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stanknotstark · 50 minutes ago
Astral Pt. 8 (Loki x Reader)
Ok guys they’re REUNITED! God i hope you all know that I wrote all 7 parts in one day because i was so obsessed with getting chapters out so i wouldn’t have to write them daily or lose my thoughts!! Ok well now i have some time to figure out where the story will go from here or if i end it here....
IM JUST JOKING it’s not over yet XDD it’s barely begun :p Feel free to send messages about what you think is gonna happen or who might make minor appearances, villain or hero, cuz i have some planned out! I’ve been doing research guys, i bought a marvel encyclopedia for the first time in years cuz i visited the store the other day and loaded up on comic books again it’s been awhile but my collection is growing again ^^
Tumblr media
You’re standing next to Natasha when the brothers drop down from the sky in their rainbow elevator thing. Thor called it the bifrost? It wasn’t something Loki had talked about when you had been on speaking terms, he must have not found it important enough.
The brothers landed outside on Stark’s glorified patio, 91 floors up. You almost forget to breathe as you look at Loki. His hair is a little longer now, he’s definitely lost some weight, and the bags under his eyes tell you enough. His face is cold as he looks around and, angrily, lets Thor lead him inside where you all stand in various places waiting on them. You note that both the brothers are dressed casually but it’s still a bit much, Earth wise. 
You swallow as Loki first sees Tony and smirks at him, “Seems I won’t be missing that drink you promised?” 
Tony gave him a once over then shrugged. “I guess you deserve a small break. Thor filled me in on what’s been going on.” Tony said, you thought you could hear a hint of a threat lacing his words though. Loki huffed and rolled his eyes looking at the rest of the team before his eyes landed on you. 
You looked into his eyes for what felt like hours but must have only been seconds. The angry look he had been parading in dropped and you saw a flurry of reactions so quick everyone else would miss it but you knew Loki. You try your best to keep your face disinterested, not quite sure if you succeed. Still a bit hurt he told you to never come back coming to the front of your mind you look away and whisper to Nat, “I gotta go, fill me in on what happens.” Then you rush out.
You hear Tony saying, “You already scared off y/n..” as you left the room. 
You basically run to your room and slam the door shut. Your breathing had started becoming haggard on your way up and only intensified as you closed yourself in your room. Both your hands gripped at your hair and pull, your eyes squeezed shut, tight. You shouldn’t be reacting like this it was Loki, it was just Loki. He wouldn’t hurt you, physically. You had thought that you were over whatever heartbreak you had all those years before. How the fuck were you to function normally around him if just one look at him made you this panicky? Made your heart beat so hard you thought it might break out of your ribs. Made you want to cry deliriously happy and sad at the same time. 
You let go of your hair, let your tears fall, and punched the wall a few times, hoping the pain in your hands would ground you. Luckily, it did, but you’d probably have to come up with an excuse because your knuckles were blooming dark purple. You took in deep breaths, copying what Loki had taught you to do when you got to worked up, subconsciously, the thought of him causing you to freak a bit more but then you just focused on breathing. 
It’s a few hours later when Natasha comes to your room and tells you dinner is ready. You had settled and had a book open in your lap as you sat on your bed. You consider skipping dinner and you’re about to say it when you see the look Natasha is giving you. She had been the one to teach you to over come your fears, to face them head on. She probably thought you were scared of Loki because he had tried to take over the world. Oh, how wrong she was. You nodded and told her you were gonna wear something else. She left you in peace and you sighed, rubbing a hand over your face then putting on your brave face and getting dressed in something casual. A simple t-shirt and jeans would suffice. 
When you entered the dinning room, a floor below yours, everyone was seated. Natasha had left you a seat. Right next to Loki. You swallowed and studiously kept your eyes anywhere but on Loki when you sat down. You realized Loki was very tense when you sat next to him but said nothing on the matter. 
“Brother! This is dear Y/n I mentioned, she’s got a quick wit just like you, I’m sure you both will be the best of friends!” 
You smiled at Thor but it probably came off as more of a grimace because Thor gave you a frown. Loki said nothing and focused on eating his food. The whole table got silent realizing something was up between you and Loki. You cleared your throat and tried to sooth things over by looking at Loki. His eyes caught yours and for a second you got lost in them, again. God, get ahold of yourself!
Mentally shaking your head you plastered a smile on and said, “Nice to meet you, Loki, I can’t wait to get to know you.” You finish lamely then quickly look at your food and begin stuffing your face so you wouldn’t have to speak anymore. 
“Riiiiiight.” Tony said eyeing you and Loki suspiciously. Steve sat next to him frowning at your attitude. You missed the silent conversation Natasha and Clint had. 
“You’re going to choke if you continue to eat like a bilge snipe that hasn’t seen food in weeks.” Loki said in a casual voice.
You choke. You swallow what is in your mouth, Natasha hitting your back a few times, and then you laugh. 
God you missed Loki. 
“Remember when you swallowed that moon berr-” Stopping yourself short you swallowed and closed your eyes, last seeing Loki’s happy look turn into a neutral face as he glances around at the team. Damn. 
“Remember? You two know each other?” Natasha asked, nudging you with her elbow. Thankfully you see she reserves her judgement on the situation. 
Sighing you look at the team and set your utensils down. 
“Loki is...” You shot Loki a confused look as if to ask if you still were but shook your head and continued on looking at Nat primarily, “We’re soulmates. I first met Loki when I was 13 years old.” 
“In person?” Steve asked.
“No, I can astral project my spirit but because I’m his soulmate it wasn’t hard it just kind of happened when I needed him most.” 
You picked up your glass of water, noticing you are shaking a bit. You especially tried not to jump when you felt Loki set a comforting hand on your thigh under the table. Taking a drink you looked at the table, took a deep breath, then let your eyes come back up to the confused team. 
“When you needed him most?” Tony asked after a few minutes of silence. 
Looking at Tony you bit your lip. Should you....
“My grandfather killed my grandmother in front of me when I was 13, I hid in my closet and closed my eyes, when I opened them I was in a room in Asgard.” 
“She was in one of my mental rooms that I use to astral project. A fabricated room I made when I was younger.” Loki said, his eyes only on you. 
“He was always there when something bad happened and we became best friends. I was 17 when I realized I had magic, his magic.” You said looking at Nat who looked confused. “Because we’re connected through our mind and soul, I draw my power from him. The powers I have are Loki’s in a sense but at the same time my own, I can do some things he can’t and vice versa.” 
“So if Loki just like, hypothetically, died,” Tony rolled his eyes when Loki glared at him, “Hypothetically! Would you lose your powers?” 
You swallowed as a knot formed in your throat and looked at Loki with sad eyes, willing him to answer because you surely didn’t have an answer for that. 
“Possibly.” Loki clipped out, sending a glare at Tony, as if damning him for making you think of that preposterous idea. 
Tony hummed in thought. 
“If you’re soulmates, why did she react the way she did when she first saw you?” Thor asked, mostly aiming the question to Loki. Loki looked at Thor, angry, then let out a breath and held his chin high. 
“We had a falling out three years ago.” 
“No doubt your fault?” Thor said causing Loki to nod once with a roll of his eyes. 
“No!” You yelled looking at Loki with exasperation. “I’m the one that chose to leave!” 
“I’m the one that gave you an ultimatum.” Loki ground out, frowning at you. 
“You were trying to keep me safe.” You said causing Loki to scoff. 
“Ok, wait, what happened so we can all choose our sides respectfully here?” Clint asked. 
“Shield found out about my powers when I was 17, said once I turn 18 they can give me an offer I can’t refuse. I could work for them. Loki said not to do it because it sounded like they were gonna use me as a weapon, that we knew nothing about Shield and what it stood for,” You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose with closed eyes, “I told him I was gonna take up their offer considering I had a bad home life, he argued Shield could be more dangerous and I told him I was still gonna take the offer anyways so he offered an ultimatum.” Letting your hand fall down to your lap and over Loki’s, still resting on your lap. You softly caressed his knuckles under the table. When you had closed your eyes, to pinch your bridge, you missed the concerned look Loki gave as he saw the violet bruises on your knuckles. 
“He said if I leave to never come back because he wouldn’t be able to watch me get hurt.” 
Tony breathed through his teeth, a hiss, but otherwise everyone stayed silent. 
“I left.” You finished lamely.
The table stayed silent for awhile, everyone gathering their thoughts and questions, until Steve spoke up. 
“After she left, what did you do Loki?” 
“I had Heimdal watch over her-”
“He is all seeing.” Thor said quickly to help out.
“-and I told him that if she were to find any trouble she could not handle to send me to her.” 
You looked up at Loki, shocked, who zealously kept his eyes on Steve. You offered what comfort you could by grasping his hand and squeezing. You smiled inwardly as Loki’s tense form softened slightly. 
“I’m taking it she never ran into trouble she couldn’t handle.” Steve said, more as a statement than a question.
“From what Heimdal has told me, joining Shield is the best thing to happen to her and I almost stopped that.” 
“You couldn’t have known.” You said quietly, frowning in thought, Loki finally looked down at you and your heart almost broke in half at the hurt in his eyes. 
“All you wanted was the best for me and I’m sorry I left,” You looked down and squeezing his hand before looking back up at his eyes, “I’m sorry I left and never tried to reach you again but I’m not sorry about the decision I made.” 
Loki looked at you for a bit then nodded, satisfied with something he found on your face or possibly in your eyes. “I’m sorry I never tried to reach out to you too.” Loki admitted.
You glanced at Thor who sat next to Loki, looking a little put out he never knew about the both of you. 
“Sorry we didn’t tell you Thor I kind of wanted to keep it a secret because I was going through a lot and wasn’t very trusting of strangers at the time.” You said to placate Thor, making the blame fall on you instead of Loki since their relationship was already rocky to begin with. A minor way you could apologize to Loki about not contacting him. 
Thor smiled, genuinely, then said “I’m just happy to make your acquaintance now, y/n.” 
Everyone went back to eating their almost cold meal now. Natasha and Clint the only ones that noted that you and Loki ate with one hand the entire time.
Conversations flowed between the team smoothly like you all were meant to be there, together. No one made any comments on the fact that you and Loki couldn’t keep your eyes off each other the entire time either.
Pt. 7/Pt. 8/?
Tag list: @justfangirlthingies @emelieh99  @high-functioning-lokipath​ 
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natromanoffxox · an hour ago
Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, violence, injuries (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
For previous chapters please see my pinned post!
Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
You’d lost count of the days already. It was more than ten but less than 20 that’s all you knew. There were no windows to allow you to tell. There was nothing but you and the chair you were tied to. The men who took you, they’d come and go so often. They’d ask you questions, you’d stay silent, they beat the shit out of you. It was becoming a routine. It was always approximately the same times, that’s the only way you’d been able to count the days, until you’d started passing out from the pain, unable to count the time passing as you waited for your next interrogation. The only thing keeping you alive was the fact you knew your team would be looking for you. You knew Natasha would do everything she could to get you back home.
Once a day your capturers would come in and hose you down. They’d stripped you to your underwear, leaving you cold and bare. You’d of been embarrassed if you didn’t love yourself. You’d allowed them to rip off your uniform with a smile, leaving you in your black lace undergarments and nothing else. They’d tied your wrists so tight that now the slightest movement that caused friction against your skin made them bleed. You’d tried many a time to get yourself free from the ropes, only to be left with blood trickling down your palms and dripping off the tips of your fingers. It stung, but it was nothing compared to some of the things the bastards had done to you.
The door squeaked open once again, and the man covering his face with a mask stepped inside, kitted with a gun in his belt and knife in his hand. It wasn’t anything new, they always came prepared.
“Ready to talk, sugar tits?” You could hear his smirk behind the mask. What a dick. You stayed silent, a small grin on your face as you saw his badly hidden smile drop. He’d truly expected you to have broke by now, but they’d have to kill you. They weren’t getting what they wanted from you, ever.
“You know, you’d save yourself a lot of agony by just speaking.” He said as he trailed his knife up your thigh, digging into your skin lightly to open it, leaving a trail of blood oozing out underneath the blade. You smirked, tilting your head up high.
“Your worst mistake,” You looked deep into his eyes, smile spread over your swollen, bloodied lips. “Was holding me hostage.”
The team had flew to England as soon as Fury had announced your disappearance. They were fully loaded and ready to fight. No one was going to leave until they found you. They’d searched your building you and your team had stayed in, finding your computer and bag, but it held no clues. They’d headed to the basement of where you’d freed the captured women, something the team had quietly cheered you on for. Your mission was to save the lives of so many young girls, and you did that. Natasha couldn’t help but let a tiny smile form on her face at the fact, only to let it drop instantly, falling back to her emotionless state. She wasn’t allowing herself to fall into her feelings, knowing she would become reckless and rage fuelled, possibly doing more bad than good. She needed to think of it as a mission, which in a way, it was.
“Her gun was found here.” One of the Agents working on finding you before The Avengers arrived said. “We’ve searched the area, there’s only one way out, down there. We’ve got a team searching cameras to try spot Agent Y/N, but so far no sightings.”
Her heart dropped a little further every single they told her bad news. The people that took you were smart. They’d been out of cameras way, left little to no evidence behind, but she knew you. She knew you’d have left something for her, she just had to find it.
The team searched the hallways, down and out the exit where they assume they took you. They’d searched the walls, floors and ceilings, anything and everything for some sort of sign. Natasha was out the building, in an underground car park, where she find a few drops of blood. She couldn’t guarantee they were yours, but it was the first sign of anything they’d found. She followed the trail until it stopped, and continued in its direction, eyes locked to the floor in search.
Natasha stopped in her track, eyes caught on a tiny slip of paper caught in the grids of a drain. It could be nothing, but it could be everything she needed.
She bent slowly, hand slightly shaking, as she pulled it from the metal, unfolding it in her hands. Her breath caught in her throat- it was from you.
It was yours and Natasha mission word; whenever either was outnumbered or needed help, they said it into their earpieces. It was the only second language you both shared. French. It meant ‘bested’. It was definitely you.
Natasha chuckled to herself quietly. Of course you were bested, why the fuck else would she be here, searching for you? Though the fact you must have had that on you before you even left to end your mission, made her broken heart skip a beat. You knew if anything were to happen, Natasha would come for you, and you planned for that. You knew she would find that note, and she knew you would probably have left more along the way.
She headed forward, walking with pace as she came to the exit of the car park.
“Natasha!” She heard Clint shouting behind her.
“You found something?”
“She left me a note.” She held the paper up between to fingers before turning and walking again.
“Wait! How do we know she’s even still alive?” Steve said, making Natasha whip round so fast her hair flew in front of her face for a moment before falling over her shoulders again.
“If you think that.” She pointed at him, anger radiating off her body. “If you truly think that, Rogers, then leave.”
Venom spat off her tongue towards the American hero, and he hung his head in shame for a moment before following the redhead out of the car park. She had a lead, a clue you had left for her, she just had to work out where you’d went from there.
