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#natalie rushman
Clint, standing with his back turned: I’ve been expecting you, Nat.
Natasha: How did you do that without turning around? That's my thing.
Clint: ... To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you.
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thegoodfandom · 6 days ago
Natasha: Are you sure you understand the plan?
Tony: I'm an orphan not an idiot.
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beanzykin · 7 days ago
Screw The Pancakes
Tumblr media
Imagine: Waking up next to your wife, Natasha
The little voice pulled you out a slumber.
This time louder and more impatient. Looking through your eyelashes, you could zero in on a little girl who seemed to be a spitting image of both you and your wife.
This time now fully awake, you quickly snatched your daughter from the ground, lifting her over you. Her giggles filled the air while someone grunted next to you.
"What are you doing up, little missy?" You teased, planting sloppy kisses over her face. "It's pancake day!" She shouted, Saturdays were always pancake days. 
You heard a soft groan from your left side, it belonged to your wife. The one and only Natalia Alianovna, your wife. 
Putting a finger to your lips, you and your daughter watched as Tasha snuggled into your side, trying to nuzzle her head between your stomach. 
Your daughter leant down carefully. "Mama?" She whispered softly, moving a bit of your wife's gorgeous red hair from her face. "Mom?" She asked again, this time tilting her head.
"How about you go downstairs and get out a bowl while I wake up your mother?" You pulled yourself up a little bit, lifting your little girl off your lap and back on the ground. 
"Loki Doki!" She nodded enthusiastically, clearly excited about pancake day.
Once you watched her leave the room, you turned over to face the sleeping beauty. "Hey, Tasha, it's wakey time," you smile at her, caressing her cheeks lightly.
A small whine escaped her lips as you softly woke her to sobriety. "It's pancake day," You pushed your limits with the assassin, chuckling like your daughter had.
"Screw the pancakes." Your chuckle soon turned into a full laugh at the grumpy widow's morning bedside manner. 
"Shut up," Natasha grumbled into the pillow, "You're too loud." You snatched her comfort pillow and watched as she groaned some more.
"Wake up, your daughter wants pancakes." You smirked at the mess of red hair in the black tank top snarled at you.
"Screw the pancakes…" She whispered once more before forcefully throwing her face into the mattress. 
Note to self: It's impossible to wake up Tasha before 8 o'clock. 
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ncrediblystupid · 9 days ago
No one:
Natasha Romanoff: im not like other girls..... I know how to kill you, make it look like an accident, cry at your funeral, have people feel bad for me and get away with it
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chaoticwidowsblog · 12 days ago
Warning: none (request anything you’d like)
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
Word count: 2000
Summary: Your body feels itchy as if a million tiny little needles are poking on your skin all at once while you’re cooking. As soon as you feel overwhelmed by the itchy spot that you couldn’t scratch, thank god for one redhead who’s there to help you.
a/n- I’m sorry this was a bit late T-T (this one feels so random)
Requested! (Finally 😆) by 👻 anon: Sup can I request a fic where r is very itchy at places she can’t quite reach on her body and Nat goes to help her?
You hummed one of One Directions old-time songs while you were cooking a steak. You were making dinner for the whole team, and even though Natasha offered some help, you insisted that she sit and wait with the others. She told you that you will need her help in the end with a smirk. You told her that you’ll prove her wrong and make her eat her words.
You were all by yourself in the kitchen, the others were waiting at the living room, sitting together and talking. You were completely fine cooking on your own, except you keep having an itchy spot that annoys you a lot, and the burnt steak that you actually forgot to transfer to a plate.
You gave a middle school style curse at yourself for that.
The itch grows the more you neglect it. Eventually it will cease but then it would be itchy again. You try to scratch it and hope it would go away but it didn’t, and you’re tired of scratching it because it itches all the time. You just decided to ignore it because you don’t have time and you need to finish the cooking. You don’t want the Avengers to wait. Besides, you’re sure Thor is absolutely hungry that his stomach is thundering.
“I hope it’s not salty.” You muttered to yourself, biting you lips in thought. What if it is salty?
What if it becomes too salty or less salty? Someone would complain about that for sure.
You sighed, scratching your back shortly before you continued to stir the marinara sauce. It was halfway ready but you still need to confirm if it’s salty or not, or too sweet or literally anything. You feel doubtful to serve it with the pasta without feeling confident of how it tastes. You’ve already burnt the steak by mistake, you don’t want to ruin the spaghetti sauce. You fear the Avengers won’t like it. You need someone to help you right now.
