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#eventual smut
fave-bts-fics · an hour ago
Here In Your Arms
BY: taethereal
Coffee orders should really come with a word limit. Unless it gives Hoseok another reason to talk to Yoongi, of course.
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arasakas-ronin · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
V wakes up to a bag on her aching head, her tapeworm's mental backup, and the samurai hot on her tail. As far as kidnappings go, this one is nice.
Again with the headache. Last thing V remembers is revving up Baby’s engine, and then… Electricity?
It’s dark, and she can’t open her eyes. Can’t even move, her body isn’t obeying at all, and for a second she’s about to panic.
“Stay prone. We’re dosed with Sandman, and we don’t want ‘em to know it’s stopped workin’.” Johnny isn’t panicking despite the fact that they’re trapped in the dark in too little space and can’t breathe through the bag on their head and— “Not helping,” he growls.
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 21
I was home, soaking in the bathtub with bubbles up to my chin, when my cell phone rang that night.  A glance told me I didn’t know the number, but with my luck it was something important even at THIS hour.  Drying my hand, I swiped to answer and hit the speaker phone option.  
“Hello?”  I sunk back into the bubbles.  Why not?  It wasn’t like they could SEE me.  
“Hey, is this Brooke?”  The voice was familiar, like I’d heard it before, but I couldn’t put my finger on where exactly.  “This is Sam.  Sam Wilson.”  My eyes widened slightly and I almost reached for the phone, thinking Bucky was hurt.  “He’s fine.  I’m sorry, you probably think Bucky went and got himself hurt - geriatric that he is.”  
I chuckled, and then sighed.  “You did ratchet up my heartrate a bit there, Sam.”  I exhaled slowly, reminding myself that freaking out constantly wasn’t going to work real well if I was going to date an Avenger.  “So if Buck isn’t hurt -”
“Still can’t get over the fact you can call him that and I can’t,” he muttered.  “He’s not hurt, but he is down here in Louisiana instead of up there with you.”  
“Oh, he is, is he?”  I shook my head, thinking about Bucky and his amends.  “And what is he doing down there with you, Sam?”  
“Flirting with my sister, for one.”  Tattle tale, I thought.  “He’s helping me fix up my family’s boat, but -” I could hear his hesitation, but couldn’t for the life of me think of what he was trying to get at.  “Look, he talks to you or about you and his face lights up.  He becomes the Bucky that Steve talked about.”  I bit my lip, that Steve Rogers.  “Maybe you could use a vacation.  Delacroix, Louisiana isn’t much of a tourist trap, but it’s a pretty nice place to visit.”  
“Are you inviting me to -”  I was teasing, because honest to God, the two of them were the WORST and most AWKWARD pair I’d ever come across.  
“If I don’t invite you, I’m never going to be introduced to you,” he countered and I laughed.  “I’ll text you the address.”  
“OK,” I shook my head, wondering what the hell Bucky Barnes was doing to me.  
I could have driven it.  It was nineteen hours from Brooklyn to Delacroix, but I thought a flight would be the best bet.  Connie drove me to the airport, beaming like a proud parent sending her kid off to camp or something.  
“Are you gonna wear the -” I shook my head.  No, I wasn’t going to surprise Bucky with the throwback outfit in Louisiana.  That was for HOME.  “Did you pack your camera and all the accessories?”  
“Yes,” I nodded.  Louisiana might be a great place to get a different perspective to add to my portfolio.  “Now hug me and tell me this isn’t a terrible idea.”
“Why would this be a bad idea?”  She asked as she hugged me tight.
“He has PTSD, Connie.”  I reminded her when she released me.  “Surprising him MIGHT not be the best idea ever.”  
She rolled her eyes.  “You’re not going to pop out of nowhere and yell ‘BOO’ with a flash-bang.”  My flight was announced and she pushed me forward.  “Go, have fun, and remind Bucky why he is absolutely smitten with you.” 
I rented a compact car and followed the GPS to the Wilson family home.  Tucked back among the trees, I was carefully driving along what I took for the driveway as my eyes caught sight of a flash of metal.  Tapping the breaks, I stared.  Were they?  No.  
I parked at a distance from the house and grabbed my camera from my bag.  Bucky was wearing a shade of blue that I hoped I could talk him into wearing more often.  Holding my camera up, I captured the vision that had struck me so fully that I had to stop the damn car.  Bucky and Sam were playing Frisbee with Cap’s shield.  Back and forth and back again, as if it weighed no more than one of the plastic ones that Connie and I had tossed at the beach as children.  
I captured the shots as fast as I could, moving forward quietly, not wanting to interrupt.  
“I think we have an audience,” Sam’s voice cut through my concentration and Bucky turning, his silver eyes shining as they landed on me caused my mouth to go dry.  
“Brooke,” game forgotten, he was in front of me and my camera was hanging from my shoulder as he cupped my face between both hands.  “You’re here.”  It was as if he thought I were a mirage.  
“Thanks to me,” Sam called out.  “You know, ME?”  
“I -” My fingers were tracing up his shirt, the vivid blue of it and I was making sure he was real too.  “I love this color on you.”  
“Am I invisible?”  Sam asked, voice rising.  “Cause it feels like I might be invisible.”  
Bucky leaned forward and I went onto my tiptoes and our lips met.  My mouth opened under his and then my back was against one of the trees, his blue shirt bunched in my fists.  His tongue touched mine and I wanted more.  
“Guys,” Sam cleared his throat, loudly.  “Not to be a party pooper, but - GUYS!”  I heard a clang and then another.  “BUCKY!”  
Bucky reluctantly pulled away from me and we both turned to look at Sam.  “Oh, now you remember me?”  He had his arms crossed against his chest and he looked smug.  “My sister might take issue with -” he gestured to how Bucky had me pinned to the tree in the yard.  “THIS while my nephews are running around.”  My eyes went wide.  “Yeah, kids - he forgot.”  He nodded toward Bucky.  “Like he forgot to introduce us before he shoved his tongue all the way down your throat.”  
He held out his hand and approached the tree.  “I’m Sam Wilson.”  
“Brooke Ashley,” I held out my own and we shook over Bucky’s shoulder.  “Nice to meet you.”  “Likewise.”  He grinned at me.  “Now, if Bucky could unwrap your legs from his hips, we could get back to work.”  
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 20
While I waited for more pineapples, which came here and there, I got refamiliarized with the feel of a camera in my hand.  Not a cellphone, but a real camera.  Connie had been right, there was a list of names, in Mom’s handwriting because clearly Dad had asked her to write them out so I wouldn’t have to decipher his chicken scratch, with notes and contact information.  
I didn’t watch the news.  Call me a coward, but honestly, I was afraid I’d see Bucky’s face - marked as a terrorist or worse - and my anxiety would ratchet beyond anything a tiny pineapple would ever hope to diffuse. 
I read the notes Mom had made next to each contact Dad had made - what each person had wanted from me before I called or emailed, the likelihood they would be helpful in the path my Dad seemed more certain of than me.  Some wanted a portfolio to grade, or judge, before they would speak to me by phone - digital would be fine.  Others wanted actual prints, and a list of the sizes, finishes, and subjects they expected were included along with how they expected those prints to be presented.  There were a few that wanted to speak to me first, an appointment and a face to face meeting to see if I was a good fit to apprentice with them or if I would even work well with the image the gallery they worked with expected.  
It was overwhelming, but I felt excited by it.  More excited than I had felt during the resume padding and the multiple visits to the similar, yet slightly different job search sites online where I was ONLY that resume among thousands of other resumes.  
I decided that I would contact the names that wanted nothing more than a call or an appointment first, since those required nothing more than my person and my voice.  The options that required portfolios and prints I could work on while I waited for the face to face appointment times.  I started making a list of all the places and subjects that I wanted to shoot.  Wishing that Bucky was home, because those sharp angles of his face would look amazing in any light.
I guess I got caught up in pineapples and picture taking.  I had Bryn at the park - she was chasing bubbles that were being blown by a machine I found in my closet and I was snapping pictures when I heard the first gasp.  At first I assumed that one of the other little kids had fallen off a swing or took a nose dive into the sandbox, but then more followed and I called Bryn to me and looked up to see adults holding their cell phones up with their hands over their mouths.  
I looked up, checking the sky to be sure that we weren’t about to have a giant purple asshole situation again, but the blue sky was ringed with fluffy white clouds and nothing else.  Smiling down at Bryn I told her that we should gather our stuff and go see if her mommy wanted to have lunch.  She was in a giggly mood, and since my car was parked close by, the top up and the doors locked - just in case - we gathered up our things, alright I gathered the and she ‘helped’, and she was strapped into her seat while I was trying very hard to NOT look at my cell phone.  
The salon was silent when we walked in, and Bryn seemed to pick up on it, running to Connie with a loud, “MOMMY!”
I felt more self conscious than I had since the first time, since no one seemed to be willing to meet my gaze, not even Connie.  By the time I got to her station, my arm weighed down with Bryn’s bag full of stuff, I was terrified.  “What’s going on?”  My lips were numb and I still hadn’t looked at my phone.  
“Let’s go to the breakroom and get something to drink!” Connie’s voice was strained, too perky, too upbeat.  “You two look like you had fun at the park.”  I followed her, my feet like lead, but I had to know, and she wanted us to be alone.
