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#natasha x reader
fanfickies · 10 minutes ago
Redemption - PREVIEW
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Synopsis: You knew every story about Black Widow. You were trained to surpass her abilities, after all. You’d also heard stories about how she’d turned ship. She’s working for the good guys now. If she could wipe out all that red in her ledger, maybe you could as well? Except, you don’t know where to start. Would she be willing to help you?
Warnings: None 
Words: 1147
A/N: Hi, all! I’m trying my hand at writing. Please let me know if you find this idea interesting and if you’d like to read more. Feedback is always welcome!
Tumblr media
Natasha stands alongside Fury with her arms crossed over her chest, observing the woman behind the one-way mirror. Steve and Clint join them shortly after. The two men look both frustrated and defeated as they leave you alone in the interrogation room. They were the ones to bring you in. Even after hours of trying, their multiple attempts to get you to talk proved unsuccessful. Fury had told Natasha this when she’d joined him. You wouldn’t butch. Natasha had only been here for the past hour, having come back from a two-week surveillance operation earlier this evening. Natasha didn’t see you move even an inch in the last 60 minutes. Your only movement, the occasional blinking of your eyes that had stayed focused on the door this whole time.
The energy in the room tells Natasha she isn’t the only one plagued with concern and doubt. But she trusts Fury’s instinct. If there’s one thing that man is exceptional at, it’s finding the right people for the right cause. He did it when he Assembled the Avengers through the ‘Avengers Initiative’, and he’ll probably do it again. So far, no one has ever proved him wrong.
“Are you sure about keeping her here at the Compound?” Steve addresses Fury.
“Yes,” Fury says. “This is the best place to keep her. Both for us and her.”
He turns to Natasha. “I want you to take the lead on this one, Romanoff.”
Natasha doesn’t miss the worried look Steve and Clint share at Fury’s words. She holds back a sigh, rolling her neck from side to side to loosen the kinks. She’s exhausted and each muscle in her body aches, but seeing that she’s already here, she might as well get this over with.
“I’ll have her file on your desk,” Fury looks at his watch. “For now, bring her to one of the secure rooms, and let’s try this again tomorrow.” It’s the last thing he says before bidding them all goodbye. Natasha doesn’t move her attention from you.
“What can you tell me about her?” Natasha asks the two remaining men, not having had the chance to read your file yet.
“Y/N. Specific age unknown. Enhanced human.” Clint pauses. “Assassin.”
Natasha finally settles her eyes on Clint, sensing the change in the room. An uncomfortable feeling forms in the pit of her stomach.
Clint continues. “Her organization genetically engineered her using biotechnology. She’s resistant to most, if not all diseases. Her wounds heal at an above human rate, and she has a longer life expectancy than the average human. She doesn’t have super-strength as far as we know, but she’s highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and various martial arts.”
“How does she operate?” Natasha asks.
“Based on what we gathered from her file, she doesn’t kill unless she’s ordered to. But once she’s received a target, she acts with precision and without hesitation.” Steve speaks. 
“Usually, she doesn’t leave much of a trail that can lead back to her or her organization. But she got reckless on the last few jobs. That’s how we found her.”
“What else.” Natasha knows they left something out.
Steve’s shoulders slump at her question and a sigh comes from Clint as the two men exchange another cryptic glance.
Steve speaks eventually. “We haven’t been able to pinpoint the specific organization that trained her. The operation was top secret, taking place under the radar. Her organization isn’t directly connected to the Red Room… but we found evidence to believe that their main project is highly based on or influenced by the Black Widow program.”
A beat goes by. And then another. Natasha waits for the last part.
“They wanted to recreate the first Black Widow. But more ruthless and more obedient. They wanted to rule out every chance of her diverging to the other side. They based her on you, Nat.” Clint finishes, hitting the nail right on the head.
Natasha finds herself at a loss for words, an overwhelming sense of dread washes over her. She suddenly finds herself back between the walls of her old training facility. What felt much longer was actually a split second, and Natasha snaps out of it. She takes a slow, deep breath, resisting the urge to throw up. 
Natasha doesn’t utter a word when she makes her way to the interrogation room. She stands still for a moment to catch her bearings, and then she turns the handle. Clint is right behind her. They always carry out their tasks in pairs. This time though, Natasha tells Clint to standby and to give her a minute with you. He doesn’t protest. If she needs any back-up, Natasha knows both Steve and Clint will be right behind that mirror. But she won’t need it. She has a gut feeling, and she trusts her own intuition.
Natasha gently closes the door behind her. She remains standing at the door, but she stands facing you. You are sitting on a chair with your back straight and your shoulders back. You aren’t staring at the floor, but your head is down slightly. Suddenly, your eyes move up, landing somewhere between Natasha’s head and the door. Other than that, you remain completely stoic, waiting for something.
After hearing about you from Steve and Clint, it didn’t take Natasha long to figure it out. Fury had shared with Natasha that you’d been on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar for a while, but they could never track you down, with you being on the move constantly, either to execute another task or to stay under the radar or both. It made little sense at first, why someone with your skill would suddenly become careless.
But then it clicked.
“You wanted to be found.” Natasha says simply. 
“You wanted to be found by me.”
You only offer Natasha two curt nods, followed by your shoulders losing some of their stiffness.
"You won't believe me." You respond casually.
Natasha expected your voice to sound harsh. She quickly conceals her surprise when she hears a soft-spoken one instead.
The flash of surprise painting Natasha's face doesn’t go unnoticed by you. It's gone as quickly as it came. Other people definitely wouldn't have noticed. You have no doubt that Natasha can mask her real emotions perfectly. But you weren't other people and this time she just wasn't quick enough.
"You're right." Natasha agrees.
She finally moves away from the door. Instead of sitting down on the chair on her side of the table that separates the two of you, Natasha opts to keep standing behind it. With both her hands placed securely on the head of the chair, she towers over you, and with you sitting down, you have to tilt your head to keep eye contact. If this is an intimidation tactic, she'll have to try harder than that.
“But give it a go.” Natasha says.
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deexchanel · 18 minutes ago
Double Agent
Word Count: 2.K
Pairing: Avengers x OC, Bucky x OC, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Tony x OC.
Warning: Swearing, Angst.
Summary: The team find out Empriss is a double agent.
A/N: this is a sort of sad one. Empriss (Em-Priss) , Aurelia (A- U- Rell- e- ah) , Lori and Alexis is characters I have made up myself.
Tumblr media
“This is my family! I can’t go through with this mission anymore, just kill me instead.” Empriss whispered harshly into the phone. She stood in the bathroom she shared with Bucky.
"YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME! I will go through this mission and kill them myself! I need their power!"
Empriss couldn't get a response out and the phone hung up. "H-Hello? Hello?" Panic set in, not knowing what else to do. Bucky knocked at the door.
"Empriss? Doll is everything okay?"
"E-Everything is fine!"
"Bucky just hold on to the leash. You keep letting Subi pull on you!" I laughed placing my hand on top of his.
"I'm trying! I never had a dog before." Bucky laughed as our hands both held on the leash.
" I see!" I giggled and we continue to walk on the sidewalk. My phone ring in my pocket so I pulled it out. Tony's picture was showing on the screen.
"Can you guys come back please, Lori is freaking out cause her hair won't do right for tonight."
"Yea, we'll come back right now."
Tony hung up and Bucky looked at me concerned.
"Everything okay?"
"Yes, Lori need help with her hair that's all. You're walking Subi back so you can get use to it." I smiled and his concern washed away.
"Okay. Are you ready for tonight?" Bucky asked smiling at me. I stood on my tippy toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm exciteddd!"
"You guys finished? Thor is hungry and won't stop complaining about it." Alexis whine poking her head in the room. I was sitting by Lori finishing my makeup. She was putting her lashes on while Aurelia was painting her nails. Natasha was flat ironing her hair.
"We're coming. Tell him to hold his horses." Aurelia scolded trying to stay focused on her nails. Tonight they were having just one normal night without anything interrupting. I pushed down my fear of something happening to the team since I didn't go through with the mission.
"Natasha you look amazing!" I exclaimed looking at her outfit. She gave me a twirl with a big smile.
"Thank you!"
"Oh yeah Bruce is going to love that!" Lori winked at her . Natasha blushed rolling her eyes.
"Don't you guys start! That was one time." Natasha said making all of us laugh. She was talking about the time Lori took a picture of them sleeping in the same bed.
Five minutes later, we were walking in the living where everyone waited. The guys sat on the couch talking about god knows what. Wanda was in the kitchen drinking some water.
"We're readyyyy! Let's go!" I announced loudly as us girls walked in the room. Bucky looked up at me then his eyes traveled down my body. The guys cheer as us girls strike a pose.
"Finally, you guys took that long, just for y'all to look the damn same." Sam joked taking a sip of his drink. Aurelia flips him off laughing.
"Oh hush Sam."
"Well I made reservations for 7:30 which is..." Tony trailed off looking at his watch. "Now."
"I'm grabbing my henessey!" Alexis interjected rushing to the refrigerator.
"Alexis you're not getting drunk tonight!" Steve stated following behind her. Wanda stood in front of Vision fixing his tie.
"Vis why you didn't let me do your tie?"
"Because you were busy getting dressed. I didn't want to bother you Wanda."
"You look so handsome babe." I complimented sitting down beside Bucky. He pulled me into his lap.
"You look beautiful doll. What flavor lip gloss that is?"
"Mango. I wanted to try something new other than strawberry-" I rambled but was cut off by Bucky placing his soft lips on mine. I smiled in the kiss, placing my hand in his long hair.
He pulled back smirking, "Hmm, that tasted good. I like mango way better then strawberry."
I was too star-struck to say anything. I bit my lip thinking about the things I would do to him. He winked at me so I grabbed his shirt pulling him into another kiss. He hands guided over to my ass gripping it.
"If you guys are done sucking each other faces off. We're leaving now." Natasha told us hitting the back of Bucky's head. We pulled apart blushing madly.
Thor and Aurelia walked out the bathroom fixing themselves up. I raised a eyebrow pointing at them.
"Not the in the bathroom!"
"Not on the couch!" Aurelia mocked back pointing at us. Bucky shook his head laughing.
"We were making out."
"We were having a serious conversation." Thor said confidently then realized how it didn't make sense. "In the bathroom?"
It turned into a laughing fit then us 4 walked out to the garage. Everyone was in a huge circle arguing.
"We should ride together!" Steve said.
"No each couple should drive their own car." Bruce argued.
"That's too many cars. How about ladies ride in one car. Men in the other car.It save space and time." Lori reasons but Tony slumped his shoulders in a pout.
"I wanted to ride with you."
"Next time babe." Lori assured kissing his cheek. "We need to go because we're already late."
I placed a quick kiss on Bucky's lips, "See you when we get there." He places a kiss on my nose.
"Vice Versa."
I was irritated at this point because we were lost. They gave Tony the wrong address. At this point, we could order a pizza and have a movie night at the tower.
" Ugh we should gone head and order pizza. It's taking too long for us to even find the place." Lori complained from the driver seat. Aurelia sat in passenger, Wanda beside me, Alexis and Natasha on the back row.
"I literally thought of the same thing. I should call the guy and tell them." I suggested pulling out my phone.
" I could do for a meat lovers pizza." Aurelia agreed.
"I just want to eat in general." Wanda groaned.
"Can we cook tacos too?" I have a taste for some." Natasha said making all of us hum in agreement.
