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#wanda x reader
wandaromanova · 4 minutes ago
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader x Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: cussing, that’s it i think
A/N: alright, here we go with some angst. totally didn’t use a character from grey’s anatomy in this haha. <3
anon requested: Heyyy, I got a request for WandaNat x R :) how about an angst fic with R saying “"I thought you wanted me to move on." with a happy ending? If you’re able to, can you make it really angsty tho lmaooo
Summary: Y/N L/N tries to move on from her previous relationship, but what if her exes won’t let her?
Word Count: 2.4K
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(gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You had been a relationship with Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff for a year.
You had met them when you were assigned as Nick Fury’s assistant. The pair would relentlessly flirt with you, and you ended up falling for them. They had taken you out on a date which led to several more. Eventually, you guys had gotten into a serious relationship.
Things were going amazing, they were loving and caring partners that were very protective and understanding.
However, something had changed and you couldn’t pinpoint when and why things went so terribly wrong.
Wanda and Natasha had shown up to your apartment one day and things were going like they always did.
You guys were sat on your couch watching tv, eating some takeout they had brought with them, when Wanda spoke up.
“Y/N, we need to talk.” The witch said as she placed her Chinese food onto the coffee table in front of the couch. You looked at Wanda confused as Natasha also put her food down.
You followed their lead as you glanced left and right at the two women; considering you were in the middle.
“Sure, what’s up?” You spoke nervously. You knew that nothing good ever came from someone saying ‘we need to talk.’
You just didn’t expect what happened next.
“Nat and I were thinking and, we think it’s best if we broke up.” At Wanda’s words, you felt your heart stop.
They wanted to break up? Why? When did they decide that they wanted this to happen? That they wanted to end your seemingly amazing and healthy relationship?
“Wha- how? Why?” You were speechless, all you could do was stutter. Natasha cleared her throat awkwardly as you turned your head from Wanda to face her.
“This just isn’t working out for us anymore. It isn’t you, it’s us. We don’t want you to try and fight for us or anything like that. We just want you to move on.”
They wanted you to move on? What in the fuck? Things were going so great! Or so you thought. Apparently your girlfriends were having different thoughts.
“I- I don’t even know what to say.” You really didn’t. You wouldn’t have expected this to happen now, or ever, if you were being honest.
“We’re sorry, Y/N. We just don’t feel the same way we did before. We fell out of love with you.” Wanda stared at you as her eyes showed nothing but pity and sympathy.
They didn’t love you anymore. If your heart wasn’t broken earlier, it sure as hell was now.
The two women stood up and collected their food. You watched as they disposed of their food in the trash can in your kitchen as they made their way towards their door.
The sight made you jump up from your seat and walk towards them. They stopped their movements as you stalked your way over to them.
“Please tell me this is some sick joke! You guys can’t just come here acting normal then say you don’t love me anymore!”
You were furious and hurt. How could they do this to you? You had given them all of you, and this is how they repaid you?
“We aren’t joking. We wanted to break the news to you gently. We’re sorry.” Natasha spoke to you as she stared into your eyes.
“Get the fuck out of here and don’t come back.” You turned around as you heard them shuffle out of your apartment, the door shutting softly behind them.
You broke down. You had just gotten dumped by the two people you loved most. And you had no idea why it had happened. How could they say they love you one day, then completely change their narrative the next? It made no sense, but even if you could make sense of it, it wouldn’t change the harsh truth; they left you.
6 months later
It had been 6 months since Wanda and Natasha decided to call your relationship quits. You had turned into a complete mess for the first 4 months following the breakup.
The days you didn’t have to work, you stayed home and moped. You’d stay in your pajamas all day long, eat a tub of ice cream, and cry as you watched sappy romantic movies. You were a stereotypical heartbroken person; someone you never thought you’d ever have to be when you met Wanda and Nat.
You hadn’t seen the two since the breakup; which was surprising since your job somewhat clashed with theirs. You figured they were actively avoiding you, but you weren’t upset by that thought because you were trying to do the same.
But now, 6 months later, you were somewhat healed. You had figured it was time you get back into the dating pool; even if you knew deep down no one would ever compare to your exes.
Tonight, you had your first ever date since the unexpected breakup. When you met Wanda and Natasha, you never thought you’d go on a first date ever again, but you were poorly mistaken.
So, here you stood in front of your mirror in your bedroom, you wore a black dress that hugged your figure in all the right places. This was Wanda and Nat’s favorite dress of yours.
You quickly shook that thought out of your head and reminded yourself; they left you, they didn’t love you, forget them.
Your eyes raked over your reflection once more. Your makeup was apparent, but it wasn’t flashy. It was natural and accentuated your features in a flattering way. You looked hot as fuck and you were single now.
You glanced at the clock on your nightstand and realized you had to get to the fancy restaurant quickly, or else you would be late.
You grabbed your keys and shoved them into your purse before throwing your red-bottom stilettos on. You rushed out of your door and headed down to the street and hailed a taxi.
Let’s hope this night helps you forget about your exes.
You had just arrived to the restaurant and were drawn to a stunning woman with jet black hair in a skin-tight red dress stood beside entrance. You couldn’t deny that she was stunning as fuck.
It looked as if she was waiting for someone, so you approached her nervously.
“Amelia?” You asked as the woman turned around in her spot to face you. She sent you a wide smile as her eyes raked over your body and went back up to meet your eyes.
“Y/N?” She asked and you got excited. She was your date and she was hot as hell. She definitely wasn’t what you had expected for a blind date.
“That’s me! It’s really nice to meet you. You look gorgeous, by the way.” You spoke as a burst of confidence hit you at her blatant staring.
“It’s nice to meet you too. You look way better though, love.” You blushed at the pet name as you both made your way into the restaurant.
You guys were immediately taken to your table and Amelia pulled your chair out for you with a cheeky smile. You mumbled out a ‘thanks.’ As she sent you a beautiful smile.
You both settled down and looked at the menu. Once you both had ordered your food, your attention was fully on Amelia.
“So, how old are you and what do you do for a living?” Amelia asked kindly as she stared at you, giving you her undivided attention.
“Im 25 and I’m an assistant for the head of an agency. What about you?” You asked, completely interested in what her response would be.
“An agency huh? That sounds amazing. I’m 28 and I’m a neurosurgeon at a hospital a few blocks from here.”
Your eyes widened at her response. She was nice, beautiful, AND smart? She was like the full package deal and you were extremely impressed by her.
“Wow, beautiful and smart? I’m very lucky to have landed a date with you.” You flirted with Amelia as a blush made its way to her cheeks.
You felt giddy that you had managed to get her to blush. You had a good feeling about her and genuinely wanted to get to know her more.
“So, what’s someone like you doing single? I’d assume people would be lining up to date you.”
You rolled your eyes playfully at Amelia’s words, prompting a laugh from the woman.
“I got dumped a few months ago. I decided it was time to get up off my ass and get back out there.” Amelia nodded her head as you spoke, drinking in every word you spoke.
“How about you, huh? Stunning neurosurgeon? Single? It’s unheard of.” Amelia let out a light chuckle at your compliment.
“I also just got out of a relationship, I was also engaged but she wanted things I didn’t. We ended on good terms though.”
Wow. She was engaged before. That didn’t surprise you at all, she really was a catch.
“Well, her loss is my gain.” You cheekily replied, earning another blush from the woman.
While you were focused on Amelia, you failed to notice two redheads watching you through the restaurant window. They were furious and wanted to put an end to this date.
They had heard from a few S.H.I.E.L.D agents that you were on the market again and were planning on going on a date again.
Even though Wanda and Nat had broken up with you, they didn’t want you to be with anyone except them. They had lied about not loving you anymore. You were the keeper of their hearts.
So, the two women stormed into the restaurant and approached your table with their arms crossed over their chests.
You felt a presence beside you and looked up. What you saw, you didn’t expect to see.
Stood before you, were the last people you wanted to see; your exes. Their eyes were shooting daggers at Amelia before they moved towards your own.
“Y/N. Can we talk please? In private?” Natasha asked with fury dripping from her tone.
“I don’t think tha-“ You went to refuse, but Amelia interrupted you. This earned her more glares from the two redheads.
“It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll still be here when you get back. I promise I won’t run out the door as soon as you leave the table.”
You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at her words. You were really liking her, so the unwanted presence of Wanda and Nat pissed you off even more at that fact.
You stood up from your spot as Natasha moved back slightly to give you some room. You turned your head to look at Amelia one more time.
“I’ll be back quickly. I’m sorry.” You sent her an apologetic smile before you walked out of the restaurant with Wanda and Natasha trailing behind you.
As soon as you got some distance between you and the restaurant, you abruptly turned around to face Wanda and Natasha.
“What the fuck are you guys doing here? How did you know I’d be here? You know what… don’t answer that, I don’t care.” You were pissed the fuck off. They really had the nerve to break up with you then crash your date?
Wanda let out a deep breath before speaking.
“We’re here because you belong to us and we love you.” Your eyes widened in shock at Wanda’s words. The fucking audacity these two had bewildered you.
“News flash. I don’t belong to you guys, I don’t belong to anyone. I’m not a fucking object.” Your face was turning red as your blood pressure rose from your anger.
“And you love me? Then why the fuck did you guys tell me the opposite 6 months ago? I thought you wanted me to move on. What happened to that? Huh?” You stood in irritation as you waited for a response from one of them. Natasha finally broke the tense silence.