“Connie?”  It wasn’t loud, but we were finally alone, so it didn’t have to be.  Not that the salon was exactly hopping.  
“I’m guessing you haven’t seen the news?”  She was getting a juice box for Bryn out of the fridge, but she didn’t wait to hear me answer.  “The new Captain America?”  My stomach was knotting the longer she took to spit whatever horrible news it was out.  “He murdered someone with the shield in full view of God and everyone -” I waited, there had to be more.  “Including Bucky and Sam.”  Shit.
I sat down in the chair closest to me, but I don’t know how I managed it.  Every part of me felt numb.  Captain America murdered someone - with the shield - in public.  
“Here,” Connie put a soda in front of me.  “Drink.  You look like a sheet.”  I sipped at the can, but couldn’t taste anything.  “Check your phone, it’s ringing.”  Was it?
I pulled it out, almost dropping it, but she took it from me and swiped it so it answered the ringing and then hit the speaker button.  “Hello?”  Was that my voice?  Shit.  “Hello.”  
“Brooke?”  I let out a breath.  Bucky.  “Brooke, are you ok?”  I nearly laughed, was I ok?  
“Are you?”  I shook my head.  “I’m alright, Bucky.”  I could almost feel my lips again.  “ Where are you?”  
He sighed and I knew he wasn’t in Brooklyn.  “Not home.  Not yet.”  He told me that he had a few more things to do before he could come back to New York, but that he wasn’t ‘off the grid’ anymore.  “No more pineapples,” I could hear the smile on his lips.  
“Good, I hate pineapples.”  I exhaled.  “I miss you.”  
“I miss you.”  And I wondered how we could miss one another already, but we did.  So strange.  “I have to go -”
“I really hate those four words,” I murmured.  “Come home soon, would you?”  
“Gold star, right?”  Bucky reminded me, and I smiled.  
“Damn straight, Bucky.”  And then Connie’s mini me reminded me that little pitchers have big ears.  
“Damn trait, Buck!” Bryn yelled and my eyes went wide and Connie slapped her hand over her own mouth.  
“Um, Brooke?”  Bucky sounded confused and I bit my lip as a chuckle hit me hard and fast.  “Do you have an echo?”  
“Yeah, her name is Bryn.”  I managed.  “Say bye, Bryn!”  She did and then I echoed her.  “Bye, Buck.” 
“Bye, Brooke and Bryn.”  He offered, chuckling.  
I looked at Connie when the call ended with wide eyes.  “I’m so sorry -” but her shoulders were shaking with laughter.   
“That was TOTALLY worth it.”  She got out.  “But you owe the swear jar fifty cents.” 
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justjessame · a day ago
Starting Over Chapter 18
“You wish you could call him, don’t you?”  Connie asked me as we were working in tandem to get Bryn’s car seat to cooperate with the slender backseat of my new to me car.  The three year old was making her own kind of fun in the safety of my hedged and fenced backyard, we could hear her playing with a doll and stuffy she’d grabbed to take along for the drive that I hoped we would eventually manage - but God help me if this fucking car and its added in safety measures were planning on giving up their secrets willingly.  I was fighting with my side of the car seat and seatbelt so I was momentarily confused by her question.  “Bucky, Brooke,” she groaned, yanking her side into submission with the knowledge and expertise that came from three years worth of doing it.  “You wish you could call him.”  
Oh, yeah.  No shit, I thought.  “Yeah,” I growled, pulling the belt into place and almost screaming in victory when it finally shot into place and was perfect in its imobility.  My goddaughter would be safe in the damn car now.  As long as I remembered how to fucking drive a stick shift, fuck.  I sat back, feeling both weirdly fucking proud that I managed to tame a car seat and irritated that I couldn’t tell Bucky any of my news.  Not until he called me.  And I hadn’t had anything since the pineapple I’d gotten after I woke up first thing.  Ugh.  “Do you want to keep Bryn FAR out of the way in the yard while I make sure I can maneuver this thing without damaging the shed, me, the car, and -” I considered my options.  “New York in general?”
Connie snorted.  “You’re not gonna destroy anything.”  She rolled her eyes and got out of the car.  “Put the top down, hit the garage door opener so the damn thing lifts out of the way and go SLOWLY.”  She went toward the sounds of Bryn’s giggles.  “I’ll go grab my girl and lock up the house.”  
“Grab my -” but she was gone and I was sighing for what felt like the thousandth time.  While she was gone I crawled out of the driver’s side of my car and walked to Dad’s tool counter.  Everything was still put away as perfectly and precisely as it always had been at the end of every day he’d spent in his workshop.  It made it easy to find the remote to open the garage door, and I wasn’t surprised that the sliding door made little sound as it rose along its path into the ceiling.  Dad wouldn’t have stood for anything being out of sorts, and nothing could squeak or squawk - that just wouldn’t do.  I was smiling at the little touches that brought him back to me, while I put the remote on the seat beside me, taking a deep breath and closing my eyes so I could think back to when he first taught me to drive a car that wasn’t start and go -
Bryn had fallen asleep on the way back around through the neighborhood, and I was thinking that Connie’s face might be frozen in a permanent grin that would make Batman’s Joker feel envious.  She had waved at every damn human that we passed, yelling out greetings while I tried desperately to NOT rip out the transmission of my car, while the echoes of Dad’s training were burning in the back of my head.  To say that I envied the toddler would be a vast understatement.  
I was clicking open the garage as we came into range and Connie was trying to talk me into another tour around the neighborhood.  I shot her a look and she laughed.  “Oh come on, Brooke, it wasn’t that bad.”  She leaned back, the slight breeze from the slower speed of the car and the wind itself ruffling her curls.  “If you’d relax your grip on the steering wheel, loosen your posture a tad, you might see that this car is pretty damn hot.”  
“This car is gorgeous,” I muttered, praying I didn’t knick any part of it as I inched it back into the shed.  “Too fucking gorgeous.  I’m going to fuck it up.”  
“You are NOT.”  Connie sighed and waited until I inched it carefully into place.  Once I was satisfied and I got out to make sure that I could close the garage door without taking out the rear end, I hit the remote and let it slide shut.  “You’re going to have a stroke if you don’t lighten up a little, Brooke, and you’re the YOUNG half of the couple you’re a part of.”  
I shot her another look as I got back in the car and put the top back up.  Then I helped her get Bryn out, staring in horror at her car seat.  “Oh shit,” the fucking car seat would need to come out to go back into - I nearly groaned again, but the little one was still napping  
“I have a spare,” Connie looked smug and I wondered if all parents had that look when dealing with the uninitiated.  “You might want to take it out when you show the car off to Bucky, or if you plan on using that backseat for -” she waggled her eyes and I rolled mine.  “You LOOK five years younger than me, but you ACT ten years OLDER.”  She shook her head.  
We were walking back to the house, after I relocked the shed - look my car was pretty fucking sweet, alright?  Bryn snoozing sweetly on Connie’s shoulder, when she brought the topic back to my urge to call Bucky.  
“Yes, Connie,” I agree, handing her a bottle of water while she juggled her toddler’s weight.  Feeling merciful, I opened it for her.  “I do want to call him, but I can’t.  And it sucks, but what can I do about it?”  
“That wasn’t really my point,” she answered once she took a long pull from her bottle.  “My point, Brooke, was that Bucky is the first person you want to call - after me of course - when you have something you want to celebrate, or just fucking talk about.”  Realizing she let the ‘f’- word slip, she shot the still out little one a look and shook off the look of horror.  Connie grinned, not the disturbing one she was shooting people during our parade through the neighborhood, but the one she kept getting when she talked to me about Bucky.  “That’s a good sign, you know?”  
“Is it?”  I didn’t have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.  Relationships.  
Connie nodded.  “Yeah, it is.”  She sighed and adjusted Bryn’s weight.  “So, while you’re waiting for him to send you more signs that he’s alright, or to finally call you up - open up that box with your camera and stuff, because there’s a list of people your dad talked to.”  I took a deep breath.  “Brooke, it’s time for you to start living for YOU.  Even your parents thought so.”  I nodded and her smile grew.  “Just think, by the time Bucky calls, you’ll have tons to tell him.” 
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bookishofalder · a day ago
Protective Sneak Peek
Tumblr media
... “Hi, Happy,” He’d looked away as he spoke, back toward the night sky.
You had smiled up at him, “You may need to dip into more of Garcia’s very alcoholic egg nog if you’re feeling short of Christmas spirit,” He had chuckled at that, a sound that shot heat through you and ensured you didn’t feel the chill in the air, “I only had one glass and I feel it.”
You’d been kidding, though it had been pretty strong, but the way Hotch glanced back down at you—that brief flash of concern as he searched your face, it had surprised you. “Are you feeling alright?”
“That’s what I was going to ask you, actually.”
Hotch blinked a few times, then sighed, “I am,” His eyes were so warm, you remember thinking. “I just have trouble turning off my brain sometimes.” He’d admitted a little shyly, looking away again.
You’d reacted on instinct, your hand sliding across the railing to lay over his own comfortingly. You looked towards the windows, seeing your friends inside all laughing and cheerful, and ignored how Hotch had stiffened in surprise next to you—he could pull his hand away if he wanted to.
“You want me to help sneak you out?”
