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#avengers x reader
lpzallana · 8 minutes ago
A date with Steve Rogers...
steals kisses all day and all over your body(let’s not mention those quickies in just 8 hours in the day)
he definitely doesn’t know what’s he doing.
asking someone for help or advice for
bought you a really nice red velvet dress
tux-ed steve(he knows what they do to you) beside his car with a hundred of red rose bouquet with a single aster in the middle resting in his hands, waiting for you. happy valentine’s sweetheart
a nice picnic dinner in front of a beautiful lake.
oh, how he loves it when you laugh at his little dad jokes
walk in the park because he wants to prolong the day even though there’s a whole different world waiting at his house, his bedroom.
“you know I love you right? because I do and I will never stop” he mentioned while your bodies are entangled to one another with swaying hips in the living room.
he loved this moment with you.
Intimate and peaceful... the peace he craved for a long time but can't get a grasp of
you squeaked when he suddenly grabbed your thighs and put them around his waist.
“ I do, really. and let me show you how much”
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darke-15 · 2 hours ago
Quotes from Aftermath // 24
“Sir?” The soldier said, his eyes flicking quickly from the man to the security guards as he handed back the paper, “I thought you were working PMC.”
“Eh, not exactly” he shrugged, pausing with a smirk as he slid the paper into his pocket, “But...somethin’ like that.”
“You get recalled?”
His grin widened and he tucked his beret under his arm with a click of his tongue and a wink before continuing through security.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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idyllicmei · 2 hours ago
Y/n: I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know that I'm doing it really well
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idyllicmei · 2 hours ago
Y/n: Can you tuck me in?
Sam: ???
Bucky: You just handed me a shovel
Y/n: Yeah, just spread the dirt over me as evenly as you can, thanks.
Steve: No!
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idyllicmei · 2 hours ago
Natasha: What are you doing?
Y/n, drinking her 7th cup of coffee: My best
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Who remembers Bloodstone Vengeance? Because I have something up my sleeve that I hope you will like.
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kindledimagines · 3 hours ago
Teach Me (Zemo x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
Gif courtesy of @gaelgarcia​
A/N: Here is the full version! If there is enough interest, I will write a second part with the smut portion of the request. Let me know if that’s something you would all be interested in! Also Sword!Zemo and Sweatpants!Zemo are my new obsessions.
Would you be interested in writing a Zemo x f reader where he trains her how to fight. She knows her away around weapons, but has gotten a bit rusty over the years. Considering it's a close proximity fight, sexual tension is quite high and it escalates when she beats him in a spar at last (she actually loses herself a bit in the frenzy of the fight). She can be on Sam and Bucky's team, so Zemo offered to help while they are in one of his safe houses maybe? If it fits into the story, could it have smut with feelings in the end?
I hope this gives you some inspiration, but if not that's quite all right 🙂.
Summary: Tensions between you and Helmut Zemo had always been high. Through his observations, he begins to get a sense of the source of your frustrations. A sparring match does just the trick to break down your walls.
Word Count: 2.5K     Warnings: Enemies to Lovers
Tagged Users: @fandom--0verdose
Baron Helmut Zemo would not have gotten to where he is today if not for his keen sense of observation. It’s how he was able to lead EKO Scorpion to defend their country against international forces, slowing its inevitable demise. It’s how he was able to parse the subtle tensions within the Avengers, turning its two strongest leaders into vicious enemies.
Because of that, figuring you out has been a formidable challenge that he would not forfeit.
He had never seen you before, on the news, the exhibits, even the HYDRA files. Sam merely introduced you as “a friend”. “You’ll want to stay on her good side,” he had warned the baron.
Your contempt for him was evident from the start. You regarded him with an unsmiling, cold expression, if you were even to regard him at all. The intensity of your glare unnerved him; moreso than James’s aggressive outbursts. What had his crimes meant to you that you were more hateful towards him than the man he had coerced into truly violent acts? It was a mystery to him.
But then, Helmut Zemo decided to do what he does best: Observe.
He had just finished his bath and had decided to fix some tea, as he was often wont to do. You are sitting on the couch, reading your book. He knows better by now than to disturb you with conversation. But out of the corner of his eye, he feels you, watching him. He is still clad in his bathrobe, hair damp from the steam. He continues going about the kitchen, tuning his trained senses into your behavior.
He notices something... peculiar.
Your surveillance is not the typical, penetrating gaze you often shot at him for his frivolous attitude. You would look for a second, then turn to your book, then back to him. Secretive.
He notices your elevated respirations from the subtle rising and falling of your chest. Were you afraid of him, he wonders? No, that can’t be. He then busies himself with a task he knew would give the appearance of his ignorance to your presence, to draw out your vulnerability. You take the bait, staring at him long and hard. He notices the faintest change in the color of your cheeks. And, so subtly it’s nearly imperceptible, you bite your lip from behind your book.
He had been too indulgent with his watching. You make eye contact from across the room. Then, your expression reverts to your default icy glare.
You stand, walking towards him. “This isn’t a vacation. Why don’t you get to work on actually helping us?” You say, scowling at him. You walk towards your room. “And put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see that,” you say without turning back.
After he is out of your line of sight, he smiles. It’s not one of amusement, or even excitement. It’s measured. Calculating. Almost predatory.
Now, he understands.  Not only that, he knows what has to happen next.
Karli took priority, so his plan had to wait. But as the two of you, along with Samuel and James, relentlessly pursued the serum, he keeps watching. He keeps noticing.
It started with his idea to glean intel from Selby in Madripoor. Upon his insistence, you arrive in the guise of his consort. It does not go over his head the way that you clutch his arm tighter when he utters the command for Bucky to attack, your cheeks rosy from the strong shot of serpent’s blood.
Then, at the warehouse, he had donned his mask, taking down several attackers on his way to climb atop the storage crate. From that vantage point, he not only sees the gas tank that he would target in order to create a diversion, but your face as you watch him from your hiding spot. It is bruised, bloodied from the attacks the hitmen had rained upon you and Sharon as you kept guard. But, even from the distance, he can see your lips part ever so slightly, staring up at him. Smirking beneath his mask, he aims his gun at the gas tank, pulling the trigger.
After he pulls up in the convertible, he gestures to it with a flourish. “Supercharged,” he jokes. The moment is so fleeting he could have blinked and missed it, but the corner of your mouth twitches upwards in what could have possibly been a smile. You quickly regain control, chastising him for shooting Nagel. Yet, he files the observation away to be fit into the complex puzzle that was the tenuous relationship you share.
Then, Riga.
Zemo had not been the only one observing how events unfolded in Madripoor. Fighting alongside Sharon Carter, you balked at her grace and fury as she effortlessly took down your attackers. It had been what felt like years since your last real scrape with danger. You were occasionally called upon when Sam needed an extra body for a contracting mission, but his high-powered tech often got the job done all on its own. You were out of practice, and you hated it.
In the safehouse, you have a brief moment of peace when Sam and Bucky decide to venture out on their own. Zemo had retreated to his bedroom to read, so you push the furniture and elegant decor out of the way, creating a large space in the middle of the living room. You dress down to your spandex and draw your practice weapons: Two blunt, wooden escrima sticks. Starting slowly, you move through a sequence of training movements.
You are so enraptured in the flow of your sequence that, for the first time on this mission, you let your guard down. So much so that you do not notice the door to Zemo’s bedroom click open.
Careful not to break you from your reverie, he quietly sits himself in a chair against the wall, reopening his book. Out of the corner of his eye, he continues to watch. He observes the way the sculpt of your body twists with your movement, the subtle beading of sweat on your brow, the flush in your cheeks. Also apparent, is the slight awkwardness of your movements, jerking your elbow here and there, stumbling over your own feet.
“You are tripping all over yourself,“ he says to you without looking away from his book.
Your shoes squeak on the tile as you halt yourself, startled. “How long were you standing there?” You say, eyes narrowing.
He raises his eyebrows to you. “If my approach went unnoticed, you clearly need more help than I thought.”
Before this point, he had always treated you with undue cordiality and charm. But for things to go as planned, he would need to take a more… aggressive approach.
Your brow furrows. “I’m a little rusty, I admit it. But it’s not like I see you doing much hand-to-hand, either.”
He sets his book down, tilting his head at you. “Do you think I became the fighter I am relying on guns alone, dear? I trained for years in all forms of combat to lead EKO Scorpion, and trained all members of my squad, as well.”
You cross your arms. This interaction has gone on for far longer than you’d like.
He raises his hands, a feigned surrender. “It’s all right. I don’t think you would be able to understand the complexities of my training, anyways. I’ll leave you be.” He stands, book in hand.
Again, you take the bait. “Teach me,” you say, staring into his eyes with intensity.
He gives you a small smile, much like the one he had surreptitiously elicited after the “Bathrobe Incident”. “No, I don’t think I will.”