"I'm calling Tony so we can turn around." I told them while clicking the phone icon. A big crash makes me look up from my phone. It was like everything was in slow motion.
-Third Person-
The suv the guys rode in flips high in the sky. The truck lands on the ground, tumbling a couple of feet. Lori smashes on her breaks out of instinct. Aurelia lets out a blood curdling scream seeing the entire crash.
It happened so fast for the girls as they watched with wide eyes. Empriss was the first one to open her door getting out. She kicks off her shoes quickly then ran over to the flipped truck.
"BUCKY?! BUCKY! TONY?! STEVE? SAM!? " She screamed hoping someone responded. She hoped that this wasn't her boss doing, deep down she knew it was. Not to far behind her was Natasha.
"EMPRISS?!" She heard a hoarse voice call for her. Empriss pry the door open to the truck to see Bucky laying on the roof of truck. His shoulder was bleeding, face filled scratches, a huge gash on his forehead. Empriss touched his leg since it was closer.
"I'm here baby!"
Alexis runs over to the passenger side to see Steve had kicked the dented door off the truck. He was on the ground holding his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing that he was alive.
"Baby! T-Tell me what hurts!" Alexis stuttered as she hovers over him. A gash was on his cheek, dirt was all over his face, his lip was cut.
"My shoulder! Ah!" Steve cried out in pain. Alexis eyes looked to see that his shoulder was badly dislocated. She smelled gas and realization kicked in.
"Babe I need to move you to the side!" Alexis cried and Steve shook his head no. He knew it was going to hurt, trying to move. "I have to or the truck is going to blow up with us beside it."
Steve eyes had tears in it from the pain which hurt Alexis more. She took off her sweater, balling one side up. Steve stared in her eyes scared.
"Babe, bite this! I need to move you." Alexis said placing the balled sweater part in his mouth. It wasn't no debate, she needed to do it. She placed a hand under his shoulder then one softly under his display shoulder. Alexis count down from 3 mentally then proceeded to pull Steve away from the truck.
His muffled screams were heart wrenching.
Aurelia kissed Thor forehead as he lay on the ground. She tried to hold her composure seeing him in this hurt state but it wasn't working. The truck was on top of his leg. His face was filled with scratches and his lip was cut. She was on her knees hovering over him.
"Thor, baby I'm going to touch your leg so I can know if you can feel it okay?" She cried holding his hand to her chest. Thor closed his eyes in pain, his breathing quickens.
Aurelia kissed his hand before moving her hands to his hurt leg. She pressed it softly.
"Can you feel that?"
Aurelia pressed harder and he screams in agony.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel that!"
"Thor I have to lift this truck off your leg! You're going to have to move it. You ready?" Aurelia said and he nodded his head. She squat placing her hand under the truck. Lifting the truck, Thor rolls over but cry out in pain from his leg.
Aurelia grabbed his hand, pulling his body away from the truck. Thank god for super strength.
Lori had found Tony body away from the truck. He was unconscious from him flying out the windshield. She pulled his body into her lap sobbing.
"Oh god, honey , wake up. Please! I need you."
Empriss had finally gotten Bucky's body out of the wreckage. She was on her knees hovering over his body placing pressure on his wound. His eyes were opening and closing from the amount of blood he lost. Empriss gently hit his face to wake him up.
"Baby, keep your eyes open for me. Hey! I need you so don't die on me." She wept more tears falling down her face. She grabbed his metal hand placing it against her face.
"Please baby. I need you."
"BRUCE!" Natasha cried looking everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Sam was sat against the bridge wall. She noticed him, running over to help. Wanda ran over as well noticing him too.
"Sam are you okay?"
"Other then my back I'm fine Wanda."
"What happened in that truck Sam? Where is Bruce and Vision?" Natasha asked squatting in front of him.
"I don't know where they are. We were driving and talking about the fact that we couldn't find the place. Someone shot through the windshield which made Tony swerve. You know the rest of what happened. I just came back conscious," Sam explained wincing when he tried to move.
"I tried to call someone for help but there's no service. Nobody have their suits,armor or any sort of communication with the other Avengers. This was a setup guys." Wanda said looking at the rest of the team.
"Weird thing is, we're the only one on this bridge." Natasha lowered her voice as if someone was listening. Numerous of armored truck drove on the bridge, on either side of it. Everyone looked around frantically in the bright lights.
"No!No!"Empriss gut feeling was right. Tears sprouted from her eyes as she placed her hand against Bucky's cheek. "This is all my fault.." She whispered to herself knowing she betrayed everyone's trust.
"Ah sorry it took so long for us to come back. We had to catch Bruce and Vision here." Thaddeus Ross said standing in front of the lights of the vehicles. Both girls gasp to see their significant others in containment.
Bruce laid unconscious on his side. Vision had some kind of advanced spear lodged in his side.His body was disconfigurating. "Wanda!" He called out for his wife. Wanda eyes turned red as her power flare.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you Wanda. Barnes, and Banner would electrocute." Ross grin and the girls shared a look as Wanda powers died down.
"What the hell do you want with us?" Lori sneered as she held on to Tony's body tightly. She wasn't going down without fight.
"This was the easiest way to get my earth mightiest heroes. The night they were going out with their lovers. No protection, no armor, no problem. That bullet lodged in Barnes shoulder, neutralize everyone that was in the truck powers. So bye bye powers. Empriss didn't go along with the order I gave her so I took things into my own hands." Ross retorted then snapped his fingers at his guards. "Get them! I need mind wiping started in the next hour."
One guard grabbed Lori from behind to pry her off of Tony. The other two grabbed his body, placing him in the back of a truck. Lori thrashed around sobbing in the mans arms.
The guard yanked Steve up with his dislocated arm. One yanks Alexis by the hair harshly so he couldn't help him. He cries out in pain.
They ignored her throwing him in the back of a truck. The guard wraps his arm around Aurelia neck and the other two grabbed Thor by the arms dragging him so they could put him in a truck.
Aurelia hits the man arm, not being able to breathe.
Empriss knew the gaurds were coming for Bucky. "Ms Empriss." One of them greeted her. She let the guards push her off of Bucky. They yanked him up by grabbing his shirt on the hurt shoulder. His eyes opened and he cries out in pain.
Empriss sobbed knowing she couldn't do nothing, this was all her fault and she knew that. Wanda and Natasha stood in front of Sam protectively.
"You're not going to touch him. What do you mean Empriss didn't go through your plan? She doesn't work for you." Natasha seethe getting in defense mode.
"Crazy for you think that. Empriss has been a double agent this whole time. The one you love and trust the most works for me. Can you believe it? I can!" Ross lets out a hearty laugh. Each one of the women stared at Empriss in disbelief. She placed her hands over her face not wanting to face everyone.
"Empriss what the hell is he talking about?"Lori sniffed looking at her in a glare. "Tell us he is lying!"
Empriss cried harder giving everyone their answer.
Ross shook his head. "You know what. I'll let you keep him and weak Empriss. I don't need her anymore, I have my treasure. Shock em."
Two guards came from the side of Wanda and Natasha placing a disk on their necks. Unbeknownst to everyone, when the guards took away their men it was disks placed on them. All the women fell to the ground unconscious from the electrocution.
A guard picked up Empriss bringing her to the trucks.
"You will not get away with this!" Sam yelled trying to get to his feet.
"Oh I already have!" Ross laughed going back to his truck. Soon the bridge was cleared again. To many thoughts ran through Sam mind as he to the ground in pain.
So much for a normal night.
wow uh this is a filler.
i kinda don't like it😂. if you guys like it, let me know in the comments!
stay slutty my friends!
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stanknotstark · 19 minutes ago
Astral Pt. 8 (Loki x Reader)
Ok guys they’re REUNITED! God i hope you all know that I wrote all 7 parts in one day because i was so obsessed with getting chapters out so i wouldn’t have to write them daily or lose my thoughts!! Ok well now i have some time to figure out where the story will go from here or if i end it here....
IM JUST JOKING it’s not over yet XDD it’s barely begun :p Feel free to send messages about what you think is gonna happen or who might make minor appearances, villain or hero, cuz i have some planned out! I’ve been doing research guys, i bought a marvel encyclopedia for the first time in years cuz i visited the store the other day and loaded up on comic books again it’s been awhile but my collection is growing again ^^
Tumblr media
You’re standing next to Natasha when the brothers drop down from the sky in their rainbow elevator thing. Thor called it the bifrost? It wasn’t something Loki had talked about when you had been on speaking terms, he must have not found it important enough.
The brothers landed outside on Stark’s glorified patio, 91 floors up. You almost forget to breathe as you look at Loki. His hair is a little longer now, he’s definitely lost some weight, and the bags under his eyes tell you enough. His face is cold as he looks around and, angrily, lets Thor lead him inside where you all stand in various places waiting on them. You note that both the brothers are dressed casually but it’s still a bit much, Earth wise. 
You swallow as Loki first sees Tony and smirks at him, “Seems I won’t be missing that drink you promised?” 
Tony gave him a once over then shrugged. “I guess you deserve a small break. Thor filled me in on what’s been going on.” Tony said, you thought you could hear a hint of a threat lacing his words though. Loki huffed and rolled his eyes looking at the rest of the team before his eyes landed on you. 
You looked into his eyes for what felt like hours but must have only been seconds. The angry look he had been parading in dropped and you saw a flurry of reactions so quick everyone else would miss it but you knew Loki. You try your best to keep your face disinterested, not quite sure if you succeed. Still a bit hurt he told you to never come back coming to the front of your mind you look away and whisper to Nat, “I gotta go, fill me in on what happens.” Then you rush out.
You hear Tony saying, “You already scared off y/n..” as you left the room. 
You basically run to your room and slam the door shut. Your breathing had started becoming haggard on your way up and only intensified as you closed yourself in your room. Both your hands gripped at your hair and pull, your eyes squeezed shut, tight. You shouldn’t be reacting like this it was Loki, it was just Loki. He wouldn’t hurt you, physically. You had thought that you were over whatever heartbreak you had all those years before. How the fuck were you to function normally around him if just one look at him made you this panicky? Made your heart beat so hard you thought it might break out of your ribs. Made you want to cry deliriously happy and sad at the same time. 
You let go of your hair, let your tears fall, and punched the wall a few times, hoping the pain in your hands would ground you. Luckily, it did, but you’d probably have to come up with an excuse because your knuckles were blooming dark purple. You took in deep breaths, copying what Loki had taught you to do when you got to worked up, subconsciously, the thought of him causing you to freak a bit more but then you just focused on breathing. 
It’s a few hours later when Natasha comes to your room and tells you dinner is ready. You had settled and had a book open in your lap as you sat on your bed. You consider skipping dinner and you’re about to say it when you see the look Natasha is giving you. She had been the one to teach you to over come your fears, to face them head on. She probably thought you were scared of Loki because he had tried to take over the world. Oh, how wrong she was. You nodded and told her you were gonna wear something else. She left you in peace and you sighed, rubbing a hand over your face then putting on your brave face and getting dressed in something casual. A simple t-shirt and jeans would suffice. 
When you entered the dinning room, a floor below yours, everyone was seated. Natasha had left you a seat. Right next to Loki. You swallowed and studiously kept your eyes anywhere but on Loki when you sat down. You realized Loki was very tense when you sat next to him but said nothing on the matter. 
“Brother! This is dear Y/n I mentioned, she’s got a quick wit just like you, I’m sure you both will be the best of friends!” 