His hand turned over beneath yours, twisting to capture it in a soft hold, and you had tilted your head to peer up at him, those warm eyes gazing at you with a sudden intensity you couldn’t understand. “No, I don’t want to leave yet.” ...
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arasakas-ronin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Goro has learned one thing about Night City: Nothing ever goes as planned.
As of tonight, he will either be all right — or dead. This has not changed.
Something else has, however: the beautiful young thief in front of him shows her heart in her eyes as she tucks the gun away, then turns to hide it by fixing her hair once more. The lacquered red of the chopsticks makes a beautiful contrast to the neon golden strands, and he finds himself reaching out to help. Instead of taking offence, she lowers her hands and leans against him. Once everything is pinned up, he settles an arm around her waist and holds her close, breathing in her now-familiar scent.
They stand like this for a long time.
read on
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professorrw · a day ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Ten
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
As you had guessed, the weather quickly became cold in the following months. You didn't know the exact date but it had to be around December. Things were the same between you and Lupin. Light flirtation sometimes, but just friendly chat for the most part. You were trying to ignore, or at least not mention, your growing feelings towards him. Sometimes when Remus wasn't paying attention you would watch and admire him.
You had not heard anything from Harry or Hermione so you assumed everything was going fine. It had been multiple months since your departure from the Burrow. It had also started snowing outside so you assumed it was nearly Christmas. This particular morning, the snow was packed thick and coming down heavily. There was no way you were going to be outside.
You decided to light a fire in the fireplace the miscellaneous chairs were gathered around. It gave the tent a very cozy atmosphere and made it feel like Christmas. "Good morning!" Remus greeted you. He was strangely cheerful even though the full moon was approaching. "Good morning. I thought I would make a fire because of all the snow. It's around Christmas time I believe."
"Yes, Christmas. Your first without your parents. How are you doing?"
"I'm... okay. It hurts but it is getting better. They didn't want me to dwell on their... death."
"I imagine they were very proud to have a daughter such as yourself," Lupin smiled.
"I would like to think so. What about your parents? You never speak of them."
"My mother died a few years ago and my father... I have not seen him in many years. I would not want to burden him with my condition."
"Remus you are no burden," you assured him.
"Well you may not think so but I do. There are many downsides to being what I am. Too many."
"Does it make it worse to be alone?" you asked.
"At times it was. But I was alone for a long time. I got used to it."
You nodded and went to fix breakfast, leaving Remus to his thoughts. You wanted to do something for Remus. But you weren't sure what. There was not much you could do or give him. Maybe you could convince Remus to let you go to a store and you could get him something.
That thought danced around in your head all day. You knew it was unlikely he would let you go anywhere by yourself. When you woke up the next morning you decided to ask him. "Remus. Can we go to a store? There is something I would like to do."
He eyed you suspiciously. "What is that you need to do?"
"I cannot tell you."
"You make a very compelling argument," he laughed.
"Please? I know it's dangerous but it's Christmas and we haven't left this tent in a while."
"Well... how about this, in a week or two, when the weather is cleared up and the full moon is over we can go somewhere."
"Alright then it's settled," you smiled.
It was a week and a half later when you finally left. You decided to go to a small town that was a few miles from the forest. It had a few muggle stores. Surely you would be able to find Remus something there. He asked you a few times what you were looking for but you wouldn't confess. You wanted his gift to be a surprise. The bookstore was the first place you decided to look.
You had Lupin wait outside for you, which made him very curious. You picked out a book of mysteries by a muggle writer. He enjoyed muggle stories. When you walked out he tried to ask what you bought but you hid the book in a bag and kept your mouth shut. Just a few doors down there was a clothing store that sold items similar to what Remus wore. You once again told him to stay outside. You found a nice sweater that you thought he would like and returned outside.
When you stepped outside you found that Remus was not there. You looked up and down the little street and didn't see him anywhere. A flood of relief came over you when he stepped out of a shop across from where you were standing.
"I thought you left me," you confessed on the walk outside of the town.
"I would never. I just wanted to look around."
"Did you see anything?"
"No not really."
You nodded and continued to walk side by side. Your thoughts drifted to your parents. They would be glad you were happy. They would like Remus. You liked him. There was no denying it. They would be ecstatic that you had found someone you liked and that Voldemort would possibly be defeated soon. Maybe you could tell Remus that. He didn't need to know all the details but you could trust him.
"Yes Y/N?"
"What Harry and Hermione and Ron are doing... and what I will possibly be doing, it's to defeat Voldemort." Not a second after the word came out of your mouth there were three loud CRACKS! You immediately saw Fenrir Greyback. He had two other people with him. Why are they here? It definitely wasn't anything good.
You and Remus drew your wands pointing them at the men. You were too late, they already had their wands out and had stunned both of you. You fell to the ground and the men approached.
"What do we 'ave here? This one is in the Order. One of Dumbledore's. I don't know who this lovely lady is," one of the men said.
"I know this one," Fenrir said, pointing at Remus. "I bit 'im"
"Ohoho a werewolf too! The Dark Lord will be proud!" One of the men had gripped you by the arm and jerked you up. "What do we do with her?" the man asked.
"If she's with 'im she must be important. You two take 'er back. I'll deal with this one," Fenrir said looking at Remus.
"Alright. Ready?" the man holding you said to the other. The bigger man, the one not gripping your arm, nodded. With another CRACK you appeared at a mansion. It had a large gate right in the front.
"Hey! We got someone! Might be important!" the smaller of the two men yelled. The gate turned into a mouth-like shape and spoke, "Come in. It better be good." You couldn't mistake that voice. It was Lucius Malfoy's. Your parents despised him and so did you.
They pulled you into the manor, not even looking at you. It was large and dark. The two men dragged you all the way to a sitting room, where none other than Draco and Lucius Malfoy were. Draco avoided your eye and instead looked at the floor.
"You said she was important so who is she?" Lucius asked impatiently.
"Well we aren't sure. But she was with a member of the Order!"
"Really? How curious." Lucius got up from his velvet chair and walked over to you. He grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. "What's your name?"
"Y/N Y/L/N" you spat out.
"A Y/L/N. Fenrir killed your parents not too long ago. How dreadful. You're an orphan," he laughed. "Draco, do you know her?"
"I don't know father."
"Well get over here and take a look," Lucius ordered. Draco walked over and looked at you. He knew who you were. You were a Slytherin Prefect. He knew you were friends with Harry too. He was going to tell Lucius you would know something about Harry's whereabouts.
"I know her. She was in Slytherin. She's two years ahead of me." Draco said flatly. You were astounded. Why didn't he say you were friends with Potter? You weren't friends with Draco and you never spoke to him either.
"Anything else?"
"No father."
"Take her to the cellar then."
Draco looked at you. He looked sad. He hoisted you up by the arm and pulled along some stairs to what you assumed was the cellars. He opened the door to one of the cells and pushed you in then left.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @bellamy1998 @sxsalvatore @ottjord @lina1945 
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woundedheartwithin · a day ago
“Live to fight another day, Ryuzo’s brain reasons even as his heart cries, there is no honor in running, you coward!”
In which Ryuzo survives and flees to Umugi Cove, seeking to start again.
“Goodbye, Ryuzo.”
Soft dark eyes turned to honey in the warm firelight flickering in the candles and the hanging braziers all around them, wide and pleading, fear making them more bright and alive than Jin has ever seen them. A hand on his forearm, strong despite its owner’s wounds, not squeezing but not rested either, warm even through the dense cloth of Jin’s sleeve. He can feel the shift of powerful muscle under his hand, sliding beneath the shoulder of the other man’s kote as he lifts up. His free hand reaches, closing around Jin’s right wrist, the touch like fire, branding him, and his hand threatens to release the tanto in his already tenuous grip. He’s trembling, they both are, and suddenly Jin wishes things could be different.
But Taka is dead, and so many others, and Ryuzo must pay for his crimes with his life.
He remembers his uncle’s words, rattling against the cage of his own distorted code, hanging onto the bars as the sand drains from the floor beneath them, and looks Ryuzo in the eye.
He plunges the knife into his old friend’s flesh with a shaky hand, aiming for the vein in his gut that will drain him quick, and Ryuzo makes a strangled noise in his throat. He curls in on himself, blood spilling hot and viscous onto Jin’s hand, coating the grip of the blade and staining the white silk cord that binds it. Ryuzo slumps forward and sideways, sliding off the blade and landing with a heavy thud on the floor, and Jin stares down at his hand.
He continues to stare at it as he gets to his feet, as he walks dreamlike to the doors, as he descends the steps. Yuna looks at him quizzically, and Jin sheaths his tanto and shakes his hand and meets her eyes.
“Ryuzo.” He murmurs.
“Good.” She answers.
The word clangs in his head like a sword striking stone.
Read the rest on AO3!!
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theold-ultraviolence · 2 days ago
The Crystalline Knowledge of You (1/13)
Tumblr media
Armitage Hux/Reader
Practical Magic au
AVAILABLE ON AO3 (@irma7x)
Summary:  “When you hear the sound of a deathwatch beetle, the person you love dies.” Such was the curse that damned the witches of Yavin’s Island, Massachusetts. Ever since you heard the tale when you were little, you had vowed to never fall in love and sealed it with a spell, all in order to prevent heartache. But what happens later on, when your friend Kylo and his unfortunate dealings with cult leader Snoke, bring a wandering corpse and a ginger haired detective to your life? You’ll see that all curses are as strong as the conviction with which one believes them. 