He turns to walk away, and is nearly to his door when he hears approaching footsteps, feels a hand grip the collar of his shirt, right over his shoulder.
“Teach me,” you repeat, balling his shirt in your fist.
He very slowly places his hand over yours, batting it away from his collar with a smirk. Then, he retreats into his room.
You huff to yourself, swatting your weapons with heightened frustration. How dare he make you beg for his so-called training? You were the one helping him, protecting him. He should be grateful to you for even giving him the light of day.
This time, you can’t stop yourself from swinging your head around upon hearing his door open. He had changed into a thin blue tee shirt and gray sweatpants. As during the Bathrobe Incident, you notice a thin gold chain hang from his neck. Your shock at seeing the normally-formal baron in athletic wear is only topped by the revelation that at his side, he holds a sheathed long sword.
“Guns are far more convenient in this day and age,” he says. “But the sword has always been my weapon of choice.”
He sees your eyes flicker to his torso, defined through his shirt, then back to his eyes. You swallow. “You’ll train with me, then?” You say, giving off a weak tone of disinterest.
He nods. “Be warned, I will not go easy on you.” He pulls the sword from the sheath and it glints in the light rays that trail in from the window.
You dig around in your bag, switching your practice sticks for durable metal versions. You forego the vibranium, not wanting to shatter what seems to be his family heirloom. “I wouldn’t want you to, anyways.”
The two of you circle the space, weapons bared. Then, before you can even formulate a plan, he lunges at you, slashing at you with deft accuracy. In reaction, you raise your escrima sticks in an X to block. You break the X, pushing his sword away to give you enough of an opening to swing both of your sticks at his torso. He twists his wrists with ease, aiming the sword vertically downward to block.
“You are too rigid,” he says, pushing against you with so much force you feel your shoes begin to slide across the floor.
“I’m open to any suggestions,” you reply, quickly retracting your weapons and twisting away from his momentum.
He pauses, taking a neutral stance. “To me, fighting is more like dancing. Do you ever dance?” The sour expression on your face answers his question. “Move with your opponent, rather than against them,” he explains.
Then, he charges at you again. Mirroring his movements, you step back, answering his gesture with a movement of your own. And so, the two of you create a conversation without words, the only sound the squeaking of your shoes and the clang of metal against metal. And though you weren’t one for dancing, you felt as though the two of you were entangled in a choreography both tense and fluid, graceful and hostile.
You were not the only one attacking with aggression. Zemo, too, let his anger show through his forceful slashes and stabs at you with his sword. Anger at you for treating him with such coldness. Such disrespect.
Then, you clamp his sword between your escrima sticks. You swing your arms, causing all of the weapons to fly across the room, clattering against the wall.
You are about to catch your breath when you feel Zemo’s hands take your neck into a chokehold, pushing you across the room. Your back hits the wall and your feet start to rise off of the ground as his grip lifts you into the air.
“Adapt,” he commands you.
You attempt to pry his fingers off of your neck to no avail. You feel your head start to cloud from your restricted airway. All you can see is Zemo’s deep brown eyes, his expression feral.
“You act so cold towards me,“ Zemo says, teeth gritted. “But I see through it. I’ve seen you watching me. I know exactly what you want,” he breathes into your ear.
Something within you shifts. Your enraged expression drops to a deadly calm. Then, you start to laugh.
“Oh, you are so cute,” you say, lips curled into a sinister smile. Though your laugh is sweet, there is venom in your gaze.
His shock loosens his grip around you. You twist your body, breaking his hold. Looping your arms through his, you sweep his legs, taking him down to the floor.
He stands quickly, and you begin barraging him with blows. He blocks them with deft technique, though you can see his resolve begin to crack. A dark spot forms on his sternum where sweat stains his shirt. A lock of hair falls from his combed style, falling across his forehead.
“You think you know me?” You say, tone biting.
He finds an opening, taking the offensive. “I know that I know you.”
You smirk. Again, he balks at the alien expression that has overtaken your face. “That’s why you’re so frustrated, then,” you lilt.
Predator has become prey. He takes the bait. “What do you mean?”
“You know what I want,” you say, gaze burning into his. You lean in, whispering in his ear. “But you’re not man enough to give it to me.”
You slam the heel of your palm into his torso, knocking the wind out of him. You sweep him to the ground.
Just at that moment, Sam and Bucky return from their outing to find you, straddling Helmut Zemo, your hands gripping his wrists into restraints. Both of you heave your chests in order to catch your breath, cheeks flushed. Your faces are mere inches apart.
Both of you turn simultaneously to see your teammates return. You quickly roll off of Zemo, standing and explaining the purpose of your closeness. Bucky and Sam smile at you, amused. They had never seen words jumble out of you in that way. It was almost as if you were embarrassed. The room is painted orange from the setting sun, and the two Avengers retreat to their rooms for the night; an inconclusive search.
All the while, Zemo lay on the ground, expression unreadable. You reach down to help him up.
“Sorry about all that,” you say. Your expression is neutral, but no longer so icy. “I don’t know what came over me,” you explain, averting your gaze. “Thank you for helping me, though. I feel much more prepared for our mission.”
He simply nods. You go to the kitchenette to pour yourself a glass of water. As you stand at the kitchen counter, you hear him step up behind you. He reaches with both arms to grip the counter on either side of you. The warmth from his body radiates onto you,  You see his knuckles, white. 
He then leans in, and speaks into your ear. His voice is as steady as you’ve ever heard it in a way that jolts your fight-or-flight response.
“Listen to me very carefully,” he first says. You nod, your gaze trained straight ahead.
The corner of his mouth curls upward. “It appears from what you’ve said I still have much to teach you,” he says. “I will be in my room for the night, should you want to continue to learn.” The edge in his tone sends prickles up your spine.
He then picks up his sword, sheathing it and leaving the room. Leaving you to decide whether or not to follow.
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twordytings · 3 hours ago
Can you please do one where ur mad at Bucky and he tickles u so u stop ignoring him
Can’t Stay Mad
(Bucky x Reader)
Summary: Bucky calls you a raccoon. It’s up to him to make things right with you.
Word Count: 620
Tumblr media
“Hey,” Bucky called out from the couch across from you. “Why are you sitting over there? You always sit next to me when we watch movies.” You didn’t respond, but instead shrugged as you turned your attention back to the TV.
The morning of that day, you came downstairs looking extremely tired, which Bucky had immediately noticed. He knew you’d been super stressed out about finals for school, yet still decided to point out the dark circles that had planted around your eyes.
“Good morning y/n- woah. You look like a raccoon. Did you get any sleep last night?” Bucky said nonchalantly. You rubbed your eyes in embarrassment, pulling your hoodie over your head in defense. It rubbed you the wrong way, since the last thing you wanted to be worked up about was your physical appearance.
“You know I’ve been studying for finals Buck. Why would you say something like that?” you said as you grabbed a granola bar and headed back up to your room in a huff, not wanting to talk about it any longer. He felt bad for a little bit, but brushed it off as he thought it wouldn’t affect you much; little did he know, though, that you were pretty upset about it.
“Oh c’mon,” he dragged out, “you aren’t still upset about what I said earlier, are you?” His smile faltered a bit as he noticed your face hadn’t changed it’s salty expression. You still didn’t say a word. He’d figured you weren’t going to respond, so he got up and plopped himself beside you. “If I say sorry will you talk to me? Huh...?” he smirked as he poked at you stomach. Your lips curled a bit as you slapped his hands away. “We’re doing this the hard way? Fine by me.” In no time, Bucky had sprawled himself on top of you on the couch, clutching your wrists so he could stick his prickly beard in the crook of your neck, sending a million shivers down your spine.
“Buhuhuhuck nohohoho!” you squeaked, not being able to hold in your nervous giggles, but at the same time, not replacing your grumpy demeanor.
“She speaks! I’m gonna need you to smile for me though bug...”
“Nohohohoho!” you whined, forgetting that you didn’t have much of a choice considering you were at the mercy of a psycho with a bionic arm.
“Guess we gotta go for the big guns...” he sighed, pretending like he wasn’t currently having the time of his life.
“WHAT? NAHAHAAHAHA-” Before you could protest, Bucky had started kneading your thighs at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. There was no way you could hold in your smile, which was just what he wanted.
“There she is!” Bucky beamed as he paused his attack. “You gonna talk me now?” You immediately frowned, now that you were actually in control of your actions.
“Only if you stop tickling me.” You would’ve crossed your arms if your wrists weren’t still trapped by the man.
“Okay okay...” he relented as he pulled you up into his lap, engulfing your entire form; compared to him, you were like a peanut in his arms. “I’m sorry about what I said earlier bug... didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” You looked up at him and smiled sweetly.
“S’okay, I know you didn’t mean it.”