After your telling them of being absolute morons for taking you hostage, the group of men transported you to a new location. It was close to water, that’s all you knew. You could hear the sound of the crashing waves close by. You weren’t tied to a chair anymore either, but still locked in a dark room in just your underwear. It was much colder here than the last place, the wind whipping through the thin metal walls, pinching at your skin causing goosebumps to raise all over your body. You’d wrapped yourself into a ball, huddled to try and keep as much heat as possible.
You prayed they’d find you soon. The pain was getting to much to handle. You’d tried to keep record of your injuries; possibly two broken ribs, 3 definitely broken fingers, cuts and bruises, but the worst was the most recent- a gash across your thigh, deep enough to need stitches, and it was definitely going to leave a scar. You’d found a rag in the room, tying it round the open wound to keep the pressure on, hoping it would slow the flow of blood running out and down your leg. You couldn’t walk on it, and you couldn’t grip anything properly in your hands. Breathing had became difficult due to the broken ribs, each breath sent another shot of pain through your body. They were breaking you, but you still wouldn’t talk. The next step would probably be killing you.
You’d lay in the corner for what felt like hours, huddled the best you could. It was getting a bit to much for you to handle now, you didn’t sign up for this shit. You wanted to go home, to be with your family, with Natasha. You wanted to see her face one last time before they took your life. You silently cursed at yourself for dropping the picture of the two of you together, but you needed her to find it, to figure out where you were.
The sound of gunshots made your eyes open wide. She was coming for you.
It wasn’t long before Natasha has found your next clue- your ear piece. They’d followed the car park out and onto the road, checking every camera system nearby to see what cars were leaving the garage. They finally spotted a black van, and they’d got to the point where the surveillance cut off and Natasha just kept walking, desperate to find anything from you. You were smart, you would have been checking your surroundings, and surely enough, just a little further down the road she found your earpiece. She looked around and finally spotted it, another camera. God she loved you, you were smart as fuck. You didn’t leave another clue until you knew she would be able to work out where you’d gone.
After numerous camera checks and another clue, they finally got to a old looking metal shack of a building. It was more like a large shed if anything. She held the picture of the two of you close to her heart, whispering that she was coming for you.
“Plan of action, guys.” Tony began. They were all stood a small distance away from the shack, just far enough that your capturers wouldn’t be able to see or hear them.
“Me and Romanoff will take the back. Rogers, Barton, you take the front. Sam and Thor, make sure no one gets away. No ones slipping past us. Everyone else, keep watch, if they see us coming, they might call in for help. We get our girl, and we burn that hillbilly crack shed to the ground.”
Natasha let out a chuckle, the first laugh she’d let out since they’d arrived in England, making everyone look up to her in shock. Tony placed a hand on her shoulder with a smile, silently telling her they were going to get you back.
The ‘hillbilly crack shed’ as Tony called it, was right on the cliff side, and the sounds of the cracking waves was almost deafening. Hopefully the noise would cover their arrival, not allowing the enemy to know they were about to be slaughtered, because that’s exactly what she was going to do. She was going to kill every single one of them that lay a hand on you.
Tony flew him and Natasha up and over the building, landing directly behind it, ready to take action.
“Everyone in place?” Tony asked through his earpiece, receiving the teamed ‘affirmatives’ in reply. This was it. She was going to get you, and bring you home where you belong.
The sound of gunshots was heard, announcing the bombardment of Steve and Clint inside the building. Natasha and Tony barged through the back door, shooting anything and everything that stood in their way. They met in the middle, right by a metal door. The only room unchecked. The only remaining room you could be in. Tony stepped past everyone, slowly reaching for the door handle, only to hear the sound of glass shattering and falling to the concrete floor. The door was fully open, the last thing they saw inside the building was the body of a man jumping through a broken window.
She was furious. She didn’t even know if you were with the guy. Where the fuck were you?!
Within seconds, everyone was out the building but stopped the second they saw you.
There you were, being held up by your capturer by your arm. She could see how weak you were. You could barely hold yourself up. They’d stripped you down and left you in nothing but your underwear. She could see everything they had done to you. Every slice, every burn, every bruise. Your left eye was black and blue, blood trickling from your nose and your lips swollen. There was a rag wrapped around your thigh, and she dread to think of how long it had been on there. If it was deep and constantly bleeding, which it looked like it had due to how red the rag looked, you were definitely going to need stitched, but it was the infection she was more worried about. You were covered head to toe in blood, sweat and dirt, and it broke Natasha’s heart to see you in such a state.
“Come any closer and I’ll kill her.” The masked man said, holding a knife towards you. She wanted to take that knife and slit his throat.
“Give us the girl, and we will let you go.” Tony lied. He wasn’t going to let him go. She could feel the anger radiating off him as much as it was her. She went to step forward, only for Clint to grab her arm, pulling her back to her position.
“Sorry, can’t do that.” The man said. Before anyone could say anything else, they watched as he swung his arm round, driving his knife deep into your stomach. You doubled over, crying out in pain. Natasha ran, as did everyone. But before she could get to you, you’d fell back, losing your footing and tumbling over the edge of the cliff side.
“NO!” Nat screamed out as she stopped in her tracks, falling to her knees. She couldn’t do anything else. She didn’t have special powers to jump off and save you. She couldn’t fly down and catch you. All she could do was watch. The team stood still, as Tony flew down over the cliff.
It only took a moment, but it felt like hours, for him to come back into view, floating up with you draping in his arms.
“Someone hold Natasha back.” She heard Tony through her piece. No. She wanted to see you. She wanted to hold you. She got to her feet and started to walk, only to be held around the waist by Steve.
“Get the fuck off me, Rogers!” Natasha yelled, punching at his arm and twisting herself trying to free herself from his grip, but he wasn’t letting go. She could see the pain in his eyes as he looked over to you. Tony had lay you on the ground, a hand over your body as he examined your body. You looked dead. That’s all she could think. You were dead. Those fuckers killed you and she didn’t do anything to stop them. She should’ve just shot the bastard when she had the chance. Why the fuck did she listen to Tony, she should’ve took things into her own hands and this wouldn’t have happened. She wouldn’t be staring at you sprawled out over the green grass, that quickly stained red with you blood. She wouldn’t be in Rogers arms screaming to be by your side. She won’t be breaking down and sobbing as she looked at your form.
“She’s alive, but barely. We need to get her to a hospital.” Bruce said as he stood from checking over your body. She couldn’t even see the rise and fall of your chest. She couldn’t see any signs that you were still alive, but Bruce said you were. You were alive, and she needed to be by your side.
“I’ll take her, everyone else- sort this shit and get over asap.” Tony had your body in his arms again, and disappeared into the sky. She didn’t even have a chance to tell you she’d got to you. She hoped you’d seen her, before... Before you fell. She hoped you knew that she had come for you, to save you. She hoped that you were holding on to that fact, keeping your heart beating just a little bit longer so you and her could tell each other you loved the other, even if it were just one last time. She needed to tell you that.
She hasn’t even realised Steve had let his grip on her go, until she felt the grass under her palms. She was sat on the ground, staring at the cliff side you’d went over, imagining the scene over and over again in her head.
“Nat, we have to go.” Clint touched her shoulder gently, making her head finally turn away from the rocks.
“Come on, she needs you.”
Your brain was awake, but your body on the other hand was not. You tried to open your eyes but they refused to unglue themselves. You tried to move your arms but they felt like they weighed more than a house. You tried to speak but the words would not come out of your mouth. Your were trapped inside your own body, locked inside your own personal darkness. You wanted to see, to speak, to move.
There was a beeping noise suddenly invading your ear drums. It was high pitch at first, agonising pain shot through your head, but it slowly eased. You tried to focus on the noises around you. Beeping, foot steps, the breathing of other people around you. You wanted to see who it was, demanding your eyes to open but like before, they were glued closed. Where were you?
“-will have to be off her feet for a while, plenty rest and no lifting. Try to keep her as still as possible, not only for the stitches sake but hers too. She’s going to be in a lot of pain. I’ve proscribed some pain killers, 2 every four hours maximum. Given her charts, we don’t want to be risking anything.”
Were they talking about you? Were you the one in hospital? What the fuck happened to you?
It came flooding back in a wave that would have knocked you off your feet it you weren’t already lying in a bed. The mission, saving the girls, being dragged down a hallway and into the back of a van, the interrogations, the beatings... The man who stabbed you. You’d blacked out from that point. You remember seeing Natasha, but honestly, you thought you were hallucinating. Even though you’d left all the clues for her to find, you couldn’t believe she was there in that moment. Your heart broke at the idea of her seeing you in such a state, having a knife drive into you.
“I’ll make sure she recovers correctly.” You heard her voice, and all you wanted to do was reach out for her. To tell her you could hear her. You wanted to see her. To see her beautiful emerald eyes staring into yours. To see her red locks dance around her shoulders. You wondered if she looked the same. It had been over two years since you’d seen her in person. You’d noticed on pictures that she’d let it grow a little longer than her normal shoulder length. You wanted to see her smile, and that smirk you loved oh so much. You wanted to ‘boop’ her nose, knowing how much she hated it, seeing her face scrunch up every time you did it. The disapproving look she’d give you, only for her to eventually laugh, because she couldn’t stay mad at you. You wanted to tease her for being a secret softy, to hold her in your arms, to lye in your bed together. You wanted to feel her soft skin against yours, to feel her lips on your lips, to dance together again.
You wanted to wake the fuck up.
“Come on, Y/N, wake up. How do you expect me to live alone. My world revolves around you.”
Wait, aren’t they lyrics.
Did she just quote Jordan Sparks ‘No Air’ to you?
You wanted to laugh, and you were inside your head, but she couldn’t see that.
“Don’t make me fucking sing for you.” You heard her mutter close to your head. She must be sat by your side, which made your heart flutter. She wasn’t going to leave you, you knew that.
“If you don’t wake up after this, I swear to god, I’m going to kill you myself.”
You heard her take a deep breath, letting it out in a sign.
“What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in and you kicking me out. You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down. What's going on in that beautiful mind? I'm on your magical mystery ride. And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I’ll be alright.”
She was quietly singing the song you’d wrote for her, to you. You wanted to cry, you weren’t sure if you were or not, but your heart felt like someone had their hands wrapped around it, squeezing to a beat. You needed to tell her how much you loved her, that you could hear every single word she was saying.
“My head's under water but I'm breathing fine. You're crazy and I'm out of my mind.”
You heard her sniffle, and you knew she was crying. God, what you would give to wipe those tears for her.
“'Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning, even when I lose I'm winning. 'Cause I give you all of me. And you give me all of you.”
She was literally sobbing as she sang. You wanted to laugh, cry, sing along and kiss her all at the same time, shame you were stuck still. It was almost like you were paralysed. Oh lord, you hoped you weren’t paralysed.
You felt her hand wrapped around yours, liquid dripping on your fingers in a pattern.
Drip... drip... drip.
It was almost annoying, but you knew it was her tears, and you just wanted them to stop. You didn’t want her crying, didn’t want her feeling any sort of sadness or pain.
With all the power inside of you, you focused everything on just moving even a single finger. It felt like your whole body was straining, but at the same time felt like you were doing absolutely nothing. You couldn’t even feel the rise and fall of your chest as you were breathing in and out.
“Did-“ You heard Natasha start, “Did you just move?”
She was talking to you, as if you could reply.
Fucking hell, Nat, come on. I’m blatantly not going to reply in this state.
Every bit of energy you had left in your body was being used on trying to just open your eyes, just once so you could see her. Even if it were just for a second, that’s all you needed.
“Babe, wake up. Can you hear me? Come on.” You could hear the frustration in her voice at the end of her begging, and your inner self was laughing. She didn’t realise how bloody hard it was to wake up from whatever the hell this was.
Light began to cover your vision. It was blinding. Maybe you should’ve just stayed in your coma like state. You squinted as soon as the light flashed over your eyes, trying to block it out, until a wave of red covered the white. Green eyes staring down into yours.
“Y/N?! Oh, thank the fucking Lord!”
“Language.” You basically choked out as you smiled at her. You saw her face twist before she let out a laugh, placing her hands over each of your cheeks before pressing her lips to yours.
Well, that’s one way to wake up from almost death.
A/N: Not gonna lie, I was tempted to kill her off. But then I didn’t know where to go from there... You’re welcome, I suppose😂😂 chapter 20 coming soon!
Possible other fics coming too. I have so many drafts of random stories I thought I might post some?
Let me know what you think!! Xoxo
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novamirmir · 5 hours ago
Y/n, pointing: May I sit there? Natasha: That's my lap Y/n: That doesn't answer my question, Natasha.
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novamirmir · 5 hours ago
Natasha: petition to remove the 'd' from Wednesday Y/n: Wednesay Natasha: Not what I had in mind, but I'm flexible
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outofplaceoutinspace · 7 hours ago
Their pet name/s for you - ladies
18+ Reader = gender-neutral
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is what I imagine they would call their partner. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasant to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations. If a pet name does not classify as gender-neutral, please let me know.
Natasha Romanoff
Tumblr media
Honey or Babe
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Bubs or Pumpkin (she just loves it)
Tumblr media
Love or Sweetie
Tumblr media
Peggy Carter
Tumblr media
Darling or Sweetheart
Hope van Dyne
Tumblr media
Honey or Peanut (she thinks it's cute and likes to tease you)
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honeyedtulips · 7 hours ago
Hi! Love your work! Do you think you can do "smiling automatically when their s/o walks into the room" + the way - Ariana Grande for Nat?
the way
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: soft fluffy fluff ♡
summary: natasha’s in love. that’s it. that’s the tweet. ♡
word count: 680 ♡
a/n: i hope you enjoy this and are satisfied with it! here’s the song if you wish to listen while you read ♡
natasha grunted softly under her breath as tony handed her a wine glass. she was on dish duty tonight and would rather be drowning in sweat in a gym than doing this. she hated doing dishes after dinner. she only did it to be fair to team, but there were many times she hoped that steve would just get rid of the cycle altogether and just let vision happily do the dishes while he chatted with wanda for the rest of their lives. she preferred to wash dishes during the quiet atmosphere of the morning when you were there, clinging to her arm and pressing little kisses to her nape. it didn’t surprise her how you made many things natasha hated very bearable with just your presence.
“hey, y/n, can you make us those chocolate chip muffins again tomorrow?” peter’s voice piped from the living room.
“sure, I can, pete,” you said kindly, with that wonderfully soft and gentle voice of yours that natasha craved to hear. “I’ll put them in a container and you can take them to school tomorrow!”
“thanks, y/n! ned’s gonna love you even more!”
natasha chuckled, grimly. ned, peter’s best friend, had a huge crush on you. the first time he’d come to the avengers compound, the boy had barely even spared a glance at her, the notoriously beautiful black widow, and had instead focused on you. the only reason natasha didn’t chuck a knife at his head was because she couldn’t blame him. she stared at you the same way, without even realizing it.
“aw, look at that cute little smile on your face!”
natasha groaned when she realized sam was standing right beside her, an impish grin on his face.
