin joins her side.
“That’s not like her. She’s such a light sleeper, she would have woken up when we came home.” He replies worry reflected in his eyes. Mijeong’s smile, at his statement, fades away and she nods.
“She must be in so much pain that she wants to drown out the world around her,” Mijeong says sadly before standing up and clearing her throat.
“Let's take her to her room.” When Jaejin doesn't move, she gives him an expectant look and he jolts to attention. She hits him softly on his arm and he lets out a slight joking yelp.
"I was going to do it, I just wasn't ready yet." He whines, and she chuckles before leading the way to your room as Jaejin picks you up with strong, sure arms. Cradled in his arms as though you were a baby, he looks down at you with a tender look. He hates that he can't help you.
No one can.
He smiles how sound asleep you are now, cradled in his arms, your head resting against the crook of his neck. Mijeong, watching the encounter, smiles as well. He notices her look and his attention changes immediately from you to her in a second.
“What is it?” he asks, and she shakes her head, opening the door to your newly acclaimed bedroom.
“Nothing.” She says but a sly smile is playing at her lips, as though she’s concealing a secret. Which she is. A secret that, at that moment, she thought he would make a great father. A secret that at that moment, she wanted things with him that were far off in the future, but very real to her now.
As they walk into your room, Mijeong pulls back the covers, and Jaejin sets you down softly on the bed. Once you are out of his arms, and Mijeong pulls the covers up over your body, you settle instinctively into the soft mattress, and immediately curl up into a ball, holding tightly to one of the many pillows on your bed. They smile as they watch over you, and Jaejin presses a soft kiss on your forehead. Mijeong does the same, brushing back strands of hair on your forehead. Turning around, they share a tender look before walking out of the room and cracking the door shut behind them.
“Are you sure that she’ll be okay?” Mijeong asks as soon as the door is shut. Jaejin looks at her a bit surprised.
“Of course. Why, are you having second thoughts?” he asks before heading into the living room, Mijeong not far behind.
"No. I'm not, I just....I wish we could tell her before we do anything. She's going to wake up and we'll be gone." Mijeong explains, following him and settling on the counter. Jaejin pauses from setting the living room in order and turns to her. He takes her hand in his own and kisses her softly on the forehead before pressing his forehead to hers tenderly.
"I love you, and I wish we could have told her before we leave tomorrow, but she will be okay. She'll have the apartment, and my job at Big Hit to take over. Everything will be okay." He reassures her. Mijeong hesitates before nodding her head in agreement. Jaejin smiles, before pulling away and turning off the TV. "Besides, I'll leave her a note just like we did tonight before we take off in the morning. This is just too much of an amazing opportunity for you and for me to waste."
"I know." Mijeong answers, rocking on the counter as she swings her legs back and forth. "Not every model gets a chance to appear at Fashion Week, but Jae....she'll be all alone."
Done with ordering the room, he chuckles as he begins to make his way back to her.
"She is a grown-up you know. It’s only a few months, she can take care of herself." He says, pulling her off the counter and spinning around in the air before setting her down as she giggles and leans on him, a little dizzy.
"Don't worry," he reassures her once more before heading into their room, his voice fading as he closes the door behind him.
"Yen will be okay. She always is."
Tumblr media
𝔫𝔬𝔱𝔢: thanks to everyone who read! so why do you think miss Yen moved to Korea?
I'm going to be updating my mutuals list (because I never had it to begin with ;-;) on my navigation so if you want to be added, pls ask me ^^ thankssss
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Comforting Rex - headcanons!
Warnings: None! Just fluffy stuff! 
A/N: Now that I am a so-deemed “Rexpert” by @rebeldaydreams, I thought I’d supply some Rex headcanons! These started as hug hcs but now they’re more “what would comfort and calm Rex between missions?” 
I knew I needed to get my first writing on this account out the way otherwise I’d keep being scared to post and never would have 😂 A huge thank you to @rebeldaydreams for encouraging me to start this blog up and for bouncing ideas off my rambles!
Reader is a tactician for the 501st who was sent at the behest of the Jedi council. They wanted to round out Anakin's battle plans to be more consistent and less of the "I'm gonna make some sarky comments and cut some droids down" attitude. Rex and reader go on nearly every campaign together aside from when reader is on leave (not being Kaminoan property means she is legally required to take more time off field). The two develop a relationship during the clone wars, but they try to keep it on the downlow.
Rex is naturally a physically affectionate person, which shocked you at first. Maybe he's touch starved? He doesn't really get much physical comfort while on duty (which probably attributes for his stoic role Captaining the 501st) aside from the occasional pat on the back from Fives or high five from Ahsoka, so at ease in your quarters he can just revel in it. And actually, it's through this ease with you that he starts to naturally extend a bit more affection to his brothers, while still keeping it professional, of course.
You wouldn't call him needy by any stretch, but you can definitely tell when he's yearning for your touch. If you have a day together around the apartment but you're preoccupied by cooking or other chores, you'll get an occasional pry for love from him. He comes towards you with his arms open in question, and sighs contentedly when you step into them. He loves holding his hand against the back of your head and squishing his face into your hair. He loves just inhaling the smell of you.
Another thing you realise about Rex is how much he enjoys soft things. You bought him a bunch of civilian clothes to wear at your place when you first started dating. Mainly comfy pyjama bottoms and shirts for him to lounge around in. You know that anywhere else in the galaxy he can't just fall into relaxation and calm, so you do your best to give him that environment to come to when possible. Anything to lift the burden of war.
 You have this one blanket that hangs over the back of your sofa, so similar to how he requests hugs, on the colder days he shuffles up behind you with the blanket draped around his shoulders like a bat and pulls it around you, too. He wraps his arms across your torso and nuzzles his chin into your shoulder.
If he's moving past you, he ghosts his hand along your waist. Expect a warm cheek kiss, too. If you're lost in thought and don't acknowledge the first kiss, he comes back in and peppers you with an abundance of kisses.
Rex likes being the big spoon. He takes great pride in being the one to keep you safe and protected. He often wonders if you were destined to be together through the ways of the Force due to how perfectly your bodies fit together. He loves the way you curl into his side.
But that doesn’t mean he’s not sometimes the little spoon. After particularly hard missions like Umbara he comes trudging in through the door and tries to pretend he's fine until eventually you press him to come settle. You assume the big spoon position. He lays his head in your lap and gets really relaxed when you lightly scratch and trail your fingers across his scalp. He likes pressing his ear right against your chest because it calms him hearing your heartbeat. It’s a huge anchor for him to know you’re alive.
If you hold him tight enough he’ll eventually open up, whether that be through anger - not directed at you, you’re just the person he’s channelling his feelings to - or through crying. When this happens his forehead is clenched and he’s biting his lip to remain composed until eventually a few tears spill onto you. Sometimes it stops there, other times the dam breaks and he starts weeping. You rub firm circles between his shoulder blades and press kisses to the side of his head.
Despite being grown in a test tube and having no nurturing intervention as a child, you also discover that it’s comforting to him when you make gentle shushing sounds. You suppose it’s the ‘S’ syllable, like the sea gently lulling him into peace. Sometimes swaying him helps, too.
Rex is a naturally warm person, like a human furnace. He doesn't like when you press your feet against his because anything less than his body temperature is cold to him. He gets all grumbly initially but eventually just smiles at the way you rub them back and forth against him to create friction. He enjoys having your legs tangled up with his when you have cozy mornings in bed together. It makes him feel connected to you.
Back to hair. If your hair is long enough he plays with it. He twirls it round his finger and brushes his cheek against it. He loves how soft it is. But watch out, he does it to relax when stressed so you definitely have some broken hair from the tight twisting of strands. When he eventually finds out about it, he's mortified, and apologises profusely.
He's a really light sleeper. He would have to be as a Captain, used to short pitstops of rest on campaigns and disturbed sleep if a squad of clankers happen upon his men. So if he dozes off while snuggling, make sure you're in a comfortable position, because any slight movement or sound is enough to wake him up.
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Icy Winds - Part 5
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Tumblr media
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
A/N - Angst, but make it comedial 😃. Also, surprise surprise Slutz 💞💞.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| WARNINGS || Language, Explicit themes, Sexual themes, Unprotected sex, Threesome (M x M x F), Oral (both M and F receiving), fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, squirting, insane sensitivity, Professor Kink, Double penetration (in vagina only), Hair-pulling Kink, praise kink, sub and dom complex (reader switches often), spitting kink, choking kink, Rough sex, BDSM (very light), Angst Galore, pet names, Age gap (reader in her early 20s, Steve and Bucky in their late 30s),
|| PAIRINGS || Dark!Professor!Steve x Dark!Professor!Bucky x Dark!Student!Reader
1.2k Words (This one's a little shorter. It's a workup chapter to part six)
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Previous Part
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"It's strange. Usually, in a coma, patients can't react much. Although it's uncommon, sometimes they can hear and feel everything, but they can't talk or be responsive at all." "So what does that mean, Doc?" "It means that unlike Steven and James, Y/N isn't in a coma."
You snorted, "James. Hah. That's funny. That's like those names that those boomer fuckboys have." The dark-skinned man in your room's eyes went wide. "Watch your mouth, Sweetheart. Here, sleep for a while." You frowned, "I don't even know you, who are you?" The man blinked, "Sam, I'm Samuel Wilson, your best friend..."
You sighed, looking the man that was apparently Sam, up and down, "I think I'd remember having a bestfriend this hot." Sam turned towards the doctor, "I don't know how to take that." You smirked as the two men moved aside to talk a little more privately, "A compliment, babe."
Sam watched as you reclined back in your bed and brought your fingers up to dance delicately on your bandages before wincing and pulling away. "Memory loss, Doc?" The doctor sighed, "Yes. She's suffered quite the blow to her head in the accident and then she tried to cauterize herself. It should come of no surprise that she suffers brain trauma, which inadvertently affects her memory as well."
Sam sighed as he tapped his fingers on the table standing next to him. "Well, what does she remember?" "I'm afraid other than any academic details, she remembers nothing." Sam paused, pursing his lips, "That means she remembers nothing of her personal life?" "That's right." The doctor left Sam and you to have some privacy as you watched Sam lean onto the table and take heaving breaths. Was he crying?