“We lied. We never stopped loving you, Y/N. There was someone after the team and they threatened you. They found out about our relationship and threatened to hurt you because you’re our weakness, but we took care of it.”
Well, that answered your question of why they broke up with you so suddenly, but that doesn’t change a thing.
“So let me get this straight, instead of just being honest with me, you guys decided breaking my heart was the right way to go?”
The two women fell silent as you scanned their faces. Your chest was rising and falling harshly as your breathed erratically; a result of your fury.
You moved closer to the woman, standing right in front of their faces as you pointed your finger at the both of them.
“You guys don’t have any fucking right to try and ruin a new possibility for me. You lost your chance the second you decided to break up with me with no explanation.” Your eyes fluttered between their faces as tears threatened to fall from their eyes.
You made a move to pass them and get back to your date, but Wanda’s hand quickly grabbed your arm in a final attempt to get you to stay with them.
“Y/N… baby, please. We know we should’ve told you, but we didn’t want to lose you.” Wanda pleaded as she stared into your eyes, her desperation seeping from her expression.
“Well, you guys just did.” You spoke so emotionlessly that it made Wanda flinch and Natasha frown.
And with that, you tore you arm from the witch’s grasp and marched past them, back to the restaurant. You took a minute to calm yourself before entering the establishment once more.
Wanda and Natasha watched as you entered the restaurant; feeling defeated. They had lost you and there was no getting you back. You made that very clear in this moment.
They were just terrified of something happening and losing you, so they decided cutting ties with you was the best thing to do, regardless of how much it pained them.
However, they now realized too late, that they caused the thing they feared the most, to happen. They had lost you, and there was no one else to blame, but themselves.
You entered the restaurant and smiled when you noticed Amelia, still sitting in the same spot. She didn’t leave.
You walked up to the table and sat down softly as Amelia perked up at your return.
“Is everything okay?” She asked you, concern present in her eyes.
“Yeah, it is now.” Amelia beamed at your response, sending you a smile before she dug into her food, you doing the same.
You couldn’t help but feel like a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You finally got everything off of your chest.
Wanda and Natasha were a previous chapter in the story of your life, and you were ready to write a new one.
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wandaromanova · 6 minutes ago
Keep You Warm
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader x Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: brief mention of death, very heavy sexual suggestion, cussing. if you aren’t comfortable reading any of these warnings, please skip over this fic <3
A/N: hello! this was yet another request. i hope everyone enjoys reading this one! i was literally like 😳😳 while writing this. this is as close to smut i’ll ever get tbh haha. not proofread <3
anon requested: idea: wandanat x reader; oneshot. wanda and nat are constantly flirting and trying to make you flustered (which you try and ignore bc you don’t wanna be a homewrecker) it is winter and for whatever reason the heat isn’t working in the compound so wanda and nat invite you to get warm with them which you hesitantly accept. they both tell you how they feel and ask you to join the relationship. lmao sorry if this is a trash request. you are a talented writer and i breathe wandanat content.
Summary: Wanda and Natasha make advances towards a hesitant Y/N L/N.
Word Count: 2.8K
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(gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You were the newest addition to the Avengers. Your combat abilities and knowledge of computer systems had gotten you on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar. You had been approached by Nick Fury himself and were offered a position in the agency; you obviously said yes.
You didn’t live a spectacular life. Your parents had both died in a tragic car accident; leaving you an orphan. You had taught yourself the fighting techniques you know; you had no other choice when you were constantly bullied in foster homes.
You were very smart though; you were valedictorian in high school and earned a full-ride scholarship to NYU. You majored in computer science and were in all the advanced classes; hence why you were so good with computers, coding, and encryption.
So, when you were offered your job, you felt as though all your hard work had finally paid off. You were finally going to have a stable income that surpassed the salary you made as a waitress in a dodgy diner.
You flew up the ranks quickly. You were a quick learner, instantly getting the hang of sharp shooting; even though you had never shot a gun until then. You learned all there was to know about espionage; getting into a room quietly, reading over building structure maps, and different ways to communicate with backup in the event you were in trouble and lost your equipment.
It was no surprise to everyone except yourself when Fury gave you the highest promotion and honor of all; recruiting you as an Avenger.
You knew all about the band of mighty heroes; they were spectacular. They all brought different skills and assets to the table and you were excited to be an addition to their team. You just hoped they would accept you.
You were a nobody who just so happened to be picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. You didn’t have a title like ‘Captain America,’ ‘Iron Man,’ or ‘Black Widow.’ You were just Y/N L/N from New York. Hopefully, the team could look past that when they find out about your skill set.
You walked into the Avengers Compound for the first time with Fury by your side. You followed quickly behind him as you took in the building. It was like a fucking maze! Like seriously, you felt like you’d need a map to navigate around the building.
Fury led you into what you assumed was the living room, judging by the couches and the television. And there were the Avengers, lounging on the couch, mid-conversation, before Captain America noticed your presence.
He abruptly stood up from his spot with a friendly smile on his face.
“Hello ma’am, I’m Steve Rogers, it’s a pleasure to meet you and we’re very happy to have you as our newest member.”
Steve approached you as he extended his hand out for you to shake. You nervously shook his hand with an awkward smile. God, you really hoped he couldn’t feel how sweaty your hands were right now.
The rest of the team stood up and introduced themselves to you. Even though they really didn’t need to. You knew who they were, who didn’t? They’re the Avengers, after all.
The final two people to introduce themselves happened to be the other two women apart of the team.
“I’m Wanda Maximoff.” You expected Wanda to give you a handshake like everyone else had, but you were surprised when she pulled you into a warm hug.
Your eyes widened in surprise before you returned the hug. Your mind was racing because a pretty girl was hugging you. Not to be creepy or anything, but she smelt amazing. Her scent was like vanilla mixed with cinnamon and it was so inviting.
You had known you were into women early in life. When you were young, you had obsessed over Gabriella while everyone swooned over Troy. You found yourself looking at women, rather than men.
You put two and two together and came to the realization that you were definitely attracted to women; and not in a ‘oh i want to be her’ type of way. No, it was definitely more of a ‘i want to be with her’ situation.
Your hug with Wanda lasted a little… or a lot… longer than a normal hug would with someone you had just met. Wanda pulled away with a bright smile on her face before she moved to the side.
You had to refrain yourself from gulping as you faced none other than Natasha Romanoff; the Black Widow. She was a S.H.I.E.L.D legend! You couldn’t help but worry that she would be cold and calculating like people put her out to be, but you quickly learned that wasn’t the case.
“Hey, I’m Natasha Romanoff. Happy to meet you, Y/N.” Natasha spoke in her sultry voice that honestly made you feel things you shouldn’t have.
The way your name rolled off of her tongue, you wanted to record it and make it your ringtone, honestly.
Natasha pulled you into a hug, just like Wanda did a few moments earlier. You reciprocated the hug as you tried to control your breathing. Her smell was different from Wanda’s. It was like a soft musk that had your head spinning and invaded your senses.
You had been hugged by two beautiful women who could literally kill you in an instant. If that wasn’t a women lover’s dream, you don’t know what was.
Natasha pulled away from the very long hug and gave you a smirk that made you weak in the knees. You had honestly forgot that the rest of the team was in the room right now. The only thing on your mind was Natasha and Wanda.
“Wanda and I can’t wait to get to know you, kotenok (kitten.)”
You flushed red at the Russian’s words. You knew exactly what she had said, you had taken a Russian course before. Natasha seemed to realize you understand Russian, as her smirk got a little bigger. Wanda sent you a smug smile behind Natasha’s shoulder.
Oh god, this was going to be interesting.
5 months later
It’s been 5 months since you joined the Avengers and began living at the Compound with them. You’d be lying if you said that it was uneventful in the Compound; it was really complete chaos.
Tony would always be playing around with new gadgets he created for his Iron Man suit, causing multiple holes in the walls. Well, he owned the building so you guess he could destroy whatever he wanted to.
Steve would always wake you up to go on a run. He would stay at your pace for a few minutes before zooming off with his super soldier speed. He’d leave you behind and by the end of the session, you were sweating bullets and gasping for air.
Then there was Wanda and Natasha. They always had you train in the training room with them. They never failed to flirt with you.
Natasha would assist you in cleaning up your fighting techniques and teach you new moves. These lessons usually resulted in you being trapped between the assassin’s legs, her sweaty body hovering above yours.
She would let out sexual innuendos that had you writhing in your spot whenever you guys trained. “Good girl,” “Straddle my thigh then squeeze hard,” “Arch your back a little more, it’ll help your form.”
By the end of your sessions with Natasha, you’d be sweating and breathing hard. Lets just say your breathing wasn’t heavy because of the techniques.
As soon as you’d finish with Natasha, Wanda would jump in. She had been trained by Natasha, so her fighting skills were slightly better than yours.
You’d spar with Wanda after getting tips from Natasha, the redhead watching as you and the brunette went at each other in the ring.
Much like Natasha, she’d somehow always end up on top of you somehow. It was as if she was purposely getting you on your back just so she could hover above you. The worst part was, she flirted with you too.
“I didn’t take you for a bottom, detka (baby), but I like it.” Wanda would laugh out as she stared down at you. Your chest would heave at her words, but you were glad it would just like you were trying to recover from all the training.
By the end of your training with Wanda and Natasha, your body would be completely soaked in sweat (maybe it wasn’t just sweat).