“wilson, you better move,” she bit back, though the comment wasn’t as harsh as she intended with a love-filled smile still present on her face.
“isn’t it adorable how you always smile when your love over there walks in the room?” sam teased, crossing his arms as he leaned against the counter. “it’s cute.”
“I’m not cute,” natasha said, chucking the glass in the sink to prove her point. “I’m the black widow.”
“who smiles like an idiot when her lover walks in the room.” natasha shook her head, but sam was right. she had never smiled as much as she did now until she’d met you.
“I’ll go before you stab me,” sam slid away, probably joining the others in the living room.
natasha busied herself with repulsive dishes in the sink, trying to hum a tune to herself to make the time pass. as she put a fork away on the drying rack, she heard the sound of a bowl being placed on the counter. she turned, watching as you got the ingredients to make muffins for peter. she loved how kind you were, how you treated peter like he was your own brother. you had practically smothered him with love the moment he joined the team, making him feel safe and welcome. he always had a smile when he was around you, much like everyone else on the team. you were their angel.
“you better not make me wash those supplies you’re using,” natasha groaned, but she knew drops of loving tenderness had invaded her teasing tone. she could never be harsh with you. not like she’d ever tried, but she couldn’t even playfully tease you without her lime-green eyes mirroring those of a lovestruck puppy.
“I won’t,” you replied with a laugh. “if you help me make these, I’ll wash the rest of the dishes for you.” you flashed a gorgeous, lead-white smile over your shoulder. natasha swore she felt herself swooning as she wiped her hands clean with a towel and padded over to you. she slid her hands beneath your shirt, leaning to press her lips against yours. kissing her always felt like a beautifully surreal dream you never wanted to wake from. the moment she detached her vermillion mouth from yours, a smile had already formed on her lips.
“you’ve got yourself a deal, cutie pie.”
honeyedtulips x♡🌷
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tropicaltransgressions · 10 hours ago
In the Name Of
TW: Dark!Natasha Dark!Fic Implied NonCon FuckThePolice
Summary: You just want to go home and prepare for your thesis. Officer Romanoff might have other plans.
“It’s one drink, (y/n). I’m asking you to come out for one drink to celebrate the successful completion of my thesis which has kept us from sooo many drinks!”
You laugh as you dig through your purse to find your keys so you can finally (FINALLY) get out of the lab. “I know, Whit, and I’m so proud of you but my thesis presentation is tomorrow and--”
She cuts you off, “and it is not until 2pm and you are disgustingly prepared and I am asking you to come have a beer at…” she pauses, you assume to check the time because she’s obviously been drinking for several hours now. “At 10:14pm -- one cheers. I’m not asking you to do lines behind a 7/11 at 7:30am before a French final which I’ve seen you do, so one drink! I kicked ass today. You’ll kick ass tomorrow and best believe I’ll be out with you to celebrate that ass kicking.”
You’re not going anywhere after your thesis presentation tomorrow except bed. Alone. You’re done. This last year has been more exhausting and challenging than anything you ever signed up for and, no offense to Whitney, but her thesis on the Tabloidization of the American News Media for her Coms major wasn’t 1/10th as exhausting as your thesis on Stem Cell Particle Rejuvenation and the Possibilities of Blank Cells in mRNA Vaccination.
But… she did work hard and she did phenomenally in her research and, and she is your best friend and she deserves to be celebrated.
You swear you only had 3 beers.
Yes, you stayed out later than you meant to and you drank more than you should have but --- it was just three beers and that was over at least two hours.
But you’re small and you haven’t eaten… anything today, and honestly, with all the last minute prep for your thesis, you haven’t eaten much in weeks.
So now you’re sitting handcuffed in the back of a police car about to watch your entire future slip away all for a few Coors Lites.
You know you don’t have bail money -- none of your friends do. You’re all 40 hours of school, 20 hours of minimum wage work, and maybe you could call your parents but… no, you’d rather go to jail and shit on your entire future.
It was an honest mistake. You would have made it sober in the daytime, you thought it was a turn lane, it’s always been a turn lane, you’ve lived here for 4 years. You have no idea when that new construction started. (Maybe because you haven’t driven anywhere besides your house, the lab, and Whole Foods in 4 months.)
So now you’re sitting in the back of a patrol car with a DUI charge, steadfastly invoking your right to remain silent, but mostly just staring out the window reflecting on your choices.
It doesn’t seem fair.
You’d always tried so hard to make the right ones.
And even tonight--- you never would have driven if you thought you were drunk.
You asked for a breathalyzer, even. The officer refused.
At least you’re glad it’s a woman. You’ve heard so many horror stories.
You snap yourself out of your pitying self reflection pretty quickly though when you realize... you just passed the police station.
This is your first time being placed under arrest, but you have bailed out a lot of people over the last 4 years -- responsible and caring is kind of your M.O.
“Um… I… I’m sorry, I think we just passed intake?” You ask nervously to the cop driving you. “It’s just that,” you continue, “the other arresting officer told my friends I’d be taken to the Queens Street Station so if we’re going downtown, I need to let them know so I can be bailed out.”
There was a different cop who pulled you over, who did your sobriety evaluation, handcuffed you, and put you in the back of this car. You’ve never even been introduced to the woman driving you.
You see her glance up at you through the rearview mirror and you drop your eyes immediately, wanting to be as less adversarial as possible but still… you have rights, right? You at least get to know where you’re going, right?”
She watches you for a while but doesn’t say anything and you don’t exit the freeway towards Downtown like you should to get to the main station.
You’re not drunk. You never have been, not really, and you know something is very very wrong but you’re so scared you can barely breath.
‘It’s a woman.’ you keep telling yourself. ‘It’s a woman. I’m ok.’
It’s not ok.
Finally when you’ve long gone quiet and still from the fear and exhaustion, she speaks for the first time.
“What would you lose,” she asks, “If you’d gotten a DUI tonight?”
You think about your response for a long while before answering.
“I did get a DUI tonight, didn’t I officer?”
She stays quiet, so you continue. “What I lose doesn’t matter. It is what it is.”
She stays quiet for a while longer. She’s driving you farther and farther from the city and you’re terrified.
Finally she asks, “What would it be worth to you, to not get arrested tonight?”
You’re not drunk. And You’re not stupid. You’re actually very, very smart.
“I guess that depends on the conditions.”
She smirks. She was expecting this.
“Come home with me tonight.”
You were expecting that.
“And then you get me back to town in time for my thesis presentation and this is over forever? Clear record - you let me go?”
You’ll do it. You don’t think you’re going to be given many options anyways and one night with this fucked up but admittedly hot cop is not worth dying for. And it’s certainly not worth risking your thesis for.
She laughs.
You hate it.
“I promise I will get you back in time for your thesis presentation.”
But again, you’re smart… “and after that?” you prompt.
She lets her hand casually brush aside the fast food bag on the middle console and you see the gleam of a gun.
“After that, we’ll celebrate. Understand, baby?” She smirks at you in the rearview, hand now fully clasped around her non-service issued weapon.
Your career and your future and your life all depend on the next thing you say.
“Yes ma’am.”
She smirks and turns left, freeing her red hair from its bun.
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fandomdorlyf · 11 hours ago
Y/N : welcome to painting for awesome people 101
Nat : ...
Wanda : ...
Bruce : ...
Thor : what is this red liquid?
Y/N : wait Thor don't! *runs to him but slips and knock the red painting all over Y/N*
Thor : apologize lady Y/N *puts the paint back*
Y/N : class dismissed
Y/N : everyone but if you're indicating this red thing, it's just a paint
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chaoticwidowsblog · 16 hours ago
The Truth (and Dare)
Warning: soft fluff, high school AU, i love clumsy Bruce
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Word count: 4957
Summary: Even best friends fall in love. One of them has to confess the truth.
a/n- first off thank you thank you for 100 followers I love you sm muah <3 also all I can think of is Scarlett from Ghost World while writing this
Tumblr media
The day was bright, birds chirping outside the window of your classroom. It was peaceful, rather than the inside of it. In the class, everyone was making chaos. Some of the guys are throwing crumpled paper and paper planes—mostly Tony who’s having a war against Steve who’s trying to get him to stop—and some are chortling and laughing their hearts out at a stupid joke. 
Unlike Bruce who’s only shying away by doing homework peacefully quiet but also getting hit on the head with a paper ball by Clint. Thor, well let’s just say he’s having fun with the paper planes. Too much fun. The girls in the other hand are mostly chit-chatting and gossiping, while you sat at your desk heaving out the fifth sigh. You wouldn’t bother finding out what topic they’re talking about. What matters is that all of your classmates are making a loud noise.
The only ones that aren’t really making a commotion are you and Natasha. Well, Natasha is the one quiet because she’s peacefully reading her book, but you still don’t make a noise as loud as others do. You keep whining at her about wanting to go get some ice cream together after school, complaining why the teacher isn’t present today and annoying her more.
“I’m so bored.” You puffed a sigh, drawing squiggly lines with your supple fingers on Natasha’s back.
Natasha isn’t bothered by you. She’s always used to you whining about a lot of things. After all, she’s your best friend for life.
You had your head rested on your desk, and your arms stretched forward that your hands are able to reach Natasha’s back. She was sitting in front of you at the back of the class, her forever spot to talk to you, peacefully reading her book despite the loudness in the classroom. Your fingers were playing the long ends of her beautiful hair that cascades on her shoulders perfectly, twirling it lazily around your finger for fun. You poked her, drew small circles and hearts on her back just to see if it would draw out a reaction from Natasha. But the longer you do it, Natasha liked it even more. She may seem like she’s not a single bit irritated with your annoying poking, but don’t be fooled. She loves it as you do it, it makes her feel calm and, she loves it. She
Speaking of which, you haven’t taken a single hint. She’s tried to let you know over what feels like a decade of being best friends but you never saw any of it so Natasha thought that if keeping the crush low and go easy on you until you finally do realize, it would be a good idea. For now, she intends on being your best friend and only your best friend.
“God, it’s so noisy in this class.” You muttered, watching Tony doing his little victory dance at the front of the class.
“I bet we’re the noisiest.” Natasha said plainly, flipping the next page of her book.
“That’s cause we are,” you said. “I can’t believe Mr. Fury is absent today or we would’ve learnt something useful.”
“Like how to shut the whole class up?” Natasha huffed, simply laughing with you.
But it only lasted short when you’re back to feeling bored once again. You idly play Natasha’s hair, then drew random animals that first came to your mind.
“I’d kill for an ice cream right now.”
“Kill isn’t a pretty word, you know. You can’t even give a threat to someone without sounding like a five year old.” Natasha twitched her eyebrow, shrugging as she flips a page gently.
You rolled your eyes and slightly pout. “It’s called an expression, but whatever.”
Natasha shifts in her chair comfortably and switches her crossed legs, smiling small when you drew the letter N on her back. You drew the next letters of her name to complete it.
“I wonder what lunch is for today.” You prompted all of a sudden.
Natasha chuckled, shaking her head when she turns to you. “That’s what you’re wondering about? Lunch?”
“What? I’m hungry. Don’t tell me you’re not.” You giggled playfully, causing Natasha to stifle a laugh.
Soon when she twisted back around, you pout. You love seeing her laugh, it always shines up your day ten times brighter. But once she had look away, it suddenly became slightly gloomy. A lot gloomy.
You scratched her back with your nails so softly, sending chills down Natasha’s spine for a second but she played it like it was nothing. Until you’ve reached to a point where you can’t stand the dreadful boredom, you groaned and lightly shook Natasha’s shoulder.
“Come on, Nat entertain me. I’m bored and I’m in need of your wonderful magic of entertainment.”
She rolled her eyes annoyed, but you’re certain you could sense her lips curving into a smile. “Fine. I’m only doing this because I want you to shut up.”
You smiled at her frown when she glanced at you. She shut her book closed and heaved a defeated sigh, adjusting her chair around so she can face you entirely. You got so excited that you couldn’t stop tapping your fingers on your desk, grinning as wide as Natasha likes it.
She shook her head for a moment before placing her book under her desk, then crossing her arms on her chest. “What do you wanna play?”
“Well, if we play Tic-Tac-Toe, you’d win all the time.” Natasha smiles at the true fact. “How about Truth or Dare?”
She darts her eyebrows up. “Are you sure?”
You hummed in thought, biting your cherry lips. Her eyes dwelled on them, subconsciously biting her own lips as well.
Knowing Natasha for what feels like an eternity of your adventurous childhood, she’s always been quite mean to you when it comes to playing Truth or Dare.
She loves pulling the truth out of you, and if not truth, daring you to do insane things like going to someone and suddenly taking a selfie with them, or even kiss them. (Which she regrets daring you that) And that’s only when she’s nice with you.
Therefore, it’s quite dangerous playing that type of game with her. She would give you embarrassing dares again just like she always do. You wouldn’t want to be the one to start doing crazy things today, especially in front of your classmates, no. That would be really embarrassing.
Why not?
“Sure, as long as you’re nice to me.” You pointed a finger towards Natasha’s face. The truth was that you wanted to dare her with hilarious things as revenge, this time it will be no mercy for her but you’ll play it innocent.
She huffed and nodded in an understated manner, but her smirk told you otherwise. She was ready for this and you knew you made a terrible mistake by agreeing to this. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong?
“Alright, but I warn you. Some of it will be a little extreme.” She warned, winking at you as she settles comfortably on her chair.
“A little extreme, as in utmost embarrassing?” You quirked an eyebrow, receiving a nod from Natasha.
She smiles devilishly that one would bend on one’s knees and beg for mercy. Maybe you are that person. The longer you squinted at Natasha’s face, the more nervous you are inside. But wanting to remain cool and composed, you acted like it was no big deal. It wasn’t that Natasha can be immensely heartless in a game of Truth or Dare, it was the way she was smirking at you that made your heartbeat pound for who knows why. You played it cool like it was no big deal to keep bluffing.
“Eh, what the hell. As long as I’m entertained.”
“Are you sure?” Natasha looks so confident as if she’s the CEO of the game and knows too well that she’ll probably make you wanna stop playing. Little do you know, her head is full of mischievous dares.
“Absolutely.” You put on your game face, waggling your eyebrows in challenge. Natasha responded the same and nodded steadily.
“Alright, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”
The start was okay. You didn’t pick Truth at first and got a dare to stare at someone random in the class for one full minute. Natasha couldn’t stop laughing at your face because when you reached 30 seconds, your eyes were already watering up and turning red. Poor Bruce, he thought you were mad at him and had no idea why you were staring at him for one minute. As a prize, Natasha helped you wipe those tears away.
The next dare was you had to let Natasha draw funny things on your arm as a fake tattoo using a Sharpie, and you let her. Thank goodness for long sleeves.
She drew really silly things like smiley faces and stars on your hand, which quite impressed you for how cute it looked. With her soft fingers brushing against your wrist, you gazed at her concentrating on drawing something you didn’t bother to know what. You didn’t even feel the slow smile making its way to your face. All of a sudden, you realized how pretty Natasha is. How the side of her hair basked in the sunlight next to her, all you focused on was her instead of your noisy classmates behind her. It was as if a 50s love song tuned in the background the longer you stare at your best friend. What is this weird feeling?