Rating: Mature // Chapter warnings: mentions of death, non-con element with Kylo accidentally killing Snoke with posion overdose (scene borrowed from the movie). There is also a scene where reader performs a re-animation spell that involves needles (also from the movie). 
A/N: I’m back from the dead with another spooky Hux au. I’ve been dreaming up this Practical Magic au since last halloween and I’m super happy to finally be bringing it to life. The story is almost complete, so it’s less likely that I’ll stop updating this one, eheh. Please do let me know if you want to be tagged for updates! I haven’t been on here in sooo long that I don’t know who’s still interested in my stories lol! All the chapters of this story will be linked in a masterpost. 
1. A Couple Drops of Belladonna
Yavin’s Island, Massachusetts, 1998.
“Are you insane!? You were not supposed to give him that!” You screech in the middle of the night, speeding along the open road after Kylo had hauled a blanketed body onto the trunk of your car.
“It was an accident!”
“A couple of drops of BELLADONNA?”
“I didn’t mean to kill him! I just wanted to knock him out a little bit, he had me doing all kinds of crazy shit all the time and I needed a little shut-eye. Now will you help me out or not!? I’m gonna be toast if I’m found out!”
You can only grumble at his reasoning and drive on. You knew that you’d never be able to say no to Kylo. You hadn’t seen him in ages and just when he decides to reach out, it’s to ask for help with hiding the dead weight of his sugar daddy, Snoke. Well, not exactly his sugar daddy, you just liked to tease him with that. He was the wealthiest businessman in all of Boston to the public eye, but behind the scenes, Snoke was the leader of a dark magic cult that Kylo had joined when he was 19.
So typical Kylo, this shit-storm was. And yet. Something even thicker than blood bound the two of you.
The coven.
Your bones tremble as hard as if they were parts of a marimba being played by a madman as you constantly look through the rearview mirror to make sure that Snoke wasn’t springing back to life to choke you from the back seat. Cold is the sweat that drips from your forehead like an invocation for the dire rain that follows. You don’t know if it's the strength of the downpour or your nerves rocking the car, but Kylo senses your unease and turns on the radio to distract yourselves.
You Were Always on My Mind by Elvis Presley engulfs the tiny space of the car as you head straight back to Yavin, the sleepy town you call a home. It doesn’t even make it any better -- the purest of songs tend to sound evil if one has a guilty conscience, with every lyric distorted to speak to your specific situation.
Who knew Evils Presley could sound like a bad omen?
A bad, bad omen...
You pull up to your house and step inside from the back door. Not that anyone would see you anyway. You lived on the outskirts of Yavin, in a white wooden cottage surrounded by trees, right atop a cliff by the ocean’s side. Still, you had seen so many movies with fools getting themselves in sticky situations like these, it only felt natural to enter the premises as if you were a petty thief. Damn, damn, damn Kylo for dragging you into this. If you had a bad rep in town it was because you had always been right inside the tumult of Kylo’s shenanigans.
You’re so worried you don’t even turn on the lights as you head straight to your kitchen.
“Hey! I eat in here!” You shriek as Kylo dumps Snoke’s body atop the kitchen isle in the middle of the room, but he merely ignores you, staring at the corpse in a daze.
“What now?” He trembles.
“You have to be kidding me,” you glare.
“Hey as long as he comes back then it’s all good!”
“You don’t know a thing about re-animating a corpse, do you!?”
“I thought you knew.”
You groan and rub your eyes and think think think about something to do, but your mind can only focus on trying not to strangle Kylo.
Then something clicks!
Kylo catches your thoughts before you can even mutter them, “No, no, no, they can’t know about this!”
“Kylo, only Luke and Leia know about re-animation, we have to go to them!”
“Yeah, well, we’ve seen them enough times haven’t we? we can do this…”
Fuck if he wasn’t the stupidest, most confident man you knew. What was worse anyway? Having to deal with uncle Luke and aunt Leia’s wrath upon finding this out or winging it and hope for the best?
“Oh shit, okay, okay you owe me!” Your eyes shoot daggers yet you’re moving about, seeking your one good spell book from one of the kitchen cabinets as Kylo lights up the room with candles all over every surface. Upon your instructions, Kylo lights up some sage and then straightens Snoke’s corpse to bare his chest, as you solemnly cite the instructions of the book.
“....Touch bounded smudge of blue sage with braided wheat straw. Insert needles through the eyes of the corpse…”
“In its eyes!?”
“Yes, Kylo, now go ahead and do it!”
“I’m not touching that thing! No way!”
You roll your eyes and huff as you waste no more time, conjuring two needles from the air with a twirl of your hand, hovering them atop each eyelid with your extended palm.
“Quick! get me something white to draw the star...”
Kylo comes back with a can of whipped cream.
“It was the only thing I could find!”
“Alright, alright, this will do just fine”
Kylo sprays the whipped cream on Snoke’s chest in the shape of a pentagram, and you begin chanting in unison as you join hands with Kylo, mirroring the path of the pentagram in the air, right above the body.
“...Black as night, erase death from our sight. White as light, mighty Hectate make it right. Black as night, ease death from our sight. White as light, mighty Hectate make it right…”
Ever so tentatively, you descend the needles upon Snoke’s shut eyes until the tip pierces through the eyeball -- making his yellowish orbs open in a flash!
Snoke rises, gurling, guttural, arms shooting up and reaching for Kylo.
Instantly you’re grabbing the nearest thing -- a frying pan -- to hit Snoke in the head, over and over and over until his undead body topples back down and you’re gasping for air, both from the effort and the fear that showers your body cold.
The silence is dense and the energy is electric -- so much so that even a couple of sparks fly from Snoke’s corpse as he gives one last twitch.
What a bad, bad omen, indeed.
The back garden, you both think at the same time.
With Kylo taking his feet, and you grabbing Snoke’s upper back, you drag the body outside and carelessly toss him on the grass as Kylo hurries for a pair of shovels for you to dig a hole.
The moon was high and blue and judging -- an ancient lady with a harsh sense of humour. One who kept secrets as you asked of her, but wished for pay in return.
She watched as you spent all night covering up your deeds.
The worst of all bad omens came when the moon was full and the wind moaned like ghosts crying for the sins that bound them in limbo.
At the ungodly hour of three am, the last bit of soil had been neatly patted in, sealing Snoke’s earthly grave at last.
“We don’t speak of this.” Kylo urges. “If anyone asks, we don’t know a thing! If anyone asks -- I was his assistant and I left him and that was that, kay?”
“You idiot. You better hope no one suspects you. What are we gonna tell Luke and Leia--?
“--NOTHING. Not a damn thing!”
You shake your head at Kylo’s carelessness and make your way inside, where it was warm and safe without corpses lying six feet under in your back lawn.
“Hey, (Y/N), um...thank you. For everything.”
You look at your friend -- at your brother -- with his dumb, messy hair and soulful brown eyes that glowed no matter what time or day, what hour of the night.
“Jerk. You better hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us.”
He drapes an arm around you as you both agree that a nice cup of hot chocolate was in order after the evening’s events.
Sleep would evade you no doubt, but you took advantage of it to catch up with Kylo over the fireplace, as well as to keep guard...should any irksome souls rise once more....
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arasakas-ronin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's the morning after the last night before the parade, and V would stop time if she could.
It only takes a single thought to learn how late it is: Fuckin’ early. Doesn’t matter today, though. More time is good, ‘cause the samurai’s still in bed with her, and V snuggles against him. This is nice. Could get used to it…
Instead of snarky comments from the resident dead terrorist, the only reply to her thought is a feather-light caress on her cheek; she feels a smile spreading across her face like an oil spill.
read on
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professorrw · 2 days ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Nine
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
It was a week or so after Remus's attack and you noticed the weather starting to get chillier. Taking full advantage of the last days of summer, you went to the waterfall often and swam when the weather permitted.
It was one of those days where the sun was blaring. You went down to the waterfall and stripped down to your bra and panties. The water was cool and felt good on your skin. You had left Remus in the tent napping and wanted to catch the sunset if possible. You swam around for a bit and floated in the water, not taking any mind to the noises around you.
That was until you heard a few twigs snapping in the direction of the tent. Those weren't the normal noises you heard while out here; you hadn't encountered any animals large enough to snap twigs. You opened your eyes and sank into the water until only your nose and above was out of the water.
Remus was walking towards you. Of course. "Apologies, I didn't mean to startle you." He approached the edge of the water and noticed your pile of clothes. His eyes widened. Did he think you were fully dressed in there? You lightly laughed and stood up in the water; where you stood it only came to your chest. "You should get in, the water feels extraordinary. You won't be able to for much longer, it's going to get colder," you said.
"Oh I don't know... my wound is still healing."
"Your wound has healed really well. It won't hurt you to get in the water," you insisted.
"Well alright."
You turned around and let him have his privacy. When you felt ripples in the water you moved your body back around. Remus was standing in the water too. It stopped at his ribs. You swam backward, away from him, and closed your eyes. Feeling ripples in the water, you knew he was moving around too.