"Hey, don't be sad I don't remember you. The doctor said I could be suffering from memory loss. But if you say your my best friend, then I believe you." Sam turned around, eyes red and wet and you gave him your bravest smile, despite the fact that you were both in physical and emotional turmoil and pain yourself. "Thank you, Sweetheart. Now, sleep. Seriously." You nodded as you sunk into the semi-soft gurney and let your eyes close.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
"Hey guys. The doc said you could hear me so I thought I'd put your minds to ease and make sure you know that Y/N's alright. She's resting." Sam looked over at the heart monitors to see the previously scattered heart rate relax a little. So they could hear him. "Y/N... well she suffers from memory loss. Guess you guys could get that restart you always wanted with her, huh?" Sam joked as he sat down on the bed beside Steve.
Bucky was on the gurney a few feet away from his husband. Both of them looked utterly fucked up and so did Y/N. Baggy eyes, black and blue marks all over their bodies, bloody gashes adorning their faces. Sam was enraged, he couldn't think straight. All he knew was that he had to kill off the rivaling gang that had killed both Wanda and Pietro, and had almost killed Steve, Bucky and Y/N.
So Sam brought in the most dangerous and reckless person he could think of, because that's what Sam needed to be right now, dangerous and reckless. If he was in his senses, he might have thought of the complications and risk, but he didn't. He called the one man who would fix this, the one man who had ran away so many years ago.
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
You slapped Sam's arm, your face portraying such raw shock that Sam had trouble stiffling his laugh. "Shut up! You're telling me the Earth isn't flat!" Sam rolled his eyes, "I thought the doctor said all academic memories will still be intact. Guess you have a loose nut up there." You chuckled as you leaned back and relaxed in the bed. "Man, I'm glad I have a bestfriend like you, even if I don't remember you."
Sam frowned slightly, he wasn't a good friend, at all. Nevertheless he was glad he got a second chance with you. Suddenly you sat straight up in bed like an excited chihuahua. "Do I have... a boyfriend?" Sam grimaced. How could he explain your situation. Like, no Y/N, you don't have a boyfriend, you have two psychopaths who kidnapped you and force you to fuck them...
Luckily, Sam was saved by having to answer that question as someone knocked the door. "C'mon in." You shouted.
A man with a sharp black suit, black sunglasses resting in the front pocket, long dress shoes and salt and pepper hair walked in. He made his way to your bedside as he smiled down at you. "Hey baby. I'm back." You furrowed your brows, "I'm sorry... who are you?" The man looked over at Sam with an incredulous expression.
"I did mention that she lost her memory, right?" Sam asked and the man shrugged, "Yeah, because this is the face of a person in the know." Sam sighed, "Maybe don't drop this bomb on her just yet." You narrowed your eyes at the man as you assessed his dark brown eyes, they unnerved you, they made you feel... angry yet secured.
"I'm not going to lie to my daughter." You gasped in shock, "Dad?" The man smiled over at you, "It's me baby. Daddy's back."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
Sam chewed on his lip nervously as he paced Steve and Bucky's room. A million questions flood his head.
How will Sam tell them about Y/N's dad being back when they wake up? Will they wake up? How will they react when they find out who Y/N's dad is? Will they kill Sam for hiding this from them? Was all this really worth it?
"I can hear your brain noise from here. What's up?" Sam looked over at the owner of the scratchy and dry voice. "Steve... you're up?" "You don't sound so happy, Wilson." Sam chuckled, "I'm ecstatic." Steve sighed, "I feel like there a but coming." "I have to tell you something." "What did you do now, Wilson?"
"N-nothing. I might have... called... Y/N's dad..." Steve shrugged, "So? Why are you so scared to tell me that?" Sam took a deep breath as he turned to Steve, his whole body trembled and shook. He knew he had fucked up, real bad, he remembered 5 years ago...
"Tell them I died. Fake my death somehow." "But, what about Y/N?" Sam's closest friend and Y/N's dad looked over at the young woman practicing throwing knives at the dartboard. "She'll be okay." "You've got a lot of loose ends here." "Then tie em up." "You know I've never been good at this shit." The man grabbed Sam's shoulders. His eyes were crazed.
"They're all after me, Sam. They're all after me and if they're after me then they're after Y/N. Do you understand that I'm doing this to keep her safe?" "What about Steve and Bucky? They're going to be crushed if you die." "They'll find a way to survive. Everyone eventually does."
And so Sam helped him fake his death, escape from the country and live his life anew somewhere else. But now he was back and he was the main link between Y/N, Steve and Bucky and that was bad... really, really bad. It could reveal Y/N's past and if that happened, it would be the end of her...
"Jesus, you look like you're about to pass out. What's wrong?" Sam looked into Steve's eyes, "Y/N's father isn't just anyone..." Steve scoffed, "Alright, who is it?" Sam bit his lip as he found his courage to look into Steve's blue eyes. "Y/N's father is Tony."
| *°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*||*°~•♡•~°*|
|| Permanent Taglist || @bucksfucks @marvelfansworld @speechlessxx @ladydmalfoy @babyboibucky
|| Series Taglist || @vicmc624 @wicked-mind
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Keys to the Magic Door (IX)
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Female Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 1.8K
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / VIII / X / XI / More Chapters...
Tumblr media
You were quick on your feet, and soon the world that was spinning came to a complete stop. ‘Just in time…’ You thought as you and the little boy were safe after you practically tackled him in your embrace before tumbling out of the way from the vehicle. Any second later, and you don’t know what would have happened.
“Y/N! Oh my god…” The guys shouted, running towards you as the car screeched to a halt a little far away.
Groaning, you released the little boy that was crying hysterical and holding on to you for dear life. “My baby!! Oh, thank you!! Thank you so much!!” The child’s mom said with sobs escaping her, throwing her purse and phone on the ground to cradle her son in her arms.
You smiled, only to hiss in pain as you tried to get up. The tumble from crashing into the ground and taking the full force of the hit to protect the kid left you feeling beaten up. Looking at yourself, you noticed you had a few scrapes and cuts from the street ground, there was also going to be some definite bruising come morning with possible soreness.
“Y/N! You’re bleeding! That was reckless and brave at the same time that I can’t even be mad at you for it!!” Seokjin shouted out at you as all the guys kneeled next to you to check your injures.
Soon, you were getting a bunch of worried scolding, even Jungkook was crying when he noticed that you groaned in pain from a single touch to inspect a small cut on your cheek.
“Guys, enough!!! I’m fine!!!” You yelled out, only for yours and their eyes to widen. During the whole tumble, you completely forgotten that you actually spoke out loud for the first time since you’ve been here.
“Y-You… I mean your…” The seven stuttered out, none being able to form a complete sentence. Especially since your voice sounded more… heavenly that had them wanting to hear more. Though they completely snapped out of it when you got half-way up before crying out in distress, falling into Yoongi’s arms.
“We can talk about this later! Right now our main priority should be getting a doctor to check her out at the house,” Namjoon said seriously as everyone agreed, seeing some on-lookers whispering to themselves.
Yoongi quickly picked you up bridle style, which slightly surprised you since from the time you spent with him, you knew the rapper wasn’t very good when it came to affection. “Wow… Y/N gets hurt and suddenly it’s like Yoongi-hyung gains super strength,” Jimin teased, trying to make you laugh so you wouldn’t focus on the pain.
It worked.
You couldn’t help but shake with laughter as you buried your face in Yoongi’s chest. Though the mood changed drastically when the driver of the vehicle ran up to you all with panic on his face.
“Miss are you okay?! I’m so sorry! I didn’t—” The man begin to explain himself only for Taehyung to give Hoseok his dog as him and Jungkook got into the man’s face angrily. “Yah, don’t talk to her! You couldn’t see that little boy or are you blind? Next time you shouldn’t be driving that fast! You’re so lucky—” Taehyung began yelling, drawing more attention as Jimin had to hold him back.
Jungkook was just glaring at the scared man, his tall stature towering over the guy. In fact, all seven of the guys were glaring hard daggers at the poor man, no one needed to see behind their sunglasses to know that. “Stop! It’s fine, we’re fine. I’m so sorry, sir. There just… protective. I know you didn’t mean any harm, the little boy just walked out on the street at the wrong time,” You said gently from Yoongi’s arms. The man feeling relieved when the guy’s stare was off him.
“Guys, apologize. Now! You know it was by accident,” You said with a scolding tone as all the boys suddenly looked sheepish before bowing and saying a bunch of apologies. You knew that they were just being protective because it could’ve ended a lot worse, but it didn’t excuse them for practically wanting to rip the guy a new one.
Hoseok pulled off his jacket to drape it over you like a blanket as Seokjin made sure the woman and her son were okay. Namjoon was on his phone, making calls and explaining the situation so they can get the same doctor from last time to come over to the house immediately. While Jungkook and Jimin ran to get the two cars that was still parked nearby the park. Taehyung was holding Yeontan, making funny faces to get you to laugh.
“Maybe we should get Y/N, her very own room. We can change the extra room that is just used as a home-office into a bedroom,” Hoseok suggested while the rest of you wait for the two cars away from the crowd that was forming from the accident. You turned down the idea immediately, however, was outnumbered by everyone else.
“That’s… actually not a bad idea. Though first we should focus on the second finest being here,” Seokjin said, gesturing to you.
“Second finest?” You said with a raised eyebrow, smirking in amusement.
“Well of course because I’m here. You should know that I’m worldwide handsome,” Seokjin said while winking your way and running a hand through his hair making a smile crack on your face. Well… he’s not wrong.
It wasn’t long before Jimin and Jungkook arrived with the two cars, the youngest getting out immediately to toss Seokjin the keys and entering the car you were in. “Y/N-ah, are you sure you’re actually fine?” Jungkook asked with sad doe eyes.
When in the car, Yoongi set you down gently in the seats before sliding in next to you while Jungkook took the other side, Seokjin was driving with Namjoon sitting in the front seat. “Nothing feels broken or sprained. It’s just the scrapes that really hurt, as well as that tumble fall,” You said with a hiss when touching a scrape from your knuckles.