“Oh I meant it- OW!” he winced as you elbowed him in the rib.
“And I meant that...” you quipped.
“You have five seconds to run before I get you...”
“Oh god.” You didn’t even think before you began sprinting away from a hungry eyed Bucky. It’s safe to say he was glad to have the old you back.
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lesbian-deadpool · 4 hours ago
Y/N: I got called pretty today.
Y/N: Actually the full statement was “You’re pretty dumb”, but I’m only focusing on positive things today.
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nyctophicbtch · 4 hours ago
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
[ Avengers x reader ]
Author's note: Just thought I'd do a short drabble with some of the avengers :)
You groaned and got out of bed as your alarm went off. You didn't have training this morning, which was a relief considering your tired state. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and got ready for breakfast. 
You hadn't been an avenger for too long, so you were still getting used to the whole avengers tower thing. You'd still get lost sometimes, and you'd have to ask Friday for help around the compound. 
You yawned as you walked through the rooms and entered the kitchen to see Tony already snacking on a piece of bread. 
"Morning." You greeted lazily as you stride to take some cereal from the cupboard. It didn't take long for Nat and Steve to join the two of you for breakfast. 
"Do we have more coffee?" Steve asked as he saw Tony take the last bit of coffee. 
"Yep, in... one of those drawers." Tony pointed towards the many drawers that Steve has to go through to get more coffee. 
"Goodluck old man." You chuckled as Steve sighed and rubbed his forehead just as Sam entered the room. 
You grabbed a bowl and some milk from the fridge and began assembling your cereal. You poured some cereal into the bowl before the milk, causing Sam to protest. 
"Wait wait wait–" Sam made gestures with his hands to stop you from what you were doing. "You pour your cereal first?" 
"Yes. Pouring milk first is just not it." 
"I have to agree with y/n." Wanda piped in as she walked towards the table. 
"But your cereal gets soggy." He complained, pointing at your cereal to prove his point. 
"I guess I like it slightly soggy." You shrugged, Sam looking like he just saw a chicken riding a ghost. You made your way towards the dining table, next to Wanda, and lift your spoon to start eating when you felt a gush of wind knock the cereal out of your spoon. 
"Piet." You groaned as he slowed down to lean against the wall. 
"What's got you so grumpy printessa?" Smirking, he used his super speed to pick up the bowl of cereal that was in front of you, and started eating it. 
"No fighting in the kitchen, kids!" Tony's voice rang from the living room, where he was enjoying his toast on the couch. 
You never understood the people who live with others and like mornings. You knew that you'd never get used to mornings with the avengers, especially with a bird making comments about your breakfast, and a certain speedster that always steals your food. And you haven't forgotten the commotion that happens in the mornings. Guess I'll just have to get used to this.
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marvelbias · 5 hours ago
~~~~ This was reposted from my Wattpad @thatguyinzecorner ~~~~
Warning: Some inexplicit language used. So dont read if your not above the age of concent.
You and your boyfriend Vision hardly ever argued. You had only had two in your five months together. Usually you made up in at least an hour. But not today.
You were just lounging in your room, late at night, when you realised that Vision had left his phone there after watching Netflix with you, before retreating back to his own a few minutes ago.
Your eyelids had become droopy, shielding your y/e/c eyes from the bright lights of your room.
You jolted awake, to the sound of Vision's phone ringing. You groaned, and looked to your left, your y/h/c hair flopping across your body.
You picked up the phone, which was lying on the bedside cabinet next to you. The number you didnt recognise, and you waited for them to leave a message, as you felt as though you shouldn't answer as it wasnt your buisness (well not yet anyway, if you see what I mean ;)).
The phone went silent, and Vision's British voice rang around the room, requesting for them to leave a message:
"Hi Vis, it's Jenny. Just wondering if I could come round tonight for us to get up to our usual antics.
Wait no. That's not a good idea. Y/n will be there wouldnt they, that's too risky. Wouldnt want her finding out would we *insert irritating laugh here*.
Ok, baby. See you whenever. Bye."
The line was cut. Tears clouded your vision, you couldn't believe he would do this to you. You were also a bit confused how he hid it from you.
You decided to confront him over it, or else it would just keep plaguing your mind until you did.
You found him in the kitchen, just sitting reading, looking oh so innocent. Most of the others were in there too, doing other stuff, you were intent on making a scene. You stormed in and stood over him, glaring down.
"Yes, my love." He looked up to your eye level.
"Random question. Would you ever cheat on me?" You asked, arms folded. He gulped.
"No. No of course not, why- why would you think that."
"Oh. No reason. Maybe just because a girl called Jenny just called your phone, asking if she could come over TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU." you exclaimed raising your voice at the end part to really catch the others attention. You could tell from his expression that this information was true.
Everyone looked up from what they were doing and giving many confused expressions.
"Ummm, Y/n, I dont really think this is any of our business, could you take it somewhere else?" Steve asked politely, and you caught Nat giving you a sympathizing look, to which you weakly smiled.
"Yeah, yeah, sure. Sorry for disturbing you guys."
You practically dragged Vision to your room and slammed the door behind you.
"HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON FOR." you yelled, making him flinch.
"For a start, I dont see how it any buisness of yours what I do with other girls." He replied smoothly, almost like he had rehersed for this conversation.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME. IM YOUR GIRLFRIEND. DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?" Tears streamed down your face, as you brought a shaking hand through your hair.
" W- why. I know I'm slightly overweight and socially awkward. I thought none of that mattered to you." You sobbed, sliding down the wall.
"You- you dont understand y/n."
This, this broke you. You thought he cared, was there for you. Of course. He was an Avenger, girls swooned to him all the time, why would you be special?
Vision was in silence, looking at the floor.
"How many times was it?" You whispered after you had somewhat calmed down.
"SEVEN? SERIOUSLY." You shouted again.
Nat burst in through the door. She took one look at you and immediately knew what the matter was, she was your best friend after all.
She sat next to you, sending Vision a glare. She had a quiet conversation with you, one that he couldn't hear.
When you were finished, she stood approaching Vision, red hair swooping behind her.
"What the hell did she do to deserve a cheating, lying, little bitch like you?" She sneered, shoving him violently in the chest. He stumbled backwards, again he said nothing, just avoided eye contact with both of you.
She went back to you, stroking your hair caringly, as you lay in her lap, reassuring you everything was going to be ok as you silently sobbed.
Vision silently left the room in silence, knowing that you needed space.
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lotusss-flowerbomb · 5 hours ago
Something Like A Virgin
Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut (like y’all ain’t know), 18+
A/N: This story has unprotected sex. Remember that this is fiction and in real life even if you you pack it in plastic it’ll still be fantastic.
Word Count: 2,492
"I knew this was a bad idea," Bucky jumped up from his chair to leave.
"No, Bucky, come on," you followed behind him.
"You promised not to make fun of me," he said.
"I didn't!" You proclaimed.
"You aww'd me. You do that when you're making fun of Bruce all the time."
He was right. But this time you didn't mean it towards him.
"No, I just think it's sweet, that's all. You don't have to be embarrassed," you grabbed his hand.
"I'm not embarrassed. I've had plenty of sex before. I'm not a virgin."
"Yeah, but you've only done it when hydra was in your head. You've never done it of your own volition, so you're something like a virgin, babe." You explained.
"I don't know why I thought telling you was a good idea," he exhaled.
"We both know why you told me, Bucky. It's because you want to fuck me, right?"
That was exactly right, but instead of asking you out properly, he tripped all over his words and suddenly what he wanted to say came out as him telling his secrets.
Bucky swallowed hard. He was speechless at how straight forward you were.
"It's so cute that I make you nervous," you smiled devilishly. "Tell you what, I'll give you three days to prepare yourself, then I'll meet you at your place at 8." You tapped his nose and walked away.
Day 1
Bucky was a nervous wreck. He had no idea what to do for you and he needed to figure it out quickly with only a few days to prepare. He Googled "date ideas" and scrolled through the many suggestions.
"What are you doing?" T'Challa asked looking over his shoulder.
"Nothing," he quickly locked the phone and put it face down beside him.
"Mmm hmm, you have a date? With who?"
Before he could answer you walked into the room.
"Your Majesty," you curtsied.
"Please, you know I hate it when you do that," he stood to hug you.
"How are you?"
"The sun is shining, so I cannot complain."
"And how are you?" You turned to a quiet Bucky.
"Fine," he shifted in his seat.
"Okay, well I just wanted to come say hello since I heard you were here. I'll leave you guys to it." You exited the room.
They both said goodbye and T'Challa eyeballed Bucky.
"She is going to eat you alive," he snickers.
"I'm gonna cancel," Bucky pulled out his phone to text you.
"You will do no such thing. I will have no brother of mine running from a challenge. Come on, we'll figure this out together." He pulled out his own phone to help with ideas.