You smiled at Thor but it probably came off as more of a grimace because Thor gave you a frown. Loki said nothing and focused on eating his food. The whole table got silent realizing something was up between you and Loki. You cleared your throat and tried to sooth things over by looking at Loki. His eyes caught yours and for a second you got lost in them, again. God, get ahold of yourself!
Mentally shaking your head you plastered a smile on and said, “Nice to meet you, Loki, I can’t wait to get to know you.” You finish lamely then quickly look at your food and begin stuffing your face so you wouldn’t have to speak anymore. 
“Riiiiiight.” Tony said eyeing you and Loki suspiciously. Steve sat next to him frowning at your attitude. You missed the silent conversation Natasha and Clint had. 
“You’re going to choke if you continue to eat like a bilge snipe that hasn’t seen food in weeks.” Loki said in a casual voice.
You choke. You swallow what is in your mouth, Natasha hitting your back a few times, and then you laugh. 
God you missed Loki. 
“Remember when you swallowed that moon berr-” Stopping yourself short you swallowed and closed your eyes, last seeing Loki’s happy look turn into a neutral face as he glances around at the team. Damn. 
“Remember? You two know each other?” Natasha asked, nudging you with her elbow. Thankfully you see she reserves her judgement on the situation. 
Sighing you look at the team and set your utensils down. 
“Loki is...” You shot Loki a confused look as if to ask if you still were but shook your head and continued on looking at Nat primarily, “We’re soulmates. I first met Loki when I was 13 years old.” 
“In person?” Steve asked.
“No, I can astral project my spirit but because I’m his soulmate it wasn’t hard it just kind of happened when I needed him most.” 
You picked up your glass of water, noticing you are shaking a bit. You especially tried not to jump when you felt Loki set a comforting hand on your thigh under the table. Taking a drink you looked at the table, took a deep breath, then let your eyes come back up to the confused team. 
“When you needed him most?” Tony asked after a few minutes of silence. 
Looking at Tony you bit your lip. Should you....
“My grandfather killed my grandmother in front of me when I was 13, I hid in my closet and closed my eyes, when I opened them I was in a room in Asgard.” 
“She was in one of my mental rooms that I use to astral project. A fabricated room I made when I was younger.” Loki said, his eyes only on you. 
“He was always there when something bad happened and we became best friends. I was 17 when I realized I had magic, his magic.” You said looking at Nat who looked confused. “Because we’re connected through our mind and soul, I draw my power from him. The powers I have are Loki’s in a sense but at the same time my own, I can do some things he can’t and vice versa.” 
“So if Loki just like, hypothetically, died,” Tony rolled his eyes when Loki glared at him, “Hypothetically! Would you lose your powers?” 
You swallowed as a knot formed in your throat and looked at Loki with sad eyes, willing him to answer because you surely didn’t have an answer for that. 
“Possibly.” Loki clipped out, sending a glare at Tony, as if damning him for making you think of that preposterous idea. 
Tony hummed in thought. 
“If you’re soulmates, why did she react the way she did when she first saw you?” Thor asked, mostly aiming the question to Loki. Loki looked at Thor, angry, then let out a breath and held his chin high. 
“We had a falling out three years ago.” 
“No doubt your fault?” Thor said causing Loki to nod once with a roll of his eyes. 
“No!” You yelled looking at Loki with exasperation. “I’m the one that chose to leave!” 
“I’m the one that gave you an ultimatum.” Loki ground out, frowning at you. 
“You were trying to keep me safe.” You said causing Loki to scoff. 
“Ok, wait, what happened so we can all choose our sides respectfully here?” Clint asked. 
“Shield found out about my powers when I was 17, said once I turn 18 they can give me an offer I can’t refuse. I could work for them. Loki said not to do it because it sounded like they were gonna use me as a weapon, that we knew nothing about Shield and what it stood for,” You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose with closed eyes, “I told him I was gonna take up their offer considering I had a bad home life, he argued Shield could be more dangerous and I told him I was still gonna take the offer anyways so he offered an ultimatum.” Letting your hand fall down to your lap and over Loki’s, still resting on your lap. You softly caressed his knuckles under the table. When you had closed your eyes, to pinch your bridge, you missed the concerned look Loki gave as he saw the violet bruises on your knuckles. 
“He said if I leave to never come back because he wouldn’t be able to watch me get hurt.” 
Tony breathed through his teeth, a hiss, but otherwise everyone stayed silent. 
“I left.” You finished lamely.
The table stayed silent for awhile, everyone gathering their thoughts and questions, until Steve spoke up. 
“After she left, what did you do Loki?” 
“I had Heimdal watch over her-”
“He is all seeing.” Thor said quickly to help out.
“-and I told him that if she were to find any trouble she could not handle to send me to her.” 
You looked up at Loki, shocked, who zealously kept his eyes on Steve. You offered what comfort you could by grasping his hand and squeezing. You smiled inwardly as Loki’s tense form softened slightly. 
“I’m taking it she never ran into trouble she couldn’t handle.” Steve said, more as a statement than a question.
“From what Heimdal has told me, joining Shield is the best thing to happen to her and I almost stopped that.” 
“You couldn’t have known.” You said quietly, frowning in thought, Loki finally looked down at you and your heart almost broke in half at the hurt in his eyes. 
“All you wanted was the best for me and I’m sorry I left,” You looked down and squeezing his hand before looking back up at his eyes, “I’m sorry I left and never tried to reach you again but I’m not sorry about the decision I made.” 
Loki looked at you for a bit then nodded, satisfied with something he found on your face or possibly in your eyes. “I’m sorry I never tried to reach out to you too.” Loki admitted.
You glanced at Thor who sat next to Loki, looking a little put out he never knew about the both of you. 
“Sorry we didn’t tell you Thor I kind of wanted to keep it a secret because I was going through a lot and wasn’t very trusting of strangers at the time.” You said to placate Thor, making the blame fall on you instead of Loki since their relationship was already rocky to begin with. A minor way you could apologize to Loki about not contacting him. 
Thor smiled, genuinely, then said “I’m just happy to make your acquaintance now, y/n.” 
Everyone went back to eating their almost cold meal now. Natasha and Clint the only ones that noted that you and Loki ate with one hand the entire time.
Conversations flowed between the team smoothly like you all were meant to be there, together. No one made any comments on the fact that you and Loki couldn’t keep your eyes off each other the entire time either.
Pt. 7/Pt. 8/?
Tag list: @justfangirlthingies @emelieh99  @high-functioning-lokipath​ 
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acacia-digi · 2 hours ago
CROSSFIRE - b. barnes/winter soldier
Pairing: ws!Bucky Barnes x OC, Bucky Barnes x OC (reader) 
Warnings: dark themes, abuse, SA, language, PTSD, trauma, anxiety
Summary: She was born a prisoner, born a puppet, who never saw a daylight or outside of the Hydra facility. In this hopeless place, she found the one person who was willing to do anything to make her fly. 
A/N: My first story I'm writing on Tumblr. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. 
Tumblr media
She watched the guy like a hawk. She was ready for the moment he will strike. It always happened. However, he just stared back at her. And his eyes were full of something she rarely saw in her life. Sympathy? Kindness? His blue eyes were expressive, and if she focused more, she would find more. But her attention shifted when he straightened himself and put his elbows on the desk between them.
“I need to know everything if you want my help.”
Scoffing, she slowly shook her head. “You are mistaken if you think they ever told me anything important. I was nothing. I wasn’t even considered a human being.”
“How did you escape? After all these years?” the man’s kind eyes held curiosity.
“He helped me,” her voice was just a whisper, but the thumping of her hurting heart was loud inside her head. Too loud.
“Who is he?”
“The asset,” she said almost in a question and looked up at the man, seeing he was confused. “They called him the asset. Or the Winter soldier,” she said his name like a prayer. And she might as well be praying for his safety if she even knew what it means. Nobody ever taught her that.
She was sure the man repeated the assets given name and furrowed his eyebrows. In confusion? In fear? Worry, perhaps. She couldn’t say, never was very good at reading people.
“Does he…does he have a metal arm?”
“Yes,” she nodded, and the man was almost sure there was a gentle smile forming on her pretty face. “Yes,” she repeated and looked as if she was not present, sitting behind a table with him but somewhere far away.
“Alright,” the man said and nodded. His voice was quiet, almost as if he was talking to himself and not the young woman across from him. “You are safe here,” this made her look at him with doubt. “My name is Steve Rogers, or people call me Captain America, and I will do what I can to help you. But I will need your help too.”
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mrsweasley06 · 3 hours ago
hello! congrats on making 100 followers! i was wondering if i could request a headcanon for natasha romanov? like how she would look after you if you were sad? if that’s okay!💞
Thank you!! Of course, this sounds so adorable!! I hope you like it 💖
Natasha Romanov taking care of her sad s/o
-You tried your best to hide your feelings, because you hadn’t wanted anyone to treat you differently
-Natasha saw right through you as she did with everyone else. 
-At first she didn’t push it, if you wanted to talk about it you would. 
-but one morning you hadn’t come out of your room and it worried her more.
-When she went to go check on you, she saw you piled up under blankets and her heart dropped.
-Knocking lightly to announce herself, she walked over to the bed sitting next to you
- “I’m here to talk if you need to or not, I’m here”
-Eventually she pulled you out of your bed getting you in the shower with a kiss on the forehead. 
-She had set out a pair of leggings/sweatpants/shorts and one of her her sweatshirts for you to change into
- You had wanted to stay inside and mill around. But she wouldn’t let you, helping you put on your comfy shoes she took you by the hand outside.
-She had taken you outside for a walk around Central Park, buying both you and her some ice cream from one of the vendors (idk if thats allowed there but lets pretend) 
-Y’all sat down on a bench eating your ice cream and watching the families and couples walk around smiling. 
-You had been watching a little girl who was having a tea party with her dad and her stuffies. Her face was bright and her laugh could be heard from far away. But Natasha had her eyes on you the entire time. 
- “You’re beautiful. You know that?” she watched as your eyes widened the slightest, she did her lil smirk thing knowing she got you the least bit flustered. 
-Heading back to the compound you pulled her into a tight hug taking a deep breath of her in. Sometimes all you needed was her.
- “I love you. And I’ve got your back no matter what.” she said quietly. 
-You would spend the rest of the day hanging out with her doing whatever makes you happy.
-If the feelings hadn’t gone away by then, she would have a talk with you reminding you why she loved you, kissing you on the mouth/cheek/forehead in between every reason (if you are comfortable with that). Telling you in detail, then go about telling you memories of good things she had whether they were with you or others. 
-All in all she seems like the type of girl to be a tough lover. A lot of times she could come off as heartless and cold, but when it came to you, she was anything but. You had brought out the good in her, and for that reason she had never wanted to see you down.
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julietnterein · 4 hours ago
•| Violacea I. chp. 12 |•
Tumblr media
A/U: I'm finally free from my uni assignments, so now I will try to be much more active here! I have one more story prepared for you and I was thinking giving you a little taste from a first chapter? What do you think? :)
Our training group grew over the days into a small amount of people. It wasn't just me and Clint anymore, now even Wanda and Pietro were regularly joining our group and sometimes Natasha came along, even though she wasn't able to train yet, and occasionally Bruce came as well, but it was always only for a couple of minutes. They never really left me and Pietro or Wanda alone in the gym, they always tried to supervise us with one of the agents.
Clint was teaching me how to shoot on the shooting range, which I always thought I was really getting better at, but when I was there with Natasha she always convinced me otherwise. The red haired woman always found something that I could have worked on and I was really glad that she was criticizing me and giving me some feedback, but it gets annoying with time and when it's only something like having my arms more stretched it gets on my nerves even more.