You were snapped out of your trance when Natasha moved your arm to your direction so you could have a look with a wide smile, pleased with how it turned out. You were almost caught staring, but at least she didn’t see the blush on your cheeks the moment your eyes met Natasha’s. You looked down at your forearm, raising your eyebrows.
You forgot how well Natasha writes in cursive. She wrote down a simple Nat on your arm, but to you it was amazing. The letters perfectly connected together that you could just stare at it everyday. You grinned and darted a smile to Natasha, making a mental note to turn this into a real tattoo once you’re fully 18 years old.
You're sick never of saying it a million times in your head.
On the next round, you were dared to let her wear your varsity jacket of the school’s baseball team. You were happy that Natasha was happy wearing it. She loved smelling your scent. It was clear on her face how comfy she was wearing your jacket and wished she could cherish it forever to remind herself of you.
“It looks better on you.” You commented, unaware of your wide smile plastered on your face.
Natasha smirked, looking like she owns the jacket. “Of course it does.”
You rolled your eyes before you carried on. Unfortunately, Natasha has a few more creative dares up her sleeve. You know you’re really gonna embarrass yourself, so you got prepared for it like a brave person that you are. Curse her devilish brain, she made you give a cheesy pick up line to six people in the classroom. You earned a lot of laughs and weird looks, especially from Steve who didn’t understand it at all. You felt so embarrassed because they were so cheesy and Natasha enjoyed watching as you hide your face in your palms when you head back to your seat.
It’s not fair that Natasha’s giving you silly dares, you want to do that to her too but for some reason, she keeps picking Truth. You know she’s trying to avoid the dares. Luckily an evil plan crossed your mind. You can use that as an advantage to gain a secret that Natasha is keeping from you. You’ll just have to wait for her to choose Truth again.
You couldn’t stop laughing when you dropped to your seat, flapping your hand to stop Natasha who’s only smiling at you (maybe with heart eyes). “Okay, okay. Stop, stop. I’m out of breath.”
“I’m not even doing anything.”
“Whatever. Truth or Dare before I explode my chest for laughing.” You took a moment to catch some air as Natasha smiles, eyes down at her fingers in thought.
You’re quite surprised she made a sudden turn. Maybe she realized that she picked Truth too many times that she sensed you feeling suspicious. Natasha is always so careful and alert, it was a shame. You could’ve cracked her open like an egg and ask her something she’s never told you before.
Natasha is starting to regret that she agreed to play this game because she forgot this could be the way that you find out about her little crush. It relieved her for realizing what her next mistake could be if she continued to choose Truth. She has a gut feeling telling her that you might want to ask something much more personal. Something that Natasha wants to avoid.
She imagined you asking her. “Who’s your crush?”
It made her gulp silently.
You could either ask her who or why, and Natasha would still not answer it. Even if you insist that she answers, Natasha would come up with a nonexistent person to label them as her crush. She does not want you to know that you’re that person yet, except you totally exist and are real.
Which is why she chose Dare instead of Truth before you could possibly ask her who she likes. Natasha knows you too well that you’re much more interested in telling you her deepest secret.
It took you four attempts to try to get her to pick Truth again, and still counting, but all she’s been picking is Dare. It was a shame that you were too late, she has a good sense of feeling that you’re onto her which annoyed you. She didn’t even mind if you dared her to give a slap to Tony which impressed you, but it made your suspicion rise.
“You sure you wanna continue playing?” Natasha teased, smirking as her eyebrow shoots up. “It’s gonna get extreme the more we play. Are you down?”
Natasha’s eyes opened wide for a quick second that you couldn’t notice it. She internally blushed, embarrassed when a thought crossed her mind for her words. Luckily you were too into the game that you didn’t get the same thought like Natasha did, so she lets it be and clears her throat.
“For better or worse, I’m down. Let’s do this!”
Natasha chuckled as she shakes her head. “I swear you get too excited for this little game.”
“Hey, I’ll pull out those secrets from you soon, watch me. I’ll make sure you spill everything,” You winked, but you quickly switched back to your game face in just a blink of an eye. “Now quit stalling. We still have half an hour before lunchtime. I must get you to confess your deepest secrets.”
Natasha doubted you’d succeed, but she appreciated your enthusiasm. She loves it when she sees you get so motivated for a goal. Especially when you’re in a game. Just like when you play baseball, you get hyped up to win. She would watch you cheer in victory when you’ve won and smile lovingly proud, stare at you talking to others at lunch and also ignoring Wanda calling her name multiple times, watching attentively as you do a presentation in front of the class and crack a joke that the whole class laughs. There are many more times she’s stared at you, most that you have been oblivious about.
“Better be easy on me, Romanoff.” you said with a smile.
“Well, I’m not one to be easy with the likes of you. Besides, you wanted this so suck it up.”
You squinted at Natasha’s teasing smile, and rolled your eyes when she twitched her eyebrows up. It’s good that you trust her acting confident, keyword: acting. She doesn’t want it to seem obvious that she enjoys seeing how adorable you are when you’re challenged, as well as nervous for the next couple rounds.
What if she won’t be able to pick Dare anymore? It’ll be too suspicious. You’ll totally ask her who she likes then.
You really have no idea how much she wanted to tell you about her little crush, how she wants to confess all of it to get it off her chest after years of patience. But she can’t. She she fears of being rejected, considering how much you treat her like she’s a sister of your own. Now it’s both of your senior year, yet you still haven’t known.
That’s why the day she realized that maybe it’s better if she never confess her feelings to her best friend, it would be safe. So she stopped giving hints and only hoped that the feeling of being so connected to you fade away. Hard to say that it will because Natasha just couldn’t get over you easily.
Natasha stares at you eagerly taking her hand, shaking it as an excited grin makes their way to your face. “Gosh I’m so excited. Okay I’ll go first. Or do you wanna pick Truth?”
“Sure.” Natasha responded softly, nearly too late before you could’ve noticed that she almost didn’t listen to you because she was staring.
That was a bad idea because the moment Natasha realized what she said, your eyes brewed with mischief. She knew it was too late to take it back. You were so sneaky you managed to trick Natasha.
“I’ve been waiting for this moment.” You laughed puckishly.
Oh god.
Thoughts raced in Natasha’s mind, her heart beating so loud that she’s just grateful the whole class couldn’t hear it. If they could, she would shrink in her chair and wish she would just disappear. Her fingers dug into her shirt, teeth clenched in nervousness. You could’ve heard Natasha gulping if it wasn’t for your fingers tapping on the desk.
“Who’s your crush?” You asked it so simply like it was the same thing for Natasha to answer. To her, it’s very difficult to give a response, especially when the answer is literally just right in front of her, just before her eyes,
“Um,” she cleared her throat. “I’m not sure if I want to answer that.”
“Come on, Nat,” you whined with pleading eyes, taking her hand and gripping it between your cold, soft hands. “I’ve been wanting to know for months now. Years, actually. You keep dodging it every time I ask you.”
The classroom is suddenly hot that Natasha feels herself practically sweating. When she became hotter, your cold hands tightly holding Natasha’s warmed them.
“Just tell me. I promise it’ll be a secret between the two of us, I swear. I’m your best friend, I deserve to know. Is it someone in our class?” You whispered and winked.
Natasha frowned at you for a moment. You nodded, giving a thumbs up. “I’ll take that as a yes. Is it Steve?”
Natasha tried to shake her head, but she couldn’t even say no. Not because it is Steve, but because the way your hold on her hand tightened, she forgot how to speak.
“Is it Tony? Thor? Clint? Wait, Clint’s your nonbiological brother. Scratch that.” Your eyes disconnected with Natasha’s to think of any other guy options that could be the one.
Natasha is actually glad you looked away or you would’ve seen how her cheeks flush in tinge pink. She couldn’t help but get so nervous in front of you thanks for that question you asked her. She doesn’t know how to control her feelings that’s stirring in her heart at the moment.
Is it time? Should she tell you or should she just wait another decade to tell you?
While Natasha was under pressure on telling you the truth, you were imagining if it really was Clint. That would be surprising. You have been noticing how close they are, but they give off siblings vibe because they like to fight and play video games sometimes, but seeing them as lovers never crossed your mind before. If it is in fact the truth, you'd be astonished. Your thoughts were cut off by Natasha's nervous stammering.
“I-I,’s...” Natasha choked on her saliva, fidgeting her fingers. The pressure of your (e/c) eyes that are laid on her is not helping her talk properly.
Maybe it is Clint? If it's him,'ll support Natasha and ignore the disappointment in your heart.
“Go on, carry on,” you prompted composedly. “Don’t stop. I’m listening.”
“Ooh, interesting. What’s all this about?”
Spoke of the devil.
Clint chimed in when he approached your desk with a grin. He also brought Thor and Steve over who offered a friendly smile to you and Natasha, surrounding the two of you.
Natasha blew a relieved breath quietly while you looked at the guys with a smile. “Oh, Nat was about to tell me who she likes. And it’s in our classroom.”
Thor’s thick eyebrows shot up immediately, his eyes shifting to the redhead. He smiled at her as if convincing her to proceed. “Ooh, Miss Romanoff is fancying someone in the classroom of ours? Please, tell us.”
You look at Thor confused, then to all the other guys at his sides surprised to see that they don’t know who it is. You asked the whole classroom who it might be, and got no answer to your dismay. You figured they would know considering how close they are with Natasha too. “That’s suspiciously mysterious. Why does nobody knows who Nat likes in our class?”
“That’s cause it’s me, right?” Tony popped out behind Steve, smiling doubtlessly. “Of course everybody likes me. I just didn’t understand your way of liking me by slapping me across the face from earlier, Romanoff.”
“He didn’t mean you, genius. This is someone else, I’m sure.” You said, then the guys chanted a faint “Ooh” as they all look at Natasha.
Now she feels more pressured. You’re going to know, these guys are going to know, then the whole school will. It’ll be the talk of the week and probably every next few months of her senior year. A perfect closure for her high school story.
“So? Who’s the lucky person, Tasha?” Clint prompted. “Better tell us now.”
“Hey come on. Give her a second.” You stretched your hand out towards the boys.
Natasha sucks a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm herself down in order to gather some courage. She decides that maybe she should tell you now before it’s too late. Besides, what could possibly go wrong?
“Will it surprise everyone if I say it’s who I’m looking at?” That was her mistake. She didn’t mean to ask.
What she meant was: It will surprise everyone when she says it’s who she’s looking at. And she would emphasize on the word ‘will’.
First, you couldn’t quite comprehend what Natasha meant, so all you did was smile in confusion. But as soon as you realize that her lustrous emerald eyes never left yours, glued on only you and no one else surrounding her, your face lit up in surprise. You blinked wordlessly, somehow you still managed to keep your mouth closed, and cheeks burning red. If melting like a candle was a real thing, you’d be a puddle of you. The guys formed a proud smile before sharing each other smirks.
“Guess the mystery is solved. Took you long enough.”
You craned towards Clint, eyes scanning his smirking face in disbelief. “You knew? The whole time?”
Thor’s thick brows furrowed as he looks at you. “How come you did not? I thought we all had known Miss Romanoff was fond of you.” He shrugged, and you look at him next with the same face. “What? She is, indeed.”
Tony was laughing at your baffled face but you ignored him. Instead, you look at Steve, who’s merely standing with his hands holding together, smiling as if he also knew all along.
He shrugged apologetically. “Sorry, y/n. I wanted to tell you but they all wanted to see how you would react.”
“And it’s priceless.” Tony added, still laughing his guts out.
You lean back on your chair roughly, shaking your head. “I can’t believe you guys knew all this time. Who else knows?”
“The whole class,” Clint said, coughing to hide his laugh. “Like I said, took you long enough.”
“I can’t believe I’m the only one who didn’t know.” You motioned your hands to show how shocked you are, unable to look at Natasha who’s softly chuckling. You would’ve wished the class to be silent so you could hear her again.
Eventually, your eyes searched for hers and it made your heart race for some reason when she smiles nervously at you. You can still feel the heat of your cheeks. “How long?”
“Almost two years, but you know.” Natasha shrugs simply.
“She’s been giving hints and it drove me nuts when you never even once realized a single of them.” Clint added.
“Never?!” Tony repeated in utter shock. “She’s been giving you hints and you never realized? How-”
“Okay now,” Steve pulled the guys by their sleeves. “Let’s leave them alone for now. I’m sure they have things to arrange privately. Especially for this Sunday because there’s a new movie released in the theater and it would be a shame to miss it.”
You glanced at him, confused when he sent a teasing wink your way. You didn’t know what he meant, but Natasha did. You noticed her flushed cheeks and how she looked away for a moment. Was Steve suggesting a date for you two?
As soon as the guys had left, you leaned your chest forward in interest. You look at Natasha curiously, fingers fidgeting on top of your desk.
“Is it the truth?” Your voice sounded hopeful. “Do you really like me?”
“Since when?”
She glanced at her fingers, playing with her nails. “Since we started getting close. But I didn’t think you’d be interested in someone like me so I stopped trying to let you know that I like you.”
Natasha thought you’d ask her why next, but all you did was stare at her for a minute, seeing how serious she is despite the hotness of her cheeks. You thought she was only kidding. Is this all a prank or were you just too oblivious to realize?
Later on, your eyes looked behind Natasha. You saw Tony, Thor, Clint and a shaking head Steve all raising a piece of paper that says ‘date her’ in big captions, encouraging you to go out with Natasha. You straightened your back, fixing your posture and propping your chin with your hand. A smile formed on your face when you look at Natasha.
“It’s my turn, isn’t it?” You asked suddenly, disappointment and surprise flashed in Natasha’s eyes but she understood you wanted to continue playing to avoid answering her-
Or do you?
“I choose Dare. You know what to dare me with.” There was a hint of confidence in your voice that made Natasha look at you.
You know what she’s thinking, what she’s supposed to dare you with. Your smirk obviously said so. “Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.”
Natasha bit her lower lip nervously but when she saw your face softening, she gathered up some courage with a single exhale.
“I-I dare you...” you lift your eyebrows to assure her to continue. “ go out with me.”
You lean back gently, sighing as you put your hands up, shrugging defeatedly. “Well, guess I have no choice. A dare’s a dare. Challenge accepted.”
You transformed your smile back to a smirk that Natasha giggled softly, then there’s the smile you were looking for. Turns out this game disappointed neither of you. Which is a surprise, but a good one, for sure.
“Date and time is required to be informed. Don’t forget.” You winked, reaching your hand out to offer a handshake. Natasha took it, surprised that you entwined it with yours afterwards. It’s smooth and soft, so she can’t really blame you for liking to hold her hands.
“And the next time you catch feelings for me, tell me right away because I wanna know before those guys do.” You joked.
Natasha rolled her eyes eyes and pulled her hand immediately, hearing you laugh in amusement.