"It does feel nice. Thank you," he said, closer than you expected. You hummed and continued to float around. It was serene and peaceful. After a minute or two you decided to move behind the waterfall. There was a cave-like dip in the rocks behind the cascading water. You went through it and sat up on the rocks. Remus followed and sat next to you. You both stayed there, admiring your surroundings.
That was until Remus spoke up, "It's very beautiful. Is this what you do everyday?"
"Yes, it's calming. It almost makes me forget about what's going on."
You looked at Remus to find that he was already staring at you. His hair stuck to his forehead and he only had on his underwear, but so did you. You dropped your gaze from his body and looked back into the water. You could feel his eyes on you, watching you intently.
Your face heated up and did everything to avoid his gaze. It didn't work and of course you looked at him again. You felt the desire to get closer to him, to feel his skin on yours. What is going on? You shook your head, trying to clear it. "What is it?"
"I- um- nothing just enjoying the view," you happened to be looking at him when you said that. You immediately looked away, hoping that he didn't think you meant him. Even though you half did. Remus was attractive. He was tall, lean, and had a kind face. His hair was beginning to grey from it's natural light brown color but it still looked good. What are you thinking? Remus doesn't think of you that way. Or did he?
You felt flustered. Your thoughts were all over the place. It was normal to think of a man as attractive. Completely normal. But Remus wasn't like any other man. Even if you wouldn't accept it yet, you were starting to feel something towards him like never before. You had denied it a month ago but the affection was poking its way to the surface again.
Needing to cool off, you dived into the water, swimming halfway across the lake. You ultimately decided to get out of the water. You laid on the rocks that surrounded the lake and breathed. That's what you needed to do, breathe. Remus couldn't like you like that could he? He's older, 18 years older to be exact. But you were turning 20 in January. You were an adult.
You were wrenched out of your mind by Remus breaking the water and drying himself off. He stood with his back to you. Your eyes wandered the many scars on his skin. A moment later he had his clothes back on and was looking for a dry rock to sit on. That rock happened to be next to yours. He sat down, legs stretched out in front of him. You decided to sit up too, stretching your legs out and crossing your ankles.
You hadn't dried off or changed back into your clothes yet. You became acutely aware of the fact and crossed your arms over your chest. Remus must have noticed because he quietly chuckled. "You're being quiet," he said.
"I know. I don't want to disturb the peace. Not that you're disturbing the peace..." You were fumbling trying to find something to say. You weren't going to tell Remus you were thinking about him.
"Ah... okay. I thought you were avoiding talking to me," he confessed.
"No. I wouldn't do that. I enjoy talking to you."
"I'm glad. I enjoy talking to you as well."
You both stayed like that for a while before Remus headed inside and you put your clothes on, following after him.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @bellamy1998 @sxsalvatore @ottjord @lina1945​
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justjessame · 3 days ago
Starting Over Chapter 18
The box took both Connie and me to drag out of my parents’ room because I refused to have this “party” she mentioned in their room.  We pulled it into my bedroom and Bryn’s eyes lit up at the sight of the wrapped packages peeking out of the top of the box.  
“Don’t you dare, little girl,” her mama admonished, “these are Brooke’s presents.”  
The pout that popped onto Bryn’s face was worthy of a medal, so I asked if she’d like to help me with the burden of unwrapping my bounty.  With a squeal that probably made dogs howl a few blocks away and an addition of hand clapping, she hopped onto my bed and waited patiently for me to join her while Connie rolled her eyes at the two of us.  
“I’m pretty sure I only gave birth ONCE,” she squinted at the both of us, but her grin came back easily as she pulled out the first package and handed it to me.  “THIS one,” she tapped its ‘Happy Birthday’ wrapping paper, “is the one that’s MOST important so open it first.”  
It was kind of big, which made me curious about why it was on top.  Mom hated things to be out of sorts.  Big on bottom and angled to smaller on top, that way nothing got broken or squished.  It was heavy too.  Offering a side to Bryn, telling her to be careful of the paper, so she wouldn’t end up with a horrible cut, we worked to get rid of the paper first.  The box under it gave nothing away, since it was just plain cardboard, clearly repackaged by my parents.  
Opening it, I felt the breath leave me and my eyes started burning.  “He didn’t JUST put out feelers,” Connie offered, sitting down on my other side, while Bryn’s tiny fingers were gently touching the shiny black and silver that was waiting inside.  “There are cards inside of people who were interested in talking to you.  And he went to EVERY single store, talked to ANYONE who claimed to know anything about the best equipment, this is the best camera and accessories, Brooke.”  It was, I knew it was, because I’d coveted it during my school years, high school and college.  The electives I’d allowed myself to play with had been photography and THIS camera was the dream.  
The rest of the gifts were just as thoughtful.  Mom had bought me the things that mom’s think to buy their daughters - perfumes, pretty clothes, and the silly kitschy stuff that dads don’t always think about.  Dad kept picking up more accessories for the camera.  Tripods, flashes, he even bought me antiques - things he knew I’d find joy in.  Connie was right, my parents had known me more than I knew myself.  
We had lunch, sandwiches and chips, before we moved to the shed.  I had no idea what was waiting for me.  I mean, what could my dad possibly have left to surprise me with after all THIS?  
He had TWO things, actually.  Because Dad was nothing if not an overachiever.  Once lunch was finished, and Bryn was cleaned up and ready to go outside, I grabbed the key to the lock and we headed out.  
“Still having Demetri do the yard?”  Connie asked, taking stock of the hedges and the grass.  I nodded.  “He’s not doing too bad, but you might want him to pay more attention to that one -” she pointed to a side that I didn’t notice and sure enough it was a little off.  
“You’re such a -” I snorted, but then sobered, because I was an adult now too.  Shit, that was sobering.  Unlocking the shed, I braced myself.  The shed was actually basically a garage that my dad used as his workshop.  So I knew it would smell like wood shavings and varnish, which was a scent I associated more with him than his cologne to be honest.  
As the door opened, I was distracted by the dust motes dancing in the sunlight for a moment, but then the flashed on something shinier and my mouth dropped open.  There, in the space where a car SHOULD have always set, but usually our family car had set at the curb was a car alright.  Just not the car I remembered, since it had been totaled by the asshole who killed my parents after a night out on the town.  
It was gorgeous, but I’d never seen it before.  “They had Joey and his brothers working on it for awhile,” Connie’s voice seemed to be coming from down a LONG tunnel.  “Your dad said you said something about liking this model -” 
I’d been thirteen.  Dad and I were out together, while Mom was having a girls’ day.  He’d taken me to a car show and I was enjoying the day with him, looking at the different cars, the oldies and the weirdly macho looking ones too.  I’d seen it from across a field and just lit up, or so he told the story that way anyway.  A ‘66 Mustang GT Convertible in candy apple red.  I’d been mesmerized and Dad had jokingly - so I’d thought - promised that he’d get me one, one day.
Well, here it was.  In the shed.  The same candy apple red, the same convertible top.  And all I really wanted?  Was my dad to be beside me to tell me that I was glowing and to laugh about it.  
It took me a few more beats to get my shit under control so I wasn’t falling completely apart.  The car was pointed out, so I could drive into the alley and onto the street and NOT into my backyard and through my damn house.  Connie had the keys, but she told me there was a set in Dad’s bedside table too.  
That wasn’t my only surprise in the shed.  My dad had actually partitioned off the side, so the car fit perfectly, his workbench was still there, but he hadn’t really been in the creative mood while I was gone - saying he’d get back to it when I came home and got my damn car out of the shed.  It was in this sectioned off part, a room of sorts, that my other present lived.  
A dark room, in case, “you want to work with the photographs ‘old school’,” Connie offered, showing me the chemicals he had stored appropriately.  “The paper is over here -” she showed me, and I was more than impressed.  “Your mom helped, she looked it all up and came in here and set it up.”  
All of this work, on the off chance I came back.  A car, and a possible future - ‘just in case’.  I looked around the room, the overhead lamp the only light since they truly understood the assignment of “dark room”.  My parents were amazing and I -  I felt like a weight was being added to my chest, like I was losing the ability to draw breath.  
“I wish they were here,” it came out a breath, but I meant it so much.  “I -”  
“I know,” Connie came over, she was holding Bryn, but that didn’t stop her from hugging me too.  “I know, Brookie.” 
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justjessame · 3 days ago
Starting Over Chapter 17
Now I know most people would think that hearing their best friend dangling a carrot of temptation like “did you go through ANYTHING in the shed” would have them rushing out with a flashlight to their backyard and unlocking the damn thing to see what might be waiting for them.  Or at the very least, since it was starting to grow dark, a slightly less dramatic start might be the bedroom across the fucking hall from theirs?  
Yeah, well, I’ve never really checked the “normal” box on any fucking form and coming back from where the fuck ever Thanos the big purple peckerhead snapped me off to didn’t change that personality trait.  Sorry to disappoint.  
If Connie was coming over to force me to face whatever was in my dad’s workshop and whatever else my parents left me, with Bryn in tow, I should probably make sure that I had something to keep her mini me occupied.  After I grabbed a sandwich, some chips, and glass of tea I headed up to my room - where a stash of my childhood shit that I kept “just in case” lived and hoped I could find something that the three year old would find fascinating.