„A mistake like that, can cost you your own life.” She always says when she is giving me some feedback.
And exactly the same thing she did just now, when she skilfully sends me to the ground, because she was finally free from the cast one her hand, so she started training with us as soon as she could. I heard how Pietro's sucked his breath in when he saw my fall, again.
„Stand up.” Says Natasha, while I'm still on the ground, breathing through the pain.
„We are training for two hours already and-...” I try but she interrupts me quickly.
„And you are not even trying.” Natasha grabs her bottle that was lying next to the training mat.
„Excuse me?” I sit up and look up at her with an annoyed look.
„You heard me.” She takes a few sips from the bottle before she sets it down again. „C'mon, let's go.” She gestures towards me, so I have to stand up again.
I put on a fighting stance, that is probably the worst one I have ever done, I can feel all my sore muscles pulsing through my body.
„And try harder this time.” She winks at me when she is raising her fists. I make the first move, I'm throwing a punch, but she easily catches me and throws a low blow into my ribs. My breath hitch with pain and I staggered to the left, and that's when Natasha round kicked me from the left side that I left revealed when I staggered and I fell to my knees. She is not waiting for anything else, when she throws a punch in my revealed face, that sends me hard into the mat. I tried to pick myself up but when I see Natasha preparing for another punch I'm covering my head quickly and shout:
„That's enough! Red! Stop it!” It takes me a second to think of the safe word that we have to use, when something goes to the point where one of the trainees can't handle it anymore, and colors are probably the simplest thing.
„You are too afraid to be hit.” She snorts out a little.
„Well I wonder why?!” I bark in her direction and I can feel my blood boiling.
„Your stance sucks, you don't even think about your punches when you throw them and you don't even try to hit hard.” She names all the stuff. „A mistake like t-...”
„-That can cost me my life, I know!” I interrupt her quickly.
„Then why are you not trying?” She frowned at me.
Her voice is cold as ice and I can't help myself with my next comment:
„Not everyone here was trained to kill people!”
Her green eyes are turning dark really quickly and they are stabbing me like a knife right now. I know I shouldn't have said that but I'm so angry right now.
„Because some of us were literally developed just for that.” She whispers so quietly into the silence of the gym, but she knows damn right I will catch that. She knows that it will hit me into the right spot. That's when I can feel the weird warmth in my fingertips.
Pietro was probably the quickest one to notice the small amount of purple slightly glowing around my fingers, that's when he ran up to Natasha and grabbed her by the waist to pull her away from me. I can feel the lights flicker above our heads.
Wanda jumped right to me, creating quickly a red wall that would safe everyone on the outside from me causing them any harm.
„Andy, listen to me…” She says out my name, while my head is in complete haze and I can feel all the anger bubbling inside me, ready to be set free. She steps closer to me, slowly, one hand holding the red wall and the other slowly reached out for mine.
I'm trying to catch my own breath, holding myself on all four.
„I'm here with you.” She says quietly while she kneels in front of me slowly, because she doesn't want to startle me with any quick movements. I know that if I would have blown up again, like I did before with Natasha, she would be screwed, she put everyone into the safe zone except for herself. „You don't want to hurt anyone, right, Andy?” She was still talking to me, which felt really soothing to me as I had something to hold onto. „I know you can do this.” She finally grabbed my hand slowly into her hand, drawing small circles with her thumb over my hand. With every circle I felt my body slowly calming, like it was her touch that was pouring a iced water over my boiled nerves, that were ready to blow up.
All the lights above our heads went crazy as I felt my body absorbing their energy and there was this thick purple mist floating around my hands.
„I trust you.” She whispers. It takes her words a really long time before they start to make sense in my brain.
„You heard me. That's right.” She continues as she reads my mind. I could felt my muscles slowly loosen it's flexed position. „You are my family now.” She whispers so quietly but she knows damn right that I can hear it. „And I know you don't want to hurt any of us. We are all in this together.” With really deep breaths I'm raising my head up, looking for her eyes, that are following my every movement. She smiles at me. „You can do it.” She grabs me and pulls me into a huge hug when she starts hearing my thoughts much more clearly than before. My body fell into her hug, exhausted from all the energy it took from the lights and then how much energy it took me to put it right back in instead of blowing up into every direction. Everything is coming back into the picture with each and every breath in and out. Wanda no longer holds the red wall around us, but she holds me really close to her chest, understanding what I'm going through right now.
„It's okay. Deep breaths in and out, exactly like that.” She rubs my back soothingly. I can see all the purple mist finally disappearing from around my palms and that's when I return her the hug properly, burying my face into her shoulder.
„She did it.” I hear Pietro in the background. „She didn't blow up.” I can see him coming towards us with a huge smile on his face.
„Only thanks to Wanda.” I smile at her, as I slowly pull myself from her hug.
„But you hold it in yourself.” She squeezes my shoulder. „And that's progress.” She smiles at me.
I nod and then I frown at Natasha standing a couple meters away from us. „I know, I know.” She raises her arms in a defensive gesture. „But you could be a little nicer yourself.”
„I'm sorry.” I nod at her.
„So am I, I didn't mean for this to happen.” She says and before I can say anything else, Pietro quickly ruffle my hair before he heads back to his own training. Wanda just waves at me as she gives me and Natasha space to talk this through.
„Do you want to continue?” Asks Natasha carefully.
„No, because I would have to broke your arm again to feel a little better.” I roll my eyes.
„Whoa, whoa… hold up…” She stops me when I'm about to leave the gym. „Now it's my turn to break you something.”
„Try me and next time it's going to be a brick wall instead of glass.” I look at her seriously but can't hold it any longer as my ruin this up.
She can't help herself and smiles at me as well: „I call red on that.”
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novamirmir · 4 hours ago
Y/n, pointing: May I sit there? Natasha: That's my lap Y/n: That doesn't answer my question, Natasha.
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novamirmir · 4 hours ago
Natasha: petition to remove the 'd' from Wednesday Y/n: Wednesay Natasha: Not what I had in mind, but I'm flexible
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honeyedtulips · 6 hours ago
can i pretty please request - smiling automatically when their s/o walks into the room - with our softie nat? 🥺
pocketful of rainbows
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: soft fluffy fluff ♡
summary: natasha thinks you have to be the most adorable thing in the world ♡
word count: 808 ♡
a/n: i hope you enjoy this and feel satisfied with it! here’s the song if you wish to listen while you read ♡
natasha should not have been smiling as hard as she did when you stumbled into the meeting room, a batch of cookies locked in your hands and a band-aid stuck to your brow. any other situation where the nick fury had to stop talking to glare menacingly at the door was a situation where no one was smiling. so why was she grinning like someone who had found fifteen dollars on a train seat?
it’s because she was in love, of course.
she didn’t miss the way steve’s eyes trailed over her beaming face, biting his lip to hide a laugh as he turned back around to pay attention to what was going on. clint was quite obviously staring at her too, no doubt making up some teasing comment to throw at her later. she didn’t care. she could never care about anything else when she looked at you.
“hey, y/n!” tony exclaimed, happily, probably jovial that you had interrupted nick’s speech about protocol. “how ya’ doing?”
“i-i’m sorry this is a bad time,” you stammered, trying to not let your eyes fall onto natasha’s face. she was probably angry with you, but hiding it with a smile. “I’ll let you continue. I’m so sorry, sir—”
“are those oatmeal and raisin?” bucky’s soft voice cut through your adorable rambling. “sarah used to make those, steve.”
“yeah, she did,” steve said absentmindedly, taking in the near perfect state of your cookies. he suddenly felt quite hungry. “they look delicious.”
“can we pause this and munch on some treats? I’m starving!” clint cried, rubbing his tummy with exaggeration. you couldn’t hide your laugh, giggling softly at their antics. you didn’t notice the gorgeous green eyes gleaming with mirth as you did so.
“I was finished, anyway, so yes,” nick grunted, smoothing his jacket with his hands. “don’t disappoint me.”
“never!” tony bounced from his seat, already running over to you. “gimme! gimme! gimme!”
“absolutely not!” clint lumbered after him, nearly taking the man down as nudged him aside. “I should get them first! I’ve been here longer!”
“I’ve never had an yolk-meal cookie!” you heard thor muse from the other end of the room, nearly making you collapse with laughter. “wilson, what is this yolk-meal they speak of?”
“oatmeal, you big oaf!” sam said, shaking his head with a grin as he got up from his seat. “it’s an oatmeal raisin cookie and I’m about to get me one! y/n, we’re great friends! didn’t I take you on a ride once on my falcon suit!”
“are you guys seriously arguing over cookies!” steve said, staring comically at his teammates. “leave the poor baker alone!”
the small crowd assembled around you groaned with disappointment. you chuckled, watching as they all filed away, looking like a gang of children rather than superheroes. nick’s eyes strayed over you quickly, as an expertly intelligent agent’s gaze would, and stalked off towards the door.
“m-mr. fury?”
it seemed all the commotion stopped hearing your words. you were suddenly aware of how many people were in this room and how small it was. you couldn’t even hear sam and clint bickering anymore. nick fury turned, his one grey eye facing you with a chilly poise you had never seen before.
“yes?” his voice made chilly tendrils of fear grip grip at your spine. “what is it?”
“w-would you l-like a cookie, s-sir?”
you had expected someone to laugh, but the room stayed in a unwavering state of shocked silence. you could imagine that not even sam had something to say right now. everyone in the room definitely couldn’t even find it in themselves to emit a gasp when nick fury stepped closer to you. you watched as the man fingered a button on his jacket and nodded.
“I’ll take just one, please.”
a beaming smile split your whole face as you opened the container, watching as the man’s brown fingers tightened around a big cookie at the top. he put it to his mouth, took a great hunk of a bite and stared at you, not even blinking. you didn’t even realize you were holding your breath until he nodded at you, wiping a crumb from his mouth with his thumb.
“good work.”
the room remained silent even as nick fury left the conference room and stalked down the hall, boots clacking noisily against the floor. you fixed the lid back onto the container, the sound seeming extremely loud in the silence of the room. you hadn’t predicted it, but rhodey’s voice had been the first one to snap through the shocked state of the room.
“did nick fury just eat a fucking cookie before i did?”
natasha could only smile, chuckling a little as you smiled sheepishly. god, she was a goner. she was in love with you and there was no going back.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 6 hours ago
Their pet name/s for you - ladies
18+ Reader = gender-neutral
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is what I imagine they would call their partner. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasant to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations. If a pet name does not classify as gender-neutral, please let me know.
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Honey or Babe
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Bubs or Pumpkin (she just loves it)
Tumblr media
Love or Sweetie
Tumblr media
Peggy Carter
Tumblr media
Darling or Sweetheart
Hope van Dyne
Tumblr media
Honey or Peanut (she thinks it's cute and likes to tease you)
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honeyedtulips · 6 hours ago
Hi! Love your work! Do you think you can do "smiling automatically when their s/o walks into the room" + the way - Ariana Grande for Nat?
the way
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: soft fluffy fluff ♡
summary: natasha’s in love. that’s it. that’s the tweet. ♡
word count: 680 ♡
a/n: i hope you enjoy this and are satisfied with it! here’s the song if you wish to listen while you read ♡
natasha grunted softly under her breath as tony handed her a wine glass. she was on dish duty tonight and would rather be drowning in sweat in a gym than doing this. she hated doing dishes after dinner. she only did it to be fair to team, but there were many times she hoped that steve would just get rid of the cycle altogether and just let vision happily do the dishes while he chatted with wanda for the rest of their lives. she preferred to wash dishes during the quiet atmosphere of the morning when you were there, clinging to her arm and pressing little kisses to her nape. it didn’t surprise her how you made many things natasha hated very bearable with just your presence.