However, as much as you loved the attention from the two women you’ve grown attracted to, you couldn’t understand why they acted the way they did.
They were in a relationship with each other. How could they blatantly flirt with you and throw themselves at you (literally and figuratively) while their partner was standing right there?
You just decided that the only thing you could do was ignore their advances. You didn’t want to cause problems; you weren’t a homewrecker. You wanted to remain respectful of their relationship; regardless of how badly you wanted to be with them.
It may seem like you only feel lust towards the women, but it wasn’t just that. Yes, they were undeniably, jaw-droppingly, beautiful. But Wanda and Nat were so much more than that.
They could be incredibly soft when it came to you. Over the course of time you’ve been at the Compound, they were very welcoming and truly got to know you. They wanted to know your interests and kept them in mind constantly.
They’d pick out your favorite movies when it was their turns to pick a movie for movie night. They made sure to avoid scary movies because they knew you hated them; they would literally fight anyone who tried to choose one.
They always got you your favorite foods and snacks whenever you guys planned to hang out. They would listen intently whenever you talked about your rough past; them sharing theirs with you.
So yes, lust was definitely something you felt towards Wanda and Natasha, but there was more to your feelings than that. You loved them, but you couldn’t do anything about it.
1 month later
You had distanced yourself from Wanda and Natasha. You knew that your feelings were evolving everyday you saw them, and you couldn’t have that.
You actively avoided the two women whenever you could. You stopped training with them, you ate breakfast earlier than usual, you even went to sleep early so you could miss team movie nights.
Wanda and Natasha noticed your behavior and it made them sad, to be honest. They knew they could come on very strong, but the last thing they wanted was to upset you.
Wanda and Nat were genuinely interested in you, and they both knew it. No one had ill will towards you, because they both wanted you to be apart of their relationship. They weren’t sure where you would stand with polygamy though; that’s why they haven’t tried anything beyond flirty comments and sexual suggestions.
That all changed when the heater in the Compound broke, during one of the snowiest days in New York.
Peter had been messing around with his web shooters on the roof. Tony had upgraded them; allowing Peter to shoot his webs even further than before. As you could probably tell, he accidentally broke the heating panels that were placed on the rooftop.
This resulted in all the heat in the Compound being replaced with the freezing, winter cold. You didn’t do well with the cold.
You’d think that after living in New York your whole life, you’d be used to it, right? Wrong. You hated it with every fiber in your body and were desperate for warmth.
You made your way out of your bedroom and towards the kitchen to make yourself ANOTHER cup of hot cocoa.
You stopped in your tracks when you noticed Wanda and Natasha cuddled up in a sea of blankets, closely snuggling together.
They looked so fucking warm you were honestly jealous at this point.
Natasha noticed your presence and sent you a soft smile. Wanda followed the assassin’s gaze and instantly lit up at the sight of you. They missed you so much. They saw you very briefly everyday, but it didn’t compare to the nights you all would spend together.
“Hey, Y/N. Did you wanna join us? It’s freezing right now..” Natasha spoke softly, not wanting to scare you away. The two women felt as if they were on thin ice (hah, no pun intended) around you.
You were about to decline the offer, but then you were reminded of how cold you were as a shiver took over your body. You hesitantly and wordlessly placed your mug down on the kitchen counter and made your way towards Wanda and Nat.
They quickly separated from one another as Wanda opened up the blanket for you to join them. You sat between the two women as you were instantly engulfed in warmth. Their body heat gave you the relief from the cold you’d been needing since the heater broke; thanks Peter.
Wanda and Natasha stared at one another as you closed your eyes in bliss as your cold body felt like it was defrosting.
Wanda took a chance and wrapped her arm around your shoulder. The two women smiled when you didn’t move away. Instead, you scooted further into Wanda’s embrace.
Natasha placed her arm around your waist and you were elated by all the warmth surrounding you.
You all stayed in that position for what felt like hours. Your eyes remaining closed as the other two Avengers stared at each other; coming to an agreement.
“Y/N, can we talk to you about something?” Natasha asked you as your eyes opened at her voice. You looked at Wanda before turning your head to Nat.
“Um… sure.” You were terrified. What if they were about to kick your ass for being attracted to them or something? What if one of them was angry that the other person would flirt with you? You truly didn’t wanna cause any problems.
“You’re not causing any problems with our relationship, moya lyubov (my love).”
Your eyes widened at Wanda’s words. Fuck, you totally forgot she could read minds. Did that mean your thoughts were loud? Were they always loud? Were they loud right now?
You immediately put a halt to your thoughts as Natasha cleared her throats and looked at you gently.
“Y/N, Wanda and I have been thinking, and we were wondering if you’d like to be with us, romantically.”
You were shocked by the words that fell from Natasha’s beautiful, plump, re- STOP. Focus. Were they suggesting a three person relationship?
You came back down to earth and took in Wanda and Nat’s waiting faces.
“Like… polygamy? Are you guys okay with that?” You asked hesitantly as your worry and concern made it’s way to your voice.
“Sweetie, we wouldn’t be asking you if you weren’t okay with it. We both have fallen in love with you and would love the chance to treat you right.”
Wanda stared at you with a smile on her face, her eyes looking shiny and as green as ever.
“We totally understand if you aren’t comfortable with the idea though.” Natasha quickly butted in as you fell into silence. She assumed you were upset by their suggestion.
“No, I- I’ve fallen for you two as well. I just didn’t want to cross any lines. That’s why I didn’t mention nor initiate anything.” Your words caused a glow to make its way to Wanda and Natasha’s faces that you’d never seen before.
“So, is that a yes?” Wanda asked anxiously as her and Nat’s eyes fixated on you.
“Of course it’s a yes.” You let out a loud laugh as Wanda attacked you in a tight hug; even if it was an awkward position to be in while sitting on the couch.
Natasha quickly joined in on the hug, both of the women laughing along with you. Your heart felt like it was going to explode with all the happiness and warmth you were experiencing right now.
Your eyes began to feel droopy as Natasha and Wanda pulled away, their arms still wrapped around you.
“Go to sleep, sweetheart. We’ll be right here when you wake up.” Wanda spoke as she gently caressed your scalp, lulling you closer to your slumber.
“Yeah, we’ll be sure to keep you warm, dorogoy (dear).” Natasha voice filled your ears and that’s the last thing you heard before you fell asleep.
You were so happy to finally be able to be with not one, but both of the women you had fallen for. You don’t know what you would’ve done if you had to choose, but luckily you didn’t.
Wanda and Natasha both wanted you to be theirs; and you wanted to keep it that way.
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myfavoriteficss · an hour ago
Hi, do you know this fic of Wanda x R where they both had a fight the morning they were sent on a mission then R got shot and at the end they made up?
Hi!! This one sounds familiar but I’m not sure what it’s called, sorry. Hopefully someone else knows and comments below!!!
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loveforaugust · 3 hours ago
marvel shipping activity
hi besties! so i decided to do marvel ships. you send me information about yourself (through my asks!) and i will decide which avenger i believe you belong with! i will also include certain scenarios of your relationship! thank you! <333
please include:
zodiac sign
hobbies/things you like to do
what you like and don’t like
your favorite color
favorites (books, movies, shows, songs, etc)
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nat-maximoff · 4 hours ago
Y/N: Hey little shits! Who wants 50 bucks?
Steve: What?
Sam: Ooh. Me! What do I have to do?
Y/N: Take the fall.
Steve and Thor confused:
Sam: Sick.
Wanda from the other room: What the hell?
Natasha from the other room: WHAT THE FUCK?
Y/N: 100?
Sam: Deal.
Wanda: Who did it?
Sam: Bucky.
Tony and Y/N laughing their asses off: GET REKT
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lowkeyerror · 4 hours ago
Y/n: I'm one kinky son of bitch
Nat: No you aren't
Y/n: Yes I am
Wanda: Being eaisly emotionally manipulated is not a kink Y/n, go to therapy
Y/n: *mumbling* Always getting kink shamed in my own home
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myfavoriteficss · 4 hours ago
Do you know any Wanda fics where they break up but get back together in the end
I do know of some!! Enjoy!
Wanda Maximoff (Breakup - Get Back Together)
Written by: @abimess
It only takes the holidays: (1) It only takes a commercial - (2) It only takes a pothole - (3) It only takes a lunch - (4) It only takes a party - (5) It only takes a Christmas tree - (6) - It only takes an unexpected visit - (7) It only takes a weird noise - (8) It only takes a fund-raising event - (9) It only takes a starry sky - (10) It only takes a Christmas gift - (11) It only takes a decision - (Epilogue) It only takes a deed
The stupid sad hat
Written by: @helloalycia
My Patient’s Neighbor: [one] - [two] - [three] - [four] - [five] - [six] - [seven]
The Wrong Lifetime: [one] - [two] - [three] - [four] - [five] - [six] - [seven] - [eight] - [nine] - [ten] - [eleven] - [twelve] - [thirteen] - [fourteen] - [Epilogue]
Written by: @missmonsters2
(1) Under the Light - (2) You Found Me
Written by: @randomshyperson
The Parent Trap: Part 1 - Part 2
Driver’s License
Written by: @reminiscingtonight
(1) Better By Now - (2) Run Into You - (3) Still the Same
(1) Break My Heart Again - (2) Burn It All Down
Written by: @somewhatgreatexpectations
Love Goes: (1) Latch - (2) One Day at a Time - (3) Fire on Fire - (4) Like I Can - (5) Breaking Hearts - (6) Another One - (7) Palace - (8) Writing’s On The Wall - (9) For The Lover That I Lost - (10) Leave Your Lover - (11) Nirvana - (12) Lay Me Down - (13) To Die For
Written by: @wandaromanova
Always Been You
Written by: @wokeupinawalnut
(1) Six Degrees of Separation - (2) Wherever This Goes
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mrs-wandamaximoff · 4 hours ago
Sam: Who do you think would win in a fight: Y/N or Nat?