Both the sauce and your itchy spot.
As much as you hate to say if only Natasha were here, she can totally assist you with this. She usually takes part of tasting your cooking to tell you if it’s just right or just too much. And she’s splendid at it.
Suddenly, you caught a redhead standing by the entrance in the corner of your eye. At first you thought it was Wanda and assumed it was her because you didn’t turn to look at her, too busy sniffing the sauce.
“Oh, hey, Wans can you tell the others the food is almost ready? I just need a few minutes.” You murmured, eyes still far away from the redhead.
The redhead simply watched you spin around to hesitantly grab some oven mitts.
“Seems like you need more than just a few minutes.” Natasha walked in, leaning off the door frame and smirking.
Your head immediately cocked up to look at her, surprise painted all over your face. “Nat? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to wait with the others so I can surprise all of—”
“Shh,” Natasha presses one finger on your lips. And soon it lingered there. “Silence. You clearly need some help. Clint said he heard you whispering middle school curses when he peeped on you a few seconds ago. Plus he caught the smell of burning steak.”
“That birdbrain.” You mumbled under your breath and sighed when you dropped your hands on the counter, lifting your shoulders up with a sigh.
Natasha pulls her hand off to put it on your cheek as she looks at you with a smile. Admiring your features. Even though you’re slightly sweating and look defeated, in her eyes you always look beautiful. But she smirked teasingly.
“Are you gonna let me help now?”
“You love it when you’re right, don’t you?” You rolled your eyes when Natasha nods. In the end you smiled, giving her a peck as a thank you.
“Alright.” You say, exhaling roughly and tightening your sleeves.
Like a restart button in a game, once you press it you feel ten times much more motivated to do better. You nod in excitement, putting your hands on your hips. Natasha walked pass behind you and gave you a slap on your butt, smirking without looking at you when you smirked back
First you asked Natasha who went to sit on the countertop to taste the marinara sauce. She told you she liked it and it was perfect. That sent a huge wave of relief over you, as huge as a tsunami to wash away all the doubt in your heart. Even your itchy spot was forgotten for a minute.
You cup her face, squishing her cheeks a bit and facing her face close.
“Ugh thank you. You have such a good tongue, babe, I love you.” You muttered without thinking and went back to stir the sauce, taking a few seconds until you finally do realize what you said.
It was too late to take it back—well why should you? When you look at Natasha, she was already smirking. “I do, don’t I?”
You have absolutely no idea where that Gunther Ding Dong song came from, but you were sure it suddenly just played in your head like a background sound once you felt your cheeks burning hotter than the steak. You gulped down nervously and flipped the steak. As it hisses on the pan, your hand was gripping the holder really hard. It was suddenly hotter in the kitchen here.
Natasha chuckled as she sees every time you shakily transfer the steak onto a few plates. She hopped off the countertop, eventually taking over your task before you could mess it up again. While the pasta is in the boiling water, you brought out some glasses from the cabinet with a shrunken face, embarrassed for your earlier words. Well it did take out a good reaction from Natasha, but wow she can really make you shake and bend your knees. You were practically close to bleeding your nose just now.
The pasta was ready so you deal with that while Nat deals with the other steaks that needs to be grilled. You had put the pasta on each plate for each Avenger, and stood by Natasha to watch her grill the steaks. You smiled excitedly when she looked at you, both of your noses picking the aromatic scent of barbeque sauce. You snuck behind Natasha for a hug. Your arms embraced her like a blanket, warm and cozy to be wrapped in. There were absolutely no space between you. Her butt is pressed against your body and your breath gives warmth on Natasha’s skin. Natasha smiled when you planted kisses from her exposed neck going up to her ear.
“I love you,” You whispered. “And thank you for helping me make dinner. You are the best. And you will always be the best to me.”
Your whispers nearly brought Natasha to tears. Hearing how sweet they sound and how good it felt to listen, it melts Natasha’s heart. She’s never been told stuff like that before in her life but when you walked in through the door for the first time, meeting her, Natasha knew you were the one. It burned her cheeks as your words repeated in her mind.
Speaking of burning, Natasha quickly tossed the steak in the air to flip it. Thank god for some experience of being a chef during this one mission in the past.