Once your mirth ceased down, you glanced at your fingers before looking up at Natasha. She was still looking you slightly embarrassed, but it was less than before.
“I like you too, to be honest. I just thought it was only one sided, but...I was wrong.” You smiled.
After a few seconds the bell started ringing, alarming everyone that lunchtime has arrived. You stayed seated as you watch the class empties. Instead of going to run after your other classmates to eat lunch with them, you want to go with her.
“Wanna go together?” You smiled, expecting the answer yes.
Natasha nodded softly, smiling in return. You both stood up, hands still linked together as you head to the front of the class. You ignored the smiling/smirking boys as you walk pass them on the way out.
“So, about the on a Sunday sounds nice." You wrapped your hand around her arm, making a reminder in your head to thank Steve later.
Natasha looks at you for a second, before offering a smile. "Yeah?"
"Yeah. Oh, we should get ice cream after school too, you’re paying.”
Your playful voice echoed, leaving the four boys nodding in approval and proudness. Their dream of seeing you together with Natasha has finally come true at last. The four of them turned to a spectacled boy clumsily approaching them.
“Why is everyone smiling? D-did something happened?”
Tony patted him on his shoulder. “Bruce, you poor boy. Allow me to explain the most wonderful news today.”
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natashasleftelbow · a day ago
my only exception
Tumblr media
(i don’t own this gif or any of the characters in this fic)
summary: you and nat are separated when in the Red Room. you both are reunited. after holding onto a couple things to give her for a couple years you both realize love is well and alive.
warnings: violence, abuse, swearing, lil angst, fluff
pairing: natasha romanoff x fem!reader
word count: nearly 1.8k
a/n: omg i don’t know what to say! thank you for all the support on the stuff i’ve released so far. it’s super crazy seeing some of my favorite writers following me. thank you so so much for 30 followers! much love 💕💕
(italics in dialogue mean the person is speaking russian)
sorry for any mistakes i wrote this at 3am and have to get up for school at 6 😪 no bueno
It was a cold and stormy night as the power in the Red Room continuously flickered on and off even with the help of a high powered generator.
You and Natalia had been waiting for an event like this to occur so you could break out. Even though both herself and you lived only a small bit of life outside in the real world before you were taken in and trained to become a weapon, both of your humanly morals knew right from wrong. The Red Room’s treatment definitely being a wrong.
Madame B and the other monstrous staff at this facility put all you girls to bed roughly an hour ago. Nat and yourself undid your cuffs connecting your wrist to the metal bedframe so you could pack the few things you both owned before you made your escape. Both of you had talked this plan over through and through so you both were on the same page as soon as you saw that flicker of a power outage surge though the site.
At the moment you both were eighteen years old meaning both of you had proven yourselves worthy enough to hone a spot at this academy and had graduated a couple months prior.
Some information you had gathered which the staff weren’t aware of was every time the power flickered off, it disarmed and unlocked the exit door/s for nearly five seconds. The weather has been dry but cold lately not making this discovery too useful. The plan was to sneak over to uncuff yourselves in the middle of the night when these brief power outages were occurring, pack your items, and as you were about to escape bang on the wall of the large room where the girls kept at the academy would sleep to create enough of a distraction before you were out and free for good. Easy right? How wrong you’d be.
When it was time for the distraction, Nat stood by the door waiting for the next surge of lightning of whatever broke the electricities stability as you walked to the far side of the sleeping quarters where you were sure you’d have enough time to bang on the walls and sprint out of that door.
You heard a crash of thunder so you knew your escape chance would be soon. As you were about to start banging on the walls you see a door knob parallel to Nat but far away none the less start turning.
Lightning strikes, what seems to be right outside of the building. You sprint for the door only to have your arm caught by one of Madame B’s henchmen.
Just like that the power flickers.
Without much thought you break away from the man’s grasp lunge at Natalia who happened to be at the door.
“We’ll meet again Natalia.” you speak softly
You shove her out of the door with all of your might.
You use all of your remaining strength that you can muster up to slam the heavy metal door closed.
The door locks once again.
“You stupid little bitch. Get over here NOW!” the man practically growls.
You slowly and steadily walk over to the man as he gruesomely pummels and kicks you.
Sure the beatings, mind torture and manipulation hurt, but you’ve never experienced any kind of pain on the same caliber to what being separated from Natalia feels like.
Madame B is more than disappointed, enraged and annoyed with one of her ‘star students’. You receive daily beatings and long, tiresome training hours for helping Natalia escape. Although everyone is ‘replaceable’ in the minds of the staff as well as Madame B, they just lost Natalia so they couldn’t afford to lose you as well.
Months later the beatings finally slow down to a couple a week which you are able to endure. Madame’s mission now is to make a monster out of you by pushing you to and past your limits when training.
One night you finally drift off to sleep. You hate sleeping. It’s a constant replay of your last night with Nat. Only hoping that she made it to civilization safe and sound and is living a normal teens life. However, tonight’s dream is different. In this dream you see yourself shoving your packed-escape bag between your mattress and bedframe as you are bleeding out on the ground from the beatings. You wake up in a cold sweat and manage to kneel on the ground and slowly lift up your mattress only to find that same, small bag filled with the few, but important belongings of yours and Nat’s. You open up the bag forgetting all about what you both had packed. The most important items you see is a picture of Natalia as a toddler with alongside her mother and father, a small metal ring which you had made for her after stealing a small teaspoon at dinner, banging it against the concrete floor with a rock to flatten it out as you’d continuously bend it back and fourth so only the thinnest part is of the spoon is left which you bend into a ring before surprising Nat with it after you know she had a pretty rough day training, and lastly Nat’s papers containing important info about her such as her full name, birthplace, parents names, and birthdate.
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
November 22, 1984
You make sure you have this date burned into your head, latching onto any important information about her you can learn.
You hang onto those three items keeping them hidden.
Two and a half years later...
It’s late at night when you hear gunshots and fights breaking out throughout the facility. You quickly get up out of bed (once again undoing your cuffs) and grab those three items from under your mattress. You place them in your pocket getting ready to make a break for the outside world. As you reach for the door you turn back taking one last look at the place you’ve been living for pretty much the entirety of your life, only before a man in a funny red, white, and blue costume enters your view.
You bring your hands up ready for a fight.
“Look kid, I’m not here to fight you. We are breaking you out.” the man ensures
“Who even are you?” you sternly question
“Steve Rogers. But the public calls me Captain America.” his gaze settles on your figure, “Mind telling me who you are?” he pushes
“Names y/n, but look I’ve got places to be ma-“ you are cut off when Captain America’s jaw drops.
“No, we both know you don’t. But, you ARE coming with me.” you know there isn’t much room for protest but that won’t stop you from trying. You lunge at him and push him to the ground as you wave a small goodbye and sprint towards the door only for your body to fall on the ground limp. Realizing you’ve been stunned by something temporarily.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” you shriek, he only chuckles.
“God, Nat was right about you.” she shakes he head with a small grin on his face.
“N-nat?” you whisper as you vision fades black.
You regain consciousness and look around only to find yourself in a weird windowy, loud vehicle type thing. You see a group of people standing around you but you see one particular familiar face hovering directly over yours lightly combing through your hair with one one hand and gently outlining your jawline with the other.
“NAT!” you screech, your brain is feeling too many emotions to comprehend at the moment.
Once she sees and hears you are awake she pulls you into a bone crushing hug.
“Y/n/n I’m so sorry I left you and you had to stay in that hellhole for so long alone I don’t know how I would’ve help up it if that-“ you cut her off
“Natalia, all that matters is I’m here with you right now.” you reason.
After getting off of what you learned is a ‘plane’ you and Nat spend hours together clinging onto one another as if, as soon as you separate you will be absent in her life for alan other couple years, vice versa.
Months pass by. Even though you and Nat have yet to label yourselves as a couple your heats belong to one another after being attached to the hip to one another for pretty much every activity or mission you both do. In this time you were also recruited as an Avenger due to your skillful hand to hand combat and your masterful types of fighting you have nearly perfected from your time in the room.
The date just happens to be November 22. You are pretty sure no one in the compound is aware of Natalia’s birthday, hell, you aren’t even sure if she’s aware.
Today is the day you decide to return the missing items from her bag that you recover after she left.
You wake up next to her and wake her up with a long, graceful, soft kiss on her lips to which she responds shortly after by kissing you back as you feel as tiny smirk against your own lips.
“Hey, what was that for?” she asks playfully
“Ohhh nothing. Just maybe it’s for my favorite girl’s special day today.” Nat blushes.
“H-how’d you know?”
“Oh honey, I know e v e r y t h i n g.” you reply
Before she can respond you pull her to sit up on your shared bed and hand her an envelope containing her papers as well as he one and only photo of herself and her family.
As soon as she sees both items she sobs into your chest. (more because of the picture, you really only included her papers so she too would know all the most crucial parts of her life pre-red room era.
“Uh, uh, uh’” you tut,”One more thing.” you reach for her hand slowly and tell her to shut her eyes. You slowly slide the makeshift ring on her finger.
“Open.” you instruct
To which she gasps at the sight and just like the day you both were reunited you hugged and kissed for hours on end.
“Nat, will you be my girlfriend?” you ask with a sheepish smile.
“Of course y/n/n, I thought you’d never ask.” she takes a breath,“I know love is for children, but you are my only exception.”
“Ditto.” Natalia chuckles, “That is what the Americans say, right?” you backtrack with flushed cheeks.
She holds you tighter and presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“Sure.” she breathes out.
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honeyedtulips · a day ago
Hi! Can you please do "♡ hugging while naked" with Natasha
♡ to be alone with you ♡
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: fluff ♡
summary: your wife natasha is very stubborn in the morning ♡
word count: 762 ♡
a/n: i hope you enjoy this and it satisfies your request! ♡ listen to the song here while you read if you’d like! i hope it makes your day better ♡
tendrils of flaxen light slithered through the opening of the curtains, bathing the room in sunshine and restful warmth. a hummingbird flitted by the window, bumping its wing against the glass. you jerked lightly at the sound, groaning under your breath. you watched as the hummingbird tweeted in either pain or apology and scurried off, sitting on the crook of the picket fence outside your house. you smiled. this was your life.
you and natasha had lived in your lovely two-story cabin for three years now. as soon as the two of you had gotten married, natasha had heaved you in your arms and settled down with you. tony had purchased the cabin for the both of you as a wedding gift and you both had been happy ever since. it was the sweetest wonderland you could ever imagine. there was even a babbling brook nearby and a pond full of cute fish that you and natasha would greet every morning. you and your wife had started a small garden in the backyard, even dedicating a small section of flowers for your future family. you could imagine the soft thud of cute little feet running around in your house. it was a perfect family home.
“are you up?” natasha’s hoarse morning voice snapped you out of your reverie. you turned, smiling as you watched her lime-green eyes twinkling with drowsiness staring back at you.
“hi there, wifey.”
a smile curled natasha’s rosy red lips. “hi, my love.” she always smiled when you referred to her as your wife. she actually cried the first time you said it, shortly after you’d gotten engaged and were planning the wedding. the site of her eyes brimming with redness and tears made your heart break and swoon at the same time.
“want waffles?” you croaked, humming happily as her arm found its way around your waist. natasha had suddenly developed a craving for peanut butter waffles the moment you two had left the compound. maybe she was trying to try new things now that she didn’t have judgmental prying eyes watching her every move.
“yes, please,” natasha grunted into your shoulder, pulling you closer and letting her breasts flatten against your back. “do you want me to make bacon?”
“yes, and don’t forget to feed gerald some carrots.”
“fuck gerald.”
you giggled quietly. gerald was the cute little bunny you had made friends with a few months ago. he always waddled over to your garden and natasha apparently couldn’t stand him (you were sure she loved him, she just didn’t want to admit it. one time you caught her actually smiling as he hopped away, a carrot hanging loosely from his teeth.) he was an adorable, brown little thing and always rubbed his little head against natasha’s shoes when she gave him carrots.
“don’t talk about our child that way,” you whispered, running your nails tenderly against natasha’s arms. your wife moaned with delight, peppering kisses along your neck.
“no, s’not my child…liho’s my child…”
liho was a cat that you and natasha had gotten a month before you’d proposed. you had even incorporated the cute kitty in your big moment of popping the question. natasha nearly sobbed when she saw her daughter padding towards her, bearing an open jewelry box with a gorgeous engagement ring in it.
“please don’t let liho eat gerald…” you muttered, keeping your eyes closed. you groaned when natasha only replied with a chuckle and a chaste kiss to your head.
“okay, well, let me make the waffles to convince you not to eat my son,” you threw your legs over the side of the bed and sat up. natasha grunted in disagreement, arms still tight around you. you chuckled. “aren’t you hungry, talia?”
“i still wanna cuddle my wife.” natasha’s voice rumbled into your shoulder.
you sniggered, warming natasha’s wrist with tender kisses. “goodbye hug?”
“yes, please.”
you turned around, natasha’s sleepy eyes sparkling with adoration. god, you would die for her. if the whole world was falling apart, you would shield her with your life the best you could. you wrapped your arms around her, head falling onto your shoulder and gulping in her ethereal scent of jasmine and honey and impenitent perfection. she dropped a string of kisses along your jawline, finally moving to close her lips around yours. you sighed happily, smiling when you heard her do the same.
“okay, wifey, let me go so i can make the waffles!”
“no, the kiss was supposed to make you stay, honey—no, don’t open the blind—y/n, no!”
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Hi there! Hope you are doing good! Would it be possible to do something with Natasha and the prompt 'weak smiles and injuries'? Have a wonderful day/night! :)
Tumblr media
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader ♡
genre: soft fluffy fluff ♡
summary: you kiss natasha’s bruised knuckles and vermillion scars and wash her bloody clothes when she comes home. to you, there’s not a person in this world more beautiful than her ♡
word count: 852 ♡
a/n: thank you for the request! i hope you enjoy and this is good enough! here’s the song if you wish to listen while you read ♡
natasha grunted as she pulled her body across the threshold. the day been long, hot, and painful. although she was the black widow, full of intimidating grace and packed with incomparable intelligence, but even she had bad days.
this was one of them.
the smell of lavender kissed her nose as she stalked further into the house. a tray of warm peanut butter cookies sits waiting for you on the stovetop next to you a plate of warm lasagna and garlic bread. you must’ve heard her coming. she smiled as she imagined your frantic frame clambering about the kitchen, sorting out pots and plates and even silently cursing to yourself as you accidentally let a finger bump against the blistering edge of the cookie pan. you were the most adorable thing in the world to her.
she put her bag down by the door and slid her ankles out of her blood-stricken work shoes. she placed them by the carpet, watching as a few drops of blood soaked into the carpet. before natasha, you had never seen a lot of blood before. she felt that with the entrance of herself in your life, she’d spoiled your innocence, revealed you to a whole world of blood, broken bones, gory monsters. you never complained about it though. you seemed interested, almost fascinated, every time she came home and told you about the new creature she and the avengers had had to take down. she appreciated that. you were one of the reasons why she had started feeling less and less like a monster with each passing day.
natasha passed by the oven, not even sparing another glance at the dinner and dessert you’d set out for her. she needed to get cleaned up, and hoped she’d be able to do it before you noticed her. however, once she noticed your drowsy figure drooping off the couch as you tiredly giggled at bob’s burgers, she knew she was screwed.