Wanda: I can’t answer that, I’m dating Y/N.
Sam: So Nat?
Wanda: Yeah
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Morning Sweetheart
🌧-Both ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1369
Warnings: IDRK
Lowkey based off of the ending of Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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Y/N gasped, looking around as she awoke. There was a soft light in the room. She recognized it as the med-room in the Tower. She realized something was on her face and moved her arm to take it off. She grabbed the top off it, feeling that it was an oxygen mask, and pulled it off. She sat up and looked around, finding that she was the only one in there. She pulled the IVs out of her arm and was surprised that nothing went off. She got out of the bed and began to walk to the door. She grabbed a syringe, just in case she needed to fight back, and walked out of the room. 
She walked down the stairs and into the library. Pulling the book she walked down the dim hall to the "meeting room”. She stopped in front of the automatic door, hearing voices inside. She faintly recognized them as Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter’s.
“She’s gonna lose it when she finds out about her father.”
“Do you think she’ll still cooperate?”
She could hear Wanda’s sigh, “With her dad still being out there? There’s no guarantee.”
“We’ll figure--” Natasha started.
“Just tell her when--” The door opened and Peter stopped speaking when his eyes laid on her.
Everyone turned their heads to look at her. She let in a shaky breath when she saw who all was in the cave. Those who she already knew: Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter. However, a few others were there too: Tony, Vision, Steve, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, Carol, and Hope. No one who had one was even in their suits. Everyone dressed normally. Vision was even looking like a normal person and not a robot.
Bucky smirked while Peter turned away from her and Sam sighed. Everyone else just looked down at their hands. Bucky walked towards her and took the syringe out of her hand. After pushing her into a wall as she went after him. Plus he had to do it just to make it hard for her to be able to move. When he pushed her into the wall was when she noticed Loki and Yelena. She attempted to speak, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you doing with them?”
He just ignored her question and moved her arms to be over her head and held them both with one and took the syringe with the other. “You and a syringe against a bunch of 'heroes’?” He walked away slightly and let go of her wrists. And he tossed the syringe across the room so she couldn’t get it. “That is why no one allows you to make the plans.”
She stared at the god and the spy and it was as if Bucky knew she was about to pounce on them, he held her against the wall again. So she was left with just speaking in the hoarse whisper. “What the hell are you two doing here?”
Yelena was the one to speak, “Stop Bucky stop.” She looked at Y/N, “Y/N, just listen. Please.”
Tony was the next to speak, “With your father watching you, it was too risky for us to tell you our plan.”
Y/N finally pushed Bucky off of her when she felt his weight shift. He sighed and motioned for one of the empty seats at the table. “Sit.”
When she didn’t move, Clint walked over and grabbed her arm and gently pulled her over, sitting her in the empty seat next to him. Her actual seat. He took the bowl that Rhodey was handing him and placed it in front of her. “Eat. You’ll feel better.”
But she didn’t. She just stared at the bowl as Steve started to speak. “If we had told you what we were planning, it wouldn’t have worked. We knew your father was watching you thanks to Loki and Yelena pretending to be on his side, we were able to find you.”
Natasha spoke, adding something that triggered something in Y/N, “Bucky helped to create the plan. Then he told me so I could carry it on to my sister and Loki.”
Other words were said, but she didn’t acknowledge them. All that she could think of was how Bucky promised to protect her and yet her father still got her. And now she was being told that it was all apart of some plan that everyone was in on? That she was supposed to get taken so they could send everyone that was helping her father to jail again. So they could get some silence for a short time before one of them broke out again.
And she had no idea why she did it, but it was as she stared at her fingers, noticing that they still were almost as perfect as they were for the wedding that something in her snapped. She slowly looked up at Bucky. Not caring that everyone in the room could easily take her down. She quickly stood up and jumped over the table towards him. It was as if he was expecting it as he quickly pulled his arms up to protect him. She still got him. 
Somebody pulled her away but she elbowed them in the nose and ran over to Bucky again and began to slam her fists on his chest in anger. But even though she was angry, she was sobbing in pain. She was hurt that he let it happen. “You promised he wouldn’t get me!” It was barely recognizable due to the painful sobs coming from her. “You promised me! You lied! You’re a liar!” It came out even worse than the previous statement. He was probably the only one who heard her. But she didn’t care. She just kept repeating the two statements. You promised me! You’re a liar! You promised me! You’re a liar!
She didn’t know how long later it was, but soon she felt stab in her left and right sides. It didn’t take long for the effects of the drug to take place. Her vision soon began to blur and she began to lose whatever balance she had and fell to the ground. But she fought passing out. Even as she was on the floor, she fought it. 
She felt someone carefully lift her up and she was about to attack them until she saw it was Peter. She shut her mouth and focused on him. Faintly hearing him say something. Probably that he was taking her back to the room as they soon left the cave. It was as they exited the library that he finally spoke to her, “I didn’t know.” She didn’t realize what he meant until he said the following statements. “Neither did Vision, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, and Hope. None of us knew of Barnes’s plans.”
She didn’t know why she said it because it wasn’t true. “I know.”
He looked down at her and smiled, “No you didn’t. You may know a lot of things, but that wasn’t one of them. You had no idea that we didn’t know.”
She felt herself being lowered down and soon felt the soft mattress behind her. “Maybe, but I’m happy knowing that at least I wasn’t the only one in the dark.”
He pulled the blankets over her and he pulled the chair next to her, “I was terrified when he and Wilson pulled me. They actually told everyone that you were just sick and I tried to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true.” He carefully took her hand in his, “I-I thought that you were dead when we got you. were so still and cold. Your lips had turned blue and your skin looked like it was as pale as it could get..”
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, “Whatever do you have to be sorry for? None of this was your fault.” He was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she still felt like she had to say it. He kissed the back of her hand, “Go to sleep. I’ll see you more in the morning, okay?”
She nodded and closed her eyes. Sleep soon coming to her.
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wandaromanova · 5 hours ago
can I ask for a wanda x fem!reader who is a normal human (no super powers, not a maga genius, probably like an artist or something like that) and she often feels like she’s baggage to Wanda since she constantly has to protect her?? Angsty but ends in fluff, please??
hello anon! here it is! i hope you enjoy what i created out of your request! <3
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wandaromanova · 5 hours ago
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: some cussing, that’s all!
A/N: hello! here’s another request done! i wouldn’t exactly consider this angst, but it could be? there’s conflict in it and hurtful words so, yeah! see it the way you want to, but i’d say this is just fluff. <3
anon requested: can I ask for a wanda x fem!reader who is a normal human (no super powers, not a maga genius, probably like an artist or something like that) and she often feels like she’s baggage to Wanda since she constantly has to protect her?? Angsty but ends in fluff, please??
Summary: Y/N L/N can’t help but feel like a burden to her famous, powerful, Avenger girlfriend; Wanda Maximoff.
Word Count: 1.9K
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Tumblr media
You were an ordinary person that lead an ordinary life. You were an artist who had a passion for creating beautiful stories with any art supplies you could get your hands on. Canvases, paint brushes, pens, pencils, and paper were your tools used to produce art that you would sell and make a decent amount of money on.
You weren’t an extremely famous artist, but you were known to an extent. People would spend hundreds on your paintings; you’d even take commissions for art that people wanted to hang in their homes.
You have lived in New York your entire life. You grew up walking the streets of the City that Never Sleeps and watching in amazement as you watched street performers. Most especially, you loved to observe artists who created paintings to sell on the street.
You would watch their techniques and note the way they’d hold the brush, how delicate or harsh their strokes of paint were, and just overall fell in love with the art and calmness of it all.
With being an artist, you were a very kind and gentle person. You wouldn’t even hurt a fly. So, when you started dating Wanda Maximoff, an Avenger, the backlash you had received online shocked you. Conflict was foreign to you; considering you tried to avoid it all costs.
Sometimes though, the conflict followed you into real life. You’d walk the streets with Wanda and you could feel the judgmental, jealousy-filled glares as you passed people by.
People would approach Wanda for pictures. Most of the time people would ignore you, but there was one instance that instantly spiked your feeling of insecurity and helplessness.
You and Wanda had been walking around Times Square when she was approached by two girls.
“Oh my god! Hi! We’re such big fans! Thank you for all you do! Can we please take picture with you?” A blonde girl had asked while her brunette friend stood beside her, looking as excited as the other girl.
It always warmed your heart whenever people wanted to interact with your girlfriend. She started off on the opposing side of the Avengers and you were glad people looked past that and saw her for who she truly was; a hero.
“Of course!” Wanda replied animatedly with a smile plastered across her beautiful face. The two girls seemed to be buzzing with happiness and looked ecstatic as Wanda agreed to the pictures.
The blonde girl abruptly shoved her phone into your hands. You were taken aback, considering she didn’t even so much as ask.