Finally, all the plates were ready to be served. You let go of Natasha despite not wanting to, Steve went by to help pick up some of the plates while Natasha carried the rest. It was too many for her to carry all at once but she picked them all up to the dinner table like it was easy, (and surprisingly she carried them with perfect balance). You stir the marinara sauce for one last time and sniffed it.
It was finally ready. You pulled your sleeves because it loosened and put on the mittens, lifting up the pot of marinara sauce carefully. But then when you were on your way out of the kitchen, you scrunched your face when the itch came back. Natasha saw you and asked what’s wrong, and you told her about your itchy spot. You’ve been dying with it distracting you. She laughed and scratched on the area that itches under your sweater and you moaned in relief.
You grinned seeing everyone already there at the dinner table. It’s a huge party. Everyone was excited when they saw you putting down the pot. Especially Thor, he couldn’t stop laughing with his deep voice enthusiastically and rubbing her hands together.
Once dinner was over, you received many thanks and compliments from the fellow heroes. They praised you for your amazing cook, and you didn’t forget to mention that your wife also helped you out. Cleaning time is on. You wash all the dirty dishes despite not liking that particular task at all, only because you feel happy that the Avengers loved your cook. Steve was helping too, he was stacking all the plates back into the cabinet while Natasha hands them to him after wiping them dry.
She was next to you, trading smiles with you each time you handed her a newly clean plate. You made the same face when you feel like the itch is coming, and Natasha giggled helping you gently scratch your back again. You’re grateful you have Natasha to be your extra set of hands.
Steve saw your problem and told you that it’s bad to scratch it so hard or it will bleed so after cleaning he adviced you to put his itching powder on your back to treat it properly. You thanked him and dragged Natasha straight to your room once everyone is hanging out at the tv room, too full to move.
You feel completely lucky to have this redhead as your wife. Not because she’s there to just scratch your back, no, but she’s there because she loves you. Because you love her wholeheartedly, that you are willing to face the fear that comes with a few challenges up ahead on the road. The fear of how your relationship with her will unfold in the future frightens you, but for now you want to think about the little things, and good moments and experience with her. It helps outweigh the negativity in your marriage. That’s why you wanted to tie the knot with Natasha. And so did she. She would keep you safe, take care of your health, help you when you need another pair of hands. Yup, you are the luckiest person ever. And you will damn cherish all of her to the fullest.
In your shared room, you were lying on your stomach while Natasha was sitting on your butt, gently massaging you using the itching powder. You were reading a magazine while swaying your feet casually. Her hands are so soft, smoothly patting and pressing down against the surface of your skin. You were enjoying it as much as almost falling asleep. She bends downwards after a few seconds, slightly on top of your back to whisper you in your ear.
“Feel better, princess?” Natasha added a little bit of sarcasm in her voice as she smiles to you. But either way, her slow and hot erotic voice that makes you feel helplessly nervous. It sent you shivers down your spine for a slight moment. She knows it because she was smirking at you when you turned your face to her. Natasha is and will always be the sneakiest teaser.
You gained some strength before you nodded quite hesitantly. She got off you, and as a surprise gift (or attack) for the endless teasing she gave you tonight, you immediately tackled her on the bed. You squash her in your arms, giving her giggly kisses on her neck and cheek as she bursts into laughter, falling into mirth while being wrapped in your cozy arms. You’re the only one she can completely let loose of herself and be free with. And it’s just amazing.
Thank you for requesting! I’m all ears if you have any new ones.
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morethanaloveinterest · 23 days ago
Counting down to the Black Widow movie, let’s talk about how Natasha Romanoff is introduced to the MCU and how well this movie treats its female characters.
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morethanaloveinterest · 23 days ago
Counting down to the Black Widow movie, let’s talk about how Natasha Romanoff is introduced to the MCU and how well this movie treats its female characters.
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mindofbooks · a month ago
This is a relatively unpopular opinion but I do not ship Steve and Nat. They have an awesome friendship and it seems to me that people think a man and a woman can’t be best friends without being shipped. It’s just my opinion but I don’t see a relationship between them working out
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w4ter-you-doing · a month ago
You’re Alive, So Alive
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
*Not my GIF*
A/N: It’s ANGSTY HOURS, Y’ALL. In addition to that, it’s also missing Nat hours. Yes, this is based off of the song Marjorie from the album evermore and YES there is a Fearless album reference in there whatEVER. Also this is my first Tumblr fic on here so have fun I suppose?