“That’s good. Though you’re still getting a check-up from the doctor, just in case,” Namjoon said, turning into his seat to give you a stern look that left no room for arguing, not that you wanted to anyways.
You nodded with a tired yawn, your body feeling exhausted from the accident. “No. No sleep until the doctor says it’s okay. Sleeping after an accident is bad unless you’re cleared that you don’t have a concussion,” Yoongi stated with a frown, lightly tugging at a strand on your hair to wake you up more.
Seokjin looked at you three through the rear-view mirror, “Yah, stay awake. We’re almost back home. Yoongi-yah and JK, keep her awake. It’s better safe than sorry,” He instructed as the two in the backseat nodded. Both boys doing their own thing to keep you wake until back at the house.
All eight of you arrived at the house minutes later, only for an hour more to pass-by as the doctor finished her check-up. “Well she doesn’t appear to have any serious injuries. Just a few minor cuts and scrapes, along with bruising. Miss Army will definitely be sore tomorrow, however. I recommend to clean the wounds until they heal, as well as rest,” She stated with seriousness.
The doctor gave you an apologetic look when she started to clean the last wound, seeing your face scrunch up in slight discomfort. “Thank you, doctor,” Namjoon said as the rest of the guys thanked her, feeling relieved at the good news.
“I’m guessing this happened from Miss Y/N saving a young boy, correct?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. The question catching everyone completely off guard, not expecting that to be the doctors next words.
“How do you know about that?” Jimin asked with wide eyes as the woman looked at them with pure confusion. “What do you mean, Mr. Park? It’s all over the news,” She said with a frown as you all looked at one another in panic.
Namjoon and Seokjin quickly escorted the doctor towards the door, thanking her one last time. Though the rest of you didn’t waste time to sit on the couch and turn on the TV to watch the news channel. Gasps were heard around the room when hearing the news.
“Earlier today, the famous Seven boy group known as BTS were seen with a mysterious woman that heroically risked her life to save a child. We were able to obtain this amateur footage showing what happened—,” A woman spoke clearly before a video that was recorded from a phone started to play.
The video showed at first, the eight of you walking out of the building in ‘disguises’ from your hats and sunglasses. It was clearly a female that recorded it as her screaming fangirling was heard before it zoomed in on you running into the street and grabbing the child minutes away from the car.
You flinched seeing the way your body tumbled to the ground, arms protecting the little boy close to you as the seven in the video looked horrified, running towards you. Then you all groaned when seeing that this random woman got the little fight between Taehyung going off a little at the poor driver while you were in Yoongi’s arms.
“Wow… that was something. Did you see the care they showed for her? Who is this mysterious woman? A relative? Friend? Fan? Or lover? Though one thing is for sure, she’s a hero and clearly important to the group for the member known as V to go off like that. We will be back, hopefully with more information, right after this commercial break—,” A man next said.
All your jaws dropped, and it wasn’t long before the guys phones started to go off with a bunch of notifications. Some from their manager and a lot from news alert, as well as Army posts from different apps, even getting non-stop calls from their parents. It was clear to everyone; you were all screwed, and the disguises sucked… your existence and life with the boys was now public.
Hope you enjoyed the ninth chapter of Keys to the Magic Door!
You're out in the open, but saving a life was worth it. Though what happens next?
See you all soon, Stay Gold! <3
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waywardimpalawriter · an hour ago
“Kissing me breaks the promise… remember?" with Javier and can I please have a happy ending, I know it's angst prompts but.... :D Thank you!
Tumblr media
Crazy Love
Pairing: Javier Peña x Plus Size Female Reader
Characters: Javier Peña, Steve Murphy, mentions Connie Murphy
Setting: After season one episode 7 ‘You will cry tears of blood’, five months after the events in ‘Heels’,
Rating: M (Mature), E (Explicit), NSFW, 18+ only please
Warnings: mentions of gun violence, almost killing a child, self hatred, smut, unprotected sex, Angry Javier (yes he needs a warning), angst, slight fluff at the end,
Summary: One slip up, reacting too quickly he could’ve ended the life of one way too young to fight the wars of old men. Thoughts filled with darkness, what if’s and self degradation. Wanting to loose himself in the only way he knows. To find because of you he can brave the dawn and the coming war.
Word count: 5,985 (with lyrics)
Notes: Thank you so much for the request sweetie, @autumnleaves1991-blog I hope you enjoy. Prompt in bold. The song used is ‘Crazy Love’ written by Van Morrison and preformed by various artists. This also a sequel to “Heel’s part 1” written some months back.
Tag List:
Forever’s: @chickensarentcheap @jedi-mando
Knuckles white with the grip he’s got on the steer wheel, eyes darting between the thin packed streets and Murphy with the baby in his arms. “What about the kid? Any ideas where to take her?”
Missing the shrug, with his eyes back on the road, “For now I’ll take her with us.” Smirk twitching his dark blond mustache with the look Javier pins him with at a stop light. “Don’t worry Javi she ain’t gonna stay with you. Poor darlin can’t live on whiskey and cigarettes. Though the parade of women might slow with her at your apartment.”
“There’s no parade jackass,” trying to focus on the road ahead and off what almost occurred three hours ago.
Subtle tick to his jaw knowing something’s bothering his partner about what went down. More to the point of how it went to shit and letting two high ranking Sicario slip through their fingers. “Wanna spill what’s eaten at you?”
“No just take care of the kid don’t need you play shrink in my head,” pulling up to the embassy, Javier kills the engine turning fully to look at Steve. “Care to share your explanation to Noonan or will you wing it?”
Shrugging Steve glances down into her sleepy eyes trying to figure out just what he’ll say. More importantly what he’s going to tell Connie. “I’m not,” looking back over at Peña seeing a raised brow. “I’ll take her home to Connie, figure out this shit as we go.”
“I’m sure Y/N would babysit,” mentioning you name cut deeply as the last month he’s put distance between the two of you. Continuing the relationship based solely on your sexual needs instead of the feeling he keeps buried.
“Doubtful, she’s working on transferring out. Packing I’m sure takes her time up right now,” seeing the scowling confusion drawing his brows down. “You knew she asked for a transfer right?”
“When?” Curses fill his mind. Directed fully at himself for letting the situation spiral out of control to the point you’ve become that notch on his bed post. Telling himself he’s going to let you go but never finding the courage to actually cut the strings. “She never mentioned taking a transfer. ”
The nights spent together you never mentioned a transfer. But then words rarely left either of your lips that’s not in passionate pleas wanting more or demands for completion. Conversations the first to go in the crumbling relationship, embraces followed not long after and the final straw added a month and a half ago. No kisses on the mouth anyway a promise you made him invoke to separate the past pleasures from the present stalemate.
Revisiting those thoughts often, Javier understood why you made the decision. One he hated but respected. Wondering most nights why you still let him inside your soft plush body instead of putting up a wall between the two of you. Shoving him out of your life fully. But then the transfer you didn’t speak of talked louder than any uttered words could.
“Two weeks ago, something about returning back to the States. Damn shame Y/N’s a fucking amazing secretary even better person. Why’d you go fuck things up for us both?” Wanting to knock some sense into Javier but a part of Steve understood the other man’s reasons for pushing you away. “Just let her go man this job she’s not fit nor can put up with the stress. I know I pushed at first but whatever you did to shover her away it’s for the best.”
“She’s a lot stronger than you know,” said more to himself than Steve. Other mans words hitting deeper than Javier would say, his fingers tightening around the leather steering wheel. “You don’t know shit Murphy.”
“I know a month ago things changed between the two of you.” Switching the baby to his other arm cradling her close to his chest. “Whatever happened she become withdrawn, stopped smiling as much,” piercing him with a hard stare. “Reverting back to the woman I first met when coming Bogota.” Glancing out the windshield Steve drag a hand over his face exasperated sigh leaving his lips. “ piece of advice either fess up explain what’s eaten at you or let her go.”
Selfishness claws at his mind wanting to keep you from leaving. From getting away not only from Columbia it’s self but from him. The realistic half needing you safe a world removed from the war starting to build back up. This afternoon’s events flash through his mind of how he almost killed a kid. A fucking kid who tried to protect the Sicario scum he chased and cornered. Would’ve had him had the kid not pulled a gun on him. The decision not to pull the trigger an easy one this time. But what about the next? Making him no better than the men he chases if he decided to take the shot so easily. Affirming those thoughts to let you go for your greater good and health.
“Javi?” Snapping fingers to gain his attention. “Deep in thought or just swimming the shallow waters?”
Scowl taking up home over his features, “Don’t worry about it doesn’t concern you.”
“Fuck you say, she’s my friend to Javi.” Shaking his blond head wondering how much pushing it’ll take before Peña would break. “Besides I think Connie has a good chance at kicking your ass if you do anymore damaged. She’s wanted to get her hooks into you for a while now.”
Almost chuckling at those words though it’s mirthless and self deprecating. “She’s next in line,” tossing the words out while starting the Jeep. Silence reigns on the drive over to their apartment, pulling up to the curb and letting Steve out.
Who pauses in the open door, “Heading to Y/N’s? Or back to the Embassy?”
“Paperwork,” impatiently waiting for Steve to shut the door.
Eager for some peace and time to think. He sees you standing in the doorway arms crossed under your generous breasts. For once actually studying your features taking in the fact you look somber, dressed in well loved jeans and baggy T-shirt. No makeup, though Javi told you a thousand times how beautiful you look without all those cosmetics painted on your face. Heart kicking up at the way your staring at him. Barely seen with you so far away but he knows there’s a softness shining in your eyes. Emotions he’s never tried to decipher in other women till you. Thoughts now run into each other, fears chasing after wanting so much but feeling undeserving.
Soft chuckle echos around the Jeep’s cabin making Javi glance at Steve, “Time better served explaining than useless paperwork.” Looking over his shoulder to find you gone, “Before it’s to late and she’s gone.” Door slamming shut, Steve leans in through the open window with a meaningful expression on his handsome face. Patting the inside slight nod of his blond head before turning to go inside leaving Javier with to many thoughts.