You were simple. Bucky had noticed the little things made you happiest and technically you didn't say it was a date, rather than just sex, but he still wanted to do something romantic.
The two men worked together and came up with a few ideas. Bucky thought it was overkill, but T'Challa was already on his phone arranging for someone to come decorate and set up the apartment.
"Do you also need tips on how to make her —"
"No!" Bucky cut him off.
"I'm kidding," he laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "I guess I should get work since I'm here. I hope your date goes well."
Day 2 
Bucky inhaled and then exhaled before knocking on your door.
You smiled at him when you opened it and saw him on the other side.
"Hey, Buck, what's going on?" You asked.
"I just wanted to see you," he said shyly.
"Oh, that's sweet," you moved to the side and let him in.
He went over to the couch and took a seat. You sat next to him awkwardly rubbing your hands up and down your thighs.
You sat in silence until you couldn't stand it anymore. You straddled his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.
Bucky was hard within seconds. He palmed your ass in the little shorts you were wearing as he leaned back further and grinded into you.
"Wait," he broke the kiss. "I've got a whole evening planned for us tomorrow. I don't want to ruin it."
"You want to wait? I mean, we can wait if you really want to," you swivel your hips on his lap.
You meant it. If he wanted to wait, you'd respect his wishes. But damn if his thick cock didn't feel good right now.
"I guess we could still do this tomo—"
"Oh, thank goodness," you pressed your lips to his again.
You lifted up a little bit to pull his pants off of his waist. Although you could feel him, you were completely unprepared for what you were looking down at. The thick veiny vessel was already dripping precum.
You wrapped your hand around it and stroked slowly. Bucky leaned his head back with a pleasure filled groan. Sliding down his lap to your knees, you swirled your tongue around the tip and then sucked the head into your mouth, letting it go with a loud smack.
"Mmm, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," you said while looking up at him. "Tell me what you want, Bucky." You went back to slowly stroking him.
When moved to stand you sat back on your legs to give him room. He gripped himself with his flesh hand and grabbed your hair with the other pulling your head back.
"You'll tell me if you can't take it?" He inquired.
You nodded.
"Yes, Sergeant Barnes," he urged you to say.
"Yes, Sergeant Barnes," you repeated.
"That's my girl," he smiled. "Open wide," he tapped the tip of his dick on your lips.
You complied and your pussy throbbed with excitement.
He slid his dick into your mouth, watching as he slowly disappeared inside. You pulled his pants down the rest of the way, so nothing was keeping you from swallowing all of him.
"Fucccckkkk, you're taking me like such a good girl," he grunts.
You were shocked. This is what you'd been waiting to see; Bucky take charge. He was always so shy and careful. Making sure to never do anything to make anyone uncomfortable, but now was his time to let loose and you were loving every moment of it.
He fucked your throat and listened to the sounds of you taking it all in. Your nails dug into his thighs and the tears streamed down your face. He finally pulled out to give you a break.
Bucky needed to feel you. He sat back down and patted his lap, signaling for you to sit. You slowly lowered yourself down on him.
"Ooooh, yessss!"
"Feel good, baby?"
"Yes, Sergeant," you kissed his throat.
You tucked your feet beneath his legs and bounced on his dick. Bucky ran his tongue over your nipple and sucked it into his mouth.
You grabbed his chin and put his head back. He smirked up at you and stuck his tongue out. You sucked on it and then swirled yours with his into a sloppy kiss.
He was close to his orgasm, so he grabbed your hips and fucked into you rapidly.
"Fuck yes, you gonna cum for me?" You held on taking him all in.
"Right in this tight little pussy."
"No, Buck, I'm not —"
He grabbed your throat, cutting off your words, "Do not deny me."
"Shit!" You yelled as you came all over him.
It was something about the demanding tone of his voice and the cool vibranium wrapped around your throat that tipped you over the edge immediately.
You watched the metal shift in his arm as he started cumming. You kept fucking until he gave you all that he had.
"Fuck," he groaned as he pressed soft kisses in between your breasts and then finally to your lips.
You tried to get up, but he held you in place with a soft, "Not yet."
Day 3
The day had finally arrived. Bucky had been on cloud nine ever since the two of you had fucked. It had only been a few hours and he was definitely craving more of you.
Bucky was walking past the media room when he heard your laugh. He saw you sitting far too close to Pietro for his liking, so he decided to come in.
"Hey, can I talk to you for a second," he grabbed your hand and pulled you up without waiting for a reply.
He practically dragged you into the other room and shut the door behind you.
"What the hell, Bucky?" You asked.
"Why is he touching you?"
"What?" You scrunch your face.
"You're all leaning on him and giggling. I don't like it," he said.
"Aw, are you jealous?"
"Y/N, I'm serious," his voice deepened.
You unbuttoned your pants and grabbed his hand, sliding them down into your panties and curling his fingers into your wet pussy.
"You feel that? That's all for you, Sergeant," you swiveled your hips so you could fuck his fingers.
Bucky groaned. You were soaking wet and his dick was so hard, that he wanted to take you right then and there, but resisted the urge. Instead, he kept working his fingers inside of you.
"Don't stop, baby, I'm so close." You grabbed on to his wrist.
Your moans were getting louder and louder the closer you got to your climax.
"Mmm, fuccckkk!"
He pulled his fingers from you and worked your clit as the pleasure washed over you.
Bucky rubbed his fingers between your folds again and then pulled them out. Loving the look of your slick nectar on his fingers. He stuck his middle finger in your mouth and watched you suck your juices off. Saving the other for himself.
"I can't wait until later," he said in your ear and then walked out of the room.
It made your pussy quiver all over again.
Finally, the time rolls around for you to go to Bucky's apartment. When you made these plans, you were full of confidence, so why were you nervous right now??
You knocked on his door and waited a few seconds for him to answer.
"Hey, doll," he opened the door and quickly stepped out.
"Um, so I'm not coming inside?" You laughed nervously.
"Yes, but put this on first. I want it to be a real surprise," he slid a mask over your eyes.
"Buck, what are you up to?" You questioned.
He opened the door and led you inside.
"Okay, are you ready?"
You pulled the mask off instead of waiting. Your eyes widened in surprise when you looked around the apartment. Flowers and candles covered just about every space.
Your silence was scary. Bucky was getting nervous that he'd over done it for a night that was supposed to just be about sex. He didn't want to run you off, but the hopeless romantic in him wanted to do something special.
"You did all of this for me?" You turned to him.
"Yeah, um, T'Challa helped me get this set up," he rubbed his neck.
He was once again met with silence.
"I can blow out the candles if it's too much."
"No, no it's not too much. No one has ever done this for me before. And honestly, I didn't even know you had in you."
"I'm a man of my time," he smiled and grabbed your hand to lead you down the candlelit path.
When you entered the bedroom, you were met with more flowers and a giant teddy bear. You squealed and ran over to hug it. It smelled just like Bucky's cologne.
"Thank you," you turned around to kiss him. "I feel bad that I didn't get you anything."
"Oh, you'll get me plenty," he scooped you up, so you'd wrap your legs around his waist.
He carried you to the bed and laid you down.
"You look beautiful."
"Thank y—"
Was all you got out before he ripped your dress down the front. He pulled off the flimsy lace underwear and threw them aside before diving in between your thighs.
Bucky licked and sucked your clit with such fervor, you were beginning to think that he was enjoying himself far more than you were.
He pushed your knees up, so your entire pussy was in his face. You lifted up on your elbows so you could watch.
"Ooh, yes, let me see that tongue. Now suck this pussy, baby," you chanted.
He moaned into you as did everything you requested.
Unable to stand it anymore, he used one hand to unbutton his pants and slowly stroke his pulsing cock.
"I'm gonna cum!" You grabbed a fist full of his hair and fucked his face.
He locked his arms around your thighs and enjoyed every moment of this. Your legs trembled in his hold as you soaked his face.
Bucky stood up and stroked himself some more. He could eat your pussy forever, but he needed to feel you.
"You ready for me?" He quizzed.
You couldn't speak. Just slid your hand in between your legs and spread your pussy lips. He guided himself inside of you with a heavy groan as he inched in deeper.
Rolling his hips slowly, he watched as you bit your lip and pinched your eyes shut. Your back arching as he hit your spot just right.
"Turn over," he pulled out. "Mm, now arch that back for. Good girlllll," he hummed.
He slid back into your wet core and fucked you harder. His hips snapped to the perfect rhythm as you gripped the blankets.
"Yes! Fuck, don't stop!" You yelled.
"You gonna be a good little doll and cum for me again?" He smacked your ass.
"Ah! Yes, Sergeant Barnes!"
"Not yet. Not until you tell me I can cum in my pussy."
You tightened around him. There he goes again being demanding. You were loving it.