“Take the picture.” She said very bluntly as she took a step back to go beside your girlfriend. Wanda stood between the two fangirls as she sent you an apologetic look.
Don’t get it twisted. You would’ve happily complied to taking their picture, but it rubbed you the wrong way when the girl practically demanded you take it, literally shoving her phone in your face.
You held the phone up and counted down to three as you took a couple of photos from different angles. You even took both portrait and landscape pictures; this wasn’t your first time taking pictures of Wanda with fans, after all.
When you finished their photo op, the blonde girl snatched her phone out of your hand without so much as a ‘thank you.’ You brushed it off though.
Wanda quickly returned to your side and grasped your hand in hers. She began to converse with the two fans, as she normally did; like the kind person she was.
“So, what are your names and how are you guys doing?” Wanda asked, looking interested as she looked at the two beaming girls.
The brunette girl replied as she looked between you and Wanda. The blonde girl’s eyes were trained on your conjoined hands.
“I’m Brittany and this is Carly. We’re doing amazing, we are so honored to meet you. How are you?” She beamed with a smile on her face, a contrast to the sharp glare she was sending your way.
“I’m doing great. Y/N and I were just taking a walk around here. We love to go on little strolls together to spend time together.”
You removed your eyes from the two girls stood before you as you looked at Wanda lovingly. God, did you love her.
“No offense, but aren’t you tired?” The blonde girl, Carly, asked with a condescending tone.
Both you and Wanda looked at Carly confused. Tired? What did she mean by that?
“Why would I be offended by that? I guess being an Avenger can be demanding and exhausting, but I’m doing well.”
Wanda replied, her voice slightly hesitant as she was still confused by what the girl was implying.
“Oh no, I didn’t mean are you tried of your work. I meant aren’t you tired of dating someone you always have to worry about?”
Your eyes widened at Carly’s words, you couldn’t believe this was happening right now. This wasn’t your first time hearing something of this nature in regards to your relationship with Wanda, but it was usually online trolls. This was happening right now, in person.
Wanda was extremely offended by Carly’s words, as she should be.
“No. I’m not. I’ll never get tired of dating Y/N, I can’t say I don’t worry about her; because I do. But not because she can’t handle herself, but because I love her.”
Your heart melted as Wanda quickly came to your defense. You decided that remaining silent was the best course of action in this situation; because you really weren’t one for conflict.
“But she isn’t an Avenger that can protect herself or anything like that. She’s just a normal person, I’d feel as if she was a burden if I were you. Don’t you think she’s kind of like… baggage?”
Brittany, the brunette, spoke up as she backed up Carly’s words. You’d be lying if you said that their words didn’t hurt because they were right. You were an average person who didn’t have much to offer. You didn’t have any skill besides art, and that wouldn’t protect you.
You looked down to the floor upset as you refused to speak. You realized that this is what they meant. You couldn’t even defend yourself from hateful words, how could you protect yourself from any threats that came with dating Wanda? You really were baggage.
Wanda heard your thoughts and got angry. She was flabbergasted that these two girls had the audacity to shame her girlfriend right in front of her face.
“Y/N isn’t just a normal person. She’s the love of my life. If you disrespect her, you’re disrespecting me and you can’t call yourselves fans of mine if that’s the case.”
Wanda’s eyes began to fade from their normal shade of green as hints of red made their way to her eyes. She was pissed off that they were making you feel insecure about your relationship with her.
The two girls didn’t even so much as flinch when they noticed Wanda’s angered face. They focused on your silent, slouching form as you stood slightly behind Wanda; hand still connected with hers.
“What? Do you not talk?” Carly asked you with venom laced in her voice as she directed her words towards you.
Your head shot up when you realized she was talking to you. You looked nervously between your girlfriend and the two girls in front of you.
“I talk. I just don’t bother to waste my time on hateful people like you.” You said in an attempt at standing up for yourself.
The two girls grew offended by your words. You don’t know why though; they were rude to you first.
“What the fuck did you just say, bitch?” Brittany spoke as she moved forward aiming to get in your face. You flinched back, expecting her to pounce on you, but before she could, Wanda used her powers to push the girl back to where she previously stood.
The two girls were stunned at Wanda’s use of her powers on Brittany. They were rendered speechless by the act.
“Don’t you ever call my girlfriend a bitch again. You guys are disrespectful assholes who don’t know boundaries.”
Wanda finished off as she dragged you away from Brittany and Carly. She pushed through the sea of people quickly, wanting to get away from the area as soon as possible.
You trudged behind Wanda with your head hung low. Wanda just proved their point. She did always have to protect and defend you. You felt so useless and stupid at this point. You were beginning to question why Wanda even wanted to be with you.
The two of you finally made it back to Wanda’s car as she opened the passenger door for you. You mumbled a small ‘thanks,’ as she closed the door.
Wanda made her way to the driver’s seat and settled into the car. She immediately turned to face you in her seat. You refused to look her in the eyes.
“Baby, I don’t want you to listen to a single thing they said, or anything anyone has to say about us, really.” Wanda stared at your side profile as she spoke. You still didn’t turn to face her.
“Please, talk to me moya lyubov (my love).” Wanda begged you as she gently grabbed your chin and made you look at her. Your eyes were brimming with tears and it broke Wanda’s heart.
“How could I not listen to what everyone has to say when I know they’re right? Wanda, you proved their point back there. You stood up for me because I’m incapable of protecting myself.” You looked down dejectedly as Wanda’s hand still remained on your chin.
“You’re better off with someone else. If you were to leave me, I’d understand. I’m nothing but baggage. I’m the last thing you need.” Your tears escaped your eyes as your own words hurt you.
Wanda hated that people had made you feel this way. She loved you more than anything. How could you not see that? She’d do anything for you.
“Baby…” Wanda moved her hand from her chin up to your cheek and gently caressed it with the pad of her thumb.
“I wouldn’t be better off with anyone else; because they wouldn’t be you. You’re not baggage and I’d never want to leave you. You’re the only thing I need.”
You finally looked up to meet Wanda’s emerald eyes as they shined with nothing but love.
“Do you really mean that?” You asked hesitantly as your eyes were glued to Wanda’s.
“I’ve never meant anything I’ve said more, sweetheart.” You let out a shaky breath at Wanda’s words.
You moved your hand to wipe your tears, but Wanda beat you to it. She sent you a small smile as your tears slowed to a stop.
“Now, let’s go back to the apartment and eat a bunch of junk food that’ll shorten our life span by 10 years.”
You let out a laugh at Wanda’s words and it caused Wanda’s smile to grow wider. She was glad that she managed to cheer you up, like she always did when you were down.
“Yeah, then we can lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing as we let the food clog our arteries.”
Wanda let out a laugh of her own as you returned the playful banter.
“Sounds good, detka (baby).”
And with that, Wanda turned to face forward and straightened out in her seat, you doing the same. Wanda took your hand in hers as she drove, placing your hands on the console. You guys made your way home as you got lost in your thoughts.
You wouldn’t ever listen to what other people had to say again. You wouldn’t let strangers’ words take any sort of effect on you. You wouldn’t let them make you second guess your relationship. You knew your relationship; and it was beautiful. Wanda didn’t want anyone else.
You weren’t her baggage; you were her love.
───────── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────────
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dayanacvm · 6 hours ago
Um.. hi since you said you wanted to write for a few Marvel characters I would like to request a Natasha x reader where reader is self conscious because they don't speak very well English and Nat helps them at that and reassures them :))
Broken English
Tumblr media
Paring: BF! Natasha x Reader x Bucky
Warning: Mention of blood, a bit of violence, and low self-esteem.
Words: 2, 296
Author Note: Remember request are open! I write them in the order I receive them, once I start writing, it takes about three days for me to finish. So just keep that in mind! Thank you for supporting my writing with your requests!!! 💕
It was a dark rainy afternoon, the night seemed to have arrived early, and every lightning was welcomed as it provided some kind of light. Fear traveled across your veins like a venom that paralyzed your legs. The angry roars from the sky only worsened the panic inside your body, but the survival instinct stopped you from breathing any louder in seek for air. “(Y/n). Where are you?!” You heard Tony ask for you through the ear comms, but you didn’t know how to describe the place you were in. “I don’t know,” You answered, but the truth was you did know where you were, but you didn’t know how to describe it because of your lack of vocabulary in the new language you were still trying to learn. “Try to focus,” Natasha said next but the more pressure you felt the harder it became. “I can do it on my own don’t worry,” You said, but you knew it would be difficult to find the place you came from and meet with the team when the rain had erased every step you took seconds after you had walked over the land. “You can’t always do things on your own, last time I saw you, you were badly hurt. Just describe the place the best you can, don’t let shame or pride get you,” Natasha reassures you, knowing how sometimes you had difficulties explaining yourself leading you to speak less instead of even trying to. She couldn’t blame you, she knew how embarrassing it could be to admit you had difficulties speaking another language, the idea of looking like an idiot is something she has been familiar with, and that’s why she had more patience for you than you had for yourself. “I” You stopped, to not let the others know you were on the verge of tears. Swallowing the knot in your throat you spoke with a voice slightly thicker, going unnoticed by the other Avengers except for your best friend Natasha. “I am near the old tall building, the one that keeps a light on in the night so the thing on the sea know where the land is....” Your face felt warm, and you pressed your back against a tree, afraid any of the enemies still standing could surprise you. “You mean the ships? You’re near the lighthouse?” Bucky said, and you felt even more embarrassed, adrenaline made you forget he was on the same mission as you, and making mistakes in front of him only helped you feel more like an idiot than before. “I’m near. We can return together.” Within seconds he ran towards your direction. A bolt of lightning struck, and you screamed upon seeing Bucky silhouette, but at the moment your brain processed it was him you were able to stop yourself from shooting.