Pulling away from the curb happening to glance back towards the apartments catching you standing at the window. Hand pressed to the glass unreadable look on your face one he’s sure shows signs of displeasure and anger. With a blink your silhouette disappears heart clenching at the thought he’s just imagined you standing there. Another curse flies from his lip, palm forcefully slamming down on the steering column doing nothing to temper the anger boiling inside his mind. Instead Javier guns the engine taking off at a high rate of speed receiving numerous honks in irritated warning.
Letting the curtain fall back in place wild thumping of your heart pulsing out a rhythm that aches with every pound. Partly hating yourself for getting involved with a man incapable of having any kind of relationship other than sexual. Asking yourself why you keep letting him back into your bed, into your heart knowing it’ll just break in the end. Only one answer comes to mind and you push it firmly back into the dark abyss. Focusing on what you needed to done. Having struggled for the last two months with the decision to finally put in for a transfer home, away from Columbia and Javier Peña. Never an easy choice especially when you’ve fallen in love with a man who would never love you back.
Heavy knocking makes you jump in spot leaning against the wall by the window. Hand coming to rest against the quickly beating organ threatening to thump right outta your chest. Taking a breath trying to calm down from the freight you take small steps to eat up the distance towards the door. Another round of pounding has a scowl appearing wondering who would beat your door down at this time of evening.
“Hold your horses I’m comin’ already,” raising you voice loud enough to at least pause the noise.
Grasping the doorknob right when, “Hermosa,” his voice pulls your hand back almost as if the knob burned you with that very endearment. “Open up you can’t hide I know your there.”
“Go away Javier I’m not in the mood,” arms crossed glaring at the door. Pivoting on bare feet to track towards the kitchen going back to sorting through what your keeping and leaving behind. Freezing in place the unmistakeable sound of a key sliding into lock. Cursing the fact you never asked for the spare back and giving him one in the first place. Try as you might to make your feet move instead there rooted in spot when the door opens. “I didn't invite you in Javi turn your ass around and leave.”
Breath escaping quickly, eyes narrowing after searching the apartment he’s spent the last months in. Catching sight of half filled boxes, newspaper scattered over the coffee table, before landing on your furious features. Hands gripping wide hips, soft chin jutted out in annoyance while eyes spit anger burying the true feelings deep. “It’s true?”
“Why do you care?” Countering his words biting the inside of your cheek to keep tears from sliding coldly down your cooling skin. “Leave Javier,” exasperated and tired just wanting to move on, putting the relationship in the past.
Not two steps away his warm gun callused hand incloses around your wrist tugging and turning your plush body around to face him. “Not till you answer me.”
“We don’t talk about feelings remember Peña, your rules,” yanking your wrist free glare firmly in place.
Flinching at the harsh tone eyes scorching him with there intensity, his own somber and filled with regret. Deserving of those very words no matter how much they hurt. He moves forward for you to take one back reaching to grasp both shoulders. Taking another step out of his reach slow two step pattern finds your back pressed against the bar counter. Reminiscent of the first time you made love all those months ago. Except this time you’d stand strong push him away and not fall prey to those warm russet eyes filled with so many indescribable emotions.
“Stupid rule I never should’ve put in our relationship,” three feet of space between the two of you. Both chests heaving breaths eyes locked and searching. His eyes close drawing in your familiar scent letting it wash all the days stress clean for a single moment in time. Ear’s picking up the quick beating of your heart wishing as his eyes open a smile would bloom over those kissably soft lips.
“But you did and there’s no taking it back now,” firm stance starting to crumble under the weight of emotions filtering through his dark eyes.
Half way to reaching out his hands drop back to fist at his sides, “I’m sorry hermosa I didn’t mean…” unsure how to fix what’s broken. Never good at speaking his feelings even when the need presents its self.
I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles
And the heavens open every time she smiles
And when I come to her that's where I belong
Yet I'm running to her like a river's song
“What’d want from me Javier?” Pleading tone arms crossed to close your body off. Putting up a defense against the one man who’s managed to crumble every wall surround your heart. To starve off the bubbling emotions threatening to spill over and consume you.
Closing the small gap, callused hands cup both cheeks, fingers spread from apples to jawlines. Brushing his thumbs under your eyes his own pleading and soft ‘the puppy’ look you nicknamed it two weeks into the relationship. “To kiss you.”
Swallowing harshly, “Kissing me breaks the promise… remember?" Willing your body not to react, not to turn and place kisses to his palm. Nuzzling the warmth drawing peace from his comforting touch. “We made rules you know how I feel about kissing Javi.”
Almost two months ago things started to fall apart. Always asking yourself why you still let him into your bed and body. Part of you knowing the space carved Javier hole in your heart will never close. Not even denying the both of you those intimate kisses could change the fact he’s wormed his way through defenses long held too fall in love with your DEA agent.
“I know mi amor,” sliding one hand down from your face to wrap his arm around your thick waist. Pulling you flush into his embrace and against his body. Turning the both of you so it’s his back pressed into the counter. Savoring the softness wishing you’d hold him. Run your fingers through his hair and chase away the stress currently resurfacing with your tense posture. “I don’t want you to leave.” No truer words spoken ones that cut his very soul with the implications of what could happen if he didn’t take Steve’s advice.
Agony rips a new hole in your heart at his words, at the endearment dripping from those sinful lips. “You don’t mean that.” Eyes close to keep from staring into russet browns. Trying not to give in and foolishly hope he means what he speaks.
“I do hermosa,” eyes popping open at the barest brush of his chapped lips against yours, widen orbs find his shut, brow furrowed. “I don’t want to loose you.”
“Javier,” breathlessly whispering his name. The intensity of Javi’s declaration scares you not wanting to believe for a second his words ring true. Not when so many broken promises lay at your feet. Yet, if there’s one thing you know about Javier Peña he’s honest, never lying to you about what he wanted. Holding back sure, not letting you in those tightly held defenses of his own fuck yes, but lie to you never. Those thoughts make others chase after. Ones that scare you into thinking you’ve made a huge mistake by asking for the transfer. Could you leave his man who holds your heart? Walk away from a relationship that’s possibly just hitting a rough patch? So engrossed in those thoughts you don’t realize he’s tipping your chin up to angle your head in the prefect position to slot his mouth over yours.
Javier’s restraint having snapped with his name slipping from your bitten lips, wanting to meld the two of you together in the only way he knows how. Showing you with his body what his words couldn’t express. Javier captures your mouth in a bruising kiss filled with demands. Teeth biting at your lips, dragging plump bottom in to abuse with nibbles and soothing over with his tongue. Harsh gasp blown from your mouth giving him access to the warm cavern. Drinking from your well, tasting your flavor on his tongue always returning for more. Tangling together as his arm tightens around your soft waist.
Garnering a moan of need from deep within your chest. Attacking his mouth with your own, fingers coming into play by carding through those thick mahogany strands tugging harshly. Receiving a growl in return that vibrates down to your very core clit throbbing in response to his rough actions.
Mouths parting to gather air, “I need you hermosa please,” desperation coloring his tone foreheads resting together. The hand still cupping your cheek slides around to gently cup the back of your head. “I need…” swallowing hard, fighting to keep from taking you hard and fast right there. Burying the fear and pain, the anger and worry into your soft gentle body. Letting you sooth the demons threatening to consume his soul. But he couldn’t, promising to never show that side of himself to you.
Those thoughts in mind Javier moves in to kiss you only to chase your mouth till you place fingers over his searching lips. Seeing a spark of need in he eyes that’s closed away before fully blooming. Leading you to remember a conversation the two of you had at the on set of your relationship. Knowing what he needed and how, you step back watching his features fall with his arms to the side.
Only to have confusion replace the crestfallen expression as you tug the t-shirt up and off your body. Standing in just your panties and jeans, “I told you a long time ago Javier I’m not made of glass this body…” hands gliding up from your waist to soft tummy and generous breasts. “Won’t break if your rough with me.” Heat sparking in eyes that will him to listen, give in and take you. “If I’m staying and we work this out you’ll have to let me in.”
Each word hits him hard square in the heart, “I don’t want to hurt you cariño.”
“You already have Javier,” head dropping you go to tug your shirt back on. Only to have it ripped from your hand and tossed somewhere unseen. That soft gasp making his heart beat triple time. Strong arms wrap around your body to bring you back into his warmth. “Fix what you broke.”
There’s no gentleness to the possessive kiss Javier captures your mouth with. Large warm hands grip your plush ass to press into your tummy the thick ridge of his jeans covered erection. Low growl slipping passed parted gasping lips that angle for the right spot to draw those whimpers and moans he can never get enough of. Separating long enough to have you rip his tan button up open, little plastic disks pinging off the wall and tiled floor. Scoring your short nails over his soft tummy, toying with the button of his jeans.
“Fuck,” hissing through kiss swollen lips that attack your neck with bitting teeth. Wanting to mark each inch of you in reminder to himself of who you derive your pleasure from. “Do that again,” demanding cadence gets a soft smirk to spread over your bitten lips.
Keeping your eyes lock, breath existing quickly because of the passionate kiss. Short nails rake up his chest and leave little red lines behind. Detouring to pinch his pebbled tight nipples receiving another low growl against the skin of your collarbone. Where his mouth sucks a purpling mark laving his tongue over the bruising skin. Enjoying the shutter he feels race down your spine.
Pushing the shirt from his shoulders Javier raises his head to stare into your desire darken eyes. “Fuck me Javier till I can’t walk tomorrow.”
Simple words ignite a passion and deep seated need inside his body to claim and wreak you. Clothing becomes nothing more than obstacles in the way of having naked skin against his own. The two of your fumbling with buttons and zippers. His parting on a sigh of relief as you push the fabric to pool around his ankles. Nimble fingers brushing through course little hairs. Leading your hand to wrap around his shaft. Thick girth barely covered by your hand that you pump along heated velvet skin.
Smirking at the groaning string of Spanish curses falling from his lips. Only replaced by the pout, when he brushes your hand away. Mouth still just inches from yours brushing taking another sip from your lips. Drowning in the taste of your mouth, the feel of your plump lips against his. Devouring the pout and only breaking to whisper, “Later princesa.” Toeing off boots and soak covered feet pressing out of jeans, naked as on his born day for your eyes to devour.