"I want you to — fuck, this is your pussy. Cum in this pussyyyyy!" The dam broke.
You coated him in your essence and he watched his dick as he exploded inside of you.
His stuttering hips added to your pleasure. You made sure to stay perfectly arched for him until he was done, then he slowly pulled out and watched the mixture of cum leak out of you.
Bucky smacked your sensitive pussy lightly. He just couldn't get enough of you.
He pulled you into his chest and kissed your shoulder. Heavy breathing resounding throughout the room.
He cuddled you for a few minutes before going to the bathroom and starting a bath. His dick was still semi hard, so it smacked his thigh as he walked and your pussy was ready for another round at the sight.
He smiled when he noticed you watching.
"Don't worry, doll, I'm not finished with you yet," he promised.
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AYE EVAN I heard you wanted some headcanons from your request-
Steve x Male!Reader
Jealous! Steve Headcanons
Tumblr media
☆Now, Steve doesn't get jealous easily, even if you're getting lots of attention that's not from him - the most you'll get from Steve is him being pouty and looking at you like a sad puppy. 
☆But as long as you give him affection later on, he's good.
☆You're an agent of SHIELD, but you're not part of the Avengers.
☆There's another agent who you're friends with. Since you haven't introduced them to him yet, he does confront them and questions them.
☆Steve feel a little bad and jealous when he finds you're talking to them more than him, and how they've been taking most of your attention.
☆At first, he tries to not let it bother him too much. He saw that you looked happy, and he felt the need to not want to bother you, since you're allies and all.
☆Yes, you noticed knew he was jealous even though he tried to hide it. (Spoiler: He was bad at hiding it)
☆And he wants to accompany you more before asking where you're going ('cause he's a protective dork).
☆But Steve immediately felt a sting when the agent began to be a little touchy, such as a hand on your shoulder.
☆The agent started getting more touchy, and he would notice their hand sometimes pulling you in by the waist, and he wasn't having any of it.
☆He becomes really bothered by it, and anyone being really touchy with you is off limits.
☆Steve confronts them and just makes an excuse saying you have work to do, and drags you away because he doesn't want to make a scene in public.
☆You'll notice he's a little quiet but more affectionate with you than usual.
☆Steve insists on you staying with him, and to make an excuse saying he's just worried about you when you would question it.
☆He checks up on you more than usual.
☆He perfers not to bring up anything that's happened, so he's not very amused when you would tease him about being jealous.
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syiano · 5 hours ago
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: They Meet Your Puppy
Tumblr media
Steve is so happy when he first meets your puppy. He's never been able to have a pet before because of how sick he used to be, so he's going to take time to cherish this. He likes going on walks with them (is that going to replace his morning runs?) and his heart melts whenever he greets them.
Tumblr media
At first, Bucky is scared because your puppy is just so small and he was afraid of hurting them. But when your puppy just keeps coming back to him, he's so touched and he can't help but notice how cute they are. He only touches then with his arm (not his metal one), and there would be times where he let's your puppy walk all over his lap. He's really protective of your puppy and he's like, *tiny pup, most protect*.
Tumblr media
Tony completely spoils your puppy; toys, beds, expensive food, basically everything, even if you say he doesn't need to buy all this stuff. He makes a disgusted noise when you puppy starts licking him and tries shooing them away (only to make your puppy angry at him and bite his shoes).
Tumblr media
Sam teases you about you paying more attention to your puppy than him, and saying their your little bodyguard. He likes to tease your puppy (causing them to bite his fingers) and thinks it's cute making them a little mad, until they end up ripping up all his stuff...
Tumblr media
Scott is overly exicted and spends most of his time playing with them, along with Cassie. Since he's hyper, he will play with them until he's all tired out, and will take a nap with them only for you to wake him up scold Scott for not cleaning up the mess that was made.
Tumblr media
Peter doesn't know if he should cry or just be overly exicted, but he's kind of doing both. He's always wanted a puppy as a kid, so this is a big thing for him. He's loves petting them and playing with them. But you did scold Peter one time for forgetting for leaving his web shooters out and the puppy got stuck webs...
Tumblr media
Bruce is also a little nervous at first, but he soon learns to love them. Everyone thinks it's adorable how a guy who turns into the Hulk can have his heart easily melt as soon as he sees a small puppy, and how he just likes to hug them to calm down
Tumblr media
Thor thinks your puppy is so small and adorable, immediately picking them up and holding them. He has never seen these 'Midgardian pets' before, so you're going to have to teach him some stuff. No, Thor, you can't feed the puppy everything. No, Thor, you can't toss the puppy up in the air like a baby!
Tumblr media
Loki isn't a big fan of dogs, but he will let it pass. He looks grumpy whenever your puppy will try to get his attention or tug at his clothes, but he doesn't admit to you how he thinks that they're so cute. He teases you and how your puppy reminds him of you, so happy and innocent.
Tumblr media
Pietro is just so exicted, especially since he never got to have any pets he wanted as a kid. He plays with your puppy nonstop, but you have to remind him not to play too rough with them. He does everything with them and there will never be a time where they're not together. Pietro is also really protective of your puppy and always looks after them.
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earlgreydream · 6 hours ago
| loki x reader | fluff |
little loki blurb 🤍
anon requested. Loki defends the reader
Tumblr media
“You’re absolutely useless! If you’re going to crack under the pressure, why are you even here? You’re a liability!” Stark shouted at you, his words echoing off the walls and into your heart.
“You can’t keep fucking up,” Nat followed, disappointment in her voice.
You stood in the training room, after failing your practice mission for the second time. You were new to the team, and still very rough around the edges. You didn’t have the training they did, and you were reminded of that at every opportunity.
“I’m trying, please, I’ll do it again!” You begged, trying not to sound weak in front of your boss. You wanted to melt into the floor when your voice faltered, and everyone sighed.
“It’s not going to help, you’re wasting my time.” Stark muttered.
“Stark, I’m doing my best-”
“It’s not good enough. Can you get out of here please so we can start doing something that’s productive?!”
You were startled by the harsh rejection, and it took all of your strength not to cry. You turned away, leaving the room without another word.
You were gone before you could hear Vision suggest that maybe Stark and Nat were being too hard on you, and Steve’s gentle agreement.
You sprinted down the hall, tears blinding your vision as you made your way to your bedroom. You weren’t paying attention, your mind completely caught up in the hateful words spoken to you. They made your stomach uneasy with acid and your chest ache, each one tearing into you a little deeper.
“Y/N-!” Loki gasped as you collided with his chest. He caught you before you could fall, his arms going around your smaller body. You tried to rush out an apology, but the worried god didn’t let you slip from his grasp.
“What’s troubled you? You’re crying,” He held your elbows, keeping you in front of him.
“It’s nothing, I’m fine,” you tried to assure him.
“You must know that you can’t lie to me, or deceive me?”
Loki’s hand cupped your jaw, tilting your head up. You were forced to look at him, and you couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down your cheeks.
You felt ridiculous for crying over being yelled at, but all the emotion came flowing out of you, leaving you powerless against it.
“Please, tell me what’s happened,” Loki coaxed you gently. His tone held no hint of disapproval or annoyance, offering you comfort unlike the others.
“My training didn’t go well,” you answered. A half truth, praying the god didn’t pester you further.
Loki pried into your mind, his fingers pressed to your forehead. Your memories filled his mind, and he listened to what was said to you, the sharpness jarring him to the bone. He couldn’t imagine how you’d taken it, and he was suddenly filled with fury.
He couldn’t fathom how they could treat you with such cruelty and disrespect. His heart hurt at the sight of your tears, and the idea of causing them made Loki physically ill. You were so sweet, and obviously trying your best, and you certainly didn’t deserve to be treated as you were.
Loki was suddenly in his own head again, gazing down at your tearstained face, cheeks rosy from embarrassment. He took your hand and pulled you back to the training rooms, and you let him drag you, too startled to object.
“Wait, they told me to leave,” you started to protest as your mind caught up with your body.
Loki threw the doors open, storming inside with you. The avengers all halted their activities, staring at the young god. Those who were smart, felt a small prickle of fear at his wrath.
“How dare you!” He thundered at Nat and Stark, both standing over a map of Sokovia.
“You’ve been unnecessarily cruel! Y/N does not have the training that you do, and the way you’ve treated her is completely unacceptable! You’re vicious, horrible monsters, and you should be ashamed. She is a valuable member of this team, and you only have yourself to blame for not doing your job. If I ever find out that you’ve so much as raised your voice, I will burn you, this bloody tower, and all of New York City to the ground!” Loki’s lashed out at them, rage pouring from his tone.
“I expect you to apologize, lest you want to feel what truth wrath is.”