Morning dawned as they had since I returned.  Gasping, shivery, but now with the addition of the murmurs from the television that I left on thanks to Bucky Barnes.  My hand was reaching for my cell phone before I made the conscious decision to do it, and I sighed when I didn’t see a pineapple waiting for me.  It was still early, so I took a beat to run through my mental checklist of what I’d put in place downstairs for Bryn.
I’d taken my copies of the princess movies downstairs along with a few dolls and some picture books that I’d loved.  There was a tea set and a few stuffies and I hoped that she wouldn’t be too bored while her mommy was dealing with my bullshit.  
While I was considering what I should make for lunch, or if I should toss together something for breakfast too, my phone chirped.  It was still beside me on the bed, so I didn’t have to reach.  Thinking it would be Connie, I lifted it up - I had never seen a phone number like it before, but there it was - my pineapple.  I shook my head even as my smile grew.  At least I knew he was alive.  That was one good thing going for me today.
Connie called a few minutes later, telling me that she’d be over after she got Bryn cleaned up after breakfast - answering one of my questions right off the bat.  I told her I’d hop in the shower and be waiting for them. 
“Don’t make a fuss,” she warned me.  “Bryn’s three, the fact that she’s never been to your house makes it like Disneyworld automatically.”  I rolled my eyes.  “I mean it, Brooke.”  
“I know you do, Connie,” I agreed, sliding out of bed and moving to the closet to grab something to wear, but then I realized that I didn’t know what we were about to do.  “Um, are we going to be digging into something dusty and gross?”  
She snorted and when I didn’t react she went so silent I thought she hung up on me, but a check of the phone told me she was still there.  “You’re joking?” I assured her I wasn’t.  “What the fu -” she stopped and I waited while she apologized to Joey, apparently Bryn was picking up some “adult language” and sharing it with the other children at daycare and preschool - I snorted, like those kids didn’t already hear that shit at home.  “What would your dad have in his workshop that we’d need to DIG, Brooke?”  I could HEAR her eyes rolling.  “Wear what you normally do, you fu -” I heard her groan and mutter to herself about politically correct nonsense.  “Go shower, we’ll be there in about an hour.”  
I had ice tea, soda, juice, and water, along with some of Bucky’s beer in the fridge, but I highly doubted that Connie would consent to letting Bryn partake in that.  I was showered and dressed, and was taking stock of the kitchen while I waited for them to come.  I had sandwich stuff on hand, along with some staples, and if all that failed there were enough takeout menus in the drawer to keep us fed.
The knock came at around the hour mark, and when I opened the door Bryn was staring up at me like she was seeing me for the very first time - again.  She really did look around the house like it was an adventure, and I could see the “I told you so” building in Connie’s face.  
Showing them the living room, where I’d set up the “play area”, you’d have thought Christmas came early.  The tiny tot squealed and clapped her hands, then she was having a tea party with the dolls and stuffies after choosing the first princess movie to play while they partied.  I supplied the “tea” -water, Connie insisted - promising I’d thank her during the cleanup, while filling a sippy cup with some juice for the hostess.  
With Bryn occupied, I thought we’d get to work, but Connie shook her head and pulled me into the dining room, adjacent to the living room so we could keep an eye and ear on Bryn.  With glasses of tea in front of us, she sighed and I got worried.  
“When IT happened,” Connie was looking at her glass, finger tracing a drop of condensation as it dripped down the glass.  “I started calling you immediately.  As soon as the news hit, as soon as the first moment we knew SOMETHING was going on -” She looked up and I nodded, I figured she would have, along with Mom and Dad.  “Your dad came home, he ran to your room because he knew you’d planned on staying in and being lazy.” Connie smiled, the memory of Dad making her sad, but also nostalgically happy.  
I opened my mouth, but was at a loss for what to say.  What could I say?  It’s ok?  I was Snapped into non-existence, but I’m here now, so we’re cool?  I mean, we were, but clearly she wanted to tell me something.  
“He ran in, seeing a thousand texts and calls from me, but it was what he FELT that got him.”  I squinted at her, confused.  She reached out and took my hand.  “When I came over, since I couldn’t get in touch with you, he was with your mom and she was in pieces - falling apart because you weren’t here and everything that you’d take with you if you went out was still here, but he wasn’t.  He was adamant, Brooke, absolutely adamant that you were coming back.”  “He was hopeful, Connie, that’s all.”  She shook her head and I sighed, but her hand squeezed mine.  
“Your dad and mom were the MOST pragmatic people I’ve ever known, Brooke.  Hell, everyone in this neighborhood agrees.”  I knew what she meant, our family was the no nonsensical, straight to the point people.  We didn’t do sugarcoating.  “When Baxter got hit by the car when we were ten -” I rolled my eyes, her dog, a sweet darling of a mutt.  “Everyone, including my brothers were telling me that he was gonna be fine, that he was gonna pull through and live to play fetch another day, but your dad took me aside and -”
“Told you that sometimes dogs don’t pull through, that sometimes they’re not strong enough, but not to worry because you took Baxter to the Feast of St. Francis and he was blessed and that meant that he’d be safe on the other side and waiting for you.”  I remembered, vividly because I’d been just as sad and upset.  
“Exactly.  So when a man like your dad, Andrew Ashley, tells me that you and all the other people who disappeared into nothing are going to come back one day?  I believe him.”  She gave my hand another squeeze and I thought, ok now we can get to work, but she wasn’t done.  “Your mom, she didn’t get there as fast.”  She let my hand go and took a drink from her glass.  “She avoided your room like you’ve been avoiding the shed and their bedroom.”  She was smirking at the knowledge that she knew me so well.  “When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted something of yours with me, Brooke.”  
“That’s where it went,” I shook my head and she grinned at me.  “I wondered, it’s hung in my window since I came home from that nightmare.”  
“Since WE came home from that nightmare, you mean.”  Connie’s smile was firmly locked in place.  “I called up your mom and told her the news, asking for something to keep with me, and she finally went into your room.”  I waited, wondering why it took crossing a threshold into a damn room for something to click into place?  “And that was it, Alice Ashley came out just as convinced as your dad.  She looked so much more at peace, Brooke.  She went along with your dad, but knowing it for herself, it was like a weight came off of her.”  
“So they just knew?”  I didn’t get it, not even a little bit.  “How?”  
Connie shook her head.  “No idea, but I do know this - when two of the most stocic and staid people in the community tell you that people will come back, you believe them.  And I did.”  
“What’s in the shed?”  I wanted a head’s up.  Some kind of hint, something to go on.  “Why do you think it’s important for me to know now?”
“It’s important, dumbass,” she shot a look toward the living room and let out a relieved breath when she realized that Bryn hadn’t heard her slip.  “Because what’s in the shed has been there since BEFORE you got Snapped into wherever, but we’re not going there first.  We’re going upstairs.”  
“Upstairs?”  I was confused and only growing more so.  “Why?”
Connie sighed, like she was sick of my shit already.  “It’s time to show you that your parents knew you better than you know yourself, Brooke.”  
Bryn’s tea party became a portable one.  Upstairs to my room, where she got to play on the floor while the television played another princess movie.  She was having fun, which made one of us.  
My parents’ bedroom door loomed far larger than it really was - and it was firmly closed.  
“Open it, Brooke.”  Connie nudged me, and I bit my lip.  “For God’s sake, it’s a door.” 
“Yeah, it is.”  I agreed, a door that I wasn’t really excited to open.  What if Mom’s perfume lingered?  What if Dad’s cologne does?  What if nothing about them lingers?  I took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob.
The room looked the same, but foreign.  A hint of both of them seemed to lurk just out of reach, as if I could almost grasp it if I could find it, but where was it?  
Their bed was still made up in the same sheets and bedding that Mom had picked months before I’d gone away.  Her cosmetics were still lining the vanity table that Dad had created in his workshop, craftsmanship that could only happen by hand.  A mirror she’d found and had re-done hung on the wall behind it.  My reflection stared back at me, a sad mimicry of the woman she’d been.  
Dad’s table still had his reading glasses, the pair he kept solely for reading before bed and the remote, the lamp tilted so he’d have the perfect lighting even if it would annoy Mom’s need for perfection.  I wondered what book he read last, if he had it tucked in the drawer, but Connie’s voice cut through my reverie.  
“See these?”  She was staring at a set of photographs that my parents had framed and hung on their wall.  They were black and white, and I knew them very well - I’d taken them.   I nodded.  “When you took that job that you were muddling through the commute every day?”  I started to say something, but she snorted and kept talking.  “Your dad had reprints of these made and did some research, he sent out feelers and found out that you have an eye.  A talent, something that we ALL knew, including your dumb ass, but instead of taking that scholarship that you were offered to do something with your artistic talent, you went and -” She sighed.  “He didn’t want you to settle, Brooke, neither of them did.”  
“We couldn’t afford for me to play artist, Connie,” I owed them more than to play at photography.  “Besides, these were just shots I took to -”
“To set up the cheap and old camera that our high school gave you to use for yearbook,” she nodded, “I know.  And yet,” she walked to my parents’ closet and pulled out a huge fucking box.  “This is ALL the presents for all the birthdays and holidays you missed, including the birthday that came right after the Snap.  Come on, Brooke, let’s go have a party with Bryne.” 