Becoming insnared with his beauty far too long for Javier’s liking. Lips licked slowly watching the bob of his jutting cock. Mouth watering in want of a taste. Quick breaths expanded his soft covered muscular chest your hands itch to dust over. His handsomeness distracting you to the point a squeal issues from the back of your throat when he pulls you by the belt loops towards the couch. Skilled fingers making quick work of getting your jeans undone warm palms sliding the fabric down your body.
Javier drops back into the couch bringing you between his spread knees and placing kisses to your tummy. Nuzzling the underside of your breasts. Looking up to ensnare your vision with his own desire filled gaze. Strong arms holding you in place while eyes close, nose rubbing into your soft scantly skin resting his head on your tummy. Hands coming up to card through his hair gently this time tugging the locks and wrapping his shoulders with your arms. Emotions clogging your throat burning with the need to release the tears of mixed feelings.
Moaning head tossing back when his warm tongue peeking out to teasing the taut nipples his hands tug your panties down. Becoming impatient and ripping the thin cotton from your body. Making you gasp and look down into those desire blacken eyes you choose happily to drown in. “You’ll…” swallowing your words on a moan as those thick skilled fingers draw through your folds. Tapping your clit several times and retreating to slide inside your clinching walls.
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
She's got a fine sense of humor when I'm feeling low down
And when I come to her when the sun goes down
Take away my trouble, take away my grief
Take away my heartache, in the night like a thief
“I’ll buy you more cariño and go with you to help pick out certain ones,” giving you a cheeky wink. Groaning with the feel of slick coating his fingers, smirk in place when your hands brace on his shoulders to keep from tipping over into his arms. Pulling his fingers out to suck them clean making sure your watching his every move. The resounding whimper he draws out brings the same smug grin too tug at his lips. Gripping the back of your thick thighs to spread your stance and slot his own knees between.
Pulling you down against him knees on either side of his thighs. Hiss issued at the contact of your dripping folds coating his shaft trapped between your bodies. Rolling hips to tease your own hands gripping the back of the couch to brace yourself while raising up. Deep moan breaks from your chest when Javier draws the fat cock head through your folds. Circling your clit as your hips match the movements. Waiting till he’s notched himself at your entrance before slamming down against him.
Head tossing back at the stretch and burn of him splitting you open gasps of delight echo and play with the groans from Javier. Who grips your hips, holding you against him for a time face buried in your chest. Hot mouth searching out blindly latching onto your right nipple to bite down just hard enough to make your quivering channel squeeze him tightly.
“Fuck,” single word mumbled against your skin. When you start to move setting a quick pace that’s hard and demanding. Head dropping back between your gripping hands. String of curses and praise leave his lips. “Just like that hermosa, so fucking wet for me,” grunting into your mouth that came to fuss to his. Sharing breaths while you move against his body.
Taking possession of his pleasure with a kiss that’s deep and hungry. Devouring the sounds he makes with each quick roll of your hips. Pressing your generous breasts against the hard plains of his chest, nipples brushing his skin as his own hands grip your thick soft waist. Leaving behind bruises with how tightly he holds you. One hand gliding over sweat slicked skin to cup a full ass cheek giving a squeeze before landing a hard slap.
Movements falter with the stinging pleasure coursing through your veins, “Javi.” Kiss breaking breathlessly to catch his eyes. Seeing the indecision clearly written, you nod leaning to brushing your lips over his ear, “Again please.”
Mouth buries against the spot where shoulder and neck meet, planting his feet firmly to thrust into your welcoming cunt quicker. Letting a moment pass till he lands another smack to the other ass cheek. Soothing the pain with his warm palm, “Like that princesa?” Drawing his nose over the sweaty expanse of his throat tossed back on a gasp. Bearing your neck to his hungry gaze and mouth.
Taking advantage to bite and suck, thick mustache abrading your skin in the most delicious of ways. Sending tingles to dance across your skin making your clit throb with each hard pound of his cock deep inside your quivering walls. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders for leverage as your knees sink into the couch and you bounce on Javier’s cock. Thick thighs shaking as orgasm builds quicker than you thought possible.
“Yes,” whimpering out in answer. Both hands cup your ass helping you move against him. Sweat slicked shoulders make for a tough grip movements becoming choppy and sloppy. Low whine bubbles from the back of your throat needing more but unsure how to say.
Javier picks up on the destress, pulling out making the whine lengthen. “Lay back on the couch for me hermosa,” seeing the confusion in your gaze. Javi tugs you to sit in the corner of the couch, pulling till your almost flat and he crawls between those thick thighs he wants wrapped around his waist.
Sliding back inside of you on a groan, “Still so tight for me princesa I could stay buried in your pretty pussy forever never growing tired of having your surround me.”
“Javi,” heat flares across your body at his words, face buried in your palms. Only to have them pulled and placed on his chest. Shocked yet pleased with his sentiments, the way he growls out the words setting off tingles dancing down your spine.
Gasping when he pulls out resting just the tip before surging back angling to hit that little spot only he’s managed to discover inside you. Right leg draped over his hip left dangling off the couch as your hands scrap and grope at his shoulders. Strong arms press on either side of you holding himself up while rocking his hips into yours. Setting a fast and hard pace that has you gasping, moans of incoherent words tumble from your mouth that hangs open trying to gather breath.
Watching with hooded eyes, drinking in the way you look, the passion morphing your features never wanting to let you go. To always see you in the throws of pleasure he delivers to your body. Praying to whoever will listen that you’ll stay. Those thoughts creating a fire inside his body that moves quicker.
Wanting to show you his feelings by repeatedly burying his cock deep inside your throbbing cunt. Loving your soft thick body with his mouth latching onto a breast. Nipping skin and taunt nipples, curling his tongue before biting down and switching to the twin. Feeling your nails score his back and shoulders only driving on his own pleasure.
Needing you to cum first though, Javier slides one hand between your slick bodies to caress your clit with tight circles of pressure. Smirking into your flesh when you gasp and squirm under him. His name breathlessly spoken to the heavens your back arching off the couch. “That’s my girl cum for me amor soak my cock.”
“Javier,” fingers card through his hair pulling his mouth back to yours. Tender and sweet nothing like the previous kisses as you pour your heart out to the man pounding you into the couch. Foreheads rest together, moans dripping from your lips brushing against his trying to hold back to draw out the pleasure. Afraid of the final moment he finds completion and walks out of your life maybe for good this time. “I love you,” unable to stop those three words from tumbling out. Orgasm slamming through your body with the hard thrusts of Javier’s hips. Crying out his name, arching against him breath stuck along with tears in your throat.
Swearing he heard things, Javier’s pace stuttered but his heart pounds quicker. Hips having a mind of their own as his body rushes to completion. Cumming harder than he’s ever in his life, filling your clinching walls with hot stick seed. Strength evaporated from his arms collapsing into your embrace. Burying his face in your neck, hot moist breath fanning out over your skin. Small after shocks roll through both your bodies garnering whimpers and moans from both of you.
Time, unsure of how much passes while you card fingers through his sweat slicked hair. Enjoying this moment, basking in the after glow of your love making while praying it’s not the end.
“Don’t leave,” words whispered into your skin so low there barely caught. Wondering if you’ve heard things your fingers pause watching on stuttering breath as Javier raises his head to stare into your eyes. Wondering if you meant what you said or just caught up in the pleasurable sex and let it out. It’s on the tip of his tongue to ask when you beat him to the punch.
“I… I…” words lost in the jumble of your mind unsure what to say. Fearful your passionate declaration went unheard or worse ignored.
Cupping your cheek surprised to find tears tracking down your cheek, “Don’t leave me Y/N please.”
Searching his bright russet eyes confused till you see what he’s really saying. Realization blooming across your mind your own hand coming up to embrace his cheek. Thumb swiping over the apple, “I’ll speak to Noonan.” Bringing his mouth down to yours for a soft sweet kiss.
“Do you really love me?” Foreheads resting together breath held, his eyes closed tightly fearing the answer.
Shocked he’s asking. Remembering the times you tried to get him to talk about his feelings becoming shut down pushing the conversation away or distracting you with kisses and sex. With the lengthening silence Javier dares to open his eyes catching the soft expression in yours that cracks his frozen heart.
“I wouldn’t say those words if I didn’t mean them Javi you know that,” continuing to brush your fingers over his stubbled jaw. Up into his soft sweaty hair to gently scratch his scalp knowing how much he enjoys when you do. Rewarded with a low purr from the back of his throat. “What happened today baby?”
Fear keeps him quiet for a moment till, “I almost killed a kid.” Lowering his stare to map your skin with his eyes adding the marks he left behind to his memory. Fear returning now that you’ve heard how much of a monster he’s turning into.
“Did you shoot?” There’s no accusations or incrimination, voice softly seeking a way to help sooth the demons you saw when he first arrived.
Carefully pulling from your warm depths and embrace to sit on the edge of the couch face buried in his hands. Missing the whimper at loosing his touch. You grab for the blanket draped over the back to cover yourself in self consciousness. Moving carefully to sit up and lean against his shoulder. Fingers carding through his hair slowly while placing the other around his waist. Waiting till he’s ready to start speaking not wanting to push.
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
Yes I need her in the daytime
Yes I need her in the night
Yes I want to throw my arms around her
Kiss her hug her kiss her hug her tight
Welcoming warmth enveloping his body that cleaves into you. Baritone rough with emotions, “No I couldn’t pull the tigger, didn’t want to shoot some kid who’s stupidly following the orders of a man who doesn’t care about him.”
“Listen to me Javi you’re not Escobar you’ll never have that narcissistic attitude.” Turning his face to look at you, brushing the stubble with your fingertips. “Yes you’ve done some questionable things for good reasons to take down this asshole who would gladly see all of Columbia burn just to get and keep what he wants.” Leaning in to brush your nose against his, “I couldn’t love a man who killed people for kicks Javier. That’s not what you do. You save people, protect them as best you can.”
