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#minors dni
bimboe13 minutes ago
pretty privilege is telling a man im not interested in dating or fucking anyone atm and him still wanting to take me on a date & pay for the meal 馃構
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nyaruhodou14 minutes ago
bruh these make my ass look SO good ....
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buckyraejepsen19 minutes ago
it鈥檚 communist to eat pussy dc said so
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buckyraejepsen21 minutes ago
wait hallie. looking at the quote source. the real reason bruce wayne isn鈥檛 allowed to eat pussy鈥︹︹︹s capitalism
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boyworrier28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i鈥檝e had enough twitter for the day
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cannibalghost40 minutes ago
forgot i turned my tinder to minimum age 30 when i was drunk <3 milf supremacy
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crockettmarcel46 minutes ago
lanik x ragosa:
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kou-taroan hour ago
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imagine vacationing with dilf!iwa
Tumblr media
he鈥檚 broad-shouldered and just so slightly soft around the middle, but still just as fit as in his youth, but a little less cut. biceps flexing under his dri-fit polo when he crosses his arms, skin glistening and bronzed from this vacation in california. he looks intimidating to the others at the resort until he softens as he puts his arm around you, looking at you with stars in his eyes. you can鈥檛 help but feel a little like his arm candy as people stare at the two of you, especially with how handsome and mature he looks.
his hair is a lovely salt and pepper and there are a few more lines around his eyes, but there鈥檚 something to him now that鈥檚 youthful, something in him that鈥檚 able to let go and enjoy this time he gets to spend with you drinking and relaxing on the beach. you visit shops together, and he buys you a dainty gold anklet that looks so nice against your skin, the perfect touch of class to accessorize your breezy outfits. he especially loves the way it shines in the sun as you lay out in your swimsuit, body dewy with sweat and sunscreen.
he eyes your form as you relax, only feeling a little guilty with how obvious he is in his ogling. the guilt fades when he realizes that he鈥檚 not the only one paying attention to you. a wave of something other than saltwater rushes over him - jealousy, maybe? the anklet is one thing, and how he threads his large hand into yours from his own lounge chair is another, but the thought of those younger, fitter men eyeing you from a few yards away makes something sour settle in the pit of his stomach. but he lets it die, not wanting to ruin your afternoon.
later that evening, though? that anklet dangles by his ear as he presses your soft thighs deeper into the plush skin of your tummy, burying himself to the hilt. he grunts heavy words of praise, thick and sweet like honey as he ruts into you. your velvety walls clench around him as he rolls his hips, teasing that sweet spot inside of you that he knows so well.
鈥渨hat do you think baby,鈥 he pants as he rolls his hips again, drawing out a needy moan from your rosy lips, 鈥渉ow about i put another baby in you, so everyone knows-鈥 he stutters as your overstimulated pussy flutters around him 鈥-knows who you belong to.鈥
you whine as his hips still, the insane amount of self control he鈥檚 showing not drilling you into the plush resort mattress just yet causing his brow to furrow into a restrained scowl. 鈥渢ell me, baby.鈥
you nod quickly, eyes screwed shut as you tell him yes, please god yes, anything to get him to move. he swallows your pleas in a rough and possessive kiss as he begins to thrust, fucking you with a new fervor that has you almost lightheaded. you know it鈥檚 an empty threat and that he鈥檚 essentially shooting blanks at this point, but the way he seems so hungry for you, even after all this time, still so possesive of you, has you coming undone around him. he knows you too well.
your orgasm rips through your body, lifting your hips off the bed as he holds your legs steady, chasing his own high. the way you shudder and squeeze him gets him there quickly as his pace becomes erratic. with a few last jerks of his hips, he cums with your name on his lips, painting your warm insides with his spend. he fucks it into you, pulling back to see the creamy ring around his cock as he slides through your puffy folds.
with a soft grunt he lets you pull him back down until your sweaty foreheads touch, and you wrap your legs around his middle as he slowly softens inside you.
鈥渋 love you, hajime. only you.鈥
your words are sincere and laced with affection, and he sighs as he meets your lips in a soft kiss.
鈥渨as it that obvious?鈥 he groans as he hides his face in the crook of your neck.
鈥渂abe, those college boys nearly took off running with the way you were looking at them.鈥 you run your hands through his hair, scratching gently at his scalp as he hums in acknowledgement. 鈥渂ut it was pretty funny.鈥
he pulls back to look at you, leaning on one elbow as he takes your left hand in his. his cheeks are flushed from the effort but you can tell there鈥檚 a little hint of boyish embarassment there too.