“oh my god, talia!”
you leapt from your seat, rushing over to her and gingerly taking her face in her hands. she felt it was stupid that she still blushed whenever your beautiful eyes strayed over her face and body looking for injuries.
“what happened to you, talia?” your soft voice was choked with emotion.
“i’m fine, my love,” natasha put a hand on your shoulder, coaxing you to look at her. a smile pulled on her face, but it was dim and weak. “just a bad mission and frankly a bad day. i’m home now, that’s all that matters.”
she watched as sadness poured into your eyes. you always hated when she had bad days. sometimes you’d cry over the shit she’d tell you before she did. at first, she had felt awkward about your emotional ways of loving her, but now she couldn’t live without it. she couldn’t live without you.
“let’s clean you up,” you whispered, gently dragging her down the hallway. “i’ll do it the way you taught me! remember when you showed me what to do if you came home all bruised and broken?”
“hey!” natasha cried, playfully. “i’m not broken, honey! only bruised and a little bloody.”
you led her into the bedroom, drawing the first aid kit from the closet. natasha watched as you attended to her bruises with the most loving care. even if with bruises littering her skin and blood marking her temple, you thought she was the most angelic creature you’d ever seen. she told you about some hilarious stuff tony had said, some heroic deed steve had committed, and some witty joke clint had barked after nearly getting shot. they were a chaotic bunch of heroes, but still heroes nonetheless. learning about the shenanigans that occurred behind the scenes made you feel so lucky. the fact that natasha trusted you enough to tell you meant the world to you.
“all done!” you sprang up, quickly putting the first aid kit away in the closet. “now, bath time!”
“join me?” natasha said, a small smirk playing on her lips. you giggled, watching as natasha shook her shirt off her elbows and peeled her pants off her legs. in a few seconds, she was bare before you, suit laying on the ground, red curls lying on her pallid, naked skin. you loved her like this. unapologetically perfect, unapologetically natasha.
you wrapped your arms around her, pulling her close to you. her chin warmed your shoulder, red locks tickling your collarbone. you loved having her close to you. it had taken a while for natasha to be vulnerable with you, and you appreciated that she trusted you enough to even let her guard down. a position like this would’ve never been agreeable to her months ago: her completely naked and you fully clothed, embracing each other. now, she knew you were the only one who could handle her heart, that you would never break it. and she loved you for it, so much.
“let’s have that bath, yeah?”
natasha sleepily nodded against your shoulder, making you chuckle. who knew the black widow could be such a puppy sometimes?
honeyedtulips x♡🌷
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wandavixen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Taglist: @teenwonder
“What did I fucking tell you?” Natasha spits at you, the rage in her eyes clouding her judgment as she slams you into the quinjet's wall.
“Tasha, I’m sorr-”
“Don’t fucking call me that!”
The rest of the Avengers were sat in their respected areas, not watching the scene between you and your girlfriend unfold, but not missing any word being said. A body-shaped form lay in the center of them, covered in a what used to be a dusty white sheet, but now is drenched in blood.
You were tasked with recovering stolen S.H.I.E.L.D documents but got caught up in a fight with Hydra agents, not realising that their numbers had grown too large for you to handle alone. Your face was strewn with fresh cuts, and your limbs slowed with aching fatigue.
“I told you to get the hell out of there. You never listen to anything I fucking say.”
Her brow furrowed as she faced the others, catching them all glance miserably at the covered corpse. She didn’t understand why no one else was pissed at you. It was your fault. You’re the reason why Clint will never be able to watch his children grow and find their soulmates, just as he did with Laura.
“I gave you a direct order, you disobeyed me, and now Clint is you fucking understand me?Clint is dead!”
Tears fogged your vision and streamed down your cheeks, but the redhead was too preoccupied with her scolding to notice.
“My best friend died saving you because you couldn’t do your job. You killed him!”
You felt the need to apologise. To get down on your knees and beg forgiveness from the love of your life, but your body and brain were disconnected. Her words were filled with hatred and were directed at you, the girl she was supposed to love unconditionally. Natasha waited for you to speak up. She expected you to say something, to try and make amends, but you remained silent.
The pain deep within your chest is unlike anything you've ever felt; your heart was shattered into tiny shards of glass that pierced the organ even further with each passing second. You had lost your best friend today and yet you had a suspicion that you also lost your girlfriend as well.
“We’re done.” She whispers, a little calmer than she was before, and storms to the other side of the plane, where she takes her seat next to Bruce.
The team had decided to stop talking to you. Tony would no longer invite you to his laboratory, Steve would no longer train with you, Wanda would no longer cook with you, and Natasha would no longer be yours.
At first, you would roam the establishment by yourself but that became a problem one day when Sam approached you and budged your shoulder with malice, causing you to fall into the wall and bash your head.
After that, you had withdrawn to the safe confines of your bedroom, where you spent your days reading books and contemplating what you had done wrong; only leaving when you were sure it was safe to do so.
It was nearly impossible to live without Natasha. Every day, you'd wake up drenched in sweat from night terrors. The mere thought of what happened that day was enough to send you into a sobbing frenzy all over again. The pictures of you two on the walls would mock you, adding to your already self-destructive mindset. Nobody wanted you here and you couldn’t complain...
It’s what you deserve.
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Something Hot
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, violence (please message if you think I need to add any more!)
TAG LIST: @chicken-wang09 @ima-gi--na-tion @severepeanutartisanhands @madamvirgo @ali-lie @madamevirgo
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Tumblr media
This has not been proof read, please be kind!
Tony and Peppers wedding was a huge distraction for you, taking your mind off the inevitable; The mission that was taking you away from everyone you loved. You hadn’t found it in you to actually tell anyone other than Natasha, not yet at least. You just wanted to enjoy the day, the last day you would all be together. Happy and smiling, dancing and all sharing an incredible memory. This is how you wanted them to remember you.
You, Nat and Morgan were all holding hands, swaying on the dance floor as the little girl squealed with excitement. You were going to miss her so much. You wanted to see her grow. See all of the things she got into, which was currently Frozen, which you absolutely loved too. For being 2 and a half, she already knew all of the words to every song in the film; demanding you sing them with her every day she saw you, which was literally every day. But you didn’t mind. You loved to sing, you love the movie, and you loved Morgan.
The night came to an end, and your goddaughter refused to be took to bed by anyone but you. So you did. You could never deny the little Princess anything.
“Why are you sad, Auntie Y/N?” Morgan almost whispered as you pulled the covers over her, placing her favourite teddy under her arm. You were shocked still. How did a 2 and a half year old notices the pain in your eyes? You silently prayed that no one else had realised.
“Well, Squishy...” You called her by her nickname you’d gave her, giving her a gentle jab through her sheets, earning a fit of giggles from the child in front of you.
“Auntie Y/N has to go away for a little bit for work. Got to stop those naughty people from doing naughty things. But don’t worry, I won’t be long!”
You saw her eyes start to pool, and yours quickly followed, but you blinked them away quickly, refusing to cry in front of her.
It was a lie.
A giant fucking lie.
You were going to be long. 3 years, possibly more. Possibly forever if things didn’t go to plan.
“But you’ll call all the time, right? And we can sing to each other! Are you going to bring me back a present?” It was as if your goddaughter could feel the pain you were in, trying to ease the situation with her happiness.
“I will have to write to you, sweetie. But your mammy and daddy will read out every single one! And we can send each other videos! Obviously I’ll be bringing you back a present! The best presents always come from Auntie Y/N!”
You said your goodnights and left the child’s room, slowly closing the door behind you and pressing your back to it. You squeezed your eyes closed, trying to stop the tears that instantly came from falling. You’d cried every single night since finding out you had to leave. Nothing could prepare you for that. It was one of the most heart aching things you’d ever have to do.
“Hey.” You heard the soft voice of your girlfriend beside you. When you opened your eyes, you saw Natasha leaning against a wall, arms crossed over her chest as she watched you with so much sorrow in her eyes. You couldn’t stop the single tear from rolling down your cheek, and didn’t even bother to wipe it away as you let yourself be folding into her embrace. You refused to cry anymore. It was your job, you had to go. Natasha understood that, and so would the team. It didn’t make it any easier or any less painful, but knowing they understood why you left made you feel all of 1% better.
You and Natasha had had a long conversation about it all. She told you that you didn’t have to worry about coming home and finding her in bed with another person, that no matter what, she was going to wait for you. She told you that it was your job, and that it was inevitable that either one of you would have to go on a long time mission. She said she wished it was her, so you didn’t have to miss your family, miss Morgan learn and grow, but told you she would keep you updated on every single thing that happened, down to a sneeze. You’d laughed at her, the first laugh since you’d been told about your mission. That was one of the many reasons you loved her- no matter how you felt, she could always make you smile.
You were suppose to leave the next day, and you still hadn’t told the rest of the team. You felt like you were doing them wrong by not letting them know, but it also broke your heart to much just imagining their responses, their faces. You didn’t want to see the pity, the pain or the sorrow. You wanted them to look at you with love and happiness in their eyes like they had today.
You’d gone to bed that night without a single tear dropping, though sleep was something that didn’t come easy. Not only for the fact you were leaving, but the mission it’s self. You’d read the file, and you wanted to cry just from that. Child trafficking, all over the world. They were smuggling girls and sending them off to other countries, and you didn’t dare allow yourself to think about what was happening to them when they arrived in their new country- probably Hell. As much as you hated Fury for making you go, you also felt a deep need to help those girls. To slaughter every filthy disgusting mother fucker who even looked at them, never mind touched them. To get them back home and to their families. You wanted to saved them, but you didn’t want to leave. Tough, you didn’t have a choice. You knew what the job was when you signed up, knew that you could potentially be sent across the world for god knows how long.
You were so grateful for Natasha and how calm she had been throughout the past few days. She’d truly been your rock, your shoulder to cry on and simply everything you’ve needed. She didn’t pressure you to talk about it, only bringing it up when you did. You were going to miss her so fucking much.
“Tell the team I’m sorry. That I will miss them so much. That I love them all. I’ll write as much as I can. Tell Morgan, Auntie Y/N will be home in no time, with the best presents ever. Tell Tony to always read every single email out to her, she knows I’ll be writing.” You were sobbing into Natasha’s arms as you stood by the jet that was about to take you miles upon miles away from her. You could feel how tense she was, how she was trying to keep herself together for you.
“I love you, Nat. Never, ever forget that. No matter what happens, I will always love you. Always.”
“And I love you. Always.”
As soon as you left, Natasha let herself breakdown. She was in the garage of the compound, leaning against her car and just sobbing. She stayed like that until Sam and Bucky came back from a mission, finding her on the floor in a puddle of tears. They’d somehow got her upstairs, and by the time the elevator door pinged open, her tears had stopped. She couldn’t cry now, she’d had her turn, now it was theirs. She knew how loved you were, how everyone adored you. You were part of the family. You were like a sister to Peter and Wanda. Like a daughter to Tony. A fucking amazing best friend to everyone else. And you were the love of Natasha’s life.
“Nat? What’s wro-“
“Y/N gone. A mission. 3 years.” She spat the words out so quickly she didn’t even know of any of them caught a single part of it. She couldn’t look them in the eyes, keeping her head hung low as she waited for their responses.
“A mission? Why didn’t she tell us?” She could hear the pain in Wanda’s voice. Natasha finally looked up, seeing pain filled eyes and tears.
“She couldn’t. She could barely tell me. She didn’t want to see how hurt you would all be by her leaving.”
“Three years...” Peter had tears running down his cheeks, when he whispered the words. She wanted to go and hug him, to tell him it was alright, but that was your job. You were the one Peter went to, and now the kid didn’t have you. Who was he meant to cry to? To tell all his secrets too? Who was he meant sing and dance like an idiot with? You were his best friend, and you were gone.
“She can email us. She had to leave her personal phone behind. God knows if she’ll have much time to herself to send each of us emails, but something is better than nothing.” Natasha said, before walking out the room. She couldn’t face them any longer, just wanting to be alone so she could suffer in peace.
The first 6 months were a drag. Constant surveillance on boats and lorries. Tracking every single piece of shit gang member, figuring out the next move, working on learning where the girls were going so you could find them and free them. So far you had markers on 8 members, but you hadn’t actually spotted any of the girls yet. They were good, though you expected it. You must have to be a sneaky fucker to be smuggling a load of young women across countries and selling them to the highest bidder, and not be caught. But that’s where they fucked up. They were caught. And every single one of them were going to either end up dead or in prison for the rest of their lives. You were hoping for the first.
As you were sitting and watching from a buildings roof top, you thought about your family back home.
You’d left each of them a personal hand written letting, which you had hidden in each of their rooms just before you left. You told them how much you loved them, and added personal details, memories shared and that you’d always remember them. You’d even left one for Morgan with Tony and Peppers letters, as well as a stuffed Olaf plush. You’d jokingly wrote that you wanted to be sent a picture of her with it so you knew no one had stole it, and Tony had attached the wanted picture in an email to you. It made you cry like a baby. You wanted so much to be there, singing with her again. Natasha kept her promise of filling you in on every detail of what happened throughout the Avengers’ day. She’d sent you videos of Peter and Wanda, dedicating a song to you and dancing together like fools, which warmed your heart so much it brought tears to your eyes. Steve had apparently been spotted with a woman, though the ins and outs of that were yet to be confirmed. She told you that Jane, the owner of the coffee shop you both loved, had shed a tear or two when she asked Natasha where you were, finding out that you were away for work for a while. Jane had told Natasha to tell you to ‘be a smart cookie’, and get home safe. You loved Jane, and just thinking about her made you crave one of her amazing mochas.
Damn, you could really use one of those right now...
It’s been a year since you had left for your mission, and it was really taking a toll on Natasha. Everyone could see it. She was in pain. Everything reminded her of you. She didn’t help herself though, always watching Peters YouTube videos of you singing, looking at photos of you two together, even rereading articles wrote about you. You were such an amazing person, so sweet and kind, funny and sarcastic. You never wanted to hurt a soul, but you’d told her how you wanted to make sure you stopped the people you were going after, once and for all. She knew what you had meant, you wanted them dead. She didn’t actually know what you were doing out there, and that terrified her. Clearly it was a serious mission if it was for such a long length of time, needing the best and most qualified on board. She was so proud of you for being the one who was chosen for it, because you really were one of the best agents around. You’d actually beat Natasha once, ONCE, in a spar, and no one believed you. They’d told you Natasha let you win, but she really didn’t. She was kind of pissed about it at first, no one had ever beat her, but then she couldn’t stop smiling. You had came so far, and she was so proud to have stood by your side while you learned and grew your skills.