Unworthiness filtering through his thoughts never expecting to find someone who loved him faults and all. Intertwining his fingers with the hand previously on his cheek bring the back to his lips to place a kiss. “I don’t deserve you hermosa,” swallowing harshly letting your hand go to stand. Unconcerned with his nakedness Javier stretches popping his back then looking down at you.
Worry etched in those beloved eyes that stare unblinkingly at the spot he just vacated. “Leaving now?” Biting off the words tears clouding your vision mistaking his declaration as rejection pulling the blanket tighter around your plush body.
Forefinger and thumb pinching the end of your soft chin raising your gaze to meet his, “Why would I leave when everything I want and love rests with you.”
“Javier?” Voice wobbling with unshed tears.
Pulling the blanket from your body taking in the curves and dips, the softness he’s itching to get his hands back on. But right now Javier brings the nearest hand to his lips, brushing the knuckles with his mouth mustache tickling your skin. Keeping your eyes locked as he tugs you up into his arms. “I’m serious Y/N I don’t deserve you but without you I’m a shell of a man,” bringing his free hand up to cup your cheek deep russet eyes burning with love staring into yours.
“What are you saying?” Fear coating the words, afraid it’s all a dream and you’ll wake without Javier beside you.
Drawing your mouth closer, strong arm wrapping around your thick waist, “I’m saying I love you Y/N and if you’ll have me I’m yours till you kick me out for driving you crazy.”
“You already do that Javi,” watery giggles escaping your lips that brush his twice. Reaching up to card fingers through the soft strands at the back of his head tugging just a little harder than normal. “Say it again.”
Grunting at the tugs sliding a hand down to cup a generous bare ass cheek to give a squeeze. “Drive you crazy.”
Just barely holding in the squeak, “No,” eyes rolling at his cheek. “You know what I mean Javier Peña.”
“I do,” slotting his mouth against yours stealing the breath from your lungs as he kisses you with a passion never felt before. Barely breaking to mumble those three simple words into your lips, “I love you.” Getting lost in your kiss while silently vowing to never let you go or break your heart.
And when I'm returning from so far away
She gives me some sweet lovin' brighten up my day
Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
Yes it makes me mellow down in to my soul
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whatifxwereyou · 2 hours ago
The Oncoming Storm Part 28: Big Bad Wolf
Just when you think that things were getting a bit more under your control shit gets incredibly real. Why does it feel that things are going to get worse before they get better?
The choice is coming, but have a bit more plot first. Don't worry, I'll break up the angst with some fun soon enough. Y/N needs a hug, right? Hoping to do some more art of her today too. Also, wanted to say thanks again for reading. You guys are the best ;_;
Part 27 Chapter Index
Grounding exercises helped and while you were still shaky, you managed to get cleaned up and ready for the day. As you made your way toward Raiden’s chamber, you felt considerably more put together than you had only moments ago. Hopefully, that would be enough false confidence to fool everyone else into believing it, too. The good news was that you didn’t think that Raiden had any interest in your emotional state and he likely wouldn’t pry. You were grateful for that.
Sometimes with trauma you just wanted to move on instead of dwelling on something that was so far beyond your control you had no idea where to begin with coping.
Turning the corner, you found Kung Lao walking toward you. You were relieved to find that he looked much better than the day before. Color had flooded back to his face and while he was still bruised and bandaged, he seemed chipper. You waved at him in greeting and then, much to your surprise, he picked you right up off of the ground, spun you around, and then set you back down on your feet.
“Whoa, hey!” You laughed, getting the shivers. He was back to his old self again. “Someone’s feeling better.” You peeked at the bandages you could see and he didn’t swat you away. In fact, he seemed pretty proud that you were checking on him.
“Much better. A little sore but the fever’s gone so practically good as new.” He took a step back from you and nodded down the hall. “Yesterday is kind of a blur. Were you actually there with me or did I just hallucinate that you were?”
“…do you hallucinate often?”
“No, but…”
“Are these hallucinations usually of me?”
“I had a fever, Y/N.”
“Have you considered talking to someone about these hallucinations? Therapy is incredibly helpful.” You teased him and he rolled his eyes. “Yes, I was there with you. You were sick.”
“Did I give you a hard time? I felt terrible so that’s possible.”
“No harder than the usual.”
“Good!” He laughed but seemed relieved. What was he hiding, exactly? “Glad to hear it. What about you, Y/N? Are you feeling okay? No mysterious artifact-related illness?”
“Yes, I’m uh… I’m fine. As you said, I’m probably cursed, so I’m used to feeling like crap.” You had expected him to ask you but your voice still quavered nervously and you were annoyed with yourself. Covering it up with sarcasm was your only defense remaining.
“You are a terrible liar.” He didn’t get the chance to tease you further because Liu Kang was joining you from down the hall. Even from afar he looked terrible. He was still cute, but he looked like he hadn’t slept in a week and was paler than you’d ever seen anyone before.
“Oh no, Liu!” You gasped.
“Wow.” Kung Lao was laughing at his brother and so you smacked his arm to silence him but it didn’t work.
“Are you okay, Liu?” You glared at Kung Lao and then gave your attention back to Liu.
“I’ve already been to the infirmary.” Despite how gray he was, he smiled. “High fever but nothing I can’t handle.” He took a step back from you and tilted his head, looking you over from head to toe. Then he brushed his finger over your cheek just beneath your eye and you stiffened up in alert. Kung Lao was looking at him as though he had some nerve, too. Then you swatted his hand away and stepped back. “Have you been crying?”
You averted your eyes and tightened your lips. How could he have known? Just by looking at you? What kind of crazy in tune with your body and emotions was he? Kung Lao snapped to you in alarm and then pouted as if annoyed that he hadn’t noticed you’d been obviously upset. So much for having felt good about your façade.
“…no?” You’d taken too long to answer. Kung Lao’s pout faded and he chuckled.
“You are the worst liar, really. It was a joke at first but now I’m serious about it.”
“Is everything okay?” Liu was trying not to sound worried but was failing at it. You nodded to let him know you were fine. “Just… having a moment or…?”
“I… uh…” You wanted to say yes. That you’d had a moment. A moment where you’d needed a good cry. There was no point in you rattling through what you’d seen twice since you would have to tell Raiden. Besides, it was easier to talk to Raiden about these things. Discussion with him over it was clinical. Discussion with Lao and Liu was emotional. You could explain your bruised palms and the crazy ink web you’d created later. Oh, and the demon that had tried to murder you again. Instead, you stuttered and betrayed yourself.
“You had a vision.” Liu knew too much. He was too intuitive. He had to be stopped. Kung Lao stepped next to Liu and folded his arms over his chest in judgment. They were both judging you for trying to hide the truth from them. You huffed in frustration. How could he read you so easily? How had he known? Why couldn’t you have just said it had been hormones or something?
“Look, I’m going to talk to Raiden and I figured that I’d just tell him when I’m there. Don’t make me tell this story twice, please.” You stubbornly walked toward them and they stepped out of your way on either side of you to allow you to pass. Kung Lao caught up to you and walked alongside you on your left. He leaned over just enough to talk to you covertly.
“Are you okay?”
“I just said I didn’t want to talk about it.” You swatted him away but he kept walking closely alongside you.
“What did you see?”
“Guys! Really! I’m obviously doing okay.” You gestured to Liu who had joined you on your right and he laughed in surprise. “Liu is a different color today! Can we talk about that instead?”
Liu Kang and Kung Lao exchanged a glance in front of you and then spoke in unison. “No.”
You sighed and continued walking through the finally familiar halls. “Well, that’s too bad. I told you already, I’m fine. The most important person to talk to about this vision is Raiden. I’m not wasting my breath by saying it twice because you two are nosy.”
“That’s harsh,” Liu coughed, covering his mouth with his arm as they caught up to you again.
“She’s wasting her breath, Liu.”
“I know, Lao. Here we are, worried about her, and she’s wasting her breath if she tells us what happened.”
“I hate you both so much right now.”
“Wow!” Kung Lao threw his hands into the air in mock aghast.
“She hates us now.”
“All because we care.”
“Oh my god.” You laughed and then walked faster to get past them. Them teaming up on you was intimidating but also hilarious. You sure wished that Chen’s voice wasn’t rocketing around through your brain. Your face was hot and you tried to breathe through it. Kung Lao caught up to you again and slipped his arm around your shoulder to slow your walk.
“We’re just teasing, Y/N.”
“I know how much you hate us worrying but we do worry and I’m no sorry for that.” Liu caught up slower than Kung Lao had, prayer beads wrapped around his palm.
“Especially since your arcana does violent things when you have those visions.”
“And your palms are bruised.” Liu tapped your wrist and you pulled your hands close to your stomach to hide them from him. Kung Lao pulled his arm back from your shoulder and took one of your hands, turning it over so your palm was facing up. He clicked his tongue in disapproval.
“Lying. Hiding bruises. Maybe you were right, brother. She has been spending too much time with me.”
“Okay, okay boys.” You chuckled nervously and snuck away nervously from Kung Lao’s grasp. “You’ve made your point. Now hush, before I tell Raiden on both of you.”
“Tell on us? For what? You’re the one who lied.”
“Very poorly, I might add.” Kung Lao grinned. You were no longer worried if he was actually feeling better or not. It was clear he was feeling just fine.
“You would think that with all the time I’m spending with you that I would be a better liar.” You teased in return. You were glad that Liu was at least feeling well enough to joke even if you had to slow down for him. “Get it together, guys.” You scolded and then walked with them into Raiden’s chambers which had been left open in anticipation of your arrival.
You bowed before Raiden who joined you from a doorway on the left. The joking mood you’d had only seconds ago faded. Within the room were the two pedestals that you recognized from when you’d given Raiden the artifacts. Both were encased in glass. Raiden walked between the pedestals and gestured to either side of him. “They are not to be touched without my permission by any of you.”
That was an interesting way to start the conversation but you each nodded in understanding. You weren’t eager to touch them again but had a feeling you would have to. Raiden glared at Kung Lao as though that warning had been meant specifically for him. Kung Lao looked up and away, feigning innocence. Raiden then walked before you, hands clasped together behind his back.
“They have eluded my sight but I have divined that they were cursed many centuries ago and tainted by many hands. They have been locked.”