鈥渨ell,鈥 he lifts your hand to kiss the thin gold band on your ring finger, a little tarnished from age, 鈥渏ust don鈥檛 forget who you married.鈥
you roll your eyes playfully at him, squeezing his hand gently, 鈥渋 couldn鈥檛 even if i wanted to.鈥
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taglist: @shnnn @toonpai @sugako @inarizahki @ushidoux @goldenshoyo
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kotumarian hour ago
most me thing ive ever done award goes to me leaving work early today bc i was pissed off and wanted to go home to do the shirt-cut boob-window drawing meme with cas and his big juicy t[gunshot]
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volkiharan hour ago
on that note i love being explicit abt wanting to have sex with women. it's empowering to me to say "yea i want to fuck women" and slowly stop feeling shame in that
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violetsgayhouse2 hours ago
putting these under a readmore bc b00bs(nothing sexual they're just there) but i drew some scrappers im happy with and wanted to share bc its got fun scar maps as well :)
and bonus subtle differences between red and blu scrapper such as: blu scrapper deleted their tits
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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starlightsearches3 hours ago
I read your general hux with the riding crop, usually I hate that stuff (no disrespect to people who's into it) but I find it humiliating, and most writers write it in aggressive way, but I still appreciate a good writing. But yours is different. I still can't stop thinking about it. The way you wrote it, is exactly my thing. It felt mature, rough but still sweet, and actually something I can see myself interested in. And I loved how at the end he says it's his partners turn. Let's just say you have opened my eyes to a new kink
Oh my gosh, thank you my love! I appreciate this message so much; it's always nice to know when people enjoy something I've written, and I really like that story, too.
I'm not personally into hardcore bdsm, but I do think that exploring those kinds of things in a relationship can be fun and exciting if everybody is on the same page. I also try really hard to make sure that鈥攅ven though I don't write out conversations where stuff like that is negotiated鈥攊t's clear that there's consent for everything that happens and they're checking in with each other throughout.
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chicoree4 hours ago
As a reminder, when I say minors DNI I also mean do not message me or send me asks, etc. about my fics that are nsfw.
I understand where you鈥檙e coming from in terms of wanting to express you enjoyed my work, but I cannot reply and you telling me you鈥檙e a minor who interacted with my nsfw work by reading it doesn鈥檛 help either of us.
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sunrisenfool5 hours ago
馃崑 So My Tongue May Sing Wonders To Your Name
Tumblr media
400 words. So I鈥檓 not done writing for Milenko, but this time, make it Miloria. Lemon, Minors DNI.
Astoria Fenharrow belongs to @valhallanrose鈥.
CW: Vaginal fingering, oral sex.
Astoria鈥檚 lips were red and swollen from kissing, and already curving up as Milenko trailed downwards, lifting their nightgown up to their ribs with his hands. He kissed their bared skin with well placed, but hungry kisses, each of them carefully planted.聽
鈥淧lease, don鈥檛 behave on my account.鈥澛
Milenko met Astoria鈥檚 cheek with some of his own: 鈥淲ho said I planned to?鈥澛
鈥淪ince you鈥檙e acting all鈥斺 their point was lost to a moan they tried to stifle by biting their bottom lip, as Milenko decided to leave a love bite on their things. His mouth sucked and nipped gently enough to make Astoria shiver, but long enough to leave a mark.聽
He changed from one thigh to another, as to not leave either neglected. He ran his fingers from the bottom of Astoria鈥檚 entrance, teasing the wetness there by circling it with his fingers. Circular movements with his fingertips, not quite pushing them into Astoria, and then dragging them up all the way to their clit.聽
His mouth moved up their inner thigh as Milenko moved their hand so his thumb was rubbing gentle circles on Astoria鈥檚 clit, while his index and middle finger began moving into Astoria, pressing against their g-spot every time they moved back and forth.聽
鈥淎ny further complaints, Beloved?鈥 Milenko said, looking at Astoria鈥檚 face, entranced, as his hand kept moving, pupils blown wide as he took Astoria鈥檚 pleasured face in.聽
鈥淵our mouth is not on me.鈥澛
鈥淚t will be.鈥澛
鈥淧ro鈥 shit, promise?鈥澛
Milenko kissed right beneath their navel. 鈥淥n my love for you I do.鈥澛
Milenko鈥檚 promise was true, but he didn鈥檛 put his mouth on Astoria right away. He waited until he would feel Astoria arch their back, squeezing their thighs around his head, and curling their toes behind his back. Only then his thumb left their clit to be replaced with his tongue, Milenko sucking on it and then again, and again, and again.聽
It wasn鈥檛 too long until Astoria began running one of their hands through his hair, tugging at it whenever something felt particularly good. They were wet, Astoria鈥檚 slick cum over his lips and his chin as he continued to suck on their clit; it covered his fingers as he pumped them in and out of Astoria.聽
The only reason why he ever pulled them out was to wrap his arms around his partner鈥檚 thighs and pull them closer, and he could replace them with his tongue.
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ijaazat5 hours ago
did we all forget mads is like so agile and flexible... his tiny dancer is alright me thinks
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ijaazat6 hours ago
if I find a mads mikkelsen lookalike imnruining his marriage im ruining my own relationship if any and I'm jopping on that dick right then n there
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sunatear7 hours ago
DARLING!! hi I鈥檓 just wanted to say I think villains are hot鈥 and the hottest villain is Vil!Deku :) cause not only did Vil!Deku get taller and more ruthless and would kill any and everyone but he would fuck me good馃槱
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hard day of work, vill!deku loves to fuck you doggy style into the sheets~ seeing your ass jiggle while his balls slap it~ <333
and if he doesn't have any work, he'll pamper you as he plays with your pussy, teasing it so lightly, that your begging him to be rougher~ ;)))
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bisexual-azula8 hours ago
nagged my gf into cosplaying sokka with me as the annoying bottom i am
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