“hey, y/n, can you make us those chocolate chip muffins again tomorrow?” peter’s voice piped from the living room.
“sure, I can, pete,” you said kindly, with that wonderfully soft and gentle voice of yours that natasha craved to hear. “I’ll put them in a container and you can take them to school tomorrow!”
“thanks, y/n! ned’s gonna love you even more!”
natasha chuckled, grimly. ned, peter’s best friend, had a huge crush on you. the first time he’d come to the avengers compound, the boy had barely even spared a glance at her, the notoriously beautiful black widow, and had instead focused on you. the only reason natasha didn’t chuck a knife at his head was because she couldn’t blame him. she stared at you the same way, without even realizing it.
“aw, look at that cute little smile on your face!”
natasha groaned when she realized sam was standing right beside her, an impish grin on his face.
“wilson, you better move,” she bit back, though the comment wasn’t as harsh as she intended with a love-filled smile still present on her face.
“isn’t it adorable how you always smile when your love over there walks in the room?” sam teased, crossing his arms as he leaned against the counter. “it’s cute.”
“I’m not cute,” natasha said, chucking the glass in the sink to prove her point. “I’m the black widow.”
“who smiles like an idiot when her lover walks in the room.” natasha shook her head, but sam was right. she had never smiled as much as she did now until she’d met you.
“I’ll go before you stab me,” sam slid away, probably joining the others in the living room.
natasha busied herself with repulsive dishes in the sink, trying to hum a tune to herself to make the time pass. as she put a fork away on the drying rack, she heard the sound of a bowl being placed on the counter. she turned, watching as you got the ingredients to make muffins for peter. she loved how kind you were, how you treated peter like he was your own brother. you had practically smothered him with love the moment he joined the team, making him feel safe and welcome. he always had a smile when he was around you, much like everyone else on the team. you were their angel.
“you better not make me wash those supplies you’re using,” natasha groaned, but she knew drops of loving tenderness had invaded her teasing tone. she could never be harsh with you. not like she’d ever tried, but she couldn’t even playfully tease you without her lime-green eyes mirroring those of a lovestruck puppy.
“I won’t,” you replied with a laugh. “if you help me make these, I’ll wash the rest of the dishes for you.” you flashed a gorgeous, lead-white smile over your shoulder. natasha swore she felt herself swooning as she wiped her hands clean with a towel and padded over to you. she slid her hands beneath your shirt, leaning to press her lips against yours. kissing her always felt like a beautifully surreal dream you never wanted to wake from. the moment she detached her vermillion mouth from yours, a smile had already formed on her lips.
“you’ve got yourself a deal, cutie pie.”
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tropicaltransgressions · 10 hours ago
In the Name Of
TW: Dark!Natasha Dark!Fic Implied NonCon FuckThePolice
Summary: You just want to go home and prepare for your thesis. Officer Romanoff might have other plans.
“It’s one drink, (y/n). I’m asking you to come out for one drink to celebrate the successful completion of my thesis which has kept us from sooo many drinks!”
You laugh as you dig through your purse to find your keys so you can finally (FINALLY) get out of the lab. “I know, Whit, and I’m so proud of you but my thesis presentation is tomorrow and--”
She cuts you off, “and it is not until 2pm and you are disgustingly prepared and I am asking you to come have a beer at…” she pauses, you assume to check the time because she’s obviously been drinking for several hours now. “At 10:14pm -- one cheers. I’m not asking you to do lines behind a 7/11 at 7:30am before a French final which I’ve seen you do, so one drink! I kicked ass today. You’ll kick ass tomorrow and best believe I’ll be out with you to celebrate that ass kicking.”
You’re not going anywhere after your thesis presentation tomorrow except bed. Alone. You’re done. This last year has been more exhausting and challenging than anything you ever signed up for and, no offense to Whitney, but her thesis on the Tabloidization of the American News Media for her Coms major wasn’t 1/10th as exhausting as your thesis on Stem Cell Particle Rejuvenation and the Possibilities of Blank Cells in mRNA Vaccination.
But… she did work hard and she did phenomenally in her research and, and she is your best friend and she deserves to be celebrated.
You swear you only had 3 beers.
Yes, you stayed out later than you meant to and you drank more than you should have but --- it was just three beers and that was over at least two hours.
But you’re small and you haven’t eaten… anything today, and honestly, with all the last minute prep for your thesis, you haven’t eaten much in weeks.
So now you’re sitting handcuffed in the back of a police car about to watch your entire future slip away all for a few Coors Lites.
You know you don’t have bail money -- none of your friends do. You’re all 40 hours of school, 20 hours of minimum wage work, and maybe you could call your parents but… no, you’d rather go to jail and shit on your entire future.
It was an honest mistake. You would have made it sober in the daytime, you thought it was a turn lane, it’s always been a turn lane, you’ve lived here for 4 years. You have no idea when that new construction started. (Maybe because you haven’t driven anywhere besides your house, the lab, and Whole Foods in 4 months.)
So now you’re sitting in the back of a patrol car with a DUI charge, steadfastly invoking your right to remain silent, but mostly just staring out the window reflecting on your choices.
It doesn’t seem fair.
You’d always tried so hard to make the right ones.
And even tonight--- you never would have driven if you thought you were drunk.
You asked for a breathalyzer, even. The officer refused.
At least you’re glad it’s a woman. You’ve heard so many horror stories.
You snap yourself out of your pitying self reflection pretty quickly though when you realize... you just passed the police station.
This is your first time being placed under arrest, but you have bailed out a lot of people over the last 4 years -- responsible and caring is kind of your M.O.
“Um… I… I’m sorry, I think we just passed intake?” You ask nervously to the cop driving you. “It’s just that,” you continue, “the other arresting officer told my friends I’d be taken to the Queens Street Station so if we’re going downtown, I need to let them know so I can be bailed out.”
There was a different cop who pulled you over, who did your sobriety evaluation, handcuffed you, and put you in the back of this car. You’ve never even been introduced to the woman driving you.
You see her glance up at you through the rearview mirror and you drop your eyes immediately, wanting to be as less adversarial as possible but still… you have rights, right? You at least get to know where you’re going, right?”
She watches you for a while but doesn’t say anything and you don’t exit the freeway towards Downtown like you should to get to the main station.
You’re not drunk. You never have been, not really, and you know something is very very wrong but you’re so scared you can barely breath.
‘It’s a woman.’ you keep telling yourself. ‘It’s a woman. I’m ok.’
It’s not ok.
Finally when you’ve long gone quiet and still from the fear and exhaustion, she speaks for the first time.
“What would you lose,” she asks, “If you’d gotten a DUI tonight?”
You think about your response for a long while before answering.
“I did get a DUI tonight, didn’t I officer?”
She stays quiet, so you continue. “What I lose doesn’t matter. It is what it is.”
She stays quiet for a while longer. She’s driving you farther and farther from the city and you’re terrified.
Finally she asks, “What would it be worth to you, to not get arrested tonight?”
You’re not drunk. And You’re not stupid. You’re actually very, very smart.
“I guess that depends on the conditions.”
She smirks. She was expecting this.
“Come home with me tonight.”
You were expecting that.
“And then you get me back to town in time for my thesis presentation and this is over forever? Clear record - you let me go?”
You’ll do it. You don’t think you’re going to be given many options anyways and one night with this fucked up but admittedly hot cop is not worth dying for. And it’s certainly not worth risking your thesis for.
She laughs.
You hate it.
“I promise I will get you back in time for your thesis presentation.”
But again, you’re smart… “and after that?” you prompt.
She lets her hand casually brush aside the fast food bag on the middle console and you see the gleam of a gun.
“After that, we’ll celebrate. Understand, baby?” She smirks at you in the rearview, hand now fully clasped around her non-service issued weapon.
Your career and your future and your life all depend on the next thing you say.
“Yes ma’am.”
She smirks and turns left, freeing her red hair from its bun.
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fandomdorlyf · 11 hours ago
Y/N : welcome to painting for awesome people 101
Nat : ...
Wanda : ...
Bruce : ...
Thor : what is this red liquid?
Y/N : wait Thor don't! *runs to him but slips and knock the red painting all over Y/N*
Thor : apologize lady Y/N *puts the paint back*
Y/N : class dismissed
Y/N : everyone but if you're indicating this red thing, it's just a paint
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chaoticwidowsblog · 15 hours ago
The Truth (and Dare)
Warning: soft fluff, high school AU, i love clumsy Bruce
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Word count: 4957
Summary: Even best friends fall in love. One of them has to confess the truth.
a/n- first off thank you thank you for 100 followers I love you sm muah <3 also all I can think of is Scarlett from Ghost World while writing this
Tumblr media
The day was bright, birds chirping outside the window of your classroom. It was peaceful, rather than the inside of it. In the class, everyone was making chaos. Some of the guys are throwing crumpled paper and paper planes—mostly Tony who’s having a war against Steve who’s trying to get him to stop—and some are chortling and laughing their hearts out at a stupid joke. 
Unlike Bruce who’s only shying away by doing homework peacefully quiet but also getting hit on the head with a paper ball by Clint. Thor, well let’s just say he’s having fun with the paper planes. Too much fun. The girls in the other hand are mostly chit-chatting and gossiping, while you sat at your desk heaving out the fifth sigh. You wouldn’t bother finding out what topic they’re talking about. What matters is that all of your classmates are making a loud noise.
The only ones that aren’t really making a commotion are you and Natasha. Well, Natasha is the one quiet because she’s peacefully reading her book, but you still don’t make a noise as loud as others do. You keep whining at her about wanting to go get some ice cream together after school, complaining why the teacher isn’t present today and annoying her more.
“I’m so bored.” You puffed a sigh, drawing squiggly lines with your supple fingers on Natasha’s back.
Natasha isn’t bothered by you. She’s always used to you whining about a lot of things. After all, she’s your best friend for life.
You had your head rested on your desk, and your arms stretched forward that your hands are able to reach Natasha’s back. She was sitting in front of you at the back of the class, her forever spot to talk to you, peacefully reading her book despite the loudness in the classroom. Your fingers were playing the long ends of her beautiful hair that cascades on her shoulders perfectly, twirling it lazily around your finger for fun. You poked her, drew small circles and hearts on her back just to see if it would draw out a reaction from Natasha. But the longer you do it, Natasha liked it even more. She may seem like she’s not a single bit irritated with your annoying poking, but don’t be fooled. She loves it as you do it, it makes her feel calm and, she loves it. She
Speaking of which, you haven’t taken a single hint. She’s tried to let you know over what feels like a decade of being best friends but you never saw any of it so Natasha thought that if keeping the crush low and go easy on you until you finally do realize, it would be a good idea. For now, she intends on being your best friend and only your best friend.
“God, it’s so noisy in this class.” You muttered, watching Tony doing his little victory dance at the front of the class.
“I bet we’re the noisiest.” Natasha said plainly, flipping the next page of her book.
“That’s cause we are,” you said. “I can’t believe Mr. Fury is absent today or we would’ve learnt something useful.”
“Like how to shut the whole class up?” Natasha huffed, simply laughing with you.