She logged onto her computer on her desk, waiting for her emails to update. And there it was, the only thing that was keeping her going- your name.
‘Hey, babe! Hope you’re being good without me ;) it’s still pretty shit out here. I want to come home already!! But we’re making progress, which is good. Quicker than expected, too! Fingers crossed I might get this shit sorted in the next year, but let’s not promise anything...
I really do hope you’re keeping well. Don’t you dare be moping around and being a bitch! Remember, I’m getting emails from everyone ;) I know everything.
Stop sulking and start smiling! We’re a year down! Not long now and I’ll be back with you, in our bed, doing the most disgusting things any of them could imagine. We’ll raise the fucking roof, baby!
I’m sorry I have to keep this short and sweet, but you know... Criminals to stop, people to save.
I love you with all my heart.
~ Y/N xxx’
Natasha read and reread it so many times she could probably turn off her computer and still say it off by heart. Those fuckers ratter her out! They’d told you how crappy she was clearly feeling, how she didn’t want to talk to anyone. You knew everything, as you had said. She wondered who it would’ve been. Probably all of them. She’d been getting even more snappy than usual recently, hitting them with angry jabs of replied whenever they asked her anything.
‘Want some tea, Nat?’
‘No, I don’t want any fucking tea!’
‘Eggs or waffles?’
‘Neither, you fucking idiot.’
Yeah, they’d totally snitched, and she probably deserved it.
You’d hit the two year mark, and things were looking good for your mission. You’d tracked down the leader, figured out where they were keeping the smuggled women, and were planning on when you were going to make your move. Your team were all sat together in the abandoned building you had been using as a hotel room. Two years of a shitty wooden board of a bed, your back was not in good shape.
Connor, Josh and Luka were also agents of SHIELD, but a slightly lower level than you, but they were still good. Amazing aim, strong fighters and devoted to the mission. You were pleased with the team you had with you, but not so pleased that you were the only girl. They didn’t realise you were gay, and you hadn’t mentioned it, finding it funny as they tried to sneak in a cheeky flirtatious comment that you ignored every time. Natasha probably would have slit their throats if she was there to hear their puns, but the boys took the hint, they knew you weren’t interested, yet still tried anyway.
“If we split up, it could go tits up. If we all go in together, we could be ambushed. If we go in groups of two, we may stand a chance.” You told the men in front of you. This wasn’t your first mission, and it probably won’t be your last, you knew how to handle situations. Knew how to analyse and look at it from different points.
“But what if there’s more than we’re expecting? They could have hundreds of men in there!” Connor replied, looking almost worried. Did he really believe you hadn’t thought about that? Fucking idiot.
“I’ve got backup on speed dial. We go in. We take them out. We save the hostages. Simple.” You lowered your tone, sounding more professional than you’d ever sounded in front of them. You’d kept it friendly, using their first names rather than Agent whatever. The three men stood straighter, holding themselves with power, the power you’d just gave them by letting them know exactly how it was going to go, and that another team were a phone call away if needed.
You all suited up, clad in bullet proof vests, head covers, and geared up to the tens. Guns, knives, smoke bombs, everything. You didn’t know what they had in there, so you needed to be prepared. You were loading your guns as you thought back to the last email you’d sent to Natasha. You’d managed to get onto your computer that morning, letting her know that if everything goes to plan, you’d be on your way home within a few days. Hopefully it did, because you couldn’t be putting up with those three dumb asses much longer. They weren’t shit at their job, they were really fucking good, but lord all mighty, some of the conversation you’d overheard during your time with them. Astonishing.
You were sneaking to the building, before you’d be splitting up so two could go through the front and two could go through the back.
“Eyes on the prize boys. Get those ladies out without a scratch. Take out anyone to get the job done! Oh, and for the love of god, don’t die.” You gave them your signature smirk before patting Josh’s shoulder, signalling for him to follow you as you walked towards the back door of the building. It was true, you didn’t have a clue how many could actually be in there. From what you’d seen as you were scouting them out, there should only be 20 tops, but that might not be the case.
“Are you in place, Agents?” You spoke through your earpiece.
“We are in place, Agent.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort. That was the first time you’d allowed them to call you Agent. You hated it, but it sounded better than ‘Y/N’ through the piece, especially if they had to call in more crew.
“In 3, 2, 1-“ You kicked the door open, stunning two men that were stood behind, shooting to kill in an instant. The men were down, that leaves 18.
“2 down. Leaves 18.” You told the men you were working with.
“3 here. 15.” Luka replied. Little shit got one more than you, that would have to change...
You carried on through the building, creeping down the steps silently with Josh behind you. It wasn’t long before you found a room holding two more enemies, Josh handling them as you kept a look out.
“2 more down. 13 to go.”
“1 more. 12 left.” Connor answered back to you seconds later. You couldn’t hear their shots, so they must be further away than you’d expected. You were meant to meet in the middle, but it seemed to be taking them longer to get up than it was for you and Josh getting down.
A bullet hitting the wall next to you pulled you out of your moment of thoughts, making you duck down as you aimed for the asshole who shot at you, and you’re pretty sure you just blew off the guys knee cap. Gross.
“Oof, another here. That was ugly. 11 to go.”
You began to hear the faint sound of shooting the further you and Josh got down the ever lasting stairs. You expected to be done and dusted by now, filling in the details and on a jet home. Mother fuckers. Why did you agree to this shit?
“On your left!” Josh shouted by your side, pulling you closer to him as a shot just missed your shoulder. What the fuck was it with people trying to shoot you in the shoulder?! You raised your gun and aimed- headshot. Another down.
“10 to go boys.” You don’t know why you were smiling, but the grin on your face wouldn’t fall.
You descended further down the building, Josh keeping an eye on the back as you kept the front, not allowing anyone to sneak up on you.
You came to a huge hall, and you stopped, pulling Josh round the corner with you quickly before being spotted. You’d noticed 7 enemies, but there could have been more.
“You guys at the hall yet?” You whispered into the earpiece.
“Not yet.” You tutted at Lukas response, rolling your eyes with a smile, which you saw Josh copying. He knew you weren’t serious, chucking silently along with you.
“We may have to take this one ourselves, Joshie boy.” You smirked at your team mate, before turning the corner and aiming straight to one of the men. Josh was right behind you, shooting as soon as he turned, taking down one as you took down another. It took only minutes for the 7 men in the room to be lying in a room of their own blood.
“3 to go. Come on guys!” You laughed, exiting the hall and heading down a hallway. You didn’t actually know anything of this building, or where the hidden women were being held. You planned to just take out the fuckers and find the girls.
You should’ve had a better plan.
You heard them before you saw them. There was a lot of guns, a lot more than Connor, Luka and the assumed 3 remaining men. You were outnumbered.
You pulled Josh into a random room in the hallway, instantly going for your phone and calling in for help.
“Back up, asap. Unknown number of enemies. Outnumbered and outgunned!” You spoke into the phone, trying to hide the panic in your voice. If you panicked, Josh would panic and considering you didn’t know where Luka and Connor were, you two had to stick together.
“Back up on the way. Hold tight, Agent Y/L/N.”
You didn’t want to hold back, hiding in a room. You wanted to be out there, in the war battling for the good side, taking a fraction of the bad out of the world. That was your job, you stopped pieces of shit like them, and hiding in a room was not what you did.
“Come on.” You pulled on Joshes forearm, forcing him back out into the hallway, heading down silently, listening out for anything and everything. You heard Joshes gun going off behind you, making you snap round to see four more men shooting at you.
You finally made it to the ground floor, finding Connor and Luka each hiding behind a a beam, only taking a shot when they heard their guns refilling. You were actually surprised to see them alive, considering from the quick glance you got, there was easily fifty more enemies hidden around the room.
“On your right. Good to see you’re both breathing still.” You don’t know how you could possibly make a joke considering the situation you were in, but the men chuckled back at you anyway. You heard shots landing everywhere, one scraping the edge of your thigh, making you grunt in pain. You knew it wasn’t bad, just a graze, but it still hurt like a bitch.
“You good?” Josh asked beside you, looking down at the blood on your trousers, eyebrow raised.
“Yeah, ‘tis but a flesh wound.” Josh snorted at your reply, clearly understanding the reference, before taking a chance to peak round the beam you hid behind.
“Looks like back up is here.”
You took a chance to look, seeing about 20 SHIELD agents bombarding the room, shooting and fighting. It’s about fucking time...
You nodded, letting your men know it was time to get in there, take the rest out and save those poor women. By the time the enemies were outnumbered, some began to drop their guns, holding their hands in the air, praying for life over death. For a moment, you debated just shooting the fuckers dead, but you weren’t that person. You don’t kill unless necessary.
“We need to find the women, they’re in the building. We’ve searched the upper floors, so they have to be below us somewhere.” You announced as the back up team handles the surrendered child traffickers. You set off towards the concrete steps, heading down and down, skipping floors knowing other members of your team would allocate themselves to them. You reached the basement, finding a huge metal door with a row of padlocks.
Seriously, padlocks? That’s what they used?
It only took you a moment to shoot through the locks, watching the thin metal of each one shatter off and falling. It was the moment of truth. Once you opened that door, you were changing peoples lives. Saving people’s lives.
“It’s okay.” You said as you opened it, putting your gun low behind your thigh to not scare them, but the sight you saw shocked you still.
There must have been over 60 women- no, children, inside. They were all crammed together at the far end of the room, huddled for safety.
“It’s okay, I’m here to help. I’m here to get you all home.”
You spoke into your earpiece, telling the team you had found the missing women, and to get everyone ready for their arrival above. You wondered how long they had been down there, locked in a pitch black room, not a single drop of water in sight.
“Thank you.” One of the girls came up to you as she headed out the room, up the stairs to safety.
“Thank you so much.”
Your heart skipped a beat. In a good way and in a bad way. Those poor girls must have truly expected death.
“Alright. That’s them all. We’ll go over their details given and get them back home safe as soon as possible.” Agent Diaz told the men; Connor, Josh and Luka. They nodded before turning to leave, but all took a look at each other quickly before turning to the Agent again.
“Have you seen Agent Y/L/N?” Connor asked.
“No, not since the girls were freed.” The woman raised a brow, before speaking into her radio. “Any got eyes on Agent Y/L/N?”
There was numerous replies of not seeing you since you’d headed down to the basement.
“Get the women out of here and get the rest of the team searching! Agent Y/L/N is officially MIA!”
Natasha logged on to her emails as she did every day, refreshing again and again praying she would see your name pop up suddenly. But she got nothing. She’d hadn’t heard from you in nearly two weeks. Your last email had told her that if everything went to plan, you’d be home in the matter of days. Clearly something did not go to plan, and Natasha felt sick to her stomach. Something went wrong. Something has happened to you. If you were still in your building, you’ve had emailed telling her that the plan you had didn’t work out, but you hadn’t, which only meant the worst.
Her mind was lost in all the things that could be happening to you right now, if you were still alive...
The ping of the elevator doors opening grabbed her attention, making her stand from her seat to look through the glass windows of the conference room.
“Well this can’t be good.” She heard Tony mumble as he walked past the door towards Fury and Maria, who had stepped out of the elevator. If the both of them were here, that definitely meant bad news.
“No. Not really.” Fury muttered, as if it were to himself rather than the group who had now surrounded him and his coworker. What the hell had happened? She prayed for him not to announce your death, pulling her arms around herself.
“Agent Y/L/N, shes MIA. Last seen 12 days ago.”
Natasha’s heart sunk.
“We need all hands on board. There’s 20 agents out already, and still no signs of her. We need you guys. You know her better than anyone else, her skill set, how she’d go about this kind of situation, if she’d of left any clues.” Maria continued from Fury’s announcement.
She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to feel or what to think. She was just an emotionless statue, staring at the floor rather than anyone in the room.
“When do we leave?” She spoke finally, shocking everyone by her dry question. They’d expected her to breakdown, to cry, to scream, to as least have some sort of caring sound in her voice, but she didn’t. This was a mission.
She had a job to do. She couldn’t let her emotions get in front of that.
She had to find you.
A/N: haha, brb just gonna go cry cos I really wasn’t going to take this story in this direction but... well what can I say. I’m a sucker for drama. Lotta love xoxo
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pvrntal · a day ago
If it's not too late to ask, maybe a mother's day fic where reader is female reader is the little of Lena, Kara, or Natasha? Of course mommy milkers but also reader naked and having their legs open for their mommy. If it is too late, thanks for at least reading this. <3
Mommy’s gift
a/n: can’t forget, happy mother’s day to scarlett and her mommy milkers. it’s a couple hours late but i wasn’t really on here today :/ i also may have gone a little overboard but yolo
pairings: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
(18+only!)warnings: mommy!natasha, natasha’s mommy milkers, mdlg, mommy kink, fingering, oral (r receiving), praise kink, degrading, spitting kink, crying kink.?? thigh riding, strap on, chocking, breeding kink, sub space, spanking, *let me know if i missed some* the photo at the end :)
word count: 1613
Tumblr media
Hearing the door shut, you hurried back into yours and Natasha’s room taking your robe off and throwing it on the floor. Not only was Today the day Natasha would come home from her week long mission but it was also Mother’s day and you wanted to do something special for Natasha since she is your mommy and that special something was a gift. You. and her favorite candy you had shipped from Russia with a picture you drew for her as well as her favorite dinner that was keeping warm in the oven.
You climbed onto the bed, siting down leaning against the headboard and spreading your legs. You hear her call for you and grin when her voice gets closer. The door opens and in walks your beautiful girlfriend. You smile innocently and spoke “Happy Mommy’s day”
Natasha slams the door shut with her foot as she began to tear off her clothes “happy mommy’s day to me” she mumbles to herself as her lustful eyes trail your body. Hearing her words, you giggle watching her undress. Once naked, Natasha grabs your ankles and pulls you to the edge of the bed making you squeal, she stands between your legs leaning down.
“This all for me, printsessa?” she asked running her hands up and down your sides. You nod your head before speaking “Yes mommy, i’m your gift”
The redhead smirks “does that mean i could do whatever i want to my gift” she ask you while kissing your jaw. “mhm” you nod closing you eyes at the feeling. Natasha stops and stands up “Good”
Getting on her knees between you legs, she hooks her arms under your them pulling you close. “Mommy’s a little hungry right now” she kisses your inner thigh, lightly biting it, creating hickeys all over them. She place kisses on your lips, holding herself together from going straight in. You whimper closing you eyes bucking your hips up hoping she’ll get the message and stop teasing you which result in her spanking your thigh.
She looks up at you as spits on your pussy, before latching onto you, sucking your clit as she teases your entrance with her finger. Arching your back, you moaned as you grab ahold of the sheets “fuck mommy”
Normally, Natasha would’ve stopped or spanked you for cussing but she’s missed you so much this week and has been dreaming about the things she wants to do to you when she gets home. Adjusting herself, the avenger plunges two fingers into you causing you to moan loudly. You move your hips in the rhythm of her fingers, as she laps your clit while still holding onto your thigh with her other hand.