Bucky saw the wound on your leg. Knowing it would be difficult for you to keep his pace, he picked you up on his arms and ran with you to the jet. Tears ran down your cheeks, yet nobody could tell you were crying with the rain pouring over you, but you could feel the difference in temperature between your hot tears and the cold drops from the rain. Once you two made it to the jet, Steve threw his shield one last time before retrieving it, and Clint kept throwing a few arrows so those attempting to stop your escape would fail. You allowed one last tear to fall from your eye, and Natasha noticed but remained quiet in front of the team, yet to console you, she sent your way one kind smile, that you returned with another one. You shyly looked over your shoulder to Bucky, but he gave you a hard look of concern, but because of his frown you misinterpreted with anger and you looked down in embarrassment, thinking it was probably because of how dumb you kept being for not learning English.
Back in the Avenger’s compound, Wanda was waiting for the members of the team that were assigned to the mission like she always did. She considered each of you as her only family, and even if she never addressed it, through her actions she always showed how she was afraid of losing every single member of the team like she has lost the rest of the family. “Oh my God. Is (Y/n) hurt?” Wanda covered her mouth in disbelief as Bucky had to carry you once again so you could make it to the infirmary, his cold metal arm contrasting with your hot body that burnt with fever. “Buck, I’m afraid” You confessed, for the first time losing consciousness while being aware of every second. “Don’t worry, everything would be fine,” He didn’t know if you were truly going to be fine, you had lost a great amount of blood, and your skin looked shades lighter then normal. “Look, there’s something I have to tell you,” But he suddenly felt the weight on his right arm increase as your head dropped with your eyes close, “I love you,” He said to your unconscious self, and raised your head to give your forehead a gentle kiss, afraid it could be the last time he saw you alive.
The next day you woke up, but you kept your eyes close, and even though your body ached to move you remained still and calm so your heart ratio wouldn’t go up and alert those in the room you were awake. It was the quietest fight you have ever heard. “Steve, there is something that must be done!” You recognized the yell-whisper from Bucky. “She is trying as much as she can, it’s just harder for some than others,” Steve said with pity. “Because of her not knowing how to speak properly, Vision got shot. He made the bullets go through but what if it had been any of us? We don’t have Vision’s power! We could get killed, or worst, she could be the one getting kill!” “Don’t worry if I get kill,” You said, interrupting Bucky, and your broken heart beating as fast as it could making the machine scream your pain for you. “(Y/n)” Natasha made herself visible as she stood. “Guys, I need some alone time, please.” You said, and Bucky and Steve left. “How bad is it?” You asked Natasha, who was the only one who stayed, and the only one you didn’t mind. “You need antibiotics because of the infection, and the wound was suture, of course, other than that you are fine. You are a really strong girl,” Natasha said attempting to cheer you up, but you were a pessimist and said “And really dumb” “Don’t say that” She assures you. At that moment Wanda arrived, hearing you were awake made her rush to see how you were feeling, but her smile faded when she saw the tears that fell from your eyes. “I’m sure he thinks that way, especially after what he said. I’m desperate, why is it so hard for me to speak sometimes? Why I have a very small vocabulary!” Wanda sat with Nat, not having to ask who was the ‘he’ you were so worried about, knowing well who you have been in love with. “Limited” Natasha said, “Why is my vocabulary so limited. It sounds better. You know, I’ll start teaching you, we can do it simultaneously as I teach Wanda to remove her accent” Natasha suggested, “That will be nice,” You said, and Wanda showed her support by agreeing and wishing to even start right away.
From that moment on, whenever she taught Wanda to pronounce words with an American accent, she helped you be more fluent when speaking, taking away your accent as well, at the same time teaching you new words. Since you were best friends and spent most of the time together joking around, she took the opportunity to cheer you up into getting into more conversations, like asking for your drink at your favorite cafe instead of her doing it for you, and hiding every book and movie you had in your mother tongue and replacing them with English copies. But even then, she noticed your tongue still getting stuck from time to time, and your grammar failing a bit here and there, and using her spy abilities she paid close attention to you every day. You woke up and followed your basic morning routine, until meeting with her for your early workout. She heard you name the machines right, and as you both stretched, you told her the plot development of a book she gave to perfection, not even making the grammar mistakes some natives made, and if something slipped you corrected yourself immediately without difficulty. At breakfast with Wanda and Tony, you made fun of the bag of his eyes making his eyes roll and said “If I were you, I wouldn’t mess up with me, pumpkin” He said jokingly messing up with your hair, treating you like the daughter he wishes to have one day. You explained to him your concern for his health like you have done numerous times before but instead of saying “Very little sleep is bad” or “Not many sleep is wrong” you said, “Numerous heart-related diseases have shown correlation with sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep also can lead to early dementia or even Alzheimer's. Saving the world is a good cause, but saving your future health is important as well. Plus if you get sick, I doubt I’ll ever find anyone like you” You said the last part to lighten the mood. He gave you a kind smile, “There would never ever be someone greater than me, I can assure you that,” He joked, “I’ll get some rest after this.” He said and you smiled. Natasha still not finding what made you make your mistakes.
At lunch the whole team sat on the table, Steve and Tony taking the opposite extremes, Natasha sitting in front of you next to Wanda and Vision, who only kept the rest of the team company since he couldn’t eat. Thor, who has made a quick visit, sat next to Tony, and the chair that Clint would have had occupied if he had visited, remained empty as Bucky sat right next to you. It was then you avoided speaking, and suddenly you were barely making short comments whenever the conversation was directed to you, “Nat, could you...” You said pointing at the napkins and she suddenly had the idea of playing dumb to force you to speak, but knowing what was to be in your position she considered it cruel and dropped the idea, and passed you the napkins. “Hey, how’s the book you are reading, it must be very interesting since you wouldn’t stop reading” Bucky spoke softly to your side, wishing to finally be able to speak to you after you have been avoiding him while you were practicing your English with Natasha. Natasha could tell that whenever Bucky was in the room you became self-aware of everything you did, from how you looked to even how you spoke. She smiled finding it ironic how much he cared about you, and yet you were afraid of being around him because you thought he didn’t like you for not speaking right and that being the cause of your tongue getting stuck, “I, really liked it.” You said, expecting that to be enough, “You mentioned to me you loved the protagonist for his personality” Natasha said, and as she got your attention, she gave you a kind look with a gentle smile, and you could tell how she was secretly cheering you to speak. With her reassurance, you felt that you could speak everything you wished, and even with the table in silence, looking at you to hear what you had to say, you didn’t feel any pressure, “The protagonist went through a beautiful metamorphosis in which he went from hating himself for seeing every mistake, to use that same ability to fix his flaws and grow from within. And as he evolved as a person his surroundings seemed to change, until he realized nothing changed, that it had always been perfect, but that he couldn’t see the love and support from those who surrounded him, because it was himself all along that couldn’t love him. His family and loved ones never saw him as a failure, they were the first to see how amazing he was, and those small mistakes that kept him from growing were only increasing because of his insecurities. He learned, how he didn’t have to change in the first place, but only had to accept himself for who he was and be the best version of himself. What a tragic irony,” The team cheered your improvement, and they kept asking you about the book and Wanda made you promise to her she was going to be the first one you will borrow your book to. Your eyes went to Natasha and with a small gesture thanked her. Understanding what you did, she slightly nodded with a side-way smile.
Author’s Note: Wow! My first fanfic in years! I hope you guys like it. There would hopefully be a part 2 that would explore the reader's relationship with Bucky, but I wanted to still have a feeling of closure in case it doesn't happen so you guys could enjoy it! Don’t forget to show your support, and thank you for reading!
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wandaromanova · 8 hours ago
wips (works in progress)
note: titles and fic types are subject to change. there is no set date for when fics will be posted; i post as soon as i finish writing them. works that have a strike through them are completed fics! <3
updated: 06/23/2021
masterlist | request rules/guidelines | taglist
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Baggage {Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader}
Y/N L/N can’t help but feel like a burden to her famous, powerful, Avenger girlfriend; Wanda Maximoff. (fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Lied {WandaNat x Fem!Reader}
Y/N L/N tries to move on from her previous relationship, but what if her exes won’t let her? (angst)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Keep You Warm {WandaNat x Fem!Reader}
Wanda and Natasha make advances towards a hesitant Y/N L/N. (fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Neglect {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
Y/N L/N can’t help but feel a bit neglected by her girlfriend; Natasha Romanoff. (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Nerves {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
Natasha Romanoff is known for being cool, calm, and collected. However, that all changes whenever Y/N L/N is around. (fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Opposites Attract {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
The bad ass, mysterious Black Widow, ends up falling in love with the optimistic, outgoing Y/N L/N. (fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Dirty Little Secret {Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader}
Wanda can’t seem to decide between Vision and Y/N. So, Y/N makes a decision for her, but it isn’t one that Wanda is fond of. (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
All Over Again {Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader}
Wanda and Y/N are on the path to getting hitched. What happens when an accident occurs that causes amnesia for one and heartbreak for the other? (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Domestic Type {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
The Avengers need a safe house to lay low in. Luckily, Natasha knows the perfect place. (fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Heartbeat {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
Y/N L/N and Natasha Romanoff are known for their obliviousness towards their mutual feelings. What happens when someone has a close call with death? (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Hostile {Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader}
Y/N L/N was the most welcoming person to Wanda when she first joined the Avengers. So, why is Wanda so cold towards her? (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
I’ll Choose You {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
Natasha Romanoff has danger that follows her wherever she goes. She just didn’t expect it to follow her girlfriend too. (angst/fluff)
⊱ ──────────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ──────────── ⊰
Blast to The Past {Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader}
Y/N, Steve, and Bucky discuss their favorite candy bar from the 30s/40s era. Natasha, who has a crush on Y/N, decides to find the candy in an attempt to impress her. (fluff)
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helen-with-an-a · 9 hours ago
Hi, so I’d thought I’d tell u all a little bit about me.