Never be so kind, you forget to be clever,
“Remember what I taught you, babes,” Natasha’s words echoed in the abyss of your now empty mind. Her death was still fresh in your heart, while dusty memories kept coming back in flashes with no grip on the steering wheel. You had spun out on thin ice with no choice but to steer into the skid.
She was your mentor, your best friend, your love. Everything you knew about being an Avenger, about life, came from knowing Natasha. Every mind trick she taught you, all of the brutal sparring sessions when she refused to let up on you.
The memory played of you ducking her punch.
“What?” you played, “you meant all that advice you’ve given me over the past five years?”
Natasha smirked before sending a swift kick to your gut, which made you double over with a groan.
“Didn’t you learn in school to always take notes?” Natasha retorted as you quickly shot up and circled her around the mat.
“Kind of hard to hold a paper and pen when fighting mutant robots, don’t you think?” you said. 
An honest question, really. The first time you ever had the opportunity to show yourself as an Avenger was during the battle with Ultron, which resulted in a great deal of learning on the job. Everybody else on the team thought you were too much of a beginner to be fighting in a big, crucial battle, but Natasha saw the strength and intelligence in you. She demanded you came along, ensuring that she’d be right beside you the entire time. And she was, never letting a single thing come in harm's way of you. That’s where the both of you learned to trust each other fully, then soon afterwards came the overwhelming sense of love. An emotion you both hadn’t dared gambled with before, until you felt around a safety blanket of a relationship that wisped away any afterthought of doubt. You loved her, she loved you.
“Besides,” you said, “How could I possibly have focused on training when the prettiest woman in the world was locking eyes with me the whole time?”
You stood down your guard only a split second to flutter a wink in Natasha’s direction. In turn she rolled her eyes and unbeknownst to you, she saw the door opening to an advantage point and took it. Natasha swooped in above you and threw you into a tight headlock.
“It’s called never taking your eyes off of your opponent, ya dork,” she chuckled while you struggled under her grip. 
“I’ll take a mental note on that one,” you grunted, regaining your footing.
Natasha hummed in pride, keeping a steady arm around your neck.
“And you really think I’m the prettiest?” she teased.
Never be so clever, you forget to be kind
“Of course. You’re beautiful, babe” you eased your muscles and flopped your arms down, pivoting your head as much as you could to flash her a smile.
That cute, precious little smile that always made Natasha melt. She could turn into a messy puddle of mush in an instant just by you pulling a cute giggle or a pouty lip. But only when nobody else was looking, her softness was reserved for you.
Natasha softened her gaze as she looked down at you, love and adorning pouring out of her eyes. 
“You’re such a sap,” she said, loosening her grip just a little.
Then all at once you tightly grabbed both of her arms and flipped her over your shoulders, pinning her to the ground. Natasha’s face displayed something between surprised and impressed. You leaned down and pressed a short, light kiss to her slightly parted lips.
“Yep, I was right,” you whispered, giving Natasha another kiss. “The prettiest.”
And if I didn’t know better
I’d think you were talking to me now
You had been laying on your bed drowning in that memory for so long that you didn’t even realize that the voicemail had ended.
Fifty-five. That’s how many days it’s been since the love of your life sacrificed her life for the greater good of the world. That’s how many days you wished it would have been you instead of her. The amount of time you had gone without her touch, without her kisses… without her. It’s also how many days you had called her cell phone, letting it ring until it went all the way to voicemail, because that’s where you still had her. It’s been zero days since you’ve heard her voice. Because every night that you laid awake in the pitch black of what was once the bedroom of the home you shared, she always came through after exactly fifteen rings.
“It’s Natasha Romanoff. There’s a very specific reason I’m not answering the phone, so for the love of God, don’t try calling again. Oh, and don’t leave a voicemail unless it’s something actually important or you’re my girlfriend. And if you ARE my girlfriend, hey babe!”
You didn’t cry. You couldn’t anymore. The only feeling left was the intense pain deep inside of your chest that never dulled. That agony was the only physical thing keeping you company now, but you’d never grow fond of it. There wasn’t any getting used to it. So you dialed the number again, and again, and again while you could only pretend she was there. Succumbing to the illusion that she was still alive.
If I didn’t know better
I’d think you were still around
The numbness had overtaken all of your senses to the point where you didn’t even process more than half of the mundane things you were doing anymore. Everything was clouded by the dark mental pit you had been in ever since Natasha died. Things around the apartment just magically started to appear everywhere while you had no recollection of ever picking them up or moving them. All of a sudden your shoes were next to the bedroom door and your toothbrush sat on the living room coffee table. 