“What does that mean, Lord Raiden?” Liu stepped closer to the pedestals to get a closer look but was careful to keep his hands folded.
“It means that whoever hid these items did not wish for them to be found. More than that, they did not wish to risk their cleansing. Either these are incredibly powerful tools or conduits for something else.”
“Conduits?” Kung Lao frowned and as he stepped closer, Liu held his hand out to stop him as if to remind him not to touch.
“There are many possibilities but my magic hasn’t uncovered them. They are protected by something powerful.”
“An elder god?” Liu theorized.
“That’s one possibility.”
“What can we do?” You chimed in. It was all well and good to theorize what they were and why but what you could do was what mattered.
“Well, Y/N, you were the one who located these items with your sight. I have a feeling that the same creature who cast a shadow over you is one of the more potent hands cast upon these artifacts. It’s why you saw him.”
“And I have seen him now.” You confessed, turning your attention to the floor. “I saw him before but his face was a blur when I woke. But now? Now I’ve seen him.”
“When?” Raiden didn’t seem as alarmed as Liu Kang and Kung Lao were behind him. Merely curious.
“We fought a creature in the springs protecting the jade. I saw him in the water. I saw him clear as day. If you know an artist then I could probably describe him for a picture or something. Then this morning I saw him again.”
“This morning?” Raiden tilted his head curiously and you felt alarm radiating off of Liu Kang just like his fire.
“I couldn’t see his face this time. He stood beside my bed.” You knew it hadn’t been a nightmare but it hadn’t exactly been a vision either. “Both times he was trying to hurt me. I woke up and my room was filled with ink but it was… it was different.” You felt all eyes on you and you hated it. “It’s hard to describe. I’m sorry that I’m not better at this.” You bowed apologetically.
“You will get better with time. For now, I will read your vision as I had before with the protection of Liu Kang and Kung Lao. That will come later. Are you up for the task of trying to unlock these items, Y/N?”
“Me? Unlock them?”
“Yes. I think that your gift is connected to them. Perhaps your sight could be of some assistance in either unlocking them or for seeing a way to do so.”
“Yeah, I’ll try. Anything to help.” You bowed again and then walked between the pedestals nervously.
“Is this going to make me sick again?” Kung Lao sighed dramatically and Liu Kang shushed him.
“These are powerful and dangerous artifacts, Kung Lao. If I cannot solve this riddle then we will have to remove them from the temple. Or you will all be sick.” Raiden looked to him knowingly and Kung Lao bowed his head apologetically.
“I’m not ready to give up. Let me try.”
“Good.” Raiden walked past you and to the pedestals. With a brush of his hand against the tops of each protective container, the glass faded. You were momentarily stunned. His magic was wonderful and constantly took you by surprise. He gestured for you to join him and so you did.
“…what should I do?” You were lost. You had no idea where to begin. Even using your arcana was still nowhere near second nature to you. It was easier to do in the heat of battle or in the moment. This was premeditated and planned and more about your visions- something you had never mastered.
“Follow your gut.” Raiden instructed like that was something easy for you to do. “Touching them might help.” He stepped back to give you room.
You would try.
You touched the dotaku, fingers brushing along the ornamental designs. “Funny. It’s hot.” You admired the designs curiously. If it hadn’t been cursed then it would have been beautiful. The warmth of the bell wasn’t hot perse, but it wasn’t the natural temperature for a metallic object either. It wasn’t anything near even the inherent warmth of Liu Kang. More like a kettle that had been turned off a few moments before you’d entered the room. Raiden gestured to the jade and so you reached across the gap to touch the jade with your other hand.
It was like a hand brushed over your eyelids to close them. A hum resonated from the bell and through your body to the jade, using you to do so. You opened your eyes and when you did, the room was empty. All that remained were you and the artifacts.
You tried to snap your hands back but they were stuck fast to both items. The items wouldn’t budge from their places on the pedestals either. You tugged and pulled in a panic to try and get free your hands but it was no use. The items grew hotter and hotter beneath your touch, glowing with orange light and burning your palms.
“Let go!” You shouted in frustration, trying to tug your hands free. Then the horned man was in front of you. Skin gray and sick, eyes milky white and staring into yours. His mouth moved but not in time with the words that came out of him in a hiss.
“You will not see.” The eerie whisper traveled all around you and filled you with inescapable dread. Your legs were literally trembling beneath you. You would have crumpled in a heap had you not been trapped and stuck to the artifacts.
“Why?” You sounded rather brave for someone who had no leg to stand on. “What are you?” He tilted your chin toward him with his index finger, as if you were something too filthy for him to properly touch. His hands felt disgusting. Cold. Clammy. You shrunk away from his touch and he clutched your chin. Then his whole body was wrapped in shadow and his hand snapped to your throat so hard that you choked and were instantly without breath.
You tried to fight but there was nothing you could do and no escape. The squeezing on your neck was so intensely painful that you felt yourself fading and quickly at that. Then, for the first time, you watched as ink exploded from your hands, from your chest, spreading throughout the room, tearing through the shadow that held you prisoner.
You could breathe but your vision changed. Instead of Raiden’s chamber you saw smoke billowing from the windows of the temple, flames engulfing familiar halls. Rooms crumbled to pieces. Silhouettes of bodies laid still on the ground in the smoke, dark stains surrounding them. War was being waged on the temple! You tried to scream, to move, to help, but your hands were stuck fast. Clawed fingers ran over your arms and back to your neck, you felt each finger slowly wrap around your throat until you couldn’t breathe.
Your body was failing, limbs going numb, falling limp between the artifacts that held you prisoner. The hands grasped your face and obscured your sight and then suddenly your hands were free. The dotaku burned your hand as you let go and cracked with an ear-splitting shriek of grinding metal. As it had happened in your vision, ink exploded from within you and spread throughout the room, from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.
Liu ran to you and tried to pull you into his arms and you felt the hot spray of his blood splatter over your face and chest as the ink tore through his flesh. He fell away from you. You collapsed in a heap, unable to move, the ink taking every bit of your energy. Your body was prey to something far beyond your control. You couldn’t breathe and you tried to crawl away, to get to Liu Kang who was holding his bloodied arm. Skeletal creatures rose from the ink and a monster dripping with ink joined it. The ink had recreated the monsters you’d fought that protected the artifacts.
Kung Lao dodged them and tried to make his way through the ink web to get to you but it had crystallized and kept him at bay. He sliced through the webs with his hat, shouting words you couldn’t make out. He was making his way through but it would take too long to get to you or Liu.
“You have to breathe, Y/N!” Liu’s voice cut through the buzzing in your head but just barely. You tried to do as he asked but the more that you inhaled the more impossible it became to exhale and your lungs were so tight that you didn’t think you’d make it much longer. Ink was spreading further and further throughout the room. If you didn’t stop, you were going to kill them.
Suddenly you were burning all over as a jolt of electricity shot through you.
“Enough!” Raiden’s voice boomed like thunder and you collapsed in a heap on the floor. You gasped for breath, struggling, but at least you could get a little air. You couldn’t feel your fingers anymore and briefly the world had gone white. When your vision cleared the monsters were gone and the ink fell piece by piece before fading into dust. Your body was too frail to keep it up.
Liu rushed to your side and Kung Lao was only steps behind him. Raiden’s voice bellowed again. “Do not touch her!” You struggled to breathe, struggled to sit up, your body failing. No matter how you tried, simple things that you were used to doing just to exist weren’t working. There were spots in your vision and you tried to push yourself up to your knees but your arms were trembling. “What did you see?” You coughed and tried to speak through it but you tasted blood and collapsed back on your chest.
“She’s suffering!” Kung Lao started toward you again but lightning cracked in front of him to stop him.
“What did you see, Y/N?”
“A-a… a devil…” You managed to choke out. Pain radiated up your arm and through your shoulder, down into your chest. You grasped at the sleeve of your shirt and managed to find the strength to sit up just enough so you could pull the sleeve down. Your shoulder and chest were burning. You didn’t know what was there but you knew that something was there. It was tremendously painful.
“The bell.” Liu nodded to the crack in the bell. His arm was drenched in blood. You caught a glimpse of the bell and then looked to your shoulder where you could barely see the crack that spread from your shoulder and further beneath the lining of your shirt. You ran your fingers over it and pulled them back suddenly. Touching it sent fire through your body, agonizing shots of misery, like your bones were being burned from the inside out. Your breathing was labored again. “What does that mean? Raiden, what does that mean?”
“You are tied to these objects.” Raiden tilted his head in realization.
“What?” You had never seen Liu so mad. Kung Lao looked like it was taking every bit of his self-control not to say fuck it and run to you. “Why? And by who? How is this possible?”
“I only know the answer to one of those questions, Liu Kang. She just told us. A devil.” Raiden approached you then walked past you to the dotaku. You managed to lean up on your elbows while taking quick, shaky breaths but your whole body was rigid with pain. You could barely think, barely feel anything other than the white-hot agony spreading from your chest to your shoulder.
“Will she be okay?” Kung Lao was, again, restraining himself.
“I don’t know. I will try to repair the bell.” Raiden placed his hand so it was hovering only an inch above the metal. Lightning sparked in his hand and surrounded the metal of the bell, his eyes white and glowing. Then he pulled his hand back as if the bell had shocked him.
You pushed yourself onto your knees and stumbled to your feet. The blood rushed to your head and you nearly collapsed. Blood filled your mouth and you could feel it dripping from your nose. Liu Kang was at your side and helped you stay on your feet, his bloodied arm hanging uselessly at his other side. Kung Lao urged your other arm over his shoulder and helped keep you upright.
Liu Kang was glaring at Raiden furiously, as if he knew what would come next. You stumbled and Kung Lao wrapped his arm around your middle to help keep you upright. “You’ll be okay, Y/N,” he reassured quietly but you knew that none of you really understood what was going on.
“I must see what you saw.” Raiden stepped closer.
“She can barely stand, Raiden.” Liu seethed, his anger and frustration far quieter and much more frightening than Kung Lao’s outright fury.
“She needs rest first.”
“Time is of the essence.”