My middle name is Alys (like Alice) - it’s the old English spelling and I really like it as a name.
I am from the UK and am 19 years old.
I am definitely more introverted but I like meeting people (just during the day rather than out at night).
I am lactose intolerant and have a gluten sensitivity.
I have emetophobia and I ground myself using water (either through the coldest water from a tap on the inside of my wrist or through a cool shower) - which sucks when u feel like u might throw up when I eat lactose/gluten but I do it anyways cos I keep forgetting to ask for lactose and gluten free things.
I am a former synchronised swimmer
I write my “a”s with the little hat on top (like how the computer does them) cos my old history teacher used to do it that way and I thought it was cool
I like to read but I only really read the same like 3 book serieses (Discovery of Witches trilogy by Deborah Harknesa, the St Mary’s chronicles by Jodi Taylor and the Undead and Unwed series by MaryJanis Davidson) on repeat because I like the comfort in knowing how the books end and everything will be ok.
I am a “true” Scorpio (I don’t know what the correct term is) - by this I mean that my sun, moon, rising, mercury and Venus signs are in Scorpio
I like a lot of fandoms but only for specific characters (like in the Harry Potter fandom a lot of the “golden trio” age group of characters would annoy me and I think they’re somewhat whiny, but I like the marauders era a lot - maybe because a lot of it is fanon/head canon stuff)
When I was 14 I had a not-quite cancer scare with a boney growth on my knee (it was benign but left me with a 6cm slightly wonky scar)
My favourite baby names are Annie-Maria (pronounced like Mariah Carey) for a girl and Willoughby or Kit for a boy
In summer 2018 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and during my GCSEs my dad was in hospital frequently. In summer 2019 my dad had sepsis twice (during my exam period). I joked that I needed an exam period without trouble and then 2020 happened (Covid might be my fault, sorry about that folks)
I don’t quite know my sexuality yet. I’ve only recently started to question it but I am unsure on what’s really going on. I’ve never had a crush/liking on anyone in my real life but I know I’m not asexual or aromantic (whenever I picture myself as a fully fledged adult I do picture myself with a s/o). Whenever I read fanfics I do find interest in read for both male and female characters, but I can’t necessarily see myself with a woman in a relationship. Maybe that means I’m bi with a stronger preference for men?? (If anyone can comment/message me to maybe help me figure it out I would be immensely grateful). When asked for my sexual orientation, I always feel hesitant marking straight, but I don’t know what else to put.
I am a plus size woman (uk size 20/22) and have insecurities that crop up when I’m alone with my thoughts at night so I also listen to audiobooks to help me fall asleep - but I don’t tell people/voice my insecurities because then it becomes real.
My favourite colour is a pale purple/lavender.
I think I have some sort of anxiety but I don’t want to get tested in case they tell me I don’t have it (which I think pushes me towards the “does have it” camp). A lot of my anxiety stems from negative test conditions is primary school and swimming competitions.
Over lockdown I got out of a toxic friendship group which I have been a part of since I was 11 (another source of anxiety) but I’ve been invited to attend a party over the summer so I’m going to go to help prove to myself I’m that much better without them after a year of being in uni.
And yeah, I hope that helps someone if they read this, and I would be grateful for any suggestions/comments (I think I have replies turned up but I’m not quite sure - I also don’t know how to change that if I haven’t got them turned on)
Helen-with-an-A ♥️
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tonystarksfifthchild · 9 hours ago
Natasha: Wanda I’ve been trying to get a date with y/n for weeks now. like I’m dropping obvious hints.
Y/N walks in
Y/N: Awe Nat! You’re such a good friend I love you too!
Wanda: I- wow ok then.
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lowkeyerror · 10 hours ago
Y/n and Nat keep insisting that Wanda should use her powers in bed
Wanda: Why do you keep asking at this point?
Y/n: Seems a downright shame
Nat: Shame
Y/n: Seems an awful waste
Wanda: When you're suspended mid air with my fingers inside you I want no complaints
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nermalina · 10 hours ago
rose tinted glasses masterlist.
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
pairing: dark!wanda maximoff x fem!reader
Tumblr media
total word count: 12.6k (ongoing series)
summary: summary: wanda’s lost everything she’s ever loved, but she’ll go to any length to make sure the same doesn’t happen to you.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): each part comes with an individual set of warnings, but proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ part one.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ part two.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ part three.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ part four.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ part five.
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xerotodeath · 10 hours ago
Misc Prompts!
Lets ignore me coming back from my hiatus and focus on the fact that I finally have some motivation to write!!!!
You should know the rules by now but if you don’t!
Here’s who I write for
If the prompt looks like this its already been used!
I do not write smut
and lastly but not least the more prompts you want me to use the better!
most of these are from prompt generators and @write-it-motherfuckers
Person B holding Person A very close, close enough to smell their hair. They whisper into Person A's ear: 'I don't like your new shampoo'
Person A: "Hey, (Person B), why is (Person C) crying?“
Person B: "He tried to beat an egg.”
Person A: “Well that doesn’t sound to ba-”
Person B: "At Mario Kart.“
Person B: "He lost.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted anonymously 
“Your sister told me you needed my help, and that you have a crush on me”
Person B serenades Person A with a New Year's kazoo/squawker/party horn.
“What would you say if I told you I was in love with you?”
“That you have terrible tastes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B: Do you hate me or something?
Person A: Not at all. I’m actually quite in love with you, really.
Person B: Maybe I just have a really bad taste in men
Person A: “This is going to sound crazy-”
Person B: “Most things that come out of your mouth, do.”
Person A follows Person B out for a cigarette break.
“I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think I’m attacking you.”
“Did you ever think we would make it this far?”
“Honestly, I’m still surprised I survived high school.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You won’t stab me, I’ve got a witness!”
“Person C, turn around”
“Why do I get the feeling that you’re about to tell me something I really don’t want to hear?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How good of a mood are you in right now?”
“…..What did you do?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What the ever-loving fuck, happened to you?!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My life motto is fuck bitches, get money, blow cash. “
“Is anyone going to explain what the giant inflatable dick is for?”
“We’re going to stick it to the roof of my dad's house.”
“….fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Motherfucking shit nipples! What the dick?!”
Person B and Person A trying to put together IKEA furniture
Person A: Ah, shit
Person B: Watch your fucking language
Person A and Person B burning something together,
Person A is the barista at a coffee shop and always screws up Person B's name on purpose.
Person A: FIGHT ME
Person B: Unfortunately, I have a rule against battling children
Person A: “I thought you said, there wouldn’t be anyone else here.”
Person B: “...There shouldn’t have been.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“That’s a weird way of apologizing.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My therapist warned me about people like you.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Uh... Why is the kitchen on fire?”
Person B: “(Person C) was trying to teach (Person D), how to cook.”
*Muffled clattering and cursing, gets louder.*
Person B: “It’s, uh... It’s not going so good.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know (Person B), we make one hell of a team.”
Person C: “Hell, being the operative word.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What are you going to do, kill me?”
Person B: “Yes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “...We probably should have expected this, shouldn’t we?”
Person B: “Probably, yeah.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “Fuck....I’m definitely going to hell.”
Person B: “Save me a seat.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Aren’t you a little young, to be here?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I don’t know how to tell you this, but yelling at someone to, stop panicking, isn’t going to stop them from panicking.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Fuck.... I knew I should have bought those light-up sneakers.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B gets confetti in their hair. Person A notices
Person B: Don’t talk to me.
Person A: “I don’t think this is what they meant when they told us to surprise them.”
Person B: “Well then they should have been clearer.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A:  “Are you truly that heartless?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did you even find all of this shit?”
Person B: “eBay.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh my god, I’m such a fucking idiot.”
“No arguments here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What are you gonna do, stab me?”
“Actually, don't answer that”
“I don’t think I’ve ever run so much in my entire life.”
“Me either. Terror seems to be a fantastic motivator.”
“Yeah, who knew”
By write it, motherfuckers.
“Are you ready for this?”
“Not even slightly”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Must you always wake me up like this?”
 “If you didn’t want me waking you up, you should have locked the door-”
“I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Are we even meant to be in here?”
“Honestly? Not really, but at this point, trespassing is the mildest of our many misdeeds.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh god, there’s so many of them! What do we do?!”
“How the fuck would I know?! You’re the one who led them here!
“Hey, you don’t have to do anything today, do you?”
“…..No…But I have a feeling I’m about to wish I did.”