“Y/N, I’m sorry. He’s right, we’ve been unfair to you,” Stark sighed, unable to hide the obvious fear Loki struck into him. Nat agreed, and you murmured a small thank-you.
Loki whisked you of the room, and you were too stunned to process anything that just happened.
“Nobody has ever stood up for me before,” you said suddenly.
“I’m so sorry. You deserve to have someone looking out for you,” Loki spoke with conviction.
You wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging the god tightly, whispering a thank you. 
“I’m going to stand up for you, and look out for you, always,” he promised, squeezing you tightly.  
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A Pure Soul: Nearly Taken (Yandere!Wanda Maximoff x ADD!autistic!reader)
Tumblr media
*Not my GIF.
Summary: The day (y/n) comes back to the compound after being told all those nasty things takes a toll on their mental health and self-esteem. Unfortunately it gets to a point that Wanda hoped it would NEVER reach.
Request?: Still none.
Word Count: 3,456
Warnings: Ableism, eugenics mention, r-word slur, attempted suicide, attempted overdose, hurt and comfort.
Notes: This is a sort of “in-between scene” from “A Pure Soul.” The rate of suicide is 3 times higher in autistic people because of the world’s lack of understanding and willingness to accommodate us. Plus being told the world would be better off without you, along with people looking for ways to make sure we’re not born....that’s gonna take a toll. So it makes sense for these feelings to emerge.
You know that the world isn’t very kind to the disabled.
You know that the world wishes people like you wouldn’t exist.
But that doesn’t make what happened hurt any less.
You were out shopping when you ran into your best friend from high school. Except....this friend wasn’t the same as you knew them. No, instead they showed you their true colors.
“Oh hey, (y/n),” they said.
Tone has never been your specialty.
“Hey!” you exclaimed happily as you were looking through the books at your local bookstore. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! How are you?”
“Better. How’s the treatment coming along?”
This confused you.
They nodded.
“For that disease you call autism.”
This struck a chord, and it struck HARD. How could they say something like that?!
They smirked.
“I mean, it just makes us humans lives harder to be around your kind.”
“What the hell’s gotten into you?!” you exclaimed. “I thought you were my best friend!”
They pretended to wrack their brain.
“Oh! Yeah, I was such a great actor in that part. I should get an Oscar. Here’s the tea; I lost a bet and had to be your best friend for those four hellish years. I can’t believe they wanted me to suffer that much.”
Your heart began to crack. It was act?
“You took my high school years away from me, made me miserable. I could’ve won prom royalty, but no one voted for me because I associated myself with your species. I’m glad you’re out of my life now. You’re nothing but a burden and the world would be so much better off without you. Why not do us that favor?”
Your heart shattered. You were so plagued with shock that you didn’t notice them push you to the ground and spit on you before walking away with a satisfied chuckle. For the next few minutes, you couldn’t say or do anything. You were just frozen to the spot, their words bouncing around your head.
Finally you were able to feel both the physical and emotional pain. Pursing your lips, you got up, kept your head down, and quickly left the bookstore, trying not to let the tears fall.
In the elevator, heading up to your floor, you can barely form a new thought. All you can think of is that hurtful interaction. 
Burden, your kind, your species, disease....
It all hurt. 
And the worst part is that you can’t help but think that they’re right.
But your thoughts are jolted by the elevator bell. As usual you find the Avengers hanging out in the lounge. Nat and Clint are chatting with Wanda. Tony and Peter are working on homework. You can barely see what the others are doing. 
Almost instantly, Wanda’s eye falls on you. She has a smile on her face, but it falls when she sees you, as she instantly knows that something is wrong. 
“(Y/N)!” she whispers worried.
She rushes over and gives you a gentle hug, but you practically squeeze the life out of her. The other Avengers also come to your aid. 
“What happened?” Wanda asks you.
You gulp as she and Nat lead you to the couch.
“I....” you begin as you sit down. “I was out shopping....and I ran into my best friend from high school....”
You tell them the entire interaction. Shocked looks are nearly all around by the end.
“That’s seriously messed up,” Nat says in a mix of disgust and anger.
The others nod in agreement, except for Wanda. Instead she begins to tear up. 
“My sweet angel,” she weeps softly as she hugs you closer and pets your head. “Oh, my sweet, sweet angel. None of what they said is true, not one bit of it. You’re an absolute joy to have around and you’re one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. You bring so much to the Avengers and to our lives. Autism is not a disease. It’s a part of who you are, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
“Wanda’s right,” Peter nods. “You’re wonderful, (y/n). You’re one of the best friends I could ever ask for.”
“And you bring a lot of new perspectives,” Nat adds. “You came into our lives when we needed you the most, especially Wanda.”
They all take turns giving you words of comfort and encouragement as well as letting you cry. Wanda stays the closest to you, to no one’s surprise, hugging you tightly. Her embrace is exactly what you need right now; so warm and loving. 
Tony, though not the most emotional person, does feel sympathetic and even angered at the person who said that to you; even though you’re on the opposite side of the Accords, he decides to get your favorite food for dinner. It’s not the greatest gesture of sympathy, but it’s definitely something. After that, you take a nice, warm shower and get into some fresh, soft pajamas. Wanda’s waiting for you in your bedroom, and surprises you with some soft socks that match your pajamas.
“I removed the fabric tags too,” she tells you.
Your heart melts a bit more for her. How someone as kind, attentive, and loving as her could ever be considered a terrible person is beyond you. You let her put them on your feet and they feel amazing. You wriggle your toes in them, smiling. 
“You like them?” she asks you.
“I love them,” you giggle before turning to Wanda. “And I love you.”
She smiles and gives you a kiss on the forehead.
“I love you too, my angel.”
The two of you spend the rest of the night together, cuddling up close with one another, watching sitcoms, singing quietly. You doze off in her arms.....
But that doesn’t mean it’s over.....
You’re not someone who easily forgets how things make you feel, and what that person said still makes you feel like shit. Now whenever you go out, you’re worried that you’re going to run into them. You keep your guard up and walk as quickly as you can. Every outing feels like a fight for survival, but you try to stay strong so that you don’t bother the others. You try to keep a smile on your face. You need to be strong.....
.....But even the strong reach their limits.
It’s a little after you found out they became catatonic. You’re at a coffee shop, nearly empty, when someone else walks in. It’s a friend of that person. You keep your head low as they place their order; four cups of black coffee, extra hot. Your anxiety is increasing, but you don’t want this person to think you’re weak. You keep your back to them, hearing the door open again. 
The other person is called for their order. Maybe you can finally get out of here.
The next thing you know, you feel something steaming hot being poured down the back of your shirt, on your head, thrown in your face, (which you luckily cover most of with your arms) and splattered on your arms and legs. Standing up, you cry out in pain as you whirl around to see 4 people from high school, among them the friend of your former best friend.
“It’s your fault my best friend can’t function, you retard!” the friend snaps as they push you around roughly.
“No one wants you on this planet,” spits another.
“You’re nothing but a parasite!”
“You just weigh people down!”
“You’re an embarrassment to society!”
“Why don’t you just end this?”
“It’ll be better that way!”
“Your birth was a mistake!”
By this time, you’re hardly a thread’s width away from a meltdown and you look at the cashier for help, but nothing. You try to take out your phone to call for help, but you end up slipping on the coffee, falling to the ground hard and in an odd position, hearing a crack. Pain surges through your body as you look at your arms; burn marks are beginning to form.
After they kick at you for a bit and spit on you, they leave. You look up at the cashier. 
“Why....didn’t you help?” you whimper with a whistle in your voice.
No answer. 
They don’t help you up either. Crawling to the door, you use a nearby booth to bring yourself back up to your feet. Suddenly you feel an intense surge of pain in your left leg, and not just from the burns. You look to see that it’s swollen and turning reddish-purple. You reach into your coat and get out your phone only to discover that it’s dead. Wanda’s going to be worried hate making her worry, and she’s been worried sick these last few weeks to the point where it’s taking a toll on her; so on the way back, you decide to take one worry out of her life for good.
It’s dark when you get back to the compound. And lucky for you, the elevator is closed for repairs. You limp up the stairs, finally reaching the compound. As quiet as a dust mite, you open the door, biting down on your lips to keep yourself from crying out in pain; unfortunately, your lips took some burn damage as well. Limping to the bathroom, you shut and lock the door. You search the medicine cabinet and find some pills.
“This should do the trick,” you whisper.
You try to quietly position yourself on the floor so that you won’t hit your head. You want to be able to pass as peacefully as possible. But something gives in your left leg and you fall, letting out a loud cry of agony. Realizing your mistake, you quickly fiddle with the lid of the bottle as you hear footsteps rush in. You finally get the lid open and begin to pour out the whole bottle into your hand, hoping to get it in in time--
The lock turns scarlet, clicks, and the door swings opens. 