But it only lasted short when you’re back to feeling bored once again. You idly play Natasha’s hair, then drew random animals that first came to your mind.
“I’d kill for an ice cream right now.”
“Kill isn’t a pretty word, you know. You can’t even give a threat to someone without sounding like a five year old.” Natasha twitched her eyebrow, shrugging as she flips a page gently.
You rolled your eyes and slightly pout. “It’s called an expression, but whatever.”
Natasha shifts in her chair comfortably and switches her crossed legs, smiling small when you drew the letter N on her back. You drew the next letters of her name to complete it.
“I wonder what lunch is for today.” You prompted all of a sudden.
Natasha chuckled, shaking her head when she turns to you. “That’s what you’re wondering about? Lunch?”
“What? I’m hungry. Don’t tell me you’re not.” You giggled playfully, causing Natasha to stifle a laugh.
Soon when she twisted back around, you pout. You love seeing her laugh, it always shines up your day ten times brighter. But once she had look away, it suddenly became slightly gloomy. A lot gloomy.
You scratched her back with your nails so softly, sending chills down Natasha’s spine for a second but she played it like it was nothing. Until you’ve reached to a point where you can’t stand the dreadful boredom, you groaned and lightly shook Natasha’s shoulder.
“Come on, Nat entertain me. I’m bored and I’m in need of your wonderful magic of entertainment.”
She rolled her eyes annoyed, but you’re certain you could sense her lips curving into a smile. “Fine. I’m only doing this because I want you to shut up.”
You smiled at her frown when she glanced at you. She shut her book closed and heaved a defeated sigh, adjusting her chair around so she can face you entirely. You got so excited that you couldn’t stop tapping your fingers on your desk, grinning as wide as Natasha likes it.
She shook her head for a moment before placing her book under her desk, then crossing her arms on her chest. “What do you wanna play?”
“Well, if we play Tic-Tac-Toe, you’d win all the time.” Natasha smiles at the true fact. “How about Truth or Dare?”
She darts her eyebrows up. “Are you sure?”
You hummed in thought, biting your cherry lips. Her eyes dwelled on them, subconsciously biting her own lips as well.
Knowing Natasha for what feels like an eternity of your adventurous childhood, she’s always been quite mean to you when it comes to playing Truth or Dare.
She loves pulling the truth out of you, and if not truth, daring you to do insane things like going to someone and suddenly taking a selfie with them, or even kiss them. (Which she regrets daring you that) And that’s only when she’s nice with you.
Therefore, it’s quite dangerous playing that type of game with her. She would give you embarrassing dares again just like she always do. You wouldn’t want to be the one to start doing crazy things today, especially in front of your classmates, no. That would be really embarrassing.
Why not?
“Sure, as long as you’re nice to me.” You pointed a finger towards Natasha’s face. The truth was that you wanted to dare her with hilarious things as revenge, this time it will be no mercy for her but you’ll play it innocent.
She huffed and nodded in an understated manner, but her smirk told you otherwise. She was ready for this and you knew you made a terrible mistake by agreeing to this. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong?
“Alright, but I warn you. Some of it will be a little extreme.” She warned, winking at you as she settles comfortably on her chair.
“A little extreme, as in utmost embarrassing?” You quirked an eyebrow, receiving a nod from Natasha.
She smiles devilishly that one would bend on one’s knees and beg for mercy. Maybe you are that person. The longer you squinted at Natasha’s face, the more nervous you are inside. But wanting to remain cool and composed, you acted like it was no big deal. It wasn’t that Natasha can be immensely heartless in a game of Truth or Dare, it was the way she was smirking at you that made your heartbeat pound for who knows why. You played it cool like it was no big deal to keep bluffing.
“Eh, what the hell. As long as I’m entertained.”
“Are you sure?” Natasha looks so confident as if she’s the CEO of the game and knows too well that she’ll probably make you wanna stop playing. Little do you know, her head is full of mischievous dares.
“Absolutely.” You put on your game face, waggling your eyebrows in challenge. Natasha responded the same and nodded steadily.
“Alright, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”
The start was okay. You didn’t pick Truth at first and got a dare to stare at someone random in the class for one full minute. Natasha couldn’t stop laughing at your face because when you reached 30 seconds, your eyes were already watering up and turning red. Poor Bruce, he thought you were mad at him and had no idea why you were staring at him for one minute. As a prize, Natasha helped you wipe those tears away.
The next dare was you had to let Natasha draw funny things on your arm as a fake tattoo using a Sharpie, and you let her. Thank goodness for long sleeves.
She drew really silly things like smiley faces and stars on your hand, which quite impressed you for how cute it looked. With her soft fingers brushing against your wrist, you gazed at her concentrating on drawing something you didn’t bother to know what. You didn’t even feel the slow smile making its way to your face. All of a sudden, you realized how pretty Natasha is. How the side of her hair basked in the sunlight next to her, all you focused on was her instead of your noisy classmates behind her. It was as if a 50s love song tuned in the background the longer you stare at your best friend. What is this weird feeling?
You were snapped out of your trance when Natasha moved your arm to your direction so you could have a look with a wide smile, pleased with how it turned out. You were almost caught staring, but at least she didn’t see the blush on your cheeks the moment your eyes met Natasha’s. You looked down at your forearm, raising your eyebrows.
You forgot how well Natasha writes in cursive. She wrote down a simple Nat on your arm, but to you it was amazing. The letters perfectly connected together that you could just stare at it everyday. You grinned and darted a smile to Natasha, making a mental note to turn this into a real tattoo once you’re fully 18 years old.
You're sick never of saying it a million times in your head.
On the next round, you were dared to let her wear your varsity jacket of the school’s baseball team. You were happy that Natasha was happy wearing it. She loved smelling your scent. It was clear on her face how comfy she was wearing your jacket and wished she could cherish it forever to remind herself of you.
“It looks better on you.” You commented, unaware of your wide smile plastered on your face.
Natasha smirked, looking like she owns the jacket. “Of course it does.”
You rolled your eyes before you carried on. Unfortunately, Natasha has a few more creative dares up her sleeve. You know you’re really gonna embarrass yourself, so you got prepared for it like a brave person that you are. Curse her devilish brain, she made you give a cheesy pick up line to six people in the classroom. You earned a lot of laughs and weird looks, especially from Steve who didn’t understand it at all. You felt so embarrassed because they were so cheesy and Natasha enjoyed watching as you hide your face in your palms when you head back to your seat.
It’s not fair that Natasha’s giving you silly dares, you want to do that to her too but for some reason, she keeps picking Truth. You know she’s trying to avoid the dares. Luckily an evil plan crossed your mind. You can use that as an advantage to gain a secret that Natasha is keeping from you. You’ll just have to wait for her to choose Truth again.
You couldn’t stop laughing when you dropped to your seat, flapping your hand to stop Natasha who’s only smiling at you (maybe with heart eyes). “Okay, okay. Stop, stop. I’m out of breath.”
“I’m not even doing anything.”
“Whatever. Truth or Dare before I explode my chest for laughing.” You took a moment to catch some air as Natasha smiles, eyes down at her fingers in thought.
You’re quite surprised she made a sudden turn. Maybe she realized that she picked Truth too many times that she sensed you feeling suspicious. Natasha is always so careful and alert, it was a shame. You could’ve cracked her open like an egg and ask her something she’s never told you before.
Natasha is starting to regret that she agreed to play this game because she forgot this could be the way that you find out about her little crush. It relieved her for realizing what her next mistake could be if she continued to choose Truth. She has a gut feeling telling her that you might want to ask something much more personal. Something that Natasha wants to avoid.
She imagined you asking her. “Who’s your crush?”
It made her gulp silently.
You could either ask her who or why, and Natasha would still not answer it. Even if you insist that she answers, Natasha would come up with a nonexistent person to label them as her crush. She does not want you to know that you’re that person yet, except you totally exist and are real.
Which is why she chose Dare instead of Truth before you could possibly ask her who she likes. Natasha knows you too well that you’re much more interested in telling you her deepest secret.
It took you four attempts to try to get her to pick Truth again, and still counting, but all she’s been picking is Dare. It was a shame that you were too late, she has a good sense of feeling that you’re onto her which annoyed you. She didn’t even mind if you dared her to give a slap to Tony which impressed you, but it made your suspicion rise.
“You sure you wanna continue playing?” Natasha teased, smirking as her eyebrow shoots up. “It’s gonna get extreme the more we play. Are you down?”
Natasha’s eyes opened wide for a quick second that you couldn’t notice it. She internally blushed, embarrassed when a thought crossed her mind for her words. Luckily you were too into the game that you didn’t get the same thought like Natasha did, so she lets it be and clears her throat.
“For better or worse, I’m down. Let’s do this!”
Natasha chuckled as she shakes her head. “I swear you get too excited for this little game.”
“Hey, I’ll pull out those secrets from you soon, watch me. I’ll make sure you spill everything,” You winked, but you quickly switched back to your game face in just a blink of an eye. “Now quit stalling. We still have half an hour before lunchtime. I must get you to confess your deepest secrets.”
Natasha doubted you’d succeed, but she appreciated your enthusiasm. She loves it when she sees you get so motivated for a goal. Especially when you’re in a game. Just like when you play baseball, you get hyped up to win. She would watch you cheer in victory when you’ve won and smile lovingly proud, stare at you talking to others at lunch and also ignoring Wanda calling her name multiple times, watching attentively as you do a presentation in front of the class and crack a joke that the whole class laughs. There are many more times she’s stared at you, most that you have been oblivious about.
“Better be easy on me, Romanoff.” you said with a smile.
“Well, I’m not one to be easy with the likes of you. Besides, you wanted this so suck it up.”
You squinted at Natasha’s teasing smile, and rolled your eyes when she twitched her eyebrows up. It’s good that you trust her acting confident, keyword: acting. She doesn’t want it to seem obvious that she enjoys seeing how adorable you are when you’re challenged, as well as nervous for the next couple rounds.
What if she won’t be able to pick Dare anymore? It’ll be too suspicious. You’ll totally ask her who she likes then.
You really have no idea how much she wanted to tell you about her little crush, how she wants to confess all of it to get it off her chest after years of patience. But she can’t. She she fears of being rejected, considering how much you treat her like she’s a sister of your own. Now it’s both of your senior year, yet you still haven’t known.
That’s why the day she realized that maybe it’s better if she never confess her feelings to her best friend, it would be safe. So she stopped giving hints and only hoped that the feeling of being so connected to you fade away. Hard to say that it will because Natasha just couldn’t get over you easily.
Natasha stares at you eagerly taking her hand, shaking it as an excited grin makes their way to your face. “Gosh I’m so excited. Okay I’ll go first. Or do you wanna pick Truth?”
“Sure.” Natasha responded softly, nearly too late before you could’ve noticed that she almost didn’t listen to you because she was staring.
That was a bad idea because the moment Natasha realized what she said, your eyes brewed with mischief. She knew it was too late to take it back. You were so sneaky you managed to trick Natasha.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment.” You laughed puckishly.
Oh god.
Thoughts raced in Natasha’s mind, her heart beating so loud that she’s just grateful the whole class couldn’t hear it. If they could, she would shrink in her chair and wish she would just disappear. Her fingers dug into her shirt, teeth clenched in nervousness. You could’ve heard Natasha gulping if it wasn’t for your fingers tapping on the desk.
“Who’s your crush?” You asked it so simply like it was the same thing for Natasha to answer. To her, it’s very difficult to give a response, especially when the answer is literally just right in front of her, just before her eyes,
“Um,” she cleared her throat. “I’m not sure if I want to answer that.”