“Aw It’s nothing that bad, I promise!”
“History would suggest otherwise.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I just fucked up.... big time.”
“....If you’re waiting for me to be surprised, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I should have listened to you.”
“Maybe... But I should have done more to protect you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m glad you came to the right decision.”
“You say that as if you actually gave me a choice.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How the fuck did we even get into this mess?”
 “Oh please, we both know the answer to that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“We have a problem.”
“Aww Don’t call them that! I’m sure (Person C) has lots of positive qualities hidden somewhere.”
“……I hate you so fucking much.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Me either.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“So if your brother’s the pretty one and your sister’s the smart one... which one are you?”
“The disappointment?”
By @dailydialogueprompts
Person A: “Sorry I’m late.”
Person B: “Traffic?”
Person A: “No I just didn’t want to come.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m gonna do it.”
“Please don’t.”
“I’m doing it.”
“Oh god.”
By write it, motherfucker
“I haven’t made a single good decision in almost twenty-four hours, which isn’t a whole lot of time, but it’s still noticeable.”
“I will find her, or I will die trying.” 
“Always have an escape plan.”
“Oh come on, how long have you known me?”
 “Too fucking long.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You know what? Fuck you. Fuck this. This is the final straw. I’m buying leather pants and a crop top and getting into Satanism, solely to spite you. Also because that’s a mad sexy aesthetic, but mostly to spite you.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“Absolutely, but I only advise communication, homosexuality, or murder.”
”There are easier ways of doing this, you know?”
“Yeah, but none of them are quite as fun, are they?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You are, without a doubt, the stupidest genius I have ever met.”
“Why do you have so much perfume?”
“Why not just use alcohol?”
“That’s illegal.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “I know, that’s why I’m telling you and not (Person C).”
By write it, motherfucker
Person A: “I should never have brought you with me.”
Person B: “Oh come on, I was well behaved!”
Person A: “You flirted with almost every person in attendance, for the entire time we were there.”
Person B: “What, you upset I didn’t flirt with you too?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Why didn’t you tell me?”
Person B: “Because I couldn’t bear the idea of you choosing to stay with me out of pity or guilt.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I hate you.”
Person B: “Yes we’ve established that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I will end you.”
Person B: “Is that a promise dearie?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, and don’t even think of going near the coffee machine. I will stab you.”
Person B: “…..Good morning to you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Out of all the ways you could have possibly dealt with that, why the fuck did you think glitter bombs were a good idea?!”
Person B: “In my defense, it did work.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“ Help me I’m being hit on at a bar please be my fake boyfriend for a second”
Person A: “Why are we doing this again?”
Person B: “Because why the fuck not.”
Person A: “….Fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”
Person A: “I will feed you your own fucking spleen.”
Person B: “That means thank you!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Remove the hand before I remove it for you.”
“Did you just whistle at me?”
“I need to make an entrance.”
“I brought you a muffin. You’re favorite…”
“Be quiet! You’ll get us caught!”
“We walk in together.”
“That looks like it hurts…”
“You’re freezing, Jesus!”
“I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”
“Oh come on, give me one reason we shouldn’t do it.”
“Other than it being super fucking illegal?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Isn’t this… you know… Super illegal?”
“Oh absolutely.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“I cannot put into words, just how much I want to stab him, right now.”
“……You could always draw a diagram.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Hey (Person B)?”
 “Please don’t ever speak again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Why does nothing ever go according to plan?”
“....There was a plan?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“It’s okay you’re safe now”
“What if they come back?”
“Trust me. They won’t”
“I feel a song coming on!”
“If you sing I’ll strangle you”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, I do everything wrong. Can I go now?”
“Why are you in the fridge”
“.......Because of reasons”
By write it, motherfuckers
“None of this seems healthy.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Should I be concerned?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I know you steal my WiFi to watch porn but it’s kinda hot idk”
“I said pass it to me, not throw it in my general direction!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Spare me your pity.”
“You confuse pity with love.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“The prettiest flower always comes with a hefty price”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You really need to stop flirting with every woman you see.”
“I don’t just flirt with every woman I see…. I flirt with every man too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Could you, I don’t know, help maybe?!”
Person B: “I mean, I could, but I don’t particularly want to.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I suppose this is where we have to go our separate ways...”
Person B: “...Yeah, fuck that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh no, please, by all means... Continue~”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I swear to god, I’ll beat you to death with my high heels if you don’t shut the fuck up. ”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I really hope I heard that wrong.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Did you really think I wouldn’t know it was you?”
Person B: “I was counting on it actually.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Where the fuck do you keep pulling all of those snacks from?”
Person B: “None of your business.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh fuck...”
Person B: “What happened?”
Person A: “It’s more what’s about to happen.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did we even get dragged into this whole mess, anyway?”
Person B: “I believe that may have been my fault.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s wrong? You look ten seconds away from ripping someone’s throat out.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: ”I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended.”
Person B: “I think a mixture of both is probably appropriate here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I’m not that creepy.... am I?”
Person B: “Oh you’re extremely creepy but in a fun way.
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s it like to finally taste freedom?”
Person B: “Fucking terrifying.”
Person A: “Really? Why?”
Person B: “...Because I can’t help but wonder when it’s all going to be taken away again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh come on, aren’t you going to tell me your secret?”
Person B: “That would defeat the purpose of it being a secret.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “So, I suppose you’re out?”
Person A: “Hell no, I’m 100% in. This is just what I need to cure my boredom.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @xpegasusuniverse
Person A: “My mom did it, and I’m not a serial killer yet.” 
Person B: “You always add yet at the end of that sentence.” 
Person A: “Just trying to keep my options open.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @luvleakypenz
Person A: “There is a small blemish on my record.”
Person B: “Blemish? This is a shit stain.”
By write it, motherfuckers Submitted by @wherdtonygo 
Person A: “I swear, this isn’t what it looks like!”
Person B: “….That’s a shame.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Look, so long as you stay positive, you’ll be fine.”
Person B: “Oh I’m definitely fucked then.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know they might not remember you, when they wake up… They took some pretty heavy damage.”
Person B: “Even if they don’t, I’m still not going to leave them to deal with this, by themself.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “From this point onward, there’s no going back. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
Person B: “I appreciate your concern, but the option to turn back, was never open to me in the first place.”
Person A: “….I’m gonna kill ‘em.”
Person B: “Normally I’d protest such a thing, but in this case…. want me to hold them down?”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Ah, I’m sorry if this sounds strange, but…. have we met? You seem familiar.”
Person B: “Hm… unlikely, I’m sure I would remember having met someone such as yourself.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “How did someone like you, end up with someone like Them?”
Person B: “I’m not sure, but I fully intend to continue showing my gratitude, till the end of my days.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m just slowing you down, at this rate, we’re not going to make it. Just leave m-”
Person B: “Shut up.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “So…you’re a detective?”
Person B: “I am.”
Person A: “You don’t look like one…”
Person B: “It would be rather counterproductive, if I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m going to kill you!”
Person B: “Understandable. Could you at least wait until I finish my coffee though?”
Person A: “…What?”
Person B: “It’s a really good coffee.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Are you fucking stupid?!”
Person B: “Yes, but I think they prefer (Person C).”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I have a plan.”
Person B: “I’m already terrified.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Where did we go wrong?”
Person B: “Probably somewhere around the time that we agreed to this bullshit, in the first place.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I wish I could just leave this place and never come back.”
Person B: “Why don’t you?”
Person A: “Where would I even go?”
Person B: “…..You could come with me.”
By write it, motherfuckers
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checkingoutforheroes · 10 hours ago
Dr. Strange x Wanda Maximoff x Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
You see a circle of orange spark in the middle of your workout session at your garden.
Dr. Strange: Y/n..
Y/n: Stephen..
Dr. Strange: Y/n, we-
Y/n: We have a problem. I know.
Dr. Strange: How do you know?
Y/n: You're one of my friends who never invited me to brunch, or hi tea, or coffee.
Dr. Strange: I've been.. busy..
Y/n: Or lack of money. I gave some amount to Wong the other day though. Poor that guy. All he wanted was to buy two sandwiches.
Dr. Strange: Two?
Y/n: Yes, one for you. Of course for you. That guy didn't have any other friends. So I talked to the manager to give him whatever he wants, I'll pay monthly.
Dr. Strange: That's why we've been eating sandwiches for months now! Damn it Wong.
Y/n: So, what's the problem this time?
Dr. Strange: It's uhhhh.. plural.. There are breached in time variant past few days.
Y/n: Why am I not surprised.
Wanda appears: Because it ain't me.
Y/n, shock: Wanda.
Loki appears: It's not me either.
Y/n pulls Wanda closer: Why would I believe you. You're God of mischief for fuck sake!
Loki: Because I'm here. Not plotting for world domination because this is so much worse than 2012. The Time Variance Authority has been breached and it creating and affecting a lot of timeline at the same time. I knew because I was helping them to solve this case.
Wanda: He's telling the truth. I've seen it. It's not pretty Y/n, my kids gone but I still can hearing them asking for my help.
Y/n: Kids? You have kids?! You helped TVA? For free?! Yeah, this is bad.
Y/n gulping: How are we looking, Stephen?
Dr. Strange: If we don't stop it at the right time, we'll be seeing Multiverse of Madness.
Y/n: When I said I want a surprise for my birthday this year, this is not what I meant!!
Tumblr media
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