“No,” you choked, finally managing to find words. You grasped Liu’s hand that was too tight around you. “He’s right. He has to see.”
“Y/N, no, you’re too weak, what if he…” Kung Lao objected loudly. Before either of them could resist on your behalf, Raiden rested his hand on the top of your head.
Then there was pain.
Not even darkness.
Color swirling in your mind’s eye and the type of pain that you had only read of.
Then there was numbness, as if your mind had been removed from your body to spare you the pain.
Then there was nothing.
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1uckygold · 2 hours ago
Keys to the Magic Door (VIII)
Summary: The Bangtan boys one night encounter a woman that looks exactly like the animation ARMY from "Magic Door" and "Dream ON." What if it's not a coincidence? What if it's actually the female from the animation video? Except she needs their help... she needs to go back into her universe before it falls apart. BTS agree to do anything to help, but what happens if they all start to fall in love with her? What do they do when... when it's time to say goodbye?
~Pairing: BTS x Female Reader
~Genre: Fluff & Humor, Alternate Universe - Bangtan Universe
~Word Count: 1.8K
Part: I / II / III / IV / V / VI / VII / IX / X / XI / More Chapters...
Tumblr media
It’s been a week and a half since you have been living with the seven boys. All of you have gotten into this comfortable routine that the guys actually look forward to it every morning, like today.
You woke up, did your bathroom necessities, changed into a fresh pair of clothes, and walked into the kitchen to find the same two people who wake up early there already.
“Morning, Y/N,” Seokjin said with a bright smile as Namjoon beamed at you while drinking his coffee. You greeted them as always with a small wave before opening the fridge to get a banana milk, “You know, you’re the only one that Jungkookie even lets drink one of this banana milks,” Joon said with a smirk.
Seokjin nodded in agreement as you sat on the counter next to him, watching the oldest cook breakfast for the rest who haven’t woken up yet. You rolled your eyes while shaking your head, opening up the banana milk.
“Oh, you don’t believe us. Watch this…” Seokjin whispered towards you, taking the drink out of your hand before you had a chance to take a sip. Pouting only slightly making him chuckle, he made a shushing sign, and it was then that you noticed the sound of dragging footsteps.
Seokjin didn’t even give Namjoon a warning before he shoved the banana milk drink into the leaders hand making him startled and confused. Just then a sleepy Jungkook entered the kitchen, only to freeze in place when seeing the open banana milk in the hands of his hyung.
He stared as if he wanted to say something, Jungkook’s lip twitching slightly, “Hyung… why do you have my banana milk…” He asked slowly.
“Uh… well you see…” Namjoon started slowly, looking to you and Seokjin for help only to get none. “Well… you see—It’s for you!!” He blurted out in panic, stretching it out for the youngest member to take and accidently spilling some on his hand.
You stared as the words processed in Jungkook’s head before he beamed brightly, giving off a sleepy smile. “You’re so kind, Namjoon-hyung! Though if you wanted some banana milk, you could’ve just asked,” He said, however, you knew that was a white lie when he practically yanked the drink out of Namjoon’s hand.
Seokjin snickered with you as Namjoon glared your guys way while Jungkook sat down in a chair, drinking the banana milk in delight. Soon, Hoseok came into the kitchen smiling brightly but sleepily with Jimin rubbing his eyes tiredly.
“Morning!” Hobi said as everyone smiled at him in greeting.
“Yeah… morning and good morning to you, my lovely strawberry,” Jimin said with a smile, grabbing your hand and placing a light kiss on top of it. The action made you lightly blush before smirking, pushing Jimin away on the forehead with a single finger making him laugh lightly.
Jimin was about to sit in an empty chair winking and blowing a kiss at you, only to miss the seat completely as he fell to the floor with a yelp. “Smooth, Jimin-ah,” Hoseok said with a laugh, clapping his hands together as everyone joined him, even you couldn’t hold in your laughter.
The loud laughter woke up the last two members as Jimin got off the floor, sticking his tongue out playfully at you all with a smile.
Your eyes brightened up when seeing a happy Yeontan running towards you on his little legs. He was going home tomorrow so Taehyung wanted to spend every moment with him today. Tae even had a schedule planned today for you all.
“Yeontan,” Taehyung called for the dog, who was puddy in your arms, pouting when the furry animal ignored him. “Hyung… my baby is ignoring me!!” He whined to Yoongi, wrapping his arms around the sleepy adult who patted his back lightly.
“Yeah, Yeontan lucky though,” Jungkook said to the rest of the members, watching as you gave kisses to the cute dog and snuggled into Yeontan’s fur. Everyone, except you, looked at the youngest member with raised eyebrows and an amused look making Jungkook blush in embarrassment at the slip.
Seokjin shook his head with a smile, “Y/N, come and eat,” He said as you put down Yeontan that immediately went over to Taehyung. You took your place at the table between Jungkook and Suga, serving yourself the breakfast Seokjin prepared.
After everyone was done eating, it was another hour until all of us were prepared to go out. “Okay, it’s still really early! No one should be at the park! We have an hour to hangout there and then—” Taehyung started out excitedly, putting the leash on Yeontan’s collar.
However, he was interrupted by Namjoon that was checking something on his phone, “Then we have to stop by the studio. Next week we have to get back to work, so Suga and I need to get some songwriting done,” He finished off with seriousness.
The members didn’t argue with their leaders command, and you didn’t either knowing that it was their responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly during next week’s schedule.
All of you put on your sunglasses, and caps before leaving the house. This time taking separate cars to the park.
Once there, Yeontan was let off his leash as him and Taehyung ran around to play in the grass. There was hardly any people, but none of you took any chances that people would recognize the boys.
You were walking quietly with Yoongi, loving the fresh breeze of the wind and beautiful scenery. Though, three words shouted from behind made you both freeze in place.
“Tag, you’re it!!” Hoseok shouted out loud, tagging Namjoon making everyone spread out.
It was like that for about an hour, until Jungkook got tagged. After that, it was like war as you all ran for your lives from the golden maknae.
“AHH!! Take Jin-hyung!!” Jimin shouted out in panic, using a screaming Seokjin as a shield from the youngest member. “The betrayal! I’ll remember this next time you want me to get you something at the store!!” He screeched out as they both tripped into the grass, being tackled by a laughing Jungkook and a barking Yeontan.
You were piggybacking on Namjoon’s back, laughing along. “Alright, alright… we should get going now. It’s a long walk to the building,” The leader said with a dimple smile, gripping you tightly and securing you on his back.
“We should have a piggyback race!” Jungkook shouted with a bunny smile from the grass.
“That sounds fun. Y/N, can you please hold on to Yeontan for me?” Taehyung asked with a giddy smile, picking up the dog and stretching him out towards you.
It wasn’t long before everyone was in a starting line with their partners; You and Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung, Jungkook and Jin, Jimin and Hoseok.
“Ready?” Namjoon asked as you secured Yeontan better before wrapping one arm around his neck to signal that you were good to go.
“Hyung, let’s win this!” Jungkook yelled out in determination on Seokjin’s back.
“You good, grandpa?” Taehyung asked teasingly at Yoongi, who gave off a gummy smile while laughing. “I’m good, kid,” He replied.
“Don’t drop me, Hoseokie-hyung,” Jimin said playfully, but his eyes said he was serious as he tightened his grip around a brightly smiling Hoseok.
“Ready… set… go!” All the boy shouted at the same time before taking off down the block, everyone running as fast as they could, only stopping when needing to cross the streets. You screamed in delight, not noticing that all the boys were looking at you with soft looks behind their sunglasses.
It was minutes later did your team arrive first at the building, with Taehyung’s coming in second, third Hoseok’s, and finally Seokjin’s.
You and Namjoon cheered while Taehyung took Yeontan back into his arms. Hoseok and Jimin were jumping up and down in excitement that they at least weren’t the last ones, Yoongi even gave you a high-five.
“Hyung… we got last place! Why didn’t you run faster!!” Jungkook whined with a pout, looking at the oldest member that was panting out of breath.
“Yah, then next… next time you be the one to carry me and run!!” Seokjin breathed out with a playful glare, not really mad at the youngest member despite his lungs wanting to give out.
“Okay, let’s go inside already before someone spots us,” Yoongi suggested, eyeing more people starting to come out of their homes and making sure to keep an eye out for cameras. “Good idea, we need to get some work done anyways,” Namjoon agreed as you all were ushered inside by him.
When you all entered the building and were checked by security for safety regulations as well as protocol. You followed the boys and spent half the day in the studio. Hoseok even taught you a few dance moves as you all waited until Namjoon and Suga were done
Both of them coming into the room to find you laying on the floor with the maknae line and Jin, all of you watching Hoseok continue to dance. However, he stopped once he saw the two members.
“Yoongi-yah! Joon-ah! Look at what I taught, Y/N!” Hoseok said with a proud smile as he asked Jungkook to put the song that you all been dancing to for hours. Picking you up off the ground as you all got into the correct choreography dance positions.
It was then when the beat started that all of you moved into sync, your face scrunched up in focus trying to perfect the dance steps with ease after a long practice. The music ending with you falling backwards for all the guys to catch you, like a trust fall.
“Wow!” Namjoon shouted out in amazement and awe. Even Yoongi was nodding along, impressed at Hoseok teaching you and the guys a new choreography.
“How about we all go get lunch and head back home? Movie night?” Yoongi suggested next while placing an order on his phone to their favorite take-out place.
“That sounds like fun, hyung!” Jungkook said as he turned off the music. All of you getting your things and heading outside the building.
The guys were talking among themselves, until you saw a little kid walking across the street with his mom looking away for one second. Your eyes widen seeing a fast-moving car coming, you knew that it wasn’t going to slow down in time that you didn’t hesitate before reacting quick on your feet.
“Watch out!!!” You forced out, shock running through you as words actually fell from your lips. Though you couldn’t think about it any longer as you ran, grabbing the little boy in your arms to shield him.
“Y/N!!!!” Seven voices screamed out for you as pain shot throughout your body making you cry out, but you refused to let go of the kid until you both were safe.
Hope you enjoyed the eighth chapter of Keys to the Magic Door!
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