A terrified Wanda immediately snatches the pills and bottle from you with her powers. She makes them disappear before heading to your side, tears already flowing from her eyes.
“My sweet angel.....” she squeaks as she kneels in front of you gently taking ahold of your hands. “I didn’t realize you were feeling this terrible. I’m so sorry things have reached this point.”
You look away guiltily. 
“No, I’m’s my fault. I never said....anything.’ve been so stressed these past few weeks....all of you. I didn’t want to make it worse on you, so....I just kept quiet.”
Wanda shakes her head.
“You have nothing to apologize for, (y/n). It can be scary, but there’s no shame in reaching out. We all need help sometimes.”
Other footsteps rush in.
“What happened?” Nat asks. “Did (y/n)---?”
“Almost,” Wanda gulps. “We need to get them to the emergency room.”
“I’m fine,” you lie.
“Are you fine?” Wanda asks.
You realize that it’s pointless to lie, and you shake your head.
“No, I’m not....”
“Then we need to take you to the emergency room.....”
That’s when she sees the burns and leg.
“Especially to treat these.....what happened?”
As they carry you to the car, you tell them about the run-in at the coffee shop, them pouring the hot coffee on you, how they were telling you all of these things, how the cashier did nothing to help, how you heard that crack. Both of them are disgusted and horrified at those monsters.
“I don’t care what they say,” Nat tells you as they get you inside. “I’m glad that you’re here.”
“I am too,” Wanda agrees as she gets in the front seat. “We’re here for you.”
“ autism.....”
Wanda gently takes ahold of your fingers, careful to avoid the burns.
“My angel.....I can only imagine how isolating it feels to be in a world that’s not made for you, but your autism is part of who you are. It’s what makes you unique. If the world refuses to accommodate for people like you on their own, we’ll help them to see that they need to, and we’ll help advocate with you.”
Nat nods as she starts the car up and the three of you head for the ER.
“I....I feel selfish worrying you like this and even attempting....I just’ve been so stressed and I thought it’d be better to take one worry out of your life.”
“You have nothing to feel selfish about,” Wanda assures you. “What you did wasn’t selfish. You’re in pain, and wanting to do something to stop that pain isn’t selfish. But there are better ways to deal with the pain, and I want to help you with those. (Y/N), I can say with 100% certainty that I’m glad to have you in my life, through the good and the bad.”
Tears flow down your face as the three of you silently drive to the ER.
It takes several hours for you to be treated, along with a few more hours of consultation for your mental health. Some of the burns are treated through surgery, so you have to stay for a little over a week to make sure you recover and stabilize. Your leg is put in a cast, and Wanda comes to visit you everyday. You feel much better with her and Nat.
A psychologist comes in to discuss a safety plan with you. You decided to ask Wanda if she’d come and discuss it with them. She said yes and Nat also decided to help. You all work out what works in terms of coping mechanisms, people you can talk to, calming techniques, etc,. The psychologist also recommends regular counseling. Wanda asks if there are any remote options for counseling, as it’s going to be difficult for you to get there with your leg, (Also, she’s a little worried that the therapist might try to take you away from her, but she does show concern for your leg) and to her relief, there is. 
You’re discharged after about a week, but you’re not to be left alone for a few days to another week or two, just to be sure. Well, it’s more of Wanda’s recommendation than psychologist’s orders, but the psychologist also thinks that that could be a good idea. You’re not really complaining; it’s more time to spend with Wanda. And she’s certainly not complaining either.
For that time, especially, she makes sure you know that you’re loved, wanted, valued. She practically dotes on you; as if she hadn’t been doting on you before, she’s especially pampering you now. The other Avengers also get the 411, and decide to help. If you need pain or sleep medications, one of them brings the proper dose to you. They take turns spending time with you and getting to know you more. If they need to go out on a mission, Wanda volunteers to stay with you, but if she’s absolutely needed there, she entrusts your care to Vision, a robot who’s exceptionally caring. You and Wanda regularly discuss possibly adding him to the relationship, but you’re not sure if she’s being serious or not. 
On one night, Wanda’s caring for you. After applying the prescribed cream on your burns, she helps you find an oversized t-shirt to wear as PJs. 
“This one’s softer than the others,” you note.
“I went looking for a shirt with a softer material than normal,” she tells you as she prepares a small dose of melatonin for you, one that you’ve been taking to combat the nightmares of those events in the hospital. “I know how much it tends to make you feel discomforted if there is one. I also made sure it was a tagless shirt.”
You smile and sigh.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve an angel like you, Wanda,” you tell her.
Hearing this she smiles and blushes.
“If anyone’s the angel, it’s you,” she says as she gives you the melatonin. “You’ve been there for me even when I’m at my absolute worst.”
“So have you.”
You take the melatonin before Wanda brings you your toothbrush and toothpaste. You brush thoroughly before spitting it into a cup that Wanda disposes of. 
“You know, I could go to the bathroom and do this myself,” you tell her kindly.
“I know,” she sighs. “I’m just worried, my angel.”
“What if I wash my face tonight with the door open?” you suggest.
Wanda gives this a little thought and nods. 
“I can work with that.”
Using your crutches, you walk to the bathroom where you sit on a stool in front of the sink. You wash and dry your face before heading to the bed with Wanda helping you get tucked in.
“You’re seriously an angel,” you tell her. “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone outside of my family that’s been as concerned about my well-being as you.”
“And you’re too sweet,” she smiles again as she finishes getting ready for bed herself. “If anyone’s the undeserving, I don’t deserve you.”
“No, it’s the other way around,” you say.
“No, I’m certain I’m right.”
You giggle.
“Wanda, if we try to prove one right over the other, we’ll be going at this all night.”
She smiles as she goes over to the other side of the bed. 
“Well, I know you’re an angel,” she tells you as she gets under the covers. “You came to me in a dark time, and you shone a beam of sunlight through the shadow.”
The two of you look at each other as the fairy lights hang above you. Of course you’re looking at the bridge of her nose, but you can’t help but glance up at her eyes a few times; one time they catch you, and they are stunning. They’re like emeralds to you; vivid, entrancing, mystical. Just a single glance, and you know there’s so much to know about, so much to discover, and you become lost in them. 
“I’m so proud of you, (y/n).”
Wanda’s gentle voice echoes against your eardrums and dances around your mind, soothing you into drifting even more. But then she boops you on the nose, making it twitch like a bunny’s and snapping you out of your trance.
“Huh?” you ask, looking lost.
Wanda giggles.
“You are too cute,” she tells you. “I was saying that I’m so proud of you for pushing through all of this. It’s not the easiest thing to do, and.....well.....I’m glad you’re still alive, my sweet little sunbeam.”
You blush upon hearing this and turn away, but Wanda gently redirects your face forward.
“There’s no need to hide, my angel. I want to see your lovely face.”
At that moment, you begin to feel drowsy and bring yourself closer to her.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough, Wanda,” you sigh.
She brings you in closer and you melt into her embrace.
“Being with you, and you being safe and happy and alive.....that’s the only thank you I need.”
Leaning in, she kisses you gently on your forehead and you shyly return one on her cheek. 
“Goodnight, my angel,” she tells you as she brushes a strand of hair out of your way.
“Wait,” you say as she turns to switch the lights off. “Will....will you sing me those lullabies again? Please?”
“Of course,” she smiles. 
Turning the lights off, she returns to embrace you and softly sings the Sokovian lullabies her parents used to sing to her. As you drift off to sleep, you don’t know what’s going on in her mind. What’s going on with her mind? Her master plan, of course. Tonight’s the night she will finish what she started. Those monsters at the coffee shop messed with the wrong person. For the past few nights, she’s been paying them visits, doing the same things she did with your former best friend, and sending subconscious suggestions for them to gather in one place, thinking they’d be safer together. And now they have.
Tonight she’s going to make sure their minds are gone for good, but not before making them feel the pain and agony she imagines you felt. Her anger with them is in full throttle, so it’s going to be even worse for them. Telekinesis, fear projection, hypnosis, inducing extreme fear, she’ll do whatever she has to. Wanda will not leave until they’re nothing more than hollow husks, shadows of their former selves. With how they’d been acting on those nights, and how much Wanda has done so far, it won’t take too long. 
Because no one-and she means no one-gets away with hurting her precious angel.......ever.
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twordytings · 7 hours ago
(Hope you're still taking requests:D)
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
A/N: if u guys r ever unsure if I’m taking requests, just check my bio on my blog! i am in fact taking requests at the moment though:)))
"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision, I have elected to ignore it,” you beamed with an all too wide smile.
“Excuse me?” Steve said after a surprised scoff. Did he think you were going to happily oblige to a 10pm curfew? It was like he had forgotten you were almost an adult.