But then you saw it. It just sat there on the kitchen counter and you knew you hadn't touched that since before the chaos had happened. It’s what she always did, and it drove you absolutely nuts. Every morning she would make a cup of coffee in your 101 Dalmatians mug, drink a little over half of it, then set the rest on the same spot on the counter between the toaster and vitamins. 
What was once the only thing you would ever scold Natasha for is now pulling you on a tight cord towards it, to see if your instinct had been right. The closer you got, the more the memories danced in front of you.
What died didn’t stay dead
“Ughhhh,” you groaned at the ceiling, slapping your palm against the countertop. “Nat!”
“Ya-huh?” Natasha called from the bedroom where she was getting dressed for a mission.
“How many times have I told you to rinse your mug and put it in the dishwasher when you're finished with it?” you asked.
Natasha came clunking into the kitchen clad in her skin-tight Black Widow suit that she only wore for very specific Avenger-related duties. She flopped her bag on the ground next to the table and zipped up her pockets.
She hummed as she fiddled with a zipper. “Uhh, how many times have you noticed?”
“Like ten,” you said, crossing your arms.
“So I’d say about ten times,” she smirked.
You mumbled a quick Oh My God and pinched the bridge of your nose, which made Natasha chuckle and wrap her arms around your waist. In turn, your arms made their way around her neck as you placed a long, lingering kiss to her lips.
“You annoy me,” you mumbled, smiling against her mouth.
Natasha pulled away with a laugh. “Hey now. Your dog mug, your responsibility,” she claimed.
“Um, 101 Dalmatians is not just a ‘dog mug’,” you playfully threw, poking her chest. “Which is something you need to watch by the way.”
Natasha cocked an eyebrow. “You’re seriously telling me that we have to watch a children’s movie all because of some cup we own?” You did a big nod. “Mandatory viewing.”
She scoffed and shared another giant, passionate kiss with you.
“Maybe when I get back,” she said while moving to pick up her bag and throwing a quick wink your way.
Natasha had the bag in hand, freezing in place. Not wanting to leave while you weren’t quite ready to watch her go. You grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“Come back in one piece, okay?” you honeyed.
A reassuring, soft smile washed over Natasha’s face.
“Oh, baby. You know I will,” she replied. “It’s okay, my love. You can let me go”
What died didn’t stay dead
Throwing yourself back to reality, you inched closer to the counter where that mug, that stupid mug sat. It’s almost like you couldn’t bring yourself to look over into the contents that may not may not be in there. There were two probable outcomes: the whole thing is empty and you must have mindlessly took it out of the cupboard or it held Natasha’s old coffee from before the day you lost her.
And honestly? You don’t know which one of those things scared you more.
You’re alive, you’re alive in my head
It was the first time you had openly wailed since you watched her fall to the bottom of the cliff in Vormir. It contained just as much pain, the same amount of shock, and all of the tears. Your legs stopped working instantly when you saw what was at the bottom of that mug.
What died didn’t stay dead
Now you sit crouched on the floor, sobs wracking your body.
What died didn’t stay dead
Mug clutched in your trembling, fragile arms. Coffee spilling out the side.
You’re alive, so alive
All at once, every single moment hit you while you were already down. In flashes, in smells, sounds, feelings. It was overbearing. You wanted to just slow it all down but it was there. It was all Natasha. She was there.
The autumn chill that wakes me up
You loved the amber skies so much
“Natty, it’s so early and I’m cold what the hell are we doing on top of this hill?” you asked through chattering teeth.
Natasha kept the blanket nice and taught between the two of you before snuggling closer. It was only slightly dark out now, with light barely scraping the surface of the horizon in front of you two. 
“Just wait, detka,” she said before placing a kiss on top of your head.
October was your favorite month. You loved Halloween and had already taken Natasha to a corn maze and an apple orchard. Something she would never admit liking, but the bright smile on your face doing stupidly cute fall activities made her give in to the cheesy dates. Natasha didn’t really have a favorite season or month. Growing up she never really celebrated holidays, especially Halloween. You had laughed when she told you that she was scary enough to last the whole year. You didn’t think so, you thought she was just perfect all year ‘round.
“Shouldn’t we be worried about, like, mountain lions?” you asked, looking over your shoulder.
Natasha snickered and booped your nose. “Have you forgotten that we’re Avengers?”