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arasakas-ronin · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Vee does not understand - will never understand. The way of heaven does not kill men, but neither is it kind.
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professorrw · 3 days ago
All I Want, Remus Lupin Fanfiction
Chapter Eight
Warnings: eventual smut, death, violence, swearing, age gap, slight angst, major spoilers for Deathly Hallows
A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you did, like, comment, and reblog! If you would like to be added to my taglist (permanent or for this series) tell me and I’ll put you on there!
Tumblr media
You were slightly taken aback by Lupin's words. Unfortunately you didn't have time to think about it because you were interrupted by a silvery stag charging through the door of the tent. It was Harry's Patronus.
Even if you weren't aware of that fact, you would have been when it spoke, "Y/N, Ron has left us. He's fine, he's just being a git. We aren't doing anything right now and might not be for a while. We've made some headway but we are at a standstill right now. I just wanted to inform you. I will contact you again if we need you. Stay safe."
And just like that it disappeared. Ron left them? He knows how important this is. They must have got something done though. Did they find one of the Horcruxes? Have they destroyed anymore?
Your thoughts were interrupted by Remus, "Well at least they're all right and you don't have to go anywhere." There he goes again. Could he not understand how important the mission was to you? Or why you wanted to be there? You could avenge your parents. You could make the world into the one they wanted to see.
You huffed and turned your back on Remus. He didn't say anything but you could feel him looking at you. You could hear the covers ruffling and turned around to see Remus sitting on the floor next to you. It had slightly startled you and you'd leaned away from him in the process.
"I'm sorry Y/N."
"For what?"
"I know the mission is important to you. You don't think I know that."
"Because you don't act like you know how important it is."
"Your safety is my number one priority. And I was not lying when I said I care about you. I don't want to see you get hurt."
You felt your walls crumble a bit. He cared about you. But ridding the world of Voldemort was worth dying for. Making the wizarding world safe and fair is what your parents wanted. And so do you.
"I think my death is a small price to pay to see You-Know-Who gone."
"That's very noble but your death is a price I'm not willing to pay."
Slowly but surely, your wall was breaking. Why did he care so much? You couldn't help but think that he didn't want you to die because he would feel guilty. People would blame him because he was supposed to watch you. Or does he like you? That was impossible. You were his student. Nothing more. But you couldn't help but feel your body heat up at the thought of being something more.
"I-" you sighed. "If it makes you feel better, I'll try not to put myself in harm's way. But if Harry and Hermione need me, I'm going to help them."
He nodded, "I wouldn't expect anything less." He paused and seemed to think for a moment before resuming, "I can tell why you were put in Slytherin. You are extremely stubborn and determined." And despite the tense atmosphere, he laughed. Of course you laughed too.
He patted your shoulder and told you goodnight. It was hard to stay mad at Remus. He had a very calming aura about him that made you want to listen to whatever he said. Or maybe it was just you.
It was a few days later when Remus had informed you he would be leaving because of the full moon. The night had passed and he didn't return in the morning like normal. It didn't strike you as strange. Maybe this moon was harder on him. By the time it was dark outside he still hadn't returned. You went to sleep expecting he would return anytime soon.
You were awoken by a loud CLANG coming from the other side of the room. The tent was pitch black other than a small lantern that sat on the bedside table. After your eyes had adjusted to the darkness you saw Remus clutching his side and leaning against the counter. You hurriedly got up and made your way over. He was breathing heavily and didn't look at you when you approached.
There was blood coming from in between his fingers. "Remus! What happened? Are you okay?" you rushed. He looked over at you and you noticed how sick he looked. He didn't speak but you could tell something was obviously wrong. You leaned into the side that wasn't hurt and aided him towards the bed. He nearly collapsed as soon as you let go of him.
Now that he was laying down you pulled up the fabric of his shirt and examined his injury. He had a severe gash across his ribs and a bruise on his chest. You had helped out in the medical wing during your time at Hogwarts and had some experience with injuries. It took you a while but you were able to clean the cut and seal it. It would take some time to heal and would probably leave a scar but you noticed Lupin already had multiple littered across his torso.
He began to breathe easier so you took that as a good sign. It seemed like he was going to say something but you didn't want to push him too much.
"Thank," he winced from trying to sit up, "you." You slowly lowered him back onto the bed, not allowing him to get up. "You're welcome. You need to lay down for a while though." You pulled his shirt back down, fingers lightly grazing over his skin. "Do you remember what happened?"
He shook his head. "No. I believe it was an animal though."
"It's pretty rough. It would have been a big animal," you said. He let out a breath of air and nodded again. You were about to get up when Remus grabbed your hand. "Thank you."
He had already said it once but you said, "You're welcome," once again. He didn't let go of your hand and it didn't seem like he was going to. He continued to hold onto it so you decided to scoot over, sitting next to him, back against the headboard. He closed his eyes and layed there, not saying anything. After a few minutes you were consumed by sleep, finally realizing how tired you were.
When you woke up Remus was still lying next to you, hand in yours. You didn't want to disturb him so you grabbed a book from the bedside table and read quietly. Less than ten minutes later he stirred, taking in a deep breath and opening his eyes. He gazed at you and then moved the hand that wasn't in yours to his ribs. "You'll be okay. It just needs time to heal."
"I don't imagine you'll let me out of bed and make breakfast?" he joked. "No, I'm making breakfast. And lunch and dinner. You need to rest." When you stood up, your hand slipped out of his. After holding onto his warm hand for hours, it felt odd not to. You fixed him breakfast and lunch as promised, letting him sit up and leave the bed only to use the bathroom. By dinner he had gained most of his energy back and said he felt much better. Although you were skeptical, you let him get out of bed and sit in a chair.
Noticing he was still wearing the shirt from last night, which was covered in blood, you skimmed through his clothing and picked out a sweater. You handed it to him and turned around, waiting for him to put it on but you didn't hear any movement. "I can't raise my arms up. I hate to ask you this, but could you help me?"
When you faced him he was looking at the floor in front of you, not meeting your eyes. You walked towards him and leaned down, gently pulling up the hem of his shirt. He avoided looking at your face and instead turned his head away from yours. His face had turned a light shade of red and you could feel the heat in yours. He pulled his arms through the holes and you lifted the shirt above his head, leaving him topless.
You had seen his torso last night but at the moment you were too busy trying to fix his wounds. He had scars all over his chest, ribs, and stomach. He was lean too. Apparently you had been staring because Remus looked you in the eye and raised his eyebrows. You gulped and went back to putting a new sweater on him. Every time your fingers touched his skin it felt like electric shocks going through your body. You finished helping him and he told you a quiet "Thank you."
You took his blood-stained shirt and tossed it into the pile of clothes that needed to be washed. That, however, was a job for later.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @bellamy1998 @sxsalvatore @ottjord @lina1945​ 
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❝ 𝙄𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙡𝙤𝙬𝙨 𝙗𝙤𝙩𝙝 𝙬𝙖𝙮𝙨 ❞
❝ Wherever you go, whatever life throws at you... In Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you. ❞
Tumblr media
"Paimon isn't going to keep waiting you know!" The fairy-like creature pouted, huffing for the umpteenth time, grumbling about how slow the two young adults were.
"Woah, calm down Jamal-" You snorted, covering your mouth to prevent your laughter, albeit futile. Aether chuckled as well, having been to that universe prior, at least enough to understand the meme.
Paimon glared at you, and began yelling- though your attention were else where. Up ahead, there were a teenager wearing mostly red, her brown hair flowing down her back, and then she turned towards you guys- you hid quickly behind Aether, flushing crimson, having gotten a peek of her face. She was so beautiful- it was hard to look at women and not flush at the sight. Her golden brown hues landed on you, and she smiled widely, quickly jogging to the trio.
Noticing your flustered reaction, Paimon and Aether shared a sneaky glance, and grinned, before addressing the girl in front of them. "Hello...?"
The girl looked at Aether, and perked up. "Oh! Right! I'm Outrider Amber of the Knights of Favonius! You three are a bunch of outlanders right? I was going to clear a hilichurl camp up ahead- ah, I guess you guys can join me! What are all of your names?"
"Y-Y/N L/N!" You squawked, feeling your cheeks burn in embarrassment and oh god, Aether will never let you live this down, will he?
"Aether, and this is our emergency food!" He pointed to Paimon, making her yell again, complaining loudly on how much of a 'bad companion' Aether was.
He just smirked at Paimon. "Yet you were the one who I had to save from drowning despite being able to float?" And then Paimon went quiet, giving him a hard glare.
Amber laughed at the group's antics, and shook her head fondly. "C'mon, accompany me, will you?"
Tumblr media
After officially seeing you and Aether to the city of wind and freedom, Mondstadt, Amber took her leave, although Aether followed her, leaving you by yourself. You rather being by yourself than having Paimon with you, her yelling and talking was getting annoying pretty fast.
You sighed, and focused on trying to get a little mora, maybe you'll ask Aether for some, you needed different clothes than the pale white dress you had on, you stuck out sorely. You twiddled with your long h/c locks, wincing every time your bare feet collided with some debris on the ground.
"You stick out sorely, miss." A deep velvety voice from your left spoke, making you jump and let out a small shriek, turning your head to a tall male whom was barely half a foot away from your face. You could smell a faint minty smell from him, and you cheeks lit up slightly, as you took in his appearance. "What's your name, miss?"