“Come on, Nat,” you whined with pleading eyes, taking her hand and gripping it between your cold, soft hands. “I’ve been wanting to know for months now. Years, actually. You keep dodging it every time I ask you.”
The classroom is suddenly hot that Natasha feels herself practically sweating. When she became hotter, your cold hands tightly holding Natasha’s warmed them.
“Just tell me. I promise it’ll be a secret between the two of us, I swear. I’m your best friend, I deserve to know. Is it someone in our class?” You whispered and winked.
Natasha frowned at you for a moment. You nodded, giving a thumbs up. “I’ll take that as a yes. Is it Steve?”
Natasha tried to shake her head, but she couldn’t even say no. Not because it is Steve, but because the way your hold on her hand tightened, she forgot how to speak.
“Is it Tony? Thor? Clint? Wait, Clint’s your nonbiological brother. Scratch that.” Your eyes disconnected with Natasha’s to think of any other guy options that could be the one.
Natasha is actually glad you looked away or you would’ve seen how her cheeks flush in tinge pink. She couldn’t help but get so nervous in front of you thanks for that question you asked her. She doesn’t know how to control her feelings that’s stirring in her heart at the moment.
Is it time? Should she tell you or should she just wait another decade to tell you?
While Natasha was under pressure on telling you the truth, you were imagining if it really was Clint. That would be surprising. You have been noticing how close they are, but they give off siblings vibe because they like to fight and play video games sometimes, but seeing them as lovers never crossed your mind before. If it is in fact the truth, you'd be astonished. Your thoughts were cut off by Natasha's nervous stammering.
“I-I,’s...” Natasha choked on her saliva, fidgeting her fingers. The pressure of your (e/c) eyes that are laid on her is not helping her talk properly.
Maybe it is Clint? If it's him,'ll support Natasha and ignore the disappointment in your heart.
“Go on, carry on,” you prompted composedly. “Don’t stop. I’m listening.”
“Ooh, interesting. What’s all this about?”
Spoke of the devil.
Clint chimed in when he approached your desk with a grin. He also brought Thor and Steve over who offered a friendly smile to you and Natasha, surrounding the two of you.
Natasha blew a relieved breath quietly while you looked at the guys with a smile. “Oh, Nat was about to tell me who she likes. And it’s in our classroom.”
Thor’s thick eyebrows shot up immediately, his eyes shifting to the redhead. He smiled at her as if convincing her to proceed. “Ooh, Miss Romanoff is fancying someone in the classroom of ours? Please, tell us.”
You look at Thor confused, then to all the other guys at his sides surprised to see that they don’t know who it is. You asked the whole classroom who it might be, and got no answer to your dismay. You figured they would know considering how close they are with Natasha too. “That’s suspiciously mysterious. Why does nobody knows who Nat likes in our class?”
“That’s cause it’s me, right?” Tony popped out behind Steve, smiling doubtlessly. “Of course everybody likes me. I just didn’t understand your way of liking me by slapping me across the face from earlier, Romanoff.”
“He didn’t mean you, genius. This is someone else, I’m sure.” You said, then the guys chanted a faint “Ooh” as they all look at Natasha.
Now she feels more pressured. You’re going to know, these guys are going to know, then the whole school will. It’ll be the talk of the week and probably every next few months of her senior year. A perfect closure for her high school story.
“So? Who’s the lucky person, Tasha?” Clint prompted. “Better tell us now.”
“Hey come on. Give her a second.” You stretched your hand out towards the boys.
Natasha sucks a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm herself down in order to gather some courage. She decides that maybe she should tell you now before it’s too late. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?
“Will it surprise everyone if I say it’s who I’m looking at?” That was her mistake. She didn’t mean to ask.
What she meant was: It will surprise everyone when she says it’s who she’s looking at. And she would emphasize on the word ‘will’.
First, you couldn’t quite comprehend what Natasha meant, so all you did was smile in confusion. But as soon as you realize that her lustrous emerald eyes never left yours, glued on only you and no one else surrounding her, your face lit up in surprise. You blinked wordlessly, somehow you still managed to keep your mouth closed, and cheeks burning red. If melting like a candle was a real thing, you’d be a puddle of you. The guys formed a proud smile before sharing each other smirks.
“Guess the mystery is solved. Took you long enough.”
You craned towards Clint, eyes scanning his smirking face in disbelief. “You knew? The whole time?”
Thor’s thick brows furrowed as he looks at you. “How come you did not? I thought we all had known Miss Romanoff was fond of you.” He shrugged, and you look at him next with the same face. “What? She is, indeed.”
Tony was laughing at your baffled face but you ignored him. Instead, you look at Steve, who’s merely standing with his hands holding together, smiling as if he also knew all along.
He shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, y/n. I wanted to tell you but they all wanted to see how you would react.”
“And it’s priceless.” Tony added, still laughing his guts out.
You lean back on your chair roughly, shaking your head. “I can’t believe you guys knew all this time. Who else knows?”
“The whole class,” Clint said, coughing to hide his laugh. “Like I said, took you long enough.”
“I can’t believe I’m the only one who didn’t know.” You motioned your hands to show how shocked you are, unable to look at Natasha who’s softly chuckling. You would’ve wished the class to be silent so you could hear her again.
Eventually, your eyes searched for hers and it made your heart race for some reason when she smiles nervously at you. You can still feel the heat of your cheeks. “How long?”
“Almost two years, but you know.” Natasha shrugs simply.
“She’s been giving hints and it drove me nuts when you never even once realized a single of them.” Clint added.
“Never?!” Tony repeated in utter shock. “She’s been giving you hints and you never realized? How-”
“Okay now,” Steve pulled the guys by their sleeves. “Let’s leave them alone for now. I’m sure they have things to arrange privately. Especially for this Sunday because there’s a new movie released in the theater and it would be a shame to miss it.”
You glanced at him, confused when he sent a teasing wink your way. You didn’t know what he meant, but Natasha did. You noticed her flushed cheeks and how she looked away for a moment. Was Steve suggesting a date for you two?
As soon as the guys had left, you leaned your chest forward in interest. You look at Natasha curiously, fingers fidgeting on top of your desk.
“Is it the truth?” Your voice sounded hopeful. “Do you really like me?”
“Since when?”
She glanced at her fingers, playing with her nails. “Since we started getting close. But I didn’t think you’d be interested in someone like me so I stopped trying to let you know that I like you.”
Natasha thought you’d ask her why next, but all you did was stare at her for a minute, seeing how serious she is despite the hotness of her cheeks. You thought she was only kidding. Is this all a prank or were you just too oblivious to realize?
Later on, your eyes looked behind Natasha. You saw Tony, Thor, Clint and a shaking head Steve all raising a piece of paper that says ‘date her’ in big captions, encouraging you to go out with Natasha. You straightened your back, fixing your posture and propping your chin with your hand. A smile formed on your face when you look at Natasha.
“It’s my turn, isn’t it?” You asked suddenly, disappointment and surprise flashed in Natasha’s eyes but she understood you wanted to continue playing to avoid answering her-
Or do you?
“I choose Dare. You know what to dare me with.” There was a hint of confidence in your voice that made Natasha look at you.
You know what she’s thinking, what she’s supposed to dare you with. Your smirk obviously said so. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.”
Natasha bit her lower lip nervously but when she saw your face softening, she gathered up some courage with a single exhale.
“I-I dare you...” you lift your eyebrows to assure her to continue. “ go out with me.”
You lean back gently, sighing as you put your hands up, shrugging defeatedly. “Well, guess I have no choice. A dare’s a dare. Challenge accepted.”
You transformed your smile back to a smirk that Natasha giggled softly, then there’s the smile you were looking for. Turns out this game disappointed neither of you. Which is a surprise, but a good one, for sure.
“Date and time is required to be informed. Don’t forget.” You winked, reaching your hand out to offer a handshake. Natasha took it, surprised that you entwined it with yours afterwards. It’s smooth and soft, so she can’t really blame you for liking to hold her hands.
“And the next time you catch feelings for me, tell me right away because I wanna know before those guys do.” You joked.
Natasha rolled her eyes eyes and pulled her hand immediately, hearing you laugh in amusement.
Once your mirth ceased down, you glanced at your fingers before looking up at Natasha. She was still looking you slightly embarrassed, but it was less than before.
“I like you too, to be honest. I just thought it was only one sided, but...I was wrong.” You smiled.
After a few seconds the bell started ringing, alarming everyone that lunchtime has arrived. You stayed seated as you watch the class empties. Instead of going to run after your other classmates to eat lunch with them, you want to go with her.
“Wanna go together?” You smiled, expecting the answer yes.
Natasha nodded softly, smiling in return. You both stood up, hands still linked together as you head to the front of the class. You ignored the smiling/smirking boys as you walk pass them on the way out.
“So, about the on a Sunday sounds nice." You wrapped your hand around her arm, making a reminder in your head to thank Steve later.
Natasha looks at you for a second, before offering a smile. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. Oh, we should get ice cream after school too, you’re paying.”
Your playful voice echoed, leaving the four boys nodding in approval and proudness. Their dream of seeing you together with Natasha has finally come true at last. The four of them turned to a spectacled boy clumsily approaching them.
“Why is everyone smiling? D-did something happened?”
Tony patted him on his shoulder. “Bruce, you poor boy. Allow me to explain the most wonderful news today.”
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jhiddles · 16 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Work Summary: You are a free agent. Killing for over a hundred years you have a dangerous reputation. Suddenly, however, an attraction to the God of Mischief himself threatens everything your life has become...
Word Count: 2,036
Warnings: PTSD, aggression
Tags: @daisy116
Other Chapters: Fic master list
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Do You Honestly Think So Little of Me?
The back of a SHIELD security truck was dark, cold, and cramped. The armored vehicle violently jerked around. Every bump in the road sent the strapped-in passengers flying a few inches above their seats before falling on their tailbones. The small space was illuminated only by the tiny slits near the roof, where the light shone through the bulletproof glass.
Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff sat in uniform on the left side of the compartment. The remaining seven seats were occupied with CIA and SHIELD agents in full combat gear, weapons loaded and ready. All eyes were on one man that sat in the middle. He was tall, much taller than everyone else in the compartment. He was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit that looked hideous against his pale skin. The bright yellow contrasted and drew attention to his long greasy black hair. Green eyes pierced through all of the colors; with just one glance into them, anyone could tell that he was amused with all of the precautions.
"To be completely honest, I do not think that this procession is necessary," he had said, "I have no intention of escape."
"Tell that to the God of Mischief and Lies then." Maximoff had responded. She and Rogers had a feeling that he was indeed very interested in escaping. It was Loki, after all. This man, or rather this God, was responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage in New York City. After leading an alien attack and killing hundreds, no one was inclined to trust him. Not only that, but his brother Thor had told them all stories of Loki's trickery on Asgard. If the past is any indication of the future, Loki was not to be believed.
"Can you please tell me where we're going?" Loki asked. The party had been sitting in silence until now.
"You know we can't tell you, Loki," Steve said.
"Oh, but you can. We're going to your Tower, are we not?"
"Yes, how'd you know?" Wanda said suspiciously.
With a smirk, Loki answered. "Witch to witch, you already know the answer. You do it to all of your so-called friends back at the Tower."