“Oh yeah,” you said sarcastically, “my bad, I forgot that cougars take one good look at us and decide we are “too cool” to snack on.”
Your girlfriend laughed out loud this time, shaking her head with her eyes locked on yours. Not believing how in love with you she was.
“Oh, look!” you gasped, pointing out into the open air in front of you.
Natasha snapped her head only to be met with a blinding yellow-orange hue that instantly warmed her face. The honey color barely pecked the treeline as orange dusted clouds sat around the distinctly shaped sun.
Now it was your turn to admire the one you loved. It was rare to see Natasha this peaceful and content. In that present moment there was nothing she had to do, nobody she needed to fight, and not a single threat upon the two of you. Except maybe the occasional mountain lion.
“I love you,” you whispered, just barely there. But Natasha still heard it.
She turned back towards you, knowing that was the first time you had ever said that. Her forehead rested against yours, grin never fading away from her lips any time soon.
“I love you, always,” Natasha replied.
Long limbs and frozen swims
You’d always go past where our feet could touch
Missions go horribly sometimes. They go great other times, but absolutely horrible sometimes. It’s the only explanation that could bring as to why you and Natasha were paddling in sub-zero temperatures in only your combat suits. The waves were rough as you weaved through sharp rocks, desperately trying to find any place to climb up out of the waters.
“We’re going to have to go the long way around!” Natasha shouted over the waves, pointing to the open and calmer water.
You floated closer to her, insanely out of breath. Having swallowed what felt like most of the ocean by now, you vigorously shook your head.
“Nat, I can’t swim in water that deep,” you pleaded.
You could barely swim in shallow water when you weren’t exhausted from braving intense waves for forty-five minutes, anything deeper would be a death wish upon you. Not only that, but anything you couldn’t see within the ocean absolutely terrified you.
Natasha had turned around and swam back over to you, grabbing your waist from underwater.
“It’ll be alright, baby. I’m right here with you,” she reassured, trying to lure you out to safety.
You retracted, pulling back out of sheer fear.
“Just go without me,” you panted. “I’ll find a rock to hang on to, you go out there and make sure that Steve can see you. Then come back for me.”
She knew that was a stupid idea. You’d be swept by the waves and slammed against the rocks before she’d be able to make it out to the open waters. Natasha refused to leave you alone, especially when you were scared.
“I’m not leaving you,” she replied sternly, tightening her hold. “I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you.”
You trusted her, but before you could even reply she had you pinned against her side as she strenuously used her free arm to pull the two of you out of the monstrous waves.
And I complained the whole way there
The car ride back and up the stairs
Natasha didn’t even care how many times panicked you thought you saw a seal or a shark. You were scared and you couldn’t help it. She understood that, the ocean was your worst fear and you had no choice but to be plunged into it head-on because the mission had gone haywire. When Steve finally fished the two of you out from the Quinjet, you had been shaken to your core. Natasha sat with you in her lap as you shivered from the cold and your nerves as you quietly muttered how scared you were that something was going to get you or that the waves were going to drown you. 
It was horrifying for you, and Natasha had never seen you so vulnerable and unlike yourself before. Her worries subsided slightly when you fell asleep in her arms on the way back to the compound. She had carried you up those front steps, just grateful that you were alive and no longer shaking from any onset hypothermia. You were there, you were okay, and she wasn’t ever going to leave you.
I should have asked you questions
I should’ve asked you how to be
Looking at Natasha you saw complexity. Strength that you marveled, her fearless ways to take the plunge. To jump, then fall. There were so many things about her that you just didn’t know how she pulled off. Coming from the background that she did, you always wondered how in depth her perseverance really went. It was something you’ve come to regret saving now. Telling yourself that you two would get to that conversation whenever the time was right. Is there ever a right time to talk about those things? 
There were a million things you know you should’ve done.
Like ask her how she never ever loses a game of cards. Or why her favorite movie of all time was The Wizard Of Oz. You regret not commenting on the cute little squeal she does at the very tail end of her laughs when something is overly funny. And she always said she would teach you how to get a bullseye every time in darts.
You should have asked her questions. Especially the most important question of your relationship. Now that velvet box mocks you as you sit burdened by a life of remorse.
Asked you to write it down for me
Should’ve kept every grocery store receipt
‘Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me
All of her stuff still remained in the house. Clothes, bedding, even her scent. But the funeral really made her death all the more real to you. So you couldn’t help but feel as if every last grip you had on her was briskly slipping right through your fingers. What was left of her lived in you.