“You heard me...” Okay. You may have been dragging it out a little bit. The attitude you were giving him was partly due to the fact that getting on his nerves was practically your favorite hobby at this point; he wasn’t having it. He reacted with that confused, almost flustered face that he always gave whenever he had no idea what to say. It didn’t last longer than two seconds, and his favorite hobby at the moment was tickling the shit out of you to put your teenage angst in its place.
“Do you have any idea what you just got yourself into? Huh?” he said as he grabbed you in a bear hug, squishing and squeezing at your belly. It happened so fast that you couldn’t help but melt to the floor, which only gave Steve the upper hand.
“HAHHAAHAH! NOHOHOHOHO STEHEHEHEH-” you screeched, flailing your limbs in every direction possible; you were surprised you hadn’t dislocated anything.
“Where’d all those snarky comments go y/n? Does it tickle too much to talk?” he pried. There was still no way in hell you were coming home at 10, but that was obviously a different conversation for a different time.
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evxnshoney · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
source : mini thor meets captain america and hawkeye | marvel uk
a/n : he’s so good w kids, i wanna cri, can he stop being so perfect ?!!!🤕🤕😠
Tumblr media
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missing-madness · 8 hours ago
Petunias and Lavenders
pairings: loki x reader, thor x reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.6k
a/n: taglists are open! just send me an ask about what you want to be tagged on (all fics, just this series, etc.)
request something / request guidelines / masterlist
Tumblr media
the prologue
You were never one for sleep. You didn't not sleep because you didn't want to, but rather because you couldn't; stress and paranoia tend to do that to a person. You welcomed the few hours of sleep when your mind cooperated, especially after a day-long mission and having to talk your way out of having an angry aunt May blow up in your face through the phone.
So naturally, you were quite annoyed when Tony called in the ass crack of dawn. You were glad to hear from him since he had been gone for a week, but that didn't mean he could wake you up before the sun was even up.
"Y/N– Y/N? Hi, yeah, it's me," He all but yelled, out of breath and the sound of his repulsors charging in the background. "We're in a situation–"
He was cut off by some sort of explosion, followed by some static and clanging of metal against stone. "We need you to come in. Now."
On second thought, he could wake you up whenever he needed to.
"What? Tony–" You were already out of your bed and in your uniform, your phone on speaker as you checked if your guns were loaded. "Where are you? You have to give me something to work with."
"Somewhere in Bolivia-" You can hear someone yelling in a foreign language, along with someone — Steve, maybe — calling Wanda's name. "Shit!"
"What happened?" Loading explosives to your belt, you almost freeze in place when you hear someone whimpering.
"Wanda's hit," You can feel the panic of the situation, your hands shaking a little as you know Wanda's life could be slipping away by the second. "Y/N, we need all of you here, now. Leave the kid- I don't think it's safe for him to come. FRIDAY will update you on where we are–"
Another explosion went off as a woman shouted something in the foreign language from earlier —you guessed she gave the order to attack. "Just come here, now, and bring a first aid kit or something!"
And with that, the call was ended, leaving you stiff with shock with your hair standing on end. Snapping out of your trance, you ran to the Medical Center to grab the biggest first aid bag you could find.
"FRIDAY? Can you wake up Thor and Loki? Tell them to suit up and meet me at the jet." You yelled, bursting through the main door to ready the Quinjet.
A few minutes later, Loki runs out of the building like a sane person would while Thor jumps out of his bedroom window and uses Mjolnir as some sort of propeller to fly himself in your general direction. You don't pay any attention to his antics, however, as your head is filled with taking the fastest route to Bolivia.
"Why did you call us here?" Loki asked, somewhat confused and annoyed. Thor nodded beside his raven-haired adopted brother, curious as to why you would bother them at such an ungodly hour yet refusing to speak to you.
"The others need our help. Wanda's down, along with god knows who else." You briefly explained, pulling up FRIDAY on the controls. "FRIDAY, get us to Tony?"
"Right away." The Irish AI answered, charting the fastest way to some run down motel in the outskirts of Tarija.
Your eyes were wide and unfocused as you took the pilot's seat, trying to get the panic out of your system. As you tried taking deep breaths in and out, the Quinjet quickly ascended and went through what few clouds were in the sky. Thor took his usual seat and Loki settled himself in the co-pilot's seat, not knowing a thing about the Midgardian aircraft but wanting to comfort you.
"You could let me drive?" He offered, relaxing a little as a small smile appeared on your lips.
"You'd crash the jet." You stated, glancing at him for a moment before turning your gaze back to the dark sky.
"Do you truly have so little faith in me?" Loki asked, mocking a look of hurt and putting a hand over his heart.
"Loki, I have so much faith in you," You told him. As you never looked away from the control panel, you didn't see how your words brought a genuine smile to his face. "But let's face it, you and Earth technology just don't mix."
"That's fair." He stayed silent after that, giving you the space that you so clearly needed, just being there to support you.
Roughly three hours and forty-something minutes later, the plane was over the red dot that marked Tony and the others' location. Switching a few things and pressing a few buttons, you lowered the jet enough so you could jump out without any strain on your body (FRIDAY would take care of the jet).
"Come on." You gestured for Thor and Loki to follow you out of the door, throwing the first aid bag over your shoulder and dropping twelve feet to the dirty concrete road. They both followed quickly and without question, their weapons of choice in hand.
You ducked through the open door, wrinkling your nose a bit at the condition the building was in. The receptionist (an older lady with hot pink lipstick) took no notice of three human-shaped beings entering her motel.
Taking the stairs to the second floor, you knocked on the door of room number 204 and waited for someone to open it, stepping back so you didn't get hit by the moldy wood when it swung open.
Natasha and Steve were the ones at the frame, the redhead standing with a gun pointed at your head behind the blond, who was holding his shield out in front of both of them to block any attacks.
When they saw it was you, Natasha rushed forward to hug you, a dead expression on her face as she clung to your form. Steve gave you a pat on the back and took the bag from your hand, quickly disappearing back inside.
"I missed you." You whispered, hugging her back and pulling away to let her take the three of you inside. "How's Wanda?"
"Not so good," Natasha replied with a grim expression. "They got her in the arm, and I swear we could see bone. Tony did something to make some kind of cast for the time being, but she's going to have to go back to the Compound. Vision offered to go with her."
"What happened to your jet?" You recalled that they took the first Quinjet to get here.
"They found us when we didn't expect it. We thought the base was empty, went in to steal whatever we could find. But they ambushed us, blew up our jet so that we couldn't escape. Clint didn't even see them coming."
As you walked into the room, you could see the rest of the team crowded around a certain brunette. Wanda gave you a tired smile as you came into view. Vision sat closest to her, holding her hand to help her power through. Her left arm was almost entirely covered in what looked like bleary white gel and a decent part of it was covered in what looked like a piece of cloth from someone's uniform, stained dark red from her blood blood and hiding the no doubt huge wound.
"Hey Wands." Kneeling on the floor in front of Wanda, your voice was soft and light, as if you were scared she might break if one word slipped out of your mouth in the wrong way — which, quite frankly, you were. And yet, your fear didn't overcome your need to try lightening the somber mood. "I'm here to save your ass. You know, again."
Wanda managed a chuckle as she forced her eyes to remain open. So far, she was doing a good job on not giving into the tiredness that came with blood loss. "Do you expect a trophy for doing what should be done?"
The team was applying needed supplies to their own wounds as both Tony and Vision moved to work on Wanda's arm. The piece of cloth on her arm was carefully removed, revealing a huge chunk of flesh had been stripped off. The bleeding seemed to have slowed down in the time it took for you to get there.
"No, but you to trying not to get killed and maybe being able to get a full night's sleep would be nice." Tony held up Wanda's arm and Vision applied proper bandages, making her wince slightly at the pressure being put on her wound.
"I'll try to not get killed." She promises sleepily, the tiredness slowly becoming overwhelming. You smile at her, get up from the floor and make a round about the room, checking on each of the others and leaving Vision to keep Wanda awake and take her to the jet you brought.
While the worst of the damage was on Wanda, the others had a couple wounds worth looking at, too. Natasha and Sam had a few deep cuts here and there while Bucky had one or two bullet wounds. Though he had already started to heal, Steve looked like he had been dragged across a jagged concrete floor and Clint's already thoroughly broken nose looked a lot more broken than usual. Only Bruce seems to be the one without a scratch on him thanks to his hulk exterior, only his clothes being a little tattered.
You hear Vision excusing himself and Wanda rather than see them leave, too busy with placing a splint on the bridge of Clint's nose to look up.
"Do you know what they're called, at least?" You muttered, trying to make the gauze stay in place.
"Janus." Clint replied, wincing a little as you pushed a little too hard on a sore spot. Your brow raised as you fixed the splint onto his nose, letting out a halfhearted laugh.
"They're really milking it with the whole Greek mythology aesthetic, huh?"
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