Well, it wouldn't hurt to tell him your name, and if he tried anything... well he wouldn't, you noticed that Aether was just a few feet away, though not facing you, however, there was a bunch of shop keepers looking at you and Aether, so there was no way he can do something without your consent. "Y/N. Y/N L/N. What is your name?"
He smirked, making you shiver, his visible eye boring into yours. "Kaeya. Now, what is a young, beautiful lady like you doing in Mondstadt hmm?~ You're obviously not from here, and you aren't even wearing shoes.."
"That's only because I travelled worlds like this!" You spoke, feeling a bit irritated that he's quite possible thinking you're a danger. 'The nerve...!'
"Then why stick around in Teyvat?" He shot back, causing you to give a hard glare, then you looked at the ground, thinking to yourself. ...Why did you stick around in Teyvat? You always travelled the world, but, something about Teyvat made you want to stay... "Aw, cat got your tongue?~" Kaeya teased, and you just huffed, stomping away from the male. "Bye pretty lady~"
Tumblr media
A day has passed, and you found out that Aether has obtained a wind glider from Amber, along with instruction on how to use it. "That's so cool Aether! You get to glide everywhere, I bet."
He smiled and shook his head. "Not really, but it doesn't matter. I'm sorry I didn't have enough mora to get you a place to stay for the night..." You looked at him, and gave him a side hug.
"Don't worry about it, I don't need to be pampered, you may have vowed to protect me, but that doesn't mean you get to waste your mora on me." You gave him a look, and he caved in, sighing, as he hugged you tightly. You just smiled, and gently put a hand on the back of his head. "Let's get going Aether, before Paimon starts fussing, besides. It's noon, we can have some fun!"
Aether snorted at your childishness, but ultimately followed you, allowing you and him to have a bit of fun for a while, though that soon ended as a giant dragon attacked Mondstadt.
"What the fuck-" You gasped, seeing Aether being pulled into a tornado the dragon caused, and you dashed out to go after him, however Amber pulled you close to her, leading the both of you to fall on the floor. "Amber! Aether-! Omph!"
"You can't just dash to him Y/N!" Amber yelled desperately, grasping your waist to make sure you stayed put. "He's wearing a wind glider, you are not, if you got pulled into that wind you surely would have died!" Shaking her head, she hugged you close. "I'm responsible for you two, I wouldn't know what to do if one of you guys got seriously injured... are you okay?"
You nodded, and sighed, knowing deep down, that Amber was indeed right. A few minutes has passed, and soon Aether was back on the ground, and the dragon was nowhere near Mondstadt, supposedly fleeing. Both you and Amber went to make sure the male was alright, and turned once you heard someone clapping. "Not you..." You groaned, giving a glare to Kaeya, who just smirked at you.
"Well well well, look who had the guts to go up against Stormterror." He smiled, though you knew he must be planning something. Amber seemed to notice it too, and gave Kaeya a look.
"C'mon! We don't have time for this- Kaeya, Aether, Y/N we must-" She was interrupted by Kaeya, who gave her a mischievous smile.
"Hold on Amber, are you forgetting to introduce us?~" Kaeya flitted his gaze to you, making you glare up at him.
"Oh, right! This is Kaeya, our Cavalry Captain, and these three-" She pointed to you, Aether and Paimon. "Are travellers from afar! Outlanders." Amber took a breath, and began to explain the situation to Kaeya, who was having doubts before, at least, that's what it seemed.
"Ah, I see, in that case, welcome to Mondstadt, however you haven't arrived in the best of times."
You began to tune out everything this overly flirty knight was saying, mostly directed to Aether then to you anyway, until he said something about the Acting Grand Master inviting them to the headquarters. 'Polished flooring..! I won't have to injure my feet no longer!' Nearly crying in relief, you held Aether's hand as he followed Kaeya into the headquarters.
After re-explaining everything to Jean, who you learned was the Acting Grand Master, she extended her gratitude to you and Aether. "You may reside in Mondstadt while we help you seek out your sister." Jean said earnestly, making Aether a bit flustered.
"I-i really should be helping out as well though!" He announced, making Paimon nod her head.
"Paimon will help as well!" She chirped, making Aether smile. "Y/N, you should stay here, you're certainly not dressed to be fighting!" Paimon vocalized Aether's inner thoughts, and though he didn't want to admit it out loud, you unmistakably wasn't dressed to go exploring, yet alone fighting.
"Okay.." You bit your lip, sighing. "I'll stay here, in Mondstadt, you guys can go along, don't worry about me all that much." You gently left the room, deciding to go to the library. A guard was at the door, and you asked graciously that when Aether comes back, if you could be told. Thank Archons for your charm, because the guard agreed, and allowed you to enter.
"Guess I'll be waiting quite a while huh...?"
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙄 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙖 𝙬𝙞𝙨𝙝 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙣𝙤𝙬.. ❞
AN: 1.5k words, and we are just barely getting into the prologue of Genshin.
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bionicbarnes · 4 days ago
Masterpost: You Weren’t My Mission (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky Barnes is working his way through his list of names, and you're on it after having been a casualty in one of the Winter Soldier's missions in 2012. As he makes his amends, you try to get to know him in an attempt to un-work the difficult memories you've held onto all of these years since the attack. Being friendly with your former nightmare has its complications, but one thing leads to another that happens to make that easier.
[This is a loose summary, as I am in the process of writing the story and am not 100% certain of all of its contents]
Content: fem!reader, slow burn, angst, eventual smut (none yet), bucky makin amends in more ways than one iykwim
TW: sexual content (not yet) and mentions of ptsd, violence
Chapter 1 – A Second Encounter
Chapter 2 – Making Amends
To be continued...
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
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awkwardgaychild · 4 days ago
❝ 𝘐 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘰𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 ❞
❝ Wherever you go, whatever life throws at you... In Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you. ❞
Tumblr media
You strode through the dense, stubby grass, shivering whenever the cold dew from the grass blades came into contact with your bare feet and legs. Another step, more dew, another, even more dew. You looked up, instead of focusing on the ground, and noticed a lake, and right next to the lake was two people- no, a person, and a floating fairy?  Beginning to jog over to them, you felt the wind pick up, and breathed in deeply, relishing the natural smell. The person seemed to notice you as you approached, turning fully towards you as the fairy-like creature turned to you as well.
You kept walking, until you was just about two feet apart, and looked at them, suddenly feeling flustered, their gazes beckoned you to speak first. "I'm Y/N L/N, an outlander in this world," Breathing in, you looked away from their prying looks, flushed and continued. "I wandered this land for quite a few months, until I stumbled upon you guys..." Finally looking up, you took the chance to look over the pair. The person was a tall-ish teenage male, most likely around the age of sixteen, with golden hues and thick blonde hair, neatly tied into a braid. For what seemed like forever, when in reality was only five seconds, the male spoke.  "Hello Y/N, I'm Aether, and this is Paimon," He gestured to the floating creature next to him. "If you're an outlander like me, then would you like to accompany me and Paimon to find The Seven?" You furrowed your eyebrows, wondering why they would want to look for whatever 'The Seven' was... but you couldn't turn this down, despite not wishing to admit the obvious.. you were getting pretty lonely.
"Okay, I'll accompany the both of you to search for The Seven." You smiled softly at both of them, making Paimon perk up a bit.  "You're pretty!" She babbled, cheeks tinted pink, as she took in your ethereal appearance.  You flushed, and squawked indignantly at the exclamation. "Don't be like that!" She gave you a cheeky grin. "You're bound to have guys and girls fluttering over you, in hopes for your gaze!"
Aether, perhaps sensing the discomfort you feel, gave Paimon a soft glare, though were mostly in an attempt to stop the fairy-like creature from flushing you even more. "..Paimon is right though, you're really pretty, so-" He took out his sword, and looked at you, sensing your tension as you realized his weapon was out. "I swear, for as long as you're alive, I'll protect you in Teyvat."  Sticking his sword in the ground, he kneeled, and you flushed even more, unsure of what to say. "Thank you Aether, for your protection, a-and for letting me aid you in your journey." Getting up, Aether gave you a wide smile. "No problem, Y/N."  Paimon stared at the two, and huffed. "Let's go! Paimon is hungry, and there may be people up ahead!" Aether laughed, and began jogging towards the direction Paimon is, looking back, waiting for you to join them. "What's holding you up Y/N!?" He said teasingly, jogging further up.
You laughed, and ran to them.
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙒𝙖𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙧𝙩𝙖 𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙙 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙮... ❞
A/N - 600+ words. Cover was organized by me! however all the art isn't mine. Genshin Impact is owned by MiHoYo, everything else (besides Y/N) is mine.
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arasakas-ronin · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
The samurai lets her comfort him, not something V'd have even thought to be necessary. Perhaps it isn't. Still feels good to give back, though.
Here she is, trying to warn him away, and all he says is: “I see no polymer, my thief. A jewel, perhaps.”
V manages a scoff that feels convincing. “Lump of dirt.”
“Mmmh.” The samurai’s eyes are smiling at her; he’s not buying it. “Coal, perhaps?”
She’s gotta think a second before she gets what he’s talkin’ about. “Sure, why not?”
“A raw diamond, then.” He nods as if that settled it.
read on
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