All of your closets of backlogged dreams
And how you left them all to me
“What do you want out of life, Natty?” you had asked many years ago in the darkness of a random summer night.
It was silent for a few beats, really taking the time to think about what she really wanted to achieve in her life. Regrets in the past, the love of her life by her side. She pondered the best case scenario.
“A family,” Natasha whispered, hand caressing your cheek. “With you.”
You beamed, and Natasha could feel it.
“Anything else?” you asked.
Natasha scooted closer to you, faces nearly touching.
“For us to watch literally any other movie besides 101 Dalmatians,” she chuckled, pecking your lips.
You nuzzled your nose into hers as you let out a warm giggle.
“Not a chance, Romanoff,” you replied.
And if I didn’t know better
I’d think you were singing to me now
This is your life now. Laying in a cold bed, completely unmoving. Knowing that sleep is never going to come on its own. Part of you thinks it’s worthless to even try to have a sleeping schedule. But another part of you hears Natasha’s voice in your head saying, “You know when they said people need beauty rest, they were talking about you, babes. Gotta keep you beautiful somehow”. 
Just that split second memory relaxed you more than you had been in the past two months of her being gone. You allowed yourself to indulge in the thought a little more. Closing your eyes, you remembered the song she used to sing when you woke up from nightmares. It was a sweet, Russian song and when Natasha sang it you felt a warmth flood over you every time. 
Ever so gently, you heard her voice in your head.
If I didn’t know better
I’d think you were still around
As you started to surrender to sleep, the familiar scent of Natasha wafted over you. The aroma grew stronger and stronger as you drifted further, your body becoming more heavy.
I know better
But I still feel you all around
You were nearly passed out. It could have been pure delusion, but you swore that before you fell completely asleep you felt the warmth of Natasha pressed against your back. Just as you both had fallen asleep every single night. This was the first night since she left that you felt safe, you felt loved, you felt her. You weren’t crazy, you just knew she was always there. Somehow. She’s still alive. She lives within you.
I know better
But you’re still around
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darkestmarvel · a month ago
swear to god i am so sick of you nerds bullshitting russian for natasha romanoff through google translate i read a fic the other day and the entire shit natasha called reader a crumb because of an incorrect subject specification of the word
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Shuri holding the camera :
Peter : Can I get a waffle??
Nat and Clint fighting in the training area :
Peter : Can I please get a waffle!!!!???
Steve, actually concerned, not getting the joke : (brings waffles for Peter)
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tvd-marvel-sstories · a month ago
⚠️ Infinity war and endgame spoilers ⚠️
Tumblr media
"see you in a minute" ~ Natasha Romanoff
Except for the fact that you won't see her in a minute because someone forgot to frickin tell nat and Clint one of them had to die!
Like that scene had me drowning in tears, the whole of it. How Clint jumped but she saved him, and then she jumped but he stopped her by grabbing onto his hand and she lets go 😩 and then marvel has the nerve to go and whisk half of the population away for 5 whole goddamn years!
Not to mention Loki's death, gamora's death, Peter in the blip and Tony's death!
Also, off topic but did anyone else notice how when thanos did the snappity snap of his fingers nat held her stomach, well that's because in the comics her and Steve managed to get pregnant (idk how) and we think she was pregnant during infinity war and she could feel her child dusting away inside her and she could feel it! That's why she held her stomach... Which could also be apart of the reason she jumped off Vomir, because she knew that that was her only chance to be a mom and it was gone.
Anyway back to why I actually started this rant...marvel should not have killed her off! She has been in the MCU for 12 years, and yes, I do know she's getting her own movie now (which I can't wait to see because I'm a major simp) but she shouldn't have died!
For those who haven't seen the Loki trailer you can see a clip of a scene and it looks like Vomir...but here's the good part... There's a woman trapped on a chair and it look like nat! That's going to make Loki even better if Scarlett is in it 😃😃😃
So yeah ... Thanks for reading this confusing rant that's been going around my head since endgame came out 👍👍
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mochamoff · a month ago
Me: *notices I can't download anything anymore because my gallery is full*
Me: oh well let's delete some unnecessary pictures then....
Me: *sees my gallery only consists of pictures of Natasha Romanoff and Scarlett Johansson*
Me: oh well, there's nothing I can delete. Guess I won't be downloading the super important app that I need for school.
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