Wanda withdrew almost immediately. Loki had read Steve's mind. Back at the Tower, she had been doing the same thing. The only one who knew was Vision, who was sworn to secrecy. Maximoff was already on thin ice with Fury after Lagos and was anxious to stay in the Avengers. She had lost her parents, home, and brother and wanted to stay with them, who had become her new-found family. It was not in her best interests to reveal that she knew everything.
"As expected." Loki chuckled to himself. Steve was now perplexed. Wanting to change the subject, he just stopped talking. Now the car was back in silence.
After a while and more thought, Loki asked the question that had been burning in the back of his mind, "I thought I was to be placed on the Raft. Why am I being transferred?"
"Well, you're bound to find out one way or another," Steve muttered to himself. Loki heard and gave one silent acknowledgment. "Yesterday, the train that was taking you to the Raft was hijacked." This piqued Loki's interest as he was unaware of this conspiracy. "The hijacker's name is y/n y/l/n. She has been on international watchlists for the past one hundred years. It is our belief that she was trying to break you out. That's why we're transferring you. At the Tower, we will be better equipped to confine and protect you."
"And you're wondering if I have anything to do with her"
"Yes. Do you know who y/l/n is?"
"Of course not. In my short time in this despicable realm, I have only been able to acquire the most basic of knowledge. Y/l/n is not someone I am familiar with. Unless you would care to inform me."
"And have you creating an alliance with her? Absolutely not" Steve chuckled. Did Loki really think he was that stupid? You, the most wanted woman on Earth with the most dangerous man? Anyone could tell that would not end up well. Together you and he could take down entire governments with ease.
"I am only asking Rogers. I would not be able to 'take over the world' from my position," Loki said sarcastically. He had once again read Steve's mind.
But the most wanted woman on Earth... He thought- blocking Wanda from reading his thoughts; together, we COULD be unstoppable… Think of what we could do… But who is y/l/n… I would very much like to meet a woman with her reputation…
"y/l/n is an assassin much like Natasha Romanoff. You met her. Only she has stayed under the radar and influenced politics using deadly force." Wanda piped.
Yes!... I must meet her…
Angered at such information going to a criminal, Steve chided her. "Wanda!"
"What. As Loki said, he can't do much in chains."
"Or these restraints that you put on my magic. I mean, do you honestly think so little of me?"
"Yes," both avengers agreed. They did indeed think so little of Loki.
Just then, tires screeched, and the truck came to a stop. Without a moment's hesitation, one of the agents grabbed a sack and put it over Loki's head so he wouldn't be able to see. Two others grabbed each side of him while the rest opened the door. They shoved him off the truck and began marching him into the Tower and into the basement where the prison was located.
"Again. Is this necessary!" Loki shouted. He was not used to being treated so poorly. He was a former prince and a God, after all.
"Shut up," the captain ordered and jabbed Loki with a baton, "Keep moving!" he called. The posse disappeared into the elevator and out of sight from Steve and Wanda.
The two avengers stood in silence outside the truck. All of that had happened so quickly they didn't have time to process it until now. Fury hadn't told them that they would be the ones accompanying Loki down to his cell, but he didn't tell them that was going to happen either. Neither of them had ever seen a prisoner being handled that violently. Regardless, Steve and Wanda were used to Fury pulling stunts like that, so they shrugged it off. It wasn't their place, and Loki was being detained. That was all that mattered.
Wanda glanced at Steve, who ushered her to go ahead. They walked inside the Tower and to the elevator. Instead of following the agents down into the basement right away, the button they pushed in the elevator was marked 73. That floor contained offices for the Avengers and other agents employed by Tony Stark.
Inside the elevator, Steve simply said, "Well, that was interesting" to Wanda. She responded with an "Agreed" before they both went back into silence. The elevator doors dinged and opened to a walkway around a courtyard. The middle went all the way down to the lobby, and the top was the glass of the slanted side of the Tower. You could see hundreds of offices, conference rooms, labs, and lounges below from the edge. Also occupying Avenger's Tower was Stark Industries. The Avengers got the top 20 floors, and Stark Industries got the bottom 70. Wanda and Steve began walking down a hallway to one of Fury's offices.
"Before we go inside…." Wanda began with a mischievous grin, "...Did you go out with- what's that one girl- the other night? Asking for Nat, not me."
"Sure," Steve replied as he rolled his eyes, "and her name was Roxanne. Definitely pretty, but not for me."
"Why not. You should have someone. It's not fair that you're alone."
"I'm fine, Wanda. Honestly."
"No, you're not. I can see it in your eyes. You're lonely."
"Wanda! I'm fine! Let's just get Fury and go down to talk to Loki again. He's hiding something. And I want to know what."
The Avenger's gym was located on the 85th floor. Although it was rarely empty, the only person in the room was Bucky. He had his headphones in, blasting music so loud that you could hear it next to him. The punching bag he was hitting rattled loudly before falling to the floor. Instead of being shocked, Bucky fell to his knees and pulled his torso into a ball.
"Hey there," a voice in the dark said.
Bucky made a lousy attempt at acknowledging. He just grunted. Stepping out of the shadows, Natasha walked over to him and squatted down to his level.
"Bucky, I know this is hard. It's hard for me too." She gave Bucky a quick hug and got up to walk away. She was halfway to the door when Bucky finally spoke.
"She was my partner for a little while." He was crying. "Only for a year or two. I don't know. But she was so sweet. Like a little ball of sunshine. I miss her."
"Let's find her then. Get her back."
"For Fury to stick her in a cage?"
"Me, you, and her have a lot in common. We're criminals. Fury can't take us all in. Some of us have to pay for our crimes."
"But not us?"
"Not us."
With that, Natasha walked out of the room. Bucky sunk back into his ball and rolled to his side. His black hair fell over his tear-stained face.
Soldier?Ready to comply.
Good. I have a new friend for you. This is y/l/n. She will be your partner on your next mission…
Capture the Georgian president…
It's a trap!!!!... Run…
Soldier? Yes? Why do you not have the target? Or the Shadow? I don't know…
Flashbacks of his time as the Winter Soldier flew in and out of his mind. Your name had triggered them, and he had no idea how to stop them. Even when he was only a shell of a person, he had loved you like a best friend. Then when you abandoned him in Georgia, he was heartbroken. You had been his only companion who cared for him. You had felt bad for him. To be a puppet for an organization, you had fought and almost died against.
If he ever finds out, he'll be heartbroken. To do all that he did for someone who he despises. It will kill him.
That's what you had thought about him. No one had told you who he was when you had arrived at HYDRA, but it didn't take much digging to find out. You were shocked when you did. Captain America's sidekick!? HYDRA's puppet?! Since you were unable to help him, you treated him with kindness and empathy.
HYDRA had asked for your help in controlling the Soviet Union's smaller governments back in the sixties, and you agreed. You had gone to several small countries like Latvia and Estonia to assassinate or kidnap government officials who HYDRA didn't like. You were with them for a year and a half before you were sent to Georgia and walked right into a trap. Instead of helping Bucky and finishing your mission, you escaped by yourself and ran away. Your own skin was worth more than one man. Even after having his mind wiped after his mission, he felt a presence was missing. When he didn't know it, he missed you. Now that Bucky had gotten his memories back, he missed you more than ever.
"Hey Buck," Steve whispered. Bucky hadn't noticed Steve come in. "Nat told me you weren't doing so good."
"I knew her. I miss her." Bucky croaked out.
"Well, let's get her. Then you can see her again. Okay?"
"Sounds good."
"Let's go then. Loki's here, and Fury's talking to him. We need to come up with a plan if we're going to catch her." Steve kissed Bucky on the top of his head and stood up.
"When we get y/n, are we just going to put her in a prison cell? She doesn't deserve that."
"We'll see Buck. We'll see."
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ajxlawley · 17 hours ago
Shooting Star 1
Tumblr media
Winning the draft would be an odd moment to explain. As your name was broadcasted the doorbell rang. Before any of you could react not only were people of the quadrant inside but they were beckoning you all out of your domicile. Stepping into the courier three seconds later you were in the quadrant hall. Looking around you grabbing your mother's hand. The room felt endless as the walls were white and high making everything else not really be noticeable. A few minutes passed before multiple members of the quadrant came
“We are of the thirteen. Exordium 00009 state your name,” The man spoke with a firm voice.
“(Y/n) (L/n) of sector nine,” You said and each of them looked pleased with your answer.
“We are of the quadrant. Devoted to peace and harmony. Relinquishing who we are to our place in the quadrant. Formerly Jude of sector six, now I am thirteen of the quadrant,” Thirteen said, introducing himself and a woman stepped forward.
“Formerly Athaliah of sector nine. Now I am twelve of the quadrant,” Twelve explained and it continued on like this. Meeting all the others of the quadrant and their former names. It was rather boring until things began to speed up as it was time for you to separate.
“Mom,” You said, uneasiness all across your face. Touching your face she just smiled, you waited for her to say something but she didn’t. Opening your mouth you started to say something but the same thing happened again. No matter how much you wanted to share your feelings you didn’t. You could feel your family watching you as you walked away. Starting to look back you stopped midway, instead of looking back, you continued walking.
“Can you bring your telescope thingy?” Morgan asked, sitting on Peter’s bed as he was grabbing a few things.
“We’ll see. Did you put water in your bag?” Peter asked, putting his sleeping bag into his book bag.
“Check!” Morgan exclaimed, laughing and Peter chuckled.
“Sleeping bag?” Peter asked, tilting her head to the side and narrowing her eyes Morgan smirked.
“Check!” Morgan said and Peter crossed his arms, challenging her with his eyes.
“Alright bug spray?” Peter said and Morgan’s expressions fell a bit.
“I’m gonna go...check on my turtles?” Morgan said more as a question than a statement, before running out of the room.
“You don’t have turtles!” Peter yelled out but Morgan ignored him. Chuckling at his younger sister, looking at his old suit he stared at it. Shooting a web out at his wall he sighed missing it. Placing his suit in his bag he zipped it up.
“Knock knock,” Tony said, tapping on the open door and Peter quickly covered the webs on his wall.
“Yeah, dad?” Peter asked and Tony shrugged sitting on his bed, “Oh no you’re about to do that being different talk again, are you? Please don’t.”
“Look your mother and I love you and we just want to make sure you never feel like—“ Tony began but Peter cut him off.
“The adopted kid. Yeah I know I tell you and mom every time we talk about this, I don’t feel like that. I only ever remember I’m adopted when this conversation happens,” Peter sighed and Tony smiled standing up pulling him into a hug.
“Love ya kid,” Tony said and Peter rolled his eyes.
“Love you too are we done here?” Peter said, laughing Tony nodded leaving him in his room. Looking on his dresser sat the picture with Tony, Pepper, and Morgan. The adoption was finalized and they all looked elated. Losing Aunt May had been difficult but in her loss, he gained parents and a baby sister.
“You ready?” Morgan asked with her backpack all ready to go. Looking up with excitement in her eyes, Peter smiled.
“Let’s go kiddo.”
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starsvck · 17 hours ago
yo send me some bucky/nat fic recommendations, i’m all out and i need new shit to read, dark or not send them pls 🙏
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wandakink · 19 hours ago
masterlist of all my works!
This will always be updated whenever I write for other characters!
legend: (* - fluff), (+ - angst), (^ - suggestive)
⤷ wanda maximoff
[*^] promise? | synopsis: wanda’s being extremely cute in the morning. that’s honestly it.
⤷ natasha romanoff
coming soon!
⤷ carol danvers
coming soon!
⤷ yelena belova
coming soon!
⤷ valkyrie
coming soon!
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