She moans into your pussy making you go crazy from the vibrations. She pulls away still pumping her fingers and adds a third one, you moaned asking her to put another one in. “you want another one? baby i’d practically be fisting you” she tells you making you whimper “but i bet you’ll like that huh? you love being a whore for mommy’s fingers”
All you could do is moan, a fire pooling low in your abdomen. Natasha does back to sucking your clit, thrusting her now four finger roughly in you. Your vision blur with tears. Natasha knew you were close, feeling you pulse around her fingers. Tapping your thigh, giving you permission to cum anytime.
Arching your back, a big gasp escaped you as you saw stars, jerking as you came all over Nat’s fingers. Tears rolling down your cheeks. The ex assassin loved seeing you cry, it was one of her kinks. of course that’s only the happy tears she loves.
“Fuck baby, you look so pretty” Natasha purrs keeping her fingers in you still slowly pumping into you bringing you down from you high. She pulls them out making you whine at the emptiness. Slapping your thigh, she poke “move up for me baby”
You scooted up watching her as she climbs on the bed straddling your thigh, grinding on it. You moan feeling her wetness coat your leg. “Mommy is so wet for you baby” she rubs your clit then thrust her fingers into you making your breath hitch. Using her other arm to rest it on the bed by the top of your head. Her breast swaying by your face, leaning up you latch your lips around her nipple hearing her gasp.
“Mmh mommy can’t wait to fuck you with her cock” she breathed, fucking you roughly with her fingers as she fucked herself on your thigh “look at mommy using you as she fuck toy”
Feeling yourself get close already, your eyes shut closed sucking her nipples. Natasha humped your thigh fast ready to explode anytime now, just from eating you out almost made her cum so she was already close. Eyes rolling back, letting out a silent moan as she came undone. Seconds later, sucking the nipple so hard creating a hickey on it, you hit an euphoria bliss.
Natasha pants slowly taking her fingers out of you, wincing when you unlatched from her nipple. She falls next to you watching as you twitch. You looked so beautiful, eyes glossy from crying, swollen lips, hickey covered thighs. Just seeing you like that made her want to go again. Getting up, she hurries into the closet, grabbing your favorite strap and putting it on.
Walking back to the bed, she stands at the end again. “Get up” she commands. You, still dazed, listen getting on your knees in front of her, eyes darting to the strap, your mouth watering noticing which one she had on. Grabbing your hair, she pulls you forward “suck”
Looking into her eyes, you take her cock in your mouth and began to bob your head up and down the strap. Natasha bucks her hips making you gag in the process when it hits the back of your throat. She thrust her hips into you, fucking your face “my pretty girl taking her mommy’s cock. you were made for this cock, weren’t you whore?”
Nodding around her cock, tears spilled from your eyes. You were close from hitting your sub space and Natasha knew it. Whining when Natasha pulls her cock out, you take in the look she gave you and turned around getting on your fours. The redhead doesn’t wait anytime as she slams into you, gripping your hip as you moan loudly.
She spanks your ass leaving it red as she continues pounding into you. “Taking mommy’s cock so well, detka” she cooed reaching around to grab your neck pulling you against her, lightly chocking you while using her other hand to rub your red puffy pussy. You cried out and pushed into her “harder mommy!”
Gripping your throat more, you smiled moving with her rhythm. “Such a little whore for me, smiling while i choke you, fucking the tears out of you” She whispers in your ear seeing you smile. Thrusting hard into you, you roll your head back on her shoulder. You saw black spots and you knew you were in it deep. “gonna cu-“ you let out a silent scream as you came all over Natasha’s cock. Natasha moved her hand off your throat.
Falling limp on the bed, Nat kept pounding into you, pushing your face in the bed as you spanks your ass. “More mommy! please fuck me more” You rambled off, Natasha smirking hearing it in your voice that you reached sub space. Arching your back, she grips your hips holding your hair.
“Mommy! please” you plead out, your head was fuzzy, drool falling on the bed along with your tears. “Please what baby? keep fucking you?” she husked “i’m already doing that”
“cum in me please” you cried out “please mommy! i need your cum” knuckles white from gripping the sheets. “you want my cum slut? you want mommy to give you her cum, to fuck a baby in you” she grunts pounding in you. You moaned like crazy as you nod against the bed “yes please mommy, fuck a baby in me!”
“Who’s slut are you?” she asked slapping your ass, she couldn’t get enough of you. “yours mommy! all yours! fuck i’m your slut mommy” you sobbed. “Cum for me slut, cum for mommy” she grunts. Eyes rolling back, sinking in the mattress, you dissolve into pleasure, shaking and whimpering. Natasha who was practically laid on top of you, release her cum in you and helps you ride out your high. One still, she pulls out of you moaning mentally as the sight of your cum filled hole, She rubs your back moving your sweaty drooly hair out of your face, you had a hazed smile and glossy eyes.
Natasha gets out of bed taking off the strap dumping it on the floor and gets you a towel. Walking back, she cleans the mess between your legs as best as she can before cleaning herself and throwing the towel in the basket. She climbs back in bed pulling you into her body and covers you both with the blanket. You were practically limp in her arms, still fuzzy, and buried your face in her chest closing your eyes.
The redhead strokes your hair and kisses your nose “I love you baby, you are the greatest gift mommy has ever gotten” she coos. Giving a hazy smile, not looking at her “love you too mommy” you mumbled then latched your lips around her nipple, suckling lazily and you reached up behind her neck to play with the strains of her hair. This was your favorite way to fall asleep. 
Tumblr media
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firecatwings · a day ago
I Love Her, Dad (Natasha Romanoff x Reader + Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader)
summary: after you get injured on a mission, Natasha accidentally lets your relationship slip, pulling out protective dad Tony. Once you wake up, he wastes no time getting to the point
pairings: Natasha Romanoff x reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader
word count: 732
warnings: none
a/n: this is literally my first post but i decided to share my daydreams here and hopefully people will like them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You hear several voices calling your name as you slowly open your eyes to be brought back to reality. 
“Hi,” you mumble, taking a look around. 
You were in a hospital bed. Surrounding you was your parents, and of course your girlfriend. 
“Y/N, you’re awake!” Pepper says, sighing of relief.
A small smile comes to your mouth. 
“What happened?” You ask. 
“You got hit, and you’ve been out for 12 hours,” Natasha says, putting her hand over your own. 
You cock your head, then almost pull your hand away. She never showed PDA in front of your parents. You two had decided to wait a little longer before telling them about your relationship.
“Y/N, it’s okay. They know,” she says softly. 
“Oh...” Is all you can manage as your gaze shifts to meet theirs. 
Pepper looks down with a mixed expression, whilst Tony glares at Natasha as if she just insulted him. 
“Well, uh, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. We’re together,” you say awkwardly. 
Tony inhales sharply, putting one hand over his forehead.
“Y/N, you can’t do this. She’s too old for you, and she’s supposed to be your mentor, not your little fling,” he tells you.
“She’s right there,” Pepper points out, which Tony ignores. 
“Once she heals, you’re not training her again,” he says to Natasha. “I don’t know how the hell you could you do this and take advantage of her like that. You were supposed to be her teacher!”
Inhaling deeply, you sit up and look him in the eyes.
“No, Dad, you don’t get to say that to her,” you tell him. “She didn’t take advantage of me. And so what if she’s the one who teaches me how to fight? It’s not like I’m a child. No one took advantage of anyone. It just happened, and I’m so glad it did,”
He opens his mouth to protest, but Pepper holds her hand up to stop him. So you continue on,
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been incredibly happy these past five months. You know why? Nat. She makes me so happy, Dad. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love her more than anything. It’s clear you don’t approve, but that’s not gonna stop me. She’s the light in my life. She’s the one who makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me happy. My heart beats for her, Dad. She’s my everything. I love her, Dad,”
Before anyone else can say anything, you feel a pair of hands gently turn your face.
“God I love you,” Natasha murmurs softly. You return her smile.
“I love you too. In fact, I’d probably kiss you if my parents weren’t right there,” you whisper.
Sighing, Tony takes a seat at the foot of your bed. Pepper puts her hand on his shoulder. She takes a look at you and Natasha, and smiles warmly at the both of you.
She then turns to Tony,
“Our daughter is happy, Tony. Natasha makes her happy. We should let them be,”
He lets out another sigh, looking to his wife. 
He doesn’t say anything, but turns back to you and Nat. 
“Fine,” he blurts out. “If she makes you really happy, then I guess that means you have my blessing to date.” 
Letting out a happy gasp, you grin at your parents and girlfriend.
“But,” he says sharply, turning to her. “If you hurt her, I will make sure you never see the light of day again,”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” she replies. 
He nods, then gets up and exits the room. Pepper walks over to you and kisses your forehead. 
“I want you to be happy, Y/N, and I can see that you clearly are happy together. A blind man could see the chemistry between you two. But what your father said still stands,” she turns her gaze to Nat. “Be good to her,”
With that, your mother walks out of the room and closes the door behind her, leaving you and your girlfriend alone.
“That could’ve been worse,” you say, chuckling. 
“I guess it went as well as it could have,” she replies. 
Grinning, you wrap your arms around her and pull her closer.
“Now that they’re gone, I get to kiss you now,”
“Is that so?”
Grinning even wider, you nod. 
She smiles, then softly presses her lips against yours. 
“Now what?” You ask.
“Now that we have his blessing, we can do whatever we want, my love, whatever we want.”
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bucks-bunny · 2 days ago
In The Wolves' Den [2]
Summary: They should have left you bleed out on the floor, because now you were in the wolves' den, and if you weren’t dead, they certainly were going to make you wish you were
Warnings: blood, description of wounds, brief mention of needles, natasha has a potty mouth, angst.
Characters: Bucky x Reader, Natasha Romanova
Word Count: 1068
A/N: hi everyone! thank you for the love you showed for the first part! Hope you enjoy this one! :) I'm on mobile so formatting is a pain, but I'll fix it from pc tomorrow after my exam!
Part 1
Feel free to message/ask me to be added to my taglist!
The heart monitor hooked to you was now frantically beeping, you tried to rip the IV from your arm, but it was too late. There was already a shadow lingering outside the door of your cell, the monitor must have alerted somebody that you were awake. But why would they save you? You certainly didn’t know.
They should have left you bleed out on the floor, because now you were in the wolves' den, and if you weren’t dead, they certainly were going to make you wish you were. 
The shadow that caught your attention was now approaching the door, and whoever was behind was now turning the knob.
Oh you were so done. they probably kept you alive enough to torture you for some sick reason or something like that. Well, you certainly weren't going down without a fight, at least for what your current shape permitted you. You had to get ready to defend yourself against the enemy.
With a hiss you extracted the IV from your arm and tried to detach yourself from the heart monitor, but the maze of clear plastic tubes were just getting more knotted as you tugged them.
The squeaking of the rusty metal door distracted you and raising your head, you were surprised by a shade of red hair you knew all too well. Natasha!
She quickly made her way into your cell-slash-hospital room, making sure to close the door behind her.
"Y/N! Thank God you're alive" she whispered, making her way towards you to assess the condition of your wounds, "You've seen it bad, huh? I thought I had lost you for a moment" her eyes wandered down remembering what had happened earlier.
"Hey, it's not your fault! you couldn't have known it was an ambush, and they were too many" you gently brushed her cheek to make her look st you, and you noticed that her fave was scattered with purple bruises and cuts, more than you remember from the fight.
"Nat, what happened to you? Are you okay?"
"Oh dont worry about it, they wanted to know some sensitive information, but they're idiots so, I've taken care of it" she giggled nervously, looking away from you, focusing your bandages. She looked worried.. something was definitely upsetting her, but before you could address it, she perked up  "which is why - we have to go, I don't yhink they will appreciate how we left our little chat"
Eyeing the ball of tubes sitting on your bed she exclaimed"we dont have time for this" and after taking out a knife from who knows where, she started cutting them up, finally freeing you.
"They might be idiots, but they have numbers, and I don't think you can fight in these conditions. Come on, let's go."
She passed one of your arms on her shoulders, sustaining you enough for you to stand, and like this you slowly made your way out of the room.
A question popped in your mind.
"Nat, what day is it?" you asked, looking up at her.
"I think it's Friday" she didn't look at you, too concentrated in finding a way out of this hell.
Friday? You had left for the mission on Tuesday, this meant that it had been three days since you went MIA. Why hadn't the team tried to contact you? Oh right, your transmitters were out of use.
With no news from you in so long, Bucky must have been worried sick. But you knew you were gonna see his stupid adorable face again.
While you were lost in your thoughts Natasha had stopped in the middle of a dark corridor. She looked up, pointing to a ventilation port on the ceiling.
"Well, it's not the best, but I can work with this" she said.
Leaving your side, she started removing the metal grate covering the passage, but it fell with a loud clank, slippery because of the humidity.
"Shit!" she cursed under her breath, "Now they definitely know where we are. We have to be quick." Sprinting, she made her way into the vent, disappearing for a moment, before peeking out again.
"Okay, Y/N, try to reach my hands, and I'll pick you up, so we can leave this shithole of a place behind us"
As if in cue, a stomping noise caught your attention.They had found you. Judging from the sound of boots running on concrete, they were at least a dozen.
"Standing on your tiptoes, you tried with all you could to reach Natasha's hands, they were so close, so close.
An excruciating pain flashed across your abdomen: your wound had opened up, and the stitches were digging in your flesh.
"Oh fuck!" you screamed in pain, clutching your stomach, trying to let the pain subside.
"Come on, Y/N/N, you can do it, just a little push. They're almost here!" Natasha was encouraging you from above, pushing her hands further.
You could hear the soldiers approaching, the thumping of their boots were mixing with that of your heart, they were right behind you and there was no time left.
Gritting your teeth, you pushed yourself to the limit, you could feel the cut in your guts stretching open with each movement. The fresh blood dripping from the bandage to the floor was making you slip, cancelling all your effort. With a shriek, you fell to the floor, defeated. It was too late now.
"Natasha, it's all useless. You have to get out of here!" you whispered "They don't know you're there, you can still escape" you looked up at her, motioning for her to go.
"I can't just leave you here!" she whispered back
"Yes you can, don't worry, I'll be fine. They saved me for a reason!". Well, you weren't totally sure but you were about to find out. "Go get the team" you said.
"We'll be back here soon" she promised.
"just... tell bucky i love him" you whispered for the last time, you couldn't let them hear you and find out that Natasha was there. She was your only hope now.
"You're gonna tell him yourself, I promise" she looked at you with eyes full of determination.
You found yourself surrounded by black boots and uniforms, heavy hands getting yourself on your feet, neglecting your winces of pain.
With one last look to the now empty ventilation port, you hoped Natasha and the team would be back quickly.
hey everyone, hope you enjoyed this! What do you think will happen to our reader next? why was natasha so evasive, and why did hydra save reader?
the next part is probably going to be posted sometime between this and next week, as I'm currently at the beginning of exams season 🙃
feel free to message/ask me to be added to the taglist!
Taglist: @ginger-swag-rapunzel
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